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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fiji diplomat’s book reveals regime thuggery and more

Wellington’s Victoria University is to release a book on Thursday by the late New Zealand diplomat to Fiji, Michael Green, who was ordered out in 2009. 
"Persona Non-Grata: Breaking the Bond, New Zealand and Fiji 2004-2007" reveals what many know today – that Frank Bainimarama used thuggery to intimidate those who stood up for the rule of law – and that there was a Muslim element to the coup. See story below by Mike Field and the interview with Winston Peters, New Zealand's former Foreign Affairs Minister, who is speaking at the launch, with Pacific Beat's Bruce Hill.

Bainimarama's thuggery behind diplomatic incident
By Michael Field
A top New Zealand diplomat who died last year has left behind a sharply undiplomatic book revealing how Fiji’s military strongman personally threatened “to get him” and describes the regime as one characterised by intimidation and thuggery. 

Michael Green in 2009 became the first New Zealand diplomat to be declared persona non grata when coup leader Voreqe Bainimarama ordered him out as high commissioner.

Green, who died last year of cancer, writes of the secret advice he was giving Wellington during the 2006 democracy ending military coup.

His tough worded criticism of Bainimarama’s “volatile personality” is likely to anger Suva again.

Fiji is “characterised by intimidation and thuggery, arbitrary and vindictive dismissals, abandonment of principles and personal betrayals, official misinformation and media censorship, and the deliberate perversion of state institutions.”

Green, watching the conspiring leading to Fiji’s fourth coup, lived next door to Bainimarama.

As the crisis deepened, they quietly had New Zealand Police posted to Suva to prepare for “the possibility that an evacuation of citizens.”

When police put a radio aerial on the roof of the residence, Bainimarama complained they were spying on him.  

By November 2006 Green heard from credible sources that the Fiji Police were planning to arrest Bainimarama for sedition and disobeying lawful orders.

Bainimarama instead made a series of demands and threatened a coup.

He went to New Zealand on a private visit for the first communion of a grand child but “got it into his head” that New Zealand would arrest him.

“He phoned (Defence Attache) Al MacKinnon to him that that, if he should be arrested, his ‘boys’ would be sent over the fence into the Residence to ‘get me’.”

The threats were taken seriously and mission families were sent home.

Then Foreign Minister Winston Peters told Bainimarama would not be arrested in Wellington.

Green said the commander was never interested in negotiations, and pocketed every concession with no reciprocity.

After the coup took place, New Zealand imposed a ban on all regime officials visiting.

Bainimarama rang up a high commission official and said “tell your high commissioner to watch out for retaliation.”

Green cites a “Muslim Coup” aspect of 2006 in which Nazhat Shameem, a high court judge, and her sister Shaista of the Fiji Human Rights Commission, advised Bainimarama’s secretive military council.

Shaista is now a Grey Lynn lawyer. 

Another Muslim lawyer Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum was also involved.

“In due course all three were to be beneficiaries of the coup.”
In June 2007 Green made a speech about democracy and the coup and received a call saying Bainimarama did not like it.

Then the Junior All Blacks arrived in Suva to play Fiji. Green was invited to sit in President Josefa Iloilo’s tent to watch.

It turned out he had a better seat than that given to Bainimarama and Sayed-Khaiyum who were directly behind some New Zealand families.

“One of the children waved a New Zealand flag throughout the game, while another one shook a big, black rubbery artificial finger every time New Zealand scored.”

His expulsion order came soon after: “If my role at the rugby was not the reason for my expulsion, I am sure that it was the precipitant."

Green said Bainimarama has a long record of getting rid of people who challenged him, stood up to him, or crossed him – or were perceived by him to have done so.

He is not interested in advice or assistance unless it is to sustain him in power or to implement his agenda in its entirety.

“He is uncomfortable with the clash of ideas, negotiation and compromise, all critical elements of effectively functioning democracies.”

Green said he doubted Bainimarama would ever deliver on his promises of better governance and genuine democracy.

Green said it was plain the Fiji military standards were slipping and its soldiers were old and unfit. Bainimarama had always resisted change or improvement and so the army had a much higher average age than others.

Territorials called up during the coup became seriously unwell: “Up to a dozen of them were said to have died.”

In an interview with Pacific Beat, New Zealand's former Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters says he flew Bainimarama to New Zealand to try to stop him carrying out the coup but he wouldn't listen.

Peters says he has not seen any evidence there will be elections in 2014 and the current New Zealand government "is in danger of compromising the stance we have taken all the way to the Commonwealth about tolerating this sort of beahviour from an administration that has been put there by the power of the gun." 

Peters says New Zealand and Australia should be concerned but says ultimately "In the end the Pacific people will have to make up their mind where their real longterm interests lie.

"Do they lie with democracy and economic and social change ..... or by dictatorship and denial of human rights."


Anonymous said...

You can rely on one thing about coups and life - truth will always out.

Anonymous said...

Both sisters have done well under the regime although Shaista has now reborn herself as fighting for democracy.

When is your tell all coming out Shyster????

Anonymous said...

No wonder Green is now dead because he is a racist scum who was bitter about being kicked our of Fiji. A white trash who is very condescending and wanted to propel NZ hegimonic rule in Fiji and got burnt instead. We can tell he died very bitter about being kicked out of Fiji and was looking for someone else to blame instead of his stupid self. May you rot in hell Mr Green.

Anonymous said...

Only someone as filthy as Bai or one who believes in his flawed and greedy outlook on life would spew such venom about Green.

Bai and co will keep blaming those who stood up for right - and New Zealand and Australia - because it needs a whipping boy.

Now tell me who the world is likely to bvelieve and Bainimaama and his self serving supporters or those with credibility like Green, who was right there when the shit hit the fan.

Anonymous said...

Regime doesn't like the truth and will keep using race to stir and divide people while he keeps raping our country and running it into the ground!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:00 PM.

Green has died and Bainimarama and you and I will also die. It is not how we die that makes us heroes or cowards, but it is how we have lived our lives.

Anonymous said...

Apparently anyone who tells the truth about Bainimarama is "a racist scum."

Yes, hell awaits, but ask not for whom the bell tolls.

Anonymous said...

This book book will surely have the pig ranting with fury...further more a decree will be issued to stop its publication and distribution.

Anonymous said...

After Bainimarama kicked him out of Fiji for no reason, Green had every reason to feel bitter about his treatment.

After what Bainimarama and his thug supporters have done to our beloved Viti, we should all be bitter.

Anonymous said...

May Green rest in peace and may Fiji find peace.

Santa Claus said...

Good idea! Scriptures which teach lies and books which has graveyard full of hatred and jealousy should be banned from publication and distribution.

Anonymous said...

It's not enough that fhe regime's pack of lying traitors have their own newspaper, the Fiji Sun, and their own blogs penned by Davis and Walsh. But now they want to spew their crap on C4.5.

If the Loyal Fijian Resistance got just one recruit for every lie told by these jackals, it would be the largest standing army in the world.

Green died of cancer. In Fiji we call it Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Bad Santa.

Anonymous said...

"Scriptures which teach lies..."

There you have it, folks, from "Santa Claus".

Doesn't Holy Scripture teach that there is one sin that is unforgivable, and that is "blaspheming the Holy Spirit"?

I wonder if Santa Claus has just earned himself eternal damnation. As much as I despise all he writes, I could never wish that on anyone.

Anonymous said...

Oilei, Bainimarama's supporter Santa Claus wants to ban Holy Scripture from Fiji?

Are u reading this?

Is there no end to the abuse we will let this regime heap on us, our vanua and our lotu?

Santa Claus said...

Idiot Anon I am talking about Green's book not our bible

Anonymous said...

This scumbucket is on hell's doorstep and laughing about it.

This arrogant, impious fool typifies the Bainimarama supporters who pollute this blog, hoping to drown out those, like Michael Green, who seek and speak truth about the regime.

td said...

Muslim sisters and brothers all Kaidia blurry bastard!!!!see Kaidia all behind the coup!!!

Where to Bai??
You are cornered?

If and if explode it will be very devastating indeed!!!!

mark manning said...

Well I'm not white, more of an off white really, but I don't quite know what that might have to do with anything. What I do know though, is that in late 2006 Frank Bainimarama was awaiting his pending arrest for Sedition and the outcome of an ongoing Investigation since 2000, of the torture and subsequent murders, of 5 C.R.W. Soldiers which took place under Frank Bainimarama's Command and probably at least one of those murders, with his direct personal involvement.

Anonymous said...

"Our Bible" -- you mean the People's Charter?

Oh, now it makes sense. Regime supporters acted as though the Peoples Charter was holy writ, until Bainimarama chose to ignore every aspect of it.

"Scriptures which teach lies ...should be banned from publication and distribution". If it's the People's Charter you mean, then it makes perfect sense.

Malakai kenahawe said...

2006 Muslim Coup FULLSTOP.

Bullet said...

we will never forget what u did Bainimarama,we are still around.

You back off from your promise of 2014 will tell us that you are taking Fiji with you to a catastrophically disaster!!

We will not let that happen.

Remember we are still around.

Anonymous said...

Santa is walking down the road , when he chances upon a turd heap. He squats. He smells it , shoves a finger in it and tastes it. Say's , it looks like shit , smells like shit and tastes like shit. Turns to his mate waliking beside him and reamrks..LUCKY WE DID NOT STEP ON IT, EH BAI?

Turaga ni Koro-Kiuva said...

Bainimarama na brief ni cava e caka jiko sa tobo tu na nomu lasu.

Ke dua me brief kauti ira yani na academic professors of different fields me ra tuva laka vei iko na boci ni nomu matanitu curu loto kana buta qo.

Sa tobo tale baleta o sa MILIONEA tu qori qamu na gusu!!

Vateratera tale jiko ni cava LASUTAKA!

Anonymous said...

Most of what is in this report maybe true. I however find the Muslim angle quite mischievous and wrong. The fact that 3 idiots who happen to be from the Islamic faith were advisers or part of the coup does not mean it had anything to do with the rest of the Muslims in Fiji. The fact is the Army which is full of i-taukei who are Christians have orchestrated all 3 coups in this country. the first 2 with the help of many Christians in this country and the 3rd perhaps with the help of 3 Muslim stooges. Despite this i cannot blame all Christians for 1987 and 2000 just like i cannot blame all Muslims for 2006. I happen to have been born into the Muslim faith and have never supported the coup period. Not now not ever. I think the 3 fuckheads are the biggest idiots on the planet including their leader Frank and they should rot in jail. That's from a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Santa asks Bai, "How did the human race appear?"

Bai answered, "God made Adam took one of his ribs and made Eve. They lived in the Garden of Eden till a snake gave Eve an apple which she and Adam took a bite from and they were thrown out into the world naked and alone. They had children and so was all mankind made."

Two days later Santa asked ArseK the same question. aRSEk answered, "Many years ago there were monkeys from which the human race evolved."

The confused sANTA returned to bAI and said, "bOSSO how is it possible that you told me the human race was created by God, and ArseK said they evolved from monkeys?"

bAI answered, DID HE NOW!!?? (long pause)....ok!. IF ARSE SAYS WE COME FROM MONKEY'S THEN I SUPPOSE WE DO....UMMMM...DONT KNOW ABOUT EVERYBODY eLSE THOUGH!! after all we do live in a banana"s republik.

Pio said...

Anon you go and sit in a corner of anywhere and decide who is the IDIOT! You or the three you just mentioned.

I guess it's you, unemployed!

Anonymous said...

Santa decided to study for the MBA exam. He could understand every thing except for the LOGIC part. One day when he was reading, ArseK, his friends came home.

AreseK: Santa, how is your MBA preparation?

Santa: Every thing is fine, but I could not understand Logic.

AreseK: Logic is very easy.

Santa: Can you give me an example, so that I can understand?

AreseK: OK. Do you have fish pot in your house?

Santa: YES.

AreseK: Logically, there will be water in it.

Santa: YES.

AreseK: Logically, there will be fish in it.

Santa: YES.

AreseK: Logically, someone will be feeding the fish.

Santa: YES.
AreseK: I take a guess that your wife will be feeding the fish.

Santa: YES.

AreseK: so, logically, your are married.

Santa: YES.

AreseK: So, that means you are a heterosexual.

Santa was very glad and he understood logic. Next day he sees Bai,his boss: who was also preparing for MBA.

Santa: How is your MBA preparation?

Bai: Everything is fine except for the logic.

Santa: Oh, logic is easy.

Bai: Please, give me an example.

Santa: Do you have a fish pot in your house?

Banta: NO, I don't.

Santa: Oh my God! That means u r gay.

Santa Claus said...

Hahahahahah heeeeeeeeeeeeeee, MBA

Unknown said...

Ohh!!!! An article by Michael Field? Alright, back to facebook I go...no credibility here if Field does a news piece.

Oilei Fiji said...

Hmmm - is it any worse than the same story appearing elsewhere and people making out it's theirs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10:54 AM, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It is so sad what your three co-religionists have done and are doing. Likewise, I apologise for the misdeeds and callousness of some of my fellow Christians -- or, at least, some who portray themselves as such.

This regime lowlife who calls himself Hush Puppy, Santa Claus, Pio, etc. has much for which to atone. He's probably another army goon paiid by our taxes to stir shit on behalf of this despicable regime. He assumes you're unemployed, and thinks that somehow makes you an idiot as compared to the three villainous traitors you mention. He doesn't seem to be aware that they are beneficiaries with him of Bainimarama's full employment scheme for idiots and traitors.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, Oilei Fiji -- sort of like a Bainimarama speech or a Judge Goundar decision?

Anonymous said...

So what do most Fiji soldiers look like if what Green says is true then - that military standards were slipping and is soldiers were old and fit???

Mo Sovatabua said...

Green's comments are absolutely true.

Bainimarama is brutal, vindicative, untrustworthy and full of self importance with little regard for other people's interests or points of view unless those views would benefit himself.

He treated Green as if he was a common homeless bloke whose diplomatic credentials meant nothing.

Bainimarama's low intelligence does not help and it shows in his inability to discuss intelligently and come to compromises.

He does not deserve to lead any group of people especially a country...only the gun is propping him up.

Fiji is shamed by his qualities and thuggish qualities.

Under his watch murders, tortures, frauds, workers' sackings at will and non-accountable leadership are wrecking havoc on the Fijian population.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear of Michael Green's death. My sympathy to his wife.
I knew him in his work in Fiji. he was a professional, intelligent gentleman.
The disparaging comments on this site are a disgrace and encompass the nature of this regime's supporters.

Anonymous said...

No, we won't vote for Bainimarama in the next election, but he will "win" anyway. What are we prepared to do then?

Think about it.

Now act about it.


Anonymous said...

@anonymous 3:49
We will see what happens at the Golan Heights.
Personally I hope they all die there.

KL said...

dakuwaqa@hushmail.com u in Fiji?am serious u in Fiji please need to know.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't u "acting"?
or have you got a wrist problem?

HP said...

nothing will happen at Golan heights...Fijian army is invincible like franky...only the good die young remember.
franky like rabuka, hes chosen to lead the kaivitis..so u kaimuslims beta prepare ur exit strategy before franky liumuris u like hes done all his life.
and dakuwaqa, can u get a boat for these guys and gals please...

Mataivalu ni solisona said...

Fijian soldiers will die like dogs on the Golan Heights.
You just wait and see.
First week they get there they will get cleaned up.
Da ga na tarausese.
Sa na qai lai oti ekea na vaka fancy caka tiko mai Delainabua. Rauti ira sara.
Ra mai vakatotogani keda tiko na lewe ni vanua.
Ni mate yani ni yavu kaisi.
Ni mateyani va koli.

Anonymous said...

you can be sure of one thing...there will be a fall-out from this revelation and somebody from the NZ High Comm will be declared Persona-Non-Grata and asked to leave our shores within 24 hours...36 at the most...

Anonymous said...

Soldier Boys, we will pray for you for your safety and protection and return home alive.

How many Muslim going with you? Beware of them they will sell you away when worse comes to worse in your watch because it is their Allah Akbar's land!!.

I still insist for your Matanigasau and Soro to the Vanua, Lotu and Matavuvale to be done so to come back home alive.

May the Good Lord our Father in Heaven be with you all the way to Golan Height and back home to the family in Fiji in one piece.

Anonymous said...

Get ready to meet your Maker.
You lot not coming back to Fiji alive.
You reap what you sow.
God was watching you when you were torturing the people of Fiji.
Now you gonna reap there on the Golan Heights.
Get ready to die Soldier Boys!

nazaat said...

shaista told a lie that's how...

VB said...

mataivalu, why u wish such bad things on ur brother kai...they just following my orders like the rest of Fijians in Fiji...good god fearing peace loving lamusona liumuri lots...

Anonymous said...

HP, that chorus of laughter you're hearing is all in your head. Nobody else is laughing, mate.

Talk about a wanker -- it's just one of your split personalities humouring another.

Another psychotic episode, kinda like Bainimarama, when he ran out onto his lawn a few years ago in a panic after hallucinating about our old Fijian gods.

Now, THAT's humour!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, that IS funny!

Much like last September, when Franky boy cancelled his UN trip from fear of Dakuwaqa.

Mataivalu ni solisona said...

Big difference baiya.
Rest of Fijians are forced to follow your orders but the soldiers doing it willingly.
Acha maichod.

BC said...

Brain drain impact
Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Update: 4:44PM BRAIN drain is a serious problem in Fiji.

Speaking at the opening of a workshop on public sector partnership in Suva today, Minister for Labour Jone Usamate said this was a great loss for Fiji.

He said international labour mobility in Fiji was not a recent phenomenon and the exodus of skilled workers was linked to opportunities for higher earnings, prospect of career development and simply the quest of a better lifestyle, climate and general conditions.

Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation CEO Nesbitt Hazelman said Fiji was not competitive in terms of professional opportunities, career development and on salary levels



vb said...

mataivalu brother, I force u kaivitis?? since when has kaivitis forced kaivitis to take over governments???

vb said...

care and share brothers and sisters. my muslim brothers and mistress help me in Fiji so I help them in their lands...that's the Fijian custom and hospitality. dakuwaqa u got short memory. I want to check ur army to see if u got any one with guts and balls to accompany my boys.

HP said...

dakuwaqa, heres all the evidence u need...stop planning and do some action son... on Fiji diplomat’s book reveals regime thuggery and more
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Dharam Lingam said...

How did Shaista manage to get into NZ? She should be investigated and sent back to Fiji to answer questions about her involvement.

Anonymous said...

How about you soldier boys help us in OUR land?

Why do you serve treason?

If you've got the guts and balls, you will serve Fiji.

Some of you are already crossing over into the Loyal Fijian Resistance. Maybe even your officer.

Stop serving Fiji's enemies. Defend Fiji instead.

Do what you know is right.

Mataivalu ni solisona said...

@VB 5:53pm
Maichod , you should stop playing with the computer there at St Giles.
Brother go take your medicine.
Your posting shows you suffering from confusion.

Anonymous said...

HP, what do you care what Dakuwaqa is doing?

Does he worry you that much?

Dakuwaqa will strike at the time and place and in the manner he chooses.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama was a bully and despot in 2006 - and a bully and despot in 2013. Only diff is he's now got a fat gut from all the goodies he's treated himself and his family to. Somebody send him to a fat farm.

Anonymous said...


SODELPA is a circus party....Fijians will vote for a party that will fight for them...a serious party of serious people...certainly not SODELPA....they are a bunch of loosers....hangers on....

Qarase is not fighting the election so that is the only bet...he is the only strength.....

Fijian people need to form a new party...a party of hope..a party of genuine and honest people....

WAIT FIJI...AND KAIVITI's...YOUR PARTY IS IN THE MAKING...waraka...namaka..nomuni party na i taukei sa vakarau cadra mai oqo....

Anonymous said...

@tailevu warrior, Io na Marijuana Party.

Anonymous said...

The rise of digital dementia in youths
Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Update: 6:25PM Think dementia is an issue reserved only for the older generation? Think again.

According to new research your smartphone, laptop and spanky new iPad could be contributing to a new form of the disorder, aptly named "Digital Dementia".

This illness is now common in Delainabua where the young people do prod each others anus.

Anonymous said...

this regime still operating on non reciprocal basis.

New Zealand and Australia are fooling themselves if they think this illegal regime was ever serious about being transparent.

Anonymous said...

Green says nothin really new about VB's actions in 2006 and after. It is well known that VB was going to be charged for his indiscretions since 2000 and all that.

But it does help confirm though VB's motivations - to evade the law like Qarase said in 2008/9. That fiji took the path of 2006 all becoz one man was willing to destroy a whole nation and the lives of people in it just to evade the law. And VB has been dishing the very same treatment out to his enemies since.

@ tailevuwarrior...learn to support politicians that have been brave enough to take a stand against VB becoz Tailevu's chiefs have been certainly quiet if not in lock step with this govt since 2006. I have not heard one bit of resistance being uttered in the Tailevu Provincial Council while Ro Teimumu Kepa has led from the front in her province and so did Adi Litia Ganilau once in her own provincial council...never mind that they had Roko Ului as family and never mind he was with the other side then.

Fiji needs stable political parties that have been blooded not political parties of dreamers least of all from Tailevu - a place so full of liumuri that they cannot even get around to appoint a Vunivalu in almost 60 years

hp said...

dakuwanka u hear that...get rid of ur liumuri from tailevu .... is that why u still planning how to do it cos u cant get rid of ur own kai????the rest of the country has had enof suffering waiting for u and ur army to do something...o yes u need more bibles so that u can bash the shit out of ur kais army....nows the best opportunity cos he will be about 200 short...wish u all the best bro.

Anonymous said...

If the folks at Delainabua have digital dementia, then I'd say that hp is pretty clearly suffering digital diarrhoea.

Piri said...

“He is uncomfortable with the clash of ideas, negotiation and compromise, all critical elements of effectively functioning democracies.”

This is absolutely true to the core.
clash of ideas yes,if it doesn't in harmony of his personal ambition you and your paper or report or presentation or explanation will be abruptly called off by him in front of everyone.If its ok he'll say do it and call me if anything comes up.

Negotiation and compromise: Be short and simple with him while doing this and be prepared to answer a lot of question more rather than you explaining your side of the bargain,sometimes not even quarter of presentation he'll end it for you either red or green, yes he is that!

from here i understand the late Mr must have had a tough time with him while in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Sa ma mate o Green, wacava ke sa mate vakasauri o Bainimarama. A tamani veitagicaki o ira na sotia kei na kaidia.
Su raica la su kila.


Anonymous said...

If Bainimarama is brusque and peremptory, it's because he's arrogant and also not very bright. He doesn't care to read much, and he can't process much information at one time. But he is decisive, which has given him an advantage over his dithering, vacillating opponents.

vb said...

dankuwanka, u army soldiers call my soldiers "folks". how nice. my soldiers call urs "wankers" cos that's all they seem to do. wank their fingers on their keybocis....lol

vb said...

thank u anon 133am, I am all of what u said...that's why dakuwanka army is very scared...I have the distinct advantage over these dithering vacillating bible bashing peace loving Fijians like u said.
can u be my speech writer, cos I like ur big words...may be u got a big banana too??

vb said...

and mataiva, go take ur digging fork and plant some cassava, otherwise just sit under the mango tree and drink home brew...lolo

vc said...

Drau kuvai drau toce!

Anonymous said...

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
― Nelson Mandela

Proof of Michael Green's Allegation of Muslim Coup said...

• Aiaz Sayed Khaiyum
• Aslam Khan,
• Iqbal Janiff,
• Nazhat Shameem
• Shaista Shameem,
• Nur Bano,
• Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
• Abdul Khan(FSC),
• Mohammed Aziz,
• Faiaz Ali,
• Mohammed Saneen,
• Saheen Ali,
• Razim Buksh (RBF)
• Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
• Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
• Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
• Riaz Ali (FNU),
• Nizam U Dean,
• Afzal Khan,
• Hafix Khan,
• Anwar Khan,
• Ali Jan,
• Bahadur Ali,
• Lainuni Khan,
• Shaneze Voss,
• Shane Hussien,
• Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
• Robert Khan,
• Rahmat Ali,
• Gulam Mohammed
• Nasir Ali (ASP)
• Faizal Koya,
• Ahmed Bhamji
• Ashir Ali (Levuka Town Council)

Anonymous said...

Muslim maichods

Anonymous said...

Plastic christians ...........

Anonymous said...

Neither any better than the other

Anonymous said...

vb, sorry if my words are too big for you to understand.

I'll be happy to be your speechwriter, as obviously you're in great need of one.

I do nave a big banana. Are you in need of that, too? Sounds like it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone able to shed light on this little dickie bird rumour??


Word from the grapevine is that a son of a prominent hotelier is now being groomed overseas to take over the leadership role of one of our main political parties.
Dickie Bird said the changeover is going to take place at the right time to avoid any trouble with the current party leaders.

The Oracle said...

Green's revelations are not new. We have lived with Bainimarama's tantrums for the last seven years. We've seen how "volatile" he can become. We've seen how he's allowed himself to be manipulated by the Muslim cousins. And we've seen how senior army officers look for a way out instead of confronting him directly. The problem is not what Green has to say. The problem is we, as a people, have chosen to turn the cheek, as many times as Bainimarama has slapped us in the face, and in so doing, we deserve where we're at. The sad thing about it all is we have blinded ourselves to the legacy we are leaving our children. And we continue to seek refuge and forgiveness in our religion, hoping that one day, all our problems will simply melt away. By ommission, we are Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Guys, let us not curse our brothers and sisters who are leaving for Peace Keeping duties in the Golan Heights today! Not all of them are bad, only some! Let’s Pray for their Safety and safe return!

I fully agree with one blogger that "they are just following orders" from the top!

This struggle is against the evil Bainimarama and Khaiyum...the very ones where murder, lies, torture, looting of government treasury, nepotism, corruption etc etc etc always emanate from! They are the fattest of all Cats and souls of rubbish!

While, many families have suffered from the loss of loved ones at the hands of the evil dictator, many of our brother soldiers at Delainabua are completely innocent; never had anything to do with those deaths, tortures and have never laid a hand on any one and never will! It's "bread and butter" issue for them being at Delainabua!

As I have said, the rot which must be stopped and brought to justice lies at the top!!!!!

When the great Muhammed Ali was asked as to why he hardly throws a body punch (as is the strategy of all boxers)at his opponents but only targets the head, he answered "Kill the Head and the Body Will Die."

That should be our Target!!! The rot in the military is because of the top where the dictator sits!

Experience from lebanon and Iraq said...

Experience from lebanon and Iraq
RFMF has had 7 years of experience with al Qaeda (and the Shia militias in Iraq). They had rocketed the UN compound which resulted in the death of De Melio and 23 UN workers.
RFMF was called in to provide PSD (both mobile and static) to protect the UN as a result of the threat posed to the UN.
Not only that but there is also substantial experience with the militia’s in Lebanon, including Hizbollah, Druze, Phalange and the Palestinian militia’s.
So its not a new sphere of operations
Not Rambo mentality Ratu Sai. Just the quality of the KAIVITI men at arms. This is the proving ground. Where only the quality of the troops and their courage are proven in steel and blood on the ground.
This is a very experienced company Qilio is leading.
All Lebanon veterans to a man.
The new young ones will go on the next lift, coming up in August with more of the experienced guys.
By that time the tip of the Fijian spear will have established its presence in the Golan. Every militiaman in the Golan will know that the Kaiviti have landed.
The IDF and Hizbollah and the Syran Army will renew relations with old Kaiviti acquaintances.
Bula Fiji !……….Shalom Habibi
God bless the guys on this first chalk who have the honor of having been chosen to carry the name of the Vanua o Viti.
Any Reply

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 6.02
Hey asshole,you are at it again.The Shameem sisters are great role model for Fiji Judiciary ..i respect them both ..especially Ms Nazahat Shameem.

Long Live Bainimarama
Long Live the Shameem sisters
Dharam Lingam

Mataivalu ni Solisona said...

I hope Qiliho and his men die like dogs there on the Golan Heights.
They deserve to die like dogs.
They've been treating us like dogs so I hope they will now reap.
I hope someone gas them with Sarin on their first day there.
Then all your Mataivalu ni solisona can go line up before God and boast there.

The Oracle said...

@10:18am posting: The US was eager to be seen as the world's sheriff and posted men to war-torn areas of political/commercial interest to the US - as speedily as they could. It's only when US troops started dying that Americans began calling for withdrawals. We're sending our men to a very volatile part of the world and praising them for their bravery. Will we also be the first to shout "Withdraw" when our men begin dying in a foreign land? This is a time when Fiji needs all her people. What we need to be doing is investing in our own future and having our soldiers contribute to that development in meaningful ways. Frank can say what he wants, but like the rest of us, we're all sitting comfortably, looking at the financial returns and not so much at the impact this deployment will have firstly on the mentality of our troops, or on the personal anguish we will all share if our troops suffer casualties. Yes, we need to pray for and support our troops, but we also need to ask -- is the deployment really something we can afford at a time when our own problems, albeit not as volatile, are almost the same as those we have chosen to referee? Politicians and historians will always write different stories but the fact of thematter is .. there are no winners in a war, only casualties. And those countries which have withdrawn their troops from Golan Heights appear to have recognised this.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 10:15
Can you please ask your relatives in Delainabua to "kill the head".
Otherwise they are pretty useless too.
Actually much worse than us because the gun is already available to them whereas for us we have to go looking for one inorder to shoot "the head."

Aggie said...

Expect some people to arrive back in bodybags, that's for sure.

BC said...

@The Oracle
Those soldiers are not brave. They are farked in the head.

Any soldier that has no respect of the citizens that he was sworn to protect deserves a miserable death.

These arseholes had no respect for the people of Fiji and pointed the gun to their heads and took away their rights and freedom.

What the fark was Teleni holding the gun to the policeman's head for when he took those arms by force from the wharf for?

Who the fark do they think they are.
They are the scums of the earth.
They are not brave.
They are farking arseholes.

So I hope they ALL farking die on the Golan Heights.

The Oracle said...


Sadly my friend, you appear to be in the minority here. The vast number of people in Suva who turned up to witness the parade is testimony to the love some of us have for our own brothers and sisters in the army. Yes, Frank has made us hate things military. But he hasn't changed our minds about the people we hold dear but who have almost no chance of toppling him. I do question Qiliho's leadership and while I pray no harm comes to our troops, I have sinned, because he is not someone I would include in my prayers ... and that's becase he is in a position to do something about Frank.

Anonymous said...


SODELPA is a circus party....Fijians will vote for a party that will fight for them...a serious party of serious people...certainly not SODELPA....they are a bunch of loosers....hangers on....

Qarase is not fighting the election so that is the only bet...he is the only strength.....

Fijian people need to form a new party...a party of hope..a party of genuine and honest people....

WAIT FIJI...AND KAIVITI's...YOUR PARTY IS IN THE MAKING....nomuni party na i taukei sa vakarau cadra mai oqo....

Anonymous said...

The Golan Heights are not the proving ground. Fiji is.

And the RFMF has failed us miserably.

Anonymous said...

Its pretty obvious from the comments from BC that he would make an excellent Dictator.

Anonymous said...

We like parades, and we want the best for our boys, but do we support what they're doing in Fiji? Hell no!

Qiliho is at the centre of numerous human rights concerns. I can't believe he passed Leahy vetting by the United States, which is, after all, ultimately paying for this deployment.

Every nation should be proud of its men and women in uniform, especially when they're risking their lives in peacekeeping operations around the world. In Fiji, however, many of us can no longer summon such pride, because this same military has turned against us. Our military is no longer our defender but our oppressor. We are under armed occupation by our own army.

Of course, troops need to follow the lawful commands of their commander. But Bainimarama's commands have been manifestly UNlawful. By continuing to follow him, all ranks in Fiji's military have made themselves accessories after the fact to treason.


Bainimarama's coup against our lawful and democratically elected government triggered U.S. sanctions that are gradually reducing our military readiness for PKOs. The United States even committed that it would not allow the RFMF to participate in any new PKOs, but it apparently doesn't view this as a new PKO.

The RFMF glorifies itself just like every other military in the world, but in fact its deployments have been primarily static PSD assignments. It's a light infantry force little suited to anything else, accustomed to operations in permissive environments amongst an unarmed populace -- i.e., Suva.

The bottom line is that our military has thoroughly disgraced itself by falling in with Bainimarama's treason. It has sullied its reputation, hurt its readiness, limited its future usefulness, and lost much of its support amongst our fellow citizens.

The only way by which the RFMF can now redeem itself is to do what it should have done all along, which is to defend Fiji against our domestic enemies. It must arrest, court martial, and dishonourably discharge Bainimarama, before yielding him up to civil authorities in a reconstituted democratic government. It should protect and defend Fiji, not the traitors bringing us down.

Anonymous said...

@Tailevu Warrior.

Boci, kai Tailevu tu vakacava o iko. Lako mada lai sili.. Kulina!!

Anonymous said...

@ Tailevu Warrior

Kua mada na viavia kai Tailevu sonalevu. Drau vicai kei bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in the Golan, but don't come back until you're ready to defend us instead of taking away our rights, threatening and torturing us.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

God Bless all those going to Peacekeeping nations...

As for our P.M.. what are fucked up trip of all the time to visit Moscow he wants to go now.. thats in time to watch the World Cup 7's games... corruption all over... may his plane crash...

Anonymous said...

Fiji's best? We'll never be THAT pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Boys, we're proud of the work you do overseas. But we're ashamed of what you do here at home.

Make us proud again.

Anonymous said...

Illegal PM just left Fiji for Russia on Official Business. Na sona, sara qito qori. Sauma na tax payer.Kalou Qata ga e so.

Experience from lebanon ,sinai and Iraq said...


Experience from lebanon and Iraq
RFMF has had 7 years of experience with al Qaeda (and the Shia militias in Iraq). They had rocketed the UN compound which resulted in the death of De Melio and 23 UN workers.
RFMF was called in to provide PSD (both mobile and static) to protect the UN as a result of the threat posed to the UN.
Not only that but there is also substantial experience with the militia’s in Lebanon, including Hizbollah, Druze, Phalange and the Palestinian militia’s.
So its not a new sphere of operations
Not Rambo mentality Ratu Sai. Just the quality of the KAIVITI men at arms. This is the proving ground. Where only the quality of the troops and their courage are proven in steel and blood on the ground.
This is a very experienced company Qilio is leading.
All Lebanon veterans to a man.
The new young ones will go on the next lift, coming up in August with more of the experienced guys.
By that time the tip of the Fijian spear will have established its presence in the Golan. Every militiaman in the Golan will know that the Kaiviti have landed.
The IDF and Hizbollah and the Syran Army will renew relations with old Kaiviti acquaintances.
Bula Fiji !……….Shalom Habibi
God bless the guys on this first chalk who have the honor of having been chosen to carry the name of the Vanua o Viti.
Any Reply

Anonymous said...

@Experience 2:32.,,,
You remind me of one guy by the name of Samson....who used to talk like you too.... He said "I'll just go out like before and I'll do the same thing again and wipe them out"...

..I wonder why???.

Anonymous said...


Koya vinaka. me lai vakayagataki sara na fijian spear i Golan, sa rauta na vei tono cici tiko vakaikemuni va sotia e na fijian spear mai QEB. cava tale o blog taka tiko, o lako yani Golan. Sonalevu, caitibumu.

Anonymous said...

the oracle, ur name should be the orifice. the majority is with BC.

Anonymous said...

Experience at 2:32 PM, you mention Lebanon, Sinai and Iraq, but you forget to mention Suva. Why not? No battle ribbons for treason?

Anonymous said...

Tell me, what good are you soldier boys if you go overseas but ignore Fiji's biggest enemy, which is the treason being committed right here at home?

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself. the tip of the Fijian spear won't be in the Golan.

It will still be pressed against Viti's own bosom.

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

Sorby o iko dina qori? magaibumu!

the spear said...

to the Fijian spear EXperience, the spear is up every kaiviti soldiers ass from the muslim brotherhood.

Anonymous said...

@10.57 ..they will not be crying out for their mother..they will be crying for your mother...he..he..he.

Anonymous said...

@2.53 pm...keimami gona sa oti Mai na qaravi tavi...I keri?sa dua na ka sa bau rawa tu? Se levu ga na vosa maca wa qai Mai vutu laki toka yani e na dua na kona ni rumu?

Anonymous said...


shulloomulloo said...

Nazaat ,tell us what lie your sister told so we can attack her. I am curious.

Anonymous said...

Nazaat you are one of those woman who have gone to a very respectable level in our society.Being a DPP and a Judge. On top of that you are a beahutiful sexy creature which every man would want to have a go at.The only problem is that you have chosen a wrong path that totaly degrade your reputation. It is common knowledge that you participate in the conspiracy and plotting of the 2006 coup,It is a shame and its too late now you can not diviate youself from it. Get ready to face the wreath of the law and its brutality.I feel so bad because I like you but I guess one has to face the consequence of once act.

The Evil Sisters said...

the lure of fame and fortune got the better of Nazi and her sister...connection connection connection got them there NOT Merit. In the end it will show up and it has,,,like they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and sadly these two sisters are just poisoned ivy. god works in mysterious ways.

Kavita Sharma said...

evil sisters !! Have you got any degrees??? You should see how many the sisters have between them. one has 2 and the other has 7 and on the way to the 8th.
Jealousy dear Imrana and friends won't get you anywhere but where you've been all along...marry indigenous man for connections and social climbing...get an education the lot of you.

kaimuslim said...

hi kaiviti aka nazi, that's the tragedy with these sisters, degrees and decrees coming out of their asses yet did not understand the fundamentals of law and human rights. and btw, imrana is heaps prettier than these two witches...lol.