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Friday, June 28, 2013

Fijians fly in as Russians try to escape

Fiji soldiers: Arriving as the Russians are reported to be leaving in a hurry

Fiji's unelected leader has arrived in Moscow amid
widespread reports Syria's closest ally has pulled its personnel out of the war-torn country because their lives are in danger.

Frank Bainimarama yesterday dispatched 182 Fiji soldiers to the Golan Heights as part of the United Nations peacekeeping mission, admitting they could be going to their deaths but just as quickly pledging 500 if he was asked to.

Tight: Bashar al Assad and Dimitry Medvedev
He has today met with Russian president Dimitry Medvedev in what the regime is hailing as a landmark visit but there has been no mention of the obvious: Fiji with a population of just 800 thousand has sent troops to a war zone, that Russia, which has more than 143 million people with a much bigger military budget and armed forces, is trying to escape.

As we said in our earlier story, Bainimarama's decision to send troops - and to commit as many 500 without waiting to see first how they fare - is driven by a desire to keep in good with the United Nations and to ensure his own survival.

The regime is predictably making a big deal of Bainimarama's visit to Moscow 'to promote trade and investment' (admitting, too, that on the agenda is the Rugby Sevens), but the story the world is taken with today is the deteriorating situation in Syria and Russia's readiness to get its personnel to safety.

The story broke two days ago - by one of Russia's own leading newspaper, the Vedomosti, which said the military had withdrawn all of its personnel from the Syrian port of Tartuous.
Trade talks and rugby: Bainimarama arrives in Moscow.

“The decision to withdraw military personnel from Syria was connected to a desire not to endanger them in the civil war,” Vedomosti said. “It is clear that any incident with the Russian military will have adverse political repercussions."

Moscow has since denied it has withdrawn personnel from Tartuous, saying they continue to work there. 

Russia has been the Syrian regime's biggest supporter, shielding President Basdhar al Assad and supplying what it says are purely defensive weapons while blocking Western-backed U.N. Security Council resolutions aimed at pressuring al Assad to end the bloodshed.

The import of what is at stake for Fiji soldiers who are now stationed on the border of Syria has been typically buried by a seemingly busy Suva, which the regime likes to think is a sign of a productive, working government.

So while we've had the farewelling of the soldiers, there has also been much ado about the launch of Fiji Airways to replace Air Pacific and the first flight of the first of two new A330s, bought with money from worker's pensioners funds.

A reminder of the fallacy of the Bainimarama reign, though, is all too easy to find. Today, it is in the revelations of New Zealand's former Foreign Affairs Minister, Winston Peters, who says Bainimarama ignored an offer from his government to make a serious attempt to solve Fiji's homelessness problem if he promised not to carry out the coup in 2006.

In an interview with Pacific Beat, Peters says he made strenuous efforts to persuade Bainimarama not to go through with his plans to overthrow the Fiji government at a meeting in his office in Wellington in 2006, at which both then prime minister Laisenia Qarase and Bainimarama were present at.

He says New Zealand flew a plane up to Fiji to bring him back all by himself: ..... 'not often you see a plane with just one person in it. But that's how important we thought it was.'

The New Zealand First leader says he is 'very hard nosed and used to the vagaries of politics' but was 'seriously surprised at Bainimarama's reaction to his offer to help find housing for the country's 95 thousand homeless', which was: 'That's nice.'

The MP says the housing crisis has worsened and 'probably now 120-thousand who live in abject misery and poverty and in squalor for lesser housing in Fiji.'


Anonymous said...

27 June 2013

UNDOF suspends night patrols in Golan Heights

UNDOF, UN peacekeepers monitoring the cease-fire in Golan Heights, stated night patrols were suspended due to security risks.

UN peacekeepers monitoring the cease-fire in the Golan Heights, the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), has stated, night patrols were suspended due to security risks.

Head of Mission and Force Commander, Major General Iqbal Singh Singha, told reporters in New York that they faced many challenges in the Golan Heights.

Singhan said, "UNDOF troops have come under fire, been abducted, hijacked, had weapons snatched and offices vandalized in the region. In addition, troop contributing countries, such as Austria, have pulled out their forces."

"The Mission has now taken a series of mitigating efforts, which include reducing its operational footprint and temporarily halting night patrols. We have continued to evolve and the mission continues to carry out its mandate in a modified manner.”

Major General added, the UN Headquarters in New York was doing everything possible to keep the Mission operational and its peacekeepers safe.

In 1967 Israel occupied the Golan Heights. The UN peacekeeping force was established in 1974 to monitor withdrawal of Israeli and Syrian forces from the buffer zone.

Until the decision of Austria to pulling out their forces, there were about 911 troops under UNDOF. After Austria pulling their forces out, there will be 534 troops in UNDOF. Previously Croatia and Japan pulled out their forces due to security problems in the region.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon asked UNSC to increase number of troops to 1,250 under UNDOF.


Anonymous said...

Surely you can do better than your revealation of what Bainimarama said in that effen 2006 meeting Winston Peters..nothing new about the usurper in that.

Nasona said...

shows how shellfish Baini is and all these talk about reducing poverty is just so hypocritical and full of lies the man is truly the devil.

Anonymous said...

The beginning of the end of a Dictator anywhere in the world usually starts when he starts thinking that the people he is oppressing are stupid. This so called trade delegation to Moscow is one such example. We all know the tin pot fool is their to watch the sevens on tax payers money. What trade are we going to do with the Russians buy nuclear weapons. I am a small business person and talk to a lot of people in the process. Believe me as Frank and his pofter AG get more entrenched in a quagmire of deceit and corruption more and more people who initially supported these guys can see the crap and are waking up to the new reality. Believe me the tide is turning slowly but surely.

Anonymous said...


Three Israelis told by Fijian immigration officer that they cannot enter country for mistreating Palestinians during military service http://rawfijinews.wordpress.com/2011/07/24/i... Fiji immigrant of muslim faith working as an immigration officer displaying all the signs of discriminating and ill-treating three Israeli tourists at Nadi Airport based on their Israeli nationality. “We gave our passports to the officer, and when she saw we are Israelis she asked for ID cards. We told her we don’t understand why we need ID cards and she responded shouting:‘You know very well how to ask Palestinians for IDs and humiliate them for three years.” Muslim lady crashed an entire country's relations to another! What the fcuk!
Read more at http://www.topix.com/forum/world/fiji/TCF0348VFS8MD1MQ5#UxcZfCSA7YAww0e9.99

Anonymous said...

Pssst....Frank in Moscow coinciding with 7s World Cup. Tax payers money spent on his trip with his two children including ulu maji fatso Director of Sports...

Our boys going to die in Golan Heights...Blind leading blind. Stupid following the idiot. So be it for the sake of a few pieces of silver, a fatherless child, loss of a brother, son, husband....Our soldiers will deserve what they get when they meet real people who shoot back when they are attacked and not cowardly attacks on civilians who wont fight back. Yep...see how Fiji Batt boys fend for themselves when they get shot and killed and wounded by people fighting back.

Our Soliders and what they did to their own people was the most cowardly acts against defenseless people. Now defend yourselfs against Gods wrath. The only tears that will flow are the soldier boys as they hide in fear in their fox holes in their own piss and shit. Wahahahahahah dou yavu sotia sonalevu Ululala, muri muri wale tawa yaga.....

Anonymous said...

Hope some one poison this man with chemical powder

Anonymous said...

Any of the Bainimaama kids travelling with Daddy? More likely to be Meli than the duaghters

Anonymous said...

Pssst Franks son Meli was GAY in high school...Tamani Poofta levu like his sona levu Father. Lau Vutu nona sona mai koronivulu qai lau vutu vinaka nona curu ena mataivalu. His girlfriend in the army said when Meli returned from NZ he brought with him a 8" strap on cock. She was all smiles and said to Meli...wow you bought that for me to which Meli replied...no for you to use on me...baahahaha luveni boci qauri sona levu

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

On the launch of Fiji Airways, ye, the pensioners' money went towards the purchase of the A330 for Air Pacific. BUT no where on the aeroplane does it say that it belongs to Air Pacific of Fiji Airways or that Fiji National Provident Fund is an interested party. In fact, the aircrafts belong to Waqavuka Holdings which was formed in Ireland prior to the purchase. Checking the website discloses very little of who the directors are of this Waqavuka Holding. Does Wanqavuka Holdings belong to David Pfliegger and cronies and have used pensioners' money to form this Holding which now leases the A33os back to Fiji Airways at a cost of course. Is this one of the reasons that Pfliegger did not wish to stay in the country any longer for fear of being found out?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:12 PM

Not sure what your comments have to do about Fijians flying to Russia.

But how many planes have you flown in around the world that have information available to the passengers on-board stating who every investor is in the consortium's that fund the capital to buy them ?

Anonymous said...

So, perhaps at least 95,000 Fijians today are homeless because Frank was too cowardly to face the music in 2006. Maybe that's why Saumatua resigned -- he could no longer stomach being around this selfish sona levu.

Anonymous said...

Is that vanikeke Mary Suharto Baini getting out on the other side of the car? The kids must be in the second car.

Anonymous said...

Era sa dro tiko na veimatanitu lelevu e vuravura mai Syria ka bau kina mai na Golan Height. Ko ira oqo e tiko vei ira na yaragi vakadomobula ka rerevaki duadua w vuravura, ia,era sa bolea ga mera dro tani mai na valu ni mate tawa yaga dina oqo. Sotia ni Viti, na kaukaua cava e tu oqori vei iko? Na nomu Kalou? Ko ni se duka levu tu mada ga oqori mai na Vanua kei na Lotu ko qai nanuma me na lomani kemuni na noda Kalou ko Jiova me rogoca na nomuni kerekere ena veivakalolomatakia koni vakayacora oti vei ira na iTalatala kei keimami na lewe ni Soqosoqo Lotu Vaka-Karisito?

Bainimarama kei Kaiyum. Au a vakasucumu mai na luvequ me mai yaga ka vukei au kei Tinana, Tacina, Wekana, Koro, Mataqali kei na nona Matavuvale, Lotu kei na Vanua.

Na siga edai ko sa mai kauti koya tani mai vei au me vakarorogo vakatabakidua ga kina na nomu vakatulewa me laki mate kina.

This is the end of your road with your Muslim support Kaiyum in Fiji. The first High Winds that comes along will blow you away and you will never know why so please do not ask me, WHY?

The PROPHESY is about to come to pass soon. ¬¬¬¬¬¬"Sa vude mai na VATU NI GAUNA KA A BUTUKI DROMU " ka moni qai qamuta na gusumuni na Kawa iTaukei kei Viti me yacova ni sa TU TALE VAKADODONU NA VATU NI GAUNA OQO KA WARAKA TIKO NA QASE ULUVULA ME CAVUTA NA VOSA. Oqo na lewa na noda Kalou Bula ko Jiova . “REREVAKA NA KALOU KA DOKA NA TUI” (Vanua kei na Lotu).

The TAUKEI MOVEMENT is awake. Please members do not touch any Hindu they are supporting us. This time we shall walk together as one family. Try to know the difference between Muslim and Hindu. Please keep the Peace.

Anonymous said...

Frank in final negotiations:

No, seriously, just let me go, and I promise to reform. I'll reform completely. Uh, no more of the old Frank Bainimarama. No, sirree.

This time, no more coups. Uh-uh. I'll completely respect the rule of law. If I have to go to gaol for my crimes, then so be it. But this time, eh, I wouldn't have a hand in hurting no one, eh. Just a peaceful fella -- that's what I'd be.

Ahem, no more fooling around, no more corruption. No more bank account in Hong Kong. No more multiple salaries. No more red envelopes from the Chinese. I promise! No more Nur Bano accounting. Completely on the up and up.

A completely new leaf. No more lies, no more censorship, no more Fiji Sun or Qorvis. No more bullshit decrees. I swear. Take Aiyaz, but give me a second chance. You won't regret it.

I mean it. I'll show you. No more stomping on pregnant women. No more raping prisoners in the ass with a rifle barrel. None of that nonsense! No more threats. Just a nice word for everybody!

I'll respect the chiefs. I'll respect the church. The gays, they can have their march. they can march all up and down Victoria Parade, for all I care. Why, I'll even march with 'em. I'll respect everyone. You'll see! Only positive vibes from here on out.

Eh, eh, I'll leave government, leave the navy. That's what I'd do. They can have all that. I'll just go and never look back. I'll become a farmer. That's it! I'll grow mango. Or, or maybe I'll become a man of the cloth, like Rabuka. I'll spend all my days in charity, doing good works for everybody.

Please, won't you release me? Please!

This time, I'll house all the homeless. I can do that. I'll run a soup kitchen. I'll do whatever you say, if you'll just give me another chance. Please -- please! -- what do you say?

Dakuwaqa: "That's nice."

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.27 what exactly are you suggesting. Beat up all muslims because of kahiyum. I am a Muslim and have never supported the coup.
Bloggers who are using religion to generalize are really inciting hatred for no reason. This coup was done by itaukei as in 2000 and 1987.

Anonymous said...

Answers to prayers foy all youe bloggers now the RFMF will die how pity on foreign land.........What are way to die in a foreign land.... how sand QALILO will lead them to their deaths at the Golan Heights, its funny how they mocked the Christian church left right and centre,and now ask for prayers....... God is not mocked....Sorry to say some of you are coming back in body bags..........Instead of taking them to Golan Heights, Franky banana prefers to watch the World Sevens how pathetic...........

Anonymous said...

Waqavuka Financing Limited
Updated: 7 hours ago 132 Views

tweet 0



Waqavuka Financing Limited was set up on Mon the 28th of Jan 2013 in Dublin 1. Their current status is Normal. The company's current directors Eimir McGrath, David McGuinness and Rhys Owens have been the director of 438 other companies between them - 97 of which are now closed. According to our records, Waqavuka Financing Limited has not had judgments registered against it for Bad Debts in the past 6 years.
Company Vitals

Company Name:Waqavuka Financing Limited
Time in Business:4 Months
Company Number:523015
Current Status:Normal
Principal Activity:[71.23] Renting Of Air Transport Equipment
May Trade As:Waqavuka Financing Ltd

Registered Address:5 Harbourmaster Place,
Dublin 1

Standard Report

Full Company Vitals, including Directors & Mortgages

View a sample report


Name Co. Director Address Directorships
Rhys Owens Yes DUBLIN 14 162
David Mcguinness Yes DROGHEDA 9

and 1 other directors liste

tuks said...

@8:12 and 1:37

It is connected why a fijian name in Ireland business industries registry?

If Fiji Airway is leased out to Fiji Government this is fatal blow to our ecomy!!!

Anonymous said...

Directors of 8 other companies! Pretty obvious this is a shell company, setup offshore to mask Fijian participants and to avoid Fijian taxes.

Didn't this regime go after FIJI Water for much the same sort of thing?

Anonymous said...

this is nonsense the waqavuka stuff. company set up in 2013 obviously didn't trade in last 6 years. what do u mean Fiji airways leased out to government??? bloody nonsense tuks.

nasona said...

why doesn't the baini wear his jacket??
disrespectful. maybe because it does not match his brown pants. for a millionaire, he dresses like a clown.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

@Nasona - an ogre is an ogre is an ogre - and those sniffing at new money are the biggest buffoons with it.

Anonymous said...

@ nasona,
the wanker is dressed for a holiday......the taxpayer funded, family sevens holiday of a lifetime. Vakaloloma na kanaloto.

Anonymous said...

@10.27...na cava bau via kila tu iko baleta na nodra lako na I mataivalu..ke I mami dua vata na nodra lako magaitinamu

Anonymous said...

@7.21 kana loto caiti iko..sega Sara ga ni dua na nomu I lavo e lako kina o koya caiti iko vaka baba

Anonymous said...

@7.23am....seji seji cebo laqwa. O to taki ira tiko na sotia, baleta ni sebera ga ni takeoff na nodra waqavuka, o sa lai valekadomo tale tiko kei na watidra. Lako mada lai taqari vaka vinaka. Sona levu vakai tamamu

Anonymous said...

@7.27 oi rairai o a sauma o iko. O sa maumau rabaku. O sa lauvutu oti, o qai sauma koya tale. Bajaru

Anonymous said...

@7.29am lako mada ga lai vaka leka domo vei tinamu

Anonymous said...

@7.29am... Vaka leka domo tiko man

Anonymous said...

@nasona. Dua ga e caita na nomu sona. Heh ... He he He

Anonymous said...

nasona at 4:35 AM

none of the delegation wear necktie..
never seen a leader in the world walk around on arrival holding his blazer, never mind wearing a brown pant....Baini needs a cloth consultant..

Anonymous said...

Anon:June 28, 2013 at 11:22 PM

So, you are Muslim, Thank you, Sir. Do not talk to me Mr. but talk to your own kinds Kaiyum and Co. When you failed to stop Kaiyum it means you allowed and supported him all the way. And you wanted both side of your bread buttered with conspiracy and corruption because of MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!not with share and care and love one another.

Look what happened during Easter my friend on FBC TV where your own Mullah or Priest condemned our Jesus Christ, the very MAN who taught us to love and keep the peace with you. Did you hear our Pastors or Priests preaching condemnation about Prophet Mohammed publicly on FBC TV? NEVER!!.

You caused so many divisions and hatred between races and religion on these land of peace and harmony where all races are full of sharing laughters and jokes. You said to us that Hindu are dangerous people and than said to Hindus that Fijian are lazy people, do not trust them but screw their women,rape their lands and resources. WHY MUSLIM?

You have a long list of conspiracy, corruption and bribery etc. Example: How many Muslim owners of fishing boats and licences in our Fiji waters? Is not 90%? How did you get it? Beer, Rum and Whisky and hot curry chicken to the chief? Those days are gone and not today.

Ratu Mara, Rabuka, Bavadra and Qarase were the direct hit of your conspiracy premise of the past Mr.Muslim and you were very smart enough to rest the blame on Hindu and Fijian. We were stupid to believe you and your dress-man, Mr. J.A K. and R.I.K. Qarase is out and freeman now. All those you sent to Prison will one day will come out freemen again and beware of retaliation. What I am saying you will run out plans and strategy.

The truth about Fiji Airways is another good example of your latest conspiracy and corruption Mr. Muslim. Those outsiders that received their shares of money are willing to tell the truth whether with investigation or no investigation conducted. You can call them Insiders or Whistleblowers.

This are few of the million reasons that the TAUKEI MOVEMENT being awakened and watching every steps you take. Remember Annonymous:June 28, 2013 at 11:22 PM you are harvesting what you planted in your fields of deceiving, hate and divisions.

We want peace and not wars, please my friend talk to Kaiyum and Co.when the sun still up. Admit the wrong and do the right thing and ask for forgiveness, Mr Muslim, Sir. Release Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, George Speight, Nata etc.restore the Great Council of Chiefs,return the 1997 Constitution and allow the FREEDOM of speech, association,religion, news reporting etc. and the People will forgive and forget the past and live a new better life.

Anonymous said...

How interesting? Isn't it a coincidence?

The Fiji Airways A330s Airbus bought by Fiji workers FNPF money and we were made to believe that we owned the damn thing, is now said to be registered under a company in Ireland named "WAQAVUKA??????"

Obviously, there is a "dead fijian rat" somewhere?

Can someone find out, please? I mean this is our money!

Anonymous said...

Anon: June 29, 2013 at 7:23 AM

Na cava mada e tiko vei Tinamu... vakasucumi iko vakacava tu mada mai vuravura na Tinamu? Tinamu kei Tinaqu merau lomani mai vei iko kei au. Na luvequ e susu mai vei Tinana ka susugi ena Lotu lei na Vanua ka me kakua ni vosacataka se volitaka ena dua na gauna mai muri.

Au kerei iko Anon: June 29, 2013 at 7:23 AM vakadonuya ga na ka e nomu. Na Mataivalu e NOQU me tekivu mai na drau ni ulumu e cake ka kauta sobu sara kina qeteqete ni yavamu e ra.

Na nomu vuli tu oqori vakavo ko na kerekere kakana wavoki tu kina e vei valevale kevaka ko lesu bula ka vuetaki mai Syria. Me waqa tiko na matamu ena nomu qara ni vokisi ena siga kei na bogi kei na luvequ au dau lomana. Na vakarorogo kina vakatulewa ni veiluitaki vakamataivalu kina mate sega na kena yaga vei au kei na noqu matavuvale, koya ga na vanua au yaco kina me baleta na luvequ. Au na masu tiko modrau lesu bula mai kei na luvequ, ia,na Kalou ko Jiova qai vakatau ga Vua, Na wai ni mataqu ena sega niu na tagicaki koya tale vakarua na luvequ kevaka sa vakavodoki lesu mai vakakako. Na Mataivalu oqo sa vakarogorogocaka tu na yacana ena veivakalolomataki konivakayacora tu oqo vei keimami na Kai Viti,neimami Turaga/Marama Bale, kei na nemimami Talatala i Jisu Karisito keimami vakabauta.

Meu tinia, NA CAVA BEKA E TIKO VEI TINAMU mo ni vosacataka kina na Tinaqu. Kevaka ko sotia dina, yalovinaka vakatutusa ka vakasavasavataki iko mo lesu bula mai. Vinaka vakalevu.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.22 I am just a common man like you. When are people going to understand that people i.e. humans do bad things and not the religion and race. The fact that Khaiyum is Muslim is as irrelevant as Frank , Rabuka and George being Christian. It does not matter what your race or religion is if you are bad then you are bad. I am a Muslim and i do not support this coup or any coup. I want a peaceful and united Fiji just like everyone in this country. 99% of the Muslim population are the same. We had nothing to do with the coup and have benefited in no way from it. Khaiyum is favoring his family and friends with special deals just like Rabuka did and Qarase did with their friends and family. Because he is Muslim simply means that most of his family and friends will be Muslims. It as simple as that. It does not mean that the rest of us are the same. Making this a religious or race issue will not help. Lets talk about democracy and how we can get Fiji back to proper rule. If you are unable to understand that then i am afraid we are all just wasting time.

Anonymous said...

Notice something about your Fiji Island soldiers...they all look above 30 and fat as their Commander...LOL...Are you Fijians joking or what.....Ahmmmm....in the first month based on the condition of the soldiers I will say that 9 will he KIA....37 wounded and 7 die from Heart Attack...lol... COCONUT SOLDIERS FIGHTING DESERT WARFARE....WHAT A JOKE

tuks said...

please it is very interesting to dive into this issue i have a feeling that international fraudulence individual have colluded with illegal regime and siphoned money overseas for only a few peoples million dollars gain.

mark manning said...

Frank's RFMF are like lambs to the slaughter while he basks in all the glory.
The Soldiers are misguided fools, who purport to uphold the Rule of Law in another's land, while suppressing and ignoring it, in their own.
I just don't get how they are justifying their ongoing support of Frank's illegal Regime.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: June 29, 2013 at 10:01 AM

Your statement missed the target. The Rabuka, Speight and Frank coups were all corrupted militarily funded by the Muslims, Hindu and Foreigners. Taukei Movement were formed with the same corrupted and deceivers by using the words, "Fijian plight and aspirations", "Protection of Fijian rights,lands and resources" and "Fijian leadership" etc.etc.to lure the Fijian supports. Today non of them told the truth.

Taukei Movement is very much alive and will execute and will return to the Fijian what is really theirs before other races came to our shores.

There are Fijian Traitors full of greed and ego and false christian with us. Ask Sitiveni Rabuka, Inoke Kubuabola, Filipe Bole, Thomson and Vunibobo to name a few ob how to full Fijian race. All were hypocrites and liars. We fell into their Sweet lolly-talk not knowing that they were already bought with your Money and remotely controlled by you.

This time around the Taukei Movement are more clever and grown up men. All we are demanding to admit your wrong, ask for forgiveness and do the right thing while there is still day light.

Muslim are causing divisions and wars around the world today and you cannot deny that with your statement above. We do not need wars and racial/religious trouble to happen in Fiji but the choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

Fiji TV licence extended for 6 more months
Publish date/time: 29/06/2013 [13:08]

Fiji Television Limited’s broadcasting licence has been extended for another six months as the company undertakes a restructure.

In a letter to the Attorney General and Minister for Communications, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, the Chairman of Fiji TV Padam Lala asked for the extension to be granted before the current period expires.

Lala said they are expecting a long term licence period soon.

Fiji TV’s six months broadcast license was to expire tomorrow.

Story by: Filipe Naikaso

rajend naidu said...

Julian Moti and his elderly parents have no doubt suffered immensely on account of his political persecution by the Australian State and this has prompted him to relocate to Fiji ('Julian Moti returns to join Fijian bar' Fiji Sun 28 June 2013). We learn that " A long and costly legal battle which resulted in the permanent stay of the prosecution by the High Court of Australian in December 2011 revealed gross abuses of the legal process by the Australian authorities".
From this we can conclude that Julian Moti was ultimately able to obtain justice for his malicious prosecution.
That was possible only because justice is administered independently as it is meant to be in a democracy.
The same outcome would not have been possible if the courts where the handmaiden of the State.
That is probably why many people who suffer political persecution in many places around the world come to Australia.
It is important to have this broader perspective on the issue of state political persecution.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:28 AM

What a narrow minded person you are.

You talk about 'kinds of people' with regard to religion, assuming all who practice one religion have the same morals and values.

So if we assume you are a member of the christian group your logic must follow that every christian has the same values and morals.

So why did the christians not deal with ASKs boss ?

Anonymous said...

Anon:June 29, 2013 at 5:13 PM

The Power and the Love of your Money it controls anyone's destiny including any Governments and PAISA is a mind control.It can kill a King and overthrow a Government Yes, I am a Christian and you are a Muslim. Prophet Mohammed was betrayed by jis own Muslim cleric and so as Jesus Christ by His own Christian disciple just because of conspiracy.corruption, greed, ego and money.

Who overthrew the christian Commander in Chief Ratu Mara from his leadership? His most trusted christian Army Commander and Christian son in laws. Why? Money Money Money arranged by Muslim because of corruption, conspiracy, greed and ego. Not bad, Huh?

Salaries of $1.3 million to christian PM and $1.2 million to Muslim AG. All Muslim manipulation and control of Money.

We need to stop all these evil and manipulative minds and keep the peace for all. I blame you for importing to the Fijian these evil ideas on how to corrupt peaceful lives. Please stop it for the sake of Peace to all mankinds.

Anonymous said...

Coconut taukei movement dickhead blaming Muslims n Indians for fijis problems of today wake up,all coups in fiji started by coconut soldiers , major benefits are other races but you can't blame them foe taking advantage of Esay money situation , coconuts in green will do anything to retain power so parasites around take advantage
Kyum only came after coup cos was working with dritis wife at bsp ,he was struggling to pay mortgage for empty berry road properties and took advantage also to feed his ego
Now he just spend 1.2 billion on 3 obsolete planes ,
Maybe people in fiji don't pray enough lol cos
How can such BS happen lol

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:58 PM

You really need to get yourself a life and remove those biased religious blinkers you wear.

From my comment why on earth would you think and say I am a Muslim. You are fixated on religion and see nothing else in people other than that.

I despise religion because it has made so many people like you, hypocritical, biased, evil and selfish because your minds have been corrupted by people who want to control you.

Learn to think for yourself, treat and see people as individuals and treat each individual how they have personally treated you. There's no need for a massive bible to teach you that, its simple.

No doubt you will be back on that pulpit again tomorrow raving your christian bitterness and trying to mould others to the sad sorry state as yourself.

Tobopanikeke said...

Anon @8.06pm, agree with you. You will note this blogger and another one will try to incite anger by their bs that there is a iTaukei movement - more like the frustrated qase women movement. Cema sa rauta mada na blog tiko mai Mark street kei iko Ane. Drau qarauna ni'u na ceburaki kemudrau.

Anonymous said...

Proud of the RFMF standing up when the countries that can really make a difference would rather sit back, talk big in their discussions and conferences and throw money and weapons here and there while Syria tears itself apart. Vinaka vaka levu Boys. May God be with you and may you all come home safely.

Anonymous said...

Did I see that the regime's acting solicitor general was also brought along on the trip? Why would the SG be needed on a visit to Russia, especially since we all know it's just a junket anway?

Sounds to me as if the regime is about to pull another stunt involving our legal system. What this time -- another trumped up case to harass a political opponent? New legal hoops for the mainstream political parties to jump through? Another bullshit decree? Preparing to foist on us Bainimarama's unbidden, unwanted, and unjust constitution?

Whatever it is, you can bet they're up to no good.

Anonymous said...

bainimarama for prime minister!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum you can't build up a legal shield to propel you through when you lot are illegal.

Sorry you are trapped in your own game plan,we are ready.

Anonymous said...

veitalia ke mani cava se cava, o bainimarama me prime minister tu ga!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@12.19pm. O ni sa dina sara! "Cava se Cava..." veitalia e vakaloloma na noda vanua o Viti, veitalia ke ra vakaloloma o ira na noda kawa mai muri ena levu ni butako kei na cakacaka vakailowa sa caka tu qo,veitalia era veilewaitaki e so era cala lalai ka vunitaki o ira era sa laurai tu vaka sigalevu na nodra cala ia, era i tokani nei Bainimarama kei Khaiyum, veitalia ke soli ga na toso cake ni tutu kei nai tutu kece vaka matanitu vei ira ga na wekai bainimarama kei Khaiyum ka veitalia o ira era vuli vinaka ka tu vei ira na kila,.......................................................................... Cava se Cava????????

Ni yadra mada, kemuni!

Anonymous said...

God be with you, boys, Defend the peace and come home safely. Then help us kick out the Taliban and traitors here at home!

Anonymous said...

@ tobopanikeke.... Ceburaki rau mai me rau mai ponoponolaki mada! Na vei qara taucoko e tiko vei rau me lau pono! Keimami sa wawa tiko ni na veiceburaki mai ena vei blog taucoko!!!! Me ni lai vakavodoki mai na lori qai ni mai ponolaki!!!!! Koya e qase taudua vei keimami e yabaki 70....koya me liu taudua vei Cema!!!!!!

J.R said...

CAN WE ALL STOP BITCHING .... SERIOUSLY .... WAT BAI is doing now, is something he will have to face up to sooner .... not forgetting his officers, bodyguards, fellow businessmen etc etc ... ONLY TIME IS HIS WORST ENEMY ... same was for Mr. Rabuka .... I MEAN if we keep blabbering about things that we cant put into action than lets just keep our mouths shut .... The sad truth is, all citizens in this country no matter race, religion, gender, age, occupation etc we don't the guts that the Egyptians and Libyans had when they toppled their f'd up leaders .... NO GUTS NO GLORY - NO GLORY MORE BITCHING ....

Anonymous said...

JR, speak for yourself. Some of us have the guts, and we're organising. No more whinging. Just preparing for action.

Join us.


Anonymous said...

Have you noticed the alignment the Russians have with repressive leaders with badly tainted records. Their support of Syrian regime shows their willingness to side with evil leaders. So it comes as no surprise that the Ruskies are entertaining our own brand of suppressive dictatorship in the form of the current regime. Our soldiers too are all sold out to bai and have lost the moral compass. It seems money dictates the order of decisions. Whilst they could be our savior the soldiers choose money ahead of principle and sacrifice the nation to their own selfish pursuits.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a SHIT about Syria. Who gives a SHIT about ISRAEL. Who gives a SHIT about GOLAN HEIGHTS. If these coconut soldier suckers want to die or come back without a leg, arm, half his guts or whatever....so be it. You bring no pride back to Fiji. No one in Fiji is proud of you so dont spin your national pride BS. What is there to be proud of when you will be shitting your pants when you get shot at and bombed and praying to a God who would be deaf when your there to kill or maim someone yourself. Go forth and bring back your pieces of silver, your reward for killing or hurting someone else. Those people in Syria and Israel fight for the FREEDOM of their people. You coconut Soldier boys are there for pieces of silver and your Commander Frank has taken the cream of the cake like Ratu Mara did when he first negotiated the Lebanon TOD. Do you really think the people of Fiji care about you going. No they dont give a shit. Nai lavo ga me vakau mai. Qarauna na watimu. Remember the Dear John letters.....Yep you will get your letter and your money will be invested in Traps or Bali Hai. Me kani cava kuvai...

Anonymous said...

The Fijian soldiers aren't going to the Golan Heights to kill or maim anyone. The're there simply to separate the Israelis and their Syrian antagonists. Fijians CAN be proud that our soldiers are helping to defend international security.

Just too bad that the same soldiers are too lamusona to defend us at home. And that is a matter of profound and lasting shame.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2.03PM...Who the hell are you kidding Joker...Separate Israelis and Syrian antagonist my foot...Fijians PROUD because our soldiers defend international security ! You are so thick like the soldiers who have just left or your a retired soldier or TF trying to make some sense of Franks BS. There is no sense in Fijian Soldiers being in the GOLAN HEIGHTS when everyone else is leaving. Only a monkey will accept the Banana's the UN is throwing at them. Frank Banana has just done that and sacrificing the lives of a small nation of only $300,000+ indegeinous Fijians of whom more than 1/2 are kailoma or part Tongans. Get real...get a life...get a gun and shoot Frank up the ass you monkey

Anonymous said...

The Dicktators wishful thinking of basking in glory at the expense of the blood and tears of our rugby has been dashed once again.Too bad Pinochio, you just have to deal with the fact that anything that has a whif of your name to it is doomed...you are a curse to Fiji Bainimarama. Chill out jinx.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.03pm
Iran, Syria and Hizbollar have been preparing to destroy Israel for last 10 years. Stupid toy guns like M16 cannot separate 2 standing armies or a large guerilla force.
Especially when they have always been preparing for war and to die.
Fiji has signed copperation pact with Iran and will be wiped out i Golan Heights. They will be vaporised by the Israelis, Iranians and Hizbollar (who now have 60,000 missiles from Iran ready for the final battle with Israel)
Bainimarama is an arsehole seeking glory while relaxing in the safety of World Cup and living in luxury on stolen money in Fiji.
Tamata sonalevu luvenu setani o iko.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:53, you're the monkey, judging how you go ape-shit over someone simply pointing out the UNDOF mission isn't about joining in conflict but helping to separate the two warring parties.

Shoot Frank up the ass yourself, zygote. Maybe you do already -- next time use a gun.

Hezbollah has 60,000 missiles? What a crock! What is your source for that figure, and what missiles are these? It probably has a few thousand katyusha rockets but no missiles. Missiles use solid fuel propulsion. Rockets are liquid fuel propelled.

Both the Israelis and Hezbollah want the world to see the other side as the aggressor. The presence of the UNDOF helps to keep them both honest. Both sides could easily overrun our boys, so it's a very dangerous position for us to be in. And given this regime's foolish overtures to Iran, it is possible that the Israelis won't warn us away this time.

But at the moment, Fijians, Filipinos and Indians are staving off what would otherwise be a sizeable military conflict endangering the world. And that's something in which we can take some pride.

I like what another blogger said, though, which is that this army is robbed of that pride by the fact that it is oppressing our own people at home.

And that's also not to say Frank deserves anything except death for treason, so please try not to go ape-shit again. Oo-oo-oo ah-ah-ah-ah!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:57pm....here is another FOOL and CLOWN trying to show how smart he is with his useless figures and baseless facts..Ko vuli ga ko tawa sukulu...Like a fool you have been sold by American Imperiolism. A fact is the US, UK, AUST and other first world countries are removing their soldiers and replacing them with monkeys from 3rd world countries who will accept peanuts and make them believe they are fighting for peace. Israel has never seen peace for the past 1000 years and Fiji will never give them the peace they want because their conflict in the middle east is as old as the bible you probably dont understand. From your trying to give us your BS about Hezbola, rockets and firearms, it is obvious you are another Sotia trying to find some just in going to the Golan Heights. There is no other explanation but LAVO. Only problem is we 3rd world and any amount of LAVO seems a lot. So quit trying to justify something that does not make sense and fire Frank up his hairy arse CICI and hopefully it will wake him up and give him some sense to realise that his sending fathers, sons, uncles, brothers to their deaths for a few pieces of silver that will never bring them back. Leave the big fight for the big boys like Filipinos and Indians whose population is so large we can send 10 million of them to Golan Heights and if they are all killed, it would not even put a dent in the population of the world because they are reproducing at twice the rate. THERE IS NO PRIDE IN THE FIJI ARMY AND THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY PRIDE IN THE FIJI ARMY UNTIL THEY CLEAN UP HOUSE AND THAT STARTS WITH FRANK. THE FIJI ARMY WAS NOT ROBBED OF ITS PRIDE. THEY HAD NO PRIDE IN CARRYING OUT THE ACTIONS THEY HAVE CARRIED OUT AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE AND FOR WHAT.....WE CAN SEE NOW WHY. FRANK AND KHAIYUM AND ALL THOSE WHO SUPPORT THEM ARE BENEFITTING FINANCILLY. FRANK IN MOSCOW FOR THE WORLD CUP TO WATCH HIS MONKEY ARSE OF A TEAM PLAY WITHOUT PRIDE AND LOSE.

Anonymous said...

Sitiveni Qiliho, the officer commanding the UNDOF Fiji lot, as did Rokura and Naliva were working directly under Driti during the 2006 ILLEGAL take-over. Qiliho, Rokoura and Naliva led what was called THE HIT SQUADS and were personally, intamately and directly involved in all the killings, torture, intimidation, and all other illegal activities dished out to unarmed, innocent and law abiding citizens of this country!!!
I just hope that the pistol you always show off with, by strapping it to your thighs, will keep you alive when the proverbial "SHIT HITS THE CEILING"!!
It is not a question of "Will" it, but rather "When". Then, you will really, really "shit in your pants" you animal!!

Anonymous said...

@ ANON 6.02PM...Live by the sword, die by the sword. There is a bullet and it has Rokoura, Naliva and Qiliho's names on it. If it happens in the Golan Heights better still so they can bury their sorry monkey arse out there. The most likelihood is that these three guys are rear echeleons who will do their stint in Golan Heights behind a desk in a safe place. I would love to see how they react under fire and bombardment and hear them screaming and praying in terror and no one responds just like no one responded when they murdered and maimed Fiji citizens during their brutal attacks throughout Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Hey but where is Rokoului and Driti in all this??? I thought they were the torturers. Ask the women who were taken up. Ask Losena Salabula who berated her? Yes it was the fucken sonalevu Rokoului. Who was torturing the girls from women's crisis centre? Yes it was Pita Driti. Rokoului was the one picking up people and getting his men to deal with them. Qiliho had the task of releasing them when no one bothered or cared and so he gets blamed. Tell us the truth Qiliho and free yourself.

Anonymous said...

The US, UK, and Australia aren't replacing their troops in the Golan Heights, because they've never had any there in the first place.

Does pointing out the facts make me an American imperialist?

Yeah, don't want to let those pesky facts get in the way of a good rant.

MorosaQilihohoho said...

Pissy arse army like Fiji's, have majors and lt colonels behind desks. Real armies have majors and lt colonels in the frontline commanding battalions or even platoons.

Anonymous said...

The fact is Fiji has majors and lt cols leading companies and battalions. So what the fuck is your point boci morosa? Edua na major e a caiti iko? Se a caiti watimu?

Anonymous said...

Fiji will also have majors and lieutenant colonels behind desks because it is a small army and can't promote them generals. Caita ga nomuni vakamacala sotia boci Morosa. Lai sava mada na moromoro.

Anonymous said...

Morosa staff officers in the British army are also lieutenant colonels and majors. What army do you belong to? RRA?

Sorry looking lot said...

Is this only me, or do the Fiji soldiers in the picture look like a sorry bunch. Grog doped, kankani, unfit and weak. They look like young men who have aged before their time. They do not look like the strong, tough, fit and confident troops of yester-years.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:13AM...They will be sorry when they get to the Golan Heights...Yep the fine young fit strapping young Fijian men who served Fiji since 1976 in Lebanon has been replaced by aged, abusive, cowardly, burtalising unarmed civilians, thugs, murderous, rapist and led by a FAT, UGLY, MONKEY of a coward who could not stand up to a chicken if faced by one of a PM called FRANK BANANARAMA...

Anonymous said...

It is very hard to compare the situation in Egypt and the situation in Fiji.Now in Egypt protest and fighting has been going on before the military interveen,Secondly the military hand over the government to a newly appointed civilian interim president wwho will make changes and prepare the country for another general election. In Fiji whem Bainimarama took over the government the situation was normal and there was nothing abnormal to justify the take over.Bainimarama was creating the situation himself with the military by doing route march arround Suva and firing flares and he was threatening to take over the government for unfounded reasons.If you people could remember that the last demand made by Bainimarama to Qarase was the withdrawl of all police investigations against the military when Qarase did not respond to that because he can do what Bainimarama had demanded for as it was against the law. Bainimarama that took over the government for execuses of corruption etc..etc. Now Doctrine of Necessity. I hope the person who mentioned that Bainimarama use the dictrine of necessity for the 2006 coup understand what he/she is talking about.In 2000 when Bainimarama abrogate the 1997 constitution after removing the then president he also use that doctrine of necessity however when Chandrika Prasad challenged the abrogation of the 1997 constitution the court ruled that doctrine of necessity can not be use as an execuse for the abrogation of the constitution so the 1997 constitution can not be abrogated and still alive.To cut this long strory short the fact is Bainimarama has no justification of taking over the democratically elected government in 2006 and as such the offence of treason is very much waiting for him and all his collaborators. This is the fact and the court of appeal judgement of 2009 wuill support this as it says in its rulling that the coup and existance of the Bainimarama military government is illegal full stop.

Anonymous said...

Annon@4:55 am...Voreqe come on be
nice to people?
You're just showing
how brutal you are and
not belong in the PM job?
You really need to go back

home to Qiuva and go back to Tudai Mana,Lausuwa Qari and such?
The type
of languages you used should leaves
a bad taste in your mouth!
Your Ma,
shoulda washed your mouth with a Punja Ba soup, a long time Ago?
an embarrasment to the Fijian?
quite right about the soldiers on
their way to the Golan Height look
like they've been grogging all night long?
But look at it from Bais'stand point, if he keeps these
old bunch 180 here at home,the chance
of revolting, was much higher than
the younger generation of solidiers
we have at the Camps?
So get rid of
the old and you closed-off one chapter.
Their families will be happy for the money coming in-so Bai has their supports.
On the other
hand the new young recruits,doesn't
know any better, will be made to love their illegal leader.
All in all the bastards win?
Although we
all know that he is committing
human Genocide in sending these
Fijians to be killed with questionable military equipments from Mosco-Russia?

Anonymous said...

Latest news from the University of Sin and sex- rapist Julian Moti has been appointed as Professor of Law and thats the best place for him to be as it unifiji is the university of sex scandal and now a pedophile also jonning them. Professor of Kamasutra Mahendra Kumar should cum back as VC. Julian Moti and Mahendra Kumar can mount young girls in the office together.

Dr Dulare has resigned because the fairer sex dont want to warm his bed and will soon find himself in hot water because he had his hands in the cookie jar with RAvineet"shady"Sami and Kamlesh Arya fiddling and using unifiji funds to build big houses. Dr Dulare nagonchi in hot soup with ministrym

Kamlesh Arya is known for bailing his sons theft and sending him to australia. Old man pathik is too old and still saving face after professor of kamasutra mahendra kumar brought shame to oathik family. pro mahendra kumar was recently seen trying to look important at SPF and on his recent trip to suva looked old, gay, knocked up & satisfied from all the mounting he is getting from the islands.

Satendra none-done is warming his old balls in canberra with wife Jyoti after they collected hefty pay from UniFiji enjoying.

Circus continues coz another araya samaji will be VC.

Close Uni of Fiji down! its a waste of taxpayer money and dangerous place for girls. Julian Moti could teach bhuwan, kamlesh pathik how to mount underage girls

walace said...

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