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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fiji mine workers to finally get redundancy payout

One of the shafts at Vatukoula Gold Mine

Vatukoula Gold Mine workers made redundant in 2006, are now waiting for their redundancy payments.

The Fiji Court of Appeal has now ruled out the appeal against an earlier decision of the High Court, upholding the awards of the Employment Tribunal.

The company, Emperor Gold Mines, made hundreds of workers redundant in April of 2006, when it began facing difficulty, offering two months pay plus 1 weeks pay for each year of service.

The decision was challenged by unions in the Employment Tribunal, which ruled workers be entitled to 5 months pay, plus 2 weeks pay for each year of service, giving an additional 3 months pay plus 1 weeks pay for each year of service.

The remainder of the workers were made redundant in December, 2006 when the closure of the mine coincided with the last military coup. This was also challenged and the Employment Tribunal ruled as it did for the earlier redundancy.

Emperor unsuccessfully challenged the decision of the Tribunal in the High Court and later appealed the decision of the High Court in the Court of Appeal.

The general secretary of Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions, Attar Singh, says the recent ruling of the Court of Appeal brings the long drawn matter closer to a conclusion.

Singh says a meeting of the affected workers will be held at Tavua Club this Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Attar for your much needed effort and foresight in stepping in and carry the load.Your down to earth personality is second to none.The know how in dealing with union matters is your bread n butter your master piece!!!You do it with integrity and passion with love.Thank you for your humble being and being there when no one seems to care about us.
This is what LEADERSHIP is, know what your people need.
May you prosper in your future dealings Attar.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ahaa! The miners will not be 'shafted' afterall. Bahut Julum Attar!!

Anonymous said...

Ok people where's the gold? Who
took the Gold? Where was it sold?
who bought the Gold? Who owned the
Gold mine-currently? Is the mine still working?