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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Koyamaibole: Fiji's Land Liar

By Isireli Koyamaibole

It is not a good feeling to be labelled a liar in a national newspaper, not once but three times, by people who purported to be running this illegal government. Both the illegal PM and his illegal AG have made very wide ranging, vicious and unprovoked attack on some of us about the security of i Taukei land.

Unfortunately, our side of the story, the alternative view, has never been considered important to illustrate what balance reporting is, and the meaning of world best practice in journalism by the Fiji Sun. This is despite our supplying the Fiji Sun with written text as a right of reply being the aggrieved party.

I invite you all to earnestly engage yourself in reading up s185 and s186 of the 1997 constitution on Group Rights; Article 11- through to Article 17, particularly Article 17 of Ghai Constitution Commission Draft, 2012; and Article 27 of the Regime’s Constitution Draft, 2013; those are the specific provisions given to us that focus on safe guarding and the protection of i Taukei land.

Land agenda: Khaiyum and Bainimarama. Minfo
On comparison, one will find that Article 27 of the Regime’s Draft does not address the “mataqali’’ or group ownership of land which is customary among the i Taukei. What you will find is that the entrenched protection for the i Taukei land that was the hallmark and available in the 1997 Constitution and the Ghai Draft 2012, is conspicuous in its absence in the Regime’s Draft, 2013.  Whether deliberate or not this is designed to remove the entrenched provisions under group rights as opposed to individual rights under Article 27 of the Bill of Rights in the Regime’s Draft 2013.

As a matter of fact the entrenched protection for all the key legislation namely I Taukei Lands Act, I Taukei Land Trust Act, Rotuman Lands Act, Banaban Lands Act, and Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Act, has been effectively removed in the Regime’s Draft Constitution, 2013.

The implication is that these Acts can be amended or repealed in parliament with a simple majority of 23 out of 45 votes in the Regime’s Constitution.

Illegal PM Bainimarama should stop making unfounded remarks, come to the point, and explain whether he understands his own draft. He claimed in Fiji Sun 19/05/13  that “…. If a change in the i Taukei land legislation is proposed in parliament it has to be passed by three-quarters of the members. When this is done, Prime Minister added, the Electoral Commission will conduct a referendum for all registered voters on the matter. And again for the proposed legislation to then be enacted it required three quarters majority in the referendum.’’

Careful analysis of his Regime’s Draft will show there is no connection between the quoted statement and what is actually provided in the draft for the iTaukei land.     

For the simple reason that there is none. Anyhow, the people of Fiji, particularly the indigenous Fijian deserve an unreserved apology for the manner in which they have been constantly misled to believe what is obviously non-existent.

One would then wonder at the level and quality of advice that is fed into the illegal PM”s propaganda machine for distribution to the unsuspecting members of the public who are the subject of selective censorship.

However, in a related matter, readers are also invited to read up Article 169 of the Regime’s Draft 2013 on  Preservation of laws, where various written laws and decrees which were….."in force between 5 December 2006 until the date of the first sitting of the first parliament under this constitution shall continue to be in force in their entirety.’’ (Note that even the decrees yet to be drafted/written are already included).

It is important to remind ourselves at this juncture that even though the 1997 Constitution was abrogated by Bainimarama the Fiji Court of Appeal celebrated judgment on 9th April 2009 had declared the regime unlawful. That decision has not been repealed not challenged by anyone up to now.

Nevertheless, ever since the coup of 2006 this country has continued to be ruled by decrees.

Article 169 is the section used by the propaganda machine based at the illegal PM’s office to spread the propaganda to the people of Fiji, particularly the indigenous population. In that, they claim that all the entrenched laws governing  iTaukei land continues in the Regime’s Draft 2013. But as we have seen above, there is no truth in this, because Article 27 of the Regime’s Draft has no provision for the group rights but only for individual rights. All the I Taukei, Rotuman and Banaban laws therefore are not protected in this 2013 draft constitution.

This means that they can be amended or repealed like any other ordinary legislation.

Some of the notable decrees continued under Article 169 that have been systematically and strategically orchestrated since December 2006 to dismantle the indigenous institution enshrined in the 1997 Constitution are:
  • Decree no 31 of 2009 I Taukei Land Trust Board (amendment ) Decree to remove Fijian Representation in the Native Land Trust Board that were up to then appointed by the Bose Levu Vakaturaga (BLV);
  • Decree no 31 of 2010 that took away the name Fijian from indigenous Fijian and left them with the I Taukei label;
  •  Decree no 36 of 2010 - Land Use Decree (LUD) that established the Land Use Bank, as a rival to the Native Land Trust Act. The NLTA is primarily for the benefit of the Fijian landowners while the LUD is for the landowners interest AND the economy. As a matter of function there is nothing proposed in the LUD which cannot be undertaken within the bounds of the NLTA.
The LUD creates an unprecedented concentration of power in one single person thus making the Prime Minister whoever he/she is a very powerful person. Once the land is put into the Land Bank the Landowners no longer have any say in its use for the period of lease which is not more than 99 years. At his own discretion the Prime Minister shall designate land for utilization under LUD for four generation of people. Notice how the control of this land slips away from the hands of the ITaukei Land Trust Board (on behalf of the landowners) into the hands of the Director of Lands, a civil servant, who now has a free hand to do as he / she pleases in accordance with the national interest. In whose judgement  a project becomes a national interest is anyone’s guess. For certain, this is a major deviation from the NLTB’s founder, the late Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna’s thinking for the  board.

There are no provisions for the rental paid or any notice for re-assessment of rent. Other terms of lease  and other conditions are not catered for in the LUD. Without this transparency, it is likely that these are hidden away in the Land Use Regulations. These regulations are changeable in future to meet the ministers need without any obligatory requirement to consult with the land owners. Effectively this would imply that the Minister can make any new laws without the approval of parliament.

One can summarily conclude that land has been taken out of the hands of parliament and courts and handed straight into the hands of the Prime Minister.

In clause 9(i), "This Decree has effect not withstanding any provision of the Native Land Trust Act(Cap.134), Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Act ( Cap.270), Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Ordinance 1966 or any other law.’’The LUD supercedes  and over- rules every other law of the land. This is directly inconsistent and in contrast with all previous constitutions and Ghai’s Constitutional Draft 2012.  

In terms of these previous constitutions and Ghai’s Draft, the LUD is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL arrangement. 

Additionally, as is consistent with all the illegal AG’S decree none of this provision can be challenged in court, tribunal, commission, etc, etc, as in clause 15 of LUD.

Furthermore, other insidious actions taken by the regime are:
  • Decree no 20 of 2012, I Taukei Affairs Amendment Decree, terminating the role, power and existence of the Bose Levu Vakaturaga . While the indigenous people of this country were busy struggling and sweating for their survival here in Fiji, a report on their behalf was made to the 81st session of the Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) in Geneva in August 2012. It was tabled by the representative of the illegal regime. The report confirmed to the CERD committee, the regime’s contention to dismantle the indigenous Fijian entrenched institutions established far back in the colonial era to protect Fijian interests and amongst them was the BLV;
  • The new amendment to Regulation 11 of the Native Lands Lease and License Act (NLLLA) which  came into effect on January1, 2011. It demands certain level of payments and sharing of lease monies within Fijian landowning units and members. The chiefs, turaga ni mataqali, turaga i taukei and turaga ni yavusa were entitled to bigger shares of money unlike members of the mataqali. By taking away a large share from the chiefs, especially done to assist them to carry out their traditional roles this regulation has effectively disempowered them;
  • In addition, is the promulgation of the Surf Decree and its subsequent effects on Qoliqoli Rights. Hoteliers are now using the decree to stop all payments once made to traditional qoliqoli owners to access these areas for commercial activities. There is a sense of unfairness and exploitation when foreigners use the qoliqoli areas commercially and yet indigenous Fijians receive no compensation. This has aggravated their sense of insecurity as the qoliqoli ownership was not returned to them as originally understood through the terms of the Deed of Cession and they have felt aggrieved ever since.

It is evident from the above that not only are the indigenous Fijians being weakened in their positions as landowners; there is also a concerted effort  to dismantle indigenous institutions in the pretext of non-discrimination principles; marginalization from economic power and participation with the discontinuation of affirmative action programme  to encourage and develop Fijian business; and the weakening of their political voice as any propagation of indigenous rights and issues is now termed racist and discriminatory, etc.

Finally one must not forget that all the decrees and laws mentioned above were imposed on the people of this country by this illegal regime. Even for matters concerning indigenous people which are very dear to their hearts and have withstood many years of test and tribulations, there was no consultation with them. 

How can we give our youth a better hope and a good future when their fathers and mothers suffer the humiliation of ostracism and were never consulted publicly or otherwise in what was best for our livelihood. I stress the wisdom of open consultation which reflects understanding, co-operation and togetherness, only then we can claim legitimacy and true ownership.

Au na maroroya ka taqomaka na vanua e turu kina na noqu dra kau vola kawa bula kina.

courtesy www.fijicoup2006.com


Mafi - USA said...

Great piece indeed and of course things are getting clearer now of the conniving and lying Bainimarama and Kahiyum wants to force on landowners. They are just a bunch of hypocrites and are trying to find a way out from spending the rest of their shitty lives in Naboro.
It is very worrying to know of how selective our media are in what they print, especially the mouth piece of the regime, Fiji Sun. They are doing a disservice to our country. All they are interested in is the company's financial benefit rather than the fairly dissemination of information where people can get a better perspective of issues, especially the tainted Bainiyum draft constitution.
Thank you Mr Koyamaibole for clarifying this issues which has been the topic of discussions in the last 5 months.Trash this draft constitution and Bainimarama should relinquish leadership cos he has lost direction.

Anonymous said...

With the media gag enforced by this despicable illegal regime...what the people need is a medium to make people aware of the fraudulent and evil schemes perpetrated by this unelected thieving regime to unashamedly steal from the already impoverished and embattled indigenous people and even the poverty stricken citizens of this wonderful country... something along the lines of NZ's amateur Radio Hauraki.. broadcasting from a stationary ship just off the coastline or go even even better, a rogue TV station....any takers??

John Sami NZ said...

great analysis - khaiyum's draft is exposed badly. It is fraud on the Fijian people and their possession, land.

Anonymous said...

thank you coup4.5 for acceding to our requests..vinaka

I think you only need the minimum 13 votes to pass any changes or make any new laws under airyass/shameem constitution if 24 of the members sit in their 45 member parliament.

Anonymous said...

Now you know why Isireli Koyamaibole should not have been sacked for no reason. He was a PS who was doing an excellent job.

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece.

Our land is worth fighting for.

Dakuwaqa, sign me up!

Nasoni R said...

Thank you Editor Coup 4.5 for printing Koyamaibole's article for wider readership.

I ask all readers of this blog to print this out...many copies to distribute to all our fellow villagers in our own villages and friends and others everywhere.

Especially all my fellow kai North Tailevu people where PM Office staff with PS Pio visited recently to campaighn for their dear Dictator boss, and elsewhere, we should take as many copies as possible to our own villages then distribute and discuss with our people the contents of Koyamaibole's article. I will do the same this weekend for my village and Tikina...thank you.

Tell our people too that our future depends on Bainimarama and party losing the next election...WE MUST NOT VOTE FOR Bainimarama and gang.


muslim conspiracy must be defeated.
• Aiaz Sayed Khaiyum
• Aslam Khan,
• Iqbal Janiff,
• Nazhat Shameem
• Shaista Shameem,
• Nur Bano,
• Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
• Abdul Khan(FSC),
• Mohammed Aziz,
• Faiaz Ali,
• Mohammed Saneen,
• Saheen Ali,
• Razim Buksh (RBF)
• Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
• Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
• Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
• Riaz Ali (FNU),
• Nizam U Dean,
• Afzal Khan,
• Hafix Khan,
• Anwar Khan,
• Ali Jan,
• Bahadur Ali,
• Lainuni Khan,
• Shaneze Voss,
• Shane Hussien,
• Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
• Robert Khan,
• Rahmat Ali,
• Gulam Mohammed,

Anonymous said...

this the sort of leadership, information and debate we need. thank you c4.5

Anonymous said...

watching fiji tv and yesterdays FBC TV ,PREMILA of consumer council told to clean up some mess

mark manning said...

Make no mistake folks and take note, as I have said once or twice before, the last time I was in Fiji, in Suva in fact, in August 2007, I watched two Chinese men looking up at the Business Centre Buildings.
It was if they were imaging how much they were going to make, soon!
Of course, they could also have bee legitimate businessmen just seeing Suva's potential, but it did disturb me at the time.
TIn fact, it was sufficient to make me or encourage me at least, to keep bringing to the attention of Fijians on various web sites and in the Fiji times Online, when I had access that is.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu OB na kaburaka mai na Dina , na SAVASAVA kei na DODONU e ratou dau vunautaka tiko na yavu TAMATA MACAWA e ratou vei liu taki tiko e na gauna oqo!! Na lasu e ratou cakava tiko e sa na qai basiki tiko ga mai!! Au sa kurabui e na doudou ni LASU e ratou cakava tiko!!

Anonymous said...

oqo na dina.....e rawa ni vakadewataki vakaviti, ka veisoliyaki yani e na veikoro kece e Viti...

SEMI MEO said...

Sa rau na vaka malo vakalevu o Pu Lo kei Tuwa ena nomu yalodoudou mo vakamatata taka mai vei keimami na lewe ni vanua e so na tikina e buwawa tu vei keimami!

Again, for the millionth time in this highly esteemed column; re-echoing Bahamas Munro’s word of wisdom not to isolate the Rear Admiral from reality and the truth!

Get into his inner sanctum and get into his stubborn heart and wake his slumping soul to the dawn of the new Fiji! …leaders like “real righteous Lawyers”, “real spiritual counsellors” and probably Qase ni vanua (if any is still around that the Rear Admiral respects). They may wish to borrow from Koyamaibole's pages of patriotism , common sense and righteousness!

Obviously, right now, we do not believe the Rear Admiral have the benefit and privilege of those wise and Godly counsel around him any more…nur..he may have been avoiding them..or some “power broker” keeping them away from the Rear Admiral.

We are probably coming to the end of the road in our endeavour to return to sanity!

The legal, spiritual counsel that may have controlled him and blasting his ear 24/7 and, probably holding him to ransom …no…wrong…holding all us to ransom…are now sweating under the glaring heat of the undeniable truth closing in!!

Now…when shall all other Political parties and groups come shooting at the corrupt illegal Government with their own bashuka of truth and righteousness??

Or… do we see some minor parties now reliably reported to be courting the Rear Admiral, compromising their 6 year old ethos for a probable coalition with Mr. Bainimarama post elections.

Or…does it take a “virgin” politician and near unblemished character leader like Koyamaibole to raise the standard and fly our banner!!

He and other like him, deserves and NEEDS our prayers!!

Anonymous said...

Sa ceburaki yani qori e matamuni na i tukutuku koni via rogoca tiko mai ena loma ni 6 na yabaki sa oti...na dina ni veika baleta na nomuni qele koni dau tagica tiko.
Na cava sara mada koni na cakava mo ni na maroroya kina na i solisoli levu oqori mai vua na Kalou.
Sa oti na gauna ni vosa vakavuku..kemuni na i liuliu vakavanua...oqo na nomuni gauna.

Anonymous said...

Meo! Na 'WE' cava mada o vakayagataka tiko mai qori. O liu taka tiko e dua na party se dua nai lawalawa ni vosa walega? E na vinaka cake mo vakayagataka na 'I' ni ka o vola tiko mai qori e nomu namuma ga.

Anonymous said...

Great reading. I asked a lawyer for his views. He said that itaukei should not worry about their land.

Can some person will legal background pls enlighten us.

I know someone who knows koyamaibole as well. His view is that he is a good man.

Anonymous said...

Mark what were you doing in fiji? Were u caught with your pants in sukuna park?

Your namesame Marc Edge is another man with a filthy mind trying to chase the skirts of her female students

Anonymous said...

I am a former staff of the ministry when koyamaibole was the PS. Its very clear that someone else wrote the above article its beyound him. I understand he is bitter because he was kicked by the regime and he is gunning for an SDL seat.

The best way for getting the emotions charged for the fijian people is that you say your land is under threat. The reality is that the land by itself is not an asset if its left idle.

For the poor fijians, FB has done a lot for them. The elite will complain as they have lost all their lease money and the author of the article has to look for a cheap shot for his political gain.

I wish him all the best. As this is fiji politics. Race and blackmail the poor fijians

Anonymous said...

BC bahin chord

If u cant take the heat pls get out of the kitchen. U definatly belong to the BC era.

By the way, your post reveals a lot about what's inside your morron head

Anonymous said...

BC did you finish class 5?

Pls ask a lawyer? The author has no legal background. This is all hype for the elections and trying to mislead pea brain people like u

Anonymous said...

My friend BC was my class mate in primary school. He spent 3 years in class 2. He is smarter than the teacher so he was asked to teach the students.

Keep The Faith said...

@Anon 11:19

"Land by itself is not an asset if left idle".

The indigenous Fijian does not care about that because land is not valued in economic terms.

The sooner indians understand these basic facts, the quicker the races can see eye to eye with each other so of course land will be always be a political issue. Prof Ghai knew this and did his best in his version of the draft.

This time around however the politics is laid bare for all to see. Even without Biumaitotoya's piece, the evidence is before us: Exhibit A - the 1997 Constitution, Exhibit B - the Ghai draft and Exhibit C - the regime draft.

We all went to school, we can read and comprehend english. The regimes intent is clear.

Don't pity the Fijians they can and will fight this and they will not back down.

Keep The Faith said...

Apologies, not 'Biumaitotoya' but 'Koyamaibole'.

Mahen 'million dollar man' chaudhry said...


Indian Govt Sydney Consulate channel $1.5m into mahen's Australia bank account between 2000-2002 (Shame in India).

Funds, according to Indian MP, collected for mahen's settlement in Australia (years later, he is still in Fiji).

When exposed, mahen claimed he was keeping money for his community (haha, good joke).

But he could not also furnish evidence to back his claim (no surprise here).

Secret bank account was solely in his name (transparency and accountability, mahen style).

In 2004, FIRCA found mahen had not submitted tax returns (finance minister mahen had tough policy on tax evaders).

He did not disclose $A25,233 interest on Aust account (same mahen who as minister struck fear in tax dodgers' hearts) .

FIRCA asked Mahen to explain (a) source of overseas funds; (b) when did he first invest these monies; (c) interest earned; and (d) copies of bank statements and documentary evidences of any tax deducted at source.

Mahen hired an accountancy firm (he was probably shitting bricks by now).

On September 2004, mahen's accountancy firm visited FIRCA to see what information FIRCA needed.

FIRCA said the most important detail: “the source of the income”.

On October 2004 accountancy firm wrote to FIRCA about income earned by mahen.

On November 2004, mahen coughed up $86,069.02 income tax (proof he is a rich, tax dodging weasel).

Between Oct 2000 and March 2003, mahen splurges on property, goods, airline tickets, duty free (champion of poor, getting rich in the name of the poor, and living it up).

mahen gave daughter $50k, and bought house for $300k (how much did 'champion of the poor' donate to the poor?).

2006 'anti-corruption' coup cut short FIRCA’s investigation into mahen's real financial worth.

In June 2007, the Interim Cabinet Minister had still owed $57,672.09 in taxes to FIRCA


Anonymous said...

hey you forgot the $13 million kick back from the chines builders of stadium and korovou highway to MPC.

these are in swiss bank account.

australian in frca was given death threats and had to leave before this case could be brought to court.

Anonymous said...


You are a real ulukau and a disgrace to the itaukei people.

Where u when george speight did the coup.

BTW, why are all parties wanting to stand for elections.

BC said...

@anonymous 11:32




Anonymous said...

Koyamaibole Luveni caiti bumu. Na SDL o Support taka tiko qori e voli taka na qele even when entrenched. Any lawyer will tell you the way it was converted was wrong. Pull your head out of Qarase's qara.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:06 Caiti bumu kei tukamu tabu teve, you makubuni boci. Laki vakarau na stand to ni sa voleka mai na rarama. Ni veicai, ni yavu mataivalu ni soli sona.

The Kaiyum Racist Constitution said...

why keep bringing chaudhary money and qarase land conversion issue back. that's history and not an issue on this racist constitution. yes racist because this document refuses to recognise indigenous land and governance rights.
so who cares about the author of the article...it tells the truth,.
if you don't believe it then ask the government to come up with their legal piece of advice...they wont because it will be wrong and their lie will be exposed.
this article is not a political piece but spot on legal advice.
it is baini and kaiyum that are coming up with political rhetoric about Fijian land issues.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote the comments about chaudhry and qarase is deeeply troubled by the land threat in the khaiyum Draft. He or she is trying to distract the readers away from this issue which will cause the dumping defeat of bai and kai party in 2014.


to those who keep saying Bainimarama has done good for the kaivitis, let us be reminded of what he did and will do...'
he got rid of their chiefs.
he controls their right to have their church meetings and dictates the terms.
he controls their right to practise their religion and dictates the terms.
he controls their provincial councils and choses who and what is best for them.
he controls their right to governance and dictates the terms.
he controls their right to chose and how to use their lands and dictates the terms.
he denies them their right to name their political parties in their own language and dictates the terms.
he got rid of a constitution that protected their land rights, customs and traditions.
he dictates what constitution they will have and its terms.
he controls and dictates when and how their customs and traditions will be practised in the future under his constitution.
he can change their land laws whenever he wants to like any other law.
AND all these he has done and will do WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO CONSULT THEM.
His supporters think hes done great for them???
this is not politics. THIS IS GENOCIDE guised as legal law making and governance.
Only in Fiji. I am not Fijian but I support my brothers and sisters. Because this is the truth and it is right, legally and morally.
FIGHTING FOR your indigenous rights is not being racist, the racists are the ones that deny and refuse to acknowledge your rights.
that's why the kaiyum constitution is a racist one...not the ones before.

Anonymous said...

100 percent correct

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:06
Bula vinaka,o ni sa vosa ca jiko ena vuku ni cava?kena i karua se qai mataka lailai na vanua o ni sa vei ru vaka mataka edua na leqa?
Na lawyer o ni taroga qori kei kemuni e dodonu mo ni kauti qarase vakaveilewai me qai macala kina na dina ni veika o ni cauraka toka oqori ni cala vakalawa na kena a veisolitaki na qele.Sa dola saka tu na mataveilewai mo ni kauta kina nai tukutuku qori,sa oji e 6 yabaki cava tale se waraki jiko?

Baleta ni warai ga ni dina na veibeitaki vakailasu,caka tu ga mei ubi ni ka da sa sarava tu ni kua..!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Koyamaibole expressed what any person who understand English can do. His systematic and logical approach to the issue is his daily chores in his previous position in the government and most CEO and PS do that anyway because they deal with policy and legislation to enhance the business and the progress of their respective ministry. Lawyers are told what to say and write. In this case lawyers are used to read and they are not allowed to alter the truth.

Anonymous said...

Fuck this is very true..there are many things this government land that we i taukei are unaware of..firstly..theres this NLC map office that has been relocated to Raojibhai patel street..last time I went there to get a printout on our mataqali land it was 727 acres of my mataqali boundaries..that was about 4 years ago..last week I went there and they told us the office had been relocated..I went up to their map shop and asked for the same mataqali boudary map..this time our land acres have shrunk to only 125 acres..what the hell..where has all our land disappeared to..bloody land bank??

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5.06am

Kerekere qarauna na gusumu e na vakacalai iko!

E vinakati me entrenched na lawa ni qele ni taukei. Ko tukuna tiko ni a cala o ratou o Qarase ni ratou veisautaka na lawa qo. E sega ni baleta koya na vuna keimami vinakata tiko kina me entrenched tikoga na qele ni i taukei.

Kevaka e ratou a cala na matanitu me baleta na qele mai Momi ia me kau kina mataveilewai ni ko tukuna tiko ni a voroki na lawa ka virikotori e na Constitution ni 1997.

Ia e vinakati me biu tikoga e na constitution. Baleta ga ni a voroki na lawa (ke a voroki dina) e na qele mai Momi e sega ni kena i balebale me kau laivi mai e na Constitution.

Sa laurai ga e na nomu vosa vakalialia ni ko vakatomutomuria tu ga na ka e ra kaya eso mai na matanitu! Sa sega ni rawa ni ko vakasamataka na veika eso ka vosa mai na nomu vakasama. E leqa ni lala tu mada ga na mona qai via vosa tu.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:20 AM

So you have lost 602 acres of unused and overgrown land. Some would consider that an improvement for Fiji as its new owner may actually use it.

Look around you, someone knows where it is.

BC said...


FO said...

To anon 9.51am...show some respect.
this is why the Indians will never respect the Fijians rights to their land. what if they decide to grow weed on it. who the fuck are you to decide whats best for them. its their choice. don't like it go to Australia or go back to india or wherever.
the English colonialists had more respect than your kind...racist and elitist at its highest...no pun intended.

Luveniwai said...

The birth of the NATIVE LAND TRUST BOARD (NLTB) was not intended for the protection of Fijian Land as everyone seems to think.
It originated back in the WILKINSON days where the British Government was incharge of all the running of the daily function of Fiji. The government then foresaw the future of themselves in the arrival of settlers to Fiji therefore the land was seen to be a good source of income for the Fiji government. It was and still is a government trust and had/has nothing to do with the protection of Fijian lands as we’re all made to believe.
The NLTB did not mean THE LAND OWNERS TRUST BOARD as it should have been for the purpose of protecting the Fijian Landowners and their land.
All Fijian Landowners back then were dumb to realise that the government was pulling wool over their eyes by saying we will protect your land. The current government is doing exactly that and worse Little did the landowners realise that the NLTB are saying to them, yep, you still own the land and we will run her affairs for us to benefit us but you and your people.
Dealings with land all over the world is left in the hands of the owners with the assistance of the their government. Not in Fiji. The Fiji government dictates the rates that a piece of land is worth, it keeps the majority of the rental or lease and then sprinkle the crumbs to the land owners. This is evident in the current land situation in Fiji.
Every landowners should look after the affairs of their land, collect the revenues from her and then pay the tax on the revenue gathered. The current governments Bill of Rights is not worth the paper its written on if things are not spelt out in clear English for all to understand and that includes the rights of every Fijian land owners.
Fijians are now educated and are more then capable to deal with their own affairs.

BC said...

If Fijians are so educated, How come they're doing matanigasau to someone who performed Treason and took away their rights.
Took away their Great Council of Chiefs.
Took away their submissions by burning it infront of Ghai.
Took away their rights to choose who to lead them via an election
etc etc
And now he wants to take away their Land and put it into a Land Bank and lock it away forever.
And On and ON, Bainimarama continues to FARK the Fijians and ON and ON they still do the Matanigasau to him.
Don't you think these Fijians need to be EDUCATED to what Bainimarama is ACTUALLY doing to them.

If this is the behaviour of an educated Fijian then I wouldn't be surprised if in 10 years time ALL their Land is in the Land Bank and they would be completely FARKED.

If you are Fijian Luveniwai , then go get educated.
If you are Indian then go GET FARKED!

Nazareth Shameen said...

The upcoming coup will be bloody...very bloody, time to sell the hosue and land and run for cover.

Anonymous said...

Let me just throw this out there?another coup is brewing as we speak?
I'm sure there will be lots of bloodshed in the next coup.
I wouldn't want to be an indo in the new powder keg situation? I'm sure
there will be lots of bloodshed and
torture as the result of bottled-up

Shaista Shameem said...

Hey Bubu, lets go for cover together becoz you were the first one to jump in bed with Franky remember? Just becoz of you I will also b in problem. So make it fast and lets go in hiding.

Anonymous said...

Luveniwai please I think the landowners right are paramount and supreme. Whereever and whenever a piece of native land need to be lease out to any tenant, whether government, itaukei or vulagi, business organisations, etc, the NLTB will give us (mataqali members) to sign the lease application form. My understanding if 50% or more of the landowners agreed than NLTB will process the lease document, otherwise the applicant is unsuccessful and end of story. So if your view is correct then why Frank and Aiyaz are worrying about this issue. I think the setting up of the Land Use Commission, Land Bank are all bullshit and just there for political gain of those who mooted the idea.

Blind Luveniwai the cynic said...

luveniwai u cynic...just read the deed of cession and you will start to understand where the Fijian land ownership come from....that's if you can understand what you read.

Degei South Pole said...

Anonymous 5:06am
Sa yadra vinaka na wekaqu.
Au kerekere mo vakayagataka na vosa donu, kua na vosa ca, baleta ni kevaka e makare na nomu kila na noda isema ni veiwekani (family tree) sa bau torosobu dina na vosa e tau kei na isema bu/namaku.
Au sa nuitaka ni na vukei koya ena nomu veisiga ni bula nimataka.
Au sa loloma yani ki vei iratou kece na nomuni ni sema ni vuvale.

Bloodless Brotherhood coup. said...

no only army coups. they got no blood to spill. it will be another bloodless coup ... the army will coup itself like the last time...why?
because the guy who caused it is still here...the big chief bainikeke no race no culture no chief no church no fnpf no air pacific no public prayers no lies no corruption no nepotism no Fijian name party but yes to hairyass admirals rear.
It will be a bloodless brotherhood coup.

Anonymous said...

Wrong @ luveniwai, the Bai/Kaiyum regime is WORSE given the draconian controls they wield over freedom of media, speech and expression in this country, plus a host of other fundamental rights they daily trod upon. This regime is far WORSE than all previous administrations combined.

The real picture of all they;ve actually helped themselves UNJUSTLY to has not even began to emerge... esp. in light of the strong-arm tactics they relish against dissenters and anti-coup/regime critics (directly and indirectly ala 1000+ ways to skin a cat).

Removing NLTB is not an issue if the landowners and stakeholders agree to it through a democratic, inclusive and transparent process. That goes for many other issues relating to Fijian culture that needs to be reviewed, updated etc etc.

At this stage however (and as Koyamaibole has rightly alerted the broader i-taukei population), the most critical issue is to ensure that the inalienability of native land is well entrenched in the Constitution to safeguard the i-taukei population.

Please tell that to the "treasonous, extremists shysters" behind the draft constitution.

There's no way they can pull a fast one, wool over the i-taukei eyes, over any aspect regarding the ownership of their land and natural resources. It's an OLD story they've been at (reinventing history) ever since they got to Fiji. Please go sell that BS elsewhere. Fijians are not buying.

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon June 6, 2013 at 5:06 AM...ena rairai lewe tini beka na tamata rerere vakataki iko ena swga ni yacova na dudou kei na yalo qaqa nei Koyamaibole..ni o vosa ca, kua ni guileca ni o vakabuni tale ga o iko ka o na gadravi me rokovi!!

Rogoca mada o bumu na nomu mai qaraqara wavoki ka vosavosa ca wavoki voli eka..balabala...dua sara ga nai roba nei bumu e gusumu!

The may not be another SDL...Koyamaibole is a possible candidate for the new party!!

Anonymous said...

This news by Sireli is now spreading like wildfire in the Kai Viti lands,,,,& anger is building. Fiji is sitting on a time bomb.
I live near Fijian villages with a lot of Indo neighbours.
The Kai Viti youths are already speaking of the upcoming final confrontation and targetting the indos houses and animals.
Yes - it will be nasty cos Frank and comp with go down fighting,,,,& together with them the indos.
Moce Jo


to all of those ignorant and racist ones that rubbish the aussies, just open your eyes....
the aussies started with no indigenous land rights but 200 years later they realised their mistake, corrected the injustice and apologised.
In Fiji we started with indigenous land rights from 1874 but in 2006 franky and his muslim brothers and sisters decided that we must not have anymore indigenous land rights so they have been working (??? more like crooking) overtime to remove them rights...SEE the DIFFERENCE??? if you cant then u are as MYOPIC as the hairyass muslim prick wanabe lawyer (his own words).

Franky Houdini..the master land thief said...

TO ANON @820AM..brother so sorry to hear they shrunk the boundaries...
Now the picture is clear.
The land butako is complete.
Franky has not only taken ownership and control under his various decrees but has also rejigged the GPS and MAP of Fiji and rearranged all the boundaries....very soon brother we will be part of PNG and the speargun gang...thats what the $40m was for..pacific harbour will be renamed and with new GPS coordinates.
Man this franky fella is a real life Houdini...he can make Fijians and their lands disappear...and change them into cash ...just watch, very soon he will be the Richard bramson of the pacific...he will be named big chief Frankenputin Bulschitits Nonracistbitch...already registered in the Russian VKB...trues up.
remember the airbuses...ajah..its all falling into place yar...

far-sighted said...

@ luveniwai

Please don't attempt that infamous Aiyaz no-brainer tactic of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, as the shyster-asskyum did with the 1997 Constitution.

NLTB simply needs to be revamped and i-taukei need to pull up their socks and be more ethical with their given responsibilities esp. those in power. Qarase et al has been a bitter lesson for all Fijians esp. the i-taukei who race to keep up with the Joneses. Sa rauta mada na kocokoco i yau.

Do things right by others. If you don't understand what that means, then simply look up the late Ratu Sukuna who may not have done things completely and perfectly (land & fishing rights etc) by the i-taukei, but who died while still in the process of dong so and more importantly, did not accumulate any assets under his name. Instead Rt. Sukuna ensured that i-taukei interests insofar as land was concerned, was well protected.

As for those Fijians parroting the regime lines for a complete overhaul of native land laws by hook or by CROOK, well... what else can I say since you're all up to your neck in muck.. LOL.

p.s. to those advocating violence, please DON'T - you'll only be playing straight into the regime hands. There's really no need to resort to violent tactics. We're still the majority and we're here to stay.

Backwards to the Future said...

is there a Fijian translation of the kaiyum constitution???
oh yea just remembered...we are all Fijians without an official language but we have to speak in a foreign tongue - English!!
Man we are now more British than the British.
Good on yea franky and hairyarsy!!!
Where did the rest of us go wrong???
Are we missing something???
We going forwards or backwards to the Future??

Anonymous said...

its interesting to imagine franky bananas idea after realising that he is not actually running the show

Anonymous said...

no wonder australia and the rest is not speaking out, but instead following ag's tune

Dumbo said...

anon 2.06pm
u dumb or what. aussies cant fix Fijians shit. its up to you dumb fucks. they've shown you how to go about it and what u ulukaus have done is go the opposite way...no wonder you live in shit and still put your dirty hands out for cash and aid.

Anonymous said...

These muslims to be targeted first... working on addresses and possible hangouts..will update list soon....
muslim conspiracy must be defeated.
• Aiaz Sayed Khaiyum
• Aslam Khan,
• Iqbal Janiff,
• Nazhat Shameem
• Shaista Shameem,
• Nur Bano,
• Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
• Abdul Khan(FSC),
• Mohammed Aziz,
• Faiaz Ali,
• Mohammed Saneen,
• Saheen Ali,
• Razim Buksh (RBF)
• Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
• Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
• Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
• Riaz Ali (FNU),
• Nizam U Dean,
• Afzal Khan,
• Hafix Khan,
• Anwar Khan,
• Ali Jan,
• Bahadur Ali,
• Lainuni Khan,
• Shaneze Voss,
• Shane Hussien,
• Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
• Robert Khan,
• Rahmat Ali,
• Gulam Mohammed,

Anonymous said...

It wasn't enough for Fiji's few Muslims to support Bainimarama's coup and then use it opportunistically to promote each other to the highest positions in the illegal regime.

It wasn't enough for them to collect noncompeted sweetheart deals from the regime and use them to bilk Fiji taxpayers.

It wasn't enough for them to author, plan, and carry out the systematic destruction of iTaukei institutions.

It wasn't enough for them to block the proposal for Fiji to name itself a Christian nation, in the name of secularism and communal harmony. But then they turned around and broadcast on the holiest day in the Christian calendar a Muslim harangue denigrating the atonement of Christ and the meaning of Easter.

They come onto this democratic opposition website and seek to intimidate its readership by openly threatening to launch suicide bombers against democratic opponents of the regime.

They defend Saddam Hussein and now even Osama Bin Laden.

What's next, denying the Holocaust?

We already seem to have a version of sharia law, with the police torturing suspects until their extremities need to be amputated.

Under Bainimarama and Sayed-Khaiyum, we seem to be witnessing the Talibanisation of Fijian society.

Anonymous said...

We can blog here till we're blue in the face, or we can act.

I ask you, is this the time for blogging or for action?

The following is an excerpt from Dakuwaqa@hushmail.com:

"We refuse to recognise the moral or legal authority of any government in Fiji that does not respect and operate according to Fiji's living constitution, the Constitution of 1997, or a new constitution freely derived from the consent of the governed, in accordance with internationally recognised constitutional precepts.

"We prefer peaceful change through methods of nonviolence and non-cooperation. Nonetheless, we reserve the right to employ forceful tactics against those who would use violence to suppress our liberties.

"Our movement is open to all people of conscience. Whatever your age, race, religion, creed, party affiliation, gender preference or profession, we hope you will consider enlisting in the cause of defending Fiji."

Email Dakuwaqa@hushmail.com for the complete statement.

Bainimatama is like the weather -- everybody talks about it, but nobody ever does anything about it. If we keep doing what we've always done, we'll just keep getting what we've always gotten.

If you want to launch a pogrom targeting kai idia or Muslims, then the Loyal Fijian Resistance is not for you. But if you want to join with like-minded patriots, embracing all races and faiths, to restore constitutional democracy in Fiji, then take your place with us.


The Hit List said...

you might have to add some Fijians and some gujeratis and some other kinds of Fijians onto your list bro...it takes all kinds to tango with the devil...
but how are u going to shoot all the army and the navy??? if you shoot all these guys and gals and in-betweens and all-betweens, there will be no one left to run the country bro...have you ever thought about that????
but then I guess it will be no different from now, except fewer Fijians...that will be a good thing then we can start all over again and take in all the refugees from china at $1m a person and our airbuses will be always full and our old peoples will be able to enjoy their pensions on their bilibilis going up and down the coast looking for some land to anchor and fish and steal some coconuts and firewood whilst the chinese are too busy digging for gold and planting tavioka.
that's a true UTOPIA...fisi where yu will find happiness and the chinese and the Russians and the talibans and the onetalks and the twotalks and bainimaramas taj mahal palace on the hill.

Dakuwastetimeboat said...

to anon @3.41pm what do you suggest??
I tell you what. you and dakuwaqa can hire me for nothing and I'll write as much bullshit as you want like graham davis and we will start a talk fest war and counter propaganda warfare talk for free website and....blalblablabla...till the cows come home...sorry the pigs fly!!!

you talk crap man like dakuwaqa just full of hotair.
take your naïve preaching to the village and just pray and pray and be preyed. god bless you my son. may the spirit be with you and your loved ones for ever and ever till franky dies and kaiyum and pio take over.

Dr Shaista Shameem said...

Anon who is saying that following Muslims to be targeted and my name is included there...I am complain to the authority to look for this person who wants to target the Muslims.
This person is assuming lot of things and by posting such comments 4.5 is also encouraging racial disturbance in Fiji.

Hush Puppy said...

why u kaiviti still believe and worship dakuwaqa and hope that he/she/it can save you when u all Christians now...as permitted by the great one and the true one.
dakuwaqa, expose yourself...sorry wrong word, REVEAL thyself. you have so many followers and worshippers since 2006?? and yet still nothing happening other than the great one and the true one dicktating to yu and your followers and worshippers??
its time for action other than blogging????
your message to your converted is very unclear..it amounts to do nothing and god will fix it.
if god meant it to happen that's why its happening and the great one is not dead yet.
I know!!! you waiting for the great one and the true one to change their minds by devine intervention through yur prayers and sacrifices and kerekere to the lord through his holy son jesus.
Brother we been through BC and AD and now you tell us we have to wait for AB (After Bainimarama)??

no wonder you like hushmail...hush hush just in case the army finds out and baini farks our asses...just pray and pray and be preyed..thats our motto.
sa yawa sara kemundou.

Anonymous said...

Koyamaibole luveni boci, macawa. Lako lai tei tavioka i nomu koro. Tamata zega kemu qele qai mai vaqara tiki tiko ena politiki. Qori na ka era a vakalialiai keimami tu kina na dau ni politiki makawa, luveni magalevu. Keimami sa sega ni mai ulukau vakataki iko, boci dede.

Koyamaibole the Man said...

koyamaibole you the man.
you got more balls than baini and hairyass put together, and qarase and chodry and mik bedoes etc all up.
you the true leader and warrior.

Dr Shaista Shameem said...

You also need to be investigated by the Military. I will be writing to Military Chief of Staff Aziz to look into the matter seriously.

Anonymous said...

It is about time NLTB senior staff and management meet the illegal PM and give him the correct advise. There are many educated Fijians (itaukei) in Fiji are also landowners through their mataqali and itokatoka. I plea to them to work together with the NLTB management and give Frank Bainimarama the correct advise on this important issue after scrutinising the Draft Constitution prepared by the Bainimarama government. We all know that Frank lacks the mental capacity to analyse what has been given to him by his AG Aiyaz Khaiyum and other government legal advisors,
I am sure that Frank is still on the learning curve and by now he should know, that to prepare a Constitution for a country, is not an easy job. It may be easier during Ratu Mara and Rabuka times, but today it will be hard because there are many Fijians (itaukei) are better than Aiyaz and Nazhat, in terms of legal issues, advises and drafting of laws and regulations, including a new Constitution. Come on Bainimarama and Aiyaz, cool down and promote transparency in all your dealings with this land issue with the landowners. My advise if you are not going to solve this issue amicably with the itaukei landowners, you will not win their vote in the coming election.

From a kaitivi trying to be a christian said...

None of this Christian nation bullshit.
We will only be Christian nation in name but not in deed.
Let's first fix rape, incest, gluttony, laziness, rampant adultery, rampant crime, alcohol, drugs, prison full of Christians, bullying, racial hatred, etc.
On a per capita basis, we Fijians rank among the highest in these crimes.
Yet we talk about Christian all the time.
I am ashamed. you should be too if you Fijian.

It's about time we stop being so self-righteous.
There is so much sin among us.
Stop going to church just for the show of it.
Stop preaching Christian when we can't practice it.
People look at how we live and what we do, not what we say.
Can we walk the talk or no?
Our problem is we can't live by example, we just talk.
We are most hypocrite Christians in the world.
God hates hypocrites.
There is no Christianity in out hearts.
So stop the Christian State nonsense until we clean up our act.
Too much lasusalu, lawakica, viavialevu, liumuri and we talk of Christian state.
we have a long way to go.

Coup 4.5 said...

In its "wisdom" the military regime in Fiji has decided that a special permit will be issued for the commercial "harvesting" of only "mature" mangrove trees.
I can't help contrasting this with the strict environmental conservation community consciousness here in Australia. Just next to where I live an area has been designated a nature reserve, the Cumberland Plain Woodland. A noticeboard warns " The removal of deadwood from this reserve is illegal. It is important that deadwood and old trees be left undisturbed as they provide habitat for wildlife and nutrition to the soil. Koalas, Regent honeyeaters,Grey-headed Flying Foxes and Cumberland Plain Land Snails arejust some of the threatened species that have been recorded in Cumberland Plain Woodland. For more information contact Campbelltown City Council's Environmental Unit or visit Council website".
I know much more is at stake when the mangrove eco-system is disturbed.
It is such a shame that the leadership in Fiji is ignorant of the damaging impact of mangrove removal.
rajend naidu

Coup 4.5 said...

In their typical propagandizing manner to project Frank Bainimarama as a popular leader the regime mouthpiece paper the Fiji Sun's Dickie Bird wants to know "if the PM is so readily accessible[by phone] to the people than he cannot understand why certain chief executive officers (CEOs) are so hard to get"?.(FS 6/6)
Dickie Bird is obviously not very bright. The answer is very simple. The PM is out campaigning for the elections in 2014. The CEOs aren't. The CEOs if they are diligent would be busy doing the work they are meant to be doing.
The PM - the dictator of Fiji - has very little real work to do . The work is done by others.
He has a lot of free time to talanoa with the people and get them to vote for him.
That's is the real reason why he has been giving his mobile phone number to the people!
rajend naidu

Kaiviti sinner said...

I agree with kaitivi christian. We all need to go back to out Bibles and read the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. It is an important passage for those who are too confident of their own righteousness and look down on others. Read Luke 18:9-14: It's like looking in the mirror. it will be a humbling experience.

SEMI MEO said...

Ovela!...ke sega oga na yaloqaqa ka vosa vakadodonu me vakataki Ratu Koyamaibole, ia, sa na qai curu dina vakatui o Rear Admiral kei nona gone ni toko o Aiyaz ki na Matanitu "tugalagala" ni na digitaka ni mataka, ka kei nai kuri ni sa na qai veimavolotaki na qele ni taukei koya bau via vo toka me tei kina na tapi se susu kina na puaka.

Ia,sa vaka ga na bainivuaka na rara ni veitalanoa qoka! Vosa ca taki o Ratu Koyamaibole, o buna kei na ka e vakabauta...sobo...ni guilecava beka ni o Ratu Koyamaibole e dau masu, ka lewena e dua nai soqosoqo lotu dau tokona na masu kei na bula dodonu ka savasava.

Kua ni guilecava se o cei e liu tiko e vukuna, ka ocei e yadra na noda sala!..kenai balebale, ke tu taka tiko o koya na dodonu,ia, o lemuni na duidui le ni na qai sota ga kei koya nai Taukei ni dina!

Ia, da luluvu talega ni so era tukuna ni ra turaga se marama lotu dina ka rasega ni muria na nona bula ni tutaka na dina nai taukei ni Lotu, oya o Jisu...

Ke a mai kodrokodro vuni voli me saqati ira na lala betelevu kei na nona yavu kusikusima, ka vunitaki koya mai vei ira na mataivalu kei Roma...dina!..ke a sega ni rawa o Kalivari..

Ena sega ni rawa na noda o keda kevaka ena vunau vunivuni voli..volitalia ga o vunau sara mai na volavivigi makawa...maqa ni rawa ina boy!

Ke duidui na nomuni le,ia, tabaka mai e dua na kena vakamacala, me rawa ni keimami qai mai vakadutai taka kei an kena e vola ko Ratu Koyamaibole.

...se va evei?...sa luva na matavulo?...qarauna de na qai vaka na matanisulu ni yaqona...ni dau vuloni ga na yaqona...lo...taki..taki..na yainimoli qere!

Anonymous said...

@ 9.51am and all of you commenting on land that is being left idle..so what if its left idle..land is an inheritance and if its left overgrown and idles..so let it be..it always belongs to someone rather then some opportunistic greedy entrepeneur that has money written all over his face..to you the fuckface that commented on land being left overgrown..so what if its left overgrown..it still belongs to someone or some mataqali and its better left as untouched then some ideology a bloody muslim lawyer wants to help us with his stupid economic advancement shitty looser status of a theisis..bloody kaidia muslim..

Anonymous said...

magaitinana kece na luveni kaidia muslim ni tiko qo i viti,,vakavakarau tiko na waqa kei na Barge mi ni na vodo kece kina vata kei kemuni i vutu o Bainimarama..ni qai lai veicai yani e dakui nukulau..ni veicai..

Anonymous said...

@ Kaiviti Christian 5:44 PM

Never a truer word spoken.

Some of the Fiji 'Christian cult' following is nothing other than a breeding ground for all that is wrong here.

You only have to listen to the bitterness and hate being spewed out by some of these so called church leaders in an attempt to control their flock just to ensure they stay in their easy life style.

Some of it's no longer Christianity but just showmanship.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:05 PM

And no doubt you are one of the many that whine about lack of roads, electricity, water, transport, education and hospitals.

You can't have it both ways and a balance is needed.

The days of supporting a section of society that want to survive on handouts from the wealthy but also want the same as others who work hard to achieve it is coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

Caught with a kai friend of mine after a very, very long time.
His assessment is that Bainimagana is into one HELL of a surprise come counting of the elections.
His reasons are:
01 Banimagana, IN HIS DESPERATION TO NOT GO TO NABORO raped what was and is still is dear to the FIJIANS. The rape of the Bose Levu Vakaturaga [remember the comment that the Chiefs can go and "drink home brew under the mango tree"?
02. His ill treatment and rape of the Methodist Church.
03. The downgrading and rape of the esteemed Ministry of Fijian Affairs to a DEPARTMENT.
The list goes on.
My kai Idia friend also stressed that;
01. Any Government, whether Legal or ILLEGAL has the moral obligation to provide the must needed things like roading, water and electricity to name a few.
02. Us Fijians are full of liu muri!! What happened to Rt Mara, and Rabuka are examples. We will suck up to them in order to get what we want. If we do good. if we do not then "he was not a good leader".
03. Unlike us, the Kai Idias have and will always know which side the proverbial "bread id buttered"


VB and ASK..... if we even go to the rule of LAW again.. I will sue your asses for the misery you have caused our company, our employees who are now out of a job and me personally with your illegal degrees... you BASTARDS.
And by the way this suing will include the ass-lickers who followed your illegal decrees.

Anonymous said...

For all those who are blaming muslims for the coup have lost their mental faculty. Who did the coup and which race is majority in the army? How many ministers are fijians? How many PS are fijians? How many ceo's are fijians?

The biggest problem with you all is that its typical of fijians to find a scapegoat and in this instance its AG and the muslims. Let face the truth people, all coups have been committed by fijians (period).

I don't have a problem if you accuse AG but who appointed him?

The problem with you is that because you muri lui each other, we are in this state.

How many fijians have openly supported FB and the regime.

Why not a list for them.

For all those who blame this coup on a few muslims, all I can say is that you should be honest to yourself and put the blame to the right place.

Anonymous said...

Annon 10.10pm

You sound like Rajend chaudary

Foreign investor said...

Being told we are doing so well does not equate with our experience. This coup has caused misery for our company, our employees who are now out of a job and me personally. Not the way the world should be.

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu at 5:45 PM, the answer is simpler than that. Bainimarama supposedly gave his cellphone number to the public, but he never answers at the number himself. It's just a gimmick, like most everything else this guy does. It's a diversion -- what magicians call a "misdirection".

If Bainimarama were truly accessible, he would have been arrested before he committed his treasonous coup of December 2006.

Anonymous said...

Dakuwastetimeboat and Hush Puppy are the same Army thug blogger. "Just pray and pray and be preyed"...both comments say.

I don't know why this guy seems to think Dakuwaqa is counseling passivity and prayer, when it's quite the opposite, really. Dakuwaqa is all about organising and action.

Sounds like his "great one and true one" is already getting nervous. Lol

Dakuwastetime boat said...

what anon 12.49am...dakuboat is organising and action????
sounds like Fiji style organising and action over the tanoa...the brown fluid slows the brain and the limbs...what crap.
been organising since 2006??? yea right another 30 years when the great ones son takes over like all other dicktators. do the great one and the true one look nervous???..they roam around Fiji with dakuwaqas mob right behind with no care in the world.

open eyes said...

to anon 10.45pm, the truth is that behind all coups there have been kai india opportunists who take the spoils...this one is no different.
instead of the kai india stopping it, they encourage it so open your eyes mate...just like the hairy ass muslim that goes on his tv station and says: bainimara's government...blame the Fijians always you dickhead.

Hush Puppy said...

dakuwaqa and your mob of bocis, wake up...the great one is singing your tune for today to dance to...you put your left foot in you put your left foot out, you do the hoky poky and you turn around, while I screw you upside down....kaila you lamusonas.

The Dragon Boat Master said...

anon 12.49am...yes right dakuwaqa is doing the exact opposite of organising and action....which is disorganising and inaction...bananaboat song today for you dakuboat to dance to...better go pray to god to give you strength for organising and action otherwise the true one and the great one will PREY on you mob AGAIN...ni sa moce mada.

Anonymous said...

@Dr Shaista Shameem!what to investigate?facts remain facts. ya you have a hole which has gone hollow.
What the hell are you doing in NZ? come back and relieve your sister Naz as she cant take anymore bai banana.

The Anthem said...

the banana boat song is now the national anthem for Fiji…I decree you to learn these verses by heart or else….

Day O, Day O, Daylite cum and me wanna go home…
Day, isa lei, isa lei, isalei, wei lei.
Daylite cum and me bum is done.

Sipping kava with Baini’s marama!
Daylite cum and me bum is done!
Kaiyums decree around the corner!
Daylite cum and me land is gone!
Chinaman dangling his banana!
Baini shoves it up your bum!

Repeat the first verse and do a handstand and salute and kaila… Heil the Great One.

Dr Shaista Shameem said...

Anon you are disgusting! Why dont you send your mother and sister and if unfortunately you have a wife, send all to him. Believe me you wont have to write on this blog again after that service to Bainaimarama

The Oracle said...

Koyamaibole's interpretation of the draft and it's relevancy to the protection of indigenous land is genuinely felt but also open to debate. But Koyanaibole does make a very valid point: "I stress the wisdom of open consultation which reflects understanding, co-operation and togetherness, only then we can claim legitimacy and true ownership." Until we have that "open consultation", the doubts, fears and anger will continue to remain embers waiting to erupt into volcanic proportions. And the provisions in the draft which protect the Bainimarama government and its Decrees, only give them and Fiji short term security. In reaility, the provisions are a recipe for future and more violent coups to come... maybe even before the end of Bainimarama's lifetime. BE WARNED.

Anonymous said...

Give us hope Marama!

Well Marama she runs a country
She runs in Suva and Latuoka
She makes a few of her people happy, oh
She don't care about the rest of us at all
She's got a system they call dictatroship
Isa, it keeps us all under subjugation
But maybe pressure can make Marama see
That his time is well and truly up

Gimme hope, Marama
Hope, Marama
Gimme hope, Marama
'Fore the morning come
Gimme hope, Marama
Hope, Marama
Hope before the morning come

I hear she make all the golden money
To buy jeeps, ipads, cell phones, fancy houses and A330s
While every mother in Raiwaqa fears
The jailing of another son at Naboro
Marama keeps shoving guns up bums
Holding sugar forums and sucking Ji Xinping and Putin
She doesn't care cos decrees and army always so handy
Marama your time has come


She's got supporters in high up places
Who turn their heads to the Suva sun
Jo'anna give them the fancy money
Oh to tempt anyone who'd come
She even knows how to swing opinion on every facebook
For every illegal move that this Marama makes
Qorvis got a good explanation!

The Anthem said...

I love it Marama...its Friday sis, we should have lots of kava and gold and celebrate with these songs...

No debate No crap said...

The Oracle, what debate you talking about???
read the bloody English man.
open and shut case. don't crap on like kaiyum.

kai bau said...

Semi meo sa liu muri vaca na nomu tovo ni vakasama qai o vei lade yaki.....taura ga na duruka nei nomu tau o Voreqe

Nimilote D said...

That's terrific song....just a suggestion....could add a verse or 2 about
Oilei the cassava patch dash,
Chased by angry brave gun totting foes
Not for embrace but a smack or 2 Marama soiled trousers seat you hear
Not from weeding but from farting and follow through,
Fear and terror too....Give me hope Marama,
Give me hope Marama etc

Anonymous said...

O koya vosa vosa ca tu qo. AU KILA NI TOTO VUA NI WILIKA NA DINA!

Yalo vinaka vakasukai iko yawa mai na vanua cala ko sa to kina.

E sega ni lasu na ka e tukuna tiko ko Koyamaibole. E vinaka e dua me sega a nona qele me tukuna na dina mo nu rogoca na taukei ni qele lala nomuni qavokavoka!

Anonymous said...

We are all created equal and it is undisputed fact but some have more interlect and wisdom than others and some are more physical and rational in thinking so we are created with different talents. Our country have been living with diverse faiths and beliefs for more than a century and have been enjoying what they cherished for that long until someone started with a lie and stir up what started a coup culture in our beloved country called Fiji. Let us analyse what Koyamaibole is saying and look at the issue and not the person whether he is a landlord or a landless person. We are contributing to the welfare of those affected and unless those who are against him as a person has some ulterior motive which is irrelevant to this discussion.
I hope when faith is brought into the discussion we should use it as a reference to the discussion and not to destroy the faith because faith in itself is self sustaining but not the person.

SEMI MEO said...

@kai bau...June 7, 2013 at 10:28 AM..vosa bau rai...kemudou ga na noqu tauvu mai bau dou a susugi voreqe mai..kanai karua, kua ni dau mai tukuna e ke na ka ga o cakava tiko ka o kena dau!!

E veituyaka na bothy qaraqara vaka taki iko.!!

Anonymous said...

Great song! Also need a chorus for Graham Davis and the Army cheerleaders. You know the type -- maggots like "Dharam Lingam", "Muskan Balegan Chaudhhary", "Phylosophy", and now "Hush Puppy".

Ever notice how they come and go? It's because they completed their assignment to the army intel disinformation campaign.

And notice how they rant on and on with almost the same mindless posting but under different names? Army trolls.

The funniest part is how they try to intimidate us. "Just wait till the Army catches you"! Oooh, sooo scared!

Wanna prey on something? Go prey on your "true one and great one's" fat ass.

Bloody wankers.

Hush Puppy said...

hey dakubilibili...baini wanna captain your bilibili cos you organisation skills sucks.
and action, what action, u scared or what.
baini want lots of action so he can spend his millions.
a 417pm, this song is not as good as bainis song sung everyday...you lot dance to it without knowing.
and when his son takes over it will be stil sung only louder with whistles and bells...long live Fijians

kai bau said...

Walei Tau Semi Meo....keitou susugi koya mo rawa ni taura nona duruka o iko.....ni o taura ,taura sara vakaukauwa.

SEMI MEO said...

@kai bau...tau cici sara i watui...koya qori, gone vinaka....sava sara!

Anonymous said...

Vei kemuni na kai Viti [Vola ni kawa bula], ka o ni tukuna tiko me sa veiliutaki tiko ga na tamata kawa ca 'qo, ka o ni sa laki caka matanigasau vua, na cava o ni sa na qai kanaka 'qo ni sa qai basika na dina??
Ni yavu tamata ulukau vaka taki koya!!

Anonymous said...

That's funny. This army goon Hush Puppy thinks this Dakuwaqa falla has been active since 2006.

Really? The first time I read his writings was just last year.

Yet by September Dakuwaqa's "Operation Jericho" had the dictator so panicked that he canceled his trip to the UN General Assembly.

Pretty good organisational skills for just one guy.

Now, I don't know if Dakuwaqa@hushmail.com is the same guy, but if one Fijian can accomplish that, then it makes me wonder what more he can accomplish with a citizen army.

The more the regime pays its goons to target Dakuwaqa, the more methinks its afraid of what this guy might pull next.

Anonymous said...

Don't really care what tune "the great one" dances to everyday. Just looking forward to the day we get to see him dancing at the end of a rope.

Anonymous said...

Mahatma Gandhi once observed: "First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they fight you. Then you win."

So, we welcome the regime's lame attempts at mockery, even as we prepare to fight and bring it down using Gandhian tactics for achieving social justice.

In fact, the regime's attacks might be responsible for the spike our underground resistance movement is seeing in enlistments.


Hush Puppy said...

sorry dakuwaqa but franky is smarter than Ghandi..he did it back to front...he won first...then he ignores everyone.
got it!!
while u organising hes moved on.

Anonymous said...

Hush Puppy, your "true one and great one" isn't fit to touch Gandhi's sandals.

You say he's moved on. Oh really? Then where are the elections he promised so many years ago? How long does it take to organise an election? What does that say about this guy's organising skills?

Bainimarama hasn't moved on; he's just dug himself in deeper. Deeper into treason.

Hush Puppy said...

sorry anon. franky bluffing u all...he has total control and his son will be taking over before u get your action plan in place.
he has moved on u guys are still organising and planning.
that's wishful thinking that u will catch the great one with treason.

Anonymous said...

Answer me this, Hush Puppy. Don't Bainimarama's actions constitute treason? And therefore, doesn't your support for him constitute treason?

Help us understand your reasoning and thought process.

I assume you choose anonymity because you fear being hanged for treason.

Hush Puppy said...

you dumb anon...I never said I supported baini...see you are so blind that u cant see where u going...that's my point..other than make lost of noises

Hush Puppy said...

underground resistance movement?? dakuwaqa..u talking about earthworms or real warriors? lol..u Fijians are so funny.
and anon, my thought process is so far advanced that u have no hope of catching up...just sit under the mango tree with daku your hero and wait for the next boat from china.

BC said...

@Hush Puppy
Go Fark yourself.
Took 40 years before people were able to take up arms agains Qaddafi.
So go and wank.
Bainimarama and his family have it coming. Its only 7 years but it will definitely come.

Anonymous said...

the Oracle, you talk crap like semi meo and anon dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Hush Puppy, you are a liar. You're obviously a regime lackey. Nearly every posting of yours extols Bainimarama as "the true one" and "the great one".

No point in trying to understand your thought process. You're just a delusional idiot.

I hope you hang with your hero.

Hush Puppy said...

oh no anon, I wont hang cos I don't do any wrong and frank wont hang cos u lamusonas cant catch him....lol...u Fijians are so funny. ur great one is pissing in your faces and all u do is blog and organise.,..laku dakuwaqa and his crew...so funny u lot.
and u gonna go and shoot some Syrians??. god help u guys.

N| said...

BC no im fine baini farked u lot so all u can do is get farked boci again and again for the next 40 years,,,thats why u lot going to Syria to learn how to do it from the dictator there...so funny

Anonymous said...

Hush Puppy, if you're not a Fijian, then why do you keep posting nonsense to a blog about Fiji?

Hush Puppy said...

anon talk issue don't sidetrack and don't shoot the messenger
I post no nonsense. thelikes of u and dakuwastetime boat are the ones talking crap.
I post irrespective of where im from, its a free world, supposed to be the same in Fiji but you lamusonas have no idea ofcourse and also cos u Fijians cant solve your own shit...only create more shit, from one to the next since 1970.
typical u lot...when cant answer a simple question like your prime minister ur great one...you shoot the person asking a legitimate question...got it mate.
Im getting to you aren't it cos u cant face the truth even if it hits u in the face...time for another bilo

Anonymous said...

Hush Puppy, you call us lamusonas but then you praise the dictator and criticise those who ARE organising to throw off this tyranny.

You make no sense. What is it you're on about?

You sound like a Samoan who just wants to talk shit.

Hush Puppy said...

no brother anon im Fijian..like we all are now no race, faceless, religionless, cultureless, shameless mob...lol...thanks to ur great one...know the difference between sarcasm and praise u primary school drop out...this site is for adults not primary schoolies ok?? sa kila mada???

Anonymous said...

Hush Puppy, he's your great one, not mine. My "true one and great one" is Jesus Christ.

I know the difference between sarcasm and praise. I also see that your sarcasm is directed against Fiji's loyal democratic opposition and your praise toward Bainimarama.

Being "no race, faceless, religionless, cultureless, shameless" doesn't make you a Fijian. It makes you a nobody.

Hush Puppy said...

no school boy, that's all of u Fijians (sorry used to be Fijians) that are the nobodies in their own land...u beta keep praying very very hard to your jesus cos he seems to have deserted u cos of your sins are unforgivable.
and sorry the reality is yu have to worship franky cos he makes u jump whenever he feels like it...u and dakuwaqa...that's fact cos we don't see anyone doing otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Who's "we", Kemosabi, since you're a "nobody"? You keep referring to Fijians as "u Fijians" and Fiji as "their" land. So what does that make you, one of the bloodsucking foreign leeches liiving off of the regime?

Hush Puppy said...

no school boy. not even close. whats so important about who I am??? frank the once upon a time Fijian has made u a nobody coos u were once upon a Fijian who is now not Fijian but iTaukei (of what?) which is meaningless but then as a citizen in your own lands u r like the rest of the Fijians who were once a Fijian but now Fijians. that's why I am somebody - a Fijian. but u my boy was once a Fijian now a itaukei of what? so a nobody. can u understand the riddle??? keep guessing nobody school boy.

Hush Puppy said...

school boy just in case u did not follow my drift and notice that the word "not" is missing somewhere in there....its in the third last line so it reads..."were once NOT a Fijian but now Fijians"...sa kila mada??

Anonymous said...

Hush Puppy, add or subtract a "not" -- it makes no difference. Either way, you make no sense.

Hush Puppy said...

just like I said school boy...its beyond your intellect, u just another dickhead like most of the bloggers here...don't waste my time and everyone elses??right dakuwastetime boat and your crew...moce mada...frank will live long cos of dickheads like u who cant come out into the open and tell him off.

Anonymous said...

Right, Hush Puppy. Just go on spewing nonsense and insisting it's too profound for the rest of us to understand. Right.

Anonymous said...

Hush Puppy criticises those organising a resistance whilst he praises Bainimarama as the true and great one. He calls it sarcasm, but it sounds like treason to me.

Anonymous said...

Hush Pup, mongrels like you bark at your own shadow but let the burglars come and go as they please, so long as they toss you a bone. Your incessant yap, yap, yapping is as unintelligible as ever. Go back to licking yourself and drinking from the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith, you talk like Bainimarama no substancer. How can you say that land is not an asset. I do not think you know what yoyu are saying just because the truth has been revealled by Koyamaibole that Kaiyum is trying to cheat the land owners by intentionally leaving out the entrench land legislation on group land owners. Unfortunately Bainimarama does not have the brain to understand that because he will only listern to what Kaiyum says and he follows.just like you bucause of your lack of knowledge you only follow what Bainimarama says.No one will ever vote for Bainimarama no qualification like you

HP said...

yes KTF, BC, Dakuwaqa, The Oracle, many anons talk so much crap u don't know whether they standing on their heads or on their feet...most likely on their heads...the shit just dribbles to their mouths....lol
that's why franky and airyarse just don't give a shit what they do to these asses.
if you were waiting for them to give u some water u would be dead of thirst by now. Egyptians took 30 years u say,,,well then Fijians would take 30 generations...that's the end of the world.