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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rabuka has eye on 2014 election

The coup leader and former prime minister Sitiveni Rabuka says he will seek election in 2014 but only if people ask him to.

Rabuka told New Zealand's current affairs, The Nation, a short time ago if he does stand the outcome is more likely to see him installed as 'Honorable Rabuka not Prime Minister Rabuka.'

He told the programme he would like to make a comeback in politics if he was asked, saying God does not neccessarily believe in 'retirement.'

Rabuka is in New Zealand to speak at the 48th Otago University Foreign Policy School debate on 'Pacific Geopolitics in the 21st Century'.

He told The Nation the sanctions taken by New Zealand mean it will have no right to question or participate in what he described as 'the restoration', saying Fiji would be entitled to say at that time: "Where were you when we needed you?"

Editor's Note: Whispers, too, that journalist and PINA's training manager, Matai Akauola,  wants to make his political debut next year and intends to stand as an Independent.


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Anonymous said...

Not this dumb Cunt.

Soley responsible for what the Mataivalu ni Solisona is doing to Fiji today and the lost decades of economic properity and goodwill in living together in peace for the people of Fiji since 1987.

Sowed the seeds of disobedience to a democratically elected Government - Mataivalu Ni Solisona think they are something but big bunch of bocis without their guns.

Waiting to see the fun in Golan when they actually face people who also have guns as there will be no tavioka patch to run and hide in.

Tamata kaisi bokola kece.

Fiji needs a new begining no old politicians or any body from the Illegal Military Junta including VB & Khaiyum.

Matai Akauola do not waste your time as journalists like you are also useles who could not stand and fight for truth and justice when you had the chance.

We do not need no bocis and right now Fiji needs a GHANDHI & MANDELA and only God knows who this brave person will be.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka is a good man. He is a multiracial man and far better than Ro Kepa or Qarase or Chaudhry. He was used by politicians in 1987. All the best to you.

Anonymous said...

Its confirmed: Matai, Nirmal Singh and Mala Veisamasma are all going to be part of PDP. Can the so called spokesman Nirmal Singh confirm or deny this? By the way is Bai also going to be part of PDP?

Anonymous said...

The same God who told you execute coup on 14 May 1987..

rescue fiji -Rabuka said...

Rabuka koya na ka e dodonu mo cakava na 87 o se sega tu ga ni cakava me yacova mai qo.Sa qai cava qo,sa qai raica na nodra lawaki ca na kawa ni tamata da mai tiko vata jiko qo?o raica na nodra laveti iko cake era qai veikoti ira o lutu mai ya sega sara ga ni dua e kauwai taki iko.sa ra mai milionea ena vukumu keimami mai luvaiwale tu yani nai taukei ka keimami a nanuma de ko na vueti keimami cake ena bula vakabisini,vuli,vanua,veivakacakacakataki kei na veivakavaletaki na kena laurai na lisitaki ni qele qo so na ka e tara na neimami bula ena veisiga.

O sa sarava sara tu qori na veika sa caka tu qo e noda vanua,cava me'u kaya sa da vakaloloma ena vei tabagauna mai muri ke sega ni tarovi na vei vakarusai ni bula vakaitaukei sa caka tu qo.

Io,au e dua ga na lewe ni vanua au tokoni kemuni mo ni curu tale mada mai ka mai samaka laivi na sasamaki e caka jiko qo baleta eratou vakayagataka jiko na "brushcutter" me ratou sasamaki kina.

A noqu i tatau vei kemuni au gone i taukei ia na noqu vakamamasu ke rawa ni ko ni dalaga taka ga mai ko cei soti sara mada era a bucina na coup ni 87 kei ira na vakailavo taka.Ena gauna ga o sovaraka mai kina o sa na qai raica na nomu bula galala kei na vakacegu e sega ni solia o vuravura.

Ena cowiri vei kemuni na digidigi ke ko vaka savasava taka mai na lomatarotaro e tu qo vei au ka sega tale ni dua au raica e ganiti koya me curu mai sa ganiti kemuni vinaka saraga.

Curu mai kei na nomu "chainsaw".

Dharam Lingam said...

This fella Matai Akauola is one cunning cunt of a man. Bring back Rabuka to sort out these assholes, especially Bainimagasona and his dog Aiyarsehole.

Rambo said...

Stupid to keep going back to the 1987 coup; it was a wake up call and we should learn from it and just move on.

As an Indo, I believe Rambo is a decent chap, definitely not a racist like Asenaca Caucau, Qarase, Temumu, mahen and many others. he is not a hateful man. He is a thinker.

Rambo is hated by the Fijian supremacists who see him as a traitor and he is hated by Indian supremacists who hold him responsible for the coup culture.

People in the middle ground from both races who dream of a united Fiji understand and suport Rambo

mark manning said...

Poor old Rabuka, contradicting himself!
The Government he overthrew in 1987, was "the WILL of the People"!
He is now saying, "there is no Constitution"! How convenient and is he setting this up for his own purposes.
"Ascendancy of the Attorney General"!
Makes Khaiyum sound almost Christ like doesn't it?
It's all semantics and given that Rabuka has never accepted responsibility and punishment for his role and initiation of Fiji's 1st coup in 1987 nor acknowledged that he committed High Treason against the State, one would be foolish to believe that he has no hidden agenda.
now, what i really don't comprehend is, Frank and Co. are sprouting that previous government ministers are too old, yet here is this almost geriatric octogenarian, aspiring to become involved in Politics, if that's what the People will!
You can't have it both ways, either everyone is in or everyone is out!
You could see Rabuka almost jump out of his seat at the question by the host when asked if he wanted to become Prime Minister.
Just watch his eyes and the body language, it's a dead give away and highlights what the brain is processing, forget what words he's saying.
The problem with Rabuka becoming involved back into fiji Politics is, in so doing, it shows that "crime does pay" and it will encourage other RFMF Officers and the like, to eventually, commit the same crime of high treason.
You can't build a house on sand and expect it to stand.

Anonymous said...

What a predictable response from mark manning - a racist bastard and white supremacist who hates indians as his comments on c4.5 have shown. Of course he hates Rabuka.

Eparama Waimakare said...

Rabuka and Frank are both soldiers and there profession is to go to war zone and do there job in that field. They are not career civil servants like Poseci Bune, Joji Kotobalavu, Pita Nacuva, Savenaca Narube,Pramesh Chand, Josefa Serlagilagi, Simione Naiduki, Peter Wise. John Sammy, Winston Thompson, Ratu Yavala Kubuobola, Amena Yauvoli, Litia Mawi, Filipe Bole, Emi Rabukawaqa, Pita Tagicakiverata and many others. It is about time retired and current civil servants without any military experience should form a new party and contest the 2014 election. Kivei kemuni na lewe ni vanua o ni totaka tiko na veiliutaki vakaivalu, au vinakata meu tukuna vei kemuni ena yalitaucoko na veika o ni taukena, na nomuni qele, wai ni qoliqoli, itovo vakavanua, na bula ni veivakaturagataki kei na vakarokoroko, baleta o ira na sotia sa kuria na kaukauwa ni nodra dakai na decree nei Kaiumu kei na dola e kumuna o Jitoka mai na FIRCA me vaqeavutaka na kawai taukei kei na nodra dodonu e ra dau taqomaka tu na cakacaka vakamatanitu mai na gauna vakoloni me yacova na gauna ni vuaviri.
Sa dodonu meda kila na itaukei eda sa vuli ka sa matua na noda rai ni vikoba e cake tiko oqo sa warai tale ni dua na kena iwali. Na kena iwali ga o kemuni na kawaitaukei o ni ulumatua ni vei matavuvale ena nomuni itokatoka mo wasea tiko na dina vei ira na nomuni kawa. Mo raica tiko na ivolatabu, kakua ni vakacalai iko na Korani se Decree nei Kaiumu sa vesuka tu oqo na nodra mona na sotia kei na nodra iliuliu. O Kaiumu na nona dauvakasala vakalawa o nona NEI o NIZAT SAMINI ka nona dau vakasala ni veika vakailavo kei na ivakacavacava o nona NEI NURI BANO kei nona MOMO o AVADULU AKIMI E DUA NA DAREKETA ELIU NI FIRIKA (FIRCA) SA LAI CAKACAKA ENA KABANI NEI NURI BANO NA YACANA NA ALIZ (NA KA SA TUKUNA O ALI MO TAURA VINAKA SE CA YA NAI BALEBALE VAKAVITI NI VOSA ALIZ) Sa dodonu mo ni kila ena gauna oqo na kaukauwa ni kena lewai na ilavo ni vakacavacava sa tiko ena ligadra na sotia ka sa kena ikuri na kaukauwa ni dakai o koya e dodonu me kau yani kina buca ni valu, ia, sa mai vanai kemuni na itaukei ni vanua o ira ga na gone itaukei me bokoca na nomuni dodonu, se vavei? . NA TARO BALETA NA CAVA?, Sa kamikamica na levu ni waqanivola ni veisaumi, era sa tukuna sa rauta me da vakaroroga vei rau na iliuliu o Kaiumu kei Voreqe, donu se cala, vinaka se ca, yali yani na qele, iqoliqoli, kei na ka e vakatokai na indigineous rights, kei kawa itaukei ena nodra vanua! WE DONT CARE AS LONG AS THE MONEY IS RIGHT. Ia, na career civil servants, sa matau veikeimami na veikoba ena vakayagataki ni veika vakavuli (acdemics) kei na itovo vakaturaga keimami susugi kina ena cakacaka vakamatanitu, kei na kena i sema kina vanua kei na lotu keimami tuberi kina e vale. KOYA NA DUIDUI MO NI VAKASAMATAKA TIKO NA TIKO MAI NAKORO. NAVIKOBA E CAKA TIKO E MATAMUNI ERAU SA TO VATA NA MATAIVALU KEI IRA NA VAKABISINISI O IRA NA VULAGI ERA COQA TIKO NA NODA DODONU NA ITAUKEI ERA TUKUNA NI DA TAMATA RACIST KA TAMATA VUCESA SEGA NI RAWA NI DA VAKATOROCAKETAKA NA VANUA OQO. ERA TUKUNA O KEMUNI E SEGA NA NOMUNI BISINISI E LAILAI NA IVAKACAVACAVA O NI SAUMA. O KEMUNI O NI SAUMA TULA NA PAYE TAX.
...IA O KEIMAMI NA VULAGI, KEIMAMI SAUMA NA PAYE TAX,NA KABANI TAX, TUBU NI LAVO TAX, PROVISIONAL TAX, LAND SALES TAX, HOTEL TURNOVER TAX, VAT, DUTY TAX, KEIMAMI SAUMA NA VULAGI, IA, OQO KEIMAMI SA SAUMI IRA KINA NA LUVEMUNI ME RA KAUTA TANI VEI KEMUNI ENA NOMUNI VANUA NA KENA LEWA KEI NA KENA I YAU, KENA VEILIUTAKI VAKATURAGA KEI NA KENA ITOVO, KEI NA KENA LOTU Sa cavuta tiko vakalevu o Kaiumu kei Voreqe ni nodrau matanitu ga e vinaka ka ca na matanitu kece sa oti na nodra gauna, E rau tukuna ni keimami na cakacaka ena matanitu e liu, keimami tamata corrupt, ia o rau ga e rau savasava.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 12.31pm
Hey Mother farker,why cant you use your own name.I am sure your mother gave you a name or do you like my name better?
Rabuka coming back to fight the election? please tell me this guy is kidding

Long Live Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

If given the choice of Bainimarama, Qarase or Rabuka or even Ratu Mara, I WILL VOTE RABUKA anytime!

As the Prime Minister of Fiji then, this man was never afraid to make hard decisions, and very good decisions too!

Fiji just lacks good strong leadership now. Our current leadership is purely for personal gains, nothing else!

If you're not convinced by my statement above, just assess his answers in this interview again and you can't help but admire a mind that is filled with well organised facts and presented with such simplicity!

At least, for once there's no "errrrr, ahhhhhhs."

Anonymous said...

Rabuka is a multiracial leader. He is not a nationalist like Ro Kepa and Qarase. Neither he is corrupt. We need leaders like him to lead Fiji now. Ro Kepa will destroy Fiji as she is inexperienced. Her confederacy is one of the poorest in Fiji and is very much divided. Another good choice would be Ratu Inoke or Ratu Jone. Even I would consider Jim a Koy or Filipe Bole. I would not consider Mahen Singh or Raman Pratap Singh.

Veceli said...

Oh no…not Rabuka the Coup inventor in Fiji….he should be in jail now instead of going to Parliament..

He is the one who should be put to jail by the next Govt along with the illegal lot now wrecking the country….he talks big, does nothing for anybody including , Taukeis whom he claimed the coup was form

Ended up as PM, estate owner, preacher at the same time having affairs with other women…..no Rabuka is only for Rabuka.

May be some Cakaudrove compatriots will vote for him but majority of Fijians would rather see Rabuka in prison along with the illegal power ursurpers now wrecking Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Whatever wrongs Rabuka did he was always man enough to admit them. He did not try to shut down the media like mahen, qarase and others. No mater how negative the media reports, he took it on his chin. If the reports were truthful, he did not blame the media like many of our leaders do, leaders who support media freedom when in opposition, but ty to shut down media when in power.

SDL and SODEPLA supporters are coming out of the woodwok to denounce rabuka. they afraid of him. In their hearts of hearts they know he has far more integrity, intelligence and humanity than any of their leaders.

As for the coup, people directly affected, like satendra and and others, have made their peace with rabuka. time for everyone else to move on.

Anonymous said...

Sitiveni is exactly right. 'Where were Australia and New Zealand when we needed you.' If they had taken action and stopped the coup in its tracks we would not have a long 7-8 years of this terrible regime and assocated poverty.Seems they were afraid of the Fiji army!

BC said...

@Anonymous 1:24
Vavinavinaka valevu vei kemuni nomuni vakmacalataka vaka vinaka na gaunisala sa mai ciciva tiko na noda vanua qo o Viti.

Nuitaka ni so e ra na laveta se copy taka na nomuni vakasama me rawa ni lai vakadewataki yani vei ira na tu mai nakoro.

Na tamata lawakica o Bainimarama.

Era sa mai tokoni koya tiko o ira na sotia kocokoco.

Bainimarama has made a Coalition with Kaiyum whose foremost intention is strip the indigenous people of their land and rights.

All I can say is if you are a Fijian then get ready, because we have to take down this army in 2014.

Sega na kena yaga vei kemuni na kaiviti na qai tagi tiko ni sa yali na kemu qele se o sa mai dravudravua tu ena nomu vanua ka ra taura na tani na nomu koula, siliva bauxite copper etc etc.

Sa kena gauna qo mo vakarautaki iko me da taura lesu tale na ka e noda.

Sa laurai tiko qo ni Fiji Airways e sega ni noda.... there is another company called Waqavuka Holdings that actually owns it.

Ni mai kitaka tiko na CERE na QIRIKAVA, ni sa mai lasutaki tiko.
Qo sa qai dua veidabui levu.
Io sa vakaraitaka tiko ga o Bainimarama na lomana kocokoco.

Isa na veilawakitaki levu mai kitaka tiko vei keda o Bainimarama baleta na nona levu ni butako kei na lawaki ca.

Come 2014 lets get rid of Bainimarama whether by the Election or by Force.
We cannot keep going like this.

BC said...

O Rabuka e totaki Bainimarama tiko.


How the fark can Rabuka talk about NZ like that!

NZ and Australia are the only 2 countries in the world that stood against this regime.

Rabuka by his comments just shows what a farking twisted bastard he is.

He is so farking twisted , he is worse than an indian.

Na kaiviti lialia ga e na digitaka tu na tamata lawaki ca vakataki ka qo.

I used to have a lot of respect for Rabuka, but the fact that he did not denounce Bainimarama in anyway at all in the last 6 years make me want to puke.

This guy is actually worse than Bainimarama and no one should vote for him or even go and listen to any of his lectures.
He is so farking twisted....

Tamai said...


Anonymous said...

Sa rauta RABAKU ( Rabuka ) na viavia. Tamata ululala. Tamata Voli vakarawarawa. Sa lala mai na taga sa via mai tawa tale. Lesu i Drekeniwai lai tei tavioka. Sa oti na nomu gauna. You have taken Fiji 20 years behind because of your Coup. Bloody Idiot.Vutulaki.

Anonymous said...

Anon: June 30, 2013 at 3:49 PM
Anon: June 30, 2013 at 3:41 PM
Anon: June 30, 2013 at 1:24 PM

Vinaka vakalevu sara na vosa vakadodonu vakasavasava ka vakaturaga. E matata vinaka na nomuni vakamacala vakayalomatua ka veivakayadrati talega.

To you Soldier Boys drop your guns and walk away, go home and watch over your lands and resources before they sold it to Muslim and Foreigners at no price at all without your consent.

Do not forget that the Fiji Hardwood Limited and all its sawmills operation in Fiji is closing down intentionally for Muslim to buy all our Mahogany.

Vei keda na iTaukei se Fijian race kerea na noda veimasulaki vei ira na noda gone sotia era tiko oqo mai Syria kei Golan Height.

Anonymous said...

i see there is nothing wrong in making money, for a itaukei[indigenous Fijian]. only the leaders up there are so greedy to others [filling only there pockets], that they target everyone, including indigenous Fijians business. if we have honest people, right, accountable ,transparent system and respect of the law and judiciary. we would not be in this place. its just easy to follow what new Zealand 7 Australia , have , and build that system of transparency ,accountable, here in Fiji. lastly we Fijians , when we do wrong we want to cover it up, that includes the police, army, chiefs , judiciary, lawyers, politician, civil servant. if can just be honest and follow the law , everything will follow through.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka is a bastard sob who has brought the coup culture in Fiji by allowing loser chiefs to use him to restore their ruling and political enhancement.
Bullshit chiefs. These were the guys who supported the 1987 coups. The chiefs were put to the test and failed. They are no longer relevant in Fiji. You were artificially created. You were a parasite to the people. You were prepared to abuse the people. So, you have been done away with.
And so Fiji is a better place for it. Lako, laki gunu home brew ena ruku ni vunimaqo
How can we believe this dumb chiefs. Naiqama Lalabalavu with soldiers in Labasa took over the camp to support George Speight. That is what we mean that chiefs influenced soldiers and the army to take over in 1987 and 2000.
Teimumu kepa, the bitch was there supporting George Speight in parliament in 2000 and the DVD is still with Fiji TV camera man. Sakiusa Makutu is just a dumd no school who never even reached class 8.
What because they don’t get senate or parliament pay they are trying to sing the democracy tune.
Get real and f&$k off. This are facts that one can easily get from court records and teimumu footage will soon be on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs are a fossil from the past.
You have had your day in the sun. You guys failed badly. You do not have a role to play in future Fiji. You are now obsolete. With your demise, the Fijian rank and file become free from your heavy yoke.
At last, the darkness has been lifted and the common Fijian person can see blue skies for once. At last he begins to realise that the Fijian system was a prison and the chiefs were the mean jailers. The harsh reality is that there is no role for you now mister and missus chiefs.
I am sorry, but you have to earn your keep now, just like everyone else. Sadly, you have to plant your own tavioka. So, get your mataiva and start sweating for your dinner for a change. Stop riding on the backs of gullible people. What makes you think your colleague Nailatikau will want to jeopodise his free lunches? You existed in the early evolution of Fijians.
Your illusion has been exposed now. You are finished that’s why you are fossilised.
Chiefs are dictators who are never elected. They are also murderers who got their positions through tribal wars, killings, murders and deceptives actions always resulting in deaths. Those that are chiefs now inherited their dictator undemocratic murderous positions from their murderous ancestors.
The chiefs are still hoping they can rule the ordinary I taukies. Forget it!
They have been bludgers on people. About time they shed some sweat and earned money for themselves

Anonymous said...

Isaac you are onviously not Fijian or you are high on benzene sniffing……you do not understand that he is eliminating a whole race by stealth.

EyeArse is hell bent on destroying Fijians in their own country by tearing down our identity, culture, customs, lans , institutions, identity and business opportunities and businesses already set up to help Fijians like the TV station he is hell bent to destroy. These is tantamount to killing Fijians..

Anybody will want to eliminate him from continuing his anti-Fijian activities as outlined and proposed in his Masters Thesis ….as we all know.

The 2nd World War allies consisting of USA, Commonwealth, Russia etc declared war on Germany after the Nazis went on their merry destruction of neighbouring countries and the Jews…these are Christian countries fighting, killing men and women Nazis to protect themselves…..somewhat similar to trying to do in EyeArse for destroying their identity, welfare and the whole basis of their existence . They are justified. in protecting their wish to see EyeArse disappear

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Kamlesh Kumar said...

Rabuka was used by chiefs like Ro Kepa to do the coup in 1987. She was seen in parliament house during 2000 supporting George Speight. People like her spoiled and divided Fiji. Her own confederacy is divided and poor compared to other confederacies.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka was talking to me one day, before he became PM way back in the 1990, that chiefs should not enter into politics.

Now that I have seen and heard his latest interview, I have come to realize that he is a shrewd thinker and he is laying his plans very carefully. Should he be elected in parliament next year he would be of great assistance of the iTaukeis and other Fijians.

I think, as a Christian who is really trying to be a true Christian in spirit and in deed, he has progressed well in repenting and seeking forgiveness for his former misdeeds.

Rabuka is one that Khaiyum and Bainimarama should be wary of because of his forthrightness.

BC said...

@Anonymous 6:24
In this interview Rabuka was very quick to say that the sanctions was punishing the "innocent".
When asked what that meant, he said "Now WE have to go to India for medical treatment"

2 things:
1) He calls soldiers "the innocent".
So the soldiers are now called "THE INNOCENT"
Is this guy demented or what?

If the soldiers are INNOCENT then does that make normal citizens as the "NOT INNOCENT".

What a farking dickhead!

Honestly Rabuka should just fark off!

2) Secondly he says "WE" when referring to these soldiers.

So the old dog is unrepentant.

Identifying himself with TREASONIST CRIMINALS.

Honestly no one should interview this farkhead. He's a LOSER.

Anonymous said...

The people of Fiji have to ask themselves what they want within their government of the future.

If they want progress and an improving economy that betters the lives of all they need politicians, who are their representatives, that can work towards this.

They should be looking at politicians that actually want to be in politics because they believe they have something credible to offer the citizens.

These politicians need to start selling themselves, they need to convince the public that they WANT to be in politics. They need to start showing the people WHAT they have to offer. They need to start telling the people WHAT they would do.

Politicians can come from many walks of life, be it academic, business, technical or leadership but they MUST be able to prove a good and worthy track record to prove their potential.

So does Fiji want a group of politicians who WANT to work for the people, or, a group of politicians that WANT to be in the club because it's a job and feeds them ?

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how reputable institutions around the world keep inviting Rabuka to be guest speaker in many of their programmes and important events! It shows the respect this man still has.

I believe this man will easily win in the election 2014 if he stands because there is just no better leader around and the majority in Fiji still support him because of his strong leadership ability! He certainly has my vote, if he stands!

Can anyone name a better leader than Rabuka to take Fiji forward? Simply NO ONE out there!

Anonymous said...

the biggest cnut of fiji wants to be back in power

what is fiji going into?

this greedy bstrd will fck the fijians and indians over one more time before dying

Ulukaus for leaders said...

The difference between Rabuka and other leaders in Fiji is that rabuka reads! That puts him well above other ulukau leaders we have bee cursed with.

SEX said...

Dont just blame rabuka. Leaders have weaknesses, remember Bill Clinton and 'cigargate'.

Mahen chaudhry and asha lakhan have been carrying on for years like rabbits in heat.

Dharam Lingam the asshole said...

Please Rabuka, run for parliament because you will win easily over these wannabes. Ro Kepa will also win easily, Bainimagasona and his Indian supporters will lose big time. Fuck you kamlesh kumari.

Long live Rabuka
Long live Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka has come a long way and is always humble enough to admit when he effs up. Rabuka and NOT Bainimarama was the first courageous native Fijian to put a high chief in his/her place when the late Ro Lady Lala lost to him for the role of party leader. He opened up scholarships for the common Fijians which previously was only for the chiefs and people from Lau. Also, the MSG was created under his leadership. Like Bainimarama, Rabuka has his roots in Ra, the home of our ancestors. And in this period of our journey, we need someone who is experienced, multi-racial, humble, a strategist and God fearing.

Anonymous said...

The path to democracy has never been easy or smooth transition for any country coming out of colonial rule. Once we re-start the process effectively through a genuinely free, fair national election with independent monitors, it will be hard-work-in-progress all the way...

A caretaker administration would be ideal to prepare/manage the elections given the incumbents likely interference to secure a certain outcome that protects their interests.

I only voted for Rabuka when he teamed up with Jai Ram Reddy, so it'll all depend on what he stands for. Fiji has not had any perfect leadership post-independence so Rabuka cannot be ruled out, he deserves a second chance. I'd like to see the NBF debacle resurrected and those responsible brought to account for the losses Fiji's taxpayers have had to bear.

One thing I do not want to see is any form of extremism - we've heard all about the alleged 'tyranny of the majority' in 2006/07 by idiots conveniently used as 'tools' then discarded by the unscrupulous few beneficiaries of the Bai/Khayum dictatorship.

It's way past the time to give Fiji back to her people and avoid going down the path of senseless conflicts as the world has observed in Syria for the last 2 years - where one selfish, evil clan (Assads) had convinced themselves that its their god-given right to rule that country indefinitely, nevermind the populace's democratic aspirations.

Anonymous said...

And while on that point on 'extremism' and the "unfounded" fears of of the 'tyranny of the majority' (rest assured that few bad apples unfortunately exist in every barrel)... wanted to highlight today's commemoration of the Solemnity of the Martyrdom of St. Peter and St. Paul - beloved martyrs of Rome for Christians. The occasion really brought home the sad realisation that history tends to repeat itself esp. when people do not learn from history and evil is not called out for what it is, esp. given the fact that evil has existed as long as the human race has been in existence.

Last Sunday (23 June), a Catholic Christian priest (Fr. Francois Murad) and two other men were beheaded by Syrian rebels specifically the radical Islamist militia (that is said to be linked with Al-Qaeda in the prolonged conflict). The 3 men were accused of collaborating with the Assad govt. Was utterly devastating to watch their barbaric acts (captured on camera for the rest of the world), decapitating their heads as if they were chickens while groups of men stand around yelling out in a frenzy 'Allar-Akbar' (meaning God is Great). Just last month there was another video of a Syrian rebel who carved out the heart of a captured Syrian soldier and ate it.

Whatever happened to our common humanity? How do supposedly God-fearing people like these men lose sight of reason and stoop so low, reducing themselves to something utterly unrecognisable - as some sort of sub-human?

Before we all start thinking that that could never happen in Fiji, let's cast our mind back to the 1987 coup, remember that lovo pit dug out in front of Govt. Bldgs?

If you're feeling evil, please dig your own lovo pits in your own backyards to fit your own pair of legs, the rest of us who want democracy and lost freedoms restored do not want to be subjected to your evil cowardliness to cover your inferiority complex.

Anonymous said...

moderator boci...vacava....nomu na toilet paper na yacana na SODELPA...tabaka ga na nodra vosavosaca tiko...ia na advertisement ni TOILET PAPER BRAND NA SODELPA? vacava...e mosi.....o vekaveka....tagitagime

Anonymous said...

Rabuka is a far, far cry better than Bainimarama. Smarter, more courageous, humbler, more competent -- but then, who isn't?

Call me old-fashioned, but in my humble opinion, treason should disqualify one from holding public office. We can do better than Rabuka.

The answer certainly isn't the PDP. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to find Bainimarama preparing to run under the
PDP banner before elevating himself to the Presidency.

The two Fijians who stand out most for their consistent, principled and courageous opposition to Bainimarama's dictatorship are Attar Singh and Ro Teimumu Kepa. Other good people, like Graham Leung, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Wadan Narsey, Imrana Jalal, stood but were driven away. Mick Beddoes has been courageous and principled but inconsistent. Qarase has been too iindecisive, Chaudhry too opportunistic.

The bottom line is that Bainimarama must go. He won't allow elections to push him out, which means that we shouldn't pin our hopes on the 2014 elections.

The Loyal Fijian Resistance is right. We need to start organising now for Frank's next big betrayal. We have the numbers. We just need the organisation.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12.54am...totally agree with you.

Fiji needs to move away completely from military leaders (current and past) running the country.

What's more Rabuka's biggest contribution to date is that VB is following his same route from coup to military govt to civilian govt then a new constitution then elections - fiji since 2006 has been nothing but a re-run of 87-92! Do we need Rabuka then? No!!!

Why? being the opportunistic bastard dressed in sheep's clothing, he's just jealous that VB's run is much better than his run.

And we expect him to offer something better than VB?

it's more like he will offer more of the same old divisive opportunistic politics he so ably ran before 97.

Mind you he only came to work together with the same ol' Chaudhry becoz he was a divisive figure even his own party. Had he not been so decisive he would never had gone down the multi-racial path that led to the 1997 Constitution. If it wasn't for the division within the SVT he would have been content to see the 1990 Constitution's pro-Taukei portions continue.

He only went down the path of the 1997 Constitution becoz of necessity not becoz of some johnny-come-lately vision of a better fiji becoz he was after all opportunistic.

So No!! to Rabuka and definitely no to post-Rabuka politics of which he now so ashamedly tries to further manipulate.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has been eliminated in the world sevens tournament guys. Maybe better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.24pm sounds awfully alot like the academic Brij V Lal....with due respect you are wrong.

Rambo may be forthright but he has not come forward with all who were involved in his coups, that's a much greater crime no matter how forthright he wants to be...that's 1 reason why he doesn't deserve much attention much less re-entry into Parliament.

Second reason is he should not attack VB and Govt as he has done in the past for their actions since 2006 becoz that is simply hypocritical.

Rabuka's pouting of chiefs not being involved in fiji politics back then just goes to show how hypocritical is was then.

Who then is to say that the ol' leopard has changed his spots since he left office in 99?

Rabuka is a loser pure and simple and he's actions in 87 alone merit no further role in leading Fiji given how fiji has shaped out since

Vutuki Dharam Lingam said...

rabuka should just fark off back to "moro", the womanising two face piece of shit.
BTW, Fiji losing in the semis.....that should teach little frankie and his entourage, including ass prodder, naliva that whatever they touch does turn to custard....hehehehehehehehe. Good on Jim Wainiqolo and the girls for winning the bowl final.

Anonymous said...

The curse of the Vanua is more powerful tha VB & his Mataivalu Ni Solisona led sevens team and their guns.

At least Naiteqe quit before the tournament as we all know that asshole Leone Nakarawa should never have been selected just like when he was selected to play the All Blacks in NZ becasue of his Military connection.

As for VB & his entourage I suggest that the people of Fiji take out their anger on this useless cunt who used our taxpayer money to go and watch the games for free.

Vutu sona qa na team ni Viti vatakei Na Mataivalu ni Solisona.

Every time you saw Dere on TV he looked more doped than the last time - Was still in lalal land while Tijens taught him what it was all about.

Baravilala Fiji Rugby has won nothing this year
PNC - Samoa did not compete as they were beaing big guns Scotand & Italy and also played the Springboks.

Classic All Blacks only here for R&R as all players are way past their best.Which International team takes a 3 hour bus ride on the day of a game.

IRB Sevens - ALL Blacks.

Fiji Rugby Da, Da, Da since Army takeove of the Union.

Anonymous said...

I was right!

I wrote on this blog straight after the 6pm news last Friday night (well before the start of the tournament) that Fiji will lose easily in Russia because they chose the useless and cunning Bainimarama to present the jerseys to the players!

In my view, they had just picked the Best Demotivator for the boys!

I was exactly right! - Fiji lost in pool play and thrashed again in the semis!

Its about time all teams stop presenting "i tataus" or any recognitions at all to this useless government until we have a democratic government!

Anonymous said...

Juat before the start of the semis in Russia yesterday when everyone's eyes were so glued to the TV, out came the image of Ben Naliva with the camera focussing on him while he's waving to Bainimarama "Hi,master, Do you want more oils on your balls? Do you want it now or us alone in your room after the match?"

Sa tobo mai na ka e caka tiko!


This country is so full of haters, racists, thieves,cheats, liars, fornicators,opportunists,and generally dumb populace.
And we wonder why we don't prosper??
Sadly God left Fiji a long time ago and won't be returning till we fix up the problems above. Pray genuinely and see the difference. Stop hating and start embracing for the future will be bleak otherwise.....same shit every day. YOU THE BLOGGER CAN START NOW BY REVERSING THE ROT

Anonymous said...

@Peace Shall Reign 9:11 AM

So true my friend.

When you have examples of idiots and haters like 7:55 AM who believe that the performance of teams is dependant upon who the countries PM is you really have to wonder if it ever will sort itself out.

Until such time as the main religious cults here stop using the term god in their never ending crusade to brainwash the underprivileged and control their thoughts and oppress their lives there's little hope.

Anonymous said...

Winning means forgiveness and reconciliation. Losing means Gods love is upon us to come down from our high and mighty horses, reason with each other and work hard. From that we can all workout where we are in Rugby and Government. It's not hard, it takes courage. Robots can't do it, only a human being can because robots don't have a heart.

Anonymous said...

Siti Rabuka is broke and needs a job so what ??

Anonymous said...

All Freemason !!!!! Bai n Kai n the rest! Presenting tatau is the last blessing from the freemason at govt building! Then u have ur puppet nailatikau to uphold and give chief talk to bless any sporting team leaving the country....load of rubbish ...your time is coming to an end where all of ur Freemason farkbuddies will be exposed. Yes ur wife swapping homosexual fun will come to n end very soon. Repent !

Asivurusi K said...

Read below....Russia does not care about how our citizens are weathering under the illegal Govt and dictatorship we have been forced to live under...with murders, tortures, corruption, nepotism, frauds and unaccountable Govt.

This is what the dictator wants for sending our soldiers to death..he wants praise and grandstanding at our expences on international stage.

What will we gain from a Russian cultural centre in Suva????

Russia, despite its huge natural wealth is being mismanaged and is riddled with corruption on huge scales and Mafia type crimes are ripe....and they want to export their culture to us and the region?????....might suit the uneducated criminal dictator but we have simple poverty, jobs good roads and Govt services etc to worry about which Russia is struggling to resolve at home........

Russia stands by Fiji

Nasik Swami
Monday, July 01, 2013
Fiji Times

THE Russian Federation will stand by Fiji as it continues its reform process leading up to the 2014 general elections.

And Russia praised Fiji for its growing presence on the world stage.

A Ministry of Information statement issued yesterday said the undertaking was given by Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama during formal talks in Moscow. One of the outcomes was an agreement to set up a Russian cultural centre in Fiji for the South Pacific.

Mr Lavrov singled out Fiji's contribution to the UN peacekeeping efforts and the recent deployment of 182 Fijian troops to the Golan Heights as an example of its continuing commitment to engage the international community.

He praised Fiji's leadership at the UN saying it placed not only Fijian interests on the global agenda but the interests of the entire South Pacific region...............

Anonymous said...

How barbaric of the Syrians to eat human hearts raw!

They don't eat them roasted in lovo pits like we civilsed Fijians.

Anonymous said...

I would ask Rabuka and the Russians and others how collaborating with this illegal regime is "standing by" Fiji?

In fact, it is a betrayal of the Fijian people.


Fijiana said...

Civil Servants DO NOT make good politicians. They are so used to corruption and being lazy. Do you want them to lead Fiji? I hope no one is serious to invite ex or present civil servants to enter the field of politics.

Rabuka for what he was has made a 360 degree turn around. I give him credit for being a man enough to accept his mistake publicly. He has asked for forgiveness. Even God forgives those that have erred in life. Are we above God not to forgive him? Rabuka is now much older and wiser. With age comes wisdom. If he destroyed Fiji, let him rebuild Fiji. This is the least we can ask of him.

Anonymous said...

A 360-degree turn around means he's right back where he started.

Having destroyed Fiji doesn't qualify him for leadership. It qualifies him for Naboro.

Simione said...

Rabuka said in his speech in Dunedin:

“Sitiveni Rabuka says Fiji needs some serious self-examination like that which happened during the Soviet Union’s period of Perestroika”….

.Wailei….you need to self exam yourself coupster……you brought about the culture of coup to Fiji….you took down a democratically elected Govt///you should be languishing in jail for life. YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO Fiji.

Am sure your bank account has dried up and ;looking for work… You want the job of PM back….you go plant tavioka and dalo in your Estate you unaccountably obtained when you had power over Fiji. No we have had enough of your corrupt type…a self serving leech…go back to your village Rabuka and live off your land.


Anonymous said...

WHat was Rabuka doing at QBE in his full regala uniform and medals at the height of the CRW attack on QBE...

This guy Rabuka is no good feller. Cunt trust him.

If he had any sense, he would put a bullet through Franks head like he threatened Tupeni Baba and he will redeem himself to a people he betrayed. Na kai Navatu ira kawa ni tamata lasulasu, dau yalewa, liu muri. After shooting Frank Rabuka should shoot himself in the head.

tuks said...

He too involved!!! Now coming in again with different cloth,colour,reason but same motive!
A shark will encircle its prey before moving in for the kill..!!!

At least hes tying out what he think is best if he is coming in to eliminate this illegal regime.He is the one whom i would brand him as BEEN THERE DONE THAT I KNOW IT..!!!!

mark manning said...

@ anon 1.18 p.m.
If I am a racist, why have I been and to this day, remain friends with Rabuka's cousin in Dee Why on Sydney's Northern Beaches since 1987 and why are my 11 grandchildren all different shades of brown?
Why are many of my friends, Chinese, Indian, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders, Indigenous and non-indigenous Fijians and many many other Nationalities?
Perhaps it's you who is racist!

Whatever one thinks of Rabuka the man, the issue here is Law and Order, it's not a personality contest!
Let's stop attacking each other and call a spade a spade, not a spade, a shovel!
Each coup d'etat was an Act of High Treason against the State of Fiji. Full stop!
Having a nice personality, being a good Soldier, a nice guy, a smooth talker, or an effective Leader, doesn't make it Legal, nor justify it.
If I rob a bank, whether by smashing in the window and breaking into the safe or by working as a Teller or clerk from within, slowly pilfering small amounts into my personal account, it's still theft and still illegal.
Lose sight of what our objections are all about, and nothing will ever be achieved.

See if you recognise "the spade":-

See if you can spot the difference between a spade and shovel:-

Rabuka has no choice, but to try to justify his coup of 1987, to even contemplate or entertain the thought that he was wrong, would be too much for him to bare.
His narcissistic personality just wouldn't allow such an admission!

Anyone who votes for Rabuka is living a lie, living in the dark ages and authorising and supporting each coup d'etat since 1987 and opening the door for any future disgruntled Rogue Commander in the future, to implement another.

Fiji needs to rid itself of its Military once and for all.

No matter how charismatic a coup leader is, he has still committed High Treason and if you can't even recognise that simple yet defining fact, then fiji is doomed to continue the cycle of coup after coup after coup.
Isn't it time someone spoke the truth, without a forked tongue?

Avenisa Ravou said...

Mark Manning you are right, a coup is a coup and it is treasonous....whether done to clean up corruption or establish racist nationalist objectives.

All guilty perpetrators must be tried through a legal court process and if found guilty punished accordingly.....includes Rabuka, Bainimarama, Speight and their collaborators

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum your misguided philosophy will now hunt you,instead of you hunting individual of interest you are now hunted inside and outside.

Why you took the gov vehicle and gov driver away from Rabuka?.what you did with his pension?????

Answer me khaiyum this will make him almost single handedly maneuver his way back to hunt you and to tell you what the very soldier who are posted in all gov ministries are back stabing you!.Too late did anyone warned you about this?did anyone told you that you are exposed to every single soldier out there?the intel is gathered and filtered down to Rabuka mind you!!

Did anyone told you that in this 2006 coup you are revealing to all native fijians who you people REALLY are[immigrant]?

Rabuka is wounded and hurt from what you did just like what you did to Qarase.


mark manning said...

It's amusing how Rabuka, in this particular interview, pronounces that "there is no Constitution" in Fiji!
Who is he to make such an assessment, is he now a Court of Law, a Barrister or learned Judge?
Does he have the Education of a Judge?
Frank's "purportedly" declaring Fiji's Constitution null and void, doesn't make it so!
Let's just wait and see if that is the case, post coup, when all responsible have been arrested and brought before the Courts to face Justice under that very same Constitution which Frank Bainimarama declared "null and void" on April 10th of 2009.

Rabuka continues to lie, he continues to twist the truth and continues to try to sweet talk his fellow Citizens and many it seems, continue to allow his sweet talking, to influence them to the point of those having been sweet talked, supporting Rabuka, yet again!

But rest assured, he doesn't care, he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, worthy of no more respect than a common criminal.

As they say in the Military, in avoiding incarceration for his coup d'etat, he has managed to dodge a bullet!

Make no mistake, like Hitler, of all the coup leaders, Rabuka is the most suave, convincing, charismatic and handsome enough to implement another, but by Legal means!
But he can only do this with the blind loyalty and support of those who are easily influenced and fooled by his charm.

Didn't Adolf Hitler use the same approach in the 1930's?

" Hitler's "rise" can be considered to have ended in March 1933, after the Reichstag adopted the Enabling Act of 1933 in that month; president Paul von Hindenburg had already appointed Hitler as Chancellor on 30 January 1933 after a series of parliamentary elections and associated backroom intrigues. The Enabling Act—when used ruthlessly and with authority—virtually assured that Hitler could thereafter constitutionally exercise dictatorial power without legal objection."

tuks said...

Perpetrators,collaborators,instigators,plotters,financiers,planners and advisors must be dug out and exposed.

ok Rabuka in 87 and Bai in 2000 and 2006.

These two were used fullstop.
Go deep....who all were involved in the initiation stages!!only then we can relieve and have peace of mind.

If if only Rabuka while still have all the time in this world revealed all i will have a tick for him.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Rabuka has apologised repeatedly and publically for his coups and the damage they caused Fiji.

Since he committed treason, I cannot support him for any public office. The blood of Jesus washes all, but in my mind, the only way Rabuka can truly redeem himself is by ridding us of Bainimarama.

BC said...

Rabuka is just thinking about himself.
He is not ineterested in the welfare of the Fijian people.

If Bainimarama forms a party, then you'll see this JUDAS (Rabuka) happily join that party.

Anonymous said...

@fijiana 11.13 am July 1st.
You must be an idiot, you condemn civi servants on one side and you approve of Bainimarama on the other. Either you are blind or you cannot distinduish between right and wrong. First remove the specks from your eye, if you have brains and understand what I mean otherwise don't bother.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka is not the first to stage a coup.

History records the first coup d'etat was organised by rebels in 1832 against Ratu Tanoa Cakobau. Cakobau (means destroyer of Bau). The second coup was done by merchants and traders of Levuka on June 5 1871 whereby it was announced that Cakobau was now King of Fiji.

Meleki Raisea said...

To you calling yourself Mad Mark Manning:

You are one rude dude...hiding under the skirt of anonymity you display unbridal crudity and lack of respect and civility.

You can argue on points raised but snarling personal crudity at others exposes your personal qualities and perhaps upbringing....we may not know you but God does and he may just be annoyed with your nastiness Please try to be civil

Mad Mark Manning said...

mark manning You find it amusing how Rabuka pronounces "there is no Constitution", and you question, 'who is he to make such an assessment; is he now a Court of Law, a Barrister or learned Judge? Does he have the Education of a Judge? Listen, you do not need to be a judge to know there is no constitution in Fiji! You just have to know how to read the paper. If you cant read, listen to the radio, or watch TV. Rabuka was born in Fiji and a former PM. What about you, are you now a political scientist, an academic, or a learned political commentator? Do you have the education of a political scientist?

Coup fourpointfive said...

Meleki Raisea - His comment has been edited and is now posted after yours.

Anonymous said...

no the first coup was when eve conned adam to eat the apple...duh.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think will replace the coach of sevens team now? Maybe we switch them around from fijiana team.........if you need answer. Change the govt then we start win again. If u want to keep govt then procedure need to follow. Otherwise big blood will spill very soon. What the world never seen before will happen right outside village six in suva

Anonymous said...

Rabuka and Bainimagana carried out their respective coups for two very, very different causes/aims.
Rabuka did it to save a blood bath from happening. Bainimagana did it to save him from not going to Naboro [for the rest of his life] for the BLOOD that he has on his hands!!
Who is the lesser evil of the two?

Anonymous said...

No further comment on video recording
Publish date/time: 01/07/2013 [17:09]

Police say they will not make any further comment on the investigation of a video recording of some Fijian security personnel and recaptured prison escapees that was highlighted a few months ago.

Chief of Operations ACP Rusiate Tudravu confirmed this to Fijivillage and gave no reason for this.

He earlier said that he can only say that investigations into the brutality video are ongoing and he cannot reveal whether anyone in the video has been identified....



1987 coups said...

It's true Rabuka may have averted a bloodbath. My Indo_Fijian brethren are in denial about this, as they are about a lot of things. Rabuka said in the beginning he acted to prevent bloodshed. He doesn't repeat this claim, even though he can convincingly use it to justify coup and defend himself against attacks. He understands the sensitivities. That's why rabuka is respected. he has more honour than he is often given credit for. This is not discount other motives of the coup, of course.

Anonymous said...

1.A coup are sudden illegal dispositions of governments.
2. A coup succeeds when the disposer becomes legitimate.

Let's stop these tyrants once and for all!!

Anonymous said...

@ 1987 coup...who gives two hoots about Rabuka. Send him back to his village to plant and make himself useful. He is a has been fornicating useless arrogant soldier. We dont need anymore arrogant soldiers or ex soldiers trying to be politicians. We suffered enough under Rabuka's tyranny to suffer more from his stupidity. Close him in a room with Frank and Speight and make them play with each other....whahahaha mavoa o Frank vua na ex QVS...kua sara Red Fire taki koya mada o Frank...Speight...thats it mate.,,thats it...oi oi oi ooiiiiii

Anonymous said...

Fiji's first coup-maker and a former prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, has hinted at running for election next year on the National Federation Party ticket.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Former Fijian Prime Minister Major-General Sitiveni Rabuka says he deeply regrets his role in leading the 1987 military coup and is likely to seek office in next year's planned elections in his homeland.

General Rabuka made the comments during a wide-ranging talk at the University of Otago's latest annual Foreign Policy School yesterday.

Despite his role in the 1987 coup, General Rabuka supported later collaborative efforts, including a Constitutional Review Commission, chaired by the late Sir Paul Reeves, which helped produce the 1997 Fiji constitution.

This constitution was later abrogated in 2009 after a further military coup in 2006, led by Fijian military head Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

General Rabuka said that after meeting some people he had deposed in the 1987 coup and reflecting on the situation, he had felt a "very strong message" about the folly of what he had done, and he felt obliged to apologise to everyone who had been affected.

Fijiwala said...

For all you that are Rabuka Haters: Rabuka is man enough to apologize and wants to redeem himself. Give him a chance. When you call him names, all you are doing is showing your class or there lack of. It shows that you are no school with lack of vocabulary. That is why you have to resort to vulgar language.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.16PM..Rabuka can only be forgiven if he serves his tine in jail..He created immunity for himself before trying to redeem himself by apologizing..That is hypocrisy in the highest degree!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon: July 1, 2013 at 11:56 AM

In addition to your comment

How can a former PM be re-elected again for his style of leadership where he had sex with a wife of his close friend, a military major serving in Lebanon at that point in time. He climbed the gate at night by escaping from his bodyguards. He also had a good time with 2 ladies news Reporters reporting from Parliament.

At one point he wanted more women so he went and beg the King of the Womanizer of the World, King Moro of Beqa Island, for his blessing and magic. So, King Moro accepted his sevusevu and kerekere so he anointed him but with one condition that he MUST have sex everynight. Agree said the former PM.

As times and days goes-by NO sex happened from The Boy. The King Moro began to get upset because breaches have been made. One night the king Moro cannot stand it any longer because too many breaches been done and he wanted to have sex and nothing was happening from The Boy, so, being upset, he went to see his boy and showed him his sexual weapon that he wants him. The boy seen the bloody sex weapon he got is so big, long and its ears were like elephant ears and he was scared to the bone. The boy knew if this things if it really takes place it will be the end of his prime minister. Pregnancy could happened because King Moro is a bloody son of gun. No Mercy!!

After few sleepless nights he sent a messenger to Beqa island to return the artifact given to him by King Moro and he had enough but the elders told the messenger to tell his boss PM that King Moro wants The Boy to return it personally like the first day he met The King or else. Fortunately, the former PM did exactly what King Moro wanted of him and the i Vakasuka had been successful and Moro's boy live happily thereafter to date to end this true story.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA...made for asses? asses to asses...SODELPA...THE NEW BRAND OF TOILET PAPER..made for asses....specialises in asses?


@ Anon 11.30pm..SODELPA specializes in cleaning and kicking the arses of the "clean up campaign" junta...made for wise asses to clean dumb arses

Anonymous said...

Hey, toilet paper guy! It wasn't even funny the first time, much less now. Can't you come up with anything better than that?

Seems you've got turrets syndrome with your compulsion to repeat and repeat yourself, like a broken record.


The toilet paper guy..hasn't cleaned cleaned his arse since 2006..he needs a good brand of toilet paper like SODELPA lol!

Islam: 'religion' of 'Peace, love, mercy & women's rights said...

Pakistani girls, 15 and 16, killed along with their mother for making video

Two teenage sisters have been murdered in Pakistan after they were accused of tarnishing their family’s name by making a video of themselves dancing in the rain.
The girls, aged 15 and 16, are seen running around in traditional dress with two other younger children outside their bungalow in the town of Chilas, in the northern region of Gilgit.

The sisters, named as Noor Basra and Noor Sheza, appear to break into dance and one even flashes a smile at the camera.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2351836/Smiling-sisters-shot-dead-dancing-rain-Pakistani-girls-15-16-killed-mother-making-video-stained-family-honour.html#ixzz2XjQbecYU

Anonymous said...

To all who oppose Rabuka and his attempts at gaining a parliament seat 2014.

I wish to let you know that he has a strong backing from his supporters who are simple villagers little farmers in Cakaudrove who know him well and who understand him better than we, who write about him without understanding him, here on blogsites.

In the eyes of those common voters in the villages of Cakaudrove, Rabuka is seen as a humble caring man who has the courage to admit his own mistakes in the military, in politics, and in morality. So we cannot rule Rabuka out even though I will not vote for him unless he joins SODELPA because I am a party voter.

Rabuka is one who is feared by Bhai and Khai because Rabuka is more capable than them in admitting his own wrongs. Something that the two illegals are not capable of doing.

Doasele Mate said...

Egyptian ARMY BACKS THE ANTI-MORSI PUBLIC....this is what the Fiji ARrmy should do...support democracy in Fiji

Egypt's armed forces have warned if Islamist President Mohamed Morsi fails to meet the demands of the people within 48 hours, it will intervene with a roadmap of its own.

The military's statement, read out on state television, was received a rapturous welcome from Morsi's opponents who have been camped out in Cairo's Tahrir Square and a muted response from his Islamist supporters.

Millions of people have taken to the streets to demand the president step down.

The army high command renewed its call "that the demands of the people be met and gives (all parties) 48 hours, as a last chance, to take responsibility for the historic circumstances the country is going through."

"If the demands of the people are not met in this period... (the armed forces) will announce a future roadmap and measures to oversee its implementation," the statement said.

The Muslim Brotherhood, on whose platform Morsi won Egypt's first freely contested presidential election in June last year, said it was "studying" the army's statement.

Thousands of jubilant protesters poured into the streets of Cairo, Alexandria and other large cities after the statement was broadcast. Raucous cheers rang out across main squares.

In Tahrir, protesters voiced their support for army chief and Defence Minister General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, chanting: "Come down Sisi, Morsi is not my president."

Analyst Hassan Nafea, a political science professor at Cairo University, said the ultimatum was a clear demand for the Islamist president to step aside to pave the way for fresh elections.

"He has been given 48 hours to accept what the people want and there is only one demand and that is to hold early presidential elections," Nafea said.

The army, which led a tumultuous transition after the 2011 revolt that ousted veteran president Hosni Mubarak, had given all parties one week to reconcile their differences.

Egypt has been deeply divided between Morsi's Islamist supporters and a broad-based opposition

Anonymous said...

The Egyptian army's intervention in Cairo offers an interesting case in civil-military relations and a contrast to the treasonous actions of Fiji's own military.

The Egyptian army only intervened in a true emergency, with a million protestors in the streets, not a BS emergency created by the military itself, as in Fiji.

The Egyptian army is calling on the government to deliver an inclusive political roadmap to be delivered in 48 hours, not jumping in like Fiji's regime with its own agenda and a BS roadmap that requires five years and a fortune teller to follow.

It's giving the political parties the chance to reach an accommodation, not bellying up to the trough to accommodate itself, like Fiji's army.

Just Saying said...

Rueful???? Man it's hardly how I would've described Rabuka and what he did.

Fiji's rueful Rabuka regrets coup role
By John Gibb
6:14 PM Monday Jul 1, 2013 ✩Save

Former Fiji coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka during a talk to participants at the University of Otago's 48th Foreign Policy School. Photos / Gerard O'Brien
Former Fijian Prime Minister Major-General Sitiveni Rabuka says he deeply regrets his role in leading the 1987 military coup and is likely to seek office in next year's planned elections in his homeland.

General Rabuka made the comments during a wide-ranging talk at the University of Otago's latest annual Foreign Policy School yesterday.

Despite his role in the 1987 coup, General Rabuka supported later collaborative efforts, including a Constitutional Review Commission, chaired by the late Sir Paul Reeves, which helped produce the 1997 Fiji constitution.

This constitution was later abrogated in 2009 after a further military coup in 2006, led by Fijian military head Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

General Rabuka said that after meeting some people he had deposed in the 1987 coup and reflecting on the situation, he had felt a "very strong message" about the folly of what he had done, and he felt obliged to apologise to everyone who had been affected.

- Otago Daily Times

rajend naidu said...

After several decades of military rule Egypt democratically elected its President. But only one year later the people of Egypt have taken to the streets to demand the President Mohammed Morsi "get out!". The President has deeply divided his country and the people can't wait to be rid of him. He has become a much hated leader.
On the other hand after several decades of Apartheid rule South Africa democratically elected Nelson Mandela as its first democratic President. After serving one term as President Mandela voluntarily relinquished power. Today Mandela is virtually on his deathbed and the whole of South Africa is heartbroken and praying for his life.As a leader Mandela united his people into a "Rainbow Nation". He is a leader loved deeply by his people.
Two kinds of leaders. Not hard to see which kind is good for a country.
rajend naidu

mark manning said...

The Presidency is an "Institution", not a person per se!
Some Elected Leaders, forget this pertinent fact.
Any Public Official, elected by its People, is a Public Servant, subservient to the People for whom they were Elected.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:40 July 2....If Rabuka is that humble and a simpleton, he should apologise to the pilot whose wife he rooted in the Vatuwaqa Golf Course...He should apologise to his wife for all the wronge he did to her. He should apologise personally to each individual hostage he held in 1987. Most importantly to be forgiven by his Yavusa Navatu he should take our Cranky Franky...

Anonymous said...

Rabuka can not repent until he discloses what was the motive behind the 1987 cop and the names of people who were behind it.
Until that is done he can not repent or be forgiven.

Doasele said...

Mark Manning..regarding what you said, its pertinent to remember what Bainimarama once said against criticism of his unaccountable behaviours and leadership...."..how can I be accountable to those who do not elect me"

The more reason he should be removed as we did not chose him to lead us

Kungfu Panda said...

Rambo is back! Coming soon to a theater near you.

Anonymous said...

Let's not underestimate Rambuka (Rambo the Bukawaqa). As I listned and watched his interview I could not help but realize that he is very intelligent by the way he answered the questions that came to him and how he articulately explained himself.

By coming out publicly on his apologies, I'm sure Rabuka has apologized to his wife and many whom he wronged in his 1987 coup d'etat.

To those who use obscenities and other unkind words about him, I have never known a person who takes those words as a true Christian.

Anonymous said...

Decrees, decrees, decrees, all made to protect theiving corrupt muslims who made their money through corrupt practises. To protect them and make them look good the very corrupt system that they made their money through has been sealed with decrees. They fear others entering their space.We know how they won tenders and how they got to where they are now. Now decrees to give them the priviledge to control the sale of timber. Some cunning bastards, all made in disguises of protecting the indeginous my ass. The poor land owners have no say over the timber in their back yard. Sad to say...........

Anonymous said...

Rabuka is history. He is insignificant and just there to remind people of his stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka trained CRW in his village in Drekeniwai prior to coup 2000. Few boys left out there. Both Rabuka and CRW TAKE OUT FRANK than talk about getting back into politics...Otherwise keep praying God will forgive you for the wrongs you have caused not as an individual but to the Nation of Fiji

Narayan. said...

Rambo needs to finish what he started. Lets vote him back to power!

paula raqeukai said...

The new Fiji will need new and young politicians, out with the old and in with new minds and visions for a united Fiji...a loving, tolerance, liberty and a freedom Fiji....NO military dictatorship...Only the Living Lord Jesus Christ as the cornerstone...freedom of religion is a MUST!!

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see him I wish I have a dakai DA to shoot him first before I blast him with M.16. Luveni bokola.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:53
Hey Dickhead Davies can you please pull yourself out of Bainmarama's arse and show us where to get this new brand of toilet paper.

Is this new toilet paper better than Fiji Sun or Grubsheet?

wadana said...

Rabuka: 2014 elections 'doubtful'
1987 coupmaker: Rabuka
Fiji's first coup maker Sitiveni Rabuka has told New Zealand he doubts the 2014 elections will go ahead.

The keynote speaker at the University of Canterbury's Democracy in the Pacific conference was yesterday reported as saying he hoped the elections would go ahead but admitted '... that hope is not based on very good grounds.'

"When we talk about democracy in the Pacific, one size does not fit all. Military has always had a presence in the Fiji culture. We think of militant ways of changing things, rather than waiting for the next elections.

"It may be that we have corporate cooperation in 2014 where together the government and the military keep tabs on our civil military relations to prevent things from breaking down again, as it has happened many times in Fiji."

Rabuka, who carried out two coups in 1987, says if elections do not go ahead, the illegal Prime Minister and the 2006 coup leader Frank Bainimarama, who is not a member of any political party, will remain in power.

''I have not seen Mr Bainimarama move in a civilian political party organisation direction, so I don't know whether he will have a party or will join one,'' he said.

2006 coup maker: Bainimarama
''I don't know whether we will have everything in place for the 2014 elections. Whether we can meet all the deadlines and steps remains to be seen. There are still so many detractors but the programme is in place."

Rabuka says he did not expect any future coups, given what he described as the regime's powerful grip on Fiji: ''I can't see why there should be another coup, whether there be should be anybody or another group powerful enough to execute something to counter Frank's (coup).''

BC said...

Amazing that a so called leader (Rabuka) is lost in the woods.

No Vision, No Goal, just lost in the farking woods.

HP said...

nothing amazing about that...he was always lost and never found.
only paraphrasing what he read in some book.
VB will go the same way. u Fijian army sorts are exactly the same high school dropkicks one way or the other.
the curse of the nation...the army and kaiviti not being able to sort themselves out.

Bara Muna Sami said...

General Rabuka should become the party leader and party president of SODELPA. He is far better than Ro Kepa or Dr Baba or Ratu Jone Kububuloa. He is a multiracial leader and can unite both the races for Fiji's prosperity and growth. He avoided the blood bath in 87 which was threatened by the Taukei-Movement.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka says the programme is in place. What programme is that? It's nearly a year before the (repeatedly) promised elections, and yet where are we? Bainimarama tossed out our constitution, and then went through the charade of having Yash Ghai come up with one, only to rubbish that one, too. So, as expected, he's had Aiyaz draft his own. We've had no meaningful consultations on Bainimarama's "unbidden, unwanted and unlawful" constitution, and Bainimarama hasn't even put together or joined a political party.

Anonymous said...

Why should we take the 2014 elections seriously? Bainimarama obviously doesn't.

And what do we do when September 2014 is behind us, and we find Bainimarama still calling the shots at the head of an illegitimate government?

Somebody needs to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.


Anonymous said...

Yes. More active measures have long been needed.

Rabuka is a coup monger. He doesn't belong at the head of SODELPA. Ro Teimumu is the natural choice. Courageous, principled and moderate leadership.

Anonymous said...

E pote vakadua na tamata sona levu dau veitonocici ya o Naliva kei nona boso ulukau ni sa lusi o Viti mai Rusia.
Drau yavu tamata vodo loto magaitamamudrau!
Sa vakamadua mo drau qai mai ia tale na muria na timi ni yalewa ,,,,,,,sosovi lago nomudrau sona!

Anonymous said...

What principle does Ro Kepa have? She was seen in the parliament house during 2000 coup. Rabuka is far better leader than her because he is multiracial and has the country at the heart.

Anonymous said...

What principle does Ro Kepa have? She was seen in the parliament house during 2000 coup. Rabuka is far better leader than her because he is multiracial and has the country at the heart.

wadana said...


Anonymous said...

Whoever is announcing the new TOILET PAPER BRAND - SODELPA, can you pls provide a Quote?

Military and Police barracks may want to try out the product.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka, you do not need to join SODELPA..just form your won party and invite the former SDL people like Dr Baba, Rt Jone Kubuabola and the likes.

Fiji needs a new party to fight and win the next election.

SODELPA has no hope because Qarase is no longer there. If Qarase was there, then there is substance but he is not so there is no figure of weight at SODELPA. They are a joke now.

Rabuka, form your own party and invite some credible former SDL people like Dr Baba and Rt Jone Kubuabola. Invite other substance people like Charan Jeath Singh and Benedette Rounds Ganilau, Felix Anthony, Dan Urai etc.

Rabuka, you know it and these lots in this blog and whatever they are saying holds no water for they really do not know any shit.

They speak foul language for their homes have foul smells so that is all they will do.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka is broke and needs some quick cash. If he is truely sorry for the catastrophic road he put fiji on, he should become a monk. Shame we are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel when we have to choose between Ro Kepa, Mick Beddoes and Rabuka to lead Fiji. the blinking army must be laughing at what a hopeless opposition they have to go against in the elections, if it happens. Years of being in the wilderness has depleted Fiji of any real politicians of substance. Mark, become a fiji citizen and i will vote for you to be PM. rajen can be opposition leader.

wadana said...

Yes,thank you Rabuka i had read your speech.Awesome ever.Yes,you still believed in our multiracial for ever yes.

I understand you been doing your intel undercover since.

Rabuka if that is what you believe where Fiji should be in future i have my peace at least i know someone who can impact change got it in his brain!!!!!

You got the academic background to back you up.
We desperately need someone in this critical moment, for me i will pick on you.

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Anonymous said...

Anon 6.52. Your hate filled BS is not relevant to the Fiji Muslims. We all know who you are Mahend's first born son Rajend "Kutta Maichord" Chaudhary. Stop inciting hatred. Just because Aiyarze had your ass kicked out for good reason i am sure does not mean you vilify all Muslims . heir aren't that many differences between you and Khaiyum. Fiji Muslims the majority i mean not the few fuck ups in government have done nothing wrong in Fiji and don't deserve your bullshit.

Wanna be arabs said...

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Non-Arabs who convert to Islam suffer from low esteem about their roots. They undergo a complete change of personality. They acquire new Islamic Arabic names, and start learning Arabic and use Arabic words in their daily language.

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Anonymous said...

Here we go again, the idiots been let out.

Anonymous said...

mara bitch sucks on wth no money and priveleges now what happened to the preaching?


The races and religion have become more polarized as ever after 2006..

Islamic primitivism (not civilisation) said...

The Islamic religion is an invasive Arab culture that seeks to destroy, and destroyed, the cultures of native peoples. With
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One is the world’s largest democracy (modern India) and the second is the world’s largest shelter for Muslim terrorists (Pakistan).

Anonymous said...

@Islamic primitivsm 8:44 PM

And are YOU any better than those you spew your obvious hate against.

I suspect not.

Anonymous said...

Intergration of races
Mr Singh believes that such things can not be forced on people.
“You can’t legally force those things, it has to come from the heart. It has to be our younger generation. “Racial intergration – it has to come from the heart. Once you enforce race relations, once you legislate race relations and it’s not coming out of the heart, I think we are creating a more dangerous situation then we know.”
From observation, Mr Singh is hopeful.
“I think it’s happening among the younger generation. It’s bubbling out there, it’s coming and all these people who have been thriving on race issues and racial politics, they will be washed away. It’s just a matter of time.”

“My aim is to seek to empower people to embrace freedom, human rights, democracy, rule of law and be passionate about our motherland.
“We shall join hands to confront and shape our destiny where we will create a peaceful and prosperous Fiji for our future generations based on mutual respect and coexistence.”

---Nirmal Singh, Peoples Democratic Party

Koroi said...

Anon @ 6:24 PM

I am sure Rabuka has better choice than the names that you have suggested. No of those people have any credibility and Rabuka is far above them. He will do good on his own. I know that his better option will be to go with NFP and help them restructure the party. Someone that will embrace us Itaukies and include us in the party. Someone that will make this a multiracial. Someone that will let youths and women be active part of the party. We all count.

Days of Attar, Pramod Rae, Raman Singh and Biman Prasad is gone. They have nothing substantial to offer. NFP needs new blood, new faces and people that can show results not just talkers.

Ni sa Moce Attar and gang so long.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.05. I think your quote from Nirmal is from his interview from Fiji Sun of Saturday. Excellent interview. People must read his full interview. What a man of vision and hope for Fiji. He is speaking from heart. He is the type of leader Fiji needs. Hopefully Bainimarama can learn from him and should have his caliber of people in his cabinet. Love you Mr Singh. Please be there for us.

All heart and reason said...

@ Anonymous' 9.05pm/10.18pm July 2

PDP's Nirmal Sing's commendable bid to appeal to hearts just brought to mind an 'ol time favourite by Debarge, the lyrics of which goes:

"But the heart is not so smart
Can’t always trust it, no
The heart is not so smart
Goes where it should not go
Always seems to find
Its way to trouble, no
The heart is not so smart
Oh, no, oh, no...


Oh and a word of advice if I may... it's probably not be a good idea to discount the views of, alienate or isolate our experienced and relatively well-educated, articulate, and even-tempered older generation or old-schoolers whatever you wish to call them. Esp. in this country.. this ain't the grand old US of A, hihi.. All the best anyway.

wadana said...

Former coup leader Rabuka warns against ongoing isolation of Fiji
Updated 25 February 2013, 22:09 AEST
Australia is being warned that the longer it isolates Fiji, the more difficult it will be to restore relations.
Former coup leader Rabuka warns against ongoing isolation of Fiji (Credit: ABC)
In a speech to be delivered at an international defence and security dialogue in Sydney tomorrow Fiji's former Prime Minister Major-General Sitiveni Rabuka says, while Australia has been shielding itself behind a post-coup wall of correctness, other powers such as China have been settling in to new relationships with his strategically important nation.
Australia imposed sanctions on Fiji in 2006 and has vowed to keep them in place until democracy is restored.
Correspondent: Jemima Garrett
Speaker: Major-General Sitiveni Rabuka, former Prime minister of Fiji and leader of the 1987 coups
RABUKA: The relationship, the diplomatic relationship between Australia and Fiji has never been as bad as it is. It is important to immediately restore relationships because of the undue attention and influence that we are now getting from Asian countries. On the other hand they may be the natural partners we should have had all the time because we are Pacific, Oceania, Asia-Pacific neighbours. However, we cannot change history, the way it has gone in the past and we have a lot of Chinese influence in the Pacific now.
GARRETT: You warn that Fiji's easy entry for Asian citizens has made Fiji a target for people wishing to gain access to other countries in the region and you also talk about the growing influence of China. Commentators are divided on how far Fiji's new relationship with China has gone what are you seeing on the ground?
RABUKA: What we are seeing on the ground is that a lot of Chinese influence has come in. Road engineers, they are mining bauxite in Vanuatu Levu, they have started building bridges. Interestingly, though, the post-cyclone efforts did not come from them. They waited for the tenders to be given out for the rehabilitation work and they came in. The assistance came from our former traditional partners.
GARRETT: Just how much of a game-changer is Fiji's new relationship with China?
RABUKA: It is big. We will probably get the same scale of assistance we were getting from Australia and New Zealand and American, but it is also potentially bigger in that it is a bigger market. Everything we are selling to the European Union and our neighbours, we can sell to China. Maybe we will get the same things in return, different brand.
GARRETT: Fiji is also pursuing relationships with other countries. They have upped their involvement with the Melanesian Spearhead group, they've set up new meetings with Pacific Island countries that don't include Australia and New Zealand. Fiji has also joined the non-aligned movement and it is Chair, this year, of the Group of 77. To what extent is this burst of diplomatic activity been driven by Australia's sanctions on Fiji?
RABUKA: I think the full brunt of the blame should be put on Australia. However, how much benefit Fiji will get from all these things is debateable, in fact doubtful. I don't think we are gaining anything by doing all the things we are now doing.
GARRETT: Do you think these new relationships have the potential to permanently diminish Australia's relations with Fiji, and even beyond that into the Pacific?
RABUKA: It has a lot of potential. As I said all the things we are now selling to Australia we can sell to other, to china and everything we are buying from Australia we can buy from china or from Asia, Asian countries.

wadana said...


GARRETT: Fiji has tried to set up these new institutions which don't include Australia. Do you think they will be ongoing?
RABUKA: I think they would be ongoing but what value really is in it, not only for Fiji but for the other partners, the co-operative partners. They will have good relationships with Australia. They do not need to shut the door on Australia and the Australian doors will still be open to them so after some time they will normalise and Fiji will be isolated.
GARRETT: You say it is very important that Australia restore relations in the post-2014 era but it is not looking as if democracy will be restored. The interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, has promised elections but he has brought in a draconian political party decree and he has also rejected the recommendations of the widely-respected Yash Ghai Constitutional Commission. What prospects do you see for Fiji to have truly open and democratic elections in 2014?
RABUKA: It all depends on what people see democracy as. For a long time Indonesia had a democratic government and they still evolving their electoral system. So democracy a la Australian politics, if that is what you are looking for in Fiji it will be a long time coming. But as we did in the post-1987 election, we will just have to start, make a start, and the constitution that will come out of this constituent assembly may not be as widely acclaimed, or even accepted at all, by the people but it will be something like the 1990 constitution that we had to, we were forced, or the people of Fiji were forced to accept to get us back into the road back to democracy acceptable to Fiji.
GARRETT: Australia's sanctions are intended to help Fiji restore democracy. Are you saying those sanctions should be lifted democracy or not?
RABUKA: I think they should be lifted, democracy or not, because Australia trades and has relationships with some doubtful democracies around the world so I do not think that Fiji, small Fiji, we are just a small player in international affairs and we need to take whatever crumbs we can get and move on. Pride can get you going down very, very quickly. And at the moment our national morale is very low, our sporting teams don't do as well as they used to and people are just crying out. We just want stability and that stability can be under pure democracy or impure democracy.

wadana said...

For me at this very moment RABUKA is my best choice above all names!

All heart and reason said...

Bula wadana, does that indicate that we don't have much of a choice?

Btw, does anyone know if Professor Warden Narsey will be throwing his hat in the ring too. I like the guy. As well as Attar SIngh and Krishna Dutt.

wadana said...

@ all heart n reason

My conscience tells me that we need them now"Fiji needed them in her hour of distress"

They blended well with former Pm they talk sense.
Thats from me i need them!i love my country!!

He is a multiracial champion!!
He is old enough for tough decision ,experience and he listen which is critical in a leader

All heart and reason said...

@ wadana

Is it the ungodly hour, or does your conscience need a dose of clarity. When you say 'Fiji needed them in her hour of distress', who is 'them'?

I also love my country, I'm keen on multi-racialism, I blend well, gel well, I'm old enough to make tough decisions, I'm experienced and just love to listen and listen... so would you vote for me?

Anonymous said...

Rabuka's statements don't stand up well to scrutiny.

I know him well. He is a very charismatic guy. But Fiji needs more than charisma. First and foremost it needs someone who will champion rule of law.

Rabuka's coups are a major reason why we're where we're at today. What he did was treason. To his credit he has apologised. But if Fiji needs a traitor as PM, then we already have that.

Rabuka is speaking at a university in Australia. Rabuka is being interviewed on Australian press. His remarks are repeated in the blogs. This all makes him look very ministerial. But the main thing going for him is that he's all that Bainimarma is and all that Bainimarama isn't, too.

We don't need another Rambo. We should look, instead, to those few who had the courage and strength of character to stand up against the thugs in word or in deed.

All heart and reason said...

Indeed and very well said @ Anonymous 1.16am, esp. about the championing the rule of law.

If there was anyone that I was expecting a lot more from, it's Rabuka, but sadly, he just has not delivered. He may be considered the man-of-the-hour (given Fiji's current situation) and darling of the trans-Tasman press (who I think have been too kind to him) but we're the ones who live here, who've suffered the last 7 years and are now prepared to go the extra mile to get things put right once and for all. We deserve better. Rambo should refuse to be used by the likes of those who used him in 1987. He should know better. Anyway, we absolutely need a champion for the RULE of LAW to lead the way.

I agree with the pick by an earlier blogger on the following: Prof. Warden Narsey, Ro Teimumu, Rt Joni Madraiwiwi, Graham Leung, Imrana Jalal, Attar Singh, Krishna Dutt. Anyone else?

All heart and reason said...

Add Richard Naidu to the list.

Anonymous said...

Add Peni Naulu former Mayor Savusavu, Kalio Tavola and Robin Irwin former Ministers

Mr Snake said...

rockhard Naidu is not champion of rule of law. hes only against the regime cos he lost all government contracts. look now at how his partner john apted trying to get back into favour with the regime by making sure that the good rev goes to jail...he did not put up a real fight against the compromised judiciary...all these lawyers are nothing but low snakes only waiting to strike...watch them speak out nice and clear against the regime after it falls in a heap.
for the moment the paisa is all important and more so than the rule of law. so its best to jup pero, isn't that true rockhard and pufass?

Not Even said...

All ass
Rabuka, whether u like him or not and whether he has a past or not, at least he stands up to the regime by saying what the lamusona press and these paisa faced lawyers wouldn't dare say in public.
so full marks to Rabuka for that.
Only left for him is to do the same publicly here in Fiji and the press to report and publish.
Can these so called rule of law fighters do that here or anywhere else for that matter???
Not even, as the kids say in Fiji English.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka would not even get reported in Fiji. Fiji media!!!??


Imrana Jalal, and friends will bring back the Qarase regime and once again line the pockets of that group,munro leys, howards, tuisolia and his lost 10 million from AFL and Imrana on the cocktail circuit espousing her little brain and pretending to have an Australian accent......sheeesh NO PLEASE ,new hidden people now ,not the same bunch of hidden freeloaders.

Savusavuite said...

Peni Naulu tped the poll in every council election in Savusavu which is mainly an Indian town. He is respected and a firm and fair decision maker. He gets my vote at any time.

Savusavuite said...

Error - Peni 'topped' the vote

Marc Antony said...

Julius "voreqe" Ceasar will soon be betrayed by Brutus "Aiyaz Khaiyum" and CASSIUS " Nazhat Shameem".
Rabuka promoted Cassius to DPP and Aiyaz promoting himself for the next leader......Watch the daggers Julius !!

Anonymous said...

Rabuka, form your own party and get the best and some fresh people with substance to join you like Prof. Warden Narsey, Dr Tupeni Baba, Rt Jone Kubuabola, Felix Anthony, Dan Urai, Charan Jeath Singh, Bernette Ganilau, Sakiusa Raivoce, John Samisoni, Sakiasi Ditoka, Fazrul Rahman and the likes.

Your main rival will be Fiji Labour Party and Bainimarama's party. Without Qarase, SODELPA is a piece of joke and are jst making a mockery of themselves.

There is a political solution that can be produced with Bainimarama's party as long as we get into a democracy no matter the cost.


@1.16AM..I concur with you statement..We need someone who will uphold the law of the land. All we have are those who think they can change the law at will without the voice of the ballot box..Fiji has not matured..we are still fighting against ourselves like 3rd graders

Dharam Lingam said...

ong live Rabuka, !@#$ Bainimagasona and Asshole Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

WTF...you want to be asked? Ok that
is just fine! We the Fijian Nationalist Party herewith ask for
General Rabuka to be our Candidate
in the 2014 General Election! There
we've ask the General to participate in the election, on our behalf?

Prasad said...

Rambuka has my vote next year!

wadana said...

@all heart n reason

A good leader is the one who listen,is a good listener and a doer of what he believes in.

I understand he lives a very simple life after the glamorous life of a leader.

I admired him until today for taking the historical move of marrying the races by way of multiracial party.This saw Mr Ready address the GCC/BLVT meeting!

My hope now is for him to move in for the resurrection of our country should i say.

BC said...

GARRETT: Fiji is also pursuing relationships with other countries. They have upped their involvement with the Melanesian Spearhead group, they've set up new meetings with Pacific Island countries that don't include Australia and New Zealand. Fiji has also joined the non-aligned movement and it is Chair, this year, of the Group of 77. To what extent is this burst of diplomatic activity been driven by Australia's sanctions on Fiji?
RABUKA: I think the full brunt of the blame should be put on Australia.

Is this guy a dickhead or what?
Why blame the Australians?
Did the Australians commit the Coup? No.
Did they tell Bainimarama to do the Coup? No
Did they tell him to go and talk to the Chinese and get Chinese Loans? No
Were they running FRU? No
So what the fark is Rabuka talking about?


So stop blaming the Australians and Kiwis, you fuckwit!

For once in your life take some responsibility for your actions and stop behaving like a two year old.



This is the problem with narcissistic individuals who are lost in the delusion of their own self-importance.


wadana said...

I was wondering whether there is unity amongst our so called political parties who have been working so hard under unrealistic decrees pelted upon them.I take for example the 3 main player Labour,NFP and SoDeLaPa they have formed an umbrella association to voice their argument,i realized that they can not speak on behalf of their party as of now according to the decree imposed,which is the reason they form the association to deal with issues at hand but at the same time informing the public at large where they stand and intentions.
What if this illegal regime neglected on their part and willfully use the status quo till election date?

I hope these parties come together and talk on the issues regarding the future of this country and not their individual party,for them to work together and fight together with a national interest at heart rather than saying that they have a common cause for the nation and doing it independently from each other.

I reckon they must put up a three candidate in each seat contested.In this way fight under one name/individual party it is a 100% sure they will form the next government.This is another way to tilt the boat.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu vei: Anon, July 01 st 8:51pm.
Ka dina taucoko na ka o ni vakaraitaka tiko mai. O au e dua a lewe tu ni TF. E siviya e 30 na yabaki na noqu a lewena tu. E na gauna oya, sa dua na ka na neimami dau cibitaka tu na salusalu [uniform] keimami a dau daramaka tu.
Keimami dau yalodei ka yalokaukaua ni keimami kila ni tu e daukui kemami na Vanua, Matanitu kei na Lotu.
Isa, na gauna oya.
'Isa lei aguna mo na lesu tale mai'.
Ra kalougata saka tiko na sotia kei na Mataivalu ka a au a kila ena GAUNA OYA!!

Anonymous said...

E sega ni macala vei au. E ra kila na sotia nei Voreqe na 'Spit and Polish' se sega?
O keimami na sotia dina e na gauna oya, qo e dua na i matai na ka e dau vakavulici vei keimami. Na i vakavuvuli qo e dua tiko na yavu ni DISCIPLINE. Qo e ra sa vaka DESERT BOOTS na nona sotia. Dessert Boots ni cava? Na Desert Boots e dau daramaki e na desert!!
Sa rauta ga me sa sega na discipline!!

Anonymous said...

Oi yau we fakapo! E ra sa bau vaka desert boots tale ga na ovisa!!
E dua mai loli ka dua mai....lola!!
E ra nanuma beka ni raiarai vinaka??
E sega Bau ni yavu uluKAU!!

All heart and reason said...

Yes they can and they have... @ Not Even, 9.20am

Where hve you been since '06coup since those lawyers that turn your hide green with envy have stuck their necks out defending the rule of law and speaking out against the curtailing of human rights - only to pay the price dearly. Or didn't you know?

All heart and reason said...

Vinaka wadana @ 12.43pm for sharing your views. A good leader is much, much more than those traits you've listed, at least in my book. All the best anyway.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka blaming the Aussies for our problems instead of Bainimarama and his fellow traitors is just one example of how Rabuka's statements don't stand up to scrutiny, as Anonymous @ 1:16 so ably stated.

Anonymous said...

Peace Should Reign, it sounds like someone in the circle of the Shameem sisters is awfully insecure. Enjoy your dirty money and titles, because you will never have our respect.

Lawyers in Parasites Islands said...

the lawyers fighting for rule of law like dakuwaqa and his army,,,sounds of silence...where have you been anon lawyer in the last seven years,,,airyass gets rid of the law society and the lawyers stay silent, shaneem threatens the lawyers, and they stay silent, airyass and Antoinette make sure the courts are dysfunctional, and the lawyers stay silent,,,indeed the senior ones in the likes of adish, chen, apted, clark are now regime lackies. sorry I don't hear any lawyer saying bla bla bla like they used to do whatever the circumstances....the sounds of silence, u money faced greedy lot.

Anonymous said...

"Fiji needs fresh faces!" "We want Rabuka!" "Could Nirmal Singh be the answer?" "Give us Barabbas!"

Look to the regime's goon squad to continue to seed C4.5 with mischievous comments designed to distract and misdirect.

A firend once told me how it happens in his country. A group of wealthy (and in his country's case Chinese) businessmen approach you, urging you to run for office, extolling your virtues, raving about your popularity, and offering you a ton of money to support your run. You finally agree and announce your candidacy. The businessmen disappear, and the promised support never materialises. You lose, but you draw enogh support from the main challenger to enable the corrupt incumbent to win a plurality.

The regime hopes to use a variant of this same ploy here. Divide and rule. The last thing this regime wants is a unified opposition.

So expect it to continue its shabby games. The last thing Bainimarama wants to see is an opposition united behind our most obvious choice for leader, the Gone Marama Bale Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers in Parasites Island, virtually the only people who have stood up against this regime are attornies, not just through legal challenges but physically standing with protest placards outside Government House. Backed by goons with guns, this illegal regime suspended the entire judiciary, required attornies to be licensed under new and rigged licensing requirements, pushed the better judges out of Fiji, and recruited new judges, who the regime immediately dismissed if they showed any sign of judicial independence.

Did all of this just happen to miss your attention? Does any of this ring a bell with you at all?

As for Dakuwaqa, who say he's an attorney? Hihi, I've also heard he's a Methodist bishop or an SAS officer. How do you know he isn't a fish monger at the market or a janitor in Brisbane? He could be anyone. So you traitors better all stay alert. He might be coming up behind you right now.

Parasitic Islanders said...

sorry marc antony, the betrayal will be the other way round...the bananas man has a reputation of liumuris that is internationally renowned,,,he will betray the kai india to stay in power like he betrayed all others who have stood by the thug when his survival is at stake,,,did u see any kai india or any other race go with him to Russia...no no no all kaivitis.
it is so true what rabuka says...Fiji is becoming a nation of parasites...living off the people and beating up and locking up old people, qarase, then mere next then chaudhary, then yabaki, ,,, rabuka should have added,,, a nation of cowards just like the leader ratu bananas.

veilomani tevita said...

Sa neiJiova ko Vuravura keina ka kecega sa sonai kina kei irasa tiko kina. Its time the I taukei seek divine intervention for their disobedience to the Lord. We are blaming all the politicians and badmouthing those in power but us individually? how can u and me help in building up a good Fiji for our children? swearing and cursing willnot resolve Fijis situation.Obedience and humility onto the Lord will give Fiji victory in all aspects of our life. Fiji is not excempted from the words of the Lord. Look into the book of Haggai The warning was given before 1987 by Habakkuk versus 1:1-4. Yet ourleaders became selfish and continued to turn from the Lord. Spiritual Babylonians have entered the souls of Fiji leaders 1: 5-11. The whole of Fiji needs tonow turn to the Lord orperish. Chiefs, Leaders, families and all..lets pray and fast for a better Fiji. Not by power of strength but only by my spirit says says the Lord of Hosts. His spirit opened up the Red Sea and Jordan River. Its not difficult for Him to resolve the situation in Fiji. Believe in him and have Faith. Stop all the cursing and swearing. This is what happened to the Israelites beside the red sea...confused, finger pointing, and soon..there is nothing difficult to the Lord. Fiji need God fearing men at this end times. God will provide them. God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@Veilomani Tevita

When so many Fijian's live under the control of your selfish bitter and aggressive religious dictators spewing their hate from the pulpit every day the people only follow what they do.

It's religion and its plastic christian cult that has and is causing Fiji's problems.

Democracy going from strength to strength said...

Tahrir Square is happening! Egyptians know how to walk their talk - President Morsi is overthrown. Chief Justice is interim President (pls don't get any ideas iCJ Gates of Fiji's junta!) and interim administration will see the country through another presidential election.

All heart and reason said...

@ veilomani tevita

Yes, and God our heavenly Father gave each of us the free will, and endowered each of us with the means (intelligence and wisdom) to choose well.

Let us pray:
"Probe me, Yahweh, examine me,
Test my heart and my mind in the fire.
For your faithful love is before my eyes,
and I live my life by your truth.
Do not couple me with sinners, nor my life with men of violence,
whose hands are stained with guilt, their right hands heavy with bribes." Amen.
~ Psalms 26:2-3, 9-10.

Let's keep the faith and stay on course. May God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka owes more to the people of Fiji. It's only right that we vote him back to power.


Rabuka should go back to drekeniwai where he belongs. People have had enough of him. He is an "angel of light that will deceive the very elect"

Anonymous said...

Please no Sitiveni, sa rauta mada, we had enough of your political games that you gain from yourself. You fcuked up this country with your coup vutulaki calling it for the taukei.....it was really just for you, your army friends and Ex QVS. Go and stand in your farm and count the dalo plants.............lol

All heart and reason said...

I'm curious, could you explain/describe to me what is an "angel of light"?

@ Anonymous 3.16pm
Sorry but you don't make sense, as in "commonsense". Can you try again? Vinaka.

paula raqeukai said...

@ Anonymous 10.01pm

please refrain from using Ex-QVS to down-grade rabuka because not all of us who went through that cachet boys school believe in his philosophy...just stick to the issue mate!

Anonymous said...

Tovata Paula Raqeukai, o iratou na vosavosa taka tiko mai na QVSOB qori e ratou blog tiko ga mai na SODELPA office.

Sega ni dua na ka yaga ratou cakava, ratou blog tokaga me vaka na tamata macawa sega na kedra yaga

eyntur 307

Anonymous said...

anon 6.28 kua na vaqara support caititukamu...o Qarase ex qvs

Anonymous said...

Rabuka should apologise to Netball Fiji too since he was rooting their CEO wainikiti.

mark manning said...

Fijians need to move beyond blaming and judging one another, while at the same time, taking responsibility and promoting truth.
While the many remain divided, the Regime celebrates that division and continues to maintain its strangle hold on every facet of Fijians lives.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mark Manning for you comment @ 9:42 PM July 05.

The only way to get all of us to move forward is to stop blaming each other. We also need to forgive each other. Fijians need to forgive Indians who also need to forgive Fijians. Bainimarama needs to forgive his enemies as well as we need to forgive Bainimarama and his advocates even if we have suffered under their dictatorial rule and unjust laws.

Rabuka has shown penitence for his past actions and we need to forgive him because God forgives and He wants us to forgive too else He will incur his wrath upon us.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum can be forgiven too if they regret their illegal actions and show the people and families whom they have wronged that they are sorry. The ball is in their court. If they will not submit to God's will, then they will regret it later in life because God is no "respecter of persons".

Rabuka is in better standing before God now because he is regretting his past actions. The onus is also on us the people and even chiefs and the proud to humble ourselves before God and submit ourselves to His will like Rabuka has commenced to do.

This is the only sure and certain way for our beloved Fiji to move forward.

Kevaka eda vosavosa ca tiko, ka dau veiwali ca tiko, ka vakyacora tale tiko ga na i tovo ca ka butobuto, sa kena gauna qo meda muduka kina ka kere veivosoti vua na Kalou kei ira tale ga eda cala vei ira. Keda na sega ni vosoti ira era kere veivosoti vei keda, e na qai noda ga na kena sasa kei na rarawa ni na sega vosoti keda kina na Kalou cecere.

A Voice In The Wilderness (Maybe)

Anonymous said...

Anon:July 5, 2013 at 5:14 PM

E tauyavutaki na koronivuli ko QVS me nodra koro ga ni vuli kina ko ira na TURAGA ka me ra na dau nanuma tiko ena veisiga me ra na dau maroroya, katona ka taqomaka na nodra Vanua, Lotu kei na Matavuvale ena gauna ni nodra cakacaka tiko kina ena Matanitu.

Ko QVS mai na nodra rai na Turaga sa Bale ko Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna me kakua ni dua na gauna me buturaki sobu kina na Vanua kei na Lotu kei na kena i tovo vakavanua vakaturaga, me maroroi na qele kei na yaubula ni vanua ka me tiko voli ga e ligada na i taukei kei Viti na veiliutaki vakaturaga kei na kena i tovo ni vakarokoroko, veilomani kei na veidokai. Na kena i vakadinadina levu sa i koya na nodra tayavutaka kina ko Ratu Sukuna na Native Land Trust Board & Native Land Commission ka buli vata kaya kei na kena LAWA (Laws)me kakua ni basuraki tu kina vakaveitalia de era na qai vakalolomataki tu kina ko ira na noda kawa i taukei kei Viti mai muri.

E sa rui ka dina ni rarawa meu vakaraitaka eke ni taura ga e 57 na yabaki ni nodra bale na Gone Turaga Bale ko Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna sa yaco na leqa vei keda na Kai Viti. Matai sara tu ga ni veisau yaca na "FIJIAN" ka tarava yani na yaca na "iTaukei Land Trust Board" etc. etc.

Ko Vulinitu (Vuli ni Turaga) se Queen Victoria School e sa mai vakaleqa tu oqo na Vanua, Lotu kei na Matavuvale. Era lewe levu duadua na QVS era dabeca ma i dabedabe ni veiliutaki ni noda Matanitu. E rui ka di na ni rarawa meu vakaraitaka eke ni QVS sa basuraka ka buturaka sobu na veiliutaki vakaturaga vakavanua eda dau kilai tani kina. Na kena i vakadinadina levu ga koya na nodra sa beitaki tu oqo vakalawa ena corruption,abuse of office, embezzlement, fraudulent, drunkards,womanizer, adulterers, ego, greedy, etc. etc.kei na Liu-Muri. Ko Filipe Bole, Minister for Education is a good example ni Liu-Muri.

Veikemuni kece sara na exQVS ko ni dau nanumi kemuni ga vakataki kemuni ena yalo kocokoco, lawakica,dokadoka, daumateni, dauyalewa, lasulasu, butabutako etc.etc., ena dau muri kemuni tiko na cudru ni Vanua, Lotu kei na Matavuvale. It is good to see you serving God today in His Church sevices But do not do it again when you repent and recovered from it, please.


Soldier Boys drop your guns and walkaway, Ni yalovinaka ni taqomaka na noda Vanua, Lotu kei na Matavuvale before it is too late.

Ex-QVS ba leqa eda sai donuya tu oqo e nomuni saka. Master Filipe Bole na Dau ni Liu-Muri, Greed and Ego is a good example. Vinaka Saka vakalevu.

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments in this blog are shifting theeri blame and critics against the Methodish church and the chiefs.I wonder if those peiople makinmg those critics understand the value of culture and Traditiom and religion?QWhen we tralk about the chiefs were are actually talking obout the people, their Land with their tradition and culture and language. In fact it is our identity.and when christianity came in our chief accepted it and nit blended well with our culture. Now the church and the vanua were already existing when the politics started making its way in then other races started comming in and so on and so forth.The point I wish to stresc is why are we blaming the chiefs and the church ie mehtodish church.Did they cause the 2006 coup ? the 1987 and 2000 cuop are done and gone but the 2006 coup is still on going. Why is it still on going ? Is it because of the chiefs and the mehtodist church ?Why is bainimarama and his cohoots are still hanging on to it? If Bainimarama is a real strongman than he has to be prepare to face thwe consequent of his criminal act.So please do not blame our chiefs and the methodist church and blame the people who are actually doing it and those who help them to do it .Finally ,we can not dwell and waste our precious time with what Bainimarama and Kaiyum are doing. Its good for them ans they are filling their pocket but not good for the majority of honest and innocent people who are struggling day by day to make ends meet.

Anonymous said...

I humbly request those of you who are using vulgar language to please refrain and contribute positively. I know and understand that those who are swearing in this blog are soldiers but in doing so you are actually exposing youselves to the whole world that you have no brain and just like Bainimarama the mouth piece of Kaiyum.

Anonymous said...

If you think that there will be a election next year then you need help. This present government will make believe about the election and we will all participate in it as well since they say it will only take 1 day.... Yes 1 day. So, indirectly they will take us through that poll system and the rest but still come out victorious. If you're earning way above your pay packet and have the power to manipulate the system wouldn't you keep manipulating it to suit you? Only one way to solve this........we powerless people get together and take them out from top to bottom but we still need some help from some army people inside this government to give some idea on how to use the guns.

Anonymous said...

Anon:July 7, 2013 at 12:54 AM

Vinaka vakalevu. Muslim are the instigators of divisions in Fiji and the world. The victory drums is about to start beating. The more they swore at our Chiefs and Christian faith, the better and stronger the Fijians will justify our retaliatory actions against by Muslim's provocations. We are all on global records through this blog. The end is coming closer and it will be better then the beginning.

Hate mongers Rajesh Singh and Rajen Chaudhry said...

Anon 1238pm.

you are falsely blaming Muslim; either you are a misguided itaukei looking for scapegoats because you can't deal with the fact that Fijian leaders, including chiefs, are fighting each other for power, or you are Rajesh Singh from Auckland who has been spewing pure venom against muslims. Or you could be rajen chaudhry, sone of mahen chadhry, who everyone knows his off is rockers.

You are the real instigators of divisions in Fiji and you using christian religion as a tool.

There have been lists published of selected hindus and itaukei that support and benefit from the coup. The list is far longer than muslim list. Perhaps we should bring back that list.

Bottom line, its not race or religion, support fir coup is based on opportunism and greed, which transcends race or religion

itaukei should not fall for the evil tricks of Rajesh Singh and rajen chaudhry who use religion for creating communal discord for their own political agenda.

Rajesh singh has a history of using Fijians to get to positons or power, and he is still trying to use them.

Rajesh and rajen are truly evil for what they doing.

Anonymous said...

Many of my Muslim friends are not proud of the atrocities committed around the world in the name of Allah. Serious atrocities.

They also denounce the spiritual leaders who us their mosque as a training ground to corrupt young men who are disenfranchised.

They acknowledge that they are Muslims committing these acts. They do not deny it.

@ Hate Mongers......

Have a look at the list of incompetent Muslims who have been promoted by this regime. You cannot deny it. IT IS A FACT.

You turn around and blame the Itaukei using them as scapegoats?

When reasonably minded Muslims acknowledge what these people have done to Fiji why can't you?

Are you reasonably minded or are you one of the incompetent assholes promoted out of their depth to the detriment of our beautiful country.

Accept the facts. These (non-practicing) Muslims are behind our current problems.

MPC and RC are no different. Non practicing Hindi's out to greedily get there hands on whatever they can.

It has nothing to do with religion. It is all about power and domination.

Open your eyes. Denounce these people if you are a man of faith.

We need leaders of all backgrounds. Leaders with integrity and CLEAN HANDS.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.45pm, looks like you had too much kava last might and still hung over. read my post carefully: I am denouncing all coup supporters, be they christian, muslim or hindus. I am saying more hindus and even more Christians support the coup, be they practising religionists or not. Finally I am saying it has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with greed and opportunism - the same thing you are saying.

I am from hindu background who thinks muslims are bing picked on unfairly by the real coup plotters to hide their involvement. Just because a few Muslims are prominent in the regime doesn't mean you can blame them all.
Leaders of Hindu organisations were very open in their support for the coup. it's these individuals, not all hindus, should blamed.

paula raqeukai said...

to anonymous July 6, 2013 at 9:08 AM

vinakavakalevu na cau mai ena blog oqo...kerea ga mo nanuma vinaka tiko ni o QVS e koronivuli ni matanitu dina ga ni a sucu mai me ra laki vakarautaki kina na turaga bale kei Viti mera dau veiliutaki vinaka....na kaukauawa e tiko e QVS e vakatau tikoga vua na matanitu e veiliutaki tiko sega ni o ira na vuli-oti mai QVS se old scholars....na old boys e tiko na nona i yalayala se laini me muria ka sega ni vakatulewa vakadua ena kena cicivaki na koronivuli....tovolea mo raica rawa o oya ni o bera ni beitaki ira na ex-qvs....eda tamata malumalumu kece ena ruku ni vuravura vua na Kalou bula ko Jisu Karisito...wili kina o iko kei au...tovolea mo dau raica vakamalua na veivosaki ni o bera ni o cauraka mai na nomu vakayatuyatu malumalumu...o ira kece talega na vuli mai qvs era sega ni tamata dokadoka me vaka o varaitaka tiko mai oqori...na dokadoka e vakatau na vakavuvuli a vakayacori vua edua na gone mai vale....e qvs e sega kina na dokadoka ke dua e dokadoka e vakaraitaka tikoga na nona koro kei na nona matavuvale.....na corruptions, na dauyalewa se cava ga o vakaraitaka tiko mai qori e sinai tu ena noda vuravura oqo ka sega walega ni o ira era vuli mai qvs...se vaka e vei?????????....tovolea mo dau vaksamataka vakavinaka na nomu mona nio bera ni o ceburaka mai na yalomu.....otioti ga ni ka au via tukuna vei iko mo nanuma vinaka sara ni o ira kece era vuli mai qvs e sega ni tautauvata na nodra mona ni veiqaravi se vakabauta vaka-politiki....era tamata solia tu na galala ena vakatulewa ni dua na tamata....vuli mai qvs se warai....nuitaka ni o na ciqoma na i tukutuku oqo....baleta ni sa rui rabai levu sara na nomuni vei warning-taki keimami tiko na ex-qvs....ke o sega ni taleitaki Filipe Bole se Rabuka lako ga vua ka vakaraitaka vua na lomamu....kakua ni tamata RAVARAVA mo vosataki keimami tu mai ena mona livaliva oqo....duidui na tamata duidui talega na vakabauta....rawa ni o taraia au mai ena noqu mobile 9068581...na yacaqu o Paula Raqeukai au gone ni Saqani mai Cakaudrove... ke o via vosa mai vakadodonu ena tikina oqori.....Kalougata tiko na sasaga meda vueta-vata na noda vanua lomani ena gauna bolebole oqo...

Anonymous said...

@ July 8, 2013 at 1:37 PM Paula Raqeukai.

Vinaka vakalevu na nomu nanuma koni vakaraitaka mai. Au a vosa tiko ena vukudra era sa vakasakei, vesu ka so era sa wawa veilewai tiko oqo e tautuba ka vuqa tale era sa vaqaqai tiko oqo e ligadra na ovisa. Tarogi Poseci Bune mada ena na nodra gauna ni veiliutaki ena PSC ni oti ga na 1987 Coup nei Rabuka?

Nai veika au vakaraitaka e vakabitabakidua vei ira era sa vuli oti mai QVS ka taura tu na i tutu cecere ni veiliutaki ni noda matanitu sa oti, ka era sa waraka tiko oqo na nodra veilewaitaki ena veicala era a vakayacora oti.

Vuqa ga na gauna eda raici ira ena QVS Club gunu. mateni ka kau yalewa gone se yalewa vakawati, kakase, veimau i lavo etc. etc. Era sega ni bau nanuma na bibi ni vuli kei na lotu era rawata mai QVS mera vakayataka ki na Vanua, Lotu kei na Matavuvale. Levu era vesu ena butako kei na corruption.

Paula Raqeukai, kevaka ko i kemuni edua vei ira au sa ceburaka oti, mo tucake sara vakatagane ka colata na kemu i totogi. Ia, kevaka e sega, ni kakua sara ni koni bau leqataka kina edua na ka... ni colata ga na Vanua, Lotu kei na Matavuvale mevaka na veika daru a vulica vata mai QVS ni oti koto ga na nodra dau namuraki au ena beleti se kau na Turaga qase ni vuli vakacegu era sa bale yani ko Master Naru se Master Rupeni e RKS. Oqo na vuli kaukaua ka mosi ia au mai kila kina na noqu i tavi dina sara ni veivakaturagataki kei na bula ni veikawaitaki vakavanua ki na Vanua, Lotu kei na Matavuvale ka vakauasivi na noqu gaunisala ni veiwekani ki na veiyasana vakaturaga e 14 ka vakabibi ena koro ko Vuniwai kei Nabouono mai Saqani.

Na veika au cavuta e vakabi tabakidua ga vei ira na ex QVS era vakayacora na leqa ni Vanua eda sa donuya tu oqo na kena revurevu ena vuku ni nodra kocokoco ni lomadra kei na dokadoka ka sega nira REREVAKA NA KALOU KA DOKA NA TUI se NOQU KALOU NA NOQU VANUA. Kena usutu levu ga koya ni ra sega ga ni lotu dina.

Kevaka ga eda sa sega ni taqomaki ira na noda Turaga Bale kei na Marama Bale se Turaga ni Vanua sa na oti talega kina na noda kaukaua na Kai Viti se iTaukei kei Viti ....sa vinaka cake ga meda tekiduru ka reguca na noda qele se Vanua and say "GOOD BYE FIJI". Vinaka saka vakalevu.

paula raqeukai said...

@anonymous July 8, 2013 at 8:41 PM

Au sa vakacegu ni o sa qai vakamatata-taka na tikina ni cauraka tiko mai....baleta na nomuni vosa mai eliu osa okati keimami tuga mai vakatautauvata na vuli oti mai qvs...o au sega ni ceburaki mai veikemuni baleta niu sega mada ga ni kilai kemuni baleta ni vuni tikoga mai na yacamuni....keda tukuna tiko na kadina, savasava kei na dodonu au vakabauta ni sega ni rawa nida na vuni-taka tiko na yacada se vakai evei???????????????...o au edua vei ira na copra farmer mai saqani...na noqu job na vakayagataki qele wili kina na noqu tovolea mera vukei na kai noqu ena vuravura ni bisinisi....na ka era a cakava na ex-qvs e sega kina ni dua na noqu baigani baleta na dina ena qai laurai ga mai....kera a cala dina era na qai sotava ga....na kena maroroi na noda vanua, kei na kena i tovo wili kina o ira na turaga kei na marama bale e vakatau tiko vei keda kece na taba tamata e vakatokai na i taukei se kai viti ena vanua oqo o viti.....o Voreqe e sega ni vuli mai qvs io na ka vakayacora tiko ena gauna oqo oya esa buturaka sobu tiko na kawa i taukei se vakai evei oya????????????....bokoca na GCC kei na provincial reps....au kerei kemuni moni dau raica vinaka na vei ka eso ni bera ni o kaburaka mai na ca ni yalomu se na nomu sega ni duavata kei ira na ex-qvs era sega ni duavata kei na nomuni vakanananu....na noda kaukauwa na kai viti oya na noda tamata dau cakacaka vakadodonu, lotu vakavinaka ka dina ka dau cakacakataka na nona qele baleta oya na i solisoli ni Kalou vei keda.....

Anonymous said...

@ Paula Raqeukai. July 9, 2013 at 9:56 AM.

Vinaka vakalevu na dau teitei mera kana kina na matavuvale. Na wekamu ga ena mecataki iko tale. Kaukua sara ni ka no kurabui ni kop se tiko ga mai na i teitei sa tukuni yani vei kemuni ni sa volitaki oti na nomu qele ka sa vinakati moni lako tani mai kina ni sa sega na nomu vanua. Mevaka ni vakaiyalayala ga na nomu kila na veika me baleta na politiki, ekenomiki kei na matanitu ko Viti au ketea mo qamuta na gusumuni ka vosa ga mai ena ka ko kila vinaka. Ko rerevaki Poseci Bune? Sa rui levu na leve davo kei na vovodea saka ni sau ni nomuni vola oqo.

Au vola tiko edua na ka e titobu kina na noqu kila na veika vakamatanitu, vakavanua, vakalotu kei na bula vakavuvale ka bau kina na veika me baleti vuravura.

Kerea mo ni kakua saka ni saqata na mua ena solia tu mai na nomuni naba ni talevoni kei na yacamuni me kila ko vuravura ka qai kacivaki raraba ni vakatokai ni koni turaga SAQAMUA. Qarauna vinaka na wewe ni yavamuni de na qai ceburaki me kilai eke. Paula au 'ilai i'o va'are.

Maroroya ga vakavinaka na Gone Turaga na Tui Saqani kei na nodra veiwekani vakaturaga vakavanua.Vinaka saka vakalevu.

Operation Vueti Viti said...

Keimami sa duavata tu qo na ex qvs, rks, marist, sgs, natabua, labasa college, etc me keimami na tokona na SODELPA. Bind mai Viti!

paula raqeukai said...

@anonymous July 9, 2013 at 8:48 PM

vinakavakalevu na i tukutuku ni vakaraitaka tiko mai ena mona livaliva oqo....sa na kurabui dina kina o i keimami na copra farmer....sa yawa o kemuni....dua ga na vakasala veikemuni oya kerea ke DINA, SAVASAVA KA DODONU tiko na nomuni vakasama ni tukuna mai vakadodonu na yacamuni me keimamikilai iko mada kua ni TAMATA RAVARAVA mo vunitaka tiko mai na yacamu ka via vakarerevaki tiko na nomu vosavosa....ke o ni vei ceburaki au ena loma ni mona livaliva oqo cakava sega ni dua na ka vei au baleta niu tukuna tiko na ka dina.....se vaka e vei???????? NA DINA eda sega nui rerevaka na tukuna baleta nida vakabauta na Turaga o Jisu Karisito.....au copra farmer tuga mai na koro io sega ni kena i balebale oya niu sega ni kila na ka e yaco tiko ena loma ni bula vaka politiki, ikanomiki se matanitu ena noda vanua kei vuravura....e tiko talega e dua noqu vale ni volavola lailai ena toba i laucala e rawa ni o sikova mai ke o vinakata mo digova vakamatailalai na vei ka o nanuma tiko oqori ni o sa kila tiko vakatitobu....laurai vei iko na LAILAI NI NOMU KILA KA VAKAYAVU TAUKEI baleta ni o sega madaga ni kila vinaka tiko na i cavuti dina ni noqu vanua vakaturaga o Saqani....KAISI O IKO....BOKOLA!!....na noqu vanua na kena i cavuti vakaturaga o NAKADRUMA/TEITEICIVA VUA NA TURAGA BALE NA TUI VANUA LEVU...SEGA NI DUA NA I CAVUTI NA TUI SAQANI...KAISI IKO....KE O TAGANE DINA QIRI AU MAI...na noqu naba au sa solia oti yani vei iko ke dredre na qiria na noqu mobile qiria mai na noqu office land ena 3232586 me daru veitalanoa taka mada na ka o nanuma tiko oqori ni o sa kila tu vaka titobu.....

Tui Viti said...

@Vaula Raqeukai
Cava mada sa mai boleboletaka tale tiko o iko.
Tui Vanua levu se Tui Davuilevu se Tui Da
Gauna qo sa nomu tui tiko o Kaiyum. Drau veicai.
Ya ga na nomu tui.
Tui Aiyaz Kaiyum kei nona matanivanua Bainimagaitinana.
Kua tale na mai vakalevuvosa tiko.
Vosa yani o Kaiyum o kemuni kece qori ni vakamuria na ka e vakatulewa kina o koya.
Kua tale na vosa. Ni veicai.

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