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Friday, June 7, 2013

Dictator and sidekick pocketing more than a million each a year in salaries

Ongoing hypocrisy - political parties have been given until midday to declare their assets and liabilities to the registrar, Mohammed Saneem, but no sign of the regime turning its pockets out.

Party officials and applicants from the Social Democratic Liberal Party, the Fiji Labour Party and the National Federation Party also have to disclose the assets and liabilities of their spouses and children!

The Political Parties Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures Decree demands, too, that they detail business connections, directorships, and gifts received - whether in Fiji or abroad.

No evidence though of the military dictatorship fronting up with the promised breakdown of its earnings, liabilities, offshore bank accounts, monies in trust for their wives and children etc etc etc.

To level some of that imbalance, we publish here the takings of the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, and illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, to remind us of the inequities in Fiji today under this military dictatorship.

The figures, sourced from insiders and charted for us by blogger Discombobulated Bubu, shows Bainimarama and Khaiyum raking in more than a million each a year from heading so many portfolios - and close to $6,000 a day between them - while the average Fijian is getting by on just $16.80 a day.

Trust the figures: they are reliable.

Editor's Note: Reminding people, too, to send an email to the New Zealand or Australian government in support of the plight of workers in Fiji. See the major union campaign currently underway but closing soon at the following link: http://destinationfiji.org/


mark manning said...

No accountability for all the kickbacks (money stuffed into envelopes and handed to them in person)! One can only imagine how much that amounts to.

Anonymous said...

The average worker does not run a nation...what did YOU expect? The PM and AG's salary to be $16/day? Wake up.

Anonymous said...

If a rumuor keeps on persisting as this one IT IS TRUE!.

Please Bai and Kaiyum declare and defend it for your life after 2014! if it happens I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Trust the figures? I have a bridge in Nausori to sell to anyone gullible enough to take anything published at face value.

Patrik said...

@Anon you got any more figures to dispute it ? If not please sell your bridge by all means.

Fonua Tamairau said...

Sa qai laurai tu na da.

Wailei Bainimarama, sa ma kua no o koko mo tamata ca butabutako sara no vuaka koisi bokala.

The Truth said...

and how much was the other prime ministers were paid??
put these figures up for comparison then you will be seen as fair. and Obamas and Keys and Gilards and O'Neils..these figures should be easy to get because they are public informations

No Defence said...

anon 11.18am...yea like the land bank and the Fijian land is safe by the muslim advisers.

Anonymous said...

Anon June 7;10:54.....

You must be the one sucking Bainimarama and Khaiyums balls....Wake up you fucken shit like these two thieves...

Anonymous said...

But think of the increased efficiency by not having lots of different ministers undertake these roles.

A massive saving for the country and one that perhaps other governments should take note of, if of course this is true.

The Arny Choirmaster said...

just to keep up with this Fridays theme...theres a song about this - Carribean beat. its called the GAY MAN ISLANDS and it goes like this.

composed by Sgt Major Tikomaisona
to be performed by the All Fijisonas band.

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And the peoples say help yourself to my asse


But I'm gay to say
My son is gay and I'm here to stay
I've muslim brothers who will give me pay
A million dollars is all I say

Verse 2:

Down in the markets you can hear
Fijians say their land is here
I give the peoples all far and near
Chinamans Russians and Onetalk spear


Verse 3:

I love my millions all of you hear
Fijians and all you no race dear
The chiefs are drinking home brew beer
Under the mangoe trees with lots of fear


Verse 4:

I have no fear cos muslims here
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...All believers in the true one and the real one sing along tonite and the whole weekend at your grog sessions.
Army choirmaster.

Anonymous said...

anon 1224pm
efficiency??? how can one man do all these things efficiently if at all?
you might as well have as many ministers as you have salaries cos no savings in money terms.
these fellas have one brain (wishful thinking) and that's it. baini cant even answer a yes no answer and the airhead cant tell the truth.
more like decreased efficiency than anything you blockhead.

Credit only where its due said...

Anon at 10.54am But he is n ot running the country with a mandate is he??? And his salary is not by mandate is it??? And take away all the propaganda Fiji is a seething mess, isn't it??? There is no way a legitimate country can be as busy as Fiji appears to be under the hands of this unelected government - even the |United States is not this busy. Its president, elected twice now by millions of voters, gets nowhwere near what Frank and Aiyaz are getting - that comes from being able to overpower and control everything in the country from the public service to the army, media, unions and churches and yes citizens.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7.18 And how many of your bridges can you guarantee - as being well built and paid for with clean money, eh? C'mon sell your father's bridge!!!

Anonymous said...

In Fiji employees work to survive they're not working to earn a living.which is if they are out of employment there is nothing to lean back to,no financial mechanism to support individual after retiring or laid off.The salary structure is pathetic.
I reckon if the current government can release FNPF money to those who have but are no longer employed,it's nonsense to keep them and wait until they turn 55yrs.People are struggling to survive,if savings from FNPF is release to this lot it will flow back into the general economy structure as they will set up business,buy farm implements,fishing gear,pay licenses,pay fees etc.It will have a positive effect in return.

I'm certain there is a pay rise before 2014 election..!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG....and multiply by 7 years plus free car, free house, boci guards, will be very high more. Dis is madness daylight robbery.

My pay $1.70 one hr but enjoy my job.

Security Guard, Suva.

SEMI MEO said...

...uh...Australia, China, US, NZ and Gau; all contributing to the Rear Admirla's pay check till 2014...and may be beyond!!

...now figures how a 500K plus property alleged to bought by the Mrs.

Now the Rear Admiral may be guilty of smoking OPIUM....uh..sorry..uh.. OPM...Other People Money!...either way, both sure blinds!!

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa & Semi Meo time to call the FBI's forensic expert to trace where all these millions going to?These two are not fool to keep them it certainly invested either overseas,real estate,business partnership,hotel industries so on n so forth.
Don't forget the CHINA RED POUCH[red envelope]usually given as show of appreciation n it's usually cash!!
The Muslim countries adopted this china tradition and they called it GREEN ENVELOPE again it's all cash on hand...!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Australian PM salary is $490, 430.00 and that information is publicly available as opposed to these two thieving morons who are paid more for looking after a country that is tiny in comparison on all measures. Just google Australian PM salary and you'll get all the info you need.

7 year itch said...

Forensics will certainly prove things once and for all but in reality there has been nothing to stop the government publicising its salaries and ministerial expenses.

Anonymous said...

NZ Prime Minister gets 410,000...Cabinet Ministers $260,000 and MPs $142,000. Also easy to google.

Why do the people of Fiji guess what its government pays itself.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Anon June 7, 2013 at 1:58 PM

Or..may be it is time for former Fiji Com Pol Hughes, now in a vanatge post in UN Police or something.. to finally get his revenge for being kicked out by the Rear Admiral ..and his treasured yacht...uh...was it reduces to ashes or lost?

Com on Mr. Hughes..get you agent binod to follow the alleged money trail..we may just be suprised where it leads to!!

Anonymous said...

I do not have an issue with Bainimarama and Khaiyum earning their rightful salary of a PM ($170,000.00) and Solicitor General ($150,000.00) respectively. But I certainly do not agree with one person “acting in 11 other positions” and a blind blogger claiming “it’s increased efficiency.” This person certainly has no idea what efficiency means!

How can one person do 11 different jobs at the same time better than what 11 different people can do? Furthermore, it adds to insult when the one person we are talking about here is not even qualified for a single one of those 11 jobs. Efficiency?????

For the other blind blogger who defends this most unethical practice by stating that “ordinary workers do not run a country”, hey, wake up, nut! The cost of running the country (as a PM) is only $170,000.00 per year; not the staggering $1,326,000.00 as shown in this report.

My plea to all Blind Bloggers and supporters of this most unethical government, forget about the benefits you’ve got out of this government – they won’t last! Think of our country and our future generations!

Your grandchildren and great grandchildren will one day ask "Why is it always so hard to make ends meet?" We, the generation of today, will have to answer for their misery if people such as Bainimarama and Khaiyum are allowed to carry on!

Imbeccile Khaiyum sn his dunce magistrate Sufia Hamza said...

MPs on fat salary but poor struggle and judiciary has gone mad under AG Khaiyum, an imbecile.

Consider in today's Sun a Makoi woman charged with stealing 50mm bottle of Dhani lotion from MHCC worth $8.

Was there a need to take this court and waste court time and taxpayer money or better to warn the woman and let her go for such a minor case?

But case went to court.

Did magistrate Sufia Hamza dispose off such a simple case quickly and cost-efficiently.

No, she adjourned it to June 6.

Like the country, judiciary has gone to the dogs.

This is what happens when you have mediocre AG who just knows hot to shoot his mouth most if the time.

Anonymous said...

Time to sack all my low skilled workers as they have been screwing me.

Telling me they are struggling and poorly paid when they have been earning four times the Average workers pay according to this article.

Should be easy to replace them with others happy to at least get the chance of working for an Average wage for minimal skills.

Thanks C4.5 !

Trues Up said...

Frank and Aiyarse taking all the key posts to ensure they are in control of important sectors so everything is run them how they want it.

Frank is kidding no one. He is too thick to be in charge of all of these portfolios so it's just a way to make him important.

He then compounds this stupidity by paying himself for every portfolio. No other word for it but a rort. Corruption.

BC said...


So many Fijian kids suffering malnutrition because their mother dont have money for food.
Young Fijian men killing themeselves because of unemployment and no money to buy food...and yet THIS ARSEHOLE CONTINUING TO FARK THE COUNTRY.

I think all Fijians need to know HOW BADLY THIS GUY IS FARKING THEM UP.
Can we get it onto Facebook so that all the young people can get informed what this arsehole is doing to their money.

Anonymous said...

The average worker does not run a nationwide crime syndicate...what did YOU expect?

Anonymous said...

The figures do not show what they get for a hand shake under the table.They are Chors and Baimaans.

Anonymous said...

This is rotten. I find it hard to believe such apathy. Paying oneself so much and hogging all the positions whilst there could more people working in those portfolios and earning money for their families. If this is really true then it should disseminated to as much people as possible to expose what these 2 culprits are in there for - greed and selfishness. Can someone please verify this as this could easily expose these 2 as frauds and bring about their demise asap.

Anonymous said...

Bai and Kaiyum need to be eliminated as soon as possible as they enjoying life with the highest salaries in the land while people are suffering from poverty.

Anonymous said...

It's time to Buturaki these two thieves. Watch out we're coming after you two KaicaitiBai.

Anonymous said...

For those questioning if its true of course it is, its written here in black and white.

What has not been mentioned is the overtime rate of 27% that is paid in addition for working after 4 in the afternoon and weekends.

Anonymous said...

what's the big deal guys?
i am in village and they ie Bai and ASK have done a lot of things for us that we presented whales tooth to apologise.
You makachods complain too much...just go plant some tapoica morons

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5pm Hear hear time for us to pull our heads out of the sand. Long overdue.

Anonymous said...

Villager at 5.12pm sounds like one of the iditos on Facebook always rushing to defend Bai and families so he can get some.

USP VC overcomes racially-inspired plot said...

USP VC cleared of allegations
07:04 Today
FBC News

The Vice Chancellor of USP, Professor Rajesh Chandra, has been cleared of allegations of corruption and abuse of authority. A group calling itself the USP-devoted IE for Justice had petitioned the USP Council demanding an inquiry into Professor Chandra.

The petition was distributed via email to students and staff of USP as well as the media.
The new allegation, according to the Pro-Chancellor had accused the VC of over stepping his delegated authority on certain financial decisions.
Nine executive committee members supported the view that the VC acted within his powers. The council accepted the decision of the Executive Committee.
A member of the group says they will be responding to the Pro Chancellor’s comments.

Anonymous said...

Everything is done to suit the regime and its purposes and so it will be with the salaries.

Anonymous said...

To anon-2:53pm
Agree with that and why they trying to justify pay with responsibilities? Who asked them to lead the country in the first place ?Illegal entry and they are still in the crime scene stealing,looting,thieving...!!!!call 911,917.The police should do the honorable thing for the country arrest these two while in the act!The 2009 court ruling will save you,save our country and our future generation.Police do it for our beautiful multicultural societies.Police you can't say its legal you know it better than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Kua na lasu iko sega ni jiko i nakoro,qori o blog jiko mai na nomu computer ni cakacaka.95% ni veikoro e warai kina na computer.
keimani force taki me caka na matanigasau me rawa ni taba ena veva kei na TV me rawa ni ra cakava tale ga na veivanua eso ,qai cala tale..
Na polotiki ni vanua e titobu qai qai rabailevu keimani sa kilai koya jiko ena mamaca ga mai na tobu ni lavo.

Anonymous said...

FB, keimami na caka matanigasau ka taba vata kei iko ka tokoni iko ena veva TV se reitio. Ia gauna ni veidigidigi, tonoka sara nomu i cici vakaukauwa. Iko se bera ni vuli mai vei Rt Mara kei Rabuka kei so tale.

Nai lavo tale ga o saumi tiko tu kina qori eda sa qai raica kina nomu vale mai milverton rd opposite top shop. Vaka kina tale ga na vale nei luvemu koya a ra unemployable tu ka sega ni rawata e dua na ka. Iko a sega tu ni dua mada ga nomu vale vakai iko se bera na coup. Qo sa mai butako kana loto sara kei ira na luvemu. Era mate so na wekaikeimami, so era sake mai na cakacaka ena nomudou veiliutaki. Luveni kawaca, dou vicai kei luvemu kei ira nomu kawa kece mai muri. Caititamamu enai bulubulu vakalimasagavulu.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a spreadsheet created by someone. If we can get fortnighty pay to bank account, than we we know and have true evidence.

I can do one for how much MPC or felix is earning.

So that's get some hard evidence.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 6:07 PM

Are you for real ?

"" This looks like a spreadsheet created by someone. ""

You must be a detective !

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:27pm
it should a defective detective..!! @6:07pm cava tale sa tu qori na dina.kua na vakilakila jiko.

Keep The Faith said...

Consider also the similar scenario at the Permanent Secretary's level.

All PS's are presently sitting on a salary scale around the 74K mark EXCEPT for two who are more equal than others and enjoy salaries around the 120K mark.

Any guesses who they might be?

That's right. From Khaiyum's own harem -- Shazzer and Powl.

Let's also not forget the remaining Treasonous Circle of 6 who really call the shots: Gaytes, Nazhat, Nur and Aziz.


Chandu Umaria chor lord mayor of suva said...

At local council level, people like special administrator and regime supporter Chandu Umaria are also filling their pockets. This corrupt crook is trying to get his grubby hands on the family business, and was yesterday in court to testify against his own sister Pushpa Kantharia.

Chandu the chor stole a large amount of money when he was suva mayor but FICAC is turning blind eye because he is regime supporter. Chandu spent much of the money on gambling at merchant club, and on young girls and prostitutes at Purple haze, but can't pay maintenance to his former partner and child.

Anonymous said...

we gotta ask ourselves why so hard to get these pay details. regime hanging on for dear life

Anonymous said...

What a load of crock. Trust these figures? Hahaha.

You guys are completely desperate.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just heard from someone in the Labour Party that Mahen Chaudhry declared $3.8 million worth of personal assets today

3.8 MILLION!!!!!!! There's the trade unions for you. Vote for me and make me rich.

Anonymous said...


I kinda agree. Why is the salaries different for each minister/ministry?

Just another attempt by FLP, SDL and coup4.5 as the politicans have to provide their true assets.

Anonymous said...

Rajen Pal Chaudary 2.53 pm

Its obvious its you. I am not a coup supporter but I find it odd that you put AG in the picture when the case is heard by a magistrate.

I agree that they should be brought to court so that others can see what is the consequence of her actions. Having said that I hope the magistrate gives her a suspended sentance.


Bainimrama and Khaiyum - the only way to prove that this figures and not true is both of you make full disclosure of all salaries, benefits and other allowances by year from 2007 received by you two. Otherwise we will have to believe the figures published here in absence of your disclosure. Why cant you disclose these details in the interest of justice and accountability? we thought the 2006 coup was to cleanup corruption but it seems you are going in the same direction of those you accused in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Forget the Chaudary father & son millions its in our political history, no peace of mind,heart & soul in them till they die!!!focus on whats on hand now the crime that is and still and continuing now!!!

A crime committed indeed!

For your Tanoa 2nite!!!
Ravuni Uluilakeba was at TFL then to FEA and back to TFL where he found out mismanagement of money left,right & centre,a meeting was called he rote a report and given to Bainimarama's daughter who were under his department to deliver direct to daddy.what happen???both were taken out of TFL one to be CEO Investment Fiji one CEO Sports Council.
Anyone can call Ravuni at IF or CEO Sports council....

Sevanaia said...

Chinese Wading Into Samoa, wanting Conditions they are given in Fiji but Unlike in Fiji, Samoans at least under Parliamentary system have the right to Object :

Samoa's opposition leader says Chinese demands are 'ridiculous'
Updated 4 hours 44 minutes ago
Photo: The Beijing Investment Management Company says it wants a land lease for 160 years, tax exemptions, and the right to bring 30,000 of its own workers into Samoa. (AFP)
Map: Samoa
Samoan leaders have expressed disbelief over the demands of a Chinese company hoping to invest in the nation.
Among its conditions, the Beijing Investment Management Company says it wants a land lease for 160 years, tax exemptions, and the right to bring in 30,000 of its own workers.
Palusalue Faapo II, the leader of the opposition in Samoa, has told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat these requests are "ridiculous".
"I think these Chinese business people think that Samoa is so desperate for investors that they come up with these ridiculous requests and exemption from all the taxes and also in terms of employment they're thinking that Samoa can be easily exploited," Mr Faapo said.

Read in full below:


Anonymous said...

Samoan leaders have expressed disbelief over the demands of a Chinese company hoping to invest in the nation.
The Beijing Investment Management Company says it wants a land lease for 160 years, tax exemptions, and the right to bring 30,000 of its own workers into Samoa. (Credit: AFP)

Samoan leaders have expressed disbelief over the demands of a Chinese company hoping to invest in the nation.

Among its conditions, the Beijing Investment Management Company says it wants a land lease for 160 years, tax exemptions, and the right to bring in 30,000 of its own workers.

Palusalue Faapo II, the leader of the opposition in Samoa, has told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat these requests are "ridiculous".

"I think these Chinese business people think that Samoa is so desperate for investors that they come up with these ridiculous requests and exemption from all the taxes and also in terms of employment they're thinking that Samoa can be easily exploited," Mr Faapo said.

"I believe that the government shouldn't give these Chinese people any positive response to their request, especially when they bring in their own employees, bring in their own building materials and so forth."

Mr Faapo says he believes Samoa is not in the position to lease customary lands to the Chinese investors.

"I believe if they're going to build a casino and hotels they want the best located lands, like on the beaches and so forth" he said.

"These lands are all the customary lands and I'm sure that the people will look at it that it will be tied down for 160 years and they will give them more when they request for further extension of the period of leasing it.

"Samoa won't be able to easily lease these lands to these Chinese people."

The company also wants the Samoan government to issue a permit to manage a gambling business and admit 30,000 Chinese workers for no less than three years without taxes.

Mr Faapo says the government should perform background checks on investors before considering their proposals.

"It is our duty to ensure that these people are genuine, their credibility and also their background to ensure that these Chinese are good people," he said.

Anonymous said...

Just a confirmation that Fiji has fallen to thug rule.

Anonymous said...

No Amnesty Exists
By Vilisite Tamani

Amnesty for perpetrators of the 1987 coup was non-existent because of the purported abrogation of the 1997 constitution, former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka said at a USP Forum last week.

Rabuka, the 1987 coup frontman, made the statement as a member of a panel discussion organized by USP’s School of Governance, Development and International Relations, the Fiji Womens Rights Movement and the Citizens Constitutional Forum.
Other members on the panel were Fiji Womens Crisis Center Coordinator, Shamima Ali, former Vice-President Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi and postgraduate student, Jope Tarai who presented on the theme: “Fiji 26 years later: Where to from here”.

“I don’t have any amnesty now,” Rabuka told the crowd that packed the 500 seat Ausaid lecture theater.

“There is no amnesty for me and my followers in 1987.”

“Our amnesty was entrenched in the 1990 constitution and the 1997 constitution.”
“Right now, we don’t have the 1997 constitution, I don’t have amnesty.”

Madraiwiwi confirmed Rabuka’s assessment and said it was likely the amnesty clause in the 1997 constitution would be the basis on which the military regime’s amnesty would be premised on.

“I think that what will happen when the new constitution is promulgated by the president and when the amnesty clause is in it, then it would include the 1987 amnesty because that will be the basis on which the present government and those military officers can base their justification for amnesty,” Ratu Joni said.

Anonymous said...

thug rulers creating a "better Fiji"!

Imbecile Khaiyum & dunce magistrate Sufia Hamza said...

To anon 9:03 PM:

I am not Rajen Pal Chaudary.
Buck stops with AG Khaiyum.
Especially when he controls & dictates everything.
Take absolute control, then take absolute blame too.
$8 dhani lotion is simply not worth going to court.
Poor country like Fiji can't afford such waste.
Shows how dumb police force and judiciary are.
Khaiyum can take full credit.

Anonymous said...

Where is Hon Rajesh Singh. Can he tell us what his total earning were in Parliament? God Bless, eh!

Anonymous said...

How much was the last "legal" government costing fiji with its 36 ministers?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:53 a.m., nothing like what the present regime is costing Fiji in terms of corruption, lost investment, ruined reputation, incompetence, human misery, future debt, low morality, etc.

Anonymous said...

RPC at 11.42pm

I beg to differ. A crime is a crime just as a coup is bad whether its against MPC or LQ.

BTW, why do you want the AG to meddle in individual cases when you are aming him for interferences in the justice system. I find it odd.

Anonymous said...

And lest we forget.

This is the same guy that said people should not serve on more than one Board. A major part of his 'Clean Up Campaign'.

Anonymous said...

The published salary for thw self appointed pm and self appointed ag is higher than the Australian pm's salary. In absense of release of the auditor general's reports from 2007-2012 we can assumwe that these figures are correct untill all pending audit reports are released to taxpayers. Unless bainimarama disclosure is here we can accept these figures. Since 1970 no government had secret salary arrangements with a private firm like nur bano. Its a shame that bainimarama hot sucked into this mess that has left him severely compromised. His advisor khaiyum has trashed his image.

Luisa T said...

Under the illegal Regime Fiji has become Hub of the detestable Shark Finning

Tongan group raises concerns over shark finning

Tonga's voyaging society says it's devastated to discover shark finning is taking place in Tongan waters.

Shark finning is a major issue in the Pacific with conservationists claiming Fiji is becoming a hub for shark finning.

The head of the Kalauni 'o Tonga Voyaging Society, Aunofo Havea, has told Pacific Beat the practice must stop in Tonga.

"This is a barbaric unsustainable practice and we need to stop this," she said.

"We (want) to send out to the whole world...that everything in the sea needs to be respected and needs to be looked after."

Ms Havea says she's disturbed to see shark fins on display outside a supermarket in Tonga, given that the country has no tradition of eating shark fin.

"We don't like it," she said.

"As far as I know the Tongans won't think of (this) unless somebody approached them...people who are really interested in the shark fin."

Growing demand for shark fin soup, led by China, has led to the massive surge in the trade of shark fins.

In the past three decades global shark populations have plummeted by as much as 90 per cent in some areas, with the sharp decline being blamed on the shark fin trade.

Several Pacific countries, including New Caledonia, Palau, Cook Islands and Marshall Islands, have outlawed shark finning, but Tonga is yet to establish specific legislation

Anonymous said...

Samoa has benefited from seeing how the Chinese dollars have shaped politics and life in Fiji so it can't make the same mistake.

Just Saying said...

Western democracies are encouraging political parties to get party funding from party faithfuls and members not block groups.

This works opkay in countries that offer parties the chance to argue or challenge insonsitencies but does not work in Fiji with a military dictatorship at the helm.

Anonymous said...

He is known for making outrageous remarks – from his days in Parliament and even today.
But that’s Fred Caine – a political strategist like no other.
Now a community worker, he faithfully serves as the Fiji Police Force community chief for the Southern Division. He proudly says that the Duavata Community Policing model has helped reduce the crime rate.
Mr Caine says he is the only surviving member of the initial General Electors Association (GEA) who served under the Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara Government.
In 1977 he won in the two elections held that year.
“I thrashed my opponents running for the General Western seat.”
In the 1980’s and later in 2006 he’s helped politicians win seats in constituencies from the Rewa Delta, to Suva and even the highly contested seats in the West.
But for next year, he will not be offering his ‘political strategist service’ to any political party.
“Until the day I die, I just want to be here serving the people through community policing,” he said.
Here are Mr Caines thoughts and views looking ahead to the 2014 elections:

To the voter:
“Select the people who will work for you. Who will listen to you. That is the will of the people that determines the next government.
“People want new leaders who are focused on the truth, who believe in development and welfare of the people.”

To Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama:
“He has to resign, step down as Prime Minister and be fair and play the same game. I’ve always said I will support him because I want to see change.
“People are waiting for Commodore Bainimarama to announce his political party, and a lot of people will follow him.”
Mr Caine said Commodore Bainimarama has proven some good things in his Government but he might have to change his team.
“A lot of them might have to go and he might have to put up a community team where it’s amalgamated, a partnership.
“To go into the general election, he has to bring the community in with him. To be community orientated, so his policies must be decided by his high council.
“He will have a lot of opposition, it will not be smooth sailing for him to win the elections, I can assure you that, I’ve been listening to the underground, I have my eyes and ears open,” Mr Caine said.

To long time politicians:
“I say to the people who have been there for a long like Mick Beddoes, it’s time to retire.
“Its time to go home and look after your grandchildren. Let the young team come in and take over - we need that change.
“We need more women in parliament. They can be the check and balance of mans performance. This is what people want to see.
“All of them, Chaudhry and all of them, they need to go home and look after their wonderful grandchildren. Is that a sin? No! I can’t see them coming back.
“People are tired of the same leaders. They want to see a change, and what have we got to loose with change. We will gain with a change.
“New leaders need to step up and come forward.”

To Party Leaders:

Ro Teimumu Kepa (Social
Democratic Liberal Party)
“Ro Teimumu is a good friend of mine but can she show me signs that she’s developed the Rewa province? If she had that to show, people would have faith in her.
“Sakeasi Butadroka during his time said Rewa, Namosi and Serua are three of the poorest provinces in Fiji.
“And they haven’t gone any richer, except for Namosi who might strike copper soon.”

Anonymous said...

We read in the regime mouthpiece paper the Fiji Sun (6/6) under ' More Fijian treats for sugar delegates' that part of the treat will be "a weapons display by a team from 3FIR Battalion and the Fiji Navy Squad. This will be followed by a three volley shot and the lowering of the national flag to signify the closure of the [International Sugar Organisation] meeting".
What has a weapons display by the Fiji Military got to do with an ISO meeting - even by way of entertainment?!
What kind of farce is this?
rajend naidu

Masilaca C said...

The weapons display is similar to A swaggering BULLY child displaying his new X-mas weapon to display of manhood, threatening posturing to possible opposition and simple idiocy.

It is also for local consumption to remind locals that the military is the boss and any opposition will meet brutal attention
....as rightly said, has nothing to do with encouraging sugar development...if anything it discourages sugar industry, as will scare potential investors into a thuggish country.

It reflects the mentality of the idiotic coup installed illegal Prime Minister dictator and the military head of sugar development, the unschooled Vaniqi.

No wonder the Fiji sugar industry is diving so fast down the depth of disintergration and death.

Anonymous said...

In the news today Nausori Airport land offer by NLTB lapsed as AFL and Lands dept had been sitting on their big butt. The land offer was not taken so no extension to the airport,there goes my friend Nands The Bridge Hotel Project.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting and shame to the two clowns who head this country!!!!

While the people of fiji suffer....look at how these two pay themselves!!


mark manning said...


Anonymous said...

This is standard dictator stuff. I am not in the least bit surprised. Gadafi and his family had amassed something like $82 billion dollars.(BBC this week). Compared to that these 2 are doing alright. The Fijian economy has been run like a school canteen with all controls in the hands of a head teacher. We have an economy based on an archaic system of protection and control.
The average Fijian wage rate should have become about $6 dollars and hour by now based on the cost of goods and services.
Our cost of living is as high as that of Australia and NZ if not more. If the average family in Fiji starts living like an average family in Aus or NZ they will starve to death. The only reason why we can still afford to buy dhal and rice is because the stupid government is implemented price controls on every thing. They have no fucking clue on what is needed to grow our economy or 2 make it better. The problem with an idiot is that he does not know he is an idiot until he has burned the house down. Frank has his face so far up Khiyums arse that he all he can see is shit.

Anonymous said...

"If citizens cannot trust that laws will be enforced in an evenhanded and honest
fashion, they cannot be said to live under the rule of law. Instead, they live
under the rule of men corrupted by the law." - Dale Carpenter, Flagrant Conduct:
The Story of Lawrence v. Texas

rajend naidu said...

We read in the Fiji Sun that "A man who allegedly uttered hateful comments against the Government was further remanded in St. Giles yesterday morning" (FS 8/6).
This sounds like something straight out of Stalin's Russia where people who uttered anti-State sentiments was locked up in state mental institutions if they were not sent to the gulags, the Russian concentration camps.(see Anton Chekhov's Ward No.6).
I know Fiji has gone backwards by becoming a military dictatorship but it can't have gone that far backward,can it?
If the man needs psychiatric assessment then he needs it for his mental health problems - NOT FOR UTTERING HATEFUL COMMENTS AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT!!
If psychiatric assessment is required for uttering hateful comments against the Government then I suspect over half of Fiji's adult population would need to be held in remand for the assessment!!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

An FEA Senior Manager reliably told me that the Chinese HAD ASKED FOR AND GOT A 'PRIVATE SESSION' with Bainimagana at the opening of the Nadarivatu Hydro Scheme. No one except Bainimaga and the Chinese had a closed session at the powerhouse proper whilst the rest of the invited guests, the FEA Chairman, the CEO and his Senior Managers waited outside.
Bainimaga and the Chinese forgot that there was CCTV in the Control Room which captured the handing over of a red envelope to Bainimagana.
Have a guess people what was in the red envelope!!

Run Du said...

The list for people to be sent to St. Giles has two Rejen in it - Rajen Naidu and Rajen Chaudhary,

Sincerely Run Du

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rewa would develop sooner if Bainimarama wasn't starving it of development funds to punish it for standing on its principles.

Anonymous said...

I hate this government, too.

St. Giles, come a'n get me!

Anonymous said...

John Todd was a former high ranking illuminati member with lineage going back to ancestors in Scotland who practiced the occult. He later became a born again Christian and publicly exposed the plans of the illuminati to takeover and enslave the world through the destruction of modern day finance and banking. (Paving the way for the Mark of the Beast and the Antichrist as explained in the Bible) John explains the illuminati plan to achieve this by getting the whole world into debt where ''nothing is of any value, and the currency does not exist anywhere - and then come back and solve all the problems'' (World currency - Sound familiar? Watch vid from Aaron Russo) Having been a high ranking illuminati member, the depth of Todd's info is crucial.

Anonymous said...

Dere, you want Serevi to work with in Moscow, you gone your way, you don't want to listen to the selectors, Serevi would think you will also not listen to him you dickhead

Anonymous said...

so people of Fiji has new culture now and it's okay ..stage COUP, remove people form employment, kill people, shoot, people, bash, commit crime, abrogate constitution, dilute court system, compromise police, judicary , create culture of nepotism , take bribes, lead government and claim 1.3 m in salary, do everything opposite what you say and LAST THROW SILVER COINS TO GREEDY IN THE NAME OF REFORMS, SOCIAL AND CLAIM very GOOD PM,GOVERNMENT ETC.SO I AM NOW PREPARING FOR ANOTHER COUP AGAINST BAINI AND MAYBE I WILL KILL HIM, ARSYE,PRADE THEM IN SUVA CITY AND RUN THE GOVERNMENT AND MAKE FIJI TAX FREE, DOUBLE THE WELFARE, DOUBLE THE SILVER COIN THROWN BY IDIOT BAINI...I BET THIS WILL BE OKAY TO BAINI SUPPORTERS AS THEY AGREE WITH ALL.KILL BAINI

Anonymous said...

Fijian with 11 positions vs sidekick with 6 .Both over 1 million plus, dou raica na ka au raica tiko .

Anonymous said...

Is something good truly being done?
The cynic in suggests begging could quickly disappear - with these official lot demanding they scarper or their families be responsible for them.

The taskforce include the Fiji Police Force, Ministry of Local Government, Suva City Council, Fiji National Council for Disabled Persons, Ministry of Health, Ministry of iTaukei Affairs and NGO’s that have developed a dedicated framework called, “Operations Loloma”, to tackle street begging in Fiji.
Ministry of Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation Permanent Secretary Dr Josefa Koroivueta yesterday chaired the second meeting for the taskforce at its headquarters.
Dr Koroivueta said the next step was to get credible information through the proper assessment of the socio-economic status of the beggars and their families.
“A detailed profiling exercise is being undertaken in five working days for all the beggars in Suva. This includes house visitations and carefully delivered personal interviews,” Dr Koroivueta said.
“Once the taskforce is able to analyse the socio-economic status of beggars, we will map out appropriate measures, where we explore the potentials on developing a safe home, institutionalising kinship care and most importantly promoting the able-bodied beggars into sustainable livelihood, vocational training and employment opportunities.

Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace said...

"Mohammed is God's apostle. Those who follow him are harsh to the unbelievers but merciful to one another" Quran 48:29

2013.06.08 (Homs, Syria) - A child and three woman among eight civilians killed by al-Nusra car bomb in Shia neighborhood.

2013.06.07 (Muqdadiyah, Iraq) - 11 Shia pilgrims sent straight to Allah by Sunni car bombers.

2013.06.06 (Taji, Iraq) - Seven Iraqis blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber who is now in arms of 72 virgins in heaven.

2013.06.06 (Nawzad, Afghanistan) - Seven NATO soldiers killed by suicide truck bomber _ another one fo the 72 virgins.

2013.06.06 (Sar-e Pol, Afghanistan) - civilian bleeds to death following a bomb blast at a hotel.

2013.06.05 (Nukhaib, Iraq) - 14 innocent Shiites stopped, summarily executed by Sunni gunmen.

Bloodletting is continuing by religion of peace, wait for more updates.

Anonymous said...


The ALLAH Muslim praying to is Satan himslf!!! not GOD the creator.Everyone visiting mecca can tell you that the stone is shape like a vagina!! they too have to be naked[no underpants]when going to kiss this stone...yan@#$%^%!!!

The blurry idol worshippers!!!

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Anonymous 1:18 PM, do you really expect us to believe that you've never worshipped a vagina?

Anonymous said...

I hope the regime's anti-begging taskforce is prepared to give every beggar a pair of gumboots.

Anonymous said...

To the cynic in you @ 9.47a.m

They've been dictatorships that have simply resorted to murdering street beggars in order to remove the "visible signs of poverty" on their streets.

Desperate measures for the desperate in power ...

Semi Meo said...

@Anonymous 5:42
And we know that Bainimarama was attached to such a dictator when he was in the navy in Sth America.
So if the beggars go missing, then you know where they've gone.

Anonymous said...

Remember the FNPF ,Pension Fund taken away just like that...!!!It was a trial, America will do it for the its citizen health care fund...!!!!!
The American Dollar is no more bloggers!!!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and Kaiyum deserve all that money...because gullible Fijians have accepted their leadership..No complaining, just live life to the fullest
and kick them out in the next election, God knows when!

Semi M. said...

Anon@1.18. You posting made me laugh...so the Muslims worship a vagina, so I'm not surprised that they are cunts hahahaha.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Man what's up with the Muslims? They kill innocent people, and worshipping a vagina!!!! Sick people.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh kumar,
Including your sis's hole.

Anonymous said...

Every race and every religion kills innocent people. That is just the way we humans are the most destructive species on the planet by far. America kills thousands every year in the name of terrorism. They call it collateral damage. The kaiviti used to kill and eat people they call "kana vinaka". The fact is humans can put whatever fucking spin on it and justify killing in the end we are all just vicious hate mongering and prejudiced individuals. Any one want to see who the real hooligans and violent people are in Fiji just go onto "you tube" and look for brawling videos. You will see what i mean. Muslims in Fiji have minded their own business and have been living in peace and harmony. They have contributed to many good things in Fiji such as education etc. I am a i-taukei who attended a Muslim school and am all the better for it. The few Muslims identified on this site are just people being people. Greedy self serving bastards just like the many Christians and Hindus who live in Fiji who have done the same over the years.Not all are bad and not all are good. Identifying race and religion and screaming hate against it is very very dangerous and should not be condoned by even the likes of this blog.

Mohammed the pedophile said...

To Anon 12.45:

Every race/religion has evil people, but you do not see Hindus, christians or any other religion beheading people, or blowing them up, and posting on youtube. Only muslims, in the name of the all merciful allah. You do not have other religions throwing acid on women's faces, only muslims do that. YOu do not have tier races poisoning the water supply of a school to stop gild from getting education, only taliban in Afghanistan do that, in the name of the benevolent allah.

You do not see hindu/christians committing Jihad or trying to impose sharia in countries that took them in a refugees. Only ungrateful pig muslims. Muslims want right to worship in countries they emigrate to, but in their own countries they kill, burn, rape, hound hindus and christians. They won't even allow a small temple or church in their country.

Virtually every muslim country is in turmoil or under authoritarian, corrupt rule. Shia and sunni slaughtering each other everyday, and these same bastards trying to tell the rest of the world's stable, peaceful and prosperous countries how they should run their affairs.

In countries like sweden, denmark, UK, etc, former muslim refugees are a huge drain on the welfare system. all they do is sleep, fuck, eat reproduce like rabbits, claim welfare and complain, riot, and try to take over. despite all the free goodies they get, they still whinge and moan about everything. Why don't these bastards just return to their own countries if things are so bad? After all, no one invited them to come.

Muslims immigrants have formed enclaves and no-go areas for non-muslims in parts of these countries while the locals watch in shock and amazement because they not used to this kind of ungratefulness. Muslims who came from fucked up countries fucking up countries they go to. They exhibiting same sectarian behavior in their adopted countries. They hounding out jews in places like sweden, and even shias from sunni neighbourhoods. They have turned on the countries that provided them not only shelter, but free food, education, medical, transport and other benefits. In their own countries same muslims they survived on dirt.

never trust a muslim because they have ni feelings for the infidel as their koran teaches.

Anonymous said...


So,the Salary report breakdown said above send us an indications to vote wisely during the 2014 general election...come on people start think twice now before you cast your vote that day.

Anonymous said...

ANON 1.35PM. I see the world just as you do and every word you said is true about people from the middle East who practice the religion of Islam. That in fact is the the problem. Islam is a faith and not a race. Their are Chinese Muslims, Russian Muslims white Muslims, Black Muslims and Indian Muslims and so on. Of course then their are Muslims from the Middle East refereed to as Arabs. Most of the atrocities you refer to are committed by this Arab group followed by the Pakistanis and then those living in Africa. You don't see any Muslim Chinese doing this in fact their are 100 million in China. My point is that Muslims in Fiji have done nothing wrong and in fact if you look at the other races aside from the i-taukei in jail today in Fiji you will find very little if any Muslims in their. The Muslim community in Fiji number only about 16,000 and they are reducing fast as most are migrating. Should i blame Christianity as violent and hateful because we Christians rioted in 2000 and we have been responsible for 3 coups in this country in the process killing raping and pillaging. You may not agree with Frank or Rabuka but hey they are Christian's so they must be right.
No i blame the individuals not their race or religion. This warped broad paint brush that you are using is the reason why the world is so fucked up. I am just as angry as you are are when i see Muslims of Arab decent rioting in Australia a country that gave them respect and dignity. I am however happy about the fact that no Fijian Muslims have ever been implicated. My point is simple give the Indian Muslims in Fiji a break. They have done nothing wrong against this country or its people. In politics their will always be those who predate and those who ride the predators for the scraps just like in any government in the world. In Fiji it just so happens that a number of people who purport to be Muslims are enjoying some of the perks at our expense. They are just like the hangers on's during the Mara era and the Rabuka and Qarase era. Chastise the men not which faith he belongs to after all no one has seen god have you fella. Besides i don't understand the point behind your tirade. Aside from pointing out the obvious what are you suggesting kill all the Muslims in Fiji because Aiyarz and his cronies are Muslims. I want to know what you are suggesting and what is the solution to your so called Fiji Muslim problem. Please do tell.

Fiji Muslims said...

Anon 2.40pm, I admit I painted a rather broad brush but notice not once have I said a word against Fiji Indo-Muslims. In fact I have defended Fiji Muslims on this blog by pointing out it is the arya samajis and sanatanis who supportive the coup - I condemn any religion that I feel is in the wrong.

Fiji Muslims can be an example to other Muslims in the world if they never become corrupted like the Arabs and Pakis, but I do sometimes hear of some mullahs in Fiji who tell them not to befriend infidels or trust them. We can never know if a muslim is a true friend because their sacred book tells them not go be friends with non-believers.

My anger is directed at ungratefulness, what some muslims are doing to their own women, doing to their co-religionists and to other religions while moderates seem cowered. I am not for killing anyone, but sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. With some muslims there is no give and take, they want to dominate; some of us will never be dominated and fight back.

there is no peace within islam, in fact there is daily bloodletting, and yet they tell us we are kafirs and should follow them. hope you understand the anger which is universal now.

Pakis are the worst. They suffer from terrible identity crisis. They want to deny their Indian heritage and pretend to be arabs or iranians. Arabs and iranians laugh at them in their face. They look down and pakis and treat them like shit. Hindu Indans treat pakis much better. But pakis have low self esteem and no pride.

Their whole life revolves around trying to be arabs and trying to impress arabs. so they go to the extremes in places like England, Sweden etc, calling for sharia and threatening to take over country. whole world has to pay the price of fucking paki sense of inferiority and insecurity. Some Pakis are strong Muslims and loud and proud Indians. The state boldly they are children of the Indus. Muslims tney may be, but they do not feel they have to bow arabs. They have my full respect.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.40 pm...if the muslims in Fiji have not done anything wrong why don't they just tell the biggest muslim thief in this country to shut the f up???
their deafening silence is approval of what hes doing to everyone especially the original inhabitants of these islands...passing laws to disown them of their land and cultures, helped by shameems sisters to put in place a constitution that enshrines that. so take your naïve misguided preaching to Pakistan.

Dharam Lingam said...

If a non-Muslim wants to marry a Muslim, he/she must convert to Islam before that happens. BUT the Muslim cannot and will not convert to another religion. This is why the Muslims are FUCKED up. They think they're above everyone else. Muslims are terrorists and worhip a vagina.

Dharan Lingum the lund worshipper said...

Vagina is a good thing Dharam. you too should worship one or you must gandu worship the lund. I forgot, you name means lund!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.40. For your information Frank Bainimarama and the whole 90% Christian army did the coup. Aiyarse was asked to take up the position of AG via Dritis wife who was his secretary in BSP as no one else wanted that position. The fact that he has worked his way straight into the dictators heart is amazing.
He was never part of the coup. In fact all the coup's in Fiji was done by Christain's who go to church on Sunday. In so far as telling Aiyarse to shut the fuck up why don't you tell Frank to shut the Fuck up first as he is the coup maker. Muslims and i mean the average Muslim in Fiji is just scared as we kaiviti are from speaking out. No one wants a barrel of an M16 up their arse. Dharam Lingam you are wrong as well. I have a neighbor who was married to a lady formally of the Muslim faith. She was a practicing Hindu.She is dead now but i can give you her name and address if you really want to know. All you have to do is ask the neighbors.
You cant make statements like that. As i said their are good and bad people in all forms black green blue etc. To Fiji Muslims i am glad you saw reason in my argument. This blog is about Fiji which by and large is the most peaceful country in the world baring the coups of course. I also agree that the Quran which i have read is a controversial book and is easily misinterpreted for all sorts of evil. However you will also agree that a lot of the shit that goes on in the Muslim community abroad is a result of culture more then the religion. The Fiji Muslims are from India not Pakistan,. They have brought with them the basic tenants of the old Indian culture which has tolerance and acceptance and they have never fallen prey to outside interference. Their are some mullahs who come to teach in Fiji who have been a little bit off the mark but the Fiji Muslim League has dealt with them swiftly and harshly meaning one way tickets out of here. I have many Muslim friends from my days in the school and i know from them what is happening. Simply put as long as people know humanity and reason what a book says or does not say will not matter. Finally i would like to add a line or 2 on the vagina issue. Isn't it funny that man every where in the world chase the vagina all their lives. This is somethings they came out of and all they want to do as they grow up is to put something in it. Aren't we stupid.
It's not such a bad thing to worship considering.

Lund aur Lingan said...

Dharam Lingam khali mago lund pio!

Virmati said...

Anon, I agree with what you said in respect of Muslims who did nothing wrong and yet have been criticized and condemned on 4.5.

All illegal take over in Fiji was done by the same people who carry Bible and are seen going to Church on Sunday.

Some people are just looking for scapegoat to save their own faces.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are not alone. Today, all Fijians are forced to bow down and worship a twat. In fact, the pussy won't even allow elections.

Totolo said...

For a small island like Fiji, $1.3 million for the PM and $1.0 for the AG is fairly steep. Even the USA doesn't pay its president anything close to that. The last salary review saw Obama getting $400K. How correct are these figures? Perhaps a copy of their payslips would help as we could calculate the total salary/annum.

Anonymous said...

@anon-June 11 4:05pm
your in put well received but your ending need one mix-soko saraga!!!!!taki...!!

SEMI MEO said...

@ Satan's child of June 9, 2013 at 5:59 PM..

..kua qori...stop stealing you name thief.. kokoroti!

Only a low down life like a kokoroti is ashamed of his name!!

Get off the blog..you coward!

Semi Meow said...

Semi Meo, have you just woken up from your overdose on cleaning agent? You should be back at Taronga Zoo maqe.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the Muslims did nothing wrong!! BUT they are now running this CHREISTIAN country!!! How sick is that comment!!

Anonymous said...

Fiji people will never be told the real salaries - it's not in their interest to conmfirm they've been double dipping after all the sanctimonious speeches about cleaning up Fiji.

|Bainimarama wanted to be king and he made himself one.

Fiji regime again refuses to disclose its pay
Posted at 01:47 on 14 June, 2013 UTC
Fiji’s Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, has again refused to disclose his income after the leaders of three political parties called on the regime leaders to explain what they describe as their outrageous salaries.
The parties say according to reports on the internet, the Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, receives more than 700,000 US dollars a year.
The reports claim Mr Sayed-Khaiyum gets just over half a million, which is slightly more than the pay of the US president.
Under the regime’s Political Parties decree, politicians aspiring to be elected to office have had to declare their finances, including those of their spouses and children, although the regime is yet to clarify if that includes adult children.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum has told Fijivillage that it is a major concern that unverified information is being used by the parties.
Earlier this year, he said he would make his income public in July.

Anonymous said...

What a difference ... a more reasoned coverage by an indepedent news team - and the much weaker and not so independent Fiji Village.

Claims Fiji interim PM and AG are paid more than a million dollars
Updated 12 June 2013, 16:34 AEST

Fiji's main opposition political parties want the coup in stalled military government to confirm or deny claims of million dollar plus salaries for the interim prime minister and interim attorney general.
Claims Fiji interim PM and AG are paid more than a million dollars (Credit: ABC)

The claims have been made by blogs opposed to the interim government, but they have not produced any proof.

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji, which is made up of three parties, wants the interim government to say how much both men are paid.

Dr Tupeni Baba. from the SODELPA Party, tells Bruce Hill the claimed salaries, if they are true, are excessive.

The Fiji interim government has not responded to the allegation.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker:Dr Tupeni Baba from the SODELPA Party in Fiji
BABA: Well over a million, I think it's over a million for the Attorney General and I think a million and 300 also for the head of the government, Bainimarama, very, very strange salaries for us it's too large. We are getting into election mode and they are being paid by the public of Fiji, taxpayers' money, and they're being paid according to our information excessively. And the other ministers are being paid normal salaries, which is much, much lower than we expected, comparing with the two people who seem to run just about everything in Fiji. George Orwell's Animal Farm is the best comparison the way there are some animals who are more equal than others, because they're keen to talk about equality of all Fiji citizens, not only in name but also in everything that they do as reflected in the draft constitution that they have. But now we know from this, if this is correct, there are some animals in Animal Farm who are more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

HILL: These claims about more than a million dollars in salaries for the interim prime minister and the interim attorney general, my understanding is those are only allegations that have been made in anti-government blogs. Is there any proof that that's the case?

BABA: Well we are asking to confirm or deny that this is correct because this is widely circulated. They're not new, the amounts have been circulated well before, at least two years before. And there has been a lot of denial and they say they will reveal it when the time comes. But now is the time to reveal it if we are going to go into elections, because the people out there are entitled to know what is the truth. And we're putting it out to them to come out and deny or give us the correct salaries they're getting and the basis on which they are paid. And also is there so much difference between two people at one million, and all the others who are getting what we regard as reasonable salaries for ministers.

HILL: You're saying that you're challenging these two individuals to come clean about their salaries using these allegations from anti-government websites. What's to stop those anti-government websites simply making these amounts up out of thin air? I mean it's easy enough to make an allegation but if there's no proof that that's the case, isn't it perhaps a bit irresponsible to go around claiming that that's the case?

BABA: There is no proof you are correct, but these have been circulated for quite a while and we've asked them to deny and give us the correct salaries that they have. And the members of the other parties have had to declare all their assets, what money they have, not only them but their sons and daughters. And it is only correct we should circulate this to give them the opportunity to clear their name, yay or nay and tell us where their salaries are being processed, because everybody knows that it's not available in the Treasury.

HILL: What are the requirements for people who belong to the other political parties to disclose their assets that you just referred to?

BABA: Yes they are required to disclose whatever their assets, their liabilities and assets, and that of their children. We interpret children as being people below the age of 18, but the registrar of political parties has not come out to tell us whether they include all the children that are 18, in which case you'll get into all sorts of figures because they are not members of our parties some of them, and they're entitled to their privacy in accordance the right to privacy they argue that their assets should not be mixed up with their fathers.

Politicians using unverified information-AG Publish date/time: 14/06/2013 [11:08]

Print this page
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Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said it is a major concern that unverified information is now being used by politicians from the United Front for a Democratic Fiji.
The United Front is now making a number of claims about the salaries of the Prime Minister and Attorney General, and all this unverified information is coming from anti-government blog sites.
Sayed-Khaiyum said everyone knows that people cannot rely on information on the blogs.
There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.
The Attorney General said the Code of Conduct for public office holders will soon require them to reveal their assets, liabilities and income.
He said this would see all the public office holders complying with the requirement.
He said as stated in the Political Parties Decree, the party officials and applicants have to do the same.
There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.
Speaking to Pacific Beat, SODELPA official, Doctor Tupeni Baba said the information is being circulated from the blogs.
He said it is correct that they do not know whether the information is correct but they want to circulate the information to verify it.

Anonymous said...

part three

Politicians using unverified information-AG Publish date/time: 14/06/2013 [11:08]

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Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said it is a major concern that unverified information is now being used by politicians from the United Front for a Democratic Fiji.
The United Front is now making a number of claims about the salaries of the Prime Minister and Attorney General, and all this unverified information is coming from anti-government blog sites.
Sayed-Khaiyum said everyone knows that people cannot rely on information on the blogs.
There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.
The Attorney General said the Code of Conduct for public office holders will soon require them to reveal their assets, liabilities and income.
He said this would see all the public office holders complying with the requirement.
He said as stated in the Political Parties Decree, the party officials and applicants have to do the same.
There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.
Speaking to Pacific Beat, SODELPA official, Doctor Tupeni Baba said the information is being circulated from the blogs.
He said it is correct that they do not know whether the information is correct but they want to circulate the information to verify it.

Anonymous said...

That's right, Aiyaz. For once, you're saying something that is true. People cannot rely on the blogs for information. But thanks especially to you, those blogs are now a helluva lot more reliable than Fiji's manistream media, so what did you expect?

Anonymous said...

The only thing that needs verification here is the illegal Attorney General and his clowns!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious.... of course no one expects them to be paid $16 a day.. go figure that out, the basic needs of this nation is not addressed and we have a self appointed M and AG earning over $2m +.your head is buried in the sand...wake up Anonymous.

Claire Bloby