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Friday, June 14, 2013

Security confiscate Fiji team camera at ILO meeting

REGIME: Too used to breaking the law. Illustration Discombobulated Bubu

It seems the Fiji regime has had a taste of its own

Reports from the International Labour Organisation meeting
in Geneva say the Fiji delegation tried to intimidate trade unionist Felix Anthony by filming him and was told to back off.

Anthony: Filmed by regime at ILO meeting.
Fiji was put on the agenda by the International Trade Union Congress, so once again the plight of workers is out there for the world to note. 

Filming is banned at the ILO meetings - it's feared recordings could be used by governments at a later stage to bring sedition charges against delegates.

In an interview with Pacific Beat, Australia's Council of Trade Unions President, Ged Kearney, says she was there when Fiji was told off for filming Anthony.

"The chair of the committee stopped proceedings and the security people were sent down to confiscate the camera from the representatives of the Fijian government.

"This of course was completely against protocol and conventions of the committee where people are supposed to be free of intimidation. 

"It was quite a disturbing thing to see at the ILO, I have to say."

Kearney says the Fiji delegation apologised but it is likely a formal complaint will be made.

Felix Anthony was speaking about trade union rights during a session that was discussing possible action against the interim government.

Earlier this year the military government refused permission for a visit to Fiji by a delegation from the ILO.

Both employer and union groups were reportedly angry at the delegation's treatment by Fiji.

Head of the International Confederation of Trade Unions, Sharan Burrow, says it is absolutely unbelievable the government would refuse to have a mission from the ILO.

"Today they've made the farcical suggestion that they might let them in December but of course it would be on changed conditions," she said. 

"They're telling an international body that they might be able to come and that they would have to submit to the conditions of a military dictator, that's simply not acceptable."

Earlier she also told Pacific Beat she had had high hopes the ILO meeting would advance the cause of Fiji.

"Well it certainly has teeth, does it instantly resolve the situation? No. But most governments will negotiate to actually not be on the list, to resolve their problems through negotiation. 

"Clearly that’s not the case with the Fiji military government. 

"And so the international community will hear the issues, they’ll make their decisions, it goes on the record and sometimes it takes a little while. 

"But we’re celebrating rebuilding fundamental rights and freedoms in Burma and the ILO was instrumental to see that the pressure was maintained until you saw democratic rights and freedoms back in that country. 

"And of course we’ll continue to do the same in regards to Fiji."


EDITOR'S NOTE: Confirming also today that Colonel Sam Saumatua has resigned as Housing Minister and that of Local Government after illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Kghaiyum sacked two of his Nadi town council appointees.

Updated Monday June 17 at 6.20pm. A statement from the regime is as follows:  The Minister for Housing and Local Government, Colonel Samuela Saumatua, has resigned for personal reasons. The Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, will assume the position on an acting basis until Col. Saumatua's successor is appointed. The Government thanks Col. Samatua for his service to the Fijian people and wishes him well in his future endeavours.


Anonymous said...

Sam Saumatua is a good man - the type we need in the next government

Anonymous said...

That's a straight forward revolt by these three taukei against AG!!!.

Now the news is everywhere in rural and urban about this current leadership
in work place groups and of course in grog session.
Something really fishy is going on and this sacking will have a multiple replica in business community and specially the voters in urban areas.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the election and lets get back to normality.

Anonymous said...

Attorney-General Aiyaz Saiyed-Khaiyum today thanked the Director of ILO standards department for apologising after accusations that the Fijian Government delegation secretly video recorded the ILO standard committee meeting.

Dr Cleopatra Doumbia Henry made a formal apology for the confusion, a statement by the Ministry of Information said..

During Fiji's hearing in Geneva, the spokesperson for workers accused the Fijian Government delegation of using a video camera to record the speeches being made by workers' representatives, the statement said.

No such recording was done, and the video camera was voluntarily submitted to ILO staff to verify this, it said.

"The Fijian Government appreciates the way in which the ILO handled this situation," said Mr Sayed-Khaiyum in the statement.

"As far as Fiji is concerned, this is a non-issue."

Well, well, well. So who's up to their tricks with this story ?

Anonymous said...

Hows the election office going so far,hidden agenda intact???

Anonymous said...

International Labour Standards;

1. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

ILO Convention No. 87 - Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize, 1948

ILO Convention No. 98 - Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining, 1949

2. Forced labour

ILO Convention No. 29 - Forced Labour, 1930

ILO Convention No. 105 - Abolition of Forced Labour, 1957

3. Equality of opportunity and treatment

ILO Convention No. 111 - Discrimination (Employment and Occupation), 1958

ILO Convention No. 100 - Equal Remuneration, 1951

4. Child Labour

ILO Convention No. 138 - Minimum Age Convention, 1973

ILO Convention No. 182 - Worst Forms of Child Labour, 1999

Anonymous said...

ILO - International Liars Association

Anonymous said...

ILO, should be International Liars Organisation

Anything to try and gain the limelight to warrant how they spend your money.

Anonymous said...

AG is constantly defending his decisions. No other country's AG in the world outside Fiji spend time to defend their decision because theirs is well thought out and is a consensus one. Our AG is showing that he is not focussed for what he preaches. In the end, real democracy will prevail, no matter how long it takes. Be mindful of the massacre of the jews. even today, these culprits for the atrocities are being hunted and no matter how old they are, they will serve their sentence behind bars.

mark manning said...

No man is an Island it seems and frank is finding this out the hard way.
The longer this coup drags on, the older and more tired and sick he will become. that's when he will fall to his knees and the coup will fold like a deck of chairs on the Titanic! Nearer Thy God to Thee, rings a bell!

Anonymous said...

I am at lost about the "sacking" of Special Administrator" of Nadi and Bala being appointed as interim Administrator. Bala ha a record of taking under the counter financial contributions in Ba as well as Lautoka. If anyone that FICAC should investigate is one Pravin Bala. Lautoka used to be number 2 financial center in Fiji. Today it would be hard pressed to place Lautoka at number 7 or 8. Way behind Suva, Nadi,Nausori, Naisinu, Ba, Sigatoka and Labasa. Wake up powers to be and smell the java.

Anonymous said...

AG what is your strategy on the pre-election scenario,whats up??? Are u using Nirmal(PDP) as your ploy to test the waters then u people jump in.U are not in into election i know for sure u had pile up the loot and u put all your key man in all institution and government departments!!imagine, even clerks act as ear on the ground do have direct report to u eg(HR RFMF).

Again as someone said it here:
FIJIAN POLITIC IS DEEP DEEP VERY DEEP you'll only know where u went wrong when u in a point of no return.

Anonymous said...

Mahen Chaudhary and his team[now effectively dismantled]are living testimonies to regime lackeys. Tuidraki and Tagi have now tasted the same medicine so will all the shortsighted masipolos who are still with Bainimarama and his team of wannabees...enjoy your one night of luxury...the writing is on the wall!!

Anonymous said...

To all Muslim and Mullah, please speak to the few bad one like Aiyarze to play by the rule when the sun still up. if not you will be held responsible for what it hits you day and night. The whole world had seen your evil prayers that you full greed and ego, jealous and corrupted, manipulative and deceptive. You were given land and friends in here, but just after a little while you landed your evil punches on all other races and religion by dividing them in order to rule. Example: Vodafone is using TXT messages as Muslim's business promotion agency.

Being minority you full of jealousy and crook, and in some places you are murderer like in UK and blame others the reasons.

The sacking of Tuidraki and Tagi and the resignation of Col. Samuela Saumatua will never go by alone, and it is another good example to use them FIJIAN RACE as scapegoat to let the Foreign Teams who are here that Attorney General Aiyarze is doing a great, clean and transparent works and the FIJIAN RACE is untrustworthy nor important to lead this country but Muslim.

One Muslim, Dr Shahu Khan ran away after he major in crooking other races is another good example. It is time to table Muslim busness interests that were raised from the dusts of evil, manipulation. corruption and deception because their Mullah is not taking the right direction on his worshiper AG Aiyarze.

Mr. Aiyarze, Sir, we are watching you like an hawk on every step you take. Do not think that you will take Ratu Voreqe Bainimarama with you because it is not within our Fijian custom. We respect and protect our relationship where blood flows and we forgive each other when one is presented but not Muslim's Eye for a Good Deed is presented. Because of you the few baddys in Muslim society in Fiji have brought animosity in our midst. Please Mullah take action NOW when the sun is up. We do not need troubles and problems.

Anonymous said...

7.52pm - International Liars Organisation???? It proves you have no idea what ILO is.

Without ILO we would not be having such clauses for the first time in our labour laws as Equal Employment Opportunities ie. no discrimination based on race, age, sex, religion, terms & conditions of employment, Maternity protection etc etc etc.

Workers in Fiji are better protected now because of Fiji's association with ILO.

It is just that there are so many smart and educated people in ILO and the irony of it is that they are having to face gutter level politics all the time from our "want to be AG!"

Can someone tell Khaiyum that his stupid Bollywood acts he presents on TVs in Fiji whenever he appears is good enough - for all he is worth! Enjoy your roti and curry in Fiji. Stop wanting to mix it with the "big boys" in the world arena and end up as an embarrassment all the time.

Anonymous said...

Lying is second nature to Khaiyum and regime supporters:

The statements says the accusations "were shown to be false" as no such regarding was made and the video camera was voluntarily submitted to ILO staff to verify this.

"After the completion of the hearing, the Fijian delegation met with the Dr Doumbia-Henry, who upon viewing the video herself made a formal apology for the confusion," the statement said.

"The Fijian Government appreciates the way in which the ILO handled this situation," Fijian Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said in the statement.

"As far as Fiji is concerned, this is a non-issue.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So who had the VIDEO CAMERA Must be Sarvada Sharma ,he should have been home for a Family prayer for his ancestors ,payback time soon pundit

Anonymous said...

Sam,cant take it anymore of the bullshit ,good now you can go back to camp and open your note book with all the deeds and instructions you were given by ASK,another kaiviti sidelined and another enemy for Ask

Human rights for Fiji said...

Quick turnaround and apology from lying Khaiyum so he is worried about offending ILO!

But can we really believe regime doesn't know filming of those giving evidence is prohibited?

Dumb Henry should've known better but I believe it's the workings of a slippery regime back peddling to cover its arse.

Dharam Lingam said...

John Prasad is an asshole, a fraud and a thief.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 11.33am
Hey asshole,why dont you use own own farking name...oh wait...i suppose you are too scared.

Long Live Binimarama
Dharam Lingam

Prophet Mohammed sexual pervert and deviant said...

Islamo-facists like the madarchod mullah on our national TV want to make their religion a global one by force, deception or any other means necessary and this disease is spreading is Fiji.

These brained-washed and in doctrinated fanatics do not realise the rest of the world are not the unthinking zealots that they are.

There is no way we kafirs will consider someone like Mohammed a prophet and follow his words because he was nothing but a secual deviant and predator.

Mohammed the pervert took advantage of his position to marry a nine-year-old. He consummated the marriage when she was 12, and he was 58, the dirty old kaffir bastard.

It doesn't end there. Muhammed even took his daughter-in-law as his wife. Quite conveniently, he had a vision from allah that justified this betrayal of his son.

So Mohammed had quite a roving eye. No one was safe - not a nine year old girl, or even his daughter in law.

Mohammed was nothing but an exploitive sexual predator perving on little girls and his own daughter in law.

Makes one wonder if all muslim father-in-laws are made in the image of their beloved prophet.

And that bastard mullah ha the nerve to preach to us on TV about the merits os islam.

Anonymous said...

If these ILLEGAL thugs can murder, torture and abuse the fellow countrymen, then what can and do you expect!! They abosulutely have no regrad for Internationl conventions and protocols. They seem to have the illusion that they can do pratically anything and everything, any where and when they want to!!
This time they have bitten the proverbial bullet with their ILLEGAL act by filming the ILO meeting. WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!

Anonymous said...

This dispicable act should seriously be taken by the ILO and SLAM A BAN on ANY ILLEGAL Fijian Government representative at future meetings!!This is a very serious matter!!

Anonymous said...

RPC has not taken his depression medicine and has started the anti-muslim posts. Does he know that his father won an election in lautoka against Azmat khan of NFP based on muslim support.

I have a lot of muslim friends but the more such posts entertained by coup 4.5 will only result in votes against the united front in 2014.

The cabinet is full of itaukei people. Are all of them just there to rubber stamp? Is FB not the leader. If you believe he did the coup to save himself, then why would he not take charge.

Anyone with a bit of common sense will know that FB and the army are running the country. However, most decisions are delegated to AG to execute.

So if you think you can win the elections from sydney chaudary junior, pls go ahead. However, do remember to take your medicine every 4 hours

Anonymous said...

If Saumatua has really resigned then that is a sure sign that things begining to implode!!

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5

I guess you have lost the plot with your half truths and allowing complete freedom to abuse other religion and faith.

While your number of hits may be up, the support is not entirely the same.

You still have time to correct it.

Anonymous said...

You will know the truth about saumatua's resignation in a day or 2.

I know him and he is very dissappointed at the sacking. He trusted them but they were milking and helping themselves. He is sad but not sorry. They let him down.

Anonymous said...

There seem to be lies from both sides. I wonder who will replace the current regime and whether we could trust them.

Looks like fiji has not changed except that even those that we know had fought for truth themselves changed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:39 AM

Raju Chhodu, everyone knows that's you. Stop pretending to be iTaukei in your rants. You're as visible as day makachodo! Go fuck Asha Lakhan, your paternal aunty.

Anonymous said...

Fiji regime is a bit like Syria. It denies using chemical weapons but everbody knows it had to be true. They now have the evidence to prove al Assad's security forces have in fact used the nerve gas sarin to kill rebels and military support is going in for the Syrian Military Council.

SEMI MEO said...

There you go again..ILO and Unions for over 7 post coup years on their froth of trade and all forms of embargo may not have in any way or form put a tiny dent in the Rear Admiral's boat!

Ok… next topic??...topics like how to defeat the Rear Admirals' party in the coming elections...his line of candidates, and credible alternatives...goodness!!

September 2014 is around the corner....and all we're bogged down in are same...same...same...wailing to nothingness of this socialist movements!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:39, the elections in 2014 will not bring a new government. Bainimarama and Khaiyum have already shown that they're ready to go to any end to cling to power.

The only way to get our country back to normality is to take it back. The gathering Loyal Fijian Resistance promises to give us the means to do that. It's under capable and principled leadership. It's multi-ethnic and moderate. It has only one agenda -- the restoration of constitutional government in Fiji.

I checked it out and eventually joined. You should check it out, too, at Dakuwaqa@hushmail.com

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz is a lying sack of sh*t. They were filming. If they'd left the camera in the bag, they would never have been challenged or the camera confiscated. Aiyaz says it's a non-issue, but that's hopeful thinking on his part. What he's really saying is "please don't hurt us."

Josy said...

ILO is a reputable organisation but people like Felix Anthony should not be voted in come 2014 election because of their double standards. they join the coup perpetrators and then kicked out because they are selfish people who are just too hungry to fill their pockets. only SDL and now Sodelpa is the true and honest party as they stand for the rule of law and work by the rule and that is why no corruption case found during their term in office as Government.

Josy said...

Sam Saumatua is a good man but does not know what is good and what is wrong. he is just a yes man.
There is no remorse on his part because that is what he deserves and there are times during 2006 that he can change the course of action by standing for the right thing but instead followed on blindly so now you swallow your own medicine. you lose your integrity by benefiting from the coup you supported and refuse to go against the military leadership even though it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Saumatua is not a good man. He is part of an illegal government, assuming an illegal ministerial role..and he knows that too from day one. He should be taken to task when the time is right, and no immunity decree/legislation whatsoever should save all military officers, their followers,their financiers, cronies, peers etc including those that were earlier implicated. This will then teach others that no one is above the rule of law irrespective.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo e waraki jiko qo me out mai na i tuvatuva ni veigigidigi me rawa ni tuvalaki yani na counter!!
Na boundary se na veisautaki beka na constituency se sega?me bulia rawa mai o nomu kai AG, koya ya me qai caka vinaka sara na kena lawa-sua!!!!so for the time being topic cava ga soli, sele toka yani kina ni da wawa toka.

se kuvai.....?



1. Why the release of the Auditor General’s Report from 2007 – 2012 is being blocked?
2. When will the people of Fiji get a copy of the Special Report of $200,000 leave compensation paid to Frank Bainimarama?
3. When will the regime publicize the details of Ministerial salaries to the tune of $1,000,000 annually each for Frank and Aiaz administered by Nur Bano?
4. When will the regime release details of the tender process (if any) for all Capital works awarded to Constructions companies of Malaysia and China from 2007- 2012?
5. When will the regime release of the accounts for the $5m annual Taiwan Government Grant held in the Prime Minister’s Office?
6. When will the Commander RFMF release of all accounts of Regimental Funds of the RFMF?
7. When will the regime release of information on payments made to Nur Bano since 2007 including the $2m paid for Rewa Dairy Restructure?
8. Will the regime release of information on all payments made to Nazhat Shameem based on $23,000 per month from 2009?
9 Release the Ernst and Young Forensic Report on FNPF. The KPMG report on FSC and other reports conducted by professionals on various entities in which the State has interest of investments?
10. How can Public Service Commission accept as Permanent Secretary a person convicted of murder and has served two years prison sentence?


• Aiaz Sayed Khaiyum
• Aslam Khan,
• Iqbal Janiff,
• Nazhat Shameem
• Shaista Shameem,
• Nur Bano,
• Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
• Abdul Khan(FSC),
• Mohammed Aziz,
• Faiaz Ali,
• Mohammed Saneen,
• Saheen Ali,
• Razim Buksh (RBF)
• Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
• Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
• Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
• Riaz Ali (FNU),
• Nizam U Dean,
• Afzal Khan,
• Hafix Khan,
• Anwar Khan,
• Ali Jan,
• Bahadur Ali,
• Lainuni Khan,
• Shaneze Voss,
• Shane Hussien,
• Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
• Robert Khan,
• Rahmat Ali,
• Gulam Mohammed,

Anonymous said...

at 8.09am muslim hitlist

don't forget the pufter husband of nur bano, zarin khan, aliz pacific, nadi, instrumental in doing a lot of the deals on denarau in nadi...

Tigress said...

Rascal, please advise through this Blog what you can do to the list of people you have provided.

What is the sense in writing down these names again and again when you are not in the position to provide any extra line saying you can do this to stop them.

There could be two reason; Firstly, you trying to spread hatred against the people you have named in your hit list OR you are jealous of them.

Pick one boy!

Fix it Anthony said...

Hit List author is Rajen Maichod Chodri.

Tell Maichod Pal Chodri to give list of money used by him which he collected for poor people.

Anonymous said...

At this late stage, I think our best course is to trust in God and to support Dakuwaqa and the new Loyal Fijian Redtance.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



I am the author of the muslim list and my name is phantom chand. what is wrong in the list? can it be disputed that these muslim are running Fiji? can it be disputed that they the destroying race relations in Fiji? can it be denied they have been financially benefitting from the coup 2006? it is important that we mark these names and when the pendulum swings the other way,they will be hunted down.

XO said...

Mick Beddoes permalink

2 Votes

Cola vi na,

Vinaka Nadro, Nadi, Tailevu, Macuata. the contact details for our reps handling the petition in each district will be announced soon. In the meantime you can sign up on this link and invite others who would like to do so as well.


Vina du

Mick Beddoes
Coordinator -UFDF

Tigress said...

I am the author of the muslim list and my name is phantom chand. what is wrong in the list? can it be disputed that these muslim are running Fiji? can it be disputed that they the destroying race relations in Fiji? can it be denied they have been financially benefitting from the coup 2006? it is important that we mark these names and when the pendulum swings the other way,they will be hunted down.
June 16, 2013 at 10:47 AM

Tigress said...

Phantom Chand, you tell me what is wrong in what the hit list people are doing. Let me correct you first Aslam Khan works for Vodafone, his wife runs her private consultancy, Nur Bano Ali has a private Accountancy Firm, Iqbal Janif is a businessman, Shaista Shameem is a lawyer working in Auckland, NZ, the rest are employed by the government of the day or are businesspersons or lawyers.
Our Chief Justice Honourable Gates also said that we have to get the Judiciary running, we can not sit back and watch everything coming to a stand still.
Actually people like you will find it hard to understand that someone has to keep the machinery running and it is a fact that who ever sits in that first chair as PM or AG will get people of their choice to run the government machinery. Remember when Mahendra Pal Chaudhary was elected PM he chose Rajend - his own son to be his Secretary and what was the reason he gave: "you have to have someone whom you can trust as your secretary". Chaudhari was not wrong when he said that.
So is AG - he is not wrong in selecting his own team.
Why are you not naming the ex military men sitting as Ministers and Permanent Secretaries?

You know Phantom, you are a loser and have nothing better to do for the country so it is easy to sit and type these types of post on blogs.

J . R said...

I love the my Muslims neighbors....they are hard working and intelligent people, the only difference what agendas do they have in Fiji?....seriously my neighbors, such efforts are futile, why dont we all just get along n utilize your skills to improve Fiji in developments etc etc as equal to Malaysia / Singapore / Abu Dabi ... make Fiji that good and just do away with your secret plans of a take over and Muslim State / Alqaeda recruitment etc etc .....

Dharam Lingam .... MY NAME IS JOELI RAITUVU .... so GO FUCK YOSELF !!! BITCH !!! ....

Anonymous said...

Hey dakuwankwank, we stay true to the commander as he taken Fiji forward. Some of the boys go with u but that's there mistake because we need to keep together to keep our lollies. Hang together or hang seperate. When we find u and ur ragtags well bring the whole lot of u to QEB. That's when the real fun begin. Lol.

LIONESS said...

To Tigershit...oops Tigress, you are so delusional right nw .... can you see the amount of corruption happening in plain sight - Proof? here's your proof - failing economy, billion dollar debt, illegal government, revised constitution (no longer the people's constitution) etc etc .... this is by far the biggest shitiest mess Fiji is in rite nw RIGHT NW .... seriosly - now u tell me who's running the show - YOU guessed it rite! AG and his chosen ones HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Anonymous said...

why isnt chandra umaria sacked - he takes out under age girls from purple haze and has been accepting bribes since 1975.
Matanitu sona levu vaka voreqe kei samu

Anonymous said...

My contact/informer from within, who was at the ILO meeting tells me that it was TAITO WAQA who had the cheek, audacity, disrespect and TAMA NI ULUKAU who tried to film Felix Anthony!!
Sa dus na ka o iko Taito [Maga ni toa]
e na nomu levu ni ULUKAU!! Sa rauta mada na tabetabe!!

Anonymous said...

Phantom chand aka is RPC.

The posts are similar to his posts in Facebook.

He is trying to stir emotions on the fijian people so that he can save his father MPC and his $7 million in his bank account in Syd.

Aust federal police told some people that MPC who recently went to Aust wanted to withdraw funds from the account.

This has also been confirmed by some people who are close to him.

RPC, you can call yourself phantom or other names, but you are already reaping what you sow.

Let's see who has the last laugh my friend.

Chandu Umaria embezzler said...

Chandu Umaria has not been investigated for fraud while mayor of Suva. Top the contrary, he has been rewarded.

Why, you may ask? Simply because a corrupt regime appoints corrupt people and rewards them. It is a simple case if scratching each other backs and hiding each others activities.

It is a den of thieves. And they running the country! With Chandu everyone knows he has a gambling, drinking womanising problem. He is always looking for money to fed his habits.

A man like Chandu is administrator of Suva. As they say, only in Fiji.

We need clean-up campaign against Bainimarama corrupt and crook regime.

Anonymous said...

Phantom Chand and Tigress have diametrically opposite views, and I disagree with both. A 'Muslim hit list' is deplorable. If there should be a hit list, it should be because the people are traitors, not because they're Muslims.

I agree that people like Khaiyum, the Shameem sisters, Nur Bano Ali, and some others should someday stand in the dock for their treasonous activities. But what is it that, for example, Shane Hussein has done that merits his inclusion on the list? He's a media guy who was on television and then with the U.S. embassy and is now with Fiji Airways. What is his crime -- reading the news, or explaining and defending the policies of the entities that hired him to explain and defend their policies? I get the impression that his main crime is just being a Muslim. Or is he to pay for the sins of David Pflieger?

Why differentiate between the Muslims and other supporters of this regime? Is there a separate
list for kai valagis or kai viti? If there were, those lists could be just as long, if not longer, than what looks to be a Muslim hit list.

Some of these people need to pay for their crimes. It's clear that Khaiyum is packing the regime with co-religionists and is also showing favouritism toward them in business. But that doesn't mean that opposing the regime should also translate into anti-Muslim feeling. After all, some Muslims oppose the regime, and the Loyal Fijian Resistance welcomes Muslims into its ranks.

So some Muslims might deserve to hang, but be aware that some others might deserve to be hailed as heroes.

Don't single out the Muslim traitors. Make a comprehensive list without respect to ethnicity or religion. Be more discriminating about who you put on the list. Annotate the list with a brief desciption of their crimes. Take it more seriously, because someday there WILL be an accounting.

Anonymous said...

To you Phantom Chand I say this: Vinaka vakalevu and Dhanyabat for your very very true comments. The muslims ARE INDEED RUNNING THIS COUNTRY! The Shamimis and more particularly the ARSE is running this country!!
Saumatua as the line Minister was by-passed and ignored by Arse in the sacking of Nemia Tagi and Aisea Tuidraki because the MUSLIM connection when crying foul to him for not being awarded contracts.What more tangible evidence do ignorant people need to see and hear taht the Mozzies are running this country!!

Anonymous said...

Anon, you are giving example of Shane Hussein.
Can you tell the readers what is the crime of Shameem sisters?

Anonymous said...

Hello, the Shamimi siters are a very strong members of the "INNER SANCTUM' of the ILLEGAL regime!!

Tigress said...

And 'who are these everybody'????

You are not naming the Christians sitting in the government. Why a Muslim hatelist or hitlist?
Isn't this racism?
And what evidence of treason charges will be against them?

Seru said...

This Fool the Ileegal Fiji PM ID simply Highlighting His Publically Known Faults an Weaknesses He is Famously Guilty Of:

PM says Fiji FA need to do a better job
Publish date/time: 16/06/2013 [10:10]

Print this page
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Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said the Fiji Football Association officials need to do a better job in order to regain the confidence of fans and players.

Commodore Bainimarama made the comment while officially opening the Vodafone Fiji FACT tournament this afternoon at the ANZ Stadium.

He said football in Fiji has too often been let down by the administrators at the national level.

Commodore Bainimarama highlighted corruption, mismanagement and favoritism are barriers that the nation has faced in many different areas, including football.

He said transparency, accountability and good governance are absolutely critical to any organization and Fiji’s sporting bodies are no exception.

He said the management of the Fiji Football Association and other sporting organizations should answer directly to the fans and players, those whose confidence in the organisation have been shaken.

Commodore Bainimarama says association need to use the group’s affiliation with FIFA to channel resources into the sport, open management to new blood, with new ideas, focus on professional development, at all levels and they need to work to get Fiji’s ranking back up where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

Knowing you Sam Saumatua, it is nice to now know that you have the 'BALLS' to resign!!

Anonymous said...

How come no public announcement and acknowledgement of Saumatua's resignation?
There was public announcement of the terminations of Nemia Tagi and Aise Tuidraki!! Saumatua??

Tigress said...

There are 24,678 Civil Servants. 20,431 are iTaukei. The rest of other races and ONLY 2,489 are Muslims.

Isn't it an iTaukei coup?

Out of 8 Cabinet Ministers, 2 are Indo-Fijians and ONLY 1 Muslim.

Is it still a MUSLIM COUP????

Th Muslim Coup story only came from personal hatred for AG. This was first started by Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi.

Shane Hussein is defended because he worked for USA Embassy

Anonymous said...

I was part of the ILLEGAL Government delegation, and let me tell you all. It was just embarassing when we were booed by the rest of the ILO deleghation members after they found out about the filming!!
IIt was vey embarassing indeed!!

Anonymous said...

Shane Hussein is a twit. He seems to think himself as a peer to those in power like Pflieger and ASK but was nothing more to them other than a brown noser. Guess how Shane got his job at Air Pacific?! People may tolerate but no one likes a brown noser. Nonetheless, should he be incuded on that racist list, who knows..? I mean everyone is getting favours from ASK.

Anonymous said...

MPC and FLP cronies gave credibility to the coup. How we have forgotton that. Now that he is out, we blame AG and muslims.

And it was the national Alliance with Epeli ganilau and filipe bole that back the govt. But we have forgotton.

Can someone dig who were the first ones to put their hands to support IG?

Anonymous said...

"Tigress": The numbers you have posted are Civil SERVANTS!!
The MASTER is the PIG ARSE!!

Anonymous said...


Pius said...

Hahaha Anon, you know you are a real 'Bastard'who is seriously jealous of AG.

Anonymous said...

To Tigress: You go play with yourself under the mango tree!!
Should you need any help then please, do blog me!!

Anonymous said...

Racial politics at its best. How some people are getting all hyped up and how some using it to draw emotional support.

They call themselves christains, muslims or hindus. But they forget the first basic teaching of love and not hatred.

Maybe, maybe, we deserve what we got because the alternative could be worse.

Politicians are using poor and lay people to fight their agenda. All of them.

Maybe we deserve what we got.

Like the british army that put the gurkhas and our people on the front line so that their casulty is minimal, our politicans use the poor people as the face to feel t he brunt of everything as they are in the comforts of their positions.

Anonymous said...

The 'TIGRESS'[SOW - female PIG]] needs to be tamed by a TRUE KAIVITI OSE!!

Tigress said...

What a JOKE: USA right thinking people????

What are they doing on Middle East soil????

USA will be remembered as the worst enemy of the entire world....'right thinking people..' what a JOKE

Tigress said...

Anon, why you telling me to go and play under the tree? Its time for you to do some serious research about your own country.
Your pants hot wet when I came with the figures on blog ha?

Anonymous said...

All Muslims are not terrorist but all terrorist are Muslims. Ask khaiyum

Tigress said...

USA the right thinking people who have been caught reading millions of emails of their own citizens and have kept people at Guantanamo Bay for 10 years torturing them and without the trial

This is what right thinking people do?

Clean your hands first please.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is a terrorist. Check his police record was making bombs against the fiji army in 1987. Now illegal ag under military commander

Tigress said...

United States of America is the biggest Terrorist.

Shane hussien brown noser said...

Anon is right about Shane Hussein – he is just a simple minded twit, a junior-level employee with delusions of grandeur; of being in the top league; a peer to those in power like Pflieger.

True also at worst shane is a brown noser, with limited capabilities, to be tolerated. He should not be in the muslim list.

True that a Hindu/christian list woud be far much longer; the Hindu/Muslim collaborators are all over the place, private sector, academia, government, etc;

Anonymous said...

Arya samaji and sanathan list is being prepared. Thank you for finding the muslim list exciting.
Phantom Chand

Anonymous said...

Annon 3.20pm

Racist bastard.

Cut the crap. Your father MPC is the biggest thief.o

He gave legitimacy the IG and f up the country.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Annon 2.46pm

I was there as well. You are full of buushit. There was no such thing.

BTW, what is Felix afraid of if he is really fighting for workers right. Does felix has something to hide? In fact, he should be happy that someone was taking a video of him.

Anonymous said...

It seems that some of you were at the ILO meeting but with opposite experiences of what actually happened. Who's admitting the truth.. who knows. Did it really happen or not? Can someone be honest even if you are for or against this government.It seems that everyone wants to score brownie points, rather than pursue the truth.

Anonymous said...

Agree annon 6.41pm

Let's get to the truth. I must admit I kinda am surprised that Felix did not want free PR for what he says at the ILO for the good of his new party. Or maybe, he did not want the fiji public to know as he has chenged his tune before.

Anonymous said...

Hindu Hit List

DR ram raju
Sada reddy
John samy
Francis narayan
John prasad
Prof jagdish chandra
Prof ganesh chand
Kamesh arya
Dr neel sharma
Adish narayan
Quality prints maharaj
Himmat lodhia
Padam Lala
Chandu umaria


Hindu List - amendment
Suren Sharma regime appointed SCGC CEO, Pravin Bala, Div Damodar, Subash parshotam, Present Solicitor General Sharva Sharma, Adish Narayan, Vijay Ragwhan, YP Reddy, GP Lala, Dewan Chand Maharaj, Tappos Directors, CJ Patel, Damen Gounder, Vijay Narayan, Arvin Datt, Nalin Patel, Lawrence Tikaram.

HINDU LIST said...

Addition to hindu list

1. Rishi Ram
2. Pramesh Chand
3 Agni Deo Singh
4. Rajeshwar Singh
5. Felix Anthony
6. Ben conman Padarath
7. Rajesh Singh


Davendra Pathik -UniFij
Prof Satendra Nandan -UniFiji
Premila Kumar - Consumer Council
Vijendra Prakash - Sanatan Dharm
Rajesh Chandra - USP
Joyti Prathiba - jpurnalist
Prof Mahendra Reddy -FNU
Pramesh Chand _PS
Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi - FLP
Sanjeev Patel - Fiji Sun
Nikhil Singh - journalist
Jai Kumar - USP
Jinita Prasad- South Pacific Stock Exchange

Anonymous said...

So that's why Suva was quiet, everyone was at the ILO meeting.

Gee, get a life you lot and something better than trawling the papers and blogs to find names that you can add to your heroes lists.

Or are they really lists of those you envy so much ?

Anonymous said...

What an idiot, so all these colonels are actually poppets ... they are just there for the money ... there is no coordination between them and their master, who is controlled by AG-Sayed Kghaiyum. THis basically means that the so called security council at 4 miles is just a name led by misinformation and plain greed, so much for all the captains and colonels training on following orders like blind leading blind ... what a disgrace in the military psyche and the worst of human submission to authority ... its rape of the intellect and principals of individualism under law ... pathetic ... plain pathetic

Anonymous said...

Who else is going to defend anything if everyone just give up the gun ... by the looks of it ... none ... maybe some sergeant or private or fresh of the boot camp colonel or captain will be hand picked just because he has no sense of reason but follow orders like a clown

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:16 PM:

Can't you read? It is a list of known coup collaborators and opportunists who are propping up the regime.
Their names should keep appearing in the public domain. This is getting up your arse since you sound like a coup supporter yourself. Is you name on the list? Or a relatives?

Anonymous said...

Muslim brothers....here is the combined list of Hindus who supported the coup but now may have been actively opposing the regime. Hindu traitors list.

DR ram raju
Sada reddy
John samy
Francis narayan
John prasad
Prof Jagdish chandra
Prof Ganesh chand
Kamesh arya
Dr Neel sharma
Adish Narayan
Himmat lodhia
Padam Lala
Chandu umaria
Suren Sharma
Pravin Bala,
Div Damodar,
Subash parshotam,
Sharvada Sharma,
Adish Narayan,
Vijay Ragwhan,
YP Reddy,
GP Lala,
Dewan Chand Maharaj,
Tappos Directors,
CJ Patel,
Damen Gounder,
Vijay Narayan,
Arvin Datt,
Nalin Patel,
Lawrence Tikaram.
Rishi Ram
Pramesh Chand
Agni Deo Singh
Rajeshwar Singh
Felix Anthony
Ben conman Padarath
Rajesh Singh
Davendra Pathik -UniFij
Prof Satendra Nandan -UniFiji
Premila Kumar - Consumer Council
Vijendra Prakash - Sanatan Dharm
Rajesh Chandra - USP
Joyti Prathiba - jpurnalist
Prof Mahendra Reddy -FNU
Pramesh Chand _PS
Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi - FLP
Sanjeev Patel - Fiji Sun
Nikhil Singh - journalist
Jai Kumar - USP
Jinita Prasad- South Pacific Stock Exchange

Anonymous said...

Premila Kumar in this list....amasing!! its not her fault.. She is just TOO STUPID to realise she is in it. I would like to see her run a business.. NO FARKING IDEA

Konakia said...

The Board members of the Fiji Natives Tribal Congress have instructed Suva-based legal firm Nawaikula Esquire to file a writ in Fiji’s High Court against Air Pacific (renamed Fiji Airways) for seeking to obtain copyright to 15 traditional iTaukei masi designs.
CLICK HERE TO READ MORE: http://fijinativetribalcongress.com/campaigns

Anonymous said...

The hindi list is longer than muslim one. What is situation for the country.

Atma Maharaj said...

Dont worry about the hindi list,its the Muslim who are dominating and farking Bainimarama and the entire Fijian Community.

Anonymous said...

Muslim fuckers - 90% of the people in the Hindu list have left or has been removed from the regime. BUT 100% of the muslims in the list are still sucking on. That the difference.

Meow said...

Atma Maharaj, bocilevu you are fainting after seeing the list of people from other races who supported coup. Go and ask the people in this new list why they supported and as well as ask your father Maichod Pal Chaudhary why he jumped into the bed with Bainimarama in 2007.
Looks like St. Giles has left the door open and people like you are jumping off the fence.

Anonymous said...

There's an even bigger list of idiots here playing racial politics. What's wrong with you guys? No-one gives a shit about your Muslim/ Hindu rivalry except you. Why not use your nuclear weapons in an act of mutually assured destruction so the rest of us can get on with our lives. Relevance factor to Fiji? Nil.

Anonymous said...

muslim or hindu all kaidia liu muri!!!........when u have that straight hair you are a LIUMURI descendant of colonial error!!!!
why claim that you worked hard for this country u came here becoz u got paid for ur labour!!!You were told to board the boat on ur way back to India but the lot of u refused why??
Since then ur start claiming this,that and almost everything on this land!!!
Today you telling every native fijians ur true hidden motives in trying to lead the country and owned everything politically,economically and destroyed our culture!!
We don't care ur Muslim or Hindu when u have straight hair a descendent of colonial era you are one of the LIUMURI piglets!!!

Anonymous said...

no respect...too true

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:22.

You own kind liu muri you good and proper; they took over after the colonialists left; but you too dumb to see. You sound like you belong in Rwanda you racist narrow-mind prig. LIUMURI kaindia is getting out of the country as fact as they can. Then you and you kind LIUMURI piglets can turn on each other. Sit on your arse, spend your pay on drinking, nightclubbing and whoring, drink kava, eat, sleep, and complain about life. That's why Fiji is a fucked-up, backward country, it will always be fucked and backward. That's why kaindia getting out; you and country belong to the same league as Rwanda, Congo, etc.

Anonymous said...

Just reading the comments from the hard nosed/racist kaiviti's on this website make me shudder at the audacity and the hatred being spewed in the name of democracy. Anonymity it seems brings out the true colors in people. I have known this for a very long time that no matter how much a person of Indian decent does for the natives of this country they will always be outcasts. We can wipe your ass and feed you for the rest of your lazy lives and we will still be hated just for being Indian. Sadly this is taught to children in i-taukei homes as Rabuka disclosed in his speech at USP. I will give you an example of the average Fiji Indian. I am a 3rd generation Fiji Indian. I was born into the Muslim faith but do not practice any religion. I own a business which employes 22 people about 12 of them are i-taukei. I contribute about $1m to governments coffers every year in various payments ranging from VAT duty and Tax. I have not benefited in any way from this government and in fact i tried to get an appointment with Frank and Aiyarse about 3 times to air some grievances and was never given a chance. I agree with a few things the government is doing but generally dislike the 2 men rule and most policies this government has come up with. I have no links to or with any one in government. I work eat shit sleep get old and one day die. This is the average existence of about 95% of Indians in Fiji irrespective of religion. In so far as land is concerned all Indians have wanted is secure land tenure so that they can plan and live their lives in peace. But i notice now more then ever that this is a futile effort. Indians need to think long and hard about their future in Fiji. We either leave collectively after a negotiated deal offshore somewhere or use the might of the Indian army to take this country by force. We cant live like dogs in a country which we modernized and contributed so much to. The choice has to be made now.

Saukona said...

I ask you all my fellow iTaukeis, that we must respect other races in Fiji.

Our different races in Fiji belong to this lovely country and we are all brothers and sisters.

We can all look no further than the teaching of our faith which teaches us to love others as we love ourselves.

It's unfortunate that the current illegal Government's misdeeds and misgovernance are amplifying and intensifying our differences because EyeArse is conceived by us as leading the illegal Govt's policies to disenfranchise us on our own land. He had published this roadmap in his Masters Thesis as most of us know.

The solution to this is to ensure that we ensure that we persuade all iTaukeis, our relatives, fellow villagers, church members and friends DO NOT VOTE FOR Bainimarama AND HIS TEAM. WE RETURN FIJI TO DEMOCRATIC PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM.

Then we work towards having all the 2006 coupsters and illegal Govt officials sent to prison.

Indians, Europeans, Chinese and all citizens of Fiji belong to Fiji and we are all one.

We aught to all respect the iTaukei's indigenous rights in Fiji....that is the root of our respect for others..everybody should know this.

So please post here your views which show respect for other races. We should be mature enough for that.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Muslims are not the only ones being singled out. Now, how about an iTaukei list?

And after we have that, and a kai valagi list and a list of Rotumans and whatnot, we should combine them into one master list of alleged traitors and collaborators.

At that point, we can then ask why separate lists were created and maintained in the first place, if not for separating out a group of people simply because of their religion or ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

Tigress, perhaps you can share with us your source for the stats about civil servants. If not, we'll have to assume that you were able to obtain them because you work in the regime.

Perhaps you're one of the Shameem sisters, since they're probably the only ones who would question their inclusion on the list.

Btw, even the stats you provide show that Muslims are overepresented in this government, unless Muslims now comprise more than 10 percent of Fiji's population.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:22...Really,promise you're
getting the fuck-out?Thank you and please don't just say it, get the fuck out!!!
That's what we iTaukei
have been demanding even before your
frieken ancestors got here? Even
Dakuwaqa wasn't happy,who do you think pushed that boat onto the
Nasilai reef? Yes,he to was not so
frieken impressed!Your first day here was not welcome, we didn't
want you from the start, so don't
try to give me all these fuckin
bullshit,about us sit on our ass?
you fuckin right we sit on our ass
and thats what an human does?they sit on their ass?
If you sit on your head, the people might say there's a problem with you?
Spend our pay on drinking,nightclubing,
whoring,kava drinking,eat sleep and
complain about life,
yep, that's
what the whole world are also doing and good reasons, cause
they're doing it, in their homeland
not in anyone else backyards?
So pack the napsacks,sack of saris
and turbans etc,yes just pack
up your things and get the fuck out
asap?Don't run to NZ,AUSSis,USA,CAN
or BRITT, Pack it in and piss-off
home to India or Pakistan??? Your
ass had been kicked out of Africa,
West-Indies,South-America,USA&Canada want you out,AUssie has a movement to Kick
you out, so are NZ,Europe and Britain? There you are, no place to go, but
back home to India?

Anonymous said...

@10:49 and 11:14am


U know ur kind, LIUMURI that's it!

@10:49 good u go out for good but u should leave in droves not one family in a month i need the whole lot of u get out with ur LIUMURI attitude.

@11:14You people were called DOG before remember our days in the line the British called u KOLI!!!U people get out, the quicker the better.who cares about ur business and employee and ur money gained thru under the table deal!!!

I want to see the Suva city empty no vehicle,no people,no electricity,no business we will make it a big new modern Fijian village.We will drink grog day and night till we die!!but we'll rip the tarseal rd to plant yaqona, cassava and some vegeie plus we go out fishing in the Sea and have a happy life and wait to die PEACEFULLY with no worries altogether!!
Get lost u generation of cowards!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't question Shane Hussein's inclusion on the list because he worked for the American embassy. I questioned it because I don't see what he's done to deserve inclusion.

i don't regard Shane Hussein's working for the Americans as a mitigating factor, but I certainly don't see it as an aggravating factor, either.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous @12:12 , thanks for confirming that your loyalty is for sale to the highest bidder and that some of the ranks are secretly defecting to the Loyal Fijian Resistance.

Anonymous said...

anaon 11.54 & 11.56:

You too sound like idi amin and Pol Pot combined - utterly screwed, corrupt, murderous, evil and backward.

what makes your kind both dangerous and pathetic is how you boast to the world about your christianity. your words show that in reality you are satan and dakuwaqa's spawn, full of hate and evil.

No wonder Fiji has been in the shit-hole for 25 yrs when other countries have progressed so much.

We are getting out as fast as we can, only too happy to do so, and never to return. Whether we go to India, US, or Australia is our business. we are not being kicked out of these countries, we are being lured and welcomed by them becauze of our wok ethic and skills.

your kind, the overstayers, are not welcome and being kicked out.

We will go where we like. even your own kind going to US and Aust and overstaying - shows what a great country Fiji is.

you welcome to stay, rip out the tar seal and plant tavioca and drink grog all day - like you did in parliament in 2000 - do not forget to smoke ganja and have sex orgies also, while holding prayer sessions, okay - as I said, fucked up country full of pretend christians on the way to becoming a cult; ready to surpass even PNG and the Solomons, where people have gone back to ancestral gods and love killig each other in tribal warfare.

we can't wait to get the fuck out of fiji, we have had out fill.

Ronald R. Madhwan (Fiji Born, Fiji Bred) said...

I refer to Dharam Lingam's comment (12:24PM) and would like to question him as to where will I be deported to? I was born in Fiji, raised in Fiji, grew up in Fiji, got married in Fiji, have 3 beautiful gaughters who were also born in Fiji, are schooling in Fiji and will live in Fiji...where am I to be deported to? Please answer this simple question. And please do not write in such a way that implicates that you are a "kaivalagi" with an Indian name. You mock your own self, sir.

Aharon said...

Guys! Guys! C'com stop with all this hatred..... BEER ANYONE?!

Tigress said...

Anon I work in the Statistic Department and I know the numbers. I am a Hindu and I know how Christians make their way in the civil service.

Ronald R. Madhwan (Fiji Born, Fiji Bred) said...

@ Aharon: Could do with a BILO, though! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Christians coup list will be bigger than all others.
Some powerful Christians in this country call others opportunists and greedy, but they take the cake. They cynically use Christianity to hide their true nature - pray loudly, boast and constantly talk up your credentials as a christians while harbour deep hatred and envy for neighbour, greed for money, and love for the easy life. enjoy all the trappings of modern life while pretending to be cultured and traditional; pretend not to want wealth; but actually want wealth without doing the hard work; and jealous and hateful of those who have saved sacrificed to become wealthy.

Christian list will be longest coup supporters list.

Anonymous said...



Crooked money gained in all evil way you cunning mongoose!!take back the mongoose too!!

Anonymous said...

I am living in the US.
Left Fiji 20 years ago.
Still like to go back to visit friends and family.
It is the country of my birth.
I love Fiji but sad at what it has become.
I made the right decision to leave.
I never regret leaving.
Especially when I see how nothing had progressed.
No proper infrastructure, rubbish health services.
People still paid peanuts.
Fiji full of narrow-minded people.
From politicians to those on the streets.
Blinded by prejudice.
Instead of working together, destroying each other.
Most people have no go, too much kava.
Most unfit, pot bellies, sign over-eating, drinking.
Not enough work or productivity.
You have to travel and see other places, than come to Fiji to see how little the country ha progressed.
Those who can should really get out.
Contrary to what you heard, life is much better overseas.
You can easily afford to return as a tourist anyway.
These are just my honest views. sad but true observations.

Manoa Tubua said...

@ Ronald R. Madhwan (Fiji Born, Fiji Bred)

Bro you belong here with me ...a full blooded kai Viti/iTaukei from Tailevu.

The quicker we get back to parliamentary democracy and we vote for the best candidates who will bring in peace, prosperity where us iTaukei feel we are safe with our land and recognised as indigenous to Fiji and others have rights respected and recognised and respected at personal and legal levels....the better for all of us.

I pray for the day we all put our energies to living peacefully for our country and for all of us the better.

Ronald R. Madhwan (Fiji Born, Fiji Bred) said...

@ Manoa Tubua: There is only one word for you, Sir. That word is "RESPECT". Thousands on this Blog need to learn from you. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.56 Thank you for highlighting even further the point i made earlier about your kind being despondent idiots. Fortunately not everyone is like you in the i-taukei ranks. You hide behind this blog and spew hatred. For all we know you probably live offshore. Let me put this to you nicely. The Indians are leaving and the Chinese are coming. We are peaceful people who just want to live in peace. The Chinese on the other hand have a history of violence behind them. Try the shit you have been doing to the passive Indians and you will see. they will start drying and exporting your penis like the "socuwalu". The Chinese in mainland China will stir fry your dicks and have it with noodles you ungrateful piece of shit. When we have people like you in this country i have just one thing to say long live Bainimarama. Fiji belongs to all of us and i don't give a rats ass if your stupid ancestors came here first.

Anonymous said...

It was shockingly to see the young Indians getting thrashed in the hands of Australian gangs in Sydney, the other day. The ordeal of these youngsters was well covered by CNN as one of them was stabbed in the abdomen while another student was beaten to near death and yet a third one was severely punched on the face and the forehead. Racial discrimination against Indians studying or working in foreign countries is a usual phenomenon and speaks volumes about the prejudices of the west against Indian nationals. One often hears foreigners resorting to name calling and ethnic howling to demean and humiliate Indians as they move around in the public places. Unfortunately the Australian abhorrence for Indians grew disgustingly to an unmanageable level and they were physically assaulted at every public place in Sydney.

Indians are hated, harassed and attacked not only in Australia and Europe but also in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, East Asia, South Africa, North America and South American region. One wonders as to why Indians are despised and loathed the world over? Perhaps Indian caste system imbibed in their way of life, cultural norms and social mores has an answer. The Indian socialization process is based on prejudices and social discrimination. When the process gets internalized the Indians are forced to avert the notion of mutual co-existence and reciprocity based on human dignity, respect and honor. They live together only to enhance negative feelings, develop bigotry and promote intolerance and racism. Their approach towards non-Hindus and non-Indians is cynically insular and mutually exclusive. Their hatred towards fellow human being residing in their contiguous neighborhood is classically manifested. Overwhelmed by the power motives, Indians want to dominate others and make others as subservient to their will. Hence, while in foreign land, Indians could not hide their real motives and their inner desires got window of expression. Consequently their prejudicial behavior and negative display of emotions, forced the other communities to hate them back.

Be Honest said...

how come not one indian has voiced opposition to disenfranchisement of the itaukei land, governance and church.
you patronise the itaukei by saying I work and pay for you etc, but that's not the point.
just play the role reversal, im sure the kai india would not be as generous as the kaivitis.

Anonymous said...


Casino developers refuse to reveal funders
Publish date/time: 17/06/2013 [13:18]

The developers of the $290 million casino and convention centre have refused to reveal who are funding the project.

When asked by Fijivillage, One Hundred Sands Limited Chairperson Larry Claunch only said he has international investors.

Reports have also emerged of a NZ businessman Nicolaas Jan Carel who has been linked to the funding of the casino project.
According to New Zealand's National Business Review, Carel was found guilty for making untrue statements......

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.44. The world is full of people who hate and get hated back. Its got nothing to do with race or being and Indian. Australia is simply a racist country. One of their own a great Aussie icon playing footie for the Collingwood club got called a monkey by a 13 year old girl recently. He is an Abo and she is white.The world is full of bad and good people thankfully at this stage it seems their are more good then bad but i do thing the tide is turning.

Anonymous said...

I bet that most of the so-called 'racist' comments here have been posted by either regime stirrers or Indian stirrers.

Anonymous said...

not only just the Indians should be thinking long and hard about living in Fiji...all except the itaukei...all other races and minorities are being ostracised and denied scholarships as well...by itaukei assisted by these elite muslims...that's the reality now AND for a LONG TIME to come it seems.

rajend naidu said...

How come when the illegal PM Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama "spoke out against the decline in Fiji soccer standards" it is regarded as positive and the Fiji Times even dedicates an editorial to it ('State of soccer' FT 17/6) but when Fiji soccer critics speak out against the pathetic state of Fiji soccer (as they have been doing for ages) it is regarded as "negative" and even a "nuisance"?
Will the state of Fiji soccer change because now the Fijian military dictator is demanding improvement?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2.44pm

Blacks and Asian students have been victims in foreign countries. In Burma, Indonesia and Malaysia, chinese are hated because of their economic success and insularity, and exploitative tactics. They were targeted and killed in riots. Sudanese refugees have been targeted by fellow blacks in South Africa. In the Solomons Malaitans and Guadacanal were at each other's throats. In both cases competition for resources was involved.

Some observations about Indians are correct, but younger generations are changing. It's not only Indians. Chinese are notoriously clannish in places like Indonesia and Philippines. They won't marry outside their race at all. So are the somalis in South Africa. Indians rarely even intermarry within their own race, such as Hindu-Muslim;North-South Indian; Guejrati-non-gujerati. If you want to complicated things further, gujeratis are even divided within themselves- a patel will only marry a patel from his own caste. Fijians look down on their own for marrying Indian, this is a fact.

These are centuries old customs and traditions that will not die easily. They not exclusive to Indians, other races have them too.

Fiji is still far better in many respects. We are still friendly towards each other compared tio other places.

We should be fighting against prejudices, not celebrating them.

Anonymous said...

ANON 3.06. Can you please highlight to me one instance where the i-taukei land has been taken by an Indian without the Mataqali's consent or where the land has been somehow converted to freehold without the Mataqali knowing. I fail to see the disenfranchisement of land. You guys own all of it men. You have ruled this country for the last 42 years fella since independence with the exception of 1 year. Frank and the army is not Indian. They are all i-taukei and they are running the county. Only 2 Indians are in this government Aiyaz and Dr Sharma. In so far as the Church is concerned. May i ask you who has stopped you from praying my brother. I see more churches in Fiji then people. Yes the Methodist church has been asked to stay away from politics and rightfully so but why would the church need to be in politics anyway. They should have better things to do like reforming prisoners helping the poor etc. I fail to see what is being taken away from you. Can you please help me understand and i promise you i will stand up and be counted on the issues you highlighted.

NO NO NO said...

No unions eh, fits nicely with the regimes policy of no race, no religion, no sex discrimination, no church, no culture, no indigenous land rights, no indigenous etc, etc, etc...the first sexless colourless tasteless odourless moneyless raceless christianless religionless landless sugarless fnpfless airleneless corruptionless nepotismless crimeless workless careless country in the world.

BC said...

@Rajend Naidu
The Illegal Farkhead PM has about as much knowledge of soccer as how to run a government.
Obviously someone else wrote this speech for him.

This dickhead PM knows a little bit about Rugby and even then he cant fix it.

He put soldiers there at FRU, like Tikoitoga and even then he still cant fix it.

Six years now he's been in control of Fiji Rugby and just look at it. What a fark up!

Then he has the audacity to go and tell Soccer how to run their affairs.

The farking arsehole should begin in Jerusalem. Begin at home. Begin in his own ministries , they are being run like a farking brothel.

Yes he is running his farking government like a Brothel. You pay me and I'll please you.
What a farkhead!

Bainimarama should look at the fingers pointing back at him and think about his useless Matanitu ni veivutusona.

Anonymous said...

"Methodist church has been asked to stay away from politics". And the army?

Anonymous said...

Indians coup makers hiding behind Bainimarama

I concur.
My really bad experience with an Indian born in India came at Princeton many years ago. The guy did his undergrad study at a private college in the US. But old habits die hard. One day he came to me asking for technical advice. I told him how to do certain things and alas, he went his own way. The next day, his supervisor came over with him and told me things went wrong, I was dumbfounded. But all of sudden, he started accusing me, saying he told me in loud voice. I almost hit me. But then I realized I was a research staff, an employee of the university. So I told his supervisor to fuck off, as fighting in front of another man was my style. The guy turned around and ordered the Indian graduate student to go back to fix it. To this day, I wish I had smashed his face, for it would’ve saved a lot of trouble later on.

Some time later, this guy and I happened to work on the same project. This is when the real trouble began. He would take ideas from my casual conversations and show to his advisor as his own. And his advisor, an assistant professor, and fairly aggressive one, was eager to use him against me. It was two years of unceasing trouble before I managed to ward them off.

But I did have my revenge one day when this guy, Rudro Samanta, was making noise outside my office. When I told him to be quiet as we were working/studying inside, he told me to go somewhere else. So I seized his neck, lifted him away, short of smashing his face. From then on, Rudro seemed to learn how to low his tone and instinctively protect his throat when he saw me. But for his arrogance and sociopathic rudeness, I wouldn’t for a moment today, once I’m not of the school environment, hesitate to smash his head and stomp his skull to pieces.

Like you, a principal at Microsoft, a very nice and intelligent Chinese woman, also told me of the extreme arrogance of her former Indian manager. All she said is that it must be due to the caste system in Indian that people from that country grow up without any social conscience, nor an ounce of empathy. To this, I will add “pervasive, extremely corrupt bureaucracy.”

Regarding the treatment of bartenders and waiters, a girl working at a Seattle coffee shop once told me, out of blue, that Indians never tipped. Last night, a group of Indians came to my local bar. One of them was so arrogant toward the bartender that I believe given slight provocation, he would be kicked out or have his ass seriously kicked.

I don’t understand how such people can be allowed to pollute the social environment in the west, as if there isn’t already enough nastiness in our society.

In some way, reading your comments makes me feel a little better, in that my experience isn’t unique and other people are aware of the problem.

Anonymous said...

anon 3.24 read the new constitution put together by the muslim elites for the Fijians, then u mite understand disenfranchisement...anyway who is the brain behind all these laws...all kai indias.

Anonymous said...

Indians responsible for all the problems according to Anon 4.14pm, just as the Jews were responsible for Germany's problems, according to Hitler, and the Tutsi's were responsible for Rwanda's problems, according to the Hutus. Hooray to bigotry, racism, holier-than thou attitude.

Thank you anon 4.14pm for a truly intellectual contribution. Just what we need to build a better Fiji. You should be so proud of yourself, so should be your parents for doing such a great job bringing you up.

BC said...

@Anonymous 4:40 aka Graham Davies.
Why don't you fark off back to your toilet paper Fiji Sun and don't bring your shit here.

Anonymous said...

Mr Illegal PM of Fiji.... see what you have done.... more racism like we see in the blog chat..... something you said and PROMISED you will fix. Like every promise you made this one also takes the toilet seat amongst others.... It is true, time is running out for you.

Anonymous said...

June 17, 2013 - 6:56AM: China's internet users have reacted with outrage to reports of a racist assault on six Chinese students studying in France.

The oenology students were attacked early on Saturday in the wine-producing Bordeaux region.

The Chinese embassy in Paris said Sunday it "strongly condemns" the assault.

A female student seriously hurt by a glass bottle thrown at her face during the assault was hospitalised and underwent surgery.

The attack criticised on China's social networking service, Sina Weibo."How dangerous is France! We should go to better countries," one user wrote.


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama with the help of Indians stage the 2006 coup full stop!!!

According to Rabuka,Bainimarama has been having a "lone long walk"longer than he did in 1987.

Which means Bainimarama being pushed to a corner and all you Indians feed him with all your shit!!!![individual,academic,professionals,businesses]

The majority (number)in military understands the abc of coup but this one is totally amazing saying different things while actually doing the other way.Which means he is attach to a string or to say what he is being told....uh!!

Remember Bainimarama that when he swore to the chiefs and told them to go drink home brew under a mango tree you will never be forgotten.An insult to our culture & tradition.
This same sentiment being repeated here in this social blog with different conotation from Indians join the dot!!!

After the belittle,mockery and abusive languages an indian openly abuse our religion in our most reverend christian calender Easter and openly criticized our Lord,join the dot!!!

Because lack of respect towards native Fijians you push Bainimarama to the front to face us because the military are at his disposal.Remember Indians don't be fooled the only thing this coup brings to light is your cunning thieving and thuggery attitude,greedy,manipulative,backstabber.
Bai need numbers in 2014 to continue:I AM REALLY SORRY IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!

Indians beware don't take the risk.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.14am...you don't need the indian army to invade now...they are already here and doing their dirty work since independence...
what more land security do you want...99 year leases for u to build your house, 30 year leases to plant your cane,,,surely you not expecting the kaivitis to give away their lands and become landless.
any way u kaiindias use land security as an excuse...u get leases and you speculate on the lands make huge profits and leave with no sharing of the profits with the kaivitis...just leave them with peppercorn rents.

Anonymous said...

anon 4.40pm open your eyes and your heart if u got one.
you accuse the kaivitis of fighting to protect their rights in their own land of being bigots but u are the bigger one for denying them that right...go figure that u sarcastic bigot

Anonymous said...

Indians you are being exposed in this coup full stop!!you real being LIUMURI!!....

Kamlesh said...

Ronald Madhwan, what are ya?

NOT GOOD said...

you know wat guys, its sad to see everyone turning on each other on this site.....PM must be laughing his head off rite nw.....

Anonymous said...

Annon: June 17, 2013 at 1:09 PM
Annon: June 17, 2013 at 3:24 PM

How about you leave Fiji my country and take Aiyaz Khaiyum Muslim family with you back to where the British pick you up on the streets and slums of India. Leave us alone with the way we live whether we are lazy or hard working, we are at peace, free and do whatever we like with laughter. That is the way the world should be. We shared our lands and resources with you with love and care but you turn around and screwed our women, corrupted our chiefs and political leaders, you hired me to kill, rob, burn homes and property of your own father and brothers and including Hindu's business so you can have sole control of everything. You put me in jail and when I came out you paid me again to plant and sell marijuana for you and the cycle continues.

I went home to do something better on my resources and on arrival my father told me that you already cut all our mahogany trees at a toilet paper price and until today you never replant any cut trees as part of the agreement for over 100 years.

What happened on to our land resources it also happened to our sea resources. Who killed the Fijian? The Muslim. Who loved the Muslim with share and care? The Fijian race.

In education you forged certificates to get better jobs and when Fijian set for exam in the proper ways and means you paid the examiner to fail my exam. Many times you paid for the exam question papers and study them prior to the examination time. Muslim pass and Fijian fail. Today you fond of calling me a failure, greedy and lazy etc. God knows the TRUTH that I worked myself out with fair and square ways and means according to the rules of loyalty but you Muslim was much clever then I with zero loyalty.

Look towards the damage you have done to our forests for the last 100 years. No mercy!! You attacked my Christian faith on FBC TV and we still giving out our smile. How long for Muslim? That is a question to be watchful at this very moment.

Mullah I been asking you for help while the sun is still up there to warn your members that we do not need problems and troubles in Fiji. We should love one another and do the rightful thing with respect. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mohammed Aziz the Fiji Military Force's Chief of Staff, Sir, please drop your gun and pull out now while the sun is still up there. Do not forget to take your soldier boys with you to the land of freedom and peace.

Col, Samuela Saumatua, Sir, thank you too. You made the right move in good time. Aisea Tuidraki and Tagi you are not alone with your ex Minister. Prayers are everywhere for the love of all.

Anonymous said...

Kaidia LIUMURI full stop!.

Who cares about the rule of law when u don't recognized our plight,our special right as an indigenous in this country that MUST!! be respected before everything else.

To u Indians our culture is for us not for u,why u try to eliminate what we are identified with?Who are u to tell us what to do in our own land?This is our land our pride our culture,our identity our resources,our beautiful environment its ours!!

I live the way i like whether i sleep all day or go fishing all night i don't care as long as it is me in my own land with all the time in this world to use what GOD had given us to use and enjoy and wait till i die.

Civilization came in with rules and regulations and u know what? we are told to share our resources for the benefit of everyone including u who came in later so the colonialist made regulation that we give up our land for u because u reluctant to board the boat for your passage back to India, that's after you've been paid for your hard labour in the cane field.

Now can u think aloud?

We were introduced to a totally new structure of living,a new way to live,everything is written in law book,the system is known to be a democratic used by civilized nations the world over.In the midst of all these we are told to adhere to it or we will be responsible for our ignorance.To hell we are still primitive in our way!!

The hard yard is to try and shift and slowly absorb and soaked our thinking and way in this modern civilized system.It is a very slow processed indeed.Monetary value were nothing in our system we are inborn to barter system and give without care is a norm and imbedded in all cultural hierarchy.THIS IS WHERE YOU GOT THE LAND THAT YOU ENJOYED FOR GENERATIONS TILL TODAY.

With this new system a critical part of it is education,this form of institution will moulds and shape the future of this country according to the westerners.

We are very much in the middle of the road and we are caught in between two systems,the cultural Way of living and this new civilization westernized system where eduction is a MUST.

Now as soon as you got educated,succeeds in business etc you turned around and called us names that we're lazy,can't work,kerekere every where,no school,grog wanker etc.

Please as soon as you succeeds in life there in Fiji please continue to do so and STOP trying to be something when you are bunch of SUCKERS!!.
I will educate myself and try to cushion the two phases of life I'm confronted with and hope that one day we will be free from PARASITE LIKE YOU INDIANS.

Anonymous said...

The indigenous people of the world are protesting against their respective governments that they do not want foreigners on their land because of their deceptive cunning attitudes like Indians in Fiji. Indian are known to be the most racist of all the races of the world according to researchers. In Fiji you are roaming free and causing trouble and no Fijian race cared.

Annon: June 17, 2013 at 11:14 AM said to bring in Indian army from India and forced the Fijian race out of our country and rule over us. Such strong statement is the main and final objective of your staying in Fiji to causing divisions within our system of living, corrupted our chiefs and leaders. You are now saying on FBC TV, "I am Fijian and this is my country".

Jack's promotion said" Fiji is Little India".

On all TV Channels we watch all India movies in English titles. You have no courtesy at all Muslim Riyaz Khaiyum to provide for programs that suitable to all races with fairness. Is not these a racist FBC TV station? Muslim creativity divide and rule.

Did you ever see any retaliation from the real Fijian race? Never!! All these changes were of the Muslim creation via Aiyaz Khaiyum. What a shame Khaiyums.

Hindu and Christian are grouping together because of secret Muslim creation have been exposed.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:50 AM

Stand back and listen to yourself and ask yourself WHY ?

Have you not had the majority in both race and leadership for many years in Fiji?

So why do you not have your own TV stations, managed as YOU want them ?

Of course you will not ever want to admit the truth will you. Just keep on showing your jealousy, the world can see through it so easily.

Anonymous said...

ANON 10.50 and others. It is obvious that you think that the Indian race does not belong in this country. Then why do you want democracy. Democracy empowers all. You are calling us parasites and liumuri greedy and what not. I just want to say thank you for being so kind to us. The majority of us Indians have had nothing what so ever to do with ANY coups in Fiji. They have done you no harm. They simply want to live in peace earn an honest living and pass on when the time comes.Not all Indian people are businessmen with lavish life styles and the number of the PM on their speed dial. Neither are all businessmen corrupt. 90% of them are struggling to get by just like everyone elsewhere.
This is applicable to all Muslims and Hindus. Fiji has been ruled by the indigenous people for over 42 years and continues to be ruled by one. You own all the land and resources. You also are able to bully and intimidate other races because of your bigger physical nature and the fact that other races have chosen not to add fuel to the fire. You have chosen to blame the Indians for all your problems when in fact all the coups and all the decisions made in this country have been made by your race. I will agree that some Indians and only a handful have influenced some decisions however these have been done because your leaders were too corrupt and greedy and self serving. Most of these decisions have also affected negatively on Indians. Overall as most of you put it the Indians are the reason that the kaiviti are unhappy and poor and whatever else you might want to add to this.
Don't worry slowly but surely we are leaving. Quite frankly we don't want anything of you not even respect.
You can then have all the land you want and do as you want. I am just wondering who will you blame then for all your troubles. Its good to see the truth come out at least.

Anonymous said...

Annon: June 18, 2013 at 11:50

The TV station is run by the people's money and all antennas are on the Fijian lands and that is where I stand back and listen Mister. Taking down all those antennas means nothing to us anyway. How about that? All I am asking you Riyaz Khaiyum give us a fair deal to all other race who are here with you who do not understand Hindi language,Mr.Racist. This is not in India or Pakistan. Hatcha Bhai!! Since you have started it make sure you stay online to see the end of it whether it was good or bad.

Anonymous said...

Tigress, you admit that you're now working with the regime. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you already had the job before the coup.

Now, as a statistician, would you not agree that Muslims have a percentage of civil service positions in the regime that is proportionally larger than their percentage of Fiji's population? This is a math question, not a matter of subjective opinion.

If this is true, why do you suppose that is? Is it because Muslims are better educated and/or have more relevant job experience than non-Muslims? Is this a form of affirmative action to raise the economic profile of Muslims because they've somehow been disadvantaged historically? Is it because the Bainimarama regime thinks Muslims are more reliable partners in its treason?

Would you not agree that the perception exists that, under Bainimarama, Muslims enjoy preferential treatment? It's not just that they get a disporportionate number of jobs but the sense that they're given jobs and awarded contracts partly because they're Muslim.

Personally, I think Khaiyum's abuses are responsible for much of this perception, but I also think much of it attributable to simple cronyism. Khaiyum likes to reward his cronies, and, because he's a Muslim, many or most of his cronies are, too.

Anonymous said...

Never mind Tigress. She's another of Fiji's new Taliban. "America is the world's greatest terrorist" she writes.

Like other critics, these Taliban always fail to take into account the great things America has done for the world, including coming to the rescue of her Muslim co-religionists in many different places, by the way. They also ignore that it was the monstrous provocations committed by their fellow Muslims that led to America's recent interventions. Some even have the gall to spread the preposterous claim -- easily debunked -- that the Americans staged 9/11 themselves.

So much for gratitude! Were it not for the Americans, all of us would now be slave coolies for the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

Never mind Tigress. She's another of Fiji's new Taliban. "America is the world's greatest terrorist" she writes.

Like other critics, these Taliban always fail to take into account the great things America has done for the world, including coming to the rescue of her Muslim co-religionists in many different places, by the way. They also ignore that it was the monstrous provocations committed by their fellow Muslims that led to America's recent interventions. Some even have the gall to spread the preposterous claim -- easily debunked -- that the Americans staged 9/11 themselves.

So much for gratitude! Were it not for the Americans, all of us would now be slave coolies for the Japanese.

Anonymous said...


Mate just take care of ur business in the State.You will always cherish your childhood memories of that beautiful island.U know that's why u have some sense and emotion,u know that good feeling when all is well becoz u are a product of Fiji island!!! not India.
BTW Fiji is your home till u die.

Anonymous said...

Annon:June 18, 2013 at 12:39 PM.

We did not bring you to this island of ours. Whatever we do to our lands and resources is our business but the problem is you Indian the holders of forged certificates.

From FBC TV to Fiji Museum under the Muslim control. To have an Indian at the Fiji Museum is another scheme or ploy. Are you looking for mystical powers from my ancestors skull and bones etc. and worship it day and night?. There is no Indian originality and properties that warrant your presence there. Go and study your origin back in India to find your route back home not at the Fiji Museum. Leave our ancestors alone, please.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:41 PM

Sounds like you need a lesson in how a commercial TV station has to operate.

The fact that it is wholly owned by the government that is financed with taxes paid by the people does not mean the government pays for all that is broadcast.

Advertising pays for much of its running and many of the programmes are sponsored by public organisations and commercial interests outside of FBC.

Hopefully the above will give you the answer as to why you do not see enough of what YOU consider you are entitled to.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:41 PM

Sounds like you need a lesson in how a commercial TV station runs.

The TV station is 100% owned by the government whose money comes from the taxpayer.

The fact that the government/taxpayers own it does not mean they run it.

It is a 'Commercial' TV channel and that means a major part of its operating costs are derived from advertising and many programmes are sponsored by outside public organisations and commercial interests.

If there are not enough of the type of programme that you want being aired it's because it's not being sponsored or simply not available at a reasonable cost.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 5.17pm

Interesting comment re museum, although I very much doubt that its to do with mystical powers since non-itaukei do not believe in the i-taukei culture in the 1st place.

However, your views brings to mind the GLARING FACT that there are many places where migrant minorities have tried to lay claim to native land ownership (i.e. that they're also part of the indigenous population)... and have systematically tried to destroy historical records, documentations in archives etc, even to the extent of bulldozing over traditional landmarks and historical structures erected on land, in their bid to re-write history and ensure their minority future generations will ONE DAY lay claim to the ownership of native land under the notions of EQUALITY and ANTI-DISCRIMINATION ... something the i-taukei tin soldiers marching to the $$$ drumbeats ought to be thinking about FAST! given the slow but sure developments happening under Aiyaz & sly shysters counsel to the Bai military regime.

I-taukei should not hate other ethnic minorities esp. ethnic Indians, it's both stupid and pointless(!!) and plays directly into Aiyaz and cronies' hands. Just simply take steps to CONSOLIDATE ownership over their land and natural resources.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Saumatua finally grew a conscience.

Better late than never.

Khaiyum Lies said...

Even China is carrying the 'real story' that Saumatua has resigned to take a rest and spend some time with his family!

This regime sure knows how to spin some good lies.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


what illegal AG go underground sorry!!! too late.Mr Illegal AG your file is within the military Intel not with Rokoura(PM's office) whom you paid to hide and destroyed files against you that went straight to PM.Anything against you that son of Neel sharma in HR RFMF rings the bell to Aziz, then you meant to let the complaint follow the channel where you intercept all files against you at PM's office thru Rokoura who hide and destroyed them and you know what he forges PM's singnature on some files and put a [FA]File Away notice on it.These meant all complaints against you gather dust at Rokoura's residence or he destroyed it completely.Your private deals with Ports,AFL,TFL,IF etc all filed and kept not there in Fiji its overseas mate !!!Khaiyum you are comfortable becoz all complaints against you had been filed away by this man Rokoura,not now Mr illegal want to be smart you are exposed to the root!!! he too one of those used taukei(bought)by you so you can loot as much as you can.

Rokoura u my junior and i follow our protocol as military man in civil government little did i know that u had been bought already and no wonder the PM got frustrated when Khaiyum's name mention but you always there for illegal AG giving us assurances that all is well.

Bloggers this man is a critical link from the Puplic,Civil Servants and institution who raised dissatisfaction against AG becoz he is the last man down and he sits just hand length at the PMs office door!!!Just imagine where illegal Ag put all his fence around him before destroying us left,right and center.

C4.5 pliz expose this man he is at PM's office for AG not for the betterment of Fiji but his own pocket.

Rokoura se me time no qoi se ula rawa,na uniform yari warai ni uniform ni qumi saqamoli,drau cakacaka ra vadodonu,na dosi ena dosi no tawamudu o koko no mo nanuma na Vanua kena uniform dara toka eri.

Anonymous said...

what lies about premila. she was appointed by the elected govt in may 2006. some jealous pigs out there.... how did she benefit?
go gal go! we are proud of you.

Anonymous said...

If you read the closing arguments of Justice Robert Jackson at the war trials at Murenberg - as reported on the internet, you will see the current illegal Fiji Government and its illegal Officers used all those tactics to take over Fiji in 2006.
All dictators fall.

Anonymous said...

why premila in the Hindu coup list? how did she benefit? why spread lies.give credit where credit is due. silly

Anonymous said...

Okay Anon Premila.... got the message but you are still a stupid woman with no brains about Private businesses. You should try running one.

Anonymous said...

premila is the next one to go

Anonymous said...

theres lots of Rokouras in government and in public places...so getting rid of one wont make a difference...too many masipolos in Fiji.
all the honest ones are in jail....lol

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Annon: June 18, 2013 at 9:44 PM. The iTaukei should be watchful on their lands rather then carrying guns and show off on the streets and offices with no experiences on the job.

Message from CEO (Cunt Executive Officer) said...

WE have already targeted most Big Companies.... we have changed the laws to suit us raise revenue for our illegal masters.. this cannot be helped because we have no investment.. they have all run away or either closed down. Now we will target the poor.. we need their money to pay for our beloved Regime.. ASK and VB.. forget the rest of the Government hand-ons... Even though we have stopped paying Qarase.. we have sent a team to this Island in Tonga LAU to see if we can really fark him up.... signed CEO FARKER (FRCA)...Dont blame me... I need a job at the end of the day... fark you poor lots ... wait until our VAT goes to 20%... and Premila the stupid CEO of consumer concil can go fark herself..... VB got my back and I have his...

St Josephtakalaka said...

Lets put the buck where it really deserves. From the onset, Satish Narayan made a valid comment that all of us who have been athletes know. At the start of every race, the organisers of the Cockes will need to lower the loud speakers whether its booming announcements or music. even spectators are usually asked to remain silent. yet in a show of disrespect and lack of experience, Litiana and her team continue with music doing away with simple logic. We acknowledge that speakers are now located near the athletes, however the athletes deserve that much respect. When Satish made that comment, you Litiana, if you were worth your salt, you would take it like a leader and make the correction without a fuss. That you chose to initiate the complaint against Satish and Fiji TV to Daddy dearest, you brought on the fury of a hard working journalist who obviously say you as who you really are. A spoilt brat that is being elevated by her abnormal father. Your relationship with your Dad must be distinguished if you wish a lasting career as a professional leader,. Otherwise you will soon and very soon return to the sewer out of which you crawled.

Shamima Ali said...

I will look into the matter and if Litiana is part of 'MY TYPE OF POLITICS' then only I will push for investigation against Satish Narayan.
Everyone knows that I do not stand for people who are not 'MY TYPE'.
I stand for myself, my crisis centre members, FWRM, Dr Nur Ali my dearest and nearest Bubu, my darling John Apted, etc, etc, etc and the rest of the women can get raped - I DONT CARE.

Bring real investment said...

If this true as FDN blog and others have posted is it fair Saumatua has been blamed for Khaiyum picking the wrong company in the first placer - regime gave the casino deal to its mate Larry who has failed to come up with investors and funds because of the political situation.

Only the unprici9pled will invest in the deal so we will not only end up with local becoming gamblers (just look at Aotearoa) but 'dirty' money will laundered through our nation.

Real Jack’s take on Col. Saumatua
June 21, 2013

Veteran blogger Real Jack from Fiji Board Exiles suspects former Minister for Housing and Local Government, Col Sam Saumatua, fell foul of the regime by insisting on proper process for a couple of projects which have backing from the Bainimarama and Khaiyum. It wasn’t just the insult to Saumatua of having people who report to him sacked by another Minister which triggered his resignation, says Real Jack.

“the bigger picture involved with the Samuatua issue though is the Casino – One Hundred Sands needs development approvals and consents for that casino to be built – and that process needs to be done in respect of the new piece of land to which they appear to now have moved the casino – there has to be proper zoning and there has to be proper development approvals and consents -whether Saumatua would have allowed the development processes to be short-Gutted is debatable – personally i don’t think he would have allowed it given the manner in which he has not allowed the Raiwai PRB flats dispute to be interfered with but instead put it to a proper Tribunal to handle the issue and the dispute.”

There could be something in this. Who knows what happens inside this dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum I think you are talking from youe ass. you said that your Fucken Idiot Cunt Ass Cock FICAC is against corruption i.e bribery,nepotism etc,etc.You appointed your own brother to be the boss of FBC and your unti to look after your own selary with Bainimarama and Bainimarama appointed his own daughter to be the CEO iof Fiji Sport Council so what do you mean when you say nepotism.What about your salary which is over million dollars who authorised that? You think you are the only educated person in Fiji ? Get out you have no right and you do not have the know how to run the country.Get ready to defend youself your days are getting closer.

Unknown said...

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