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Sunday, June 23, 2013

SODELPA President Ro Teimumu Kepa's speech at first party meet

Let me first acknowledge our guests and ladies and gentleman whom are here this afternoon on the First meeting of   SODELPA Party’s General Assembly.
I also acknowledge the officials and members of the Party and I see among us the presence of the last elected Prime Minister, Mr Laisenia Qarase who is here with us for the first time following his period of incarceration. I will say more about this later. I acknowledge the two Vice Presidents: Ratu Silivenusi Waqausa and Ratu Lote Yavuca, senior officials, and members of the Party, ladies and gentlemen, and friends.

I like especially to thank the Party for the ceremony they accorded me this afternoon which for me, has come unexpectedly. I thought as being your President, and one who has been with you as part of your team for much of this year, this official task is part of my duty as your President. I know that, as this is really the First Special Meeting of our National Assembly for SODELPA Party, you would like to have it conducted in accordance with indigenous Fijian protocol. 

Some Trying Times
This year, 2013, it has not been an easy year for the Party. The fact that we are sitting together here with the last elected Prime Minister and founder of the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL), a body  which was really the precursor of  SODELPA, but was not allowed to exist with its name, is  indicative of some of the hurdles that were placed in our path, some of which no other Party had to endure but which we confronted  and overcame with minimum fuss. Two Decrees were placed in our path in order to register as a political party (Decree 4 and Decree 11 of 2013)

The Decrees required us to do certain things in order to remain as a political party:  to have an  English name and not  an indigenous Fijian one; to make a fresh application for registration supported by at least 5000 signatures of supporters from all of the four administrative regions of the country; to pay $5005 as application fee; to require party  officials to publicly declare all their assets and those of their spouses and children; as well as meet  many other requirements during the specified registration period, the breach of which attracted ridiculously high penalties including the threat of de-registration  of  parties. 

The requirements for registration and in under the Decrees, according to a group of international Senior Lawyers were among the most restrictive internationally, and they were way out of line with international norms.
Despite all these, we were able to get our Party registered on May 6th as a new Party altogether, with a new name, a new abbreviation (SODELPA), a new symbol and a new Constitution .For those who knew the old SDL party would know that many of the principles of the old party are embodied in the new Party and other changes which have been brought in,  as part of our   response to new requirements of the electoral roll which was  reflected in the recommendation of the  Peoples  Draft Constitution (Ghai Draft, 2012).

I understand that we have done so well in getting our Party registered that together with the other three parties, that the Regime is astounded that all the mainline parties are popular that they have been able to sign up members and supporters of at least 5000 voters each within the time period  required. Now the Regime is supposedly the only mainline party that is now awaiting registration. The Regime has been subject to calls that they too should now subject themselves to the same rigid application procedures and the unrealistic    assets disclosure requirements, that  has now become a source of  embarrassment to them.

The shoe is now on the other foot so to say, and we have been commended by NGO’s and some international partners, in how our political parties have dealt with a difficult situation under the harassment and intimidation of the Regime.
In yesterday’s Fiji times (Tuesday,June 18th) for example, the Director of  the Citizens Constitutional Forum ,Rev Akuila Yabaki, a noted critic of the  then SDL Party wrote in a Letter to the Editor column and  said this about the constitution of SODELPA:

“ I find it encouraging to note how political parties are making the changes in their constitutions. I have noted for instance how SODELPA Party has made the same transition in its newly revised Constitution.

Once a party that avowedly represented the interests of just iTaukei and Rotuman people, it now aims to secure the greatest number of seat in the next general elections and to show exemplary political leadership which reflects the multiracial nature of Fiji society. The Party is determined to forge strong, united and multiracial Fiji and intends to pursue dialogue and negotiation to achieve peaceful solutions to Fiji’s Challenges…”

Despite difficult times, our party has been able to do what is required for the task to serve the best interests of our people.

Some Necessary Constitutional Amendments:
Since we have been registered on May 3rd 2013, we have accelerated our work on the visitation of old branches under the SDL and the setting up of new braches altogether under the SODELPA structure. In this task we face some restrictions and the purpose of this Special Meeting of the National Assembly is to provide greater flexibility in some of the provisions which have been set perhaps too rigidly.

In parts, we have provided greater flexibility in the provisions of membership of the Management Board which runs the day to day operation of the Party and its working Committee called the National Executive Committee or NEC.

A full  list of  members of the Management Board has been approved  which enables it to function right away given the urgency of the Party to be ‘in full flight’ so to say, for the impending general elections in September 2014.

It is also proposed   that the Management Board is to appoint a Selection Committee for the Party Leader. The Selection Committee is expected to consult widely and recommend a suitable candidate for final approval by the General Assembly   which will recommend a name for approval by the General Assembly. This will be the first Party Leader for SODELPA   in what is expected to be one of the most difficult general elections in the twenty six years since 1987.

United Front for Democratic Fiji (UFDF) 
I shall mention perhaps only briefly about the United Front for Democratic Fiji which started as an umbrella organization of then three existing parties: the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua, the Fiji  Labour Party, National Federation Party and the then United Peoples  Party  of Mr Mick Beddoes which is no longer in operation as it did not meet the requirement s of the recent Political Parties Registration Decree of 2013. 

However, the remaining political parties continue to exist and SODELPA has replaced the SDL in that organization.This body has also included a  Trade Union Body known as Fiji Council of Trade Unions or FICTU.
The UFDF is not a political Party as such; it is a broad umbrella organization with a specific purpose in coordinating the actions of the bodies concerned against the Regime and in coordinating the activities of the group in the restoration of democracy in Fiji.
Under the difficult situation we are in, the body has served us well and there is a great deal of interest in other like- minded bodies to join it which gives it greater leverage and power to enable the Group to co-or ordinate their activities and for the achievement of its goals. Our Party is strengthened by  its  involvement  with this group and the Management of the Party is kept fully informed about its agenda and activities and through it, the Party maintains its  its  leadership role in the affairs of the country in line with its  size and support  in the country, together with other mainline parties and groups. Given the situation we are in, I have faith that the outcome of the work of this group will be beneficial to the Party and to all our people in our efforts to bring back  democracy to our land.

Where to from here?
I do not have a crystal ball to see what lies ahead but it is becoming very clear that the Regime has failed the people of Fiji in coming up with a Constitution in the time they had promised. Instead of June 2013, they are now talking about September which is hardly a year before their widely publicized  election date.

They had scrapped what would have been an excellent constitution which correctly reflected the wishes of the majority of the people of Fiji which  was referred to as the Peoples Draft (or Ghai Draft,2012). They had also scrapped the Constituent Assembly set up initially to consider the Peoples Draft, and in doing so they have remove the last effective and meaningful mechanism to safeguard the interest of the people in a democracy.

What is left therefore, is only the whims of the regime and everywhere in the world where this happens, they usually act in their own interest, and not in the best interest of the people. This is where the Party is looking at various actions and options like a referendum for example, as a means of guaranteeing that whatever constitution is imposed on the people is also acceptable to the people, and nothing less!

I am comforted by the fact that the Party has what it takes in experience, intellect and courage to ensure that we demand and get what is rightfully ours as the people of Fiji. This   includes   the requirements for independence and transparency process involved in the elections, which should also meet international standards,  along the lines recommended in the Peoples  Draft of 2012. Nothing less is acceptable and everything must be done within the agreed time guidelines of September, 2014.

In concluding, I like to leave a very important issue last not because it is of least importance but rather because of its significance to all of us in the Party  and  for  all  the people who support democracy locally and internationally. We have with us for the first time in our General Assembly, the last elected Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase.

Our Party officials, and friends of the Party have visited his home in Moti Street to  welcome him on his return. 

We thank God he is well and healthy and cheerful, and we also thank God for his contributions to the Party that is now part of our tradition in SODELPA. SODELPA carries with it some of the principles and the values that SDL, that he formed some 12 years ago.

I am grateful about his willingness to be involved as a member of the new Party but the restrictions of the Political Parties   Decree makes him ineligible for holding an official position in the Party. But his willingness to be involved as an ordinary member apart from his advice on some issues will be invaluable. For that  I am grateful and I ask all the members present to welcome him and wish him continuing good health and that of his  wife Leba Qarase, and the family.
Mr Qarase will remain an icon and a symbol of hope for democracy and like Mr Mahendra Chaudhry and the late Dr Timoci Bavadra before him, who were all elected leaders but were deposed illegally by military actions. 

That should be a lesson to us all that we should be vigilant in defending democracy and ensure that that we do not allow the military or any such other illegal forces whatever their form or intentions, to undermine the will of the people to decide  freely who should govern them.

Finally, I hope that all that we have resolved today will ensure that our Party will be in a good position to carry out the tasks entrusted us to do, whatever it takes under the law, to return Fiji into a peaceful, prosperous and united country,  at the very least, by the end of September ,2014.

Vinaka Vakalevu.


Anonymous said...

God bless the Gone Marama Bale for her game attempt to act nonviolently and even to play by the regime's shifting rules.

This regime intends to stay in power by hook or by crook, however, so we should not pin our hopes on any election it organises. Whether we favour SODELPA, the FLP, the NFP, or whatever, we should put aside our partisan leanings to act with unity. We should encourage the UFDF to unite behind a single candidate above ground, and we should join with the nonpartisan Loyal Fijian Resistance underground to prepare for all contingencies.

Anonymous said...

It is of crucial importance that bona fide political parties continue to do all possible to comply with the regime's constantly changing rules for registration and the ability to conduct their corporate affairs. This will very clearly demointsrtate the regime can and will be soundly thrashed at its won game and rules, no matter how often they move the goal posts. After the Saumataua, Natuva and Vuniwaqa resignations, Frank has to be asking himself, if he even has the complete support of the army any more. Election or not, the parties must never give him an excuse to say no one was interested so he should continue the regime's oppresive rule.

Anonymous said...

Arrest her, she is talking about the same old crap, Fiji and the world have further ahead.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Fiji and the world have moved ahead, Ro Teimumu thinks that Fiji is still in pre-independence era. Leadership styles have also changed! as well as the competency requirements of those who want to lead. Even the US has made friends with the Taliban. Common guys wake up and be vigilant to changes in the external environment of Fiji.is

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:00 PM

When did the US make friends with the Taliban ?

Can you let us know because this is breaking news to all.

ratu frank voreqe bainimagana levu said...

You must also ensure that the right people with the right skills and attitude who are "mature" and can easily put their EGO aside are employed by the party to uphold its rules and regulations.

Saying the right thing is one thing - but having the right people to do the right thing is key!! Dont drop the ball and focus on Fiji as a whole.

Lots of people in official roles and office in Fiji are still immature, they take things personally and act like babies when their pride or ego is hurt. These are armatures who should not be anywhere in or near official office because they put themselves first!!

Anonymous said...

@Annon.. 6:50/6:56 & 7:00pm
Youve ben a fake and have had stuff shoved down your throat for quite some time now that you have lost touch with reality....Fiji has moved ahead?..do you realy believe that?
Well Dickhead, thats the the biggest heap of bullshit of 2013.Go have a decent clean up man!!..youre so covered in regime shit you cannot tell east from west. Truth of the matter is PNG, SOLOMONS,SAMOA and other small Pacific Island countries have moved ahead while Fiji has been bogged in its own shit with your wannabee under qualified so called leaders at the helm. What you refer to as the world is the imagination generated by your your pea sized brain.Monkey see monkey do...youre seen as such from what you write.

Eroni Volavola said...

Mahend Chaudhry was not deposed by the military but by the terrorists'. How can SODELPA be multiracial when they only choose one non-iTaukei on its executive? It is a Nationalist Fijian party. Likewise NFP is an Indian Nationalist party. Cant trust FLP leadership. How come he has assets worth of $3 million? These same old parties with nothing to offer in new Fiji. Better to stick with our PM, the man with proven record.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has not moved forward but backward because it is ruled by a Dictator.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys please take a look at the assets of people in this party SODELPA. 90% of them don't own a house, they don't have any savings, they don't own land, they don't even have more than $100 with them and they expect us to vote them in to lead this country??? They still have loans with housing authority. They list their FNPF as assets and only $10,000 worth. What a bunch o loosers. They can't even fend for themselves. I even wonder if the land Teimumu Kepa has listed is her own or mataqali land????

Sairusi said...

Teimumu Kepa is no different than her predecessor Qarase. Her Nationalist views are well known and only the naive will be blind to this fact.

Likewise NFP with Attar Singh, Pramod Rae, Raman Singh and Biman Chand Prasad are no different.

What Fiji needs is a truly Multiracial without credence to race, religion or creed.

FLP has lost its credibility and should be considered history. Mhahen ChoodHry will be a visitor to the government of Fiji in Hotel Naboro in September of this year.

NFP has a good chance with change of Leadership and young vibrant, forward thinking people that would have to come forward and chance the characteristic of the party. Attar, Parmod, Raman, and Biman need to retire and enjoy the grand kids. Their disappearance will be a blessing to the party.

FLP has seen the last of it's heydays and now is on it's death bed. May Allah Bless ChoodDhry and the family.

SDL will join SVT in it's graveyard. May God Bless them and grant them peace till the eternity.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:51 PM

Very valid twist on the asset saga.

If they have not been able to do reasonably well for themselves it gives a good indication of their academic or business aptitude.

So what do they have to offer in government ?

Anonymous said...

SODELPA..you will win the next general elections......Bai...do not hope that you will win all seats...u will face tough competition....some people will say that they 100% support you but when it comes to voting its a different story all together...sega mana....Naboro is there waiting for you....dou qai lai kitaka vinaka kina na veitauri kau...kei na veikubuti vakaivua........waraka tiko Bai....

Ratu Sega na nailavo said...

Anon 9:51 PM:

Great observation about SODELPA. The are bunch of penniless opportunists. With this kind of leadership, country is fucked.

True,they can't even fend for themselves. That's why they so desperate to get into power and fill their pockets.

Especially queen Teimumu Kepa who lost big time as a result of the 2006 coup and wants to get back on the gravy train..

Bunch of talentless people with no ideas or vision, just using chiefly status to get ahead.

As a Fijian I say that in some ways the coup was a blessing.

Eparama Waimakare said...

You can comment and you can bark, you can lower the voting ages, you can point figures at the old politicians, the old taukei terrorists, the old FLP or NFP or SDL or the Bainimarama Government parliamentarians, the bottom line is bring the Ballot Box and the Setember Election 2014 on, and the results will show the voters verdict and their democratic rights who they want to represent them in the new parliament. WARNING!!! If the Election Officials & the Bainimarama Regime want to rig the election, the new government will fail to deliver. Ia, vei keda na itaukei, oqo na gauna mo taura vinaka na yalomu, vakilai iko, kila na Kalou o rerevaka, baleta NA DINA SA WAWA TIKO MAI LIU ME BALETA NA VEIDIGIDIGI KEI NA VEIKA ENA KAUTA MAI. VINAKA VAKALEVU NA ITUKUTUKU NI PERESITEDI NI SODELPA, MO NI KALOUGATA ENA NOMUNI VEILIUTAKI NA NOQU GONE MARAMA BALE NA ROKO TUI DREKETI, ENA NOQU VANUA TURAGA O BUREBASAGA.

FreeFiji said...

History will have to record that the greatest tradedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people."Martin Luther King,Jr"...So lets keep the fight for democracy against this regime...yes we have to be vigilent in defending democracy!

Toms said...

SODELPA, we await you coming out to settlements, communities and villagers to discuss what Fiji needs.

We in Tailevu Naitasiri, Ra, Namosi, Rewa, Nadroga and Ba will vote for SODELPA,

We will turn our backs on the look North Policy and ensure that all the crimes commited since 2006 such as the murders, tortures illegal payments from Govt funds are properly investigated and those guilty prosecuted and punished.


Unknown said...

Hey guiyz..!!! Kemuni rawa ni vote taki au meu priminister just for 1 yr..ya qai raica kina free everythings..oti qai soli tale vei dua...ena vukui Viti rawa se sega...???

Unknown said...

Ni bula..! sa rui levu tale na vosa vakavalagi qai balavu na vakayatuyatu kenai balebale eso tiko i loma qo e tiko cala tiko...vakacava me sa da tokona mada ga na matanitu cava ga e cici.. o yau ko mada ga qo sa bau daumaka tiko o yau curu tiko qo vale ni veivesu e Naboro vaka talevoni tiko ya na vuna au kaya kina ni vinaka na matanitu qo rawa niu excess rawa yani kina..koya ga ya vakalevu ga mai na kai Jaina me rawa ni tala vinaka na simede...ok ni kolougata tiko..kua ni dua tukuni yau..qarauna..

Anonymous said...

@ Apisai Naicori...Since youre in Naboro, its obvious youre already a guest of the regime and its highly probable they could nominate you to the PMs position and even better..`ke sa coba tiko qori e 5 se sivia na mavolo sa rawa saraga ni mai nomu P/S o Litiana Loabuka.

Anonymous said...

I see the regime disinformation squad's furiously at work. Lol.

Yes, "our PM" has a proven record, alright -- a record of murder, treachery, corruption and treason. I guess that's what's euphemistically known as "moving ahead".

Since when is honesty a disqualifying factor when running for public office? Ratu Sukuna didn't have many assets. Where does Bainimarama's newfound worth come from, if not the gravy train? Wealth doesn't translate to honesty.

MPC was deposed by terrorists, true, but those terrorists were members of the RFMF, and their criminal mastermind was Bainimarama. Sadly, in today's Fiji, the army are terrorists and led by the same criminal mastermind.

The political parties are right to take on Bainimarama at his own game, but the first comment is also true. Fijians of all political stripes should consider enlisting in the LFR. We need to stop kidding ourselves that this regime will topple without a push.

Adulterers & fornicators said...

Whichever which way, a bunch of losers are vying for power. Whoever takes power we are still screwed. Once in parliament, it will be back to the old tricks. People pretend everything was hunky dory before the 2006 coup but the situation was quite fucked. Politicians were busy looking after themselves. Fijian Holdings Qarase's A-class shares one example, but his delusional arse-licking supporters are in denial and even supporting the fornicator Temumu Kepa for PM. No wonder Fiji is cursed, crooks and adulters leading the country while claiming to be christians. haha what a joke of a country, full of hypocritical Christians, that's why suffering. Indians smarter than us and getting out while they can.

Unknown said...

@Anonymus..Gang se bera ni coba na mavolo..kevaka ga sa dede qai coba..ocei o Litiana Loabuka..?? vakacava me da tukuna mai na yacada se vola mai na yacamu vanaua iko tiko mai kina sa kua na vuni tiko vaqo da sega ni walia rawa kina e dua na ka..qo gona na corruption ..kerekere Turaga na Commodore Mr Frank Bainimarama me dola mada ga i liu na casino qai caka malua na vei digidigi kerekere ke vaka sa mani dola na casino me qai ra kau mada ga mai liu na yalewa lalai ni Jaina me keimami mai vakavutuka mada vosta Turaga na priminister..Au na support taka tu ga na nomuni matanitu Go..Fiji.. Go...!!!

SEMI MEO said...

With all due respect though, wouldn't it have been all inclusive if the speech writer for the Madam President of SODELPA appealed more to other non itaukei Fijians, and also further direct SODELPA appeal for membership support from the serving members of the Security Forces?

Noticeable appointments of “Chiefs” as vice presidents may not augur well with the all inclusive multicultural image SODELPA now professes to champion. Wouldn't it be nice to have a Mohammed, Premila and Lockington as vice presidents of SODELPA?..or is it a sad fact that the bulk iTauke supported SODELPA is probably not yet ready to flirt with true multiculturalism!

Also, even in the absence of the long awaited constituency boundaries, the reality of race concentration in certain geographical location are bound to determine tipping the balance of a seat, and ultimately the final sum total of the political arithmetic.

SODELPA has a lot of work ahead before September 2014 elections.

For once, the Rear Admiral now realizes that a more than worthy alternative Prime Minister and a popular world renown pro-democracy campaigner now challenges to unseat him!

Will the Rear Admiral’s spending spree around the country side increases his popularity in the minds of the electorate?

Or would the majority wakes up and decide not to follow the Rear Admiral because of “bread alone”, but decides to nurture the patriotic ethos and further determined to return to democratic rule, even on an empty stomach!

..for the later thought..many may shout…hear hear hear!...but again many who may have been fattened to gluttonous levels and comforts in the last 7 years may shout…Rear Rear Rear Admiral live forever…

Still, Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase should have been given more recognition by the SODELPA, with say…Patron..or even due acknowledgement in the preamble of SODELPA constitution…

Now, let's wait for the Rear Admiral's Party to be registered...of course, many names in the Charter brigade may have their names under the Rear Admiral...

Well...let the games begin!

Anonymous said...

@ Apisai Naicori...not revealing your identity is not `corruption`as you said but its being smart knowing what you goons are up to..with your network of tracking down enemies of the state or whatever term you use for it!!Your boss has control over the main stream media gang, certainly not the case with other medium like this..appreciate C4.5 for that.
Whats it with this `kaba kai Jaina`thing you keep ranting about...anyway, you got a problem gang...seriously!!!!

Shiu Raj said...

Marama Ni Bale Ro Kepa is a nationalist. She is also an adulteress. How can people vote for an adulteress? We need respected people like Bainimara to lead our country.

Anonymous said...

@ Shiu Raj,,if the marama is a nationalist then so be it..fiji will be for the real kaiviti fijians again wether you like it or not..kulina..get yourself circumsized first before you can call yourself a fijian..if she is an adulteress..its ok.,,as long as she is not a murderer criminal big time like Baini..we will vote sodelpa into power cause we have seen that all this clean up bullshit was all an excuse for some criminal unqualified bullshit artists to fill their pockets..if the politicians fill thier pockets then its ok cause they were voted into power and not by force..its the taxpayers vote that counts at the end of the day..GET IT..Clear and simple eh??..

Anonymous said...

tukuna ga mai na vanua o jiko kina mo sikovi yani,,,,

Dharam Lingam said...

I take it that people who comment negatively against this party are Indians, it's obvious. And Semi Maqe is still deluded as ever.

Anonymous said...

BRING ON THE ELECTIONS! VOTE SODELPA and end the misery and sufferings we are all going through!




Dharam Lingam said...

Shiu Raj you dog.

Anonymous said...

Give me a demcoratically elected MP any day. Fiji is a farce under the so-called leadership of Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Khaiyum. With all of the propaganda this illegal government has engaged in, it is now so hard to establish what is genuine and what is manufactured. One is left thinking all is built on a crooked deck of cards that will eventually collapse.

Anonymous said...

And here we go again, like i've said before,
Indian don't belong here,kick the bastard back to india!!!
Stop trying to go elsewhere
cause you're not wanted,
in someone
else back yard?
Look here curry munchers, every single Fijians that
registered with SODELPA, has a home,land & money.
Every single land leased,
by Indian in Paradise,
belongs to that Fijians,
every single houses,
in over 1,800 Fijian villages, throughout
Fiji belongs
to that Fijians,
89% of the total land throughout Fiji
belongs to those Fijians...
that's the very reason why we're
The Fijians are
staying here at home, and are not moving out eleswhere,
like your kinds-The Indians?
We don't
need to buy our water,cause the streams&rivers are full&
plenty of them,
don't need to buy our meat from your stores,
built on our leased land,
cause we can get our
fish free&plenty from our qoliqoli
in the ocean, sea&Rivers
throughout Fiji ,we
don't have to buy your flour&rice
cause we can get yam,
kawai, kumala,Jivoli
etc freee from our
89% native land?
So hear this asseole,whether you like it or not,we THE FIJIANS owned this frieken
Paradise,and all that land
you're pissing-on,sitting-on,eating on,laying down on,
on,raising your kids-on,burried-on,
making money-on,that's right,
we owned every single bit of what you have,which in the final analysis we actually own you? Ro
Teimumu is a High Chief of Burebasaga-i am not from her Province,
but i regard her as my queen and if&when,
she see fits to makes a calls
to arm-i would be the first Fijian
to step-up and put
mylife on the front line for her AND Fiji?
So been a good Fijians as
i am, as are all my Fijian brothers & Sisters are,
we call on
all Indians in Fiji, and
we're giving you ASSEOLES,this final chance
leave behind anything,
take then all and fuck-off home to India???

Anonymous said...

Bai sa rauta na vesumona.Ni lai vesu mona jiko i na veikoro e vakasake tamata jiko o Khaiyum o ira jiko ga na lewe ni koro o sikova jiko qori sa sake tale jiko mai vanua ni nodra cakacaka,Drau veitalanoa mada e cava jiko ra!!!
Tobo tale nomu con taki keimani jiko.Na ilavo dinau taki o mai va fancy taka jiko gonei o sega ni madua!!!
Sugusugu i tutu viavia veiliutaki, era vuku sara vakavicasagavulu na neimami turaga baleta era galu toka ga dau veirairaici taka na ka veitalia ke sega vei ira na ka.ia, o kemuni teri dua tale na ka e vunitaki o ni sa sigani tu qo e viti raraba ba butako,na kocokoco,na veivakaisini,na valavala lawakica,na veivalolomataki,veidabui qo na ka kece o sa vakaraitaka tu i viti raraba ia, na ka vata ga o kaya jiko me kua ni caka.E teri macala drau vakasamataka jiko na na nomudrau liumuri jiko se sega?

O sa caka nomu sa o milionea rawa kina qori, caka nona o Khaiyum sa milionea rawa ,keimamami sa mai neimami wale nai samu ni dawa.

A cava mada o taura kina na matanitu?
O kainaka ni vuna o Qarase i vei gona na cala nei Qarasei?e teri kau cake mai,dou mai biuti koya i valeni vevesu ena dua na ulubale lokiloki ia,e sega ni sema kina nona i tutu vakaparainiminisita.na kisi ya se kisi makawa sara ni se bera ni PM kina o Qarase.

Na cava mada o via lai vakasavasavataka na cava?Na ka o cakava o sa vakasake tamata ga vakaveitalia,sa maumau era tamata vuli vinaka,koya e cakacaka vakadodonu dou caqeta!e vaka dou cakava me ka ni lasa.

Tovolea mo tukuna vei iratou nomu strategy planners me ratou analyse taka mada na post implementation ni nomu pillars kece e bau dua na impact se sega ke sega,vinaka cake me kua na veidigidigi Bai.
kemami sega na lialia e fail na nomu strategy qai sa lekaleka na gauna !!caqeti ira laivi kece drau taura ruarua kei Khaiyum nai tutu.
Sega ni rawa no o dro bula dua na vanua.na toso jiko ni leweni vanua qo era sa vuli sa oti na gauna ni vesu mona!!!
O sa milionea rawa kei Khaiyum cava tale se lasu cava tale se vo jiko qori? koro cava tale mo baci lai taba tu mai kina ena i lavo dinautaki mai?

Anonymous said...

fijians coup fijians .how many indians in the army and police.stop blaming indians blame fijians for coup culture.thats the truth.

Anonymous said...

500,000 plus fijians cant control khaiyum and jumping up and down to follow his decree

Anonymous said...

It is a tussle between the legal and illegal. The illegals surely have the upper hand with a lot of fire power by holding the purse stings of government and are backed by a group of very wicked brains. And the propaganda is in top gear sp.inning untruths and hiding a lot of dirt. For anyone to support the regime he would be either a beneficiary and down right gullible. The army of course has benefited immensely so they would throw their support wholeheartedly and blindly behind the dictator and his puppet master. Bottom line is money. Reason for the coup was none other than money everything else the regime claim as reason is window dressing and whitewash.

SEMI MEO said...

@Dharam Lingam..oh, last time we checked; the cowards who hide behind pseudonyms are "deluded"!

How would demean you own kind if you'll really an Indo Fijian?..oh, sorry, I forgot you're deluded.

You taunt @Shiu Raj to be a dog, would that then make you a puppy?

A deluded puppy takes months to open their eyes to reality...

SEMI MEO said...

May be it best to propose to SODELPA to adopt the old Alliance party 3 legged stool party support base system..iTaukei, Indo and Others!

SODELPA, the FLP, the NFP working together in unity from prodemocracy activity; to pre election campaign; to forming a coalition Government???..you must be joking!!

Mark my word…as soon as we cross the line after majority seats are determined, then dawns the flirting period by political parties and successful candidates bidding to win each other’s hand in marriage to form a Government.

But…but….the Rear Admiral will still be caretaker Prime Minister mind you..he will still have trump cards of “Diplomatic posting” and keys to the national coffer at his disposal to tangle in front of the nostrils of candidates and parties that have been depleted financially, drained psychologically and physically stress from the wounds of political campaign battles.

Then we will find out which of these candidates and parties were really fighting their own war or were they really bravely fighting our democratic resurgence war!

…time will tell…time will tell.

We only one there are no “moles” planted in either camps as we speak…lol…lol…that is another story!

SEMI MEO said...

May be it best to propose to SODELPA to adopt the old Alliance party 3 legged stool party support base system..iTaukei, Indo and Others!

SODELPA, the FLP, the NFP working together in unity from prodemocracy activity; to pre election campaign; to forming a coalition Government???..you must be joking!!

Mark my word…as soon as we cross the line after majority seats are determined, then dawns the flirting period by political parties and successful candidates bidding to win each other’s hand in marriage to form a Government, with shdow of wanna be Prime Ministers lording over the wheeling and dealings.

But…but….the Rear Admiral will still be caretaker Prime Minister mind you..he will still have trump cards of “Diplomatic posting” and keys to the national coffer at his disposal to tangle in front of the nostrils of candidates and parties that have been depleted financially, drained psychologically and physically stress from the wounds of political campaign battles.

Then, we will find out which of these candidates and parties were really fighting their own war or were they really bravely fighting our democratic resurgence war!

…time will tell…time will tell.

We only hope there are no “moles” planted in either camps as we speak…lol…lol…that is another story!

Anonymous said...

Sega!! Fijian tu ga na kaidia ga sa kauta mai na $$$$$$solia vei Fijian me kitaka na coup baleta na nona business reh!!Rabuka and Bai will take this one to their grave and die with it.IT IS MONEY FROM BUSINESS PEOPLE THAT TURN THE POLITICAL TIDE IN FIJI TODAY FULL STOP.
Rabuka must stand up now and "tell all" to save his country in front of him!!!He can not go down to the grave with all the lies he propagate back then.what will he tell his instructor as he profess that it was GOD who instructed him,really delusion indeed!!!
One more time Rabuka this time for your Country!!!Ask Bai for both to reveal all that's it.Both will be a JESUS of Fiji now and forever.Be of courage my son stand infront of thy people and declare that you two being used by these crooked,corrupted business indians in this land to use your very own as scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

sa sega sara ga vei kemuni na faith...lol

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Semi Meo aka Maqe, Shiu Raj is a dog and I stood by that. Semi the deluded one is you, just read what Shiu wrote. If you cannot understand what he said then you're another dog barking up the Admiral's Rear, your favorite spot.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:57 AM

So here we go again, same old........

Just answer this question,

Why is it then that you are the first ones queued up outside the Indian and Chinese owned and run shops before opening time to get the essentials to feed yourselves ?

Fiji, Uganda & Rwanda said...

To Anon 9:57 AM:

Thank you, spoken like a true Christian.

Problem with people like you is you shout from the rooftops about Christianity; pretend to be sharing and caring people; but can't practice what you preach; as someone said, world's most hypocritical and devious Christians are in Fiji; big welcoming bula smile; but turn around and they will jump you, mug you, or rape you; take all your money.

You, my friend, have murderous, evil heart; full of envy and jealously; despite 150 years of Christianity, savagery is still lurking there.

Idi Amin mentally. No wonder Fiji headed Uganda's way.

Full of bullshit talk about going back to tradition while enjoying all the trappings of modern life. You make me sick.

Most Fijians are great, but haters like you influenced by Satan. You belong with your brothers in Rwanda.

You have succeeded in driving people like us out.

Open your fucking eyes and look around you. Indos are leaving your godforsaken, coup-ridden, crime infested, marijuana country which is a haven for break in and entry by poorly brought up people who can’t do a day’s hard work. You think we want to live among people like this? Hell no, we getting out as fast as we can.

Instead of blaming Indos ask yourself, why your young people fill jails. Why not instead of preaching Christianity, practice it? Than less of you will be in jail, huh?

God gave you good, strong physique; but why you prefer to hang around town, choke money; steal from farms, break and enter; rape; drink grog all night; sleep all day?

Why not use that big body for some real, honest work? then god might bless you, your family and your country. At the moment you seem cursed.

Stop scapegoating indos because it is destroying your society. be honest and look within if you have the balls.

you headed down same path as Liberia and Monorovia where locals are slaughtering each other and in some cases eating each other. These two countries have gone back to the dark ages. Some of their cousins in Fiji will do the same to their country.

We can't wait to get out of Fiji - we are sick of being scapegoated and bullied and blamed for everything.

Be patient - fiji is well on its way to becoming Fiji for Fijians; it won't be long.

Finally, do not tell us where to go. But you can tell your kind not go and overstay overseas since you fiji is such as great country.

you hate filled, primitive-minded, backward bully - with shits like you, no wonder your country fucked to glory and on its way downhill.

Deepak Chauhan said...


Komai Viborete said...

bainaimarama magaijinamu!! kimami sa kidava nomu lasu na tu e nakoro.

Anonymous said...

@9.57AM...Fiji for Fijians is history..Fiji is a multiracial country and should no longer be considered on racial
connotations. I am an indigenous Fijian who is sick and tired of all this bullshit about the i taukei supremacy..No one is above the law. Fijian or anyone, even Bainimarama. We should learn to be more mature about our future and what constitutes truth. The truth
is anyone who is born in the Republic of the Fiji Islands
or anyone who is considered a citizen via immigration laws is a Fijian. End of story!

Anonymous said...

South Africa is coming together as a nation to mourn and remember a great leader, Nelson Mandela.

Fiji is so lost and has been since the 2006 coup that I can't imagine or envisage us coming together over somebody as treasonous or as criminal as Epeli Nailatikau let alone Voreqe Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

......the sooner you go the better,n go in 10,000 numbers a month that really sounds satisfying.
Let us be free from all ill conceive excuses from u year in year out,who cares we eat each other,fill our own prison,sleep all day,roam around whole night looking for "u".Leave n let us alone even if we go back 100 years and have our own unique way of living,ohhh!! almost forget we will of course slowly adapt to all this modern way of life at our own pace,not u Kaidia to tell us that we are slow and we have to do this and do that no time will come for everything so we are patient enough for that!!!remember when u go take away with you the sugar industry which is really an elephant in the room here in our system it is a massive LAND GRAB from Kaidia.Kaidia FLP won, same time $28,000 to Kaidia going out from the farming claiming for development done,development my foot!!! what development when you destroyed the beautiful vegetation that was there before and pollute the streams with poisonous manure you dried up streams coz u cut down trees for your hungry belly of more tonnage of sugarcane,we have alternatives for sugar and grows everywhere in all in our beautiful islands n fetch millions instead of hundred thousands u barking about,we will continue be loitering in your neighborhood in towns etc and if opportunity open we will visit u in the night or day.

Anonymous said...

Since 1987 itaukei are educated enough to evaluate and put their critical thinking in this coup culture all pointing to Indians who finance it from the conspiracy stages!!!

Timoci K said...

Totally agree that every citizen is now regarded as Fijian.

However what is stirring concern to some, rejection in some and nationalism in some is the clearly determined thrust by EyeArse to disenfranchise Taukei off their rights on their lands, elimination of institutions that provide specific protection of indigenous rights and identity which they value...what makes it worse is that these decisions and empowering decrees are being imposed on the Taukei dictatorially without their inputs or consultation with them and is being spearheaded by a Man of immigrant ancestry who had published his well publisized Thesis earlier on, on the elimination of Fijian status in Fiji.

I understand and do not blame the incensed Fijians who are now being increasingly radicalised and becoming inwardly looking looking more racist...they are being threatened by an Indian...we can all understand their natural reactions....I might even be getting very mad, to put it blindly.


Anonymous said...

Surely we all understand by now that the regime will not allow a free and fair election, in 2014 or ever. With Aiyaz in charge, can there be any doubt?

Even with a thoroughly rigged election, this regime might feel the need to resort to canceling the result. Or more likely, seeing the writing on the wall before the election, the regime could decide to postpone it yet again, probably to the year 2020.

What then? Will we again do nothing, except to vent our spleens on this blog, knowing that 2020 could easily become 2030, and Bainimarama's tyrannical rule the beginning of a dynasty?

Or will we explode in a fury of rage, rampaging in the streets, looting shops, overturning cars, attacking other races -- the innocent along with the guilty?

God forbid it!

The Loyal Fijian Resistance is a multiracial, multicultural, interdenominational, and nonpartisan patriotic organisation with one goal and one goal only: the return to Fiji of democratic, constitutional government.

We do not look expectantly to this corrupt and treasonous regime to restore our rights and to submit to the rule of law. We do not wait for self-interested foreign governments to intervene militarily in support of a populace that doesn't stand up for itself. We do not join with some on this blog who seem to seek excuses and opportunities to turn on each other like cannibals. We do not simply pray to Heaven for a miracle whilst ignoring our own duties to God and our countrymen.

We seek unity, not division. We look to ourselves and to likeminded patriots to unite against Bainimarama's illegal regime.

We refuse to be helpless. We will resist as necessary to defend our rights and to defend Fiji. We will prepare, and when we are prepared, we will act.

Sons and daughters of Fiji, will you be prepared?

You who care for Fiji, won't you prepare with us?


Anonymous said...

Mai Bainimarama! Vinaka na soli! Mai na gaunisala, na seawall, na livaliva, na wainigunu! - Rawa kece ena i lavo dinautaki kece!

Nanuma tikoga, na gauna ni veidigidigi e vinaka cake me keimami digitaka e dua na koli!

Na koli mada ga era vinaka cake baleta era sega tu ni kila na lasu kei na butako! - Qo na kemudrau i saluaki o iko kei Kaiyum ka na kemudrau i tukutuku tu ena veigauna mai muri! E rua rau mai lasutaki keimami na lewe i Viti me rawa ni rau mai butakoca nai lavo ni matanitu o Viti! Sa rauta na veivakalolomataki!


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:56 PM and your previous hate spewing diatribe.

Cool down man ! You will only win by being better or more clever than those you so openly object to.

It is only when one realises they have no chance of ever achieving this that they have to stoop so low. Are you that low ?

Onisimo said...

Fully agree with you Timoci.

Given our history of communal/racial history which has greatly improved compared to when I was young, what EyeArse (Indian Muslim) is doing with the Taukei's identity, lands, status in their country can only reverse the improving Fijian/Indian relationships which got visibly underway from the '80s.

The racial intergration this illegal Govt is preaching does not correspond to its policies on Fijians/Taukeis.

They are sowing seeds of terrible bloodshed in this country.


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama na levu ga ni veivakatoracaketaki na kena vinaka.kitaka kena levu qai mai dolava ena vosa vakarautaki vakalawakica me keimami mai lasutaki tu kina.
O ira mai vei koro e tu i Suva na luvedra ka sega ni dua na veisau levu e caka,eso e sa rawata vinaka na pasi ni veitarogi ia e vakuwai mai na sikolasivi kei na vuli kei na tabana ni teitei kei na vuli qasenivuli kei na vuli nasi,vuli loya,vuniwai,dentist,chemistlab tech e cava e yaco?mo waraka ka dolava na veitalanoa ena veikoro ko gole kina me ra taro mai ka sauma vakadodonu kua ni levea na taro.e sauriva wale ga nomu gole yani ka qai sara ulubale ni osooso vacakacaka salavata na bula vakamataivalu....drau bula!!!E sema vinaka jiko o Viti e veisemati jiko e totolo na tete ni vosa kei na tautau ni vosa ia sa muri iko lesu qo na vosa ga o vosa take me sa na lesu tale yani vei kemuni.Sega ni dua na toso o kitaka veika ni bisinisi o ira ga na vulagi,veika me baleta na cakacaka kaidia sa taura kece nai tutu ni veiliutaki,vuli-qo sa qai dua na ka levu qasenivuli ni viti e vagalala taki lako mai na idia me mai taura sega tu ni kila dua ka,vuli-sa mai dua na gap levu sa tu qo ena % ni gone itaukei kei india era vuli ena vei institution kece i viji !!

Komai said...

Fiji TV applies for extension of license
Publish date/time: 24/06/2013 [13:09]

Fiji Television Limited’s six months broadcast license is coming to an end on Sunday and the board has applied for the extension of their license.

Chairman Padam Lala said the formal application has been sent to the government and they are waiting for a reply.

Lala said the final decision on the period of extension will be made by the government.

In a letter dated 13th December 2012 to Fiji TV, Communications Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum stated that the extension will be “until further notice of any additional terms and conditions, including spectrum allocation, that may be prescribed, Fiji TV Limited shall continue to broadcast under the terms and conditions contained in the existing license for the extended period”.

Meanwhile, major restructuring is expected to take place at Fiji Television Limited.

Lala said the restructuring will take place within the management level but they first need to have a plan.

He also said that the restructuring will not affect the current workers at Fiji TV.

Story by: Vijay Narayan & Filipe Naikaso

To Anon 12.56: said...

Anonymous 12:56 speak for yourself.

Not all us itaukei dumb or blinded by hate like you. Not all want to go back to tribalism, or give up our cars, or our tinfish, or our roti curry or our TV. Believe me, neither do you. How will you watch sevens rugby without TV?

Taukei now in the majority and no longer threatened by Indian or anyone. as far as I am concerned, they welcome to stay because they add to rich diversity and quality of life. we can have the best of both worlds if we clever and not think backward and negative and hate. Majority Taukei are true Christians and believe in sharing and caring, even if you do not.

In short, your views are backward, dangerous and destrcutive, not to mention unrealistic and out of this world. You do not speak for all Taukei, remember that.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see more moderate and realistic views returning. Dakuwaqa, Onisimo, and all, keep helping us to navigate between the twin perils of treason and racial chauvinism.

Anonymous said...

@9.57AM...Fiji for Fijians

You must be a lonely Fijian because no itaukei Fijian agrees with your racial remarks towards our Indian community.

Sa rauta mada na yalo ca, meda cakacaka ga vakalevu ka qarava na noda Kalou Bula.

Fiji is for everyone born here, never mind your ethnic background, whether Fijian, Indian, European, Chinese or whatever.


Mo Sovatabua said...

To Anon 2.23pm

Agree.....our future in Fiji is best served if we all respect each other and racial differences do not separate us.

We still can respect each other at the same time HAVING indigenous
people still maintaining their control on their land, institutions, language and identity. Taukei will only accept other people if they are not threatened on what they rightly regard as their COUNTRY AND land as original inhabitants.

I have relatives (2) married to Indian men Now a part Muslin and a full blooded indian WOMEN married to men in my village. A few others have Indian blood in their veins....this is the sign of times...such racial mixing is happening amongst races in other countries ,,,may be slower in Fiji...so in time the racial divide between races will have increasing less meaning.

However we must get rid of the forced disenfranchisement of Taukei off their land, identity and status without their agreement, such as being undertaken by current illegal Govt.

First time I mixed with Indians and other races was when I was 21. Now kids mix much more freely from early ages which is good....will only improve if we take things slowly and let people freely chose the rate of intergration with Govt facilitation..naturally it will accelerate given the modern technology developments and opportunities available.

But EyeArse's and the dictator's force line approach will only reverse the closeness between Indians and Fijians.

The ease and closeness between Part Europeans and Fijians existing now is possible through close blood ties and mutual respect. Fijians can have the same.

So EyeArse, you, being an Indian, your dictatorial anti Fijian stance will only invite negative attitudes from Fijians which will escalate to animosity between Fijians and Indians,,,,this we all do not like.


BC said...

I don't think 9:57 is actually all alone.

Can you tell us why Bainimarama who keeps harping on about Racial Equality, why now after taking over the government illegally since 2006, why is there not 50% Indians in the Army?

Doesn't Bainimarama have the absolute power to change this in an instant
And yet everytime he recruits he keeps recruiting Fijians.

This goes to prove that the Bainimarama rhetoric about racial equality is all Bullshit.

He is just there for himself.

Funny thing is that Indians cant even see this.
I'm actually amazed.

I always thought Indians were always one step ahead of the fijians but here I see how you can outsmart him.
Funny they all got caught up in it. Even the educated Indian academics from USP & Uni of Fiji.
Amazing that even this idiot could fool such educated Indians.


At the end of the day Bainimarama is not there for the people.
He is not there for you Indians. He is not there for Fijians either.
Wake up and smell the miricha baiya
This arsehole is only there for himself.

This whole circus would have been so funny if not for the tragedies that have already unfolded because of it.

Dharam Liumuri said...

Indians cannot see past their eyes because they're promoting self interests, and that's a fact. Even the village idiot semi meo knows that.

Fiji Born Indian said...

As a Fiji Born Indian I have met many humble, god-fearing, kind, compassionate, loving, unselfish iTaukei so my views are not affected by a few rotten apples you find in very racial group but moderates have to speak and not allow the vile and the evil among us to take over. Germany, Rwanda, etc, good example of what happen when the good people remain silent.

You can speak about your concerns and fears strongly and passionately like brother Mo Sovatabu and you will be heard moe clearly.

No need to go feral.

Anonymous said...

Exclude u from that!!!

Sa milionea o Bainimarama kei Khaiyun rau curu butako eloma ni matanitu fullstop.

i think U are well off and may be in good payroll or pensions!

ke ko sega ni raica jiko na gauna se bera mai galu !!!

BC said...

Basically Bainimarama is walking a TIGHTROPE and will pay off whoever needs to be paid off in order not to get pushed off the tightrope.

Its a balancing act.

And you'll find that if you start to threaten him ,he will either pay you off or will try and get rid off you. Either by sacking you or not bringing development to your Province etc etc.Many ways for him to do this.

What we must decide as Fijians is how we are going to live?
Are we going to live as a free people? Free to choose who to run my country etc etc
Or are we going to continue to live in subjugation to the whims and moods of this cockroach?

Once you (Indians and Fijians and Others) have made up your minds then you must UNITE to push this arsehole off the tightrope.

As long as you remain divided, he will continue to pay off whoever needs to be paid off.
And all you Indians and all you Fijians will continue to live as subjugated men.

"Abundant Life" does not come to slaves.

Pussycat said...

all these hype and high hopes of elections that are never going to take place.
haven't u Fijians worked out yet that frank cant let someone else take charge?
and the only sure way is to not go to elections.
his attitude has always been who gives a fark about the international community?
he thinks he can survive with chinese and Russian money. so fark u lot.
that's the reality.
dakuwaqa, what u gonna do when that happens...u still planning or is this your plan A. cos your current plan A will backfire on u.

Anonymous said...

@Toms, Caiji iko, lewai iko ga yani, kua ni mai lewa na vanua keimami veitokoni kina, fuck you,

Naituku said...


Wailei Anon 408 pm

Kemudrau, e kuvai, drau nene se qasive lomani nomudrau tarausese na vi.

Kua na vosa ca drau koisi bokala....drau yalo nakwa drau luva na tarausee qo drau dabece na bure ni kadi lala levu...oso.

SEMI MEO said...

@Dharam Liumuri of June 24, 2013 at 3:28 PM

You spewed..."Indians cannot see past their eyes because they're promoting self interests, and that's a fact. Even the village idiot semi meo knows that."

Lol...lol...lol...you're probably one of the very few Citizens of Fiji who still resent "Indians" pre Coup economic dominance of Fiji ? Oh..and while kind ere sleeping on watch now resurgence of post Coup Indian domination with drove of former Fiji Citizen taken up Dual Citizenship and flooding Fiji with their paisa…

I mean..you even worship Indians that now your Mrs or Mr ( which ever gender team you bat for) from now on has to sleep with a Dharam…YOU!!...lol...lol

May be I am an “idiot” when it comes to how to be a slimy coward like your kind.…but you are no doubt a bigger IDIOT!!

Of course your nodding your head in agreement!

Israeli Maleya said...

I am a Kaise from Nalili,Rewa. I want to ask my fellow Fijian SODELPA supporters"What has Ro Kepa done to Burebasaga province when she was the Minister of Education in Qarase government and as the high chief." Look at the state of our school, Rewa Secondary." Did she bothered to even visit that school when she was the Minister. On the other hand Bainimara has made few visits to our province. I as an I-Taukeki will give my vote to him. Likewise my fellow villagers will do so in droves. Time has changed as we Kaises will not be quite. We want share in economic prosperity likewise.

Deepak Chauhan said...

SODELPA!!! SODELPA!!! SODELPA 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless GMBRTD Ro Teimumu Kepa!!!!

tHE cLOWNS said...

I want to ask isiraeli THE KAISE what has baini and kaiyum done to his chief and people??
he obviously cannot see that the two musketeers has ordered his chief to go and drink homebrew under the mango tree;
to decide who governs his province;
to decide what terms and conditions his lands are used without even giving him and his people a say;
to decide when and how his church ministers meet and not to sing hymns when they meet....have to keep absolutely quiet, no singing and what and when u are to say whatever in his church;
the two clowns can change his peoples land laws whenever they want to and without even consulting them; and very soon that there will be no elections until Bainimarama dies.....its funny that u say u are sodelpa supporter...sounds like bullshit baiya,

ask said...

BC, fiji is what it is now because the kaiindia is still smarter (cleverer more to the point) than the kaiviti

BC said...

@ask 5:16

By "cleverer", do you mean
1)"more academic/intellectual/brainy"

or 2) "more conniving"

or 3) " more wiser"

These 3 are all different things,so which one is it?

ask said...

BC u one real smart kaiviti...lol, of course its all of the above plus more...u must be kaiviti decendant from tamil Naidu.....and from kadavu...right???

BC said...

Yes I'm Kai Viti
No, I'm not decendant of the straight haired Tamil Nadu.
No, I'm not from Kadavu.

Alisi Daurewa (who put forward the theory of Indigenous Fijians coming from Tamil Nadu)unfortunately fails in 2 of the above definitions of being "clever".

She passes with flying colours in one of the definitions.

Anonymous said...

ask viavia vuku tu ivei yavu tamata ulukau.....timber in your head fulltime...!!!

BC said...

If you notice in one of my postings above I wrote that even the "clever" academic indians from USP got caught in Bainimarama's trickery.

Which basically means that those Indians were not really clever after all.
They thought they were clever but in the end they were really NOT clever.

Just like Chaudry and Felix etc etc.
Good thing about Felix is that at least he has seen the error of his ways and is trying to do something to correct it.

Kaiyum should take his money and run NOW,otherwise he will also find himself staring down the barrel of a gun, one day.

These are scums of the earth @ask. I hope you dont join them but rather join RO TEIMUMU in condemning these "not so clever" idiots.

Anonymous said...

@BC 3:22 PM

Do you ever read and think about what you have written before posting it ?

You ask why the army does not consist of 50% Indian since 2006 as Bainimarama has absolute power to enable him to do this.

Firstly, he could have done this by increasing its operating budget by 100% if he did not want to get rid of any Taukei.

Secondly, he could have done this without increasing its operating budget by getting rid of 50% of the Taukei and replacing them with Indians.

So which choice would you have made ?

BUT, lets also consider that it may be that the Indians do not want to join the army as they can find other employment more to their liking and career plans.

Not everything is black or white as you seem to think.

Anonymous said...

Things we did not know about Fijians:
1....Fijians had it not Christianity would have been slaughtered by British Soldiers.
2...Ratu Sukuna had the insight to survey all fiji land and put ownership of the land to the existing tribes...remember had it not for Ratu Sukuna..we would have been land less.
The Deed of Cession...sees that all Land belongs to our current Queen...if Britains steps and reclaims her Land..then Bainimarama will have to declare war on Britain..which he silently doing..no more royal figure head on the worthless fijian dollar..
Independance of Fiji does mean that Fijians own all the land..it only means that we have the freedom to use what beongs to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth...
If Fijians are harping about owning the land ..89%..its only barking up the wrong tree..get your facts right..look up the land laws in Fiji..one owner and still the owner ..her Majesty Queen Elizabeth..and Khaiyum knows it very well..thats why the decree has been made to call race Fijians and the Fijians , Itaukei...to get rid of the Queen...

anyway Fijians are suckers...levu ga na vosa , lamusona..tiko na dakai qai viavia levu tiko...in Suva..most fijian youths are now in the military ,,enjoying the spoils of the coup..the rest of the Fijians are supporting the Military Governtment - 100% by mouth..but deep in the heart...sa mosi na yalodra na ka sa mai cakava na matanitu nei Voreqe...

anyway..Frank & Family please enjoy your riches and make the most of it while it lasts...

In NLTB, or Iltb or any other Fijian institutions...its about time they close down..because they have become useless..hedegiv 108

BC said...

@Anonymous 7:17
If Bainimarama is genuine about Racial Equality then he should get rid off 50% of Fijians from the Army and replace them with Indians.


Bainimarama hasn't got the will because he is basically full of bullshit.

He has more control over Fijian soldiers than he will over Indian soldiers. He knows that.
He knows how to manipulate Fijian soldiers.

Where did you get the idea that Indians don't want to join the Army?
Have you asked them?
There's hundreds of unemployed young Indian school-leavers. Did you ask them?
Where do you think India gets its soldiers from?
Is it from Fiji?
Indians, even the ones born in Fiji, are well and truly capable of holding a gun and firing it.
So dont even come up with such a stupid argument.

You are right, "Everything is not black and white" because what Bainimarama says is not exactly what he means.
That would also include the big lie of a FREE AND FAIR ELECTION.
( ...no old Party names;
no fijian party names;
no this no that ,
must have 5,000 new members from East West North South;
new constitution;
blah blah blah! Of course its not black and white.)


If an Indian lied to you, how many times would he lie to you before you wake up to it?
Hopefully only once.
And here Bainimarama has been lying to you almost everyday since 2006. He throws up obstacles for stupid idiots like you to climb over
and yet you still trust him?
What sort of person thinks like that?
Honestly, that is just totally stupid thinking.
Then you just deserve to suffer from your own stupidity.
Just like Pita Driti and recently Saumatua etc etc
The Bible says "You cannot hold fire to your bosom and dont expect to get burnt"

The sooner Fijians wake up to this mans bullshit and lies and GET RID OF HIM, the better.

Anonymous said...


Bainimarama said he will stand for elections 2014.
What Party?? Has his supporters created a Party and its name?
Sa dodonu me sa on tu qo edua na party nei Bai kei Kaiy.

Rawa ni dua e vakamacala mada mai kina. Se vavei E volavola & Daram Ligamu.

Anonymous said...

@BC 8:06 PM

Once again you make an arse of yourself.

Do you believe that racial equality is as simple as dividing everything down the middle such as your theory of 50% Taukei and 50% Indian make up of the army.

Perhaps you would also expect this in every other institution and job in Fiji, eh.

So in your wonderful new democracy with racial equality your masters are going to dictate which race can have which jobs. I suppose we could see advertisement in the FT requiring 3 Indian and 2 Taukei plasterers wanted to ensure the ratios are equal!

As for the idea that Indians don't want or need jobs in the army that suggestion comes from the facts you quote that support it, "there are hundreds of unemployed Indian youths on the streets", correct, BUT there are thousands of Taukei youths also unemployed.

Now, stop and think who really is the stupid one because the finger seems to be pointing directly at you.

And before you continue with your assumptions of pro and and regime supporters suggest you stop and think once again.

Anonymous said...

Sa mai lomaloma rua tu qo o Bai se me tu se sega.Ke tu io resign mai na RFMF kece,ke sega ia,ena justified taki vacava na nona continuity ni service.
Dua na tukutuku levu qo eratou sa sogoti koya na lala politiki kece qo NFP,FLP,SODELAPA &General.sa vo ga qo 1nayabaki 3 na vula me sa caka na veidigidigi se sega ga ni vakadei taki koya rawa o Bai.Ke tu i Suva ena druka mamaca!!!!dua e tukuna jiko mai cake me tu i na Rural ya sa na bau dua na veitalanoa baleta se sega sara jiko ni kasere vinaka sara vei ira na noda i rural na lawa ni veivakatocaketaki ena gaunisala ni dinau taki mai.Sega jiko ni rawa vakamacala vakapolitiki ni ratou sogota jiko mada ga na vunau vakapolitiki me qai matamata ka veidigidigi vaka cava ena galala o la mai veidigidigi ni sega jiko ni matamta vua o cei qo o cei ya???dolava mai Bai, na ka kece me kaburaki yani na con e caka yavoki jiko.
Yes, sega ni dua e rawa ni tukuna ni lasu o Bai na gauna qo sa milionea ena nona kovea vakaukauwa na matanitu ka lasutaka ni mai vakasavasava ia sa mai tawana ga nona taga!!!.

Anonymous said...

A muria o Qarase dua na gaunisala malumu sai koya na noda bula vakailavo na i taukei e bera sara jiko vakalevu.Nai tuvatuva a tuvalake toka mai eda na cabe vakamalua ka sega na jiko yavavala ka na lai yaco me da bula vakataki keda nai taukei ka sa na sega na vakararavi ena matanitu.o ira na idia era qai raica rawa na vanua sa vakanamata kina na turaga qo ra qai bucina kina me sa tamusuki totolo de ra na qai leqa vaka bisinisi baleta era sa raica na cici totolo sara vei bisinisi ni taukei ka a sa cici jiko mai qai kuria ni gone i taukei vuli vinaka sara ena kena cecere e cake.
O Bainimarama me tarogi jiko ga vua e vei na cala nei qarase ka vuna na nona coup e sega ni sauma rawa baleta ni a vakayagataki o koya cakava na coup me tamusuki rawa ga na cici ni party na SDL baleta e sa tara sara jiko ga na uto ni bisinisi ni kaidia ka sa rivariva bi ke da tobotobo ka siviji ira ena butu rara ni bula vakailavo.

Soli vua me ulubale taka ni corruption.Vosa vulagi vei keda kevaka eda kilai Qarase vinaka sara baleta e sega mada ga ni dua na sede se mani 5 na sede e tawana nona taga sega vakadua.ia qo cava sa yaco .

Anonymous said...

Kepa no different from Peka.


Time for new leadership with a vision for better Fiji for all

Ane B said...

SODELPA will only get the support of those who lost their jobs etc because of the 2006 coup. Other than that, there is no way they can hope to win if they carry on their strategy as is because they are still too exclusive with no proven good record of performance. Na veiliutaki ni SDL e vakacikinovu, ka'ra vakalolomataki na tawavanua kei ira na turaga sega ni vuli vinaka. Ka sa kilai vinaka tu vakasigalevu. And if bloggers who support this party hope to win votes by campaigning in coupfourpointfive, sorry, we're not fools. My vote is on Felix and his gang and let me tell you, they are VERY, VERY popular.

Unknown said...

Cava ni saga tiko....??? vei digidigi ena toso tale me rauta mada ni 15 tale mada na yabaki se levu ga na duka...sa tamani duka..se levu tiko ga na vosa kudrukudru eke..mai mada na yacamuni kei na nomuni number ni talevoni me soli rawa mada mai me record taki mo ni register rawa... se vacava...???

Litia said...

Anon @ 9.57am, 24/6. You poor ignorant fool, blinded by the truth. It's Fijian leaders who effed up their people, and the Indians had nothing to do with it. All our coups are because of our own veiqati, cannot face the truth and too greedy. When Mara lost to Bavadra in 1987, Indians were blamed. When Rabuka lost to Chaudhry, Indians were blamed. When Qarase won, Bainimarama blamed him for corruption. 'O keda ga na iTaukei da leqa tiko. Na volitaki ni qele vakalialia ra cakava na turaga i liu vata kei na soli tutu vakavanua kei na soli qele e cakava o Sukuna, sa qai mai vakaloloma taki keda sara. O tamana e volitaka vakalevu na qele mai na 3 na yasana - Ra, Bua, Cakaudrove ka sara tagi tu oqo na nodra kawa ka volitaki vakabutako na nodra qele. It is time for us to sit and talk about these issues truthfully and look for solutions but the problem is Bainimarama is too insecure to allow us to do this. Otherwise, as long as the hurts of these people remain, our ill-gotten wealth will be cursed and we will all burn in hell for all eternity. The clock is ticking.

Anonymous said...

Pussycat, or should I say Hush Puppy, or will you next be Santa Claus? Putting together a team is always the first order of business.

Fiji's real bati are stepping forward. You know, the kind of peoplle who actually defend their country, not the liumuri who collect a paycheck from the dictator in return for spreading lies.

We strike in a place and manner of our own choosing.

Thank you for your continuing interest in our plans.

Anonymous said...

Hey MF how abou ou use your name for once ,asshole.

Long Live Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

to Semi Meow
Semi,i do read your contributions on this site and do respect your intelligence,Someone who does not have enough balls is using my name.
I always sign off by "Long Live Bainimarama".
If the contribution is not signed off by this phrase than it's not mine.

Long Live Bainimarama

Anonymous said...

This blog is peopled by sad people who have lost the struggle to impose their will in Fiji. They will either have to come to terms with the Bainimarama Government, stay in exile, or watch balefully as their children join the revolution and they stay on the sidelines.

Rantings of stupid woman said...

Ro Teimumu Kepa is a racist pig who will never be elected leader. This speech is crap from beginning to end.

onetalks said...

"...The US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons 2013 report strongly criticises PNG and keeps it at the lowest ranking of "tier three" in an annually-released index.

The report describes PNG as a place where local and foreign victims are trafficked for sex work, child labour, or manual labour at mining or logging camps.

It says Asian crime rings, foreign logging companies and foreign business people have brought foreign women into PNG on fraudulently-issued tourist or business visas.

looks like franky learning from his onetalks...go Melanesian spear group...

Shes tops said...

theres nothing racist about fighting for indigenous and your own peoples rights and standing up to dicktators....she will win if franky goes to elections which he wont becoz there are not enof supporters like u racist pigs who try to embarrass the indigenous people into giving in to ur foreign demands...
sorry rantings etc, she is the hero of the majority in Fiji...that is democracy mate

hushpuppy said...

BC I agree with you totally.
the kind of attacks u r getting are coming from the dakuwaqa mob...
how many dakuwaqa supporters does it take to change a light bulb???
one Fijian to hold the light bulb and 800,000 Fijians to turn the house around....good on u dakuwastetime...listen up to BC.

Kaiviti said...

hey anon 7.36pm., which deed of cession u reading for ur info...the one iv read says the kaivitis own the lands in Fiji except freehold and crown lands

santa claus said...

good morning 454am, dakuwaqa is working on a plan to save us so don't u bee too quick to be cocky...

Anonymous said...

This is Fiji it will take us another 100 years or so to slowly slowly adapt to change not to u pro-regime liking n to those of you indian descendants and those of you itaukei want to be something do nothing with your education to forge your country forward but a liability to everyone sucking fijian dollars on your scholarship and liumuri your country again shut up.i will maneuver everything from here there and everywhere i have everything to do that right infront of Bainimarama and his men.Bai you make a wrong move, your call!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hush Puppy/ Santa Claus, how many postings from you now and yet each and every one is a lie! I mean, every single posting.

Also, be warned -- because you didn't sign your real name, Dharam Lingam must think you're an asshole. And he's sniffed quite a few to know!

Litia said...

Rewa is split between 2 prominent chiefs one of whom is Ro Teimumu. Her own village is split. Her mataqali is split between her and her nephew Filipe Tuisawau. Similar situation in other prominent chiefly houses who mistreated people in the pre/post colonial era and have never apologised to those they stole land and titles from after they became Christians. On the other hand, indigenous Fijians will not openly defy their chiefs because they're lamu with the belief that the tevoro of their chiefs will attack them and believe me, this goes to most of them even the educated ones who dutifully attend Church in their Sunday best! So, how can they be blessed when they don't even fear God but fear lying devils like Dakuwaqa, Degei and that she-devil in the Bau/Moturiki waters, to name a few. Only unless they stand and defy the lies they've been fed with by their leaders, repent and forgive each other, will God deliver them from their woes. God is in charge and He is bigger than all of us including Dakuwaqa.

Anonymous said...

@Rantings of stupid woman 4:56 AM

And what makes your view so worthless and insignificant is that you sound exactly what you are accusing Ro Teimumu Kepa of being.

Anonymous said...

Luveni kabawaqa you are the devil. Rewa is not split and there is only one paramount chief and that is the RTD.
Please go to Native Lands Commission or your mataqali, koro etc if you have a problem with titles and boundaries and not C4.5.
You seem to know a lot of tevoros so you must be a tevoro worshipper like those quoted by frank bainisona

Jese said...

Anon @ 9.08am don't like the truth? Typical!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to 4.54am! Hit a sore spot with 9.01am. Yes, yes, this blogsite is used by those who lost their power and cannot openly defy this illegal regime like others have done in the past and unfortunately paid heavy prices for its. Too many cowards in coupfourandahalf.

Anonymous said...

I support Anonymous June 24, 2013 at 12:56 PM against Anon June 24, 2013 at 12:08 PM

Mr/Ms Anon June 24, 2013 at 12:08 PM Please pack up and leave us alone in our beautiful island of Fiji. Fijian, whether we are Christian or non Christian we are at home. But you Mr/Ms, Why did you leave your big democratic continent of India and come to the small island of FREEDOM in the South Pacific?
Over 150 years you made yourself rich through corruption and bribing the British rulers with curry chicken and meat and allow your women to sexual entertainment in return for promotions etc. etc. Those were evil activities you performed since you came in and still exists today. The Fijian seen and knew all these evil activities been going on and they stood dumb - fool and pretended they knew nothing. You know WHY? Because it is not in our culture and non of our business. BUT! and BUT!! that little did we realize that one day once the British leave our island they will hand over authority to the Indian to rule over Fijian. WHY? Because the British washes its dirty hands on Indian to take all the blame of misappropriation of Fijian lands. The British knew at that point in time that the land issue will become the biggest problem in the future once the Fijian become well educated.
White European advises Indians to study laws to become lawyers while Fijian were lured in to clerical jobs or as a pencil pusher on tables, play more rugby, singing and meke (Fijian dance) competition..

The second British advises on Indian is to take up key position on Lands, Treasury, Minerals, Education and Judiciary Department and take as much as you can before Fijian come to their realization.

In 1987 the first Fijian Coup happened and I am sorry to tell you Indian that we as Fijian we will take it all back what is ours 100% including FREEHOLD LANDS. The TAUKEI MOVEMENT was formed prior to the 1987 Military Coup and is very much alive today.

Within Indian race the European created divisions between Muslim and Hindu but the Muslim were better corruptor,than the Hindu became jealous and stood side by side with the innocent Fijian.

When the white European packed and go back home they sold their lands and properties to more Muslim. Muslim to keep them alive they create divisions on Fijian and Hindu until today. They are now the ruling authority.

Example: Upper Toorak or Suva Street belong to Muslim and the Fijian stood there in silence, because of our culture, and said nothing of the evil and illegal transaction of all our freehold lands in Fiji. In return of Fijian good deed, today you swore at us and our paramount Chiefs and sub-chiefs and our Christian God for the good we gave you Misters and Misses Muslim for over 150 years.

Take heed of this warning that the Taukei Movement is very much alive and very much more powerful and clever too. We want our land, resources,leadership,freedom and what is rightfully ours back with no more corruption and bribery alive. We do not need trouble but peaceful and love for all.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:36 AM

Certainly no sore spot hit and the comment not in any way based on my view of Ro Teimumu Kepa.

A simple comment based on the fact that if you want to put a point over and get it heard and others to understand it is no use calling someone a pig !

BC said...

@anonymous 9:51
You are obviously a dickhead.
Who advocated Racial Equality
Was that my policy or Bainimarama's policy?

What I was trying to show in my postings to idiots like you is that nothing has changed and nothing will change, since 2006.

All Bainimarama rantings are all lies.

For stupid Indians and stupid idiots like you who still think that Bainimarama has come to bring about "racial equality" you must be living in dickhead dreamland.

What I said in my postings is that Bainimarama is not about saving or restoring Indians ; he is not about saving Fijians. He is all about SAVING HIMSELF.

That's it dickhead. Its all about saving Himself.
Everything else is all about saving his skin, whether it is giving aid to this province or that province or this person or sacking that person, it is all about himself.
It is not about helping Indians . It is not about Racial Equality.

Indians should ask themselves; are they better off now than in 2006?
The number of Indians joining the poverty queue in Fiji is rocketing faster than superman.
There is more poor indians now than ever before.
More prostituting indian females.
More committing suicide.
Is that what Racial Equality is?

How the fark did you miss that in all my postings?
You must be the Dickhead Davies.

Any Indian who still thinks that Bainimarama is about saving them deserves to suffer in their own stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Well it seems that Bainimarama will never make it happen - the Elections 2014.

He cant move out yet. Only if he dies tomorow.

So, who's willing to replace him.
Commander and PM. How will we repay the dinau to China.
Can we burn that credit book again?

@ Litia. are you Litia tagane or Litia Yalewa.

Must be a worshipper - dark knight.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:51, Bainimarama doesn't get let off the hook that easily. He's been Fiji's supremo since 2006. He's been RFMF commander longer still. And yet the RFMF is almost exclusively kaiviti. Doesn't that complete lack of integration show the insincerity of Bainimarama's rhetoric about racial equality?

If Dakuwaqa's Loyal Fijian Resistance can be integrated, why not Bainimarama's RFMF?

Bainimarama doesn't need to do as you suggest. He doesn't need to double the size of the army, or get rid of half of the kaiviti in order to accommodate those of Indian descent. He's had years to reduce the kaiviti portion through normal attrition and to boost the kai idia portion through recruitment and affirmative hiring practices.

Bainimarama's unwillingness to do so gives the lie to his pro-indian posturing. Remember, this is the same villain who was behind the 2000 nationalist takeover of Parliament, and he still has nationalists in key positions of his government.

Sure, he's letting ASK run amok over Fijian cultural institutions, but not with a view in the end to giving Indians more power. Bainimarama's real aim is to give himself more power, and it's for the very purpose our friend BC has said -- to save his own ass.

Sharon SureKnew said...

bainimagana sonalevu magaitamamu farkyou and your kawa luveni caitibumu mai nai bulubulu!!!

Atama said...

bainimagana can't delay election next year his reputation is on the line...the solution is to rig election next year to save his ass....the day he walks out from power that's the day his bullshit constitution flys out the window. he knows majority of the people aren't stupid enough to beleive his bullcrap.

Anonymous said...

@BC 9:55 AM


You sound like a stuck record, do you never have anything original to say ?

Obviously why you remain stuck in the rut you have made for yourself, neither the intellect or get up and go to change anything.

Anonymous said...

oso Bo sa dai mai tiko vinaka na veimaliwai vata kei ira na vasu...qo sa mai vakavuna tale meda vei sevaki... E CAVA TIKO MADA?

Anonymous said...

Jese 9.30am
Tamata sona levu,,,,,truth is not based on hearsay bothi ,,,,go to NLC and see truth
what a ulukau

Ane said...

Anon @ 9.40am, so Indians were cunning while Fijian were innocent? Go and read and you'll find when Cakobau's sister refused sex with him, her brother cut her nose! E yaco and gauna sa tiko kina na lotu e Viti.

BC said...

@anonymous 12:26
Funny you should talk about intellect.
You haven't made any contribution at all.

However I'm glad in the fact that other people have the same viewpoint as me and now I see even Michael Green has printed a book expressing the exact same views.

We are just making people more aware of the lies they are being fed and when we have the numbers, you wont be able to stop us.

If you find all this boring then Fiji is not the place for you.
You should just stay in bed.
Thats a good place to be for depressed cockroaches like you.

Anonymous said...

"When Fiji has the numbers..."

Recruitments into the Loyal Fijian Resistance are up. This includes some well-known Fijians stepping forward to make a patriotic contribution.

Fiji has the numbers, but they do us no good until they choose to count for something.

Will you count for something? Join with us, and we will make our numbers count.


Anonymous said...

Ane:June 25, 2013 at 2:20 PM. Tui Cakau e vakabure ni ToTo mai Somosomo ka era tiko kina e drau na watidra.

Turaga na Tui Nayau bau wili talega kina ka ni e levu na watidra kei na luvedra ka ra qaravi kece sara vakavinaka ena yalo vakaturaga mai na vanua.E sega ni dau ka beci na vakaluveni vakaoqo mai vei ira na noda Turaga se Marama.

Ko ira na noda Marama (Adi) era vakalevunitaki ira na kai Valagi, Samoa,Toga kei Idia ka sega ni vakamautaki ena gauna koya ka era sa tubu tu edaidai na nodra kawa rairai totoka oqo.

Na Vanua kei na Lotu e marautaka na vakaluveni vakaturaga vakaoqo ka sega ni kunei kina yalo ca. E sega sega sara vakadua ni kunei na cudru se na vosa vakasabalia sakasaka veibeci ko vakayacora tiko mai oqori, Ane.Sa noda itavi na Vanua na maroroi ira na kawa vakaturaga se luvenisala nei yalewa se tagane.

Era dau maroroi sara ga vakaturaga ko ira na i vakatubu vakaturaga e baleta ni sa noda itovo dina na Vanua na veikauwaitaki vakaturaga kei na nodra maroroi na dra vakaturaga oqo.

Ratu Epeneri Rauqeuqe na Turaga qaqa ni vanua vakaturaga ko Rakiraki, Ra, era se kana tamata voli ga ena vei Siga Tabu kece sara ni dau suka na Lotu me yacova na nodra mate.

Na vakaluveni se veiyacovi madaga vaka veiganeni e volai oti tu ena i Vola Tabu.

Tarogi rau mada na luvei Noa yalewa,Se cava mada na vuna erau vakamatenitaka ka lasami (sexual intercourse)tamadrau dina sara kina?. Ane,trace your bloodline and maybe you were one of those were born out of wedlock known as BASTARD. In our Fijian customs, Who cares Ane? We still care and love you our beautiful baby who brought in the new Vanua (Tribe/Clan) to be part of our family tribe and clan. We need Peace and Love each other.

Vinaka vakalevu Ane. Bye!!

Anonymous said...



Graham Davis alert at Anon 12:26 PM.

You can tell it's Graham, because the idea that he's the only original thinker has always been one of his favourite conceits.

Now tell us again, Graham -- who's the one stuck in a rut?

Anonymous said...

Ane:June 25, 2013 at 2:20 PM.

Please just take care of your own daughter not to have an early preganancy outside wedlock like you.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4pm. As long as you don't end up like the Dad's Army. Kaiviti now dying by the droves because of life style disease and now more going to Syria to die. The rest are either mental or in prison. I dread to think what your legion will look like - sa na qai legion ga ni tevoro. Kama yani i eli Dakuwaqa.

Anonymous said...

Anon:June 24, 2013 at 12:28 PM

Thank you. give all your lands to them and to harvest whatever is left on the ground, and maybe your children's children will become scavengers in the future because of your rightful decision. I am an Indian and I will not do that stupid move to my generation.

Koi Nasevou said...

What are you Ro Temumu, a Chief or politician.If you choose to be a politician then I should be addressing you Temumu. Please don't drag the vanua vakaturaga o Burebasaga into the political arena. That title is not yours to stigamatise, its for the people of Burebasaga.

Koi Nasevou

Seruidegei said...

E cava tiko mada Dakuwaqa..........


Anonymous said...

b*t*h doesnt know that it wasnt the militry who deposed chaudhary ...its his bfs and a**likers ...get it correct then dream on running the country ...

Anonymous said...

Matanigasau Liumuri Party.

Anonymous said...

Long live the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa....fuck all of u haters....if you don't like her politics and if u live in Burebasaga land then howz about u fuck off then to whereveru came from? howz that for nationalist?!

Anonymous said...

Ni qaqa saka tiko na gone marama bale na roko tui dreketi. Kalougata saka tiko nomuni gauna ni veiliutaki, ni bula balavu saka tiko.

Long live Ro Teimumu
Long live Sodelpa

Kai Vanuaca.

Anonymous said...


SODELPA is a circus party....Fijians will vote for a party that will fight for them...a serious party of serious people...certainly not SODELPA....they are a bunch of loosers....hangers on....

Qarase is not fighting the election so that is the only bet...he is the only strength.....

Fijian people need to form a new party...a party of hope..a party of genuine and honest people....

WAIT FIJI...AND KAIVITI's...YOUR PARTY IS IN THE MAKING..nomuni party na i taukei sa vakarau cadra mai oqo....

Ex Fiji Soldier said...

Tailevu warrior magaitinamu kua mada na via kai Tailevu tiko sonavuce.


תרגום אמת said...

There will be no more democracy,there will be no election but there will be a new government emerged form no where to lead this nation from its current despicable situation. Stop wasting all your precious times and mudslinging comments and start praying to GOD the true and only GOD Jehovah to get out us out of this mess. For Him alone to elect those to run our government 2 Chronicles 7:14....down on your knees people and pray...GOD BLESS FIJI.

Anonymous said...

WTF SODELPA chances looks mighty
good!!As a kailoma & Vasu i Taukei
I'm planning to run under the SODELPA
ticket in the coming 2014 election?
Oh, by the way, my first motion in
parliament is to send back all Indians to India ASAP?
If they refused to go,
the Fiji Police will
be empowered to arrest these trouble makers,and take
them to a naval ship, who will than transport
all hindu to India and Muslim to
Pakistan ASAP.
Who ever refused the
free transportation,
will be made to
swim or sink,like Brigadier General Rabuka once said;
"There was no other way".
There you are,
to all my Vasu i Taukei,
let me say
this, if you vote me in,
i promise
you that i will clean
our paradise
free of these monkeys and their
monkey gods for ever!!!!
More power to Dakuwaqa,Degei & Rokola!!!

The Oracle said...

@Anon 2.01... Have you thought long enough and far ahead enough to realise that once you've shipped the Indo-Fijians off, you kailoma might be next? If you are kailoma dina then you are only vasu to your mother's family - so, don't give us your "Vasu i Taukei" bullshit. Kua mada na via via!! Stop trying to be kailoma dina ... they obviously have more respect and understanding than you ever will. The SODELPA will only win if it changes its platform and becomes more multi-racial in base and outlook. At the moment it is a race-based party which you are obviously attracted to - given your own racism. With your attitude, I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't get enough votes to retain your election deposit.As they say, a fool is easily parted from his money and right now you're looking like a fool.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:01 PM, we're well and truly tired of your racist rants. You sound like a frieken Nazi. Nutjobs like you make even this despicable regime look good by comparison.

SODELPA has already repudiated racism in its platform. This isn't your father's party. SODELPA welcomes kai idia participation.

Dakuwaqa doesn't seek to clear kai idia out of Fiji. In fact, he's enlisting them along with patriots of all stripes in an effort to restore constitutional government.

Where does that leave you, bubu? Behind -- far, far behind.

rajend naidu said...

Ropate Green representing the Attorney-general's office has submitted to the High Court in the State's proceeding against the Citizens Constitutional Forum "that the actions of the forum had undermined public confidence in the judiciary and the rule of law" (Fiji Sun 18/6).
This is pure hogwash!
The whole world knows who are the real culprits responsible for undermining the rule of law and public confidence in the judiciary in Fiji since the military coup of 2006.
This is a case of the military rulers in Fiji riding roughshod over people with the power they acquired unlawfully.
This aspect of the regime's rule is all too transparent.
One has to be an idiot or a regime sycophant to not notice it.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

to the orifice, the sodelpa will fight to restore kaivitis ownership of these islands and their culture so no need to change. u seen what these racist foreigners can do even though a kaiviti is leading the nation as pm and president.
and by the way, sodelpa never had a racist platform in the first place, just indigenous peoples fighting for their rights and survival in their own country.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 2.01am first take off your anonymous tag so that we can recognize you if we ever decide to vote for you...as if....

@ tailevu warrior...you're obviously an empty suit are you?
do you even know who an empty suit is?

Th Oracle said...

@ Anon 1.22am - Time to take the blinkers off and stop being in denial. We all know Frank's actions in 2006 were to save his own skin. But, the reality is many Fijians have since warmed to his "Fiji for all" and "Fijians" as a common name. The SDL government policies were moving more in the direction of Fiji for the iTaukei and sadly, was causing unease amongst other races in Fiji. Sure, we can all argue that the SDL was more for native rights. But the manner in which the SDL went about safeguarding those rights allowed Frank to seize the opportunity and portray himself as the "Saviour of the non iTaukei". He now believes he has achieved popularity because of that and so he's gone back to wooing the iTaukei, with development, housing, roads etc. And despite how much we might dislike how Bainimarama has thumbed his nose at Fijian aristocracy, we must recognise that he has warmed himself to the younger iTaukei generations - widespread Internet connections, more scholarships, bus fare subsidies, etc. Mark my words: SODELPA will not win hands-down and neither will Frank Bainimarama. We are likely to return to the politics of old where the non iTaukei will hold the balance of power, thus reviving the politics of race. Let's not bullshit each other - the fact is Frank has outsmarted all of us. The result? We're all in the same shit that Bainimarama heaped on all of us.

Anonymous said...

Oracle, your analysis is often pretty good, but I don't understand how you can possibly think that Frank will allow any election result but one that appears to give him a strong mandate for continued rule. Otherwise, it's just as the Resistance is saying. Frank will chicken out ahead of time and postpone elections until 2020 and beyond.

Instead of returning to "the politics of old where the non iTaukei will hold the balance of power, thus reviving the politics of race", we'll be right back where we are now, stuck in the politics of treason, cowardice and ego.

How are we prepare for such a contingency, if not by joining the Resistance? I really want to know, as I'm thinking of joining but wonder what other alternatives are there.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:04, you're right. Cranky Franky's going nowhere till Fijians do something about him. He's left no other alternative.

The Oracle said...

@Anon 10.04am: You're probably right in suggestuing we may not have elections in 2014 as scheduled. I'm predicting that Frank will have us go to elections in early 2015 at the earliest - but certainly a lot earlier than 2020. He cannot prolong it any longer than 2015. If the elections don't happen by early 2015 at the latest, Frank will lose face, internationally and locally with his business supporters. He'll also lose some of the grassroots backing that he's managed to build up so far. Frank's other reason for a delay is his fear that despite all he's done over the last 12 months in wooing iTaukei, he does not have the support he needs to win an election outright. If Frank contests, he may win his seat. He cannot guarantee, however, that his Party's other candidates will also win. Frank has said he will contest the elections and that he will launch a political party. However, with the way things are moving and how Frank and his team are manoevering themselves, I have a strong suspicion that Frank WILL NOT CONTEST the elections and will instead, either resume his military role or have himself appointed the President. THAT is the only way he can save himself in the future. His other fear is that the Constitution, as it's now proposed, may not stand the rigidity he and Khaiyum have tried to give it by making it almost impossible to change, once accepted. If the Constitution is contested, his past could come back to bite him. So, the only way out is to hold on to some form of power which guarantees his freedom for the remainder of his life. I take your point about a contingency through Resistance. The comment I make on that is, we've tried, over the last seven years to organise that Resistance - without success. And the same reasons that prevented that sccess are still very much alive today. However, when Bainimarama begins to lose face, here in Fiji, that will be when the Resistance should be at its peak. And the idea behind that is to strike while the iron is hot. If the Resistance is started now, without any visible forward momentum, then it faces a fate similar to the story about the boy crying wolf.

Anonymous said...

Oracle, your thinking seems a little confused.

Frank has lied and reneged on his promises repeatedly, yet you think he'll feel compelled to have elections by early 2015 at the latest, because otherwise he might lose face? The man has no face. His international reputation is mud. Even his own supporters don't rely on his statements. They just queue up for his lollies, and they will again if he postpones the election. Only the most gullible put any credence in him now. Concern for face never stopped him before, probably because he has no real sense of honour.

Frank understands he can't win a free and fair election. That's why he put Aiyaz in control to make sure there won't be one. If he allows elections, they'll likely be snap elections allowing the opposition little time for uniting, organising and campaigning. Aiyaz will levy all sorts of onerous campaign restrictions that the regime will blithely ignore whilst Aiyaz rails loudly against alleged "electioneering violations" by the opposition.

Frank having himself appointed by the Cabinet (i.e., himself) is Dakuwaqa's longstanding "18th Brumaire" scenario. Frank will make a pretense of preparing to contest the elections, but Nailatikau will decide to step down, at which point the Cabinet will unanimously elect Frank President and, incidentally, Commander in Chief.

Who's tried to organise a resistance over the last seven years? Four lawyers standing on the corner outside Government House holding placards protesting the Abrogation is not a resistance. And with all due respect, Dakuwaqa's noise barrage tactic actually showed, if anything, the lack of a resistance. That's too bad because it showed real promise. Had a resistance existed, it could have taken advantage of Jericho. Bainimarama certainly recognised the threat, which is why he cancelled an overseas trip for the first time.

Even RUM did little but showboat, fool the Aussies into giving him some quiet official backing and then just faded out of the picture.

Did I miss something else, because I think the Loyal Fijian Resistance is the first visible resistance movement I've seen. Everyone else seems to whinge, but this Dakuwaqa, if it is Dakuwaqa, is actually organising.

Finally, how do you expect the resistance movement to be at its peak when Bainimarama postpones the elections, if it doesn't start organising now? Do you think it's going to just magically appear in full blossom at the right moment? People are just going to know what to do and where to go, and the logistics will just happen to be in place? If that's the case, it seems you've learnt nothing from April 2009.

The Boy Crying Wolf parable just doesn't apply, it seems to me. The wolf has been amongst us since 2006 at least, but nobody has been crying 'wolf.' They've just been crying.

Anonymous said...

Actually the boy's been crying wolf since 2006, but it turns out that the people who were supposed to come to his rescue would rather slake their appetite for lamb curry roti.

The Oracle said...

@ Anon 1.38pm: If only it were that simple .. to assume hat people will accept his handouts and not vote for him. Frank, this time around, has no chance of going back on his word ... elections in September 2014. Realistically, when one considers the time it will take to endorse and "enact" the Constitution, then the apppointment of the Electoral Commission which will then consider whether to amend the election boundaries to better reflect the Constitutional change, then the review of the Electoral Rolls to ensure it is as up-to-date as possible, then the issuing of the Writ for Elections etc... September 2014 might be pushing even Sayed-Khaiyum's "super-human/minister for all" capabilities. Hence, my suggestion that early 2015 at the latest. Sure, Frank has no face. That's why I'm suggesting he won't stand for elections. He'll position himself to ensure he remains beyond the reaches of the new Parliament. And the proposed Constitution provides him that opportunity with it's provision that it cannot be amended without a fixed percentage of Parliament and then a national referendum. We need to see what's actually happening on the ground. Look at how long it took to register the four political parties. Frank has to begin work on his party within the next couple of months if he's serious about contesting the 2014 elections. And he needs to begin establishing in the minds of those who have said they will support him, a symbolic political party, to muster around. That's not happening.

Anonymous said...

It's not happening is right, which just goes to show you that we shouldn't pin any hopes on it. Frank's had ample time for his government to prepare everything if it was going to be a straightforward, honest election. Only the gullible can now believe it will be.

Your thesis is only a restatement of what Dakuwaqa has been saying for at least a year and a half now. It flies in the face of Frank's statement that he's running for PM, but we all know what a liar he is -- he probably thinks the misdirection will help to keep SODELPA, etc. off balanced.

What if it turns out that Dakuwaqa's analysis was right this whole time? His timing and tactics were right with Operation Jericho. Even without mobilisation by the democratic opposition, it still frightened Frank into cancelling his overseas travel. What more could we have achieved if more of us had simply followed Dakuwaqa's leadership?

What really worries me is the other side of that question, which is how much more will we lose if we don't follow Dakuwaqa this time?

Every thing you're saying only reinforces the contention that we should start preparing now for Frank's next big betrayal. Dakuwaqa's Loyal Fijian Resistance is the only group I see that seems to be doing that.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Rabuka on the uncertainity of the election.Bainimaerama is a lier promised 2009 elections never happened so history will repeat itself. That is why Bainimarama is going out to Russia,China and Muslim cointries to gather his support because he know the preasure he will get from NZ,Australia,US, UK, EU and the Commonwealth when the election he had promised them for 2014 will never evantuate.Bainimarama should know that he stand no chance of winning even his sit if there is an electiion. He has no qualification to even be a member of parliment.He is not even qualified to the commander of the Fiji Military,. He can not even express himself when face by media.When criticized on issues he attack personal character rather then issue childish atitude.Most importantly he is worried that if the election is done and he loose prison is waiting for him and his cohoots

Anonymous said...

We don't need to wait to "see what's happening on the ground" to know that it's high time we organised a resistance.

I've checked out Dakuwaqa@hushmail.com and was impressed. I was also encouraged to know that somebody is doing more than blogging into the ether.