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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moves to bring street workers under draconian ENI decree

Suva City Council Special Administrator Chandu Umaria is
spearheading a taskforce widely expected to recommend that workers of all municipal councils and the National Fire Authority (NFA) are brought under the Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree of 2011 (ENI Decree).

Documents sent to Coup 4.5 reveal that
Umaria is chairing a task force that  includes the Chief Executive Officer of NFA, legal officers of Suva City and Nausori Town Councils, SCC's Acting CEO, supported by a Secretariat comprising of staff from the Department of Local Government. 

Currently workers of 13 corporations under four industries that were designated essential, fall under the ENI Decree and are daily witnessing erosion of their rights because they cannot be represented by their unions when dealing with bargaining, grievances and working conditions with employers. 

At the mercy of bosses, they have been forced into forming bargaining units. The four essential industries are Financial,
Telecommunications, Public Utilities and Aviation. The 13 corporations are commercial banks namely ANZ, Westpac, Bank of Baroda, BSP, FIRCA, and lately Bred Bank and FNPF, FINTEL, Telecom Fiji and FBC, Water Authority and PWD and Air Pacific.
Umaria is pushing for the 13 municipal councils and National Fire Authority to be also ranked essential industries. Sources have told us that workers of the municipal councils are members of four unions while NFA workers are members of Fiji Public Service Association. 

Documentation provided to us seemingly point towards a push for inclusion under the draconian ENI Decree that is being treated as an "Expected Outcome" . This is the direction the taskforce is being led by the Terms of Reference for the preparation of the report.

In a memorandum sent to the NFA and the Special Administrators of all councils, Umaria urges administrators to provide the following information in their submissions:

1. Details and copies of Master Agreement signed by the Councils with Unions from the time the workers were first unionised, and all outstanding log of claims.
2. Budget implications of the Master Agreement and
3. Views on moving towards performance management system.

LOBBYING: Chandu Umaria (left).
Umaria's memorandum and other documents show a determination to quash the rights of workers who carry out civic duties like garbage collecting, plumbing, cleaning of public places like markets, maintenance work of councils' properties and office staff.

Sources have told us that while other Councils have upped their workers pay, the Suva City Council has not given its crew a wage increase since 2008, and only Umaria and his senior management have received bonuses and pay rises.

A new report on trade union rights around the world zooms in on Fiji's ENI decree saying 'employers in sectors not even covered by the decree have invoked it in order to justify elimination of dues deductions, unilateral changes to collective agreements and refusal to bargain.' The International Trade Union Confederation report's comprehensive coverage of Fiji can be found at  


Chandu the chandaal said...

There should now be no doubt that chandu is a regime collaborator who represents foreign interests.

Chandu is grossly anti-worker.he is the bigest threat to their worker rights' in this country.

He is bent on exploting our poorly paid workers. One day he will pay for his crimes.

SEMI MEO said...

Phew!!...why not form just one blooming Union for ALL private sector, public sector, NGO workers etc!!

Weren’t “ United we stand, divided we fall” the ethos once championed?...seems all now sparingly fallen flat on their faces by the bullying tactics of the Rear Admiral.

Anonymous said...

Chandu Umaria was was not even paying maintenance to his wife and child, so how can he be expected to stand for workers rights? Low down scum like him will sell their mother for money.

Anonymous said...

Chandu daichood bimariya the regime puppet, your dark day are not to far.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the two from the western of Fiji SA-Nadi & SA-Sigatoka got fired,this may be the reason!!

This is madness..!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh the one left in the ANZ Bank...Telecom...FEA...Police post...Lautoka 3FIR camp....and eventually the sea was reddened with the blood colour from the SUN.....The time is nigh...........

Purple haze bajaru Chandu Umaria said...

Now we know why FICAC not investigating Purple Haze bajaru Chandu Umaria for money he stole from SCC while he was mayor. Chandu is helping the regime in union busting activities. He should be put on the regime collaborators list.

Asha Lakhan said...

Rajendra Chaudhry
8 hours ago via mobile

"We need to set up a Fiji Nationalist Front to protect Fiji from mainland Chinese invasion and Muslimisation by Khaiyum."

This is what Rajend Chaudhari, the son of M. P. Chaudhary wrote on his Facebook.

All Muslims now decide: will you vote of any party where M. P. Chaudhary stands as a leader/or candidate?

Make a choice now. Say no to racism.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 7:12 PM

His father must be so proud of him.

But who's next on his hit list ?

Meow said...

Anon, it looks like Rajen will destroy daddy completely come 2014 election.




Anonymous said...

Rajend chaudary has lost the plot. My friend from sydney said that he has started taking anti - depression tablets as he knows he father is going to jail soon and he will be marooned in Aust unemployed and without the $ millions.

He can't come to fiji as he has not balls and is inciting others to shed blood.

Like his his coniving and racist father, he calls aSK muslim but his own relative the SG indian. Double standards by someone who preaches good governance. Chor father and chor in chordaury.

Bye bye to FLP.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha RPC you now rot in aust. Your post on FB just shows you hate the cold and miserable weather and no one is there to tambe tambe you.

You deserve this as you and your father took what was meant for the poor farmers. U used the funds for your LLB studies but which client will come to you now.

I believe in god and how he punishes those who take advantage of others

NFP sack pervert chandu umaria said...

If Chandu is still with NFP he should be expelled.
NFP has been consistently anti-coup and cannot change its principled stand by having coup collaborators and perverts like Chandu in its ranks.
Chandu has a shady past, with big question marks hanging over his fradulent acitivities as suva mayor, seducing young girls at Purple Haze, and alcoholic and gambling habits at Merchant Club.

Anonymous said...

Why does Meo always call bai the Rear Admiral. That is a rank that is earned and bai will never be worthy of even polishing the boots of a rear admiral. bai is more of a rear prodder.

Anonymous said...

This Umaria son of a bitch has got his head buried in Bainimaramas arsehole big time. He cannot tell night from day...his fate is sealed.

Mahen Chaudhry Robin Hood in reverse said...

Mahen Pal Chaudhry's trickery is catching up with the family. The chor khandan has no credibility.

mahen is not robin hood as bainimarama stated. Mahen is robin hood in reverse: collect money in name of the poor, keep for himself.

Adding insult to injury is mahen's girlia, aunty asha lakhan, churning out sanctimonious FLP press releases calling for transparency and accountability.

mahen's longtime adulterous lover has no sense of self-reflection, just like mahen, who instead of hiding in a hole, keeps showing his besaram face and make public comments.

cant wait to see them disappear from our poltical scene scene.

Anonymous said...

Technically the first coup in Fiji was done by Indians in 1977. It was Indians against Indians. Reddy was the person who executed it. He denied Koya the prime ministership. Till today we have never known or have been told by Reddy or by the NFP leadership why they denied victorious Koya from leading the country. Only difference was there were no weapons used. NFP the FATHER of COUPS in FIJI.

Anonymous said...

Chandu Umaria u sucks

Anonymous said...

he couldn't even keep his wife. His stolen enough and made enough from contracts given to contractors. Even the businesses in Suva all operate illegally especially the chinese with just a phone as an address which you call and nobody answers. Chandu, you lying, stealing, wife losser and corrupt administrator. Your decorations of Suva which is the rate payers money looks good, but it does not take away the facts. Sorry Sir.........I have contractors who are willing to testify that they gave you money for contracts......And FucKak{ficac) why do you seek only the weak you ass holes.

Islam's Latest Contributions to World Peace said...

2013.06.11 (Peshawar, Pakistan): A doctor among two Shiites shot to death by Lashkar-e-Jhagvi.

2013.06.11 (Karachi, Pakistan): A targeted shooting attack on three Ahmadi minorities at a bazaar leaves one dead.

2013.06.11 (Damascus, Syria): 14 people at a public square ripped apart by Shahid suicide bombers. (Shahid must be in heaven with 'eternal erection' ploughing into 72 virgins with 'appetising vaginas' – the reward allah bestows on suicide bombers who indiscriminately rip apart men, women and children)

2013.06.11 (Kabul, Afghanistan): Devout Muslim blows himself up outside a courthouse, taking seventeen other souls with him (no doubt in anticipation of the 72 vaginas waiting for him in heaven - it seems to be a real incentive to bomb people to smithereens).

2013.06.10 (Sadr City, Iraq): Sunnis bomb a cafe popular with Shiites, killing at least four.

2013.06.10 (Mosul, Iraq): Five coordinated al-Qaeda bomb blasts leave two dozen people dead and over a hundred more in agony.


Mahen Chaudhry Robin Hood in reverse said...

Mahen Pal Chaudhry's trickery is catching up with the family. The chor khandan has no credibility.

mahen is not robin hood as bainimarama stated. Mahen is robin hood in reverse: collect money in name of the poor, keep for himself.

Adding insult to injury is mahen's girlia, aunty asha lakhan, churning out sanctimonious FLP press releases calling for transparency and accountability.

mahen's longtime adulterous lover has no sense of self-reflection, just like mahen, who instead of hiding in a hole, keeps showing his besaram face and make public comments.

cant wait to see them disappear from our poltical scene scene.

Anonymous said...

Digicel sends messages on customers mobile that there is 3 up for $3.00. But when I went to find out, the customer care representative told me, there is nothing as 3Up.

Can Digicel explain why they trying out this type of "Bullshit"

Anonymous said...

Never mind street workers. When will the regime add street WALKERS to the Essential Industries Decree? They're too essential to allow to go on strike.

Anonymous said...

Umrai the corrupt one of the bunch but he survives the chop because he's promoting Khaiyum's draconian decrees. FICac were supposed to be investgating him so what happened....

Fiji's government has terminated the special administrator for Sigatoka and Nadi, Aisea Tuidraki and Nemia Tagi, the chief executive of Nadi Town Council from their respective positions. Attorney General and Minister of Anti-Corruption Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum confirmed the terminations in a government statement and also announced changes which will see Special Administrator of Lautoka Praveen Bala assuming the responsibilities of special administrator in Nadi until Tuidraki’s successor is announced. And prominent businessman and tourism industry figure Jay Whyte will become Sigatoka’s very own special administrator. He will appoint a committee of local stakeholders to assist him in his duties. Sayed-Khaiyum said the decisions were made in the interests of transparency and better service delivery for the residents of both towns. He revealed that Tuidraki and Tagi were being investigated by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC). “While charges have yet to be laid, government is extremely concerned that both men had declined to cooperate fully with FICAC. Irrespective of the outcome of any investigation, this is clearly not the standard required of our local government officials and we were left with no choice,” he said.

Read more at: http://www.fijilive.com/news/2013/06/new-administrators-for-nadi-sigatoka/54133.Fijilive
Copyright 2013 © Fijilive.com

Patrik said...

Saumatua has resigned too. Whats going on ?

Chandu Umaria embezzler said...

King Khaiyum why not "in the interests of transparency" you investigate chandu umaria? everyone knows chandu is a crook who stole big time as Suva mayor. he is currently taking kickbacks on all contracts. he is very good at hiding his tracks. Do not be fooled.

Looks like this government is operating two sets of rules. their suporters can get away with murder (literally as in the Kean case) while their opponents are victimised.

This is a real screwed up regime. worse than Qarase, the sooner they fo the better.

Anonymous said...

Qandu Umaria is the biggest boozer ever. I know, because I was working for SCC the and have since retired.
Not only that he also like his very, very young girls!! Could be your daughter yet!! What with this pervert!!

Anonymous said...

I do not beleive that Saumatua has resigned. He is a hard man who needs to survive!!

Anonymous said...

ask Chandu what he did with all Australian 10c and 20c coins that were put in the parking meters in Suva. are coins still there or gone missing.

Chandu aur mahen said...

gali gali me shor hai.
Chandu Umaria bhi chaudhry ke rakam chor hai!

Anonymous said...

Aiarse kukum is a copy cat. Look at what happened to Peter Dunne in NZ politics last week. Kukum has now found another way to sack people by saying that did not cooperate with Ficac investigationa.....for the sake of transparency......blah blah blah. Go fark yourself swine. Your time is coming. Tubu na lovo!!!!!!!

mark manning said...

100 hundred green bottles, sitting on the wall!

Chandu Umaria crook said...

Chandu Umaria is a greedy scroundal. He won't even spare his family. He is involved in big legal battle with family over property. He tried to take it all and deny family their share. Even his family do not trust him, yet he is suva administrator. If he steal from family, he will steal from people of suva. Apart from stealing big money as suva mayor, there are moral questions about his gambling, alcoholism and womanising. This man has no problems throwing money at merchamts club and purple haze nightclub to enettain women but won't pay maintenance to former wife and son. Chandu is a real motherfucker bastard. congratulations suva for having such a greta local administrator.

Anonymous said...

The ENI Decree will only be plenty work for nothing!Remember, this Decree was the brainchild of Khaiyum and the former Air Pac CEO, Dave Pflieiger?? (whatever his name is)aimed at weakening the unions. The ENI Decree breaches every rule of the International Labour Organisation (ILO)and Fiji has been attacked again and again in every ILO meetings since this Decree came into force. SG Pryde and his government reps who were sent to try and convince the ILO that this law was needed in Fiji failed misrably and were greatly embarrassed when Felix Anthony spoke against it. The bottem line is, companies will do huge internal adjustments in their organisations like renegotiating new agreements,amending policies, training etc etc, not to mention dropping staff morale rock bottom, only to find out that when the new government comes into place in 2014, it will have no choice but to abolish this illegal decree because Fiji cannot exist with ILO countries the world over if it hangs on to this decree.Once this happens, organisations will then have to reverse the whole process again and go back to square one.My advise to organisations now - "HANG ON TILL THE STORM VANISHES!

Anonymous said...

If Chandra Kant Umaria has to pay maintenance to all his ill-legitimate children he has denied.....there won't be enough money on him to cover that on him. For someone who cheats the pple of Suva doesn't even own a house himself, for yrs he lived in his fathers apartment and then in his mother apartment and finally his sister, Pushpa Kantharia kicked him out for not paying rent and now his renting elsewhere. Same with Jayanti Umaria... his Robertson Road property went under and he end in his mother apartment too till his sister kicked him out of there.

Anonymous said...

Chandu is just there for himself! It is like Arsemuck Patel of the FEA, it is 'ME, ME ME' the bloody BASTARDS!!

Anonymous said...

Pushpa Kantharia?