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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Russians might be coming but the Brits have done the damage

It's rushing off to another headline - the 'Russians are coming' (see Fiji Sun) - but it can't shake off so easily the clobbering it took this week from the BBC and Daily Telegraph sting.

The Panorama programme aired on Thursday night and was able to be viewed early Friday morning on the net, putting the Fiji regime in the spotlight again, for all the wrong reasons.

Three British MPs have resigned as a result of the Panorama investigation into the dirty practice of paid lobbyist - Tory MP Patrick Mercer who accepted money to push for Fiji to be reinstated to the Commonwealth - and Liberal MP Mike Hancock and Lord Laing, the Ulster Union whip, who supported Mercer's motions.

We've posted the original full length Panaroma investigation by journalist Daniel Foggo and the shorter version put together by the Shazzer and Grubby team.

Fiji makes its debut at 9.30 mark in the full-length piece with Fogg saying he's invented a 'place that needs a big helping hand ....Fiji'. Trade unionist Felix Anthony appears at 11.00, a reference to Fijians being 'good blokes' but they carry problems with them is at 19:00 and the Iowane Benedito torture video is at 22:00.

The Shazzer piece is about five minutes. 

Editor's Note: The sting continues to reveal other key players
who endorsed the call for Fiji to be reinstated including the Labour MP Keith Vaz. The question being asked there is what is Vaz's fixation with Fiji considering there is believed to be just one Fijian in his electorate - Veriniki Goneva who plays for Leicester Tigers.



Semi Meo said...

Lets just that it wouldn't surprise me if the Americans were behind Mercers push for Fiji to get back into the Commonwealth.

mark manning said...

@ Semi
Doubt that Semi, it's more like the Regime itself is starved for funds to finance the Soldiers. As we all know, no money to the Soldiers, no support for Frank and Co. and an end to the Regime and the coup.
Frank has already been in China licking the boots of their Leader for funds for the flats.

Anonymous said...

Semi it could be and i just want to bring to light that what happen in Greece is going to be repeated all over the world in the very near future(the crumbling of the economy)remember in Greece the most number of millionaires were from Russia and then China who use this country to hide their money,but what happen the ELITE the SECRETE SOCIETY (controlling world economy)make this move and cut certain % off their account within hours of notice!!!see,now they are moving around the world looking for a opportunity for them to invest!!so we must prepare for the worst if they got hold of these hungry lot who are hood winking everyone...!!!!

Semi Meo said...

@Anonymous 1:28
Hey you caught-on straight away man!
By Americans I mean those you mentioned. Not the "average American" - who are nice people.
These evil Americans are the same ones who are now in Fiji.
Unfortunately Frankie Reed is too dumb to realise who they are
or maybe she is part of them. I don't know.

@Mark Manning , the Regime are too dumb. It can't be them. They are very short-sighted. To acquire money via Mercers idea is a far-sighted long-term project and a lot of risks. Regime idiots don't acquire money that way.
Too many steps. lol.

This is typical American, thru and thru.

Semi Meo said...

There is a greater Agenda; more than the money that is working out here. lol.

Can see it very clearly.

Once these bastards get Fiji they'll be able to roll it out to other Pacific Islands including Australia and NZ

Mercer was just a stooge. He now has to be the fall guy.
But the "Grays" will move on and use another sucker.
Lots of them around.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo and company, you guys are a bunch of friggin' idiots. A British investigative journalist stings British politicians, but all you see are Americans somehow pulling the strings behind the scene!?

You guys see Yanks behind every rock and hibiscus tree. Next, you'll blame it all on George Bush.

No doubt you'll say I'm naive because I don't recognise the black hand of the banksters/illuminati/CFR/trilateralists, etc. -- as if you dummies are so sophisticated and worldly wise. Hah!

The Yanks have absolutely no relation to this story, with the possible exception of Benjamin Franklin, who's portrayed on the American $100 bill.

Semi Meo said...

@Anonymous 2:52
Who do you think allowed Frank to go speak at the UN?
Who protected his passage there?
Who continues to protect him?
Definitely not the Australians.
Then who was it?
There's your answer.
I heard the Ostritch was not the only animal that buries its head in the sand. lol.

Anonymous said...

hey!u know the way Bai is acting and frequently visit to China is suspicious enough that all is not well at home,generally,he may be joined the Illuminati,the Jesuit,the invisible!!!!
blood sucker!!!....just imagine he is out there for money!!!!!poor guy.In doing these he will put the whole country in jeopardy!!!

Anonymous said...

The Americans in Fiji were up to their necks in this coup. They did the same in Vanuatu.

Rups Tamana said...

Bainimarama has caused so much harm and damaged Fiji international standing and reputation that all Fijians are so disgusted with him and all those associated with his illegal Government that going by what people are saying he will completely lose the 2014 general election.

He has no place in Fiji's leadership....either in politics, military or communal.

His lack of education, arrogance and simple stupidity makes him set in his personal mode and impossible to change.

We cannot afford to let him continue to bleed Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The onl;y good PR on Frank and co is on Ministry of Information Facebook and the forums created by Qorivs to promote the regime, Grubsheet, and Graham Davism stories.

Other than that nothing.

Anonymous said...

What an ignoramus you are, Semi Meo. You're not aware that the Americans are legally obligated as hosts of the UN to provide safe passage to and from the UN to visiting heads of government, whether the Americans like them or not?

They did the same for Castro, Arafat, Qaddafy, Ahmadinejad, Chavez, etc. Were they all stooges of the Americans, too?

Now, explain how the Americans "continue to protect him".

And Anonymous @ 3:21, explain how "the Americans were up to their necks in this coup". In fact, didn't the United States swiftly sanction the regime after the coup? And wasn't U.S. Ambassador Larry Dinger amongst those foreign diplomats nearly expelled for going to QEB to try to talk the army out of launching the coup?

And what does any of this have to do with the Panorama programme, anyway?

Absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

Please come down from where you are and see what the American are doing within America,America had thrice their national total debt which they can't pay,which is why they are now fast tracking to accept the new world order.Our currency soon will be of no value.Did you know that Obama was told by the economic group of the Asians that they don't want him in their meeting?just imagine that!America is like a little puppy now in front of Russia and China,they are gone ,done with flat in the stomach!!!They kill their own people(Twin Tower)kill innocent people(Iraq,Afghan)thirsty for wealth to bail them out but sorry America!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you guys know what is a sting operation? Nobody was behind it from Fiji nor china or USA.

So blaming the IG or anyone else. It was the UK media after its unethical politicans who were duped by the media for money.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same felix who forgot his workers and was pocketing $$$ as fnpf board member.

Is this the same felix who was travelling all over the world first class on workers subscription.

Is this the same felix who made heaps in allowances when he was responsible for the natadola project.

Is the same felix who got a hiding and reported to police after 1 year.

Is this the same felix who MPC accused of back stabbing him and the FLP.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Frank Robanakadavu who owes a lot of people money here in Fiji and speaking out from NZ.

Is this the same Frank Robanakadavu whose wife Lina wa sleeping with pita Driti and other officers from when she was working with Telecom.

Is this the same Frank Robanakavu whose wife was sleeping with former CEO of AFL and husband of Imrana Jalal.

Is this the same Frank Robanakadavu who wanted to act like he dumped his wife and ran back to her even though she is still on Skype with a few military guys saying what an ass her husband is.

Anonymous said...

You,Qorvis PR,IG n who ever...listen it backfired so shut up n try again..!!!!

Anonymous said...

is this the same frank robanakavu who was punched up by Pita Driti and ran away crying and peeing in his pants. after being punched up he moved away to NZ because shit scared of Driti. bawahahaha Robanakadavu sa qai dua na tamata sonalevu.....wailei mosi saraga na ketequ kena talanoa taki vei au nai talanoa qo.

Anonymous said...

Annon 8.25pm

Pls go and read what a sting operation is u mutton head.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, Illuminati sure do exist and it’s real.

They have plans and agenda to take as many soul as they can through sudden wealth and spiritual connection.

@anon 10pm
If your two heroes are secretly member of ILLUMINATI......

They’ll illuminate you (make you rich, famous and popular) but in return you must sell your soul to satan their grandmaster.

Most of the sect members who left the group in the past have been assassinated which include Notorious B.I.G, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and many others
Famous Celebrities Illuminati
Members In 2013.

one or both of them before initiation....!
sting operation...!!!!

Anonymous said...

Notorious B.I.G. a member of the Illuminati? Now I've heard EVERYTHING!

What will you paranoid nut cases come up with next -- that Tupac Shakur had to be rubbed out because he knew about the Illuminati plan to take over Fiji?

JVB. said...

this forum is full of nutcases who ran away from st. giles and are giving a lot of bs comments here. it's best to call the scc night patrol to take them away to the queen's highway dump.

Anonymous said...

anon at 4.58, the trouble is Graham Davis makes a better propaganda machine than all the others put together. If you can't see that you got your head in the sand. Davis gets read where it really hurts, the ordinary readers of the Fiji Sun. Don't believe that and you've got your head somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost invariably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And if he is not romantic personally, he is apt to spread discontent among those who are.SO ALL THOSE ON THIS FORUM , WHY DONT

Anonymous said...

Tukei, real fijians sent like pigs to the Golan Heights while the other fijians sit back and relax. Ha!ha....what have become of the i taukei, that's the best that we can get, shed our bloods while the others seat as CEO, Directors enjoy our country.......Can kaiyum take charge of the Golan Heights

Anonymous said...

What you mean dangerous....???
BTW some of the above bloggers mention Illuminati ,secret society etc... i understand if Bai and AG really are in this sect no wonder what they are up to is no difference from the rest of the lot the world over.
Once u in thats it,knife on your throat u can't retreat!!!Do as u are told!!.so, for ordinary fijians they will witness the trashing of their treasured identity,religion,vanua,land,culture,language,tradition.

Paula said...

There is only one story here: British media target corrupt politicians in UK by selecting a very unsavoury rotten fictitious client: Fiji. What this shows is that Fiji is internationally perceived a a very unsavoury, rotten place. And surly on the ground in Fiji is also looks exactly that way.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Paula!!....remedy?

Anonymous said...

Anonymousv8:56 AM, Graham Davis is a creature of this regime. He promotes the regime, but the regime supports him, too. Without this regime, Graham Davis is a big, fat zero. And everyone understands that, including Graham himself. That's why he's hanging on like a bloody tick and doesn't hesitate to defend the indefensible.

Anyone who believes what's printed in the Fiji Sun is a complete idiot. That's not to say that Fiji doesn't have its share.

Anonymous said...

Davis is the best commentator on Fiji bar none. Take a look at his latest piece on Australia and its obsession with taking down the Baini. I don't like his politics much either but there's no one who comes close to him locally him as a writer. Whether you agree with him or not, it's just a great read. Very well argued every time even if he is sometimes over the top. Someone told me the Fiji Sun sells more copies when he appears.That means he is not exactly a "big, fat zero". Fat, maybe but zero no. You can say what you like but he is doing the anti government cause big damage. I've also met him a few times and he is very down to earth.

Anonymous said...


What the hell u doing here in dfiji then. Opps I should have said pig instead of paula if its such a rotton place.

Anonymous said...

I come into regular contact with Graham Davies in Suva. He is no spring chicken but he is very sexy and charming. Always has a nice word to say to everyone. Supports government but who cares. He can come home with me any old time. Bahhaha.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:03, aka Tony Gates, I like you, too. SWAK!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:58, not so. Every time Graham Davis has ventured onto C4.5, he ends up having to retreat with his tail between his legs. Go bak and look at any posting. He gets a severe intellectual paddling each time.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis sexy? As a woman, I just don't see it. But then, I've never been attracted to traitors or the fawning toadies of despotic regimes.

Anonymous said...

Don't be ridiculous. Davis has you guys for breakfast because you keep going OTT. All these calls of yours for assassination and bombings. He has pulled you up on all of this in the Fiji Sun and made you look like total extremeists. When you lose, it will be largely because of him. Come on, who really has the tail between their legs.

Anonymous said...

Frailty, thy name is woman. GD is a hero.

Anonymous said...

I used to think Dayvarse was a boci but have to admit that when I met him he wasn't stuck up. Seems to have friends in Suva who aren't pro govt like Jon Apted. Can't be all bad.

Anonymous said...

Sexy? Charming? Not stuck up? The guy is dangerous. End of story.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that some women have such low self-esteem that they're attracted to losers. Even evil incarnate Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, was able to find a woman to marry him. She, too, calls herself a journalist, btw.

Anonymous said...

Unless arrogant, flaccid, pasty-faced, middle-aged white men with paunches are your cup of tea, then I think it must primarily be gay men who find Davis attractive. Or maybe it's Davis himself writing in to C4.5 again, as he's wont to do on occasion, in order to try to boost his plummeting reputation, flagging subscriptions, and/or diminishing virility.

Anonymous said...

Grubby isn't as arrogant in person as on his blog. But the advantage of his blog is you don't have to smell his breath. Terrible halitosis. A byproduct of the alcoholism, perhaps.

Haroon said...

It is very normal for human beings to be jealous of others success. Davis is at his best on his blog, so naturally people who are less successful in doing what Davis does better, will be writing against him.

Davis you the best.

Anonymous said...

Bawahahaha Frank Robanakavu peeing and shiting his pants for fear of Pita Driti and punched. Mai viavia tagane tiko na tamata e sona levu qai sega madaga ni lewa rawa tiko na maliwa nei Lina ni ra kana tiko kina eso tale. Wailei Frank na Donau mada ra bini tu e Viti me saumi mada qai ia na vosa. Sa qai vinaka mo mai kilai tu niko tamata sona levu dina. Au via vosota tiko noqu dredre qai sega ni rawa, bawahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.34am
Bakuwavivi, o iko dua na tamata sa qai sese sara vaka levu. E donu tiko beka vei iko na lasa i tuba ni cakava tiko na i lala sotia o tukuna tiko mai qori. Na cava na nomu baigani e na nodrau bula vaka veiwatini o FR. Tu mada mai vadua, biuta mai na yacamu. Kua ni biuta mai nomu rank baleta ni matata vinaka tu, ni o iko e dua la na dau masi ablution tu mai qori i na keba. E vaka tale ga mo jealous taki ratou o driti tiko baleta ni ratou sa sega ni mai vutuka tiko na nomu qara ni tati. Luveni sala o iko.

Anonymous said...

Davis writes on the Fiji Sun, which everyone knows is a regime mouthpiece, and where there's no respect for the right of rebuttal. Except anonymously, he seldom comes on C4.5 anymore, because he can't stand the heat.

His anonymous c4.5 postings seem to be aimed at praising himself. These are increasingly pathetic attempts to claim relevance, to control the damage done his reputation after personally embarrassing encounters with Dakuwaqa and others, and to reassure himself of his masculinity.

We see all at play in the anonymous postings here again, don't we?

And the only person convinced is Davis himself.

Kungfu Panda said...

graham davis is the male version of sharon johns and sharon johns is the female version of graham davis

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.33 Come on Davis. We know it's you. Go self gratify yourself on your own shitty Fiji Sun.Now piss off. NEXT!!!!

Anonymous said...

@June11, 12:18pm. Gonei o au din niu masi ablution ia au dua talega au bau masia vinaka na qara ni ablution nei Lina na wati frank Robanakavu. Keimami a wasea kece na qara e rua e tiko vei mrs robanakavu. E warai soti ni dua na ka oya o Frank Robanakavu ga me kua na viavia tagane tiko ni tamata e sega ni lewa tiko madaga na ablution nei watina. A vacuki koya o Pita Driti qai tawa nonai tarausese. A cici tagitagi mai kina ka dro Sara yani ki Niu Siladi. Vakaevei mo biuta mai na yacamu iliu qai mai qaqa na yacaqu drau veicai kei tamamu me yacova ni veka. Bawabawabawahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Wailei me lai tarogi mada o Pita Driti nodrai a veikaba vata kei wati Frank Robanakavu ena nona office mai nakeba. Qaiqai yea vutusona taki Frank Robanakavu ka vakavinaka na talabusese I Niusiladi.

Anonymous said...

Hey o Frank Robanakavu a dau lauvutu tu ga mai koronivuli. Esega ni kalou qori Ke a caita nona sona o Driti.

Anonymous said...

O wati Frank Robanakavu gauna dau lai cakacaka yani kina mai Nadi ena gauna se tiko kina ena dua na kabani ni telecom rau dau veicai tiko kei Sakiusa Tuisolia ena gauna rau sa veiwatini tu kina kei Imrana Jalal. Gauna dau lesu kina I Suva o Mrs Robanakadavu dau rau lai ia tiko o Joe Grey kei Tuisolia. Oya na vunia lai cakacaka kina ena airport o Joe Grey se dau kilai tu na Joe Blow ni sega tu madaga ni dua na qualification. Veitalan ga na iqamu ni cebo ya.

Anonymous said...

O au tamata dau veivutusona. Na sona tiko vei Frank Robanakavu e shape vinaka kena ca ga ni sa qara tuvulaki vaka sivia. Au bese saraga na caiti koya.

Anonymous said...

Captain T tamata dau soli cici wavoki oiko. Caiti tamamu. Du vicai oiko, Driti, Tui solia, Robanakadavu. Du yavu magaijinamudou.

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