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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tribute to Fiji's soldiers

A short story by The Patriot

5am on June 25, 2013. The soldier opened his eyes with the first rays of the sun. He had been up almost the whole night soaking with pride, excitement and the anxiety of the days ahead. He could still remember the words of his commander and the Prime Minister the previous night. He was a trained soldier and was today departing for an alien land.

I, too, had had a busy night visiting all 182 families. I listened to the conversations of husbands and wives trying to comfort one another about the year ahead. They talked about the money and how it will be useful for the kids. Parents were praying for the well-being of their sons and daughters. I was with one family before I got too emotional and went to another in search of joy of the journey ahead but all were anxious.

Unaware, the soldier put on his uniform, his polished shoes and saw he didn't have any stars yet, but felt sure he would return with some. He got in the car and headed to join the others at Albert Park for the last parade.

The soldier had fallen into line. His commanding officer orders them to parade, and to salute the President, the commander and the other delegates on the stage. The soldier could see the people gathering as they marched. There was a soothing wind wafting through with a small drizzle, which seemed like the deep breaths of tears of anxiety, joy and heartache.

He could see the nation coming together, forgetting the country was run by the rule of the gun. The soldier’s chest swelled, his head held high. I was with the crowd listening to their words - all filled with pride at being a true Fijian and part of a great nation. The elderly were murmuring prayers but their hearts were heavy. 

The youth felt the energy while the kids were amazed by the heroe’s farewell. Many were already making plans to become a soldier. The soldiers, meanwhile, kept marching through the streets, their pride for all to see.

They say the ultimate duty of a soldier is to save lives. And so it is they have justified why we are going to a war other countries are running away from. They praised the soldiers and pleaded with the nation to pray for them and for their safety. They also said ‘this is the beginning of a new era for our nation with international community’s applauding our efforts to ensure peace in unknown territories’.

They kept it up with an ongoing litany of “let me be clear, the U.N. has called for more peace keeping missions in the region because of the ongoing political crisis in the borders, and Fiji answered their call, let me be also very clear the path ahead will be a more dangerous one, but as your commander and Prime Minister let me say this, answering a call to restore peace and saving lives of men and women is the most honorable task for a soldier”. The soldier felt so good being a soldier he simply forgot his duties as a father or son. He felt the pride of the nation was bigger than his.

I was inside the air conditioned house of the commander in chief. He was making himself comfortable on a lazy boy with a glass of blue label whiskey, completely satisfied with his speech. He is getting intoxicated and every now and then pinching the cheeks of the young girl who is waiting to make him dizzy with her young body.

I began to realize that this was all about power, relationships with international bodies to hold on to the power as long as he and his cohorts can to enjoy the last breath of the nation. It was nothing but sacrificing the sons and daughters of the nation for their greedy needs …. the sacrificing of flesh and blood for their personal well-being.

I started wondering about the nation and its innocence as they came together to bless their sons and daughters, forgetting everything that has happened since 2006.

I approached the bus loaded with soldiers, heading to the airport. I remembered the 6 month old baby on his mother’s arms holding on to his father’s finger stretched out through the window. The baby hung on as the bus started to move off. The tears of the wives were falling as they wished their husbands a safe return.

I was raising my hands to pull the soldiers out of the bus, pleading for them to stay back. I was telling them that the soil of their motherland is crying to feel their feet on the ground. 

“This is the soil of your motherland, this is the soil of your blessed vanua that kissed and embraced your body day in day out. This is the soil that should embrace your body with arms open when one day your soul moves away from your body and this is where you should soak your blood and flesh finally to sacrifice every single atom of your body to be part of this soil.”

I was almost beginning to scream, knowing the fate ahead of us. My soul was crying and screaming with anger as I could not shed any tears. I was telling the soldiers “Your duty is here on your motherland, my son. You should fight for your soil soaked in blood of your ancestors. You have no duty to perform in an alien land. Your fight is here my son, your nation is crying for you to wake up to that.

“One day very soon, when your blood is spilled on a foreign soil they will turn in to rain to find their way home. Your soul will turn in to wind and then to a hurricane to bring your breath back home and to push the rain of blood back to your homeland, where you belong. When it happens we will embrace the hurricane as it will bring back your breath, the thunder as it will return to us the echoes of your screams and the storms as it will bring back the blood you spilled in an alien land. We will not leave you alone.”

But you did not hear me screaming and you did not see me crying as I am just a soul without a body. For my name is Patriot, and I died long ago and am today wandering in search of a body to be reborn from or for resurrection. 

"My dear soldier, please breathe in to my soul and make me live again, give me your body to help fight the tyranny as I cannot rest in peace until this is done. My name is Patriot and I have unfinished business. Please give me my life back because I want to make our nation proud again. 


Patrioshit said...

Wow, that's some strong stuff you've been smoking.

scoundrel said...

Sunshine patriot who can't put crack pipe down.

Anonymous said...

Do not be so hasty to belittle the guy...he makes sense and who knows God speaks in mysterious ways!!!

Anonymous said...

This bunch of Mataivalu Ni Solisona will never understand as they are dumber than VB and cannot see how Khaiyum is using them for his own personal agenda.

When Khaiyum orders them to bend over VB included they only say how low Sir.

Proud military my arse tamata vutusona ga - They will have a lot of time to do this to each other in the Golan Heights.

Tamat kaisi bokola qece - Mate Yani tamata cicilevu.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

all the best soldiers..god bless you all and may you all arrive safely back to your loved ones.

HP said...

please no more army cockheads to run the country.

Anonymous said...

Dumbass story written by some halfwit with half brain. Please stick with your vesu mona around the grog bowl.

Within one month Fiji will have suffered two KIA and 7 wounded in action.

Laivi ira mera laki mate yani. There is no honouor when your fighting for pieces of silver. No Glory when your fighting for WHO.

When body bags and body counts starts rising, Frank will have to answer...to the people he sent to their deaths...

Long Live Frank...May he be kept alive to be tormented for every year he continues to lead the country..

Vutulaki Dharama Lingam said...

Fucking useless wannabe soldiers..just like the asshole who leads them

Anonymous said...

The real patriot would have fallen out of line, said "Who the fark elected you?", and then shot the traitors between the eyes.

Anonymous said...

True. The soldiers shouldn't be giving these traitors a salute. They should be giving them a buturaki.

Vutulaki Dharama Lingam said...

Useless wannabe soldiers..just like the a@@hole who leads them on Tribute to Fiji's soldiers

Matereti Koronivalu said...

Long live the Fiji Army, Long live our Republic.

All your monarchy arse kissers here can go to hell.

These men and women are sons and daughters of Fiji, they represent Fiji and not only the current leaders of this fine nation...it is you who should die because you are nothing to Fiji...We Fijians are proud of our sons and daughters because they are giving their life for peace, so other people in other lands may have a chance at life...If they lose their life in the course of their duty than so be it because it is their calling...You have no right whatsoever to judge them in their choice of profession...These soldiers and medical personnel are true sons and daughters of Fiji while you people here are not even close...

@vutulaki dharam...your name says it all, why don't you be man enough to go up to QEB and do your shouting there...didn't think so because you arse hole is too big or because you're talking from your PC overseas...Fuck off

Anonymous said...

@ Matereti Kononivalu...Fiji is not a mornach so you can kiss the Queens ass or your your PM's ass if you want to earn browney points with your suck up response. You say soldiers give their lives for peace so other people in other lands can have a chance to live. Why dont we start here in Fiji where we are ruled by a tyranical foolhardy stupid clown of a dictator. The people of Fiji are crying out for Freedom, Just, Peace and a voice to be heard instead of your dumbass threats of taking people up to the QBE. When the reverse happens and it will, you will be crying out like a pig begging not to have your tati poked or your cock prodded or someone jumping on your stomach even though your pregnant. You soldiers go to these war torn countries not for Fiji but for money because fart arse sonalevu Frank has put Fiji in a desperate economic crisis that he needs to keep clowns like soldiers quite, so he negotiated going to Golan Heights and are sending you monkeys there for peanuts and bananas. You will never bring peace to Israel and Syria because your own country is riddled with oppression, intimidation and subjugation. Now run off to Frank, peel his banana and suck on him you fucking monkey of a Fijian. When body bags start coming back or bodies without an arm, leg or dick, Frank will be counting his peanuts and bananas and idiots like you who revelled in Franks dramatic speech which he could not string together hiimself, will be wondering why the hell you went to Golen Heights. Who gives a fuck about the Golan Heights. Try Tacirua Heights or Namadi Heights or the Heights where your over glorified leader Frank ran with tati flowing between his legs. You think he will be there for you....try again Idiot

The mob said...

had they got rid of franky and his lot before going to Golan, they will have 220 percent Fiji support.
otherwise minus two percent.

The Mercenary said...

Brave enough to fight for some foreign corporate interests. Not brave enough to stand up and fight the enemy within.

Why fight Frank. There's no pay packet in it.

Forget honour and true patriotism and fighting for your own people and the future of your nation.

Where's my CASH. Fat greedy VB is teaching his troops well. Go for money. Never mind the cause.

Anonymous said...

Matereti Koronivalu, thank you for your patriotic sentiments, however foolish and misplaced.

You say "Long live our republic". Sorry, but is Fiji a republic? Not even close! Fiji doesn't have a republican form of government. We're not governed by our own elected representatives. We're ruled by a stupid, traitorous, megalomaniacal, thug of a dictator, who has denied us our rights, attacked our institutions, raped our hope and stripped us of our dignity.

The army -- what you call the sons and daughters of Fiji -- helped the dictator establish himself and joined in his treason. For that, they are more like the sons and daughters of perdition.

Dunno what you mean about "monarchy arse kissers" -- we want our republic back, not a monarchy -- but even a monarchy is preferable to what we have here, A monarchy derives its legitimacy from a bloodline, but at least it enjoys some legitimacy -- unlike the Bainimarama regime. A monarchy respects and is itself an expression of cultural institutions, unlike this regime, which is an abomination that attacks our own culture. A monarchy is often seen involved in charity, unlike this regime, which is only interested in lining its own pockets. A monarchy usually rules with the advice of the wisest councillors, not like this regime, which listens only to the foolishness of Aiyaz and the sweet lies of the Chinese. A monarchy typically shows noblesse oblige, but nothing is noble about this regime.

Ratu Boro Gaga said...


Annon 5:03 pm Jul 1/The Mob/The Mercenary/Annon 12:32 am

Dou veicai kece, yavu tamata sona lelevu..Ni lako mada mai viti me mai yatuni taki nomudou sona..ni vei kubuti boci ga o kemuni na blog tiko i ke, tukuni iko mada mai mo kilai kua ni vosa tiko vunitaka tiko na yacamu dina caiti tamamu e na dela ni taunamu.

E vinaka gona o Matereti ni cavuta mai na yacana, ia o kemudou na sona lelevu qo dou vuni tiko e na daku ni nomudou screen, levu ga na kodro boci qai sonalevu na i cebo. Kua mada na vosa vaka vuku ni sonalevu na nomudou i cici...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Magaichinamudou dou veicai kei bumudou.......

Anonymous said...

@ Ratu Boro Gaga....whahahahahahaha
Vacava cant take it....vacava mo boroya e dua na boro gaga ena socoi Matereti Koroivalu qai drami drami laka na socona...Ni oti o qai cu vua me vutuka nomu sona....qaralevu....sa oti nodudrau vei vutu drau qai laki tagi vei Frank mena qai solia tale vei kemudrau na kemudrau Jaina mo drau vocia drau yavu kulina

Curu na qalaqu vei annon 10:57 said...

Kivei Annon 10:57am

Laurai vei iko iko taleitaka tiko na veitvutusona, vaka ga vei keimami o dau taleitaka tale ga me lauvutu nomu sona...........hahahhahahahahahahahaha, lausamu nomu muaimuri, sona levu tukuna mai na yacamu kei na vanua o tiko kina me qai macala mada o cei e lauvutu nona sona, cicilevu o tamamu, luveni tawa cili o tukamu, magaibumu sonalevu...

Anonymous said...

Lol at Curu na qara nei jinamu 11:32....woi lai na kai viti ululala...iko sa qai dua na tamata gusu coci vakai tamamu...ko via tovaka jiko na sotia era sa vakaloloma taka na vanua ko Viti. E sega madaga niko biuta mai na yacamu luveni maqe. Biuta mada mai na yacamu kei na vanua ko jiko kina kevaka ko tamata tagane meu na lako yani vei iko...ko laulau vacu mada qai lau vutu nomu sona vei ira na koli... Laurai vei iko niko kawa mai vei ira na maqe kei na yavusa sona lelevu. Matau ga vei iko na vosaca kei na threat macawa. Tu madaga ko vakasama taka mada na veika esa mai yaco kei na veivakaloloma taki e vakayacora jiko qori nomu PM Frank, drau vei vutusona Caiti Tamamu luveni kawa ca kawa ni maqe...hehehehehehe

santa maria said...

matareti, did you not know that soldiers are trained to protect democracy and governments and not shoot them down like in Pakistan and Syria???
u dumb soldier boy.

wadana said...


marika bakata, lot 61 kaunitoni street vatuwaqa said...

At anon 12:43, luveni kai lau butabutako o iko drau veicai kei ratu mara, ni veicai ga na kai lau magaichinamuni. tamata qalo mai, lako mada ga lai tei tapi, curu nomu sona e dua na tapi.

Noqu address qori, lako mai wale sara ga qo, magaitamamu, qai macala mada na gusu son levu qori, au sa waraki iko tiko caiti bumu

Anonymous said...

@ Marika Bakata...rogoca sara e daligamu qo luveni maqe...Kevaka ko tamata cicilevu, ko sucu cicilevu, nomu bula na bula ni tamata cicilevu...ko na tamata CICILEVU nomu bula taucoko. Sogota mada nomu qanibulu seo sosomaka kina e dua niu vara me rawa niko galu mada. Ko laki vosaca taki ira sara na kai Lau nomu Tovata. Esa vakaraitakina ga mai niko maqe, ko kawa ni maqe, bula takina mai bula ni maqe qai ko lewe ni yavusa sonalevu kawa ni maqe. Kua niko biuta mai na address tale ni dua. Au lako yani nomu vale qai kaya vei au na taukei ni vale dua na marama ni dia ni sega ni kilai iko seo tamamu se jinamu. Au sa kaya oti, niko tamata CICILEVU, nomu bula taucoko kona TAMATA CICILEVU me yacova sara nomu mate. Laki soro vei tamamu kei ira na nomu kawa kei ira na lewe ni nomu koro baleta niko totakina jiko na ulu lala qori ko Frank...ni oti nomu soro lai vakaliligi iko mai na dua na dali io sosomaka e mumu e dua na dalo via mai Taveuni me kua na tasoro mai tuba na demu...CICILEVU vakai TAMAMU...whahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

Fiercely the battle raged and, sad to tell,
Our RFMF tragically fell!
Fame from her height looked down upon the brawl
And said: "After Bainimarama, they hadn't very far to fall."