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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fiji muddles on as Eyptians revel in a second revolution

MONSTER MASH: Frank Bainimarama makes a mess of his Russian debut. illustration: Discombobulated

A big stuff-up over the date of the planned 2014 election by FbC but it seems it will still be September - just not the third as tipped by the news team run by the brother of the illegal attorney general.

FBC last night said the elections will be September 3 - a Tuesday - but has this morning corrected itself itself saying it will of course be held before the end of that month.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is on record as saying the country will
go to the poll no later than September 30 2014 because according to him it's stipulated in the draft constitution.
Egyptians topple Mohammed Morsi after a week of protests. pic Reuters

No sign of that much-promised Constitution, which he keeps referring to and which the unelected prime minister Frank Bainimarama said would be ready within a month of dumping the Yash Ghai draft in January.

The regime, however, has been happily engaging in discussions with Australia, New Zealand and the United States to secure more funds for its elections - this week reporting it had obtained $1million from the U.S. for the poll, plus training support from Indonesia.

New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully has predictably again mouthed support for the 'progress' the regime is making for the election and has supposedly made in recent months - never mind the fact the country is still waiting for the Constitution and political parties continue to be marginalised.

Australia, too, seems happy with assurances of an independent supervisor of elections once a Constitution is in place.

The U.S., New Zealand and Australia, seemingly want to give the regime a chance to prove it will return democracy to the country, despite the fact it has repeatedly shafted the people of Fiji time and time again.

Fiji's political parties and the United Coalition for a Democratic Fiji have been slow to respond to the endorsement, a stark contrast to the swiftness and will we've seen again by the people of Egypt who've today toppled a second leader - two years after it brought down the first.


rajend naidu said...

Usually when we hear of a military takeover we associate it with a power grab by the military.The Egyptian military's decision to remove President Morsi from power is clearly not a power grab by the military. The Egyptian President though elected democratically failed to govern the country properly, deeply divided the people and attempt to concentrate power in his own hands by tinkering the country's constitution.
The military's intervention on the side of the people protesting President Morsi's rule is consistent with its role to safeguard the national public good.
The military has pledged to hold democratic elections to return the country to democratic rule.
President Morsi is clearly not likely to get another chance because he squander it the first time round.
That is as should be.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum said Fijians with dual citizenship could also register- so get ready for vote-rigging! Graham Davis is ready to cast his VOTE!

Anonymous said...

No you wrong Rajend - what you saying here - you support the military take over. Come on man you must be joking - legitimising military role to overthrow a democratically elected government?

Anonymous said...

It seems the only political party which is preparing for election is Peoples Democratic Party and its spokesman is quoted in media saying that elections will be held. Other parties dont seem to believe elections will ever be held. Does PDP knows something that the rest of the people in Fiji dont?

Anonymous said...

PDP ready to jump in the sack with Bainimarama

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

A donkey on a throne is still a donkey

Anonymous said...

National Federation Party (NFP)




Fiji Labour Party (FLP)




Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA)


Anonymous said...

Fiji to make China key focus of new policy
Updated: 2013-05-30 08:09
By Li Xiaokun ( China Daily)
Comments Print Mail Large Medium Small

Fiji to make China key focus of new policy

Pacific island nation looks for new trade opportunities beyond region

Fiji will make China a key part of its "Look North Policy", the country's prime minister told Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama is the first Pacific island nation leader to visit China since China's new leadership came into power. He also met President Xi Jinping on Wednesday.

Bainimarama's Beijing visit precedes his official visit to Moscow next month. He will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin when he is there for the Rugby Sevens World Cup.

Fiji's Ministry of Information said the meetings underline the country's robust foreign policy, which is focusing on new opportunities beyond its traditional regional partners.

By making the visits, Fiji is turning to China and Russia amid strained regional ties, AFP reported. Fiji's relations with Australia and New Zealand have been strained since 2006 when Fiji went through political changes.

"China is a great country with broad development prospects. Fiji will make China a key point of its 'Look North Policy'," Bainimarama told Li during their meeting at the Great Hall of the People, according to a news release from the Foreign Ministry.

Good friend

Bainimarama told Li on Wednesday that China has long trusted and respected his country, and thanked Beijing for help over the years in various areas including agriculture, fishery and infrastructure construction.

Li said China has always seen Fiji as a good friend and partner and would like to deepen the ties.

The two leaders agreed to beef up cooperation in areas including trade, investment and tourism.

Xi said in his meeting with Bainimarama earlier on Wednesday that China treasures its friendship with Fiji, respects the development path chosen by its people and will continue to provide assistance to Fiji within its capacity.

China is ready to strengthen cooperation with Fiji and other Pacific island nations, Xi said, adding Beijing supports Pacific island nations in playing an equal part in international affairs.

The visit shows "China's influence is growing in island nations in the South Pacific", Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post said last week.

Fiji is known as the hub of the Pacific islands region. It was the first among these nations to establish diplomatic relations with China.

China attended a meeting of G77 developing economies held in Fiji earlier this month and donated 20 Hongqi (red flag) limousines, a Chinese-made luxury car brand, to the meeting. Bainimarama test drove the cars himself.

A Chinese military delegation led by Major General Qian Lihua, director of the Foreign Affairs Office under the Ministry of National Defense, visited Fiji in January.

In September, then Chinese top legislator Wu Bangguo also visited the island country.

Sandra Tarte, director of the Politics and International Affairs Program at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji, wrote in an article published in 2011 titled "Fiji's search for new friends" that in 2010 China was the top destination for high-level visits from Fiji.


(China Daily 05/30/2013 page11)

Anonymous said...

Russia and Fiji sign series of bilateral agreements

Posted at 22:33 on 28 June, 2013 UTC

Fiji has signed a series of bilateral agreements with the Russia during the first ever visit to Moscow by a Fijian leader.

The prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, and his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, witnessed the signing of new protocols on military and technical cooperation; a mutual visa exemption scheme; cooperation in tackling money laundering, the proceeds of crime and the financing of terrorism; public health assistance; and university exchanges between Russia’s Far East University and the Fiji National University.

Negotiations will also begin soon on a double taxation agreement and an air services agreement to establish air links between Moscow and Nadi and significantly boost the number of Russian tourists visiting Fiji.

The signings capped a day of intense activity in Moscow, which began when the Prime Minister laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier along the Kremlin Wall in the centre of the Russian capital.

This was followed by a meeting between Commodore Bainimarama and Prime Minister Medvedev at his official residence, Gorky House, on the outskirts of Moscow.

The two leaders pledged to strengthen their bilateral relations and improve trade and economic ties.

In his welcome statement, the Russian leader said he would like to see a celebration of the relationship between Russia and Fiji next year to mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1974.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.

You can motivate by fear. And you can motivate by reward. But both of these methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self-motivation.

A man's ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death.

I would sort out all the arguments and see which belonged to fear and which to creativeness. Other things being equal, I would make the decision which had the larger number of creative reasons on its side.

Anonymous said...

Ok lets go to the street and protest in large number and we see elected govt returned to power - ready???? naaaa lamu sona

Anonymous said...

bainimarama fark you!! bloody ulukau!!!

fiji gets govt it deserves said...

we've been here before with mccully and we'll keep being here until the elections happen as regime says it will or it doesn't or as many suspect, will happen but be rigged so frank wins

Anonymous said...


mark manning said...

As China's economic wealth grows, so will its desire to protect it.
I'm wondering if the Chinese Regime is contemplating a Naval presence and a Naval Base, in Fiji, along with its own Sailors!
If that were to happen, it could be good for Fiji, because China, once it invests in that type of infrastructure off its own shores, might be inclined to stabilise Fiji's Government subsequently. If only to protect its own investment.

Vinimoli said...

Fiji needs strong leaders like Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, Sitiveni Rabuka and Voreqe Bainimara. It don't pussy's like Mahen Chaudhry, Lasenia Qarase and Ro Kepa.


@ Vinimoli.. Dont compare Ratu Kamisese Mara with the two gun wielding thugs...BTW Mahen, Laisenia and Ro Kepa did not commit treason, they were elected by and for the people of Fiji. Only the ballot box should change governments, not guns!

Anonymous said...

The number of sex attacks and rapes against female protesters in Egypt's Tahrir Square has hit 91 in just four days.
Vicious mobs attacked the women as millions of protesters took to the streets to demand President Mohammed Morsi step down.

Makes you wonder about these animals.

Anonymous said...

The drunkard and womaniser Nauboto should go the dentist and get some dentures done on his missing teeth!! YUKH!!

Anonymous said...

Sa rauta mada Vore na 'grandstanding' tiko kei na 'fuck around', ka keimami sauma tiko na lewe ni vanua 'qo.
Me vaka sa volai oti yani vei iko, kaisi, tabaka raraba mada mai na :
01. I sau vakailavo ni nomu gade e vei gauna e vuravura. Qo e wili kina na i sau ni vodovodo, otela, kana, gunu kei na vei ka tale e so.
02. O cei so o dau fuck around vata
03. E vica taucoko na levu ni nomu fuck around
04. Declare taka na nomu 'pocket money' e a dau soli vei iko mai vei ira na matanitu tani
05. E vica na free trips o solia vei iratou na nomu kawaca.

Muslim rape and sex assualts said...

Sex attacks against female protesters in Egypt is a manifestation of Islam's repression of normal sexual feelings. On the surface muslim men from these mid-east countries appear very pious and shout from the rooftop about their piousness and condemn the west.

But given the chance, all the repressed feelings manifest themselves in predatory sexual assaults and rape as in Egypt.

In the UK Musilm men have formed gangs and systematically prey on vulnerabile underage girls who they groom for sex.

Muslim immigrants in Sweden have made that country the rape capital of the world - this is the thanks swedes get for welcoming these scum.

In Afghanistan muslim men pay to have homosexual sex with dancing boys. Just google it. Homosexual sex is also rife in madrassas where some dirty old mullahs prey on young boys, but its hush, hush.

God knows what goes on behind close doors. In free societies, these things are in the open but in mulsim societies its 'toba' (forbidden) subject and swept under carpet and they keep the pretence of piousness.

Muhammed the pious married a six year and consumate it when she was nine!

The 'prophet' also did a sly one on his son and stole his wife, the horny bastard. of course it's all justified in Koran.

muslim men see Mohamed as a divine model, hence child marriage and polygamy.

very sick and hypocritical society, but not the moderate Fiji muslims, of course, as long as they do not come under the influence of the mad mullah on TV.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah rajend...so its ok for the army to take over in Eqypt becos of blah blah. Typical age piche kai India justifying what he is justifying. So when you gonna start a blog protesting against the Egyptian regime?

Anonymous said...

i could not stop laughing after reading one rajen naidu's comments.
I thought this guy was all for democracy come what may.But hey!!! he can change his tune whenever he wants.

Long Live Savior Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

HP said...

a coup is a coup is a coup and there can be no justification in the case of Egypt and Fiji. in Egypt the people elected the president and the court will have to decide the legalities and justification for military intervention.,,but when u have their chief justice holding fort then u know the legal challenge will not happen.
In Fiji the court has already decided that franks coup is illegal and the reasons given by the dicktator have not materialised...so in fact and in law, frankys coup is unjustifiable and indefensible.
that's why the curse in Fiji is not the chiefs or the Indians or kaivitis or racism but the MILITARY who think they know best and betray the people of Fiji who put them in power through democratic process. in Fijian language...the big LIUMURIS and JUDASes.

the bula hug said...

no folks, WANABE ratu bananas was just doing the big Fiji bula kerekere hug...u don't just kiss the hand and the feet that feed you,,u kiss the shoulder and smell his bo as well....lol, kerekere Fiji style. ratu bananas was probably aiming for the ruskys lips but the rusky did a Fijian sidestep and the Fijian smack the shoulder instead..hehehe... you Fijians take everything to a different level at the dizzy heights of bafoonism. taki mada.
its Friday in Fiji and we need some good laughs during the grog sessions. taki mada again.

The sript said...

let me put some words to the photos:
photo 1:
rusky: boolah bananas.
bananas: u farkn fbi shit. Im voreqe the prime minister of fiji. who the fark r u? last time some idiot put his hand out pretending to be prime minister so I didn't shake his hand until last just to check out and make sure that this is not a cia plant to poison me.
photo 2:
rusky: im no farkn fbi or cia. im farkn Russian which. kgb dumb ass. just close ur farkn eyes and shake my farkn hands u farkn shits.
bananas: don't farkn swear at me. don't call me dumb ass...I left him in Fiji to count your money. u farkn cheap vodka giving me a farkn head ache that's why im closing my farkn eyes.
photo 3:
rusky: squeeze my farkn hand like a farkn soldier. and keep ur farkn eyes and farkn mouth closed.
photo 4:
rusky: now that's better. open ur farkn eyes and read my farkn lips.
When bananas opened his eyes he got a bit dizzy and his hearing was a bit impaired cos of his hangover. so all bananas heard was "kiss my lips" and not "read my lips". so bananas lunges over. that leads to photo 5.
photo 5:
rusky: what the fark, u Fijians farkn kiss each other when u meet??
bananas: NO, Not all. Only me and my son.
photo 6:
rusky: thank farkn god for that. but just between u and I, these two baboons laughing on my left were with two ruskian sisters last nite but they were too drunk to notice that the sisters were guys.
bananas: he he he, just between u and I, I was in the other farkn room with the third farkn sister...he he he...

rajend naidu said...

It is extremely rare to be able to say a military takeover of a democratically elected government is justified but the Egyptian military's intervention is because President Morsi had forfeited his right to rule.Within one year he had become a national liability. He had deeply divided the nation. Although he was democratically elected he did not govern democratically. He governed autocratically and even tried to change the constitution to concentrate power in his hands. The Egyptian people did not get rid of the dictator Hosni Mubarak to be lumbered with an autocratic ruler like Morsi. That was not what their revolution was about. It has about shaping a democratic Egypt. President Morsi failed to deliver it. That's why the Egyptian people took to the streets to demand his removal. The Egyptian army helped in his removal when he refused to remove himself and was likely to cause the country to descend into violence,chaos and political instability.
Let us hope the Egyptian military fulfills the peoples' aspirations for true democracy and does not park itself permanently in power as often happens when the military takes over.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

to rajen naidu

you contribution is laughable.you contradict yourself.

Long Live Savior Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Deepak Chauhan said...

you indians overseas don't poke your nose into fijian affairs, leave it to people back home to solve it

Democracy going from strength to strength said...

Vinaka HP, your points are well-taken esp. with regard to changing govts democratically through the the ballot box.

A key similarity observed between Fiji and Egypt is that the overthrow of the legitimate govts both occurred within a year of their coming into power (Qarase was ousted 6 months of his re-election whilst Morsi was just shy of his first year in power).

I won't get into what has been said to have gone wrong with Morsi's rule but a key difference observed between Fiji's current situation and Egypt, is that Egypt's change of govt appeared to be the continuity,simmering and culmination of the Arab Spring that had begun in Feb 2011 - as evident in the massive outpouring of PEOPLE POWER into Tahrir Square and vicinity - in celebration and complete jubilation (save for Morsi's supporters esp. Muslim Brotherhood) - at the removal of President Morsi led by the military - which I'm sure we can agree, made for a less messier and smoother transition of power than what the world might have witnessed had the Egyptians taken their fate and Morsi's fate into their own hands and braved a full-on confrontation with the military - the largest force in the Arab world.

The Egyptian military, as strong and sophisticated as they are.. "carefully and quietly maneuvered to stay on the side of the people" (as reported by the press). Very interesting.

Now they're charged with taking the country through the interim administration to the ballot box ASAP.

Another interesting aspect is that US' President Obama has been careful not to call the takeover of this week a coup d'etat, but instead urged Eqypt to get on a roadmap back to the process of democracy (through the ballot box ASAP of course).

Obama had reportedly told President Morsi earlier that democracy is about more than just elections - it is about responding to the legitimate concerns that have been expressed by the Egyptian people in the lead up to the takeover, and that he (Morsi) must do something - in what form and how was for them to decide upon... but of course Morsi remained defiant and the rest is history.

I wonder if you might agree that Fiji witnessed a similar event in in May 2000 when following what appeared to be a widely-supported public protest against the Chaudhary-led govt by the i-taukei movement as they marched through the streets of Suva, eventuating in a 'civilian coup' that was backed by the Bainimarama-led military - quietly supporting the events through the supply of arms amongst other things to George Speight & Co.

To their credit though, Fiji soon transitioned back to democracy through the nationals elections that took place within a year (was it early 2001?).

Fastforward to May 2009, whilst Fiji's Court of Appeal had declared the takeover of Dec2006 as unlawful, it noted Fiji's realities as it were, in that Bainimarama's interim administration had been in power for over 2 years and thereby strongly urged a pragmatic solution of getting back on the process of democracy through a national election.

However as we've all noted, the shysters and other social engineers led by Khaiyum had become drunk on power and wanted to create an Utopia as THEY perceive it to be - nevermind the will of the people of Fiji!

And so here we are: it has seemingly gotten very difficult to dismount and discard a greedy, devouring tiger. Isa.

Anonymous said...

dharam lingam

i think what rajend naidu means to say is that the military when they do undertake such takeovers tend to dominate the political landscape many years afterwards...that was seen in egypt's previous coups leading up to 2011 and it was certainly seen in Fiji since 1987.

The challenge then is to find a way in which the military's imagined political role, no matter how legitimate it maybe, is totally removed and power is gained through the ballot box.

a look at VB's peoples charter shows how he wants a liberal democracy for fiji just like it has taken root in australia and new zealand but his argument that only the military can undertake change in Fiji makes VB contradict himself.

that fundamentally twisted view of his is where he goes wrong.

if VB then had wanted a liberal democracy to take shape in fiji he should have let fiji politics take its own natural course and in due time fiji would have matured into a liberal democracy that would have rivaled that of aus and new zealand.

fiji democratic politics before 2006 may have been messy but hey show me a democracy that isn't messy and i'll show you heaven!!

in any case, a liberal democracy is meant to foster a competition of ideas or what milton friedman called a 'market place of ideas', that will lead to innovation and good a more stable democracy. VB has been touting this but he is just re-inventing the wheel here.

even british pm sir winston churchill once said: "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried."

in the end VB messed up fiji's fledgling democracy in 2006 and he's intervention showed his fundamental lack of understanding that even though democracy can be a messy affair, it is still fiji's best way to mediate between fiji's various interests

that is how democracy has operated in advanced western countries and that was the way it was operating in fiji before 2006. it was in the end solving problems according to the will of fiji's people, VB's intervention only created more such problems/

Coup 4.5 said...


Egypt: Military Must Stay Out of Politics

Brussels, 4 July 2013 (ITUC OnLine): The ITUC respects the courage of the Egyptian people in demanding inclusive and democratic government. Egypt’s military must now stay out of politics and allow a quick return to democracy under a constitution that ensures the rights of all. The army ousted President Mohamed Morsi yesterday, replacing him with Constitutional Court head Adli Mansour, and suspended the country’s controversial Constitution.

Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, said “Twelve months of autocratic and partisan rule, followed by the military ousting President Morsi, are a huge setback for democracy. Egypt now has a second chance to build a democracy that respects the rights and interests of all women and men, and guarantees social justice. The military needs to stay out of the way and allow civilians to chart the course for the future. The past year has seen a government which seemed more interested in changing Egypt’s legal and social framework to fit the ideology of one segment of the population, while the national economy collapsed through political neglect. Massive unemployment, economic insecurity, denial of workers’ legitimate rights and discrimination against women were all key factors in the growing discontent. The divisions in Egypt are deeper than ever before and people need to see, quickly, open and genuine dialogue to achieve a truly democratic system that unifies rather than divides.”

Dozens of people have been killed during the recent demonstrations, hundreds more have been injured and vicious sexual assaults against some 100 women demonstrators around Tahrir Square alone have been reported in the past four days.

“There is a real danger that violence will escalate, and people require both protection from physical threat and confidence that a fair and open political process is underway,” said Burrow.

Anonymous said...


the bottom line should then be if the military wants a role in politics they should individually or collectively contest elections both in egypt and in fiji.

let the people decide if they like what the military has to offer so long as they decide through free and fair elections and where the military has no further role in politics after elections.

Anonymous said...

Morsi is a puppet like bainimagana....the muslim pig lovers controls him

No army politics said...

the military must never have a political role unless u arm the population to counter their abuse of guns and power.
and we all know that is might be better than dicktatorship...the people can defend themselves and assert their rights against a rogue army like the one in Fiji.

mark manning said...

Oh, ah, umm, well, ooow, shit!
What the F**K?
Frank just has no idea about anything, except thieving from and bullying his fellow Citizens.

Anonymous said...

ANON...o iko ga o mocemoce ca tiko , levu ga na lagalaga SODELPA tiko....sega tiko na i vakatawa ni kete kei na kovate...sega na i lavo....butako....curu sara i naboro....lai sotava sara na mavolo...sa qai wananavu tu vei iko na SODELPA...kerea sara na vevanipo...me lai boro sara na i cici...ena pepa na SODELPA...lausamu..SODELPA tu i vei na party segasega wale...mavolo la o sotava tiko o mai tukutukuna tiko...

HP said...

The question I ask then is why have a constitution if the army is going to step in every now and then outside of the constitution and outside of its normal role to muscle its way on the pretext of protecting the peoples rights or even the majority of the peoples rights, which is always doubtful any ways cos who is judging. I do not think the Egypt and the Fiji situations are different in that respect and hence unjustifiable in my humble view.
I think viewed in this way it is clear that the Fiji coup is the worst in all in its forms.
And it is very obvious why airyass wants the armys unusual role as the political guardian of the right to govern the people specifically written into to his constitution. The constitution to end all coups??
What a lie. The army will coup every time its commander or some of its officers disagree with the government.
And just another scenario for future Fiji, with franky telling so many lies, do not be surprised that he does not run for elections but remains as commander and then muscles in under their new constitution as the political guardian and removes the government a la mosri and continues his dictatorship.

sanata clausy said...

ratu franky does not want to be president because the guns will not be there to protect him…he knows that because that’s what he did to ratu mara…so whats the only option left for him…remain the commander of the army so he has full control. no guns no control.
so what he will do is give the army power under the constitution to be the gatekeeper of the right to govern the Fijians peoples. he will not run for the elections cos he will have to disclose what hes stolen and he will have to let go of control over the guns. he might let the elections take place and if he does not like the result, say the old politicians win, then it gives him the “legitimate” reason under his constitution to coup the government….how about that for using the illegal to make it legal…sounds like a typical kaiyum and shameem kind of legal reasoning.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell Bainimarama to stop embarrassing Fiji!

The picture just shows a straight out "Fiji Kerekere" and lack of diplomatic mentality!

Did you see on TV last week how this ass arrives in Russia and he is the only one in the room smiling, smiling (with his teeth almost falling out) while the Russians are serious and ready for business.

Bainimarama the Goat!

Sa rauta mada na butako kei na veivakalolomataki, Bainimarama!
O na tagi tiko i Naboro ka sega ni dua e rogoci iko, macawa!

Anonymous said...

Au raica ga na i taba qo au madua saraga..sa mai vakaboica taka na noda vanua lomani o viti..Sa da raica ga na vakaloloma ni bula ni so na tamata ulukau,macawa era lako tu ga mai mera mai con taki keda na lewe ni vanua ena sasamaki boidada ratou mai cakava,,sa ratou vakaboica taka na mataivalu ni viti..sa sega na veidokai kei na veivakarokorokotaki..sa opti o viti..sa da vakanaulu sobu sara tiko ena dua na vanua lolovira baleta ni mai liutaki keda tiko e dua na tamata lawaki ca,butabutako,dauvesu mona,con man oqo..na yacana ko Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama..sa dri yani..

mark manning said...

@ anon 842 a.m.
I guess Frank will have to change his name now to Baahnimarama!

rajend naidu said...

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has applied for asylum in 27 countries as he tries to evade the American State authorities who want him for disclosing a vast US electronic surveillance program.
But his bids have been rebuffed by several European nations as well as Brazil and India(Yahoo! 7 News 6/7).
Why by India? I thought India was a non-aligned nation. It was even the head of the non-aligned group for a heck of a long time. Since when has India too started to dance to the tune of the Americans?
rajend naidu

Rusi Varani said...

Rajendra Naidu's comments on Egypt and the military takeover leaves a lot to be desired. To say that what happened in Egypt is 'clearly not a power grab by the military' is akin to saying that this coup is better than the previous one. All coups are the same and they are all illegal as they constitute an unlawful takeover of an elected government.

The role of the military in any democratic society is the same. They are subservient to the government of the day meaning, come what may, the military is always on the side of its owner (military as a state institution).

Morsi was democratically elected and the only lawful way to remove him was to vote him out in the next election.I tend to think that the so called 'people's revolution' gripping the very heart of leadership of most countries of the middle east has given the majority of the population of those countries the false impression that leadership changes is theirs at their own timing. Unfortunately, democracy does not work that way. People, and for that matter the military, has to learn or be taught and appreciate the minor mechanics of a true democracy. Without that, I am sorry to say that we are in for a very long haul.

Anonymous said...

hitler too was democratically elected...

Anonymous said...

Freemason greeting style !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Freemason greeting style !!!!!!!!!!

rajend naidu said...

We learn from the New york Times Breaking News Alert 6 July' Mohammed ElBaradei, Former Diplomat, to be Named Egypt's interim Prime minister, Spokeswoman says' that the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize winning diplomat had said earlier this week that he had worked hard to convince Western powers of what he called the necessity of forcibly ousting President Morsi contending that Morsi had bungled the country's transition to an inclusive democracy.
For a brief while, following the criticism my view drew I thought perhaps my reading of the Egyptian political situation was faulty.
But now in light of what El Baradei says I am quite confident my reading is correct.
And I wouldn't care too much if some semi-literate bloke on this site finds my views "laughable".
Idiots have a tendency to laugh at things they have no real understanding of.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

In Egypt the army did not plot to remove the democratically elected President. In Fiji the army did that . They plotted the overthrown to save the backside of the Commander and his cronies. In Egypt the military top brass did not have their backside on line. the Egyptian military was forced to intervene for the sake of the country. The Fijian military took over for its own sake. That's why it's still holding onto power 8 years later.
there is a clear difference between the Fijian and Egyptian case.
if you can't see that then the problem is with you.

Rusi Varani said...

I am dumbfounded at the claim made by Rajend Naidu that there are "some semi-literate bloke on this site finds my views "laughable".
Idiots have a tendency...."
We come to this site to debate or share ideas on issues of concern. No one has a right to claim his or her arguments are correct at the expense of others. We do not know who the other bloggers are and we must respect each others views as opposed to the stand we are individually pushing for. We should never be judgmental and I don't care whether one is a doctor of philosophy or a rock scientist or a toilet cleaner our input is of equal importance.

Rusi Varani

Anonymous said...

Some views are not worth shit and one has to be stupid to respect them. Rusi Varani is free to respect any or all views . that's his choice. but he can't expect everyone to share in his perverse notion of respect. respect in my view must be reserved for those who deserve it ONLY! not every tom dick and arsehole!

rajend naidu said...

I am dumbfounded by Rusi Varani's claim that all "our input is of equal importance".
Is it? I don't think so. I think some "inputs" are more like the outputs of intellectual imbeciles and I will not be persuaded to "respect" them. No way.

Anonymous said...

not sure what u going about but 90% of Fiji is owned by the indigenous so your views cannot overcome the 90% moron!!!