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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fiji regime bullies Fiji TV into appointing media censor 'news manager'

Less than a month after Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum forced Fiji Television management through the Fijian Holdings controlled Fiji TV Board to sack veteran sports journalist Satish Narain, the regime is firmly on a path to making the station another puppet, just like the Fiji Sun and Fiji Broadcasting Commission.

Over the weekend there have been numerous posts on social media that Fiji TV Management will undergo changes as Khaiyum - through Fijian Holdings Ltd chief executive Nousab Fareed - directs the purge of Fiji TV personnel.

Coupfourpointfive has established the following after monitoring posts and speaking to our sources. 

Clutches on Fiji TV: Neumi Leweni and Bainimarama just after the coup.
We have established that Major Neumi Leweni, the former spokesman for the military who was posted as Counsellor to the Fiji Embassy in Beijing, has been earmarked to be Fiji TV's news manager.

This was conveyed to the Fiji TV chief executive Tarun Patel by Fareed. Sources close to the media industry say Patel is believed to have held a meeting with his senior staff/management and reported the development to them.

We have established that Fareed told Patel that if Fiji TV wants its licence to be permanent instead of the current 6 month extension, then Leweni must be appointed news manager. Sources add the idea for the appointment came from Aiyaz Khaiyum, who is in regular contact with Fareed.

C4.5 knows that Leweni has been back in Fiji from Beijing for about a month and is on what is apparently pre-retirement leave. He has no experience in the media industry,  although he was once the Information Permanent Secretary and enforced censorship after the abrogation of the 1997 Constitution. 

 Patel: Required to meet regularly with FBC
Sources say the Fiji TV management has no choice but to obey the Khaiyum-Fareed directive. 

They've disclosed, too, that Fareed has also stated that Fiji TV's legal manager, Tanya Waqanika, is no longer needed as the Fijian Holdings Ltd will assume the legal work required for the station. She is expected to be made redundant soon. 

Our sources say Khaiyum will eventually make Fiji TV a state television broadcaster and merge it with FBC TV - to be headed by his younger brother Riyaz Khaiyum, who would eventually run Fiji TV in future. 

This plan seems to be gathering momentum as Fareed is believed to have told Patel that he is now required to have regular meetings with Riyaz Khaiyum about broadcast issues and that FBC must be given the same rights to events that Fiji TV has had exclusively.

Sources say this means that Fiji TV will cover local events live but transmit its signal to FBC TV, which will air the event live at no expense to it.


kamlesh kumar said...

We can understand that iTaukeis fear Indians and never liked them. They find Indians mean and scrupulous. Indians are blamed for everything in Fiji. Do us a favour- chase us out of Fiji like what Adi-Amin did in Uganda. We also agree that Fijians are the nicest people in the world and Fiji rightfully belongs to them.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised this is happening. An economic decision obviously but nevertheless, an ideal attempt at muzzling the media completely. Isa o Viti!

Anonymous said...

The population of Fiji is approx 900K. Almost one third cannot access electricity therefore do not watch or care about TV. So what's the problem if these foreign reserve money sucking "wannabee broadcasters" are required to merge. Programs are shit anyway and these can be accessed well in advance through the internet before being aired.
I say good move.. Better still shut-down FijiTV as I am told they have obsolete equipment. This is good Financial management.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:12 PM

'Better still shut-down Fij iTV as I am told they have obsolete equipment'.

Now that's one smart comment as they manage to broadcast well with this obsolete equipment.

Using your theory we may as well shut down 90% of the buses as they would be obsolete in your view.

Dan said...

@anon July 14,5:12
Dude, This is not about you being entertained, it is about media independant...good on you if you accessed the movie online which I wouldn't be surprise if they are illegal...TV stations are bound by copyright laws which they have to follow or they would be losing alot of money for breaching them.
Whats gonna happen during election? I am already feeling sorry for the other political parties who will yet have to climb another mountain.
Pity!what a pity!

Anonymous said...

Sure Holy thou Art Dan... Cross your heart and tell me that you have not pirated once in your life. Remember this includes recording Super 12 FTA material for your library which could be a large one. My argument is on financial management not what is or not perceived as clamming down on media freedom. Let that argument continue at your leisure.

Anonymous said...

Well we just have to be more creative with our communication come election time. The Filipinos got rid of Marcos by using mobile phones to mobilise support. Food for thought for the political parties. But bear in mind that Vodafone is already sold to this regime.

Anonymous said...

And my response to anon @5:44pm. Using your example; If two bus companies ran the same route and both are struggling to make ends meet; could it not make financial sense to eliminate the weaker one having obsolete buses to strengthen the other one so that services can be met.
Not silly after all?????

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:34 PM

Now that's is a rather silly idea isn't it.

Have you not heard of the merits of commercial competition, keeping the prices down for all ?

How is it going to make financial sense to the company that has been shut down intentionally ?

So with half the buses on that route that were from the weaker company gone the remaining company has to double its number to carry the same passenger numbers. Are they going to have to buy more buses and how do they finance that ?

Does your theory extend to all commercial business enterprises ?

Will be sad when we only have one restaurant in Suva because your theory of the removal of choice and freedom has been acted on.

Anonymous said...

While I am just so wary of this regime I have to admit though that I prefer watching FBC to Fiji TV. But I wish they'd add local series similar to that Vanuatu Love Patrol. There is enough local talent in Fiji to put a weekly series together.

Anonymous said...

This is not about obsolete equipment or programming.

It is about freedom of expression and the attempt by the regime to muzzle a free press.

The pen is mightier that the sword.

Anonymous said...

Levu ga nomuni via vosa vakavuku...MAGAIJINAMUNI!!!!.Tukuni ga edua na ma caka...caka sara,ke sega ona vakacicivi. Me vesu kece mada na na vei kabani ni vakau i tukutuku mo ni qai veivutusona tiko ena C4.5...set tiko ya!!!

Anonymous said...

And the pen will prevail... judging from the mad outburst of the raving lunatic above @ 11.33, whose commonsense has obviously been dulled by compromise and gluttony. Sordid.

Eparama Waimakare said...

Anonymous 11:33pm (Vosa ca taka na tinai keimami na itaukei dau vakayagataka na TV kei na FBC)
Io, sa tukuna na nomuni vosavosa ca na nomuni levu ni rere. Sa tiko vei kemuni na lewa ni noda vanua, na kena dakai, sa kena sicini na dola $ me volitaki kina na kawa itaukei kei na nodra vanua koya e dodonu mo kauta yani kina buca ni valu, na kena lawa vakaivalu na Decree sa vola tiko veikemuni na nomuni daunivakasala vakalawa o Khaiyum me bokoca kina na TV, FBC se cavatale o ni nanuma, na kena i lavo talega sa kena minisita saka tiko o Ratu Voreqe. Nanuma vinaka tiko ni sega walega ni vakayagataki na TV se FBC me vakau kina na neimami itukutuku na itaukei, kevaka o ni itaukei sa dodonu mo kila. Na neimami gaunisala ni vakauiukutuku na itaukei esa bula makawa tu mai liu me yacova mai na gauna oqo, ni bera ni qai yaco mai na walesi kei na TV. Sa tu ga o ira saka na neimami Matanivanua koya keimami doka tiko kina na neimami ivakarau ni bula vakavanua kei na vakaturaga. Sa dri yani, qai waraki au tiko ena gauna ni veidigidigi. Drau tu mai me daru mai sota ena gauna ni veidigidigi, ia, kevaka o rere, talai rau mai na qase o Khaiyum se o Ratu Voreqe. Tukuna rawa tiko vei ira na nomu ilala era via tu ena politiki.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 is losing the plot. Where the hell did you get this story? Anyone who knows anything in Fiji would know it was total crap. Leweni as editorial chief at Fiji TV is about as likely as Father Barr being appointed an RFMF chaplain. It isn't going to happen so why make yourselves look like idiots and report it.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see C4.5 as a vehicle for all this racism. Think about it. You are losing the battle for ordinary hearts and minds in Fiji not because of Bainimarama but because you deserve to.

Anonymous said...

What's happening? Posted my comment below earlier and it was saved, but then it seems to have been deleted somehow, since it no longer shows on my screen 'refreshed'.

I posted:
"7 years of living under tyrannical rule in Fiji should give one a trained eye in spotting the trouble-makers and sold souls to $$ with their 'divide and rule' tactics in blogosphere.

If you still can't spot them, then simply think about who stands to benefit from creating division, hatred and animosity between the 2 major races in Fiji? A new Fiji?"

Anonymous said...

Ok let's what exactly is Leweni
military title? First I hear that
he was a Sergeant,then a Captain?
After the coup I think he was then promoted to Lt. colonel?
was that the reason of
him been de-posted from China?

Savua said...

The Muslim gang in Fiji under EyeArse have decimated many things Taukei including the Fijian Holding Ltd.....it is now run by a non-Taukei Nousab Fareed a Muslim. The TV industry in Fiji, FSC and most other aspects of life in Fiji is being run by Muslims.

How can we the Fijian race allow this to continue.....am surprised we have not rioted already and root out the offending Muslims including EyeArse.-

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah..we see Leweni evryday with his best mate Fuggan from Fulluck trade..why isnt he in china anymore and is on pre-retirement leave????..Funny how some Band major got promoted so quickly and now doing the rounds in downtown suva with shades on all the time..e cava o ni sa madua beka??

Anonymous said...

Savua @ 8.16am. Yeah, typical ride on self-pity as usual. Ulukau! It is common knowledge that the iTaukei have yet to prove they can run communal business properly for their people without corruption. You know that and why go on about Fareed at Fijian Holdings? I don't trust this regime but that does not mean I must hate all Muslims neither all Tailevu people? Sa rauta mada na mai bilitaki ira na tani. Dusi iko ga, vakavei au o iko e dua o butakoca na kawa i Taukei, se vacava?

The Oracle said...

Fact 1: Fiji TV is more profitable than FBCTV
Fact 2: FBCTV and Radio Fiji are being subsidised by Government to the tune of $179,000 per month - something that had been stopped when the company was corporatised.
Fact 3: Despite the propaganda about FBC making a profit, the fact of the matter is it cannot compete against Fiji TV and needs the sports broadcast rights (IRB Rugby Sevens and 15s as well as other sports coverage) to be able to pull in the advertising dollar
Fact 4: Is there scope for two TV stations? - Answer - most definitely. Fiji currently has THREE TV stations and while two are struggling (FBCTV and Mai TV), they are managing to survive.
Fact 5: FBC TV is wholly government-owned. Fiji TV is only 51 percent government-owned but has other shareholders to whom it is beholden, profit-wise. Those shareholders now have no say, if the company is run into the ground by Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.
Fact 6: There was talk in 2006/07that FBC be sold outright to private interests. This, however, was changed when Bainimarama and Khaiyum saw the interest in propping it up for their propaganda purposes.
Fact 7: With a reduced market, viewers have a reduced choice of viewing.
Fact 8: Neumi Leweni is being given a golden hand-shake after reaching retirement age.
Fact 9: Neumi Leweni knows sweet FA about news gathering, news reporting, news ethics, news balance and impartiality.
Fact 10: All those on this blogsite talking about the advantages of a merger are talking through their rear-ends because they don't know the first thing about how competition is healthy for the consumer.
It's so easy to single out the empty barrels on this site. People who have nothing valuable to say should just shut the F up!!!!

mark manning said...

Control the Media, you control the masses and their thinking!
The Land is next!

Anonymous said...

@The Oracle 9:10 AM

Fiji is lucky to have people like you sir, common sense whatever the subject !

Anonymous said...

Ni veicai voreqe kei kemuni mai na keba,,,
dou lai caiti Leweni
Keimami sa sosa vei kemudou magaitinamudou kei ira na vakalou vua na maqo o Hanuman dou sa soli sona tiko kina qori.

mark manning said...

Commercial Television, Radio and Newspapers are beholden to their Share Holders and Advertisers and their reporting can be manipulated, consequently. Propaganda is their tool of trade!

State owned Media should be impartial and unbiased in their reporting, beholden to nobody, except the general population.
Factual accounts of events etc. are its tools of trade.

State owned Media is a non profit medium, owned and operated by government, yet also potentially critical of Government. It's a very healthy means of reporting truth and making everyone accountable.

Anonymous said...

@July 14, 2013 at 11:33 PM

Na veika e vakaraitaka tiko na turaga ko Eparama Waimakare e tukutuku dina taucoko sara qai matata vinaka talega. E cava sara mada me laki tini kina "VEITINAMU", na vanua ko a curu mai kina mo mai tamata dau vosavosa cataka na loloma nei tinamu ena vuravura oqo. Kevaka e a sega mada na katuba koya nei Tinamu,Ko qai sucu tu mada mai vakacava ena vuravura oqo? Kakua ni dau vakalolomataka na "TINAMU" ni a sega ni mai nodra na veivolavolai vakaoqo. E mosimosi dina sara vei keimami na kawa i Taukei na vosaca ko cavuta, baleta ni tiko talega vei nomu BUBU,WATIMU, GANEMU kei na nomu NEI na tikini yago vata ga ko cavuta ko ya.Na nomu sotia dau vosavosacataka na Tinamu ena dua dina na siga drau na qai sota kaya."Rau sota na Bici kei na kena i Kolo."

Au kerei iko na Sotia dau vosaca me kakua ni yaco vei Tinamu na veiruru oqo. Era lewe 400,000 na i Taukei dau veidigidigi kina yabaki mai oqo 2014, ka au na sega ni kurabuitaka ni vosa e cavuta ko Eparama Waimakare eke ena yaco me dina. Keimami sa kila kece tu vakasigalevu na i Taukei kei ira na kai Idia, ni lewe vica wale sara na sotia vakataki iko era dau vosavosaca ka dau vei vakararawataki tiko, ka sa mai vakavuna tu oqo na tiko vakaca vakamatanitu kei na Vanua.

Ni nanuma sara tiko vakavinaka era sega soti ni ra mai sotia lialia dau vosacataki tinadra se sega ni vakavuluci se sega ni lotu sara vakataki iko era tauri dakai vata tu oqori e yasamu. Ke ko nanuma niu lasu tovolea mada mo vanalaki ira eso na lewenivanua me cegu kina na lomammu.

Vinaka vakalevu Eparama Waimakare na vosa vakadodonu. Au kerekere mera qai bau nanumi tu ena veimasulaki vei ira na noda sotia mai Golan Height, Sinai, Lepanoni kei Iraqi ka vakakina na sotia dau vosavosacataki tinana oqo.

Anonymous said...

Coup four point five: Please help me to find the individual:

The son of 3M chor now hiding in Australia living with a 55 year old woman with 2 grown up daughters. His 25 year old mistress Karisma Lata who runs his sigatoka office ran away with 30 thousand dollars from the clients.He is also not paying any money for maintenance for his own son and wife Seshni living in Lami with her parents.....Find the man for me please

Meow said...

Anon I think you looking for Rajend Chod ri...am I right or am I right?

Actually, lot of people are looking for that bugger called Chod ri jnr.

He has 100s of Writ of Summons on his name for defamation of character. I do not know how the bugger gona survive.

Anonymous said...

Dude this Leweni monkey is way out...The way he holds himself on TV I swear his on heavy shiiit...He always looks doped out with darting eyes and the side profile...dude I swear this guy is always high...whats that kava shit you guys drink in Banana land...cant be that good...Must be something Frank the Gorilla gives his monkeys...Maybe that dude the lawyer dude got something up his aiyaz...

Anonymous said...

Epi it ain't gonna happen. The Fijians in particular will not retaliate because of the culture ingrained in us. Vakarorogo, veidokai, vakarokoroko etc. etc. Never mind if your leader is stealing from you. For what is so new about us anyway. This has been happening since we took over from the Brits. Afterall don't we reap what we sow?

Anonymous said...

Thank you The Oracle - keep the info coming please

rajend naidu said...

When prisoner Benedito was bashed by the Fijian State authorities (see C4.5 "torture video" on the bashing) we thought that was bad - and it was. When his mother was denied visitation rights and the authorities tried to defend its actions we thought that was bad - and it was.(see letter by J Nakarawa of Hamilton, NZ on this in Fiji Sun 15/7)).
But in China a Chinese court executed a man on death row without notifying his family and then defended its actions ('Chinese court executes man without telling family' Yahoo!7 News 15/7). Can you beat that!
And the ruling mob in Fiji are great admirers of the Chinese way of doing state business!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Anon@July 14, 2013 at 11:33 PM - E 2 ga nai wasewase - 1) E lala tiko na qavokavoka, sega na vuli ka tamata dokadoka!

2) Vuli vinaka, tamata vakavulici mai vale, tamata dauveidokai

Na nomu vosavosa e sa tukuna sara tu ga vakamatata na vanua o tu kina

Anonymous said...

Meow 2.06PM....

That is the chor I am looking for and I will deal with him if I can find him. His mistress Karisma is also missing and people say hiding in Australia. He destroy so many families, woman and they curse him. Fathere and son both using our money to spend for their bitches. 2014 time we all will teach the same lesson in 2000.

Anonymous said...

Army is the problem and coup culture .why blame the indians .shame on you little mind people.
when did the indian coup .how many indians in the army.its a muslim /fijian coup.

Anonymous said...

I LIKE FBC Programmes better thn Fiji 1, seriously let them merge, maybe we'll get even better movies, documentries, shows etc etc !!!! but then.....i dont like whoever is running the show behind the scenes....

Anonymous said...

"Make him lie down, if not put his brain out". Trio tell of horrifying ordeal at the hands of army officers - one of the victims said he identified one of the men to be a military officer because he was his former schoolmate


Nanise Loanakadavu, Fiji Times
Saturday, July 13, 2013

THREE men are still traumatised after they were forced out of their vehicle, beaten and held at gunpoint along Vunakece Rd in Namadi Heights on Wednesday afternoon.

Seci Kiviti, 52, Uraia Pomau, 41, and Vuli Vakaloloma, 42, were returning from a farm next to MH Superfresh in Tamavua about 3pm to pick a spade to help them build a shed for their aunt's funeral at Tikaram Rd when their vehicle was chased by a four-wheel-drive with three men inside.

The three said they were stopped, forced out of the car and made to lie on the road. Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro confirmed they had received a report at the Samabula Police Station on Thursday afternoon.

She said the report they received was that the three men were held at gunpoint on Wednesday afternoon. "Investigations will commence," Ms Naisoro said. The men said they also lodged a complaint with the RFMF. Land Force Commander Lieutenant Mosese Tikoitoga said he would not comment until investigations were completed. He said the officers who received the report would not be able to release any information.

"They will conduct their own investigations, interview the people, they will write a report and will submit it to me," Lt-Col Tikoitoga said. Mr Kiviti was still in shock from the incident and demanded an explanation. "When they told us to lie down, I refused because they did not say or mention anything about any operation," Mr Kiti said. "I was so scared when one of them took out a gun and pointed it towards me while speaking in iTaukei language saying: "Dou va davora i ra, ke sega biuta i tuba nona mona' (make him lie down, if not put his brain out)".

One of the victims said he identified one of the men to be a military officer because he was his schoolmate at a prominent all-boys school. Mr Pomau said 10 minutes later, another vehicle arrived with four officers of the Strike Back team. A witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said he ran outside when he heard the men shouting. "When I came outside, I saw three men lying on the road with a man standing next to them holding a knife."

Three youths, who were cleaning their compound, rushed to their house when they saw one of the three men beating up the victims was holding a pistol. Mr Pomau said they were lucky otherwise it would have been a double funeral for their family. He said the men later apologised after realising the three were on their way to a funeral when they were accompanied to the venue.

Anonymous said...

RC is a gentle man . you may not like him, he has so many friends. we all commit adultery . we a all a sinners . some learn there ways , repent and got back with there family , some don't , thats life. president Clinton commit adultery with his mistress Monica Lewinsky. even sharkozy the former president of France is with his second wife. he left his first marriage.the former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi - has many mistress.today in russia, president Putin is going to leave his wife. welcome to big Global world , people marry and then after a while they a divorced or finding another kitchen. do you know why wall street collapse, those majority trading boys at wall street were using there company credit card to pay for hookers . adultery happens everywhere around the world. even judges a paying for hookers.

Anonymous said...

adultery by RC is not crime . even in the bible, King David the most fierce man in Israel commit adultery.

Anonymous said...


Mahen & Asha said...

Anon 5.47pm:

True about adultery - mahen chaudhry and his devoted girlia asha lakhan have been screwing themselves silly over many decades.

Anonymous said...

Fijian PM attends G77 meet in HK

17:05 Today

Taken from/By: FBC
Report by: Ritika Pratap; MINFO

Prime Minister and Chair of the G77, Voreqe Bainimarama, will speak on the vast potential technology has to benefit the lives of ordinary people in the developing world, citing innovations and reforms that have taken place in Fiji, at a high level international forum in Hong Kong this week.

The Prime Minister departed today to deliver the key note address at the High Level Forum for South-South Cooperation for Sustainable Development.

The meet gathers international experts from across the globe, including senior government officials represented at the United Nations.

Themed “ICT, Innovation, Culture and Sustainable Urbanisation”, the high level forum includes a presentation by the Secretary General of the United Nations International Telecommunications Union, Dr Hamadoun Toure.

Bainimarama will be joined by Fiji’s permanent representative to the UN Ambassador Peter Thomson.

Anonymous said...

Payment deadline today for NFP, SODELPA and FLP
Publish date/time: 15/07/2013 [17:07]

Print this page
Email this page
Today is the deadline for the National Federation Party, the Social Democratic and Liberal Party and the Fiji Labour Party to pay for the publication costs of the declaration of their assets and liabilities.

SODELPA has been billed $26,000 by the Registrar of Political Parties, Mohammed Saneem for the publishing of the declaration in the Fiji Sun a few weeks ago.

When contacted, SODELPA General Secretary, Pio Tabaiwalu said they paid the $26,000 to the Registrar this afternoon.

National Federation Party President, Raman Pratap Singh said NFP has also paid the $5,796 for the publication of their declaration of assets and liabilities.

However Singh said they are now awaiting the determination of the Commerce Commission.

Singh has also written to the Registrar of Political Parties, saying that the Registrar's argument that NFP did not object to the publication in the Fiji Sun is illogical.

He also said that NFP is alarmed at the Registrar's claim that the Political Parties Decree does not permit the party to negotiate the rates charged for the publication of the declarations.

Meanwhile the Fiji Labour Party is awaiting decision from the Commerce Commission in relation to their payment.

FLP said they have written to the Registrar of Political Parties today notifying their stance.

It has been confirmed that the Labour Party has been billed over $6000 for the publication.

When contacted this afternoon, Mohammed Saneem said they will not make any comments as they are following the Political Parties Decree.

Anonymous said...

Really Saneem! Can you think for yourself and not be a puppet! This is the most unfair and dishonest decree which is designed to make money for the Fiji Sun!

Goodness me, this is becoming really embarrassing! It is now so obvious that we are living in a dictatorship without the people having any say at all in their governance!

Anonymous said...

sa da vuli na kaiviti , me da lewai keda vakai keda. sa kua soti mada na via mai lewai kemami tiko. ni vicai na vosa tiko i cake qo. lewai iko ga kei na nomu matavuvale. kakua ni lewa tale dua. ke na ca gona na busy body, via lewa tiko na nodra bula i so tale. bula qo na bula ni di lewai koya. ke o cata na noqu vosa lako lai vutuki tukamu vaka tolu . ni veicai kece na i itaukei.sa kena gauna me da sa dui lewai keda. sini rawa ni mai lewai keda tiko na lotu waisale, se na vanua, se na turaga, sena matanitu. every man for himself.

Anonymous said...

freedom the itaukei , smell the air of freedom to choose your own destiny, not to be ruled by any body or someone that will be barrier to your life and family. you a educated enough to make your own choice in this life and the life after this. the consequences and blessings is there for you. you either take it or leave it. in other words , you take it , or continue living under slavery system .

Anonymous said...

annoymous July 15, 2013 at 6:58 PM

magaitinanamu tale ga. iko. caiti iko .

Anonymous said...

yavu fuckness!

Anonymous said...

tukuna vei Bainimarama niu tukuna yani mo drau vicai...cu o iko mevutuki iko o koya oti cu o koya o vutuki koya oti ya drau cu ruarua me qai vutuki kemudrau o eneri

Anonymous said...


Investigations continue over alleged incident
Publish date/time: 15/07/2013 [17:01]

Investigations are still continuing in relation to the alleged incident where three men were forced out of their vehicle, beaten and held at gunpoint along Vunakece road in Namadi Heights last Wednesday afternoon.

The men were returning from a farm next to MH Superfresh in Tamavua about 3pm to help build a shed for their aunt's funeral when their vehicle was chased by a four wheel drive with three men inside.

The three claim that they were stopped, forced out of the car, and made to lie on the road.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said investigations are underway.

The three men also reported the matter to the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

When contacted, Landforce Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga said his team may have received the complaint who are doing their own investigations.


Anonymous said...

No wonder FJ1 is one of the most boring tv station in the entire universe; football been aired endlessly; foreign hopeless movies; no news; boring just boring ... this goons must live a boring live too ...

Anonymous said...

piracy in Fiji is just hopelessly thriving like cancer ... in every town and settlement you see one shop ... under the nose of the illegal parasite Khaiyum ... the real effect is that it will only lead to no constructive development and live style of the passes ... maybe that is the ultimate plan of this military top goons ... thinking they know it all ... Fuck off ... AH's

Anonymous said...

THe surprising fact is, all this is happened, I mean any such change, happens when Frank Magana is out of the country ... when the cats away .. the rats come out to plan ... which exactly what Khaiyum is doing ... all his desires is fulfilled after he agrees to Frank Maganas trip overseas ... and the security council cannot do anything about it ... or even request justification ... which they must probably receive anyway in the form of a memo saying the comanders directive ... and the president ... fucking his horse tips and his wife that almost left him if he did not get secured income cause the horses are not paying enough ... what is he doing ... enjoying the high life saying or been lead to believe everything is in the interest of the country ... fucking looser ... all of them are anyway ... losers losers losers ... fattening themselves only for their own ...

Anonymous said...

@ANNON JULY15-8:41pm
So what? what you gonna do about it?
Go chill your sorry ass in Wainadoi!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@annon 9:47 pm

Are man, what chilly ass you talking about? Stop thinking about ass and chodo

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:01 pm

WTF? This not a dating site for people who had grog googles on and can't remember mob numbers! lol

Anonymous said...

It is understandable that most of you soldiers dot not know what is actually happening; the technicality of the law,legal and illegality of what is happening.the complexity of the economy,the debts that has been incurred by the Military regime since 2006, Sayed Kaiyum tried to cheat the whole country by saying the the native land is well secure in the bill of right.I wonder how did he get his law dgree must have bought it.If a layer does not understand the entrenched land lagislation governing the ownership of land in groups ie mataqali,tokatoka, yavusa and totaly exclude it from the constitution,What is Kaiyum trying to do to the kawa i taukei.Is he trying to take out everything that the i taukei hold so dear,Our chiefly system has been removed which includes our culture and tradition, The church has been weakened now Kaiyum is interfearing with out land the only thing that is left with us.Now to our soldiers who are fond of swearing at our mothers. Is this what you people want. Do you soldiers want your future generation to be like nomads/bedouin in the desert roaming arround no land and nothing to hold on to.Do not get carried away on what Bainimarama is paying you now .what about you sons and daughters and your grand children because what ever you earn now may be over by tomorrow then what happens next. With due respect to other major and minor races that we live together in Fiji please accept the Native Fijian is a race which has a culture and tradition and we owned most of the land, We are a small race and we want to survive and secure our identity in our home land called Fiji.We welcome other races into our country and we have been co-exist for more then 100 years.We want to have equal chances with other races in all sphreres of developments in our country.Fiji will only be at everlasting peace when the native Fijians are secured in their home land.So my fellow soldiers it is your duty to ensure the security and safety of your feature generations entity .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So na sotia e ra vosa vosa ca tiko e na blog qo e ra vakaraitaka tiko na dokadoka kei na viavia levu.E ra kaya tiko ni da sega ni buno takarawa tiko na ka meda bula kina sa levu noda namuta tiko na matanitu.I hope the guy who is talking has evidence to substantiate what he sad.because since 2006 when Bainimarama took over the legal government no other party was existing unitll now Secondly the only people who are actually sucking the governments money are the soldiers as they are getting pay rise whilst the rest of the civil servants are getting pay cut. Now Bainimarama and Kaiyum are getting more then $1.3million each in salary anmd the soldiers pay are comming from our hard earn tax.So to my fellow soldiers do not show us your anger because you actually show us the lack of knowledge you have of the issue you are spilling out parasite.

Naisoro said...

United Front for a Democratic Fiji please exclude the Labour party from your front.

The lethal viper is there still poise himself for destruction mode.

Mahendra Chaudary is wounded politically and venting his frustration and anger on national politics without considering destructive consequences Fiji wide.

The bitter feeling stems from 2000 onwards and to put salt on the wound, leadership were never returned to him and instead Qarase move into politics.

To make things worse he didn't accept the open hand offer by the SDL government to some ministerial post to his party and he make it count that he almost oppose to everything in parliament!!!!This is crazy!

Now Chaudry make sure to use corruption tag to convince the political environment and persuade the RFMF to make the lead role in kicking Qarase out of parliament.Once that done he grab the Finance minister's post and burry his tract remember the 2million in Australia?once that done he tap Bai on the back allowing the payment of that leave entitlement!!!

Remember during this time there was no proper channel in place while the military took over,i mean people who Chaudry suspect would stand on his way were pushed out by the military.Using the special team at PM's office that time.

Now from Minister,PS,Director and down the line and to all private and puplic, things were gone invariably destructive mode.The team at Pm's office were a judge and jury in this particular moment lead by Leweni and direct report to Bai.

Kaiyum came into the picture and change the scenario and things go slow a bit and have some sense of professionalism but still illegal.In this way Khaiyum get hold of all the complaints,grievances,etc.so,from here he play his mastery tactic of hide and seek,pull and push and now a number one adviser to Bai.so,he controls as soon as he came in.

Chaudry in the other end felt the tornado's destructive force and been blown away until now!!

He is now an inside informat and still have serious conversation with Kaiyum and PM.
He is to be immediately isolated and left alone or otherwise he will skinned all you democratic front to the bone and jump ship when he complete the mission of taking out political party for good.
He is for military if not in parliament and he personally insist that we better lead by the military for ever.
He will change his colour once in parliament and use the constitution as his weapon, a very smart ass.
Isolate Chaudry now because that party is his not for the people anymore!!!

Attar,Beddoes and others open your eyes to this vermom Viper gliding wishfully in your midst but tell all to the other party he is no more a decent man of his calibre before he lost that way back then.

He is now a snake and be careful of your feet he might slither and got poisoned!!!

Anonymous said...

Muslims taken over fiji by storm .Hindu/Fijians are sidelined now.what we hindu/fijian will do .will we revolt or wait for election that will never happen.

Anonymous said...

O koya e vosavosa ca tiko qori, o Meli Bainimarama na sonalevu luvei Voceke. O tamamu na tevoro levu, drau veivutu vakaveitamani, luveni maijinamu o iko. Drau veivutu yaco ni dra nomudrau sona. Meli qarauni iko tiko, laurai vakaca i Suva dua na bogi qo o na vakamatei, luveni kawaca, kaisi bokola vakataki tamamu....

Bainimarama & Khaiyum's bullshit clean-up campaign said...

Fijians perceive high level of corruption
Posted at 18:46 on 14 July, 2013 UTC

Fiji’s chapter of the corruption watchdog Transparency International says a survey shows many Fijians think businesses, government officials and political parties are corrupt. TI Fiji was reporting the local findings from the just released Global Corruption Barometer.

Anonymous said...

Globe trotting PM, wonder what is the real benefit of his travel or the existence of embassies.

Coup 4.5 said...

Looking to hook up - your comment is unsual but not offensive and was removed inadvertently.

Anonymous said...

July 15, 2013 at 6:53PM Anonymous said..."ni vei cai kece na blog tiko qo. magai tinamuni".

July 15, 2013 at 6:58 PM Anonymous said..."kua ni levu na gusumu magaijinamu"

E cava sara mada me laki tini kina "VEITINAMU", na vanua ko a curu mai kina mo mai tamata tagane kaukaua dau vosavosa cataka na loloma nei tinamu ena vuravura oqo.

Kevaka e a sega mada na tiki ni yagotabu nei "Tinamu" koya, ko qai sucu tu mada mai vakacava ena vuravura oqo? Kakua ni dau vakalolomataka na tiki ni yagotabu koya nei "TINAMU" e matai keimami ena veivolavolai vakaoqo.

E mosimosi dina sara vei keimami na kawa i Taukei na vosaca ko cavuta tiko me baleti tinamu. Na vuna ni tiko talega vei nomu BUBU,WATIMU, GANEMU kei na nomu NEI na tiki ni yagotabu vata ga ko cavuta tiko mai ka ko sa vakamaduataki iratou e matai keimami.

Na nomu sotia dau vosavosacataka na Tinamu ena dua dina na siga drau na qai sota kaya."Rau sota na Bici kei na kena i ULA"

Sa mai noda kece na madua ka vakabibi vei ira na lewe ni mataivalu raraba yalodina ka era sinai tu ena i tovo ni veidokai kei na vakarokoroko ka dau rerevaki Jiova na noda Kalou Bula.

Meu tinia, na vaka-kauti mai ni dakai kei na so tale na yaragi rerevaki vakaivalu ka se sega ni tiko oqo vei iko na sotia dauvosavosaca, e sega ni ka dredre me vakayacori e Viti ni sa rui rabailevu ka rawarawa talega na kena gaunisala kei na veitokoni mai tautuba kevaka e kerei yani vei ira me vakayagataki na veikilai koya.

Au vakamamasu ka kerei iko vakabibi mo rai sara tiko ga vakayalomatua ena gauna oqo.

Na cudru e kauta mai na leqa, vakaloloma, dravudravua kei na mate vei keda kece sara na lewenivanua, lotu kei na matanitu. Na leqa vataga ko dau laki veiqaravi kina e Golan Height, Sinai, Lepanoni, Iraki etc e rawa talega ni yaco e Viti, koya na nodra sa vakayaragitaki ira ko ira era sega ni taleitaka na nomu i vakarau ni dau vosavosacataki "Tinamu" kei na nomu veiliutaki dau veivakasaurarataki.

Era na wele tiko na tani eda sa na veivakamatei na Kai Viti. Au kerea me kakua ni yaco na leqa oqo vei keda se ena noda Vanua. Oqori na noqu rai vakarabailevu ga ka rawa ni yaco talega eke. "Criminal Minds" are all with us from the ages of 3 - 100 years old person and even animals and fishes do have that too.

Daru masu ga me lomani keda kece sara na Kalou Bula ko Jiova kei Jisu Karisito meda tiko veilomani ka mera nanumi talega ko ira na noda sotia era tiko mai Golan Height, Sinai, Iraq & Lebanon.

Sotia, yalovinaka lomani tinamu. Vinaka vakalevu.

Anonymous said...

Soldier Boys, thank you for keeping up your prayers despite the very few who are full of arrogant abusive attitudes, hates, greedy and ego. I am still saying that for you to drop your guns and walkaway at your own good time... go and protect the safety of your family, Vanua and Lotu. One day you will retire and become a soldier boy no more. The Vanua, Lotu and Matavuvale are still there with open arms waiting for you as your best friends to look after you until you time to go home to our Heavenly Father. Please be watchful and keep closer to your three best friends all the day of your soldiering life.

Anonymous said...

Was the abusive blogger above really Meli Bainimarama, the wanna be PM's son?

Isa, do something useful, Meli like begging your father to stop stealing from the government coffer!

Ia, ke ca vei iko? O sa rui tamata lila ka sega ni yaga vei au meu vakalusia noqu gauna ke i via tu e mataqu! O iko o tamata ga ni lau vidi! Nai saba madaga sa rui kaukauwa ka sa rui sivia ke caka vei iko!

Vosa vei tamamu me cakacaka vaka dodonu, Boci!

Anonymous said...

Voreqe is also fucking Sharon John
and the semimi sisters.WHAT'S YOU EXCUSE THERE?

Anonymous said...

Free meals are offered to impoverished students in state-run schools as part of the government welfare measures in many of India's 29 states.

Bihar is considered one of India's poorest states and is also the most populous in the country.

Free lunches are hugely popular with poor families and educators see the meals as a way of increasing school attendance.

The midday meal scheme has been in place for decades.

But children often suffer from food poisoning due to poor hygiene in school kitchens and the sometimes sub-standard quality of the food.

Food prices have soared in India over the last six years, causing increased hardship for the 455 million people estimated by the World Bank to live below the poverty line.

Data from UNICEF shows that one in three malnourished children worldwide is found in India, with 47 percent of those aged below three underweight.
Earlier this month, India's cabinet passed a decree to offer subsidised grains to nearly 70 percent of the population, or more than 800 million people.

Anonymous said...

Time to join the Loyal Fijian Resistance.


Anonymous said...

Mohd Saneem make sure to track us down quickly because we are traking you down too.Find a wing so that you can fly if not you swim and drown youself in the ocean if not you will venish in thin air you taliban You are on our target list mind you.Meanwhile enjoy before crying time lad.

Anonymous said...

no military personnel will benefit from my takeover . that's what the coup maker said. and look what's been happening - the military gang have been been benefiting from the illegal takeover - left,right and centre.
Bainimarama and his buddies have been big bullshitters.
the are not to be TRUSTED.

Anonymous said...

Well done coup 4.5 maintain that video of brutality. That is the real image and reputation of the illegal regime.It is the truth and not political mileage gain. Why should we hide the truth. The whole world knows the truth .the deployment of Fiji soldiers to the Golan Height or anywhere else will not in any way take away the truth that our people back home are suffering in silence from the iron fist of the Bainimaramas illegal regime

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