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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fiji regime holding scores of people who've been charged but not convicted

Confirmation of how bad crime is in Fiji today under regime hands from the dictator himself who has revealed 430 individuals are being held in custody, unprocessed.

Frank Bainimarama said at the opening of the new remand centre at Korovou this week that such a facility was long overdue and will house 'certain individuals who have been arrested or charged with a crime but who have not been convicted'. 

He said he had been told that for the past six months, 'the number of remand inmates has hovered around the 430 mark.'

Bainimarama says the new remand centre has been built closer to the courts so 'those with ongoing trials can be transported to their hearings more easily and securely than in the past.'

He also claims regular consultations between the judiciary, the police force and the Fiji Corrections Service, has led to remand cases being processed quicker.

A look at some of the long running cases the regime has on its books shows it's trying to tidy those up, too. Take the charges against trade unionist Daniel Urai and Sri Lankan businessman, Jagath Karunaratne.

Karunaratne was originally cited for writing anti-regime graffiti and Urai for inciting political violence as well as meeting with the Australian prime minister and trying to activate the Biketawa Declaration.

Both alleged crimes happened at different times yet the regime wants to consolidate the charges and prosecute Urai and Karunaratne jointly. Legal? No. Convenient? Yes.

Bainimarama also said at Korovou "....we must never forget
that we are dealing with people, many of whom will return to their families and communities. 
Our aim is not only to punish, but to help these people become responsible citizens for the betterment of Fiji."

And yet he has hasn't lifted a finger over the beating and torture of escapee Iowane Benedito, and a second man who was found with him - in spite of a complaint by Benedito's family and international and local outcry.

His speeches bely what is happening on the ground in Fiji and we make no apology for reposting the torture video to remind people to look beyond scripted speeches.


Anonymous said...

Why is C4.5 putting salt to injury by again putting up the recaptured prisoner's beating video? The part where he is naked with his private parts showing is definitely a huge form of humilation to him, his mother and all those who are close to him. Common sense is really not so common when one visits this site!! You wouldn't put up that video if it was you lying on the van naked !! Have a heart.

Anonymous said...

You cannot consolidate different charges under the law. That is legally wrong.

Anonymous said...

the remand number and unprocessed case will only increase because the regime cannot adequately resource the judiciary and gates is in no hurry to rock the boat. the young inexperienced magistrates have no idea of what they are doing which only exacerbates the situation. abuse of human rights right there in your faces.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.49pm

I thought that the BaiKum tyrannical regime has been decreeing into 'law' whatever suits them.

To put it simply, "they're a law unto themselves".

Anonymous said...

@ non 12:48pm...The video is a reminder of the brutality of the Military, Police and Prison Officers in Fiji. It is also a reminder of the manner in which the Military had treated innocent people in the coup they carried out in 2006. The brutality exists and continues to be meted out and the biggest humiliation is to the person(s) who have been brutalised by the Military by having their privates exposed and the sexual abuse which is indicative of the immoral state of the Military and its leadership.

Anonymous said...

Blogger 12.48pm has a point. I think everyone in Fiji has already seen this video, can C4.5 now shield Benedito's modesty to protect him from perverts who keep viewing that part of Benedito's anatomy?

Anonymous said...

I also understand where blogger 1.32pm is coming from re showing the regime's brutality as it is - raw and unedited. I suppose this calls for delicate balancing by C4.5 moderators, to protect the abused from being further humiliated as well as ensuring that the torture and abuse at the hands of the regime is made known publicly without being 'watered-down', truthfully, and unedited.

Anonymous said...

I have some videos of 1987 and 2000 coup.Will C4.5 post them.It shows that some of the people behind these coup went onto become prominent people in the community without any justice being meted out for their barbaric acts.Ant takers???.If not than please remove this post because C4.5 is only trying to gain political milaege at the expense of this helpless criminal who had created a nightmare for the community at large.

wadana said...

Be careful everyone that facility at Korovou (former boys centre)will accommodate opposition to this regime.Look at the timing exactly towards one year to the election.They are illegally ready!!!

Tread carefully from today onwards they will play a very inhuman political assassination on individuals who dare to question their strategy towards election.

They will create a blame game towards individuals and groups and add unfounded reason behind the move and will smartly tell the public the risk of such a people/group.

The worst is yet to come!

Remember the blame game leaned towards election office last week.They will solely rely on the electronic voting system( computer system) to pull them over to the other side of the bridge!!Watch out for that!!!

They should vacate the office from now so to be internationally recognize as independent and as transparent exercise.

Today we are shut out for they are Judge and Jury in all government ministries public sector even before going through justice system.

Lawyers and Magistrates a having a field day for seven years what a SHAME !!!!!YOU CAN ONLY FIND A GOOD LAWYER OR MAGISTRATE IN THE GRAVEYARD!

Anonymous said...

Lautoka court has had so many delays with judge going to another court to fill in but how come we keep seeing pictures of nw judges being sworn in?

Anonymous said...

Wooilei wadana, please let's not get overly dramatic with your "YOU CAN ONLY FIND A GOOD LAWYER OR MAGISTRATE IN THE GRAVEYARD!"

I don't think that time has come for me, not by a long shot :D

Anonymous said...

@ 2.14pm i think you've just answered your own question. It's a system of patronage, so I suppose they're handpicked for their oaths of unquestionable loyalty to the regime.

gates the villain said...

the caliber of judges and magistrates now cannot handle the workload or deliver the quality of justice expected of judges and magistrates. that's why there are so many delays at all courts particularly Lautoka high court. the master cannot handle the workload and is having a nervous breakdown.
most of the experienced local lawyers are unwilling to join up because there is no security of tenure with kaiyum making decisions with nazat and gates unable and unwilling to support the appointees for fear of kaiyum giving him the sack since gates cannot work anywhere else in the world...great fall from hero status in 2000 to villain in 2009 because of his 180 degree turn on the legalities of coups in Fiji. that's right no man can destroy a constitution except bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Thanks C4.5 for re-posting the torture video. These things get forgotten far too easily. It should also be mailed to the German government which actively supports the regime with policy assistance.

mark manning said...

A sentence of incarceration (prison) is the punishment, not being held waiting for trial!

\m/ said...

both charges are so flimsy that they can only be classed as political prosecutions. only in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Fiji part of Golan solution, says UN
July 25, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

By Barak Ravid
of Haaretz (Israel News)

A solution has been found to the crisis faced by troops of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force in the Golan Heights. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon obtained the agreement of Ireland, Fiji and Nepal to send hundreds of troops to reinforce UNDOF, following the departure in June of 380 Austrian troops who were stationed in the buffer zone between Israel and Syria.
At the UN secretary-general’s request, the Irish government agreed to send approximately 150 infantry troops to the Golan. The unit worked previously as a UN peacekeeping force in Mali. The troops are armed, trained and equipped with weapons and armored vehicles of a higher quality than the Austrian force. Last Thursday, a large majority in the Irish parliament approved dispatching the troops to the Golan.
A high-ranking Foreign Ministry official in Jerusalem said that the UN secretary-general had also received Fiji’s agreement to send about 500 troops to the UNDOF force. Some 300 troops will be sent at first, and the remaining 200 will be sent some months later. In addition, the government of Nepal will send a unit of about 50 troops that now serves in the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon.
The UN secretary-general also convinced the government of the Philippines not to remove its 200 troops from the force. 300 UNDOF troops from India will also stay put, bringing the total number of troops to almost 1250. This is the target number that the UN’s Ban stated in the latest report he submitted to the Security Council. This is an increase of about 300 troops over the total that made up the force until now.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor confirmed the details, saying that the process of restaffing UNDOF was being done with knowledge, coordination and complete transparency between the UN in New York and Israel.
A high-ranking Foreign Ministry official said Israel was pleased that a solution was found to the crisis caused by the departure of the Austrian troops. “The force is more important than ever, and there is no doubt that these countries are doing a good and important service for the peacekeeping force on the Golan Heights and throughout the world as well, he said.
In early June, the Austrian government announced that it was removing its soldiers from the force in the Golan Heights because of the deterioration of the security situation in the region caused by unrest in Syria. Israeli officials feared at the time that India and the Philippines would follow the Austrians’ lead, and remove their troops as well, leading to the collapse of the force that observes the separation of forces agreement between Israel and Syria.
In late June, the Force mandate was extended by six months, to the end of 2013. Anticipating the extension of the mandate, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon submitted a report to the Security Council stating that changes must be made in the makeup of the force and in its mandate.
He wrote that he wished to increase the number of troops in the force from 900 to 1250, strengthen their capabilities and increase the quantity and quality of their weapons to enable them to defend themselves. The UN secretary-general noted that the escalation on the border between Israel and Syria endangered the 1974 separation of forces agreement between the two countries.

mark manning said...

Amazing! Fiji has no Government, but the dictator, Frank Bainimarama, can just send his troops off to a war zone, at a whim and by his own authority, to fight the very Government he is now supporting, Russia, which is sending weapons to the Syrian Government.
Those same weapons could well be used against Fiji's Solders in the Golan Heights.

wadana said...

Wooilei wadana, please let's not get overly dramatic with your "YOU CAN ONLY FIND A GOOD LAWYER OR MAGISTRATE IN THE GRAVEYARD!"

@anon 2:18pm

Illegal CRIME DECREE !!!

where is the PENAL CODE..?????????

This tells me that we are dead but liven by the illegal crime decree!!!

I'm really sorry for the Fiji Police Force.

so, where else to find Magistrates,Judges,Lawyers...i said in the grave yard!!! my friend.

Anonymous said...

That guy who said that he is a British Army,you are one of the sour grape because you are a failure.Do you think we will believe what you said.what you said shows us who you are .you may have been a victim of what you are alleging against your comrades and you are vomiting out your anger in this blog site.my advice go and get some counselling to solve your problem.

Anonymous said...

Donu vinaka qori kemuni. Na veivutu sa caka tu qo kei na veilasami ena British Army sa sega ni kani veiwali. Nai talanoa ni volitaki roti kei na dinau e ka dina. Keimami dau madua ni keimami lako yani Viti ni tu vinaka nomuni vale na tiko ga mai Viti ka keimami sega ni se rawata o keimami na tu oqo e Igiladi.

Anonymous said...

Bula wadana, there's a really good movie in town, its called "The Conjuring". Recommend that you watch the late-night show tomorrow, GO ALONE.

Anonymous said...

So what, keimami sa international tu na tu oqo ena British Army. Ka ga ni matavuvale.com vaka sotia ni peretania oya.

Anonymous said...

You saying that you are international being in theBritish Army but you are exposing confidential informations as you said only for family but you are painting a bad picture of your own self being a Fijian and a member of theBritish Army.the way you are unfolding your story is pathetic , immoral and clear indication you people do not have any moral standard of living and as such there is no value of your families. To other Fijian British soldiers can you enlighten us on this issue as what one of comrade is saying is damaging and can tarnish your people's image and reputation.

Anonymous said...

Have we identified the people that
were doing the beating?
Were they in
the Police or Military force?
4.5 put these bastards face&name in
so we know who they are and add their name,
in our list of people to be arrested after we kicked out their macafakan boso?
rather hand over their name & Photo
to the Fiji Dictatorship Government resistence forces?

Anonymous said...

PM farewells Golan Heights bound personnel
Publish date/time: 26/07/2013 [07:25]
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“Work together, follow your command’s directive and be happy in what you do.”

Those were the words of Prime Minister and Army Commander Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama while farewelling the 160 personnel leaving for the Golan Heights today.

While farewelling the soldiers in front of hundreds of families and friends at about 11pm last night, Commodore Bainimarama stressed the importance of fulfilling their responsibility to the nation and their families.

Meanwhile, 44-year-old Sera Waqawai who has a 3 month old daughter said she is ready for the call of duty.

Meanwhile, another 159 soldiers will leave on Sunday.

The first batch of 182 left for the Golan Heights last month.

Story by: Aliki Bia
Another 158 Fiji soldiers head for Golan Heights
Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Apisalome Coka
Fijian Prime Minister and Military Commander Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, last night farewelled his second batch of soldiers to the Golan Heights.
The 158 military personnel’s lead by Commander Humphrey Tawake, were farewelled at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua outside Suva.
Families of the soldiers were also present to see them off.
In addressing the troops, Bainimarama wished them well and reminded them of the importance of adhering to his directive command at all times.
He told the men, their colleagues who are already in the Golan Heights are eagerly awaiting their arrival, as they’re manning a task that needs the support of five hundred personnel.
Meanwhile, Bainimarama has confirmed last night that he will farewell the third batch this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Reply by jokerr 7 hours ago


Bula Mata! Me nodaru italanoa ga ni veigauna....Ni vo tiko e 3 na macawa me yaco na Civilian Coup ni Yr 2000, sa vosataki tale yani ena talevoni o Minister of Home Affairs( Hon Joji Uluinakauvadra) mai vei nona Commissioner of Police( Sikia Savua).

Three year period prior to that, Commisioner Savua acted in a respectable manner as expected in his official capacity as public servant under the Home Affairs portfolio to the Minister. " Io saka, io saka turaga Minister. Sa donu saka "

Then three weeks before the Civilian Coup was executed, he changed his tone and started speaking rudely to his Boss (Uluinakauvadra),

" Minister, mo qarauna vinaka tiko na kai Idia viavialevu qori o

( Mahend Chaudry) PM !"

So, Savua knew about the Coup well in advance before everything exploded three weeks later !

The then Deputy PM, Peni Baba was openly complaining about Chaudry's dictatorial attitude in public. He said this guy was too stubborn and wouldn't even listen and sit down with him to discuss issues of national importance. Chaudry bossy and dictatorial attitude was frustrating to him.

Qarikau the CEO in NLTB was hinting outside that the then PM was cooking up something and had plans to change some laws regarding Fijian Land Ownwership and Land Tenure Lease Agreement secured by law since Independence.

PM was personall trying to help sugar cane Indian farmers leaseholders in Fiji.

So, this issue triggered the planning of that Civilian coup that year, 2000. Prominent Fijian politicians under the previous SVT govt, a few notable High level/ low level Fijian chiefs like Rt Inoke Takiveikata, and some top brass leaders of the Taukei Movement Extremists were secretly informed thru the coconut wireless network.

Steve Rabuka and some former retired Military Officers were summoned to assist him in the planning stage. Bainimarama who was the incumbent Commander played his innocence part well throughout the Coup period. The likes of Cerewale and Draunidalo had their put-in ideas and all that stuff etc. Key Rich Fijian businessmen like Qarase and them were also tapped.

When CRW successfully stole the weapons from the Armoury, Frank pretended he knew nothing about it. News filtered outside that there were more arms sneaked out to Parliament than what was left in the camp!

Oti na coup, era sa qai mai veiliumuritaki tale yani. Frank kei iratou na Plan-taka taumada na Coup nei Goerge Speight Brigades !

Eda sa vakayagataki tu ga na iTaukei kei Viti vakaloloma ena nodra lawaki ca kocokoco na yavu bokala qo.

E se yaco tikoga qo, ia meda sa vuli ka qaseqase mada noda vakatulewa meda valuta na leqa ni veivakaisini e yaco tiko qo ena noda bula mai Viti.

Sa dri yani!

Hot bread and parliament sex orgies said...

To Kaiviti first, hot bread from Mere Samisoni's kitchen kept our energies up and kept the party going in Parliament!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12.02pm & Hot bread and parliament sex orgies @ 12.03pm, at the stage we are at, who else can we trust to be a trusted leader? Other ethnic groups aside, au sa sega mada ga ni vakabauta e dua tale vei ira na iTaukei era via cici tiko qo ena veidigidigi. I know that there is much potential there for good iTaukei leaders but they too do not want to mess with politics because of the liumuri nature of our own kind. This is so depressing.

Kaiviti first, Christian second said...

Anon 12.36pm has posed excellent, sensible question. First we should stop kidding ourselves about our Christianity and our saintliness, believing we are somehow superior to the so-called heathens; we are human and trying to be good christians and we will sometimes fail, which is fine, but our God will not tolerate evil, so let's stop talking about killing our neighbours; that's uncivilised, we used to do that during our canabalistic past; we have moved on since than, or have we?

Violence is no longer accepted by the civilised world, let alone christian world; we should renounce it; i do not want my children to commit acts of violence against anyone, indian or fijian; let's stop harping about indian threat; that has been neutralised; we are masters of our own destiny; and anyway, there are smarter, fairer better ways of dealing with our genuine concerns about our indigenous rights than abusing and threatening to kill indians, which gives us bad name and is ungodly.

What kind of example we set for our future generations by talking about killing others, especially when there is no need for this since so-called indian threat has disappeared, except in paranoid minds. if we fijians truly want to be masters of our own destiny, lets pay more attention to educating our kids, saving and sacrificing for the next generation. let's be smart and look and learn from those around us - such as indians and chinese. let's drink less kava, sleep less, plant more, spend less time in church soli and more time with our children, whom we are badly letting down. chinese come from china and use our land to become rich in 10 years. we have had our land for hundreds of years. why can't we be rich? these are questions we need to ask insead of blaming the world.

Anonymous said...


Thousands of iTaukeis are not registered in the Register of Native Land Owners (iVola ni Kawa Bula -VKB).
And the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs is now embarking on a nationwide VKB registration drive.
The Deputy Permanent Secretary for iTaukei Affairs, Colonel Apakuki Kurusiga, said the non -registration of thousands of the iTaukeis was a great concern to the ministry.
“Those iTaukei people in this group have to be registered in the VKB to be officially known as an iTaukei and also qualify for landownership and land benefits,” Colonel Kurusiga said.
The iTaukei people, he said, should be reminded that the register plays a very important role for them.
“Their landownership can only be determined if they’re registered in the VKB.”
He said that in lease monies distribution the new decree required all affected to receive equal distribution.
This new decree, he said, had made many iTaukeis question why they were not receiving their fair share.
“While they know that they belong to the mataqali receiving the lease money, they were not given their share because officially they were not registered.”
Because thousands of iTaukeis were not registered in the VKB, Colonel Kurusiga said, they were landless.
“For the iTaukei people, your registration in the VKB qualifies you to be a landowner.”
He said a team from the ministry and also from the Registrar General’s Office would be visiting villages for registration of births and deaths in the VKB.
Wrong assumption
Colonel Kurusiga said it had come to their attention that some parents had assumed that if their children had birth certificatee they were automatically in the VKB.
“This is a wrong assumption.”
He has urged all parents to register their children in the VKB.
In November 2005 the Native Lands Commission expressed concern that parental negligence or ignorance has resulted in an estimated 20,000 indigenous Fijians not registered in the VKB.

What is the VKB?

The iVola ni Kawa Bula, commonly known as the VKB, is the official Fijian register of native landowners. It is known in English as the Native Land Register. By law, all indigenous Fijians who are now to be known as iTaukei are entitled to be enrolled as members of the VKB, which is in the charge of the Native Lands Commission. Some 87 per cent of Fiji’s land is classified as iTaukei land, owned communally by the members of the VKB and administered by a statutory body known as the iTaukei Land Trust Board.

For more enquiries:
Ministry of iTaukei Affairs
Government Buildings
87 Queen Elizabeth Drive
Phone: 310-0909
Fax:331 2530, 331 7077
Website: www.itaukeiaffairs.gov.fj

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 1.21pm
Oh!!! I see that my son missed me.Sorry son,i was with your mommy

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Dharam's mum is a whore said...

No Dharam Lingam, you were playing with yourself while looking at pictures of old men. Bloody sick motherfucker.

Fijian leadership said...

To Anon 12.36pm, Fijian leadership is crucial issue. we have been failed by our overweight church leaders and cunning political leaders busy filling their coffers through Fijian Holdings and church soli. Indians too have been failed by leaders like chaudhry who hid donations in his account. indians are waking up.

AWe should reject people like Simone kaitani, Ted Young and Asenaca caucau among others. They encourage us to break the law, but they run away overseas for the good life. if they were true leaders, they would be here with us.

We should not follow leaders who are dole bludging overseas. These parasites take advantage of us. Lets look for educated leaders like Tupeni Baba, who is able to articulate our indigenous aspiration without ever demonising indians or creating communal discord.

Academic Steve ratuva is another potential fijian leader. There are many others, we just have to look. Rabuka is reformed and wise and he does not preach hate. Even Qarase has learnt from his mistakes. Why stop at Fijian leaders? Attar singh is a brave and principled indian leader.

People like Mere samisoni, speight, kaitani, ted young Manasa lasaro and other extremist hate-mongers have done a lot of damage to our society by blaming others and not being honest with us and putting us on welfare system to buy votes. They created divisions in our society to further their political and financial interests, just as FLP and Chaudhry on the Indian side.

ajend naidu said...

In his article 'Lack of transparency undermines our democracy' (the Australian 25/7)the WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange writes "The federal parliament has received enormous attention in the past year not because of the eloquence of its debates but because the behaviour in its chambers and in its backrooms has been so Machiavellian that the world has looked on in amazement".
Imagine if you have this situation in a First World democracy like Australia what must it be like in a Third World banana republic like Fiji where the parliament has been replaced by a military dictatorship!
It is for this reason no doubt that Talei Burness has been moved to ask in her letter to the regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun what political system and what transparency do we have "when the present government is not even a democratically elected government?" (Fiji Sun 26/7)
It's not hard to imagine the Machiavellian mischief that must be going on in such a regime - a regime without any democratic accountability and transparency.

rajend naidu said...

'Indian school principal arrested over deadly mass poisoning' (ABC 24 news 25/7).
The school principal had bought the pesticide contaminated cooking oil that has killed 24 school children and put at risk the lives of scores of other children from her husband's supermarket.
In so doing she had put profiteering and personal greed ahead of her duty of care to the school children who are mostly from impoverished families.
I wonder how many greedy Indians like that are settled in Fiji?
rajend naidu

rajend naidu said...

How can the PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neil claim the human rights and criminal abuses happening on PNG soil on the Manus Island asylum seeker detention camps " is not a concern of PNG "- as he does in the ABC 24 interview on 25/7?
I suppose if you take the view that so long as good Australian foreign aid money is coming PNG's way it is no concern of PNG that there are, in the words of a former Australian prime minister Malcolm Fraser, "Australian gulags" on PNG soil "with conditions as bad as the worst forced-labour camps in the Soviet Union"( Rudd plan in tatters as camps labelled 'gulags' ,the Age 25/7)
That clearly is a deplorable view for the PNG prime Minister to take.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Anon 2 2.19pm, I don't know about Tupeni Baba 'cos some say he is not popular amongst his own people and that is saying a lot. But then, we're such a bunch of liumuri anyway and these could be the very people he helps. Others like Steve and reformed Rabuka I don't have a problem with. Qarase, like Chaudrhy owe to the people of Fiji to apologise for contributing to the mayhem we now have through their arrogance in not listening enough to the rumblings around them. That for me is pride. So no thanks to Qarase for now, subject to public apology. And yes, a big yes to Attar who I know to be a well educated engineer from Air Pacific unlike the barking Anthony and other similar irresponsible unionists, who do not look beyond their noses similar to those hate-mongers and bludgers you quoted.

Anonymous said...

Similar to what Kaiviti First is saying is, the kind of leader and team we have must be God-fearing. Meaning, they must not have the morals of an alley-cat which seems prevalent in most of our leaders. Me kua na lasa i tuba, kua na dinau yarayara, kua na mateni va'lialia ena club, kua na lasulasu, lomana na tamata kecega, ka dokai ira. As long as the names quoted fit in this category then, yes, they have the making of leading a Fiji where the leader is humble enough to apologise to the people when he/she stands to be corrected by the people.

Fijian leaders said...

Jone Madraiwiwi and Kaliopate Tavola are educated, respected, principled leaders and high achievers who are respected by all communities.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.05pm, no thanks to these 2 'cos they don't like to get their hands dirty. Both fence-sitters. Madraiwiwi should be more forth-coming as he knows a lot of truth about ourselves but is too diplomatic, similar to Tavola who is covering up now for all the thievery in Kadavu House business. We certainly do not need leaders like that, who cannot speak out the truth.

Anonymous said...

Diplomats are trained professional liars anyway, so?

Anonymous said...

Educated people do not show off.They do not bark or yell at people.They talk slowly and sensibly . They may not talk direct to the point but they will drive our mind towards their aim in a much simpler way. They are full of understanding and respect of others and humble. They always try to avoid confrontation because they believe in dialog and reasoning things out as the proper way of solving problems or overcoming challenges. They are firm in what they believe in. The above mentioned criteria suits, Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi,Kalippate Tavoa, Laisenia Qarase ,Tupeni Baba, Ratu Jone Kubuabola,Jai Ram Reddy to name a few. Those are attributes of good leaders.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.24pm,except for Jai Ram Reddy, the others had the opportunity but failed because the iTaukei society no longer needs diplomacy in its leadership. It needs home truths to be told and unless we continue as is, coups will always be a culture of the land. Feathers have to be ruffled and we the people are simply fed up with this lot.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem the guy who is mentioning Tavola and Ratu Jone is saying that they are too diplomatic in their approach but the idiot who is replying is saying that diplomat full of lies.Diplomatic and diplomat are two different word with totally different meaning..Soldier boy just keep shut do not degrade yourself.

Bring back Simione Kaitani said...

Bring back Kaitani and Ted young from Australia, and Caucau from US. They know how to ruffle feathers.

Anonymous said...

No please keep them where they are, hate-mongers will more than ruffle the feathers. Oilei sa rui vakadomobula tale.

Anonymous said...

It is good that we bloggers get to say our piece but at the end of the day, the people will decide who they want come voting day.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

We don't want racist and nationalist people like Qarase, Ted Young, and Mere Samisoni. People like Ratu Jone, De Baba, Jale Baledrokadroka, Tavola,
Ro Kepa will be fine.

Anonymous said...

@ Kamlesh Kumar, who may I ask is Jale Baledrokadroka?

Anonymous said...

@ Kamlesh Kumar, I live in Fiji and who may I ask is Jale Baledrokadroka?

Anonymous said...

Fiji will not accept an Australian High Commissioner until the Australian Government treats Fiji with equal respect, says Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama. In an interview with New Zealand’s Radio Tarana, he said the Australian Government does not treat Fiji with consideration and respect adding that the same treatment extends to all Melanesian countries. “On the surface, things might seem fine but we think quite honestly that Australia always puts its interests first and tries to tell us all what to do,” Bainimarama said. “I’m not going to accept an Australian High Commissioner in Fiji until the Australian Government stops trying to damage us. “With Fiji, they’re still trying to damage our interests because we didn’t do what they ordered to have an immediate election after 2006 that would have solved nothing.” Instead of showing their support, Bainimarama said the Aust Govt chose to punish Fiji and had been trying to damage Fiji’s reputation ever since. “Now obviously, there will come a time when the relationship is properly restored and I guess that will be when we have the election next year. “But I can tell you that if I win the election, we can rebuild the relationship but it won’t be the same relationship. “It won’t be Fiji kowtowing to Canberra. We want a genuine partnership with genuine friends’ governments that treat us as equals and with respect. “We might be small but our vote at the UN has the same weight as Australia’s and anyone else who isn’t one of the five permanent members of the Security Council.” Hopeful for a good relationship with Australia, Bainimarama admits it would not come till “there’s a change in the mindset of Australia’s politicians.” He highlighted the recent asylum seeker crisis as a “good example of Canberra’s overbearing attitude.” By Mereani Gonedua

Read more at: http://fijilive.com/news/2013/07/treat-fiji-equally-bainimarama/54477/
Copyright 2013 © Fijilive.com

Educated leaders needed said...

Qarase was a victim of our political circumstance; to his credit he tried to do the right thing in the end; he showed he could work with FLP people like Krishna Dutt in multiparty govt but FB destroyed it.

Ted Young, Mere Samisoni, Simione kaitani, are relics of the past; they are good at agitating us to maintain their power. We not need to be 'agitated' anymore, we are past that point; we need to be 'educated'.

So let us look for smart, educated leaders who can argue indigenous cause steadfastly in an educated manner and who can work with other communities to uplift the economy so we can all benefit.

previously fijian leaders gained concessions under name of fijian affirmative action; all they gave us knives and forks and boats while kept the A-class fijian shares for themselves - too much aage piche.

we need new generation of sincere, educated and clever leaders - Tupeni Baba, Steve Ratuva, madraiwiwi, are very articulate in pushing indigenous cause without making enemies of indians or causing offence.

Anonymous said...

And they must be smart enough to see thru Australia's deception such as what Qantas did to our national airline, milked off all the profits, and left us dry. And Australia is still doing it, through the financial sector. Does this Government know about it, NO! Too dumb to notice.

By the Light of Faith, I know who I am said...

What a very interesting name @ blogger "Kaiviti first, Christian Second".

Whereas I tend to think of myself as first and foremost Christian and everything else, second..

Will explain more in later as its early Friday eve, hve to chores to attend to but promise to come back here as this will prove to be a very, very interesting long conversation if you're happy as I am, to explore your notion of "Kaiviti first, Christian second", further..

In the meantime, here's sharing a short prayer for all parents, since today happens to be the day that we honour the parents of Mary (also our Blessed Mother). Her parents had brought her up to be a worthy Mother of God, it was through their teaching (plus the grace of God) that led her to respond to God's request with faith, "Let it be done to me as you will."

It was their example of parenting that Mary must have followed as she brought up her own son, Jesus.

It was their faith that laid the foundation of courage and strength that allowed her to stand by the cross as her son was crucified and still believe.

The sheer depth of Mary's own faith leads many of us to go places that we might not have gone to, totally assured of God's divine providence at work.

So let us pause for a sec and pray:
"Parents of Mary, pray for all parents that they may provide the loving home and faithful teaching that you provided your daughter. Amen."

Anonymous said...

No to Jai Ram Reddy.He betrayed Koya from becoming the PM.First coup executor in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ Kamlesh Kumar - Caiti Bumu tu kina na kutu...kulina vavaku...lai taqari mada..kauta yani nomu kava

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama's posterior and Benedito's frontappendage – together they too much for the eyes!

Anonymous said...

NO to Kubuabola, RBF's Governor who failed to monitor NBF's debacle and NO to Baba, rolling stone gathers no moss.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ anon 10.57pm

You better pray damn hard that the unworthy and self-appointed PM aka Fiji's dictator and his band of robbers trying to appeal to indigenous sentiments will come clean and reveal to the nation all the monies spent or what they've accumulated for themselves and theirs, since Dec 2006.

Azad said...

Its months since the video of the prisoners was first became public and Baini promised an immediate investigation to establish who carried out the heinous crime but notwithstanding clear identity of at-least 4 people no action has yet been taken.
Should this issue not be referred to the UNO to investigate as it is clearly an abuse of HUMAN RIGHTS of the two people being beaten so mercilessly whilst trust like pigs.
How can the Itaukeis treat their own in such a manner? If they can do this to their own how would they treat the Indians & Chinese?

Anonymous said...

And further @ anon 10.57pm, try not to shout, scream and beat your chest like some gorilla whose territory is being trodden on, whilst praying... 'coz God can hear even your thoughts... so use small caps.

Anonymous said...

And keep reading blogs whilst your God-given freedoms esp. of expression is being denied.

Bill Carson said...

@Anonymous 7:37pm

Well said.

Jone kubuabola presided over NBF debacle and got away scot free

Anonymous said...

bainimarama magaitinamu

Anonymous said...

This fact is the debacle at the National Bank of Fiji started after the 1987 coup. The Military appointed Makarava as General Manager on the recommendation of Major Mua. Makarava is not a banker although he was working there for a longtime he was just a branch manager at Samabula and that is where he came in to close contact with the military.At one stage Major Mua was assaulted by Makarava as Makarava refuse a $60,000.00 loan to the Lau singing group of which Mua was the leader and were suppose to tour Israel .The tour did not eventuate.Most of the bad individual debts were for Senior military officers.check the Auditor Generals Report of 1994 - 1995. This is another scam where the military was instrumental resulting in the bankruptcy of the NBF to the tune of about $200 million dollars. Now the Military are actually putting their hands into the government bank ie.the Reserve Bank, the IRD,Customs and the Military Commander and self appointed PM is the Minister Of Finance so one wonders of the mess already done and it won't be surprising if the whole government goes bankrupt. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:57 PM

Unfortunately people like yourself who have to shout, rant and rave about praying to some mythical idol are the biggest hypocrites around.

You write in the same manner as those who shout and thump from the pulpit because their true interest is showmansip.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7.13am. Yes, I'm aware of the Military's abuse of our whole system, which is the point I made that responsible leaders cannot just be diplomatic blah, blah, blah, they must be prepared to make a stand. In the case of the RBF, Kubuabola and now Whiteside should make a statement of protest and resign. Siwatibau did that in protest against the 1987 coup and that's the gist of what i've been saying. Because at the end of the day, the are paid for their level of their responsibility and if they cannot honour that in the interest of the nation, they must GO. In this climate, our protest can only be effective if we have more people like Siwatibau (RIP).

Anonymous said...

I do believe in praying,fasting and sacrificing. I also believe that praying goes along with action.pray with no action is just imagination and dream. Apostle Paul said "Faith with no action is dead " so we have been praying all these years for about 8 years but nothing is happening why because we are not taking any actions to go with our prayer. What action ? Peaceful protest march on the streets of every towns and cities and no violence To show the whole world that we had enough with the regime and we want election now, we want our democratic right and human rights ,we want those involved and supporting the abuse of civilians and prisoners from day one of the coup till now to be investigated and delt with according to law.we want the restoration of the 1997 constitution and the current military regime to step down and replaced by a neutral civilian administration to take us to the election.we want all military personal to go back to barrack. any request for immunity and amendment or total change of the constitution to be the task of the democratically elected Parliment as they have the mandate of the people full stop.

Anonymous said...

Last night, Bainimarama again attacked Australia for its arrogance. But what Bainimarama doesn't realise is that for a long time, Australia has been milking money from Fiji through the banking system. As usual, the regulator is sleeping with the Australian bankers.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 can you please get that NBF debtors' list for this blogsite?

Anonymous said...

Australia blocked Fiji from obtaining loan from ADB which wud've been at no more than 5% and guess what, Fiji stupidly borrowed $300million from ANZ straight after that at 7+%. 50% of the $300m was spent on paying back Singapore and the balance is what they're living on, and when it is finished? That's why no matter how much Bainimarama fumes @ Australia, they will keep laughing at him because the regulator is sleeping with the banks.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea to start with the publish of names of NBF debtors and those at the helm responsible for allowing the bank to sink. Then on to the others.

I won't be surprised if these notorious 'birds of a feather' are flocking together with the present regime, trying to drag more people down with them (follow their example) in a bid to bury their collective sordid past and escape accountability.

Anonymous said...

Blame Australia. That's the easy way out. If the people are not going to do anything about a dictatorship that has removed democratic principles and the rule of law, then you get what you deserve.

Australia and Fiji have always been close. Both benefit from the relationship. If the people of Fiji prefer China and Russia then so be it.

Australia used to give hundreds of millions in aid per year. Australia supports democracies in the regions. Vanuatu and PNG still gets hundreds of million per year.

If you believe Frank knows best then vote for him and accept the natural consequences for better or worse.

When the true economic state of affairs is revealed at some time in the future, even the strongest supporters of these lunatics will realise what they have done.

I believe Fiji deserves better leaders. Leaders who will serve the people and not themselves.

Who would want to lend them money of give aid if there is a risk that that it will end up in the pockets of Frank, Aiyaz and co.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12.32pm, t'was US$300million in 2011 and they cud've borrowed the same from Baroda @ less interest but Aussies, being fully aware of Fiji's desperation slithered like a snake into the fold (for they do sleep with the regulators) & offered to lend the whopping US$300million, after having stabbed Fiji's back to the ADB and IMF. I wonder what will happen in 2016? Who will pay for this US$300m to ANZ when it is due then????

From the frying pan, into the fire said...

Bainimarama and Aiyaz sayed-khaiyum are very poor managers of the country's economy and finances - worse than even the Qarase government. Biggest joke is Baini as finance minister - hahaha! he doesn't even have a certificate in anything remotely connected to the field of finance and economy!

Abandoning Australia and embracing China/Russia will only suit Bainimarama and Aiyaz's pockets, not the whole country, which is being bent by these two to suit their pockets.

Fiji is on the road to ruin and our FNPF will soon be gone; it was being very poorly managed during Qarase time, and being raided by Rokovunisea and Fiona Nemani, but it is even worse now.

For Fiji and its people its from frying pan into the fire! Baini and Aiyaz represent the fire.

Anonymous said...

What is Bainimarma trying to prove in attacking Australaan Government. Bainimarama is saying because Australia tried to force him for an early election way back just after the coup in 2006 and he did not follow that s why Australia is against his government. Hallow Fijians isn't that what we also want. The fact is Australia knows what is actually happening on the ground and supporting the innocent ,honest citizens of Fiji who have been victimised by Bainimaramas illegal regime .Bainimarama is trying to drag in the power of vote at the UN that Australia and Fiji. Are the same. No wonder he is scaling Moon the UN Secretary General and compromising the lives of our soldiers for deployment in the Golan Hight where tension is very high .However looking back at history only Australia and New Zealand were the two closest friend who are always there extending the olive branch when Fiji is in need. Now Bainimarama is condemning these two good countries for not supporting him. How can law abiding countries support something unlawfull when Bainimaraa messed everything up on his own and he want to drag in other countries to come to his aid. We can not blame any country for what is happening at home. Bainimarama was determined to take over the country for some wired reasons in spite of the great effort made by Qarase under his power to calm the situation. Now it is clear that Bainimarama was hungry for wealth,power and fame at the expense of more than half of the populations who are tax payers and living below poverty line.Can Bainimarama justify his salary of $1 . 3 million. A big thank you to Australia for remaining firm and the people of Fiji are asking you to work with us to remove this illegal regime of Bainimarama legally and with no violence . God bless Australia and the struggling innocent people of Fiji.y

friji tsarina said...

Bainimarama head is so far up his own you-know-what he think he is a Russian Tsar. He thinks the people of Fiji don't know that everything is done to make him look good, including his speeches. Nothing is original just propaganda, oiled by the people's money to keep him in power. Now he risking Fiji soldiers to make himself indispensible ... that's why he thinks he can thumb his nose at Australia.

Anonymous said...

Having Frank in charge of the country's finances is like having the fat kid in charge of the donuts.

Putting Khaiyum in charge of the rule of law is like giving a baby a machine gun.

Having Gates in charge of the courts is like having a pedophile baby sit your children.

Having GD and Shazza as your media advisors is like having two drunks in charge of the bar.

The parents have gone away for the weekend and the teenagers are running the show. These dregs are corrupt and incompetent. If they were just corrupt and doing a good job then even that would be a better situation.

The truth is these people are stark raving mad and in over their heads.

These are your leaders Fiji. You must be so proud. It would be laughable if it was not so serious.

I wonder why no one wants to give them money?

Plant some cassava on your land now. At least then you may have something to eat after you retire.

Fiji could not sink any lower. Then again maybe it can. When it is time to repay debt then the shit will really hit the fan. Is Fiji Airways profit that they announced Nett or gross? How much does it cost to service the loan.

Goodnight Grandpa and Grandma.

If these animals were an elected government you would have gotten rid of them after one term.

Seven years of incompetence will cost Fiji for generations to come.

Bring back mahen chaudhry as finance minister said...

How about bringing back mahen chaudhry as finance minister? He is said to be very good with finances and economy, and tough on tax dodgers. He submitted his net worth as required by election rules. he is worth over $3m. Not bad on a politician and unionist salary. shows that his man is good at saving money.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the $3m in MPC's Australian bank account donated from the people of India? Had he revealed it at least to the Indo-Fijian population, things may have taken a different turn. Ah well, too bad, he's in the same boat as Qarase hoarding class A shares with his immediate relos at the expense of provinces they were meant for. Both have unclean hands.

MPC Fiji ke Robin Hood said...

To Anon 7.12pm, are you sure you got the right mahen chaudhry? The mahen being referred to here is a self-less leader also known as Fiji ke Robin Hood and champion of the the poor!

Diplomat said...

@ Anon 3:20
Diplomats are not trained liars... mind your language, have studied diplomacy? stupid

Mahen 'bardka chor' chaudhry said...

Anon 7.47pm, Mahen pal Chaudhry is actually Robin Hood in reverse. As someone said, he use the name of the poor to take from the rich, but keeps for himself and his family.

From donations raised overseas in name of the poor, he gifted beta rajen house in sydney and his beti $50k but not a cent given to the poor. This is your champion of the poor!

People affectionately call Mahen 'bardka' or big man. Proper name for him is 'bardka chor'.

Anonymous said...

One farking criminal,oh sorry escaped criminal,is beaten up and it's a big deal.So many innocent law abiding citizens are beaten up by these farking criminals and no one says a word.WTF.
The PM is very right in supporting the security forces.This farking criminal got what he deserved.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Long Live the Security Forces.
Dharam Lingam

mark manning said...

@ anon 543 a.m.
Obviously, from your stand point and support of Frank Bainimarama and his illegal Regime, you are no doubt a member of the RFMF or the Regime inner sanctum, or Graham Davis even!
But it's not that only this one incident has been made a fuss of, it's that in itself, it is proof that Frank and his buddies, sanction violence, torture and intimidation and are answerable, up to now anyway, to no one.
If this incident is so unimportant, why then are you on this site, making it an issue?
One can only surmise, that it has become a very real issue indeed, for Frank and his cronies!
It's interesting that you would try and justify the beating of fellow Fijians, while they are handcuffed and after they have already been caught.
I suspect that Frank's real fear and that of his supporters, is that "anyone" who can seek freedom, might just confront Frank and question his authority and oppose him. This incident, which by the way, was caught on phone by one of his own thugs, has exposed Frank's character and galvanised all those who might otherwise have supported the demented Commander!
Those who continue to support the Regime, deserve the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Mara , Doctor Bavandra and Qarase in 2006 had the best cabinet .all races were part of his govt .We hope we see the same in 2014 cabinet.all race in cabinet.No racist politics.

Anonymous said...

to mark manning
I am an individual and i have put my real name on the site.
How about you be concerned about how the natives of Australia are treated.You will surely be a hero in their eyes.Or is it that Frank kicked your ass out of Fiji and you are bitter about it?
I did not hear out mutter a word on behalf of the victims of these criminals.You are a armchair critic.
Stay the fark out of Fiji's business.

Long Live Savior Bainimarama
Long Live The Security Forces
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Hey people breaking news...Roko Ului Mara is currently joining the
Tongan Military ,words on the street,
has it that he is starting off his new
career, as a General of the Tongan
Army? According to info,the Tongan
Army is also been used by the UN as
peace keepers in the same spots as
the Fijian Military? Maybe Mara has
found a way to get close to his former counter-part?

Anonymous said...

The new remand facility is going to be used, by the illegal Regime
to keep all those politicians, who
may have the chance to be elected?
Mahen Maichod Chodahry knows this
regime ruse,
so he took his way out, by refusing to pay advertisement
debt to the
From now on he's not going to make any strong statement to piss-off
But watch people and
lots of people,
will be charged and
remanded till the election is over?
Voreqe vutuki tukamu!

Mahen 'garibi hatao' Chaudhry said...

If we want Fiji to get rich and alleviate poverty (garabi hatao), mahen chaudhry is the man. he has a proven record - over $3million donations raised in the name of the poor under FLP banner diverted to his personal bank account. overnight he alleviated his family's poverty and became prosperous!

There is no smarter or cunning man than mahen – he even manage to get $3million in donations from India - everybody donates money to dirt poor India but mahen managed to get poor indian villagers donate money to him and FLP – $3 milion!!

Mahen is brilliant – Fiji ke Robin Hood and champion of the poor, haha.

mahen for Fiji PM again and his rakhel (mistress) ash lakhan first lady.

mark manning said...

@ anon 1233p.m.
Hit a nerve have I? Come on Graham, your not fooling anyone!
By the way, you do sign in as "anon"!
Can you change the record, 3 years of reading your same comments re Aborigine and their problems and my right to speak about Fijian matters.
I thought you were for Democracy and equal rights etc. seems not, a bigot at heart I'm sure.
If your not Graham, you could well be a disgruntled and on the shelf, Rabuka!

mahen chaudhry & rakhel asha lakhan said...

Word is that $3m in donations siphoned by mahen chaudhry is handy for many things. apart from ghar (house) in sydney for his pilah (junior/son) Rahen and 50k for beti, mahen used it to rent for his love nest shared with his rakhel (mistress) Asha Lakhan, the disgraced former Fiji Times journalist.

Asha Lakhan, Margret Wise and Wainiqiti Waqa have much in common - all are journalists who slept with a Fiji prime minister.

Mixing work with pleasure and engaging in a bit of skirt journalism. Fiji Times has very bad reputation wit skirt journalism.

Anonymous said...

t6o mark manning
Yes, years of comments against you not speaking for the Abos and yet you still dont give a damn how the natives in your country are treated and suddenly you care about Fijians?Really?I mean Seriously really ??
Stick to your country which has far more problems than Fiji.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Just think how dull and uninformative this site would be if it were not honoured with having the input from such world renowned experts as Mark Manning.

You should all consider yourselves very lucky that he takes the time to help you uneducated peasants with his years of knowledge on everything.

Bush lawyers, lying politicians and wannabe political analysts said...

We have bush lawyers like rajen chaudhry.
Lying politicians like Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh.
And wannabe political scientists like mark Manning.

Anonymous said...

It certainly makes the world a colourful place.

What a boring place it would be if we did not have these idiots to help make the rest of us appreciate sanity and honesty.

Mahen, Asha, Rabuka and tales of the kamasutra said...

@mahen chaudhry & rakhel asha lakhan:

According to rumours in FLP circles, the great leader mahen chaudhry retires to the love nest with rakhel or mistress Asha lakhan when Fiji's problems get too much to bear. In the privacy, peace and serenity of the love nest (paid for by FLP funds) they meditate, practice yoga, and indulge in kamasutra.

Rabuka, at one time, did not like indians but he liked the ancient Indian art of kamasutra, and took to it like duck to water. He was a natural, and hos prowess at it was was legendary.

We through kamasutra had very position humanly possible and conceivable covered, but according to Daily Post newspaper, Rabuka even demonstrated some new moves during a dalliance at the Fiji golf club toilets some years ago.

But do not underestimate mahen (bahut) 'chodo'ry and Asha lakhan. After years of practice, they have also become masters of kamasutra, and added some new moves and positions of their own to the ancient art developed in the land of the forefathers. We are all waiting for the video one day.

Anonymous said...

@Karmasutra 6:58 PM

Thank you for your insight into the private lives of some of the prominent people in Fiji.

It's good that you show the world that Fiji has some perfectly normal people and is not full of snivelling little ass wipes like yourself whose unhealthy interests appear to be the sex lives of others.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has less problems than Australia? How funny. Tell us all about it when your economy hits the skids sometime in the next few years.

I don't know Mark Manning but I enjoy his comments. I don't always agree with him but at least he understands the value of democracy and the rule of law.

As for GD and any other despot who serves this illegal and dangerous regime who make ass kissing comments about these fools in power, you will be eating humble pie for a long long time.

If military dictatorships are your thing take GD, Gates and Crazy Walsh and resettle them in North Korea or the like. These f#&kwit leeches would soon learn just how much they would treasure democracy when they are not the ones reaping rewards.

Hypocritical, pious bunch of shitbags who think they know best for everyone. These regime supporters are too dumb or too corrupt to know any better.

Anonymous said...

@Karmasutra 6:58, haha, excellent satire about the shoddy sex lives of leaders who preach to us... we need some comic relief. Looks like Fiji has its own version of Bill Clinton and Monica lewinsky!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:17 PM, I wonder if Vir Mati Chaudhry thinks her huband mahen chaudhry's antics with asha lakhan are 'perfectly normal' as you put it, you snivelling piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

How can we compare Fiji to Australia? Land mass incomparable, population Fiji 850 thousand,Ausie -more than 20 million, Economy Fiji is no way near Ausie, Resources Fiji is millions of mile behind Ausie, If Bainimarama is thinking of going against Ausie military wise he is makings fool of himself.The fact is because Aisie is a far more advance country in every aspect of life and have respect on our sovereignty they refrain from using force against Bainimarams regime despite big mouth and hostile behaviour Of thick head Bainimaraa against them so live Australia alone and focus on our own problem and its solution please.

Anonymous said...

anon@9.50pm...you're quite right in all you've said,but i just can't
really understand why they didn't
complete their military task against this assole Voreqe in
They were asked for help, by
the legitimate Fijian Government,
yet they showed up in Fiji water
with their Navy,Airforce,& Army but
at Kadavu they decided to call it a day and return home?
Now What the
frieken hell was all that about?
Looks very frieken suspicious to me
don't you think?
I mean look,heres another
one,you have an Australian
in Fiji as Police Commissioner, he could have
arrested Bainimarama,
way before the
macafaka even had time to fart,he
could have got blockhead arrested
anywhere in the world,
by Interpol
but he didn't-why not?
Oh,by the way isn't he's (Hugh)the current police
commissioner for the UN-I wonder
if he's responsible for the sudden
UN interest in the FMF Gollan hight
new job? OK what's the deal????

rajend naidu said...

We learn from a letter writer that 15 years ago a car veered off the bridge at Vakabalea on Queens Rd and was discovered quite some time later by local fishermen (Fiji Times 28/7). Four similar accidents have occurred at the same bridge over time . In the latest case the submerged car was discovered a month after it disappeared with two people in it.
This sounds so much like a typical third world phenomenon.
wants to know why nothing has been done to fix the apparent problem at the bridge.How many governments - both elected and coup installed - have we had in that period?
Third World governments often embark on grandeur projects for the aggrandizement of the political leadership but forget about the small things that matter to the ordinary people.
The failure to fix that bridge problem is a disgrace.
How many more people need to lose their lives unnecessarily at that spot because the State authorities decides to act?

Anonymous said...

Australian do gooders continue to cake over the corruption and abuse of human rights in Fiji.

By Richard Herr

Is Russia about to become another brick in the wall between Fiji and its Western friends?
The official visit by Fiji’s Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, to Russia in late June has further developed a relationship that has been growing significantly closer over the last two years.
In the course of the visit, he and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed five agreements, covering topics from financial security co-operation and the abolition of visa requirements through to MOUs on health and university co-operation to military-technical co-operation. For a brief hyperbolic moment, Fiji media reports prior to the visit even suggested that Russia was about to open an embassy in Suva to substantially deepen the political relationship.

Is it more than a slogan?
The BRICS initiative is, of course, consistent with Bainimarama Government’s pursuit of greater South-South cooperation and support.
Undoubtedly the prospect of the BRICS Development Bank is especially attractive in light of difficulties associated with other banks where perceived Australian interference has worked against access to loans.
The more immediate objective is political: to reinforce the Government’s increasing independence from its traditional friends as evidence by its “Look North” policy.
At one level, the “Look North” policy isn’t materially different from any other state beating a path to Beijing’s door in the Asia-Pacific Century.
Yet, in Fiji’s case, it’s routinely contrasted with the less sympathetic treatment Suva receives from Canberra, Wellington and Washington, with the implication that China’s an alternative to these traditional friends.
Fiji has joined the Non-Aligned Movement, sought greater South-South Co-operation and elevated those regional arrangements that exclude Australia and New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Australia never stood in the way of the IMF loan. In fact, Australia actively supported it.

On the other hand, the United States nearly opposed it because of the regime's lack of action against human trafficking.

In the end it didn't need to, however, as the regime decided to shop elsewhere, accepting a much higher rate in order to avoid IMF scrutiny of the way it spends the money.

Anonymous said...

My friend when you have debt hanging on your neck you think you are free ? You will be free when its paid.but the current debt that fiji has as a result of the 2006 coup will be paid by our children and our grand children and oyur childrens grand children.You think we are doing justice to our feuture generations.

Anonymous said...

Jale Baba the former secretary of the SDL.You seems to be very quiet ? What has happened to you ? Your pocket must have been filled by Bainimarama.The problem is people like Jale Baba who has some qualifications and use to be very vocal on issues pertaining to business and politics but when crunch time comes they quickly change their tune and come up with execuses to justify their stance "TRAITOR"

Anonymous said...

Can that person who said the Coup 4.5 is exposing the video of the two prisoners who were britalised by the security forces for political milage gain explain his stance. because coup.4.5 is a web site where every body contributes by way of exchanging views and information on what they know to justify what ever side they support inj regards to the political situation in Fiji and other issues.so no one is gaining any political milage like the military regime strong policies against media .