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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fiji regime turn to top Hong Kong barrister to crack Samisoni case

Samisoni and Williams outside court last August.
The regime has hired one of Asia-Pacific's most expensive criminal barristers to win its case against businesswoman and former MP, Dr Mere Samisoni. 

London-born Clive Grossman – both a Queen’s Counsel and Senior Counsel in Hong Kong – appeared last Friday for the prosecution, to argue before the Chief Magistrate that stay applications should only be heard in Fiji’s High Court.

Grossman’s surprise involvement came as lawyers for Dr Samisoni were appearing in front of Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili’s Court seeking a stay proceeding against the single count of inciting political violence that Samisoni and two others face, and arguing the Magistrates Court had complete jurisdiction to order a permanent stay.

Samisoni’s family and supporters are astonished the military-run and increasingly impoverished Fiji government has hired Grossman to argue the fine point.

Her family say the charge against Dr Samisoni – who founded the popular 30-store Hot Bread Kitchen chain before turning to politics where she won the Lami Open seat on the outskirts of Suva for the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party (SDL) - is politically motivated.

In a statement they say Dr Samisoni has been a tireless and outspoken critic of the regime of military strongman Frank Bainimarama who led the December 2006 coup that unseated the SDL government.

Chief Magistrate Ratuvili has said the stay application will be reserved until August 6 when he will deliver his decision.

‘It seems absolutely incredible that the Fiji government should involve a barrister of Mr Grossman’s expense to argue this point,’ said a family statement issued on behalf of Dr Samisoni, a grandmother of twelve.

‘The prosecution’s whole conduct has been about defending the indefensible with their limitless budget and a desire to abuse the legal process to dupe, delay and deny their political opponents.’

‘Talk about using a gold-and-diamond-encrusted sledgehammer to try to crack a nut.’

Dr Samisoni was first arrested in December 2011 and charged a month later along with former SDL parliamentarian Mataiasi Ragigia, and Apete Vereti and Semisi Lasike. Ragigia died in October last year without having the chance to prove his innocence.

The statement from the Samisoni family says Grossman’s earning power as one of the pre-eminent criminal barristers of his generation stands in stark contrast with the court system in Fiji, which reflects the deteriorating state of the country’s public finances.

“By contrast in Hong Kong, renowned barristers like Grossman could charge between HK$10,000 (FJD2,500) and HK$50,000 (FJD12,000) an hour just to study documents.”

Last year Grossman represented Raymond Kwok, one of the brothers at the centre of the conspiracy and corruption charges filed against Sun Hung Kai Properties. The Hong Kong Standard reported the main lawyer to brother Thomas Kwok was retained for three years with an annual fee of HKD30 million (FJD7.4 million).

Grossman made his name helping the late Nina Wang win a legal battle for control of her late husband Teddy Wang Teh-huei's Chinachem business – after he was kidnapped in 1990 and declared legally dead in 1999. At the time of her own death in 2007, her estate was said to be worth HKD40 to 50 billion (FJD10 to 12 billion).

The Samisoni family believe Fiji’s military regime’s big splash on legal counsel like Grossman signals the prosecution’s intention to find Samisoni guilty – whatever the cost – and then demand the state’s legal fees are paid by the defendant in an attempt to financially cripple one of Fiji’s few indigenous success stories.

‘This represents an abuse of process, and an abuse of civil and political human rights,’ stated the family.

Abuse of process and human rights
Dr Samisoni’s on-going stay application before was Chief Magistrate Ratuvili has been further delayed after Defence QC Peter Williams had to argue a jurisdiction point on Friday 28 June.

Clive Grossman submitted that the practice in Fiji was for the High Court to hear stay applications, where Williams had argued that Fiji’s Magistrate Courts indeed have legal jurisdiction to hear stay applications, based on Fiji and international case law, and questioned why Fiji would be only country not to grant its Magistrates the power to order permanent stays.

Williams also made the point that the law takes precedence over an illegal custom and simply practising something did not make it lawful.
DPP asked to drop driving charge
In a separate development, dangerous driving charges against Dr Samisoni could finally be dropped after magistrate Lashika Fernando asked her lawyer Heeni Phillips to write to the Director of Public Prosecutions to obtain their consent.

Phillips contended in court on June 27 that the manner in which Dr Samisoni was arrested in August last year was both unlawful and illegal and noted that the alleged accident resulted in no damage to either of the cars involved, and questioned why it required eight policemen and three police dogs to bring her into custody.

The car following Dr Samisoni is believed to have been driven by an officer from Fiji’s anti-corruption body, FICAC.

The court was told after her arrest she was driven from one police station to another for three hours, and repeatedly questioned despite her New Zealand-based lawyer insisting police respect her right to maintain her silence.

The dangerous driving charge is due to be heard in Court on July 11.

The Samisoni family maintain the manner in which Dr Samisoni was arrested last year on 3 August was unlawful and illegal.

“The police did not give her reasons for arresting her. They could not provide reasons either to New Zealand legal counsel.

“Any female, young or old, in Suva should certainly worry about their safety if the DPP does not withdraw this charge as it certainly gives the appearance that DPP are complicit in anti-woman practices, are in favour of illegal police arrests and illegal joy riding around Suva with females who have been detained illegally.

“Prior to advancing their prosecution they should have taken into consideration Dr Samisoni’s age and the minimum standards of legal process for the police operation.

"Eight police on the back of a police truck, including three police dogs, took Dr Samisoni on a joy ride of Suva for approximately three hours before informing her she was to be charged with dangerous driving.

"The charge, too, is a fiction. The person who should have been charged was the FICAC officer who drove at high speed behind Dr Samisonis car, endangering public safety.

"He veered onto a side footpath to avoid ramming Dr Samisoni’s car and continued on at high speed. It is noted that certain "legal" people in the FICAC car have different versions of what occurred.”

Police are accused of harassing her at the police station where her mobile was also taken.

Editor's Note: In two other longstanding cases the regime has also tried to crack, it appears prosecutors are finally ready to go to trial although they've yet to make full disclosures. Both Sri Lankan businessman Jagath Karunaratne and trade unionst Daniel Urai reappeared in court last Thursday and are expected to be heading to trial in September. They are due to appear again in court today. Both are charged with urging political violence.



They should leave the old woman alone. What is going to be gained from all this exercise? Misuse of tax-payers funds? What more does the junta need apart from driving the country downhill for the past 6 years.
It is unbelievable the extent to which "nuttas" can go to prove themselves.

mark manning said...

It's another case of Frank trying to justify the unjustifiable!

Sophisticated racist said...

She may be old, but d bit be deceived by looks - she is quite dangerous. Sophisticated racist and hate monger who just can't keep the mask on.

Matavi said...

We have a monstrous jungle law and order system manned by rouge unprofessional policemen as seem apparent in this drummed up case against Dr Samisoni.

The infectious criminality, low morals and unaccountable behaviours of Fiji's dictator and fellow coupsters have spread to the law enforcement officers.

We the public are at their mercy and we can only protect ourselves if we take up the cudgel and topple this illegal Regime.

If the Fijian soldiers really love their country they should do the correct thing and follow the Egyptian Army....order the Dictator to resign or force the return to parliamentary democracy

Anonymous said...

Monkey see
Monkey do
Monkey leading legal zoo
Throw banana
Catch banana
Shove it Bainimarama

I love it. Aiyaz, Franks Monkey spending tax payers money to fund an elaborate legal case that will slip on the banana peel. Funny Aiyaz has ears that make him look like the son of a chimp. Probably his wife pulling his ears.

Anonymous said...

@ sophisticated racist....man you soldiers are so dumb Frank should send the whole lot of you to Golan Heights. Leave Mere Samisoni alone. The only threat in Fiji is FRANKY BANANA and you lot in the army who are like monkeys jumping up and down whenever Frank says jump. She has done more for Fiji than you, your father, your grandfather and your sorry ass children will ever do in your and their life time. Mere is past 70, weights 50kg and is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She is not a 6 foot tall black frizzy haired muscled Fijian armed with an AK47, with 8 others to back the muscled one and three dogs thrown in to make sure the old granny does not run. The only Danger Mere Samisoni poses is the TRUTH she speaks of FRANK BANANA and his side kick MONKEY AIYAZ. Perhaps she has super powers and can psyche you out or make you think differently Sophisticated Racist so be careful of a mother or grandmother because they CARE when they see wrong being done.

Anonymous said...

Franky boy what the fuck, you're
going after the wrong person.Mere
is the only successful Fijian Business person in Fiji and possibly could do 100% better as
PM then you-Boci!So lay-off the lady and have respect for our women? Continue down this path and
you can forget my vote?

Baitullah Al Khomeini Al Gadaffi Al Bainimarama Al Hussein said...

Why do we taxpayers have to foot bills for regimes incompetence and silliness! we didn't ask for this stupid coup........bainimarama fark u! stupid sob

Anonymous said...

wankyfranky with his heavily armed guards and expensive overseas consultants is afraid of bubu Mere bwahahahahahahahahaha............................

Raman said...

Don't worry yaar, Fiji has lots of money now. PNG just gave a small fortune to Fiji under the guise of election aid money but we all know where that will go (look for new brand cars driven by the unelected interim first family), and now the USA want to give aid money for the elections. How much does the Govt need for these elections?! Last time I heard the amount needed to hold the elections was under 10Mil. We will never know where the money is spent but we understand Fiji has lots of loans to pay off. I feel sorry for Tonga who are so far in debt to the Chinese its not funny.


Anonymous said...

Half of election millions going into franks overseas account

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Normally Khaiyum hires the Brisbane law firm Minter Ellison to do his dirty work, apparently he is diversifying his legal support now to include this rather expensive chap. But then his vindictiveness and arrogance knows no bounds.

Parasites in Paradise said...


You are doing a good job Ms Townsend and Mr Pryde. Will you be asking for the death penalty for these “terrorists”.

You two control the show. You decide what charges are to be proceeded with and which charges are withdrawn.

Are you using your own forensic judgement or are you doing what the illegal AG wants you to do. No need to answer. There is a right against self-incrimination. Do you still remember what rights are?

It doesn’t matter what they wrote. Graffiti is graffiti.

It is proof that the Fiji DPP are not independent and are obediently following the whims of the AG.

Dr Samisoni

Getting a highly paid barrister to prosecute people now are you? Nice work guys. Why don’t you do it yourselves Mr Pryde and Ms Townsend?

Justice can only be achieved when the combatants at the bar table are of equal skill.

Hopefully you have set a precedent.

Mr Geoffrey Robertson QC might be available to prosecute you for treason and crimes against humanity one day.

What goes around comes around.

PreJudgment said...

ratu vili will just hospital pass this case to some Sri Lankan lackie otherwise he might be retired. lol.
what a waste of money. we already know what the outcome is going to be so this queer cunt (QC) from HK does not have to do any research to earn his big bucks.

Sirilo said...
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Parasite Prosecution said...

its funny how u say she and qarase are corrupt but none of them have been charged with corruption in government...u are so scared of this old woman that all u can come up with is graffiti a la creating political unrest...what a joke prosecution...must be a first in the world.
u parasites.

Anonymous said...
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Dharam Lingam said...
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BC said...

Bainimarama's government is ILLEGAL.
Therefore it has NO JURISDICTION.


Anonymous said...

To the anon asshole @ 2.57pm
I think i am your father.That's why you keep using my name,bitch.
Anyway this mere samisoni is talking about democracy now.Wasn't she in the parliament house supporting george speight in the 2000 coup?
Why didn't she fight for democracy than?

Long Live the Savior of Fiji,Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

BC said...

Bainimarama committed TREASON aginst the people of Fiji.
That is a CRIMINAL offence.

Therefore it is the duty of every policeman and every citizen to apprehend these criminals and to subject them to the Courts of Law.

It is therefore the duty of every policeman and every citizen is to STAND WITH MERE SAMISONI and bring Bainimarama to JUSTICE.

The Courts of Law must stand with Mere Samisoni against these criminals.

Any other stand would be a crime in itself.

Anonymous said...

@ Dharam Lingam...

Mere Samisoni was at the Parliament House assisting in defusing a volatile situation which saved your asshole and if it were not for Mere Samisoni, Ro Temumu, Father Kevin Barr and a few other honest people sacrificing their time and putting themselves in danger, the rebel takeover may have been worse. The question to ask is? What was Franky Banana's involvement in the 1987 and 2000 coup. Why when Franky Bai knew there was going to be a coup in 2000, he did nothing to stop it. Why did Franky allow the release of weapons from the armoury to the rebels. Why did Franky allow his cranky soldiers to march into the Parliament House in rebellion against the Military. Why didnt Franky enter into negotiations with the Rebels to diffuse the situation. Why did Franky allow the Rebels to take over as long as he did. Why did Franky allow the soldiers to use Army Trucks and vehicles to transport food and weapons to the Rebels at the Parliament House. Franky is hiding the truth of his involvement in the 2000 coup and blaming the Chiefs and other honest people who tried to assist him. Franky should have made Adi Samanunu the PM instead Qarase because what he did than was allow the rebel leaders to push themselves back into Government. So your Savious is a DUMB ASS stupid Idiot of a PM who speaks through his arse and hold on....sounds like your dharaming the same linguage....lol ...now run off to your little corner and sulk there you monkey...

Anonymous said...

@ Sirilo...Qarase was brave enough to accept the punishment and sentence meted to him. Mere Samisoni likewise will hold her head up high if accused and found guilty in the Courts of Law. Others have accepted the wrong they did like Speight and a host of others who have served time in jail...But your uncle Franky...heh heh heh..Yes I laugh because Franky has bullied a nation by using the very organisation tasked to protect the nation by holding it hostage in his actions and holding a coup in 2006. What were his reasons...?Has any of them been proven....Ohhh I forgot corruption...lol...hehehehehh What was the other reason...Franky will serve his time if not here on this earth...in his afterlife. No one escapes that and even Franky knows it. He can have his millions and his power but one thing Franky will never gain in his entire living life, is RESPECT, HONOR and INTEGRITY and he will die knowing that when his name is mentioned, he will be cursed, when people walk over his grave they will piss, shit and spit on it. He will never be honored in Fijian History because he has committed the highest crime in any Nation that of Treason. Unfortunately you cannot hide all your life and even in your afterlife, you have to be answerable for your actions. Franky Boy...do the right thing. Sirilo....go and ask Franky Cranky why he did not stop the 2000 coup from happening when he was in a position to do so. He owes you and the people of Fiji an answer to that at least.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

SODELPA - will be a goner in next year's election. Read the article which appeared in today's paper. The racist and nationalist party will be a history come next election.

"The Momolevu na Tui Nadi Ratu Sailosi Raimoqe Dawai has called on chiefs of the 14 provinces to support the Bainimarama Government.
Speaking to the Fiji Sun, Ratu Sailosi said the current Government had his support.
The newly reconfirmed Tui Nadi has urged chiefs to see the many positive things this Government had done for the betterment of all Fijians.
“Fiji is still trying to comply to global changes and expectations from the Commonwealth nations.
“Of course there will be also some areas of weaknesses in this current Government but I strongly believe that this Bainimarama Government has positioned this nation at a very high and attractive status compared to previous governments.
He said that he believed that new policies and adopted at all Government Ministries was a positive sign.
“Successful and effective government regulations depend entirely on strict and very good monitoring mechanism from those who lead the Government.
“I salute the Honourable Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama for his leadership and leading this nation from it’s difficult state to its present state.
“It’s not an easy task to do that it takes a lot of courage ,commitment and hard work,” Ratu Sailosi said.
“That’s why I still have faith in
this Government,” he said.

Anonymous said...

@ Kamlesh...

When you have faith in an Idiot it makes you an Idiot. When you call a person Courageous when he ran down the banana plantation instead of rallying his man and sends soldiers to a volatile country (Golan Heights) yet does not send his own son, you must be a Coward. When you are committed to committing acts of violence, brutality, murder, corruption, propoganda and subjugation against your very own people, you must be committed into St Giles. When you call a person a hard worker yet Franky gets FAT with a huge bank account and is not transparent in what he does for work, you my friend KAMLESH must be an INDIAN because Franks stupidity and corrupt ways suit you. When shit hits the fan in Fiji Kamlesh, you will be singing a different tune. Stop supporting the Coup whether it is this one or the past Coups. We all know it has done no one any good. Fiji needs to unite but unity will only be achieved with by the WILL of the people and not a COWARDLY THUG LIKE Frank.

Anonymous said...

I am really no fan of Mere because of her questionable past but this is a new low the regime has gotten to. Allow an imported private council to prosecute a DPP case with tax payer money . Wow only in Banana republic Fiji. Something has to give soon or else these bastards are going to take Fiji beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Sailose Dawai? What has he done for the people of Nadi, leaving Fiji aside.
Why should we listen to some useless barely proven himself boci

Anonymous said...

Nadi Town got flooded and the soldiers were nowhere to be found.

Is that the Tui Nadi's definition of "positive things"?

Tui Nadi's memory is very short indeed.
May be somebody putting words in his mouth already.
And coins in his backpocket.

Observer said...

Interesting that a lady like Mere Samisoni who loves to work, gains honestly and has become successful through blood sweat and tears is being harassed by unproductive idiotic wannabees in Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Fiji soldiers and all YES INDIVIDUALS in the current illegal Government of Muslims in Fiji.

Now they are paying this exhorbitantly expensive Hong Kong lawyer to fight their case; where are they getting the money to pay him? From Bainimarama's stash? From Khaiyum's stash? Certainly not.

Anyway who pays for all the people tagging along with Bainimarama to Russia? From the illegal stash of the 2 top thieves in the Government? Certainly not! How convenient during the World Cup Sevens Championships.........

Who pays for Viliame Naupoto's trip to Moscow, Russia? Now all the public should know that he had gone on official (???) businesses to Asia but found himself on a flight to Moscow...He must have over-slept...


Naupoto has to be there because Bainimarama is there. He is Bainimarama 'funny fella'...

Anonymous said...

Mere Samisoni is a nasty piece of work. I have more respect for 1987 coup leader Rabuka. he is more compassionare and honest.

but this regime has gone bonkers with poor decision to hire expensive legal aid. Khaiyum is ver poor decision maker and proliferate spender like the Qarase regime.

pft pft pft said...

Rabuka compassionate? Someone has been at the kool aid. The regime is scared of a senior citizen because she is smart and sees through the propaganda. Fight your own battles Frank you floppy, aging dictator.

Anonymous said...

A clarificartion to C4.5 and the idiotic journalists in Fiji: Mere Samisoni did NOT found the Hot Bread Kitchen. She BOUGHT it after the 87 coup at dirt cheap price being the ultra nationalist she was compared to the expatriate seller.

Would do you a whole lot of good to get facts right.

Incompetent Fiji DPP said...


This relates to one of the senior DPP staff responsible for making decisions in relation to Dr Samisoni.

This relates to the DPP’s Ruth Townsend. She has a background in ethics. No, Seriously ‎

I know a few lawyers who were in the SI on the RAMSI mission. They know all about this unethical lawyer. They were there under AUSAID. She was there as a mercenary. Those who know her say she is a shit lawyer and an ambitious bitch. PERFECT FOR FIJI.


Commission concern over allegations . Tuesday, 26 October 2010 10:36

The Commission of Inquiry says the allegations by Ruth Townsend is not a new thing to the Commission.

In brief, the commission refutes her allegation on the basis that she did not even take courage to firstly seek reasonable explanations or getting the facts of the matter right to those she has implicated in her allegation, before even proceeding to the media.

The allegations are misleading in a sense that she is misleading the public, and arising negative feedback to tarnish the good work that the Guadalcanal Land Commission is doing in finding lasting solutions to peace and meaningful reconciliation in the country.

Ruth Towns end has decided to act unethically by breaking the rule of professional confidentiality in going to the press.

It is unbecoming of one who is employed by the Solomon Island Government also one that holds high office in the Solomon Islands.

Ruth Townsend is currently in Australia for almost eight weeks now (on holiday with additional medical checkups and treatments) and she has done absolutely nothing for the commission of inquiry for the last 7 weeks, yet getting paid a very huge sum of money by Solomon Islands Tax payers in salary for sitting around in Australia and Fiji.


What's her Fiji income???????

Anonymous said...

Anon, you really need not bring the adress of Na Momo Na Tui Nadi to range SODELPA's election chances.

SODELPA is a joke party, it has no credibility and no real value. It is hoping to ride on the strength of the former SDL party but it can not relive it. SDL party was with Qarase and they had weight but SODELPA can not have Qarase so they do not have any weight. They are a minor party of nobodies with nothing really. Just a few grog swipers who are making a lot of noises here in this blog site thats all.

So please leave the Na Momo Na Tui Nadi be for he speaks on his own accord and not for any political party.

Anonymous said...

It is about time Frank and Khaiyum give some of their ministerial or office portfolios to some fiji citizen. Look at Frank Bainimarama and Khaiyum salaries. They are very selfish and greedy, I hope Frank and Khaiyum will realise and start give some people some of their ministerial portfolios. I am sure that we have a lot of good people in Fiji who can take up some of the ministerial posts they are holding. For a start it may be better if Rabuka take over the Ministry of Fijian Affairs because Frank had rubbish the chief to go and drink homebrew under the mangoe tree. Iam sure that Rabuka can build a good relationship between the army and our chiefs. Apakuki Kurisiga can work with Rabuka and help Frank to form a multiracial party for the 2014 general election. On the same token Khaiyum should appoint John Apted (Lawyer) to be the Supervisor of Election and let him run the election office.
Come on Frank and Khaiyum please do not be too greedy!!! Give up some of your office portfolis to some well qualified Fijian citizen to help build back the confidence of our people in our nation. NO MAN IS AN ISLAND.

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

SODELPA!!!!! SODELPA!!!! SODELPA 2014!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Annon 9:38pm...Mould your sugestions,proposals and pleadings into the shape of Franks dick and shove it up where the sun dont shine.

Anonymous said...

With any luck Bainimarama will be stupid enough to let Edward Snowdon stow aboard his flight from Moscow. Give the Americans a good reason to bust his ass.

Anonymous said...

Oilei, with all of his dictatorial powers, Frank is still more afraid of Mere than Mere is of Frank.


Frank is so afraid of Mere spiking his bread!

Thief said...

tui nadi the corrupt and unscrupulous family fighting each other, uncle nephew uncle, over the years over the title because he gets to handle nearly one million dollars of lease money every year. so of course he would support franky cos they both doing the same sort of thing. farking his peoples asses up every time and driving around in a fancy four wheel drive and luxury and perks at every nadi hotel on demand. absolutely no respect just like the thug he is barracking for.


@sophisticated racist...

Mere is Mere. She is well known and hardly deceiving as we all know where she stands. She is not afraid of speaking her mind. We need politicians like her who are consistent with their ideology even though they may be questionable. Unlike cranky Frankly who keeps changing the goal posts to score his much needed points. The people of Fiji are too smart for cranky Franky...his demise is nigh!

Anonymous said...

just proves the allegation that ratu bananas is a coward,,,scared shitless of an old lady.

Anonymous said...

He SHOULD be scared of her.

She could take him!

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 4.48pm
The reason Frank allowed the takeover to go on for sometime is bacause he wanted the rebels to tire down and than negotiate with them to give in without blood shed.
If you use your head a bit than you will be able to answer your own questions but hey you need a brain to do that.
As for mere samisoni and temumu kepa anmd the likes they were there supporting george speight.
Obviously you dont have a fucking clue how to negotiate with rebels when innocent people's live is on the line.

Long Live Savior Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Lharam Dingam, is that why Frank also issued them their weapons and ammo from the arsenal?

Is that also why just a few weeks before, he recruited Lingairi out of retirement to lead the takeover of the parliament?

Is that also why he refused to answer questions from the Board of Inquirynestablished to look into the incident?

Obviously you don't have a cliue how to recognise a lying traitor.

You can begin your training by staring into the mirror.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 2.03am
Firstly,the weapons were never issued to the soldiers...some disloyal soldiers stole the weapons.
He did not need to answer any questions from the BOI when it was known that the BOI was one sided .
The problem was that some chiefs and business people were backing george speight.
The only person standing between the rebels and the inniocent people of the country was Bainimarama nd hs loyal soldiers.

Long Live Savior Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Lharam Dingam, Point One is a total lie. The records have been published.

Point Two, another total lie. Why would the BOI choose to be undeservedly harsh to the supposed "hero" of the hour? And how could Bainimarama "know" the BOI to be "biased" against him before even sitting for his interview? And even if it were biased, as you claim, what would Bainimarama have to fear from answering their questions honestly, and setting the record straight?

Point Three, a half-truth. Some chiefs and business people did back Speight, but they weren't those you singled out. And "the real problem" wasn't that so much as the fact that Bainimarama had set up the CRW guys into thinking they were participating in a training exercise, when it was really the first of his treasonous coup attempts.

Point Four, another total lie. Bainimarama backed the rebels until it became clear the attempt would fail. Then he betrayed them. Also, if Bainimarama and his soldiers were so "loyal", then why did they liumuri the country (again) in 2006?

Your chosen "saviour" has set Fiji, and you, on a glidepath to hell. Fiji deserves better, even if you and Bainimarama do not. Nonetheless, I pray for your repentance and salvation before the clock runs out. You can scoff, but prison -- and even death by hanging -- might be better than the ultimate fate that awaits liars and traitors.

Anonymous said...

Say bye bye to nuku'lau island people of Suva
Sold to Chinese for us10m
Commission to Leweni cool us half million
Also given port of entry status
God bless coconuts of fiji
Sad lol vinaka kyum

Anonymous said...

to anon 4.26am
1. I do not have any respect for ou on a personal level anymore as you deliberately twisted and mispelt my name twice.At least i have the courage to put my real name here with my real views.
2nd.if you know something is biased you dont need to participate
3rd can you tell me what some of the chiefs were doing in parliament house if they were not supporting the speight coup
4th your point 4 does not hold any water

Anonymous said...

Morsi egypt president muslim brotherhood gone .
when fiji muslim brotherhood will get the kick from the military.do it quickly before fiji will have a huge protest soon. muslim brotherhood have ripped our tax payers money.

Namela R said...

Egypt's Army has shown the Fiji Army what should be done to Bainimarama

Egypt's Morsi ousted by military

07:52 Thu Jul 4 2013

Egypt's military has ousted the nation's Islamist president, replacing him with the chief justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court, calling for early presidential election and suspending the Islamist-backed constitution.

Army chief Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, in a televised address to the nation on Wednesday, said a government of technocrats will be appointed to run the country during a transition period he did not specify.

An aide of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, Ayman Ali, said the former leader has been moved to an undisclosed location. He gave no details.

Cheers erupted among millions of protesters nationwide who were demanding Morsi's ouster. Fireworks lit the Cairo night sky. Morsi supporters elsewhere in the city shouted "No to military rule."

Namoto Mata said...

Bainimarama Regime the muslim backed dictatorship indeed should be brought down by force to save the country and to satisfy the peoples' wishes.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka, you are no longer needed in the political field. The chance was yours in those days where you abuse it..................sory for you

wadana said...

I suspect Mr Grossman is here to verify and scrutinized the DPP paper against all anti government critics.
Skimming on top of the water is this Mere Samisoni's case but in fact he is loaded with the task of preparing the PROSECUTION ASSAULT ON IT'S OPPONENTS.
If Mr Grossman been cracking hard nut criminal cases i see no reason why he can't make a under the table deal and bribe the judges with $100,000 and he gets his $1 or 2millions.

Anonymous said...

Tui Nadi, if he want's to support this regime than you are a boci not a chief by right. Mere Samisoni is a woman she do much good in this country than Baini and TuiNadi

Anonymous said...

Tui Nadi was appointed with Franks approval ,,,,,. His cousin Tuidraki was sacked from Kaiyum from Town Council and job given to a kai dia Bala Jutia yet Tu Sai still supports Bainikaiyum. Tui Nadi qo dua na tamata sona levu vakai Tui Tavua ... Vakamumuri tu ga sega ni kila sa kau tani na kaukauwau ni Taukei ni qele......vakaloloma na kai viti vei ira na vataqali Tui sonalelevu ulukau vaqo. Kai Viti - yaco mai na gauna me moku sara na tevoro va qo

analysis said...

yasayasa vakara all support bainimarama . tui vuda, yasawa, tui nadi, tui tavua, marama na tui ba. the only opposition in the ba province to the bai kuym cons tuition is the vanua vitogo-which include vitogo koro, naviyago , and the taukei vidilo[tui namoli or vanua of namoli-->where the lautoka city is], the rest of the ba province all support frank. but individually as a people , they do not support him. but chiefs are already in bed with the government.

analysis said...

only 4 province have not been with bainimarama government. that is tui cakau , ro teimumu[sodelpa], tui nadroga [rt makutu] & the qaranivalu[in prison] . the rest of Fiji are all in bed with bainimarama. but individually the people [grass root ] they make there own choice where they want to stand . but chiefly house hold are already in support of baikuym constitution.

analysis said...

we Fijians should look at our self first . what rabuka did in 1987. have we apologized to the Queen of England for the removal of her majesty Governor General and forceful change to a republic. we itaukei seems to think we have a right to do this. remember the Queen of England is still the Tui Viti. we our chiefs were so blinded of what rambo gave them prestige during the 87 to 92 , they forget the Queen , may be the curse of teh Vanua, the old fijians God , and the mana and blessings left us , so we a cursed people . have we apologised to the Queen. may be the Indians and the muslim did not like the Queen because they brought to fiji in a ship to work in sugar cane fields , they know Britain will never compensate them for there fore fathers hardship but lets be realistic here we itaukei , the curse fall on us of our God the creator and the old fijian manna . bainimarama is just a vessel delivering that to us .

analysis said...

then the viavia levu we did to the late tui nayau and there family . the removal of him from government in 2000. he was a GCC appointed. more curses fall on us again . then the land is cursed more.

analysis said...

then the pain the Fiji labor party receive and the Indian receive since 1987 and year 2000, what was done to them, may be they do the "vakadraunikau " that is "jadu " to the itaukei for removing the Fiji labor party , so more curse fall on us. then Freemason comes with all there theology. then Muslim come with all there interpretation of the Koran, then opportunist atheist from aus and NZ , came and take advantage of Fiji when we are at our knees. bring more chaos to already volatile situation.

analysis said...

the question i ask my fellow Fijians , how can we break this curse or not? any reply ? there is so much pain in so many places . including the former SDL party members , who were removed in 2006.

Dharam is an anus said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Self-installed Tui Macuata, Ratu Wiliame Katonivere, has declared that he’s working on a 5 to 10 year plan for the entire Northern Division. He claims to be doing the wishes of the unelected regime and working with the Divisional Commissioner and “various stakeholders and religious bodies”, but he didn’t say who appointed him to do this. It certainly wasn’t the people of Northern Division.

Fiji Sun July 2, 2013 Follow govt plans: Tui Macuata

Anonymous said...

bua , macuata and part of cakaudrove already with government[rabi, savusavu, vuna , weilagi[taveuni],etc]

Anonymous said...

namosi, serua, beqa, gau , koro and some of the lomaiviti are all with government.

Anonymous said...

Mere is one of the only Fijian business woman that is very successful and the first to own a chain of shops. I admire her and thankful to her bakery for providing quality bread in Fiji. As for all the side comments on other leaders in Fiji like the statement made by Tui Nadi, Tui Namosi, Tui Macuata, etc... has nothing to do with Mere's success in business or chance of winning her legal case. So people lets support Mere and show respect to others who are not related to this story. If one decides to support this Govt its his/her choice and for those of us still support SDL and previous Govt we will stick strong to our support. We are organizing a fundraising lunch on 11 July 2013 at Vineyard for SODELPA (SDL). Please come support.

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

All these masipolo tuis have nothing compared to Mere. Mere and Ro Teimumu are women of steel that causes bainimagana sleepless nights.

Anonymous said...

at Vutuki Bainimarama - no one is masi polo caititamu....how do they cause sleepless nite to PM kubuti PM....lol

Anonymous said...

"Lomaloma na Toba vakaloloma" Vei Kemunu saka mai Vanuabalavu, please do not let it happen to Mere Samisoni. Show solidarity and stand together like flowers when all colours put together it looks so beautiful.

To all Christian iTaukei and Hindus Indian stand together NOW!!!!. Do not let it go too far or "do it later attitude", drink grog, talanoa and shake hands to keep our new iTaukei Movement blood warm. Stay together and do not do anything silly or stupid. Eat together as one family if you can do it. The good results will come out automatically to both races and after a little while it will be noticeable to all of us. "Hey Bhaiya kakua kitaka liu muri, Hatcha!" For the first time let us do it together to keep the Peace for All.

It happened in EGYPT just today and it can also happen here in Fiji, BUT, we need maturity and wisdom after the TM made couple of mistakes in the past and we need to improve it a lot better as one voice this time around.

MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD YOU FAILED AND LOST AGAIN. WHAT is the PROBLEM being of the same Muslim Faith? The best answers that the Egyptian ARMY supported ALL FAITHS to work together in Peace for All and recognized the the indigenous Egyptian people's rights as lands and resources owners..

Remember the SCARS that The FBC TV allowed a Muslim Mullah condemned Jesus Christ and he humiliated Christian publicly? Kaiyum,that is NOT FUNNY.

The arrests and ill-treatment of our Priests and, we the congregation were denied freedom of free preaching by our blessed Talatala cannot be easily forgotten nor forgiven the man who plotted or planned that provocative orders.

Anonymous said...

THE TURAGA NA TUI NADI WAS SHARING HIS VIEW.....STOP AND THINK HE IS THE ONLY FIJIAN CHIEF WHERE FIJI GET BUSINESS OPPTUNITY AND EMPLOYMENT OF 10,000 BREAD WINNER ARE TAKING PLACE FROM HIS LAND.....SA MAI RAWA TALE TU GA KINA NODRA VOLI NI SOVU KEI NA SUCU NA VEIYASAIVITI......KUA NA VIAVIA LEVU NANUMI IRA NA WEKAMUNI ERA SA MAI CAKACAKA TU ME RAWA NONA BULA I NADI.....AND FOR INFORMATION ONADI KO....WE ARE NOT PART OF KUBUNA BUREBASAGA AND TOVATA THATS THE FACT,,,,NEMANI MOMOLEVU GA NA Tui Nadi......think again of your family may be your cousin ,father,unty,uncle,niece,sister,brother or blood ties has chhose nadi their best spot to dig gold and think of your children may be nadi is where they will have to come and work to pay your rent so you dont go and live in the old peoples home....last but not least Nadi has the proven record it always wanting to do nothing with the goverment and leadership because prospeity has no choice it will fall to our land,,,,,May the Tui NADI PROSPER

Anonymous said...

It is time that people talking about 2000 coup rewind their memory. You pointing fingures at Adi Teimumu and Mere Samison. Have yoyu people forgotten that Frank Bainimarama was behind the said Speight's Coup ? Bainimarama allowed the CRW unit to take over the democratically elected Government of MPC.All the arms and ammonutions used in that coup were brought from QEB and while the hostage taking was inprogress their meals were cooked and delivered from QEB to the parliment.All those times Bainimarama was supporting the coup. He later change his mind after he was spoken to by some senior officers and ex officers and that is why the mutiny happen because Binimarama betrayed the CRW.Bainimarama is a coward.He want to show his strong face time and again at the expense of the military and he is bribing our soldiers but giving them high salary to maintain their support.To those of you who are trying to reflect back to the 2000 coup that are not aware of this be informed that Bainimarama is one of the ploters and directly behind the coup.

Anonymous said...

5:17PM drau veicai kei nomu tui

Anonymous said...

drau veicai kei whoever you call democratic you supporting that will restore Fijian power!!!! when in power Sitiveni fcuked up National Bank of Fiji Qarase time Agriculture Scam all in the name of the taukei, minister were drunkards and fcuking around. Now with Bai and Kumu - still same problem arising....so fcuk you all swearing at the innocent chiefs being told to support and most of they just supporting because they want the water supply and road access to their people. O kemuni na no people motherfcukers hold each other and continue to curse Bai and Kumu - maybe better blow them....KAIKAILA

Anonymous said...

I just want to say to all the bad heart motherfcukers in the forum that are concern with the western supporting Bai - don't worry about it. They supporting because of the support Bai is giving the people and chief of the west - road, water supply, power supply and disaster response is the best so far. Yes the RFMF helped clean up the streets of Nadi town after the flood. Mere and Kepa are great leaders too and I sure when in power they will do the same. So fcuk u all comments about the chief and give each a holding session.

Anonymous said...

Is it the time for the 'Yasayasa Vakara" Government?.Our present western chiefs should take heed of their predecessors notion in the 1980s of forming a Western Govt.Call it Western Fiji as in our neighbours Samoa.A split might be the answer to this coup culture.When the late Dr.Bavadra was elected as PM,it didn't take long for the non Kai Yasayasa Vakara to instill their web of deceit.Lets stand stall and proclaim whats truly ours and lead from the front,as we've been the backbone for our country for so long and not given credit for it.

Anonymous said...

Why do you monkeys keep saying Mere started HBK and and is so successful on her own account. Tiko Eastgate (from Tiko's restaurant) and Tony Philp Snr started HBK, established it and sold to Mere. She then exploited her workers with low wages and they ended up started a workers union WITHIN Hot Bread Kitchen. Mere got about 20 housing loans in a span of two years when Qarase was the head of FDB. Thats where her wealth really lies - in property now. Yeah, good story about Mere being the only successful indigenous business person....but why let the truth stand in the way of a good story, huh?

Mere Samisoni said...

@anon11.27am ... I am not 50kg, I am 64kg (from years of eating low fibre, low grade white bread made from low grade Australian flour). Pls get it right.

Dharam Lingam said...

To all bloggers in here and those pretending to be me, let me clear up some issues.

I was sexually molested by my own family members when I was a child, and that really affected me later in life. You could tell by my rantings in here, my support for Bainimarama etc. I did it just to piss you people off. In fact I hate Bainimarama and Khaiyum so much I could chew their penises until they have no more.

Some people say I'm gay, and yes I am. I love boys but hey I'm not the only one.

I'll say more after I see my boyfriend who's here.

Have a good day all.

Long Live Fiji
Long Live Rabuka.

Anonymous said...

Tui Nadi, saga mada ga mo dou duavata na nomu mataqali kei na nomu koro. Kua ni sika sara mai nomu weli - vei keimami.

Anonymous said...

@military ghostwriter @ 11:22am (05/07),

Please get your facts correct before trying to show off. Most of the groundwork for starting HBK - including the original business idea and the canvassing of potential investors like Tony Phil & Tiko Eastgate - was done by Mere Samisoni in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

In point of fact, HBK's loan capital start-up request to FBD at the time was knocked back by Solo Makasiale (RIP) at the time because the proposal had "poor potential". Tony Philp & Tiko Eastgate were very valuable to the company start-up because of their business and catering expertise, respectively. But make no mistake, most of the operational and "coal face" hard yards, was done by Mere Samisoni.

The loan from FDB was not for property purchasing. It was for buying out Philp's shares at the price he was willing to sell, after the two remaining partners at the time began to increasingly take differing views on the "way forward" for the HBK at the time. That loan was duly paid off, and financial dividends were used to place deposits on various properties.

If you know anything about business, you would know that bankers go around regularly seeking to drum-up loan prospects from the business community. Property purchases are one of their prime targets because of the high mortgage values and resale-ability in case of a default. The FDB, and the ANZ and all the other banks came courting the Samisonis - not the other way around. The FDB had some government-backed interest subsidies on some of their funds at the time, so they won out.

So please don't let that truth stand in the way of your "good story" either - won't you Corporal?

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

4:04 PM he's not a corporal, he's a duck farker

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous July 5, 2013 at 2:22 PM - FYI sa duavata tiko na mataqali o Navatulevu - btw what does that have to do with Mere Samisoni case. We fully respect her and business. what is your business to mataqali navatulevu Tui Nadi - irrelevant nomu comparison. Kevaka o via toso tale nomu vakatataro lako mai daru mai vei talanoa mada - if yes I will give u my contact. T. Dawai, 8616841

Anonymous said...

Wananavu qori Rt Te. Rauti ira vinaka qori....o ratou na gone macawa vaivia sega na kedratou yaga mai na office ni SODELPA ka ratou vosa vacava tiko mai qori baleta na i tutu Vaturaga i Navatulevu.

Qori na Party segasega ni dua na ka ena rawata ena veidigidigi....sa yali ga o Qarase mai na veiliutaki ni party, sa oti vua na party...sega ni dua na marama se turaga levu se lailai mai loli se mai lola ena laveta na party me vaka i Qarase. Qori o iratou na gone segasega wale mai na SODELPA office ka ratou viavia ka ra dau vosa me vaka na yalewa ka tono ucu ena veitalanoa kecega.

Waraka na vanua ena gole kina na i taukei mo na tokona. Nanuma, na veitokoni e sega ni tiko vua na party ni vakalasalasa qori na SODELPA...E ra sa vuli mai na kawa i taukei ka na dodonu me na tokoni na veiliutaki sega kina na politiki lasutaki tiko kina nodra dodonu na i taukei, na qele kei na lotu.

Vei kemudou na viavia dou blog tiko mai na SODELPA office, dou bau saga e dua na ka mo dou yaga kina.... dou yavu tamata macawa wale...sega na ka...

Gone qori o Rt Te dau gade yani vei kemudou ia dou liumuri taki koya tale tiko mai...sa qai vinaka qori sa vola yani qori nona naba, dou kua tale ni vuni tiko..kena ca gona na bolebole lasutaka tiko..

Anonymous said...

anon 6.24 magaibumu kua na lasu drau vi kei bainimagana

Anonymous said...

bainimarama magaijinamu!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

SODELPA gona o mocemoce ca tiko kina ena veibogi...kua ni leqa ena yati mai na colo buna. Kubuti baiyum vinaka tiko sa roro mai nomudrau siga ni lewa. era sa vakacoba mavolo tiko mai naboro me kenai tavaki lol!!

Ratu Nai said...

Samisoni herself has hired an expensive Queens Counsel from abroad to represent her.

Why is her family complaining? Let the law take its course.

easy as abc said...

ratu nai, she has the right to hire any counsel she wants. but it is a very unusual thing to do for the state to hire outside counsel especially one so expensive for such a trivial prosecution which is more political than anything. why have expat dpp and prosecutors if they are not competent enough to prosecute this case? it just stinks of a vindictive prosecution at great tax payer expense. that's the point, and if you don't get it then u will follow ratu bananas and Taliban asshole blindly to your death.

Anonymous said...

me saumi vinaka mada vei kemuni na tovo veibeci ni cakava 1987 coup......reap what you sow.....nanuma jiko ga moni kua ni maroroya vinaka ga nomuni lavo baleta o o mere manumanusoni she wont give a fuck to give u a penny oiko saga mada ga nomu retirement other wise old people home awaits to retire you.......na cagi qo na cagi ni veisau .....we are moving forward .........no turnig back......qo sa sega ni gauna ni kana kana da sodelpa toilet paper

rearadmiralsass said...

right ratu sai, let the law takes its course., like let the Fiji court of APPeal decision take its course and reinstate the 1997 constitution...u talk shit man, just like this asshole that needs the sodelpa toilet paper shoved up his rear end.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

io me saumi vinaka mada na tovo veibeci ni 1987 coup,,,,,,so be it let the regime take it full course ,,,we dont worry because we have land and tourist in our land, ni raici ira mada mai na wekamuni sa mai rawa tu nodra bula va na neimami vanua,,,,,maroroya ga nomuni lavo me kua ni dua e tini va suva fish market se old people home.......oiko sodelpa toilet paper nanuma sara jiko ya,,,,,,thank u tu whoever broght that name,,,,,,soldelpa toilet paper dou veicai vakaukauwa,,,,,,,nomudou liuliu a butakoca na waji lenora......wwwwwooooooooooooooo madua butabutako tagane hahahahhahaahahahhahaahhafuken bustard soldepa toilet paper fucken busturd..........raica na luvemu yalewa sa prostitute tu oiko sega jiko ni kila,,,,,,,magaijinamu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Mere and others have been held without disclosure - inhumane and unfair

Anonymous said...

Isa, me qai rawa vakacava na noda toso ki liu nida sa veivosacataki tu mada ga va 'qo.

Anonymous said...

...chickens coming home to roost... she's just getting what she deserves...the only bread outlet that charges consumers an extra 5c for slicing your bread for you...on top of an excessively priced sliced bread...why advertise for sliced bread when youre charging the slicer price on top of vat...if u ask me...she's just reaping what she sows!!

Shame on Fiji Regime said...

Tall poppy syndrome strong and well in Fiji along with hate stirrers, eh.

People on this blog find it easy to attack an old lady but have no guts to stand up to the people who are really phucking them over - Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Silly Fijians can be seen defending Bainimarama's children on Facebook and clucking over Khaiyum's son "Abrahim" - what for?

These are the same people responsible for the sheet that Fiji is now including the high cost of living and times like butter and milk, water and electricity.

Wake up numbskulls and come together against these thieving mongrels instead of taking it on people that you find accessible.

Anonymous said...

Clever stunt to marry well-connected itaukei girl - no better ticket into itaukei society.

Fiji Land Going said...

Khaiyum hosts a climate change conference then comes the announcement Kiribati has bought six thousand acres of land on Vanua Levu!