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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FLP refuses to pay for Fiji Sun ad on 'principle'

It's not Fiji's most popular political party but it has certainly rattled the regime with its refusal to pay for having its assets and liabilities published in the Fiji Sun.

The Fiji Labour Party is the only one out of the three parties to refuse to pay the bill that was the result of the regime decreeing they all re-register.

An insider for the party agreed that it chose not to fork over $6375.60 as demanded by the Registrar of the Political Parties, Mohammed Saneem, as a matter of principle.

FLP: Father and son Mahendra and Rajendra Chaudhry. 
The Social Democratic Liberal Party owed $26,000 and FLP, like the National Federation Party owed just a fraction of that sum, but it has decided to make Saneem work for the money.

The ploy seems to have gotten a response. In the statement released yesterday, Saneem sounds frustrated: "Unfortunately, this seems to have been a deliberate decision by FLP leadership to not abide by the Decree. It is now up to them to remedy their breach."

Saneem has threatened FLP with permanent registration if the money isn't paid within 60 days and has meanwhile ruled it can't conduct any political activity.

Our FLP source was non-commital about what would happen after the deadline but hinted that anything could occur to change the status quo.

The FLP's website has been off line but the source says that's nothing to do with its registeration being suspended, saying the site is done overseas.


Dr Shaista Shameem said...

Why 60 days, just deregister uncle Chod Ri's FLP.

My uncle does not deserve to be contesting - I know he wont be contesting after September as he will be given visa to Naboro Prison.

mark manning said...

What really is the point of registering a Political Party, so an illegal entity, Frank's Regime, can willy nilly, declare a Decree anytime, for anything, announcing and challenging anything and everything.

Resistance to Aiyaz and Frank has to begin somewhere and following their silly illegal decrees, just gives them a semblance of Legality.
I would do the exact opposite.

Anonymous said...

MPC is a season politician he will rattle khaiyum decree.
if all the party didnt pay i bet these idiot Saneem will just let it go.lamu

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum target is Sodelpa but cant do anything now .they paid its due hahaha
Sodelpa will get 99 % fijian support in 2014 election.

Mahen 'chorwa' chaudhry said...

To MPC is a season politician:

MPC is also a seasoned chor, liar and adulterer who will hopefully end up in jail after his case in september. This man who used to, in his own words, accuse others of "hoodwinking" people and "feathering their nest". WEll, he is master at both.

A more dishonest, destructive, greedy and self-serving politician will be hard to find.

Anonymous said...

Saneem maichod and muslim kaffar khaiyums wait for the day when we fijian will feed you pork and kick your ass ad lock you guys up in prison for life.rot and dire there.
we will forgive our own bai/fijian army not muslims clans.we know who you are but we will give you fair trial with real good judges

Anonymous said...

Santana you are another khaiyum sucker.MPC is small frie biggest chor is khaiyum and muslims in fiji.stacked 100 millions with aunty bano account .thats why they dont publish audit reports since 2007 -2013.

Anonymous said...

Saneem was neal shivam boy .useless lawyer neal wanted to fire him.so he went to brother khaiyum who got read of mere and gave his muslim brotherhood a job.

harami chaudhry khandan said...

Gali gali me shor hai chaudhry khandan chor hai!

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Labour. Get rid of them and their snivelling, conniving millionaire trade unionist.

Anonymous said...

Atama mpc is a good man better than khaiyum chor.

Anonymous said...

Sodelpa like its predecessor SDL, is accustomed to getting 105% of the vote.

Mahen Chaudhry ke principles said...

FLP refuses to pay fiji sun on principle? haha what a joke!

Where was mahen chaudhry's principle when he line his pocket with $3.5m raised in name of poor under FLP banner?

Where was mahen;s principle when fornicated with asha lakhan?

Where was mahen's principle when he tricked FLP management and defied their decision to appoint his in-law, Sachida, as senator.

Where was his principle when he supported the 2006 coup to secure lucrative finance minister position?

Why is mahen talking about principles, especially when he has none!

Anonymous said...

MPC should have supported Qarase in 2006.Fiji would been better than now run by the chor muslims.fiji is f up bigtime.

Tatti lawyer Neel Shivam said...

Tatti lawyer Neil shivam was chaudhry's lapdog now he licking RSK arse. Neel sivam is a opportunist without principles, just like mhen 'chor'dhry.

Anonymous said...

What a flimsy excuse - I am sure the Chaudhrys are in NZ and going with a begging bowl - they will collect more than $6,000 - pay up and pokcet the rest - remember besides his $3million in Australia, he also has money stashed away in New Zealand bank accounts. There is something amiss about the whole behaviour. Why wait for sixty days and pay up - maybe Mahend wants to break away from UFDF and join forces with Frank in return for the charges to be dropped

Naisoro said...

Chaudary will make it easy for khaiyum and Bai because he will destroy the parties from within.People wake up they are making millions out of sinful nature so they flocked together.The two remaining should decide together whether to go on or call it enough is enough.there are more bullet will be fired upon the two parties just keep wacthing..
There will be no election,again i say there will be no election!!!dream on if you wish..!!!

wadana said...

Mahendra Chaudary yelled out furiously to all Indo fijians that Jai Ram Ready had colluded with the devil,the devil of 87 coup,Jai Ram Ready was branded by Chaudary as a traitor.
Chaudry little did you know that it was a genuine show of appreciation to Indo fijian political power in play resulting in the two parties merger NFP&SVT back then.

That was a genuine gesture by both leaders who vision the prosperous future for Fiji in letting the two races work hand in hand politically.

Qarase made the same genuine move and allowed a number of ministerial post to your party but you cried foul and said it is all insignificant portfolio.Again a show of open heart from SDL leadership in trying to build a strong political base in Fiji for the benefit of its multiracial inhabitants.

Chaudary you faulted and maneuver your way cunningly within and destroyed everything that voters hope would not happened.Your personality and lack of everything is reason enough for you to get out of politics immediately.

Its too late you had made a history which you will never walk in it again but left a negative legacy for future leader not to trample upon for it is disastrous as we now witness in 2006 till to date.

Do not fool yourself, people already abandoned the FLP way before you realized because of your trait your nature your personality your leadership all lack in everything.

The Rewan tactician who formulate the strategy for FLP must have been turning in his grave for what you been doing lately so far to the loyal voters of this country[RIP]Mr Tuisowau.

It was a party for a real voice of the people,it fight on common ground and it talk senses.

You change everything when you push your way within and make a party look like a sugar cane farmers party and for your Union to take grievances to a national level and you begin to shut out advises from the people around you.

Chaudary what if SVT & NFP work together and what if you say yes to SDL .......you lost everything on your way and don't ever think that your million dollars stack overseas will bring fortune to you,you will be worse off then before and no peace of mind in you.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum have attacked our gcc.church ,land/political parties and constitution .he is putting all his muslim brotherhood in key govt/ board so he can control them and ruin fijians and fiji.
I read now Ficac investigate Arun Prasad /Tuidraki/others
why ficac didnt investigate Faizal Koya/Bano /Chandu Umaria/Praveen Bala /others.
I let the public be the judge.

Anonymous said...

Father and son - both Machiavellians!

Anonymous said...

The real enemy here is the regime - Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Gates, Pryde, Shaista, Nazhat and so on.

Krishna said...

Anon you must be having a case in Court that's Y you are no angry with Pryde.
Get your facts right, in fact you are barking at the wrong tree. I challenge you to go personally and say this to the Fiji Military Force or send your petition with real identity to the Military, after all they were the one who marched to take over. The rest are not part of Military in any sense.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA please take note on comment by Wadana. It is factual.

SODELPA remember that Chaudary start the block voting by Indians that SDL used same tactic later.

I am sure Chaudary will go with Frank in the next election, so Sodelpa dont come closer to him or you will lose Fijian vote.

He is one desparate bugger!

rajend naidu said...

We read in the regime propaganda newspaper the Fiji Sun (18/7) under ' Rewa call for no elections' that "the headman of Vunuku village in Rewa, Veniasi Qaloutawa, has called on the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama ""not to hold elections next year".
Speaking on behalf of "six villages of the yavusa" Mr Qaloutawa said "we do not want another election and we want him [Voreqe Bainimarama] to continue leading the country".
We are informed that Mr Qaloutawa has asked the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Land Force Commander Mosese Tikoitoga" to relay their call to the Prime Minister".
Can someone please visit this gentleman and educate him on why elections are held?
If Voreqe Bainimarama has provided the exceptionally good leadership that Mr Qaloutawa claims he has then he should have no problem in being elected in a free and fair democratic election.
That should happen so that the country can have democratic accountability in governance.
At the present time under his military installed government there is no democratic accountability and transparency in governance In Fiji.
THAT is not acceptable.
Not to the people of Fiji (notwithstanding what this village headman has to say) and not to the international community .
The headman needs to get that in his head.
rajend naidu

rajend naidu said...

Transparency International study - the Global Corruption Barometer 2013 - has made the finding that " Fifty-five per cent of Fijians surveyed responded that businesses and private sector were the most corrupt, followed by political parties at fifty per cent. Thirty nine per cent of Fijians placed public officials and civil servants as the third highest in terms of corruption in Fiji" (Fiji Sun 18/7).
If the finding is a fair reflection of the corruption situation in the country - and I think it is - then we need to ask what happened to the "clean up" the Bainimarama mob promised when they took over the country unlawfully in 2006?
The study simply confirms what is common knowledge to the people in Fiji.
What's more the big time corrupt people also strut about in the garb of respectability in Fiji.
That's the more shamefully feature of corruption in Fiji.
It's a typical third world phenomenon.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

To Anon UN fed up with fiji sex missions in in the name of Jesus Christ:

You saying do not judge, leave it to the lord. All you doing is cunningly using christianity to make excuses for bad and unlawful behaviour. So should we do away with the courts and legal systems? you should be ashamed of using religion to mask wrongdoing.

Anonymous said...

Sodelpa will win the 2014 election.

Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh said...

The person spewing anti-muslim venom on this site is rajesh 'free of charge' Singh, the dud, lying conning, false christian and ex-politician.

Asha Lakhan FLP propagandist said...

Disgraced journalist and long-time mahen chaudhry mistress Asha Lakhan is the Joseph Goebbels of the Fiji Labour Party. For those living under a rock, Goebbels was the Nazi Party's propagandist extraordinaire - he wrote the book on double-speak, lying, deception, etc.

Problem is that mahen is so morally corrupt, dishonest, and compromised and such a loser that no ones believes his bullshit anymore except perhaps his ever adoring asha.

Dharam Lingam said...

Anon@12.47. Geez asshole don't you know you were dropped by your mother into a toilet bowl? Lol that is why you always like talking about toilet paper.

epi said...

Today i was wondering why in the first place did the Union Heads give a thump up to Bainimarama when he committed that treasonous act in 2006?I tried to fathom why they did what they did...!!!?

I even came across indo Fijians taking food to the military check points as a show of appreciation in 2006.

This is the same Devil(RFMF) that was preached by Chaudry & Unions (Indo Fijian) in 87 & 2000 and now as blink of an eye a Savior to the former victims(indo Fijian-generally speaking )Chaudry himself.

Now as things proceeded further and with the twist and turn cycle things slowly changes the sight the motives the strategy the significant and the insignificant the creating of this and destroying of that the twist and turn cycle continues on and on...

Surprisingly the Unions heads were a lead role in shutting down the voices of the victims(citizens of this country)The draconian decree that follow suite is tantamount to their pre-plan all these moves.

The union members were confused,the commoner on the streets just hanging on for mere meal and rural dwellers[Villagers] were numbed when [RFMF]Bainimarama publicly swore at them and their chiefs.This is a totally new twist and turn events rapidly unfolding there after.

Something new came to the fold,new into political arena, when swearing and insulting comments flying and bulls-eyed into its intended target.No longer a political rumblings we used to for decades.

The last institution to stand up for the safety, security and stable democratic government crumbled in the very first twist and turn of events.

Where are the Union Heads now?have you people make accounts of your members who lost their employment as direct and in-direct results of your greedy action.Have you taken a bold move to suspend the member contribution still coming in.The Unions all over Fiji are dead!!!

The lot of you colluded with government now your members are the victims the very purpose of you being there in the first place to fight for justice on their behalf.Why not stop the subscription for the time being,for you know very well loud and clear the Unions in this country is no more!.

I hope the victims the survivors the side liners and rural dwellers would and all of us citizens of Fiji make a change from within us and take a positive single step forward and continue to do so in the betterment of our beloved nation.

Anonymous said...

Long live sewer Bainimagalevu
Long live FMF Flour Mills Fiji
Dharam Lick am Bhais balls

Anonymous said...

Who is fooling who? having been in business for as many years I have been I know better.

No commission - Swift
Publish date/time: 18/07/2013 [13:02]

Commission arrangements are never in place between airline companies and Airbus or Boeing relating to aircraft purchases or financing.

Acting Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Fiji Airways Aubrey Swift has made this clear after some politicians asked for clarification on whether any commission was received by anyone during the purchase of the three new A330s.

A United Front statement signed by Mick Beddoes, Laisenia Qarase, Mahendra Chaudhry, Raman Pratap Singh and Attar Singh said that they understand that commissions are paid in transactions for the purchase of a new aircraft.

They asked Fiji Airways to clarify whether any commission was paid out to anyone.

No evidence or information has been provided by the United Front to prove this.

As stated by Aubrey Swift, neither Fiji Airways nor Airbus have any commission arrangements during the sale and purchase of planes.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Raman Coke said...

Hahaha thats funny right there.... Bet Aubrey must jst luv the shyt left behind by Dave Jnr.

Anonymous said...

SODEPLPA will be lucky to get the votes next year if we go the elections.

There is no real leadership with Qarase out of the picture.

Anonymous said...

Anon@3.45pm That's why they got rid of Qarase, that leaves empty, hollow leadership.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh anti Muslim is doing time in his cold and freezing dairy shop poor dirty dog lol

Anonymous said...

4000 turn up for army recruitment drive

13:05 Today

Taken from/By: FBC
Report by: Apisalome Coka

About 4000 men and women flooded the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua, Suva today to sign up to join the military as it kicked off its recruitment drive.

RFMF Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga says they are overwhelmed by the turnout.

Interviews will be carried out until tomorrow.

Young men and women including high school students turned up as early as 5am today just to be first past the main gates.

The recruitment drive is also underway in Lautoka and Labasa.

About 900 people are likely to be selected.

Kaiviti said...

you can theorise, hypothesise, preach, rationalize, blamisise, or whatever about the Fijian army but the proven truth is that Fijian soldiers should just stick to their guns and stay in their barracks...they have absolutely NO role in politics, governance, social engineering, religion or morals because they are just glorified thugs with little education trained to shoot when ordered without thought.
Until the Fijian army gets that drilled into their block heads Fiji will suffer coup after coup and will set the world record for the most coups ever. no claim for fame for rugby prowess will make up for such a disgraceful medallion.
but the kaivitis will always vote for kaivitis and sodelpa is it.
so u kai india who have taken comfort tin the thought that the muslims have made Fiji a better and equitable place, don't be fooled. you cannot just decree change and force it. wrong move. u missed a real opportunity by failing to talanoa with the chiefs for change, instead u tell them to go and drink home brew under the mango tree...and refuse them to practice their Methodist church as they've done for years before government by kai indias...you will be in for a huge shock and blood and guts...sooner rather than later. Just watch. enjoy your freedom while u can.

Anonymous said...

But after just two days they then announce they are making arrangements to pay it.

Time wasters wanting the limelight to try and boost their failing support.

Anonymous said...

I have spoken to the village headman you referring to.
He said he said those things (ie no need for elections) so that he can get further work done to benefit his village. After his statement appeared in the Sun, the govt immediately re directed the digger to bury some muddy areas near the village and also clear other drains.
He said this is the only chance for work to be done as govt is dishing out benefits for election purposes just like SDL did for the agriculture scam. He said "SO WHATS THE BIG DEAL??"

Mark Manning said...

So so sad that a Fijian soldier died in Syria today. It is just because of curse from SODELPA members. Soldiers remember SODELPA is not for iTaukeis but themselves. From 1987 SODELPA is creating problem in Fiji. Time this party is deregistered.

Malaria said...

anon 458pm...so what is the big deal??
like rabuka said, Fiji is become a nation of PARASITES.
what a dive from Fiji the way the world should be or Fiji where u will find your happiness to Fiji where you will find ALL THE PARASITES U NEED....LOL SO FUNNY REALLY.
a country of thugs and parasites. free choice, either a thug or a parasite.

The Curse said...

sorry mark mate, the curse is from the vanua. get your facts right. only the mana of the chiefs can cast a spell. and when magaitinamu bainivuaka insulted them by ordereing that they have no place but under the mango tree drinking home brew, him and his soldiers were from that day on curse for life of seven generations.
there will be more and the Fiji army will come back home defeated and disgraced.

Anonymous said...

Reply by jokerr 9 hours ago

Mataqali Osea,

E dina taucoko na veika koni sa cauraka tiko me baleta na itosotoso lawaki ka qaseqase e vakayacora tiko na Matanitu usuraki qo -- na Military Regime.

Au sa raivotutaka tiko na nodratou ituvatuva ni sa na oti na veidigidigi ni 2014.

(a) Ena yaco walega na qaqa vei iratou na Matanitu qo ke'ra veidigitaki na lewe ni vanua era se lialia tiko ka vakabauta tu na veiliutaki lasulasu e caka tu qo.

(b) Ke ratou druka, sa na lesu tale o FB ki na keba as Commander ka laki vakararai tu mai me kua ni basuraki na vei-Lawa B.S. eratou sa vakadavora oti tu. ....That they can always march back in ( with guns)anytime and take over govt again.

(c) De sa na dina tiko beka ga na parovisai au a wasea tiko mai ena 3 na yabaki sa oti ni na tosoi tale na veidigidigi ki na 2018, se 2022 ka yavutaki ena dua na iulubale lokiloki me rawa ni ratou veiliutaki tikoga kina?

Mataqali, eda se sega ni rawa ni vuli tikoga na i-Taukei ena veika vakapolitiki ka sa yaco tiko mai Lybia, Egypt kei Syria ? Au sega tiko ni kila e cava eda se mataboko tikoga kina. Eda se tamata dadatuvu, rerere tiko beka? se .... Eda se kawa ni tamata lialia tiko beka ka levu ga noda vosa ? se .... Eda dau tokona ga na veika cala e caka tiko me rawa ni tawa tikoga kina na keteda ?

se .... Eda tamata veidabui, lotu lasulasu se bula tabetabe vei ira e tu e ligadra na kaukauwa vakaivalu ?

se ... Eda na qai yadra beka mai na moce na kawa iTaukei me rauta tale e 100 na yabaki se tu mai ki liu?

se .....Cava tale beka me caka meda kilai yaloda mai kina? se... Meda vosavosacataki ena kena ivakatagedegede lolovira sara me rawa nida cudru mai kina ?

Au sa sega ni kila na se dra vakacava sa curuma tu noda nave meda vakadonuya tu kina na butobuto era vakaolomataki keda tu mai kina o ira na liuliu ca, kocokoco, mai na 43 na yabaki sa sivi ( 1970 - 2013 )

Au sa sarava oti tu mai na nodra veiliutaki ca eso noda Turaga Bale kei ira eso noda TawaVanua( Alliance govt, SVT govt, SDL govt, Military govt ) Eda sa vakayagataki ga na lewenivanua meda ivakarawa-ni-ka ki na nodra bula, nodra matavuvale, nodra koro ......era sa kawa kecega ni tamata butabutako, bula loto kei na veivakaisini.

E dau tagi na yaloqu niu raici ira na noda, wekada ligalala nira cola-i-vua voli na veiqaravi mera tokona tu na nodra veiliutaki ca o ira yavu kaisi, bokola vaka-i-tamadra era mai gusugusu 'Jisu' lasulasu tiko ena gauna ni nodra veiliutaki.

Mai vei? E lailai se sega sega sara ga na dina ena nodra bula !

Au sa sega ni kila se gaunisala cava tale beka meda muria me rawa ni bula kina na noda kawa iTaukei ni se buwawa tu ga vaqo na noda rai ?

E se vo tu beka eso na kawa ni kai Viti vinaka ? Se sa curuoso tu na keteda ena 'Junk food' eratou sosomaka tu qori na Mataivalu ena noda @#&#"*#@ !

Anonymous said...

I read typical military tactic of divide and conquer in here. Labour has learned it's lesson and will stick with SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

One of the person who was instrumental in the sacking of top civil servants was Seremaia Tuiteci a former PSC staff.He was sacked during Qarases government reigns for unethical conduct.?He was also reported by his second wife whilst they were staying at Nailuva rd that he was trying to forcefully have sexual intercourse with his step daughter.the case did not proceed as he influence his wife the mother f his step daughter to chande her statement and the step daughter was not given a chance by her mother and Tuiteci to give her statement to police.Now, he is facing the consequence of his act. He now reap what he shaw and may he rot in prison,

Anonymous said...

I would vote for FLP if they had any other leader. While the bad smell is still hanging around (CHOR) they will continue to lose support.

Like father like son.

Anonymous said...

Chor and Frank have done a deal.

Anonymous said...

It seems that most of us are concern of their own individual interest other then the national interest of Fiji as a nation..Now we should know that no one is perfect in this world.some people are commenting of the leadership of previous governments and how they were governing our country.they may have not been perfect but the fact is during their leadership things were smoothly running and organised and the voice of the people were heard.they entered parliament legally and ruled according to the law of the land.We should praise them other than criticise them.That could not be said to the current regime be cause their existence is illegal and as such they are doing things according their own likings not to what the people want. They have no respect on the taukei 's tradition and culture. They filling their own pocket with taxpayers money and are appointing their own relatives and friends to take up high position in government.they do not care obout the poor people and a creating division and drawin wedges between the I taukei and their chiefs creating hater at amongst them .Bainimarama and his regime are slowly and surely destroying us the native Fijian as a race by taking away our identity I.e outr tradition,culture,land and our faith the very thing that hold the morale standard of our living so we should be focusing on the current regime other than reflecting on bygones because the current illegal regime is been hanging on to power u necessarily .They should be removed either legally or illegally

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is why is Legal Aid still taking out Probate for people whose Estate values are $50000 to $100000 ??---Can corrupt Sunil Sharma explain.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:01 PM

The only one that can allow the loss of your identity, culture and faith is you.

Perhaps it was not that strong to start with ? Are you so weak as to allow others to change you so easily.

Anonymous said...

anon 915pm u talk shit.
kaiyum and baini has just done away with the Fijians culture etc by their illegal decrees without the Fijians having any say in it.
so stop your racist shit mate.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:44 AM

If you consider 9:15 PMs comment as racist you have a problem that no one else is going to solve but you.

Are you so dumb that you have to accuse racism for everything that you fail in.

Anonymous said...

Resistance to Frank and Aiyaz has to begin somewhere...



Anonymous said...

Vilimoni and your Pal both thick and empty head only fit to do things when given order wether right or wrong you still follow those order showing that you are no better than lunatics so Binimarama is your saviour because you are birds of the same feathers

Anonymous said...

Sekove the former president has no mandate of taking over the government. The mandate of the coup belongs to Bainimarama.Bainimarama gave the coup plan to the President and the plan followed the General Musharaf Pakistani model of the coup. Bainimarama was forcing the then president to accept the plan which he did but the then vice president Ratu Jone advice the Military ie Bainimarama that what they plan to do was wrong and it is treason. They can call it clean up or what ever name it is still a coup and it is treason.Bainimarama does not like the advice of the vice president and went a head do the coup so that it clear cut case and evidence against Bainimarama.Sekove you know only coward people blame the dead for what they have done. Tell Bainimarama to be a man and face the consequence of his act. There is tons of evidence to prove what Bainimarama was doing with his collaborators before, during and after the coup. We will produce those evidence in court when the dust sattles so soldier boy start bracing yourself and startlooking for a best lawyer as your defence council but you cant use Nazhat,Saister,Kaiyun because you will be charged with them.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tikoitoga you can attract 100,000 in your recruitment drive but how many do you need? only 900.Remember there is no other source of employement available military only Remenmber Tikoitoga the institution belongs to Fiji it is not yours or Bainimaramas.Do not be mistaken that people are comming in due to the popularity of the institution they are seeking for a job. The risk that arrises from here is that the military will use those names to rigg the election result

Anonymous said...

Spot on. And who took all the jobs away and destroyed the currency and the economy. Army is the last chance to earn some money. Nice work Frank.

Anonymous said...

People like Veniasi Qaloutawa are a major concern for Fiji.

People who think of themselves alone rather than the greater good.

Chiefs who would slaughter the neighbouring village and steal their food.

Most Fijians live in the 21st century. Veniasi Qaloutawa lives in the ancient past.

Frank should make VQ suck on his balls in public. If he is going to act and speak like a selfish whore he might as well act like it.

Nice work RN. Keep exposing these morons who take sides for a few bucks. My vote is not for sale.

Anonymous said...

So Mr Illegal Prime Minister ,You want to remain in Power ?You have tasted the sweetness of power and you are reluctant to put .it down for a fair challenge and fight for it.The problem is that you obtain that power illegally but if you think you have done a good job and people support you then go through the legal way election and let the people decide. Reminder you still got a debt to clear not payable by cash or cheque but through concious in a court of law.

Fijiwala said...

FLP your time is up. You have fooled people for long enough. It is now catching up to you. So make yourself scarce. MPC and RPC need to find a real job instead of ripping off poor farmers and poor.

Neech, harami, exploitative Chaudhry clan said...

FLP time is truly up.
Mahen 'Chorwa' Chaudhry preach transparency and accountability.
But the hypocrite practice nepotism and corruption.
Appointed in-law Sachida (toilet cleaner) Nand Sharma senator.
Raised over $3m in name of poor under FLP brand.
Shamelessly stashed all monies in private account.
Generously gifted his beti $50k.
Gifted beta rajen house in Sydney.
Pay rent for girlfriend Asha Lakhan's flat where they kama sutra each other.
But never donate cent to poor.
Yet calls himself robin hood and champion of the poor.
But only use poor to line his pockets and feather his nest.
Exploitative Chaudhry clan known as neech, harami (low down) crooks among indos.

Fijiana said...

Let’s look at Mahendra Pal Chaudhry’s record:

1)Chaudhry is dead against the 1997 constitution. One of Rabuka’s demands with Jai Ram Reddy was that Mr. Reddy to convince Indian Government to support readmission Fiji to Commonwealth. Mr. Reddy flies to Delhi, meets with the Indian officials, convinces them that the proposed constitution was better than all the previous constitutions. Indian government accepts Mr. Reddy’s suggestion and agrees to back Fiji’s readmission. No sooner Mr. Reddy leaves Delhi, Chaudhry arrives in Delhi and tells the Indian officials that this was the worst constitution and asks not to support. This is the same constitution under which Chaudhry was Prime Minister for one year. Now in 2012 Chaudhry says that 1997 constitution should not be scrapped. Come on Chaudhry make up your mind.

2)Appoints his son Rajendra Chaudhry as his personal secretary. This is a civil servant position. No application was called for.

3)Mahendra refuses to move into PM’s official residence. Reason given was that he would not stay in the same residence that Rabuka lived in.

4)Proceeds to renovate his personal residence at the expense of the tax payers of Fiji. The renovation costs in neighborhood of $170,000. In Fiji one could have a mansion built for that amount.

5)Upon complication of renovation, Chaudhry decides that there should be a new PM’s official residence build.

6)Chaudhry gets caught with his pants down (literally) with one Asha Lakhan in the PM’s office by the TEA LADY.

7)Chaudhry deviates from the list of nominated Senators passed by the FLP board. Puts the names of his family members and friends, submits the list to the President on a late Friday afternoon and flies off to China.

8)When the board members find out of the substituted list, board members approach the President and submit the nomination list passed by the board. Chaudhry returns from China and suspends all those board members that went to see the President.

9)Chaudhry refuses to accept the Opposition Party Leader’s position in 2006. Refuses to move out of the Opposition Party office. After a long bickering and being a cry baby, Mr. Mick Beddoes decides that he had bigger fish to fry and was not worth his time to be wasted with petty issues of Chaudhry.

I can go on and on with the list. But I am sure you readers have got my point. Will you call this man a “Leader” as he prefers to be called? Will you trust this man to lead our beloved country? This self-centered, egotistic SOB has no place in Fiji’s political arena.

chorwa mahen chaudhry said...

Great job fijiwala for exposing mahen chorwa chaudhry for the crook, unprincipled, immoral man that he is. In his selfishness and greed he has relentlessly screwed Fiji (and Asha Lakhan too, but in a different context of course).

Indo-Fijian voters partly to blame because they can't see beyond their nose and still have uttar pradesh peasant mentality and gravitate around a leader who makes a bit of noise and treat him like bhagwan. Chaudhry just has to promise 5 cents increase in cane price and cane farmers ready to vote him in.

Chaudhry cunningly preyed on simpleton cane farmers. In their greed farmers discarded principled leaders like Reddy. many farmers paid the price but like their stupid cows I won't be surprised if they vote the chor in yet again - perhaps chorwa mahen and laalchi (greedy) cane farmers deserve each other.

Mahen aur Asha, tota maina ke kahani said...

Problem is mahen have two kitchen, that's why can't think straight. When man think with his dick instead of his brain, he is on the way down. mahen too much chodo banau with Asha Lakhan!

Anonymous said...

Why should wee bother of the military because they are not the Fiji Military.that military belongs to Bainimarama ,! Kaiyum and the illegal regime . They are not protecting the people of Fiji instead they are going against their will.but they should realise that they are paid the people whom they are against by forcefully taking over the government they elect..so Dhram Lingam can you educate you r military so that they know their roles and functions towards the people of Fiji and the government because is suffering due to their lack knowledge

Anonymous said...

Why should wee bother of the military because they are not the Fiji Military.that military belongs to Bainimarama ,! Kaiyum and the illegal regime . They are not protecting the people of Fiji instead they are going against their will.but they should realise that they are paid the people whom they are against by forcefully taking over the government they elect..so Dhram Lingam can you educate you r military so that they know their roles and functions towards the people of Fiji and the government because Fiji is suffering due to their lack knowledge

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you so right there bro/sis.
if only the young and overseas Fijians started thinking about this fact seriously.

Anonymous said...

Certainly, I do agree that someone is hiding the truth considering the amount owed to the FNPF as deposits of the 3 new planes also taking into account the recession and the decline in Fiji's dollar value due to devaluation.How can t he national carrier make profit. We can not point figures as our country is going through a tranaseasonal period where all the lies are true and truth is not entertain and you become an enemy if you tell the truth..but it shoul be noted that the truth can not be hidden and it always prevail.

Anonymous said...

Now informations of Naliva and Rokoura also on the take big time is soothing expected.They are the two jokers who are there to destroy or eliminate anyone who tries to obstruct or go against Bainimarama their boss. Their boss is helping himself filling his pocket left,back and right from taxpayers money and under the table from Investers and business people and other kick backs why not the jockers have been watching it so they are also in the loupe following their boss's foot steps.Civil servants seeing it but who is strong enough to stand up against it risking their life . This is the truth,

Anonymous said...

anon@8:28am...do you have some solid evidence about this?
Bainimarama & his gangs of thieves
can be charged at the International Court of Justice in the Netherland.
If you can find some proofs that the bastard is stealing etc,
may be Mr Jai Ram Ready-
who is a current judge in that high court,we could urge him
to take up our peoples
case to this
international court of justice?
willing to go there and persuade
some of these International Judges
including Mr Jai Ram Readdy, to file the charges
against these illegal thugs in Fiji?

mahen chaudhry & FLP deceit said...

Haha, no surprise FLP paid registrar's office after pretending to hold back payment on principle. This type of deceit is typical of mahen. In the 1990s FLP promised to boycott elections on 'principle', only to register in the last minute. Typical chorwa mahen style political gimmick to fool the people. But people getting tired of it and hating FLP for it.

Unknown said...

Somedays you just have to create your own sunshine :)

Unknown said...


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