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Thursday, July 18, 2013

One for the grog bowl

No Constitution, no political party or the required 5,000 members, no details either about assets and liabilities. In fact, no legal mandate whatsoever .... just a whole lot of naked ambition and posturing.


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Anonymous said...

Uro ga na P.M.lol

Blade Runner said...

I was told he had fled naked through the cassava patch in 2000. It seems old habits die hard

Magaijinamu Bainimarama said...

Picture perfect.

Cassava patch dash champ.

Anonymous said...

CICI TU!!!!!!!!!! CICILEVU!!!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama!!! Muaimuri vakana muaimuri ni Elifaniti... Kani vutusonataki tiko ina keba vei Khaiyum, Moceke Tikoisona, Naliva, Leweni, Rokoura kei o cei na tamata sarisari yago ca ya?? o Naupoto na mata vakamaqe, vaka na rairai ni tamata tauvi AIDS.

Anonymous said...

Qauri qase.

Anonymous said...

Isa, cici tu qo na QAURI QASE, kedra i vutu na sotia mai Delainabua... Sa matau tu na cici luvawale, kani cici luvawale mai na veitavioka i Nabua na yabaki 2000... Running Naked is still in his blood!!!!

Muri mada said...

can u imagine the fella seeing his picture like this....he swear like hell then sack someone.
good one coup4.5

Anonymous said...

Don't know which worse this or the uggggly home clothes he wears when he's officiating overseas

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate him with all my nerves, I don't see any relevance in this photograph - if it was real then I can understand - we are doing nothing to our own self-respect by making up such photos by using photoshop. Come on c4/5 have self-restraint

Dharam Lingam said...

His left hand should be on his ass with a finger up his asshole lol Aiyarsehole should be his running mate, but then again I don't want to be traumatized for life having to see these two bastards naked lol

Anonymous said...

Anon@8.31am It's so-called good folk like yourself that is making it easy for this regime to be still in power even though it keeps breaking promises. Do you think Bai and Khaiyum are fighting fair and stop to think ' oh, this is not right, we shouldn't be doing this.' Duhhhh.

Anonymous said...

Ten good reasons why Frank deserves to have his ass whipped

1) Frank took control without a mandate in 2006
2) Frank abrogated the 1997 Constitution
3) Frank made himself PM
4) Frank burnt Yash Ghai draft Constitution after telling the people they would have a say
5) Frank is paying himself huge money despite saying he is cleaning up Feejee
6) Frank has empowered Khaiyum to create laws that are an abuse of human rights and in the interests of themselves and their supporters
7) Frank has killed people in the interest of gaining and staying in power
8) Frank has condoned the torure of Fiji citizens
8) Frank is trying to crush political parties so he has no opposition
9) Frank is trying to strip itaukei of their land
10) Frank is a dictator who will never allow the people of Fiji their freedom because he loves the power

Anonymous said...

Naked emperor on the run down cassava patch

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum photo should be here.lol

Anonymous said...

Muslim taken over of fiji now.Church been silenced and dumb army and police are following khaiyum orders.wake up last days are coming .our christians are targeted by muslims. islam is spreading its wing all over the world with muslim brotherhood.

Anonymous said...

Leader of the Cassava Patch Party (CPP) hahahahhahahaha... Isa !

Anonymous said...

The Original State of Fiji home run.


LMAO. Good one Coup 4.5 !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA made in Fiji for Fijians. For home use purpose.

Vilimoni said...

This picture by SODELPA supporters is below the belt. Since 1987 we the i-Taukeis are suffering due to Alliance-Taukei Movement-SVT-SDL and now SODELPA policies. I am a senior army officer and tell my ordinary Fijians that Bainimara government has opened eyes of the iTaukeis. The chiefs and the politicians used the iTaukies for their political advantages in past. The biggest winners were the indo-business people. Let me remind the SODELPA supporters that Army is behind Bainimara and the majority people are with him.

Useless cowboys said...

vilimone boy stop blaming the politicians. its gun toting cowboys like u army thugs are the problem for your people and the rest of the races. what gives u the right to determine whats best for the people. you have no education and no moral standing and integrity to govern the peoples of Fiji. there are no winners only loosers u morons. stop blaming the ka india too. we voting for sodelpa. until u guys shove your guns up yours and wank yourselves at the barracks Fiji will be shit like ur asshole commanders. so shove the barrel up urs mate.

Vilimoni Anus said...

Vilimoni Anus, obviously you're an uneducated wannabe son of a bitch because you claimed you're a senior army officer, but you don't even know who the commander is. FYI asshole, it's Bainimarama NOT Bainimara. I think you're a senior ass licker hahahaha

The Laughing Fijians said...

vilimoni boy, Bainimarama only opened the eyes of the Fijian soldiers, not the majority of the kaivitis. u should open ur eyes instead of ur ass to him.

and anon 8.31am, get ur finger out of ur ass. u mite see the funny side of this great photo. its the peoples turn to shove it up the naked emperor. not often do we get such and opportunity. go on c4.5, sent this photo viral.

Anonymous said...

if u think this one is funny, u should see the one in discombombulated bubu....lol

Anonymous said...

please forward this to FICAC as a official complaint. Mary Bainimarama
should be investigated for the supply of flowers to the P M'S office.

Anonymous said...

Vilimonis comment that most of the people are supporting Bainimarama. Please be informed and inform Bainimarama that come election only military will support him as the rest of f Fijis population supports SODLEPA. Tell Bainimarama not to be jealous about our chiefs and all we ask from him is for him to set the stage for election quickly as he is getting late and delayed. Because come the election Bainimarama and his goons are gone and if there is another coup be rest assured that there will be blood bath.this is serious and nota joke

Anonymous said...

vilimoni is not kaiviti. he is kaiyum's and tappoos gang just telling their usual lies.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.31am, try "the emperor has been running naked, with no clothes on the last 7 years?"

It's very unfortunate, but the longer Fiji's dictator holds on to power that was never his to have in the first place; the longer the keeps a people, a nation and their sovereignty under siege, the more you will see these types of images to ridicule the dictator, emerging.

Fiji is NOT UNIQUE in this regard..

It tells you that people have NO RESPECT whatsoever for the dictator and his band of thieves, and why should they when they've been robbing them blind the last 7 years. Even the wives are up to their neck in scams. Tragic lot.

Anonymous said...

Vilimoni me rauta mada na sonalevutaki SODELPA jiko. Mo nanuma tiko 99.9% ni kaiviti e sega ni duavata kei kemu i vutu o bainivore.


Mohammed Aziz said...

How can people ridicule my army commander like this? Note the Fijian Army is still united and strong under our current leader. In the latest recruitment drive we had thousands applying for positions. We are not uneducated lots like SODELPA politicians. We have doctors, engineers, IT personnel's in the military force.

Anonymous said...

Fiji dictatorship stinks from the head... ali baba & his forty thieves are tight, no prizes for guessing why.

wadana said...

I will continue to contribute positively against him and his leadership.Till today i strongly oppose to all his propaganda and really hate him to death for that.

He act stupidly lately in view of the short time available for him before election and all the government mechanism is disorganized and not coordinated perfectly.Khaiyum is driving Fiji to the election no question about that.

He seems to have no consideration about the affairs of Fiji island.Is he trying to plant some flowers and decorate the country so international communities will love him for that?

The whole nation is looking forward to the election but he still continue rowing his boat far far away from his responsibility.

Both his hands is on the opposition parties and media and church[Methodist] this is non sense.He's trying his best to mushel his way in so to controlling the masses.

A free mason tactic of total controlis unfolding in Fiji.Until today he's not confident enough to let a green light into election and free the media.He is holding it tightly against his chest and deliberately scanning the surrounding environment!!!.

Today i can say 90% of my suspicious that there will be no election but a care taker government where he will be our nation's President and he will pick out from top military academia and from civil society a team to function the Civil Service engine room for another five years.

At this very moment this illegal thug are working 24/7 in dismantling political parties trying to destroy all and everything and cause disunity amongst them. so, its easy for them to manipulate each individual.

I will put Bainimarama ,Chaudry and Khaiyum in one basket from now.The trio are fully functioning at this moment and their propaganda is working well carrying them so far till today.

Each of this individual know exactly what they did wrong and they can not absorb that it's their misdemeanor and it's their personal greed that throw them into this whirl pool of grandness.This is done in the full view and scrutiny by the Fiji public.

They[the three & others]are desperate to find a lee way to escape for they know the four walls around them are showing signs of collapsing over them sooner or later.

It is too late now for the people at large can read and understand each individuals tactic,background ,history and manipulative craftiness in mingling it with politics of emotions.

Now,situation can be created from nothing, they can grab it from thin air and remedy will be there just as fast as they created it,a tactic to prolong national election and cemented a hold on to power to cover their asses if escape route not yet ready.

This is why i am saying that it will be another five years but as a care taker government.This will be done to propel the current PM to be the President of Fiji taking with him political and military authority.

In all countries all over the world the free mason head will be in the Justice system a last resort to all humanity at large to take their grievances.

You will experience that some major cases and individual when comes to justice system in Fiji sometimes produce a questionable results.It is meant to be that way.

They respect the law but it will always lean towards their kind in all cases brought infront of them.They collaborate and have a work ethic amongst them the critical path to justice is accessible to the public but the last say is theirs.

In this case i will put Mr A.Gate into the basket and make a quartet of a force to reckon with by Fiji.

But for this picture i excused myself from it,I respect him as a fellow human for we were created by GOD to be in his image and after his likeness we were created male and female.On my behalf I'm sorry for this picture Bai.

Anonymous said...

Mohammed maybe if you pull your head from your army commander's rear you will see that employment opportunities are scarce in Fiji. When our bros, sons, sisters and daughters recruit into bainimagana's army it don't mean they support him, it's the only job there is.

Bainimagana looks natural in that pic.

Anonymous said...

Mohammed you stupid idiots. The only reason they turn up in full is that they are desperate for work!.

Under normal government, only the real desperate joined the Army!

Anonymous said...

Our past PM's will all be remember as brave leaders. Ratu Mara. Rabuka. Chaudary who was held hostage never faulted.
But Frank...
No matter how much he thinks he is the PM, commands a Military, Leader of a Country, Emperor or whatever bullshit he tries to tell his grandchildren...the people of Fiji will always remember him as the COWARD who fled when the first shot was fired and did not have the guts to rally the forces to fight back against the attacking CRW. The truth is he RAN. Frank is a COWARD. Soldiers know when Frank did his first stint in Middle East...He shat himself when the post came under attack. Soldiers always laugh when they talk about the experience. FRANKY is a COWARD and we have a COWARD for a PM. Always Remember that FRANK cause we know you tend to check this blog every now and than...Despite everything your doing...PEOPLE LAUGH AND JOKE ABOUT YOU FRANKY BOY...RUNNING THROUGH THE CASSAVA PATCH SHITTING YOURSELF....YOU WERE BORN A COWARD AND WILL DIE A COWARD. Like all COWARDS...hide behind the Military who is paid not by you but by the people of Fiji for services that is Treasonous. Remember the banana plant cannot stop a bullet and neither can the cassava branch and leaf. So enjoy your moment of glory for you will be exposed and in the annul records of FIJI be remembered for a COWARD, TREASONOUS THIEF.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1.27pm, you said, "But for this picture i excused myself from it,I respect him as a fellow human for we were created by GOD to be in his image and after his likeness we were created male and female".

And that is why so much time has been extended to him and his cronies, in good faith by an extremely patient public - and that has consistently being squandered.

Sad... given that it hasn't been difficult for the perceptive public to see how EVIL has reigned over the compromised dictator & cronies - when they turned to $$$ as their GOD.

Mercy always features after repentance, not before..

Anonymous said...

This is a real blow to bainimaramas ego........people don't respect this ulukau dicktator

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was meant for you "wadana", my comment @ 1.55pm.

Liumuri Frank said...

wadana, that's crap. the thief will never hand over power to anyone. the president of Fiji is just a stooge. the commander of the army is the man with the power cos he got the boys with the guns. they can remove anyone, including the president,,just like the thief did with ratu mara. there will be no elections u rite there but the same regime will continue on in the same ways as it is doing now, same people with more power.
but that will change when enough thugs in the army turn against him like he did to the crw soldiers. he will betray kaiyum and shameem and gates to save his ass once again. but he is not smart enough to protect himself so it will backfire on him and he will become the culprit while the other three culprits become the saviours of Fiji. frank got no exit strategy. he is a dumb soldier. all he knows is strait ahead even if his head wil be shot off his shoulders. that's his style. that's why all these more recruits so he can give them good pay and keep them loyal to him. Fiji the land of the parasites.

Anonymous said...

OK People,let me see if i can say this to you with a straight face?
Fuck you all,just remember this,i am the Man!
Whether you like it or not,I am the Prime Minister of Fiji
and you can call me names and all
that, but i invite you all to come
out and give me your view points,on
what you want to do about the election?
As a believer in democracy
i invites you to take parts in the
current democratic process in Fiji?
We want to elect a good person to
run our nation?
So instead of considering to re-elect the old
crooked politicians of yester-years
why don't we elect everyone in my
camp to run Fiji for the next 4 years?
Why should we want to go to
the poll, let's just declare who would be the winner and who is currently doing a good job running our country?
Hey what more do you wants?I've bring home a lots of money from China,India,Europe,
east,Pacific Islands,Africa and all
those dump leaders who want to listen to my plea?

Dharam Lingam said...

Vilimoni asshole, respond you asshole...unless you're Mohammed Assis commenting earlier. You're such a fucking joke vilimoni, claiming to be a senior officer in the army yet you don't know the commanders name hahaha

wadana said...

@anon 1:55pm
yes,exactly i agree with you Sir/ Madam.I am in view of continuing doing good,in this way we are putting fire on his head!!!

Yes,he squandered and takes to notice at all in the critical valley of his mountainous reign!!People on the valley are suffering and economically stripped off from everywhere.

He is no where to be move for he is too high up the mountain and mountain do ever move??

Let us humble and pray a fervent prayer and continue doing good deeds.Let us together with believed and have faith as preached by saints in churches that will move mountains with the help of GOD.
It doesn't mean you sit back and watch,you actively make moves and do your part GOD will put everything together on our behalf.

Remember good deeds reign over evil!!!

Anonymous said...

Can we have some picture of naked fat bitch mary kean and her piglets too please? It'll be sight to behold to see them all scurrying after their dad with shit oozing out of his gaping butthole!!

wadana said...

@Liumuri Frank 2:10pm

Yes ,Sir/Madam to you its a crap but to my opinion i don't expect the staus quo to continue as usual.The faster we approaching election the more negative propulsion emanating from the illegal regime.

There will be rumbling in the judiciary system and ministers & PS will have to lay a policy which will map a "get away route" for the illegal elite.

If this is not done forget about election!

It will look as if it is a development plan but in real it is a frog leap to escape justice.

For the past six or seven years all they were doing is band-aid solution and at the same time openly ignoring corruption activities popping up everywhere making use of the political situation.

They were blind folded of the $$$$$$naire elite so now they are on the same wave length.

In that sense i want to tell you that billionaires,millionaires do thrive in countries where political situation is pragmatic,moral vales at negative fold and strangled economic power.

Yes,i did mentioned Bai climb up a notch and will be our President.Did i mentioned handing over power???nahh!!I mentioned taking political and military authority with him,yes ,exactly that.
So,he can be a commander,commander in chief,President,PM,and Minister of multiple portfolio.

We had witnessed to the unbelievable incidence unfolding since. so, why not in the future!!

Sir/Madam you have a liberty at will to call it a crap!!

btw to anon 1:57pm how should i address both of you a she/he.?

Anonymous said...

Please anon 4.34pm sa rauta, no more naked pictures that leaves very little to the imagination! We might have to all shield our eyes when we see them next in town.

Sharing with you all some favourite verses from from the good old book, this bible happens to belong to my dear late grandfather...

"Psalm 90 - God the Protector of the Just:

You who dwell in the shelter of the Most High, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty, say to the Lord: "My refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust."

For he will deliver you from the snares of the hunters, from the deadly plague. He will protect you with his wings... for he has given his Angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. In their hands shall they bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.

Because he clung to me, I will free him; I will protect him because he has known my name. He shall call upon me and I will hear him; I will be with him in tribulation, will deliver him and honour him." Amen.

@ wadana 3.58pm - thank you.

Anonymous said...

Bula wadana @ 4.52pm, that'll be "she" thanks.

Anonymous said...

Bigger problem up ahead ... while Frank Magana sleeps and dances away ... get ready for influx of illegal immigrants ...

Mohammed Saneem said...

My IT experts are monitoring this site. We will track down all anti-government bloggers.

You will all deserve what you get. When I take over as Attorney General I will make sure you are all severely punished.

Fiji is finally being run properly and all you can do is complain.

I am watching you.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could say 'Isa Voceke', but my good judgement says otherwise!!
This is what will eventually happen to you - you will be paraded NAKED, you will be publicly ridiculed, you will be publicly spat on etc etc.

Anonymous said...

What a fat arse for a skinny man!!
But then I guess it is from the kick arse that the Chinese have been doing to the bainimagana!!

Anonymous said...

OMG he should have gone to a boys boarding school.We would have really really ENJOYED him!! OUCH

Mohammed Anus Saneem said...

Mohammed Saneem, you're just like that asshole Vilimoni, both uneducated wannabes and full of shit. I'd like to meet you in person so my fist can extract your dentures.

Anonymous said...

"It doesn't mean you sit back and watch, you actively make moves and do your part".

Are you doing your part?


Anonymous said...

Rauti iko sonalevu Voreqe!! Na ka gona o vinakata, magaitinamu!

Anonymous said...

E dua na ka e basika tiko mai na nona i muamuri!
Qo e sa i karua ni ka e yacovi koya,
E sa qai vo na i katolu ni ka me qai vekaci koya kina vaka dua!!

Vereti said...

Totoka dina na gutuwa caka tu o geti...fatty vinaka na muna

The Doctor said...

Mohammed Saneem was brought to hospital a few days ago to have the sperm removed from his stomach and bowels.

We think he has spent to much time with Mr Gates and Mr Madigan.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Qo edua na i vukivuki ni meke vula!!
Ha!!ha!!ha!!ha!!..Wai..kau na step ka na moqe ma tiko vei kemudrau,rau.

Anonymous said...

You thieving rotten apples in the dictator's barrel are worse. Now show us the money trail since '07 or don't bother to come screaming in here.

Anonymous said...

This so funny. People making excuses for Frank and worried about his modesty but he don't give a damn about the law or the people. Now who is living in dreamland?

Anonymous said...

watch out dakuwnka is back from the dead.
yes wanka, are u doing your part?

Anonymous said...

To Vilimoni
Hey Pal,you are so right in your comments.I fully support each and every word you say.Have a good one bro.

Lon Live Saviour Bainimarama
Long Live FMF

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama seems to be more Hitler-ish than Napoleonic by the looks of this picture....run franky run!

Anonymous said...

God there are some stupid people on this site. Mohammed Saneem? As if. Ha ha ha. Dunderhead.

Anonymous said...

There should be a shot too from the front! What say?

Vilimoni said...


RFMF is for everyone. We are there for the interest of everyone in Fiji. We don't differentiate people according to race, colour, sex, etc. We are trying to build Fiji as a robust economy. Remember the good old days from 1970 t0 1987. SODELPA people are our people and we want them to clear their minds with the misconceptions they have about us. RFMF is still a respected institution. In our latest recruitment drive we attracted nearly 5000 applicants for 500 jobs. We took over Fiji under the doctrine of necessity to clean up the mess.

Anonymous said...

more like doctrine of necessity to save bainimaganas fat ass

Anonymous said...

19yr old catches recruitment officers’ attention
Publish date/time: 19/07/2013 [16:57]

Print this page
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A 19 year old from Dravuni village in Kadavu has caught the attention of the recruitment officers at the Republic of Fiji Military Forces headquarters after showing his determination to join the Army.

Director of Human Resources Management Lt Col Litea Seruiratu said the young Dravuni villager who is a former Marist Brothers High School student came by boat from Dravuni in Kadavu to catch the Lomaiviti Princess in Vunisea last night.

Seruiratu said from the 1,666 candidates that have been processed, the Kadavu man has caught their attention.

Seruiratu added that some of the candidates were waiting at the front gate of Queen Elizabeth Barracks at 3 o’clock this morning.

The names of the new recruits will be released in two weeks time and they are expected to march into camp early next month.

450 territorial forces places are available this year while another 450 will be chosen for next year.

Over 5,000 people have gone through the recruitment interviews so far in Suva, Lautoka and Labasa.

Story by: Rusiate Baleilevuka

Anonymous said...

Turnout changes plans
July 19, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom
Potential recruits wait in line at the Duke of Edinburgh Barracks in Lautoka yesterday. Photo: WAISEA NASOKIA

Potential recruits wait in line at the Duke of Edinburgh Barracks in Lautoka yesterday. Photo: WAISEA NASOKIA


The overwhelming turnout for the Republic of Fiji Military Forces’ (RFMF) recruitment drive in the three centres around the country has made the military cancel a planned second one.
Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, told the Fiji Sun yesterday that more than 5000 youths had reported for recruitment in the three centres – Suva, Labasa and Lautoka, and by today they expected to have 8000 – 10,000.
He said Cabinet had approved two recruitment drives, one for this year and the other next year for the recruitment of 900 to join the Territorial Force (TF).
However, the Land Force Commander said with the overwhelming response they would select 450 for this year and another 450 for next year in this recruitment.
“We don’t need to have another recruitment drive as we will select the 450 required for this year and the other 450 for next year from this recruitment,” Colonel Tikoitoga said.
For the first 450, he said 225 will march in for their 12 week training in August and the second lot will march in, in November.
“After this training they be will enlisted to TF and wait for their deployment.”
He said they would need to attend weekend camps while waiting.
Colonel Tikoitoga applauded the good response to the recruitment drive and said it had sent a positive message to the United Nations of Fiji’s willingness to participate in peacekeeping duties.
He said with the current level of Territorial Force Numbers, Fiji would not have been able to fulfill the UN peacekeeping demands, which is why the latest recruitment was necessary.
Currently the Territorial Force Numbers are amongest those are engaged in peacekeeping duties in the Golan Heights and Sinai.

Anonymous said...

"The 33-year-old State of Origin streaker has been charged with wilful and obscene exposure and entering or remaining on a playing field without authorisation."

This is exactly what Frank Bainimarama has done.

Give Fiji back to its people, Bainimarama!

Sekove said...

Bainimarama never took over the government of Fiji in 2006. It was the late President. Get your facts right. He is following basically the President's mandate.

Anonymous said...


Hiding behind a senile old president who is now deceased is even worse than treason. Face it like a man if you're worth your salt, you rotten scoundrel.

Anonymous said...

Sekove is another thick empty head who does not know what he is talking about.On the evening of December 5th 2006 Bainimarama came out live on Fiji TV informing the nation that he has reluctantly taken over the government and as such he has put his feet into the president shoes. Now when Bainimarama said that he was actually saying that he has taken over the executive authority of Fiji and who has the executive authority? It the President Ratu Josefa Iloilo so how cam the president take over the governmenr ? come on soldier boy do your home work and get your facts right you idiot

Anonymous said...

Reading Maika Bolatini's comments..

Seems like Franky Boy is selling the Lolohea sales pitch to the poor Fijian Boys in the village with promise of money, Pride and Glory for a TOD to Golan Heights and other deployments.

What training do they get...12 week BASIC INFANTRY Training.

Wow that should get them ready for seasonal fighters...

Oh hold on...by the way they train for 12 weeks as TF than go home and wait for deployment...

I have said it before and I will say it again.....Our boys will be coming home in Body Bags or Missing Body Parts...

By the way the body shot fits FRANKS MUG.

Fungi said...

@ anon 9:11 PM

You are kidding right. Your dictatorship does not allow for anyone to have a sense of humour.

This stuff must hurt you spin doctor assholes. You are your criminal cohorts have very thin skins. Why is that? A bit paranoid are you?

Presidential Punter said...

@ Sevoke

Just like Nellie the Cow, the former President is a rubber stamp.

Nellie will allow them to destroy anything as long as they give him some scotch and pay his gambling debts.

The pres. can only act on advice moron.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sum1 plse tell toilet guy no one reading his comment

BaddaBoom BaddaBong said...

hahaha someone not sitting well lol!.....the name SODELPA keeps prodding your big ass lol...... be very afraid SODELPA is coming to get you :):):):)

Anonymous said...

Sekove the president acted on bainimaganas ill intent advise to save his fat sona...iloilo and nailatikau are mere puppets, we all know that

Vutuki Sovea said...

SODELPA will come get you Sorby.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the high recruitment drive that is stirring up the military, is really a preparation for election 2014. This department of government can just spend government money like it is their personal fund. It does not believe in a budget, it has been busting budgets all along since 2006, while the other governmentdepartments strenously maintain theirs.

Which government department can recruit personnel like the army, no, no, no one.
It is because we are ruled by a military regime.
Just go down to CWM hospital and look at the wards there. I wonder if the Ministry of Health can improve the facilities there with the money used to recruit, pay, feed and equipt all these personnels for these missions. The Health ministry cannot overspend by $80 million, as the army did. No, no, no one can, we are investing in the wrong kind of service with the small resources that we have. Our priorities are all wrong.
We pay for our leaders fare to talk trade with the wrong country when we really went for another reason, what a farce, we end up losing both.
The people want jobs, tha's why they are arriving in thousandsat thecamp. They want to work, and take money home to their families.
We need decnt work here while they are with there families. Upgrading hospitals, schools, roads and bridges, building more houses for our low income urban workers so they do not build houses for themselves in Veidogo, Jittu, Veisari.
Let's first build peace and comfort at home before we attempt to give peace and comfort elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

the dictator of fiji has showed his arse to the people of fiji and to the international community
and continues to do so without any real check
what a shame!

Anonymous said...

one fijian tells us in his letter to the fiji times that he is so proud of his fijian culture, tradition and identity that's why he is living in canberra australia !! (letter by savenaca save FT 20/7)
he is proud because one fijian soldier sat on the floor after meeting the Queen to show his respect.
where was that fijian culture of respect when another soldier the first coup conductor rabuka unceremoniously dumped the Queen when he unilaterally declared Fiji a republic - a banana republic to be sure!
this is the kind of bullshit respect the fijians like the letter writer from canberra are famous for.

Anonymous said...

isa reading Fiji sun today, about the number of people going for recruit, i ask the government to expanding its military operation in un mission, in Sudan, qomma,in drc[congo], Mali ,Lebanon, etc. African nations who a torn into conflict also do need peace keepers. may be the rfmf can send or expand its operations to this places. just an idea, looking at the number of Fijians willing to join the rfmf in the last few days.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA has 3 no use good for nothing men doing full time blogging from its office.

That is why you will see most blogs coming in with lots of swears and anti bainimarama bits. They are flooding this blog site with their ulukau blogs. Can the police go confisicate their computers and get some pro to check them and then get these men and grill them mada...se bera tiko ni ratou sotavana katakata....me ratou checktaki mada,,,me laurai mada na bolebole lasutaka tiko...

Dou bau lai cakaca e so na ka yaga... na vuvale me lai qaravi...sega ni yaga nomudou bula...dou yavu tamata macawa dravu

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anon @ 7.16pm
Bravo,at least you admitted Bainimarama is The Saviour.That;s good,son.
Vilimoni,keep the good words coming Bro.
Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Long Live FMF
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...


He is constantly pissed and doesn't know how to take the caps lock off.

A drunken Westerner who despises democracy. Maybe he should just keep blogging about how much he enjoys polishing Gates' clock.

The L is silent.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Vutuki Sovea said...

binimarama cici uro magaitinamu

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hahahaha!!!!!!cala tale!!!

Anonymous said...

Vilimoni and your pal.Bainimarama is the saviour of his ownself,his family his collaborators and the thugs at the Military camp for the time being.He is infact the destroyer of the Ethenic Fijian Race and the nation of Fiji

rajend naidu said...

It's not hard to see why Bainimarama is so matey with Putin. They are birds of a feather. Putin has taken Russian democracy backwards with his purges of political opponents and dissidents. The latest to be put away behind bars for 5 years is the charismatic and outspoken Opposition leader Alexi Navalny ( 'Alexei Navalny jailed: Russia's Mandela moment?' by Daniel Sandford BBC News Moscow 19/7). The European Union and even the American ambassador to Russia have been moved to registered their disgust at the politically motivated charge, the kangaroo court trial and the imprisonment. Many others have been similarly persecuted and imprisoned and many others are waiting to be tried in the good old Stalinist era style. Putin is a dictator who has maintained a democratic facade in Russia.
Anyone still wondering why Bainimarama is such a fan of Putin?

Anonymous said...

To all bloggers, I just want to settle this once and for all as rumors are flying everywhere about my sexuality. Yes I am gay and I'm proud of it. I was straight when I was growing up but my aunty sexually molested me and that turned me away from women. I love my males, both young and old but I prefer geriatrics as they're softer.

Long Live Saviour baimarama
Long Live Fiji

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7.02pm

caitibumu, e sega wale ga ni o ratou na SODELPA or whoever the fuck it is, era blog tiko yani qo baleta na regime sonalevu qo. we have all suffered some have died or been killed in the process, magaitinamu. don't fucken tell us what to do with our spare time because your fucken sonelevu JOSAIA VOREQE BAINIMARAMA and his bludging family including magalevu marykean and her magalevu cicilevu daughters and sons have take away my job,time and income and my familyt have suffered for no reason other than trying to live the life of a noirmal lw abiding citizen.

Fong Lee said...

hahahahaha.....lasa jina...sa kua mada na gusugusu ARMY jiko...mai vei o ira na no job qori....only good in guarding Sentry!!!...getting paid for nothing!!!....wasting gvt's $"...That's Fiji running naked...sara levu jiko ga mai qo na kai Jaina mera na mai future leaders of Fiji...we are no longer in Fiji keda sa tu qo I Jaina na vanua a susugi mai kina o Baivoco lausamuvanaliganimarama...

Anonymous said...

RFMF ready for new deployment
July 21, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom
The two-phase enlistment of 900 Territorial Force recruits ensures the Republic of Fiji Military Forces is ready to take part in any new United Nations peacekeeping.
Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga said this follows the growing Golan Heights deployment at the request of the United Nations.
It also meant Fiji now had substantial Middle East deployments in the Sinai, Iraq and Golan Heights. This underscores the respect with which the professionalism of Fijian peacekeepers is held in such a volatile part of the world.
Colonel Tikoitoga said the RFMF was thankful to the Cabinet for approving two recruitment drives of 450 to enlist 900 reserves.
Thousands of young people applied at the recruitment centres set up at the Suva, Lautoka and Labasa camps last week.
“The last recruitment for the Territorial Force was seven years ago,” he said.
He said those on the current deployments included soldiers from the regular force and the territorial force.
When the 900 recruits pass -out, Colonel Tikoitoga said they would look into the ratio of Territorial Force and regular force in all peacekeeping duties.
“As from next year the ration will be 50:50,” he said.
Costly exercise
He said the military would spend about $10,000 for each new recruit. This amount will be for uniforms, accommodation, food, travel, health and allowances.
All recruits will have to undergo a 12-week basic military training before enlistment to the force.
Criteria for selection
The military had its own criteria for selecting new recruits, Colonel Tikoitoga said.
“There will be no favouritism. The interview panel will have the final say in the selection.”
Because of the large number turning up for recruitment, extra senior officers were called up to help in the interviews.
On whether those who had passed-out from the school cadet would be given preferences, Colonel Tikoitoga said school cadetship and military training were totally different.
The names of the 450 successful applicants in the first intake are expected to be published in the Fiji Sun.

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 9.41am
If in your view i am a gay than you are so sick.I am not gay but i do have respect for gays and lesbians.On the other hand i dont have any repect for low lifes like you.You dont have anything positive to conribute that's why Bainimarama is kicking the asses like you.
Well at least you admit that Bainimarama is The Saviour,that's a good thing.It's nice to hear.Thank You.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Long Live FMF
Dharam Lingam

You Kay Cousel said...

The argument of Necessity failed. There was merit on both sides of the argument. The subsequent events are now clear evidence that those who brought the proceedings had sinister intentions.

The legal advice that the coupsters relied on was from academic and bush lawyers with very little practical experience and knowledge.

This dictatorship will be ruled in the furite to be unlawful ab initio (from the beginning).

The coupsters and their advisers will all be held responsible and they will have no legal argument to ward off prosecution. They will not have immunity. If Khaiyum has not yet realised that there are certain legal principles that cannot be displaced by decree (especially the cut and paste decrees of other jurisdictions that he uses)then he is more stupid than what we have been led to believe.

The day of reckoning is coming. When VB is behind bars and a new leader with principles is installed as caretaker, the international community will be there to assist and ensure that these criminals face justice.

No dictatorship lasts forever. Soldiers will also find out that the defence of "following orders" does not exist when their actions are deemed to be morally corrupt.

Frank might get a tropical island if he is lucky. Some of his subordinates may get far worse.

The international court of justice will be waiting for Frank. Aiyaz, Nazhat Shameem and Gates. Their subordinates will also have cases to answer.

It is coming. That is inevitable. It will come through a corrupted constitution and election process or it will come through people power.

Either way it is coming. The international support will ensure that the forensic accountants will be able to trace their offshore money movements.

These criminals have lived high off the nations purse. All of their ill gotten gains will be taken away in the blink of an eye.

To all of the regime cooperatives, make sure you can justify your actions and stay within a moral boundary, or the future of your families may be very dim for generations to come.

The longer this inevitable situation takes in coming the longer it will take to properly investigate. The criminals may be on remand for many years to come. Even the government workers who have followed immoral orders may find themselves on remand for many years awaiting their day of reckoning.

This is what happens when all of the good legal minds are forced out. Only the deadwood stays behind.

This is why Shakespeare says in Henry IV:

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers". - (Act IV, Scene II).

"Small things make base men proud". - (Act IV, Scene I).

That is a reference to a successful dictatorship. Remove anyone who treasures and safeguards the rule of law.

Khaiyum, Gates and Shameem are no such persons. Their punishment should be the most severe. They are trained to know better. Their culpability is equal to Frank. They should receive the death penalty of life imprisonment. Anything less would hardly be justice.

Bainimagasona said...

Dharam Anus Lingam, admit you're gay because there's no point in hiding, we know, you know and your boyfriends know. And by the way, Bainimarama is nowhere near a saviour, he's a lowlife just like you hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Coup One

Why Fiji had coup - Part 1

On May 14, 1987, Lt. Col. Sitiveni Rabuka along with 10 soldiers gas masks hijacked and incarcerated the elected government of Timoci Bavadra. For the coup leader he was protecting an elected government from the wrath of the indigenous nationalist Taukei Movement, which organized noisy demonstrations in April 1987. Kenneth Bain, a political observer, reported that on May 14, "at 10 a.m. in Suva, the face of Fiji was damaged beyond recognition; and no plastic surgery would restore its shattered image" (1989). There were a number of players involved in the May coup, including members of the Royal Fiji Military Forces and indigenous activists of the Taukei Movement: Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, Viliame Gonelevu, Jone Veisamasama, Tomasi Raikivi, Ratu Finau Mara, Filipe Bole, Qoroniasi Bale, Ratu George Kadavulevu, Apisai Tora, and late Taniela Veitata (Sharpham 2000)—all known Alliance Party members who refused to accept the result of the April 1987 elections and, through a series of church meetings, formalized a destabilization campaign against the newly elected government. There are allegations that the President Ratu Mara gave his blessing to a military takeover after maintaining throughout the crisis that he had "no knowledge of the coup whatsoever."

To observers, the causes of the coup were many. Brij Lal (1988, 1992) sees the defeat of the Alliance Party that ruled Fiji from 1970 to 1987 as the principle cause of the coup. Victor Lal (1988) analyzed the possibility of foreign involvement and contextualized the events of May within the super power rivalry of the 1980's. Robert Robertson and Akosita Tamanisau (1988) and William Sutherland (1992) saw the rise of Fiji Labor Party (F.L.P.)-National Federation Party (N.F.P.) coalition as an expression of class aspiration whereas Michael Howard (1991) and Stephanie Lawson (1996) argued that eastern chiefs, referred to by Howard as "eastern chiefly oligarchy," did not want to relinquish its traditional political authority to a commoner indigenous Fijian. Chiefly dominance in Fiji politics was effectively used by the F.L.P.-N.F.P. coalition in 1987 to entice urban indigenous Fijian and mostly European General Electors in the lead up to the elections. Moreover, the coalition clearly emphasized class distinctions and capitalized on the developments on the industrial relations front where the Alliance Party had by 1987 alienated a large segment of the working population of all races in Fiji.

Mahen chaudhry & Asha Lakhan said...

The person doing multiple postings of 'Why Fiji had coup', is either mahen chaudhry, or his pillah (junior) rajen chaudhry, or his mistress asha lakhan in a vain bid to smother earlier postings about mahen's nefarious corrupt and nepotistic past, including fornication with Asha Lakhan in their love next with rent paid for by FLP.

Anonymous said...

Where is the so called consitution?
We were told that it should have come out in July, it's all most August.
The peoples constitution has been hidden somewhere and the dictator's constitution is being polished by the regime's illegal wiggles.
They are always busy behind the scenes, busy from behind as always.
The whole regime is corrupt, from the top to its supporters, no accountability, more nepotism, little of serving the people but more of serving themselves and their cronnies.
No constitution, no election commision, no election boundaries, no election superbisor, no nothing....
What a waste of time for our country by going round and round with a coup to 'end all coups' lies.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 2.53pm
Really??? That's he best you can come up with??Wow,you have contributed so positively and now the country can move forward.

Long Live Bainimarama
Long Live FMF

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

the blog seems quiet today, may be because the second batch is going for syria.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis father was Pee Kay Davis who was a Methodist Preacher. He was also a known paedophile and Poofter.

Graham Davis is no different.

Dharam Anus Lingam said...

Dharam Lingam,you have no positive contribution to add in here. All you did was praising your thief and criminal Bainimagaitinamu and his gang of crooks. By the way, it's a well known fact that you have a thing for guys, and don't deny it you lowlife piece of shit lol

rajend naidu said...

We read in the Fiji Times (22/7) that " Fiji needs an election office fully geared all the time" according to" the Attorney-General and Minister responsible for Elections Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum".
When did Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum realise this? He has been unlawfully holding that position for over 8 years now. It's taken him a heck of a long time, hasn't it?
He tells us further that "it was more critical now that elections would be held every four years as articulated in the draft constitution".
That 's a bit rich coming from someone who has become minister of this and minister of that - without coming through any elections!
We all know how he has come to being where he is - by teaming up with people who have grabbed power through the barrel of the gun.
Finally, how can anything be based on a "draft constitution"?
The mob in power - and Khaiyum is part of this mob - showed no regard for the country's lawful constitution which they trashed arbitrarily.
Whatever Khaiyum and his cohorts say cannot be trusted. They should step aside and let an interim civilian administration take the country to elections.
Then only can an election in post coup Fiji be regarded free and fair and not manipulated by the military mob in power.
This is more important for the people of Fiji then "an election office that is fully geared all the time" so that Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum can have his handpicked cronies parked there!

Enof talking said...

the only language these low lifes understand is coup language...so give them their own lessons. coup the bastards.

/m\ said...

this farkn foto is polluting this site. start the shooting with this baini.

Rajen said...

Well we all know about 1987 coup in detail but what about 2000 coup?
Who were the ring leaders? Cant blame baini because he was in overseas that time and the rebels wanted to capture him on his return. Baini was not involved at all.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

May coup in Fiji - 14th May, 1987.

On the morning of 14 May about 10am, a section of ten masked, armed soldiers entered the Fijian House of Representatives and subdued the national legislature, which had gathered there for its morning session. Rabuka, dressed in civilian clothes, approached Prime Minister Timoci Bavadra from his position in the public gallery and ordered the Members of Parliament to leave the building. They did so without resisting. The coup was an apparent success, and had been accomplished without loss of life.

At around 11 am, Radio Fiji announced the news of the military takeover. Rabuka was reported to have gone to Government House to see the Governor-General. He was seeking recognition of the military action and the overthrow of the Bavadra government. A caretaker government was to be named shortly, and the public was urged to "remain calm and continue with their daily work." On meeting with the Governor-General (who was Rabuka's paramount chief) responded only with mild rebuke to Rabuka. He asked him "What have you done?" and "You mean I have no job?" He added Rabuka should have given the deposed government more time. The meeting ended with the Governor-General stating "Good luck, I hope you know what you are doing.

Following the coup, the Governor-General commissioned a Constitution Review Committee, led by Sir John Falvey to look at the "deficiencies" of Fiji's 1970 constitution. The review of the constitution was stacked with individuals who supported the coup and the final report of the committee was inconclusive. The Governor-General dissolved parliament and granted amnesty to Rabuka, while promoting him to the position of commander of the Royal Fiji Military Forces.

The actions of the Governor-General were viewed with suspicion by the deposed government and Bavadra challenged Ratu Penaia's decision in the Supreme Court of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Part 3

2nd October coup - 25th September, 1987

The matter was not settled there, however. As a Commonwealth Realm, Fiji's Head of State was the Queen of Fiji, Elizabeth II. The Fijian Supreme Court ruled the coup unconstitutional, and the Queen's representative, Governor-General Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau, unsuccessfully attempted to assert executive power. He opened negotiations known as the Deuba Talks with both the deposed government, and the Alliance Party, which most indigenous Fijians supported. These negotiations culminated in the Deuba Accord of 23 September 1987, which provided for a government of national unity, in which both parties would be represented under the leadership of the Governor-General. Fearing that the gains of the first coup were about to be lost, Rabuka staged a second coup on 25 September.

International involvement

Australia and New Zealand, the two nations with foremost political influence in the region, were somewhat disquieted by the event, but ultimately took no action to intervene. They did, however, establish a policy of non-recognition regarding the new government, suspending foreign aid in concert with the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Australian labour movement, taking the ousting of a Labor Party-led government as an affront to the worldwide labour movement, instituted an embargo against shipments to Fiji. As Australia was Fiji's largest foreign trading partner, this resulted in a large diminution in Fiji's international trade.


The United Nations immediately denounced the coup, demanding that the former government be restored. On 7 October the new regime declared Fiji a republic, revoking the 1970 constitution; the Commonwealth responded with Fiji's immediate expulsion from the association.

A new constitution was ratified in 1990, in which the offices of President and Prime Minister, along with two-thirds of the Senate, a substantial majority of the House of Representatives were reserved for indigenous Fijians. These discriminatory provisions were eventually overturned by a constitutional revision in 1997.

The coups triggered much emigration by Indo-Fijians (particularly skilled workers), making them a minority by 1994. Today, however, though Fiji struggles economically, the country has been able to slowly recover from this loss of necessary skills.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know any more detail on PK Davis? I would like yo search old church archives to see if there is any validity to the claims above.

What Parishes did he serve and when? Any information would be appreciated.

Graham Davis said...

There's something quite pathetic, not to mention evil, in trying to blacken my late father's name because of my own political views. So PK Davis is a "paedophile and poofter"? That will be news to those who remember him as a respected former President of the Methodist Church. As usual, Coup 4.5 censors postings it doesn't like but allows a dead man to be vilified. Congratulations. What a bunch of "democratic" heroes you all are. In the interests of common decency, take me on by all means. But kindly allow my father to rest in peace.

Dharam Lingam said...

There has been only two coups in Fiji and both happened in 1987. The terrorist took over the government in 2000. The late President took over the Government under the doctrine of necessity in 2006. How come people say that four coups took place in Fiji. The present administration has been chosen by the President and they are working under his mandate.

Deepak Chauhan said...


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11.04am, what did your parents do to you to become the walking evil that you are. I remember the late Qase Levu, Rev PK Davis as a kindly gentleman and friend of my family. You sound like the same blogger who makes nasty remarks about successful women and now you're onto men of the cloth. What next? I hope that when you die, you will find the peace that the Rev Davis has and he is probably praying for you now.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Papa and baby Davis love fat ass like that silly @$$hoe in the pic.

\m/ said...

you farked in the head dharam asshole. each time the army is behind illegal removals of elected peoples government. what mandate of the president?? he is not elected by the people. he has no mandate. and the court has decided that neither he nor asshole nor bananabaini nor anyone else other than qarase has the mandate to govern Fiji. when are u army thugs gonna stop justifying to yourselves that u have the power and mandate to rule. the majority of Fijians will not be convinced. why don't u let the people decide in a free and fair elections.

Anonymous said...

too true grahaeme davis...they are no more democratic heroes than u are. so take some of ur own medicine. notice u did not deny that ur of the same inclination.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 12.48am
You are farked in the ass and the head NOT to see that the country is moving forward.Your qarase was a pm for the rich.

Long Live Bainimarama
Long Live FMF
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam,Listen up macafaka,
i've had enough indo working for me
so if you're trying to con me into
giving you a frieken job, just forget it?
I've had enough indo in
Khaiyum and he's fucked up everything we've been trying to accomplished?
One of this day, i'm
going to just order my people to shoot this macafaka?
Sorry, when he's gone i'm not going to put any
one in his spot cause they could easily fucked it up? Khaiyum was
born to be a crook and he's got a
good brain for it?
Yes maca, it's
me Bainimarama i just want every-one to know my true feeling?
And i
wanted everyone to know that i will
take this assole out really soon?

Khaiyum said...

Dharam Anus Lingam talks shit because he's a piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

the blog seems quiet today, any news about the soldiers of 332 who supposed to leave yesterday. have they gone or not , the media seems silent. where is the LFC Tikoitoga,any news.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ Graham Davis...and you thought no one knew about it...Perhaps you too should come forward and vilify your late father for what he did to you. The preacher who served in Lautoka PK Davis was well known for his preference for young boys and he used his position in the church to exploit people. Graham...remember Tilak...of course you do now be a good boy and run an boo hoo to Franky...Dont worry Graham...at the moment you hide behind Frank's skirt but we will get you. Though your father escaped punishment on earth for what he did he is paying in Hell so ask him to pray for your soul....

Anonymous said...

Hey Graham Davis...the underage young poor Indian girls you exploited and abused in Lautoka have never forgotten. You like your father will be exposed for the sick bastards you really are...Ask Gary Carter and the ex Blue Lagoon GM and all the other Lautoka stoogies your associated with. Rick Rickman is safe but the other lot of you were quite sick.

Vilimoni Omisio said...

The doctrine of necessity was implemented by the late President for economic reasons. SODELPA's coalition partner Fiji Labour party said in 2007 that SDL has nearly bankrupted the Fijian economy. Its leader Mahen Chaudhry said that Qarase government had ruined the economy in last 6 years of the management of the country. Cant SODELPA members believe their own coalition partners? The military is safeguarding the interest of the whole country not just a few as it happened from 1990 to 2006.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis and a host of other expats including one of Fiji's top rugby Coaches have exploited the poor mainly underage Indian and Fijian girls in Lautoka, Ba and Nadi and as far as Tavua and Rakiraki. Graham and one of Fiji's leading marksman who represented Fiji in the South Pacific Games, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games and is a close friend of Graham Davis have ads on adult sites including Adult Friend Finder and other sites in which they advertise their availability under assuming names like we do on this blog. They swing sharing their wives etc. These expats are sick and exploit our underage and poor innocent young girls. Graham one day you will pay. One of your victims is soo scared to reveal herself and report you but you will pay one day Graham. FOr a son of a Reverend you sure are a sick bastard.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Gates had also served in Lautoka as a High Court Judge and he and his wife were commonly known to be Swingers especially with the Indians. Gates had a play thing a young Indian girl at his whim whom he later helped to prevent any action against him. Common knowledge along the strip - Vitogo Parade.

wadana said...


I am really worried about individuals who resort to character assassination rather than focus and digging out on what is happening in our midst.

We must explore the technical viability and how relevant the IT system that will be used to trace & tick voters.

We must take seriously the late urge by illegal AG mouthing about election office not fully equip to some extent.

We must take notice from the alarming number of unemployed indirectly visible during the military interview session last week Fiji wide.

Ask ourselves whether this illegal regime is responsible and accountable for the changes that a taking place in all spectrum of government and civil structure?

Are they trying to make their illegal status legal by prolonging processes and turning everything upside down?

Wadana believed that one year and a month left to the promised election this illegal regime instead of focusing on that they are full throttle with all cylinder firing in covering their track and stacking their fortunes !!!!

Anonymous said...

has c4.5 gone on holiday again?

Anonymous said...

Vilimoni Onisimo your contribution is not constructive and a waste of time and space take your gun ,go and do Coventry at the main gate cos that what you qualified and good at.its the Military Regime that is now taking the country to bankruptcy as you people have triple the country's debt to 4 billion dollars which was only 1.3 billion during SDL reign..what are you going to say to that .? Someone has to coup the government from Bainimarama under the Dictrine of necessity as the economy is going down ...?Vilimoni you are another idiot do not waste our i e energy and space and do not push the blame to the former president he is dead and gone.Bainimarama has to front up and do not be a coward . Commit crime do the time. What say you ..?
July 23, 2013 at 3:22 PM

Anonymous said...

Vilimoni Fiji is always nice and beautiful. Itis the Military that has tarnished its name and deface it look to the honest and law abiding citizen of Fiji and to the International community.Fiji is just a small dot and can not survive on its own.Na dokadoka kei na qaciqacia e Tiko vei Binimarama kei kemuni na lewe ni mataivalu e sega na betena .Fiji has a small economy and can not survive with it so Fiji has to relay on the international community to be able to survive ,that is whyBainimarama is trotting globally to beg for money to cater for you salary,development and daily operations and administration of the government. Unfortunately country like China give nothing for free so the debt has swollen up and triple because of Bainimaramas borrowing overseas. So Kua soti na viavia levu Vilimoni. Just keep shut when you you do not know what is actually happening. Kua ni sika vakaveitalia na Weli ni na laurai kina noda lecaika kei na drakacece.
July 23, 2013 at 3:53 PM

Anonymous said...

RFMF duo back
July 23, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

Senior army officers recalled to fill in void after Golan deployment


The Republic of Fiji Military Forces is reshuffling some of its senior officers at Nabua. This was necessary after the recent Golan Heights deployment where some senior officers had left for peacekeeping duties.
Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga said the Commissioner Northern, Lieutenant-Colonel Ilai Moceica, and Major Ned Taito, the general manager of the Colonial War Memorial Hospital, have been recalled back to the barracks in Nabua, Suva.
“Lieutenant-Colonel Moceica will be stationed at the camp while Major Ned Taito has left for the Golan Heights as media officer,” Colonel Tikoitoga said.
Fiji Sun gathered that divisional planning officer Northern, Alipate Bolalevu is now acting Commissioner Northern.
Meanwhile the demand for Fijian soldiers for global peacekeeping duties under the United Nations continues to increase.
Two contingents of soldiers leave this week for tours of duty abroad; for Iraq and the Golan Heights.
This was confirmed by Colonel Tikoitoga last night.
“This week 160 soldiers will leave for Iraq while 380 deploy for the Golan Heights in Syria,” Colonel Tikoitoga said.
“Those going to Iraq will leave on July 26 and those for the Golan on July 25.”
This will be a total of 540 soldiers boosting those already serving with the United Nations.
The soldiers had gone through three weeks of intensive special training before their deployment.

Anonymous said...

PM pays tribute to corrections officers
July 23, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom


Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has acknowledged the work carried out by corrections officers throughout the country, saying it’s all too easy to forget the difficult conditions in which they operate and the challenges they face.

He made the comment while opening the new $11.6 million state-of-the-art Remand/Detention Centre in Suva.

“The vast majority of prison officers do their jobs conscientiously and well and deserve the support of both the Government and the wider community,” he said.

Commodore Bainimarama was accorded traditional iTaukei ceremonies of welcome before opening the centre.

Anonymous said...

Reply by jokerr 5 hours ago

@Mataqali Kuna,

Era na dau tu ga eso vei keda era na totaka tu ga na cala, na dukadukali kei na butobuto ni ivalavala ca. kei keda na luve ni Kalou eda totaka na savasava, dina kei na dodonu.

O keda na ito qo eda na gusu ni vosa tiko vei ira na malumalumu, dravudravua, vakaloloma, ligalala kei na lecaika. Eda sa luve ni Kalou ka isosomi ni Kalou e vuravura meda kua ni rere se soro na veicoqa tiko kei ira era veiwekani tu kei Setani!

Na noda vuravura era bula tu kina e lewe levu na tamata kocokoco va'qo ka sa nodra cakacaka na basuka na lawa me'ra cakayaco lomadra kina.

Na nodra dictionary e kune ga kina edua na vocabulary. O ya na - ' GREED !'

Eda kila kece na kena ibalebale : Greed for power, greed for money ( wealth), greed for fame ( or recognition), greed for sexual desires (mostly over women as all the dictators in history were/or are all dishonourable arse-holes!), greed for prestige, greed for luxurious lifestyle, greed for freebies, etc. etc.

Oqo na vuna levu duadua ni dua na tamata, se dua na ilawalawa era vakayagataka na kaukauwa vaka-Mataivalu me'ra kovea kina na veiliutaki vaka-Matanitu.

Ea se tekivu mai liu ena 1600s to 1800s na kucu vakaivalu e Viti, ni ratou veliumuritaki toka ga na mata-Vanua veiwekani kei Verata , Bau, Kaba, Rewa, Naitasiri. Edua la e vukicala, sa bola nona qavokavoka ena iwau se lau gasautaki ena moto se ena i-ula!

Ia, nida sa mai lotu ka da sa ciqoma na rarama i Karisito, sa mai cava talega ekea na butobuto ni bula ni gauna ni Pre-historic Tribal (Military) Coups. Sa qai mai vaka-Matanitutaki na noda vanua meda bulataka na rarama ni Democracy, ka rokovi ni bula galala kei na dodonu ni tamata yadua.

Na veidigidigi vaka- Democracy, e yavutaki mai na rarama sa kovuti vuravura ena itukutuku ni veigauna. Sa mai ravuti kina na bula ni butobuto!

Eda na digitaka edua na ilawalwa ni Party ka ratou mai yalayala tiko ( se bubului) e matada ena gauna ni campaign. Eratou mai vosa yalayala ka tagica ni rawa ni ratou cicivaka na bula ni veivakatorocaketaki e na noda vanua, vakabibi na kena soqoni, maroroi ka vakayagataki vakavuku na ilavo ni noda Vanua. Ia oya na ka ga eratou sa mai vunautaka rawa. Na ka dina ena qai laurai vakamalua.

Ni oti e 4 se 5 na yabaki ni nodratou veiliutaki tiko, eda sa rawa sara ga ni kila na lewe ni Vanua na donu ni nodratou ivunau; se, na toro sobu ka ca ni nodratou veiliutaki.

Sa tu na lawa kei na dodonu meda sa digitaka tale edua na Party vou keda raica na veicalati ni nodratou ivunau, na nodratou veilecayaki, kei na torosobu ni nodratou veiqaravi na Party oya.

E savasava sara tu ga na vakasama ni Veidigidigi vaka-Democracy. Ke a totoka, momona, savasava na nodratou cici tiko mai, io e ka rekitaki vei keda meda digitaki ratou tale.

Ia,vakavo ke sa buwawa sara ga vakaca na noda rai meda digitaki ratou tale edua na Party eratou dau nanumi ratou ga vakataki ratou, ka da qai mai guilecavi tu yani na lewe ni Vanua !

E dau ka ni lasa nira sa dau digitaka tale tu edua natamata seiLiuliu ca, ulukau, butabutako, ka dau kocokoco baleta wale sara ga ni wekadra, se nodra itokani, se kilavata edau usuraka tiko e gusudra na ilavo, se cakacaka vinaka ena nona gauna ni veiliutaki.

Qo na leqa levu e kune sara tale tu ga e Viti me tekivu mai na 1970 >

Anonymous said...

Ena gauna ea Military Coup kina na Mataivalu ena ligai FB mai na 2006 ...I had mixed feelings about what he was intending to do with regard to the Political situation at that time. The truth was, that corruption was breeding high in all phases of Govt since the Alliance Party era right up to SDL period.

With regard to the 20 year-RFMF/UN Soldiers Middle East Salaries, to Hon Charles Stinson Govt bad debt Loan, to Rt Mara's Real Estate Bldgs on Govt Renting, to Visanti Makrava NBF Loans, to Fijian Holdings Rich Fijian- Family Businesses, to FB /RFMF Military Fund Mismanagement, to every fucking loopholes that our greedy leaders were helping themselves into .....SHOCKING!

And while the poor, honest, loyal Fiji people toil their daily lives finding it hard to make ends meet...these bustards, SOB's were pretending that they were the chosen leaders sent from Heaven on a mission coming here to save Fiji !

In the General Elections, we put them in office and went back home to pray , and thank God for sending such warm, beautiful, nice talking and peace-loving class of human beings. Very respectable, they even say, " Io saka (cock sucker in fact) in our conversations". Sa qai rogoci noda masu ni sa oti edua tale na veidigidigi levu.

And then.......Let there be coups, and there was COUPS ! Bingo ....JACKPOT !! And what the fucks going on? I thought we had sent 20 million prayers to God Almighty in the last 30 years or so.

By the way, who are at fault here ? Could some Talatala asked God whether it was our leaders or us, the People? Some stupid little prick said, " Even the Talatalas didn't have time for politics as they were busy screwing their congregations !"

Fuck, everything is screwed-up everywhere in Fiji ....shit! Well life goes on folks! Just see that you cover thy behind or else you will become a new member of all the ball-massage liumuri like Viliame Tagi, PoPeye and the like already receiving free meals up in Nabua Camp !

And then 2006 came for FB play ' Cowboys and Indians' with the Fiji people! The only difference Franks had enough supplies of cheap/used automatic weapons while the Fiji people had no arrows to fight back his ' Govt take-over coup". Hollywould would have made good profits if they had taken advantage of that golden opportunity because evrything was almost look like .... FAKE ! Because the soldiers tried hard to put on their show-off stunts, but the 'enemies' were busy laughing their hearts out as the poor soldiers really looked stupid trying to play , ' RAMBO' in the heat of the tropical sun ! So, everything looked like ....BULLSHIT ! Anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well, personally I would out rightly condemn any coup....whether it be Military Coups / or civilian coups, all coups are wrong, illegal and have no place in the modern world !

Nevertheless, I was hopeful and dreaming that if only FB could or would have done something differently in 2006, it would change the course of events from that time, up to this day, I would salute him and call him a true Fijian Hero who had done something incredible that no other person could do in this world.

That is, to make a wrong thing right by seizing power, put everything back in place then called for a fresh Election.

And after investigating all corruptions, throw all the crooks into prison then march back into the camp.Unfortunately, Frank has a different brain then mine, he has his own reasons for staging his own coup. Like ' George W always say, " Either my way or the Highway !"

I was so sure that if he had done that, any right thinking person would not even question his illegal take over of govt. Frankly, I swear to God that I would be the first one to support him that they be granted all immunity by law if later on they would request for it!

Least did we know that he had been following the same path that his previous colleague Steve took after his 1987 Coup.

Nida sa kovea rawa ga na itutu ni veiliutaki, sa laki uro na lomada, sa cere na sereda, sa buwawa na matada, sa yali na ka dina, sa leqa noda vakatulewa, sa qai mai veiliutaki yani o Ratu Setani ena noda bula!

Qo ga sa na icavacava ni tosotoso ena draki ni bula va'qo. Na veilecayaki, na ririko, na nuiqawaqawa, na rere, na moce vaka-ca, na kana vaka-ca, na loma leqa, na taqaya sa na ivau tu ni nodra bula ena veisiga.

Sa noqu ivakasalaga qo vei ira ......


....and let me remind you bad-guys, do not under-estimate your enemies, even if they do not have weapons in their hands, they still have another weapon which they can use beside guns, they have brains, bro !

Amen !

Anonymous said...

Graham..Mr. Davis..wooohoo..we are waiting for your reply..now we all know who the real Graham Davis is.. a paedophile that was sodomised..a predator..shame..shame..shame..

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Yep G Davis and Sharon Smith Johns visits QEB regularly for their dosage of i taukei duruka up their rear.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows 2006 coup had bullcrap intent.

Anonymous said...

what's even more scary are the faceless men in the military using the criminal underworld to hold up their universe and its benefits and going after people that want to expose or end their corruption...subverting the rule of law on so many levels

Anonymous said...

Message to the SODELPA leadership: Can The Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi authorize the change of name for the party. Can a new original name be used instead of SODELPA. Can the party come up with a better name? I understand that the party did not plan to use the acronym SODELPA. The original plan was to reuse the acronym SDL but since the amended decree came afterwards, the party had no choice but to settle for SODELPA.

The name Social Democratic Liberals came up solely to secure the use of the acronym SDL and it was not a name to portray originality...so it was just a loosely joined group of words to justify the use of the acronym SDL

My kerekere is this- Can the party come up with a new name and a better one too? An original name with solid meaning? I think the current name is very loose and too superficial and the acronym SODELPA sounds funny as well and i am not surprised people are making fun of it and some are beginning to relate it to a toilet paper brand.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis where the fuck are you? come on take us on, or do you mean take you on up your stinking rear as you normally like to? You fucking sick pervert peodophile motherfucking sonofabitch cocksucker. where art thou?

rajend naidu said...

people interested in gaining an insight into the power of political cartooning would find professor victor navasky's book The Art of Controversy very educational (sourced from PBS news hour 22/7).

rajend naidu said...

In her PBS news hour interview (22/7) on the legacy of the legendary White House press bureau journalist Helen Thomas who died a few days ago at age 92 , The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty said Helen thomas made "people in power squirm".
Any journalist like that in Fiji? Or, are they mostly the type who bent over backwarrds to ingratiate themselves to the people in power in Fiji?

Fark Fanning said...

Graham Davis speaks the truth.

All the losers take note and seek forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis' worst crime isn't drunkeness, bad breath, diarrhoea of the pen, deceitfulness, sodomy, or even pædophilia. It's treason, normally a capital offense.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA SODELPA SODELPA!!! koya cata qai caiti binimarama

Graham Davis said...

It's amazing how many messed up people there are on this site. I exploited young Indian girls in Lautoka just like my father did? I'm part of some kind of swingers club in Fiji? Really, where on earth do you strange people get these notions from? This is so bizarre I can only laugh out loud and shake my head in absolute wonderment at how crazy some of you really are. Keep taking the tablets, fellas (these can't be women surely). The guy who writes in capitals is a special hoot. Psycho with a capital P. Really, I come to Coup 4.5 this days for the entertainment. A kind of medieval house of horrors peopled by raving lunatics. Bare fanged, frothing fantasists. Indian girls. Swinging. Is that what we're all fantasising about? Whoa. Genuinely weird.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA...Bainimaram gona a caiti kemudou tiko ena gauna oqo vakavuna kina me dou mai rairai tu kina me vaka na toa volitaki...dou mani gunugunu yaqona kina me vaka na dau vakatevoro,,,dou mai vucesa tu kina,,,,sega tu kina na kemudou yaga....Pio Tabaiwalu..sa rauta na gunu yaqona sivia...na cakacaka me na nanumi me na caka vinaka vua na nomuni marama...me kua ni didi vaka na nomuni veiqaravi....sa dri yani

guilty as charged said...

somehow graham davis does not sound convincing as ususal. notice hat he did not come straight out with a denial. instead he attacks the messenger and the rest of the bloggers. for your info mr davis, we are not all psychos. I would rather believe the guy who writes in capitals. at least he shows commitment to what he wrote. lol. guilty just like ur master franky. birds of a feather flog together.

Anonymous said...

davis u sodomising sob, just like ur thugs poofters franky and kaiyum. u bastard may u be run over by one thousand indian elephants. u bitch.

Graham Davis said...

This wild obsession with sodomy on the part of so many on Coup 4.5 really is very unhealthy. It certainly says a lot more about my accusers than it says about me. I'm a "bitch"? You wish. Yalo vinaka, if you really want a better Fiji, then take your eyes off my bottom and start dealing with the real issues. All this talk of sodomy is highly distasteful and, frankly, a pain in the arse.

Just Saying said...

Regime now buying votes with sewing machines. Will anyone stitch some clothes together for the naked emperor?

THE distribution of sewing machines to all villages in the country by the Ministry of Women is expected to be completed in September this year.

This was revealed by the Minister for Women, Dr Jiko Luveni, while meeting with villagers of Raranibulubulu in Macuata on Monday afternoon.

Dr Luveni said all women's groups and villages in Fiji would have two sewing machines each come September.

"We have been distributing machines to villages and women's groups and very soon, we will complete our distribution," Dr Luveni said.

"The machines are purposely given out to help those beneficiaries with their livelihood. Women can sew clothes for sale or sew for family use.

"This is part of government's assistance in helping people live a normal life that is free of poverty."

In regards to education, Dr Luveni urged villagers to spend more time helping their children with their school work.

"When your children come back from school, prepare them tea and let them have some leisure time before you sit down with them and go through whatever he or she has learnt in school that particular day.

"Jobs nowadays are hard to find but one important point I always stress out is that, children must study to the highest level of education and if they can't find jobs, they can return to their homes to develop their land."

Anonymous said...

@ Graham Davis..you dont sound convincing at all..you are trying to divert our attention to reality when reality is that you were sodomised and in turn you have become a deviant..the truth hurts and it hurts badly..The Question is ..Did you sexually molest young indian girls in Lautoka??

Anonymous said...

Graham I wouldn't bother with the one or two pea-brained bloggers intent on spewing their obsession in C4.5. They also use other blog-sites and run down individuals they envy and simply hate. Come Sunday, they sing their hearts out at their favourite church. They are unemployable, in fact, one of them stole a mate's concept and used it for a short stint at UNDP!

Dharam Lingam said...

Anon@10.24AM. Defending a paedophile I see asshole. That makes you a sick motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

Your refusal to print my earlier comment proves C4.5 is envious of Graham Davis but not only that, your action only uncovers your obsession with arses and bums which explains your choice of the modified Bainimarama naked photograph. How you must drool you sick poofter paedophile!

Kamlesh Kumar said...

C4.5 should apologise to Anon@11.17AM for using his boyfriend's naked photo without his permission. Baimagasona's ass is for him and Davis only.

Anonymous said...

He! he! he! Got you C4.5! You site is no longer respected for the lies you print. Sa qai tu na da!

Anonymous said...

you really pathetic ,,,,no news apart fro showing this pic for last few days.
Do yo job properly or piss off

Anonymous said...

Tight security
July 24, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

Phone jammers for Corrections centres
TOP and RIGHT: The Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama (right) tours the new Suva Remand Centre yesterday. Photo: RONALD KUMAR

TOP and RIGHT: The Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama (right) tours the new Suva Remand Centre yesterday. Photo: RONALD KUMAR


The Fiji Corrections Service will introduce phone jammers in all its centres as early as next year.
This was confirmed to the Fiji Sun by the Corrections Service Commissioner, Lieutenant- Colonel Ifereimi Vasu, at the opening of the new Suva Remand Centre at Korovou, Suva, yesterday.
The Fiji Sun had raised questions about the possibility of installing X-ray machines in corrections centres.
In reply Lieutenant-Colonel Vasu said: “We’re in the process of asking for budgetary allocation for x-ray machines. For your information we’re now in the process of using phone jammers and it will be in use early next year.”
According to Lieutenant-Colonel this was a new measure to stop contrabands entering corrections centres.
The phone jammer will stop all calls from those incarcerated to their outside contacts.
The commissioner said they had learned from past experiences where mobile phones were used from inside the centres to get in touch with their contacts for contrabands.
“Now with the phone jammer, all calls from inside the corrections centres by inmates will be jammed by the phone jammer,” he said.
According to Wikipedia a mobile phone jammer is an instrument used to prevent cellular phones from receiving signals from base stations.
When used, the jammer effectively disables cellular phones. These devices can be used in practically any location, but are found primarily in places where a phone call would be particularly disruptive because silence is expected.
As with other radio jamming, cell phone jammers block cell phone use by sending out radio waves along the same frequencies that cellular phones use.
This causes enough interference with the communication between cell phones and towers to render the phones unusable. On most retail phones, the network would simply appear out of range.
Some cell phone jammers have been introduced to some state prisons in the United States.
Cell phones that have been sneaked into prison pose a security risk for guards.
The commissioner said the phone jammer would only be effective within the correction centres.

The commissioner also confirmed to Fiji Sun that the new detention/remand centre would be occupied today.
He said the relocation of those in remand would begin today.

Anonymous said...

Territorials for Iraq mission
July 24, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom


Fiji’s Territorial Force will now be deployed to Iraq for United Nations duties.
This was confirmed to the Fiji Sun by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga.
“Only those from the regular force are deployed to Iraq to join the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq,” Colonel Tikoitoga said.
However, he said, this would change as some from the Territorial Force would be deployed for the Iraq Mission in the near future.
On the work of the 198 soldiers currently in Iraq, he said they were providing security for UN officials in Baghdad and were also providing security at an airport.
“I must admit that they continue to hold Fiji’s name high even though they are operating in a volatile area.”
He assured families that all soldiers in Iraq are safe. The next deployment to Iraq will be in November.

Meanwhile the Land Force Commander has clarified a report that was published in the Fiji Sun yesterday.
He said only the two deployments for the Golan Heights would leave the country soon.
The first 160 of the 380 to be deployed to the Golan Heights will leave on July 26 and the rest will follow at a later date.
For Iraq, Colonel Tikoitoga said the next rotation would be in November.

Night patrols suspended
Night patrols by the United Nations peacekeepers monitoring the cease-fire in the Golan Heights have been suspended.
This has been confirmed by a release from the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), stating the decision has been reached due to security risks.
Head of Mission and Force Commander, Major General Iqbal Singh Singha, told reporters in New York that they faced many challenges in the Golan Heights.
Major General Singha said, “UNDOF troops have come under fire, been abducted, hijacked, had weapons snatched and offices vandalised in the region. In addition, troop- contributing countries, such as Austria, have pulled out their forces.
“The Mission has now taken a series of mitigating efforts, which include reducing its operational footprint and temporarily halting night patrols. We have continued to evolve and the mission continues to carry out its mandate in a modified manner.”
Major General Singha added, the UN Headquarters in New York was doing everything possible to keep the Mission operational and its peacekeepers safe.
This decision also applies to the Fijian contingent at Camp Faouar.
The Land Force Commander said this suspension came into effect before the Fiji contingent to the Golan Heights left the country.
He said the contingent was briefed on this matter.

Anonymous said...


The Government is resolving overcrowding in our corrections centres.
This became a reality after the Prime Minister yesterday opened Fiji’s new state-of-the-art Remand/Detention Centre at Korovou, Suva.
And according to the Prime Minister the new remand centre represents one of the Government’s major capital projects.
However, he adds that the new centre is not cause for celebrations just yet, as he had been informed that for the past six months the number of remand inmates has hovered around the four hundred and thirty mark, which is double the capacity of this new facility.
“While this new detention centre is a huge step in the right direction, it alone does not fix all the challenges we face in our prisons system.”
He says it relieves some of the burden of overcrowding and allows for the separation of remand prisoners from convicted criminals, but there is more work yet to be done.
“Fiji has been long overdue for such a facility – to house certain individuals who have been arrested or charged with a crime, but who have not been convicted,” the Prime Minister said.
“Our old facilities simply weren’t up to scratch. It’s no secret that there is severe over-crowding at corrections institutions in the country and that this issue has called for action.”
The Prime Minister said many think about the prisons system only in terms of national security.
However, for the Government, ensuring the safety of Fijians is one of its main priorities, and something it takes very seriously.
Now that overcrowding is resolved another international requirement is to make sure that remand prisoners are not mixed with convicted ones.
“The legal concept of “innocent until proven guilty” is a cornerstone of our legal system, and is something that should be reflected in our prisons systems.”
Government, he said, must provide adequate remand facilities that are separate from our prisons.
“The bottom line is a commitment to ensuring that all Fijians’ human dignity remains intact.”

$11.6m remand centre
This new facility, according to Commodore Bainimarama, is a huge step in the right direction. “This new $11.6 million Remand Centre, which took 18 months to complete, will uphold the highest international standards.”
This centre is located closer to the courts, which means that those with ongoing trials can be transported to their hearings more easily and securely than in the past.
The Prime Minister is encouraged that there are now regular consultations between the judiciary, the Fijian Police Force and the Fijian Corrections Service and this has resulted in a more efficient system that ensures remand cases can be processed speedily, and are not delayed unduly or unnecessarily.
He reminded those at the opening ceremony that they must never forget that they are dealing with people, many of whom will return to their families and communities.
“Our aim is not only to punish, but to help these people become responsible citizens for the betterment of Fiji.”

Fiji’s Yellow Ribbon programme
The Prime Minister praised the Yellow Ribbon programme.
He said it had drastically reduced the number of Fijians who return to prison after serving their first sentence. “It’s all about giving people a second chance, and I’m very proud to say this programme is producing results.”

According to the Commodore Bainimarama, one of the most important missions of the Corrections Service is rehabilitation – designed to increase the successful re-integration of inmates back into society. This includes hands-on training and work experience.
He said he was very happy to hear that the Corrections Service had been encouraging some of the inmates’ artistic talents, who are now achieving commercial success.

Thanks to those involved
The Prime Minister thanked all those who had been involved in this project, including the Ministries of Social Welfare and Health for making this site available for development.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis...you know the evil in your heart and the evil you committed. Your father hid behind the curtain of the church but he too was evil and we can see how and where you inherited these attributes you now have. The fact that you, Glen Kable and other expats are on adult swinging sites is not news. People like you have exploited the conservative religious people of Fiji with your evil. One day you will answer for what you have done to others. Your father may have been a preacher but he surely needs your prayers now to atone for his sins on earth and what he did was pretty sick. Its no wonder you have no moral or intergrity and your continuous support of Frank is evident of your low morals.

Anonymous said...

Pedophilia is an evil crime. It is hard to detect and prove. If anyone knows anyone who is a victim of expats in Fiji then they should report it in writing to the police in the country where the person is from.

Do not report it in Fiji. The victim will suffer and the investigation will go know where.

Do not report it to Interpol. They can be contacted, if need be, by the authorities in the persons country of citizenship.

The laws of Aus and NZ and the USA allow people to be prosecuted for these crimes irrespective of where the crime took place. The victims would also be entitled to claim compensation in those countries.

Do not continue to talk about this stuff on C 4.5. Victims often become the abusers. It just gives them notice and allows for them to threaten their victims.

Fiji, like Sri Lanka is a known pedophile haven. Keep your complaint a secret to all except the relevant police force.

Regional countries police forces are acutely aware of the activities of certain people. They have files.

As for GD, his father is dead. Leave it alone. Even if there is truth in the allegations, you cannot investigate and prosecute a dead person.

If anyone has solid proof of abuse by GD himself they should talk to the victim and encourage them to make an official complaint via the internet or mail, directly to that persons country of citizenship.

These matters will be treated seriously. No one should turn a blind eye to such evil deeds.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 10.28 am
YOU are the real motherfucker you bastard.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Long Live FMF
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:09pm...you sound like a Cop who knows nothing about the law. Ululala.

Graham Davis and his father PK Davis the talatala paedophile of the Methodist Church should be shown for what they were and what they did so people are aware of these predators.

Graham Davis is immoral and like majority of other white people he associates with in Suva and Lautoka are immoral. Hey Graham why dont you move overseas and see whether anyone would employ you and go and harp about your political beliefs there because your views in Fiji is obviously radical and your actions are immoral.

You have the mouth of the south but we know you prefer to be tagged in your Northern end. Dont think people dont know what you do or did...no no no...someone is watching you...Your kulina from Ba will always remember.

Dharam Anus said...

The picture should include Dharam Anus Lingam clinging on to Baimagasona's front and his hands clutching his butt cheeks HAHAHAHAHA motherfucker Lingam

Anonymous said...

Graham says that all of this talk about sodomy and pedophilia is distasteful, and he's right about that. It's indelicate for us to speak of such things, even if he is a pedophile.

But in Graham's eyes, distasteful, too, is all of this talk about human rights, elections, the constitution, and democracy. None of these has a place in the New Fiji Graham espouses.

Does C4.5 envy Graham? I don't know, but how envious we all should be of Graham, for how much easier it must be not to have a conscience! How else can a former journalist prostitute the truth in defence of such an antidemocratic regime?

The earlier writer had it right. Graham's biggest sin is treason, and for that alone he should probably hang.

Anonymous said...

With all these accusations being banded about, G Davies must be sweating like a paedophile in a childrens playground. The bloody perverted madafaka.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis like most other white people involved in politics in Fiji are opportunist who think they know what is best for Fiji and the Fijian people. Richard Evans (Turtle Island) Prue Rouse, Rick Rickman, Watsons, Richard Evans and his partner, Harness in Suva to name a few. They have acted like Colonial Masters and hang onto their White and Black divide like sin. Prue Rouse is deeply involved from the West supported by Rick Rickman and host of other white people who have been influential with Frank. Time will come when the tide turns and it wont be too long. Richard Evans learnt the hard way in 2000 coup and this is his way of getting back at the landowners of Yasawa. They did not want the qoliqoli bill to be enacted by the Qarase Government and were instrumental in his downfall because they did not want another bill eating into their already huge profit.

Your time will come and it wont be too far off. Just pray God takes you before the peoples will happens.

The Undertaker said...

Graham Davis is a drunkard, a wannabe womaniser who swings both ways and Fiji is his happy hunting ground. Birds of a feather tend to flock together and Graham's just one of those "birds". He's the new king of Fiji government and any other Fiji government supported cocktails and acts as if he's Frank's right marble after he's had a few. If, like he says, he's got a pain in the A, then why's he still around? Maybe he likes it? Go back where you came from -- we don't need your sermons.

Anonymous said...

Just remember this Mr Davis, that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

It is unfortunate that some have pilloried your late father. It is unfortunate also that you attempt to justify him. Let him rest. It is the living criminals that we are after.

Me thinks you have protesteth too much already. You are indeed an angry and unbalance individual. You have a significant number of enemies, not just foreign journalists.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA....what a funny name...c'mon get an original name.....get real and stop being a hangover you lot of unknown residues

Anonymous said...

Coup Two in Fiji

Why Fiji had 2nd Coup?

Following the 1987 coup, Rabuka, the coup leader, established a military council and Governor General Ratu Penaia commissioned a Constitution Review Committee, led by John Falvey, to look at the deficiencies of the 1970 constitution, which was deemed by nationalists to have failed indigenous Fijians. The review of the constitution was stacked with individuals who supported the coup and the final report of the committee was inconclusive. Meanwhile, the farmers threatened to boycott the cane harvest as the governor general attempted to bring the Alliance Party and the coalition together in a series of meetings after he dissolved parliament and granted amnesty to Rabuka and promoted him to the position of commander of the Royal Fiji Military Forces.

The actions of Ratu Penaia were viewed with suspicion by the coalition and Bavadra challenged Ratu Penaia's decision in court. Immediately, the Taukei Movement went on the offensive criticizing the coalition for infringing on indigenous tradition by taking a high chief to court. While the discussions between the Alliance Party and the coalition resulted in a framework for a government of national unity, the coup leader/army commander saw the move as being against the "objective" of the May coup and on Sept. 25, 1987, deposed the governor general in a second coup, imposed martial law, and banned all commercial activities on Sunday

By the end of 1987, Rabuka established an interim government with Ratu Mara as the interim prime minister and Ratu Penaia as the president. Despite handing over authority to a "civilian" government, Rabuka continued as the minister for home affairs and in 1989, the constitutional review process restarted with the appointment of the Manueli Committee, which documented the constitutional wishes of the Taukei Movement, the chiefs, and the army and largely ignored the submissions from the F.L.P. and the N.F.P.

Anonymous said...

In 1990, a new racially weighted constitution was promulgated. Unlike the 1970 constitution, this constitution ensured that indigenous Fijians and in particular chiefs had a monopoly on political power and the military continued to play a political role in the affairs of the country (see the 1990 constitution).

Also in 1990, the F.L.P. and the N.F.P. fractured following the death of the F.L.P. leader, Bavadra, and Rabuka was elected leader of the chief-sponsored Soqosoqo ni Vakevulewa ni Taukei (SVT) party, which won the 1992 general election. According to Ralph Premdas (1993), "the SVT won 30 seats with 66.6 percent of all Fijian Votes." Tensions between two aspiring candidates within the SVT—Rabuka and Josevata Kamikamica—erupted for the position of prime minister, leading to the defeat of the 1994 budget on Nov. 29, 1993 (The Review, December/January 1994). Seven SVT M.P.'s voted against the budget, including Ilai Kuli, Ratu Emosi Vuakatagane, Ratu Serupepeli Nailvalu, Ratu Viliame Dreunimismisi, Viliame Saulekaleka, Viliame Gonalevu, and Josevata Kamikamica. On Jan. 15, 1994, a new indigenous Fijian political party, the Fijian Association Party (F.A.P.), was formed in Suva (The Fiji Times, Jan. 17, 1994).

Fiji went to the polls again in less than two years due to indigenous Fijian disunity and the SVT was returned to office by a 31-seat majority. Tensions also increased during and after the elections within the Indo-Fijian camp and the F.L.P. lost support and won only 7 seats compared to 13 in 1992 whereas the N.F.P. increased its total share of communal seats from 14 to 20. Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka quickly developed a working relationship with the N.F.P. and finalized the composition of the Constitution Review Commission (House of Representatives, Daily Hansard, March 34, and June 24, 1994).

On March 15, 1995, the Constitution Review Commission was appointed with Sir Paul Reeves, Brij Lal, and Tomasi Vakatora as members and after more than a year of hearings, the commission's report was tabled in the Fiji parliament on Sept. 10, 1996. A Joint Parliamentary Select Committee then started negotiations and agreed to a new constitution, which was supported by both houses of parliament and by the Great Council of Chiefs. However, dissent within the SVT increased during consensus talks with the opposition and some indigenous members split and formed the Veitokani ni Lewenivanua Vakarisito (VLV) party in 1998.

In the western part of Fiji, veteran politician Apisai Tora spearheaded the establishment of a regional based Party of National Unity (PANU) and the F.L.P. successfully negotiated an agreement with the F.A.P., the VLV and PANU. According to Alumita Durutalo (2000), "the 1999 elections saw the re-emergence of pre-colonial vanua under the guise of alternative Fijian parties, including the F.A.P., the VLV and the Party of National Unity (PANU)." The F.L.P. successfully consolidated Indo-Fijian votes, and fragmented indigenous Fijian ones, through pre-election preference deals with its coalition partners and as a result won 36 seats (Ramesh 2007).

Anonymous said...

The 1997 constitution was never endorsed by the people of Fiji. The 14 yasana's never agreed to it and was shoved down their throats. Only one yasana agreed with it so get your facts right for those of you singing praises for the 97 constitution. Go and get your constipation sorted out.

Saigon Rod said...

Graham Davis how much are the taxpayers of Fiji paying you and your cronies? do we fijians really need your expert advise?

Is it true that you have a fetish for i taukei doko up your rear? analfarked

Is it true ur a cuckold?

Mojee said...

wtf! with all these maika bolatiki bullshyte!


Anonymous said...

anon @ 3.39pm
And you are talkin about democracy...what a farking joke...

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

This is the sort of propaganda that the flabby, floppy dictator is using to suck in people.

“We are taking charge of our own destiny and carving out our own niche in the world. We don’t see ourselves as beholden to anyone.

We will act in our own interests, not the interests of those who attempt to impose their will on us. The days of us being dictated to by outsiders are over,” he said.

Dharam Lingam loves ass said...

Dharam Anus Lingam, the only saviour in your eyes is Baimagasona's asshole you lick you sick motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

COUP 4.5 Has got to be the most distasteful blog site on the web. It was once something useful that could be used as a vessel for debate and dialogue about democracy. I can see what Bai and Khaiyum are doing wrong and so can the world. I am an Indo Fijian and i want this government out as much as the rest of the bloggers but not by humiliating others and falling to the levels that Frank and co have. This website has become like a bitching corner for a gaggle of gays. People have a fascination with mans backs sides, foul language, wild accusations racial abuse threats of violence etc etc. Are we really adults? For me personally this blog site and its subscribers have become a joke not to be taken seriously. By being such fools you guys are just making Frank stronger. How does a blog become credible when all it does is idolize mans backsides. Enough for me Coup 4.5. Their was a time when you were credible. Sadly not anymore.

the ruling elite said...

anon 942am maybe its a reflection of the leadership in Fiji now...Bainimarama, kaiyum, gates, davis, many ceos, many academics....blabla.

Anonymous said...

Proposed Green Party to register

07:32 Today

Proposed Green Party chairperson Bernadette Rounds-Ganilau

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Roland Koroi

Despite not being able to afford the registration fees, the proposed Green Party says it’s not deterred and will contest the general elections.

Former parliamentarian, Bernadette Rounds-Ganilau is the chairperson of the proposed party.

She says the party was de-registered because it could not meet the deadline.

Round-Ganilau says they plan to contest the elections and all efforts are being made to ensure this happens.

For now, members and office bearers of the proposed party are not being named.

The predators said...

graham davis still silent on outright denial of allegations of him being a perverted sexual predator....
u can add martin darveniza to the list of white sex predators and pedophiles in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka's failure to listen to the the Provincial Councils rejection of the 1997 draft constitution costed his Prime Ministership.

Anonymous said...

Why are you bothering about our boys in the British Army. They professional well trained,well equipped and well paid and most importantly the are well aware of their role and functions in their society social and political. Not like our local Fiji soldiers class 8 ,Fiji Junior no qualification and wannabe. They want lead our country yet they can't even look after their own institution and its back yard, full of adultery, nepotism ,jealousy and cheating.

Moses said...

Anon@9.42am. Are you GDavis in drag/ or Croz Walsh in defence of his good mate? Sorry but C4.5 is more credible than any regime propaganda or website, bums and all. Anyway what your high principles done to reclaim democracy from people who put themselves in power and who won't let go?

/m\ said...

anon 1025am that's nonsense. rabuka lost touch with the people. that's the reason the people rejected him. the 1997 constitution was the widest and most independently consulted constitution. don't forget that Bainimarama did his coup not because of the constitution. his illegal coup had nothing to do with the 1997 constitution. compared to the other two constitutions that's being shoved down the throats of the regime, ghai and kaiyum/muslim constitutions, the 1997 constitution cannot be faulted in any way, legally, morally or otherwise.

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