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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Political parties cough up

Two of the three political parties have stumped up with the money the regime wanted them to pay for ads it ran in the Fiji Sun derailing the assets and liabilities of officials.

The parties are looking, though, to the Commerce Commission to rule on the unjustified bill.

The six million dollar question is - will the Commission do anything?


No balls said...

why is it so hard for these wankers to say it is illegal.
such lamusonas

Anonymous said...

There will be no election come September 2014.Instead a civilian government will be appointed hand picked by Khaiyum and Bai.

These idiot political parties thought that they have to be in to fight from within sorry!!you can't even get in!! to all political parties i would say in your dream..
Now they will monitor your finances and if any suspicious increase you are in the red!
They will bombarded your finances with such a move to dry you out and even can't operate an office.they will make it difficult for you.
Chaudary is behind this move he is a liar.why he cares about election or what so ever he got his millions already in Australia.
Chaudary is on revenge mode now.Instead of you parties going in,Chaudary in in you and amongst you and will destroyed you from within.

The best option is to tell all the parties and all supporters to take it to the street in all towns and demand them to hand over the pre-election responsibilities to a civil government.
This will attract international attention to the internal corruption this illegal regime is covering up till now.
Take it to the street and demand their immediate handover!!

This is passive and peaceful rather than trying to catch the wind once they keep on farting on your faces!!!

Overheard that this is what Khaiyum is most afraid of if we start to revolt there at home.
organize use social media,mobile and friends and relatives.

BC said...

The Leaders of the political parties ie SODELPA; NFP etc should have a meeting or a phone discussion and issue a Joint Statement on National TV (Fiji TV).

The statement should read that
"We the Leaders of the aspiring political Parties of Fiji, after a joint discussion and deliberation have come to the conclusion that the Illegal Government of Bainimarama is disingenuous in it's commitment toward an Election in 2014.
We have found that this Illegal government has time and time again thrown Obstacles unfairly toward the path of Democracy ( then list the obstacles : eg English names for parties; 5,000 members from East West North South etc etc etc ) The latest being the totally unreasonable amount of money requested for advertising in its newspaper The Fiji Sun.
We the people have come to the conclusion that Bainimarama is doing his best to discourage and oppose the people from having their God-given right to freely choose who to lead them.
We the Leaders therefore are letting the Governments of Other Countries, mainly NZ, Australia and America know that the path to Democracy has been hindered not so much by the lack of desire in the population but rather due to opposition by the present Illegal government.
Any adverse outcome in the future is therefore not of our making but a direct result of this abuse of human right"

Then distribute this "Joint Statement" to all the different Embassies in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

All you Fijians in the army are wannabe wankers, you are cowards and will sell your wives, mothers, sisters in order to please thus evil demented motherfucker Bainimagasona. Why can't one of you grow some balls and put a bullet right between his eyes? If one of you can then you will be a hero.

Long Live Fiji
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:36 PM

You have had your God fearing persons leading Fiji and look where you are.

Forget God and just get someone who wants to do the job for the good of ALL people.

Anonymous said...

Passivism is well and truly entrenched in Fiji.

Consider the payment another sign of the political parties too afraid and too well heeled to think of anything else but doing what they're told.

Man, Fiji has become so predictable.

Just Saying said...

'Without prejudice and under protest' - these are fine words but even better would've been all of the parties refusing to pay and being taken to court or being deregistered.

C'mon are you people still thinking your parties will make it into Parliament - as equals?

You'd have more honour fighting from the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Commerce Commission fires rubber bullets, bro - forget it

Anonymous said...

SODELPA is getting stronger day by day. people vote for SODELPA .

Anonymous said...

khaiyum maichod wanna be pm wait for your day to be ashole in naboro.


A sad day for Fiji, Fiji will never be the same again..I suspect that even after the election ( if there is one), the opposition will be told what to say by the ruling party..For all my wise countryman..it is either you take the streets or find a greener pasture

mark manning said...

Aiyaz only ever wanted the Land!

Anonymous said...

anon@ 2.33pm
If you really like my name so much than contact me and i will make arrangements with your mother to have your name changed.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Long Live Fiji Military Forces

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Fuck khaiyum, He can do as much fuckups as he want,all of it are temporary!
Once we kick him out and his Boss you can bet your ass
the whole shit will immediately be reversed-ASAP.
Sure go ahead and steal our land & qoliqoli,public funds etc.
After we kicked your ass
your neck would certainly be the first to go up in my noose and I,d
hang your ass in the nearest tree?
And khaiyum you can take this to the bank,Bai you'd be the only ITAUKEI that we'll hanged on the
very first day, but your children
whom you got involved in your illegal government will also pay for your sin?

Anonymous said...

It is anyonce guess what is the hidden agenda of Bai and Kaiyum.Election time is fast approaching yet they seenms to take their time as if nothing is going to happen.No constitution,they have no political party.I seems to agree with the earlier comment that there will be no election

wadana said...

First enraged and then deeply saddened by the constant deterioration of the situation in Fiji.

We used be a tolerant and peaceful nation. Proud of our cultural diversity and racial harmony.Fijians generally never really seemed to be THAT bothered about politics etc .

But now there are (quote) extremist voices popping up everyday on social media. Yes some of us do have very extreme comments, I am one of them and PROUD TO BE.

Didn’t it ever occur to the elitist people in charge Bai&Khaiyum WHY? Can’t you see? Are you so blinded by greed and power that you really can’t feel and understand the anger and unhappiness on the ground? That started as one that fought for Fijians and their rights and a better life FOR FIJIANS...

We are now second class citizens in our OWN HOME!

There has been such an unregulated influx of foreigners, without quality checks, that WE FIJIANS are finding it so difficult to even make ends meet. Yes there are some still doing well, but what about us who have to fight with foreigners, in our own home, just for a simple job. And what are we told, by the very people that are put in power for the very basic purpose to improve our lives? – We are lazy!

The balance in our society has been totally disturbed. We used to be a nation proud of our cultural diversity and racial harmony. I seriously don’t think our core values have changed. What has prompted these extreme views is not just because we are basically fighting to make ends meet, marginalized by foreigners etc… we are asked to “reflect” and “learn to be more tolerant” while foreigners constantly insult and hurl vulgarities at US FIJIANS. Even those who are funded by OUR TAXPAYERS MONEY.

Now I want to ask you Bai&Khaiyum, yes you, do you and can you “reflect” and “learn to tolerate” when people feedback on your performance or rather, the lack of? NO, you send lawyer letters, or use your "threat squad" and then disappear… Even when no obvious insults or defamation (what you love to say) has been shown. YOU cannot even take it and must find ways to “oppress” us and to prove what? That you are the almighty in FIJI? How do you and can you even expect us to “reflect” and “tolerate” direct insults like we are “dogs” among other even more crude vulgarities thrown at us by the very people you have supported with OUR TAXPAYERS MONEY.

Why are we paying millions for people who can’t even perform the most basic role of their job scope – To improve the lives of US FIJIANS?

Honestly I could just go on and on and on… but I think I have said enough that might even warrant a TORTURE SIMILAR TO WHAT HAPPEN IN NAMADI HEIGHTS.Even when despite everything, I still feel strongly FIJI is My Home.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum and muslim clan have to go if fiji need peace.we dont need jihadi in fiji to f our land and freedom.bai time to kick khaiyum out now .fijian will forgive you and army boys not khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

FICAC should investigate khaiyum and bano in all dealing of salaries,rewa dairy,casino,hardwood corporation and mahogany deal with corrupt palangi.

Dr Shaista Shameem said...

I just can not believe this! How can people expect Commerce Commission to do justification here? CC is Frank's and Khaiyum's toy! Comeon people.

Anonymous said...

Latest rumour is that the Director of Lands, M Tagicakibau has been terminated by the A-G and replaced with a Fijian of Indian descent!

Don't know how far this is true.

Anonymous said...

@Wadana 7:49 AM

Lots of generalisations but how about giving examples of where these foreigners are insulting and oppressing you in your own country.

Anonymous said...

Mosese out from lands and khaiyum staff from ag office is the new director of lands.

Anonymous said...

FLP suspended under the political party decree.

Anonymous said...

WHEN AND AFTER we've got rid of these two asseholes-Kai&Bai that is
hanged then wed have to deal with their family?
The Shameem sisters,Bais daughters,Kaiyum sister,Mere, Sharon John and others
will be drafted to be the first women to start a Red-light district
in Suva in a street to be established?

Insider said...

I tipped C4.5 off about Mosese being removed and replaced about a week ago - have you come up with anything yet C4.5?

Moses said...

Political parties have no power and are fighting really to stay in existence, that is all.

The decree that says they must have a functioning office in every division and 5,0000 paid up members is mere infrastructure.

The party machine and officials are doing nothing other than existing on paper so they can at least be around and participate in the 2014 elections, if it goes ahead.

Their real power is the people but they are too afraid to take on soldiers or face the backlash of Indians and others who will say it's a grab again for Fiji power.

rajend naidu said...

If after 8 years of military dictatorship anyone thinks the country is being headed towards "true democracy" and a "better Fiji" then he or she needs to read Rev. Akuila Yabaki's letter in today's Fiji Times . He draws attention to the continuing trend of people being rounded up and arbitrarily detained by the military regime with scant respect for their civil rights (FT 17/7).
One must be bought into the regime propaganda or be delusional to believe the country is being headed towards "true democracy" by the ruling military mob.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

FLP intentionally didnt pay because MPC is using this to raise funds in NZ. he is telling people FLP is so poor that they cant even pay for the ads. The gullible people of NZ will donate to MPC again and again. MPC doesnt want democracy. He wants instability because that's how he wins sympathy and raises money makes millions!

Anonymous said...

Anon@9.35am - Spot on, bro! That is what exactly what FLP is doing. And it is what Daniel Urai and Felix Anthony have been doing as well - agitating to show they are in the fight and doing something for the people.

Unfortunately for them all their past history with Bainimarama has turned off so many people they will be able to save themselves, but not the people.

Anonymous said...

Free meals are offered to impoverished students in state-run schools as part of the government welfare measures in many of India's 29 states.

Bihar is considered one of India's poorest states and is also the most populous in the country.

Free lunches are hugely popular with poor families and educators see the meals as a way of increasing school attendance.

The midday meal scheme has been in place for decades.

But children often suffer from food poisoning due to poor hygiene in school kitchens and the sometimes sub-standard quality of the food.

Food prices have soared in India over the last six years, causing increased hardship for the 455 million people estimated by the World Bank to live below the poverty line.

Data from UNICEF shows that one in three malnourished children worldwide is found in India, with 47 percent of those aged below three underweight.
Earlier this month, India's cabinet passed a decree to offer subsidised grains to nearly 70 percent of the population, or more than 800 million people.

Anonymous said...

Namadi Heights especially Vunakece Rd is on a 24 hr under civilian watch by Bai's son Meli's Special security/hit squad,using civilian vehicle and civilian clothes.

mark manning said...


The six villages in Rewa that make up the Yavusa ‘o Burenivalu have highly praised the work done by Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) engineers.
At Vunuku, village elder, Samu Tagivere, told the RFMF Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga yesterday that past governments had conveniently forgotten them.
“They only come to us to ask for our votes during the elections and make empty promises,” Mr Tagivere said.
“Once they got into government, they forget about their promises.”
The Bainimarama-led Government, Mr Tagivere said, had helped them, even though they did not officially ask for it.
He said they had, time and again, been asking past governments to help them in their transportation woes but none listened to their plight.
Now the present government, through the RFMF engineers, had helped in the drainage and had raised the paths (tua) that connect the villages of Vunuku to Nadoi.
Mr Tagivere said the Yavusa ‘o Burenivalu are very close to the Rewa paramount chief, the Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa.
While they still carry out their traditional obligations to the Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi, they do not condone her stand against the Government.
“We, the people of the Yavusa ‘o Burenivalu, fully support the government and the RFMF.”
The village’s headman (turaga ni koro), Veniasi Qaloutawa, said they were blessed to have a prime minister who cared for the people.
He said they had been pleading in the last 50 years for the improvement of the centuries- old paths that connect the villages but no government paid heed to their pleas.

The headman of Nadoi village, Neori Vuidreketi, said they were happy with the work carried out by the RFMF engineers.
“With the works that had been carried out, we now know that we have a government that really cares for the people,” Mr Vuidreketi said.

Anonymous said...

This story by Mark Manning reminds me of what a friend of mine from Rewa said when describing the "full of surprise" attitude of the people from Rewa during election times. He said "O keitou mai Rewa, ya mo raica ga na veivakatunuloa e ra tu ena vanua ni veidigidigi. O koya ga e oso duadua nona vakatunuloa, o koya saraga ya ena lusi!

Rewa is always Rewa - So full of surprises!

Anonymous said...

So what happening at Namadi Heights???

rajend naidu said...

Christopher Griffins wants to know why there was "negligible press coverage" of the 12th Pacific Science Inter.Congress held at USP last week whereas " Beauty contests, fashion shows and Bollywood starlets regularly get more attention"? (Fiji Sun 15/7)
It's because "bread and circus" has always had far greater appeal for the masses then the insights of science and philosophy. That's why the political leadership and the popular press focus on it.((I am sure Chris Griffins is aware of the phenomenon)
We learn from Wikipedia that " Bread and Circuses" is a metaphor for a superficial means of appeasement. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the creation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion,distractions or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace; as an offered "palliative". Juvenal decried it as a simplistic motivation of common people. The phrase also implies the erosion or ignorance of civic duty amongst the concerns of the common man.
In modern usage, the phrase is taken to describe a populace that no longer values civic virtues and public life. To many across the political spectrum, left and right, it connotes a supposed triviality and frivolity that characterised the Roman Republic prior to its decline into the autocratic monarchy characteristic of the later Roman Empire's transformation about 44 BC".
The preoccupation with "bread and circuses" in the dictatorial Fijian regime is understandable.
The mainstream media is just a conduit for that popular preoccupation.
It's a good thing we have alternative press like C4.5 and other blogsites that focus on and keep alive the real issues - issues that matter..
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

So regime now turning on people they themselves put it cos they trying to save their own asses and lining up for 2014 election.

Prasad relieved of his duties

The Special Administrator of the Ba Town Council, Arun Prasad has been relieved of his duties effective immediately.

Attorney General and Acting Minister for Local Government, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum intervened last week on behalf of the people living in the Clopcott squatter settlement in Ba.

He said people were victims of Prasad's alleged aggressive threats to illegally cut off their water and electricity and were not properly consulted regarding the resettlement of the squatters in the area.

The Attorney General now said it has emerged that Prasad obtained waivers and discounts on rates he and his family owed for properties.

Sayed Khaiyum alleges that Prasad has abused his position for personal gain and has often and repeatedly acted in a manner unbecoming of a public officer.

We questioned Prasad on the waivers and discounts he allegedly obtained on rates for him and his family owed for properties.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Prasad said he was not involved in the decision making process.

We also questioned Prasad on the threats he allegedly made to the Clopcott squatter settlements residents to cut off their water and electricity.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

In Ba and Tavua, Prasad will be replaced by Praveen Bala, the Special Administrator of Lautoka, who has recently acted as the interim Special Administrator of Nadi. Robin Ali, a former CEO of the Nadi Town Council, has been appointed as the new Special Administrator in Nadi.

Anonymous said...

Suspended party closes its office

Senior officials of the suspended Fiji Labour Party are refusing to say what they will do following the suspension of the party.

All they have said is that the party office is closed from today as they cannot function as a party.

The party was temporarily suspended for its failure to comply with the Political Parties Decree.

The suspended party was required to submit a payment of $6375.60 to the Registrar of Political Parties for the cost of the publication of its declaration of assets and liabilities, due on July 15th, but failed to do so.

Registrar of Political Parties Mohammed Saneem said the financial responsibilities of the political parties and possible repercussions set out in the decree have been clear all along.

He said SODELPA and the National Federation Party met the payment deadline however the suspended FLP failed to do this.

The suspended party now has 60 days to pay or face deregistration as a political party.

During this period of suspension, the party cannot operate, function, represent or hold itself out to be a political party.

When Fijivillage questioned one of the senior officials if they would make the payment, the official said that they are awaiting the Commerce Commission’s determination on their complaint about the way the party was charged for the publication costs.

Leader of the now suspended Fiji Labour Party Mahendra Chaudhry is currently overseas and we are still trying to speak to him on the suspension.

Meanwhile, the Registrar’s office confirmed that the payment is yet to be made by the suspended party

mark manning said...


The headman of Vunuku village in Rewa, Veniasi Qoloutawa, has called on the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, not to hold elections next year.
Mr Qaloutawa had asked the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, to relay their call to the Prime Minister.
“We want you to tell the Prime Minister that we, the people of the Yavusa ‘o Burenivalu, do not want another election and we want him to continue leading the country,” he said.
The six villages of the yavusa – Nadoi, Vunuku, Narociva, Tavuya, Drekena and Lokia – will support the political party to be formed by the Prime Minister,” he said.
He said that they had asked past governments to help them but were never listened to.

Anonymous said...

Navy man Natuva waiting for PM
July 17, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

Minister for Works, Transport and Public Utilities, Captain (Navy) Timoci Lesi Natuva
Captain (Navy) Timoci Lesi Natuva describes his appointment as Minister for Transport, Public Works and Utilities in 2008 as the highlight of his career.
He was part of a number of military personnel strategically placed by Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama to help carry out reforms set out by Government. A diligent worker and skillful communicator, it’s no wonder that Captain Natuva is still part of the current Government.
Whether he will be standing in next year’s election is unknown.
Captain Natuva says he is yet to decide.
He says the political situation today will be different in six months.
“So six months down the line things will be different.
“There will also be a lot of factors one has to consider before deciding to stand. A lot of considerations - like the finances needed to campaign. All that has to be considered.”
What if the Prime Minister invites him to join his party?
“It will all depend when the PM will form the party. He has said he will form his party next year, so I will have to wait until then,” Captain Natuva said.
Captain Natuva’s work ethic is evident in the many changes taking place under his Ministry. Last month for instance, Cabinet approved a study to be carried out by the Commerce Commission. This is to determine the most feasible and sustainable level of shipping fares and freight charges to be levied by private shipping companies and Government vessels to maritime passengers and travellers in Fiji.
Cabinet based its decision on a submission by Captain Natuva.
The Minister said that the last review of boat fares and freight charges was undertaken in 1992.
He said given the importance of sea travel for many Fijians, it is imperative that a study be undertaken to determine the most feasible and sustainable level of shipping fares and freight charges that should be levied by private shipping companies and Government vessels.
The outcome of the study will be brought back to Cabinet for its approval.
Born in 1957 at the Wainibokasi Hospital, Captain Natuva hails from the village of Navuso in Naitasiri.
He attended Sawani Village School and later Lelean Memorial School.
An esteemed military officer, Captain Natuva has had over 30 years of military work experience.
In 1989 to 90 Captain Natuva was a Company Commander with 2FIR in Sinai
Captain Natuva also assumed the appointment of Chief Operations Officer Civil Military Affairs at the UNTAET in Dili East Timor and Darwin, Australia.
In 1992 to 1993 he was appointed Military Advisor to the Secretary General in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
In 2001, he assumed the position of Chief- Of- Staff United Nations International Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).
He was also posted to the International Force in East Timor, United Nations Technical Assistance in East Timor (UNTAET), as Fiji’s Contingent Commander.
In 2006 he graduated from Deakin University in Australila with a Masters of Arts in Strategic Studies.
In 2007 he was appointed to be Contingent Commander of the First Fiji Infantry Regiment, Fiji Guard Unit for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI).
Throughout his military career, he has attended various institutions which include the Royal Australian Naval Staff College, Asia Pacific Centre for Security Studies at Honolulu, Naval Post Graduate School at Monterey California.
Captain Natuva is also a Fellow of the Australian Defense College of Strategic Studies at Canberra, Australia.
He is married to Mereani Natuva who hails from Kabara,Lau. They have four children.

Anonymous said...

@Rajend Naidu 1:58 PM

Have you considered that it is simply to do with the low calibre of reporting and journalism we have in Fiji.

The papers just print what they consider 'popular' subjects and do not realise there are some people that are actually interested in science and technology.

It has been interesting to watch the papers here lately with regard to the bus fires subject. The only sensible 'technical' print/reporting has been from input in the letters section and some of this has actually been repeated later almost word for word by the LTA.
Editors and reporters here seem incapable of questioning or understanding anything but the most simple of subjects.

Not everything has a political motive.

Vilimoni Natecwa said...

I can understand why people of Burebasaga province want no election. They have noconfidence in RO Kepa and SODELPA. ISA-LEI.

kai vanua ca said...

Vinaka vakalevu PM Bai mai caka na sala ia, sa caka sa vinaka saka.

Keimani sa nuitaka ni ko ni sa sega ni mate rawa mo ni mai cakava jiko ga neimami gaunisala me baleti ira na kawa mai muri.

Nomuni qaiva mai na sala qori gonei o ni a qai suasua mai ia,e dai o ni qai lesu sa lesu ena qaiqai ni mamaca ni sa mai qima maleka nai tavi.

Keimami sa nuitaka ni ko ni na sega ni qai suasua tale mai ke mani dua na gauna o ni bau malekata mo ni qai mai baleta o keimami e keimamami kakana tu la na "toni la da qai".

Ke qai dua tale nai qaiqai e qai yani nomuni valeni volavola qori keitou sa qai mamaca saratu la yani.

Anonymous said...

Yaqara studio land been give to US banker -Rogers.
Why no tender was called in this project?
Can Ficac investigate .

Mahend Chaudhry's cursed, wretched, thieving clan said...

It's true FLP intentionally didn't pay up for adverts. YOu can bet you bottom dollar FLP will pay just before deadline. This is typical Mahen political tactic. He knows very well FLP has a 60-day moratorium to pay up. As someone said, mahen will milk the incident to raise funds in NZ.

Very true MPC doesn't want democracy, at the most he wants to delay democracy so he can gain sympathy and appear as a defiant hero.

Having FLP suspended creates a bit of dhamaka (drama). It diverts attention from $3m he siphoned in donations raised in poors' name under FLP banner, his long-running affair with asha lakhan, and beta rajen's mental problems drinking and womanising.

All the ill-begotten wealth has brought no happiness to this cursed, wretched and chor (thieving) khandan (clan).

Anonymous said...

Vei kemudou na yavusa Burenivalu na koro e 6 nona drega na Marama Roko Tui Dreketi.Dua nai vosavosa dau kilai tu e Suva e na veitaba gauna sa oti e va toka qo ne " Na buka kei Burebasaga e kama tale kina o Burebasaga "To the people of Burebasaga please be informed that 99% of I Taukei Fijian are behibnd the Marama Rokotuidreketi because she is the only chief who front up against Military regime a nd no one else. Ro Teimumu is a real chief ans she cares about her people and the identity of the Kaiviti through its tradition and culture.Some of the people from Narocivo were told by the military to chew the gravels at Kalabu when order was given by Bainimarama to attack them after comming out from parliment in 2000.To all i taukei Fijian remember Bainimarama"s regime is trying its best to destroy us.They have destroyed our chiefly system, they are now is the process of taking our land,they have weaken the christian church and support Mosulm.They are starting to be successful in ther endevour to create rift and fragmentation with in the i taukei race,. the typical example is the yavusa Burenivalu of Burebasaga .just because their road was upgraded by the Military on behalf of the illegal regime they turn away from their chief and support the regime that has already on its way of destroying them in their home land. In fact the project is made to split the people of Rewa and at the same time buy vote for Bainimarama. Veikemuni na wekaqu e na bucabuca o Rewa ni kua ni yavalati wale tu ga vaka rawarawa. Ni tu vakaukauwa me vaka na nomuni marama e na kaulaivi na matanitu vakaivalu e na qai yaco na tiko sautu e na noda vanua. O cei e kila de sa na noda i liuliu ni matanitu vou na gone marama bale na rokotuidreketi.Vei kemuni Ro Teimumu Kepa ni tu dei keimami na digitaki kemuni kei na nomuni party.Ni kalougata tiko.

Anonymous said...

I think it is prudent to inform the people of Fiji especially the I taukei the it the duty of any government to develop our community irrespective of what type of development.Unfortunately the current regime in Fiji is not a democratically elected government so they do not have the mandate of the people and they have no right to use taxpayers money nor they have the right to make any law but they are using the law of th jungle and making all sort of decrees to shut people up and use the military to clamp down on people who are against the regime. We are civilised and educated all we need to have is gutts to stand up and say NO to the regime Give our rights back and move aside for a caretaker government to be put in place to prepare us to the election."Enough is Enough"

Anonymous said...

How can we have democratic election under illegal constitution?I cant understand this .Pls c4.5 can you get legal expert to explain the public on this khaiyum constitution.

Anonymous said...

Just spoke to some key people in Rewa - that pathway project was just a side job after numerous requests. Main job was the widening of a stream to prevent floods. Now Tikoitoga et al using it to gain points.
But have spoken to village elders there and they said: we are happy to receive any development and we will of course praise the govt - ia na gauna ni veidigidigi keimami sa kila tu ga o koya me keimami digitaka,,,,ie during elections no one knows who we will vote for.
My sources also tell me that these villagers have been trained to say what they saying now so as to get as much development as possible before the elections where they'll go against Frank.
Typical Rewans eh always full of conspiracies!!!
Remember that Butadroka from Rewa ended the Alliance rule so watch the Rewans make their move to end Bainimarama's rule and put him in prison where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

I asked my security guard the other day who he will vote for and if people in his community will vote for Bainimarama. His answer was a resounding no. When asked why he said after some thought that Bainimarama had removed the GCC. This is a guy who has 9 children earns about $320 a fortnight lives in a government provided rental flat and all he is worried about is the Chiefs. With so much wrong being done to our economy and so much obvious corruption everywhere and the rich getting richer in Fiji all the common i-taukei is worried about is his Vanua and his Chiefs which is basically a product of our colonial occupiers. God help Fiji. We live in the 21st century. We will soon be colonizing outer space. We will soon have cars that will be driven by computers which is being tested in the US and Britain and we in Fiji are still worried about our fucking chiefs and the Vanua.God Help Fiji. For me personally i am done. That was the last straw. I will find a place somewhere else and go live in peace where so much stupidity does not exist. Moce mada"

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:58PM... is there also i spare seat you can loan me because i want out of Fiji too. Its so phucked.

Anonymous said...

I Rajesh Singh didnt comments in this block .
some one is trying to tarnish my image.keep doing it brother you have free agency .come up with prove if not just shut up.
Rajesh Singh

Anonymous said...

4000 turn up for army recruitment drive

13:05 Today

Taken from/By: FBC
Report by: Apisalome Coka

About 4000 men and women flooded the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua, Suva today to sign up to join the military as it kicked off its recruitment drive.

RFMF Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga says they are overwhelmed by the turnout.

Interviews will be carried out until tomorrow.

Young men and women including high school students turned up as early as 5am today just to be first past the main gates.

The recruitment drive is also underway in Lautoka and Labasa.

About 900 people are likely to be selected.

I am Fijian so are YOU said...

all kaivitis I guess...are the kai indias lining up???
if we are all going to be Fijians as the government tv advertises shamelessly, then they should take half kaivitis and half others including kai indias.
no race Fiji remember?/ or is it just regime political propaganda this I am Fijian shit.

The Chief said...

to anon 1258pm, you don't understand the strength of the indigenous culture. u have lived in Fiji for all your life and never bothered to understand it. that's wy this pig and half bred soldier will get their asses kicked big time if they go to elections. these two thugs are so engrossed in their owl glorification that they refuses to accept it and like u there is no place for u here in kaivitis land.
like it or lump it or other wise gtf out of here.

Anonymous said...

anon july 18 12.58pm
go back to your homeland loser,,,,
chiefs and vanua carry politicians and dictators and losers like you come and go....
Tamata sega nomu qele cultureless fool!

Anonymous said...

Reply by jokerr 9 hours ago

Mataqali Osea,

E dina taucoko na veika koni sa cauraka tiko me baleta na itosotoso lawaki ka qaseqase e vakayacora tiko na Matanitu usuraki qo -- na Military Regime.

Au sa raivotutaka tiko na nodratou ituvatuva ni sa na oti na veidigidigi ni 2014.

(a) Ena yaco walega na qaqa vei iratou na Matanitu qo ke'ra veidigitaki na lewe ni vanua era se lialia tiko ka vakabauta tu na veiliutaki lasulasu e caka tu qo.

(b) Ke ratou druka, sa na lesu tale o FB ki na keba as Commander ka laki vakararai tu mai me kua ni basuraki na vei-Lawa B.S. eratou sa vakadavora oti tu. ....That they can always march back in ( with guns)anytime and take over govt again.

(c) De sa na dina tiko beka ga na parovisai au a wasea tiko mai ena 3 na yabaki sa oti ni na tosoi tale na veidigidigi ki na 2018, se 2022 ka yavutaki ena dua na iulubale lokiloki me rawa ni ratou veiliutaki tikoga kina?

Mataqali, eda se sega ni rawa ni vuli tikoga na i-Taukei ena veika vakapolitiki ka sa yaco tiko mai Lybia, Egypt kei Syria ? Au sega tiko ni kila e cava eda se mataboko tikoga kina. Eda se tamata dadatuvu, rerere tiko beka? se .... Eda se kawa ni tamata lialia tiko beka ka levu ga noda vosa ? se .... Eda dau tokona ga na veika cala e caka tiko me rawa ni tawa tikoga kina na keteda ?

se .... Eda tamata veidabui, lotu lasulasu se bula tabetabe vei ira e tu e ligadra na kaukauwa vakaivalu ?

se ... Eda na qai yadra beka mai na moce na kawa iTaukei me rauta tale e 100 na yabaki se tu mai ki liu?

se .....Cava tale beka me caka meda kilai yaloda mai kina? se... Meda vosavosacataki ena kena ivakatagedegede lolovira sara me rawa nida cudru mai kina ?

Au sa sega ni kila na se dra vakacava sa curuma tu noda nave meda vakadonuya tu kina na butobuto era vakaolomataki keda tu mai kina o ira na liuliu ca, kocokoco, mai na 43 na yabaki sa sivi ( 1970 - 2013 )

Au sa sarava oti tu mai na nodra veiliutaki ca eso noda Turaga Bale kei ira eso noda TawaVanua( Alliance govt, SVT govt, SDL govt, Military govt ) Eda sa vakayagataki ga na lewenivanua meda ivakarawa-ni-ka ki na nodra bula, nodra matavuvale, nodra koro ......era sa kawa kecega ni tamata butabutako, bula loto kei na veivakaisini.

E dau tagi na yaloqu niu raici ira na noda, wekada ligalala nira cola-i-vua voli na veiqaravi mera tokona tu na nodra veiliutaki ca o ira yavu kaisi, bokola vaka-i-tamadra era mai gusugusu 'Jisu' lasulasu tiko ena gauna ni nodra veiliutaki.

Mai vei? E lailai se sega sega sara ga na dina ena nodra bula !

Au sa sega ni kila se gaunisala cava tale beka meda muria me rawa ni bula kina na noda kawa iTaukei ni se buwawa tu ga vaqo na noda rai ?

E se vo tu beka eso na kawa ni kai Viti vinaka ? Se sa curuoso tu na keteda ena 'Junk food' eratou sosomaka tu qori na Mataivalu ena noda @#&#"*#@ !

Anonymous said...

Hello Anon 5.03 and 5.01. I have not only lived in Fiji for so long but i am also a i-taukei from Yanuca island in Serua. It is obvious fellas that you did not understand the sarcasm in my post. It also is obvious that while the world is moving towards wholesale changes in the way we live eat think and live our lives some in Fiji are still trying to hold onto the old ways. Well good on you fellas except you are a dying breed. Get your heads out of your assess and look around. Read,learn and listen. The world is changing fast and in a few years the chiefs the Vanua and everything else that we are holding on to will disappear naturally. The new culture will be technology weather we like it or not. I dislike Bai and his goones for the fact that they have increased VAT, increased import duties,reduced our currency value to toilet paper level, for the corruption for taking such a high salary and their are so many other reasons. I have no problem with him making our chiefs redundant and irrelevant. Do you know that all the car dealers in Fiji have the most wealthy mataqali's Chiefs numbers on their speed dial because they know they could sell them anything when they got their huge cut from lease money. Did you hear about the Tui Sabeteo who squandered millions off his peoples many that was given to him by the Fulton College buying cars and other useless luxuries.Their are many such stories. We kaiviti really need to look deep into who we are as people and where we want to go. What really is our culture or anybodies culture for that matter. It is a lifestyle that we have lived before. You think that lifestyle is still intact. No way fella. The day you started eating bread instead of Tavikoa the beginning of the end began. The day you started going to church instead of a tribal 'VODO' Ceremony that culture started disappearing. We have become more white then Kaiviti and that's a fact. If you even have half a brain instead shooting the messenger who is just stating the obvious think a little you may find it refreshing.

Real Kaiviti said...

hello anon 11.20am
all u seem to worry about is paisa and more paisa. u criticize ur chief but u the kind of fell who will do the same given the chance. u hypocrite.
u culture is ur greatest asset so hold on to it otherwise u are nothing but a headless goat like these army cowboys. I feel sorry and sad for u brother. u don't speak for the majority of the kaivitis. U only kaiviti by name boy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.35 No i wont do the same. Last year alone i donated about $6000 of my hard earned cash to 2 poor families to fix their homes. I own a small business and from this i assist 3 families weekly with food. I donate money to every religion and faith that walks through my door. I do not get money from the LEASE. I work for it. You are obviously an old fella holding on to the last pieces of straw or a has been Chief reaping off your people. Go on holding fella their will be nothing there soon. The world is changing and i am not the only kaiviti changing. Just sit and listen to 10 form 6 or 7 students from any taukei dominated school and you will get your answer. They don't give a shit about your old ways and their is nothing you can do about that.
The problem is as the world passes you by and you refuse to accept the inevitable you get more and more angry and bitter and guess what you already sound angry for no reason. Instead of thinking and putting up a tangible debate about what i am saying you are calling me names. I can challenge you that you and your kind are only a handful. Hell i don't even see the Traditional Fijian hair style anymore. The biggest challenge for Fiji is not Bainimarama it is getting rid of extremists like you. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

good on u fella. u doing just what ur culture is supposed to be. but to blame it on ur chiefs and the old ways is selective and extreme. u have a very shallow outlook at life. donating money frees u from guilt and u skite about it as u have done. young people like u live sheltered and shallow lives and of course they want the modern stuff and lots of money like u. but that wont bring happiness. have a moral and caring and passionate life...not just a token giving here and giving there. I am no old fella or a chief. I have seen both sides of life. and one thing that is most important is who u are, ur culture and ur old people. u disown that like u have done is like cutting part of ur soul. u probably agree with Bainimarama's insult that chiefs should sit under the mango tree and drink home brew. I am not the only one that feels sorry for u.

Anonymous said...

Vilimoni are you trying to threaten us by saying that the army is supporting Bainimarama .? So what ? How many army personnels are behind Bainimarama ? May be 4 to 5 thousand scattered all over Fiji. Can you compare that with 3 to 5 hundred thousands supporting SODLEPA.if you think we are frighten of the military you are mistaken. It's too long we have gone sat that stage where we were frighten.we are just holding on to allow the democratic process to take place as promised by your boss unqualified Bainimarama and if that promise does not materialise then Vilimoni start thinking now which side are you going to in seriously.

Anonymous said...

vilimoni is just one kai india from outside spreading the regime propaganda, so wouldn't take any notice of his bullshit...just like this fell from yanuca who claims to be kaiviti but is white fella now convinced by Bainimarama that he is best to be raceless and chiefless and churchless and cultureless but better be a big thief with lots of other peoples paisa.

Anonymous said...

Don't just call for people to march in the streets.



Anonymous said...

Coup One

Why Fiji had coup - Part 1

On May 14, 1987, Lt. Col. Sitiveni Rabuka along with 10 soldiers gas masks hijacked and incarcerated the elected government of Timoci Bavadra. For the coup leader he was protecting an elected government from the wrath of the indigenous nationalist Taukei Movement, which organized noisy demonstrations in April 1987. Kenneth Bain, a political observer, reported that on May 14, "at 10 a.m. in Suva, the face of Fiji was damaged beyond recognition; and no plastic surgery would restore its shattered image" (1989). There were a number of players involved in the May coup, including members of the Royal Fiji Military Forces and indigenous activists of the Taukei Movement: Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, Viliame Gonelevu, Jone Veisamasama, Tomasi Raikivi, Ratu Finau Mara, Filipe Bole, Qoroniasi Bale, Ratu George Kadavulevu, Apisai Tora, and late Taniela Veitata (Sharpham 2000)—all known Alliance Party members who refused to accept the result of the April 1987 elections and, through a series of church meetings, formalized a destabilization campaign against the newly elected government. There are allegations that the President Ratu Mara gave his blessing to a military takeover after maintaining throughout the crisis that he had "no knowledge of the coup whatsoever."

To observers, the causes of the coup were many. Brij Lal (1988, 1992) sees the defeat of the Alliance Party that ruled Fiji from 1970 to 1987 as the principle cause of the coup. Victor Lal (1988) analyzed the possibility of foreign involvement and contextualized the events of May within the super power rivalry of the 1980's. Robert Robertson and Akosita Tamanisau (1988) and William Sutherland (1992) saw the rise of Fiji Labor Party (F.L.P.)-National Federation Party (N.F.P.) coalition as an expression of class aspiration whereas Michael Howard (1991) and Stephanie Lawson (1996) argued that eastern chiefs, referred to by Howard as "eastern chiefly oligarchy," did not want to relinquish its traditional political authority to a commoner indigenous Fijian. Chiefly dominance in Fiji politics was effectively used by the F.L.P.-N.F.P. coalition in 1987 to entice urban indigenous Fijian and mostly European General Electors in the lead up to the elections. Moreover, the coalition clearly emphasized class distinctions and capitalized on the developments on the industrial relations front where the Alliance Party had by 1987 alienated a large segment of the working population of all races in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Its just a waste of time bring back the events of 1987 and 2000 they are bygone. People will say that because of those two events the 2006 event happens.. That is bullsheet, unless the guy who conduct the coup in 2006 is mentally sick or insane and become lunatic that he does not know what he was doing was wrong and criminal.. Bainimarama was very much behind the 2000 coup investigations and time and ain he would request to see the footage of TV One news of events that were happening in parliment from day one of the 2000 hostage taking until the final assault at Kalabu..Bainimarama also knew that those involved were arrested,charged ,prosecuted and sent to prison.Knowing all that he decide to carry out another coup so why want immunity ?Him and his conspirators are to be investigated arrested,charged and prosecuted for treason. That is the only way to stop the coup culture

Anonymous said...

Its just a waste of time bring back the events of 1987 and 2000 they are bygone. People will say that because of those two events the 2006 event happens.. That is bullsheet, unless the guy who conduct the coup in 2006 is mentally sick or insane and become lunatic that he does not know what he was doing was wrong and criminal.. Bainimarama was very much behind the 2000 coup investigations and time and ain he would request to see the footage of TV One news of events that were happening in parliment from day one of the 2000 hostage taking until the final assault at Kalabu..Bainimarama also knew that those involved were arrested,charged ,prosecuted and sent to prison.Knowing all that he decide to carry out another coup so why want immunity ?Him and his conspirators are to be investigated arrested,charged and prosecuted for treason. That is the only way to stop the coup culture

Anonymous said...

Well done coup 4.5 keep that
Photo of for as long as you like as that is the real action of Bainimarama when he ran down the hill up the hill again on the other side breaking all cassava branches and breaking all creeping plants that crosses his path.now he is showing his serious face to convince us that he is a strongman .He is an asshole save by his legs

Anonymous said...

@Anon July 17
Everything is political. If you don't know that then you obviously do not understand politics and its pervasive impact on ALL aspects of society. Nothing is exempt from politics - no matter how much one thinks otherwise. That's why it is important for citizens to keep a keen eye on politics - it impacts on their lives and livelihoods, their rights and their freedoms.

polotiks said...

that's the problem in Fiji. Fijians don't know what is and what is not supposed to be political. let me give you some pointers...the army, the police, public service, the judiciary MUST never be political.


@ polotiks..
Religion or the church should never be political as well!!