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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Regime bills political parties almost $40,000 for Fiji Sun ads

Another example of the inconsistencies and irregularities in the so-called political process leading up to the regime's 2014 elections.

Three of the four political parties which were allowed to re-register under the Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding, Disclosures) Decree 2013, have been told to stump up for the cost of publishing details of their assets and liabilities in the Fiji Sun.

The regime's favoured newspaper is demaning almost $40,000 from the Social Democratic Liberal Party, the Fiji Labour Party and the National Federation Party.

SODELPA, the former SDL Party, which was in government when Frank Bainimarama seized control in 2006 has the highest bill at $26,000, the FLP owes $7,000 and NFP $5,796.

Two letters seen by Coupfourpointfive show NFP is objecting vigorously to the demand it cough up for the advertisements.

The NFP's registered officer, Dalip Kumar, wrote yesterday  on behalf of the party to both the chair of the Fiji Commerce Commission and the registrar of political parties, Mohammed Saneem, denouncing the demand for payment.

Kumar urges the Commerce Commission, which supposedly oversees the Fiji Sun which has had a monopoly of government ads since 2009, to 'investigate and take urgent action.'

In the letter to Saneem, the party says the demand for money is 'harsh and unconscianable'.

It goes on to argue it was the regime's decision via Saneem himself to advertise the party's assets and liabilities, and it was not advised there would be a cost.

It says the arrangement between the regime and the Fiji Sun breaches the Fair Trade Decree and that no other quote was even sought.

NFP also says the advertisements were unprofessional (it says there were some 310cm of blank spaces) and included unnecessary material such as a resignation letter.


Anonymous said...

No one should pay for this rubbish!

The political parties must make a stand and totally refuse this farce by the Fiji Sun to make money illegally!

God what will be next?

Anonymous said...

honestly! what a joke.

this bull said...

serves u right for going along with it in the first place...u bunch of gutless morons.
no wonder frank says u old politicians are hopeless. for once the dicktator spoke the truth.
so you gonna pay it or stand ur ground. sooner or later u have to do do it. why not now. better late than never.

Anonymous said...

sorry have to pay up cos u cannot challenge the registrars decision under the decree in a court of a law. so how you gonna handle this one eh raman singh?

Nomela R said...

Looks like the Party are being charged according to reported membership....ie SODELPA with highest is billed the highest.

Yes the parties in unison should refuse to pay a cent for the forced unauthorised ads....its so blatantly uncalled for and is punitive. Can only be done under dictatorship to burden possible opponents of dictatorship.

What is Bainimarama's Party charged....the bugger wants to stand too....he is dragging out delays in announcement of how he is to stand because he has a surprise for us up his trouses to the last moment to minimise sparks against his candidacy before election. But he is in for a surprise whatever his tricks will be.


BC said...

Just another OBSTACLE to try and deny the people their rights to have an Election.

Why does it have to be in the Newspaper anyway?

If the information is just listed on the Party's Website then it becomes public and anyone can access it.

Or are we going to get another RIDICULOUS BULLSHIT DECREE that says that it has to be in the newspaper.

RatuNaca said...

What a farce and a whole load of bull crap. This is what happens when the foundation is illegal and corrupt: everything they do or say will either be illegal, corrupt or both. It can also be perceived as another obstacle to delay and or cancel the election. Since the Illegal government made a decree requiring the political parties to publish those those facts, the Illegal government should pay for it, Full Stop.

Anonymous said...

Students on suspect list

Mere Naleba
Thursday, July 11, 2013

POLICE are trying to contact the parents of a group of students who they believe were involved in the alleged assault of a 14-year-old boy at a bus stop in Nasese last Thursday.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro yesterday confirmed they had received a report from the student.

"Yes, allegations of the motive behind the attack are that the victim allegedly refused to peddle drugs for the suspects," Ms Naisoro said.






Vutuki Dharam Lingam said...

You jump over one hoop you'll be jumping all your life

fact file said...

SDL and NFP should kerekere form Gujrati's longtime masipolo's.

Just Saying said...

@students on suspect list:

Fiji is a dream for sociologists and pyschologists - the coup culture has created monsters that have left the impact of their ghoulish behaviour on our society and will probably affect our children in generations to come.

sadly montsers beget monsters so we must be vigilant about the safety and wellbeing of our children.

and it starts with making sure they know that fiji is being run by a military dictatorship not an elected govt

mark manning said...

Someone has been bribed, is involved in corrupt practise or criminality of some kind, being paid by the Chinese triads or just hates the fact that non Pacific Islanders are incorporated into Law and Order in the Pacific.
It will be very interesting indeed, to see just who those people are, their motivations and how their greed will manifest itself.
Equally, it will also be interesting to see how honest honourable Pacific Islanders, confront, challenge and rise above them and their grab for money and power.

Anonymous said...

Given that all 3 parties claim to have the support of the majority, especially SODELPA's claim with iTaukei support, surely, coughing up this mere cost will not be a problem - vacava that? Just go and ask the citizens for one saqamoli each - it is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Global watchdog supports Govt measures on declaration of assets
July 11, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom


A just-released report by the world’s most respected anti-corruption watchdog is supportive of steps already being put in place in Fiji by the Bainimarama Government.
Transparency International’s latest Global Corruption Barometer says:
“Governments should pass and implement laws on making party financing transparent, including requirements for political parties, political candidates and their donors to publicly disclose donations.
“Parliaments should adopt comprehensive codes of conduct for members, including guidance on conflict of interest situations and rules for discourse of assets, interest and income.
“Parliaments should introduce mandatory registers of lobbyists.”
The report said the democratic pillars of societies are viewed as the most corrupt.
The study recommends that a clean-up of democratic process is necessary.
Other recommendations were:
• Make integrity and trust the founding principle of public institutions and services.
• Government must operate with transparency and open up their books and activities to public scrutiny; codes of conduct should be developed and adhered to by all public servants.
• Government should prioritise anti-corruption reforms in the police, based on a thorough analysis underlying problems.
• Hold the corrupt to account.
• Government should pass and implement whistleblower laws. These laws should include appropriate follow up mechanisms to allow people to report wrongdoing in the public and private sectors and protect whistleblowers from retribution.
Asked for comment, Social Democratic Liberal Party Secretary General, Pio Tabaiwalu said the report reflects the general perception of politicians and political parties.
“This is the stigma that we have to face. But we are adamantly trying to eradicate such perceptions.
“As a party we are strong and very clear in our constitution as to what is required from our officials and candidates.”
Mr Tabaiwalu agrees with the Transparency International report that political parties and those in public office should declare their assets and interests.
He recalls in 2006 as the Assistant Minister for Trade, he was required to declare his assets and interests to a Parliamentary committee. Not the public.
“For those in public office, a declaration of assets is necessary.
“The same applies to those in the current Government, they should declare.”
The Peoples Democratic Party in addressing corruption and good governance said in a comment on the report:
“Political parties are established by the people to participate in the political process of the country and those who seek to vie for public office must be transparent and accountable not only to its members but to the nation as a whole.
“They must be able to show to the people their assets and liabilities when they enter the parliament and they must be willing to declare to the public what their asset and liabilities are after completing their tenure in public office.”
Party spokeperson, Nirmal Singh said the PDP will take a multidisciplinary approach which includes fighting bribery of public officials, combating corruption in fiscal policy, public and private sector governance and awarding of contracts.”

Ms Arfana Nisha said...

They should pay for the ads. Stop blaming the Attorney General for everything. He is a great leader and should be the next Prime Minister. He has helped Fiji a lot.

Mr Saneem is one of the future leaders for the new Fiji. He will make a great leader one day.

Please stop criticising these men. They are great for Fiji.

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

@ anon July 11, 2013 at 5:37 PM
how can people raise fund for SODELPA and other parties fine when they're barely surviving on daily basis

Anonymous said...

The obvious thing to have done would of been to set up a website where this kind of data can be accessed by the public.

The media, TV, radio and papers could have provided, very cheaply, info to all as to where the information could be found.

If the public had wanted to read it they could also have taken some responsibility of accessing it.

Simple, and easily accessible at any time in the future.

Anonymous said...

The should foot the bill - it asked for the information and chose to publish it. This is where govt's election funding comes into play, the funds the regime is getting to hold the elections.

Ray said...

FBC and Fiji sun are very much instrumental in regimes propaganda and intimidation machinery. Trust the UFDF to deal with it accordingly when they come to power.

Anonymous said...

Its just another way of testing how strong the three polical parties are.

A Saqa Moli each towards the registration and now one each more towards advertising....come on members, lets go!!lets do it!! lets show the effen pussies we mean bussiness.

Anonymous said...

C'mon people you can't be so dump! It is about doing your homework. What you should have done before advertising was to ask who would pay for the cost. It is about taking responsibility. Of course the Registrar of election's office is more at fault for failing to be transparent about the registration process. Sa rui levu ga na noda sese.

New all time low for Fiji Sun said...

True....people shouldn't be so dumb - considering the insiduous and one-sided approach this govt always takes!

Parties should've been suspicious - but I guess they didn't think Fiji Sun and Khaiyum would sink this low.

Ravusou said...

This is more the reason we the citizens of Fiji should never never vote for BAINIMARAMA.

We will prolong our agony under such style of governance and decision maling process if we vote the dictator to power.


My village members have decided not to vote for Bainimarama..decision at meeting last night. Am sure the rest of Naitasiri and Tailevu will do the same


Dharam Lingam said...

Arfana Nisha, you must be a lowlife thief to praise this thief Aiyarsehole. Perhaps you're licking his balls and his ass.

Long Live Fiji
Long Live Gay Pride
Long Live Rabuka

Anonymous said...

Arfana Nisha,you are right in saying that our AG is doing a great job.He has infact done is is still doin a great job.Keep up the good job Mr AG,Sir.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Guess what this useless, opportunistic cowards will do? They will swallow another blow by Khaiyum, they will scrape together the money, pay the regimes newspaper and then they will beg Khaiyum to give them another kick in the teeth. To me it is about time that all those who have been dreaming about the elections wake up and face the reality: No dictator ever gives up power at the ballot box. And Khaiyum is no different.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Rajendra Chaudhry was evicted from his flat in sydney by his landlord because Rajen was involved with the landlord's daughter in law who has grown up kids? Is it true that Rajendra Chaudhry has moved out and is now living with this woman? Has Rajen destroyed yet another family?

Anonymous said...

the question i ask why don't they advertised the assets and liabilities too with Fiji times . it may cost the political parties more and government more, in the best interest of the nation , they should show all there assets and liabilities on both news paper , to fair, because some the readers don't buy Fiji sun. oh is because Fiji sun is the governments friends.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Rajen has left his wife Sheshni Pal and his only child, Mahendra chaudhry Junior. She is now living with her kid at her parents place in Lami and he is not even providing for the needs of his child and wife

Anonymous said...

@July 12, 2013 at 10:32 AM

what did rajen do to you , that you so worried about his wife and child. what is your business to his family. we all have family problems .

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.37 read Anon 10.21: Rajednra Chaudhry has eloped with his landlord's daughter in law and she has 2 grown up kids. This on is her fifth wife. He has destroyed another family. You still defending him???

Anonymous said...

When will we the public see the current assets etc of those now in power, if we want transparancy than be fair, not only for political parties but all thos in Gov, Ministers and PS... you will be shocked to find what they have now compared to 2006...

Anonymous said...

messages has been sent throughout the provinces and villages not to vote bainimarama next year

Anonymous said...




The Oracle said...

The political parties sought clarification and received assurance that costs to publicise their applications for registration would be met by the Bainimarama government. Did they do the same this time around for publication of liabilitiers and assets? Was the first assurance, given despite the provisions in the Political Parties Registration Decree, what led to Saneem's predecessor having to bow out? Now that the costs are known, does anyone still believe Bainimarama/Khaiyum will form a political party? The two are "accumulators" NOT "spenders". And, yes ... a good test for the Commissions Office ... no tenders sought, poor editing/layout, not consultation on costs. Kahiyum needs to cough up the funds. He also needs have the guts to sack the Ba Town administrator for the same reasons he sacked the Nadi and Sigatoka ones - incompetence and highly questionable administrative decisions.

Anonymous said...

The New Feejee trying so many new things, most of it crap.

And they'll keep doing it cos political parties too scared to do anything.

Pattern was set when it first started jumping on the spot.

The only successful campaign we've had was the one to boycott the Constitution.

Bainimarama got the jitters and dropped it like a hot lovo stone.

Political parties need to be smarter; not all about releasing press releases.

Anonymous said...

today i am itching for a fight with indians and to kick their arses back to their motherland.
siding with bainimarama
kaiyums behaviour etc etc
all kai viti businesses set up under SDL now gone ie nil participation by indigenous in commerce,,,,look at Suva Nausori corridor ,,,how come they got all the prime land? corruption as usual
lack of respect for sunday and our chiefs

yes - i am waiting for right time......magaitinamu bai, kaiyum kean vicai kece na sotia na ovisa sona lelevu

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Anonymous 3.16PM

You must be damn racist and sick in your mind. In AU, NZ, USA and Canada majority whites are owing the businesses, prime lands and executive houses. The natives of those countries don't make hatred comments like you to them. What happened to the Fijian businesses which opened after 1987 coups? Don't blame Indians for Fiji's problems. Indians in Fiji have ruled Fiji once for a year after independence. Running a business is not an essay thing. It needs lots of sacrifice and hard work. You need business otherwise the economy will collapse. What is stopping the native Fijians from doing businesses? Remember in all races there are good and bad people.

Suva administrator chandu umaria is Purprle Haze male bajaru said...

To the Oracle:
Bainimarama/Khaiyum will not sack Ba Town administrator or Suva administrator chandu umaria because they helping corrupt regime.

Chandu umaria is very good at covering his crimes. He stole a big money as Suva city council mayor but it has not been detected. Khaiyum needs chandu's skills.

Even though chandu has a dubious financial record he was still appointed by the regime. what kind clean-up campaign will appoint a man who spends most his time drinking and gambling at merchant club, and trying to pick up young girls purple haze nightclub? chandu is known as male bitch of purple haze.

Irman Ali said...

SODELPA is finished now. The army is strengthening in future.

More than 1,000 people are expected to go through the basic recruit program for the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces by next year.
This has been revealed by Prime Minister and Army Commander Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama while speaking at the passing out parade of 207 recruits this morning.
He said cabinet has also approved for a basic recruit course to be done next month and two more next year.
He said this also shows the commitment of the RFMF to the peacekeeping duties in the Middle East with another 318 troops, along with 10 staff officers on training as they are expected to leave on the 22nd of this month.
He also highlighted the 2014 general elections and the new Constitution.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

With the total of 207 young men at the passing out parade, some will join the Regular Force as Specialist soldiers, some will proceed with the Corp of Fiji Engineers as part of the Trade Training School while a few will join the Naval Division.

Also there are some Territorial Forces who will be called in to assist the Regular soldiers in carrying out any RFMF tasking locally and abroad, while some continue with their studies to become Commissioned Officers within the RFMF.

Anonymous said...

koya na Moko says....

Fiji still never learn....
these Monkeys illegal regime will coff up anything to hurt and make life difficult for political parties.

and at the end Ass Yazz Khaimumu and Frankie the mad will tell international countries that ...see they political parties have spoiled it all for us...

any excuse NOT to have Elections is their agenda.

Thee Illegal monkeys should all be SHOT...

Kamlesh Kumar said...

What kind of party is SODELPA if it cant pay its bill?

Anonymous said...

SODELPA is a party of hangers on and leftovers. Hopeless and wishful thinking people who who are looking for a way to make a quick buck.

Dr Baba should find himself a party of genuine candidates. He should join Rabuka's party. He shold leave SODELPA.

SODELPA is full of unknown and directionless peoplewho are free riding on his intellects.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.16pm, if you think your kind of garbage will gain you iTaukei support - quite the opposite. E sa vuli na tamata era sa kila vaka vinaka na duidui ni lasu kei na dina. Waraka namaka na veidigidigi! Kaisi bokola!

Anonymous said...

@Anoymous 3:16 PM

Stand back, find yourself a mirror and look at it carefully. What do you see ?

Now ask these questions to yourself,

Have I tried to start a business ?

Have I got the brains to put together a business plan and present it to a bank to convince them that I am a viable loan case ?

Am I prepared to work 12 hours a day, six days a week ?

Am I prepared to have sleepless nights worrying if it is going to be a failure and my family lose our home ?

Am I prepared to take the risk that someone is going to steal from my business and I lose all profits ?

If your answer to all the above is 'Yes' then why have you not done it ?

If your answer to any of the above is 'No' then blame yourself or your parents for your failure in life not those you are jealous of.

You talk about a lack of respect for Sunday. Perhaps when your religious cult has respect for others on the other six days of the week your cult may earn some respect.

But until you learn respect for others and stop thinking about your selfish self all the time it is unlikely your bitterness will ever disappear.

You want it all but are not prepared to earn it are you.

And I'm not an Indo Fijian.

Indian scapegoat said...

Anon 3.16pm:

if you itching for a fight, why not go and fight the army instead of scapegoating Indians? You won't because you are a bully who won't pick on his own size, just look for the nearest scapegoat. It is motivated by greed and jealousy.

It's not our bloody fault if your menfolk choose to spend all their wages every week at metropole hotel on Fiji Bitter and in the various nightclubs, and choose to spend weekends holed up in motel rooms with women other than their wives, with never-ending supply of food and drink, delivered by taxis – I have witnessed this all first hand over many years. Some of them even make to church the next day, some reman in a drunken stupor.

It's not our fault if some of you neglect your families and you were rotten role models for your children, and your children choose to follow in your footsteps, and for them university life means nightclubbing and drinking week in, week out.

Take a good look at yourself, maybe then you will stop blaming others and start doing what's right by you and your future generations because at the moment your community, sadly, is known for drinking, grogging, womanising, making taxi owners, motel owners, nightclub owners and everyone rich while you remain poor, and bitter and blame others.

Mark Manning said...

3.15 p.m. Why are you jealous with some one's achievement? I am not an Indian but your arguments are pathetic. Since Fiji is only for iTaukeis (as per your implication) then why cant you own and run businesses in your own country. You have all the opportunities to own the prime land, executive homes and mega-businesses. Take a loan from FDB. Don't depend on government hand-outs. There is nothing such as a free lunch. All human beings are same regardless of the colour, sex, ethnicity, age, etc. It seems that you have some racial issues. Take some medication to heal your self.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:16 PM

How's the fight going, beat yourself up really badly yet ?

Seems to me that the ones that don't respect the chiefs are the losers like you. Why do you expect others to respect your chiefs when we see such a large percentage of lazy, uneducated, selfish, rude and criminal youth that have supposedly been bought up under the guidance of these mystical chiefs.

But of course its not their fault or yours is it.

Anonymous said...

Consumer Council should investigate the Charges demanded by Saneem from the political parties----But Premila Kumar is a known regime arse licker !!--literally !!

Anonymous said...

As Indo-Fijian, I say Fijians have genuine grievances about lack of participation in business, it's not entirely their fault; government should continue to help them, problem is all Fijian governments so far too busy helping themselves, raiding NBF, Fijians Holdings etc, just paying lip service to Fijian.

Fijians were always afraid of indian political dominance, now they have political control which is good, they got here first and should be first among equals; government needs to get more of them in business in areas they can do well. you can't blame fijians for feeling left out in their own land.

But fighting with Indians, or Indians keep blaming Fijian failures won't get us anywhere; many hardworking fijians have succeed in life and in business.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:10 PM

You are right in that many hard working ethnic Fijians have succeeded well in both life and business but you never hear these losers vent their jealousy at those.

As for the government always being relied upon to help them, why ? Fiji has had a great education system for decades so why because these losers did not take the same advantage of it as many should the taxpayer now be supporting them ?

I'm sorry but as a taxpayer I am fed up seeing my money spent supporting and trying to promote one section of society whilst at the same time this same section is being deliberately oppressed by its cultural systems and religious dictators.

As for feeling left out in their own land what do some expect if their idea of participation in society and a means to improve ones living standard is to spend more hours a week in church activity than being productive.

Anonymous said...

New liquor shop opening in Suva, owners Chinese.

So there was an opportunity for a business that a local could have taken before. No real skills needed, buy from a wholesaler, add markup and sell.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.07, you sound like sensible person; you should understand about give and take along principles of, say, bilateral aid. Australia pours tonnes of money into Pacific to build institutions to invest for the future. The region is major market for Australia, which will lose this market if it does not invest. By investing, Aust gets good returns on investment. Aid is motivated by humanitarian concerns, but is investment none the less.

You tax money is investment in our country's and our childen's future. The brutal truth is unless there is greater economic equality, there will never be lasting peace in Fiji, regardless of whether it's our fault or not. That is the reality around the world. We need to look beyond out noses. Plus it's not just one Fiji community that is helped; poor indians also receive govt help.

We talk a lot about contributing to Fiji, but Fiji also contributed a lot to us indos. In improving ourselves, we have also improved our country. Fiji is still a peaceful country and good place to bring up kids, and most Fijian good hosts. Goodwill gestures on both sides will go a long way. we need wise leaders for this.

Losers like the one who was itching to fight Indians are a problem, as are indians who do nothing but condemn Fijians and complain about racism while themselves being racist, and talk all the time about how much they contribute to Fiji without acknowledging how much fiji contribute to them.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:02 PM

Greater economic equality will go a long way to improving things in any nation and I also believe it is everyone's responsibility to help to achieve this.

But economic equality will not solve all on its own. The ideal is to also achieve equality in the peoples participation and their desire to improve things. Very simply everyone in a team must put in the same amount of effort although we all know their skills will always be different.

To me, in society the shoe shine boy is putting in as much effort into the society team as the doctor.

So what it comes down to is yes we should help the ones that ask for and need help but ONLY if they are going to contribute something productive to society with equal effort to those that are doing the giving.

Anonymous said...

The MSG formulated during Rabuka's time was for the purpose of recognising Melanesian contribution to the Pacific. For far too long, the Polynesian countries - Samoa, Tonga, Cooks and Niue with their small resources and small population have dominated the Pacific platform, and, this suited NZ and Australia. The MSG is a threat to Australia and NZ because it is demanding its rightful share to political and economic decision making, based on its collective huge natural resources, which on the other hand, it must be very cautious with in its romance with China. So, Qarase and his cronies can go and cry till the cows come home, the MSG is a force to reckon with and China, Russia, the EU and America know this only too well. This is what annoys me about politicians, they're so short-sighted and selfish. Just as Fiji has for far too long been controlled by certain families, so has the Pacific and it is time the old establishment is removed. Unfortunately in our situation, it is an illegal government that is at the helm of this change and I pray that God's will prevails over our country.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12th July @ 10.15pm, so true and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am iTaukei and agree totally with your comment.

Anonymous said...

@ Arfana Nisha

Are you the same Arfana who was screwing Rajendra Chaudry.

Does your husband know or doesn't he care as long as you are getting something in return.

You are a regime lackey. No one will listen to you.

Anonymous said...

Fijians are proving to be cowards. Women march in Egypt. The men don't get off their arses in Fiji. March people. If there are enough of you the military will follow.

Make a sacrifice for your future and the future of your children or stop whining like little girls.

The Lau boys talk so tough. They never act. Once the elections have come and gone it will be too late.

People power works.

When will you say enough is enough? When your land starts disappearing and your nation is insolvent?

The warrior spirit of the ancestors is dead and buried. You will get what you deserve.

God helps those who help themselves.

God will intervene for you if you are prepared to act and seek his help.

Still can't hear me.

Free beer and Big Macs. Now I have your attention.

Anonymous said...

Kishore Kumar Publikation
May 16
I was attending the rally for United Front for democratic Fiji where Mahendra Pal Chaudhry said that the current regime is illegal and that we should unite to go against them. I stood up and asked Chaudhry when he knew it was illegal, then why did he serve as a finance minister for the current government from 2006-2008? The poor man could not answer my question.

Tupeni Baba said that we must unite and fight against this government. I asked him a man like him who has been in three political parties because of difference, how can he tell us to unite when he himself is not united. He said that is politics. I asked him that he betrayed his wife and married another women, is this breaking of unity also politics? He was angry.

Can we have this kind of leaders who betray their spouse to lead Fiji? Surely only adulterous generation would say yes but God fearing people who are faithful to their spouse will say no.

Nationalyouthparty Fijian It is included in National Youth Manifesto that no candidates who has betrayed their spouse will be allowed to contest in the elections on National Youth Party ticket. A man who betrays his spouse also betrays God and such a man is unstable and can betray the nation at anytime.
May 16 at 7:42pm • Like • 3
Did you know that National Youth Party is gaining half percentage of voter confidence each day and if this continues on till 2014 General Elections, the National Youth Party would create a landslide victory without any support from any former politician?

Anonymous said...

Kishore Kumar Publikation
Chapter 8

The November 2000 Mutiny Execution

Article author: Kishore Kumar Publikation

i. In the court of law, Captain Stevens who was the head of the Counter Revolution Warfare unit testified that Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, the Qaranivalu of Naitasiri, a senior chief of Naitasiri Province and both a former Senator and former Cabinet Minister, had visited the barracks during the 2000 mutiny to offer moral and practical support, which included supplying the mutineers with cell phones.

ii. While the revolt was in progress, Rabuka had visited the barracks with his army uniform in the car that he was driving.

iii. Reports from Republic of Fiji Military Force further indicated that Rabuka ordered few military personnel that they must follow his orders to cool down the situation and stop the revolt. It was told to them that since he is the one who formed the Counter Revolution Warfare unit in 1987, the unit members involved in revolt would only listen to him. The senior officers opted to defend Fiji and not summit themselves to the demands of Sitiveni Rabuka.

iv. While Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, the Qaranivalu was convicted with life imprisonment sentence, Sitiveni Rabuka was acquitted by the High Court because the court assessors could not collectively conclude that for him being in the Queen Elizabeth Barrack on the day of progressive state of revolt with his military uniform in his car; was evidence enough to hold him responsible for either having prior knowledge of the 2000 mutiny or being an active hidden member of the 2000 mutiny. There was a split in assessor’s verdict and as such, the court judge had to acquit Rabuka. The ruling did not mean that Rabuka has been found innocent; it meant that there were doubts and court does not work in doubts. Surely, there are still massive mass of static dark clouds of uncertainty surrounding the crown of Rabuka and he will face Master Judge in the Day of Judgment and at that time; there would be no split in the final judgment. The 2000 mutiny contradicted with iTaukei faith in Lord Jesus Christ. During 2000 mutiny; iTaukei Christian soldiers were killing iTaukei Christian soldiers; a sad history.

The second part of this story which is not yet posted reveals that Captain Shane Stevens gave orders to kill but ceased firing when the captain was shot in the stomach and the rebels ran into the bush. Not all of those who planned the 2000 Mutiny are caught but are still living and for this reason, Commodore Frank Bainimarama must remain the Prime Minister of Fiji. Fiji is content with its democracy and we do not need any extra till those remains of those 2000 Mutiny planners are dead. At this time, the security of the nation is more important than democracy!

The second part will be in book 2 and it will reveal 100% hidden facts of the 2000 Mutiny
Share • July 9 at 5:29am

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1.08pm

I find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with your interesting but self-serving and self-righteous comments", esp. with respect to the breaking of marital oaths/vows by an unfaithful spouse - that is highly likely to spill over to public life by the unfaithful spouse (one who is by then well-disposed to breaking oaths), and only this time it'll be that of the public office he holds, for example - the oath to uphold and defend the highest law of the land - the Constitution.

Does that ring a bell with many past and present leaders/politicians aside from MPC and Baba, including bureaucrats or holders of public offices? Perhaps you could compile us with a list of names to show the correlation between breaking marital oath and failure to uphold oath to respect and defend the highest law of the land?

Back to your post, seems to me MPC ws caught off-guard that he forgot to mention that the Court of Appeal decision pronouncing the "unlawfulness of the Dec2006 takeover" occurred in April 2009 - well after MPC had served the interim regime as finance minister between 2007-2008 as u've pointed out.

Btw, pls don't take this as me supporting MPC, Baba or in any one's political corner, I'm simply pointing out the obvious...

Baba was absolutely correct when he responded that "it was politics" to your silly question but that seemed to have flown over your head. I don't know Baba personally or how many women he divorced and married after his first wife, but in case you didn't know - the laws on divorce are as old as the laws on marriage - allowing human beings to regulate the complexities of their personal relationships with ease - religious perspectives notwithstanding of course.

In fact, Fiji since 2005 has amended its divorce laws to make it easier for married couples who can't stand each other to separate and then divorce if there is no possibility of reuniting within a year of separation.

Why live under the same roof yet lead "separate lives" (as is the case for the many deceitfuls) just so that you can project a respectable goody-goody two shoes appearance of an intact marriage (a sham really... and cheap) - all for the sake of winning votes??

Applying your own logic to the above scenario - that type of "converse" deceit (keeping up with the facade of an intact marriage) can very well spill over to public life for the unfaithful spouse/politician and holder of a public office - who is adept at undermining his oath to uphold the laws of the land whilst keeping up with appearances. Perhaps you could compile a list of names for those who fit into this category? lol.

Anonymous said...

Its disappointing how some people continuously bring up the personal lives of others in an effort of discredit them in a public forum, as if these attempts at humiliation has anything to do with their running of any office, public or private. Does it Matter? Maybe, maybe not. If not then why bring it up?! If it does then lets look at the current offspring of the current interim PM. Seems he has moved on from the mother of his child, whom by the way he did not marry after she bore him a child, and is now shacked up with another slightly higher profile 'sheila'. But hey, those in glass houses....


Anonymous said...

My village too does not support this ruthless full of bull shit government..even though he has finished the highway to rakiraki..we will not support or vote for him..we wish that he would just disappear and let the politicians do their thing..he has no say whatsoever in the running of this country and he has no right to be making decisions on development cause at the end of the day he is getting loans from the chineese to try and vesumona us..Go to hell Bainimarama..we will not vote for you.

Anonymous said...

Fijian will never ever be successful in any retailing businesses in Fiji, regardless how much FDB, Banks or Government assistance, workshops conducted and money spent on them, they will never become successful. Why? Why? Why? Because the control on pricing of the wholesale goods are with the Indian who holds the Import and Export Licensees. The Wholesalers execute the rule of "discrimination & racists " to the Fijian retailers high and Indian retailers low on the same carton of fish. One cannot blame the wholesalers because it is the negligence and the way our Fijian Parliamentarians made, shaped and passed the Laws in Parliament on their prime days. One good example were Punjas and Mohtibhais. They know how to handle the ex Oxford & economic graduate and former Prime Minister, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara including his Ministers of the day. Ratu KKT Mara got the stroke whilst he was with them (P&M) in Vanuaatu on Export and Import business trip known as "Trading". This was the failures of the 8 or 11 Fijian Supermarkets "EMICOL" funded by FDB. No Banks, Training Workshops etc. will ever make those Fijian successful unless they were given the same Import and Export Licences with the same brand of commodities and other goods etc.and that includes today's era. Some will say, What happened to the "rice and chicken import licences issued to the Fijian? The problem remained the same as of yesterday and today.. the majority Buyers are the Indian wholesalers and retailers who acted with ONE VOICE OF UNITY was to make the Fijian Importers failed. They bought the rice and chicken at the cheapest with almost nothing to take back home after all expenses were paid up. The Fijian Project "Importation of Rice and chicken" was a failure. What happened to the then Government of the day? NOTHING!! Why? CORRUPTION!!! Why? Because the Ministers need some extra "Paisa or Money". Vinaka vakalevu.

Anonymous said...

In the UK politicians private lives can impact on their fitness to hold office.

Divorce is not one such issue. In saying that I admire the NYP's regulations. Good on them.

Jesus did not want to be seen as approving divorce. He made it clear he hates it. He understood there were circumstances where it should be granted.

Some Christian denominations do not allow men to become ministers if they have been divorced. That is their choice just as it is for the NYP.

What I like about the NYP is they are fresh faces. MPC is a dangerous criminal with strong criminal associations. He is still talking to Bai's people. He is sly and cannot be trusted. His son is a power hungry womaniser. Rabuka has too many questions to answer. Qarase is a convicted criminal. Beddoes likes power for powers sake and lacks genuine intelligence.

They have had their chances and showed themselves to be pigs.

NYP chose your leaders after much prayer. God will show you your leader and like David, he will give him/her courage and strength to slay the ugly beast that is Goliath (Bai/Kai).

Don't choose a lawyer.Lawyers are supposed to stand up against the governments if there is tyranny. They are supposed to be society's watchdogs, not government lap dogs.

Those lawyers who have left Fiji post 2009 have shown their value. ALL CURRENT GOVERNMENT LAWYERS have shown they do not have any understanding of their ethical obligations. They have no future in the new Fiji. They have sold their honour. They have let themselves and their God down.

Why? Because they have put money before integrity.

Your leader will hopefully be an intelligent and prayerful person. That sort of person will have the support of me and my village.


We will support people from all religions, those that show honesty and commitment. Those who stand up against tyranny and be counted before God and man.

Better a hardworking muslim or hindi than a so-called Christian who corrupts himself in his life and work.

We are watching and praying for you NYP. May God be with you. The truth will come
......out of the mouths of babes.

Many will support you.

Anonymous said...

@ 7.05pm.

Didn't Jesus also say that "he who is without sin, cast the first stone?"

Does God not give 2nd chances to the truly repentant, simply out of sheer LOVE for the lost and needy?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of not-so-perfect world leaders: Russia's President Putin is on track to divorcing his faithful wife, China's President Xi Jingping is married to his second wife, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is onto 2nd de facto after his divorce, we all know about Clinton lying with eyes wide open during his impeachment hearing - still he was much loved by the people and a much better President than the goofy George Bush who dreamt WMDs in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:05 PM

What Fiji does not need as leaders or representatives of the people are those that profess to be christians like yourself who spew their hate and slander in public like you have just done.

I think it's you that has just let yourself down. What a sad example of christianity you are.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.05pm

Let's hope Fiji lawyers don't wait for over 3 decades as their counterparts in Pakistan did and who only took to the streets in 2008 to protest against tyranny.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7.05p.m, you said:

"Your leader will hopefully be an intelligent and prayerful person. That sort of person will have the support of me and my village."

But many would argue that "intelligent and prayerful" were also traits that characterised Fiji's leadership in Qarase, Rabuka, Chaudhary, Beddoes and many others. lol. So what say you?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.16. Please go and bury your head back in that hole

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:05 PM

"" NYP chose your leaders after much prayer. God will show you your leader and like David, he will give him/her courage and strength to slay the ugly beast that is Goliath (Bai/Kai)""

So you want an imaginary storybook character that is used for the commercial practice of selling books to be choosing your political leaders. A new Fiji ?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:05 PM

"" What I like about the NYP is they are fresh faces ""

It is a good idea to choose politicians and leaders based on what their skills, values and potential is not just because they are new faces.

If you are going to choose based on 'fresh faces' and 'religious' practices it suggests you are incapable of thinking for yourself.

Anonymous said...

lol @ 6.52am

An imaginary storybook character used to sell books - only to the lost and pitiful intolerants - a new Fiji?

Anonymous said...

@ 8.52am

True. He's thinking alright, just not hard enough.

Anonymous said...

@ 6.52am

Perhaps you'd prefer to tune into the iAG's brother's FBC network this morning to see what some have described as shallow nonsense, being preached by jihadists. A new Fiji?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:52 PM

You are right, it's the intolerants who can see through this religious charade.

Pitiful, no, but wise enough to see the writing on the wall.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:05 AM

Thanks for the suggestion but I have no wish to ever listen to those extremists.

In the same way as I have no wish to listen to the views of other religions extremists.

Anonymous said...

muslim should be sent back where they came from.they are fighting among themselves.we cant trust muslim in fiji anymore.they have taken our viti now from us.khaiyum and raiz are using army and police to ruin fijian .i feel sorry for bai been used and not thinking he is destroying fijians.

Anonymous said...

"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of
law and in the name of justice." - Charles De Montesquieu

"If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine."
- Ernesto Guevara

"Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others,
or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing
each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples
build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."
- Robert F. Kennedy

"I agree with Dante, that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who,
in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality" - Martin Luther King Jr.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.18am

Intolerant and wise? An odd combination, don't you think?

It's hard to denounce any religious following as a charade (for God created man (gender neutral term) in His image, to draw unto Himself) - unless their preachers promote disrespect for other religions as many saw in that muslim cleric on Riyaz Khaiyum's FBC last Easter Sunday.

I was just watching the service at the Christian Harvest Center at Nasinu on channel 4 while having breakfast earlier on, very colourful and interesting. Beautiful gospel songs. They're a different form of worship and praise than what I was raised in but I love it all the same. They reminded me very much of the service at the Hillsong church in Sydney where I was invited to one Sunday.

At the end of the day, we live in an imperfect world... the good book teaches us in the Gospels, the wise teachings of Jesus, who said:
"The harvest is rich but the labourers are few, so ask the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers to his harvest." Amen.

Anonymous said...

Arfana Nisha, you saying that Ayaz and Saneem are goog leaders and they have helped Fiji a lot .How do you describe a good leader ? Do you know that Ayaz is hiding behind Bainimarama because Bainimarama is an idiot but has the fire power with the support of the money hungry Bainimarama and Kaiyum Military. They become effective because people are frighten to voice their concern due to threats ,abuse and violation of human rights by the Military.This military is not a Fiji Military because they are against the will of the people of Fiji and are only concerned of their own well being and what is directed by Bai/ Kaiyum. They do not realise that they are paid from the sweat of the very people whose well being they have compromised. So Arfina Nisha remember this,the racial gap that has been created by Kaiyum including religious is so great that at the end of this journey someone will be on the receiving end the heart ,sole and mind of the Fijian native people are hurt and wounded and crying in silence.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.44 I read your comment and was agreeing to most of what you were saying until you got the receiving end bit. This is the problem with the i-taukei. Blame everybody but themselves. Instead of talking start fighting and rioting. Instead of thinking about what is really happening put Vanua and culture and all that emotion into the picture. What are you suggesting that the Fijian people will go out and beat up all the Muslims and all the Indians just because of Khaiyum. Let me tell you one thing fella do not underestimate the passiveness of people all the time. When you are ready i will invite you to come and start with my family. Maybe after spilling 3 peoples blood you will be satisfied that your culture and Vanua is now safe and it may heal your wounds as you said. Let me tell you now though that i do not support Bainimara or Khaiyum. But if killing a few Muslims will make you happy i am ready. If this sounds strong to you then so be it as this is what some of you bloggers are suggesting hidden in your statements and sadly this is how low this blog has fallen too.
This is not about race or religion. Their are good and bad people in every race and belief. This is about some bad folks who are leading our country and making decisions for all of us which we don't like. I am an Indian who used to belong to the Islamic faith i do not practice any organized religion simply because of the divisions it causes and the fact that their is now ample evidence to believe that God is A-religious and therefor does not belong to any faith but to all. That is another argument for another day. The fact is i know many Muslims and Hindus who simply hate this government including myself and i also know of many Christians who openly support these guys including the 4500 soldiers who carried out the coup. Fiji citizens in general are the most peaceful in the world. Lets not paint with the same brush all who live here just because of a few bad human beings.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 14th July 12.31pm. Neither the Muslims nor Indians in general started this problem. It is greedy politicians and the ulukau chiefs who backed up the 1987 coup, which is why the cowardly Taukei movement went to town with its nonsense. Na taro meda na tarogi keda kina na i iTaukei, era sa tu evei 'o ira kara a vakavuna na i tovo vakaisi oqo? Amazingly, some of them continue with their thuggish mentality as leaders of our nation today!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:31 PM

And your next scapegoats to vent your own failings on will then be who ?

False Christians said...

As a hindu, I say majority of Muslims have done nothing wrong, they just go about their daily grind, earn a living, do not bother anyone, do not break into homes, rob or rape; they diligently attend mosque as they have always done.

Fiji muslims practice what they learn in mosque - they weren't out burning and looting like some people in 1987, or feasting on stolen farm produce and livestock, or having sex and marijuana orgies in parliament in 2000 like some people who who claim to be followers of christ. These so-called christians shame Christianity.

Fiji muslims haven't benefitted a cent from the coup, in fact, they have lost out financially, just like everyone in Fiji. Some well-placed Muslims have benefited, just like some well-placed and hindus and itaukeis. It is nothing to do with race and religion, but everything to do with greed and opportunism.

In fact, more itaukeis have benefited most from this coups than anyone else, but some coward itaukei scared to take them on, they can only pick on Indians as they have done all their lives.

many Itaukei marched the streets and rampaged in 1987 and 2000, but now hiding like cowards and making racists threats – why are they hiding, why not match again, take to the streets you cowards?

Given itaukei mentality they won't stop with Indians - they will turn on each other next as Ratu mara said. Next will be the lauans who will be asked to swim back to Lau. Already lauans are evicted from squatters by itaukei landowners.

Look at what happened in Uganda, Liberia, Congo, sierra Leone - hell on earth, tribal wars, cannibalism back in fashion as satanists disguised as Christians took over.

Lucky in Fiji here are many true christians and good itaukei who have spoken out against hate on this blog, and together we can rebuild this country but we need to get rid of haters who will destroy this country.

False Religion. said...

The Bible says to watch out for wolves in sheeps clothing in your congregations.

In India you have Muslims and Hindus massacring each other.

There are Jihadists blowing up innocent people around the world.

There is the Christian Right in politics claiming superiority.

Whatever your faith, it is between you and your God. To use it as a political weapon is not faith.

Some iTaukei are the most Godly people I have met. Others are devils. Just like in every race and culture.

I know what you are trying to say and I agree with you. You will now their Spirit by their fruit.

However, you are wrong about the beneficiaries of this coup. Many Muslims have done very well. That is well documented. That is hard to dispute.

Hopefully one day promotion will be given on merit rather than who your cousin is. Not under this regime and regimes past.

This regime: Total control, people to afraid to speak out, suppression of any opposition and rivals etc etc

One corrupt leader after another.

As my mother says, it doesn't matter who you vote for you always get a politician.

A politician is better than a dictator who lacks intelligence and morality.

Cowardly Fijian leaders said...

While Fijian leaders took cover after few threats from army, and Qarase fled to Lau, Indian leaders in Fiji continued to speak out against the coup, such as

Attar Singh
Wadan Narsey
Biman Prasad
Pramod Rae
Raman Singh

Also other indians who do not come to mind. Whatever you say about Mahen Chaudhry, Rajen Chaudhry or Felix Anthony - regardless of their motives - they still had the balls to speak out strongly against the regime here in Fiji, not just from overseas or from behind computer screens.

These people were only stopped when media no longer carried their comments, but they still talk bravely in the overseas media at every opportunity. Wadan narsey even started his own blog. wadan has done more than all Fijian leaders put together.

Many Indians do not support the coup, but we have all been lumped together and all we get is threats and abuse asked to leave the country.

My question is, where are the Fijian leaders? I am not talking about those who are safely hiding and talking from overseas, or hiding behind blogs. I am talking about those in Fiji. Why aren't more of them speaking out more often? where is Qarase? why is he so quite? what about others who were so vocal about fijian rights in 1987 and 2000? why aren't they on the streets again leading the marches?

If you feel so strongly about fijian rights, why not start a blog like wadan? too lazy, or too scared? The cat got your tongue? where are you hiding? why blame indians? why not show your Fijian bravery and take on the real culprit, the army? I know it's easier to pick on indians but it will achieve nothing.

you have to come out and put your safety on the line – Fijian leaders have lot to learn from the indian leaders I have just mentioned.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:35 PM

It could be that the vast majority of them have realised the error in their ways and sit back now to allow others to build a better Fiji for them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:22pm:

You are wrong to say Fiji would be very peaceful without indians. Without the 'common enemy' Indian buffer we fijians will start fighting each other. Fiji would have been another Solomons if not for the Indians.

Too many itaukei want easy money and the good life without working for it. We envy those who succeed financially with hard work, whether indian, chinese, European or Fijian.

Even among us itaukei there is lot of jealousy against those itaukei who are successful. Too much sloth, gluttony, greed, fortification among us, but we blame everyone else.

Satan's Pacific base said...

Fiji sounds like Satan's base in the Pacific!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.44pm. Too right. Even some iTaukei bloggers hia spread nasty gossip behind masks about their own kind. And you can tell some are bitter + envious iTaukei women because they say nasty lies about others especially smart and successful women. Yes Fiji is indeed Satan's base in the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:25 PM

Strange for a place where the majority claim to be devout Christians

Anonymous said...

The iTaukei is such an envious people that it is common practice, for them to draunikau those who dare to rise above others. Bloggers, don't be fooled by humble & friendly looking ones. The bible bashers can be the worst. It is so bad that some of them will not visit their villages and some even run away overseas. It takes strong people like Bavadra and Akuila Yabaki to tell the right thing to their people. I remember during the 1987 coup, an an iTaukei who was disgusted with it, I was always comforted by Yabaki's voice of reason & others like Mataca and Tuwere. In iTaukei society, only those who have strong faith in God survive the curses from their own people.

Where is Simione Kaitani today? said...

Talking about cowardly Fijian leaders, where is SIMIONE KAITANI? In 2000 he was holding court in Parliament, preaching to the crowds, and leading the charge.

Why is he hiding in Australia now?
Why isn't he in Fiji fighting for Fijians as in 2000?

Do not use lame excuse that your life is in danger. Temumu Kepa, Tupeni Baba and Qarase's lives not in danger, neither is yours.

Why have you run away from the fight Kaitani?

Are you brave only in front of Indians?

Where are you hiding you coward?

Are you a real man?

When you coming back to Fiji?

Dole bludger Kaitani hiding in Australia said...

Simione Kaitani has abandoned the cause. The unemployed and unemployable dole bludger is living off tax payers in Australia. He is looking fat and healthy.

kaitani leads from behind. he gives fancy speeches gets people to do the dirty work, then comes in and creams the benefits.

A typical bakewa.

He is unlikely to return to Fiji as leading very good life in australia on the dole.
Or he will return after others have done the dangerous work to run for a seat.

Fijians are better off without this coward and traitor.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4.15PM

That type of thinking could very well come straight out of the rule book of apartheid-era South Africa - where the minority ruled. They had a very weird sense of superiority, thinking they knew best for the entire nation. Usually a facade 'to make hay while the sun shines'...

The sooner Fiji transitions to a more representative parliamentary democracy system the better it is for a more sustainable and peaceful future.

On religion: any form of extremism meted out under the name of religion and aimed at degrading the dignity of fellow humans is not good and needs to be opposed and defeated.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 5.42PM

The vast majority of i-taukei are Christians but methinks one of the issues behind the inconsistencies that we've been seeing has been in marrying their christian faith and their indigenous traditions. If they had been taught well their Christian faith, there wouldn't be displaying a problem navigating that turf - where faith and traditions meet.

But patience is needed as it will eventually come in time - have to remember that the i-taukei only embraced Christianity a century ago?

The other issue is that ancestral worshipping in all indigenous societies around the world can also be form of religion although not mainstream and what most of Christians term as 'paganism'.

However, if the i-taukei understood their Christian faith well, what 'pagans' do to express themselves shouldn't worry anyone esp. if all they're doing is muttering curses within your earshot. For it is just what it is, to my minds at least: simple, senseless, feverish gibberish.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:01 PM

But you have to be very careful what you and society consider as degrading the dignity of others.

You must wary of getting this mixed up with the tolerance of accepting differing views.

If I simply say to you I do not believe in the God you worship is that degrading your dignity ?

Some will say no but some will say yes.

Fiji Sports Council Queen Alice Tabete said...

@ Dole bludger Kaitani.

haha! true, dole bludger Kaitani is only brave in front of Indians and he will not return to Fiji until the coast is clear.

Many others dole bludging overseas. Alice Tabete, the queen of Fiji Sports Council, who liked to buy new cars for the council and make council workers work on her home.

The Adi is now in NZ. She was really hated by the council workers who informed on her for treating Fiji sports council like her personal property and council workers like her servants.

Why is Australian and new Zealand government sheltering these people's at tax payers' expense?

Anonymous said...

lol @ Anonymous 7.24PM

Perhaps I didn't come across clearly enough - Uttering blasphemy as the muslim cleric did on Khaiyum's FBC network on a day of worship that Christians around the world consider THE highlight, apex and summit of Sundays of the Christian calender - commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, was quite another matter than simply not believing in another's religion.

Can you guess what would happen had the reverse situation occurred, where a christian utters blasphemy against islam on national television in a muslim majority country, say somewhere in the middle-east?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:25 PM

Unfortunately it's the extremists that make such a big thing of something that could so easily be ignored.

No religion or view has a monopoly.

Where is Ratu Tu'uakitau? said...

@Dole bludger Kaitani:

Anyone seen Ratu Tuakitau Cakaunaouto lately? Is he also dole bludging overseas because he too is unemployable in Fiji. Another bakewa who will surface when once the coast is clear to claim a seat in parliament. Useless, talentless, corrupt and opportunistic chiefs like Ratu Tuki who solely get by on their chiefly status are like parasites on their people, and part of the problem in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

lol.. @ Anon 8.56pm

You say:"Unfortunately it's the extremists that make such a big thing of something that could so easily be ignored."

You miss the point. Now answer the question.

You say: "No religion or view has a monopoly."

What are u on about?

Anonymous said...

Yep,we Fijians whether it,s Kaitani,Qarase,Tupeni
or whoever & whereever
they lives,
all apparently waiting for one of our people in power to get pissed
off and decided, that it's time to remove Bainimarama?
As usual we always respect our Fijian Leader(s)and we
normally live and respect their position, until
they do something totally stupid that would
directly, compromised the survival of our race?
HAPPENS, YOU DAMN CAN BE SURE, THAT WE will take these so-called leader
out, at the very first opportunity?Just a warning to you asseoles provocative indo, writing above?
the hammer comes crashing down, it would definitely be hard or even impossible to stop, after taking out
Bainimarama we just may continue to carry-on, until we're rid of Fiji, of all
those that supported him? That's would be you included!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Kaitani @ 6.38am, please don't count me in your pathetic lot of Fijians. Isa.. You may as well stay away there 4ever in comfy Ozzieland, fatty..

When the going gets tough, pls leave it to us the tough, wise ones. We don't want big mouths spoiling it for all Fijians.

Cema Kaitani said...

Anon @.6.30am. E boicici na nomu vosa. This blogsite was never about racial difference and should not be. You are definitely a failed politician. How dare you insult the intelligence of the iTaukei! We're not all racist like you, you bitter washed up imbecile. Go out and smell the roses, when you do, you will find that the iTaukei can actually discern the bullshit coming out of their leaders and this includes you, your cronies and some who serve in this regime.

Anonymous said...

Caga mara ,,,lai sili mada

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6.38pm, are you kaitani? Or his son?
Regardless of whether it's an indian or fijian writing, it is the truth.
Kaitani is a coward and loser who used us ordinary fijians, than abandoned us for the good life in Australia. Because of people like him all fijians have reputation as dole bludgers. People like him are a disgrace to Fijians.
No use blaming indians to try and hide the facts.
Sad day for us if we fijians rely on a dole bludger to lead us.

epi said...

Na matanitu qo sega tale ni gadrevi kina na political solution se wawa veidigidigi.Na ka ga me caka sogo na gaunisala,civil servant kua na mai cakacaka,tabana ni ovisa tukuna yani ki vei Bai sa sega na veitokoni vua,turaga ni vei vanua dui kaciva nona tamata,na lotu me vosa vakadodonu kina matanitu ka tukuna na vosa me rogoca ka mani rogoca sara dou kakua ni cuva vua, o koya me cuva kina vakasala nei koya sa cecere sara.Nai vakabula e sega ni kauta mai na PEACE o koya a kauta mai nai SELE i wau koya gona kua ni bokoca na cina ni kaukauwa ni vosa ni kalou,waroca yani vua me kila ka me kua ni beitaki na lotu ni volitaka nai VAKABULA ka vakoti koya vakarua e kauveilatai ena nona cuva jiko vei Bai na lotu.Dou tu cake dou valu!!!O isireli mataga se veivakamatei jiko ga qo ena nona maroroya jiko na veika e vakarota na dauni veibuli.io, o keda i Viti???kua na lasu jiko!!

Anonymous said...

Let the Muslim run Fiji. Very good for Fiji. Same one God same belief. Same Old testament. Same story. Chase Hindoo, Buddhist and Methodist out of the country...

Anonymous said...

This is fucking bullshit mann...what the fuck are Fijians doing mann...stand up and fight for your right and let these motherfuckers pay for what they did...they should be suffering and not the country and the innocents

Dharam Lingam said...

The Indians are the cause of all the problems in Fiji. They should be deported to where they came from originally.

epi said...

Au nanuma ni sa dodonu vua na lotu me valu ena vuku ni tamata ka ra lewe ni nona lotu kei na Vanua e na vuku ni tamata taukei ni yau bula tabu saka yani!!!

Au kerea na vanua kei na vei turaga bale kakua ni solia na qele me lisi taki qori e 99 na yabaki ka rauta ni 4 nai taba tamata era na vakuwai mai nodra i yau ka dodonu me yaga vei ira.ia,nanuma ke qai renew tale na 99 na yabaki sa na 200 na yabaki se 2 na senitiuri eda sa vakuwai ka butuki sobu.kua ni solia na qele qori na noda milioni!!!.

Lotu kei na Vanua drau tu,drau valu drau maroroya nai yau bula ni kawa i taukei.Sa sega tale ni dua na ka e rawa ni caka me sa tu vata na vanua na Lotu valuta nai valu ni kaukauwa ni lavo ka na mai talaraka na noda i yau bula ka dodonu me noda ia,ena kaliraki laivi ke sega ni valu ena vukuda na Lotu kei na Vanua.

Eda beitaki ena ka ca kecega nai taukei. ia ,na cava era kocova kina na noda i yau.....!!!!Baleta ni jiko kina na milioni ka sega ni dua e via vakaraitaka vakadodonu vei keda.ia,na cava eda sega ga ni vukei kina nai taukei meda taukena na kena bisinisi taki na noda i yau bula???sa liu rawa jiko na vei vakacacani ni tamata vucesa!!!sa raica!Eda vakamataboko tak jiko baleta ke na rai na matada ena sega tale ni dua e via solia tu na qele me lisi taki baleta e jiko kina na milioni kei na milioni.

A cava na vuna e sega kina ni noda vata na bisinisi kei ira na mai bisinisi???

Na tabana i taukei sa dodonu me yadrava na noda i yau bula ka kakua ni tokona na noda beitaki tale jiko ni da vucesa!!

Na noda matanitu ga e guilecavi keda jiko jiko!!!!

E liumuri tale jiko na matanitu!!

E dodonu me liutakka ne kena vakaqaqaco taki na bula vakailavo ni taukei.

Na bisinisi e dodonu me 50% noda nai taukei ni yau bula ka qai wase na matanitu kei ira na vo ni via mai bisinisi taka na noda i yau bula.Kua ni lisi taki baleta qori e lavo somidi sara ka drau ga se au kaya na benu!!!na uro kei na milioni e taura na matanitu kei ira e kauti ira jiko mai.

Ke sa nomu nai yau bula sa dodonu me nomu na veimama ni bisinisi ka jiko na nomu lewa ena bisinisi.oqo e dodonu me vakamatanitu taki.

Na veika au raica jiko ni da biligi tani vaka jikijiki nai taukei ni yau(soli ga na i lavo ni lisi)ia e milioni vaka milioni na veika e rawa mai na lisi qori ka qai 99 na yabaki na kena dede!!!!oqo na veivakalaboci,veidabui,veivakaisini,lawaki ca ni matanitu qo kei na matanitu sa oti yani.

Oqo me muduki vakadua,ke sa dua e mai bisinisi taka nai yau bula sa i taukei sara ga ni yau bula e 50% ka qai cakacakataki koya ga na matanitu ena kena vo kei koya e mai caka bisini

Oqo na rai me rai kina na Lotu kei na tabana ni taukei kei kemuni saka nai liuliu ni Vanua ena veiyasana.

Eda dabeca jiko oqo i viti na noda milionea ka sega jiko ni donu na veiliutaki vuni kena yali jiko na kalougata!!

Lotu kei na Vanua drau tucake drau kaciva na nomudrau tamata me ra valu ena vuku ni noda i yau ena yali e ligadra na vulagi!!!

Anonymous said...

Arizona you poke your nose in aid of your necked mouth piece.may be mouth piece is what he is good at because he can not speak unless someone put the word in his mouth.the other problem is if you put the wrong word in his mouth he can not correct it.Aziztrue you may have some doctors,lawyers ,IT people but how many because the people who are actually doing the dirty work are uneducated once.the very people who are just following orders. As- a lawyer yourself if you reflect ack to the court Marshall ruling I regards to those CRW soldiers who gave the excuse in court that they were just following orders. The ruling stated that they are not insane they should know what is right and what iis wrong if an order is given and they know it is wrong they should not obey. In this case it is your commander that need to educate but it's too late as he s already 60 perhaps the rest of his life wiil be spent in prison where he will be educated to follow the law,I

Anonymous said...

the billing is consistent with THUG RULE! And it's a good reminder to the people that that is what Fiji has at the present time. make no mistake about that.

Anonymous said...

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