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Monday, July 29, 2013

Regime threatens to bring in military if sugar workers strike

Will the trucks be stopped? Sugar mill union takes ballot to strike

The wills of sugar mill workers and that of the military dictatorship are about to be tested.

The regime's attorney general has issued a two sentence statement in response to a decision by the Fiji Sugar and General Workers’ Union to file a legal notice to hold a secret ballot to authorize a strike.

It follows ongoing violations by the Fiji Sugar Corporation under the labour law and the snubbing of previous collective bargaining agreements.

As noted by the International Trade Union Congress, mill workers have not had a pay raise in seven years and many live in poverty. 

In among Golan soldiers as Khaiyum threatens to use military at mills
The FSC announced a token wage increase after the union filed notice but the rise fails to address the more than 40% decline in real wages for workers over the last seven years.

In a statement the regime indicates it will not tolerate strike action.

There is no more important industry in Fiji than sugar cane. More than 200,000 Fijians rely on the sugar cane industry for their livelihood. 
One way or another, the mills will need to continue to operate even if some people abandon their jobs.

The ITUC has condemned the threat saying FSC management has been holding meetings in all work stations in to intimidate union members not to vote and even threatened to turn their names over to the regime if they did. 

The ITUC says the Khaiyum threat suggests the regime will mobilize the military as replacement labour and/or that the government will place the sugar sector under the scope of the Essential National Industries Decree.

Its general secretary, Sharan Burrow, says the ITUC takes violations of freedom of association seriously.

“This thuggish behaviour, in addition to the previous beatings, arbitrary arrests, surveillance of unionists and the wholesale gutting of the nation’s labour laws, is why workers around the world are calling for the establishment of an ILO Commission of Inquiry this year. This rogue regime must be stopped.”

The United Coalition for a Democratic Fiji is meanwhile calling on the Fiji Electricity Authority to reduce electricity charges to consumers by 30 per cent given their $75 million profit for last year.

The UFDF says the profit has been achieved at the expense of thousands of poor families who were removed from its lifeline rate following tariff restructure implemented in 2010/11. 

"It is interesting to note that FEA’s profits have shot up enormously since the increased tariff rates were approved by the Commerce Commission despite widespread protests from the public. 

"It is to be noted that for the financial year ended 2010 FEA reported a profit after tax of $8.5m. Yet in 2011, its profit suddenly rose to $52m and now we have an even higher profit level of $75m for 2012. 

"The current high profit levels being announced by the Authority are unconscionable considering that at least 35% of our people in rural areas and outer islands remain without electricity today.'


Namela said...

FSC workers must go on strike to demand restoration of their just salary relativity to cost of living increases...its only fair.

This meagre demand pasted against the million dollar annually the dictator and EyeArse and gang are getting is intolerable. You are absolutely justifies to an industrial strike and the whole country will support you.

Other Unions and workers in Fiji should now be voicing their support for FSC workers' demands.

Anonymous said...

National Strike is only option .rich getting rich poor getting poorer .time the people stand up for injustice like the people in other countries are doing now.mash march and protest.

clean up campaign?! said...

In Fiji only Bainimarama and Khaiyum allowed to get pay rise and multiple salaries and benefits while all others have to make sacrifices, and tighten their belts, and work hard to grow the economy so that our two lords and masters can have money to splash around and host cocktails and grant concessions to friends and big business.

This is clean-up campaign bainimarama and khaiyum style!

Anonymous said...

Where is Fiji heading today? Bainimarama and Khaiyum are both earning over $1 million in annual salaries which equates to $2,800.00 PER DAY!!!!! YES, $2,800.00 PER DAY!!!... while the poor ordinary workers are being denied their rightful dues nor are they even allowed to use the law of the land, which allows industrial strike action after proper secret balloting is conducted.

It aches to see the once thriving timber yard at Navutu lying barren and closed and its other subsudiaries shut down with families suffering everywhere (and its just one example) and these two perverts and millionaire thieves having the guts to lie and tell the world that everything is ok, and stopping poor workers who hardly are able to make ends meet, that they will face the brunt of the military and police if they cry for their money!

I fully agree with the Union's actions: and it is well within the law, after all!

Isa, na noqu vanua lomani o Viti!

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum know that a numbers of people will not be happy about my
opinion, But piss on them ,cause i think you're the best material for PM? Don't allow the Union to fuck-up the country again
We can't allow the frieken wages the Union are demanding for Fiji workers?
We all knows that,where the hell are
we supposed to get that money from?
Up in the blue sky?
Former Governments had to continously pay
for the civil servant Union pay demands from money donated from
Australia,New Zealand,Britain,USA
Canada,or the European Union?
was the only major foreign exchange
we had and gold seems to tapering off and are not doing so well lately?
Now if we have other major
natural resources that may and can change the ball game?
But we don't
have nor found these imaginary resources?
until we do it's just
make a frieken lots of sense not
to allow the Union to screw things up?
So Khaiyum get the DOG out!and make sure to take their leash

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in north Syria last week, there was a mass execution of 150 soldiers by the rebel opposition groups fighting the Assad dictatorship, including 51 who were executed after surrendering.

Plus there are reportedly scores and scores of supporters for a "Free Syria" travelling from all parts of the globe at their own expense, trying to get into Syria, to help the rebel fighters defeat the Assad regime.

Islam: 'religion' of 'Peace' said...

Islam's latest contribution to peace: Two bomb attacks in a busy marketplace in north-west Pakistan have killed 57 people and injured 167, local officials said on Saturday. The bomb blasts occurred in Parachinar, in the predominantly Shia Kurram tribal area, on Friday night were a co-ordinated sectarian attack by Sunni militants.

Go Fiji! said...

Workers Unite! What has the 99% got to lose at this stage? Power to the workers! Power to the 99%!

Anonymous said...

@ Namela 11.43am

Anything... BUT the tyrannical regime that enriches itself on the back of the people, can be considered fair.

Anonymous said...

Strike may seem the best solution for many at this stage as they have been led to believe this. Many also know what happened to to miners who went on strike...lol. They got zilch..!! Plus lost their jobs and the unions did F*ck to help them. This govt stepped in when all others betrayed. Unions are a farce...a money making machine. There are ways to demand pay rise (and not get hood-winked by some into thinking this is a demand for justice) THINK WITH YOUR OWN MIND, PEOPLE!!!! DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY BY UNIONS!!

Wake up said...

@ Anon 2:25
First Question:
1) Do u have a heart for the people?
2) Who causes all these problem?
It looks like you are sick in the head. Why do u strongly support this regime??... havent you see what they are up to? they are guilty of their sins... Oh come on.. i'm Fijian and i'm tired of all these things... we all want to live happily...
Prices of things have gone up and we need pay rise... the Union are doing a great job for us and then u tryna support this regime, ball polisher or what??

You and your regime will soon go out..

Joji said...

@ anon 4:04
bavulu... idiot... this Govt stepped in when others betrayed??? ha/.. ha..... give me facts, why are we suffering under this regime then???... we were prosperous back then... now all the money have been missused by this regime.. wake up idiot!!! are u still blind or u nid a piss on you face....

I dont know why sum stupid people kept on prasing the Bainimarama regime when they are actually shitting our heads...
Prices of things have gone up... no pay rise... more international loans... this regime is full of corruption... they are not transparent... still u praise them.. dont tell me they are screwing u and u liked it.. ba... ha.. ha.l.

Dharam Lingam said...

Anon@4.04. I understand why you're supporting Bainimagasona and the army, it's because your wife has been mounted by the soldiers. Poor you.

Kubuabola Cry Baby said...

Hilarious - Inoke Kubuabola throwing a hissy fit in Brisbane. Problem with this gang is that it believes it's own hype.

“When Australia stops trying to damage Fiji – which it is still doing – only then can we can begin to rebuild the political relationship, including the restoration of full diplomatic ties. But it will be a different relationship. The events of the past seven years have made it so,” he said.

Anonymous said...

Fat podgy and aging dictator must be feeling the heat. There were no pictures of him with the soldiers who first left for Golan Heights - he wazs too busy in Russia.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what this fool Kubuabola is doing mouthing off on Australia' and PNG's asylum deal. Nobody invited Fiji because nobody interested in a coutry that doesn't have a mandate.

wadana said...

Over to you Union leaders who were instrumental in the illegal decree...now in your face!!!!

Yes,for sure military will step in but they can't run the mill!!Workers will be forced to work while soldiers stand guard what a scene if it happens.

To Bai and Khaiyum give them their due simple common sense.

The threat to this illegal regime if this happens it will form a chain link and who knows all industrial workers will follow suite,on top of that it is monitored and been followed by international body.

The "Unionist fall out"from the regime are doing their come back trail to the fore.Slithering in the midst of innocent workers using them as a shield.

Anonymous said...

Regime is acting like the rejected lover.

Australia and PNG have a good thing going now and Fiji is trying to spoil it.

This regime is laughable, trying to bark at Australia.

Fiji going down said...

Hahaha these people so funny. Kubuabola now saying Fiji's relationship with Australia runs very deep – 'way beyond business ties.'

He says 'fiji and Australia are neighbours and friends, which also means that we have differences from time to time and also need to treat these with openness and candour.'

Anonymous said...

I think Fiji is feeling left out by Australia. They must be kicking themselves for missing out on $500M Australia is about to spend in PNG. Few % could have gone to FB & ASK.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 4.04pm
you are very very right in what you said.Keep the positive contributions coming bro.
Great job.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Dyharam Lingam will be short lived missed the bus as PNG boarded the bus with $500 million dollars handshake by Australia. Dharam Lingam is just making a lot of noise like empty drum make more sound Australia is not at all using the MSG countries the deal is between Ausie and PNG so why is Kubuaboola and Bainimarama are trying to drag in the MSG.MSG countries got no money. If Fiji want money than go to China or Rusia nothing free but loan with intrest .Ausie,NZ and US are no good because they give aid free do not have to pay. so Fiji opt to go north to take loan with heavy intrest.

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 3.21am
i would rather take a loan and pay it back with interest in order to be free than to take aid money and be told every time how to run my business.Got that?i suppose you wont understand.I suppose you are the kind of person who likes o live on handout .

Long Live Saviour Bainiumarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

How are you going to pay the 5billion dollars already existing debt.When we have nothing use your head to manouver the situation. Do not act big to show the world that you are something because when then turn their back you started crying.After all the problem at home was the making of Bainimarama and the military.Why are you trying to point fingure at Ausie,NZ and US. You create the problem you solve it and face the consequent of you own act why want to push the blame on others

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 4.25am
Like a said before,you would like to live on handouts and be dictated what to do.Japan was once bombarded to the ground but it got back to it's feet by sheer hardwork.There is no substitute for hard work and no excuse of being lazy.What if other countries decide tomorrow to stop all aid,than what are you going to do.Nobody is blaming anybody but if the people are not prepared to work hard than nothing will eventuate.Remember,Rome was not built in one day.
Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Japan got back on its feet by massive aid from the allies AND hard work. You are trying to rewrite history.

Australia is important to Fiji. Frank has burnt his bridges with Australia and the US. Fiji needs a leader who can open diplomatic relationships, not a fat dumb idiot who believes his own spin. If Frank wins the election Fiji is finished. He is too proud and Fiji will fall through Franks pride.

Anonymous said...

Some military dictatorships have fallen when a small band of elite military have abducted the leaders relatives and exchanged them for the leaders. They then hide the leaders away in secret captivity and a caretaker government is installed. That removes any chance of immunity for coup leaders and their cronies. They can then face justice when they are delivered into the hands of the authorities after a real constitution is back in operation.

Anonymous said...

Go figure why Australian and New Zealand media are even bothering to cover Kubuabola in Brisbane. Not only is this fiji taxpayer money waster barking mad but Fiji is a military dictatorship! Have we forgotten this is the regime that kicked the ILO delegation out of Fiji and who refuses to give critics fair coverage.

Anonymous said...

No one is defending the Regime, it's just common sense to put a
stop on Strike and lets try to get
some money into Fiji from the European Union?
We've got to sell
them our Sugar, in order to get paid?
So what would a strike do to
those that were looking foreword to
received our Sugar?
That the Farmers in Fiji & it's mills workers, are demonstrating their
democratic rights by refusing to
cut their canes & the millers are
refusing to works?
Sure sound pretty good to the business communities in Europe? They'll just
wait 3 to 4 months until the strike
was over before they can carry-on
with their business?
Don't you think that they will look to other
sugar producing countries for their
Like someone had said earlier, we don't have a big economy, we're a very small economy
in a very big world?
Union Leaders
are scared to death that they are on their way out?
People are getting smarter and are begining to
think for themselves?

Anonymous said...

Yes Dharam Anus Lingam keep your contributions coming...I mean keep sucking balls lol

Paula said...

These useless sugar workers should stop sabotaging the mills, they should follow the example of our AG and our PM who have in the last seven years relentlessly worked for the betterment of Fiji with no pay rise at all!

The Oracle said...

So Kubuabola wants to grandstand in the lead-up to the PIDF by lecturing Australia about the asylum seekers it is sending to PNG. Kubuabola argues about the Pacific being faced with a problem of non-Pacific islanders "invading" the region and becoming a burden on regional economies even though they're housed in centres paid for by Australia. What about the Chinese and Russian visa-free entries into Fiji??? Doesn't that amount to almost the same thing??? Has Kubuabola raised his concern about Manus becoming a Pacific problem directly with the PNG govt? Has he raised it with the other possible asylum seeker refuge countries like Solomons and Vanuatu? They're all Melanesian spearhead group members and while Frank's no longer Chairman of that group, Kubuabola somehow thinks Fiji is still the head of the MSG and can speak on behalf of its members!!! What arrogance. And didn't PNG go, hand-in-hat, to Australia offering Manus as a solution, in exchange for funds??? And Kubuabola's statement suggesting the PIDF will replace the Forum Secretariat. Again, part of the Bainimarama strategy to tear the Melanesians away from the Polynesians and Micronesians!!! What arrogance. Or is it desperation?? Fiji is becoming so indebted to China and Russia that Bainimarama's now starting to worry that Fiji will be the only group in the Pacific which has no real Pacific friends. The rest of the Pacific will use Fiji's stupidity to align themselves much closer with Australia and the US. Kiribati is going under water and has no real sway in the Pacific - so little wonder it wants to be Fiji's friend. Tuvalu is dependent on Fiji for its international travels. Fiji is the so-called hub of the Pacific only as long as we have international trafic through here. All it will take is to establish places like the Solomons or Vanuatu as the new "hub" and Fiji will find itself isolated to the extent it will have American missiles pointed Fiji's way because of the growing relationship with Communist countries like China and Russia. And if people like Graham Davis want to argue that the cold war is over, he should take a closer look at the world today. UN votes and vetoes are an indication that while things may "appear" to have changed, the reality in "mindset" tells us differently. Bainimarama is digging Fiji's grave with his so-called "new alliances". Sure, it's increased Fiji's visibility internationaly etc. But we all know the Chinese (and the Russians) will collect, one way or another. Welcome to the new Communist-friendly Fiji!!!!!!
Kubuabola and Bainimarama's recent attacks on Australia will have been coordinated by Qorvis and Graham Davis who just happened to have his opinion piece on the same issues posted in the Daily Post a day after Bainimarama's interview with Radio Terana. I wonder where Davis will seek refuge if his campaign backfires? Australia of course, because he's first and foremost an Australian citizen and a dual Fiji citzen only as long as he can sit at Bainimarama's table!!!!!

rajend naidu said...

We read in the regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun (30/7) under 'Fiji demands regional consultation' the Ministry of Information supplied statement : Reinforcing comments made by the PM,Voreqe Bainimarama, on Friday the Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola made a hard-hitting speech to the Australia Fiji Business Council in which he strongly criticized the Australian Government over the asylum deal [with PNG and Nauru].
As sovereign nation-states don't the government of PNG and Nauru have the right to say no to any deal? Why haven't they? Why have they allowed their countries to be used by Australia as a dumping ground for asylum seekers?Why are the UNELECTED leaders in Fiji jumping up and down over the deal when the elected leaders of these countries are apparently okay with it?
Many Australians - including a former PM and the current Australian Woman of the Year - have criticized the Australian Government for exploiting these poor Pacific island countries by dumping asylum seekers there under inhumane conditions.
Fiji should concentrate on getting its house in order by dismantling its military dictatorship and returning to democratic rule before it can demand regional consultation on anything.

mark manning said...

Let the Military do everything in Fiji, taxi drivers, hospitality etc. because they have proved to be incompetent and useless as soldiers and sailors.

Lawrence said...

Lol at Paula... sa dina sara... Hey we should follow the example of this regime.. because they are briging change and unity for all.
For the past 7 years:
More poverty, no pay rise only basic necesseties price rises, more charges from FEA, WHEEWWW... they are still good to some stupid people.. They brought change??? wailei!!! Down... the REGIME IS GOING DOWN... DOWN AND WILL NEVER COME UP.. IT TIME NOW TO MAKE A STAND..

Anonymous said...

We will not hesitate to go on strike-Anthony
Publish date/time: 30/07/2013 [14:59]

Print this page
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The Fiji Sugar and General Workers Union said it is ready to sit with the Fiji Sugar Corporation to talk about its demands relating to pay and work conditions however the union said its members will not hesitate to go on strike.

General Secretary Felix Anthony said the mill workers who are union members can take strike action within the current crushing season.

When questioned by Fijivillage why the industrial action is being taken as it would hurt the sugar industry and the people of Fiji, Anthony said they have no other option.

Anthony maintained that they are unhappy with the pay rise given by FSC.

When questioned on what the union members want, Anthony said he cannot reveal the actual rate of pay increase that they want.

He also stressed that the workers cannot continue to accept that they have to make personal sacrifices to assist in the reforms in the sugar industry.

Fijivillage questioned Anthony a number of times what is their actual pay rise demand however he said that will be only known if FSC sits at the negotiation table.

He said anything negative that occurs during the strike will be the FSC’s fault.

According to the FSC, more than 2,000 mill workers have received a 5.3% pay increase, equal access to health insurance and access to the special welfare fund.

The health insurance will now be available to all workers, with FSC paying for 50% of the premium.

Meanwhile the government hopes common sense will prevail and the sugar mill workers who have voted to go on strike will not do so.

Anthony said 67.5% of the membership voted, of which 90% voted in favor of strike action which fulfills the legal requirement for strike action.

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the Government's chief concern is the 200,000 Fijians who depend on the sugar cane industry for their survival.

He said the government has made a substantial investment to rescue the industry from collapse.

Sayed-Khaiyum said the government has also renewed more land leases, given confidence to farmers, and put more money into research, which has resulted in better yields.

The Attorney General said as a result of government’s reforms, FSC employees have received a 5.3% pay rise and improved benefits, and can look forward to better job security and more opportunities as the FSC continues to improve its performance.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

Vijay Narayan will never stop licking Aiyarse's balls. This man is a disgrace to journalism. He has sold his soul and dignity. His story is so tilted towards regime. When "questioned" Do journalist question or ask. He has gone to gutter level journalism and what kind of mentoring we expect from him for younger budding journalist.

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam (29/7 @ 7.17pm)
Based on your support for the anti-govt bloggers, I get the feeling your mom will become my next ride, pal...just saying.

Also your reply to Anon 4.04...just be very careful with your words. You don't know who I am, what I do and how far I am from you...and what I am capable of doing to your wife.

Anonymous said...

The international unions are pledging their solidarity support to Felix Anthony. I wonder where are Rajeshwar Singh of FPSA and Agni Singh of FTU??? Why no statements of solidarity from them??? All they want is to make money here at the expense of the workers while having PR to New Zealand. What a shame. They should be the first one to stand up.

Derryn Hinch said...

That article by Vijay Narayan has to be one of the most biased one sided reports I have seen and there has been many especially from Fiji Sun etc. He should be ashamed of himself and should rather move away from what he may term as journalism and like Shane Hussein go into corporate lick ar$e PR. i mean if you intend to spew more government/organisational rhetoric then you may as well get paid more for it.

Shame shame shame

Derryn Hinch.

Sky High Sugar Price said...

Guys remember when our sugar production was low, we had to buy it from Taiwan and the price of sugar was sky high? We were told the price would drop to its normal low price once our production increased and we stopped buying sugar from elsewhere. Guess what, the production normalised some time back, and the price of sugar is still sky high. Another bullshit from this illegal regime!

Anonymous said...

Isa khaiyum is begging union leader and mill staffs not to strike hahahaha .
what happen iron fist man using fijian army and police as body guards and slaves.all union should strike at once now.

Anonymous said...

Now VB and Kubuabola have come to realise that their big mouth and shameful actions have created a big gap between Fiji and it long time allied Australia,NZ and US.Now Fiji is looking at China and Russia,Cuba and Arab countries.Who is going to pay the cost of export and import to thoise far away countries and what do we have that is on demand by those countries. Trade with Australia ,NZ and US is viable because they are nearby and most importantly we have our own people living in those countries who eat and drink what ever we grow in Fiji amnd they contribute alot to our economy through money transfer to their relatives at home ammounting to millions of dollars yearly so not only those government were giving us aid but our own people living in those countries are big contributors to our economy from the past until now.So to Bainimarama and Kubuabola keep your dirty mouth shut because you have done nothing good for Fiji and you have contributed nothing to the economy but filling your pocket from the peoples contributions and borrowed money from China and other countries.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Khaiyum the misfit making all the calls.

There is no law and order in Fiji. A family member of Khans bus company in Lautoka who is a pilot, owned the gun that killed a child in West. He was charged, but back door Muslim justice has taken over and another kid has been blamed for the accident and guess what, the owner of the gun has walked free. Kid got away with soft sentence.
About 15 years ago another member of Khan bus company who is also a pilot with Air Pacific raped a girl working for Avis in Nadi and this was swept under the carpet as well.

Anonymous said...

Do you have something good on you head to contribute possitively to this blog ? I wonder if you have a wife and a mother or a sister because you are talking rubbish if you have nothing to say just shut up or if you cant take the heat comming from those who are against your regime than do not read this blog because swearing is a sign of phycological and mental defunct

Anonymous said...

The cane belt staged the first strike in Fiji back in the 19th Century way prior to Independence and that strike caused tremedous changes.

When the white men CSR ran the mills, they dictated terms and conditions for black people and other races other than whites.

The strike staged back than changed a lot of things right to CSR leaving Fiji and Fiji gaining Independance.

Who led the strike - the Indians of course but they fought for equality and freedom. Ratu Sukuna during the strike was leading a company of soldiers to the Solomon Islands in the World War II and said if it was not for the war, he would lead the soldiers to disperse the strikers.

The strikers prevailed because they united and fought not only for Indians but all races and equality in Fiji.

Now we have another dictator in the form of the Military and its Council dictating terms and conditions in every aspect of Government and Commerce in Fiji.

Strike I say because the time is nigh.

The strikers will need the support of the people and if the people unite as one with common interest.....perhaps like the strikers in the 19th Century Fiji may free itself from tyranny.

Anonymous said...

United we stand
Divided we fall

Was that not the slogan on the walls of the Trade Union in Suva - Walu Bay

Anonymous said...

@ 12.16am

That was the black n white abolition of slavery era, the issues were more clear-cut.

Today, it is about blacks financing/aiding/supporting blacks with guns, against blacks.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 3.36pm
It goes to show your mentality and what Fiji would become if it is run by people like you.Yo cry out for democracy but yet curse at mothers and sisters if someone speaks against your views.
As for your threats,do you really think i give a fuck who you are?Your threats are as empty as you are.You are making me laugh.
You simply are a hypocrite of the highest order.It simply goes to show that it has nothing to do with democracy.Most people here can not digest the fact that this government is giving everybody the equal opportunity.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Lon Live FMF
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 3.36pm
Those comments you are referring to are not mine.Some people on here dont have enough balls to put their names here.
I respect everybody's contributions here,that's what democracy is.
Also i fully support the government of Frank Bainimarama.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

You are denying that the comments are not yours yet you support the Bainimarama illegal government and you went on to say the this illegal government is giving equal opportunities and democracy, When was that ?People were tortured nad some were killed by that illegal regime,media were sensored and even journalist were were detained and abused some houses were broken into, and burned by soldiers. Is that equal opportunity and democracy.Even now poilitician are are allowed to talk but they are monitored by the regime ie police and military.Where is democracy.There is no transprancy in thuis illegal regime.No auditor generals report from 2006 untill now, corruption is rife,nepotism is evident and poverty is getting worse we can not support this illegal regime as its existance is illegal as for you you will support because you are reaping the benefit getting pay rise for physical training daily.

Anonymous said...

All of the union leaders including Felix have the mandate of their members to strike but they do not have the guts or the balls to do it...useless bunch of wanna be so called leaders!

Whistleblowers Unite said...

A vote of thanks for US soldier Bradley Manning. He has been found guilty of espionage and will no doubt go to jail for a long time but as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says Manning helped spark revolutions and induce reform.

Anonymous said...

I read with interest news that pm said that he weeding corruption and nepotism out. .can pm tell us how francis kean is ps for works and litia his daughter is ceo fsc..
how they got appointed was it transparent .
when will pm and his ministers declare their assets and account like other political party people have done that.people want to know what is fiji debt level and public accounts.if pm can publish ag reports from 2007 to 2012 ,I am thinking of voting good people in 2014 election.so this will be easy for me and my family to choose right people to lead fiji.

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam, what do you know (or care) about freedom, you goose-stepping moron!

Bainimarama our saviour.

Bainimarama our führer.

Bainimarama sieg heil!

mahen chaudhry & FLP change stance as often as people change underwear said...

FLP & Mahen Chauhry has brought this calamity to sugar industry by supporting regime in early days.
As predicted, FLP paid money demanded by registrar's office and its suspension has been lifted to partake in elections.

Chaudhry who is a sellout said FLP would not pay the fees on principle. Where is you principle now mahen? As predicted, it was just a hypocritical political gimmick typical of coup supporter mahen chaudhry, a chameleon who has no principles. In hindi known as bina peendhi ka lotta.

Anonymous said...

Dharam Anus Lingam, that's the problem when you open your ass and mouth to soldier boys, you support Bainimagasona all the way.

mark manning said...

2006, Elections!
2010 should have been the next elections.
Effectively, Fijians have had, by 2014, no representation for the equivalent of two terms of Government.

Akavusi said...

Dharam Lingam...I know you have a lot of idle time on your hands filling it up with ranting on your supposedly fornicating wife;;;as if we care...

You will be more relevant and useful if you take a brush and bucket and clean up the Nausori bas stand toilet

Fiji-Indian muslims wannabe Arabs said...

To Anon 11.38am about Fiji Indian wannabe arab muslims. These Fiji Indos are weak and in denial of their hindu roots, and pretend their ancestors were arabs, haha. It's big issue in Indian & Pakistan, where many muslims in state of denial. looks like some of them in Fiji too. They shamelessly assume arab names, garb and customs, and happily clean their toilets in Arabia, where as arabs look down on them and laugh at their claims.

In contrast, Iranians are muslims without denying their cultural roots; they look down on arabs, but weak indians want to be arabs.

Muslim invaders killed hindus by the 10s of millions – men women and children – and enslaved and raped them, yet many low down indian-muslim want to be arab despite what was dome to their ancestors. The follow prophet was was a sex fiend, who married a six year old, raped her when she was none, seduce his own son's wife, and married and had sex with a woman on the day he killed her husband and father in battle. Sone fucken prophet.

That's why indian muslims known as lowest of the low, weak, with no backbone or self-pride, who die being ashamed of themselves and trying to be someone else. Utterly disgusting class of people.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:47pm....lol...you know you dont have to look very far to realise that tribal life in Fiji back in the feudal days was worse.

Please remove the speck from your eye before you try to pick on other people.

We need to respect each other especially now when we all realise the events in the past has not helped anyone. The Indians fought for equality whilst Fijians were idle but only because Fijians did not need to work in those good old days and wants were wants and needs were needs. Things have changed and politicians have played the race game and land issues to keep people divided. Indians, Chinese, Europeans, Part Fijians, Solomon Islands and other Pacific Islanders who share our beloved country today are proud to be a part of Fiji and who are we when we profess to be Christians refuse to share a God given land. Unless we show respect for ourselves how can we respect others.

Frank keeps the divide going with his politics and we need to eradicate this socialistic ideals which thrives on communism.

Some fucken prophet! said...

Prophet Mohammed was was a sex fiend who married a six year old, raped her when she was nine, seduced his own son's wife and married her, and also married under duress, and raped a woman, on the day he killed her husband and father in battle.

Some fucken prophet!

Where is the dirty mullah who was on Fiji TV denouncing Christianity? Go fuck your bloodthirsty, sex-crazed prophet.

Anonymous said...

lol....looking at this picture with Frank shaking hands with the soldiers lined up, everyone of them has a pot belly like him......
What happened to the pride of Fiji who was the only Pacific Island Country in the world that had a battalion that fought in the Solomons, Malaya, PNG, Korea, Lebanon, Sinai and parts of the world which is quite astounding for a population as small as Fiji and given the fact that 90% of members are indeginous which makes up 400,000 people only.

To hold your own people at ransom for a few pieces of silver. Come on guys we need to get back to Democracy and have intelligent leaders who will have the capability and capacity to raise Fiji and take it forward.

So we have had a few coups but let bygones be bygones and lets learn from where we made mistakes and take it forward from there.

Now loose weight, get fit, get rid of your commander, return Fiji to a democratic Government and Fiji will prosper. Not the way Frank is leading Fiji. Might as well throw bananas at bainimarama

Anonymous said...

Muslims and Sri Lankan taken over fiji board and top post.
Telecom new CEO will be Sri Lankan.
Fijians been used and con by Khaiyum and party.Fiji assets been sold and commission collected in overseas account.

rajend naidu said...

My heart goes out to Navin Kumar Gosai of Nandhari, Ba who got robbed in Lautoka - where he travels everyday to sell his market produce "to support [his]parents and [his] younger brother" - and then got insulted by the rude behaviour of Lautoka police (Fiji Sun 30/7).
Navin's experience as he relates it reminds me so much of how law-abiding,hard working citizens (mostly Indians but not exclusively) were often treated by the police and the military after the 1987 military coup. At that time there was this widespread attitude in the post coup regime that all Indians were rich and it was no big deal if some of their wealth got pinched from them - by thugs!
Some of the thugs were in fact men in uniform!
So tell me what has changed a quarter century later?
Change is what the current coup maker promised when he took over to "clean up".
But it is clear from Navin's case that shit continues to happen in pretty much the same way in the "new" and "better Fiji" being designed by Bainimarama-Khaiyum and company.
The police are "continuing" with their "investigation" one month after Navin had identified 3 of his 4 attackers!
I would be very surprised if Navin is an isolated victim of police abuse.
His case has an all too familiar ring to it.

rajend naidu said...

Can the regime propagandist Jyoti Pratibha (West Editor, Fiji Sun) tell us why Australia should give two hoots to what Fiji's tin-pot dictator Frank Bainimarama and his handpicked foreign minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola say about Australia's asylum seeker deal with other Pacific island countries?
Sycophantic Pratiba says "Kudos to Ratu Inoke and our Government for speaking up and telling it like it is.Australian Governments need to understand that gone are the days when their economic muscle could buy the Pacific islands silence" (FS 30/7).
Wrong! Let me tell it like it is.
When the Melanesian gang get together in their exclusive clubs in this or that meeting it becomes something of an in-thing to bad mouth Australia as the regional bully and all that. But when these same Melanesian mob return home they wait around for Australia to give them more money!
That is the reality. That is how it is!
Pratibha betrays her political naiveté when she says " It is about time the Australian Government starts looking at Fiji and the Pacific island nations as its equal". Equals?
Fiji's military dictatorship cannot be looked at in that way. It is not a part of the regional/global democratic community. And other democratic Pacific island countries will continue to look forward to Australia's economic aid because of their own resource constraints. They fully understand the nature of the unequal relationship and accept it as a pragmatic reality. Their people benefit from the foreign aid Australia provides.And that is not such a terrible thing in today's inter-connected world as Jyoti Pratibha the Fiji military regime propagandist seems to suggest in her slanted editorial comment.

Radiolucas said...

Once a poor soldier, never a leader.

Frank has no idea how to deal with the law or politics.

All he knows if forceline tactics. Go in with boots and all - no appreciation of what his actions will mean for the future.

It was what created the situation with the murder of the CRW soldiers, the tortures, the assaults and kidnappings.

He and Aiyaz just have the one plan: STAY OUT OF NABORO.

But sooner or later, their time will come.

Anonymous said...

Jyoti Prabha--is neither jyoti(light) nor prabha(truth).she is Dr Goebbels of the regime--a cheap propagandist.Shame on her-who will ever marry such a lying nut ??

Anonymous said...

Why is Legal Aid taking out probates of Rich people.Corruption---charge sunil sharma.

Anonymous said...

to the useless blogger who has nothing positive to contribute but only brings shame to his family by stooping lower than filth.
It is my right to support whoever i want and NOBODY can do nothing about it.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

I find Coconut Wireless distasteful. It is similar to those who damage others' reputation with untruth allegations in blogsites while hiding behind the mask of anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Jyoti can you update us on one hundred sands casino project.i am looking for a job for past 3 years unemployed as a trade person from nadi.
I also read about momibay project in fiji sun by leone and rosi..whats is happening with proposal sent to prime minister on momibay project by former minister in sdl govt..can you investigate with pm and ag and inform poor unemployed workers.I went to the casino site and only saw bill board sign and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

The problem is when people are bought their mindset is limited to within the parameter of their own life.they become very selfish and forget about their fellow human being .they are in their comfort zone especially when their dream become a reality through illegal means thinking that crime pays. Now crime has been committed and can not be undone. The main culprit is filling his pocket with millions of dollars he also filled the pocket of the young innocent people he command to maintain their support.the whole world knows that Bainimarama is wrong but to his soldiers his is right and he is their saviour just because Bainimarama has rise their salaries to a level beyond their qualification to Fijis standards. To my fellow Fijian , serving soldiers are loyal to Bainimarama but they have betray the military as an institution. If we are to take the governing of our country from these dum people we will have to fight for it and shed blood and tears for our feature generation with our bear hands

rajend naidu said...

A woman candidate standing for Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change said she didn't think the elections to be held in Zimbabwe on Wednesday will be free and fair because it is organised by the Zimbabwean Military which has propped up President Mugabe all these years and will do whatever it takes to ensure Mugabe wins (DW Journal 28/7).
It is in their mutual interest to see Mugabe retain power - to keep the lid on corruption and human rights atrocities.
Many feel the same way about the prevailing situation in Fiji.
The military organised elections in Fiji will see to it that the military coup leader and self-appointed prime minister Frank Bainimarama wins the election and returns to power as the democratically elected national leader.
Then everyone - including the international partners - can get back to doing business as usual if they haven't already with his military dictatorship - notwithstanding all the rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

A BIBLE teacher of a special school in Suva has been sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for raping a student several times in 2011.

The 37-year-old, also a caretaker, was convicted of three counts of rape by High Court judge Justice Janaka Bandara in Suva yesterday.

The court heard that the incident occurred between April 1 and June 30 in 2011 when the accused had sex with the student without her consent.

Justice Bandara said, as revealed in the trial, the man had sexual intercourse with the complainant at least on six occasions within the premises of the school's hostel.

It was revealed that the series of incidents took place in the hostel's living room, his bedroom, his daughter's bedroom and in one of the hostel toilets.

Makes you wonder ..............

Coup 4.5 said...

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji (UFDF) accuses Commodore Frank Bainimarama of using the asylum seekers controversy to further his own vendetta against Australia.

His attack on the asylum agreement negotiated between Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is blatantly self-serving. Ever since Australia refused to endorse his 2006 takeover by force of an elected Fiji government, Commodore Bainimarama has been single-minded in his search for revenge.

His condemnation of Mr O’Neill’s joint initiative with Mr Rudd will also serve to undermine Mr O’Neill’s position within PNG. It is a brazen example of interference in that country’s internal politics, in defiance of the principles of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) of which Fiji is a member along with PNG.

Despite Commodore Bainimarama’s claims about Melanesian unity and brotherhood he has deliberately betrayed these ideals. Mr O’Neill is a victim. Is this the thanks the PNG Prime Minister gets for recently offering a multi-million dollar package of aid to Commodore Bainimarama?

Bainimarama has no right or mandate to speak for other Melanesian countries, just as he has no right or mandate to speak for the people of Fiji.

In a wider context, Commodore Bainimarama sees the asylum row as another opportunity to seek the international legitimacy he craves. That is what his entire foreign policy is about.

Bainimarama’s endeavors to occupy the high moral ground are hollow. Nothing can change the fact that he leads a military dictatorship with an infamous record of human rights abuses and repression. He is also known for economic incompetence, driving more people into poverty, and consistently exercising bad governance.

The UFDF denounces him as the worst example of national leadership in the Pacific region.

Authorized by : UFDF

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:28pm...and now your doing the same....damn stop spewing venom from your nether region it does no one any good.

Anonymous said...

Akuila Yabaki says in a letter to the Fiji Times (1/8) that the Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola made a "bold statement" on Australian soil when he demanded that Australia also consult Fiji regarding the resettlement of asylum seekers in PNG, Nauru and other Pacific island countries.
It seems more like a "boci"statement then a bold one coming from a representative of a military dictatorship!

Call them out and then CALL THEM OUT! said...

Sock it to them UFDF! My favourite lines again:

"Bainimarama has no right or mandate to speak for other Melanesian countries,

just as he has no right or mandate to speak for the people of Fiji.

In a wider context, Commodore Bainimarama sees the asylum row as another opportunity to seek the international legitimacy he craves.

That is what his entire foreign policy is about.

Bainimarama’s endeavors to occupy the high moral ground are hollow.

Nothing can change the fact that he leads a military dictatorship

with an infamous record of human rights abuses and repression.

He is also known for economic incompetence,

driving more people into poverty,

and consistently exercising bad governance."


Anonymous said...

Akuila Yabaki is one person who is very uncertain of where he stand.he seems to be sitting on the fence and watching to find an opportunity to jump on and take advantage of.How can you praise the comment made by Kubuabola against Australia. In fact Kubuabola is barking at the wrong tree. He should baraking at PNG as MSG member and making deal with Ausie .on the other hand Bainimarama s regime always talk about sovereignty . PNG has her sovereign right to make deals with any country she like. When Fiji establish its connections with communist countries PNG did not make any adverse comments against any of those countries. This is a slap on PNG face by Bainimaramas Regime as a token of appreciation for the millions of dollars given by PNG to cater for the election cost.What a shame.

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting if it true - Fiji men offering their wives to soldiers in order to move on up in their world.

To wives - do grow a spine and some real dignity and respectability by quitting those swinging clubs.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 12.15pm
It clearly shows tat you would pimp out the female members of your family to anyone.If you don't have any respect for females you wont have any respect to anyone.
You surely are a lowlife.And you what,Kamleash Kumar has more sense and dignity to write anything so disgusting.So stop using his name. Anyway,no matter what differences we have in or opinions,i would always respect your family members,male or female.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

1. Sovereignty lies with THE PEOPLE.

2. The BaiKhaiyum Dictatorship do not have the people onside or their mandate. It's a figment of their imagination that they say they have the support. (Or why 7 years and counting.. depriving THE 99% of a national election).

3. Bribing the people (via pay rises or infrastructure which is the responsibility of any govt inanycase), will never, ever, equate with genuine acquiescence that the regime desperately seeks.

4. People see right through the BS campaign of changing hearts and mindsets spearheaded by those with very dirty hands.

5. As the profoundly wise say: Tekivu mada mai Jerusalemi. You shall all have to account for your role in robbing the public purse under the pretense of creating a Utopian Fiji. Yes, we can all see thru u...

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 1.04pm
How could you believe a lowlife hiding behind the comfort of anonymity and spreading his filthy waste over the internet.These are the sick members of our society who don't have anything positive to contribute.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Adultery is a common happening in the military by both husbands and wives and it involves officers an other ranks alike. This is not knew as it has been on going for ages. Yet they talk about comradeship . It's shocking and degrading low moral standard of living .Dharam Lingam you saviour need to be eliminated he is mental and sick. Is this the example of life we want our feature generation to live ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lingam. I'm just saying if that were true. Re-read.

And in case you've forgotten, we live in a dictatorship that you seem to support you idiot, where the strangest of things that normally don't happen, are happening... and there's no course for redress by the people. Does anyone have to spell them out to you?

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 1.39pm
By calling me an idiot you have shown your true colours.I have my views and you have yours.You talk about democracy and yet i am not supposed to express my views.Some democracy that is.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Do you have an issue with my colour? You are an idiot and you are an idiot.

Will not allow my time to be wasted by an paid idiot. Get a life. Over and out.

Anonymous said...

who gives a fark about your colour.

Anonymous said...

Dhara fala lingus.....go mada and fark your lazy dog, and wipe the diarhea from your both ends while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

Notice how because of Khaiyum and the actions of a few Fijians who practice Islam the rest of the Muslims are getting trashed for no good reason. Most Muslims in Fiji could not give a fuck about this blog or what most of you idiots think of them. They are living their lives and struggling to survive in Fiji just like everyone else. To all those who are trashing a Islam just because of the actions of a few people and the little bits of knowledge you have on Islam let me tell you this. No religion is without fault. As a former Muslim myself i decided to leave all organized religion after researching all faiths. From Christianity to Hinduism all religions are full of dog manure. Christians are a following a book commissioned by a heathen emperor Constantine who was baptized after his death. He did this to stop in fighting.Jesus real name was Yashua and the word Jesus Christ was derived from the Sanskrit word Krishna and the word Jesus from the word Hershius who was a pagan God. The Bible is a story book and you fuckheads are following it like sheep. Hinduism is also full of crap. They also have taken stories written about a way of life using the stories as examples and taken the Heros' of these stories and started worshiping them. Islam is the most draconian religion in the world. Mohammed took all religions and wrote a book combining all the ideas from other religions and basing it to fit in with that era in the Arab world. In short all you sheep who follow blindly these beliefs are just plain nuts. Their is proof that their is a God if you like that term and that our soul does survive death however it does not conform to any of our prejudiced beliefs. In short all religions are man made. For those who have an open mind and want to know further simply go to Amazon and search for the word afterlife in the Books section. I think if you not a closed minded fundamentalist idiot you will find 396 books to research and learn. Most of the world is now slowly waking up to this. It is being talked about on Opera, The Dr OZ show and many other credible programs. Many people from around the world from all faiths are becoming humanists or better spiritualists simply because the evidence is overwhelming that organized religion is divisive and simply full of bullshit and on the contrary the evidence that their is an all loving God who belongs to no faith is also overwhelming.
On second thoughts in a country where grown men sit around a wooden bowl drinking muddy water and eating Chinese lolly for chaser i would not expect any meaningful discussion or thoughts on this.

Anonymous said...

It sounds good when you say are entitle to you own view and freedom of expression which in fact democracy.however the problem is in Fiji only the Regime and the military and their supporters are allowed to express their freedom of expression in favour of the illegal regime and the opposing side can not do that as they are subject to torture,abuse and elimination by the military so there is no democracy ,no justice and no fairness as Fiji is going through a time where lies overrides the truth.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum constitution cannot be legal .so how election can be legal and democratic.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine was made redundant in March 2013 from the Roads Authority after all road contracts were awarded to a NZ company. He was an established civil servant and had served the government for 22 years working in anumber of ministries. His wife works as a waitress in a hotel and they have 3 children.

His redundunacy pay was a mere $3,000. He wants to now build a house on a piece of land he had bought a few years ago as he has been told to vacate his government quaters,but does not have the money to complete the building.

He goes and asks for assistance from FNPF ($2,000 eligibility for terminated employees)but this is refused because the FNPF says his full FNPF contribution has not been paid by his employer (his last few months in employment's contribution remains outstanding.

My friend is now caught "in the middle" - the government doesnt want to pay his FNPF fully but want him out of the house, FNPF does not want to release his $2,000eligibility because the government has not fully paid his contributions.

My friend and his workmates who were made redundant with him have made numerous requests to meet with the PM and explain their plight (they are established civil servants who should rightfully be posted to another ministry)but without success. The PM is dodgy and always has some kind of excuse not to meet them(according to my friend).

This is just one example of what many many families in Fiji are going through RIGHT NOW!

Here we see the many parts of the regime's total game plan working like:

1. Throw away Fiji's Labour laws and not let it extend to civil servants terms and conditions so we can terminate them anytime we want and dont give them a hand shake. To hell with their families!
2. Misuse (and rob) the government coffers and do away with the Auditor General's report. As a result, there is no money to pay civil servants, so get rid of them in whatever way possible whenever we want.To hell with the supposed "social responsibility" of the government of the day.
3. Loot the FNPF treasury too by buying new planes and investing left right centre so that red envelopes and other "under the table" exchanges flow well! FNPF therefore is ordered to restructure at the expense of members. (Not one cent can be taken away without a fight).

Isa, MY Beloved Country, Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.25pm sounds like TuSe's toka chihuahua. lol.

Fuck the false prophet Muhammed said...

Anon 5:25 PM, no one gives a damn about who you worship in the confines of your space, but the problem with Islam worldwide is that as soon as have the numbers, they try to dominate and drive every other religion out by killing and blowing up adherents.

Once they drive out other religions, they turn on each other, like shia and sunni in pakistan, blowing, beheading, men women and children, ild and new, on a daily basis.

They slaughtering each other on their own countries, their counties are shit, to put it mildly; their Madrases, are mini versions of Sodom and Gomorrah; they run away from their godforsaken countries to the west where the welcomed with open arms and given everything free, and what do the ungrateful pigs do return?

They turn around and try to take over their host country and try to dicatate how it should be run. They burn, loot and rape. They demand more rights than the native population yet do no work. Muslim migrants have turned sweden the rape capital of europe.

these refugees do nothing but eat, drink, fuck, reproduce and suck the life put of the welfare system and wealth out of host countries, and want to preach to others how how live their lives.

In this day and age, no other religion except islam beheads people in name of allah and put it on youtube. Everything is justified in name of allah and Mohammed - rape, torture, child brides pedophile and what not. but then, the prophet did all of this, so why not his followers.

Even homosexuality is justified in islam when it suites them - one mullah said it is okay for suicide bomber to be sodomised to widen the space to hide a bomb - this is true, just do a search. THis is how fucked up and bloodthirsty islamists are.

Hinduism and Christianity are screwed, yes, but only islam commits the acts mentioned above, all in the name of allah.

Most muslims are by large decent people but the so-called moderates have become a good cover for the extremists and many of them silently cheer them on.

Muslims are hated the world over, and there are very good reasons for it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.45. Did you even read my post. I said Islam in my opinion is the most Draconian religion in the world. Yes you are right Islam is the most screwed of them all. When i was a practicing Muslim i questioned all that you highlighted and in the end decided to denounce my faith. In the process i researched all others and found that all of them are screwed but again non other then Islam at this time in history. I mean damn i could not have sex without saying a prayer. Yes Islam is violent etc etc. The fact is every religion is violent fortunately for most of the other religions the practitioners have matured and reasoning is what is used to see wrong and right. Muslims still have to grow up i agree. Having a stray bomb kill all your family does not help. Prosecution from all sides has to stop to have this happen.
Have a look at early Christianity will you. What i am concerned about is the hatred vented against Fiji Muslims. You and every one on this site will have to agree that they could teach the world a thing or 2 about passiveness, tolerance and living in peace. All the Fiji Muslims are basically children of former Hindus from India who converted at some stage or another. They are going about life with the same dumb Zombiness as the Christian kaiviti's who have mixed the beating of the lalli for instance with church on Sundays and the grog ceremony with their church or the Hindus offering food and other stuff to statues and not eating meat on holy days when their whole body is made of meat. The fact is they are harming no one just as the Fiji Muslims are harming no one. Fiji Muslims have done nothing wrong. Most of them are victims of their parents religion just like everyone else in Fiji. Its is hard to let go of beliefs that you have had since birth basically. I know first hand as i did it.
So what do we do, vilify and prosecute them for being born in the wrong home because of Khaiyum and his gang. This blog is based on Fiji's problems and discussions should be based on this context. You have vented your anger with something that is happening 15000 km away with no relevance to Fiji. Most of those Mullahs your are talking about don't even know where the hell our country is. Fiji has generally well meaning people from all works of life. Our problems lie with our greedy self serving politicians since independence from all races and the Army. A greater problem is the fact that people in this country remain ignorant to most things and don't think for themselves. If they do think their thought process is clouded by our differences and not our similarities which as humans is simply more than our differences. As you so rightly put it who gives a fuck about what you do in your own home. I only wish this was practiced by every one because it would lessen the prejudice and perhaps we can build a better Fiji even for Zombies. Can't you guys see what we are doing. We are all on this blog because we are united on one fact that Bainimarama must go. Even than we are divided by our heritage and our beliefs. Shame on us.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:36 PM

All very true and well said Sir.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9.36pm

Denounce your faith as you must but don't expect people of other faiths to follow suit.

Nothing to be ashamed of at all in being different so long as you're not violent or trying to annihilate others who don't believe in your crap when you become a majority.

Also, I think Yabaki calls it "Unity in Diversity".

Anonymous said...

@ 9.36pm anon

Surprised that no muslim in Fiji has denounced that evil muslim mullah who preached blasphemy against Christianity on Khaiyum's FBC on Easter. Were they all silently cheering him on, as the Khaiyum brothers did?

Anonymous said...

Sa yawa o `UBOU NI BO`OLA mai si`a sara ona weli i Aus. Lai savata mada ga a mata ni demu `ei Bainimarama i Viji!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 9.36pm

Don't be put off by christian "fundamentalists" who've been taught bad and inaccurate theology. Sink your teeth into the Good News in the New Testament and particularly in the Gospel (there are four books - by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) so it won't take that long to read them.

This will be your saving grace - I mean every word.. if you can really grasp its teachings, it will lead you to authentic freedom, it will liberate you... and as part of a growing faithful collective, will eventually be the key (when all else fails) to liberating Fiji from this tyrannical regime.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.36 PM

There is god and most religions teach us about gods law and how god wants us to live. The greatest positive influence to modern civilisation was Jesus and his religion for last 2000 years. That is why Christianity is the greatest gift by god to mankind.

Christ does not come from Krishna, that is bull, however both were great persons representing true god. Unlike some false prophet whose followers are taking civilisations hundreds of years back.

Anonymous said...

Anon 0936pm

Please don't bring other religions because your former religion is crap.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.25 Yes i agree that Christ was a positive role model. He was in fact a living soul on this planet who taught love peace and forgiveness. What he never said is that he is God. My historical and factual research not blind belief has taught me that all the religious books have been put together by men and has nothing to do with God. I urge you to research it. The whole intellectual world is doing it. I do not need Jesus to tell me me love tolerance forgiveness etc is the way for me. I have a God given brain and sound reasoning to do that. Anon 1.48 please put the bible down for a minute and read historical facts. Blind faith is not only stupid but dangerous. The word Christ comes from the Sanskrit word Krishna not Jesus himself. Don't believe me fine find out for yourself. Anon 2.01 please do not discount Islam and right it of on your limited knowledge of it. No matter what you and i think of it it is the fastest growing religion in the world today. Oliver Stone who is a Jew has had his son convert to Islam so has Tony Blairs sister in Law. All over the world high profile conversions are happening and based on data it is the fastest growing faith in the world. Contrary to that Christianity is on the decline all over the world. If you ever bother to watch CNN you would know that churches in most civilized nations are running empty. I do not follow any religion but facts are facts and most folks in Fiji are as i said content with ignorance is bliss. If you can argue with me on facts not fairy tails like the Quran, Bible, Ramayan then lets talk. Otherwise we are all wasting time. A religious person is not one who follows blindly but one who seeks the truth.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:15 AM

You make some good points and what it comes down to is how you act as an individual whatever faith you follow.

Each faith has it's extremists and unfortunately it's only these extremists that give the entire faith and all its followers a bad reputation.

As with all extremists their actions become more drastic as more and more are affected by their behaviour and refuse to join them.

We tend to tar all Muslims with the same brush, which is entirely wrong, in a way of venting our frustration and anger at how just a small minority act.

Fiji also has it's problems with religious extremists and over the past years more and more are voicing their concerns at certain sections within the Christian faith.

Anon @ 9:36 mentions "the Christian kaiviti's who have mixed the beating of the lalli for instance with church on Sundays and the grog ceremony with their church".

What he does not mention is that not all Fiji Christians do this but just a group of Methodist extremists within the overall Christian faith beat their Lali from 4 in the morning, throughout the day and into the night 7 days a week affecting the lives of everyone they can. It is an attempt to control and oppress others into confirming with them.

So how do we control these religious extremists, no one wants them so what do we do ?

Anonymous said...

Christ does not come from Krishna. They have two different unrelated etymologies. Christ comes from Greek and Hebrew. Krishna is from Sanskrit.

Anonymous said...

Evil lives in in individual heart irrespective of which religion he/she belongs to. Those who use religion to do evil acts are disgraceful and should be punished by the Law. We should all respect people and their beliefs and all religion taught not to sin and not to do evil to hurt others. Christ teaching uphold the teaching of love. Love thy neighbour which means love all irrespective of colour, race or religion. Those who acts out side that scope are unstable and evil and belong to satan. Those who practice and embrace the virtue of love are obedient to Christ's command and belong to Christ.

Anonymous said...

@anon6.03pm...I sympathise with your friend's predicament of losing job, house and no FPNF payout. But your friend has been living free in govt quarters for over 20 years. Surely he could have saved up for a house. The rest of us do not live free in govt quarters - a silly outdated Colonial -era idea whereby civil servants get free housing. Why should they in the first place? Because they are serving the country? Your friend is getting the run around. We get that same run around when we go to a govt dept to get something done, like a simple land transfer. Why must it take weeks and months when it could be done in days? yes, life is not fair.

Anonymous said...

Anon 0615,

If a con artist like Mohd claims to be prophet, than Christ has to be god, Christ a symbol of peace and the other a thief and rapist.

Islam is not the fastest growing religion in the world as you claim, it is one of the fastest dying religion. Seems your Muslim habit of lying and twisting facts is still there, you are nothing but a twisted follower of Islam and a low life.

Fuck false prophet Muhammed said...

Anon 16.15am, please preach about bind faith to your muslim brethren who are indiscriminately slaughtering each other everywhere they live, from Syria to Pakistan. No one is spared, men women or children. Talk about blind faith to those who throw acid in women's faces. And those who go on suicide bombing missions believing, as their koran tells them, they will go to heaven and have sex 72 virgins who never lose their virginity regardless of how much you pound them. The shahids or so-called martyrs will have perpetual erections. By the same token, will a female suicide bomber get to have sex with 72 men with perpetual erections?

Islam is the fastest growing religion partly because muslims have between 5 to a dozen children, particularly in western countries, where they do nothing but eat, sleep, have rampant sex and reproduce, all on welfare. They are a huge drain in their host countries. Many came from countries where they lived like dogs with no running water or decent toilets, and in host countries they get everything free, but that is not enough. They demanding more rights than the host population. They have repaid their hosts kindness by committing crimes against them, like rape etc. In Britain pedophile Muslim men formed gangs and preyed on young, vulnerable girls; its all forgivable in the koran because the girls were kaffir, so no better than animals.

Oliver Stone's son can convert to Islam, and so can his father, and Tony Blairs sister in law too. But most of us cannot even comprehend a religion whose prophet, at the ripe old age of 57, married a six year old girl!!. If that is not an abomination enough, the sick old bastard had sex with her when she was nine! The same predator seduced and had sex with his own son's wife. Is that not sickening? It doesn't stop there: this so called prophet forced a woman whose father and husband he had just killed in battle, to marry him. On the very day, that he killed the woman's husband and father, not only did he marry her, he forced her to have sex with him! This so-called prophet is nothing but a sex-crazed bastard who preyed on vulnerable girls and women. You can have him as role model if you want Anon 615am. So can Oliver Stone's son. Me, never; for me your false prophet is lower than an animal.

Anonymous said...

10:25 PM

Well spoken sir

Anonymous said...

Mr. 10.25. You really have not read any of my posts. I agree with you entirely. I repeat i agree with you. But you still have not answered my question. What has this got to do with the Fiji context. The people you describe are mostly Arabs, Pakistanis,Africans etc. They are not Fiji Muslims.You spew hatred on this blog everyday about people from parts of the world that some folks in Fiji have not even heard of. You are inciting hatred where non needs to exist. You have a problem with Khaiyum fine we all do but don't bring his belief into it and paint everyone with the same brush. I don't practice my former faith nor do i have any bias towards it one way or another. For me its just another stupid organized religion but you have clouded your judgement so much because of your hatred for the religion you fail to see that it is totally irrelevant to Fiji. Fiji Indians who are of Islamic faith are by and large decent law abiding hardworking folks just like everyone else in Fiji. Why create ill feeling towards them when this is not necessary nor warranted.

ANON 10.08 Typical Fijian reaction. Kill and eat the messenger and then realize that maybe he was telling the truth. Have you researched what i said before calling me a low life. My personal contribution to the society and community i live in is 100 times more then you can imagine. I am color, race and faith blind and that is far from being a low life. Do a little reading online and you will know that it is the truth. I don't like the truth and neither do you but that does not change it. Anyway why am i trying to justify myself to someone who probably is to dumb to tell the difference between his ass and his face.

Anonymous said...

Anon 0749

You are a typical Muslim, spreading the Muslim bullshit as you go along.

You know yours is a religion of deception which you can-not defend. So what you do, you try to make all other religions look bad.

That is Islam, tell lies including denying your own religion to make other religions look bad.

Really who the heck is Blairs sister-inlaw and does it matter who she joins? Instead of being proud of any converts to Islam, we should be ashamed that some poor retard has joined the religion of moon god, religion of hate, religion of false prophet.

Anonymous said...

ANON 11.55 Thank you for the intellectual garbage that you just dished out. Again without thinking for a moment what i am trying to say you attack me personally. Typical ignorant fool blinded by hatred and self riotousness. Do you know what your tirade sounds like, exactly like the nutcase Muslims you hate. And for your information i am not a Muslim. I am a Spiritualist which is a growing belief system around the world perhaps espousing the true teachings of Jesus Christ which is unconditional love for all and acceptance of all regardless of worldly difference. Look it up perhaps you may learn something.

Fuck false prophet Muhammed said...

Anon 2:10 PM, I have nothing against most Fiji Muslims, they are hard working, pious, mind their own business; I have never abused you or Fiji Muslims, you make a lot of sense; but I have plenty of abuse for the prophet and self-righteous, radical muslims who feel they have the right to impose their religion through fear and through the semen.

Sorry if I use harsh terms, but if you read about Muhammed, he was an evil bastard to the core; an unfeeling mass murderer and sex maniac whose teachings cause pain and suffering to this day. Anyone who vilifies all other people as kaffir pigs and condones mass murder is not to be handled with kid gloves.

The koran is very deceptive, and muslims use it selectively to justify murders and atrocities and also to portray islam as a religion of peace - the world is sick of the deception. When it suits islam, even homosexuality is ok to widen space to hide a bomb in suicide bomber's rear. I mean, what the fuck!

So-called moderate muslims provide cover and moral support extremists.

Muslims are taught in koran to be only pretend-friends with kaffirs; I can go on and on. Hinduism is ridiculous and so is parts and strains of Christianity, but they do not impose and force their will on others, or go on a killing spree over a cartoon. In Australia there are more Buddhists than muslims, but muslims are the ones you hear about most because they always complaining and creating trouble and demanding rights and wanting to impose sharia on everyone. if you want sharia, go to fucking Arabia or Iran, there's plenty of sharia there.

Muslim men so lack confidence they hide their women under burqa; and islam so lacks confidence its always trying to convert and conquer by all means, force, deception, mass births etc. Still, if you practice all this without imposing on others, and live by example, you might win admiration, even converts, but fucking mullah has to go on Fiji TV and criticise other religion when his own religion is more fucked than any other - worse than a fucking pot calling kettle black.

Muslims also constantly ridicule and laugh at hindus as idolatries when the fucking black stone in Mecca that they bow to is the fucking biggest idol in the world! This is that is sets us off. we want none of that in Fiji. The pig-faced mullah on Fiji TV makes us question if Fiji Muslims are also becoming radicalised; are they our pretend friends?; what do they say about us kaffirs behind our backs? we do have extreme strain like wahabism in Fiji. It doesn't take long to radicalise a muslim.

Anonymous said...

Mr. 3.19 As i said before every word you say it seems is coming out of my own mouth and a fully concur. Here is where our views differ. To start of with the Mullah that was on FBC TV was from the Ahmadiya Muslim League who are a minority sect within the Muslim community. It was a taped recording and thE Mullah is from NZ. These guys are usually more tolerant and less radicalized than the Sunni's and hence my surprise at what happened. Fiji's Muslim population number about 16,000 this in its self is a deterrent as they are a very small minority. Secondly i know a lot of Muslims by virtue of my prior association with them and continued interaction. I have found no signs of radicalization. Sure their are people who believe very strongly as in any faith but nothing that would suggest radical beliefs. In fact many i spoke to expressed outward disgust at What FBC TV did but fear victimization from the Khaiyums just as everyone does in Fiji if public condemnation was made. I know a lot of Muslims and Hindus and i mean lot as i am very active in my community who abhor this government and have started seeing them for what they are. I have witnessed first hand the Mutiny in 2000 as i lived very close to the Army camp and the riots as i was caught in town. Believe me we do not want this to happen again in Fiji.I like to believe that mankind is better than this. My plea to you and all on this Blog is please keep race and religion out of the debate. It has nothing to do with a few greedy and mentally corrupt people trying to make puppets of us all. Our challenge is the same, our struggle is the same, our similarities as humans are same and history has taught us many times that conflicts taking a race or religious fervor destroys many lives good and bad. the Fijian community has nothing to fear from the Muslim community. They have lived in peace for close to 150 years in Fiji why would anything change now. It certainly wont because of the likes of Khyaiyum. I hope good sense prevails all around.

Anonymous said...

@ Annon 10:14

Well articulated. Throughout history we have seen religious affiliations used to justify evil actions. The Christian crusades and the more recent Islamic jihad are two examples. If you read the Bible or the Koran it denounces these actions. It is used as an excuse or pretext to incite fear.

Once fear is invoked people do horrible things to the neighbours. Rawanda is a perfect example of neighbour turning on neighbour. All triggered from fear.

The disturbing thing here is that the anti gov. bloggers who say this are in truth pro government spin doctors trying to discredit web sites like c45.

C4.5 is one of the few sites where people can say what they like and think. It is also open to abuse from the professional bloggers who have the sole intent of destroying this and other blogs.

It is like eating a fish with a lot of bones. You have to know what you can swallow and what you need to spit out. The truth is that Fiji is being run by dangerous megalomaniacs. Mr Naidu's comparison to Zimbabwe is entirely accurate. This illegal military regime run by inexperienced persons with no regard for basic democratic principles, is trying to establish itself for the long term. Seven years is seven years too long. These people must face the criminal courts at some stage. This has to be the coup to end all coups or Fiji will never be able to move forward. The Attorney General and the Chief Justice have serious cases to answer, just as the Prime Minister and his chief advisor, Nazhat Shameem. These people have committed serious crimes against Fiji. Whether there is sufficient proof one day to have them charged is another matter. What they lack in legal and leadership skills they make up for with sinister criminal skills. That is the ability to cover their tracks. But even the smartest criminals get caught sooner or later. We all hope it is sooner.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.14

You say Fiji Muslims are good. I say you make Muslims a majority in Fiji and you will find out what kind of sick society Fiji will become. They will have no problem putting bamboo up your arse for having doubt about your former faith. Their low numbers at the moment keep them in line.
If you deny Islam then be sincere and say the false prophet was a rapist, thief and a con man who copied other religions mostly Christianity and Jews.
If you looking for truth try Gita and Bible which will bring peace to your life after all Fiji Muslims are from Hindu past.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:14AM

You are no longer a Muslim and yet you are speaking on their behalf, seems to me a same old Muslim agenda. Find any way to make other religions look bad.

Only reason we had peace for 150 years is because Islam is not a major religion here. However Muslims are the most back door and con people in Fiji. They go out of their way to bury its Hindu and Indian past and try to be like Arabs. Shameful I say.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1014

Sir you are a moron and a liar. Your claim that word Christ comes from Krishna is false and confirms you are still a Muslim.

Fuck false prophet Muhammed said...

The apostate blogger who has renounced islam does not deserve the abuse he is receiving. he is genuine and defending Fiji Muslims because he can see most of them are decent, hardworking people. he was intelligent enough to see the wrongs being preached by islam and renounce them. he did a very brave thing to renounce a religion he was born into. It is a very hard thing for anyone to do, let alone a muslim. It is very hard to trust islam because it preaches deceit against kafirs, and because of its teachings, muslims have an intrinsic to try and dominate others and impose their religion; they can't live and let live, its not enough for them, but the apostate blogger is well informed and seems genuine about multiracialism.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:49

With all respect to you, if this moron was genuine, than he will not touch other religion and admit Mohd was a pad, thief and rapist. He has not done that.

Muslims are allowed to lie in name of moon god and their prophet and this person is doing that. How dare he associates Christ with Hinduism.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for calling me a Moron Anon 5.56.I accept this graciously as abusing someone without knowing them is a reflection of ones self.
I assure you my knowledge base is far better than yours will ever be. 5 years ago during the month of Ramadan i set and actually studied the religion i was following blindly. You see as children we are forced to follow the religion of our parents without asking. This is the same in most homes. And yes i did uncover that Mohammed was a rapist and pedophile.This was my primary reason to leave the faith. Having a young daughter myself this was the turning point.I found contradictions in the Quran to every thing and most questions to the Mullahs i asked were never answered thus began my journey of disengagement with my religion. During this time i decided to thoroughly study all faiths to see what they stood for. By this time the question do we actually survive death came into the picture because if it does not then nothing makes sense. Well i found out that their is mountains of evidence that we do survive death but it does not conform to current Atheist or religious views.For anyone interested in this just go on you tube and search for the "scole experiment" or go to the NDERF website or www.spr.ac.uk or simply google Dr Pim Van Lommel Dr Raymond Moddy, Dr Ebin Alexander. This should be enough to get you started. For all those who say i am defending Islam i am not. I am simply saying Muslims are misguided yes and in my view so are all faiths however this does not give me or you the right to give them sub human status because you hate Khaiyum. Hating people just because he or she is born into a faith is not right. Religion is but a belief. If it was as simple as your religion is right and someone else is wrong then why does God simply not reveal himself and call it a day and we will all know who is right and who is wrong after all the last time he was supposed to have walked the earth was quite a long time ago and this I-PAD generation need to see him to. While talking candidly to a Jehovah's witness preacher i asked him what happens to Mother Theresa because according to him only there version of Christianity was correct and only they had the key to heaven. His answer was she will go to hell. Does this make sense to you guys. This is my last post on this blog as it seems my thoughts and principals are a bit to idealistic to some. Hate only breeds hate and no matter what i say someone find faults in it without thinking for 2 minutes what the point is. My vision for Fiji is a peaceful multicultural and prosperous nation. How are we ever going to achieve this when on a blog dedicated to democracy we are hacking each others beliefs to pieces. This only serves Bainiamara not the people. Remember the military only thrives when their is a perceived threat to national security. I do apologize sincerely to anyone if my posts have offended anyone or their beliefs. Moce Mada.

Anonymous said...

Annon @ 6:58 PM

Beautifully stated. I agree with you. See my posy on the article above.

You are a seeker. Just remember a lot of this racial hatred stuff is coming from pro-gov bloggers masquerading as anti gov bloggers. They want to changes the subject, Ignore them.

We despise evil men not on the basis of the religion they claim to follow but on the basis of their deeds.

The Creator sees our heart. He knows who is a seeker. As for those who seek their own glory their time will come. If not in this life then in the life hereafter.

Krishan Prasad said...

This blog site is shit. Most of the people blogging are complete idiots. This government is here to stay and it is better than anything the FLP and SDL delivered in the past.

Anonymous said...

@ Krishan Prasad

Are you the same Prasad who likes a few drinks at the Bad Dog before a threesome with your boyfriends Chand and Madigan. I suppose your wife doesnt care as long as there is a promotion in it for you. Money money money. Keep chasing it and see where it gets you. You wanna trash the FLP you will get yours.

Nostradamus said...

Fiji was ceded to the British and rule of law on the wish for them to have civilization and Christianity way back at the beginning on 10 October 1874. in return the british and all subsequent governments promised to uphold that wish.
what has this regime done is to go back on that wish and break that promise to the highest chiefs and the indigenous people of Fiji made to them then, now and to all future generations.
that's a very bad breach of promise. the mana of the land and its people will eventually win the perpetrators condemned to life of misery.