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Monday, July 8, 2013

UFDF on Bainimarama needing a Coalition partner for 2014

"Now if he needs to join in a coalition, then he's likely to be a 'junior partner' the question then arises, given his heavy handed approach to date, which one of the parties is willing to join him, knowing he'll hijack control of the coalition after the elections and possibly arrest his partners and appoint himself PM even if he has the least number of seats?"

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji says it can't take issue with the international community supporting the regime's elections and can only hope those engaging with it spot the game playing.

In an interview with Coupfourpointfive, the Coalition says the international community will be aware of the regime's broken promises and its habit of changing the goal posts.

"We have encouraged the International community to
UFDF: Still no Constitution
'ENGAGE' not 'EMBRACE' the regime and get involved in the process of preparing Fiji for a return to democratic rule such as supporting and funding the Yasi Ghai Constitution process & voter registration. 

"We also believe they will support 'free, fair and transparent elections and provide monitors for the elections, so in this context we have no issue with the international community supporting the process, so long as their people who are in contact with the regime are switched on enough to wise up to the 'games' that are played and ensure that 'checks and balances' are keenly watched so they are not taken for yet another ride by the regime as was the case with the 'Yash Ghai constitutional process.'"

The regime has established what it calls a co-ordinating committee for the elections, which it's using to shoulder tap countries such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and France for support.

The U.S. has now committed $1m for the elections with a pledge to help with capacity building after that, with New Zealand saying it has been encouraged by what it says is 'progress in recent months'.

Recent coverage in the Fiji media suggested widespread and unconditional support for the 2014 elections but the Coalition says it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

"The regime will always spin their story, so that it looks like a 'softening' of the International communities stance. We certainly do not expect New Zealand, AUS and the USA  to be easily swayed by the ongoing  'rhetoric' and fa├žade being promoted by the regime."

Despite coverage by local media it is unclear how much money the regime has obtained for its elections. The UFDF says it's all guesswork at this stage.

"At this time NO, however we are all aware there is the $50 million promised by Papua New Guinea and considering the last elections costs about $12 million we are assuming this one should not exceed $24 million."

It has been revealed that just one day will be allowed for the poll but there are still some 240,000 people in the urban areas yet to be registered.

The UFDF says a close-off date should be set but registration should be ongoing to allow "enough time to get the rolls and names of the registered people checked and rechecked and ready well ahead of election day so as many people as possible can be registered." 

The regime has been busy establishing rules for the four parties that managed to register but interest continues to swirl around the fortunes of Bainimarama at the poll, if in fact it goes ahead and he stands.

Some have suggested the dictator will win some seats but will need a Coalition partner to get him through.

The UFDF says unlike the political parties, Bainimarama has not had to reveal any of his plans for 2014.

"We can't really comment on the number of seats FB's party will win just yet because he still has not registered his party, and has not been able to come up with his 5,000 signatures so we don't know who he has to manage and co-ordinate his party and election campaign and who will stand with him in a general elections, there is still no constitution and we don't know what kind of electoral system they will end up with? 

"All of these things will tell us if Frank Bainimarama can win seats and if so how many?  

"Now if he needs to join in a coalition, then he's likely to be a 'junior partner' the question then arises, given his heavy handed approach to date, which one of the parties is willing to join him, knowing he'll hijack control of the coalition after the elections and possibly arrest his partners and appoint himself PM even if he has the least number of seats?"

Political parties were recently required to reveal their assets, including those of the wives and children of officials, something Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum keep saying they will do but keep dragging their feet on.

Pramod Rae, the longtime stalwart of the country's oldest party, the National Federation Party, told Coupfourpointfive it remains to be seen what's ahead for the parties.

"The registration and declarations by the registered parties are only small initial steps.

"All registered parties still have to meet numerous other stringent requirements like maintaining offices in all divisions, organising and keeping a large array of specified records at each office which members of the public have the right to demand and see and even take copies of.  

"Parties are required to have asset management procedures, maintain policy documents, prepare and keep membership and  financial information  including budgets, audits etc.

"Much of these requirements are of a highly technical nature requiring substantial resources and with the risk of severe penalties including fines and prison, parties will require the services of highly skilled and qualified personnel.

"With sources funding and quantum severely restricted parties will have great difficulty in resourcing themselves to meet the requirements."

Rae says things remain largely unknown despite the seeming progress of recent months with four parties being allowed to register.

"In addition with the regime changing direction so many times the political direction of the country remains a moving target.

"A constitution of some sort has yet to be promulgated. Bainimarama had initially said it would be April 2013.  Then he said June, July, September and back to July! Not knowing the details of an electoral system and numerous regulations yet to be made is an impediment for the parties to be able to plan any kind of approach to an election any time in the immediate future. "


BC said...

Everything Bainimarama does is all about hindering the Election.
- Trying to intimidate the opposition. Lock up Qarase and now Mere Samisoni.
- First we must have Constitution , then he went through the motion of getting Yash Gai and then trashing it.
- All Parties must have an English Name.
Any other name will be Illegal.
- All Parties must have 5,000 members from the East, 5,000 from the West and 5,000 from the North and also from the South.
- Must have certain amount of money in the bank.
- All participants must declare their Income and Business.
What about him?

- Must not be above a certain age

- Must Do this by this time, Must do that by that time. Blah blah blah!

Its not about helping the people. Its all about hindering the people.

I doubt if this arsehole can even fulfil his own demands.

Only an idiot will not see that this guy is throwing up every obstacle possible so that there will be no election.

We can safely assume that Bainimarama does not want an election and will go out of his way to bring up more obstacles and excuses in the next few months.

The people of Fiji need to make up their mind to fight this arsehole next year.

Anonymous said...

Will political parties be jumping hoops right up until the last minute?

When will Bainimarama reveal his party and his 5,000 supporters?

Will Khaiyum and Tikoduadua stand in the elections?

Will they ever reveal their salaries,their true salaries that is?

Anonymous said...

Well one thing for sure-he already has the required 5000 members who are from the military and peacekeepers!

Anonymous said...

hahaha no election keep dreaming.fiji need new leaders time for old hands to mentor new young leaders.fiji needs a multiparty no racial politics.army/police/chiefs/church/ should be part of the new cabinet.

Anonymous said...

the only thing certain about the dictatorship planned democratic elections in 2014 is that it will be a farcical election.

Anonymous said...




Mahend 'Chor'dhry: Robin Hood or Ali Baba? said...

Haha! look at the $3.5million smile on mahen chor's face. That is what he is worth thanks to clever and cunning siphoning of donations raised in the name of poor under the FLP brand, aided and abetted by his long-term girlia, Asha Lakhan.

You be the judge: Is mahen Robin Hood or Ali Baba?

Anonymous said...

The bastard should be made to prove all 5,000 supporters if he ever has the guts to register a party. He should also empty his pocket the thieving mongrel.

The Scoup said...

Inside Knowledge

MPC has not been investigated/arrested. MPC and RC have close ties with Gates and ASK (despite them making it look the opposite).

Frank has been secretly dealing with MPC. Nazhat and Shaista Shameem have been telling everyone for years that MPC should have been reinstated after the 2000 coup, instead of Qarase being caretaker PM.

MPC had great public image internationally (despite being a corrupt lunatic).

The Frank and Chor show. It is going to happen. It will prove MPC has been protected by the regime.

Why? Cos if FLP win, Chor gets power. He will have VB as President to fulfil the deal.

The international community will say its OK because MPC will be PM.

VB to join FLP. You heard it here first.

After the elections it will be too late.

Itaukei arise. Frank hates you. He will do anything to stop SODELPA.

The Scoup said...

Frank may not actually align with FLP on the surface.

MPC will make VB President if FLP win. VB has not decided whether to go public and form a coalition with FLP.

Either way, after the election MPC will be PM. VB will be president.

I know this first hand. It is why MPC has escaped justice. Is it starting to make sense yet?

Anonymous said...

what an unholy alliance. It makes sense. They need each other. Frank doesn't have the numbers. Chaudry needs the guns.

Anonymous said...

Shaista should learn to keep her mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

Three election experts are in Fiji to begin assessing what the country’s Elections Office will need to successfully conduct the 2014 General Election and subsequent polls.

They have commenced what is officially being called a Gap Analysis/Needs Assessment that will concentrate on capacity building in the Elections Office.

The team includes a specialist from the Commonwealth, (Carl Dundas), one from the Elections Office of New Zealand, (Melissa Thorpe), and another from the European Commission, (Etienne Claeye).

The three are charged with identified the capacity needs of Fiji’s Elections Office, which will assist countries and development agencies best identify how they can contribute to the election process.

The Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Elections, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, welcomed the three experts to Fiji.

“ The Bainimarama Government is treating the Elections Office as totally apolitical in our quest to ensure that the 2014 parliamentary elections are fair, transparent and have complete credibility. We also expect that this assessment and all development partners will also be apolitical, which is in the best interests of the country and sustained parliamentary democracy”, he said.

The AG said the Government was intent on building capacity in the Elections Office not only for next year’s poll but subsequent elections.

“From now on, we will be holding elections every four years and they can actually be called every three and a half years. This means creating an Elections Office that has a permanent staff trained to a high level and capable of delivering elections held to the highest international standards”, he said.

The Attorney General said that previous elections had been hampered by a lack of expertise on the part of those charged with conducting them.

“We need to establish proper career paths within the Elections Office to ensure that we not only attract the best people but keep them”, he added.

Last week, the Attorney General chaired the inaugural meeting of a Coordinating Committee made up of representatives of countries with which Fiji has diplomatic relations to begin the process of discussing Fiji’s election needs.

“ For the first time, the Government is considering the idea of having the election conducted in one day instead of over a week. This will obviously involve the Elections Office in a far more demanding logistics exercise than it has been traditionally prepared for,” the AG added.

Rusi Varani said...

From the outset, the party name is a joke. By the sound of it it professes to be a party, hell bent on returning the country to parliamentary democracy. It is laughable indeed when one considers these were the same thugs who destroyed democracy in Fiji in 2006. Its somewhat like kids politics to say the least.

Rusi Varani

Anonymous said...

good sentiments but dumbo natives will not cut it that is why you need the expats they don't steal and bullshit but this is not what the fijioans want in fiji they want corruption

BC said...


Unfortunately, the dumb Fijian soldiers cant see this.

Bainimarama will collect the money and the soldiers will die like dogs on that mountain.

Can anyone guess where he is going to collect the money from?

Not from America and not from Israel.... Come on you soldier boys THINK THINK! Guess again!

Can you guess who is going to kill you?
Ni na lai mate i Golan Heights.
Sa buki oti kemuni vere.


O what a tangled web we weave; when first we practice to deceive!"

santa maharaj said...

Bainimara will have no problem with the signatures-3500 from the army and 1500 from Muslims.

Anonymous said...

three international election experts have come to help the thug rulers of Fiji organise a "free and fair" election...

Anonymous said...

There will be NO election.
Ena sega ni caka na Veidigidigi.
Election NAHI hoi.
Voreqe doesnt give a efen shit about you anymore...hes worried about saving his arse above everything else.

Anonymous said...

The one thing good though about satisfying a criteria to compete in the election is, there will be less crooks to be MP. Given some of our MPs of the past - oilei sa kua ga na vosa.

Eparama said...

The itaukein should remain firm and be carefull of some non itaukei who were against Bainimarama now.These same people will support and vote for him. Ni yalomatua o kemuni na turaga bale kei na marama bale itaukei. Au sa tukuna tiko ni sa bai roro mai na gauna ni noda dau liumuritaki. Kevaka sa wini o Bainimarama ena veidigidigi, sa dodonu me tukuna veikeda na itaukei ni da sa solia na lewa nivanua oqo kina mataivalu kei ira na totaka me sa kawa boko na kawaitaukei keina noda itovo vakavanua sema kina kena qele, lotu, kei na kena delaniyavu vakaturaga. Kevaka sa sega ni veilewaitaki o Mahend baleta na nona kisi sa dodonu mo ni digitaki ira ga na itaukei ko ni kila ni rawa ni ra maroroya na kawa itaukei. O Khaiyum ena gauna oqo sa namaka tiko me na voli Mahend Chaudhary lesu tale kei na nona ilawalawa me ra lai tovata kei ira na NFP kei na Muslim, kei na party vou na PDF me ra na taura e levu na idabedabe ni gone itaukei ena tu mai na SODELPA. Na SODELPA OQO NA PARTY E RAU TAKETE TAKA TIKO O VOREQE, KEI KHAIYUM KEI IRA ERA TOKONI RAU TIKO. OK SA KENA IBALEBALE MEDA TUVATA NA ITAUKEI EDA SEGA NI DUAVATA NA VEIKA SA YACO TIKO VEI KEDA VAKABIBI NI O VOREQE SA SEGA NI YACOVA RAWA NA NONA KILA VAKAPOLITIKI NA VEIKA SA UBIA KINA NA MATANA, VAKAWAICALATAKA KINA NA NONA VAKASAMA O KHAYUM KEI IRA NA NODA DAUNIVAKASALA, DAUNIPOLITIKI ESA RAWARAWA VEI IRA ME RA VOLITAKI KEDA KEI IRA NA NODA KAWA ENA SIGA NIMATAKA.

Anonymous said...

Chor mpc have f fiji up .he did support rabuka to be pm in 1993 . he didnt support lq in 2006.
he supported frank in 2007 and now trying his luck again with this group
he have sold out indians when he sold his charter idea in 2007 .1997 constitution- indians was sure to have 19 seat in election. .how can we trust this leaders ?

Anonymous said...

I thought Nirmal Singh of PDP was having hallucinations when he was saying that time for old politicians are over and nothing will change in Fiji unless we get rid of these self serving leaders. I now realize how true his words were. These has beens have to be sent to exile forever.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh who is trying to build up Nirmal Singh - (is it himself?) he has not earned his stripes yet and neither has PDP.

Anonymous said...

Ka dina sara Eparama.

Anonymous said...

If Frank don't hold election next year as promised will the soldiers and police arrest him on charges of treason, murder, arson, intimidation, etc? it's clear as day this coup was all about saving himself.

Fiji going down said...

Fiji passport holders in NZ and Australia can vote as well apparently.

They talking about registering people overseas now.

Anonymous said...

All these countries putting their faith and hope in Fiji doing the right thing yet again.

Let us get to 2014 in a hurry so we can see who is right and begin to rebuild Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Fiji’s new constitution to be out soon
Publish date/time: 09/07/2013 [17:01]

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Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said Fiji's new constitution will be out soon.

When Fijivillage questioned him on whether the new constitution will be out by the end of this month, he only said that it will be out very soon.

Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister's Office, Colonel Pio Tikoduadua had earlier told Fijivillage that the new constitution is ready and they are just translating it into itaukei and Hindi languages.

A number of procedures relating to next year's elections are expected to take place when the new constitution is announced.

This will include the new electoral system and how people will vote and the constituency boundaries, specific electoral laws, the appointments of an Electoral Commission and the Supervisor of Elections.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

The GOLDEN question I ask myself is this: If the prick loses at the elections then where to from there for us?

mark manning said...


Anonymous said...

Fark that new constitution

Anonymous said...

There will be n o constitution until the regime has got itself into a place it is comfortable with ie it has secured its future.

But do we really give a fark since we will have no say in it?

Just Saying said...

Hilarious really when you think about it - all the political parties being made to reveal their assets and plans now because according to Khaiyum parties didn't abide by a code of conduct in previous years - but Bainimarama doesn't have to do the same until a few months time.

Why does he have to have such an advantage and why does he need one. In all fairness, he should've come out the same time as the four parties, also revealing his salary and personal assets.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA's Pio Tabawailu says Rabuka can join their party but must provide a CV!

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum now saying Constitution will be out by August!

Anonymous said...

khaiyum is a compulsive liar. He is moo kholo tatti !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

His lies are being fuelled by secret plans to stand for 2014 election.

This ruthless prick suddenly showing interest in the owes of squatters!

See naivety of local coverage all helping this blessed liar move 4ward - oilei Fiji wake up, man!

ATTORNEY-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has ordered a complete halt on plans to redevelop a squatter settlement in Ba where more than 300 residents claimed they were ordered to pay up to $15,000 or lose their homes.

In a statement last night Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said he was deeply disturbed by the way the Clopcott and Valele and Vatuni squatter settlement residents had been treated.

"I cannot believe the insensitive way in which the Ba Council and its Special Administrator have treated the legitimate concerns of these poor and vulnerable Fijian families," he said.

"It is very upsetting that this was allowed to happen."

At a meeting with the A-G on Monday night, distressed residents claimed the Ba Council had sent earthmoving equipment without warning, demolishing cassava patches and coconut trees that were vital for their survival.

"We have ordered an immediate stop to it," Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.

mark manning said...

Fiji's King and President!
And the Natives stand idly by!

Fark Fanning said...

I wonder how the aborogines are faring in Australia under the British Rejects !!

Anonymous said...

Make sense,mahen was released by Bai to manipulate,
both the NFP and the SDL?
He,s job is almost done, he's got everybody & every party, to trust him and gives him
all their secrets?
I won't be surprised if the SODELPA & Federation
parties are going to be suspended before or during
the election,
for violating some kinds
of electoral laws and
the FLP will
be declared the winner
with Bai as
their leader?
Mahen will than be
tried for past offences,declared
a criminal and dumped into imprisionment?
And Bai declared either the PM or President.
Hey,forget khaiyum as been the master mind,
Anthony Gate the CJ is
really the Top bastard who is
doing all these? Remember, this tricks has been done in various African countries-such as Kenya &
Tanzania. Even then although politically and ethically wrong,the
west was behind and supported the

Anonymous said...

Maikaq Bolatiki it's good that Bainimarama is improving the detention centre where remand prisoners await their trial. Tell him to improve the Naboro maximum because he will .be remanded there not in Suva Prison. Because he is too strong a man be kept in Suva Prison.if he can run a 500 feet hill in 10 seconds then the risk that he can scale the Suva Prison 12 feet wall with ease so he should be isolated from other prisoners.

Anonymous said...

Maikaq Bolatiki it's good that Bainimarama is improving the detention centre where remand prisoners await their trial. Tell him to improve the Naboro maximum because he will .be remanded there not in Suva Prison. Because he is too strong a man be kept in Suva Prison.if he can run a 500 feet hill in 10 seconds then the risk that he can scale the Suva Prison 12 feet wall with ease so he should be isolated from other prisoners.

Anonymous said...

Maikaq Bolatiki it's good that Bainimarama is improving the detention centre where remand prisoners await their trial. Tell him to improve the Naboro maximum because he will .be remanded there not in Suva Prison. Because he is too strong a man be kept in Suva Prison.if he can run a 500 feet hill in 10 seconds then the risk that he can scale the Suva Prison 12 feet wall with ease so he should be isolated from other prisoners.

Anonymous said...

What's with the repetitive comments C4.5? Surely not an attempt to fill up the space 'cos no one is really bothered with your blog-site. And you'll probably not print this?

International Jurist said...

You may well be surprised as to who reads this blog anon at 6:29 PM.

Its agitated supporters of this illegal regime (ruled illegal by a full court of Australian jurists)that seem bothered by this blog site.

Regional governments foreign affairs departmental staff read this blog, not to mention supporters of democracy worldwide.

That's what happens when the regime you are apart of remove free speech and other basic democratic rights.

C4.5, keep up the good work. Reactions like the posting above are proof that you are striking a raw nerve of desperate criminals.

Viva la democracy.

Anonymous said...

Mite the comment in coup 4.5 are not there to cover space. They are genuine. There may be some repetition of some comments but those are some important issues that need to remind the readers and the person it is directed to, Like it or not that's the way it is.