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Thursday, August 22, 2013

'Supreme law of the country' unveiled

The regime has released what it says is the final version of the 2013 Constitution this morning. Read their Blueprint below and the full Constitution after it.


The final version of the 2013 Constitution that will underpin the first genuine democracy in Fijian history has been released to the public. His Excellency the President will give his assent to the document on September 6th. It will be the supreme law of the country and pave the way for elections by September 30th 2014 conducted, for the first time, on the basis of equal votes of equal value. It is in line with the constitutions of some of the world’s most liberal democracies and provides a framework for the development of a modern, progressive state.

As previously flagged by the Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, the final version differs from the Draft Constitution by containing specific provisions that guarantee and strengthen the protection of communally-owned i’Taukei, Rotuman and Banaban lands. During the consultation process that followed the release of the Draft in March, a large number of submissions were received calling for explicit protection clauses. These have been accepted and incorporated into the final document. They provide greater protection and security for I’Taukei, Rotuman and Banaban land than ever before.
In addition, for the first time, an extra provision gives any landowner the right to a fair share of royalties derived from the exploitation of resources beneath the surface.

The 98-page constitutional document in English has also, for the first time, been translated into the two main vernacular languages - i’Taukei and contemporary Hindi. In the 15 days before His Excellency the President gives his assent on September 6th, members of the public are invited to read the vernacular versions and provide feedback on their accuracy. Some of the legal terms and phraseology in the English language do not have equivalent words in the vernacular and therefore may be open to interpretation.

The Constitution provides for a single chamber 50-member Parliament – up from 45 in the Draft document- which will be the country’s supreme authority and be elected on the basis of one person, one vote, one value. Elections are to be held every four years and every Fijian over the age of 18 is entitled to vote.

In another alteration to the Draft document, individual regional constituencies are abolished. There will be one national constituency covering the whole of Fiji, as in The Netherlands and Israel. And every voter will get one vote, choosing the candidate who they believe best serves their interests under a proportional representation system.

A Prime Minister who commands the party with the most seats in Parliament will head the elected Government and, in line with current practice, a President will be the Head of State and perform the ceremonial function of Commander in Chief of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

Among the Constitution’s major provisions are:

· A common and equal citizenry.
· A voting system of equal votes of equal value.
· A secular state and religious liberty.
· An independent and impartial judiciary and equal access to the law.
· The right to legal aid assistance.
· Specific protection of the ownership of I’Taukei and Rotuman lands and recognition of their unique culture, customs, traditions and language.
· The protection of the rights of leaseholders.
· Specific recognition of the culture and language of Indo-Fijians, other Pacific islanders and other immigrants and settlers.
· A Bill of Rights containing specific provisions guaranteeing a range of civil and political rights and, for the first time, social and economic rights. These include the right to education, economic participation, a just minimum wage, transport, housing, food and water, health and social security.
· A free media and freedom of speech, expression, movement and association.
· The safeguarding of the environment.
· The compulsory teaching of the i’Taukei and Fiji Hindi languages at primary school level, along with English as the common language.
· The right to multiple citizenship but a provision that only Fijian citizens be entitled to stand for Parliament.
· The right to fair employment practices.
· The right to join, form or campaign for a political party.
· The right to privacy.
· An Accountability and Transparency Commission which, for the first time, will hold all public office holders accountable.
· A Code of Conduct for public office holders.
· A provision requiring public office holders such as civil servants, members of the disciplined forces and trade unionists to resign before contesting a seat in Parliament.

The release of the Constitution follows a community consultation process during which the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, and his team conducted 19 public meetings in urban, rural and maritime areas throughout Fiji, including Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Kadavu, the Mamanucas and the Yasawas.

Submissions were also sought and 1,093 written submissions were received.

These are some of its highlights in detail:

28.—(1) The ownership of all iTaukei land shall remain with the customary owners of that land and iTaukei land shall not be permanently alienated, whether by sale, grant, transfer or exchange, except to the State in accordance with section 27.
(2) Any iTaukei land acquired by the State for a public purpose after the commencement of this Constitution under section 27 or under any written law shall revert to the customary owners if the land is no longer required by the State.
(3) The ownership of all Rotuman land shall remain with the customary owners of that land and Rotuman land shall not be permanently alienated, whether by sale, grant, transfer or exchange, except to the State in accordance with section 27.
(4) Any Rotuman land acquired by the State for a public purpose after the commencement of this Constitution under section 27 or under any written law shall revert to the customary owners if the land is no longer required by the State.
(5) The ownership of all Banaban land shall remain with the customary owners of that land and Banaban land shall not be permanently alienated, whether by sale, grant, transfer or exchange, except to the State in accordance with section 27.
(6) Any Banaban land acquired by the State for a public purpose after the commencement of this Constitution under section 27 or under any written law shall revert to the customary owners if the land is no longer required by the State.
29.—(1) All ownership of land, and all rights and interests in land, including land tenancies and leases, that existed immediately before the commencement of this Constitution, shall continue to exist under this Constitution.

Protection of rights and interests in land

(2) All land lessees and tenants have the right to not have their lease or tenancy agreements terminated other than in accordance with their lease or tenancy agreements, and any amendment to any law governing lease or tenancy agreements shall not adversely affect any existing lease or tenancy agreements.
(3) All land that existed as freehold land immediately before the commencement of this Constitution shall remain as freehold land, unless it is sold or is acquired by the State for a public purpose under section 27.


30.—(1) All minerals in or under any land or water, are owned by the State, provided however, that the owners of any particular land (whether customary or freehold), or of any particular registered customary fishing rights shall be entitled to receive a fair share of royalties or other money paid to the State in respect of the grant by the State of rights to extract minerals from that land or the seabed in the area of those fishing rights.
(2) A written law may determine the framework for calculating fair shares under subsection (1), taking into account all relevant factors, including the following—
(a) any benefits that the owners received or may receive as a result of mineral exploration or exploitation;
(b) the risk of environmental damage;
(c) any legal obligation of the State to contribute to a fund to meet the cost of preventing, repairing or compensating for any environmental damage;
(d) the cost to the State of administering exploration or exploitation rights;


4.—(1) Religious liberty, as recognised in the Bill of Rights, is a founding principle of the State.
(2) Religious belief is personal.
(3) Religion and the State are separate, which means— (a) the State and all persons holding public office must treat all religions equally; (b) the State and all persons holding public office must not dictate any religious belief;
(c) the State and all persons holding public office must not prefer or advance, by any means, any particular religion, religious denomination, religious belief, or religious practice over another, or over any non- religious belief; and
(d) no person shall assert any religious belief as a legal reason to disregard this Constitution or any other law.


Right to education

31.—(1) Every person has the right to— (a) early childhood education; (b) primary and secondary education; and (c) further education.
(2) The State must take reasonable measures within its available resources to achieve the progressive realisation of the right—
(a) to free early childhood, primary, secondary and further education; and (b) to education for persons who were unable to complete their primary and secondary education.
(3) Conversational and contemporary iTaukei and Fiji Hindi languages shall be taught as compulsory subjects in all primary schools.
(4) The State may direct any educational institution to teach subjects pertaining to health, civic education and issues of national interest, and any educational institution must comply with any such directions made by the State.
(5) In applying any right under this section, if the State claims that it does not have the resources to implement the right, it is the responsibility of the State to show that the resources are not available.

Right to economic participation

32.—(1) Every person has the right to full and free participation in the economic life of the nation, which includes the right to choose their own work, trade, occupation, profession or other means of livelihood.
(2) The State must take reasonable measures within its available resources to achieve the progressive realisation of the rights recognised in subsection (1).
(3) To the extent that it is necessary, a law may limit, or may authorise the limitation of, the rights set out in subsection (1).

Right to work and a just minimum wage

33.—(1) The State must take reasonable measures within its available resources to achieve the progressive realisation of the right of every person to work and to a just minimum wage.
(2) In applying any right under this section, if the State claims that it does not have the resources to implement the right, it is the responsibility of the State to show that the resources are not available.

Right to health

38.—(1) The State must take reasonable measures within its available resources to achieve the progressive realisation of the right of every person to health, and to the conditions and facilities necessary to good health, and to health care services, including reproductive health care.
(2) A person must not be denied emergency medical treatment.
(3) In applying any right under this section, if the State claims that it does not have the resources to implement the right, it is the responsibility of the State to show that the resources are not available.

Right to reasonable access to transportation

34.—(1) The State must take reasonable measures within its available resources to achieve the progressive realisation of the right of every person to have reasonable access to transportation.
(2) In applying any right under this section, if the State claims that it does not have the resources to implement the right, it is the responsibility of the State to show that the resources are not available.

Right to housing and sanitation

35.—(1) The State must take reasonable measures within its available resources to achieve the progressive realisation of the right of every person to accessible and adequate housing and sanitation.
(2) In applying any right under this section, if the State claims that it does not have the resources to implement the right, it is the responsibility of the State to show that the resources are not available.

Right to adequate food and water

36.—(1) The State must take reasonable measures within its available resources to achieve the progressive realisation of the right of every person to be free from hunger, to have adequate food of acceptable quality and to clean and safe water in adequate quantities.
(2) In applying any right under this section, if the State claims that it does not have the resources to implement the right, it is the responsibility of the State to show that the resources are not available.

Right to social security schemes

37.—(1) The State must take reasonable measures within its available resources to achieve the progressive realisation of the right of every person to social security schemes, whether private or public, for their support in times of need, including the right to such support from public resources if they are unable to support themselves and their dependants.
(2) In applying any right under this section, if the State claims that it does not have the resources to implement the right, it is the responsibility of the State to show that the resources are not available.

Read the Constitutition below:

To download the Constitution, click here


  1. section 18 is not protection...it adds nothing new to what is already there...indigenous people own their lands and will continue to own their lands whether this constitution is there or not.
    whats missing is whether they have any say in how their lands are to be dealt with.
    that's the knockout punch...only the state/government/prime minister/cabinet decides. u natives have no say. u own it but u don't decide how ur land is used, leased and for how much and for how long...u natives better hope that u elect a prime minister that is sympathetic to you. otherwise your ownership of lands is just on paper.
    The Land Use Decree lives on and will be the mother of other laws grabbing and robbing natives of their lands...and u will have no right to challenge in court even though u own the lands. no nltb to decide and no alta. both natives and kaiindia farmers will be exposed.

    and the royalty sharing...this was already in the 1997 Constitution and much wider than this bullshit. so coup4.5 this first time claim is bull shit.
    u natives will only get royalties if the minerals are in your fishing rights areas...in the open waters and sea bed where the real money will be in future, the state takes all royalties and u have none.
    u natives are still being conned so I would not be cracking the champagne yet.

  2. seems like a facade. this constitution is only going to reinforce the power of the current govt.

  3. Constitution needs people approval not only few elite..

  4. Paying a fair share of loyality on mineral is just like conning yhe landowners to allow scammers to take over the mineral's for Chinese. This comes with back hand millions to secure mining lease to sell off state's wealth to the Chinese.

  5. So this is what they have been trying to come up with all these time? The right to royalties is not a right at all. This is typical of a one man drafted document. Only looking at it from his own self interests; yet when publicly scrutinised, it is full of holes. The landowners in Fiji must have total ownership of the land including rights to minerals under their land, just like in the US. Funny that they quote Israel and Holland. So this constitution is similar to Israel? The comparison to Israel is actually a lie that may be sold only at St Giles!!! In Israel all land is owned by the Zionism Foundation. Khaiyum if you doubt it, go with your father and try to buy or lease land in Israel. The equivalent to the Israeli Constitution to Fiji is that "the Fijianness" (just like the Jewishness) of the state must remain paramount. (Indians like Arabs should therefore be second class citizens!!!); and all land in Fiji must be owned by Indigenous Fijians - since no NLTB let us call it the Fijian Global Foundation. When Fiji became a republic the British colonial system of the state owning everything under the surface was thro9wn out the window. The problem is Rabuka, just like Frank, viavia kila ka, qai mai tini tu ena macawa. So this time around, who the heck is this boci Khaiyum trying to fool! Voreqe ni sega na vuli kua so na via vakilakila. O iko o Teleni, Naupoto kei Lesi, dou sega so ga ni bau dau vakasama vinaka tu. Sa rauta mada na macawa!!!

  6. @Anonymous 1:20 PM

    If you read and at the same time understand what is written in the preamble by C4.5 you will see very clearly that the reference made to Holland and Israel is with regard to individual regional constituencies and nothing else.

    And to think you may be eligible to vote in Fiji, Idiot.

  7. I was running out of toilet paper...thanks for the draft


  9. @Anonymous 1:48 PM

    Good for you, one less foul mouthed person wasting a vote.

  10. Yash Ghai Review saidAugust 22, 2013 at 2:02 PM

    BOYCOTT should have been right from the start ...as 1997 constitution still lives.....

    The macawa politicians who call for rule of law went and contributed towards Ghai Commission pretending to legalise the process.

    Now crying fowl.. kick them all out and then BOYCOTT as no one has the mandate to make any changes to 1997 Constitution.

    All decrees are flawed right from the amendments sought under Peoples Charter. POint finger s at all those starting from those in Peoples Charter who called for and /or supported amendments without any of them having any lawful authority to do so.

    Is crying fowl now not a bit too late... I hope not.

  11. anon 1.58pm
    good on you - one more arse licker vote

  12. Beddoes makes claims in Village news that United Front rejects the new constitution and boycotted the invitations to the announcement made by AG.

    He claims The United Front stressed that the President has no legal mandate to assent to the new constitution and without the full participation of the people in the preparation and finalization of the constitution.

    Did Beddoes and his politician group have any legal mandate to participate in Ghai review? Which legal law were they following in that review when the 1997 Constitution continues to live?

    Mandate for new constitution went with you all when you missed three sessions of parliament in 2007, and none of the political parties have any manifesto in 2006 to abbrogate the 1997 constitution.

    ADMIT your wrongs and BOYCOTT everything except the 1997 Constitution because no one gave you the mandate to support any other parrallel constitution.

    In the event of any legal abrogation the state reverts back to the Great Council of Chiefs, just as is explained about the native lease.

    i.e. after purported abbrogation, no civilian President but naturalisation of Vanua to revert back to the Chiefs.

  13. Just a cursory glance over the first couple of pages of the junta's self-serving and jail-free card constitution, a reasonably informed person can pick up right away the loopholes. This is an expectedly ill-conceived, meshed together constitution whose primary goal is to save the key junta leaders and advisors' treasonous asses.

    Lofty ideals and principles are expected to be embedded in any country's constitution. In the junta's constitution however, these do not, in the slightest, remove the stench over their ongoing 8 year illegitimate, draconian rule.

    Yes, that's how bad their trail stinks despite the brand new blue book and cover...

    So ironic, that photo of the illegal AG Khayum holding up their constitution, complete with his tax-funded blue attire. Quite a disgraceful act from a lawyer-gone-rogue who tried to abrogate the 1997 Constitution to save his treasonous ass along with his collaborators.

    You lot don't fool anyone

    If the stakes have become too high for you thieves - you've brought it all upon themselves and without anyone's help.

  14. **typo error correction**

    If the stakes have become too high for you thieves - you've brought it all upon YOURSELVES without anyone's help.

  15. And devious timing too - in the middle of Hibiscus week. Cheap.

  16. Frank says.......To my people of Fiji...You dont know what you want. You have listened to the Chiefs and Religious Leaders who have led you down the wrong path. I know what you want. This constitution prepared by my Muslim brother is the way forward for Fiji. Forget everything else. Even though I cant understand the meaning of most parts of the constitution or dont realise that parts of it refer to other parts that minimizes your rights as citizents, it is the best thing for you. I have done many things for you and the villages throughout Fiji using tax payers money half of which I pocket and share with my muslim brother. Dont you worry I am watching your back but dont watch mine. God bless Fiji.

  17. Frank says to itaukei Villagers....The past politicians have promised you many things but delivered nothing. I have given you what you asked for. I have done what past Governments have not done. I am cleaning up the country and getting rid of the Chiefs and religions involved in politics.

    You are safe with me as Prime Minister and Commander in Chief.

    Watch out when politicians come and speak to you because they have self interests. I dont, my interest is the nation.

    I only take what I am due.

    This constitution is my testament to the people of Fiji like God's testament to Moses and the people of Israel.

    A new Fiji will rise from the ashes of the past with this new constitution and catapult us forward to be a shining example in the South Pacific.

    Embrace this constitution like the bible, koran or holy books that you read and treat the constitution as the WORD and it will breath life.

    Any of you who oppose it, come down to QBE to share your views.

    God bless Fiji

  18. Frank just said...vacava na vosa ya, bau set toka

  19. Funny story...one of the many girls Ben Naliva has been screwing..she is an expat by the way said Ben brought back a 9" dildo on one of his trips from overseas. She was so excited and said to him, oh honey thats so exciting you got that for me. Ben Naliva responded, no thats for you to use on me...baha hahaha..Ben sona levu qauri qase...esa va fooling taki iko saraga na yalewa ya.

  20. This fucking no-school bainimagasona has no idea what his asshole aiyarsehole has done. The Fijians should start an uprising, and that will show these two assholes they've made a terrible mistake.

    As for the Naliva story, he actually bought this dildo as his father's day present for his father.

  21. I was called up to RFMF camp last week and the top military brass have asked me to be Caretaker PM to dissolve Parliament as per Appeals Court Ruling 2009 advice. They told me that they want FB to become President and Commander in Chief after the 2014 election. They further said, that this new Constitution does not allow political party members to become President and with the absence of the GCC, Parliament will now be tasked to nominate and appoint a President. They have asked me, to form a Party and they will rig the election to allow my Party to win by more than 50%. In return, I nominate FB to be President to let go the RFMF as an institution and allow the top brass to appoint a new Commander who is not political.

    I told them, that I am in for the deal, but according to this Constitution, FB can be President only for two terms which is 6 years and that will be 2014-2017 and 2017-2020. After the second term, FB will be exposed to the law and even the immunity provision will not protect him. They told me, that by the time the 6 years end, FB will be dead.

    Please C4.5 do advice me on this matter.

  22. Ratu Jone Seniloli says...Caita Poseci...they offered me the same thing

  23. Ratu Jone, what did you tell them? I'm confused with the RFMF top brass, how about one of them make everything short and simple. Why use people like us to clean the dirt?

  24. Bune & Jone
    Vakacava mo drau vicai mada

  25. Editor
    Barbara Taylor draws our attention to this quite relevant quote from Albert Camus in her letter in smh 22/8: Politics and the fate of mankind are shaped by men without ideals and without greatness.Men who have greatness within them don't go in for politics.
    My political philosophy teacher at USP who introduced us to Camus works had a more colourful way of putting that same idea across. He would say when you look at the imbeciles and scoundrels who gravitate to political office it's not hard to see what Camus had in mind.
    I think 8 years after the takeover the people of Fiji have a good measure of the mob who have gone in for politics in Fiji.
    Rajend naidu

  26. These culprits are trying to set in concrete their “get out of jail card” immunity provision to escape from the consequence of their criminal acts. It is interesting to note that this provision is at the back end of the structure of the constitution as if to avoid attention. There is also inserted the denial of any changes by parliament or challenges in court. It means that Immunity is not challengeable and any amendments of other provision almost impossible. What an obvious grab for freedom and avoidance of responsibility. It is also noted there are some noble provisions in it for the people just as sweeteners which we already take for granted but nevertheless have a script in the constitution like transport, education, housing, even food. All the good elements of the constitution are tainted by the amnesty provision. And above all it is not a constitution made by the people but by an illegal band of criminal conspirators. I challenge the regime and iarse to put it to the people for endorsement by way of a referendum. There is no mention of how to deal with future coups. I noticed that the way it is written it seems the regime feel sure they will retain power.

  27. Mish Mash ConstitutionAugust 22, 2013 at 4:50 PM

    Fiji will have a 50 member
    Why have the regional constituencies removed???

    Parliament up from 45 in the Draft document.

    Parliament will be the country's supreme authority and be elected on the basis of one person, one vote, one value.

    Individual regional constituencies in the draft version have been removed

  28. Anonymous said...

    August 22, 2013 at 4:42 PM..

    Please mind your comments, they need help because they have been incited to commit a crime by the RFMF thugs...


    Cloud 9 owner concerned authorities yet to take action
    Publish date/time: 22/08/2013 [15:49]

    Print this page
    Email this page
    The owner of a floating restaurant and bar ‘Cloud 9’ is concerned that relevant authorities are yet to take necessary action against villages who are threatening him to close his business.

    Tony Philp said he received a threatening call and following that villages cut the mooring line of this structure which is located in the open seas off Tavarua Island in the Malolo group.

    He said this floating facility drifted out to sea and nearby resorts had sent boats to secure the platform.

    Philp said since he started his business in June this year, the villagers from Momi are making threats claiming he has no legal right to operate such a business.

    However, Philp said he has the legal permit from the government and the Maritime Safety Authority.

    Philp said fortunately, the sea was calm yesterday when the incident happened or this could have caused damage to the environment and destroyed the million dollar floating facility.

    Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu said investigations are being conducted by Nadi police.

    He said they are yet to question people in this incident as at this stage they cannot blame any particular group.

  30. Wananavu ConstitutionAugust 22, 2013 at 5:36 PM

    Anon @ 1.10pm and others who claim this does not have the people's approval. Let me remind you that the 1997 Constitution was REJECTED by 12 of Fiji's provincial councils. At least those of us who wanted recognition for the iTaukei and our land, had our submissions approved. And for this, I am most grateful to this regime for this BEST constitution ever. Furthermore, it will be translated into the vernacular for Fijian and Hindi.

  31. This Constitution was drawn up by 2people.

    Fiji has a population of 800,000 people.
    Where are their input?

    So as far as I'm concerned those two can go fark their Constitution.

  32. Bunes comment is very intresting, now we know that the election will be rigged and the criminal who committed the capital offence wants to be the president so what will happen to Nailatikau the pupet who has been illegally occupying that post ?I support Mick with the stance of his party that all political parties and all right thinking and law abiding citizen of Fiji should reject thyi constitution for this reason:- the illegal regime has no legal authority to make a constitution as they do not have the mandate of the people as they were not democratically elected. (2) The immunity section should be taken out and those involved in the coup have to face justice because there kis nothing in this constitution has any mention of the stopping of the coup culture.We must boycot this illegal draft constitution.1997 constitution is still alive.

  33. Political party boycotted the bkc .Will they boycott election too?
    They have to stand in the election if not you will be out and cant change anything as elected government.get in than change it through the legal process like 1990 constitution was changed and we had 1997 constitution.time to move on guys.

  34. @Anonymous 6:22 PM

    'I support Mick with the stance of his party '

    What party ?

  35. Section 131(2) of the so call constitution state that it shall be the responsibility of the military to ensure the security,defence and safety of Fiji and all Fijians.In section 129 there in no mentioning of the responsibility of the Police.Now who enforces the law in Fiji is it the military or Police. If that is the responsibility of the Oilice Force than they are responsible for the internal security and welbeing of all citizen of Fiji and not the military. Section 131(2) should be read external security and defend Fiji and its citizen from any external threat. That will demarkate the roles and functions of the two forces and avoid unecessary colision of the two forces on who is suppose to do what.

  36. We have to reject this illegal regimes constitution to ensure that the imunity is not given so that all those who are behind and actively participate in the coup in 2006 faces justice and that is the only way we can stop this coup culture. Chapter 10 of these constitution section 158(1) state that this Imunity section shall not be reviewed,amended,altered,repoeal or revoked and can not be challenged inb any court of law.Ironically this is funny because the regime committed treason now they are pardoning themself for the wrong they did.They can not do that its the people that decide their fate.Secondly the President can not accept that as he was also part of the coup plotter and his appointment as president is also illegal Sorry Bainimarama and Kaiyum not acceptable. Step aside for an interime administration to be put in place ta tgake the country to election on the 1997 constitution which is still inforce.

  37. We can not continue to build the hoouse when the foundation is not right or else the house will collapse

  38. Wananavu Constitution: You do not know what you are saying. and you have been saying the same thing time and again without thinking of what you are saying. The 1997 constitution was made by a democratically elected government who had the mandate of the people. This one is born out of an illegal regime who do not have the mandate of the people.I hope you understand the difference dude

  39. iTaukei landownership is well protected under this draft Constitution and now proves the claim of the 3 stooges tribal chiefs wrong - ie, iTaukei is threatened with loss of land etc.

  40. Wananavu ConstitutionAugust 22, 2013 at 9:09 PM

    Anon@8.37pm, yes, the 1997 constitution was made by a democratically elected government but it failed to listen to the voice of the iTaukei represented by 12 of the 14 provincial councils who rejected it. Period! Ask yourself mate why there has been 2 coups since then? The leaders are NOT listening enough to the people, especially to the common mass of the iTaukei. What this draft presents is what we like to see - emphasis on the poor and acknowledgement for the first arrivals.

  41. United parties have boycotted the constitution brief.
    Will they boycott the election 2014.?
    I doubt that .
    they need to contest the election and move forward to change the constitution as elected government.

  42. Mate they have the peoiples mandate which means all races who voted them in not taukei only. Now you are saying that the leaders were not listerning to the peop-le that why two coups occured after the 1997 coup.This illegal regimes constitution, Did the people have their say before its formulation ?No.Do they have legal authority to formulate a constitution ? No. Was the 1997 coup cause of the 2000 and 2006 coup. No. Who made those coups? Military. Why power, wealth and fame hunger.Do you think they should be given imunity ? No Why ? To stop the coup culture

  43. Sa dodonu me sa yalomatua na itaukei ia, na leqa ni sa rawarawa tu ga na noda volitaki keda vei ira na vulagi. E ra sa volitaki keda ko ira eso na noda turaga e ra dau vakanuinui tu vei ira na vulagi me rawa kina na nodra bula, ia, oqo era sa volitaki keda tale na noda sotia. Au sa sega ni vakabauta rawa na itovo ni vakasama sa curumi ira tu na noda sotia kei rau na turaga ni Tailevu e rau litaka tiko na noda vanua ena gauna oqo ko Ratu Epeli na Peresitedi kei Ratu Voreqe na Paraiminisita. E sa vakalialia keda o Khaiyum na Vunilawa baleta ni sa volia rawa na nodra dakai kei na nodra bula na lewe ni mataivalu. Na yavu ni vakavulewa oqo sa na kawaboko kina vakadua na kawa itaukei kei na noda dodonu vakadua na kawa tamata (indigenous rights in our own country). Sa yaco na lomadra na vulagi vakabibi o ira na kai idia ka ra saga vakamatua me ra taura na vanua oqo kei na kena lewa kei na kena iyau.
    Au vakabauta kevaka eda na veivala ena kauta ga mai na mate kei na dave ni dra. Ena daumaka me da sa dui gole na veivanua kei na veiyasana ka meda sa kere veiwekani vou kina na so na matanitu vaka Commonwealth. O keitou mai Cakaudrove, Bua kei Macuata, meda sa duavata na itaukei ni vanua ko CBM meda sa solia na noda vanua me qali yani ki Ositerelia baleta ni rawa ni ra vukea na kena maroroi na noda iyau bula kei na noda itovo. Oqo e dua na vakavure vakasama!!!

  44. Ok Do you know that Kaiyum was trying to cheat us in the first draft when he said that the land ownership is safe as in the bill of right. That was a bullshit it was after the out cry of the i taukei that the entrench legislation on land group ownership was excluded in the first draft then it is now included in final draft.but even then the regime have no legal right to formulate a constitution. That is the work of a democratically elected parliment.

  45. @Annon 9:02pm Aug 22,2013...It`s obvious that your understanding of legal papers is very limited as your comment is typical of below average intelectual capability to fully grasp the content of the document in it`s entiriety....be slow to speak!!!!

  46. Anon@11.28pm, vinaka na soli vakasama, ia e vakaloloma ni sa sega kina na veivakabauti vakai keda. E se tiko vinaka veikemuni na colonial kei na dependency syndrome. De sa rui bibi beka na tomi apolo mai Aussie, ka o ni sa datuvutaka na kemuni qele, sa tubu karasi tu oqo e Viti.

  47. Isn't it time for some group to remove Aiyaz, Frank and their supporters, permanently?

  48. What do you mean when you say that we lack the legal understanding of the entire document and you are trying to show us your inability and lack of capicity to simplify the point you are driving at other then generalising your meaningless coment.

  49. Major Political Parties its now that you need to support each other. be united because we the people who are supporting you will be with you on what ever decision you make. the coup culture has to be stopped. nothing in the propose constitution.Perpetrators of 2006 coup have to face court and no other way out. Its for our soldiers to act mow before the people stand up what we do not want will happen and you soldiers will be blamed.

  50. This constitution although mentioning that it recoganised the i taukei culture and tradition its only partly. It must recoganise it fully with our chieflty system a very intergral part of our tradition and culture and the BLV must be re-instated with all the functions and role in the governance of our country full stop.

  51. If one looks at the Philippine Senate--which was added by that nation's oligarchs years after the American-guided Constitution was approved--one will quickly see that a single national constituency has at least one serious and un-democratic weakness: Except in rare circumstances, none of those who are elected to the Philippine Senate reside outside of the main oligarchic (and media) centre of Manila.
    Open, 'at large' constituencies should be very small or should be eliminated if democracy is to be obtained.

  52. In 1971 the leaders (Ratus and others) of a number of Cakaudrove villages expressed extreme sadness that Ratu Mara had sold their people out during the development of the Independence Constitution. They felt that giving Hindi equality with Fiji was a denigration of Fijian language and culture. The analogy was that of a new arrival not having to learn or respect local culture. But they never explained to me why they remained silent while that provision was developed and negotiated.

  53. until u kaivitis learn to obey your bible and stop the liumuri culture u are doomed.

  54. Anon @ 4.18am,another wannabee chief clutching at the last straws. In this day and age, it will always be the people first, because a leader has to earn his/her place and what you're asking is for the Constitution to protect your role? NO! You serve your people effectively and they will likewise return your service by serving you effectively. No more corruption,and stealing their hard-earned money. That's why they run away from you, abandon their rightful heritage and prefer to squatter and live in tin-shacks! If you still can't see this after all these years, no wonder other ethnic groups call us 'kaibiti lialia'.

  55. @ Chiefs no more, not only that, what about the classic example of Tui Cakau (pictured below) molesting a young girl (one of his people) and the family having to ignore this just because he is their chief? People also run away to protect their wives, sisters and daughters from sex maniacs who now call themselves chiefs and would have been removed by the club from their role if they lived during our dark days!

  56. Will the political parties stand in 2014 election under this constitution in 2014 election? .If you reject it now than dont stand in the election 2014..

  57. Alright so we have a spanking brand new regime constitution hot off the regime drawing board what do we make of it. Being purposely created for the protection of the treasonous regime does it have legitimacy. Legitimacy should be drawn from the majority of the population of Fiji and not just a handful of self serving and self protecting scums parading as the regime. This process is flawed as it is shoved down the people's throat without their consent. And being assented by an illegal president does not give the constitution legality and sanction.

  58. this constitution tells about equality. its time to allow indians to settle and build houses within fijian villages boundaries because there is no more constituencies or racial party lines. one vote per person irrespective where you tick your vote from. indians in labasa can now build houses in wailevu koro, naseakula, dreketi, etc etc. so as those in Ba and western divisions. Naitasiri indians, you may live there for good. no more land rent, so as other kaiviti living in borrowed land.
    now we are in business, what say guys.
    chief no more lad is talking about this shit.

  59. Editor,
    Writing in the regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun 23/8, Amenatave Malani tells us he can't understand why so many people have so quietly accepted the ridiculous increase in the price of Rewa Butter.
    The way I see it if people can so quietly accept a military regime and its rule by decree for over 8 years then they can accept any shit that happens in the country!
    Malani is bothered by the arbitrary imposition of high price on butter on the people of Fiji. What about the arbitrary imposition of a new constitution on the people of Fiji?
    The high priced butter the people of Fiji can do without and many already do because of the high cost of living BUT their rights and freedoms as guaranteed under constitutional democratic governance the people of Fiji cannot do without.
    The focus should therefore be on the latter.
    No such guarantees can be relied upon from a military dictatorship!
    Rajend Naidu

  60. thank you Rajend. good one my friend

  61. The constitution says that FICAC will remain, they can start their job now by asking for money lost in the regimental funds, and the money being channeled out to pay Bai and Kaiyum's salaries etc etc, including all the government information data that are now being stored in India.

    wake up Fiji

  62. Last time I checked, you need a parliament to vote on this so-called constitution before the President signs it. Fucknuts!

  63. @ Anon 9:49pm...you would have been removed with a club and chop sueyed with your baseless accusations and idiotic comments. You would have been made to build a lovo in which you would have been roasted. Whilst the fire is burning, your extreme parts would be cut off and eaten in front of you before you are cooked alive in the lovo.

    All that has changed now and the mindset of commoners like you have changed where you have lost respect for yourselves, your family, your elders, your village and your Chiefs. Start teaching yourself and if you have your children respect for others.

    The Chiefs may have been miguided once and they were misguided by foolish politicians and military people like Frank is fooling and misguiding everyone in believing what he is doing is righteous and good when everything he has done is more of a personal vendetta rather than actions of a person who understands the implications of his actions.

    There will come a time when you look back and realise how stupid you were to believe in what Frank is doing.

    Get a life and stop throwing foolish baseless coconut wireless news...Be a good commoner and take your spade to the tei tei and plant your bananas and pay tribute to Frank

  64. Ratu Jope Seniloli says to Bune...Listen, lets go along with what Frank has asked. You take over as Caretaker PM but instead of making him the president, get Eneri to be the President. At least we can make sense of what his saying...Lets meet for a basin and go through the details...How about at the QBE...moku qori lol

  65. TAKE ACTION SAYS.....To the Democracy Movement.................

    Print hundreds of copies of this constitution. Hold a protest and burn the constitution documents as a sign of protest and get the National media to record the actions.

  66. Bainimarama to contest election
    Friday, August 23, 2013
    Update: 9:45AM PRIME Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will form a political party to contest the 2014 general election.

    Confirming this at the Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) congress at the Sheraton Fiji Resort in Nadi this morning, Commodore Bainimarama said they would fight a battle of ideas with their opponents who were offered a briefing on the new constitution but did not show up.

    "I will form a political party and my party will submit itself to the collective will of the 540,000 Fijians who have registered for election," he said.

  67. The Final Constitution will be done after election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  68. he he
    this week I will kick out an indian squatting on my native land ,,,,becos thanks to Franks constitution i can do that anytime cause 90% of land in fiji is always kai viti land.....
    so what say you kai dia where is yo land?

  69. @August 23, 2013 at 6:26 AM
    Putting Hindi and make it equal to fijian will not weaken the fijian language...it will actually strengthen our understanding for one another...The truth is making English the dominant language is actually going to weaken and eventually kill the Fijian language...Who were the people that came up with the lie that most of us believe..." E malumalumu na vosa vakaviti"...Answer....1930...when New Zealand took over our Education System...they came with the mentality that the Fijian language is as backward as the Maori language....so...to enlighten the people of Fiji...everyone must speak English and nothing but English at school...
    The biggest lie we were blindly led to believe is "using English to bring the two main people group in Fiji together"

  70. Rajesh is welcome and we will support him if he stands in the election.

  71. all nice and academically correct but are you Fijians ready for a government made of majority non taukei?? everytime that happens, Fijians coup.. why would it be different this time??? will the army remain loyal to its commander? so many unknowns but history has a bad habit of repeating itself isn't it. is this the constitution to remove all coups??? I doubt it very much. I guess we will find out in October 2014.

  72. Listen people..just accept the constitution and get on with life! Fiji does not need a referendum. People are too busy with bati ni tanoa, that is why you don't see anything constructive from the public. The vucesa mentality makes it necessary for the government of the day to do the thinking. Only a few corrupt politicians are resisting, so don't be fooled!

  73. Mahen chaudary wanted one man one vote.why is he rejecting the constitution now?. Mahen plays double face everytime.i know flp will contest the election and support bainimarama party. stop fooling us..he did that in the past supporting rabuka/was ready to work with speight in 2001 election.

  74. Some iTaukeis want to be led by chiefs but some chiefs have poor moral standards. eg. Tui Cakau sleeping with a minor- a 16 year old girl, Ro Kepa for her adulteress behaviour, etc. How will they lead the country and set examples to others when they have poor standard.

  75. Genuine Rajesh SinghAugust 23, 2013 at 6:04 PM

    What is wrong with this constitution? It is better than 1997 constitution. Support Bainimara and his team in new Fiji.
    I cant understand why people are cyclical all the time. I am investing in Fiji because I have my heart there and want to help the poor people. I am pro for this constitution.

  76. Australian government support the constitution soon New Zealand and other government will support it better to have elected government than regime.

  77. Guys ! the constitution may sound acceptable but it is important that the process followed in the formulation of the constitution and accepted as the supreme law of the land are asccording to the law. We can not make something illegal legal by the good soung and look of it and at the same time we have to be careful not to make any precedent. All our past constitution were made by democtically elected government who had the mandate of the people when making them. This one the body that made it is illegal not democratically elected and they commit criminal offence of treason when taking over a legal government which was democratically elected by the people.So first the current regime by law has no colour of right to make any constitution. Second according to the rulling of the court of appeal in 2009 the 1997 constitution is very much alive so we can not have two constitution.This constitution has no mention of anything on the stopage of coup culture.Lastly Bainimarama and his conspirators should know that they can not make that immunity for themself. How can someone commit crime and than he himself decide to pardon himself to avoid justice by makimg a law and forcefully making the victims of his crime to accept it. Wake up people we are in the 21st century not in the dark ages where law of the jungle exist. SAY NO TO THE CONSTITUTION ":

  78. Genuine Rajesh Singh.If this is you the real Rajesh I have something to tell you.I have never seen such an opportunist person in my life like you. Secondly you are such an idiot bastard you do not know what is illegal and what is legal.The reason becasue you have your own personal intrest to serve not the people just like Bainimarama.You have betrayed the people of Naitasiri where you =were brought up nand if you come back to Fiji we will prepare a big Lovo for you to be roasted in. a typical kai Idia style.

  79. Naitasiri people loves rajesh who the f are you boci kai india using other peoples name and anon to comment. just like your limuri boso .we know who you are .when you come to fiji we will lovo you not rajesh.

  80. Keep commenting more via face book .we tracking your comments at delainabua.

  81. How can the ILLEGAL President not sign off the ILLEGAL Constitution when he is on the ILLEGAL regimes payroll!!
    Hello, he was appointed by Bainimagana so that he [Nailatikau] can be manipulated!!
    How low can you go Nailatikau.
    Well, I guess being Tongan you can always go to Tonga when the proverbial shit hits the ceiling, you kai tani!!!

  82. To you Nilatikau I say this: Your late father, Rt Sir Edward must be turning in his grave. He was such a gentleman, a highly respected chief, a real man for all the people, a chief who had balls, a chief who knew waht is right and wrong, an Army Officer who had principles. As for you, well, like I said, he must be turning in his grave!!

  83. Rajesh Singh is a fakeAugust 23, 2013 at 7:56 PM

    Anon@7.41. Fuck you asshole, I can track you fuck face.

  84. Vut5ukui Meo : Tell me of any perfect person in this world. There is no perfect human being in this world because we were all concieved from scene.Every person have their own weaknesses but that does not take away once responsibilities in what ever capicity you are in. a CHIEF IS A CHIEF.Their status has been in our tradition and culture ever since we were created as native fijian.Who are we to disregard or abolish their status.Every taukei community need a figure head who command the respect of the community. Not some one who command respect by creating fear to the people. All i taukei Fijian please if we want our race to exist and remain in a place we call home given to our fore fathers by the living god then we have to hold on tight to our customs which includes tradition, culture and our chiefly system.That is our identity.Those of you who do not want our Fijian native customs all you have to do is exclude your name from the VKB and change your name to Ram or Mohommed then we will know that you no lonnger a native Fijian and you will ne excluded from our system simple

  85. Bainimaganas arrogance has also rubbed off on Nailatikau when he PUBLICLY said that he too can be the next Vunivalu!!
    O iko Nailatikau o kai Tonga, luvenisala ka o a qai mai volai gai e na i Vola ni Kawa Bula.
    Keimami sa maduwa na kai Bau e na mataqali i vosavosa kei na i vukivuki o cakava tiko.
    Yalo vinaka, sa rauta mada na viavia kai Bau.

  86. Well, me caka gona vakacava? O Nailatikau e vaka ga e dua na bakewa ka dau , ravi tu buto e na mamutou vosa. Rata, me tara vakaeva?

  87. Isa riki Nailatikau, qi sa lomani iko Tubuya.
    Qaraunia na na lemu i lala!! Lia na siga o na saumi taro!!

  88. Firstly, an independent audit should should be done on the electronic voter sytem. Secondly, during the elections proper, the third party should man, tally and verify the results.
    After the elections another audit should be done that all is above board and ok.

  89. Bottom line is immunity for coupsters.
    This flatulation from Commander and his puppy dog has no standing in Fiji law. It is an illegal proposal by an illegal junta and to be rubbers stamped by an illegal president, not by the People of Fiji.
    What does this piece of paper offer that makes it worth 7 lean years of poverty for the People and forced worship of idols with nothing but guns? Is this supposed to justify all those beatings and trips to Paris and rugby games paid for by taxpayers?
    The only positives about criminal politician Voreqe running is that he will have to resign from the army and will stick his head up where the People can cut it off.

  90. editor,
    The film HE TOLD LIES (screened on Channel 7 Aug 20) is based on a true story. It tells the story of how an elite, medal winning soldier turns into a compulsive liar and thug.
    The film is an excellent reminder that we have in any military good/great soldiers and rotten/ rogue ones.
    A good many of us know that from our own direct experience of our own military mob since the first military coup in Fiji in 1987 and the subsequent ones, including the present one by Frank Bainimarama.
    He too told lies to the people of Fiji and to the international community that his coup was only a "clean up" campaign. Eight years later the military man is still parked in power with no real sign of relinquishing it to civilian democratic rule.

  91. Greedy dictator is letting people use the internet cafes again but is robbing them of their rights overall via the Constitution.

  92. I suggest that we digress on the propose constitution which has now been published by the illegal regime and with in a few days time it will be approved by the illegal president as the supreme law of Fiji.there are a lot of that need to be checked. I totaly disagree with section 131(2) of this so called constitution giving the Military overall security of the nation.There are two side of the security internal and external.If the Military is the overall incharge that all security matter will be under them.and the risk is the military can use those to their advantage. As we are all aware that the only and the biggest security risk in Fiji is the Fiji Military. Since 1987 the military have been creating all these political uncertainity and chaos in our country yet they are trying to put the blame on the chiefs,and the politicians.The chiefs and politicians were doing their part and the military has nothing to do with politics yet they are poking their nose in resulting in the uncertain situation we are facing.In vew of those reason I suggest that the Police Force should be the overall incharge of internal security and Military to be overall inxcharge and defence of the external security. What do you think ?

  93. You can cry about this Constitution till the cows come home but nothing ain't gonna happen. You know why? You are only a minority and the majority of us Fijians actually love Bainimarama. Even the international community is interested. Eg. EU is offering assistance. So go home and cry to mummy and remember to blame the GCC for all our coups because they were stupid enough to validate the 1987 one. The greedy chiefs are cursed!

  94. Anon -Keep using and abusing my name and Marama others .I just want to tell you we forgive you and god bless you my friend.pray and ask god for wisdom.learn to forgive others and move on with your life.
    life is too short to have bad heart and fight.
    god teach us to forgive and pray for our enemy.let the lord be the judge.we will all account for our sins.
    god bless you all
    Rajesh Singh.

  95. I read political parties have rejected the constitution.
    I want to know will they oppose and not stand in the election 2014.?

  96. The BKC Constitution need to be put to referendum and the people of fiji to accept or reject it .than it can be legal.
    We have no parliament so we cannot debate on it.its only through referendum it can be tested thats my view President cannot just accent it .its need people ,gcc.church,vanua and others support to get it approved and passed in future parliament.
    god bless
    Rajesh Singh.

  97. When you get a copy make sure you burn it and post on YouTube...peaceful demonstration..

  98. the 1997 constitution and the court of appeal ruling must be followed. otherwise everything else is illegal and not the peoples choice. elections under 1997 constitution then people decide to stick with that one or this bullshit constitution.

  99. All of you are crying over a spilt glass of milk. FB is doing what should have been done long ago. If you cant support just fold your hands and watch. Every time land, land, land...first go and clean your land which has been idle for so many years. Fortunate this land is your otherwise you would have been eating dogs. Becose u cant work and earn money..just want to get every thing free..

  100. The Ungrateful DeadAugust 24, 2013 at 10:16 AM

    anon 1013am, that does not give you an excuse to steal the kaivitis land...remember it is not yours..be grateful that the socalled lazy bastards let you shit on his land instead of them shitting on you.

  101. If Kaiyum and Bainimarama can only insert a clause on their Blue print that all those soldiers and the coup supporters plus both of them to go to Naboro and the keys for their cells thrown away than I will vote for them 100%.

  102. ANON 10.16. I am a kaiviti and i think i am reasonably educated not to fall for the constant BS about non natives stealing our land. I want to ask anyone and everyone on this stupid blog to please show me one instance where a non kaiviti has stolen our land.Most of the people i speak to who are non natives agree fully that as the first people onto this land the right of ownership of land by the indigenous people of Fiji should always be upheld and should be maintained. In the modern world that we live in land usage is important and the indigenous people should make up their minds on whether they want Fiji to grow as a nation economically or not. If we are happy to be where we are and remain so for the next 500 years then lets stop everybody else from accessing our lands and leave it for the few cassava and dalo plants we manage to grow on it once in a while. But if we want progress and develop then land use is essential and thus we have to find amicable and fair deals that will benefit us as well as the risk takers. All the constitutions we have had has entrenched provisions for the protection of native land and i have yet to see any deal happen where the land was actually stolen from the native owners except perhaps in the colonial era. Just what theft are some of you always talking about. Without the consent of the mataqali not a single meter of land has been leased out or will be leased out. I suggest you try and find another argument to hate other races because this one is old, untrue and no one with half a brain buys it. I would also suggest to all those Chiefs and Mataqali owners to write to the PM's office and TLTB and tell them that you will never lease out any land to any body if this is your intention so at least they will know who not to approach. Blogging on this website is useless as it makes no difference either way.

  103. to rajen naidu
    how much of a dumb as are you??We are having elections next year and you still don't see a civilian government being formed.
    Get your numb head out of RPC's numb ass and for once think for yourself.

  104. Hold it there silver? If Bainimarama is going to setup his
    own political Party.
    Wouldn't that be a direct conflict to the AG illegal political party registration decree?
    Wasn't the last date for registration was in
    Would this means that
    he could be cited for non-compliant?
    Than again,the man is
    a law breaker-what yeah gonna do?

  105. It's a great thing that the crooky ass has now announced that he will be forming his own political party for the 2014 election!



  106. If Bainimarama loses the elections can anyone see a civilian government being formed?
    No,that will not happen.
    The election has one purpose To return Bainimarama and his cronies to power with the legitimacy and international acceptance that his current coup installed government does not have.
    Everything else is bullshit!
    Only a dumb arse will fail to see that.

  107. Anon 126pm you so right. The political party registration regulation does not apply to the dictator of Fiji. No law applies to him. He is the law unto himself. That is the way of a true dictator. And Bainimarama is a true dictator. Even if he is the tin pot variety!

  108. I cannot understand why SODELPA members are crying about this constitution. It is one of the best constitution's in the world. The referendum of the constitution will take place on the election day. Who wants cheating chiefs to lead fiji once again. I am from burebasaga confederacy and I am ashamed to by led by adulteress Ro-Kepa.

  109. To Vutaki Meo: Yalovinaka maroroi keda. Qarauna na vosa o cavuta baleta e vakaraitaki iko ni o sega i taukei se lewe ni vanua vakaturaga o Burebasaga.

  110. Any amendment to 2013 constitution will require 75% parliament and 75% voters approval through referendum .
    I ask Government now .why cant they put 2013 constitution to referendum now .
    Constitution need 75% voters approval now not only president assent.That is fair.
    god bless fiji
    Rajesh Singh.

  111. You are right there Rajesh that it should first be put to referendum for assent of the people instead of a one man unelected as he is to sign off the people's future prepared by some group of person having no mandate at all for doing what they did. Come on regime put this constitution to the test and thereby give it the legitimacy it badly needs.

  112. Randall Powell SC was one of three judges on an appeal panel in 2009 that declared the 2006 coup illegal.

    Mr Powell says the document has no legitimacy.

    "The preamble of the constitution begins 'We the people of Fiji...' but the author of the document is the current regime," he said.

    "The draft constitution is not being put a referendum, it's being imposed on the people."

    The new document will replace the 1997 constitution that was set aside by the military regime four years ago.

  113. Let's have the election first and then talk about the constitution. If frank is elected let him have a say otherwise,let us listen more and talk less.

  114. your land gets stolen when u own it but you have no say in how it is to be leased, etc...which is what will happen under the land use decree and this constitution. when it is locked up in a lease for 99 years with perpetual renewal at a rent that is not commercial then your land is stolen especially when u cannot challenge the decisions in a court of law. suppose that u want your land back in 50 years because u need to house your own people??? evicted from your own land.
    and truth, that's why u Fijians cannot ever get it right...illegality upon illegality hoping that your jesus will put it right...OMG.

  115. this is a very racist constitution guised as equal rights for all...because it removes the indigenous peoples rights under the legal 1997 constitution without the indigenous people having a say in it.

  116. Presenter:Sen Lam
    Speaker: Anthony Regan, constitutional lawyer Anthony Regan at the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific in Canberra
    REGAN: In general … most importantly it's a system of one national electorate with proportional representation, instead of what was proposed previously which would have four divisions in the country. And that's a big change for Fiji where the people have been used to electing their members to local constituencies. So there'll no longer be even a fairly tenuous link to particular areas as there would have been with the four divisions previously.
    LAM: So there's really not very many local voices now. What do you think is driving this change?
    REGAN: The Bainamarama’s aim is to break down the previous major ethnic divisions in Fiji, and to create a single national identity. So I presume that's what's driving that one.
    LAM: There's also I understand a two-week window now for the public to digest this document, but it's non-negotiable isn't it, this is it now?
    REGAN: That's what I understand and people are being told that they can comment in the two weeks but only on the translations into the two main vernacular languages.
    LAM: And Anthony Regan, Frank Bainimarama of course the interim Prime Minister is from the military, what does this document say about the armed forces and indeed its independence?
    REGAN: Well there's one significant change, one of the big criticisms of the previous draft, the first draft from the military, one thing there that was quite dramatic was that it made the Prime Minister the commander-in-chief of the military, and this was seen as a very significant and worrying development. This final version now just makes the president the ceremonial head of the military. So that direct power is taken away from the President. However of course the president is purely a ceremonial position and acts only on the advice of Cabinet, which effectively is often the advice of the Prime Minister. So probably there'll still be quite a bit of criticism of the likely continuing control of the military by the executive.
    LAM: So it effectively means that the military has been politicized?
    REGAN: Well the politicization of the military has already happened, and I think there'll be very little comfort for people in these circumstances…

  117. editor,
    If anyone thinks it is unfair to label the Fiji Sun as the Bainimarama military government's mouthpiece and propaganda paper they should read Rachna Lal's editorial comment ' Building a better Fiji for all' (FS 23/8) where she waxes lyrically on the Bainimarama IMPOSED constitution on the people of Fiji being a "blueprint" and all that. She even propagates the regime lie that it is a constitution formulated after widespread public consultations.
    The fact is that the public input was trashed together with the Constitution making commission (the Ghai commission) that received the public submissions and framed a draft constitution based on it. The usurpers found that draft constitution which reflected the wishes of the people unpalatable.
    Rachna Lal and other regime sycophants are of course free to "embrace" the IMPOSED constitution having "convinced" themselves that it will deliver "true democracy for the first time" - the regime propaganda we been hearing from the beginning of the bogus "clean up" takeover. By the same token
    the people of Fiji must have the right to reject it for what it is - a military dictatorship framed constitution put in place to advance the vested interest of the coup leader and his cronies.
    It is a constitution more likely to perpetuate the coup culture with its immunity provision for the usurpers then one which delivers "true democracy" and a "better Fiji for all".

  118. I think it is a good document although I dislike Khaiyum and FB.

  119. The illegal President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau will destroy the Fijian race for good if makes a wrongful decision in September 2013. His father, Ratu Etuate Tugi Tuivanuavou (Ratu Tui)is of the royal Tongan family. He was seriously committed to protect and defend his Fijian maternal parent who was from the paramount chiefly clan of the Vanua of Bau.He was a real great incorruptible Fijian high chief, soldier, politician, leader and friends of the people of all races. Ratu Tui knows the deep side of being the Tongan royalty,paramount chief, politician and leader of all races.

    In Ratu Tui's time people of other races knew the Fijian protocols and they (Indian,Kai Loma, European and Chinese)were well mannered and respected each other as united people of Fiji. The Old Man feared the chiefly qualities and commands of Ratu Etuate Tuivanuavou and Ratu Penaia Ganilau's stanch standing on the Vanua, Lotu and Matanitu because they were defenders and protectors of the Fijian race being straightforward and honest players.

    After Ratu Tui and Ratu Penaia's death, The Old Man made so many changes within our Fijian,Government and Political System because there is no one else were there to balance the keel of his leadership like Ratu Tui and Ratu Penaia. Those who were with The OLD MAN were full of corruption, conspiracy and greedy.

    Ratu Epeli Nailatikau (REN) is the seed of Ratu Tui but as of today standing he is nowhere near his great father's record. Since he is the current holder as President of Fiji, he can supersede his dearest father's records by not assenting the illegal Constitution in supportive to the Supreme Court Judge's ruling in favour of the 1997 Constitution, the wishes of the silent majority, the current standing of all the political parties and religious bodies and the abolished Constitutional Assembly by the PM Frank was not right.

    REN's true leadership quality and corruptible person he is once he assent the illegal Constitution and he will be fully responsible for the civil unrest and bloodshed in the country.

    If REN refuses to assent the illegal Constitution then he is the people's President until his death, and most importantly that the royal blood from the Kingdom of Tonga and the paramount chiefly blood of Bau,which is in him,are well defended and protected to bring all races back together again to freedom as peacefully as one.

    It is your call Ratu Epeli Nailatikau to be a Coward President and Royalty of Tonga or to be a Fijian and people's Hero again as Democracy for ALL.

  120. Nothing good comes from the pigs..its only shit and more shit

  121. With all the waxing and embracing regime lackey Rachna Lal did in propagandising the BainimaramaKhaiyum Constitution she must have had multiple orgasms!

  122. Vutulaki Meo, get out of Baimagasona's ass before he farts you out with all that shit accumulating around your mouth. And when you do emerge with all that shit and worms, go jump into a tank of disinfectant as you're considered contaminated.

  123. why would REN not assent to this illegal constitution when he has assented to each and every illegal decree to date?
    its time for indigenous people revolted and right thinking non indigenous stood up for our brothers and sisters. or is it just convenient for you non indigenous to just sit back and encourage this travesty and indigenous people abuse.

  124. Anon:August 25, 2013 at 12:00 PM. You gave us some light. This is where the people of Fiji and the whole world will know whether Ratu Epeli Nailatikau is a corrupted President of Fiji or not. Whether he will bring up shame to the King of Tonga or not. In fact he is there with minimum followers and army supporters. Once the trouble started in all the streets, Town, Cities, Settlements, Housing Estates etc. the Army, Navy and Police will split too. Those who will fire the shots and killed unarmed citizens will face criminal charges for GENOCIDE in the International Criminal Courts in Hague for genocide. Ratu Epeli Nailatikau will be in prison for the rest of his life.

  125. it is quite ironic that REN and Bainimarama, two indigenous Fijians are at the forefront of this illegal regime. are they trying to be international heroes by sacrificing their own indigenous race? sounds very much like it. they have been fooled by half schooled non indigenous lawyers who are racists at heart trying to give the racial equality spin. intellectually dishonest lawyers and judges. only in Fiji. it just proves their view of the indigenous people who they think as just ignorant lazy animals. only have to read the racist posts when the issue of indigenous land and governance and chiefs come up. their hidden agenda is now exposed. just take a hard honest look at what is happening which is confirmed by this constitution. they say they recognize and make safe indigenous land rights and custom but those rights have always been there since 1874. nothing new is being offered. whats missing is the right to governance - no GCC and eventually no NLTB cos the government will eventually decide whats best for the natives land taking into account the interests of the state at the expense of the indigenous people. the agenda has always been the freeing up of 83% of the land. a fact which is often forgotten about the land is that the majority of the Fijians own the land and what if they just want to leave it as it is. and if u want to use it isn't it normal courtesy that u ask them and negotiate with them rather than force by law without their say to deprive them of their lands. u non indigenous are so blinded by greed that u forgotten common human decency and fairness. you just become a bunch of thieves destroyers of indigenous peoples rights and dignity. at least the british did the right thing, its written in the deed of cession. all you knockers of colonization are probable the same ones who support this illegal regime.

  126. Remember the Russian totalitarian state too had a good document. Infact a very democratic constitution guaranteeing the people all sorts of rights and freedoms but the Russian people knew it was all on paper only. So don't get too carried away with the good document produced by the Fijian military dictatorship. If you do you only betray your naïveté.

  127. Elected Parliament make and amend the law.
    People should contest the elected get elected than change what is needed in 2013 constitution thats the only way forward i can see at the moment .President have to put this 2013 constitution to referendum before he assents it.Get peoples view and approval.If people keep rejecting it .we wont be anywhere.
    People have done the same to 1990 constitution boycotted but later contested the election than changed things and got better 1997 constitution.we can do it again. Rabuka/Reddy can do it in 1997..
    why cant Frank/others do the same in the future.
    god bless fiji
    Rajesh Singh.

  128. Fiji is full of illegalities..We've heaped ourselves with problems because the country had wronged the first elected PM - Mahendra Chaudary. Nothing changes from here, no matter how much we try, Fiji is doomed!

  129. Correction to my last comment..should have be Dr Timoci Bavadra, our first elected PM

  130. Wow Rajesh Singh, back into Franks circle now, you are a 'liu muri' and mircha idiot.

    Remember Frank is not an idiot and can read your game plan.

  131. Fiji's best constitution ever and too bad the political parties cannot claim to have been part of it or contributed to it. Good they not standing in elections. Lets go Bainimarama government. Unionist using it for their political stand will be a thing of the past soon. Common Felix, go on strike and that will be the last we will see of you and your union. The members can see through your bullshit. Go suck Chaudry like you used to do.




  133. Anon 10.30pm..It is the best toilet paper I've ever used. Nice and smooth. Why don't you try it., you may just like it. Don't worry about the smell, that's natural. You'll get used to it!lol!

  134. I read pm Rabuka statement . he has urged everyone to be united and move on .
    same message from the church leaders Doctor Tuwere to forgive and move the nation forward.
    I urge all political/church/gcc/union and current government leaders to be united and have a talanoa session to move fiji forward.time to forgive and forget .thats what god teaches us to forgive one another and he will forgive us and bless us.
    I am not a saint but a sinner.
    god bless fiji
    Rajesh Singh.

  135. In the past week there have been three letters to the Editor in the Fiji Times from Fiji Indians living in North America (Francis Verma & Tahal from the US & Narayan from Canada). They have showed their total support behind Baini and his illegal cronies. One can deduce from their comments their hatred of the native Fijians. I wonder what their reaction would be if Obama and the Canadian PM were to act like Baini ie torture people at the camp, force the constitution down peoples throat, use tax payer money for family travel, condone prisoner beatings etc. Since they live in a civilized society, they should just forget about commenting on Fiji matters. Narayan had said that if people don't like Baini then they can leave. That is exactly why he is now living in Canada. If he likes Baini, then he should forfeit Canadian residency and return to Fiji and live under the Baini illegal government. I am putting these comments here because the Fiji Times is so scared of Baini and will not print this letter when it is sent to them.

  136. I agree fully with the commentator above except that I am not sure if the pro bainimarama overseas writers are native Fijian haters. I am more inclined to think they are just intellectually handicapped people, stupid,idiotic people who think they are smart because they live in America or Canada and they can tell the people of Fiji what is good for them. Pluck them is what I say!

  137. @anon 9.49am
    Maybe some do hate native Fijians possibly from their isolated bad experiences.. afterall there has been coups 4th one since 1987.

    They may have badly experienced the 1987 or 2000 coup and that is why they are in US or Canada now.

    But since Bai's barrel is keeping "peace" they might think all is good in Fiji now which is far from the truth.

    Then they may have incorrectly listened to FLP President and secretary's call that coup was god sent but have not been back to Fiji to meet the godly coup!!!

  138. Fiji has been under eight years of thug rule by Bainimarama and his hand picked sidekicks and some stupid low life's living in first world democracies have loudly proclaimed their support for bainimaramas rule!
    What kind of arseholes are these?

  139. Immunity should be given to all start from 1987/2000/2006/2010 .Rabuka/Speight/Qaranivalu/Driti/Mara/Jagath/Moseseand others.
    who have been charged for political reasons.
    thats only fair.
    Sep 6th once president assent the constitution than all this political prisoners should be freed and out of prison .
    all pending case should be dropped for all political person charged . if Frank and his people get immunity why not others get immunity too. .thats fair.
    god bless
    Rajesh Singh..

  140. I accept your reasoning at 10.22 AM. You make good sense with what you say. Thank you for clarifying that for me.

  141. Rajesh Thieving Singh, you won't be included in the immunity clause because you stole too much money, and took too many bribes, and lied to the people too many times. By the way, when are you going back to Fiji and face the people you stole from you low life boci?

  142. I feel people should sent email direct to frank pm at pmsoffice@connect.com.fj. and sent their views on this constitution and others .thats will be good start .I do that and put your name .
    god bless
    Rajesh Singh

  143. Khaiyum alis anon stop using others name have guts to put your name mate.
    I didnt steal anyone money if thats was so why i was not charged like some people who have faced the court .I would encourage you to stop your bs and talk with prove .sent it to media if you have any prove or just shut up and stop using others name and anon on your pc to comments have guts to put your real name .i call you lamulamu no guts to put your name.
    I forgive you .

  144. @Anonymous 9:30 AM

    And what makes your comments so different from theirs.

  145. Rajesh, so why did you run away from Fiji? Come on bitch, people already know what you did, so stop the bs and go back to Fiji and sort it out asshole.

    FYI, people have the choice of posting anonymously or with a name, so shut the fuck up and come out with the truth.

  146. Chinese Mafia says...

    Not a fair constitution. Why should we learn Fijian and Indian venacular in school. What about Chinese. English is a minority in Fiji and the spoken language. We give Frank suitcases of money and his cahoot politicians. We better have something to say about it.

  147. why the fark shud i learn indian - it is not a pacific language and they worship tevoros like hanuman the maqe as told by frank

  148. Vocaita BainimagasonaAugust 26, 2013 at 2:00 PM

    If you want to learn an Indian language then fuck off to India. Chinese mafia, if you want to learn and promote chinese, then fuck off to China.

  149. OMG-the PM under the new constitution can declare a state
    of Emergency?
    Really,Aiyaz, how frieken
    stupid can you be to
    revealed this important requirement of your
    Did you ever read our legal 1997
    Yes,idiot they have the same clause as well?
    But to tell you the truth, your declaration seems to be short and
    not properly well thought out?
    your work, it's too stupid,
    to much time,it could take
    days for
    the declaration to go through the
    What kind of an Emergency
    is that?
    All emergency must meet an
    immediate response! Like if you see
    a fire happening,what do you do?Yes, idiot, you call the fire ASAP
    and the Fire Department will respond likewise-ASAP,and when they
    get there,they will doused out that Fire ASAP?That's how Emergency
    You're suggesting 24 hours before refering
    the Emergency to Parliament?
    Or in
    another case 48 hours?
    Are you nuts?
    Bainimarama would have taken
    over the Government,set up his team
    and already on his way to meet Jim
    Ah Koy in China-within that time?
    Go back to the blackboard and come
    up with something that makes sense!

  150. @Anon 01:23

    Dont forget that it was Hanuman's cock that popped virgin marys cherry before jisu popped out of that magana. She is only called virgin mary coz jehova never popped her cherry. Now you now..Go preach

  151. Anon 3:01, dont talk shit about Aiyaz as he is your brother-in law. He is million times more educated than you and like minded bushlaywers and qarase ballsuckers.

  152. anon 3.04pm
    spoken like a true hanuman monkey with shit in the brains

  153. Whats going on with the sona didi levu (SDL) party mouth piece's. First Gavoka was going all mighty while daughter was screwed by Kaiyum. Now Beddos is going all mighty while daughter getting some bainimarama boy cream..Cant stay away from the Kaiyum and Bainimarama charm...

  154. @ Anon 04:04pm
    Cannot expect mango from a banana tree. Mic is a slut jumping ship whenever more is on offer so cant expect children to be any different. only thing that gavokas and beddos have going for them is that they have both side covered in case of emergency. your ass will be on the line if bainimarama loses the election so my advise will be to take a lesson from the gavoka and beddos and get your daughters to fuck a qarase, chaudhary or singh from the united democratic team.

  155. With the level of gutter level hate mongering displayed on this site i will say that despite all the BS Frank and Co dish out i would rather have them in power then anyone of you losers or the losers who were in power before. It is obvious that their are but a minority of you hate mongers left in Fiji and they all seem to congregate on this site. While i will not vote for Frank i think he will will the election with a landslide simply because their is absolutely no credible opposition and judging from the comments on this site it appears we will not have a credible mature opposition anytime soon.

  156. That other high profile regime perlaar Sarka kut satendra nandan has resurfaced to say he backs the regime constitution.

  157. One question for the regime perlaar Sarka kuto prof satendra laand done
    Can a military dictatorship formulate a constitution proclaiming it to be a document by we,the people of Fiji?

  158. Lets go Sir Bainimarama. Let them stay out of elections and form a government together with People's Democratic Party.

  159. can someone explain how this constitution will stop voters voting on racial lines?
    how this constitution is going to stop racism?
    how this constitution will ensure that all politicians who are voted in will be perfect angels and saints?
    how this constitution will stop politicians from looking after their sectarian interests?
    how this constitution will stop these politicians from favouring people of their own races?
    how this constitution will stop these politicians from neglecting people of other races, religions, living in other places?
    So many unanswered questions. we are just told army style, follow it. it is good for you. we the elite have decided it so.

  160. @HowHowHow 9:34 AM

    In the same way as a 'speeding or rape law'it is all down to how the people respect and adhere to it.

  161. Recent meeting of Tourism stakeholders in Nadi had zero indigenous.
    Same day some were charged in court for ejecting trespassers from their fishing grounds. DEFINITELY SOMETHING WRONG HERE MATANITU MAGAITINAMUDOU

  162. people will respect the law if it is good and sensible laws. they don't just follow blindly. that's the problem with this constitution. it is shoved down the throats of people who are told to follow blindly or else...that's the difference between this constitution and rape and speeding law. the source is as important as the law itself.
    both are bad in the case of this regimes constitution and it will be struck down faster and quicker than the 1997 constitution.

  163. An impossible exitAugust 27, 2013 at 5:41 PM

    Goodies soiled by the blanket immunity clause.

    "An unjust law is no law at all"
    ~ St. Augustine

  164. Ghai draft constitution is much much better than this BAi Kai Constitution. the number of pages on Bai Kai Constitution is far less than the Ghai version because these idiots have run out of brains and are suffering from dementia.
    they forgot to mention the names of those to be pardoned in this farked up lawbook because if this const.. will live for more than ten years what then...what if one or two current ministers or member of regime commits something nasty, like what PS for Works did, are they still pardoned in this provision?
    So, for those who committed coups in 1987 and 2000, you are not included in this list and therefore you are now eligible to be charged and prosecuted for all crimes committed in 1987 and 2000 because your constitution that protected you is now declared invalid (null and void) in accordance to Kaikubutiyum the Army AG




  166. @Aug 28 7.11am

    Vakadua Boy...haha!!

  167. anon@7:11am...Please explain your following requirements:

    1-Why restore the GCC?
    2-Why elect the President?
    3-Why Elect the Senators?
    4-Why Delete the immunity section?
    5-Yes, to inclusion of Constituency Boundries

    Why don't we create a new
    Fijian Higher institution, instead of the
    Why elect the President;an or
    the Prime Minister;
    wouldn't that be too costly and too much conflict of power?
    What is the big deal with the immunity section?
    Hey, pick me for prime minister, i'll run the country
    and after a while i'll have
    every bastard in this
    their immunity-dangling from the
    end of a noose,
    in a public hanging execution, in the middle of Sukuna Park!!!So
    stop worrying about us keeping our
    promise to these assoles?We don't
    have to?Fuck them!They've screwed around long enough with our lives
    it's payback time???

  168. Failing ChristiansAugust 28, 2013 at 10:15 AM

    The Samoans and other Pacific Island Constitutions have this common theme: (an) Independent State based on Christian principles and Samoan custom and tradition.
    Fiji supposedly started off like that in 1874 when it supposedly got civilized through Christianity.
    Some where down the track Fiji deserted Christianity.
    What happened??? Is that the reason why Fiji is such turmoil and uneasy...in its fervent pursuit of wealth sacrificing human decency and Christian values and principles?

  169. Isa - sa boidada kece na ka kecega mai govt house pm office ete ctec etc.......

  170. funny that frank announces at a mainly non indigenous crowd that he is standing........LAMU TIKO QORI SONA LEVU

  171. 26 August 2013


    FLP’s response to statement by
    Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Senator
    Bob Carr on the purported Fiji constitution

    The Fiji Labour Party is extremely disappointed with the statement from Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr welcoming the release of the Fiji regime’s purported constitution.

    “How can Australia welcome a document that undermines universally recognized tenets of democracy, human rights and good governance; violates the doctrine of separation of powers between the executive, the legislature and the judiciary and continues the regime’s draconian and repressive decrees denounced by the international community?”

    Moreover, it is a document that has been rejected by all the major political parties in Fiji.

    The regime’s purported constitution completely politicizes the military, the public service and the judiciary. A number of its provisions on human and workers’ rights are in flagrant breach of the UN’s International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, the Commonwealth’s Harare Declaration, Pacific Island Forum’s Biketawa Declaration and the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) core conventions on the rights of workers.

    Under the circumstances, we are appalled that Senator Carr has issued a statement saying that Australia would continue to “encourage a constitutional process which results in a credible election including through…freedom of expression and assembly…”

    It is naïve for anyone to assume that the current constitutional process will lead to free and credible elections or that Fiji enjoys freedom of expression and assembly, let alone media freedom.

    The Australian Labour Government which claims the support of the country’s trade union movement, should note that the regime’s purported constitution forbids trade unionists from participating in politics.

    How can then the ALP support these hideous provisions which completely strip workers of their trade union rights and their officials of their civil and political rights?

    The Australian Government is urged to display caution and not succumb to politics of expedience and connivance at the expense of the people of Fiji.

    It may wish to recall the last CMAG statement, issued in London on 26 April 2013, which called for:

    “a transparent and consultative process to achieve a constitution that accords with Commonwealth and internationally-accepted standards for democracy, good governance and the rule of law, and that genuinely enjoys the endorsement of the people of Fiji”

    CMAG also stated that the path to restoration of constitutional democracy be credible and inclusive “in accordance with the fundamental political values of the Commonwealth… and enjoy the confidence and support of the people of Fiji”.

    The regime’s purported constitution meets none of this criterion. It has no legitimacy or legal authority and is being imposed on the people, despite their rejection of it.

    Mahendra Chaudhry

  172. Bob Carrs reading of the Fiji military regimes Machevellian plans to hold onto power has been scandalous from the very beginning.
    He provides a very good example of how influential international parties can be so wrong in their understanding of the real situation in troubled countries because often times they choose to be guided by what the ruling mob say rather then bring an open and objective mind to see the ground realities.

  173. Yawnnnnned as I noted the shameless Khainazi brigade back to bombarding C4.5 with annoying, senseless hacks.

    Methinks that's way too late in the sordid, corrupt game you treasonous thieving lot have been at for 8 years.

    You all need a good dose of Fiji's good 'ol bright sunshine trained on your compromised butts and the can of worms you're hiding yanked open for the world to see all your dirty free wheeling and dealings.

    Yes, keep removing their nasty tentacles, C4.5.

  174. Agree with 12.27pm

    Bob Carrs has a mob mentality - 'might is right'. He'll gravitate to quick fixes in other countries but won't allow the same in theirs. Hence, it's easier to deal with the select few holding tight to the reins of power albeit illegally and immorally, than be subjected to the usual cumbersome parliamentary channels of oversight, checks & balances.

    Fijians need to "seriously" care about their collective future and not depend on outsiders to do it for them 'coz they'll be waiting all their lives.

  175. Randall Powell SC was one of three judges on an appeal panel in 2009 that declared the 2006 coup illegal.

    Mr Powell says the document has no legitimacy.

    "The preamble of the constitution begins 'We the people of Fiji...' but the author of the document is the current regime," he said.

    "The draft constitution is not being put a referendum, it's being imposed on the people."

    The new document will replace the 1997 constitution that was set aside by the military regime four years ago.

  176. The word should be made clear to the regime and the international community that most Fiji citizens reject the 2013 constitution.

    Let's put the document through a genuine referendum not like the one about the Charter document, for the true voice of the people.

    If it's workable, then let's test it!

  177. Anon @ 3.54am, Pray tell how you have arrived at such a declaration! Where is the proof that 'most Fiji citizens reject the 2013 constitution? Siosio vakai tamamu!

  178. @Anon August 31, 2013 at 3:54 AM

    Was the 1997 Constitution put through a referendum? If so how many people were engaged in the referendum?


  179. In ABC Australian Story 31/8 retiring Independent MP Tony Windsor who has been in politics for over two decades said leadership was one thing and dictatorship quite another.
    Who can dispute that?
    But dictators often think of themselves as leaders, even as greatly loved Dear Leader!

  180. Who may i ask; is Randall Powell?
    Was he a Judge? If he had declared the coup Illegal-where is he today?
    Who hired him and from where?


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