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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chiefs reaffirm indigenous rights as regime prepares to release Constitution

Yanuca Letter: Chiefs
A statement from Fiji's chiefs restating the rights of indigenous Fijians just days out from the military regime releasing its draft Constitution.

It calls on the military dictatorship to honour its treaty obligations to native Fijians in accordance of international conventions and treaties, including the ILO Convention and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples.

The statement is a result of a meeting on Yanuca Island Nadroga on Saturday, and is signed by the heads of two of the three tribal confederacies, Tovata and Burebasaga - Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu and Adi Teimumu Kepa.

It was also signed by the 'Ka Levu' of Nadroga Ratu Sakiusa Makutu, who hosted the meeting.

The 'Yanuca Letter' seeks the restoration of the Council of the Great Council of Chiefs, which was established by the Deed of Cession of 1874, and which was disestablished by decree by the coup installed government of Frank Bainimarama.

The chief's statement is believed to be aimed at countering plans by the regime to replace the GCC with its own 'sham' version of the council and to present to the world a united front for the new Constitution as it did with the so-called Peoples Charter.

“For much too often now, many native Fijians including some chiefs we thought we can trust have followed the government blindly without first thinking about the consequences of their actions," the Chiefs say in the joint statement.

"History will judge us, surely, and when that happens we must be able to point to the things we do, and confidently say, we did those things to save our legacy, for our people and our children at a time when their lives and identity we most threatened."

A preface from Niko Nawaikula of the Fiji Native Council Tribal Congress, says in the absence of the GCC, the heads of Fiji's three tribal confederacies have the mandate to speak for the country's population, communities and the vanua.
Traditional motifs now exclusive use of Fiji Airways

It says the appointment of the head of the Kubuna confederacy is still under protocol but Lalabalavu and Kepa invoked their traditional authority to also speak for him when they signed the Yanuca Letter.

"Native Fijians make up 57% of Fijis population but the current government has expressly stated its intention to remove customary institutions including Fiji's great Council of Chiefs."

Understandably - and strategically - the chief's statement declares its support for the Vitivou Forum and the Fiji Native Tribal Council and calls for a chiefly delegation to attend the next United Nations world council of indigenous peoples.

The seven point statement also says Lalabalavu, Kepa and Makusu support a call by the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organisation for indigenous Fijians to have more say on the use of their intellectual property - a reference to a decision by the regime to allow Fiji Airways to patent for exclusive use the Masi motif for its planes.


Komai said...

The days of GCC is now a "history". We simply need to accept this and move on. What has GCC done for the commoners? Yes, they were very much involved in 1987 and 2000 coup. They have been destructive and not constructive. We the common Fijian can do without having the "Big Brother" looking over our shoulders. We are better educated and sensible than our forefathers. Do you see us eating humans or sucking on shoes?

Anonymous said...

Komai - well that's your view now, sometimes if weren't for the chiefs or the GCC at that time than I think it would have been more blood sheds during those 2 coups... If that's ur opinion than I think our RFMF is also history and shud be removed as they were the culprits that have caused and made the move on the coups.. including the current one now.. Development is good but it comes with a price which maybe 3 generations down they will still be paying..

Just Saying said...

Current government would like to think chiefs have been silenced and the vanua is looking to Voreqe for leadership - big mistake. He's bought gum boots and sewing machines but that doesn't mean people don't support the chiefs. Propaganda aside, there are people who see through the BS of Bainimarama and Khaiyum

Anonymous said...


A village elder in Vutia Village, Rewa, says many people in some parts of Rewa support the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.
Ravuama Lalanabaravi, of Vutia, says they support the Bainimarama Government even though their paramount chief, Ro Teimumu Kepa, does not. Ro Teimumu was a minister in the ousted Qarase SDL government and is president of the SDL’s successor, the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA).
A former Rewa Provincial Council delegate, Mr Lalanabaravi said the nation had now witnessed a new leadership that delivered services and did not just make promises.
“A leadership in which no promises are made like past governments,” Mr Lalanabaravi said.
“The Rewa District School committee had been crying for help and past leaders just ignored them.”
The Prime Minister toured Rewa after the floods earlier this year and he heard of the concerns of the school committee through the school’s manager, Alipate Senikuta.
“Today we see a new look Rewa District School and this is all because of the Prime Minister’s leadership,” Mr Lalanabaravi said.
Talking about the paramount chief of Rewa, Mr Lalanabaravi said Ro Teimumu had her own right not to support the Government of the day, but her people also exercised their individual right to support the Bainimarama-led government. Rewa District School manager, Mr Senikuta, voiced similar sentiments.
He said they supported Government’s education policy and all its developments earmarked for the rural people.
Mr Senikuta said the new-look school would surely inspire the parents to strive to fulfil their dreams in providing the best for the education of their children.
With the school renovations and the construction of an ablution block completed, Mr Senikuta said and the Prime Minister had given his assurance to have the school’s footpaths done also.
He said the RFMF engineers had worked tirelessly to complete the work on time.
The parents helped and had also learned a lot from the RFMF engineers.
Also offering his support for the Prime Minister was the Vunivalu, Ro Epeli Mataitini.

More works in Rewa
The Prime Minister, during the talanoa session on Friday, said more work would be carried out in Rewa. He said there would be delays because there was a shortage of machines, but urged the people of Rewa to be patient.

Beware of politicians
As the nation gears up for elections the Prime Minister advised the villagers at the opening on Friday to be aware of politicians who will be making promises to get their support. He said most of the promises made by past politicians remained undelivered.

Anonymous said...

Iko dua na tamata boci.
Kai Viti chiefs need to meet now and chart the direction forward for us. They need to make a stand on constitution. Who are these Native Tribes Congress? Why havent we heard of it? As it is havent heard them calling a general chiefs meeting. Meetings are now allowed so why havent they? Or is this a elitist group funded from UN just attending UN meetings with no local impact or visibility.
Why the secrecy? Also Roko Tui Dreketi and Tui Cakau tainted by politics so they need to stand aside to non political chiefs who will focus on indigenous matters and not trying to get back into power.
Niko Nawaikula - pls stop suppressing this Congress to yoself and call meetings throughout fiji ,,,,,oh sorry you're also a politician of SDL,,,,,,yep all tainted from the start

Anonymous said...

Maika Bolatiki is noted for his blind and wholehearted loyalty to the current government. He is an embarrassment to the profession of journalism.

Bolatiki has only one view and that is support, support and more support for the Military Regime.

He has contravened all the ethics of good and credible journalism. That is why I refuse to buy or read the Fiji Sun even if it is handed out free of charge.

Anonymous said...

The regimes propagandist Maika Bolatiki and the Fiji Sun are trying to force their lies in to the mind of the people of Rewa to create devisions with in the province between the chief and the people despite the denial of the people of Vutia who are the warriors of the Roko Tui Dreketi ,the idiot propagandist Maia Bolatiki keep on repeating the same comment in this blog site. Stale and pack of lies. We support SDLP and NO to the regime

Dharam Lingam said...

Maika Bocitiki is one asshole.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is facing a big problem. Initially we know that the regime was firing with lies after lies but still could not justify the coup they did. Now all those who are given responsible position in the government are singing the same tune.is this the example we are showing our feature generation to follow. The Governor of RBF knows very well the our economy is nose diving yet he is saying that it ok and expecting growth. How can tha be when there is rise in unemployment, inflation rate gone up,poverty rising and no job available. All we can anticipate s the government debt is the any government ever made. The compliment from Kaiyum and Bainimaramas regime to our feature generation.

BC said...

Komai is none other than Dickhead Davies.
GCC was never Big Brother!
Where on earth did you get that idea from?

The only Big Brother we know are the green goons in Delainabua; Forever poking their nose in everything including the Judiciary.

Bainimarama and Aiyaz have their nose and finger in everything because of FEAR.

They are afraid of the people and they are afraid of Ro Teimumu and they are afraid of the chiefs.
They are afraid what the people will do to them when they finally win back the government.

NEWSFLASH for you Delaibatiki and your two arseholes Bai and Aiyazhole.....the people will win and you dickheads will ALL pay.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bainimarama for the development in Rewa...now the rest of the Province now await for your salvation plan to come to their doorstep as well. How many schools do we have in Fiji...? Check with the Ministry of Education? The rest of the school will surely appreciate your help also...unless you think the Vutia school is the only important school in Fiji...
Yes, you have tamed the newspaper and hypnotised them to follow your will,locked their camera lens to be in the Bainimarama mode all the time...the truth is you don't have the finance to do the same token done to Rewa to be done to all the schools in Fiji...which you are suppose to do to ensure that everyone is equal.
I was wondering though...why Rewa...is it to mobilise support to turn against the Roko Tui Dreketi...?

Just a challenging thought for readers...
"The more we continue to depend on the government to do the development for us, the easier it is for us to be manipulated."

My definition of a great Government is a Government that teaches us how to fish so that we can catch our own fish.
I am reminded again and again by this famous quote
"..., ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." - John F. Kennedy

rajesh said...


Anonymous said...

Komais comment:- you have to realise that every race in ths world have some sort of structure that they ambark on in line with their trading and culture to harmonise the way they live and do things in their community otherwise it will be a free fo all affairs,disorganised and nothing progressed. Just like the military .it has its structure chain of command from the commander to the most junior soldier and the order filtered down..the government likewise has a structure to follow. In the same token our constitution was deigned by the authors in such a way to recoganised ,include and gave an important task to the BLV in the appointment of the president among another responsibilities , I as a Fijian am very great full that at least our structure as Fijian has an important role to play in the government. Now the Military which is almost 95% Fijian think otherwise do not want the BLV .it is rather funny because the military initially is our chiefs stepping stone to leadership if you look back to our previous leaders. Now the military is destroying our culture and the chiefly system wi th the kawa I taukei. Ratu Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama,Ratu Epeli Nailatikau and Ratu. Epeli Ganilau .all tha RT from military. will be known for destroying the kawa I taukei the opposite of what their fathers did. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Volatile progress

Ropate Valemei
Wednesday, August 21, 2013

THE overall economic growth performance in Fiji over the past two decades has been sluggish and unstable.

This was revealed in a paper prepared by USP economists Professor Biman Prasad and Neelesh Gounder, and presented at the Fiji Economy Update 2013 in Suva yesterday.

Prof Prasad said the average annual growth rate from 2006-2012 was 0.7 per cent and this had been volatile with two bouts of negative growth in 2007 and 2009.


mark manning said...

God has your back brave Chiefs!
It's now up to the people of Fiji, the Indigenous Fijians, to stand by their Chiefs and to rebuke this Evil, Demonic, Regime of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's!
Frank Bainimarama and his supporters should be arrested and served their justice by Legitimate Courts, with Legitimate Lawyers, Judges and the Rule of Law under the 1997 Constitution.
Now is the time, given that you all asked for Leadership from your Chiefs, to stake your claim on your Rightful God given Heritage.
No man, no man, can take it away from you, unless you relinquish your rights yourself by sitting around doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

No one is sitting on their backsides. The problem is the chiefs who are barking with their statements like the one released here but zero action nor any plan on the ground.
Meanwhile, we wait for them and enjoy our kava and the goods dished out by Frank.

Kai Rewa

Anonymous said...

@ Komai....Interesting views however consider the saying...to allow something is to give something up and to give something up is to allow something.

You probably wont make any sense of it and the same can be said by Frank's actions.

Our people or the itaukei or indegenous Fijians if you like is a race built on a structure with customary and cultural values and these values go hand in hand with having a Vanua and the Vanua led by Chiefs, which is extended to Tikina and on a large scale Confederacies.

Remove the Chiefs and these customary and cultural system starts deteriorating. Remove the vanua and the same thing happens, the Chiefs wont have anyone to lead.

What is very very very important is these values is what makes you Komai and every indegenous or itaukei the very person or itaukei that you claim to be. Remove it and you are no different to an individual in the modern era.

What is very scary is that a itaukei being Frank who comes from Kiuva Bau is sealing the fate of the itaukei in carrying out his actions and furthermore. He has paved the way for commoners like yourself to disrespect our culture and customary values.

Do what he may to the Country but preserve what is originally Fijian otherwise, how can you proudly call yourself a Fijian when you have no Chief or custom or cultural value.

Think about it Komai..,

Anonymous said...

I am confused by these Rewans. First they oppose Frank. Second they march to Govt Buildings opposing the constitution. Next thing we know they welcoming Frank to open their school which started when they were opposing frank. Then they start making statements supporting the govt. Something is suspect here!!
Frank shud be careful becos the record is that this is a age piche province!

Kai Idia

Chiefly system is paternalistic, exploitative said...

Chiefly system is paternalistic and exploitative, another form of neo-colonialism based on class system, only difference it's promoted by local elites under the guise of tradition since it gives them power and control over us ordinary Fijians, and access to country's wealth and resources.

Chiefs get the bulk of royalties, including lease monies (what have they got to show for the wealth, nothing, not a single building, just consumed and passed out in the toilet). We the unwashed masses left with peanuts. Educated elites align with chiefs, gain political power and unfair access to funds set up in Fijians' name, like Fijian Holdings. Only few elites benefit from A-class shares. But money used to set up these funds was taken out under name of Fijians - like mahen chaudhry, the indian chief, raise funds in name of FLP supporters but keep for himself.

Chiefly system not only exploits us financially, it shackles our minds. We start to think we cannot stand on our own, and we need the chiefs, and of course the chiefs cultivate this feeling to gain control over us. We will never be master of our own destiny under chiefs - the chiefs will be master of our destiny.

It is pathetic and demeaning, and we Fijians need toe wake up. While all other races were fighting for independence, we wanted the British to continue ruling over us and provide for us and wash our bottom like we are babies who can't take care of themselves - how pathetic is that' where was fijian national pride?

It is really shameful, it seems we lack confidence as a people to make it on own own. We need to get out of this mindset. we letting a few chiefs and some politicians and bureaucrats associated with them control us and exploit us. And we wonder why we behind other races, who have no chiefs and no resources, but doing better than us. why??

Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu and Adi Teimumu Kepa are both just trying to get back on the gravy train. It is so bloody obvious. we fijians have to stop being such slow thinkers and movers that we can be tricked so easily .

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree wholehearted as a iTaukei that we must protect our heritage. If I can recall though, these 3 chiefs were hardly vocal with regards to environment protection during their days in the big house. So what now?
A bunch of idealists with nothing concrete. As usual this will be all talk.

They should follow the wisdom of the Bua chiefs in today's paper. And anyway, what's with this confederacy - another colonial structure with not meat!

Chiefs no more said...

Anon @ 3.58pm, you sure sound like a desperate chief, clutching at its last straws. Sori Fulori na qai qo ena qai ga. Agree with 5.10pm, we're now seeing the light, sa oti na gauna ni veivakalolomataki!

Anonymous said...

The wishes of the indigenous Fijians as major landowners of Fiji should remain central to any major decision making institution in this country.

Whether it is the government and all its ministries and boards, statutory institutions, local government authorities and councils, the resources of indigenous Fijians are involved.

Whether it is building roads, dams, reservoirs, airports, towns and cities or extending the shorelines and trucking gravels and sand, it is indigenous resources which should be priced at current market price and its owners should be properly compensated.

Then only, economic progress will have a true rippling effect. There is no time for a truck load of sand costing $155.00 where $20.00 goes to the landowner, and he rest is shared by the contractor and the trucking company.

GM TLTB should be well ahead with how best to price and market the 2nd greatest resource of this country, or else it will be under priced, idle, difficult to access and abused.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs No More
Iko dua na tamata culture less.
Vakaloloma nomu bula dominated by facebook, internet, sitting at coffeee shops etc ,,,,,re re the western world.
What a identity less and aimless world.
Pls delete your name from the VKB.
Moce jo

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.57pm, Rewa is not ache-piche. Similar to other provinces, it is merely a show of people exercising their individual right to decide on their destiny. The people are just more vocal than others because their chief is more vocal than other chiefs. This portrays a province with political difference and a healthy sign of democratic existence. What's so confusing about that?

Anonymous said...

Deed of Cession doc shud be revived and all returned to i Taukei ie beaches, forests, mangroves, sea , minerals etc etc.
Why are the non kai Viti extracting all these exploiting etc given licences by Frank/ Kaiyum etc??? kai viti getting peanuts 5%.
All must be returned and province declared independant self governing territories without interference from the parasite govt. non kai viti and military who own zero resources but today stealing the kai viti resources
through bribery corruption and deception ,,,destruction of mangroves qoliqoli etc

Chiefs no more said...

Abib @ 5,43pm, ulukau, no such thing as culture less for culture is the way one eats, sleeps, shits etc. Au dabe vinaka tiko qo ena noqu dela ni yavu qai mai blog tiko yani. Because I planned and used my money well without the assistance of chiefs!

Anonymous said...

vinaka anon 5.48pm
sa dua na matanitu magaitinana dau vei bribe taki qai butako

Anonymous said...

chiefs no more
vinaka.....cava ga o saqati ira tiko kina,,,,,?
sa set tiko qori galu sara!
kua ni mai lewai keimami na via veivakaturagataki.
Move yoself away from the scene. we dont need your kind.
Kai Viti boci vakai ira na veiliutaki tu oqo.....ra saqati na turaga ia ra ciqoma na veiqaravi vakaturaga ,,,what hypocricy,,,dou vicai

Anonymous said...

The Chiefs are an essential part of the Indigenous Fijian's way of life and is the vial means of his very own existence. Without the Vanua (or the People) the Chiefs become a non-entity and without the Chiefs, there van be no Vanua. The iTukeis have no identity and a major part of their culture becomes void.

Turaga ni Tamata and Tamata ni Turaga as the saying goes.

I pray that these Chiefs will get enough support from the people and both (Chiefs and Vanua) will act on their true callings to save a dwindling culture.

Anonymous said...

The Chiefs have all been around for the past eight years so can anyone say what any of them have done of significance during that time for the people below them.

There is a place for the GCG in the future but it must be one that is separate from politics and of similar standing to some of the NGOs whose assistance is helpful to the people and progress.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:42 PM

The opportunity is there to put the people who want this in parliament, take it.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs no more,

na yavu iko dabe tiko kina qori e solia vei tamamu o koya na Turaga ni nomu yavusa.

ke yavu ni vale e volia o tamamu enai lavo, iko sega ni kaiviti. qai sega ni'o volai ena VKB.

lako tani, sega nomu koro.

keimami na kaiviti e tu nai tavi kei na tutu ni neimami vanua ena neimami vanua o Viti.

qai lai vakama talega nomudrau constitution vou kei Baiyaaazrse

Anonymous said...

@ Chiefly system is paternalistic, exploitative said...

Spoken like a European or Indian.

One thing is for sure...you Indians and Europeans will never take Fiji from the itaukei no matter how hard you try or what you do.

The only one thing that will happen is sure to happen in the not to distant future even if you dont think it will.

Na Dave na Dra...

The itaukei's non action does not mean that they are not watching, listening and waiting. There are those fijians who are hot air and they are allowed to speak out but the underlying feeling is Fijians do not appreciate what Frank has done.

ghekko said...

great to see the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi and the Tui Cakau standing firm for the rights, heritage and identity of indigenous fijians. vinaka vakalevu, we the silent 'tawavanua' stand with you.
this week i read former president and military ruler of pakistan, Pervez Musharraf in court, indicted...a lonely and bitter person. the way things are going in fiji right now, commodore bainimarama is heading for the same fate. Unfortunately, he will pull many others along with him.

Anonymous said...

chiefly system is paternalistic,

the lease money has been re distributed dick head...
yet you wonder why the chiefs are still respected in their vanua???
You must be an alien of course!
go f yoself and go back to yo motherland cause you will never own the native land.

Chiefs no more said...

Anon @ 5.43pm, 5.55pm, 5.57pm - all 3 in 1 - de'o Kaitani!

Anonymous said...

chief no more
isa ....kauta mada nomu vakatutu kina bose va koro sona levu

Anonymous said...

What chiefs are we talking about??? The ones that signed this Yanuca declaration??? First take a good look at who owns Yanuca Island where the Fijian Hotel sits on. Didn't it belong to a tribe in Rukurukulevu village? How did the Kalevu get his hands on it? It was when hotel developers started showing interest that the island was converted to them with Ratu Mara and his wife getting lease money from it as well. They don't even give a cent to that Rukurukulevu tribe. Did they buy it off? No they didn't. Is that the kind of chief who we look up to? Of course not.

Naiqama Lalabalavu is well known for screwing around. That's fact and not rumours. The last little girl he impregnated didn't want to press charges for respect and is living with him now and also his other wife. Is polygamy allowed in Fiji? Of course not? Is this the kind of chief to lead us? Of course not. He most probably screwing his own daughter at the rate he is going.

Teimumu Kepa is known to have been screwing the husband of Lenora Qereqeretabua. She is also forcing up his boci son who is a Kai Lau to be some chief. The smart arse sonalevu son thinks he is a true chief do Rewa when he is a bloody qalo mai. She has a son fathered by a former boci army officer Henry Manulevu in Lautoka who she dumped in Cuvu and he thinks he is a chief of Nadroga. She doesn't even acknowledge her son.


Chiefs no more said...

Anon @ 6.48pm, koya gona qori, esa lala no nodra dabedabe ni sa ra sega ni qarava rawa na nodra i tavi. De'o iko o dua vei ira, useless qai gusubona yavoki tiko.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.23pm, spoken like a desperate chief rising the race bogey instead of addressing the arguments - an old strategy based o emotionalism to divert Fijian attention and eyes from real cause and issue of Fijian exploitation and backwardness. Still in the 1960-70s mentality.

Europeans could not wait to cede Fiji, it was us Fijians clinging to their colonial trousers and asking them to stay on. Indians have lower birthrate than Fijians and running away from Fiji as fast a they can. Does this look like they want to take over Fiji?

I am not Indian or European but a proud Fijian who is sick of condescending and paternalistic class-conscious Fijians like you who think ordinary fijians like me can't think independently, or for the sake of culture, should not call a spade spade.

Chiefs no more said...

Vinadu riki 6.50pm and 6.56pm, these people pinning their bullshit chief-shit onto all of us thinking that all Fijians think the same are either low down corrupt politicians and wannabe chiefs. 'O ni na rusa baleta na Kalou levu oqo ena rogoca ga na tagi ni tamata vakalolomataki, lasutaki, qai con-taki. And, the 3 chiefs photographed all fit the description.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:56pm lol....

Copying and pasting is not thinking independently it is trying to make sense of something that you cannot comprehend. Look it is okay being a commoner or common Fijian and if you choose to live as such. Perhaps when someone asks you where your from, you can than respond with the suburb that you live, Nabua, Raiwaqa, Laqere. Dont associate yourself with the tokatoka, mataqali, yavusa, tikina or yasana you belong to because that is how you intend to live and you are most invited to do so however, you must continue to respect the fact that there are true itaukei who wishes to remain and live such lives in villagers and tradition with culture and custom. Ridicule the chiefs as you wish but that happens when anyone leads. The same with Frank...he is a Commoner and in a sense can be considered a Chief and he too is bein ridiculed by those who dont appreciate what he is doing so...where if you do get sick from being given your mothers milk, dont blame her because unfortunately we are Fijians and we live traditional values of Fijians that makes us unique just like other races who choose to have or not to have Kings, Queens or Chiefs. Now be a commoner, collect your spade or fork and run down to your patch and plant some tavioka or banana and when you visit your Chief Frank, show him the tavioka and banana you gathered and tell him you are paying him tribute....

Anonymous said...

These chiefs have no right to speak on behalf of the iTaukei as what they call confederacy chiefs. The confederacy was a creation by the Colonial government. Anyway, the international community will not be fooled by chiefs who abuse the rights of their people. You'd be surprised with how well informed they are.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.42. Your comments about the load of sand initially made me laugh and then saddened me as your lack of business knowledge is quite obvious. The $20 that you say the land owner collects does look small, however have you ever thought that the money comes from doing nothing. Yep absolutely nothing. All you have to do is to be born in the mataqali. The contractor on the other hand has to take out wages for the digger operator which is about $5.00 and hour, wages for the truck driver the cost of the diesel which is horrendous, FNPF, FNU levies cost of business license, tires, oil,cost of the office from where the administration is done, maintenance of the digger and truck, vat, etc etc. He is most likely also paying bank debts for the machines. The costs of doing business my friend is endless. At the end of the day the contractor is lucky to have $20 per load left out of which he will pay 20% company tax. The land owners will pay no tax and have no expenses except perhaps that trip to the bank to collect his or her share. It takes generations of prudent financial management for honest business people to be successful. If you still think i am wrong why don't you find a lease and become a contractor. I am sure you will get rich very quickly as you seem to think that $135 is being made by the contractor as net profit. Please let us know how you go.

I find it strange that we Fijians associate our Chiefs as our culture. Culture is a way of life. The chiefly system is politics. Culture is the way we dress the way we eat, sleep, raise our children hunt or fish for food our entertainment, our stories our legends, even how we keep our hair. Culture is our relationship with our fellow villagers or villagers from others areas, how we get married and how we bury our dead. As a Fijian i see less and less of the old ways of doing things being practiced. The day we excepted "Long Loaf" instead of dalo and cassava our culture started disappearing. The Chiefly system is simply a political system that was in place before a mainstream western styled national government was in place. It is an old and archaic system which needs to be stomped and chopped from our lives ones and for all. As Christians we only have one person to bow to and that is our God.If their is anything i have supported that Frank did this is it. The castration of the Chiefs.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:41pm...alas spoken like a true idiot without any comprehension. If you are a true Fijian your colours always shows when there is a traditional gathering and it is people like you who go to these gathering with nothing and expect to leave with something because you do nothing and know nothing of your tradition and its values whether customary or cultural. The Chiefs will never be removed in its entirety because it is a system of life in Fiji where it creates RESPECT and though it may appear archaic it works. Have an OREO because people who think like you are an OREO yet one day when you do mature, you will realise the significance of our traditional values which we are losing rapidly because of a castrated idiot like Frank who thinks with his one eyed kulina and speaks from through his arse...you know who I mean. Now like I said, be a GOOD COMMONER and run along to your tei tei and plant your banana and tavioka and take some to Frank in tribute. Especially the banana...

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:25pm...The Chiefs have every right and have spoken on your behalf, on behalf of your father, of your grandfather and all your ancestors who were subjects of Chiefs.

Stay in Suva if you please and if you do go back to your village, please do not take back your vesu mona mentality from Suva. Call yourself a Nabua boy, or RRA or LGB or Nadera kid or whatever you like and disassociate yourself from your koro because a person like you is either a Fijian who knows nothing about his past and rich traditional history to respect the role the Chiefs have played or you are a kai Dia or Graham Davis or that other Idiot from Grub masquerading as a Fijian and trying to make sense of Franks stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Chief bilong no more,

you dont want anymore chief in fiji, good. you and Rt Sir Bainimarama can mix my grog and we go to veiquwawa in suva. kaiyamu can sit on top with all his muslin buddies and you and i with Mr Bai to mix their grog and taki tiko until do you part.

would you like a chief to wash your foot. yeah he can do it mate!

perhaps lets see if the new consitution will cancel all chiefs from their positions in every villages and settlement, there shall be freedom to drink the national kava pointing to any direction within the house.

a pm or a commander shall be addressed saka (fijian) otherwise it will be termed as sucker.

so, chief bilong no more... you shall be the winner man...saka hehe!

Anonymous said...

It seems their are some Chiefs who know how to read and write after all based on the comments on this blog. Personally i could not care less if we have or don't have any chiefs. It does not matter to my life either way. All the old cultures are disappearing with time no matter what we do. The Indian culture which is one of the oldest and used to be one of the strongest is slowly but surely disappearing in a tidal wave called the i-pad generation. No culture is safe. All those who are resisting just go to any i-taukei dominated school in the urban centers and sit and listen to the young ones talking. I know i have tried i am 42 and i used to think that i was pretty switched on. Quite Frankly i could not understand 70 % of what they were taking about. The world is changing, Fiji will change with or without Frank it is inevitable. It is just the way things are. No use arguing about it and threatening others with blood shed just because they differ in how they think.Funny how technology and the acceptance of it is identifying our humanity more and more and our commonality and is rendering everything else as irrelevant. My advise to old timers like me get on the boat and grab onto something even if it someones flip flop otherwise we will be strangers to the vast majority who will outnumber us 10 to 1 soon. That is just the way the world ticks. Deny at your own peril.

Anonymous said...

Too many Chiefs not enough Indians....

Anonymous said...

There's unnecessary bitterness flowing in here on the relevance or otherwise, of Fiji's chiefly system.

What everyone just needs to focus on simply is the fact that everyone is entitled to their views, even when expressed collectively as is the case with the chiefs pictured and the subject of this thread ... but that RIGHT and FREEDOM has been denied, restricted or compromised consistently by Fiji's Scared Dictator and his sucker ups since their 2006 coup.

Ignorance breeds fear, and fear in turn breeds hate, as the adage goes.

Why fear the people or more accurately, their own shadows, making mountains of non-existent molehills - when they had catapulted themselves into seats of power at gunpoint and since then, at the astronomical mounting expenses shouldered by the people!

So will the treasonous armed rats in power step aside and allow people to hold meaningful discussions and debates about their own issues even if they may not make sense.. without trying to control every space due to some deep-seated insecurity.

Anonymous said...

Sa vakaloloma, ka veibeci dina na rorogo ni so na vosa e tau tiko ka ra beci ka vakalolovira taki kina na vei dela ni yavu turaga ni noda vanua.Sa yali na veidokai,na veirokorokovi na veiciqomi na veilomani, duavata,cakacaka vata kei na veikauwaitaki e dau i divi tu ni kawa i taukei. Ni cavuti tiko na kawa i taukei ologi ka maroroi toka e loma oya na vanua o Viti, na Qele, kei na uciwai kei na wasawasa kei na macawa lala,Turaga ,tamata kei na kena i tovo kei na i valavala. Oqo tale na noda kaukauwa levu na i taukei e dau baisika a na solesolevaki.Qo na vuna e saga kina o Kaiyum me kaulaivi na i vakarau no noda bula vakaitaukei baleta ke dei tiko na veivakaturagataki e dei tale ga na yalo ni solesolevaki e na dredre kina mera na qalukuma na noda vanua na vulagi. Oqo sa yaco na tatadra nei Kaiyum ni o koya a vola na i vola me rawata kina na nona koroi ka kena i ulutaga " E na toso ki liu o Viti ke kau laivi na i vakarau ni bula vaka i taukei" Sa dredere kubukubu tu o Kaiyum ni sa rawata me kaulaivi na BLV me kua ni ka kilai e na matanitu se me vakai tavi e na kena cicivaki na matanitu.Me matata vei keda ni oqo e sega ni vakasama nei Bainimarama se nodra na sotia e nei Kaiyum. Ia e vakayagataki ira na noda sotia ke na nodra komai o Kaiyum e na nona i vadi qaseqase vata kei ira na nona i lawalawa muslim mera vesu mona taki Bainimarama kei ira na noda sotia me ra taura vakaukauwa na matanitu ka kaulaivi na BLV me rawa ni da tatawase kina na i taukei me cawadru laivi kina mai ligada na veika e da vakamareqeta. Na kena i sau me tawa na taga nei Bainimarama ka vaka kina o ira na noda sotia mai na i lavo ga no noda matanitu.Sa da waraka tiko na yavu ni vakavulewa vou na cava e kauta tiko mai e da sega ni kila. Sa noiqu kerekere ga veui keda kece na i taukei da vakadeitaka na noda maroroya na noda i tovo kei na veivakaturagataki e na tauri keda vata tiko e na gauna dredre oqo ka na noda na qaqa ni da dua vata tiko. Nanuma na noda vanua. E dua ga o Viti .O ira na vulagi e tu talega na nodra vanua e ra sa mai kocova tale ga na noda vanua.
Mera kalougata tiko na noda turaga ni vanua kei keda na lewena

Anonymous said...

When was the last time Fiji's treasury was audited? Was it back in 2006?

So these 8 years of UNACCOUNTED for public spending will make for a much more interesting telling story than anything else in the entire history of this country. The numbers will be doing all the explaining from the rooftops. lol.

Anonymous said...

Totaly agree. This illegal regime only talk about the bulshit growth of the economy when there is no job available,inflation rate going up,poverty on the rise and corruption culture is rife in the regime. They are silent on the expenses or expenditure as there has been no audit report since 2007

Anonymous said...

Oilei [eyes rolling] @ Oreo chocolate biscuit muncher... why not simply use the brown coconut as analogy? Silly kettles taunting pots.

Anonymous said...

The UFDF today announced that its members who received invitations to attend the AG’s briefing tomorrow on the regimes constitution would not be attending on the grounds that the process lacks credibility, it will be nothing more than a lecture by the AG on the vernacular with no opportunity for political parties and other interest groups and the people of Fiji to discuss or debate the document before being imposed.

Without the full participation and approval of the people, the regimes constitution will have no legitimacy says UFDF and allowing just 2 weeks from Thursday to distribute the document to all of the people and entertain only comments on the vernacular and not the constitution, makes it self-evident that the intention of the regime is self serving and this constitution will create even greater divisions and stress in our society.

The leaders of the UFDF are meeting this week to complete their own roadmap to democracy which will be published. This will be the path we will follow says the UFDF and every citizen who values and respects the rule of law and seeks to return Fiji to a truly inclusive, transparent, accountable and legitimate democracy should give full support to the UFDF’s Roadmap

The UFDF stresses that the President has no legal mandate to assent to the regime's so-called constitution and without the full participation of the people in the preparation and finalization of the constitution, the regimes document will never be representative of the views and aspirations of the people of Fiji and its planed imposition on the people will never be accepted nor will it have any legitimacy.

Authorized by : UFDF


Anonymous said...

Annonymous 11:29pm.
Raica mada vakamalua Ke Kauta mai na leqa o Kayum se ra Kauta ga mai na turaga kei na marama veicai ko sa nodra cakacaka tu ga na kana buta vei keda. Raica ira mada bau dua vei ira e vuli vinaka se sega. Nodra cakacaka na mateni wavoki ena ilavo ni lisi ka sega no bau qaravi kina na nodra lewe ni vanua vakataki ira na turaga eliu. Gauna oqo sa ra via vaka Pajero ga me vodo wavoki tiko kina na vei mataqali bajaru. Raica ga na gauna era minister tu kina. Sa tini evei? Era bale na turaga bale eliu e vutuniyau tu na vanua baleta ni nodra I yau e iyau ni vanua. Gauna oqo sa sega sa nodra kece ga. iko vaka nai vosa vosa ni sona Vutuki wavoki nei Jese Sikivou. Sa lai secretary mai qo nodratou na saini mai Yanuca. E rau sega ni sala vata na soli cebo wavoki kei nai tutu vaka vanua. Sa vakaraitaka sara tu ga ni veilecayaki sa tiko vei ira na turag kei na marama namu, macawa sa ra vo tu oqo.


Ira na chiefs sa rui vakalialiai ira na i taukei
Sa kua na GCC
Volitaki kece na qele
E na qai bula na kawai taukei
Sa rui levu tiko na rere!

Anonymous said...

Truth reign; O iko dua na tamata lala nomu qavokavoka. KE sa volitaki kece na qele e ra na qai bula vaka cava tu na noda kawabula ni mataka. E ra na qai wili tu i vei ni sa sega na ka me ra vakadeitaki kina. O iko e dua na kemu qele se sega? Qai volitaka kece ga na kemu qele ke dua mo qai vakataki ira tu na nomads e na vanua dravui siga suisi wavoki tu ga. Kua na vosa vakaveitalia vakasama qai vosa.Na rere cava o tukuna tiko. E sega ni dua e rerevaki kemuni na mataivalu ni wasea mai na dakai me fair me qai laurai o cei ena cici. Levu ga na nomuni viavia . E na oti mai na nomuni lewena tu na mataivalu e da na qai mai veirai tiko yani. Kua ni levu na dokadoka ni yacvu macawa.

Anonymous said...

Na veitalanoa qo esega ni baleti ira na sotia. Na veitalanoa qo e baleta ira na turaga kei na marama macawa ka sa nodra cakacaka ga na vakabobula taki keda tiko na kawa itaukei. Era a mai veiliutaki tu ena veivaluvaluti ena gauna eliu. Gauna oqo koya ga sa vuli esa rawata na ka. Sa oti na gauna ni veiliutaki macawa ra mai cakava tiko qo. Ra vakabukete yalewa wavoki, ra vakalasami tamata wavoki, sa ra sega ni vuli ra qai mai via vodo ena nodrai tutu vaka vanua mera mai namuti keda tiko kina. Turag eliu era nanuma nodra tamata ka ra wasea na nodra iyau. Gauna qo sara veivakaloloma taki wavoki ga ena nodra ivalavala. Sa oti na gauna ni GCC ni via politiki ia ni lade yani e loma. Ni kua ni namuma mo ni mai vakayagataka nai tuvaka vanua ka rawa kina nomuni sede. Gauni ni nomuni minister ni mateni ka saqamua wavoki sa ni macawa tu qo ni qai via Kauta cake mai eso na ka baleta na GCC kei na Yanuca declaration. Ni lai veivutusona sara.

Anonymous said...

Sa dua na ka na nomuni cati ira na turaga baleta beka ga ni o ni sotia kei na i le e tu kina o nomuni boso ka saqati ir na noda turaga.E laurai ga veikemuni na ca ni yalo. kena i karua e sega ni o ira kece na turaga e ra vakayacora ru na veika o ni cauraka tiko me ra okati raraba kina na turaga kei na marama bale ni noda vanua.O kemuni moni sa veisau taka na yacamuni ka bokoci na yacamuni e na VKB baleta o kemuni e dua na sa via volitaka na noda vanua e na rai lekaleka. Kena i katolu e yaga me da vosa ga ena cava e veivosaki taki tiko ka me kua ni da lai vakacacana na nona personality se character e dua baleta ya na nona dodonu ke na nona lewa ga vakataki koya na bula e via bulataka e sega kina noda baigani so please talk on the issue no personal attack.If you cant take the heat and got nothing constructive to comment on or share than do not participate simple coz that is the intention of Kaiyum for Fiji to go against fijian which would result in killing each other and the rest will be left behind for the foreigners to enjoy

Anonymous said...

According to the Word, Chief's are from God. No one, including those who want the GCC removed can change that. I agree that some chief's have abused their position and these should be excluded from any GCC. We chose only Chief's who will contribute to our development into the GCC. All ethnic Fijians should be very careful about the proposed new constitution in regards to land. We must not fall into the same predicament native Hawaiians are now entangled in. I read an article and this was the crux. Despite the good lifestyle made possible by the US government through infrastructure, healthcare etc., native Hawaiians do not, and I repeat, do not own any land in Hawaii; it all belongs to the State. If they need land, they have to lease it again from the State. That's why native Hawaiian's are very skeptical of other races that live there. They are almost extinct and it is hard to find a real Hawaiian in Hawaii. So for all native Fijians, just a word of caution before you put pen into paper at the elections.

The Deed said...

anon 602am, you have hit the nail right on the head.
your chiefs gave Fiji to GB on the promise that your lands will remain yours except for freeholds legally bought and sold and crown/state lands acquired for public purposes. that is why native Fijians still own 83% of the lands in Fiji. to give it all back to the state will put native Fijians at great risk of downward spiral to poverty.
it is not a racist issue as some people turn it into. its an issue of human rights and fairness. if foreigners don't like it they can always go somewhere else. This so called constitution will put the majority population rights second to the minority rights.

Anonymous said...

Lot of talk here.
Simple facts:
1. Ministry of I Taukei recognises chiefs and Frank is working with them;
2. Some chiefs are for frank and some against so they just playing politics;
3. kai viti social structure is the chiefly system....the 2 cannot be separated;
4. if you remove it chaos will reign in rural kai viti lands/ villages,,,where the system brings order and structure in daily governance of villages etc;
5. So to all you against the chiefly system - do you have an alternative as it is working veru well today and 90% of land in fiji is under that structure;

Anonymous said...

BKC forced on people without peoples approval.how can we have democratic election under illegal BKC.?
1997 constitution is the only legal the rest is illegal.

YHWH said...

All the king's man and all the king's horses can't put humpty dumpty (GCC) back together again !!!!

The current situation is the WILL of THE LORD THY GOD YHWH !!
No Mark Manning, No British, No Australians can reverse the WILL OF THE LORD THY GOD.
REPENT NOW KAIVITI AND YOU WILL GET WHAT IS YOURS.Hiding behind christianity and mouthing forth racist gibberish isn't going to give you back VITI.
And VITI BELONGS TO THE CREATOR AND NOT migrating peoples of the Earth.
500 years from now it may belong to the Eskimo and they will be fighting for it too then.
Take the chill pill and DON'T listen to WHITE THIEVING PEOPLE.


Anonymous said...

Jai Hind
Obviously you high on marijuana dick head!!

Anonymous said...

Quote from New Constitution

Protection of iTaukei, Rotuman and Banaban lands
28.—(1) The ownership of all iTaukei land shall remain with the customary owners of that land and iTaukei land
hall not be permanently alienated, whether by sale, grant, transfer or exchange, except to the State in accordance
with section 27.
(2) Any iTaukei land acquired by the State for a public purpose after the commencement of this Constitution
nder section 27 or under any written law shall revert to the customary owners if the land is no longer required by
he State.


Anonymous said...

How to tell the TRUTH about the the REFORM for OUR BELOVED F1J1

Protection of rights and interests in land
29.—(1) All ownership of land, and all rights and interests in land, including land tenancies and leases, that
existed immediately before the commencement of this Constitution, shall continue to exist under this Constitution. (2) All land lessees and tenants have the right to not have their lease or tenancy agreements terminated other
than in accordance with their lease or tenancy agreements, and any amendment to any law governing lease or
tenancy agreements shall not adversely affect any existing lease or tenancy agreements.
(3) All land that existed as freehold land immediately before the commencement of this Constitution shall
remain as freehold land, unless it is sold or is acquired by the State for a public purpose under section 27.
Right of landowners to fair share of royalties for extraction of minerals
30.—(1) All minerals in or under any land or water, are owned by the State, provided however, that the owners
of any particular land (whether customary or freehold), or of any particular registered customary fishing rights shall
be entitled to receive a fair share of royalties or other money paid to the State in respect of the grant by the State of
rights to extract minerals from that land or the seabed in the area of those fishing rights.
(2) A written law may determine the framework for calculating fair shares under subsection (1), taking into
account all relevant factors, including the following—
(a) any benefits that the owners received or may receive as a result of mineral exploration or exploitation;
(b) the risk of environmental damage;
(c) any legal obligation of the State to contribute to a fund to meet the cost of preventing, repairing or compensating for any environmental damage;
(d) the cost to the State of administering exploration or exploitation rights; and
(e) the appropriate contribution to the general revenue of the State to be made by any person granted
exploration or exploitation rights.
Right to education
31.—(1) Every person has the right to—
(a) early childhood education;
(b) primary and secondary education; and
(c) further education.
(2) The State must take reasonable measures within its available resources to achieve the progressive realisation
of the right—
(a) to free early childhood, primary, secondary and further education; and
(b) to education for persons who were unable to complete their primary and secondary education.
(3) Conversational and contemporary iTaukei and Fiji Hindi languages shall be taught as compulsory subjects
(b) to education for persons who were unable to complete their primary and secondary education.
(3) Conversational and contemporary iTaukei and Fiji Hindi languages shall be taught as compulsory subjects
in all primary schools.
(4) The State may direct any educational institution to teach subjects pertaining to health, civic education and
issues of national interest, and any educational institution must comply with any such directions made by the State.
(5) In applying any right under this section, if the State claims that it does not have the resources to implement
the right, it is the responsibility of the State to show that the resources are not available.
Right to economic participation
32.—(1) Every person has the right to full and free participation in the economic life of the nation, which
includes the right to choose their own work, trade, occupation, profession or other means of livelihood.


Anonymous said...

@ Jah Bless....

Which constitution did you pull this toilet paper from.........
Is there a constitution?
Kua mada na veilasutaki jiko boci

The Scam said...

section 28 states the obvious. whats missing is how laws that affect that ownership are to be passed....we have already seen how the Land Use Decree has overridden the NLTB and ALTA...without the tuakei having a say whatsoever. this change is no protection at all...its just a big con job...u natives can own the whole if Fiji but the government will decide for you how your lands are going to be used/leased and the terms and conditions and leased for 99 years and forever. and you cannot go to court to challenge it. what a farked up bullshit and u kaivitis happy with it???? u farkn ulukaus whos blessing Fiji already read between the lines and use ur head...sorry forgot theres no grey matter there only empty space like ur land ownership.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:59 AM

And what a great example you are for a 'system' that you say is working so well.

Your language on a public forum said it all, Idiot.

Anonymous said...

I just find it hilarious that some and i stress some i-taukei blog about democracy and in the same sentence applaud the hierarchical chiefly system. Please look up democracy in the oxford dictionary. I think a greater understanding of democracy is needed by some folks in Fiji. I also find it insulting as a kaiviti that i am told that without the Chiefs their will be chaos. I don't see chaos in Australia, NZ, India,US, or anywhere else in the world where their are no chiefs. The other societies in Fiji are doing fine without any chiefs. This is basically saying that all kaiviti are 2 bit morons and without the Chiefs they will be like a willow flower in the wind blown about from place to place. What a load of horse manure.
By the way has anyone heard of the Chief who stole a couple of Million of his peoples money. This guy is a Chief from Sabeto. I heard even his famous blue car has been repossessed. He just blew the millions away on cars women rugby and everything else that is of no use to his people just like that and he is a Chief. This money should have been used for the development of his community and Mataqali. The Farkin Chiefs.Sadly this is a story repeated over and over again in Fiji. How long will the common Fijian take this crap. I wonder.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.50
ulukau comparing kai viti villages to big cities where you live!
are you some uneducated imbecile - obviously.
drau vicai kei sabeto chief,,,,dont generalise moron!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 12.47pm
cause you deserve that kind of language for being a moron talking about kai viti but only using guess work ,,,,KULINA JUTIA!

Anonymous said...

60% of itaukei live in rural areas and villages.

Does this Government propose removing the Chiefly system in the villages. Is that what they want or intend to happen from their actions against the itaukei.

Those of you Fijians and I mean itaukei who cannot comprehend the impact this will have on itaukei tradition, culture and custom seriously need to look in the mirror and understand where your pito pito was buried.

Let progress continue but preserve what is ours what is Fijian a way of life that is beautiful and respectful.

Live the way Frank wants and we change our perspective totally.

The effects are already seen. No huts. women not making mats or masi, meke is now contemporary polynesian dancing and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.50 i neither live in a big city nor am i a moron. Kiss your Chiefs arse all you want fella. While you are at it ask him to turn around as well. Some people are just born dumb. Some things in Fiji never change.

Anonymous said...

anon 1.41
you are a non kai viti doing guesswork and generalising so you are a moron madachod

Anonymous said...

Rerevaka na kalou ka doka na Tui...

Embelm on our Fijian flag

For you Indians and other races who dont understand what this means;

Fear God and Respect the Chief.

Anonymous said...

chief no more

now that the constitution is out, let's see if the army will form a party. membership and fees to pay. i mean those army boys who have been sidelined from the recent reshuffle.
will kaikubuyum be a party member too? hope he joins Labour or SODELPA. so to allow space to Bai and to see who is the real hero for Fijians only but not kaiviti.

i suspect this constitution is rigged with lots of commercial ads and sale prices of land, mineral, forest and water in it.

Anonymous said...


Cloud 9 owner concerned authorities yet to take action
Publish date/time: 22/08/2013 [15:49]

Print this page
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The owner of a floating restaurant and bar ‘Cloud 9’ is concerned that relevant authorities are yet to take necessary action against villages who are threatening him to close his business.

Tony Philp said he received a threatening call and following that villages cut the mooring line of this structure which is located in the open seas off Tavarua Island in the Malolo group.

He said this floating facility drifted out to sea and nearby resorts had sent boats to secure the platform.

Philp said since he started his business in June this year, the villagers from Momi are making threats claiming he has no legal right to operate such a business.

However, Philp said he has the legal permit from the government and the Maritime Safety Authority.

Philp said fortunately, the sea was calm yesterday when the incident happened or this could have caused damage to the environment and destroyed the million dollar floating facility.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu said investigations are being conducted by Nadi police.

He said they are yet to question people in this incident as at this stage they cannot blame any particular group.

Anonymous said...

Isa Vosoti au Jese Sikivou Ke kemuni kece au sa vakacacana ena site oqo.

Anonymous said...

annon August 22, 2013 at 2:55 PM

a chief is not a king, he i an aristocrat. tui is king.

Part Fijian/Part Indian said...

you itaukeis live in an isolated ,self serving ,self loving confused world, high on yaqona and a free loading mentality.
Ask your relatives who live abroad ,how a good life come to you. Hard work, honest pay to exist life. You Fiji based itaukei are just simple ,freeloading, half high and half brain deficient lot.

In the next century, there will be no more pure itaukei left since most of you itaukei men prefer european or indian women.

Anonymous said...

daram said,

I find this picture of High Chiefs as weak and improper. they are not well dressed as high Chiefs and there are no people sitting outside their meeting place to prove that their cause is genuine. where are the rest of the high chiefs of Fiji. Bhekarr nah!

fiji kaidia

Anonymous said...

to the guy who is swearing to my relative Jese Sikivou. I shall pray for your soul and your mind my friend. So you shall rest in peace in this day.

take care when you walk out there, the road is very slippery my friend.

Anonymous said...

Part Indian Part Fijian.

There was a time when Indians had very strong traditional, cultural, customary and religious values. These values were so strong that Indians did not allow assimilation between cultures especially between Indians and Fijians. Indians maintained their ways and were permitted to do so.

All that is changing and in particular with Indians who have gone overseas, studied and have been enlightened in the western ways to believe the old ways belong in the museum.

You will however find that most educated Indians realise the importance of the old ways and the values of those ways and the need to have the two run hand in hand.

Making such disrespectful comments against a race of people as you have perhaps out of ignorance more than anything does not help you nor does it help anyone.

I suggest you understand your heritage, both the Fijian and Indian part of you if that is your background. If you have Fijian in you what you have expleted is not reflective of a person who understands the significance of change that has affected a way of life that can be identified as bliss. If you live in a village and rely on subsistence living, why work. A lot of Indians in the cane belt are similar, they are satisfied with the way of life they live relying on the land and have assimilated with the nearby villagers.

You are forgiven for your ignorance and if you have anything to contribute, be educated about your comments.

Anonymous said...



Komai said...

Seeing the response from my posting, I must apologize to my fellow Itaukie brothers and sisters. I was under the impression that just like me now most of our people were much better educated and independent. Hence I did not feel that we need someone to tell us what we can do or what we cant do. Take better part of our money from land lease and other perks from the government and we the "kaisi" be given a smaller share. You people that have voiced against me, I humbly ask you to accept my opinion as an individual's opinion. I am so sorry that most of you missed out on education and part of growing up to be independent. I can see why you need someone else to make decisions for you. Your shallow mind is not apt to think for yourself. So let me make my decisions as I wish and you do what you think is the best for you. Vinaka

Komai said...

Vinaka Jese na yalodina kei na yalomatua. You are in the fight. Kana musu vakalailai me rawa nio take the pressure.

Anonymous said...

ra sona levu
yo spelling of taukei is wrong.....
which means ur a kai dia and not registered in VKB you own only 10% of fiji and your motherland is not viti cici levu

Anonymous said...

Go to any village in fiji and attend a kava session, meeting etc etc whether that meeting is in village or Suva, Nadi Lautoka...
who sits at the head of meeting and who drinks the first bowl and is shown respect.
THE CHIEF,,,,,NOT A INDIAN, KAI LOMA, KAI SUVA , stupid youth, kaiyum etc...

Anonymous said...

Tony Philp... well what can I say. getting his comeuppance? His daddy stole land in Lami and built the tradewinds. Stole even more land in Lau, built houses there. His son, self professed fashion designer, Tony Philp Junior- the wind surfer, killed a pedestrian while drunk driving many years ago. The old victim was on his way to see Tony senior. Talk about coincidence. Junior got off scot free. Lami Police were bribed and made a major cover up. Now Tony senior thinks its ok to bribe a few govt officials and instal a floating restaurant near the villagers fishing grounds. Who does he think he is? Another white colonial relic long past his use by date.

Tavita said...

The Phillips family have been in Fiji for generations. Berry Philips started Maccabo Hotel, SkyLodge, Korolevu Hotel and TradeWinds. They have contributed a lot to Fiji and have not found them to be corrupt.The previous writer seems to have personal grudge or a bone to pick with the family.

Anonymous said...

old man Philp came from Oz in the fifties...generations my foot. What about Junior killing someone and getting off scot free? Surely you can't blame bainimarama for the corruption back then. this was in the 90s. Who are you to say they are not corrupt. How else would you call it?

Tavita said...

Anon @12:06 AM I stand by my statement. You may want to check When Berry Philip came to Fiji again. Verify your info before you on mouthing off.

Anonymous said...

Vutaki Meo:-What is biting your ass.Why cant you talk on the issue wheather you are fore or against supported by consrtructive ideas. You are fond of attacking personal characters of other people.Dont you have better things to contribute which could broaden the scope of how better our country and its people could come to a legal common ground for negotation and we can move on from there or you are just stuck in uunearthing the dark oast of other people with out any evidence.

Anonymous said...

The Instituition of Great Council Of Chiefs was an august body not only protecting the rights of Indegenious people but were safeguard for Indians and other minority races living in Fiji and was true to its belief under Statesman like Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna, Edward Cakobau and Mara, but things changed after Penaia and all that is history now; None of the present generation of so called Chiefs have any vision, foresight and itellect to lead Fiji into the future and that weakness resulted in people like Rabuka , George Speight,Bainimarama to take advantage of the situation for the benefit of so called Elite group..Its a pity we have fallen into this Mad situation.,,,

Anonymous said...

Tavita... as for corruption by the Philips.. you say as far as you know, they are not corrupt. How would you know? Do you think they would go out and trumpet this fact? Know everything do you? Tony Philp Junior killed his dad's friend and got off without even a traffic offence charge? Go figure. It was even reported in the Fiji Times but no names were mentioned. Why not? Are you related to the Philps?

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to whites in Fiji are racists. You see them in Australia and NZ doing shit, waiting for centre link day to come. But all of a sudden when they in Fiji sun shines out of their arse, they need house girl, gardener, babysitter. Most of the whites in Fiji will never survive in Australia and NZ.

racist blacks said...

sorry mate but the Indians are the biggest racists in your farken country. the whites treat u kaivitis fairer than the kaiindia treat you. look at your new constitution removes your chiefs and right to determine how your lands are to be used even thou you own them. that's the work of kaiindia. no whites involved there. mate. so farkn leave the Philips alone.
what about bainimagana who killed his own race and is out free stealing millions from you and hailed by yo kaivitis as a hero.

Anonymous said...

Analysis for the new constitution is
as follows; 1-GOOD FOR US fIJIANS;
TO INDIA!!!yes, you've heard me,get
on the boats and go home to india or
Your days in Paradise is
over and we don't need anymore shits from you?So don't thank me,
for coming here with just your hands
and shits! Now you'd be returning
with shirts on your backs,sharis to cover your breasts,shoes and few pennies in the bank. Just thanks
the whites for bringing you over so
you can get a better lives?

Anonymous said...

Anon 0340

Suggest you go and have your head checked. Get your arse checked just in case Indian dick is still not there.

People like you live by licking white arses.

Anonymous said...

Good thing no more chiefs. Your forefathers killed for those positions. How about I kill a chief for his position. For Teimumu Kepa I will just kill you softly with my spear....hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs can drink first bowl of yaqona and all the yaqona they want and nobody gives a fuck. We commoners will go to school and earn an honest living and will NOT give our money for some bullshit soli or collection for the chiefs house or his do's. We build our own homes and paid our own education without the fucken chiefs so I'm not going to give him my hard earned cash. The chiefs fucken supported Rabuka and Geaorge Speight in their coups so when did they become the saviours of other races in Fiji and of the Fjian race. They are the actual killers of the itaukei race because of all their request for money to build their house, the valeni Soqo so they can be served in it all the time. They tell us to contribute money for village water scheme and electricity scheme and we give all the money while they free ride on it and get the extra fittings and for free from our hard earned money.

Anonymous said...

Anon@8.58pm.... We fijians call some of our own "tu vakaveitalia" or "kanaloto."

Most of these fijians were born in the city or somewhere outside of their own village and they never visit their village or have never been to their village, they dont even know who their blood relatives are nor the names of those relatives in their village. The saddest thing is they are not even known in their villages.

When you ask them "Do you know so and so who is also from your village?" They are totally lost and they try and avoid the conversation!

Sadly, the closest affiliation they get to their village and vanua is only by name.

I am 100% sure Anon@ 8.58 is one such person.

When you contribute money for your village, you dont do it for your chief, stupid!NEVER!


Sa rauta me sivia tu ga na tu vakaveitalia kei na tamata kanaloto i Viti!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:14 Luveni caiti tamamu. I live in my village and know what chiefs do in my village, in my yasana and in my tikina. Lako lai caiti tamamu sar. We living in villages in Fiji have had enough. Na mana sa sega vei ira na turaga kei na marama sona ra tu qo baleta gona na kana buta. Sa ra sega ni ra vuli ra qai mai via kana loto tikoga enai tutu vaka vanua. About time they fend for themselves and if you still believe in them, come to Fiji and be their slave. We are in modern times and the time of slavery as wanted by these fuckall chiefs is long gone. Ni veicai.

Anonymous said...

anon 4.11am 26 Aug
Iko dua tamata ulukau dau vakadrecike e nomu koro.
Tamata sona levu
Na cava o lasutaka tiko? Mai nakoro e sega ni dua e kana loto,,,,na turaga madaga era volia na kedra. Tamata lasulasu. Ke dua na ka o cata kauta kina nomu bose ni mataqali, oti kina bose vakoro.
Laurai via iko o cara da wavoki tuga da kina na vei ka kece mai gusumu.
Kerekere - ke o sega ni taleitaka nai tuvatuva ni ka viti,,,,,qai kina veitarogivanua, bokoca na yacamu ....oti qai sara vei Kaiyum mo drau veiyacani,,,,,oti drau vicai sara

Anonymous said...

anon 25 Aug 8.58pm
Isa ,,,,,vakaloloma nomu comments sona levu
since when have people collected money for chiefs house?
all chiefs these days build their own houses and feed themselves.
You are a liar spreading false messages. Most solis are for province etc,,,,,,,
No one is forcing you arse hole ,,,,,so stay out from the village and provincial gathering cause you sound like a indian or cultureless kai viti

Anonymous said...

Time to butt fuck kepa....

Anonymous said...

Another fucking organisation that will fuck the fijians and screw them penniless in the name of vanua..some idiots never learn..go bend in fron of kepa and co and enjoy the screwing

Anonymous said...

anon 12.58pm 26 Aug
you are a adi senikau participant butt fucked by soldiers every day
I am happy u spreading HIV to them

Anonymous said...

Na vale nei Na magana o Teimumu Kepa eda a soli kina. Na vale nei Tui Ba mai Sorokoba a Tara o Chodori mai nai ilavo ni Taiwan. E levu na vale ra tu qori e soli taki se veivuke kina na matanitu. Ni vakacucu wavoki mada me ni vakavutuki vinaka. Au Taukeni qele ka sega ni mai lewa o turaga se magana sona kara dau taura tu na ulu ni lisi eliu baleta ga noda rokovi ira. O ira sara sega ni rokovi keda lesu mai ka nodra cakacaka na saqamua wavoki. Ra via politiki ra qai yani ka kua ni ra Kauta kina nodrai tutu vaka vanua. Kena leqa ni ra dau ni vakacala na soli icici tiko vakataki Jese Sikivou.

Anonymous said...

anon 3.50pm
boidada na gusumu qauri
kaciva mada e dua na soli meda tara e dua nomu vale ni vo baleta na da sa sinai tu e gusumu

Anonymous said...

Naiqama Lalabalavu is well known for screwing around. That's fact and not rumours. The last little girl he impregnated didn't want to press charges for respect and is living with him now and also his other wife. Is polygamy allowed in Fiji? Of course not? Is this the kind of chief to lead us? Of course not. He most probably screwing his own daughter at the rate he is going.

Teimumu Kepa is known to have been screwing the husband of Lenora Qereqeretabua. She is also forcing up his boci son who is a Kai Lau to be some chief. The smart arse sonalevu son thinks he is a true chief do Rewa when he is a bloody qalo mai. She has a son fathered by a former boci army officer Henry Manulevu in Lautoka who she dumped in Cuvu and he thinks he is a chief of Nadroga. She doesn't even acknowledge her son.


Anonymous said...

@ anon 04:25pm

So whose arse wins the contest-kepa or lenora. if asenaca caucau was also in comptetition, she will win outright...

Anonymous said...

Really, Kim Beddos and a Bainimarama boy are buddy buddy. And here I was having wet dreams of making Kim my shining princess. Traitor Kim..

Anonymous said...

Sa vakaloloma na malumalumu ni vakasama e sa tu vei koya e vosataki ira tiko na noda turaga ena blog qo.

Sa bona na gusuna ena levu ni vosavosa ca. Vakaloloma.

Sa vakaloloma na vanua o Viti ni ra bula tu kina eso na tamata boci tu vakaveitalia era sega tu ni kila nodra yavu ka ra sega talega ni ra kilai mai nodra vanua.


Anonymous said...

anon 2.07am
isa vosa tu na ulu lala ,,,,totolo sara ki st giles tagane me ra fire taki iko na lialia me bau kau tani na da e loma ni qavokavoka vaka niu

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Anonymous 10:36AM August 27. Iko vaka o kila ni ra dau vei fire taki mai Saint Giles. E lako vinaka vei iko. E caka vacava beka ya? O iko kubu se cu ga? E curu yadudua vei iko nodra boci se veisugusugu kece ga yani? Vinaka Vakalevu na yalo qaqa. Vakaukauwa vinaka ka sa rauti iko vinaka saraga. Magai tinamu.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.40pm
isa vinaka vakalevu na veivakadeitaki ni sinai tu na da e loma ni qavokavoka vaka niu
vinaka na masi dakai keina namu tagane........bula cecere qori na bula ni butako keina via dabe mai cake.......tamata macawa ulukau

Anonymous said...

E cava e book kina na comment. Lau donu beka na moto ni bubura oya. Filipe Tuisawau?

rajend naidu said...

In his Australia Network interview with Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr, Jim Middleton asked "... how worried are you about recent developments in Fiji since the production of the draft constitution, especially the army's insistence it remains the last bastion of law and order in Fiji? That hardly sounds like a recipe for a return to democracy".
I think with his question Jim Middleton shows a far better grasp of the situation prevailing in Fiji . His question sums it up. We need not bother with Bob Carr's answer.
Rajend Naidu

Just Saying said...

This reportn in Islands Business has no credibility- who is the spokesperson and why asn't he named? These unaccounted reports need qualification.

SUVA, Fiji --- Australia has welcomed the release of the 2013 constitution by the Fijian Government which will be promulgated on the 06 September.

A spokesperson at the Australian High Commission said this is a significant development and important step towards Fiji’s commitment to hold elections by September 2014.

The spokesperson said Australia will continue to support Fiji’s return to democracy.

Australia said it has already provided $2.65 million to Fiji’s constitutional and electoral processes and it is consulting closely with other donors and the Fijian authorities to identify further areas for assistance.

Anonymous said...

sa rauta mada na vakasaga na kai Rewa da dua e vakavaculaki koya o S Kamikamica he he

Anonymous said...

Waikau okoya sarag e caiti Taimumu Kepa tiko qori o S. Kamikamica. Tarogi rau, raica mada Ke rau caki taka. Waikau.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.35
dina sara ,,,,,Sinai na da ena mona

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:30PM dina sara Sinai na wai ni tagine ena nomu sona. Leveni maga bona.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.40
isa vakaloloma na lolovira ni bula

Anonymous said...

waiaa!anonymous Aug 29th 10:35 pm
vaka vei au o iko e nana tu na magai jinamu qai boi na gauna o sucu kina....luveni caiti tamamu..... se caiti iko o tamamu... qai lewa ga.

ke rau moce vata....ocei o iko... ocei e cata na maleka.
if she wants to have sex its her prerogative and with any man of her choice...

secondly whats new that you are so taken up by in which you had to go that direction.... me vacava ke rau moce vata... e what tiko ra!

o iko o tamamu drau sega ni yaco ikea. (cici levu o iko kei tamamu farken kawa ca.

kua ni kauta mai na nomu lolovira e na blog... baleta e rawa ni da lolovira kecega..... iko o vaka na no school you drami sona.....this is not a sex gossip blog.... which seemed to be an infestation of the contents of your farken cranium....
do you get the point yet? se daru veivosacataki ... well lets create a different blog where i can show you my dik and you can use your imagination to suck on it.
moce qai nanumi nomu na...

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