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Monday, August 26, 2013

Civil servants to attend RFMF programmes to resolve differences on 'Building a Better Fiji'

No surprises the regime's newly-released Constitution provides 'absolute and unconditional immunity from prosecution' for itself and supporters. 

No surprise, either, that the Military Forces is being given carte blanche to entrench itself even further in Fiji's public service.

C4.5 has obtained a copy of a memo that reveals the RFMF is going to train civil servants to ensure their mindset is aligned with that of the military and the regime.

Middle managers are to undertake a month-long training programme conducted by soldiers in October.

The memo from the Permanent Secretary of PSC, Parmesh  Chand says “the programme is aimed at achieving ‘Excellence in Public Service Delivery’ and establishing and strengthening co-operation between RFMF and the Civil Service, especially in areas of common interest towards the resolve of ‘Building a Better Fiji’.

The memo suggests the RFMF is not happy with how Fiji’s civil servants are conducting or contributing themselves towards what it and the regime says is  “Building a Better Fiji”. 

According to the PSC memo, two other month-long training programmes have already been conducted by the RFMF.

To:      Permanent Secretaries and Heads ofDepartments                Ref:PSC 7/7/1

Subject: TRAINING FOR MIDDLE MANAGERS                         Date:20.08.13
 1.0         Addressees are hereby duly advised that the third cohort of Middle Managers training conducted by the Fiji Military Forces Officers Training School will be conducted over a four week period from 01/10/2013 – 05/11/2013. The training will be held at the Public Service- Centre for Training & Development, Nasese. 
2.0         The programme is aimed at achieving ‘Excellence in Public Service Delivery’ and establishing and strengthening cooperation between RFMF and the Civil Service, especially in areas of common interest towards the resolve of ‘Building a Better Fiji’.
3.0         Nominations for this course will close on 09/09/2013, and applications must be submitted together with duly completed TNA/TNS forms, and endorsed by respective Permanent Secretaries, to Public Service – Centre for Training & Development on the said date.
4.0         Applicants must be confirmed Administrative, Senior or Principal Administrative Offices or equivalent Officers and above.
5.0         The course content includes:
4.1         Communication
4.2         Personnel Administration Investigation and Inquiry
4.3         Management
4.4         Leadership
6.0         For further clarifications, please contact Mr. Waisake Ratubalavu or Ms Keshwin Prasad or Ms. Irene Chandra on Telephone Number: 3315688 and Fax Number: 3300502 or Email: WaisakeR@psc.gov.fj or Keshwin.prasad@psc.gov.fj   or irene.chandra@psc.gov.fj.

     Parmesh Chand
      Permanent Secretary for the Public Service


Anonymous said...

The militarisation of the Fiji public service continues unabated. The farce of excellence in the civil service under military tutelage continues.even Mugabe would envy what the Fijian military junta has achieved!

Anonymous said...

Anon why did RPC/Khan/Sada and others left fiji?. people had enough of harassment so you stop your bs matei .if you have prove than sent to media and stop your bs comments it useless to talk to people like you gutless.

Anonymous said...

Its the beginning of the end. Did you see the crowning of the Miss Hibiscus? Anyone can tell that she knew she was going to win because the decision to win was made by outside of the judges. She did not even show any emotion or surprise like all the winners before, who were teary and lost for words. Well it is the beginning of the end of everything.
"Vengeance is Mine", say the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Really!would they'd also be required to join the Fiji Military
forces and go to work with their
new Uniforms?
How about the teachers, why don't you also take them in and do the same to them too?
They too are civil servant and
might as well start
thinking about
indoctrinate the
school kids as well?
While you're still at it,get the i Talatala & Fijian Chiefs in
to take the same course too?
Hey Mao did the same thing in
communist China and Hitler did do
the same in Germany as well?

Voceke Bocimarama the chief maqe said...

They should include all the fat monkeys at the barracks, the partners of those fat monkeys, and the hookers from Sukuna Park, the hookers from Walu Bay etc. Let's indoctrinate everyone, birds and animals included. Dharam Lingam and Rajesh Singh in the latter category.

Anonymous said...

all hibicus judges, organisers 90% kai india,,,,,,,,,plus fbc needed to win after last year....
Now we see a foreigner in the Ms South Pacific who is asian and not pacific islander,,,,,,,jutia pakala

Anonymous said...

Parmesh it should start with you and your bunch of cohorts of underworked overrated overpaid PSs, who are just a group of sycophants sucking up to Frank and ASK. All march up to QEB, and learn the art of getting your buttholes prodded by the nozzles of their rifles while you keep saying, yes we can, yes we can, and more more more. After that the army trainers will show you the art of veivutusona that they do to themselves up there.

Anonymous said...

Why Army teach Civil Servants only perhaps they should involve;
Admin and Finance Officers,
Teachers, Nurses, Doctors,Firemen,
Ambulance,Forestry, Agriculture, Customs, and including LTA, Pawn Shops, Porn Dealers, Marijuana Dealers, street beggars, and prisoners.
Ya na training dina from the Army. vakarutaki ga yani nai vava sau levu na CEBO.

Nemsi said...


Anonymous said...

must be hell living in Fiji with all these macho tough guys.

cant make any progress crying about the government on there keyboards so they start picking on the young girls of hibiscus.

Anonymous said...

PSC permanent secretary Parmess chaand is a Bainimarama laand. He is there to do the dictators biddings

Anonymous said...

The military teaching civil servants, communications? WTF!!!!
Teach them, about The Mission, battle plans, battle prep, orders....and yes sir yes sir three bags full, dumbass numbnut responses. Get the fuck outa here. Maybe teach them radio call signs and etiquette while the're at it.

rajend naidu sydney said...

Vijay Singh of Los Angeles reckons the coup leader cum self-appointed PM of Fiji Commodore Frank Bainimarama is "awesome" and he "would like to see [him] rule the country the way [he has] been doing so far"(Fiji Times 26/8).
And what way is that - democratic or dictatorial?
Vijay Singh of Los Angeles has even convinced himself from Los Angeles that "no one can do better than what [Bainimarama] has done so far". Wow!
Singh is of course entitled to think that and anything else he wants to but what he says at the end of his letter is what gives his mediocre mentality away
He tells us "If anyone is not happy he or she must keep their mouth shut or leave the country".
And Singh lives in the world's greatest democracy!
Singh might be a man who has made a lot of money living in America but he clearly is a man who has not acquired a lot of intelligence and insight into how a good democratic society works.
It's therefore not hard to see why he is such an ardent fan of Fiji's reigning dictator Frank Bainimarama.
rajend naidu

rajend naidu said...

We learn from smh that according to Foreign Minister Bob Carr the Fijian government's release of its draft constitution is an important step forward for that nation's commitment to hold elections by September 2014 and that Australia stands ready to support Fiji in making credible steps towards a return to democracy.
Wouldn't it be a credible step for the coup installed military government to step aside and allow an interim civilian administration to take the country to elections?
The elections are more likely to be free and fair then, wouldn't it?
And there would be a better chance of the country returning to democracy rather then perpetuating the rule of the current military installed regime through a manipulated election.
Has Bob Carr given any thought to that?
(Bob Carr says Australia has provided $2.65 million to support development of Fiji's electoral processes and will continue consultations with other donors and the Fiji authorities to identify further needs. And yet just a short time back about 3 weeks ago the Fijian Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola told a conference in Brisbane that Australia did not share Fiji's development aspirations!!
what Fiji authority is Carr consulting - Ratu Inoke !)

Anonymous said...

Fijis civil servants will receive training from fijis notoriously in disciplined military. What more can one say about the direction the country is headed?

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, since the Military took over, disaster management has improved 200%. They are better strategists after all!!!

Rajend naidu said...

In case there is someone out there who thinks a manipulated election is not possible, I should like them to remember the military coup installed government has manipulated everything else since taking over power illegally eight years ago. These include the judiciary,the police force,the civil service, the media, the constitution making... Am I missing something that has been manipulated... Ah yes village chiefs...
The regime cannot be TRUSTED to conduct a free and fair anything!

Anonymous said...

The army have a point. This is the beginning of good things to come. Go Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...


Fiji now has a new constitution—the fourth since independence in 1970. The final version was published on August 22, 2013. It becomes law on September 6, a day before Australia goes to poll.
The general elections based on the constitution are scheduled for not later than 30 September 2014, almost exactly a year after the Australian elections.
It’s a 98-page document—half the size of the Independent Constitution Commission’s draft presented to the President of the Republic of Fiji on December 21, 2012 by its chair Professor Yash Ghai.
Like the Ghai draft which resonated with many ideas of the 1970 and 1997 constitutions and the Peoples Charter of 2008, the new constitution is underpinned by many universal principles aimed at creating a democracy of human decency, equality of citizens and belonging to a nation with a common national identity.

Common identity
All Fiji citizens are now called Fijians for the first time in a Fiji constitution, irrespective of their origin, colour, creed, gender or religious beliefs.
Fiji has fewer than a million people, more than half of them will be eligible to vote, the voting age has been reduced to 18 years from 21. There’s no compulsory voting but the young have the potential to influence the outcome of an election.
The constitution provides for the development of a ‘genuine democracy’ in multi-ethnic Fiji— in the past so damagingly beset by communal constituencies, racial categorisation, colonial hierarchies , feudal patriarchy, discrimination and dispossession of many kinds, coupled with inventions of traditions and institutions to rule rather than to serve.
All that’s gone out the window into the waves of the Pacific floating like the debris from a pirate shipwreck.

Better place
Fiji will be a better and fairer society for all that. And this constitution provides several windows of opportunity for the future.
One person, one vote, one value becomes a reality in Fiji for the first time in its history. This alone makes democracy a masterpiece of human ingenuity.
This fundamental change can and will bring about sea-changes in the nation’s consciousness and conscience.
Fiji now allows dual and multiple citizenships and Fiji citizens living abroad can cast their votes in the next election. These are likely to be people who were forced to leave Fiji after the three brutal coups, two in 1987, one in 2000.
They never gave up their Fiji citizenship nor their affections for the country of their birth. The roots go deeper despite the many routes they chose under anguished circumstances of cheated hopes.
A common name and a national identity is the most challenging imperative of many post-colonial polities. Fiji has taken this immensely desirable and forward-looking step in its constitution.
Those who used race, religion, ethnicity, communalism and privileges will find it hard to survive in the new political arrangements delineated in this constitution.
In the last elected government Fiji had a Leader of the Opposition with one other member of his party and he himself had won his seat by a mere thousand votes. Such farcical situations now belong to the past.
There are no special reserved seats for anyone—if you wish to play the leadership game, your legitimacy will be derived from the will of the electorate. An “Indian “ vote is equal to the “chief’s”, if you believed in chiefs and Indians!

Anonymous said...

This is long overdue. I think Fiji civil servants need more discipline. No more long lines and queues, no more grog dope in work places, no more abuse of office, no more vakalia. Just plain old, do your job!

Anonymous said...

If you care to look back, it has not so much been the politicians but the civil servants who're the culprit for coups. They manipulate their ministers particularly the not so smart ones and before they know it, they're also caught in the civil servants web of deceit. This also goes for CEOs in the statutory bodies. Hence the reason, the ones removed by Bainimarama are colluding with the politicians to get back into power. Army training should definitely straighten the current ones including those who demand favours from the public for special services. However, this is not to say that the soldiers are incorruptible. The recent allegation of PM's men demanding cash from poor villagers who want to see the PM should be looked into.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2.45pm, you are the jutia pakala! Why make this into a racil issue? The Hibiscus improves every year because it is run very professionally and has nothing to do with race. It just happens that more Indians are involved because the Suva Retailers are the ones doing the sponsoring and not the traditional sponsors like the over-fed banks.

Anonymous said...

Sri Yukt Satendra None-Done has suddenly emerged from hibernation in full speed praise of the Bai_Kai constitution.He must be tired of feeding the birds near lake burley griffen--wants a job back in his beloved Fiji !--must be mising the goat curries from meigunyah.-the great mango chutney poet !!

Anonymous said...

Bula Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap None-Done --mate ,there is a vacancy at Lega Lega Primary School--the class one teacher has been sacked.Please apply asap.

Fijiwala said...

Fiji is a changed country since the independence. Not for the better but for worse. See the infrastructures. Look at the Government Building to start off with. It is so dirty and there is so much of deferred maintenance.Look at the roads on Fiji. The road from Lautoka to Nadi which used to be the best road in Fiji is a mess and it is the worst road in Fiji today. Two years ago Nadi Back road was tar sealed by Naim. Their workmanship sucked. Fiji Government has wasted tax payers the money. Who should take the responsibility? i would love to see the contract and see if there is any re legal precautions.

mark manning said...

Does that mean Public Servants with also have an autistic mindset like Frank the demented one and the Soldiers?

reverse engineering said...

I thought it was the military that have to be trained to get back into civilian life? only in fiji

Anonymous said...

Ni rogoca sara vakavinaka na vakailesilesi vaka matanitu!!! nomu koroi/na dede ni nomu veiqaravi/nomu i tutu vaka cakacaka se cava tale e kabi toka ena yasa ni yacamu ruarua, luvata vakaliliga toka e matamata ka curu luvaiwale mai kina loma ni keba ni mataivalu mo mai vakavulici ena muri lewa !!! Yalewa se Tagane, ni sa tukuni ga mo davo...davo sara !! ni sa tukuni ga mo cu..cu sara!! Kua ni tovolea mo kaila se mo moqe..vosota ka ciqoma ena yalo malua. Au nuitaka ni sa matata oya.

Anonymous said...

Mark manning crawl back into your mothers dirty hole and stay there. You're not Fijian and not even related to us. Fuck of you imbecile.

Anonymous said...

Na vakavulici e na muri lewa e dau vakayacori ga vei ira na gone lalai ena noda vukei ira me ra kila na ka dodonu mai na ka cala.

Vei keda na qase ka sa da sivia mai na i taqede ni bula koya, e sa da yacova na i vakatagedegede ni rai e na galala,kei na taqomaki ni noda dodonu.

Na veituberi e na muri lewa, e vakayagataki vei ira e ra sega ni kila rawa na cava na ka cala kei na cava na ka dodonu. E ra sega ni rawa ni vakaduiduitaka rawa na ka kei na cava na vuna e caka kina e dua na ka. Ka ra vakayagataka ga na veikaukauwa tale e so me yaco kina na lomadra.

Ni da veikau ki na vuli vakamataivalu, e da veikau ki na vuli vakagone lalai. Na vuravura sa toso ki liu, sa rabailevu, ka sa tu kina na veivakasama vouvou ka yavutaki e na galala kei na dodonu ni tamata yadua.

E da na calata ke da la'ki vuli tale e na vuli vakagone ka sa da sivia makawa mai.

Anonymous said...


What is there to learn from the military?
That institution has failed this nation since 1987. The officers are corrupt and liers like Bainimarama, abusers like Teleni, womanizers like Tikoitoga, educated on regimental funds like Aziz, good for nothing like Leweni, and the list goes on.

It is not worth using government funds on training civil servants on military leadership style.

Is leadership through fear is what we are trying to instill in the public service? Then we are going down the wrong lane.

PS PSC you know the truth, the civil servant is under tremendous threat from the judiciary, to the legislature and the executive arm. Poor Justice Gates, poor President, poor Naivalurua, poor you. There is no justice, no credibility, no confidence, and no money.

All abused.The country is slipping to the dogs, make a turnaround before it is too late. Put people in their proper place, and no after hours phone calls, and no cocktail court decisions like Gates.

Tell VB to let go and leave!!!

Anonymous said...

Lets face it PS,PSC is a regime testicol!

Anonymous said...

This is a similar move to the world sevens rugby where the Fiji team went through military instead of rugby training. This time around civil servants are expected to undergo military training instead of governance, management or similar training.

The end result will also be the same...they come out with the wooden spoon.

mark manning said...

@ anon 159 a.m.
Your pathetic, demented and childish response shows your calibre.
Please don't forget to take your medication.
One doesn't need to be Fijian to be concerned about Human Rights and Democracy.
Your reference to my Mother makes me suspect that you are either Islamic, a Soldier or both. either way, I'm sure you've lost the support of many females on this site as a result.
If you are a supporter of the Regime and this response is the best you can do, then it proves what we are all saying, that the Regime is doomed as it's based on filth and run by inadequate, to say the least, Human Beings of questionable character and intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Calling a semiliterate military general who grabbed power at the point of a gun and appointed himself prime minister and who threatens and abuses anybody who disagrees with his ways including even a well respected Christian padre an Awesome PM as one Simon Hazleman does in Fiji Times 27/8 says a lot about the people who describe him thus.

Anonymous said...

Simon was the name of one of Jesus disciples. By calling a man who swore at a pious Christian father an Awesome PM Simon Hazelman of Savusavu does grave injustice to that noble name. He should change his name to Masipolo Hazelman.

Anonymous said...

You are correct mark..these islamic nutters along with loose nut soldiers who count themselves as fijians are decending to low levels. As one contributor said, the flow of the muslims in fiji needs to stop. it probably wont stop soon as aziz is the man controlling the intelligence bureau and arsehole khaiyum is controlling immigration department. it has become easy for the muslims to get on leaky/rusty boats and come to fiji as muslim help in form of aziz and khaiyum is there. we will soon start hearing of shariya law calls in fiji like these refugees are doing in australia. allowing khaiyum and aziz continue will probably take fiji further into destruction of muslim brotherhood and alqaida shit. they know that all gud fijian soldiers are away or terminated so it is easy for aziz/khaiyum to bring these alqaidas in fiji and try and take over. be warned that fijians wont sit watching their land and country destroyed by muslim goons like khaiyum and aziz.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:49 does raise veryu valid points. There has been influx of muslims in Fiji from other arab countries like Pakistan, Iraq and Afganistan. During Easter, using the cover of paid advertisment and with help from junior arsehole khaiyum of FBC TV ran program discrediting Easter. What we see now is arsehole kaiyum giving all big posts in ministries he control to muslims. Some examples are that of PS in coomerce, the acting AFL GM, GM of Fijian Holding. He also sold the dairy farm in Navua to Tebara Meats owners so that he could sell halal meat. why the fuck should i eat halal meat. fuck off to arab and eat halal shit there. No place for halal meat in fiji so return our land and fuck of to pakistan or India Khaiyum. Also take all you muslim brotherhood and other indian shits supporting your regieme.

ghekko said...

the intended training of civil servants by this military regime is acknowledgement that it does not have enough support come 2014 election. commodore bainimarama's strategists know full well there are wide gaps between what he says and what he does to convince and gain the trust of the indigenous population.
fiji civil servants after having undergone the so called 'training' by military boys will now become his mouth piece and hands. they will be tools and spies to infiltrate the rural communities, churches and schools...already started in primary school in the name of discipline.
in the next 12 months we will experience a shift in the regime focus to rural, squatter, youths and unions with promises to contain their problems.
the ultimate goal for bainimarama is to win the general election.
despite these, he will not have a chance.
so he will have to rig the election.

Anonymous said...

sa baci vakarau tekivu na vesumona keina lawaki lasulasu - sa da oca mai dou vicai

An impossible exit said...

The Word - both timeless and ever relevant. Today's scheduled Gospel is so apt and speaks strongly to the subject of this particular thread - in trying to make good what everyone considers an impossible exit...

"Alas for you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites!

You pay your tithe of mint and dill and cummin and have neglected the weightier matters of the Law -justice, mercy, good faith!

These you should have practised, those not neglected.

You blind guides, straining out gnats and swallowing camels!

Alas for you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites!

You clean the outside of cup and dish and leave the inside full of extortion and intemperance.

Blind Pharisee! Clean the inside of cup and dish first so that it and the outside are both clean."
~ Gospel, Matthew 23:23-26

The Verse said...

what a timely reminder.
but it has fallen over deaf ears for many years and definitely silenced over the last 8 years.

An impossible exit said...

@ The Verse

I don't disagree. As I've noted earlier, the Gospels are timeless and relevant - ever ancient, ever new. A sword that cuts both ways.

An impossible exit said...

Taking a closer, microscopic view of today's lesson against the vices of "extortion and intemperance".

ex·tor·tion (k-stôrshn)

1. Illegal use of one's official position or powers to obtain property, funds, or patronage.

2. the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one's office or authority.

3. An excessive or exorbitant charge.

4. Something extorted.

in·tem·per·ance (n-tmpr-ns, -prns)
1. Lack of temperance, as in the indulgence of an appetite or a passion.

2. Excessive use of alcoholic beverages.

BC said...

What the STUPID Soldiers seem to have failed to understand is that HUMAN BEINGS TEND TO FOLLOW WHAT YOU DO RATHER THAN WHAT YOU SAY.

If the Boss ( Bainimarama ) is stealing then of course his servants will also steal.
And Civil Servants will steal, and increasingly become more corrupt for this very reason.
You don't have to be a half-dead bird to realise this.

If Parmesh Chand cannot understand this basic concept, then how the fark is he leading PSC and writing all these Memos.
Its obvious that he is just as stupid as the stupid farking soldiers that are ordering him around.

Anonymous said...

Rumours about Air Pacific flight grounded because of trouble with Airbus - anybody know anything???

Ki-Bau said...

My fellow SODELPA colleagues. Support this constitution as we will easily win the election. The proportional voting system means that we will win 67% of% fiji's of fiji's population are fijian. After the election we change the constitution and bring back the chiefs.

Anonymous said...

ANON 12.10. You are just as full of shit as the Muslims and Indians you are blaming. Can you please show me the Afghans and the Pakistanis and the Arabs in Fiji. Your hate filled comments make no sense. Viti Corp was sold to Tebara because no one wanted to buy it.It is and always had been a loss making farm. Even the KIWIS could not make it work. If you think you could have done better why did you not apply to buy it you dumb piece of shit. Stop spewing hatred you moron. The Indians both Muslims and Hindus have lived here for over 150 years in peace. You kind has been the biggest contributor to instability in this country and no one else. Khaiyum will not be here for ever but i bet you a million dollars that another Frank or Rabuka is just waiting around the corner to fuck this country all over again.Get a life and buy a brain while you are at it you "KAISIBOKOLA"

Anonymous said...

Na wekaqu? O au e dua ga na tawa Vanua vaka taki kemuni beka. Au kawa ni matanitu Vanua ga.e ra dau qarauna Turaga ga na tikaqu mai liu Me yacovi ira mai na tamaqu. Keimami vuli Vinaka ka cakacaka tu e na matanitu e so vei keimami e ra lai vakoroi mai valagi e ra sa cakacaka tu kina.Ia na neimaimi I tavi ki n a neimaimi Vanua kei na Turaga keimami dau marau taka ni keimami qarava tu e yalo dina..na neimaimi vuli e ra dui qarava Sara ga na tamai keimami ka ra dau veivuke tale tu kina na Turaga e na kena solevaki na vei ka e qarava kina na neimaimi vuli.. Ni vosota niu vakamacalataka na Noqu bula ni veiqaravi ki na Vanua,matanitu ka vaka tale ga kina a lotu.Au vakavinavinaka vei kemuni niratou sa vakoroi e 3 na nomu ni solisoli qori na tubu Ka ni bula Qo e gadarevi I ga kina vaka levu na vuli e a Ke na I vakatagedegede e cake. Me yaragi ni veiqaravi kei na veiliutaki..

rajend naidu said...

we read in the regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun (25/8) under 'Unite Now' that former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has said "the people of Fiji must stand united and support the new constitution".
That is one title Rabuka has but the title for which he is world renown is that he was the one who carried out the first military coup against a democratically elected government in Fiji and the Pacific region.
He is the one who is responsible for the rot the country still finds itself in today. He divided the people of Fiji with his racist ideology and his
racist constitution.
Rabuka has no right to offer guidance to the people of Fiji.
Only untainted leaders can do that.
Rabuka is a tainted leader.
He should do the people of Fiji a favour by living his life quietly in his village in Drekeniwai in his twilight years.
The people of Fiji can decide for themselves what is the right thing for them to do without Rabuka's help.
And the one thing I am sure the people of Fiji would decide to do is to get rid of the military mob ruling over them the first chance they get.

Anonymous said...

PS PSC, WTF is wrong with your brains. Most of the Civil Servants are well trained and more experienced than the Army boys. It is them who should train the Army Boys like Iliesa Lutu for instance and Joe Blow another better option,
most of these Army boys have not been busy for eight years from 8am to 4.30pm in every F working days. they are so good in reading porn news, playing computer card games and saluting each other till night falls before they start their crawls.
Do you PS PSC would like to taste some Army ice cream and jelly? get your ass up there ASAP before your officers follow for their training exercise.
Sweet Dreams kalito!!

Moment of Truth said...

Vinaka Rajen Naidu for your post for I hadn't seen the Rabuka article. Hve just read it very quickly - so insulting and unworthy of a "leader".

Rabuka is all about self-preservation.

What gain and goodwill earned in pursuing the enactment of the 1997 Constitution, now rings hollow and shallow.

Rabuka knows more than anyone that what Fiji probably needs right now (there is never a better time) is to deal properly with her painful past by turning inside out the pandora coup box and burying it for good. Then start anew. Then start afresh. On a clean slate.

Might that be through a Truth, Lessons Learnt & Reconciliation process? One that underpins the current constitutional process back to democracy and to self-governance by the people, for the people.

Rabuka is the perfect man to start this off. And probably the only person in this country who should do it for he has it within his absolute power and will, to take the first step towards the genuine rebuilding of a torn nation - by unequivocally renouncing his immunity as contained still in the junta's constitution.

Then submit himself to the people's will and collective judgement under a properly constituted judiciary.

Only men worth their salt and thereby worthy of our ears would step up to the challenge.

Moment of Truth said...

Truth be known, I'm wistfully wishing that I was in Rabuka's shoes since the choice is so clear and easy for me. More so if I was in my 60s since I'd be seriously thinking of my legacy... this is way past the "No Other Way" excuse era... just saying.

Anonymous said...

You sound like Bainimarama as youve just turned 60 a few months back,however,it seems that there is a competition between you and Rabuka as who takesover the country longer as you said that it was eassy when Rabuka tooak over and you have gone past the" NO OTHER WAY " You have done what you did but you made a wrong move in taking oiut the BLV the body that could have made your work more eazy like Rabuka did.Now you are facing the oppositioin of the i taukei whom you victimised and you with your feature generations will be branded as coward and traitor. That will be you legacy

Anonymous said...

Anon@11:27am...Please stop the insanity!
Bainimarama was never a
He was a mere naval commodore,
a rank way below a Military Ganeral.
The assole can't even
smell the Higher rank
in the Navy?
That would be someone
with a Rear-Admiral,
Vice-Admiral or Admiral
ranks, for
which Bainimarama is not!
Now that you've said
something crazy,i'm sure the
blockhead is going to appoint
himself the Admiral?
or worse he might call
himself a Military General?

Anonymous said...

Frank will become of president in 2014 forget about elected PM.
Khaiyum will be pm see what he said in speech in Kadavu meeting.

Anonymous said...

Dina says...

How can the military provide credible training on Leadership, management etc to civil servants when they themselves and their commander doesn't understand it in the first place.

even the stupid men on the street will understand that you need to be trained by experts and law abiding citizens who have utmost respect for law/justice and for their people.

Not the military in Fiji for goodness sake....these coup-sters and law breakers...???. What can right thinking people learn from these idiots who have taken over by force an elected govt.

Its like this....Nazhaat Shameem who was chief legal adviser and coup instigator/beneficiary and law breaker talking good governance & obey the law to fellow lawyers....????

Fiji has really gone down to Naboro rubbish dump and the Dogs..

rajend naidu said...

Article 31 of the Russian Constitution guarantees citizens the right to peaceful protest and demonstrations but Russian President Vladimir Putin has has decreed a new law banning demonstrations and rallies during the Sochi Olymics.
Rights organizations have voiced concerns about what they describe as "the harassment and intimidation of civil society" advocates in Sochi. Human Rights Watch said in a statement that environmental, human rights and other activists have been "the targets of attacks, detention for peaceful protests and police searches" (' Putin Bans Protests in Sochi During 2014 Winter Olympic Amid Outrage at Russia's Anti-Gay Laws' Huffington Post World 23/8/2013).
So much for constitutional "guarantees"!
Constitutional guarantees depend on the kind of people in power.
If you have people who respect the constitution then the guarantees are assured.
If you have people who have no genuine regard for the constitution then shit will continue to happen even after the guarantees are eloquently articulated in a constitution
From our experience of how our constitutions have been trashed in Fiji it should not be difficult to see what constitutional guarantees are worth in real terms to the ordinary citizenry..

Hairyass kaiyum said...

the training by the army is necessary because there will be a paradigm shift in government and the public service from democratic rule to autocratic military style rule by a non army person...that's me. I have trained the army in this paradigm shift of mindset of you Fijians and now its their turn to pass their wisdom on to the rest of the public service, and then after that the soldiers will be sent out to the community to reinforce this paradigm shift in the national psyche and holistic emancipatic muslimatic automatic brain set.

by the way franky and I have been telling you lies about Fiji airways buying and owning three new airbuses. Sorry. Victor Lal find out that yes we used your fnpf money to buy the planes second hand but they were bought for an Irish company called Waqavuka Financing Limited owned by me and frank and flybynite. so sorry.

Moment of Truth said...

@ anon 6.17am

Who were you talking to please? Ni o volavola tiko, au kerea mo ni vakasama tale tiko ga. Eda gadreva kece tiko me da toso vata i liu, me kua ni dua na wasewase ni tamata mera biu tu mai. We're now in the 21st century, not even Ratu Sukuna's era. I just don't cease to be amazed at some of you, supposedly of the older and wiser generation.

There's no competition being talked about in my posts above. What I'm driving at is "setting the record straight" once and for all. It's about doing the right thing by the people, and for the people, of Fiji. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why is Rabuka compounding the problem, naively hoping that Fijians would suddenly grow stupid to look the other way.

There is no other way. And there's no one better than Rabuka to do the right thing, while he still has time and wits to set the record straight.

Anonymous said...

Hairy ass @11.41am. Waqavaqu Finance was revealed by annonymous blogger on C4.5 in June. Eight directors if I remember correctly. Google Waqavaqu and C4.5 and you will find.

Anonymous said...

According to Simon Masipolo Hazelman there must be no coitus interruptus as the military goons continue their rape of democracy in Fiji !

spirit of the dead!!! said...

Khaiyum and Bainimarama you two lost the plot,now the people are making fun of you two from military personnel themselves and down the file,the current senior civil servant too are laughing at you too,you two must be ashamed of what you are doing to this country!!!!!!You two are a talk of any gathering be it indian or fijian you will be surprise come election results.

Wake up Fiji said...

Waqavaqu was registered in Ireland -where there are 'No desks. No staff. No tax. Ireland’s shadow banks.' See link below. Man,this regime is dirty. Time Fiji people wake up.

Anonymous said...
On the launch of Fiji Airways, ye, the pensioners' money went towards the purchase of the A330 for Air Pacific. BUT no where on the aeroplane does it say that it belongs to Air Pacific of Fiji Airways or that Fiji National Provident Fund is an interested party. In fact, the aircrafts belong to Waqavuka Holdings which was formed in Ireland prior to the purchase. Checking the website discloses very little of who the directors are of this Waqavuka Holding. Does Wanqavuka Holdings belong to David Pfliegger and cronies and have used pensioners' money to form this Holding which now leases the A33os back to Fiji Airways at a cost of course. Is this one of the reasons that Pfliegger did not wish to stay in the country any longer for fear of being found out?
June 28, 2013 at 8:12 PM

Anonymous said...

Waqavuka Financing Limited
Updated: 7 hours ago 132 Views

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Waqavuka Financing Limited was set up on Mon the 28th of Jan 2013 in Dublin 1. Their current status is Normal. The company's current directors Eimir McGrath, David McGuinness and Rhys Owens have been the director of 438 other companies between them - 97 of which are now closed. According to our records, Waqavuka Financing Limited has not had judgments registered against it for Bad Debts in the past 6 years.
Company Vitals

Company Name:Waqavuka Financing Limited
Time in Business:4 Months
Company Number:523015
Current Status:Normal
Principal Activity:[71.23] Renting Of Air Transport Equipment
May Trade As:Waqavuka Financing Ltd

Registered Address:5 Harbourmaster Place,
Dublin 1

Standard Report

Full Company Vitals, including Directors & Mortgages

View a sample report

Wake up Fiji said...


Name Co. Director Address Directorships
Rhys Owens Yes DUBLIN 14 162
David Mcguinness Yes DROGHEDA 9

and 1 other directors liste
June 29, 2013 at 1:37 AM

Standard Report

Full Company Vitals, including Directors & Mortgages

View a sample report


Name Co. Director Address Directorships
Rhys Owens Yes DUBLIN 14 162
David Mcguinness Yes DROGHEDA 9

and 1 other directors liste
June 29, 2013 at 1:37 AM
tuks said...
@8:12 and 1:37

It is connected why a fijian name in Ireland business industries registry?

If Fiji Airway is leased out to Fiji Government this is fatal blow to our ecomy!!!
June 29, 2013 at 1:46 AM
Anonymous said...
Directors of 8 other companies! Pretty obvious this is a shell company, setup offshore to mask Fijian participants and to avoid Fijian taxes.

Didn't this regime go after FIJI Water for much the same sort of thing?

Re: Waqavuka Finance; See http://www.solocheck.ie/PurchasedCoReport?companyNumber=523015

August 15, 2013 at 6:42 PM
Anonymous said...
The link below details how shadow financing works esp. in Ireland where is also Waqavuka Financing is registered.


August 15, 2013 at 10:44 PM

Anonymous said...
to answer your qn : details on waqavuka financing limited, an irish based company

Company Summary

Waqavuka Financing Limited was set up on Mon the 28th of Jan 2013. Their current status is Normal. The company's current directors Eimir McGrath, David McGuinness and Rhys Owens have been the director of 441 other Irish companies between them; 99 of which are now closed.
Company Vitals

Company Number:523015
Current Status:NORMAL

Registered Address: 5 HARBOURMASTER PLACE
Next Annual Return Date: 28/07/2013
Last AR Filed:
Last Accounts To Date:

Directors as per C.R.O. at 26/08/2013
August 27, 2013 at 5:24 PM
Anonymous said..

The Army Curse said...

rajen, there are no constitutional guarantees anywhere in the world including Fiji until the military understands that they have no right or mandate to use their guns to subdue the people when they exercise their rights under whatever constitution it is, AND when the Court orders them to go back to barracks when the people ask that they obey immediately.
That is the curse in Fiji. Fiji will never be stable until the Army is completely nullified and stripped of any powers to interfere in matters of internal security.

Anonymous said...

O iko e rairai sa leqa tiko nomu qavokavoka. Au via tukuna tiko yani na bula qo na bula ni veiqaravi qai kena i sau mai mna via dabe mai cake kei na ulukau. Ia sa rauta mada ga baleta na tamata vakataki iko e dredre na vaetalanoa kaya ni o sa vakadonui iko tu ga vakataki iko.Keimami na ulukau keimami vaka matani vola mai na USP keimami raica basikata tiko yani na nomu bula e na kena lolovira qai vakaloloma na nomu i vosavosa au sega ni vakabauta ni ra vuli na luvemu mai na USP. vosa2 ni kai veikau tamata sega nona i tovo lako ga vei Bainimarama lai masi koya wavoki tu drau yavu ulukau.

Anonymous said...

Ni vicai na sotia.
Ni veivutusona
Ni yavu yalowai.

The Immunity Cloak said...

Whatever hidden scams including the Air Fiji-Airbus purchase/lease-Waqavuka scam soon to be unveiled, the key junta players and collaborators have conveniently covered themselves under the IMMUNITY clauses in Chapter 10 of their constitution, from any criminal or civil liability.

It's the height of arrogance and injustice.

How far do the good, responsible citizens of Fiji let these "pretenders in power" get away with the murder and ruin of their nation?

Anonymous said...

"As long as a dictator pays his soldiers well, his empire will last forever." (from the movie 'Quo Vadis').

I was quite interested in some of Rabuka's earlier statements and I was quite prepared to vote for him if he wanted to run for election. But I have now changed my mind.

I think he is now just coming in for the money instead of for the welfare of the indigenous people who just need to protect their land before they lose it altogether. This unfair and unjust constitution does not guarantee that.

Well. I guess he is just a bird of the same feathers as his army buddy and colleague BhainiMarama in executing military coups and causing big deficits in the economy.

Anonymous said...

To Fiji Army sodomites,


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:33PM August 28. Kemuni ni reply tiko vei cei, lol. Vaka ni vosa vosa yalo muni tiko. Na cava ni kanaka tiko. Vuli mai USP qai vosavosayalona tiko? Rairai vuli beka mai St Giles Ke sega ni kila na page e veitalanoa tiko kina. Sa dri yani.

Better late than never said...

Please spare a minute in silence today for all Syrians esp. women & children as they brace themselves against an imminent strike by the US military might.

If only the western democratic powers had decisively intervened much earlier on against the Assad dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

We really don't need a new constitution
to form political
parties or elect
our parliamentary members!
We can declare the 1970 constitution in operation
and work from there?
We can even entrenched
the emunity
clause if it's the
only way for this
illegal regime to comply?
After the election then we'll review their fuckup
in the new parliament,
if we agree
that some or all of the
clauses are valid &
excellent, then we'll
vote for it?If it's inappropriate
then we know where to sent it?

Just Wrong said...

Here we go again with regimetrying to change mindset of citizens.

I-Taukei people cannot be leading all the time-PM
Publish date/time: 28/08/2013 [07:11]

Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has told the delegates of the Kadavu Provincial Council that the iTaukei people cannot be leading all the time.

During a talanoa session after the opening of the Kadavu Provincial Council at Suva's Studio 6, one of the delegates asked the Prime Minister why he has brought in people from other races to take up various leadership positions in the government.

Commodore Bainimarama stressed that iTaukei people should change their mindset on how they see things and if they cannot cope with their work, people can be brought in from other countries.

The Prime Minister said he always wants the best person to take up the positions to serve the people well and if they are not performing, he can remove them from their post.

He added that race does not matter as he needs people with the right skill sets to take up the positions for the benefit of people of the country.

Commodore Bainimarama has reminded parents to put more focus on their children's education which is a good investment for their future.

He has told the delegates that the province should be firm and expect the general elections to go ahead next year as promised by the government.

The Prime Minister said the new constitution will benefit the people of Kadavu

Anonymous said...

QUODOS to Frank!!

Anonymous said...

ARSEMUCK Patel the FEA CEO should be one of the first people to attend this training.
He lacks basic leadership and management skills, lacks the "Will" to think outside the box and take risks, lacks motivating his staff,it is always 'Me','Me',and 'Me' nd never ever 'WE'. Whilsthe has not given his staff a decent payrise since becoming CEO, he has theaudacity to try andjustify an exorbitantpay packaage for himself!!
]He too is getting greedy like Bainimagana and his ILLEGAL lot!!
I am amazed that he hs not been fired yet when his extra marital affairs is known by his staff and is the talk of the Hari Krishna people in Lautoka!!
Things are so BAD and I mean BAD that morale is at an all time low amongst the staff that people are leaving in HUGE numbers!!

Anonymous said...

Supposing the US will go ahead with
a strike at Syria-would that means
that they may requires some military helps from the FMF?
If so,
Bai how many people can we
afford to sent to the USA?
Can we please,
ask Mahendra Chodhry to form a Indo-Fijian military
troop to participate in
military strikes?
Maybe Prof Narsey
can do
the same too?

Anonymous said...

First, you brainwash the half-educated soldiers. Then they goose-step out of camp to gather up workers for the same brainwashing. Eventually, you see them with their families at choreographed regime functions singing praises to the Fuhrer and his evil bespectacled Himmler.