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Monday, August 5, 2013

Fiji Airways flight turned back after engine catches fire

A passenger sent this photo from the plane

Problems with a Fiji Airways plane this morning - the flight had to be turned back to Auckland after the engine caught fire.

128 people were on board when the plane, which is believed to be a 737, which took off for Suva just after 10 but it was forced to turn back less than an hour later.

Arrival of the Taveuni in March
It's thought the right hand engine of the aircraft caught fire mid flight.

A New Zealand Fire Service spokesperson says the plane landed safely but six appliances were on hand and watched as passengers got off.

There has been no statement from the newly launched Fiji Airways and none of the Fiji media have run the story yet.

Fiji Airways has purchased two new A330 Airbuses this year to replace its 737s.


Namela said...

I am not surprised that this airline will be dogged with hosts of financial, technical, administrative, PR and all other sorts of problems associated with illegality of Govt that runs it.

The recently reported downward trending KIWI patronage, thuggish use of FNPF funds to buy planes and unbelievable reports on profitability all paint a negative feel to the airline.

All aspects of life in Fiji like this airline have been trashed by the illegal Govt and nothing will be right till we boot out the illegal Govt.

mark manning said...

Fiji Air, who farted?

Radiolucas said...

No-one believes anything that the regime has printed - they lie, even when they don't have to - so why would anyone believe any of them?

Remember the constitution? It was due in April / May / June / July...? Now when?

Just another bunch of lies and false promises while they keep themselves busy on holiday and sending their money overseas.

The RFMF Investment Bank must be very busy this month.

wadana said...

Almost exactly a year to election...as mentioned before more drama will be unfolded in front of everyone...each one trying to secure his/her loot before bowing out richer!!

Anonymous said...

this is what happens when u put people in high positions without merit and chase away the qualified meritorious workers. Both public and private sectors starting to show signs of fatigue??

Anonymous said...

Airbuses are to replace B747 and B767, and not B737.

I think purchase of these Airbuses will make Khaiyum and Bainimarama very rich while FNPF and Air Pacific head for bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Engine defects are early signs of the airlines inability to maintain the aircrafts and financial problems.

Qantas with about 200 aircraft does not have any history of engine fires.

Anonymous said...

The three Airbus is leased out to FIJI not Fiji owned...!!!!!!!!!

Vave R said...

If you value your life and lives of your family and friends do not fly Fiji Air (Fiji Fart)and persuade your loved ones to fly other airlines.


Anonymous said...

Other countries stopped using airbuses some time back. Why are we?

Anonymous said...

Oh give it a rest will you guys. Qantas has also suffered its fare share of dramas with the A380's. People here saying we should not fly Fiji Airways should get a grip, these things happen, and they (Fiji Airways) still has an excellent track record. Dont invlove politics with this drama, BM, AS dont control what the pilots do at 30,000 Feet!!

Anonymous said...

These are new planes and it is having all these problems.

Khayium must have got huge commission and is handled by aunty Nur offshore.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to work out how the Airbus issue crept in. The article clearly says it was a Boeing 737 not an A330 - unless some out there don't know the difference.. :)

Anonymous said...

who got commission on the purchase of these planes?

Anonymous said...

I have been tricked and robbed by 3 mullah in past 5 years over 70k.how can i trust islam and mullah are honest people.look at another example feroz a jan robbed govt for millions..shame on mullah and some muslim crooks.

Anonymous said...

what the fark has umaria got to do with topic dickheads???

Anonymous said...

Any word on the new planes and how they getting on?

Fark Fanning said...

In reply to the second poster :

Its always the one who farts and then tries to divert attention by asking who farted !!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who owns the new 3 Airbus aircrafts?

There is some claim that a finance company in Ireland owns the aircraft with some real dodgy directors.

Anonymous said...

Aircrafts were delivered soon after orders were placed, which is not normal when buying new aircrafts. Could these be refurbished aircrafts and not brand new aircrafts from factory?

A330 are no longer produced or production is about to end, why did Fiji Airways not buy something more modern to the industry? Does not make sense.

Anonymous said...

Levu ga na vosa!!!Never realised there were so many aircraft experts in a country where about 90% of the population dont even have a car.
Levu ga na viavia kila macawa.

Start contemplating on how much you will get upon retirement from your FNPF savings...aint that something worth talking about?.

rajend naidu said...

I refer to the article 'Fijian Forum time to speak up: Gusmao' in the regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun 5/8.
Xanana Gusmao the elected Prime Minister of Timor Leste was once a freedom fighter who fought to free his people from imposed Indonesian rule. I have great respect for him and what he fought for. As a student at USP in 1975 I joined the many people around the world who condemned the Indonesian invasion and called for Gusmao to be set free when he was imprisoned by the Indonesian invaders. And I have supported the cause of the people of East Timor ever since right up till they won their independence and freedom.
What I would like to know during his visit to Fiji is what is Gusmao's thinking on the IMPOSED rule by the Fijian military on the Fijian people?
For 8 years now the people of Fiji have been denied their democratic rights and freedoms. They have been governed WITHOUT their consent. Their right to choose who should govern them has been denied them. This is a right that the people of Timor Leste now enjoy.
The Fijian peoples' fundamental freedoms to free speech and right to peaceful demonstration have been taken away.
What does Gusmao have to say about that?
I am sure many people in Fiji would like to hear what Gusmao has to say about the imposed Fiji military rule in Fiji.

rajend naidu said...

Jyoti Pratibha the sycophantic Fiji Sun reporter for the Fiji military regime wants to know why " our columnist" the "highly experienced" Graham Davis is not given access in some "closed forum" so that he can present his "robust response" to the attacks on him (Unfriendly Forum , Coconut Wireless FS 5/8)
I don't know what forum she means but why should any independent forum give him space?
Graham Davis is an unashamedly regime propagandist pretending to be an "independent" journalist.
He should stick with the regime newspaper the Fiji Sun which is free to give him all the space he needs to do his paid propaganda work for the regime.
That kind of rubbish is best confined to the Fiji Sun!

Anonymous said...

Purchase of 3 A330 aircrafts for 1.8 billion dollars plus interest is the biggest scam pushed on the people of Fiji.

It is bigger than NBF, Agriculture and Maras cyclone scam combined.

Anonymous said...

The Airbuss is owned by Waqavuka Holdings and leased to Air Pacific. Waqavuka Holdings was formed just prior to the Airbuss arrived in Fiji. Directors are very shady. So Air Pacific or Fiji Scareways DO NOT OWN the Airbuss as advertised by this regime and FNPF. someone else is making a huge commission from the lease money paid by Fiji Scareways.

Used Car Salesman said...

the airbuses are not new. they are used demo models in Europe.
and have we got qualified local pilots to fly these expensive toys yet??? or still relying on overseas pilots at much expense.

Anonymous said...

so waqavuka holdings is owned by who? are they dictating the lease agreements since they are the main lessor? waqavuka is a Fijian name so who in Fiji owns it? expats and top brass? are they millionaires now from the deal? can someone answer this pls

Anonymous said...

This convo is so EFFED

Anonymous said...

A330 costs about US$200 million each and more you buy better buying power you have. This equals F$1.1 billion dollars so why are we paying $1.8 billion dollars for second hand aircrafts which is no longer in production.

How much has Bainimarama, Khaiyum and former CEO are making out of this deal. We were told the deal was between Airbus and Air Pacific directly so where does this company in Ireland fit in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Anon 717

Are you another of Khaiyums thug?

Anonymous said...

The Bainimarama military lead government have taken out one of the fundamental of ethnic Fijian tradition and culture that is "RESPECT".Bainimarama have removed the BLV and condamn our chiefs now he and his followers want us to respect them. and it seems that he is enjoying the chiefly reception protocl that are normally done to chief.Now a blogger is saying "sa kua soti mada na muri i tovo" sa yali na veirokorokovi.Who is responsible ? Bainimarama and his illegal regime.Let me make myself clear here 90% of The i taukei race have no respect for Bainimarama,the military and the muslim elite group who are suppporting him. If they have no respect for our chiefs which is a corner stone of our tradition and culture then do not expect any respect from us the native fijia. So vei kemuni na sotia sa viavialevu na i tautau ni nomuni vosa vei ira na na noda turaga, kei na marama bale sa sega na nomuni i tovo nanuma tiko o na sega ni sotia tu ga me yacova nomu mate . E na oti o na gole tale i nakoro mo lai lewe ni vanua. Kua ni sika vaka veitalia na weli.If you want to be respected then you have to show respect

Anonymous said...

Anon: August 7, 2013 at 2:27 AM Please Solidier Boys understand what is being said by those who care and love you being the children we raised as the Fijian Race the iTaukei kei Viti. Our days as parents and grand-parents are coming closer to say goodbye to you to join your ancestors awaiting the "Day of Judgement" in our grave. Yalovinaka sara Soldier Boys, drop your guns and walkaway to the TRUTH and join us to defend the Vanua, Lotu and Matavuvale while we your elders are still alive via our cultures, customs and traditions.

Your days of soldiering will be over one day soon and you will go back home to your Vanua, Lotu and Matavuvale. What then? We are still here waiting for you to return home with open arms and follow the cycle of life to the grave. If you do not do what is right for the Vanua, Lotu and Matavuvale your own children will give you painful endings in your life. When DEATH takes you out from your Vanua, Lotu and Matavuvale to your grave, DEATH will meet you again up there and take you away to the place where Pains and Suffering will never ends with you.

That Muslim will never help you after your days of soldiering come to an end because his days of suffering are coming closer on him too. We will all reap what we sowed.

We love you Soldier Boys and we will continue praying for all of us including those in Golan Height, Iraq, Lebanon and Sinai and elsewhere that peace and love be with us forever.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:27 AM

""The Bainimarama military lead government have taken out one of the fundamental of ethnic Fijian tradition and culture that is "RESPECT".""

If one of the fundamentals of ethnic Fijian culture and tradition was 'respect' how come even before this government respect was not demonstrated by many ?

Domestic violence, rape, incest, child molestation, spitting, littering, violent robbery, corruption and all the other crimes that can be classed as showing no respect for others were around.

Close save for $175m FNPF investment said...


Fiji Times August 2013: THE Fiji National Provident Fund's $US92million ($F175.7m) investment in Papua New Guinea-based telecommunications company bemobile is safe.
FNPF chairman Ajith Kodagoda said the money was never invested as capital because the conditions precedent was never met.

" The bemobile share subscription agreement was not completed as certain conditions critical to the achievement of the business plan projections were not met," he said from New Zealand yesterday."

Daniel Korimbao, the spokesman for PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, said they were not aware that the fund had recommenced talks with IPBC.

"We have an issue with a contractor who has got issues with government in Papua New Guinea and that contractor needs to be cleared properly before it conducts further business in this country," Mr O'Neill told Post Courier.

The PNG newspaper said Mr O'Neill did not want to expose the identity of the contractor which could lead to potential litigation.

Who is mystery 'contractor' in dud PNG bemobile venture? said...

Anyone know who the secret contractor is in the dud PNG bemobile venture in which Fiji National Provident Fund nearly lost $US92million ($F175.7m) of our money?

The spokesman for PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, talks about a "contractor who has got issues with PNG government and needs to be cleared properly before it conducts further business in this country". Mr O'Neill did not want to expose the identity of the contractor which could lead to potential litigation.

Anonymous said...

I wish to raise my concern in regards to the electronic voting which we are heading towards come Seprtember 2014.I' wondering if it can be manipulated.In view of the fact that the regime have got all the datas in terms of names and all particulars of voters and recently during the military recruitment drive thay said that about 10,000 individuals went through their process and all those 5000 signitures that were submitted by each political parties with their registration applications.Perhaps we need some electronic experts contributions to enlighhten us on this issue please.

Rigging said...

there is no electronic voting. the only thing electronic is the registration of voters. u still have to fill that piece of paper. this is just regime bull. even Australia and nz don't have electronic voting. the irony is that this electronic registration makes it easier to rig the voting...just make up a few dummy non existent voters of your own and enter into your data base.
or u can rig it by just making up a few boxes in the back room with some dummy voters and bobs ur uncle. or u can take the boxes from a polling station and substitute it with ur own.
it requires total control of the voting set up by the regime...that's why it is so important that the electoral office is independent of the regime and that we have independent observers and the police who will be present do their jobs properly and not take sides and turn a blind eye to any rigging and deceit.
with things as they are, everyone, like u, have much to be worried about, if ever we are allowed to vote.

Anonymous said...

Guys the FICAC is the brain child of. Kaiyum and his Muslim cohorts.It was established to justify one of the baseless execuses of the 2006 coup ie.coruption alleged by Bainimarama as advised by the Muslim elite racist group who hate native Fijians.This is the group who always come up with nationalist propaganda when ever a native fijian becomes national leader. One off the DPPs lawyer Aman is a great supporter of Bainimarama in the build up before the coup.His office was decorated with Bainimaramas photos and he did not realise that he was openly talking about his dislike of The SDL government and its blueprint . He was teaming up with Nazahart,Sheister Shameed, Tony Gate,Kaiyum,Chaudry and many others nd they use to have meetings at Nazharts residence at the back of the swimming pool near the national stadium, those were the people who were and are still advising thick head Bainimarama on the legal aspect of how he should go about in taking over te government. It is surprising that those lawyers and judges involve themselves in this capital offence
,being the officers of the court. So the FiCAC is an Instrument made to take out those who oppose the coup not corruption, because what they alleged against Qarases government on corruption they couldn't prove but they try their best to fabricate something against Qarase to push him out and they succeed on allegation of abuse which is civil in nature and committed about more than 10 years back and Qarase did not benefit anything out of it. Now corruption at all angles and all forms you name it ,it's happening left ,right,centre front and back. That is acceptable when regime members are doing it. If outsider does it the FICAC will deal with you instantly. So guys the law does not cover you if you support the illegal regime if you are against look out.

Anonymous said...

Religion is a personal matter.Its up to each individual what6 he or she want to believe in but it should not be a factor use to gain political milage.Unfortunately the muslim religion is using their faith brainwash its followers to an extent where followers sort of have no power to think of do things on their own. They are so pocessed by the preaching bombarded into their head that they do what ever they are told to do right or wrong. That is why they are on killing spree. When they kill innocent people the praise Alah. That is bulsheet because God loves everyone. How2 can you say you love God whom you do not see when you hate your fellow men who you see everyday ?Jesus asked Peter and said Do you love me? Peter said yes I do love you. Jesus said Feed my lamb.The third time Jesus pose the same question to Peter. Peter said you know that I love you lord Jesus said feed my sheep. Lamb and sheep in this context is refering to the people. children and older people.When you love people you are loving god and when you hurt people you are also hurting god.

Anonymous said...

The problem is Methodists lack depth when it comes to Christianity and Muslims find Methodists and others belonging to small church groups easy target. Don't forget Muslim bullshit that it is the fastest growing religion and advertise every Tom Dick and Harry who convert to Islam, one thing which Christians don't do.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8.20pm

One of the muslim converts (today's F/Times story, link below) said he formerly from the SDA church. He said his father had converted first to Islam, then the rest of his family converted except for a sister who remains a Christian. It's not clear though if the new converts who with him were former Methodists...

Interestingly, one of them who converted 2 months ago had this to say:
"I converted about two months ago with the other four men from Naqia after reading some books on Islam.
"It is the same as Christianity. But some messages that are preached in Islam are not done in Christianity. Allah says there is only one God and it's him."

Oh the poor lost soul sounds confused from the get-go - in saying that islam is the same as christianity, and then in the very next breath, that some messages preached in islam are not done in christianity.

Isa lei... sad to say, this is a perfect example illustrating how shallow their knowledge and belief in Christianity. It's clear that they had never really understood, much less appreciated, the depth, breadth and richness of their Christian faith in the first place! Oh my gosh! what treasures and treasures of knowledge and grace that are contained within our Christian faith that I am forever in awe!

These guys will never be able to draw proper comparisons because they never fully understood in the first place what their Christian living faith is all about. And that is why it was not too hard at all to take them by their noses and lead them elsewhere.

Oh how I pity them, the poor lost sheep (but still God's beloved) who had just not been taught well their exquisitely beautiful, extraordinary and living Christian faith!

Brings to mind one of parables that our Lord had taught his disciples. Btw if the Holy Bible looks too complex, go straight to the good news that is our precious GOSPELS - read, learn and believe :)

Most Christians would have noted that the settings in the parables that Jesus taught, largely involved some aspect of the land or farming... which naturally reflected the fact that He lived in an agrarian society where people wholly depended on the land for their sustenance (a bit like Fiji at the rate we're going).

Anyhow, this one is called the Parable of the Sower, one of my favorites actually. Here we go, Jesus had said to his disciples:

"Hear the parable of the sower. The seed sown on the path is the one who hears the word of the Kingdom without understanding it, and the Evil One comes and steals away what was sown in his heart.

The seed sown on rocky ground is the one who hears the word and receives it at once with joy.

But he has no root and lasts only for a time. When some tribulation or persecution comes because of the word, he immediately falls away.

The seed sown among thorns is the one who hears the word, but then worldly anxiety and the lure of riches choke the word and it bears no fruit.

But the seed sown on rich soil
is the one who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and yields a hundred or sixty or thirtyfold." (Mt. 13:18-23)

Currently, I'm still aiming for (and praying hard) that I've landed hook line and sinker in the "rich soil" category, 'coz that's a sure winner and like most of you bloggers, I like to play to win. hihi.

But seriously, lots to contemplate from our Good Lord's wise teachings, wot say you, girls & boys? Hmmm....


Anonymous said...

One other thing dear bloggers, did y'all note that the sower in that parable sowed seeds "everywhere" - and that means "everywhere" - every place on earth, not just in "safe" or predominantly christian countries... or in cyberspace trying to preach to the choir (as in other christians who already believe in Jesus).

The early christian missionaries that brought the faith to our shores lived that parable/teaching as 'plants nurtured in rich soil' - daring to bring the Good News and the Light of the World, to our ancestors who were cannibals.

As the wise say: "No Guts, No Glory!" Se va ivei ulu poris?

Anonymous said...

I am wondering why the police are still interfearing with the methodist church in their standing committee meeting and demanding for the agenda of the meeting.Why are they tyargetting the Methodist church only but not other churches. Can Bainimarama and Kaiyum enlighten us why they are doing this.Are they worried or frighten of the methodist church.and Tudravu you were a lay preacher in the methodist church where is your faith in that god that you were preaching about.May be you have shifted your faith from god to Bainimarama what a traitor you are Judas.

Anonymous said...

If loosing the election is not in your commanders vocab as a matter of urgency add it there now so that he can start preparing for a home stay at the new remand prisoners complex which he open a few days ago.Tell your commander that his destiny is prison so he can continue his round the world quickly whilst he is incharge of the governments finance and after the election he has to surrender hjimself and cooperate with the investigations. Indipendent investigators will be comming in to ensure that he is given a fare go before he is put away behind bars.Nabooro is not an option it is a must.

Anonymous said...

Who are you anyway ? and where were those other religions that you are trying to promorte their ineffectiveness and all they are doing is create gaps like what you are doing to stir people up.I am not saying the mehtodist church is better than those other church it is you who are saying that methodist church is lack depth on christianity than Muslim so you are merely saying that Muslim is better than Methodist.If you are not a methodist or christian just please just shut up and keep your believe anf faith with in you because you are trying to create a very unhealthy situtation

Anonymous said...

I totallty support the call by the FLP at their Lautoka meeting thtat the 1997 constitution to be brought back and an interime administration to be put in -place to take us to the generaol election in September 2014. That is the one MPC go for it.

Anonymous said...

Very much agree with your view that Fiji urgently need a clean up.The military regime who are currently pretending to be running our government are doing nothing in the intrest of our nation. Thay are saying a lot of things but practically doing nothing. All they are doing is for their own personal intrest.To make things worst the regimes media Fiji Sun is trying to explode all those small minor development which all government normally do to show that the regime is doing something.Tghe Fiji Sun never ever report anything about the economic situation, the governments current debt,nothing on the salaries of the regime ministers including PM and AG.and the outsorcing of go vernment contract works wheather proper procedure ar followed b efore the contract is given out. From the Fiji Suns view point as evident in their reporting is that the current Regime is doing a perfect job totally ignoring that the existance of the regime is illegal.The was nothing reported by the Fiji Sun of the brutality and abuse on prisoners nor and comment of the failure by the commissioner of police to have the matter investigated likewise the illegal action of the illegal PM in supporting the crimuinal actions of those officers who carry out those inhuman treatments on those two prisoners. The Commissioner of Police and the Prime Minister should be investigated and charged for the offence of Perverting the course of Justice in addition toi Treason.so Fiji Sun do you have any obligation to the people in terms of blance reporting ?so that the people are fed with facts and proper informations for their consumptions.When the people are denied acess to correct informations the get agitated and frustrated and could lead to uprising because what they are experiencing is not according to what media is reporting especially the Fiji Sun in this case.The mess inside the government at the moment will take years to clean up.

Anonymous said...

Who ever you are please we do to want to know your love affection and desire towards Tikoitoga and Kalouniwai cos we have better things that would enhance our feature and a better feature of our beloved Fiji to talk about. If you are intending to paint a bad picture of those two than I suggest get you evidence ad facts right an go to the Fiji Times or Fiji Sun or FBC because those are the media outlet that would enable to inform the grass root level people and everyone in Fiji have access to so your intention of character.assassination on them will achieve its aim when the people started to react. Pls do not waste our time and space in this blog,

Anonymous said...

Who ever you are please we do to want to know your love affection and desire towards Tikoitoga and Kalouniwai cos we have better things that would enhance our feature and a better feature of our beloved Fiji to talk about. If you are intending to paint a bad picture of those two than I suggest get you evidence ad facts right an go to the Fiji Times or Fiji Sun or FBC because those are the media outlet that would enable to inform the grass root level people and everyone in Fiji have access to so your intention of character.assassination on them will achieve its aim when the people started to react. Pls do not waste our time and space in this blog,

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua is following Bainimaramas style dictatorial type of leadership.Using threat to make people frighten thing of achieving his goal through that.Ok he might achieve some of his goal but the quality is not there because quality will only achieved if the producer is happy,comfortable,unskilled and interested in doing the task. Naivaluruas task here as their boss is to provide an environment conducive and appealing to man and woman under his command to enjoy what they are doing. Not threatening them. Secondly Naivalurua is not a professional policeman and he must admit the fact that he does not know real police work .that is what is going to frustrate him. Naivalurua give them the tools and improve their working condition I,e pay rise.allowane than you sea the difference. Soldiers are getting pay increase for doing nothing. It the police who are actually doing the dirty job.

Anonymous said...

The aircraft is a good longhaul plane to compete with budget airlines. JetStar uses this for Brisbane -Tokyo flight and its mainly for passengers. As for Fiji since we want to move our export, the choice is wrong and we should have remain loyal to Boeing. Anyway who owns the new aircraft? Is it Fiji Airways or Waqavuka? Who owns Waqavuka?

Anonymous said...

Lets go back to the qn, who owns waqavuka holdings?? Pls ppl dig some infor on this!

Anonymous said...

Re: Waqavuka Finance; See http://www.solocheck.ie/PurchasedCoReport?companyNumber=523015

Anonymous said...

The link below details how shadow financing works esp. in Ireland where is also Waqavuka Financing is registered.



Anonymous said...

@ 3.41pm anon

Is it the Stinsons? As in Taveuni estate and land dealers?

Anonymous said...

The problem here uis that the non i taukaei are poking their nose into the affairs of the itaukei. How many times we have been told the the person responsible for the itaukei structures in Aaiyase Kaiyum as that was his thesis when studying for his degree .He convinced Bainimarama with his group of Muslim as known to everybody who amongst other things did what Kaiyum want. Kaiyum said in his thesis that Fiji can only prosper if the i taukeis life structure in place is taken out or destroyed.The destruction of our i tauke system is not the idea of Bainimarama or any Fijian so to speak. It is the idea from an Indian Muslim. The fact is Kaiyum is now laughing. His dream has been fulfilled by whom by Bainimarama a Fijian who is now destroying his own race in return they are filling his pocket and our soldiers are benefitting from it as they carried out the orders to take over the Fijian lead government in return they have been given pay rise and senior government posituions given to them eventhough they are not qualified.It is a pity that our soldiers have taken ownership of what the regime did in taking out the BLV and the chiefly system as if it was their idea. Thy started defending it and uttered some very degrading and nasty remarks against our chiefs.What have the chiefs done to you? and do our chiefs deserve those filthy remarks you are throwing at them ?
To those fijian natives who are supporting Kaiyum to abolish the chiefly system I suggest you go and remove your names from the VKB and change your name to a muslim name not even Indian or Hindu because they also accept fijian culture and tradition.To our soldiers.It has come to a time where we Fijian come to realise that you are useless. You only boasting because you have guns.Now with the guns but at the mercy of Kaiyum who is dictating what you should do agasinst your own people.I have no doubt if Kaiyum orders you people to start shooting and killing the i taukei you will do it because you can not defend your own people.You know the truth but you are blind folded by your greed.

Anonymous said...

to answer your qn : details on waqavuka financing limited, an irish based company

Company Summary

Waqavuka Financing Limited was set up on Mon the 28th of Jan 2013. Their current status is Normal. The company's current directors Eimir McGrath, David McGuinness and Rhys Owens have been the director of 441 other Irish companies between them; 99 of which are now closed.
Company Vitals

Company Number:523015
Current Status:NORMAL

Registered Address: 5 HARBOURMASTER PLACE
Next Annual Return Date: 28/07/2013
Last AR Filed:
Last Accounts To Date:

Directors as per C.R.O. at 26/08/2013

Anonymous said...

Trouble brewing at Air Pacific.