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Friday, August 2, 2013

Fiji cameraman fired for mouthing off at Bainimarama stooge

Inoke Livanasiga in the Solomons
Drama from the illegal leader's visit to the Solomon Islands last month that didn't make the Fiji Ministry of Information Facebook pages or the propaganda machine.
A MINFO cameraman was fired for having a go at one of the regime's pet hacks - Maika Bolatiki of the Fiji Sun.
Inoke Livanasiga was given his marching orders after an altercation with military officers and Bolatiki on the afternoon of the last day of Bainimarama's trip.
He was drinking with Fiji police and soldiers when he apparently lost his temper with a police officer and swore at him.
When several military officers intercepted, Livanasiga turned on them saying "the army had fucked up the country”.
He was asked to leave the group and headed back to his hotel where Bolatiki, who is well known for his pro-regime articles, was also staying.
Bolatiki and staff with police at a workshop this week.
Livanasiga, who has been a cameraman for years and had only just joined the MINFO team, started yelling and swearing at Bolatiki, questioning his papers' support of the illegal government.

Anyone who follows the Fiji media will know that Bolatiki is usually trotted out to do the 'big stories' on Bainimarama and to 'expose' critics and rival political leaders as 'liars.'

The Fiji Sun also recently pocketed close to $40,000 from running advertisements detailing the assets and liabilities of political parties, that were ordered by the regime registrar of elections, Mohammed Saneem.

Nowhere in any of the coverage of that story, including the latest one this week on Saneem 'allowing' the Fiji Labour Party to operate again after it paid the $6,000 it owed, has Bolatiki or the Fiji Sun ever publicly acknowledged its coffers were thousands of dollars richer thanks to that ruling.
C4.5 sources say Bainimimarama’s matani-vanua stepped in and calmed Livanasiga but the damage was already done. When he got back to Fiji, a termination letter was waiting for him.


Anonymous said...

Drink ! Control !

You do not bite the hand that feeds you.

Davis is a fat liar said...

Thanks C4.5 please know that the other big liar at the Fiji Sun, Graham Davis, has got his knickers in a twist over nobody reporting julie Bishop speech that if elected the Coalition would re-engage with Fiji.Bwahhhh. Poor sod is dripping on about a 'significant u-turn' by the Australian government. Davis this mob won't be in power forever whatcha gonna do then?

Anonymous said...

Need more people like this guy Inoke Livanasiga who can tell it like it is to these military hangers ons. I'd vote for this guy, at least he's got guts.

Anonymous said...

Fiji lost in a world of lies and survival. No fire in belly.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:20 PM

Sometimes guts are mistakenly confused with stupidity.

Bet his family is pleased with him or it may be that he is lucky enough to have another job to easily walk in to.

As for voting for him, are we now saying we want photographers in parliament representing us or people that make rash decisions after a few too many to drink ?

louis avalos said...

anon 2.27pm Bainimarama survives because of assholes and lamusonas no principled lackies like u.
u Christian I guess. u just a lying fuckass.

can someone give this guy a job. he is worth it. at least u know he will not steal from u,

Anonymous said...

Word from Sols is that their PM is now being questioned as to the wisdom of having that wasteful costly Fiji delegation at their expense.

Rt Inoke Kubutikaiyum's ignorant speech appears to have riled up Peter O'Neill as well. PNG now seriously considering pulling apart the Vodafone deal with Bemobile after realising what the non-melanesian (muslim-sri lankan) connection is trying to do in pitching their super annuation against Solomon Provident fund which owns Sol Telekom, the competitor to Bemobile. MSG solidarity now coming apart at the seams, all due to stupid arrogance of regime. Those guys are not stupid, they know its all driven by an agenda which is just not Melanesian.

Meanwhile the Fiji marching band is still the butt of jokes in mainstream media in Sols. Sa vakamadua qai boicici na matanitu magaitinana qo.

Anonymous said...

@Louis Avalos 2:31 PM

I would suggest he survives because of the calibre of the competition you so aptly demonstrate.

So where was the 'lie' in my posting ?

Come on, make yourself look more stupid.

rajend naidu said...

Writing in the regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun (2/8) the principal regime propagandist Graham Davis tells us in his article '60 hours late :The ABC news' that Radio Australia's Pacific Beat took more than 60 hours to broadcast what Davis describes as " a landmark speech" to the Australia Fiji Business Forum by the Deputy Opposition leader and Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop in which she " signaled a radical overhaul of Australia's policy towards Fiji if the Coalition wins in the forthcoming Australian elections".
And this belated coverage according to "independent" journalist Graham Davis is " without a doubt ... one of the most blatant instances of censorship and news manipulation Grubsheet has ever witnessed"
And Graham Davis has been living in and propagandizing for a regime that has been engaged in all forms of censorship for over 8 years since its illegal takeover of power!
That must say a great deal about Graham Davis' "independent" journalism.
If this is the most blatant censorship he has ever witnessed then Davis must be "mata boko"!

Sitiveni said...

Another hard working citizen knocked down hitting the dust without the benefit of proper due process.

Fiji and us citizens are being herded and ruled without our say by dictatorial decrees at the whim of unelected self imposed usurpers of power who make decisions that benefit them and not the country.

This is just an example of the many dismissals, appointments and decisions made by the illegal regime over us.

And they are wanting to prolong their dictatorial rule by bribing us to vote them in next election to legitimise their rule.


Anonymous said...

a guy got drunk and acted stupid,so what"s wrong in him getting fired.
He deserves to be fired.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Nado said...

He may have indeed been guilty of wrong doing but he should be put through proper disciplinary procedures and not dictatorial summary dismissal.

Anonymous said...

The truth has finally come out .that is the tip of the ice burg.People on the surface showing their support to the illegal regime but deep in their heart they hate it so forget about winning the election Mr Illegal Regime, your supporter s are the military only and a minute number if those who benefit from our vote buying scheme. 90% are against you

Be Professional said...

> He may have indeed been guilty of wrong doing but he should be put through proper disciplinary procedures and not dictatorial summary dismissal.

WTF are you talking about? In a private company, the CEO is the dictator.

If one of my staff embarrassed my company by abusing people while on assignment overseas, you'd better believe he will be looking for another job.

Both unprofessional and despicable. He is lucky he is only losing his job and not also being arrested for verbal assault.

Why is this even newsworthy on C4.5?

C'mon Fiji! said...

It's not about not biting the hand of the treasonous dictator as the BaiKhaiyum regime does not have ANY ounce of legitimacy to be dictating to Fiji in the first place. They're a typical two-bit dictatorship ruling with guns.

Let this sorry saga be a lesson to all Fijians and dissenters - suggest that you exercise some self-discipline, self-mastery and stay away from alcohol and any form of substance-abuse (that includes drinking kava every single day...) if that has been helping you cope with the harsh realities of living under dictatorship... because all that stuff is NOT going to lead you anywhere good, healthy or productive.

We're all educated,literate adults so THINK, THINK, THINK SMART... and BE SMARTER than your oppressors when it comes to selecting your coping strategies, if you're hoping to stay the course and ultimately help the rest of us boot this dictatorial regime off the backs of the people, the nation and yank their hands out of the nation's treasury chest.

Anonymous said...

Right on @ c'mon fiji!

my coping strategy is to laugh at the shame and ridicule the regime gets (even with all the filth on their families etc)on these blogs knowing that they will be blogging as well. Thank God for these blogs, for we do not have the proper avenue to give constructive criticism without being indicted or victimised by these paranoid idiots. Otherwise we easily internalize and that is where it physically manifests itself in the form of all sorts of sickness. So curse and ridicule these bastards with all the filth they deserve, because it will eat into their conscience when they read the blogs like the are doing right now! This is all we have.

Anonymous said...

Even within the best run companies in the 1st world there are certain 'offences or acts of indiscipline' that if undertaken give your employer the right to terminate your employment on the spot.

These often include such things as fighting, abusive behaviour and stealing.

Anonymous said...

We are just waiting for the day when you will shoot each other!!!!

It happens in every instances of onholy alliance.

No big deal....Livanasiga just went through the same door as Satish Narayan..whose next?

Anonymous said...

Inoke is not the only one, another officer has been terminated without proper procedure...lol...This time the head of the 'Nations Business' chief producer...Tui..

Anonymous said...

Cheap .. royalties is a one time payment ... environmental damage is everlasting ... freaking cheap chiefs

The Truth said...

you don't get the sack for telling the truth. seems that if you tell lies you will keep your job. so please spare us the legal justification etc u unschooled bush lawyers like ur leaders.

mark manning said...

Shows frank and his Regime, can't stomach the truth!

Sanaila said...

Dharam anus Lingam, he got sacked because he didn't offer his wife to be fucked by a soldier like you. Shame on you cunt face lol

Anonymous said...

Is it true Dharam Lingam that you and Graham Davis had an affair? No wonder your wife is fucking other men behind your back, trust me I know because I fucked her too.

Anonymous said...

Be Professional@ 5.15pm. It is bosses like you that f...up companies when it comes to disciplinary issues.

No matter how strong your evidence is in an employment Tribunal or court of law, if the court finds that you have not afforded "procedural fairness" to an employee before termination, then game is over! - the employee wins the case!

I wouldn't want my company to be ordered by the Employment Tribunal to reinstate an employee who was terminated months or years ago and the company having to pay for all those unproductive hours! Like I said, resorting to these high handed dictatorial attitudes only f... up companies!

Anonymous said...

Be Professional @ 5.15pm.

Since when was a CEO the "dictator" in a company when it came to disciplinary issues?

He may be the dictator but only for a day! The Employment Tribunal has the final say if a terminated employee is aggrieved by the CEOs ruling and the CEO can go to the toilet with his decision when it is over turned by the Tribunal!

C'mon Fiji! said...

Keeping it rriighht on @ Anonymous 6.00pm. Thanks for sharing your coping strategy which I'm sure is not your only one!

It's a good idea to have a few coping strategies up your sleeve that gives you more flexibility as well as a better sense of control in our very fluid environment - one that is largely beyond our (THE PEOPLE's) control at this time.

We need to grab the moral high ground and keep it firmly within grip and in sight if we are to gain much needed support both within as well as outside Fiji. I just cannot stress this enough.

For the junta survives on creating chaos, conflict, division and all kinds of crisis, so they can have a sense of relevance and purpose to display to the world.

Ridiculing dictators is an effective strategy but more than that they need to be seen as IRRELEVANT which is what we already know they truly are, BUT FOR the guns that keep reminding us all that they're a force to be reckoned with still. That level-playing field they harp on and on about, is but a very distant dream.

Current opposition against Fiji's junta and the coup culture at large, is like a mix of colourful M&M's (um, that doesn't stand for Mark Manning, lol.) As delightfully colourful these little chocolate candies are, they should all taste the same. Ah well, we're getting there slowly on our chuchu train. I realised a long time back (was actually devastating that initial shock) that this was going to be a long, long road to Jericho.

In the meantime, here's one for the road, its an old favourite hymn (always features during the Lenten season for us Christians) but it's my all-time fav coping strategy that helps to lift the burden of my own weight. It's called "The Old Rugged Cross", here's the link and lyrics.


On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross,
The emblem of suffering and shame;
And I love that old cross where the dearest and best
For a world of lost sinners was slain.


So I’ll cherish the old rugged cross,
Till my trophies at last I lay down;
I will cling to the old rugged cross,
And exchange it some day for a crown.

O that old rugged cross, so despised by the world,
Has a wondrous attraction for me;
For the dear Lamb of God left His glory above
To bear it to dark Calvary.


In that old rugged cross, stained with blood so divine,
A wondrous beauty I see,
For ’twas on that old cross Jesus suffered and died,
To pardon and sanctify me.


To the old rugged cross I will ever be true;
Its shame and reproach gladly bear;
Then He’ll call me some day to my home far away,
Where His glory forever I’ll share.


C'mon Fiji! said...

Because He Lives, we can face tomorrow... and conquer our FEARS...


May God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

ANON @ 9.12 AND 9.14
you are a sick mother fucker.If you have any balls (i know you are impotent) than put your name on the blog site.Oh,FYI,you mother fucker<i am not married.So i suppose you fucked your own self.Oh wait,you are SDL's bitch.

Long Live the Saviour of Fiji,Bainiarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Feroz ajan charged for bribery .well there go another muslim hard working conman.thats what happen all muslim getting government work and tender.bribery at highest level with king khaiyum and bano /zarin.muslims have f our country and dumb army and police are supporting it.

Anonymous said...

Christ was resurrected but mohd rotting in grave and hell.muslim are fighting each other all over the world.fiji is becoming muslim brotherhood state .look at all top govt post and board.

Anonymous said...

@ Be Professional

Arrested for verbal assault

What planet do you live on. Half the world would be arrested if that was a crime.

We all have bad days and we pay the consequences. You are a pious moron. A prefect fit for a high ranking regime position.

Go and comment on Grubsheet. The new footpath in Lautoka is really nice I hear.

Why do regime bloggers keep commenting on this site. This site is for anyone wanting to release their frustration at the regime morons. You guys already have the Sun and the Times. You don't have to pollute everything you touch or did I miss the implementation of the Pollute Everything You Touch Decree of 2013.

Anonymous said...

M sick a tired of everyone having a go at each other hia, the issue is Inoked sacked, yes he was sacked cause he not only verbally abused government but also damaged hotel property is Solomon, now that is a big NO..for any government...so Inoke is at fault here, as for the other issue a Tui Maraseu head of Nation's business, this was just plain PS MISINFORMATION did not follow the procedure, whereas Tui did reported to her boss who just happens to be PM's nephew...did report to PS Misinformation, and Tui got the sack. Now what ahhpend to their Director do they have any or the MIN of Information is run by PS Sharon and PM's Nephew..Dan Gavidi....can anyone please answer...this is so important...ffor us to know...as elections is jst around the corner..or not.

Anonymous said...

Maikeli Bolatiki we have had enough of your bullsheet.What are you trying to prove.It does not matter how much you publish in the Fiji Sun in favour of the illegal regime only fools will believe you. The people of Fiji are aware of the truth.A typical example is Livanasiga, working for the illegal regime but could not hide the truth that the regime is massing up the whole country and people are suffering in silence. I guess its your bread and butter issue and I hope you stand by the regime when change occurs.

Dharam you cocksucker said...

Dharam Anus Lingam, you're the sick mother fucker. So you're not married? That's because no woman wants to see an ugly asshole everyday lol...so you ended up sucking cock and licking ass lol oh I heard that your mother used to be a prostitute, is this true?

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam, answer the question. Were you and Graham Davis used to screw each other?

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 1.06 and 1.08pm
You are a very very lucky person that i don't have your name and address but maybe one day that luck will run out on you and than you wont have anywhere to hide.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam,You know what?
The names of "anon @ 1.06 and 1.08pm" is strong and good enough to make you 6 months pregnant. So please, you are better off as it is. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Who control the Land, Sea and Air of the world, the Governments, The Presidents, the Prime Ministers, the Banks, the Gold and Resources?

It is the evil Satanic Groups known as the CABAL, KHAZARS, NEW WORLD ORDER,FREEMASONS, SECRET SOCIETY, ILLUMINATI, COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM . Although there are many names they used but they are of the same evil players and same butchered people of Lucifer, Stan and the Devil.

They are the most Evil Satanic Group of the world established by the Zionist Jews, Rothschilds and Rockefellers, who are the Keymen/Boss/Financier of the New World Order, Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, World Economic Forum, United Nation etc. etc., set up global policies to control Governments and the current Banking System of the world. They owned and control all Banks including Reserve and Central Banks around the world with the exception of the 4 Nations of Iran, Syria, North Korea and Cuba.

Most Laws and Constitutions of the member countries of the Commonwealth Nations were drafted and executed by the FREEMASONS or SECRET SOCIETY during their time in colonial leadership and developing the nation and most of them are still existing today. Some Nations replaced their colonial Constitution but many Laws remaining intact and Fiji is one of them. The Laws and Constitution were made to suit their own agendas especially the removal of gold and silver as their most top priority and to keep the organization alive and in authority. “No Gold/Silver No Money”. Truly to say that the Government of the past and today did not tell the WHOLE TRUTH to the land and resources owners nor to the whole nation. Rothschild is the owner of the most gold deposit of the world because he owned and control all Governments, the Banks and bankers.

It is easy to identify some of the members of the Satanic Group in Fiji. They are on the driving seats of our hotels, sports, rugby, finances, banks, universities, medias, lawyers, government ministries, chartered accountants to name a few.

The Devils’s Party is in full control. Their Rule No. 1 is to “Divide and Rule, Disunity We Stand and Confusions We Won” Their HQ is in Pacific Habour and Denarau Island drinking blood during rituals. Ask hoteliers, Seeto, Michael Brookes, Ken Roberts, Watson and Hafiz Khan the location of the worshiped ritual human SKULL which is no longer at Tokatoka Resort in Nadi. In the past, rituals of drinking bloods and meetings held at Tokatoka Resort on Saturdays at 10.00 am. either controlled by White, Chinese or Muslim.

To rest the blame on all members of our Fiji Military Forces and Fiji Police Force is very much wrong, unjustifiable and unfair because they really do not know it and they just follow orders. We must find the real sources and the roots that causing all these instability in our country and the whole world. Who are they? Why they want to depopulate 6 billion innocent people of the world.? Why encouraging people be vaccinated? Why they reviving malaria, tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, elephantiasis, leprosy and more amputation on cancers etc? Many deaths today are caused either by Cancer or Heart Attack according to doctor’s reports. These are global excuses. WHY? How come?

The New World Order and others are targeting to kill (depopulation) us the 6 billion people of the world by vaccination, food poisoning, water poisoning by fluoride, drugs and wars to name a few.

People, we do not need to abuse and tear each other this way for it will bring great irreversible problems and troubles to all of us, families and our nation. We must hold hands, walk together and love one another. We are all innocents victims of the evil Satanic Groups I mentioned above. This are the people needs to be hunted them down right NOW! And not the Soldier Boys or Police Boys.

We need God’s divine intervention through prayers to help us bring peace and harmony and to destroy all evils of our lands, resources and nation. Pray for the TRUTH to be revealed.

OMG said...

brother anon 3.22pm please don't forget to take your skitzo pill.
where the hell u from? Mars? certainly not someone on earth.
the army is the problem in Fiji. they don't know when to get out of the barracks and when out what to do and when done when to go back and frig themselves....and the freemasons and seeto and company.

TuSe is the author of confusion said...

Pull the other leg @ anon 3.22pm.

Keep your life simple stupid and read/meditate on the Holy Gospels in the Holy Bible that'll put you right, honest and on the straight and narrow - like a REAL MAN who understands the consequences of exercising his God-given FREE WILL in a fallen world that we all inhabit... instead of being a raving, joking moron pointing blame in every direction except at thyself..

Got you pinned so don't bother wriggling said...

TuSe is the author of confusion and anonymous 3.22pm is his loyal slave, the sick joke of a man.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.22pm, why spend so much of your energy on Satan and his evil plan? The most effective rejection is to try as much as possible to listen to the good in oneself more than to listen to the evil in oneself. God does the rest for the battle is His. To blame others is to imitate Satan the biggest accuser, which equates to listening to the evil in oneself. Sa dri yani.

Spy Guy said...

I have just been reliably informed that some of the hate comments being posted on c45 are in fact pro regime professional bloggers.

Will this regime and its spin doctors stop at nothing to kick up dust? Enough is enough. Piss off with your hate mail anti-Christian anti-muslim rubbish. We are not buying it Qorvis. Nice try. I will reveal the computer sources of these fools in due course. You have good IT people. Mine are much better and sitting far far away from you fools.

To you professional propagandist bloggers, quit while you are behind. Your tactics will be revealed and your masters will not be happy at all.

You leave very large footprints. You might want to upgrade your technology. No doubt you can afford it.

Anonymous said...

Political immunity should be given to everyone from 2000 onward if khaiyum and frank want immunity .thats fair not only selected few.all criminal conviction should be cleaned.all political prisoners released.

Anonymous said...

Acha Right! The Health Minister in the Fiji Military Dictatorship Dr Neil Sharma is " apolitical" according to him as reported in the regime newsletter Fiji Sun Aug 2.
The RFMF is also "apolitical"! Who else is "apolitical" currently in Fiji?
Voreqe Bainimarama? Maika Bolataki? Parmesh Chand? Sharon Jones Smith ?Graham Davis?... who else?

Kai Bau said...

Thats the problem of drinking kava all the time and once free beer is offered at the expences of the Solomon Goverment the greedy bastard acnnot control himself and spew out whats in his heart......which I believe that most of us do..the desire of the heart is more stronger than Bainimaramas gun if it is use where it should be used

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz Saiyad Kaiyum and the Muslim brotherhood in Fiji are " apolitical"...

isimeli said...

Better headline would be Fiji Photographer fired for being a drunken idiot.

jimione said...

" and telling the truth

should be the rest of the headline Isimeli

Anonymous said...

spy guy u not making sense.
u mean these guys are telling their true feelings here but telling lies outside??

Anonymous said...

Political liability cam be given immunity but criminal liability can not be given immunity.Commit crime do the time simple as that.Immunity was given only in 1987. In 2000 no immunity was given and those responsible are serving their time in prison so those responsible for the 2006 event should by all means serve the time in prison also thyanj the coup culture will be stopped.

Anonymous said...

So murder of crw soldiers was political not criminal then maichod?

Anonymous said...

Bainimara promised people in 2006 coup that no one will be allowed to stand election who are part of his interim government.so i am still thinking. how can he stand in the election now .all false promise and words from day one .lies more lies coming out now.my vote is going to another party not liars.

Anonymous said...

No immunity means no election.no wonder yash ghai reports was burned by the police and army officer .shame on these people.who was entrusted to uphold the constitution are the one destroying it .lot of soul searching to be done.

rajend naidu said...

We read in 'Zimbabwe: If not satisfied go to court, Tsvangirai told' (allAfrica The Herald Aug 3) that Mugabe's Zanu PF party deputy secretary for Legal Affairs Cde Patrick Chinamasa has said if anyone including a "presidential candidate" (meaning Opposition MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai) is not satisfied with the way the presidential elections was conducted and its outcome "the court is there".
This is to suggest that the courts are there in Zimbabwe to give equal consideration to any claims bought before it without fear and favour. That of course is plain propaganda. The reality is that the courts in Zimbabwe have been packed with Mugabe's men and these Mugabe loyalists will invariably favour him.
Cde Chinamasa himself is also the Justice and Legal Affairs Minister!
Anyone notice any parallels !
Getting opponents tangled up in court action is simply to get them tangled in an exercise in futility and to give the impression to the international community that Zimbabwe has due process and the rule of law.
Again, anyone notice any parallels!!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam asshole, don't ask for trouble because you can't do shit, all you're good at is sucking cock and ramming Graham Davis' ass. By the way, you surprised to learn about your mother being a hooker before you were born? Lol I know cos ummmmmmm I just know.

Anonymous said...

The illegal regime will go the elections. That creates a whole new raft of problems. Just remember MC worked for Frank. He got out with enough time to re-establish his credibility (if that were possible). The FLP needs to be disbanded or it will be hijacked by Frank and MC. History may well repeat itself. The FLP is MC, pure and simple. If they are a genuine party of like minded intellectuals they would have gotten rid of him a long time ago.

SDL needs to accept the demographics of Fiji. They must also protect indigenous lands. Other nations recognise ancestral lands. Unfortunately, in some case. it was left too late. Thë Rascals of PNG are an example of this. They were displaced off their land which is the site of Port Moresby. They have no way of living the traditional way off their land so they commit serious crimes as a way of retaliation.

It will be the best for ALL Fijians if ancestral lands are left in the control of the indigenous Fijians. Once upon a time land was fiercely protected by any means. Now, the AG and the PM will take this land without any opposition. There is a time for war and a time for peace. What time is it now? It is three minutes to midnight.

The elections WILL be a farce and a crude attempt to legitimise the regime either in power or power behind the scenes. If any current official remains in their position after the elections you will now the elections are a farce. Everything is pointing to a corrupt farce, but the regional governments will see it as being a step forward and they will legitimise the elected government. Then the time will be well after midnight and Fiji will be irreversibly changed for ever. Each and every Fijian will have no one to blame but themselves. It is like a Tsunami approaching. The warnings have been sent. Many will say there is no Tsunami. They will be obliterated without remedy.

Chiefs must put their people first. Their land owners and their land users alike. Therein lies the problem. Many chiefs are selfish and only wish to feather their own nests. Good chiefs, true chiefs, chiefs of the true Ratu blood unite. Protect your people and your indo-Fijian friends. Those with true Ratu blood will heed the call. Those imposters will ignore it.

rajend naidu said...

Media reports* claim Australia is secretly funding a notorious paramilitary police unit - the PNG Mobile Squad - to guard the Manus Island detention centre and keep protesting landowners under control. This is not becoming of Australian which is a member of the UN Security Council. But it does show the mismatch between what State authorities even in western democratic countries preach and what they practice.
There is clearly a great deal of hypocrisy in their politics as well.
That is hard to deny.
rajend naidu
* source 'Aust funds PNG police "thugs" on Manus' The West Australian 4/8)

Anonymous said...

Well Rajend, you can always come back to Fiji if you wish. I agree Australia may be out of step with UN convention, but Fiji is out of step with all reality.

Australia's position on Fiji is interesting indeed. All they want is appearance. An election is what they want and they will get that. It will only serve to legitimise the illegal regime. That is comment worthy.

Rajend, you are within your rights to have an opinion on EVERYTHING, but keep this blog topical. Write to The WA newspaper if it makes you feel better. We have enough problems here to deal with. Your input on our affairs is always appreciated. But please, stay on point.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy demonstrated by some writing on religion is laughable.

Why is it that some of these self taught religious experts do not realise how dumb they sound.

Anonymous said...

Christ is the true living god compared to false sex maniac criminal Mohd.If muslim brothers read the history of islam and mohd i bet 99% of them will live islam.because they will never want a liar false prophet.who killed people and married their wifes/daughters.shame mf mohd.

Anonymous said...

Christ never killed anyone and gave us freedom and choose eternal life.
10 commandment.
1st 4 commandment is to love god with all your heart mind .
last 6 commandment is love your fellow mens.
Mohd gave quran and told to kill christian kaffirs these mod and islam is a religion of satan and anti christ.
we only can pray for them and ask god to open good muslims eyes to see truth/light and get converted to christian.
they been brain wasted in the mosque by mullah

Anonymous said...

Jesus says He is the way and the Truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through Him.

That means Jesus paid the price He decides who goes to glory. The Bible says that all races and religions will be represented in heaven. I have been to church with people who will burn and I know people from other religions who are my brothers and sisters.

The bible is dangerous in the wrong hand it can be easily misinterpreted.By the way I am a campaign manager in Aus for a candidate at the next election. The candidate is a Muslim.

NOWHERE in the Bible does it say only Christians go to heaven. If that is how you read it then you are deceived.

I have Muslim and Hindu brothers. I see good and bad in all races and religions. It is a shame that in Fiji your leaders are of the worst possible kind. Discriminate against assholes not against your fellow human beings on the basis of their race or religion. Khaiyum is to be despised because he is a self worshipping asshole not because of the faith he was born in to.

Good luck Fiji.

rajend naidu said...

Reapi Nayacakalou has done a public service by informing us about a rude "JP in Nadi" (FT 2/8). Sanjeev Kumar is quite right in wanting to know "who is this rude JP"? (FT 3/8). I would like to know how the rude JP got appointed? Who appointed him?Was it a political appointment or a "kilavata" one?
So what has changed under the Bainimarama regime?

Anonymous said...

We may be idiot but one thing I would like to make clear to you and that is this blog site is for people who are educated,sensible and can demarcate legal from illegal,right from wrong and lies from truth. This illegal regime has no colour of right to be governing our country.the illegal PM is uneducated like the illegal president.They are prosecuting people for very small cases they committed the capital offence yet they want the safety of immunity. What happen to the strong man? Give him a ladies dress. Qauri. There will be no immunity you stay in Fiji and face the music .

Anonymous said...

We may be idiot but one thing I would like to make clear to you and that is this blog site is for people who are educated,sensible and can demarcate legal from illegal,right from wrong and lies from truth. This illegal regime has no colour of right to be governing our country.the illegal PM is uneducated like the illegal president.They are prosecuting people for very small cases they committed the capital offence yet they want the safety of immunity. What happen to the strong man? Give him a ladies dress. Qauri. There will be no immunity you stay in Fiji and face the music .

C'mon Fiji, up to speed! said...

Speaking of music, here's sharing an old favourite when I'm feeling a little down...


Anonymous said...

This illegal regime is no way bear the SDL and FLP because of so many reasons SDL and FLP were democratically elected by the people and as such they have the mandate of the people,Secondly the members of the SDL and FLP. we're educated ,matured and experience people.this illegal regime forcefully took over the legal government at gun point abuse ,tortured and killed people .is that better than SDL and FLP. This regime is the most corrupted government than any previous government,

Anonymous said...

This illegal regime is no way bear the SDL and FLP because of so many reasons SDL and FLP were democratically elected by the people and as such they have the mandate of the people,Secondly the members of the SDL and FLP. we're educated ,matured and experience people.this illegal regime forcefully took over the legal government at gun point abuse ,tortured and killed people .is that better than SDL and FLP. This regime is the most corrupted government than any previous government,

Anonymous said...

Egypt will have election in 1 year after the coup .they have population of 80 million .fiji had coup in 2006 why it takes 8 years to hold democratic election when our population is 800 ,000 .seems like people just coup to fill the pockets .all false promise and hope always given by coup dictators to lure people on his side.time have come for government to release all its contract/tender dealing , salaries and auditor general reports to be transparent and good accountable govt.we were promised in 2006 to have good ,transparent ,accountable govt that will hold 1997 constitution and no military will benefit.so pls prove it now.

Anonymous said...

5700 people over 70 years old are paid pension of 30-00 a month.i wonder what can they buy for 1-00 a day to eat for 3 meals.I hope they can be paid 10-00 a day so they can buy 3 meals a day.something minister for social welfare to take it up in her budget for 2014.our old people deserve better than 1-00 a day.

Stop Press said...

FijiLeaks has just received from Wikileaks a copy of this Letter from one dicktator to another:

Dear Robert

You sob old man. How did you do it again and again and again over thirty years!!! you son of a gun. I wanna beat u bastard!!
Brother, I want you to write directly to my AG (Asshole Gonorear) to tell him how you did it. He has no idea how to rig my erections (sic). But I don't want you to give him the impression that he is the man behind Fiji dicktatorship?
My name is Bainimarama and I am the real (dick)head of the Fijian dicktatorship (sic). My name means woman and woman in the two main Fijian dialects. That’s why I am the double barreled son of a gun with power in Fiji. My title is Rear Admirer just like my AG and my Chief Justice and President of Court of Appeal.
By the way I wanna beat ur country with the biggest cheque book in the world that people can have because I wanna make all Fijians millionaires like me and my Asshole Gonorear. Can you tell me what is the biggest size cheque leaf u have?? 20 feet long so it can fit all the zeros on the one leaf? I am planning 8 metres (that’s 24 feet plus) long cheque books for the 8th year anniversary of my coup this Christmas. one metre for each year.
I will send you one book in exchange for your information and secret on how u manage to have elections 6 times (?) and win without having to vote yourself. My Asshole Gonorear has not got the brains to do it despite his fancy tvshows.
moce mada

Regimental Robber said...

Oh anon 8.37am there is much much more.
I heard from a pensioner that his pension has been cut by 52%?? that means that the government has taken away more than their contribution to this good old man who has faithfully served the government. It also means and in fact this regime has STOLEN 2% of the pensioner's own money deducted from each pay packet over the pensioner's working life???

Anonymous said...

its so easy to fill your pockets from this illegal regime,news on hand ,DRUGS FROM INDIA SENT TO AUSTRALIA TO BE REPACKED BY AGENTS OF CHOR NEEL SHARMA AND ROHIT OF SAMABULA AND SENT TO GOVERNMENT PHARMACY AT DOUBLE THE PRICE and estra profits noew diverted to some new bank accounts ,Catch me if you can Frank that's what Neel is saying

Anonymous said...

I missed the story on Feroz Jan of Western Builders ,any thing new ,He brings in the Palau from Ba for PM and AG Every Sunday

Anonymous said...

You said it. The 2006 coup is just to fill the perpetrator s pocket.there is no justification of holding on for 8 years for an election. Bainimarama and Kaiyum are giving all lies as execuse s for dragging on the election. Egypt is a very large country with 80million population now they will have election with in a year after removing the president. So could Bainimarama and Kaiyum come out and tell us what is the delay all about ? We are sick and tired of hearing all their lies. Inspire of te fact that more than thousands of bloggers mentioning and asking for an Auditor General report on the financial position f the government since 2007, the illegal regime remain silent...To the honest and hardworking people of Fiji ,by now you should be ale to judge for yourself. Everything that was said and promised by Binimarama from day one of the 2006 coup are all lies nothing materialised or eventuate..it is now anticipated that the Fiji Government is in a financial mass that is why the illegal Regime. Is tight lip. when queries are raised even on the salaries of The illegal PM and AG. It is very suspicious.

rajend naidu said...

I refer to Donald Singh's "creative" punishment for "those two manhole bandits" (Fiji Times 5/8).
Donald - the same Donald we recall who favours forced prison labour - recommends the bandits " should be made to sit in a large and dark manhole,hands tied behind and made to watch that viral caught in the act footage over and over again for a day".
I wonder what Donald Singh's prescription is for bandits who steal a government at the point of a gun! Let's see how creative he is on this one.
Or, are they exempt from ANY punishment because they are Donald's good mates?!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the sort of story people want to read about, because it shows how we're fighting for our survival under the regime. Inoke's story has been seen by thousands on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Every citizen of Fiji wanted to move foward but we have been waiting far too long it is almost 8 years. It is the illegal regime that is dragging and slowing our foward movement.They have spilled the milk the jug is still left may be they want to break the jug also and break the heart of every fijian when they have stollen all the money from the government and the government go bust

Genesis said...

the religion debate should start from the very beginning of the acceptance of the English law into Fiji. That's way back in 1874 on October 10. The Deed of Cession specifically says that Fiji was to be built on Christian principles. That must mean something.

Anonymous said...

Sereka mai vamatalalai Genesis.

As ill-equipped and educated as they were in the ways of the world, our forefathers and founding fathers had great wisdom, insight and visions as they collectively drew towards the light and respect for human dignity, despite that it did occur in incremental steps (eradication of cannibalism since it was more a form of punishment than from lack of food).

Perhaps if they knew what we, their beloved progeny know today, they would have fixed this country and put it in a much better state than what we (yes "we' since we should accept some portion of the blame for our action and inaction of the mess Fiji's currently in) have managed to do so far. After all, they (our founding fathers) had very little regard for material things and a lifestyle that competed with the 'Jones' that we find with many chiefs post-independence.

The other comment I have is that there is a stark difference between founding and building a country upon Christian principles than declaring a country to be a Christian State. The 1997 Constitution recognised and acknowledged that - the founding principles of Christianity upon which this country was built upon. That regrettably was removed by the shysters as evident in the Khainazigate draft constitution that circulated around earlier this year.

Anonymous said...

Read the preamble of the 1997 Constitution of Fiji with respect to my comment @ 10.16am.

Anonymous said...

If you reflect back all those unethical and sexual offences has been of the rise since the military started inter fearing with the political situation and governance of our country. Those problems is across the board covering all ethnic groups in Fiji. The question is why ? The civilian population have been mentally ,physically affected and are traumatise d when the military have no respect of the law taking over the country by force disregarding the culture and tradition and exposing the vulnerabilities of the weaker once who happens to be our children's and females.so what the military are doing are affecting the civilian population and contributes to those evil deeds as you have mentioned.It is a very wide subject to discuss and the negative effect on life is huge. Perhaps that would enlighten you on the effect of lost of respect.

Waraka Namaka said...

People who make serious allegations against others bordering on defamation of character are nothing but cowards. In this blogsite there is a few and thankfully, it is not so difficult to identify them. There is a pussy amongst them. She likes to spoil everyone, particularly women who are smarter, stronger and more successful than her. Because she is often starved of sex, I suspect she was the 'Anon' who made those sexual comments about Kalouniwai & Tikoitoga. Au sa tukuna oti ni'u na ceburaki iko kei na nomu partner drau yavu kawa ca!

Happy Larry said...

that a necessary requirement to be part of this regime in all sectors...have to be gay and sexual pervert in the administration and the judiciary. starting from the very top kaiyum.
if not defamatory then not illegal so whats ur problem anon 804pm. funny how u complain about it then makes a very very serious allegation against some un named female which is very very defamatory. what are yea. and trying to protect treasonous thugs is even worse. stop the double standards. if heat is too hot in theis kitchen go find another holier than thou one.

Anonymous said...

word is that PS INFO have fired two more senior staffs from her TV corner in less than four days. this after Mr Livanisiga was sent home the other week...

she really loves her toyboy and silly adviser Dan Cocksucker Gavidi (PM's nephew) to be her deputy...

Anonymous said...

I take this opportunity to congratulate Lt Col. Kalouniwai for the promotion. Cogratulation my tau, at the same time if I may give a piece of fatherly advice.Remember what is on your shoulder is not that important perhaps it is just a sign to show your achievement.The higher you go the more responsibilities comes with it.The most important thing is who you are as a person.your credibility will be determined by the people internally and externally on your stance for the truth, Your obligations as a native of Fiji towards your identity ie. tradition and culture likewise your obligations towards your institution. its roles and functions towards the government based on the rights and freedom of the people to choose their representatives in parliment.It is your honesty not loyality that counts in the long run.Vinaka na gumatua na dina ga e na vei sereki.

Anonymous said...

Courtesy of Media censorship

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the Labour Party Leader MPC Kaiyum the illegal AG thinks that he can say what ever he want say and do what ever he wants to do because the military is defending him.Kaiyum remember you are occupying that position illegally and all those decrees you are publishing are also illegal.You are making life very hard to the people of Fiji especially the Native Fijian.It is you who design the stratergy to take down the i taukei tradition and social structure and culture resulting in the abolishing of the BLV,the illtreatment of the Methodist church leaders and church members , reducing of the Ministry of Fijian Affair to just a Department and now you are reaching your hand into our land
to try and deprive us of our land. You are a lier and when there is a sudden turn of event you will be the first man down. Chaudry you have our support. Stand up against the regime and take them downn Now Bainimarama look stupid and look feel out of place attending to chiefs funeral first Tui Macuata and now Tui Ba the very people he condamned and said to drink homebrew under a mangoe tree.Why are you attending to their funeral ? Looking for voters and support or what ? Sorry Bainimarama the people know the truth and they will not be blind folded with you lies.