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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fiji Constitution: citizens made to wait and wait ... and wait .... for a facade

The following article was sent to us by a blogger after the military regime announced the Constitution will be released at the end of August.
The article looks back at the process initially adopted by Decrees 57 & 58 and how the regime derailed that by throwing out the draft Constitution of the Ghai Commission.

The Draft Constitution, which will be inevitably shoved down the throats of the people of Fiji, symbolises the facade of a democracy that the military regime led by Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum have been seeking to entrench.

Many analysis of the draconian and regressive document have been done.

There has been thorough scrutiny of the unconstitutional provisions of the Draft. Worst among them are the immunity provisions that give the regime blanket immunity for human rights violations that the immunity provisions envisage until the September 2014 elections. This is like giving the regime a signed cheque with the date left blank.

Illustration courtesy of Discombobulated Bubu
The entrenchment of all the draconian decrees and the unlawful limitations to human rights - even to the Right to Life - negate the regime’s non-negotiable principles that it was trumpeting.

Therefore, this draft constitution is tailor made to entrench the dynasty of Bainimarama and Khaiyum. Both will control the judiciary and all constitutional offices by virtue of being appointing authorities.

Note, Bainimarama as PM controls all security forces namely the RFMF, Police and Prisons (Correctional Services).

The RFMF has also got its wish that it expressed through its submission to the Ghai Commission. The military wanted the provision in the 1990 Constitution (Section 94 (3)) incorporated in the new Constitution. …” the responsibility….. to ensure at all times the security, defence and well-being of Fiji and its people” – page 13 of RFMF submission to Ghai Commission.

Section 130 (2) of the regime’s Draft thus states “It shall be the responsibility of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces to ensure at all times the security, defence and well-being of Fiji and all its residents”.

So much for the warped logic of all rof the egime’s cronies and supporters who justified the December 2006 coup and the Peoples Charter by saying this coup was to end all coups.

Bainimarama's lies
Essentially, it was never the intention of the regime to return Fiji to genuine parliamentary democracy and constitutional rule. The goalposts kept shifting.

But his lie of blaming the political parties for the abolishment of the proposed Constituent Assembly was downright gutter.

On Thursday 21st March Bainimarama claimed a lack of commitment by political parties to register under the Political parties registration decree, saying the practice of racism, fraud and impersonation led his regime to abandon the Constituent Assembly.

Nothing can be further from the truth. The Constituent Assembly should have been appointed in the 2nd week of January this year and it should have started meeting from the third week of January.

The Permanent Secretary in PM’s office Pio Tikoduadua had told the media soon after expressions of interest for membership of the Assembly closed on 31st December 2012 that more than 300 applications were received and more were flowing in a week after the deadline.

Then on Thursday 10th January the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau announced that he had rejected the Ghai Draft and a new Draft was to be prepared. Immediately after Nailatikau’s announcement Bainimarama told the nation that the new Draft Constitution would be available for deliberation by the end of January 2013.

He added: "Prior to that and upon my return from the G77 meeting, I shall send out invitations to various individuals and organisations to participate in the Constituent Assembly. The Constituent Assembly is to have its first sitting in February 2013. We expect as announced last year, that a new Constitution should be in place by March of this year”.

“While history tells us that some individuals and organisations tend to act in their own interests, I urge all political parties, organisations and individuals who are invited to be members of the Constituent Assembly to participate”.

In the same address on 10th January he said by Tuesday (15th January) “we will put in place the Registration f Political Parties Decree which will set new and internationally accepted standards of political party governance. Indeed many provisions of the Ghai Draft”.

Although the Decree was not what the Ghai Draft had prescribed for political party governance, three political parties complied with the regressive provisions of the Decree, (which disallowed trade unionists from holding political party office holders) and submitted documentation for registration.

No party was registered until 2nd May – which was two days after the closure of the Consultation process on the regime’s draft.

So when Bainimarama announced that a new Decree was about to be promulgated in respect of political party governance, he must have known that parties would have 28 days (until 15th February) to submit their registration documents.

But at the same time, he announced that he would send out invitations to political parties, amongs others, to participate in the Assembly that would have its first meeting in February.

But on 10th January Bainimarama was deliberately misleading the nation and lying. He knew that no invitations would be sent out for membership to the Assembly, no political party would be registered, the Constituent Assembly would never be formalized and have its first meeting in February, and no new Draft Constitution would be available for deliberation by end of January 2013.

The readers must be reminded of what Bainimarama  told the Attorney-Generals Conference at Inter-Continental Hotel, Natadola on Friday 7th December 2012, respect of the process following the completion of the Ghai Commission’s Draft Constitution and its hand-over to the President for him to refer it to a Constituent Assembly for deliberation.

He told the Conference, “The Constituent Assembly will consist of the broadest possible cross-section of Fijian society, as set out in the relevant decree. But to qualify as members of the Constituent Assembly, individuals and organisations will need to demonstrate that they represent a significant constituency in the country. They must also be guided by a commitment to the interests of the nation and the Fijian people as a whole”.

He even accused those responsible for previous Constitutions after Independence of being a band of elitists.

He said, “For we cannot again allow a narrow band of elite to determine our future. We have already had a handful of men determine what our constitution would be after independence, we have already had the 1990 constitution imposed with almost no consultation at all, and we have already had the key recommendations of the Reeves Commission overturned by a joint parliamentary select committee”.

“This will not happen again,”he emphasised.

But what has happened now, Bainimarama? Aren’t you leading a narrow band of elite to determine our future?
Aren’t you and your regime imposing an unjust Constitution on the people without any consultation?

For all intents and purposes the Constitution imposed by the regime will be a façade on democracy.

Editor's Poser: Is there a special significance to August being the chosen month to reveal the draft or is it that it's finally ready - seven months after it was supposed to have been done?


Anonymous said...

Every words from 2006 from Frank /Khaiyumi are lie.so we will get more lies until he dies than lies stop.
Constitution is illegal like them.simple boycott the election and constitution.
These guys will never give back powers .no dictators gave back power .they were forced out by the people.

Anonymous said...


The lying Dicktator said...

that's right no voluntary hand over. only force line. we are sick of the lies. when will it stop??

Anonymous said...

Frank where the fark is the constitution. Are we supposed to just accept as it is when you release it?

And if we don't and boycott elections?

Anonymous said...

You are just a small ant like fiji is just a drop in the ocean.How can you drag US,Ausie,UK,NZ and big countries to accept Fiji on it current status where human right is not recoganised,there is no respect of the law by the rulling illegal regime,there is no separation of power, there is no justice as the judiciary is not independent,and media independent is under scewtiny by the illegal regime. All those are enjoyed by people living in those big countries, they have better life,earn good salaries an freedom
of expression BUT NOT by the people of Fiji who are living in their Island country prison UNDER THE WATCHFULL EYE OF THE BASTARD BAINIMARAMA AND KAIYUM

Hey ! you think you can force those bi

g countries

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about. We have democracy. Remember there are many kinds od democracy as the genius Crosby Walsh has told us so many times. Fiji has what you could call "Zimbabwe" style democracy.

If the immunity provisions are left in this document, Fiji will be stuck in mud forever. There needs to be a deterrent to stop any future maniac doing this all over again.

The only way to deter future coups and for Fiji to heal is to prosecute all coup players. If they are seen to have gotten away with it others will try it again.

They must have their assets stripped and be locked up for a long time. SEVEN YEARS of this. Someone has to pay because we have all paid enough already. Frank's and Aiyarse's children and grandchildren will not be able to walk down the street without people spitting on them. The sins of these assholes may well carry to the third generation. They will be forced to change their family name to survive.

whiteshoe brigade said...

just another lie...like the latest...the government will buy a new vessel to service the outer islands in the east and north next year....where the money coming from. why wait till next year and when next year..sounds like government propaganda.

Anonymous said...

More farts from a bunch of old fucken sissys....no fucken substance comin` out of the fucken shithole cause the fucken barrel`s empty!!!! and thats all we can get from your lot you fucken fijian cowards.

mark manning said...

Frankly, anyone who does "not" oppose this Regime of Frank and Aiyaz', is an arse.

Anonymous said...

It is a pity that now confrontation between the the Fijian dominate Miltary and the native fijian is looming up.It has come to a stage that the Indian have bought out the whole Fiji military to go against the native Fijian.There were some thought that Bainimarama as a Fijian will at some point realise the damage he has done to the native Fijian race by following Kaiyums advise. The fact that Kaiyum is determined to take the native Fijian social and traditional structure down and shred it into pieces is now a reality' It is there in his thesis prior to the coup.My fellow native Fijian it is time that we stand up a defend our land ,our culture and the feauture of our generations.If our brothers /sisters and relatives in the military will side with Binimarama and his musklim supporters so be it we can not keep sitting down and wait for a mircale to come from heaven and bhelp us in our corse we have also defend our faith we have to take actions wheasther peacefull or violance something has to be done

Anonymous said...

People of Fiji especially Native remember the Military is now a terrorist institution just like Al Qaida. They are terrorising our country and looting our governments money.They have killed some of our love once,they have also abuse and tortureed and threatened many.They are the law themselves and the real law is been disregarded by them.The feature and security of our land is in question.Our culture and tradition in not recoganised in the land that we call our home by this terrorist military. So many new taxes and new law introduced by this terrorist resulting in the rise in poverty, criminal acticities. Goal Post keeps on changing and lies after lies keeps on comming by the uneducated self appointed prime minister. It is suspected that the Military is kept in tha dark on what Bainimarama and the elite Mulsim group are doing and to keep their support they give them good pay packets.I called upon all kaiviti nand kai idia too who are against the terrorist regime to get together draw up some actions plans a stratergies and move on . we have to take this regime down at all cost. They have gun and we have the brain and guts to conqure them.

Anonymous said...

This regime began with lies, and has continued to tell lies to the people.

They stole power from the people, and they stole their way through the legal system and the country's finances. Look at their pay packs!.

They stole all the positions in government, where they put in people who are not qualified for the jobs. Look at Leweni, a sergeant then a major, a lieutenant, lieutenant colonel, a 1st Secretary in China, a Deputy PS, then PS,Commissioner Eastern, all in two years. Then where is he now?
That's how this regimes work, from nowhere to nowhere!
That's why we are going nowhere with most of our road maps, charter, and all the so called strategies.

We have had enough of coups, and coups to end all coups, we need elections full stop.

Anonymous said...

Let's take a look at the government run Fiji Broadcasting Commission's new TV stations.

The FJ$22 million project that was stolen from FDB through a non- viable FBC loan to pay suspicious contractors.

Look at the assets at FBC, are they worth $22 millions? any school kid can tell us that it is not worth it. To prove it, let's take a valuation of the assets.

Now FBC is going to pay FDB for the funds paid out to FFC [Fictitous Family Contractors] who are enjoying the loot in NZ.

The CEO at FBC should be questioned with the CEO at FDB. Image you and me going to FDB to ask for a small business loan of $5,000.00. What do we get?. Months of waiting, asking, knocking, etc.. and finally a big NO.

First it was said that the FBC loan was $12 million, then $17 million and finally it was $22 million. The poor old house is still there at FBC from the 1960s, while a relative in NZ has made millions out of a loan in FBC's name.

What do we call that? It is more than robbery, IT IS TREASON.

That's the way of this regime.

Anonymous said...

Yes the money robbed from FDB has been use in setting up a radio station in NZ Radio Tarana .The station that supported the Bainimarama regime as they always interview on that station.In light of that suspicious money transaction I am reporting this matter to the FICAC an let us see what action will be taken by Kaiyum

Anonymous said...

We have been conned by our head of government ,army and police every time we had coup.fijian promised the world but all lies .only these leaders fill their pocket with families and friends.we still struggling in our village to put food on the table.

Anonymous said...

fijians been fooled by elite army fijians and muslims for their personal gain.forget the free/fair election .we dont have a free/fair legal constitution how can we have free/fair /democratic election.i dont accept this illegal regime and constitution.i have to hold dear to my culture and legal constitution.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama baboot bullshit falla. Akdam pekajpeka da falla. This mediocre military falla grabbed power by lyinG .he has been lying ever since and he will continue to lie right to the very end to keep his hold on power to save his arse and to enjoy his ill begotten privileges and phony status as prime minister of Fiji. Bainimarama and his cronies are a thoroughly rotten and shameless lot.

Anonymous said...

YBai Kai and cronies have maintained a huge pretence of being about the people of Fiji. They are really about one thing only. Themselves. The constitution they are making makes that so very clear. Only an idiot will fail to see that.

Anonymous said...

Since day one of frank bainimaramas taking over Fiji has been under thug rule. Does anybody have a more concise description then that?

Anonymous said...

An excellent article, but one which sadly paints a despairing situation. What to do!Please coupfourpointfive can you provide links to those that are keen to protest or become more active outside Fiji.I understand the potential information provided if any will be eagerly watched by the military.Many Australians have close bonds to Fiji through tourism but unless the pressure is sustained, the constant plight and the illegal plundering of Fiji will continue.Fijians here are too nervous as any agitation may result in family back home getting unfair treatment.Can we have a social media campaign!Facebook is much stronger than the sword!

On Ground Zero said...

anon 12.41pm
"Fijians here are too nervous as any agitation may result in family back home getting unfair treatment."

An excellent BS excuse!

the new order said...

OMG OGZ, that's the reality in Fiji...people whisper disapproval and no one dares speak openly coos there are so many liumuris who have sold their souls to the regime propaganda and bs utopia ideals.
the reality is this...these soldiers do not understand that people do have choices. they are trained to follow orders come what may and no questions asked. the match perfectly with the elite muslims/whites who think they know best for these lazy ignorant curly haired bastards...that's the reality in Fiji...and if u speak or act against that order u will suffer consequences...bad bad consequences.

Radiolucas said...

I don't think that Bai minds the elite leading the nation, just as long as they are HIS elite.

Noone really thinks that anything that Frank and Aiyaz, do, have done or will do has anything to do with their yearning wish to return Fiji to the people.

They are so corrupt they couldn't return a library book - how the Shyster Sisters ever thought that there was some ethical or moral justification in their actions, leaves me astonished to this day.

Anonymous said...

Regime announced in Australia Constitution on the way - big deal.

People of Fiji have already been clobbered and beaten into accepting yet another illegal document.

Somebody kick that fat ass of Bainimarama out of govt.

Anonymous said...

these dickheads dont know what the next step is. they want to enjoy their stolen luxurious lifestyles and are afreaid of losing elections.......sala pakala jutia joro

Anonymous said...

kalouniwai kei tikoitona ,,,,2 na tamata macawa nodrau cakacaka na veicai wavoki keina lasa i tuba.....maumau na bula ra qai via dabe mai caka viavia veiliutaki ia sona tiko madaga na nodra bula!!!

Anonymous said...

Frank all lies and all for himself. Can't give up the toys that have come with being the 'leader' of Fiji.

Let's have another look at him when he's been deposed and see how arrogant he is then.

Fiji going down said...

14 people killed today in Beirut. Terrorist cell going after Hezbollah because it supports Syria president Bashar Al Assad. Hope the Fiji boys in Golan Heights are sleeping with one eye open.

British Army said...

@Fiji going down 4.56pm

Yes, one eye open but their big cici too must be open big time. After 7 years of terrorising innocent, harmless and unarmed civilians I hope those guys are now being thrown into an arena that beifts the aggression they were showing off in Fiji.

Syria is kids playground, come and try Afghan.

Too little too late said...

@ 4.56pm Fiji going down and British Army

Syria's Assad is reportedly one of the most HATED persons in the world right now.

Syrian people have had it really tough with the lack of support they should have got in the beginning from the West, until it was way too late.

Now they have to deal with the jihadhist Al Qaeda in their midst trying to establish themselves authoritively over Syria(all that help had strings attached).

Struggling Syrians publicly acknowledge that they're not only fighting Assad's army, but also Russia and the Hezbollah.

What a terrible situation to be in - fighting your well-armed oppressors plus foreign armed forces on your land.

God forbid but all signs are that Fijians will soon be coming home in body bags. Not even the UN will stand in their way to reclaim their country.

Anonymous said...

After almost 8 years of living in fear,uncertainty and struggling to make end meet everyday due rise in living cost. I'm wondering if own people in the military ever take a few second to least think of us the poor and under privileged in the community or they are just enjoying their big salary packets. Some us have been the victim of the coup where were kicked just because we have different view of what is happening,some were told to retire at 55 suddenly when we have our mortgages and other commitment yet to be paid .some of us have out pension reduced and are struggling .Even FNPF members retiring at 55 can not get our full contribution as the government policy that we can only certain percentage and the rest to be pensioned, This has been forced on us and we have no option. Lastly it seems that truth is a very rear commodity in this government and it is very frustrating to us when something is said but something else is done. I guess no one is strong enough to lead us peacefully against this regime.

Anonymous said...

You are wasting time nothing of substance coming from you. Now you are blaming who appointed Bainimarama because you want to blame Ratu Mara..Bainimarama was appointed commander of the Military by Ratu Penaa on the recommendation of Ratu Epeli Ganilau Franks predecessor The appointment was not on merit because there were more efficient and qualified officers in the military eligible for the post but because Ratu Epelis illegally pocketed money from the infantry fund which belongs to all members of the military,now Bainimarama has been blocking the Auditor General from auditing that fund since he became commander.Nothing to do with Ratu Mara, lastly but least if you are not aware chairmanship of G77 meeting are taken on turn by third world countries or developing countries.It just happen that Bainimarama is holding the position of PM though illegally but it coincide with Fiji's turn of chairmanship nothing extraordinary. and what ever he said or his speeches is written and given to him-and all he do is read it .just like our budget he just read it when media wanted to interview he referred them to those who prepared the document because he does not know what he was reading. How can he lead. The answer would be through installing fear to the. People under the barrel of the gun and that is what is happening now, He can't even lead the military properly all he was doing was kicking out those qualified officers who threat to his position and promote young unqualified officers so that he can control them. The challenge that is facing him now is the justification of the coup that he did may be you can help you great leader to justify his position.

Anonymous said...

You are wasting time nothing of substance coming from you. Now you are blaming who appointed Bainimarama because you want to blame Ratu Mara..Bainimarama was appointed commander of the Military by Ratu Penaa on the recommendation of Ratu Epeli Ganilau Franks predecessor The appointment was not on merit because there were more efficient and qualified officers in the military eligible for the post but because Ratu Epelis illegally pocketed money from the infantry fund which belongs to all members of the military,now Bainimarama has been blocking the Auditor General from auditing that fund since he became commander.Nothing to do with Ratu Mara, lastly but least if you are not aware chairmanship of G77 meeting are taken on turn by third world countries or developing countries.It just happen that Bainimarama is holding the position of PM though illegally but it coincide with Fiji's turn of chairmanship nothing extraordinary. and what ever he said or his speeches is written and given to him-and all he do is read it .just like our budget he just read it when media wanted to interview he referred them to those who prepared the document because he does not know what he was reading. How can he lead. The answer would be through installing fear to the. People under the barrel of the gun and that is what is happening now, He can't even lead the military properly all he was doing was kicking out those qualified officers who threat to his position and promote young unqualified officers so that he can control them. The challenge that is facing him now is the justification of the coup that he did may be you can help you great leader to justify his position.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.05pm says:
"How can he lead. The answer would be through installing fear to the. People under the barrel of the gun and that is what is happening now"

Yes, I agree that's happening but I also think people are desperately wanting to believe in a peaceful transition to elections as the starting point of getting the nation back on track and rebuilding our nation-state, within a legitimate framework.

However, all signs around us are indicating otherwise... so people will need to really think "carefully, deeply and responsibly" about where their collective future is headed under this tinpot dictatorship.

Start by recognising "Stockholm Syndrome" for what it is (most Fijians are labouring under)so that you can detach yourself, consciously.

It is said that over time, victims of Stockholm Syndrome unknowingly and unconsciously begin to "bond" with their aggressive, gun-wielding, violent oppressors - admiring them, even loving them as they dish out small favours & benefits periodically in the form of food, drinks, money, contracts, jobs, job advancements, lavish vacations, wknds at resorts, parties, excursions o'seas, village development etc - all that the oppressor and his team take personal credit for). You dependent on them for your own survival. (Whatever happened to "man cannot live on bread alone?")

However, I think that once Fijians, particularly the predominantly Christian, i-taukei, transcend that threshold of FEAR - the fear of guns, of violence, of injury and even possible death - at the hands of their own, there'll be no turning back for Fiji as all Fijians come out 'firing on all cylinders' (no, not with guns, not with violence but peacefully, driven by their sheer willpower, resolve and belief in a higher power and destiny than where this two-bit dictator and the debt-laden road he's taking us on)... that will be the day of our own "Pacific Spring".

Move over Arab Spring, the Saints are about to come marching in!

Far-fetched? Don't think so.

It's a fallen world that we all live in and so we all need to actively strive to pursue goodness, justice, peace, happiness and all the good values of life, and in turn actively oppose injustice and oppression.

After all, it's what Jesus did in his own day... and that was why he was eventually crucified - because he threatened the rigid, established order that served to benefit the few (elite), by speaking the TRUTH.

Christians who read the Holy Gospel understand that Christianity is not just about emotional kumbayas & praise the Lord, but more importantly, its about actively living the Christian faith within the realm, and tension, between good and evil.

Anonymous said...

Problem with Anti Regime Bloggers: You have a problem yourself. This blog site is open for comment to anybody and what ever topic he/she wants to comment on wheatyher against or for the regime or each individual.If you cant take the heat do not read or someone said something true which you do not like be possitive accept and learn from it.The truth is " Lies nevr last "

mark manning said...

I read on one of the blog sites that Frank Bainimarama and some of his cohorts were thrown out of Lebanon or the u.n. peace keeping because of irregularities.
Assuming the demented one was ever there in the 1st. place!

S.Seru said...

Again you are very wrong Manning. Please leave the military alone.


S.Seru said...

Annon August 14, 2013 at 5:19 PM

What democracy are you referring to. Like the fight for democracy that is going now in Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Egypt.

Democracy is only an idea. No country in this world has democracy. You name one.


Anonymous said...

Bula MM, yes I think they were involved in human trafficking whilst doing peacekeeping duties in the Sinai desert which the place is notorious for.

Ah! Finally, a step in the right direction.

A Time For Healing
By Tevita Vuibau, Fiji Times
Saturday, August 17, 2013

A RIFT in the Methodist Church from over two decades ago will finally be healed at the beginning of this year's Methodist Church in Fiji annual conference.

In the late 1980s, then church president Reverend Josateki Koroi's tenure came to a premature end with a split in leadership between Mr Koroi and Reverend Manasa Lasaro.

And Mr Koroi never had the chance to exercise his role as past president by officiating in the installation of a new president.

But that will change this year with Mr Koroi set to join immediate past president Reverend Ame Tugaue to install new president Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu.

In an interview with Radio Australia's Bruce Hill, church general secretary Reverend Tevita Nawadra Banivanua said they wanted to heal the rifts and show there was unity in the church.

As part of the reconciliation process, another former president, Reverend Dr Ilaitia Sevati Tuwere, based in New Zealand, is expected to officiate in the closing service of the conference.

Mr Banivanua said the church was planning to hold a church-wide "washing of the feet" as part of next year's 50th anniversary celebrations.

This process will see Mr Waqairatu washing the feet of the superintendent ministers and lay leaders of the church's 55 divisions.

These leaders would then go back to their divisions and continue the process until every church has held a washing of the feet, as a sign of humility, servanthood and seeking forgiveness.

And the Methodist Church is also working to mend the perceived rifts between them and the government.

"The government has that idea behind them because they think the church now is the same church as then," Mr Banivanua said.

"We're trying to show them that no, this is a different church.

"We are moving into a different area now and they should trust us and work with us and we work with them.

"We are just trying to help them to trust us more because we are not enemies of Fiji."


Anonymous said...

@ Seru

"Democracy is only an idea."

Do you have a better idea? Please share it, this is the forum for it.

rajend naidu said...

In his article 'Everything rises and falls on leadership' (Yahoo!7 Personal Finance 15/8) the leading business and finance commentator and founder of Switzer Super Report Peter Switzer says "we don't deserve" the "quality of leaders we have been served up" by the predominately " out-of- touch clowns and vested interests" who give us these leaders we don't deserve.
Peter is of course referring to leaders in a First World democracy, Australia.
Imagine what it must be like in a third world banana republic like Fiji where the leaders installed themselves after grabbing power at the point of a gun?
Now surely that's the kind of leaders
rajend naidu

S.Seru said...

anon August 17, 2013 at 5.00pm

Thank you for your reply and request for my idea if I have one. My idea of governance is 'aristocratic democracy' which I believe is best for Fiji because it will still recognize the values of our Turaga ni Vanua, who commands the respect of the people of all races. Fiji has two types of governing ideologies, the aristocratic ideals of the vanua and the religious entities and the democratic ideals for the government. Although the vanua, the churches and religious entities are under the authority of the Constitution, they have their respective powers which are in their faith of the Holy Bible, Koran and Bagat Veda and turaga ni vanua heritage. Democracy does not apply here, its aristocracy. Their respective leaders are not elected but either acquired or ascribed. But in corporate and public sectors, the Turaga ni Vanaua, Talatala, Imam, and Pundits commands little respects. They follow the que just like you and me. But in their respective fields of professions they are highly respected and have the power to change the status quo. They are the aristocrats in the arena of the democrats. Maybe the an aristocratic democracy government is the ideal solution.


Anonymous said...

Do give us that carp ,o kauta mai vei nomu I vaka macala fmacawa qori. How do you know that it's gods will. God treat people fairly. Bainimarama is not treating us fairly . he is a lier .He is paying himself $1.3million a year in salary .how can you justify that. He may be good to you but he has made hundreds of thousands of people suffer.he even killed and tortured people. Is he a good person ? May on the outside ', inside he got the devils heart.

Anonymous said...

@ August 17, 2013 at 7:49 PM

You are not making any sense there son.

Anonymoose said...

No wonder why the constitution is overwhelmingly rigged in favor of franky and khaiyum

Anonymous said...

The illegal chief justice should have resigned if he has some sense in him, after sharing court information with more than one person about the Qaranivalu case, Remember?

It was a cheap shot, to discuss court matters during a cocktail, let alone being there at such times.

Illegal justice Gates should have done the honourable thing and leave, but because the justice system is rigged and corrupt, we have such people running our courts.

There is no independence of the courts in Fiji. The judges and magistrates are leaving in numbers, why? there is injustice in the system top to bottom.

The decrees, and the courts are not people friendly, they are regime friendly and one sided.

We need a revolution to kick these so called leaders and illegal law makers out of power. The people need to create a situation to put an end to this illegal situation.

Go Fiji go!

Anonymous said...

@Seru 6.11

There's no need to thank me, pls thank C4.5 instead for providing a platform for everyone to share their thoughts.

Say, Fiji's junta does not permit the same freedom eh? Might the junta hear what they don't want to hear, or don't like to hear, eh?

Ah yes, now I remember iPM Frank announcing to the world sometime back, that he did NOT trust the people. Flashnewz: The feeling is MUTUAL ... then and more so, NOW!

I see that you're quite taken with the idea of "aristocracy" government (I counted the word 5 times in your 9-line response above). Yes, it's a wonderful thing to have an opinion esp. on the 'ideal solution' for Fiji.

Wouldn't it be a JUST, a FAIR and the RIGHT thing to do: to ensure that every adult in Fiji have their honest say on what they "individually and/or collectively" (i.e. they can freely choose either option or exercise both), think would be the 'ideal solution' for their country? Mmmm?

Without the real threat hanging over their heads that they might be 'skinned in one or two of the thousand different ways' that the junta is adept at?

Perhaps then, we really should take a step back and HEED THAT CALL made by "proven, legitimate leaders of Fiji", for an interim, civilian administration to prepare the country for elections as well as remove draconian decrees - so that the people of Fiji who love to talk and are just dying to share their thoughts openly and FREELY, organise themselves, and prepare for the planned elections in 2014.


Because y'see Seru, to ignore THE CALL and instead as in this instance, attempt to draw bloggers into discussing the 'ideal solution' for Fiji is akin to "wag the dog" tactic. That may insult some people's intelligence.

And at the risk of sounding pedantic, pls bloggers, find below the meaning of this English expression or idiom: 'wag the dog':

"To 'wag the dog' means to purposely divert attention from what would otherwise be of greater importance, to something else of lesser significance.

By doing so, the lesser-significant event is catapulted into the limelight, drowning proper attention to what was originally the more important issue."

Sounds familiar bloggers? Good.
Keep it in mind from hereon...

Read more at http://www.usingenglish.com/reference/idioms/wag+the+dog.html

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Anon7.51pm

But there's also a number of key, important lessons to be learned from the Arab Spring and esp. the Egyptian people-power revolution and how it has been evolving.

One thing's for sure: we cannot condone any tit-for-tat violence or allow "extremists" to hijack the people's call for freedom and respect for human rights.

Anonymous said...

Say @ blogger Seru, you wouldn't by any chance be that same blogger Ranawai from the FijiBoard Exiles - since you're both promoting the same idea of an 'indigenous democracy'for Fiji.

And what about the so-called 'vanua conflicts' he's claiming?

Not another 'wag the dog' I hope?

Anonymous said...

Aging dictator will sit on the Constituion until he has everything else in place to keep him safe and in power. This dick doesn;t care about the people or the repercussions because there are none unless someone wants to kill him.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 10.39am

But what is the point in killing the head if the neck is still turning?

Anonymous said...

S Seru
Dua na ka na viavia vuku tiko vei iko ,,,,,,tamata sona levu!!!

S.Seru said...

anon August 19, 2013 at 12:45 PM

If you think that I am trying to be viaviavuku why don't you give us yours. At least I have some ideas for discussion, and you?

Kua talega ni dau vosavosa ca vakalialia balete e vaka raitaka sara tu ga na i vakatgedegede ni bula o tu kina.

Remember, no one is going to stop me from sharing my ideas with the rest.

Stop the annon and use your real name so we can sit down together and discuss our difference face to face.


Anonymous said...

S Seru
This is not a place for dickhead academic discussions with a lot of theory etc etc .....

Yaga cake mo vutulaki tu yali tu mada yani

S.Seru said...

annon August 19, 2013 at 6:00 PM

ahahah! Qori beka na ka e vakaculici iko kina oi rau na nomu itutbutubtu.

Se na ka ko ni vakavulica tiko vei ratou na luvemuni,Se vei tacimu kei ganemu.

Kua ni mai kacivaka tu eke, baleta ni sega ni dua e via kila.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with theory?

He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.

Leonardo da Vinci

What a shame said...

Huge leadership abyss in Fiji at the moment. All the old politicians and leaders like MPC reviving platforms so old only the naive are running their press releases. Go figure why FLP is talking about caretaker govt again when the idea came up two years and was then noteworthy. Where is the ideas for the future- the ideas that counter the illegal govt and the sham Constitution? Old guard running with old rubbish and new leader running with new bullshit. It will be another generation before youth of today show the calibre of leadership needed.

Rajend naidu said...

The film HE TOLD LIES is based on a true story. It tells the story of an elite,medal winning soldier going rogue and becoming a compulsive liar,conman,thief and thug. The film is an excellent reminder that we have in the military good and great soldiers and we also can have rotten rogue soldiers. A good many of us know this only too well from our experience with the Fijian military mob since the first military coup of 1987 and the subsequent ones,including the present one by Frank Bainimarama.He too told lies to the people of Fiji and to the international community that his coup was only a clean up campaign. Eight years later the lying military man is still parked in power with no real sign of relinquishing it to civilian democratic rule. Although he is making a huge pretence of it with the making of a new unnecessary constitution and a military government organised election. Fijis military dictator is not going anywhere because he has acquired a good taste of power! Anyone who thinks otherwise is only fooling himself.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@ Rajend Naidu, I couldn't agree more.

Let's hope that the good apples in the barrel who can't leave their jobs (since they have kids & wives to feed) will educate/inform their minds somehow (where there's a will, they'll find a way since we're not exactly living in dark ages) - in order to free their minds and appreciate the long-term harm that Fiji's dictator and his advisors are driving the country into. They had lost the plot a long time back and are trying to bullsh!t their way through the steps now being undertaken (more acts of voter registration, constitution, call for help for electoral office) to show the world and donors their seriousness about taking Fiji back to democracy.

However as we all well know, it'll be a 'democracy' as they understand it, i.e. the thinly-veiled guise of civilian rule with the current key players remaining in the background to pull the 'elected' puppets' strings, so as to ensure they won't be held to account for their criminal actions leading up and post-2006 coup... and not to promote and sustain democracy, good governance or human rights. Far from it.

For the immunity clauses in the illegal constitution that's coming out tomorrow is as firm as the paper it is written on, it will need real power (i.e. firepower since their don't have people-power) to back it up.

Rajend naidu said...

It feels good when a journalist tells it like it is and that is precisely what the Sanfrancisco Chronicle columnist James Temple does in his article Her Majesty's Thugs Target Press in Canberra Times 23/8. He tells us that using the Terrorism Act to detain a journalists partner is a gross abuse of power.He is relating the story of the detainment of David Miranda at Heathrow Airport for nine hours under Britains broad terror laws without a lawyer and the confiscation of his laptop,phone,memory sticks and other devices.
This kind of arbitrary detention and intimidation one tends to associate with the conduct of state authorities in a rogue military regime and in communist countries. Not a western democracy.it is truly shameful when that happens here as well.
It Is a good thing that we have courageous journalist like James Temple who are not afraid to expose the such wrongdoing and to subject it to public debate and scrutiny.
It, restores ones faith in independent journalism.
Rajend Naidu