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Monday, August 5, 2013

Fiji military changes top brass bypassing Tikoitoga for key role

Handover parade at Nabua on July 30 with Jone Kalouniwai passing reins to Manoa Gadai.

A major re-shuffle in the top ranks of the Fiji Military Forces, as the regime prepares for the elections.

Lt Col Jone Kalouniwai, the Commanding Officer of the powerful 3FIR Battalion, has quietly been appointed the Military Chief of Staff, replacing Lt Col Mohammed Aziz, after last week handing the reins over to Lt Colonel Manoa Gadai in a parade at Nabua. 

Tikoitoga: why did he miss out on chief of staff?
The move could herald more significant changes and the question that must be asked is: Why wasn't Lt Col Mosese Tikoitoga appointed Chief-of-Staff? 

The role after all carries a lot of authority: according to military order and seniority, Tikoitoga, the current Commander Land Force, should have been made Chief of Staff. 

Food for thought: Is he going to stand for the 2014 elections as part of Bainimarama's party?

As part of his new role, Kalouniwai is expected to become deputy Commander of the RFMF. 

He will also assume the position of RFMF Commander, when Frank Bainimarama is out of the country. 
AZIZ: Where to now?

Observers are now suggesting Mohammed Aziz will be appointed the Commissioner of Police or dispatched to a diplomatic posting as we've earlier suggested.

Coup 4.5 has learnt from several sources that current Police Commissioner, Iowane Naivalurua, has told several people that he will leaving the Fiji Police Force by September. 


Nausori said...

Whoever they want to hold the reigns IN THE MILITARY HIGHERACHY when we march to the polling stations, our resolve to kick out the illegal regime will only increase from now onwards.

Our thirst for a change to democracy and eventual elimination of the military is growing determinedly and we will chop off the snakes head to ensure it poses no more coup by eliminating it.


Anonymous said...

Fuck Bainimarama. I have stopped supporting this fuck head and his other fuckwits.

Long Live Fiji.
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...


SCC offers vehicles FOC to police
Publish date/time: 05/08/2013 [15:56]

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The Suva City Council is offering their vehicles free of charge to police for highway patrol on the weekends.

Special Administrator Chandu Umaria said the vehicles are available from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.

He said the council has their own highway patrol to track down on illegal vehicle and taxi operating in the Suva area.

Police Spokesperson Ana Naisoro said most of the crimes are committed in the weekend and with the assistance it will improve their mobility and visibility.

Anonymous said...

I will personally castrate you dickhead for not sapota my magaitinana leader bainisona.

Soldier at QEB

Anonymous said...

Jone is the best person for the post at the moment apart from bg driti.. I know now mosese/aziz will stand in the election too.military govt in 2014 again.I smell a rat.

Anonymous said...

so what's the big deal if there is a reshuffle in the military happens all the time in every military in he world.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Long Live FMF
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Good news on Jone. What? Mosese for election? No hope now for these people 'cos Fijians are worried about their natural resources.

Anonymous said...

As long as Bainimarama's party is exclusively military, they will lose 'cos the people will not be fooled with their lies. All these hand-outs are for-show and the people are not stupid.

Anonymous said...

Army will form a party and run fiji like burma and other military government.people have to vote for right people.we dont need racist party and politicians.we dont want false promise people leading us.

Anonymous said...

Army will form a party and run fiji like burma and other military government.people have to vote for right people.we dont need racist party and politicians.we dont want false promise people leading us.

Anonymous said...

Regime has both Fiji media and RFMF the way they want it now the sham of the 2014 elections. Good luck Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Soldier, you will never castrate me because I have very small testicles, the size of peanuts. Fuck you asshole, and I don't care if you've fucked my mum because I've fucked your brother.

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck on the name of the Military top job!!!!What matters most is,...Has he got the guts and the mettle to serve and protect the Nation and its people rather than be a `YES`man to the tin pot dictator.
Only time will tell and also be the judge.....IN MAI KALOUNIWAI!!!!.

Anonymous said...

Me dua mada na mata vaka sota mu ena veitalanoa no facts qo... Waiaue.

Anonymous said...

No Tarakinikini will be commander with is mistress as Korovavala. Oh it will be George Speight or Geaorge Matai. Baledrokadroka will be batwoman to Taranikiniki. And Kalouniwai will be commander. Never mind who it is but there will be a commander for the Fiji military who will continue the good work already in place.

mark manning said...

The Regime reached the bottom of the barrel a long time ago!
The RFMF is shadow of its former self's reputation.
No Officer, remaining in the RFMF, is worthy of the uniform they wear, let alone, lead fellow Soldiers.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Wananavu me commander o Kalouniwai se o Tikoitoga ni rau tamata dau veicai ruarua. I neqe ni Rewa tiko vei Ro Kalouniwai kei nai Neqe ni koloni e tiko vei Tikoitoga. Sa maleka nodai I mimi na yalewa vei rau qo.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 9.24 and the likes
Thank you.You are such a "positive contributor" to the "advancement" of the country.Now we can move forward with you "such positive contribution".

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Democracy and freedom only can come .when people seat in a meeting with open mind and put fiji first than personal agenda and interest.We need to set aside personal agenda to move fiji forward with people support and approval of the constitution by the people of fiji not selected few.

Anonymous said...

Dharam Anus Lingam, you've finally admit defeat you shit face.

The Law said...

who cares who does what?
so long as baini is head of army all his officers will follow suit. dicktator will not put people who will oppose him. follow orders or i'll shoot you. that's the modus operandi.
and so long as baini is head of the army, these officers will never learn their proper role in government...protect the peoples government and the people...not protect the army's government and the army.
what happened in Egypt is whats happened here.
whats happened in Turkey should be whats happening here...a strong and independent court sends the head of the army and those plotting against the government to a life in jail.
when that happens in Fiji that's when the coups will stop.
at the moment we have not hope with the current judiciary and public prosecution service cos the AG controls both and he will certainly not allow himself and his army boys go to jail for life.
moce mada Fiji. the sun has set.

Anonymous said...

anon 8.40am
it's not my character you put on display...it's yours.Now we all know what you are.
As for defeat,i put my real name here and if you want i an put my address too.Do you have the guts to do that.Posting on this blog as an anonymous is a defeat n itself.
As i have told you before you are very lucky that i don't have your name and address.
I don despise you because we have different views,i despise you for swearing at my mom.So be very very careful.

Long Long Live The Saviour Bainimarama
Long Live FMF
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

There is big time engineering of the elections by the scheming people in the regime. They can't afford to cancel elections and they can't afford to lose. So what is their way out. Manipulate to process to produce the result in their favor. It won't be a simple and straight forward election since they can't possibly win that way. It will be tinkered and massaged to ensure a win for them by hook or by crook. So we see all these meandering events like the party hampering decrees military appointments, delivering goodies and fancy but hollow statements etc. Be prepared to be surprised by what the final draft constitution will turn out to be. Why is taking so long to compile and amend?

Anonymous said...

anon 10.36
Hey do you know i did a foursome with your mother,sister and daughter while your father,brother and your sons were playing with each other wit a dildo.
You are the ultimate mother fucker.
Dharam Lingam is right,give your name and address and than you will se who bashes who,you cock sucking son of a slutty whore.

The Scam said...

the deal has to be done that way to isolate Fiji Air from creditors. so if the planes are not paid back because FA cant make the lease payments, you only lose your fnpf money and not the whole company. cos FA and Waqavuka are related companies Waqavuka will not wind up FA. FA then goes back to boeing and releases the old aircrafts and we back to square one.

The Scam said...

oh oh I forgot...the whole deal is guaranteed by the regime so any future government (i.e taxpayers) will be paying back the loan (balance after airbuses sold)until its all paid up.
be very interesting when all these legal and financial arrangements are made public. by law these should be all registered and available to the public at the companies office in Suva.
this is the normal commercial set up..unless kaiyum has changed the law without telling us.

Anonymous said...

Kalounisona, Kalouniwai or Tikoisona,,,,,,,these people are masquarading as leaders but are traitors who stole their way to leadership via guns,,,,,,they didnot follow the legal and proper way.
Further, both these arseholes are adulterous motherfucckers havings affairs left right and centre ,,,,left their wives and children and cannot even manage their families. Kalounisona funding his teenage mistress to go back to school at FNU while real wife and children dumped and suffering. His cousin Vara Logavatu stole money from her village & caused a family break up in Natogadravu.
Viavia tutaga / marama boidada na bula!!!
Viavia veiliutaki ia boidada na bula!!!
O Setani sa cicivaki Viti tiko nikua!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey folks. Just saw a glimpse of the news yesterday about the PIDF. This was supposed to be the one that rivals and eventually overtake the PIF. In it the dicktator once again singled out Oz and NZ for being dominating and a bully in the region and lamented the absence of many countries from his PIDF. Only one leader was obvious in the meeting which was Mr Xanana of East Timor. So where are all these forums heading - PIDF and MSG and other now forgotten gatherings like the obscure Friends of the Pacific and so on. Not content on having all the MSG fallas in his hands bai tries to reach out further to rope in more from the region - with little success it seems.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace na momo na Tui Ba(Bulu).With all due respect to you Sir.

Anonymous said...

anon 1.15pm
These bothis are desperate for international recognition but not getting anywhere.
This PIDF is just another boci talk fest, cocktails, chance to travel, lasa i tuba for all these self promoted sotias, chnace to have a chiefly yaqona ceremony for themselves, all really sona levu stuff.
At the end of the day its all sweet fark all,,,,,
Just calculate how much of our tax payers money has been wasted on these useless meetings and you'll see what i am saying....
Further, these same countries who are here will go to the Forum next month and will not lift a hand to lift fijis suspension.......
Fiji is being prostituted left right and centre,,,,,,

PIO said...

not by the forum but by these bocis of the army ill advised by kaiyum.
the blockheads don't know they've been played for fools.
its an excuse to link Fiji to india.
forget the MSG...that's just the white powder the Chinese put in their chopsue.
Fiji got no money to "develop" Fiji so where else they gonna get the money in the pacific other than from oz and nz. east timor is a new nation with problems like Fiji. but funny how they convinced ismail to come and give some credence to this bs gathering of drunks and womanisers.

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 2.40pm
Looks like you like cocks...ha ha ha ho ho ho he he he


Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

U landless non indigenous circling around only 10% of land in fiji and owning all tghe business thru corruption and theft!!!

Dharam Lingnam You Sucker said...

Asshole Dharam Lingam, even if you the blogger gives you his address you can't do shit. Maybe that's a good thing because he will give you a good bash. Everyone despises you for supporting this illegal asshole Bainimagasona, what sort idiot does that?

Dharam Csucking Lingam said...

Anon@12.01, I see you're one of Dharam's buddies LOL. Truth hurts ay. By the way, why don't you put your real name down and also your address so I'll come over and beat you? Oh hang on, you're Dharam claiming to be someone else.

Anonymous said...

Army need to restore pride it had before 1987 .Fiji army need a good Commander that lead with truth and knowledge . uphold the constitution and democratic government.

rajend naidu said...

The beauty about Australian democracy is that a citizen can openly write in the premier national newspaper 'I am positive Kevin Rudd cannot be trusted" (Letters the Australian 6/8) . If any citizen said that about the self- appointed "Prime Minister of Fiji" he or she is likely to get a visit from the military-police!

Anonymous said...

Kalou ma Reva!!!!...We shall all be positive n move forth coz crying over spilled milk won't bring about improvement for our beloved nation...if you think whatever you doing is right,then keep doing it...only God will judge for ALL have sinned and had fallen short of his glory...May God's will alone be done upon our nation!!!!

Steve Finnell said...

Christians like to state that they are sinners saved by grace. Christians should say I was a sinner saved by grace. To proclaim, I am a sinner, suggests that no repentance has taken place. Christians are not supposed to maintain the same sinful lifestyle they had before they had their sins washed by the blood of Christ.


1 Corinthians 6:1-11....9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived;
neither fornicators
nor idolaters
nor effeminate
nor homosexuals
nor thieves
not the covetous
nor drunkards
nor revilers
nor swindlers
will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

Notice Paul said these Christians were sinners. Paul did not say they are sinners. Paul was not handing out sin permits to the Christians at Corinth. It was the exact opposite. Paul was saying that the Christians who continue to practice a sinful lifestyle would not enter into the kingdom of God.

Yes, Christians do sin, however, Christians should not be sinners. Christians should have had all the, sin practice, they needed before they became Christians. Do you honestly believe Christians can live an entire life practicing fornication and still enter the kingdom of God?

Ephesians 2:1-5.....3 Among them we too all formerly lived in lust of our flesh, indulging the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, even as the rest.......

Christians should be, formerly sinners, saved by grace. Christians should not be current sinners expecting to be saved by grace!


YOU ARE INVITED TO FOLLOW MY CHRISTIAN BLOG. Google search>>>>steve finnell a christian view

Anonymous said...

A quick lesson in Diplomacy101? Courtesy of PNG's honourable Prime Minister Peter O'neill in this long-winded explanation to save Fiji's face: A + B = D[1+2] x C*


Anonymous said...

That large delegation, free sarasara trip for family, travel expenses, wining and dining, free BOOLAH smiles... another complete waste of taxpayers money!

Let's Do It Again UFDF! said...

"The United Front for a Democratic Fiji (UFDF) accuses Commodore Frank Bainimarama of using the asylum seekers controversy to further his own vendetta against Australia.

His attack on the asylum agreement negotiated between Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is blatantly self-serving.

Ever since Australia refused to endorse his 2006 takeover by force of an elected Fiji government, Commodore Bainimarama has been single-minded in his search for revenge.

His condemnation of Mr O’Neill’s joint initiative with Mr Rudd will also serve to undermine Mr O’Neill’s position within PNG.

It is a brazen example of interference in that country’s internal politics, in defiance of the principles of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) of which Fiji is a member along with PNG.

Despite Commodore Bainimarama’s claims about Melanesian unity and brotherhood he has deliberately betrayed these ideals. Mr O’Neill is a victim.

Is this the thanks the PNG Prime Minister gets for recently offering a multi-million dollar package of aid to Commodore Bainimarama?

Bainimarama has no right or mandate to speak for other Melanesian countries, just as he has no right or mandate to speak for the people of Fiji.

In a wider context, Commodore Bainimarama sees the asylum row as another opportunity to seek the international legitimacy he craves. That is what his entire foreign policy is about.

Bainimarama’s endeavors to occupy the high moral ground are hollow. Nothing can change the fact that he leads a military dictatorship with an infamous record of human rights abuses and repression.

He is also known for economic incompetence, driving more people into poverty, and consistently exercising bad governance.

The UFDF denounces him as the worst example of national leadership in the Pacific region."

Authorized by : UFDF

Anonymous said...

Definitely those officers who instigate the coup are equally guilty of Treason with Bainimarama

Anonymous said...

UFDF is made up of incompetent people and failed politicians.
It's full of self serving,power hungry people.

Anonymous said...

That is what you think, UFDF members are seasonal politicians. They are well educated, matured and very experience in politic.they have gone through the mill in terms of government machinery knowledge. They were transparent and respected by the people because they were democratically by the people for the people.Bainimarama removed them at gun point with lies.Now you are saying that they are failed politicians? Can you digress on that because the whole world know that it is the military itht is creating the political problem in Fiji not the politicians.military has no part to play in politic.their part is to protect the government and the people from any outside intervention.

Anonymous said...

Kalounisona, Kalouniwai or Tikoisona,,,,,,,these people are masquarading as leaders but are traitors who stole their way to leadership via guns,,,,,,they didnot follow the legal and proper way.
Further, both these arseholes are adulterous motherfucckers havings affairs left right and centre ,,,,left their wives and children and cannot even manage their families. Kalounisona funding his teenage mistress to go back to school at FNU while real wife and children dumped and suffering. His cousin Vara Logavatu stole money from her village & caused a family break up in Natogadravu.
Viavia tutaga / marama boidada na bula!!!
Viavia veiliutaki ia boidada na bula!!!
O Setani sa cicivaki Viti tiko nikua!!!

Donkey said...

you can change the body but if the head is an asshole the animal will be an ass....beeeeee

Anonymous said...

Fiji is christian state . why muslim having a fuss at it.if they don like it .they should move back to parkistan and start fighting the taliban there.

Anonymous said...

Fijians predominantly belong to the Christian faith. However, the State does not belong to a specific faith. The 1997 Constitution "which WE ourselves gave, with GOD as out witness.." was clear and specific about in that regard. Here we go:

"5. Although religion and the State are separate, the people of the Fiji Islands acknowledge that worship and reverence of God are the source of good government and leadership."

So please, let's us not give in to TuSe's regime - the evil author of confusion and mischievously muddy the waters for him.

Some warriors we are, our forefathers must be thinking!

Anonymous said...

Plus let's go tramping down the road of religious extremists - yes, those closed-minded, bigoted, uninformed, ill-educated minorities within the major faiths including Christianity - there's no excuse for being ill-informed in today's cyber age.

LEARN the lessons from what's been happening and still happening in the muslim world on what NOT TO DO..

Tragically, our beloved brothers and sisters of the Coptic Christian faith in Egypt have suffered persecution for ages... but more so NOW bear the brunt of the wrath of the Muslim Brotherhood who've accused Christians in Egypt of "supporting the overthrow of Morsi thus depriving them (the muslim brotherhood of power)..."

How tragic given that, "Coptic Christians have resided in Egypt since the 1st century A.D., about 600 years before Muhammad began preaching and 630 years before he solidified Islam in the Arabian Peninsula.

Muslims entered Egypt in the year 639 and by the 13th century, Islam had taken over.

By the 20th century, Christians, who formed only 10 percent of the Egyptian population, had become victims of on-again-off-again violence by Muslim radicals."

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/Coptic-Christians-Attack-Egypt/2013/07/13/id/514898#ixzz2bEgd5Ot4

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry for the obvious typo errors. My bad.

Should read: "Plus let's NOT go tramping down the road...."

Anonymous said...

Muslim shite/sunni fighting each other in the world.why?
They profess that islam is a religion of peace and love.
Why they kill others and jihad.Time the world wake up and put this radicals jihadis in grave .so the world can have peace.

Anonymous said...

Good question @ anon 12.00am.

I say its time the moderate Muslims in the Arab world rise up to the occasion and put the radicals and extremists in their midst in jail where they belong for an extensive, lifelong rehabilitation. The wise saying that evil men dominate when good men (genderneutral) do nothing is TRUE.

But as an old-fashioned Christian, I just couldn't think of sending them off to Hades just yet, without giving them a chance to exhaust all avenues to redeem their souls before God whose mercy and compassion as we all well know, is ENDLESS and INEXHAUSTIBLE.

May God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Islam and muslim people will target other religion people through muslim brotherhood in business ,govt ,others .so it is happening in fiji now.muslim getting all top board appointment and govt post and govt tenders.why the fijian not getting govt tenders and fiji pm helping others why not us native fijians.

Anonymous said...


That's a fair bit of generalising and you know that. But what does that all mean to you?

And what do you think should be done about it?

Anonymous said...

FNPN Kicked out of PNG for Kubuceke stupid comments on Asylum Seekers in PNG

Vodafone Fiji backs out of deal with BeMobile
Publish date/time: 07/08/2013 [07:54]

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Vodafone Fiji has backed out of the deal with Papua New Guinea’s mobile phone carrier BeMobile.

The Post Courier reports that differences between BeMobile and Vodafone over the use of a contractor to rollout the new infrastructure are the cause for the falling out.

The joint-venture agreement would have seen Vodafone Fiji manage BeMobile’s telecommunications system and the PNG government’s IPBC would own 51% share equity while the Fiji National Provident Fund could have 40%.

PNG State Enterprise Minister Ben Micah said they would now have to look at other options.

He said Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neil will formally advise his Fijian counterpart.

However, Telikom and IPBC will take over and try to raise the 40% equity.

O’Neil has confirmed the split saying negotiations have been difficult in the sense that there were management issues about some contractual obligations, that PNG as a country felt needed to be negotiated properly because of governance issues.

He said the issue stems from a contractor who has got issues with the government.
Vodafone Fiji Managing Director Aslam Khan said he will not make any comments.
FNPF Investments Manager Jaoji Koroi said he is in a meeting and cannot comment.

Anonymous said...

Kalouniwai na tamata qala balavu qai fatty fatty na tolona. O Ratu Tikoitoga mataqali vata talega io e vula na nona. Rau tamata dau vidulu qoka. Dou lako mada yani vi rau na admin ni site qoka me rau vakavutuki kemudou mai. Keimami na yalewa kimami sa tovolea oti kimami sa kila na kena vinaka. Give me army dick.

Anonymous said...

OMG finally the military is falling aparts,
the idea is not to give too much power to senior officers?
You can't leave them too
long in one senior post?
You gotta
appoint stupid young guys,so they
feel that they owe you their lives?
Mosese has been out for quite a while and AZIZ is a back-biter and
would be untrustworthy in any top
post?Mosese and Bai are not on good terms. don't know what happen
between these assoles,I think that
Bai didn't like, the time Mosese
was acting like a military spokesman? Bai didn't like the way
Mosese Tikoinasona was taking to the media and make it sound like,he
was the man? AZIZ also made the same mistakes 3 times.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how blame for everything by native Fijians is falling on the Muslims now. You don't get an erection blame it on Muslims, you get sick blame it on Muslims. What next. Since independence the scape goat has been the Indian people. Now their is a religious breakdown of the Indian people and the Muslims are getting hammered because of 1 men and his gang. I am sure if Khaiyum was a Hindu the same rhetoric would have been repeated about Hindus.None of you kai viti have the balls to say that all the coups were planned and executed by the Kaiviti's. I am sure some of you blogging here were at the parliament house in 2000 having a ball when democracy was being raped by George and his merry men.You hypocrites. That's OK though the Indian community is used to the blame. No matter what Bainimarama does the Indian community does not care as they are fed up. They are leaving Fiji in bucket loads. In 10 to 15 years time i am sure most will be gone. They will be replaced by the Chinese as they are coming in huge numbers. You will be then having this conversations again except they will take the blame then.
I just want to say good luck.

Anonymous said...

Kalounisona, Kalouniwai or Tikoisona,,,,,,,these people are masquarading as leaders but are traitors who stole their way to leadership via guns,,,,,,they didnot follow the legal and proper way.
Further, both these arseholes are adulterous motherfucckers havings affairs left right and centre ,,,,left their wives and children and cannot even manage their families. Kalounisona funding his teenage mistress to go back to school at FNU while real wife and children dumped and suffering. His cousin Vara Logavatu stole money from her village & caused a family break up in Natogadravu.
Viavia tutaga / marama boidada na bula!!!
Viavia veiliutaki ia boidada na bula!!!
O Setani sa cicivaki Viti tiko nikua!!!

Anon 2.39pm - luveni saqamua o iko

Anonymous said...

Aziz is not a main stream soldier, he joined army as a lawyer because he could not find any job with proper law firms.

Anonymous said...

Aziz, Roderick Narayan, all con Indians and arse lickers.

Felix Maharaj was a real army man.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:02 PM

You are 100% right in what you say.

Unfortunately the native Fijians can not see what's going to happen in the future if they continue with this blame someone else culture.

The Indians came here as honest workers, many educated themselves and some excelled in commercial activity. They integrated and accepted the ways of how things were. They did not try to make change.

The Indians are slowly going and will be replaced by Chinese. These Chinese will not integrate, they will not speak English and are here for one reason only, to make money.

The native will not only have to put up with a new group that will slowly take over all business purely for profit but an alien controlling group that you will not even be able to converse with.

Anonymous said...

Roderick Narayan is still conning and arse licking in Australia now.
The moron lied to whole of Australia in that radio interview and now is claiming centrelink for his two sick kids his wife had from two different men.

Anonymous said...

I think it not fare to blame or single out any ethnic group to be responsible for the political uncertainity in our country.Up till now all major ethnic groups in Fiji have one way or the other paticipate or contributed to the situation we are now facing.Only a hand full of digruntlled politicians,businessman, lawyers, judges acrross the spectrum of the society are involved not directly but by influencing the military to carry out the coup.If you look back to 1987 untill 2006 all these coups were carried out by or with the influence of the Military after being influenced and convinced by those disgrauntlled groups.What I trying to say here is that without the participation of the miltary the coup will not and can not happen because of the arm element that the military have.
The next question is "Do we need the existance of the Military in Fiji ? If Yes or No Why ? explain and justify your answer.Perhaps we all need to participate in this other than blaming each others ethnic group and religion so that we can find solutions to our political problems and we put a stop to it once and for all and we move foward. What do you think ?

PM Mahen Chaudhry and His Gracious Lady, Aunty Asha Lakhan said...

Bring Mahen chaudhry as PM and Ash Lakhan as first lady and all will be fine. mahen has been preaching transparency and accountability all his life - look at his FLP - so transparent and accountable. look at how much money FLP raised in name of poor! So what if $3m when into mahen's personal kitty, he is fiji ke robin hood after all, not any ordinary robin hood.

I remember mahen's favorite phrase was "feathering their nest" and "lining their pockets" when attacking others. who would have thought our own mahenwa was the world champion in feathering nest and lining pocket - this man has so many talents!!

mahen practice what he preach as shown by appointing his son as his private secretary, appointing in-law sachida (toilet cleaner) Nand senator (a bekaar one) and using state funds to renovate private property.


Anonymous said...

As we are moving closer to the election Bainimarama is concerned with the composition of the military highraki because he has to resign to be able to contest the election and he has to make sure that he put the right people in place to maintain the military support for him. This can also be disasterous to him too because it can create rift with in the officers and crack in the military can surface. It seems that the post holders in the military top brass are temporary and no one is cofirmed to a position. It seems that the resuffling in the military has taken up alot of space in our blog site in the last few days anhd has divert our attention from the illegal regimes activities and our road to democracy.

Anonymous said...

anon 3.08am
it seems you are an asshole

Anonymous said...

Fijian Army, Police and judges are to be blamed for all coup. Khaiyum will become scape goat soon like aziz.
army and police dont support the government they will fall.but these people are selling themselves for money.

Anonymous said...

Just an observation, I'm not a soldier but just seeing the smart dressed Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff's photo, can see that he's got his BAR & INFANTRY BADGE above his right pocket. Isn't that a breach of Dress Code or it does not matter.????

rajend naidu said...

I thought Ganga Singh's introductory remarks on justice and the lack of it in contemporary society (Fiji Times 7/8) was excellent until he brought in the Satan nonsense to explain it. Injustice is indeed " so much a part of the fabric of daily living" and we can all indeed "become victims of unjust acts at all levels of society" as Ganga so correctly points out.
But if you look around you you will find it is all man-made. It has nothing to do with Satan. Satan never had anything to do with human beings screwing members of its own species ever.
And often times the "human rulers and leaders[who] should find solutions to the vast problems plaguing mankind" as Ganga contends are themselves the problem!
So no, sorry Ganga praying will not end the problem of "wickedness and injustice" - only men and women who are prepared to fight against injustice where ever it raises its ugly head.

Dharam Asshole Lingam said...

Anon@8.03. Those medals or whatever are only for decoration. They mean fuckall as they were awarded by Bainimagasona to those who licked his black wrinkly ass.

Anonymous said...

I applaud this blog site for its breaking news and commentary, but annoyed at the trolls and ridiculous personal comments wishing harm, and sexual violence. This is the environment in which all dictators flourish, and predictably the end game will be the same dictator in power in a new guise.We Fijians are an apathetic lot too busy snipping at personal issues, and too busy with our own personal or family ambitions.The same mentality which allowed Rabuka and the military to take control.The chiefs have become a toothless tiger, the public servants greedy with self ambition, and the military loyal un to themselves.History will repeat itself just as Mugabe in Zimbabwe have shown the transition from a military to civilian dictatorship can be achieved. While the people are divided on the scraps and the spoils of what this illegal government doles out, Fiji sadly " is not"how the world should be".

Anonymous said...

Who gives a rats about which of this two losers become Vore's bumboy? Its like a choice between one that can touch his toes and the other that can hold his ankles. They're both asskissers.

Anonymous said...

I applaud Vodafone's decision to back out of the deal with BeMobile. The Ah Koys who hold a huge stake in the failing company lobbied the stupid Fiji govt and tried to offload this worthless company onto the Fiji taxpayers via FNPF. Michael Ah koy, your stupid plan failed. Now lets see you make it work like your failing hotel in Auckland. What you gonna tell papa Jim? Daddy I failed again, pls give me more money to waste.

Komai said...

Has Australia lobbied against Fiji?
Publish date/time: 08/08/2013 [17:01]

Acting Australian High Commissioner to Fiji Glenn Miles is denying that the Australian government has been working behind the scenes and trying to block UN peacekeeping operations for Fiji and development loans from the World Bank and the ADB.

Fijivillage has questioned Miles why the Australian government has tried to block the loans and peacekeeping operations.

Miles admits that they have consultations with these multi lateral bodies on a number of issues but he said specific representations have not been made.

Miles said the ADB and the World Bank is now doing preliminary studies on how it can support Fiji.

He said Australia is supporting this move.

However, in an earlier interview with Fijivillage, Fiji’s Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said the Australian government is not behaving like a friend as it is trying to hurt Fiji.

Fijivillage has analyzed a number of statements on whether Australia has lobbied for decisions to be made against Fiji.

In 2009, it was clearly stated and widely reported when Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced that his government had successfully lobbied the United Nations to ban future deployments of Fijian troops in UN peacekeeping missions.

At the time, Rudd had said that the UN will not engage future or new Fijian troops for new operations.

However, this is now unsuccessful as the UN has acknowledged Fiji’s peacekeeping efforts and more than 500 Fiji soldiers are now serving in the Golan Heights.

On June 22nd, 2007, Fiji’s Interim Finance Minister at the time, Mahendra Chaudhry had accused Australia of trying to sabotage Fiji’s economy by undermining Fiji’s loan arrangements with world lenders.

At the time Chaudhry said Australia has also tried to undermine Fiji’s economy through multilateral institutions like the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

He said Australia was effectively blocking Fiji’s systems of loan arrangements through these banks to Fiji.

In May this year, an Australian economist also said publicly that Australia has been secretly vetoing loans to Fiji from the World Bank and Asian Development Bank since the coup in 2006.

Stephen Howes from the Australian National University’s Development Policy Centre said there has been no lending from either institution since December 2006.

We have requested an interview with Australian Foreign Minister, Senator Bob Carr on these matters.

Questions have been sent to Carr’s office in Canberra through the Australian High Commission.

However, we have not received a reply on whether Carr will speak to us.

10 years for rapist grandad said...

Fiji Times, August 08, 2013

A 73-YEAR-OLD father of three was jailed for 10 years yesterday for rape and attempted rape.

The court heard that between January the man attempted to rape a six-year-old girl in his village.

On March 29, 2012 and April 30 of the same year, the man raped the young girl.

High Court judge Justice Janaka Bandara said: "It has been stressed time and again that the future of a country or a nation is children.

"This court considers that the shocking and shameful sexual activities of this nature expose the small children to the much-polluted adult world."

"Your children must be having their own children older than the victim."

The court heard the man lured the victim to his house by offering her oranges.

The man will be eligible for parole after serving six years.

Anonymous said...

The commissioner of Police Naivalurua in his speach at the Western Division Police Parade at Lautoka stated the Police like him and his men are the custodian of what is right, They should do what is right and do it right. True and very precise.The problem is he doing it? Up till now nothing has come to light inregards to the complaint on the two prisoners who were bitten up his man. He is noiw saying that there is a lot of complaint comming from the western division on the inaction and delay on feed back to complainent from police so what action has he taken inregards to the assaultg on prisoners complaint ? and the million dollar guestion is What he done in regards to complaint of treason lodged at Raiwaqa Police Station by former SDL members ? Is ghe going to the right thing and do it right ?

The Call said...

Where are the warriors in Fiji? Some are prepared to die defending Syria. None are prepared to defend Fiji. They can't kill or lock everyone up. I am waiting for the call. If my chief calls a march I will march. Are we all just a bunch of cowards? Lets get organised it will be too late if we let these leaders write their own constitution and run their own elections.

Someone name the date to head to Suva and march. When the police and the army see us in numbers they will join us. Please someone name the day.

Anonymous said...

Ok I suggest that peacefull protest march in all town centers .It will be much easier So what you do is get organise communicate with all members. Remember this march is for all citizen of Fiji all races, all religious faith and people of works of life.We are sick and tired of lies.We start getiing organise from now and the date I would suggest is October 10th at 10am.This date is very significant to the history of our country. We have to apply for our permit foir the march if refused or denied then I guess we will just have to go on if the regime decide to shoot or arrest us they will juts have to do it. There is no going back we have to make sacrifices to achieve what we all want" FREEDOM"

Anonymous said...

The 317 Police Officers who are under the microscope from the illegal Commissioner of Police are those officers who are seen to be against the illegal regime.The fact is that the Police Force was not supporting the coup and that was clearly stated by the them Deputy Commissioner of Police Moses Driver is hi Media release the same day the military underf the direction of Bainimarama who sent one of his commission officer Covunisaqa to seize all police arms at Police Mobile Nasinu .These followed by the removal of all high ranking police officer who are against the coup. Then ghe military took over the police force and slowly drag the police force to tow the line followed by the sacking of all judges and magistrates and the abrogation of the constitution so the professional police officers although they are working under this regime they will hjump to our side when we start rocking the boat

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua you know you are one of the bright up and comming officer of the military many of us were looking at as the feature commander.You had the X Factor but what you are doing now is the opposite of what we thought of you.May be we were wrong by judging the book by its cover your real being is what you are now.Even if you leave the Police Force now it is too late you are party to the offence of Treason aid and abbet.

Anonymous said...


You fucking cheat, just like you cheated Air Fiji, now you trying your luck on FNPF.

Your father licked every PM arse.

Ah Jack said...

what business man is not shady friend,...tappoos, motibhais,?maybe they are better crooks that's why they survive and prosper. may be they suck up every PMs arse better than ahkoy?

Anonymous said...

Nur Bano and Khaiyum is helping nasir ali to get e ticketing tender.what ficac is doing .corruption at highest level.100 million dollar business.


• Aiaz Sayed Khaiyum
• Aslam Khan,
• Iqbal Janiff,
• Nazhat Shameem
• Shaista Shameem,
• Nur Bano,
• Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),
• Abdul Khan(FSC),
• Mohammed Aziz,
• Faiaz Ali,
• Mohammed Saneen,
• Saheen Ali,
• Razim Buksh (RBF)
• Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)
• Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)
• Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)
• Riaz Ali (FNU),
• Nizam U Dean,
• Afzal Khan,
• Hafix Khan,
• Anwar Khan,
• Ali Jan,
• Bahadur Ali,
• Lainuni Khan,
• Shaneze Voss,
• Shane Hussien,
• Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),
• Robert Khan,
• Rahmat Ali,
• Gulam Mohammed
• Nasir Ali (ASP)
• Faizal Koya,
• Ahmed Bhamji
• Ashir Ali (Levuka Town Council

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1055 Naivalurua was never that squeaky clean anyway. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing. You have a look at old TV footage of the 1987 coup and you will make out Naivalurua as one of the balaclava clad goons who went in with Rambo. Trust me, the fair skin and his eyes are a dead giveaway.
Him and his wife have a lavish lifestyle to uphold so he will sell his soul to the highest bidder, to maintain it. Kanaloto or what - doesn't matter to this thieving, lying bastard. That's what money does to ya.

Anonymous said...

Kalounisona, Kalouniwai or Tikoisona,,,,,,,these people are masquarading as leaders but are traitors who stole their way to leadership via guns,,,,,,they didnot follow the legal and proper way.
Further, both these arseholes are adulterous motherfucckers havings affairs left right and centre ,,,,left their wives and children and cannot even manage their families. Kalounisona funding his teenage mistress to go back to school at FNU while real wife and children dumped and suffering. His cousin Vara Logavatu stole money from her village & caused a family break up in Natogadravu.
Viavia tutaga / marama boidada na bula!!!
Viavia veiliutaki ia boidada na bula!!!
O Setani sa cicivaki Viti tiko nikua!!!

Anonymous said...

Red pork is in today menu at khaiyum home for eid .ella darling made red pork and khaiyum blessed it allaha hu akabar .

Red Wine said...

with lots of red wine with shameem and gates as usual. these lot don't need eid as an excuse to indulge...just go to the Sheraton every fortnight or so.

Anonymous said...

Aziz contesting election in nadronga open taken over lekh ram seat.

Coup5.5 said...

move the kaiindia out of the way so only kaivitis left. to prepare for the next coup after elections.

rajend naidu said...

Writing in the regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun (9/8) Wise Muavono informs us that after a metal manhole cover was stolen, the 8 by 2 wooden planks the council put as replacement cover got nicked as well!
Wise says it's not funny 'cos someone could fall into the uncovered manhole.
I agree.
It seems to me stealing has become something of a norm in post coup Fiji. Some are big time crooks and some small time crooks like the manhole cover crooks who are desperate enough to want to do that to make some dough . The stealing phenomenon is hardly surprising seeing as the country's government got stolen by armed bandits and the thieves still strut about as respectable citizens and national leaders!
The focus is not on these big time crooks. And that's understandable. It's easier to after the small crooks.
Hence the preoccupation with the manhole cover crooks. See the number of letters on it in the local papers.
What about the big hole in which the country has been put as a result of the theft of the democratic government?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

easy to talk smart but not easy to come over to fiji and oppose the regime here eh???
kai dia kuta same everywhere barachod!

Anonymous said...

Yes we have big time crooks and small time crooks and we have local crooks and international crooks who have been drawn to the country like a magnet because it provides an ideal enabling environment for them to ply their crooked trade because of slack accountability and transparency and corruption.
so much for the much vaunted "clean up" campaign by the stealers of the democratic government of fiji!

Anonymous said...

THE IT company Yalamanchili, hired by the Fiji regime to run the government’s ICT department and to digitize government information, is looking at expanding its role in making more money off the Fiji public.
For a while now there were concerns by career civil servants that a foreign company was being given unprecedented access to information on Fiji citizens under the guise of ‘digitizing’ this information. The digitizing of information itself is commendable but the concern is how a country like Fiji which constantly flags its sovereignty has allowed a foreign company access to its computer system and the information it holds on citizens without any public tender process or debate.

Yalamanchili has now muscled in on the E-ticketing market, which explains why Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum suddenly stepped in at the 11th hour in June to halt the E-ticketing process under the guise of ‘opening up the market’ to prevent anti-competitive practices. It seems like neither Vodafone, Foneology or the new players Digicel and BulaMyFiji.com will get as much a return on their investment as they had hoped if Yalamanchili gets its way. Yalamanchili is believed to be pushing for a centrally controlled system which it will design and implement taking a cut from every single E-ticketing transaction on the system throughout Fiji.

The current E-ticketing system designed by Vodafone and Foneology had been presented at a full Cabinet meeting and was eventually accepted by the Cabinet. It had been running for several months quite well and operators were keen to have the system legally confirmed when Khaiyum derailed it.

One of the bus operators who was against the E-ticketing system and who sits on the board of the Suva Chamber of Commerce, allegedly used the influence of Dr Nur Bano Ali to get Khaiyum to intervene.

Foneology director James Trusler, left, demonstrates the use of the new E-Ticketing console box while LTA media officer Alfred Wiliame, KBL executive chairman Nisar Ali Shah and Vodafone head of corporate affairs and manager M-PAiSA Shailendra Prasad look on

PictureMoney bag lady
Word is that Nur Bano got Khaiyum to stop the project until she and Yalamanchili’s local partner Nisar Ali could figure out how to make money out of the estimated $100 million a year that will flow through the system. Khaiyum allegedly obliged and said a ‘revised’ set of Minimum Standard Requirements (MSR) would be issued by the AG’s office.

There’s a lot of head scratching in stakeholder circles on why the AG’s office should be drafting regulations for e-ticketing system when it is clearly the domain of the Ministry of Transport and the Land Transport Authority.

It is understood that this has seriously demoralized the staff and CEO of LTA. Permanent Secretary for Transport Francis Kean, Bainimarama’s brother-in-law is also reportedly concerned about the turn of events and has warned Bainimarama about what is going on.

Under the guise of big words such as “interoperability”, the AG then involved Nisar Ali without calling for a tender to redraft the MSR. Word is rife that the revised MSR by Nisar Ali will recommend that all E-ticketing solution providers integrate their system to a proposed national switch to be developed by Yalamanchili and pay a fee on transactions.

So for every bus E-ticketing fare transaction, a percentage will allegedly go to Yalamanchili, Khaiyum and Nur Bano.

Anonymous said...

Rajend...so no crime in Oz? Best place in the world to commit a crime is Oz. Everyday you hear of the supended sentences dished out for pretty serious crime. The parole board in Oz will let any criminal off for the flimiest of reasons. Jill Meagher's killer raped 23 women before he killed her but was walking the streets of Melbourne. Lucky he wasn't in Sydney, he might have raped you too Rajend. Self righteous prick.

Anonymous said...

why should Rajen come to Fiji to oppose the regime when there are barachods like anon 12.07PM?rajen's smart talk from Sydney is far more effective than the shit talk from regime apologist in Suva!

Anonymous said...

anon Rajen @1:25pm...stop suddenly becoming anon to defend yourself moron... Rajend moron anon moron.

Shawn said...

The IT company outsourcing and the port operations as well is a bad sign that we fijians are lazy. We have so many IT graduates here who are also recruited by overseas firms, yet the government dont encourage local IT participation this way. What kind of policy is this. There are many local IT firms and people still available to take up those roles. Who makes these kinds of decisions? IF EVERYTHING IS OUTSOURCED AND HARDLY ANYBODY HAS A GOOD JOB, THEN WHO WILL PAY TAX?????Bai & his clan!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Barachod 12.07 PM and 1.31 Pm
you don't like 'smart talk" from rajend . so what do you like? shit talk from regime lackeys?

Anonymous said...

Barachod let guess what you like. you like a big banana in your mouth and another one in your channel!

Anonymous said...

u barachod been talking smart for last donkeys months and years but whats the result??
sweet f n all!!!
short sarcastic letters doesn't remove a regime 1 iota!!!
stop writing and organise and raise funds for an assasin to come over,,,,,
that'll be more effective jutia pakala!!!

rajend naidu said...

with what rajend has been doing - speaking out against the regime- he has not succeeded in removing the regime.
so what have you anonymous barachod, jutia, pakala @3.41 PM achieved with whatever you doing?
let me guess - sweet fn all !!!
and yet you want rajend to "stop writing" to stop speaking out!
why should anyone listen to you pakala!

Anonymous said...

@anon2.12pm...I mean, rajend, how many times have I told you not to pretend to be anon to defend yourself. I guess your ego gets hurt so you must protect yourself, eh barachod. Atlantic Blvd hero, don't worry, we will keep attacking you until your chod really hurts. then the homo in you will want to be straight.

Anonymous said...

lets get this straight, hero boy rajend has achieved something and done something for the growth of Fiji's population. He got Premila his niece preganant and that added to the growth. get your facts right.

Anonymous said...

If I was in Fiji and wanted a good job, I too would have converted. Smart move Itaukai brothers. This is a consorted afford by Muslims to convert citizens to Muslims.

First Eid for converts .........Avinesh Gopal (Friday, August 09, 2013)

Islam clergy and Pesh Imam of Masjid-Al-Haqq in Milverton Rd Sheikh Shafiqur Rahman Khan with his newly converted followers who will celebrate Eid at Raiwaqa. From left: Ahmed, Mohammed Talaha, Mohammed Tahir and Abdullah. Picture: JONE LUVENITOGA+ Enlarge this image

Islam clergy and Pesh Imam of Masjid-Al-Haqq in Milverton Rd Sheikh Shafiqur Rahman Khan with his newly converted followers who will celebrate Eid at Raiwaqa. From left: Ahmed, Mohammed Talaha, Mohammed Tahir and Abdullah. Picture: JONE LUVENITOGA

FIVE iTaukei men who converted to Islam about two months ago will celebrate their first Eid today.

Yesterday, the five men of Naqia Village in Wainibuka, Tailevu, were busy cleaning the Masjid-Al-Haqq in Milverton Rd, Suva, in preparation for the religious festival.

Mohammed Abdullah, 30, who was formerly known as Nemani Cakausese, said he and his four Islam brothers from the village also fasted during the month of Ramadan.

Anonymous said...

Anon4.03 and anon 4.06 PM
I know what you want. you want a good china in your magana

Anonymous said...

Barachod 3.41PM
rajend has been writing short anti-regime letters and what have you been doing?
playing with your marbles!

Fijiwala said...

Rajen AKA Panty Choor has really achieved a lot. Bared from practicing Law for 5 years, Wanted by authorities in Fiji an New Zealand, A Rapist, the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

If natiive Fijians are converting to Islam that's not a new thing. They convert all the time. once they were all heathens according to white folks who then successfully converted them to Christians. Now the Muslims might be having a go to convert them to Islam so that they can hold sway over them. native Fijians are not hard to convert. the white folks were able to take away large parcels of their land by giving them mirrors and muskets and tinklets etc at one point in time.once the Fijians in the Fiji military were racists backing the racist Rabuka coup of 1987 and even the Speight coup . But now they are all converted multiracialists! Or so they'd like everyone to believe!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, the pig Aziz is a Brigadier and Tikoisona is a Colonel. If the story is true then it is another vote buying ploy by Bainimagana. You see, on the other hand Kalouniwai or as he is known in the Camp, Levunawai is a very very junior Lt-Colonel and hails from Lomanikoro, Rewa. This ploy is to pacify the TRUE Rewans, so that they may support Bainimagana and not the Roko Tui Dreketi!!

Anonymous said...

Bainimagana, Tikoisona and now Levunawai!! OMG!! What next as the names seem to be interconnected!!
They must sure have a LOT in common!!

Anonymous said...

Rajen Naidu has been making relentless and pointed criticisms about the regime, which has some regime lackey's knickers' in a twist, typically resorting to personal attacks...they can go hell, to carry on regardless Rajen, thank you for your insightful posts.

Anonymous said...

An above posting suggested a march on October 10 at 10 am in you nearest major city or town. No one responded. You fags wanna talk about Rajen and useless crap instead of actual solutions.

Talk and bitch if it makes you feel good. To the blogger above, count me in. At least there are two of us ready to act.

Anonymous said...

Coup 5.5

you right and make people like Ah Koy and his full Chinese adapted daughter I-Taukei.

Anonymous said...

I am in too. About time someone had a plan. There will be three of us. Anyone else prepared to put their hand up?

Anonymous said...

Yep!! The pig Aziz is earmarked for a Diplomatic posting, in the HIGHLY likely event that these thieves will win the elections, to the Middle East to gather terrorist support from Alqaeda!! After all, what is left for these people?

Anonymous said...

To lose the elections is not in the vocab of my Commander, the Army and I!!
Why do you people think that we will voting ELECTRONICALLY IN 2014?
We will just press a few keys and buttons and guess what? We WILL have won the elections!!
LOVE US OR HATE US! IT IS HIS WAY OT THE HIGHWAY PEOPLE!! He does not want to go to Naboro does he??

Anonymous said...

While Quran teaches us that Christ by his birth was god and not man. Muslims deny this fact and continue to tell world that Christ was not god. They convert people by faulting Christianity however they have nothing good to say about their own religion. Their Allah is moon god which is characterised by moon symbol in their mosque but they never admit that.

Anonymous said...

The Muslim PIGS will deny anything and everything to suit their agendas, lust, wants and what have you, to get what they want and not their teachings.
History has proved this!!
Look at ALL the troubled spots in World - it is caused by the bloody PIGS!!

Islam Religion of Peace Latest Contributions to Peace said...

Aug 8: (Quetta, Pakistan): 40 funeral goers sent to own funeral by Fedayeen suicide bomber, whose reward will be 72 virgins in heaven, according to the Koran.

Aug 8: (Nangarhar, Afghanistan): 14 women and children blown to pieces by Taliban bombers during a visit to a cemetery.

Aug 7: (Tikrit, Iraq): 'Freedom Fighters' storm a police officer's home and massacre his entire family, including children - this is Islam, religion of mercy.

Aug 7: (Karachi, Pakistan): Pro-Sharia group thought responsible for a brutal bomb attack at a soccer field that kills mostly children.

Aug 6 (Anbakiya, Iraq) - 10 villagers ripped apart by an al-Qaeda shrapnel bomb.

Aug 6" (Baghdad, Iraq): Five people at an ice cream shop taken out by Holy Warriors.

Muslim killing machine said...

Bloody hell, these muslims are really good at committing massacres. It's a long tradition in islam. when muslims hoards swept into Indian, they killed tens on millions in the name of allah. They literally created rivers of blood. Women and children were not spared as allah has no mercy for kaffirs. Today the proud tradition continues. They just can't get enough of killing. It's in the blood (pun intended) and genes. if people from other religions are not around, they turn on each other. what a curse of a 'religion'.

Anonymous said...

Muslims and Allah are so into suicide bombs and looking forward to their imaginary 72 virgins, that they forgot about their virgin sisters. Been there, done that. They were even assuming the position....praying. Woof woof

Pedophile Prophet Muhammed - expert in 'thighing' said...

According to a Fatwa issued in Saudi Arabia, the prophet Muhammad began to practice thighing his child-bride, Aisha when she was 6 years old until she reached 9 years of age (Fatwa No. 31409). The hadith, which muslims respect greatly mentioned Muhammad started performing literal sex with Aisha ONLY when she reached the age of 9 (Sahih al-Bukhari, book 62, hadith No. 89).

Muslim scholars collectively agree, a child becomes an adult, available for sexual intercourse as soon as she reaches the age of nine. Likewise, the Shari’a allows any of the faithful to marry a six-year-old child.
According to the fatwa, the prophet Muhammad could not have sex with his fiancée, Aisha when she was six due to her small size & age. However, the fatwa said that at age six, he would put his penis between her thighs and massage it gently because he did not want to harm her.

Imagine a man of 51 removing the clothes of a 6-year-old girl and slipping his erect penis between her thighs, rubbing her until he ejaculated. Among muslims, to this day, this is considered a benevolent act on the part of the adult male “not wanting to harm her.” What harm could be inflicted upon a young girl mentally and emotionally if not a grown man showing her his penis and stripping her of her clothes and rubbing his male organ between her legs?

no bull said...

yea this is so sick if its true anon 108am. how can a religion have its god like that?? its a cult not a religion.
this cant be true. if it is how have they managed to fool the rest of the world. this is just pedophilia. and its illegal and immoral. unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Mullah brain washing poor muslims for jihad.shame on mullahs they should be preaching love and peace.world peace /freedom been destroyed by this muslim jihadis.time the world wake up and put the end of radical islamist.we have some in fiji destroying us through muslim brotherhood control of government dept and boards.our police and army are supporting them.shame.

rajend naidu said...

@ Anon4.03 PM 9/8
No I am no Atlantic Blvd hero . I am no hero. I do not regard myself as a hero. I am just an ordinary person who deeply values his right to speak his mind. If you have a problem with that then that is clearly your problem. I know some people who think of themselves as heroes. The coup maker Bainimarama and his right hand man Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum regard themselves as heroes and there are semi-literate people who regard them as heroes. You are one such hero worshiper . Do all the sucking up you want to do .that's your choice.

Anonymous said...

Fijian army to be blamed for coup not khaiyum and muslims.army withdraws support .khaiyum and elite muslims will fled fiji with all the loot of tax payers dollars they made in millions in commission with bano .

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1.24PM 9/8
In Fiji a military man was convicted for murder . he went into prison through one door and came out through another. he then got appointed by his brother in law the coup maker Frank Bainimarama as permanent secretary in some government ministry!
anything like that happens in Australia?
I can cite many more cases but there is no point in reasoning with an imbecile, is there?

Anonymous said...

@Rajen9:10 but you must a hero. Uncle Rajen and niece Premila's baby...well what do you know. You say you value your right to speak about your own values. So does someone who disagrees with you, don't they also have a right to suck balls, hero worship, attack the barachod that is you, etc. Yeah they have the same right. Who you calling semi-literate anyway? are you assuming you are better or superior to others? Just because your uncle pulled strings, got you a uni scholarship to study and now you boast of being literate and superior to Raju the cane cutter? Self righteous moron. You must be a hero.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.54 AM
You must be a nutcase!

Anonymous said...

@paedophile prophet muohammad........u assume Muhammad had an erect penis. Tamani mate na qalana, Bula na Muna na bastard.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is ruining our fiji,army,constitution ,culture and religion .go back to india we dont want you and your kawa in fiji .

Dharam Lingam cocksucker said...

These fucking Muslims are sick perverted assholes.

Anonymous said...

FLP meeting in lautoka wants 1997 constitution and care taker government .good call MPC. Thats the only legal way .
all other are illegal like khaiyum constitution.

Adultry, Nepostism said...

@FLP meeting Lautoka, bring mahen '$3 million dollar man' chaudhry back as PM, beta rajen as private secretary, and in-law sachida as senator, and of course Lekh Ram Vaishnoi as information minister - what a team! they can raise another $3m in poor's name and mahen can divert to his account, like last time.

I forgot mahen's long-time girlfriend, disgraced former Fiji Times journalist and adulteress asha lakhan, as PS information perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Fiji need a big clean up in the military led government.we have coup.and military led government made fiji broke and poor . people migrated in huge nos. fiji bank went broke and govt companies closed and were sold .why tax payers money been wasted.no criminal charges laid and people became prime minister and ministers .we have to start now to stop this coup culture and charge people with treason.than coup culture will stop.

Former FLP Voter said...

FLP are dead and buried while Mahen has anything to do with them. It should be Called the Mahen Party. At least that would be honest.

If he is the best they have then they have no hope. FLP is just Mahen and his little ass lickers. FLP followers are liked scared little dumb sheep. Start thinking for yourselves and get an honest leader. This man was part of the illegal regime. Are you people blind or stupid.

Anonymous said...

Frank promised to uphold the 1997 constitution
No military people will benefit
No one in interim government will be allowed to stand in 2009 election.
Good transparent and accountable government
He will take only one commanders salary .
None been proved but the opposite,liar .
We want frank to uphold his words and constitution.prove us now.

Allen Lockington said...

I went to the markets the other day and I saw some vendors selling fruit and vegetables. It was really interesting.

I then left the market and crossed the road. The road was hard. I then reached the other side of the road. Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue. I do

Whoops Sorry I did it again wrong website.

Asha Lakhan disgraced Fiji Times journalist and adulteress said...

Aunty Asha Lakhan behaves like the sun shines out of her crack but as a journalist she is in the same class as Wainikiti Waqa and Margaret Wise who compromised their ethics by sleeping with different PMs.

yet the adulterous bitch Asha who thinks she is some kind of queen churns out sanctimonious FLP propaganda all the time on behalf of great leader mahen chaudhry, who has been rooting her years behind his wife Virmati's back. The whole FLP is riddled with sordidness - nepotism, corruption, grand theft, adultery and what not.

Dharam Lingam said...

What's up with the Indians fornicating and cheating on their spouses? I guess it comes from the top, Khaiyum screwing some Indian hooker, and Bainimagasona screwing a gay soldier boy, journalists fucking Mahendra and his son....etc etc. What the fuck is going on guys?

kaiyum the uncircumcised fucken muslim pig said...

Fiji sodomite military changes top brass bypassing over used Tikoitoga/Fisher for key role and brining in a new sweet cici-maga.

fiji military is is no longer a symbol of integrity with its over promoted officers unable to think for themselves and only capable of meowing!

Frank bainimagana is a nako kai-loma commander from kiuva. cai tamamu kaukauwa!!

Anonymous said...

Rau tamata dau drami ruarua o Tikoitoga kei Kalouniwai rau qai tamata kau lelevu ruarua. Rau me rau sandwich taki au. Auchy mosi vi au.

Anonymous said...

This Kalouniwai and his cousins fucked up rewa rugby union ,,,,,,,he became President of RRU in 2012 then guess what? they got demoted and now only 4 clubs instead of previous 20.
Great going guys!!!
Plus he left his wife and kids for a teenager!!

People laugh at him behind his back.
What a joke.....Fiji army better off under frank at least he is only fucking Mary and no one else!!!
Murimuri ni veiliutaki sa cici tu oqo e Viti ra yavu setani!!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Vore's rule that any soldier or government officer committing extra marital affairs, will be sent home immediately????

How about Kalouniwai and Tikoitoga????

I am hardly surprised its coming out from this government of crooks!!!! Rules are made only for some!!!

Anonymous said...

Veitalia I love Tikoitoga and Kalouniwai. Rau me rai drami Tu ga vei au. You guys jealous because they getting all of us good looking girls.

Anonymous said...

There are 4 or 5 continuous Anti Muslim bloggers on this site who regularly post Anti Muslim hate comments. While most of what they say maybe true although Muslims i imagine would disagree with that. All religions in this world have blood on their hands. Until recently i thought Budhaism was one of the most peaceful but they proved me wrong as well with their killing sprees in Burma. Nothing in this world is as simple as it looks and their is a dark side to everything. I understand the frustrations of the anti Muslim bloggers as they see atrocities committed by Muslims many miles from Fiji but surely their are numerous other websites that you can vent your anti Muslim frustrations with like minded people. This website is dedicated to highlighting this regimes crimes and the common people of Fiji's demand for democracy. May i ask you gentleman what your anti Muslim hate posts are meant to do and how are they relevant to the purpose of this blog. Please do tell. Are you hoping to incite blood shed here in Fiji too for no good reason.You know as well as i do that people born into a particular faith will hardly if ever change no matter how stupid the belief maybe to the outsider. You go on and on about Muslims without stating the purpose of your tirade. I would really like to know what the purpose is because we are really discussing things that are irrelevant to our common problems.
I don't hear anybody talking about the rape of young boys and girls in churches and Sunday schools which is in the media everyday with the crazy Mullahs and the jihadis by the way what gives.

Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace said...

Re anti muslim blogging, the mullah on Fiji TV started this, so we have to end it. Muslim's with a holier-than-thou attitude are always ridiculing other religions without looking at their own, so about tom their got their own back.

First pedophile mohammed plagiarise islam from judaism and Christianity, then run down these two religions, and others, and try destory them.

As for other religions being bloodthirsty, once upon a time, yes, but today islam wins hands down when it comes to savagery. Here is some facts to chew over. In 2013:

Terror attacks in name of religion of peace: 310
Suidicde bombings: 28
Dead bodies: 1651
Wounded: 3048

No of the above have been carried out in the name of any other religion, only islam.

And the death count is increasing by the day. This is islam, religion of peace.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.54pm, now that you mention that radical, fanatical FBC mullah...

I'll not be surprised if extremist Mullahs like him issue a fatwa against the renowned atheist and Oxford professor, Richard Dawkins who recently came under fire from muslims when he tweeted what have muslims achieved since the Dark Ages? Muslims have won far less Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambrige.

His criticism was in response to their boasts of the growing number of muslims (reaally!) and their scientific accomplishments.

Dawkins also made clear that muslims are not a race, what they have in common is a religion. Anything you can convert to and convert from, is NOT a race, he said.

How true.

Last January, he denounced extremist looters as "Islamic barbarians" as they destroyed manuscripts and caused extensive damage to a sacred library in Timbuktu, Mali.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.23 and 9.54. Did you folks read my post at all. I agree that Islam is the most violent religion at this time in our history. I did not disagree with your assessments at all. Muslims from the Middle East, Pakistan etc are exactly what you describe them to be. On the flip side Muslims in Malaysia, China, Fiji Russia and other parts of the world are peaceful and just live their life in peace. They practice their religion in peace no matter how stupid their belief is. What you still have not answered is what your continued hate posts have to do with democracy, removing oppression and getting a decent caring government into Fiji. What is your end game and what do you hope to achieve by ranting on and on about Islam. Granted that Mullah on FBC was a fuckhead asshole who deserves a thick cassava stick up his "tolona" and he hurt a lot of sensibilities but how does your hate speeches differ from his. You are doing exactly the same. .
For instance this article that most a commenting on is about the promotions in the Army. What has that got to do with Muslims. Do you understand my question or shall i write in Chinese. Before you start calling me a Muslim let me make it clear that i am not. I am just sick of your irrelevance and the attempt to incite hatred when that is the last thing Fiji needs. We are already plagued with problems. For all we know you are based abroad in the comfort of your adopted country trying to create division and polarization in Fiji. I am also pretty certain at least one of you is the son of the biggest "chorwa" in Fiji's history Mr.Chodori.
Its wankers like you that make this world the shit whole it has become. And by the way 11.23 Islam like any faith is not a race. It is simply a belief which anyone can get in and out of. Anyone who needs Richard Dawkins to tell him that is a complete idiot.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.31a.m

I only posted at 11.23pm in response to 9.54pm, so who are you?

And what "hate" rants are you talking about?

And so what if I choose to post my comment on this thread regarding military goons holding the country under siege?

Listen carefully dude. I have no hate at all for muslims. They're entitled to their faith or set of beliefs.

However, I will not hesitate to comment on that extremist mullah who was hosted on FBC on Easter Sunday to denounce Christianity. Is that simple enuf for you to understand?

That said, I would never endorse that barbaric, inhumane punishment that you say the mullah deserves (a thick cassava stick up his tolona). You're a hater with a barbaric mind.

If anyone has a strong interest in creating divisions and polarising the different races and religious communities in Fiji, it is the military goons ad their supporters who have a strong vested interest in retaining their hold on power and all the benefits that come with it..

Or do you pretend not to know that? Idiot.

Anonymous said...

That is more like it Anon 9.59. I may have categorized you with the other hate mongers on this site. I do apologize for that. My reference to the punishment for the Mullah was never meant literally. It is an expression of disgust on his actions. I personally abhor violence. I just wish that all bloggers would keep the conversation relevant to our situation in Fiji and recognize like you have that the Military has been responsible for the mess this country is in. Religion is a personal thing and bringing it as a topic of discussion from post to post without any relevancy contributes to the polarization that you rightly pointed out. We need to keep the conversation clean and on the topic to maintain credibility otherwise we just play into the hands of those who wish to control us. I meant no disrespect to you or anyone for that matter.

Anonymous said...

I accept your apology but alas! you're stuck with your barbaric statement that puts your squarely in the same category as extremist fanatical jihadhists who go around killing people senselessly all in the name of their muslim religion.

Yes of course, I am keeping the conversation relevant.

People aren't fooled by the typical divide and rule tactics of the military and the "vested interests" (civilians who aid, abet and support), and who are attempting to pin the blame on politicians and ousted elected leaders. Hey, it's almost 8 years since your Dec06 coup.

It's clear that former coup supporter MP Chaudhary is rattling the regime's cage but from what I've seen thus far, he's not the only politician and elected leader calling for an independent interim administration to see Fiji through to national elections.

Seems like the regime and supporters seem like a pack of frightened rats clutching on to their sacks of loot whilst trying to figure out how to jump a burning, sinking ship.

"Hickory, dickory, dock,
The mouse ran up the clock;
The clock struck one,
And down he run,
Hickory, dickory, dock."

tic toc.. to the increasingly irrelevant, dictatorial, thieving regime.

Anonymous said...

Promoting 'Stay in Tonga' or 'God of water' to be the top brass.....Does it matter...Frankie see Frankie Doodle Doo...Thats the way it is.Stay in Tonga and God of Water are two Do what Frank Doodle Say guys and promotion for them opens up incentives, women, prestige, honour...whoaa....honour...lol......well unless Frankie Doodle is stopped we continue to witness his cockle doodles and cannot do anything about it...have a good day...oh by the way there is a whisper of interesting developments in the Military...Usually about this time a dictator lets his guard down...Gather firewood (Rabuka) did after 7 years of dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.44 It is quite simplistic to label someone barbaric. Mankind in general is the most barbaric species on the planet. We have been killing each other for many reasons food, oil, water, sex religion race etc. I don't make self riotous statements and yes my blood does boil when for instance i see a child being raped and abused and the rapist getting a 7 years jail term. I do wish to take matters into my own hands and do untold things to the perpetrator, but i don't. That really is the difference between civilized and uncivilized men. To say that we all don't have barbaric thoughts sometimes is simply incorrect. Do we act on it is what defines us. The western world for instance pretends to be civilized and yet some of the highest selling programs on TV are programs like UFC, WWE etc. Watch any summer blockbuster including cartoons you will see violence in bucket loads. We buy the tickets and cheer for the good guys who will usually end up killing the bad guys.Most movies do not end with an understanding and acceptance between the characters.
This is fiction yes but a reflection of our society.Anyway call me what you must i know who i am. I will say that i agree totally with what you say about the Government and the Military. Our country is sinking fast and Fijians of all races need to find common ground so that can stand up and say "sa rauta".

Anonymous said...

Bounce Back (Driti), The Lightning (Naliva), Stay in Tonga (Tikoitonga), Frankie (Bhaiya) Doodle...and an arse (Aiyaz) when they are in Lautoka...they visit an expat and his wife in Simla for free drinks...food and after hours....lol...they have been invited to one of their kids wedding.....photos to follow....Oh by the way The Lightning...you are about to have a baby son and your wife is not pregnant...

Anonymous said...

Muslim, Christian...any difference. Muslim continue to follow the ways of old...Christians have been enlightened by Jesus Christ. Do they believe in the same GOD....Of course the God of Abraham or Abrahim. Old Testament and Koran is the same. All the teachings are the same. Muslim religion started with Ishmael and Christians through Judaism with Isaac. All three believe in Yaweh - One Unseen God. These are the only three religions that starts world wars and persecutes people for their religion. Lol...Crazy religious fanatics Christians and Muslims...

Wansolwara said...

To C.45, should really check your sources, funny you rate yourselves as being credible journalists but even a rookie journo student from USP or FNU wouldn't make this mistake. This goes to show the level of IQ of your reporters and investigators. This segment is not well researched and far from the truth.
Stop misleading the people and correct your reporting. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Wansolwara...stay put in USP and shut up....why are you using the name of the USP student newspaper in this blog?...Vuli mada ga yani me tawa nomu qavokavoka...ulu lala!

USP student morons said...

@ Wansolwara, making stupid, simplistic comments about c4.5. Is this linked to USP? what are they teaching you people at the shit university run by Aiyaz Khaiyum and Bainimarama $sss?

Seems like you don't know the first thing about journalism. C4.5 is a blog, not news site. all and sundry can post here. People are expected to take with a pinch of salt they read here. Didn't they teach you this at journalism school? only a stupid fool would believe all they reed here.

You sound lie a journalism student with a lot to learn about journalism based on your naive preaching and pontificating.

My God, look at what USP has been reduced to if this is the kind of thinking it produces.

Jim Kelly, yahhhhhhh said...

Kelly said,

Does that mean that blogs are all about misleading people and not highlighting the real issues. I thought blogs were to be a form of passive resistance to the Fiji government since the Fiji media is being restricted in its right to publish the truth to the people. If this is the case than it shows that you two people who commented on wansolwara are naive and stupid.

Wananavu courts, good on youo wansolwara, at least someone is honest enough to tell us that the information is wrong. Your ball mate.....Lol...

Anonymous said...

There is no better place for the army than the barracks. How they choose their uniform leaders is their progative. Our issue at the moment is for their commander to relingquish his position and move back to the barracks.
What Fiji need are intelligent leaders with good leadership skills who have compassion for all the citizen of Fiji. One more attribute is the leader should have good work ethics.

Anonymous said...

Dua na ka na veivutu rau cakava wavoki tiko rau na tamata lasulasu setani qo,,,,,,,