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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fiji sugar dispute reaches India

No strikebreakers here: Support in India for Fiji sugar workers

Sugar workers in India have held rolling demonstrations against being brought to Fiji as strikebreakers.

The IUF, which represents Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations across the globe, says demonstrations have taken place in two states, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

In a statement the Karnataka Sugar Workers Federation, an affiliate of the IUF, declared solidarity for the Fiji Sugar and General Workers Union and denounced what it says are plans by the Fiji Sugar Corporation to break the strike using engineers from India.

The Fiji sugar union has accused management of turning to India to thwart plans for a strike, following 90 per cent of workers voting in favour of one several weeks ago.

But in a statement the Karnataka Sugar Workers Federation, an affiliate of the IUF, clearly rejects any talk of involving them saying they're on the side of workers.

The Karnataka Federation also condemned the Fiji Sugar Corporation's use of the military to intimidate workers.

The Fiji Sugar and General Workers Union insists that despite threats from management, the bulk of its 2000 workers voted to strike after FSC failed to offer a favourable pay rise.

The union also says the regime posted military at the Lautoka mill to scare workers. The regime claims it's protecting equipment.

The International Trade Union Congress, the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions have all pledged their support for the Fiji union, whose national executive is due to meet this week.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck the grandstanding Felix Anthony. Go on strike! What you waiting for. You seem to be trying to firefight now when you actually lit the fire Felix. With or without India the mills will function and you will be fucked Felix. That's an old game of your and Mahen Chodo and we can see right through it.

Anonymous said...

ESWa levu na vosa vakalialia viavialrevu,. Na cava o vosa ca taka tiko. E laurai ga e ke na na kena sega ni tawa vinaka tu na vakasama. Keo sega ni vinakati ira na turaga kua ga. baleta e sega ni macala o a sa bau qarava se cakaca e dua na ka vinaka vua nomu turaga se levu wale tu ga na vosa va vuku ga lala tu na ulu.All you have to do go the the Native land commission and cancel you name and from the VKB and change your name to Ram or Mohommed so rthat your identity will not be a i taukei. Fiji belongs to Native Fijian. A Native Fijian have culture and tradition of which chiefly system is one of the pillars of its functions. That is our identity.

Anonymous said...

E laurai tiko e ke ni levu na vosa valalialia ka viavialevu tiko qo e sotia. O ni sa vosa vakacacataki ira tu ga nanoda turaga kei na marama bale, e sega vakadua ni ra bau vosa se sauma na nomuni veivakacacani. O ni sega ni bau madua ni mataivalu o ni lewena tiko oqori e kilai ga e na vukudra na noda turaga bale ka vaka i rogorogo tale ga e na nodra gauna. O kemuni na yavu boci sega na nomuni i valu ni sa qai mai lewena tu oqo o ni sa mai vakaboicataka ga na yaca ni mataivalu, Ni vosa ni vakasama.

Joni Valelevu said...


Anonymous said...

I ra na noda turaga kei na marama bale sa dodonu me ra lesu ga i nakoro na nodra vanua dina. Me ra sa kua ni vakalialiai ira na i Taukei. Sa yavu ga na i lavo kei na gauna e na nodra rokovi tiko me vaka na kalou. O Viti sa lotu, sa kua na qarava tiko na tamata..ni qarava na kalou dina mai lomalagi. Vinaka Bainimarama, iko nai liuliu sa qai yadra.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7.11am

Isa na vosa ni ulu lala e caka tu qo. O iko o na cakacakataki iko e vuravura ka tiki ni veiqaravi oqo na nomu qarava na turaga baleta ya e noda i tovo na i taukei ka eda kilai tani mai kina. Ko sa qai sucu walega qo ia na viavialevu sa tu vei iko e sa duatani.

E sega ni levu na ka eda rawa ni tukuna kina baleta ni vakaraitaka tikoga na i vakavuvuli mai vale. Susu e na viavialevu ia ko na mate talega e na viavialevu kei na qaciqacia.

Sa vakaloloma sara ga na lala ni ulu ni sa vakaraitaka tu na vosataki ira tu qo na noda turaga kei na marama bale ni noda vanua. Kawa ca o iko!

Anonymous said...

anon 7.11am ...kerekere qai kina veitarogivanua bokoca mai kina na yacamu.
Na VKB e yavutaki ena vei liutaki vakaturaga. Lako sara ,,,,bokoca na yacamu....oti qai kina registrar of births etc ,,,,veisau sara na yacamu me Mohammed .....kua tale ni basika ki nomu koro.....
Vutulaki sara tiko e Nabua QEB ena bata keina salad oil

Ropate Kuli said...

Good the Indian sugar workers union have seen through the exploitative and suppressive plans to use them against the FSC workers.

The overwhelming support of FSC workers for a strike is indicative of public distate of this illegal Govt's policies.


Komai said...

India or the whole wide world may demonstrate, FSC will do what it takes to save the industry. Likes of Felix and Mahen have brought disrepute to Unions. If Felix is so much concerned about the workers, why does he not share his loot from FNPF? Both Choodhry and Felix are thieves. Let's make no mistake. I want Bainimarama to do what Ronald Reagan did to Air Traffic Controllers back in early 80's. Fire the asses of those that want to go on strike. Hire people that appreciate their job. I bet there after no one will dare to utter the word "strike" again.

Anonymous said...

' The Fiji sugar union has accused management of turning to India to thwart plans for a strike, following 90 per cent of workers voting in favour of one several weeks ago '

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ?

90%, Really

Anonymous said...

The buggers in India cant sort their own corruption and problems and they are showing support for arsehole Felix. What a joke.

Taufeek said...

Komai what you saying is basically asking your sister to loose virginity by Bainimarama.

Rajesh Singh said...

Komai, nice to know you suck testicles for a living. And your mother and sister spread their legs for a few dollars. Shame on you asshole.

Anonymous said...

Bai you're getting a bit soft,is it the money or too much travelling and
pumping hands, with the foreign upper
You need to straighten out
that assole Anthony, a few smack on
his head,i'm sure will get him to follow the right pathways?
You pull the coup to straighten out the
frieken union and their continueing
strike problem?
You seems to be going backward-man! So you straighten-up, or i'm
sending an enforcer, to take your
ass out-too?

George said...

Anon@2.21PM. When I come to screw your wife and your sister I'll sort you out asshole. In fact I'll let my dog sort you out, and let you watch me sort out your wife and sister.

Anonymous said...

The time has come for the show-down !!!. there can be no turning back now Felix. Every other avenue has been exhausted and it has been proven the dictator is truly a non-negotiable element that has to be confronted.
Let him and his cohorts feel the heat the international community will add to the frying pan they have already placed themselves in.

Anonymous said...

Ni veicai la kei ira na turaga kei na marama dou saki taka tiko mai qori. Ra vakacaiti ira vakaveitalia na wekada. Ra kania na ilavo me da qai mai rokovi ira tiko?? Magaitinamuni vata. Ra lai saga yani nodra ilavo kei na nodra iyau vakataki ira. Sa oti na gauna ni vi vakabobula taki. Na vi vakabobula taki ni gauna ni veivaluvaluti se ra via Kauta tiko mai qori. Gauna qo Sai ivalu levu ga na vuli kei na dui rawati koya. Sa oti na gauna ni kana buta ni turaga kei na magana. Keimami na tu ga ena ivola ni kawa bula ni keimami Taukeni qele ka sega ni oira na turaga kei na magana ra mai taura tiko na ulu ni lisi. Levu vei ira keimami a vagunuvi ira ena nodra maroroi sega ni baleta ni ra mai ravuti kimami. Keimami kila tiko na ka kimami tukuna ni kimami butuka tu.

Anonymous said...

Au tiko yani qo ena Nakoro kau sega ni lewe ni mataivalu. Keo Vila lako ki na keba I Nabua, kauti Jese Sikivou yani me drau lai lauvutu vata mai kina.

Anonymous said...

Seagi lako vinaka tale vi Jese Sikivou qori ni wadua tiko. WAIKAU.

Anonymous said...

anon 3.39 pm
sona levu - ocei kania nomui lavo tamata lasulasu sona levu....
o iko ga o butako tiko qori vatakei voreqe kei kaiyum dou yavu setani

Anonymous said...

e vica na tamata ulukau ra vosa tu eke sega ni ra bau tiko ena bose va mataqali......
ia tikoga na masi dakai keina veivutusona kei na kau kaidia

Valataki Viti Dina said...

So what can the Indian strikers do?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Nothing really, the Assies and Keeewes?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Nothing.............................Fiji is moving forward......................................................................Floreat Viti....Go Bainimarama...Fiji supports you...................

Anonymous said...

Why am I laughing so hard at Felix?



Anonymous said...

India Indians are big time low life's. They probably earn about 20 cents an hour and for 25 cents an hour, they will sell their mothers or sisters without second thought.

I have travelled the world but have never come across any one as low as Indians in India.

Just lately there was a youth games in China and Indians had about two dozen overage participants.

Anonymous said...

U indians just try solve your own f#&&%$*&^ing problems, u're worse off...same goes for u aussies and kiwis, bloody neo colonial nazis...talking and preaching about democracy when you haven't even had aboriginal PM in the history of your so called democracy...As for the world union body, f$&&^$%#$Y$^$%* off, you're not the ones putting bread and butter on our tables to feed our children...take your fat ass puppet felix anthony with you and f@#@#!@$ off...and daniel urai too should f@%$$^&^^&%$##$@ off to Wallis or Futuna, where ever the hell that is, where your real father is from....you're not Fijian...you're French

Anonymous said...

O viti vou qo, sa sega nio viti makawa. O ira na turaga kei na marama bale me ra taura ga na nodra tutu dina mai nakoro. Eso ga e ra vuli vinaka ia o ira na kena vo, sa yaga me ra lai vuli tale. Na leqa kei Viti sa vu ga mai na nodra rokovi tiko vaka na kalou. Dua ga na matanitu, ya na matanitu e ra digitaka na lewe ni vanua. GCC me sa sogo vakadua, sa rui vakalusilavo ka me ra vukei na lewe I Viti e a vuli kei na veivakatorocaketaki. Na leqa ni taukei ni sa rui levu na spoonfeed. Ni kua ni vakaliuci ira na turga kei na marama ni vanua baleta ni ra i vesu kai colacola e na toso ni bula ni lewe ni vanua. One level playing field. Go Bainimarama

Anonymous said...

The problem is that Vijay Singh is enjoying his freedom and rights in America.if he wants Bainimaramas style of leadership then he should come back to Fiji and he will realise the problems we are actually facing,intimidation,lies,fear and uncertainty .Eveybody should know that Bainimarama has no academic qualification he will be the puppet of Kayum or in other word the brain behind what ever is going to be done will be Kaiyum and Bainimarama will be his mouth peace .so Vijay come back to Fiji and experience it first hand.. All native fijian say No to the constitution..

Anonymous said...

Na tamata koya vosa ca taki keda vatatiko kei ira na Turaga o rawa ni vakaraitaka mada mai na yacamu,,kei na Vanua o tiko kina me laurai mada ona na rawa ni taura toka na vosa.kua ni o saki taka tiko na dakai.keimami via kilai iko me rawa ni da sota ka veitalanoa me laurai na ka dina.me kua ga na vosa ca tiko ya Sara ga e sega ni noda I tovo na kai viti.e sega na veilomani kei na vei dakai sa bau vaka loloma Sara na nomu bula brother.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is heading towards disaster.How can you instilled military life to civilian life. Military life is life without meaning .i have lived it and I know.you do not have any right to any anything and exercise you own discretion .you do things on order and command.they use to say that even if it wrong complain later do it first.it should be visa versa soldiers to ga and do some training on how they should adapt themselves into civilian life because they will be dealing with civilians

Anonymous said...

Brother koya e tarogi au tiko mai, drau veivutusona kei tamamu dina. Au tiko I Nakoro ka sega vei au na dakai. Na noqu mataiva kei na iselekava na noqu yaragi ni cakacaka. Na dakai dou qai lai vitarogi taka kei ratou mai Delainabua. Ike na mataiva kei nai iselekava ratou sa vuli kina na luvequ ka tolu ratou tiko e USP au sauma tu ga. qai dau veivuke toka na noqu drala me rawa toka kina so na mana me basa taka toka o tinadratou na gone. O iko brother o sega ni tiko e Nakoro mo kila na vi vakabobula taki e caka tu vi kimami. Drau lai vicai sara vakavinaka kei tamamu dina. Ke lailai oya drau lai vaka sota icici sara kei Jese Sikivou ka me qai revari taki Kemudrau o Kay na sonalevu luvei Kepa sa lai gunu a tiko na ulu ni yaqona ena noda Soqo. Dou veicai sara vakaukauwa.

Anonymous said...

we are ruled by fucking muslims now. they are dictating the laws and very soon will want syhriya law. signs are already there in fiji with lot of covered faces roaming in suva. how did all this happen. right under our nose we have led to develop fiji alqaida and we are fighting about constitution. soon we will have a bigger problem than a fucking constitution. rise and stop this evil building and eating fiji. lets rid fiji of kaiyum and all fucking muslims first. lets not turn fiji into egypt or syria.

Anonymous said...

@Annon 10:19pm Aug 26 2013..May the almighty god bless your demented soul...so full of hatred that you unknowingly are spewing out your filthy sexual appetite in your writings.

Anonymous said...

O kemuni o ni rairai tamata sega ni vakavulici mai vei rau na nnomu i tubutubu. e rairai sega tale beka ga na tinamu. O koya beka qorui na i vakavuvuli mo vakayacora tiko vei irta na luvemu me oti me ra na caiti tinadra se a vakavulici iko kina o tamanu o sa cakava tiko mo caiti tinamu.O cei na numuni koro kei na yacamuni au via sotavi kemuni kena i rairai no ni tramata kaukauwa e na nomuni i vosavosa. Au via volavola sara e yadremuni meu vola kina na ca ni viavialevu kei na dokadokA. nI YALO BVINAKA NI TUKUNA MADA MAI NA YACAMUNI KEI NA VANUA OI NI TIKO KINA tagane MO NI LAURAI MADA. macawa NOMU BULA

Anonymous said...

Brother O cei soti na yacadratou na luvemu e ratou tiko e na *University, na vuli cava soti e ratou taura tiko.Nio dokadoka taka tiko.O au au a vuli tale ga e na USP au vakoroi au vaka masters. Ia au drukataka na rogorogo ca ni vosa ni tauca tiko. Ke dina nira vuli tu e na USP na luvemuni sa dodonu me sa rarama na nomuni rai. mo ni marautaka. Ia oqo ni sa qai vakayagataka mo ni vosa ca ka vakacacani ira kina na turaga. E du na ka ca e ra cakava vei kemuni na turaga ? Au sa kerei kemuni ke o ni sega ni taleitaki ira na turaga ia kua ga ni via kuilai ira e na sega sara ni o leqa kina se leqa kina na turaga. Cakava ga na ka e dodonu vei iko. Qaravi ira vinaka ga na nomuni solisoli mera rawata na nodra vuli torocake. Au sega ni raica rawa e dua na vuna mo vosa ca tiko kuina. Ni vosota ke bibi se sakasaka na vei vosa au tauca tiko yani vei kemuni.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:34am, truez up..I also noticed increase in extreme muslim paractises. Its probably coz of the afganistan asluym seekeers and increase in muslim priests in Fiji from Pakistan, India etc.There is one group of afgani staying near riskul college in valelevu who sell BBQ.You always see black ninjas in this house. Kaiyum is bringing all these people for back up and bhaini arsehole doesnt even know. Very soon, these muslim thugs will turn fiji into iraq, afganistan or pakistan. Process has already started with constitution and giving asalyum to muslims. Time for real fijians to say no and stop the country from becoming alqaida country. kaiyum, aziz need rid off fast.

Anonymous said...

Put all those muslims on a leaky rusty boat and tell the captain to head for India or Pakistan where they belong.

Anonymous said...

Sa laurai la vei koya e vosavosa ca tiko qo na levu ni lala ni ulu. Na ka kece ga e tukuna tiko mai e kila vinaka baleta ni dau cakava vei tinana, tamana kei na ganena.

Qo na vosa ga ni tamata ravarava ka levu wale tu ga na gusuna. E kakalamulamu tu na mua i muri. E vuni tu ga e na gusu ni dakai ka dau dabelaka tiko.

Lako mada lai vuli me rawa ni bau tau mai gusumu bona oqori eso na vosa savasava.

Anonymous said...

I see that the People's Democratic party are getting a bit of media coverage recently.. Nirmal Singh, Daniel Urai, Lynda Semaan, Aman Ravindra-Singh. Seem like a credible group - great for Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:45AM August 27. Brother iko sega ni kila na turaga kana buta sona lelevu ra kana buta taki keimami tu ga qo. Au tiko qo e Nakoro. Ke iko turaga lai qaravi na vanua. Ke o saki taka mai nomu Koroi mai USP vinaka. Ia esega ni dua na betena Ke o turaga vaka Koroi oqai vei vakabobula taki tiko. Sa oti na kena gauna. Au saki taka na Koroi nodratou na luvequ baleta ni ratou rawata ka sa rawa kina na cakacaka ka sega ni ukuku. O iko brother drau veicai kei tamamu dina, Luveni turaga kawa ca dau vivakamatei o iko. SONALEVU.

Anonymous said...

Keep the frieken Indians out! That's all i'm saying,
they can
protest as much as they
want, i don't want
them here either?
Hey,look at the 50,000
the Colonial
Government brought to our
land and
the shit they're creating on our soil?
We don't need anymore trouble
Just sent back all the Indo
that are trying to fuckup
our sugar
and they can go and help
each other
and caused the headache
to the Raja?

rajend naidu said...

I have one small question for the people who have been vociferously condemning the sugar mill workers strike in Fiji. Do these workers have the right to go on strike or not? If they do not have that right then no further discussion is necessary. But if they have that right then who determines whether or not and when to exercise that right?
It's not your correspondent Nardeo Mishra of Fiji or Abendra Tahal of USA or H. Narayan of Canada ,is it?
As far as I am concerned Felix Anthony like most modern day trade union bosses are trade union aristocrats who tend to be too absorbed in their own self-importance, self-aggrandizement and self-interest just like most present day political leaders.
My concern however is with the workers right to take industrial action when they deem it necessary.
Now do they or do they not have that right in Fiji under the Fiji military dictatorship?
That is the issue.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Islam the religion of moon god and its founder a child molester.

Bullshit if Islam is the growing religion, it is fast dying.

Just turn to world news and you see how Islam has gone back 4000 years.

Mohammed a thief and a pad who was Hindu once but decided to start his own religion and his head was so full of shit, he copied from other religions.

Anonymous said...

Jisu is slut as he was popped out by a virgin..how can a virgin pop out a child..only from help from neighbours.

Anonymous said...


By grace of god, even your Quran says that.

Jesus was son of god unlike your paedophile prophet who was a bastard which is also in your Quran.

Anonymous said...

5:14 PM

Your claim is not supported by anyone including the religion of Satan called Islam.

Allah is a moon god and his messenger was Mohammed the paedophile a thief and con man. Quran says that.

Anonymous said...

Allah the moon god conquered by Christian's and last I heard they even took a piss while on moon.

Anonymous said...

Islam allows Muslims to lie in order to defend their religion or to convert people.

They allowed to change information
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Ops you lying again because lord Jesus walked the earth 800 years before you con prophet.

But you allowed to lie because your paedophile Mohammed was a bastard, did not know who his father was.

Anonymous said...

Anon 0811

Your religion was found in deceit, hatred and lie that is why you can not win. Quran does admit Christ was gods son and it also reveals that your prophet was a rapist.

Anonymous said...

Anon 834
a 1200 or so year religion, you right no comparison because it is a religion of Satan while others are religion of true god.

All great religions of world are older then Islam, ops you lying again.

Anonymous said...

Anon 0817PM

Thanks for sharing some facts, now we know the story behind the black stone in mecca.

Do covering of female body also from ancient Hindu culture?

Anonymous said...

Abraham [Ibrahim] was their Dad.
1 Isaac [ISHAK]was born of Sarah..married wife.!!!
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Isaac!s bloodline....Jesus
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Anonymous said...

Will the idiots trying to figure out if Allah or Jesus will save Fiji, put your faith to the test and see if you end in Paradise or Hell! Until than please take your silly argument elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:14

I do believe that you are the ant-Christian blogger and now you have your tail behind your back.

You have also in past written anti-Christian articles in this site and then backtracked including claiming you no longer a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

fucking awesome. this blog claims to be a result of heavey censorship and makes a mockery of itself by deleting comments. So its basically okay to take a dig at other religions. you are and will always remain lowlifes. fucking shit eating christains.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:59 and 2:02

You lost it man go get rooted by a pig. You cant defend a religion that cannot be defended.

Muslims are lower then every low life.

Anonymous said...

It is not right to fight..ONE LOVE


Muslims should be respected as any other religion. I am a Christian who in my entire life as a Christian have not heard that we should hate our neigbour. I think Christians on this blog have taken a high moral ground, judging our muslim brothers for the mistakes of a few.

Anonymous said...

What you mean by saying that Rabuka and Qarase were not honest. Did they stop or iterfear in the investigations of theose two scams NO.What about Bainimarama. He interfears in the CRW murder case investigations,Stop the Governmkent Audit from Auditing the infantry Fund, Stop the commission of Enquiry by forging the Presidents signiture and now trying to evade the treason investigation by forcing the imunity in the constitution. He is not fit to be a man a coward,clumcy and dishonest person who does not deserve to be trusted at all.

Anonymous said...

Anon@5:08pm...Good Question!But we
also need not be too concerns with
the imunity Clause-do we? Can we
de-clause the immunity section at a
later date, or is this a "TABU"?you
touch it and you're pipi, falls off the racks ASAP?
I imagine, that the imunity clause
should really be accepted, but down
the road, we can always re-visit the clause?
What we need is to get
our Government of the people,
by the
people,from the people &
to the people in
operation again????

Anonymous said...

Trade unions in India hope to block the Fiji Sugar Corporation from hiring workers to replace union members in the event of a strike in the economically vital sugar mills.

Indian unions to block sugar mill strike breakers going to Fiji (Credit: ABC)
The Fiji Sugar and general Workers Union could go on strike at any time, and Fiji soldiers have been moved into the Lautoka mill in order to protect it.

The FSC has reportedly approached retired sugar workers to see if they would break the strike, and said it could hire workers from India to run the mills.

Pravin Khotkar, assistant coordinator of the International Union of Food Workers, who is based in India, says trade unions there have staged demonstrations in support of their Fiji counterparts, and will try to block the FSC from using Indian workers if the strike goes ahead.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker: Pravin Khotkar, assistant coordinator of the International Union of Food Workers,from Kolhapur in India