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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The 2013 Bainimarama/Khaiyum Constitution: the darkness and the light

By Professor Wadan Narsey

The Bainimarama Regime has now released its 2013 Constitution for Fiji (2013 BKC).

While many political scientists will compare it to the aborted Ghai Draft Constitution, the more appropriate comparison should be with the 1997 Constitution, which this regime claims to have abrogated.

[Recollect the 2001 judgement by Justice Anthony Gates (current Chief Justice) that constitutions cannot be so abrogated, and recollect  the 2009 Court of Appeal judgement that the Bainimarama Regime was unlawful (and so presumably is in no lawful position to hand down any constitution to us, except by force)?]

But Fiji will, as always, be pragmatic and not let a little legal nicety get in the way of getting on with our lives and putting bread on the table. (Some, of course, want the cake and the icing as well).

The 2013 BKC states many good governance principles for the state executive, the legislature and the judiciary, many of which unfortunately this unelected Regime has never applied to itself, these last seven years.

Unfortunately also for the long run, the good elements are negated by fatal weaknesses in the process of the making of this constitution, allegedly unchallengeable clauses on total immunity, the absence of any requirement to make past decrees consistent with the 2013 BKC, the removal of even any symbolic attempt to discourage future coups, and lack of respect for the UN Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Readers may wish to browse through my January 2013 article where I suggested (somewhat correctly in hindsight) that the Bainimarama regime's real priorities would be revealed by examining where their eventual constitution differed from the Yash Ghai Commission Draft http://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/trashing-the-ghai-constitution-the-positives-14-january-2013/.

It is sad that Fiji will painfully waste many more "nation years" in the future, revising the 2013 BKC to remove its weaknesses (Part I of this article).

Nevertheless, the 2013 BKC presents a flickering glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel with its electoral system, which may result in an elected parliament and government by September 2014, if the military referees think of the nation instead of their pockets (Part II of this article).

Part I   The 2013 BKC in general
I will not repeat some important criticisms that other writers have already made (such as the lack of adequate separation of the executive powers from the legislature and judiciary) but, for the record, focus on obvious weaknesses in the process and key changes from the Ghai Commission Draft.

The flawed process of constitution making
The first clause of the 2013 BKC "we the people of Fiji... hereby establish this constitution for the Republic of Fiji" is blatantly false.

It is as false as the first clause of their earlier bible, The People's Charter, which stated that the 1997 Constitution would be supreme and strengthened: that promise was negated before the ink on the Charter document had dried.

The 2013 BKC is also being imposed by the military regime after superficial "consultations" and will be rubber-stamped by the unelected Regime's President and then heroically "displayed" to the country by the architects.

 "We the people" will not be asked to approve the 2013 BKC, either through a national referendum or by the first elected Parliament, or even by a bogus national signing exercise by which the Charter was alleged approved by the nation.

It is therefore a farce to require that any changes to the 2013 BKC must require a 75% majority in the elected Parliament, and following that, a 75% majority in a referendum.

While naive in international law and realpolitik, the 2013 BKC mocks the "will of the people" by stating that no changes at all may be made by any future elected Parliament, to the immunity provisions stipulated in this 2013 BKC.

But the icing for the regime on this constitutional cake is that this unelected regime may itself make any changes it wishes from now till 31 December 2013, by a Decree signed by the unelected President- just in case the architects have not thought of everything.

The immunity provisions
The immunity provisions appear to be the same as in the Ghai Draft Constitution, but while the popular view continues to be that the immunity covers the events from December 2006 coup to the September 2014 elections, the immunity significantly starts from 2000.

The 2013 BKC restates the immunity granted by Decree 18 of 2010 (Limitation of Liability for Proscribed Political Events) which covers the military, police and prisons staff  for events associated with the 2000 attempted coup and mutiny, and also, "all dialogues, discussions, correspondence between the Fiji Military Forces and the Government between September 2001 to December 2006".

The significance of this 2010 Decree may be read here:

This regime is hypocritically unconcerned that their courts are finding other national leaders and politicians guilty and sending them to jail for what at worst are minor misdemeanours, while demanding immunity for themselves for unstipulated actions, for a period of 14 years (with one year of that immunity yet to come).

What has been left out from Ghai
The Ghai Commission was stopped from drafting clauses
Fiji citizens get their back on dictator.
requiring that all past Decrees be examined and revised if necessary, to make them consistent with their Draft Constitution, if there was to be any continuity  and consistency in the process of law and order in Fiji from 2006. The Ghai Draft had also recommended that cases already before the court (like the FNPF pensioners' case thrown out by a Decree) must be continued with.   The 2013 BKC stipulates that all past decrees from 2006 must continue in force.

The second exclusion is the Ghai Draft requirement that immunity not be granted for abuse of basic human rights (obvious conclusions to be drawn?).

Third, the Ghai Draft required that the Regime give way to a caretaker government six months before the 2014 elections.  Bainimarama, however, insists on continuing in office until the elections in which he will claims he will be standing, for a party yet to be declared.

This makes a clear mockery of the claim that the elections will be fair given that he has been, and will continue dispensing taxpayers' funds left right and center, shades of all the vote-buying scams this country has previously seen.

The fourth exclusion is the Ghai Draft requirement that immunity be only granted to those who took an oath renouncing their support of illegal regimes. (obvious conclusions to be drawn).

The fifth exclusion is the Ghai Draft requirement that all members of the security forces (army, police and prisons) must take an oath that they would not obey unlawful orders from their superiors.

These last two requirements no doubt reflected the Ghai Commission's legitimate concern to try to end the coup culture by explicitly discouraging the security forces from supporting future coups: military leaders cannot implement coups without their subordinates' support.

Cynics would note, of course, taking these oaths has never discouraged any of the security forces (including all our former army commanders) from supporting coups and abrogation of constitutions- as the events of 1987, 2000, 2006 and 2009 clearly prove.

The 2013 BKC does nothing to help in ending the coup culture.  Nearly all the military officers, contrary to their promise in 2006 that "no military personnel will benefit from the coup", have significantly benefited from the coup- financially, in status and power, and comfortably continue to do so, even more than in previous coups.

Some military (and civilian) Ministers are now enthusiastically declaring their willingness to stand for the 2014 elections, despite Bainimarama's  2006 pledge that none of his ministers would stand for any future elections. (yet another of his broken promises).

Attack on rights of indigenous Fijians
The UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples, was verified by the General Assembly in 2007 and may be read here: http://daccess-dds ny.un.org/doc/UNDOC/GEN/N06/512/07/PDF/N0651207.pdf?OpenElement

This declaration, while accepting the fundamental equality of all peoples, nevertheless noted that indigenous peoples the world over have suffered marginalization through colonialism, and recognized the need to respect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples affirmed in historical treaties and other constructive agreements with the state.

The UN declaration encouraged states to enhance indigenous peoples rights through consultation and co-operation with them (and not by force).

Article 5 states clearly that  indigenous people "have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinct political, legal, economic, social and cultural institutions".

Just these few references suggest that the Bainimarama Regime, through the 2013 BKC and recent decrees, is forcing many changes on the Fijian people and institutions in complete contradiction of the UN Convention on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: abolishing the GCC, removing the term "Fijian" from the indigenous people's exclusive use, banning the use of Fijian names of political parties, etc.)

In the long run, such changes are futile, as the collective wishes of the indigenous Fijians will ultimately triumph, ironically helped along by the 2013 BKC electoral system (Part II of this article).

Part II      An interesting electoral system

The Bainimarama regime has claimed that they will hold elections in September 2014, according to their electoral system, based on proportionality and "one person one vote one value".

Of course, this military megime has broken many promises before and they may do so again with this one, or even follow Plan B formulated by one Einstein in the regime (no prizes for guessing who), which is to hold a bogus referendum to do away with the 2014 Election altogether.

But if free and fair elections are held, leading to a representative parliament and accountable government, it will be a major improvement on the current situation:  for seven years, Fiji has suffered a government whose practices continue to negate most of the good principles of accountability and transparency proudly stated in the 2013 BKC.

The electoral system

Although the vote counting process has not been exactly specified in the 2013 BKC, the proposed electoral system will apparently:

(a) have only one national constituency in which all candidates will stand, and each voter will choose one candidate (with or without a party), with one vote per person.

(b)  add up all the votes of candidates, aggregating those with political party attachments,

(c) elect Independents if they win at least 5% of total votes

(d) give to each Party the percentage of the 50 seats (less Independents) equal to the percentage of votes received, provided the party wins at least 5% of the total votes (which will give them at least 2 seats immediately);

(e) elect that proportional number of MPs from that Party, beginning with the person receiving the highest number of votes, and going down the list ordered by the number of votes received, till they have fulfilled that Party's quota.

The Member of Parliament with the majority support of parliament would then become Prime Minister and form government.

The weaknesses of the electoral system (if it is indeed as outlined above) will be that

(1) there will have to be one massive ballot paper, with the names and symbols of hundreds of candidates, out of which some 500 thousand voters throughout Fiji (literate and illiterate), will (look for and) tick one name;

(2) there will be no guarantee of local or regional representation of members of parliament.;

(3) there is no guarantee of reasonable representation of women, youth and other minorities (as was in the Ghai Draft Electoral system with a Closed List);

(4) If the bulk of the votes for any Party have been obtained by the "Leader" or a few candidates, then the last successful MP selected from that Party to fill the Party quota according to proportionality, may not have received any large number of votes at all- but this weakness prevails for all proportional systems based on open lists.

(5) In the light of (4) above, the minimum requirement of 5% of all votes for Independents or political parties to be elected, is grossly unfair, considering that each of the 50 seats in the parliament would on average equate to 2% of the total votes. This rule will discriminate against small parties and Independents who could be important moderating influences in Parliament.

(6) If there are small parties each obtaining less than 5% of total votes, then there will be the head-ache of "left-over" seats in Parliament, after the large parties had their preferential bite at the cherry.

[eg if Party A has 50% of votes (hence 25 seats), and Party B has 30% of votes (and hence 15 seats), while the remaining 20% of votes are split between small parties each with less than 5% of the votes who get no seats, who gets the remaining 10 seats? But there is an easy arithmetic answer to this problem: ignore all the parties with less than 5% of the votes, Ha ha ha.  So much for the equality of all voters!]

(7) There is one critical weakness in the 2013 BKC which was also in the Ghai Draft Constitution: both threw out the Multi-Party Government provision of the 1997 Constitution, which guaranteed any party with 10% of the seats in parliament (here 5 MPs), to be invited into Cabinet.

Won't it be ironic if Bainimarama's party ends up being a large minority party, without the majority to form government? No worries: we will have another coup. Ho hum.

The mantra of "1 person-1 vote-1 value"

Will the new voting system eliminate racial voting and establish "racial equality" as the Bainimarama Regime proudly repeats at every opportunity, like a mantra?

I doubt it, and the 2013 BKC is even worse than the Ghai Draft which also tried to hide racial voting by rigging the size of the constituencies.

Instead of having 25 single member open constituencies (as most political parties and others including myself had recommended), with another 25 to ensure proportionality from Closed Lists, the Ghai Commission Draft had four Divisions as constituencies, banking on the subterfuge that the voting results would therefore not reveal any evidence of racial voting (even if there was racial voting) (my recommendations may be read here):

The 2013 BKC has gone one step further to stipulate just one constituency, so even more now, no one will know by examining the results, whether there is any racial voting going on: all that observers will see, is how many votes each candidate received throughout the entire country, from all voters, not their racial origins.

But I suspect that racial voting will continue in full force, despite this Regime and umpteen grating TV advertisements calling everyone "Fijians".

The reality is that after the voting fiasco is over, Parliament will comprise whoever is voted for by the voters: 56% of whom will be indigenous Fijians, 38% Indo-Fijians, and 6% Others: the ethnic proportion of Parliament will be roughly in that proportion. (BTW: check the ethnic composition of Bainimarama's cabinet).

Despite the Bainimarama/Khaiyum mantra repeated daily that the new electoral system is going to ensure racial equality for Indo-Fijians, the reality will be that the proportions of Fijians, Indo-Fijians and Others in the next Parliament will be pretty much the same as in 2006.

One crucial difference now will be that minority parties (for example those supported by mostly Indo-Fijian voters), will no longer have an automatic right to be invited into Cabinet, as they did under the 1997 Constitution.

The Indo-Fijian supporters of Bainimarama can ponder on this interesting consequence of the 2006 coup which was alleged to be partly to protect their interests, apart from "cleaning up" the country (mind you, some have cleaned up)!

Is it a New Ball Game?
Despite the illegitimacy of the 2013 BKC and all its weaknesses,  political parties will pragmatically contest the elections with the electoral system being proposed (as did Opposition parties after the 1990 Constitution was imposed on them).

There are many fascinating national and regional political strategies that may be formulated for the 2014 elections, given the objective of obtaining the highest percentage of votes in the country, and forming a coalition government (if there are multiple parties in parliament with no one having the majority).

If the old political parties are by some Regime skulduggery stopped from competing, a completely new political party will be formed within months, and be just as successful as the old ones, as the interesting magical instantaneous replacement of the SVT by SDL in 2001, clearly shows.

There is certainly a new ball game in town, welcomed by the international community, with great relief.

But then again, as has happened over the last seven years, if the military referees think that the elections results may not be to their liking, they may move the goal-posts again, or change the rules of the game, or even scrap the game altogether.

But they can still go temporarily back to the barracks for R&R and have a welcome rest from the political war-zone and the hard work of governing the country, knowing that there is a clause in the 2013 BKC [131(2)] giving the military not only the responsibility for the defence and security of "Fiji and all Fijians", but also their "well-being",  which they can always define themselves, as they have done for the last seven years.

Note that when the military rejected the 2009 Court of Appeal judgement, they threw away the last lawful exit strategy the Fiji courts offered, remaining in control, all personally benefiting, while Fiji suffered for five years with the worst economic growth record of any Pacific nation.

It is historically inevitable, however, that some future elected Parliament will eventually get the complete support of an ethical and professional  military hierarchy that rejects treasonous coups, and the "will of the people" will confine this 2013 Bainimarama Khaiyum Constitution to the dustbin of history, just as they did the 1990 Constitution.

The tedious question for Fiji and the international observers continues: will the current military hierarchy accept or reject the 2014 elections, which is yet another peaceful exit strategy for them?


Toso Viti said...


Anonymous said...

The BK Constitution is a fraud perpetrated on the people of Fiji by its thug rulers.
Wardens analysis makes that crystal clear. It is so scandalous that a supposedly intelligent political person like Australian Foreign Minister BobCarr should not see the BKC for what it really is.
That's truly shameful!

Anonymous said...

Bainimagaijinamu, drau veicai sara vakaukauwa kei Khaiyum me dra nomudrau sona.... Sa rauta mada na lasulasu, con kei na butako, drau yavu kawa ni tevoro. Sa 7 tale mai na yabaki nomudrau butakoci keimami tiko na lewei viti. Drau veicai.

Bainimarama sonalevu, caiti bumu, luveni kawaca, kaisi bokola. Solia lesu tale na matanitu vei ira na lewenivanua... Qai lesu tale ina keba mo lai laulauvutu vei ira nomu sotia dautagane kaukauwa ra dau veivutusona tiko qori i delainabua.... Ni yavu sotia sonalelevu, caicai qauri...

Anonymous said...

wheeeet wheuuuu dua na tamata dina dau solia na muna e comment toka qo o Annon 11:18PM. E cava sega ni o kunei dua na kemu qala nikua osa mai kaburaka tu na ka dina e tu e lomamu? Vaka odau qarova me dua na sotia e vutusona taki iko. Sega ni caiti watimu se o tinamu e dua na sotia qala levu? Kua ni dau kaburaka tu vaqo na lomamu niko vakaraitaki iko vinaka sara tu ga kina. Vosota ni sega ni sotava na lomamu me caka na vakawati vakatagane na constitution vou.

Anonymous said...

Ni rogoca vakavinaka na lewei Viti.
Na ka e vakaraitaka tiko oqo e cake o Wadan Narsey e ka dina taucoko. Ia,e dua na taro e gadrevi mo ni sauma sara vakadodonu. Na cava sara mada koni na rawa ni cakava kevaka koni sega ni duavata kina se saqata ?
E sa kila ko vuravura ni koni tamata ravarava ka dau dadatuvu na i taukei ni koni sotava na dredre ena veika e tara na nomuni bula vakaitikotiko.
Na veika e sega na betena edau qai levu kina na gusumuni, koni tamata kocokoco talega ka dau kana buta ka kawa ni tamata dau soli ulubale.
E sa kilai kemuni vakavinaka ko Khaiyum ka sa kila vinaka na kemuni i walewale. Dua ga na tamata e vakawaicalataka nodra mona e dua taucoko na mataivalu ni kila na nomuni malumalumu oya ni koni tamata volivoli rawarawa.

Anonymous said...

Waden Narsey is a bloody idiot. This constitution is the best Fiji has ever had. All of you who oppose it are only doing so for your own self interest. if you really believe in democracy, get out there and fight for a seat in the new parliament or shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Ke sa donu vei iko na ka e tukuna o Wadan Narsey, kauti koya sara I nomu koro lai vagunuvi koya me nomudou tou. Domilaka mada nona boci me kaukauwa qai sosoga cake I matanidemu me yacova ga na nona soresore. Drau veicai.

Anonymous said...

BKC will be forced by the regime and its illegal president on sep 6th.
we have only one hope is protest march or go to 2014 election and block vote to get rid of the regime.
Let see if this regime will accept the voters wish for the new govt.
election result or another coup.

Anonymous said...

E na qai laurai ga na dina e na vula ko Sepiteba 2014! Ni kua ni yalo lailai. E sa na qai raica na kaukauwa ni lewe ni vanua ko vuravura ni na digia e dua na matanitu vou mai vei ira na lewe ni vanua.

Na ka walega me ra cakava na digitaki me ra cakacaka vakadodonu ka qaravi ira vakavinaka na lewe ni vanua. Qai kena i kuri me cecere kina na veiqaravib sai koya me qaravi vaka i dina ka vakayalo na Kalou Bula!

rajend naidu said...

From Professor Warden Narsey"s insightful and penetrating critique of the new special order constitution made by Fiji's military regime it is clear that Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr's acceptance of this constitution as a credible step forward for elections and return to democracy is misplaced and misguided.
Senator Carr should do the right thing by the people of Fiji and acquaint himself with what the democratic opposition in Fiji and critics of the regime constitution say are the many flaws of this constitution.
He in fact owes it to his own credibility to get an objective view of the self-serving regime constitution.
I trust Senator Carr will do that urgently.

Anonymous said...

ELIZABETH JACKSON: Fiji's military regime has unveiled a constitution which it says will take Fiji back to democracy.

While Australia's Foreign Minister, Senator Bob Carr, has welcomed it, political parties in Fiji say they are not happy.

They wanted a constitution drawn up last year by a highly qualified constitutional commission.

But that proposal didn't please Fiji's military commander and Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, so he scrapped it.

Here's the ABC's Pacific correspondent, Sean Dorney.

SEAN DORNEY: Fiji's dictator, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has told an accountants' conference at the Denarau resort in Fiji that he is mightily pleased with the Constitution that comes into effect on September the 6th.

FRANK BAINIMARAMA: I'm very proud of this document. It embodies everything that I envisaged when I set out six-and-a-half years ago to put Fiji on a different path.

SEAN DORNEY: The Fiji parliament was dissolved by Commodore Bainimarama in 2006. After the elections, due in about 13 months, the new Fiji Parliament will become a 50 member House with just a single nationwide electorate.

Fiji's attorney-general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, explained the reasoning to that same accountants' conference.

AIYAZ SAYED-KHAIYUM: The rationale behind that, there's a number of reasons, is that because of our history we need to have members of parliament who can be responsive to every Fijian, no matter wherever they live.

Anonymous said...

SEAN DORNEY: Russell Hunter was a newspaper publisher in Fiji before he was deported as part of the Bainimarama administration's attempts to control the local media.

RUSSELL HUNTER: Freedom of information takes up one sentence in this whole document. We already know that the media is cowed, if you like, by the extravagant penalties that are available to the regime.

There is no media freedom in Fiji and there will be no media freedom in Fiji under this constitution.

AIYAZ SAYED-KHAIYUM: As far as the decrees are concerned, all the decrees that have been put in place by the Bainimarama government will continue. The validity of those decrees cannot be questioned.

SEAN DORNEY: Fiji's attorney-general, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum.

Although there's an extensive list of people's rights, there are also limitations. During states of emergency the normal protections of human rights provisions don't apply, and deciding on imposing a state of emergency is in the hands of the prime minister, with very little effective power given to the parliament to oppose or check any declaration of a state of emergency.

One thing that has not changed is a whole chapter granting immunity to Commodore Bainimarama and those who helped in the coup or have served him since. Those immunity provisions were already quite strong in the earlier draft.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Regan from the ANU (Australian National University) says it is going to be virtually impossible to change this constitution. The new parliament will not be able to amend any provision of it unless three-quarters of the members vote in favour. But even then it will also need another three-quarters majority vote in a national referendum.

ANTHONY REGAN: This is one of the most difficult constitutions in the world to change. So there's very little faith the military regime is showing in the new parliament in terms of what it might do to improve or change this constitution. This constitution is effectively set in concrete.

SEAN DORNEY: Commodore Bainimarama is confident that when the elections are held in September 2014, he will win.

The older political parties in Fiji object to the new constitution, saying it is not the people's document but one drawn up in the attorney-general's office behind closed doors.

This has been Sean Dorney for Correspondents Report.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Regan from the ANU (Australian National University) says it is going to be virtually impossible to change this constitution. The new parliament will not be able to amend any provision of it unless three-quarters of the members vote in favour. But even then it will also need another three-quarters majority vote in a national referendum.

ANTHONY REGAN: This is one of the most difficult constitutions in the world to change. So there's very little faith the military regime is showing in the new parliament in terms of what it might do to improve or change this constitution. This constitution is effectively set in concrete.

The Native Fijians have to use sledge hammers to break this cement, kill Kayum and Bai and bury with concrete cement...

Anonymous said...

R. Powell was one of the 3 judges in the court of appeal that declared baini cleanup is illegal. He is now in Australia. he said that the first sentence of this document is fraud.."We the People of Fiji..." but the authors are the regime Muslem legal overpaid Baini pals....NOT THE PEOPLE OF FIJI...

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:20am

You are the bloody idiot and not Dr Narsey. He has dissected the illegal constitution and explained how it affects us. Because you are a bloody idiot, you swallow everything from the illegal regime hook, line and sinker without thinking. Now, only bloody idiots do that. Secondly, if this illegal regime was so sure of their warped constitution, why didn't they allow the people to critically examine and question it. They are forcing it on the people only because they have the guns, otherwise it would be a different scenario altogether. Baini has said he will stand. Then hasn't he declared his personal assets like the parties have done. We could only conclude that he is a cheater like all those that follow him including all bloody idiots like you.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:30am

Sa rauta mada na vosa ca kei na vaqakoro. Na ka e lako mai gusumu na ka ga e tu e lomamu. Baleta ni o matai ena vakamacalataka, kenai balebale ni o iko o dau matai talega ena cakava. Vosa mada ga ena ka e veitalanoataki tiko, kevaka o sega ni rawata, galu mada ga.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:15 PM

"" Baini has said he will stand. Then hasn't he declared his personal assets like the parties have done.""

Now who is the real idiot making comments like that? He has not started and registered a party YET !

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, remember that one of the Decree is " all the decrees for evrybody, but not for the prime minister and all his ministers... so baini is not obligated under that decree to declare and print his assets, nor Kayam...nor register a party...and there was this degree that no one will question any degree.

only in fiji islands

Anonymous said...

No pure democracy in fiji.
why we dont vote for president?.BKC is bs constitution illegal like the regime.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, the history is written by the braves. Go Bai, Go Kayum.....you are the bravest in Fiji. You already in the Fiji History Book.

Coward USP VC Rajesh Chandra and his lying deputy Esther Williams said...

Wadan Narsey speaks the truth, that's why he was shafted by USP vice chancellor, the spineless Rajesh Chandra, and his dodgy deputy, Dr Esther Williams, who is on record lying about illegal increase of USP management staff salaries some years back.

USP has gone down the tube because you have two morally corrupt individuals at the head of the institution: the coward Rajesh Chandra and the liar Esther Williams.

mark manning said...

I'm of the opinion that all Fijians are fed up with coups.
They are so exhausted from the nonsense, that they lack the will to counter them!
We need to find away to ignite a passion within them, to confront and thereby, overturn this insidious stupid concept of making The World, Fiji, a better place, by having a Despot Commander and his infantile, ineffective small Soldiers take control of the Countries Treasury and the futures of all Fijian children and their Families, the children's Families, not the Soldiers Families..
Question is, what might that be?

STOPreadingBlogs said...


Anonymous said...

Fijian army are dam fool for supporting khaiyum and bai to abolish the GCC and Church and 1997 Constitution. shame on them.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:24pm

He has not registered a party all right. But only an idiot like you who is blind cannot see that he is already using taxpayers money to campaign. He has not even agreed to let an interim government take over before the elections. Even registered parties are not allowed to campaign now and will need permits each time they want to meet. Talk of an even playing field.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:13pm

You are an idiot also because you read blogs. That's why you made those comments; after reading blogs.

Anonymous said...

Fiji have 4 constitution in 43 years some countries have constitution over 100 years.
Fiji biggest threat are within the army thugs and they should be upholding the constitution but they abolish it .Police and army are the biggest problem.high time elected govt in the future need neutral police and army commander.who uphold the constitution and law of the land and support the elected govt.

Anonymous said...

Profeesor Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap None-Done should read and reread Wadan Narsey's article and so should Jyoti None-Done.The Idiot was a spy in the Ghai commission.Made his money and ran away and now supports the BKC constitution.How low can he get--the jobless arse hole.Even his nephews in meigunyah are sick of feeding him goat curry as payment for his long winded boring wedding speeches!None-Done--you are not even fit to wipe Wadan Narsey's shoes !

Anonymous said...

Those who have been once intoxicated with power, and have derived any kind of emolument from it, even though but for one year, never can willingly abandon it. They may be distressed in the midst of all their power; but they will never look to any thing but power for their relief.

Letter to a Member of the National Assembly (1791) by Edmund Burke

Dr Saten Nandan car salesman said...

The aptly-named Professor satendra nandan (None-done) is joke among his colleagues with no-standing; a shameless self-promoter; friends are sick of hearing about the 4 PhDs in the family, especially when it is well known that None-done arse-licked his way to a professorship, and his wife and daughter are quite dumb despite their PhDs (yes, dumb arses to can get PhDs). Opportunistic Nandan husband-wife milked UoF in Saweni, each collecting $50k plus when they would have been jobless in Australia. None-done is such a salesman he even convinced people (and himself) that he was actually doing Fiji a favour and not the other way round!

At heart Saten is nothing but a slick car salesman.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Airways flight FJ910 scheduled to leave Sydney International Airport for Nadi was delayed from 1pm to 8pm in the evening. Passengers only knew of the delay when they arrived at the airport including 30 class 8 students from Veiuto Primary school. The reasons for delay as displayed on the airline checking counter:
"CABIN CREW SICKNESS". As a Fijian, I was really ashamed, as other travellers in other airlines were giggling amongst themselves. SA LEVU VAKAMADUA RE!! What is happening Fiji Airways?

Anonymous said...

@ anon september 1, 12:55 AM

Sa laurai ga vei iko ni iko dau kubu jiko vei Khaiyum ka dau lauvutu tiko vei Bainivuaka... Na gusumu, sa basika tu ga mai kina na wainitagane, lai quwata mada sebera ni o comment ike. Sonalevu, vakataki ira la nomu lala sotia ululala ni dau veivutusona tiko qori ina keba....

paula raqeukai said...

Good depth analysis Dr Narsey...there is NO reference being made to the UN declaration of indigenous rights in this BKC Constitution 2013, which is indeed very sad...we will continue to bring this issue to the current regime...we must united together peacefully to oppose any forceful elements to the rights of of every citizens in Fiji in particular the indigenous people's rights to have their own reps to the parliament...and we should also have a proportion number of seats to all other ethnic groups especially the Indo-Fijian community who had been part of our history for the last 150 years....

Anonymous said...


Dr Saten Nandan spy who loved me said...

Dr Nandan, or None-done as some call him, was the jasoos (spy) on behalf of Khaiyum and Bainimarama on the constitutional review commission and dobbed in Pof Ghai.

Rajend naidu said...

The Fiji Times 2 Sept carries two varieties of letters. One is that of a clear thinking man J Nakarawa of Hamilton NZ who points out that the boycott of the state constitutional briefing by fijis main political parties is simply an exercise in freedom of choice,proclaiming the denial of legitimacy by these parties on behalf of the people they represent. The beauty of democracy Nakarawa reminds us lies in being part of an inclusive process that allows the constitution to proclaim that it is formed or by the people of Fiji.
Professor Warden Narseys critical analysis makes it quite clear that this special order regime constitution is not .
The other variety of letter in the Fiji Times is that of a man who has lost his sense of balance because of his advanced age which has apparently had a diminishing return on his intellect. And this reduced intellectual capacity is compounded by his sycophantic support for the Bainimarama military regime. The man has something of a history in this regard. The last I remember he was a sycophantic support of Fiji soccers former dictatorial ruler Dr Sahu Khan.
This man Nardeo Mishra now insists the sugar mill workers do not have the democratic right to go on strike because he says so!
The mans clearly an old fart or a fart gone wrong. Take your pick!
Rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

iTaukei do not need their own reps two parliament. What they need is for their traditional governance structures to be strengthened which at this juncture is threatened with disappearance because we have failed to re-align ourselves to modernity. This is why the GCC should be removed because it only perpetuated greed amongst a few took advantage of the chiefs. Bose Vanua should be strengthened and independent from Government. THis way, our chiefs will not be easily bought. Parliament should consist of honest, upright men and women with no proven record of illegal practice. This means, Bainimarama and anyone who participated in all coups including 2006 should not be standing. For how will you answer to the future? Shame, shame, shame!

Anonymous said...

Latest Corruption
Please check where all the Hi Luxes whose govt leases have expired gone to?
Frank has ok'd that they can be bought by his cronies at below cost breaching govt procedures and tender procedures.....chk out the hi luxes driven around Suva with private plates ,,,,some were bought cash,,,,where did these colonels get their cash cash from $30,000 plus???
Suppose FICAC & other watchdogs turning a blind eye to unexplained wealth,,,,,,VINAKA RA GONE TOSO TIKOGA NA BUTAKO KEINA LAWAKI

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, The 2013 Constitution will be signed by President Nailakitau to be supreme laws of the land on Friday.

There are two things missing: 1. This document should put first into a referencetum by the PEOPLE OF FIJI , another words "the people of Fiji have no say in this document, only Bai and Gaium; 2. this document doesnot have a Constitutional Court. Another words, the Military will always take over any Government Elected.

Shit USP VC Rajesh Chandra said...

USP has become a shit institution under a shit vice chancellor Rajesh Chandra - all show no substance, no lasting legacy, except academic decline and decay under poor leadership of intellectual dwarf Rajesh Chandra. Not a single honest analysis of the 2013 Fiji constitution has come from USP. Only Wadan Narsey has produced something substantial, and he was kicked out from USP. The fruits of Rajesh Chandra's cowardly leadership, making everyone tow the regime line - this is the shit legacy of a shit vice chancellor.

rajend naidu said...

Whether or not and when to strike are issues for the sugar mill workers to decide. That is their democratic right.It is no business of Nardeo Mishra to ask them "why now?" (FT 2/9).
And, the striking workers (should they decide to go ahead with the strike) would not need me from Sydney to join them as Mishra mistakenly thinks.
I think it is sufficient that they know there are people outside Fiji who acknowledge their democratic rights - even if there are people like Nardeo Mishra inside Fiji who would like to deny them their democratic rights.
We have reactionary people like Mishra even in mature democracies.
And Fiji is not even a third world democracy at the present time.
Fiji currently has a political environment where reactionary forces thrive.
Nardeo Mishra represents that force in contemporary Fiji society.

USP VC Rajesh Chandra regime puppet said...

@shit VC Rajesh Chandra, you are right. Rajesh's head is deep inside Khaiyum and Bainimarama's arses. He takes orders from them.

It would have been a different story if Siwatibau was still alive and VC of USP. He commanded wide respect while Rajesh is subject of derision and ridicule at USP.

Anonymous said...

You have intellectually honest academics who bring an intellectually honest and critical mind to bear on matters of national public interest. Then you have arselicking academics like USP vice chancellor and president Rajesh Chandra and deputy vc Esther Williams who shame the university by sucking up to the rogue military dictatorship for their own personal gain.
These are shit academic!

Anonymous said...

I fully endorse the comments by Rajend Naidu regarding the sugar workers strike. Since the Union has followed the rules and are legally right to strike, when and where is none of Nardeo Mishra's concern. I don't see him imploring the illegal government to go to the negotiating table. That was the minimum the union had asked. Why is it too hard to talk? Then we have a Pat Vuli advocating farmers to sit down for 2 days. How stupid is that? The farmers will be the losers because their cane will deteriorate, burnt cane will be affected etc, etc. The workers have nothing to lose because they will continue to receive their wages.

Shit USP VC Rajesh Chandra said...

The late USP VC Siwatibau was respected because he was a fair-minded, conscientious leader who cared about academic standards and the welfare of his workers.

As for Rajesh Chandra, budgeting and cost cutting trumps everything, including academic standards, and well-being of staff and students. Rajesh's own staff see him as a selfish and self-seeking man only interested in looking after number one.

With the backing of the regime, this greedy man has, for years, denied staff outstanding salary increases. As a weak leader, he has surrounded himself with a few sycophantic cronies. Apart from them nobody cares about or respects Rajesh Chandra as an academic, let alone as a leader.

Anonymous said...

True , you said it. Past determined your present and present determined your feauture.Bainimarama can not dislocate him from his criminal past. It will haunt him for the rest of his life. He must remember that he s dealing with the people.and the silent cry of every soul will curse him and his family as long as they exist and live in this world not to mention the people of god whom he persecuted and prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

siwatibau was a rotten arsehole as are all people cursing honorable bainimarama nad khaiyum. all of you will rot in hell with siwatibau.such my cock before departing to hell as that is the only good thing that you are going to taste once you enter the hell. long live bainimarama/khaiyum combo.

Anonymous said...

First off all Warden Narsey academic anaylasis is just what
it is-Academic?
He was a past Fiji
Politician who didn't bother
to do
the right thing to straighten
various clauses in our past constitutions, especially
to do with Politicians, like
who were double dipping, i.e,getting paid from his USP salary and at the same time
paid from Tax payers fund
as well?
Now how come, when he knew,
that a
bunch of parliamentary members,especially on the
Labour and National Federation Parties, were
either a Union executives or working & earning a second
& third salaries while a sitting members of the Fijian Parliament? How come he
suddenly had "amenesia" during all
years as a sitting member of the
Fijian Parliament?
Narsey knowing that Fiji cannot afford to be paying it's leaders such an unjustified amount of money, he
refused to table this facts in parliament?
Now that he's out of
our parliament and out of Fiji,he
has suddenly got his mables back-
wow imagine that?
He has again started to
teach us right from wrong??? Narsey
you are no diffent than Bai & khaiyum? The only diffences,as I
see it, is you did your robbery
within the protection of the law,
Bai&Khaiyum did theirs outside the
law? You're all cut-out from the same pod!

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum says Fiji has to be ready - but question is : is Fiji willing???

'We have to be ready'
Nanise Loanakadavu
Sunday, September 01, 2013
"WE have to be ready to have elections in 2014, otherwise we will have a Constitution crisis."

Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum made these remarks during a recent Constitution briefing saying a provision in the Constitution stated Fiji should hold an election no later than September 30.

"You will know that there is a provision in the Constitution that says the elections must be held no later than 30th of September, so we have to be ready," Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.

He also assured the people that this could be done.

He said they already have two reports, from the commonwealth, one from the European Union and the other from New Zealand.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said they were ready and willing to help Fiji.

He said the government was sticking to its plan of having the elections carried out in one day.

"It can be done, we have already registered now close to 540,000 voters.

Ulukau Key said...

John Key choosing to ignore the opposition of the people of fiji for political expedience.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said Fiji is heading in the right direction.

Key told the New Zealand Herald regarding Fiji’s constitution, that on face value they accept that much of it is heading in the right direction.

Key said the immunity provision in Fiji’s 2013 constitution is not a “deal breaker” for New Zealand.

He said the constitutional pardon is a compromise which could be necessary to guarantee that Fiji hold fair and democratic elections next year.

Key who attends this week's Pacific Islands Forum in the Marshall Islands said New Zealand will discuss support for Fijian elections which is likely to come in the form of funding, security and observers.

He said New Zealand's stance towards Fiji continues to soften, in particular with travel sanctions on Fijian sports players.

Key said he is highly optimistic Fiji will hold elections next September.

Anonymous said...

Sa laurai ga vei rau na tokoni Narsey tiko qo ni dau kabati tinadrau tiko beka o koya na baku oqo. Drau veicai vinaka sarala kei Narsey. Baim liuliu ga dua na Idia ca vi kemudrau. Baleta ga ni viliutaki tiko qo o Bainimarama drau sa basa takai tinamudrau kei na nomudrau sona vi ira na idia vakataki Narsey. Vakauwakauwa sara me mama boci.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the two economic
in the South-Pacific-Australia
New Zealand-seems to be giving
the thumps-up, in the Fiji
regime, current attempt to
get back to democratic election
in September,2014?
I'm sure these South-
Pacific leaders, are very
much aware of Bainimarama &
activities in Fiji,during the
past 7 years of their illegal rule?
a smart person once said,
if you want to calm-down
over stress angry bull,
be further ahead
if you were to detract
with grass to eat or water
to drink,or
massage his back etc?
You can't charged straight
at an angry bull
unless,you're just as crazy
as they are?
These are our friends
and let's learn from them,
they've been our friends,
then those we're currently,
dealing with? So, just be calm
and let's just see where we're
going in the September,2014
general election?

Rajesh Singh said...

What a fucking circus.

lion of judha said...


Anonymous said...

When on his feet, the Fijian is always armed; when working in his garden, or lying
on his mat, his arms are always at hand. This, however, is not to be attributed to his
bold or choleric temper, but to suspicion and dread. Fear arms the Fijian. His own
heart tells him that no one could trust him and be safe, whence he infers that his
own security consists in universal mistrust of others. (Williams 1858: 43)

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:18

Dua na tamata duka nomu vakasama o iko. Na ka ga e laurai ena nomu vosa ni rau sega ni vakavilici iko na tamamu kei na tinamu. Kenai karua, na tamata ulu lala ga edau vosa vakaveitalia baleta ni sega ni rawa me tokona na nona nanuma ena veivosaki vakadodonu. Kenai katolu, kevaka o dau lotu, au sega ni kila se kalou cava o qarava baleta sa rui velavela na gusumu. Ke tiko na luvemu era sa na gone vakaloloma baleta ni va tu qo na vakasama ni nodrai tubutubu.


Solivakasama ka biuta mai na nomui le ena dela ni veirokovi kei na veidokai. Na vosa ca e tau ena sega ni vukea e dua. Me da tovolea me da sa yalomatua mada nai taukei. Nai tovo ga ni dau kana tamata e tiko vei so na noda e ra volavola tiko e na blog qo. Kemuni nai taukei, se o tokoni Bai se sega, na vosa tauvakamatau e na vukea sara vakalevu na nomuni dui le.

Anonymous said...

bainimagana luveni kaisi bakola o iko

rajend naidu said...

Amenatave Malani (Fiji Times 3/9) wants to know what J Nakarawa of Hamilton NZ means by saying there is "more to the 2013 Constitution than meets the eye".I invite Amenatave to read Professor Warden Narsey's analysis of the Bainimarama Khaiyum Constitution 2013 to acquire a better UNDERSTANDING of what J Nakarawa might have in mind. His analysis is published in Courfourpointfive and Fiji Today blogsite.
Professor Narsey's is no superficial reading of the constitution and that I would contend is the difference between his reading and that of the many regime lackeys who have thrown in their sycophantic support for the regime constitution which purports to be by We,the People of Fiji.
It is not the peoples' constitution.
It is the Fiji military dictatorship's constitution.
The people who ignore this fact do so because of their own vested interest and agenda.
That is one of the easiest things to see .
It requires no special reading!

Anonymous said...

Regime should be ashamed about the state of CWM Hospital.Why isn't it spending on health and people.

Beds and medical equipment donated to CWM hospital
Publish date/time: 03/09/2013 [10:01]

Quality beds are part of the medical equipment that has been donated to the CWM hospital by the Australian based ‘Spirit of Sharing’ organization.

One of the Directors, Wayne Mackenzie who toured the CWM hospital yesterday with his team said they want to make a difference in the lives of the patients.

The team has also sent ten containers of Sporting equipment to the schools in Fiji and three containers of medical gear.

Anonymous said...

agree with 12.43am... wadan has amnesia. Self serving, self righteous prat. If he really wants to change things, here is his chance...stand for elections and tell us your manifesto...and what you gonna do for Fiji? Pumping out a self serving thesis on the rights and wrongs of whats happening in Fiji every few months accomplishes nothing. Stand up for what you believe in and do something about it. Enough talking. We heard it all. we are not deaf or stupid. Ditto for rajend the superhero of Atlantic Blvd.

Anonymous said...

Anonarsehole at11.46 AM
Stand for elections and tell us your manifesto...and what you gonna do for Fiji.
Is that what Bainimarama and Khaiyum have done?
You are stupid alright.
If you kept quiet we wouldn't have known
now we do Idiot!

Delilah said...

Tons of people would probably stand for the elections but given it's likely to be rigged in Bai's favour, do you really want that kind of grief.

Amensia or not,some people are more valuable doing what they do best. In another time and place, they may well have the chance they should've been given - but for the realities of life living under a military dictatorship.

Chutiya economist said...

In USP circles Wadan Narsey is known as a self-serving and obnoxious chutiya. A megalomanic who likes to be center stage and hog the attention. A self appointed expert on all things under the sun who thinks he has a monopoly on knowledge. Someone who likes to drink, but can't hold his drink, and loves getting into drunken arguments. In other words, a pompous, boastful, noisy and unbearable arsehole.

Anonymous said...

In pakala circles chutiya economist is known as a self-serving and obnoxious chutiya. A megalomanic who likes to be center stage and hog the attention. A self appointed expert on all things under the sun who thinks he has a monopoly on knowledge. Someone who likes to drink, but can't hold his drink, and loves getting into drunken arguments. In other words, a pompous, boastful, noisy and unbearable arsehole.

Anonymous said...

@pakala - hahahaha looks like wadan got your goat,eh?

good on you, professor...you must be hitting them where it hurts.

Uri said...

Anon 1:54pm

What you say still does not detract from the importance of what he has written. He makes many valid points on some very important issues, more than your personel jibes.

Shoo now little rabbit.


Anonymous said...

Rajend @12.46pm ..you are so funny. Hiding under anon when attacked like the rat you are. Hahahaha. I notice you constantly attacking the Fiji Govt...doesn't your pedophilic syphilitic brother work for the civil service in Fiji? Is he part of the rot? Is he feeding you classified info? I wonder. But then you don't need help do you? You are a superhero after all. I wonder if your neighbours in Glenfield know of the subversive element in their midst.

Anonymous said...

In USP circles of mediocre academics who bent over to curry favour the mob in power in Fiji.
You lot are a bloody disgrace to academia!

Anonymous said...

At anon 241PM... I wonder if you mental health is ok!

Anonymous said...

Anon 241 PM you not happy about someone constantly attacking the Fiji Govt?
What kind of Govt is it?
A military dictatorship!
Are you part of this Govt?
Or a beneficiary?
Or just a regime lackey?

Anonymous said...

oi dickhead @4.06pm...did I say I was unhappy about people attacking the Fiji Govt?.. I guess you failed Class 5 English comprehension at Draiba Fijian school...Rajend you really have to stop pretending to be anon when it suits. Be the Atlantic Blvd hero you claim to be. How's your son with Premila? Gone for adoption at Dilkusha so Premila can finish her schooling?

Anonymous said...

Rajend naidu hides under anon so he is a rat. But you at 2.41PM and 544PM hide under anon but you are not a rat!
How's that for logical thinking? Clearly that is no part of your intellectual strength, is it idiot?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:44pm

The way you respond shows you are the real dickhead. You stoop low to character assassination because you have nothing constructive to defend the illegal regime. Just forget about personal attacks and speak on issues. In case you don't know, this Rajend Naidu is the same one whose letters to the editor attacking the regime are sometimes printed in the local newspapers.

Anonymous said...

@Rajend Naidu 11:10am

Amenatave Malani is a regular contributor to the letters to the editor column of the Fiji Times. If you happen to collate all the letters he has written and which have been published, you will note that he is someone who sits on the fence and will side with whoever suits him. Sometimes he will mildly criticize the regime and then conclude with a word of praise to keep himself in safe territory. That maybe a reason he is questioning J Nakarawa, and is also using the opportunity to please the "boss". It is sad that someone like Mr Malani, a graduate of USP cannot read and understand the illegal constitution for what it is. It is people like him that attempt to put new meanings to this illegal constitution when the wordings does not say them. Like the preamble "We the people of Fiji". Malani knows very well that the whole document was prepared by Khaiyum and no input was taken from "we the people of Fiji." So why is he attempting to flog a dead horse?

Premila's Loves me too said...

dickhead@5.44pm...what is your point? rajend again signing off as anon.

Anonymous said...

Keep on keeping on Rajend...your like an itch that is never relived. A boil that never bursts. A flea that is never removed......
You definitely got the attention of Frank and Kaiyum.

Most of these people of Fiji commenting against you on this blog are fleas that hop from one dog to another. Boils that erupt and oozes puss. Farts that stink and reek of injustice.

The fight for democracy must continue.

The truth must be revealed.

One man shouting in the desert will be heard as far as the moon.

Anonymous said...

Question: what is the difference between people like Wadan N, Aiyarze K and a bucket of shit. THE BUCKET.
These guys are all asses living in a theoretical highly impractical academic world where these fuckers can sit from dusk till dawn arguing about a theoretical point or analysis which has no relevance in the real world. And they will feel that they have achieved something while absolutely nothing was achieved. They have a super hero view of themselves as the smart ones. The world is full of pricks like these guys unfortunately some are running the free world. Fiji and dare i say the world needs good old fashioned practical men and women to enter politics.People who have struggled to eat and feed their children, People who at sometime went to school without shoes or books, people who have labored and struggled for every little thing they have, people who have shopped at the second hand clothing stores only when they were on sale, people who have used the public transport system most of their lives and wait for 6 hours in our hospitals before being served. These are the people who know what it is like to live in Fiji and what needs changing.
These are the types we need to run our country not assholes born with a Golden spoon in the mouth who talk and talk talk until the cows come home. My opinion of Wadan is that he is a useless overpaid professor who would not last a day in the real world without his fancy qualifications and the ability to make people think that he is very smart and therefor he should be paid for it.

Anonymous said...

@anon2.35am...so are you a boil or flea? Not all of us are who anti -Rajend are pro coup. We are simply sick of the hatred rajend spews to inflate his ego. What exactly has rajend achieved in all these years of vomiting his self righteous contributions, apart from hogging the limelight. He must sit in his darken room, waiting for comments and wanking his himself with his warped input. All the while munching some curry puffs. Rajend you have to stop pretending to be someone else when defending yourself. be the hero dog you are. Now go lick your balls.

Anonymous said...

Respected activist Suliana Siwatibau,praises BKC in today's Fiji Sun for its accommodation for women and minorities in its electoral process. So what rubbish is Wadan Narsey talking about. Between the 2, I trust Mrs Siwatibau for her ongoing commitment to good governance.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:39am

If you are sick of what Rajend spews out, I beg you to go and see your doctor so he can give you some panadol or penicillin if it is very serious. And please remember that the beauty of blogs is that you can comment any which way you chose. Simply put, if you hate Rajend, don't read his comments. After all, in this context, the choice is still yours my friend.

Anonymous said...

@9.51pm .eh, Rajend...don't flatter yourself..you are no friend of mine. I am not very friendly with curry munching rabid dogs. I don't think penicillin cures rabies but a good kick up the curry smeared rear just might. Rajend and I share something in common, his lovely niece Premila...so I can't be all bad. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:04pm
Oh, are those the same curry munching rabies dogs that freeloading pigs like you get your douse of your favourite shit feed from. Without those rabies dogs shit,shit eating pigs would still be eating other shit eating pigs.No wonder thy brain is still infected with dog shit till today. Grow up piggy and rise to the reality- ro teimumu and the whole female piggy flock loves doggy style..Ask you daughter Ela Gavoka how good the doggy style is..

Anonymous said...

@sept.3rd 0906pm

On that point, preamble: WE,[SIC] THE PEOPLE OF FIJI,....

Who wrote the constitution? A Lawyer? must have graduated from the bottom of the class.

WE (COMMA) and THE PEOPLE OF FIJI refers to two separate groups.

WE...(only two people)

PEOPLE OF FIJI...exclude myself.

Just like "Animal Farm"....

USA constitution: We the People of United States, [sic]....

Very much inclusive of "ALL"

Very soon they will Change the Preamble...

WE, US (Correction ASS) GANG,...

Sweet Daddy said...

moron @12.00pm...wow talk about misfiring...wrong target... You think I am Bill Gavoka...haha...no I am your father. Now son, ask your mama. It was a late September evening in 1974. i looked into your mama's eyes. she melted into my arms and I whispered sweet nothings into her ear. Then she said, $5.00 only. Thus started the Fifty Shades of Tumeric. Nine months later, you were born. She named you boci but later changed it to kulina (she said it sounded more regal). Look out for part two of this intriguing but true story.

Anonymous said...

@sweetdaddy12.59pm...you are funny!

Anonymous said...


...sounds like sugardaddy...LOL..Bellamy brothers

Anonymous said...

Ooops,,sugardaddy just got ripped.waiting for the counter attack..this is getting interesting and personal..BTW, who is this Salome Vesikula?

Sweet Daddy said...

@Kulina nee Boci 3.12pm. part Two.
You were actually a premature baby, born at 6 months. Only one testicle, one eye and your unformed anus was on your right cheek. isa, the first time I saw you, a tear rolled down my cheek as you smiled at me with your bad eye. Then farted through your face. but we persevered, me and your mum. You were breastfed till you were 14 then we switched you to mongoose milk. As you learnt to walk, we could see you would be a future Miss Senikau so we again changed your name to Shanaynaynay.
more to come...hold your breathe, now fart through your mouth. Hahaha

sweet pappa said...

@Kulina...part Three...another intriguing episode in the life and times of a ....kulina. Son, when you turned 18 we had a big party for you. We were surprised when you invited your pet goat too. but eventually we learnt to accept your perversion.. you are still our son. Isa, I get teary as i think about how hard life was for you in the early days, One testicle, bad eye and anus in cheek. when we shipped you to boarding school in India, you became famous. the local folk though you were a type of fish and worshipped you. remember when some radicalised Muslims tried to fry you up as dry-curry fish? Isa, I must stop here as I get teary. See you soon my son.

Anonymous said...

just as long as these guys know that in the end the people will win.....the people will change the law if need be whether its now or later or after they die..... fiji must demand what was owed it by these illegals