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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

U.S company tipped to buy Waivunu sawmill

Two major sales by the Fiji Hardwood Corporation Ltd - and the question is: are there favoured buyers?

The Navutu timber manufacturing yard in Lautoka and the Waivunu sawmill in Navua have both been put up for sale and expressions of interest called for.

2011: Big talk of manufacturing Gibson guitars.
The Corporation describes the sale as 'as-is where-is'.

Those following the trail of Fiji's Green Gold say the American-based guitar making company, Pacific Western Timber, is a frontrunner for the Waivunu mill, which has a 73 year lease.

Pacific Western Timbers was granted 40,000 cubic metres of G3 quality mahogany logs when licences were issued - even though it wasn't even incorporated in Fiji. 

The company, which is owned by John Wagner of Sustainable Mahogany Industries, doesn't have a sawmill or equipment and according to its licence was to 'set up a saw milling facility in Vanua Levu.'

It has, however, been delivering logs from the forest in Viti Levu to SMI mill for processing.

Insiders say the deal was approved by the Ministry of Public Enterprises and Elizabeth Powell, even though they knew Pacific Western Timber was never going to fulfil its licence requirements.

They say the expression of interest, which closes September 12, is a gimmick and that Wagner's company will ultimately buy the FHCL set-up to process its logs so its submission to set up a mill in Vanua Levu was a lie all along.

Readers will remember John Wagner gifted Frank Bainimarama a Gibson guitar in 2011 and the big plan was originally for the famous guitars to be made in Fiji.

Bloggers will also recall that Wagner paid $1m for its logs and was first to be granted a mahogany licence.

The FCHL's tender notice says preference will be given to applicants who intend to re-employ redundant workers from Waivunu and Navutu.



Anonymous said...

Isa da baci wele ti na Kai viti sa soli na laiseni mai vei dua na kai dia, kai loma powell ka ra qai bribe taki tu na veiliutaki no matanitu (voreqe etc) me ra galu tu ga kara qoqona tiko na milioni, na vodo waqavuka wavoki, gunu keina gade ena otela.
O keda me da tu ga vakatakikeda, da lewa ga nodai yau ka da kua ni vakaruru ena dua na matanitu baleta ni matanitu kece mai na 1970 yaco mai vei voreqe e sega ni bau solia tale mai nodai yau.
Au sa kerea o so na turaga keina gone vuli vinaka kai viti moni mona taka mada mai na noqu vakatutu oqo.

Anonymous said...

Dam crooks selling fiji products to conmans and making commission. where is speight and his camv supporters now. mpc didnt sell the land/mahogany or disband gcc./church.

Timoci said...

This is only the beginning. Seeling state owned assets to "preferred" buyers is a crucial element of Khaiyum's plan to become seriously rich. While he continues to milk the taxpayers through a annual salary of more than a million, the big money is in backhanders from the sale of state owned assets. And the timber mills are certainly peanuts, the big deal is FEA, FSC, Port Corporation, Housing Authority, Airports Fiji, Air Pacific and Fiji Hardwood and Fiji Pine. These SoEs have a combined asset value of more than 2 billion dollar which means that at Khaiyum's standard commission of 10% he and his aunt Nur Bano Ali will rake in a whooping 200 million dollars. Khaiyum has shown that he does not tolerate any interference with his plans. When ADB wanted to assist with assets valuation and privatisation of SoE's the team of experts in town were stalled by Elisabeth Powell, his attack dog in the Public Enterprise ministry

rajend naidu said...

Sevens Today Tonight segment on PNG corruption (26/8) is a must see for all Pacific island people because it is so contextually relevant.It is an excellent investigative documentary by James Thomas on how the parasitic local elite in PNG comprising political leaders and businessmen screw their own people for their personal gains.It reveals how these scumbags siphon off millions of dollars of Australian aid money to PNG and then use the dirty money to buy up market homes and properties in Cairns and Brisbane whilst ordinary people in PNG languish in poverty and are often without basic public amenities like water supply, health care and educational access.
The documentary also captures the commitment of one dedicated public official who is prepared to put his life on the line to investigate this corruption and expose the culprits and haul them to court because he loves his country and does not want his country to go to the dogs - which he contends is what will happen if the corruption is not eradicated. He wants to fight the corruption for the sake of a better future for the children of PNG.
Finally the documentary shows how the Australian government has failed to deal with this corruption in an honest manner and in keeping with its own standards of democratic accountability. We learn that over $200 million of the Australian aid money returns via Australian banks to Australia every year and a single dollar of this laundered money has been returned to PNG where it was meant to be used to address the needs of ordinary Papuan New Guineans.
Any parallels in other Pacific island countries of this kind of corruption.
In the case of Fiji we wouldn't know would we because there has been no democratic accountability, transparency in governance and public scrutiny since the Bainimarama "clean up" takeover in 2006?

Anonymous said...

As if Fiji had no conman before Bainimarama came into
into the scene. O Viti ese contaki tu mai vei ira na vavalagi long before our independence. So this reaction to the so called sale of Wainuvu mill should not be a surprise given the history of fraud in Fiji.

Kamlesh Lingam said...

Baimagasona to Aiyarsehole "Boci this feels like your cock, a bit rough on one side and smooth on the other"

Aiyarsehole replied "Magasona the strings are tight, unlike your asshole"

Anonymous said...

Mr Naidu,

I respect your comments but Anon 1107 is correct in pointing out that there has been very little transparency in Fiji right from independence.

I don't think things will be as bad if Khaiyum was not there.

I think the biggest con that has been thrown to Fiji people has been the Air Pacific deal where both Bainimarama and Khaiyum have made millions with former CEO.

Rabuka will go down for NBF saga like Qarese for agriculture scam but I don't think they benefited directly unlike FB and his AG.

Someone has to look closely into Air Pacific deal. Where is Victor Lal?

Anonymous said...

@11:07am Aug 29,2013
What`s your point ?...are you abetting the pracice of backhanding ?
Are you content living in [what you refer to as history of contaki state]and bury your head in your shit ?..or are you one of the benefciaries feeding of the gravy-train ?

Anonymous said...

What's so frieken important
about the
Wainuvu mill?Who owns it?
And so it's been sold and
bought by a White guy-
what's the frieken
That's how business is
Let it go!for
fuck sake!
If you want it,make an offer,
if the offer makes sense
to the current
buyer,he just might
consider your
The question is will
the business excel
under this new management?
Will it make money and
offer good employments
to local
people,will it makes a
to the community and
families of those
employed by the mills?
So if the benefit outweight the
negatives,where's the problem???

Anonymous said...

the big issue is ownership of mahogany. this is or was reserved for the landowners. now its free for all and the intended beneficiaries will never get to sniff any of the paisa.

Anonymous said...

@ Annon 1:53 pm & Annon 2:08 pm
Here are some facts that may help you see the problem you fail to identify...1.Some mahogany plantations are on leased indeginous landowning units land 2. Some are on state owned land 3. Some are called `private wood-lots`as they were planted by individual land owning units them selves on their communaly owned lands.
Now as you can see that there has to be some ownership issue that has to be dealt with here!!...that simply is the issue. What`s in it for the i-taukei ni qele and his kawa ?..the mahogany coffee table didn`t just fall from the sky.
Should all the stakeholders recieve their fair share of cake ?

rajend naidu said...

Tourist Brian Lawrence of New Zealand writes of his unpleasant encounter with "three Fijian men wearing blue bula shirts " permanently parked outside some shop in Nadi. But apart from "these ruffians" Brian appears to find all else well in Fiji and he tells the people of Fiji to "be proud of your nation" (Fiji Sun 29/8).
Brian should spare a thought for the people of Fiji who have been living under the rule of thugs in uniform for over 8 years now.
How can the people be proud of their nation when it is under a military dictatorship?
But tourist tend not to notice that. They are only passing through after having a good time.
The ordinary people of Fiji are not so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the colonial days and all genuine leaders who have done their part and gone. We need to look at the fake leader we currently have the Bainimaramas and the Kaiyums the military who fraudulently assume power therugh deception and manipulation of the then President Ratu Iloilo who was physically and mentally incapacitated and they unlawfully use his authority knowing very well that he has no authority to abrogate the constitution. Even though we can not challenge the propose regime constitution we still can challenge the abbrogation of thre 1997 constitution.By law, the 1997 constitution is well alive and has not been abrogated.That automatically nullifies the the regimes constitution as the regime dpo not have any legal right to make any constitution as they were not appointed by the people through democratic proceess as such they do not have the mandate of the people and everything they have done affecting the adminstration and operation of the government of Fiji are all illegal and they will be held responsible for it


Im in full support of the point made by Anon 11.07am We should not forget our history, because it is the catalyst to such reaction shown by C4.5. We should be mature enough to look at the facts, and not jump the gun as soon as an issue like the sale of Waivunu mill is brought up. Every sale in Fiji seem to be looked at with suspicion, I can understand the concern, however let us look for the truth but not just garner and ignite feelings just for the sake of it. Bainimarama is running the country, let us live with that fact.


@Anon 5.50pm
Rabuka and all political leaders during his time were all fake. At least Bai and Kaiyum are looking for ways to change the direction. I must admit my disappointment when the coup took place, however 6 1/2 years is a good enough period to look back and analyse. I think they have made progress towards equility in Fiji. The voice of rebellion are slowly drowning away. And our neigbours are beginning to recognise our our course. Bainimarama should be thanked not because of how he took over government but becuase of his vision, Though he started off quiet messy, he at least persevered. We will all reap the benefits soon.


@ Anon1:07 PM ..Anon 11.07 is not abetting the practice of backhanding but rather he is referring to the
reaction of this article towards the sales of the mills. Fiji has always been riddled with fraudulent dealings in the past, thus it is quiet obvious why such a reaction by C4.5. However we don't have any facts whether this is fraudulent, don't' you think?

Fijiana said...

Better an American company than a Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Na cava soti na ccxaka propaganda tiko. Na ploy ni cakava tiko na mataivalu mo ni vakacacani ira tiko na Turaga kei na marama bale ni noda vanua e na vakavuna na leqa ni pati nei Bainimarfama e na veidigidigi baleta e 90% ni lewe ni vanua e ra lomani ira nodra turaga. O Bainimarama e qai basika wale tu ga qo. O ira na nodsa tuiraga kei na Marama bale e ra sa tu mai na veitaba gauna sa oti. and if you think to use that tactick to gain popularities sorry you are wrong. Chiefs are chiefs at their own right and you can't just take away their status like that.E dua qo baci vakacacana tiko na marama Roko Tui Dreketi.Whats wrong with her? She is single as husband has gone and she is a humanbeing like anybodyelse.Live her alone . people gossip like woman. The realilty here is the governing of ourt country by the illegal regime who are trying to legitmise their presence by forcing that illegal constitution oon the peoples throat. Sorry bro that will never happen Sooner or later this illegal regime will recieve the taste of their own medicine. They force their way in and they will also be forced out. I think that is very fair. What say you Waikau ?

Anonymous said...

True Rabukas reputation as PM is tarnished byb the NBF Saga and Qarase the Agriculture scam,however, they did not gain anything out of it. It was the people who were trusted to take ownership and ensure the success of those projects who plaid up and rip some benefits.Otherwise Rabuka and Qarase are two genuine and honest leaders They are educated and well equiped with the work they had set to do.The fact that no one is perfect we do have our own weakness.

Anonymous said...

How cam Rabuka and all leaders of yesteryears fake when they were genuinely elected by the people democratically. Bainimarama and Kaiyum are faked because they forced their way in illegally, They kill some people,they tortured alot of people. They pay themselves milions in salary. thay collect more then their salary through back hand(bribery and corruptions)Now they are selluing government assets of which they will collect ammount trippling their salary becasue the only chance they have to make as much as they can before the government treasure box is left empty and China takes oiver as the debts can not be paid back. This is what our idiot soldiers want.They want to take full inchatge of security but when there is no money to pay them they become the biggest security risk as they started abusing the people using their fire power.

Anonymous said...

Anon@2:08pm/6:35am....Hold on there
silver...first of the pines were
mostly planted by the Government Forestry Dept,
in close consultation
with the Fijian Affairs Board.
It was a Colonial
Government long term
economic plan
for the ITaukei ni Vanua.
Now that the pines are way
beyond the years
when it should have been harvested?
What are we waiting for?
For some mother
to burnt it down?,for the
floods to
uproots the trees?,hurricanes to destroy them?,sunami to wipe them out?
When are our people going to
put together the money to built a
lumber mill for our Mataqali?Yavusa,Vanua,Tikina,
I have no doubt,that
we can do this, but
we've gotta start somewhere,
and that somewhere, is
here & now! If
this American is willing
to built
a better lumber mill for our forest , sure invite&bring
him in! Without our forest, his
mill(s) cannot functions?
We need his Capital and
he needs our forest!
What a deal!!!

Delilah said...

a@Truthreigns C4.5 is the one blog that conistently keeps the people informed, bringing the much needed checks and balance under this illegal regime. That's a virtue in itself.

this be the times we live in said...

I don't know about anybody else but it is a struggle to read the news from the Fiji media - the propaganda is so nauseating it's unbearable. The journalism is very poor with some journalists completely out of their depth writing basic news stories yet they writing editorial opinion.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for C4.5 we'd be drowning in neck deep shit journalism from the pro regime and or cowered Fiji media. We owe a debt of gratitude to C4.5 for alerting us about the true situation in Fiji under the Bainimarama Khaiyum dictatorship.Keep up the great work you gang doing in informing and educating the public.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6.18am

You can't defend the indefensible. Both Rabuka & Qarase weren't honest or strong leaders.

The NBF, Agriculture scams et al that all happened under their watch, could have been dealt with properly and appropriately - both men were in positions to do what it took.

However, they both balked at the chance to show their worth as elected leaders by refusing to do the necessary that included taking to task their own dishonest buddies and relos. On the other hand, how could they, when they were so busy pursuing their own personal agendas, building their little empires at the expense of the people.

That's why the nation still has leeches like Inoke Kubuabola, a beneficiary and loyal servant of coup d'etats since 1987 around, still hanging strongly to the nation's coffers which should have been prised free of his crooked tentacles ages ago.

People are not fooled. At the same time, they understand only too well how they're caught between a rock and a hard place (with the current of thieves & their advisors in power)... and hence, will need to carefully maneuver themselves out so as not to let Fiji's sordid history of coups repeat itself.

The Land Grab said...

Is this the new Fiji under the regime constitution??

...For the Maasai people of the Rift Valley in Kenya, being evicted from their homeland has become all too common. Over the years, the government of Kenya has dispossessed over 4,000 families in the Naivasha region. Without alternative land to settle on or compensation for the losses they incurred during forced evictions, these families' fates are uncertain. In the 1980s, the Maasai were evicted from their land to facilitate the creation of the Hells Gate National Park.

This is the final outcome when the state controls the use of natives lands..God Help kaivitis.

Anonymous said...

Another important think to remember about the NBF scandal and the disappearance of over 250 million dollars of public money during the first coup military general Rabukas reign in power is that another of his hand picked former Fiji military commander Paul Manueli was the minister responsible for it .
Now you draw your own conclusion about the competence of the military men in civil administration and governance.


@Delilah..I am not against C4.5 all, but what I'm against is heresy. If we get our facts right then information will be worth disseminating. Let's not live on speculation, it's does not benefit progress. We don't need coconut wireless...it does not work


@ Anon 12.24pm...Bainimarama is not Rabuka or Paul Manueli. Yes they are all military men but remember Rabuka has made a complete turn around. It took him ages to realize his mistake. Bainimarama for this reason has the benefit of hindsight. Let's get behind his vision even though we dislike his style.Look at the benefits and not the person.

Anonymous said...

Yes let's look at Who has been benefiting since Bainimaramas takeover.
Bainimarama of course and his cronies. And he told us he and his military men will not benefit personally from the takeover.
Like Rabuka who lied about his coup Bainimarama too lied about his. The men from the military in Fiji are not to be trusted with anything let alone governing the country!

Anonymous said...

All these years i have lived in FIJI i have constantly heard of the land owners complaining about their resources being exploited and how they are being screwed by a or b businessperson.Business is about having a winner and a loser. Very rarely is a business deal fair on both parties. To be a business person you have to be greedy. If you are not greedy and don't love money and a good deal you will never be rich. That is simply the name of the game and that is how it is played unfortunately. Any businessperson who says otherwise is lying through his teeth. I am a business person and will proudly tell you that i am greedy love money and when it comes to my business i am and will always be selfish. If any landowner things he will get a good deal from someone who is risking his money in Fiji is living in a delusion. Now having said this what i don't understand is why don't the landowners start up companies that exploit their own resources instead of waiting for someone to exploit it for them and pay them a small royalty. If you are so unhappy with giving out your land and resources use it yourself. If Maori's can do it why cant you guys do it. If you cant run the company find competent people who can and get rich like all other business people. If this is too hard than stop bloody moaning and let someone else do it but be happy with what they give you as it will never be what you expect. It business and business has no emotions. Its all about the money and nothing else.

BC said...

MORE SCHOOL-DROPOUTS ( because parents cant afford school fees)
Ministry of Health in shambles.

Is this why the Fijian Military did a Coup?
Is this what they call "CLEAN UP"

Just shows the level of Grey Matter in the military.
The Fijian soldiers are so stupid to believe Bainimarama.

BAINIMARAMA IS NOTHING MORE THAN A CONMAN and he has managed to con the stupid Fijian soldiers

Its time you stupid Fijian soldiers USE THE BRAIN THAT GOD GAVE YOU AND THINK.


Keep your con thanks said...

@ 'truthreigns' 12.40pm

My foot that Rabuka has made a complete turnaround. His apology in the media now rings loud & hollow in light of the continuing immunity for him and his goons as contained in the regime's constitution.

Is Rabuka man enough to take the genuine step towards rebuilding the nation by renouncing his own immunity and submit himself to the collective judgment of the people?

Or like Bainimarama, he also doesn't trust the people?

Because he doesn't understand them?

And that's because he doesn't understand his own self or is honest about his motivations.

Come clean Rabuka, and free yourself from your own FEAR (that heavy stone of immunity around your neck)... if you are to stand a fighting chance of being genuinely believed and respected in your effort to rebuild and move the nation forward, in a sustainable manner.

People have more respect for George Speight who accepted the crime of treason like a real man and paid the price.

None of you can ever buy back the time he's already spent in prison, nor blot out that passage in our nation's history that sets the precedent for treason - by pretending to forgive yourselves of the same crime and get away scot free with murder.

Sa rauta mada na were ubiubi.

Keep your con thanks said...

@ 1.19pm

Which is why respect and adherence to the RULE OF LAW (not the Rule of Guns)is so critical, to sustain a democracy and an equitable society, and ensure the unscrupulous like you (thanks for being honest) are kept in check.

ps. tell me again how long did the Maoris take to get to where they are? And what kind of structures are in place that allow them to thrive?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.19. I am not unscrupulous nor have i been dishonest in business. Being greedy and ruthless in business does not necessarily mean you are dishonest. Making a deal in your favor is the first rule of business. If one does not get this then one will never be successful
It is simply the nature of business. Look if you you don't love money enough you will never be motivated enough to make it that does not mean you steal or cheat to make it although some do. What i am trying to say is simply this that in a business deal anywhere in the world their will be someone doing better then the other party. That is what making a good deal means to a business person. It is obvious that most i taukei simply don't get this concept about business.You can a have million tonnes of gold in your land but if you don't find the money to extract it that Gold is useless. Now you want someone to risk his hard earned money to help you extract this Gold from your land of course he will want a bigger chunk. You are exploiting a resource that you claim to be yours by virtue of your arrival on the land first he on the other hand has to risk hard earned resources to help you get something you got for free. Would you not want a bigger share. Ask yourself that question if you were the investor.
You know how the Maoris did it . They set up the company and let the white men run it. They knew their strengths and weakness and they were tough enough mentally to except that they could not run business properly due to their cultural drawbacks. They let someone else do it and they collect the money from the company they own. One example of a company that is doing very well in NZ is the Ngai Tahu seafood Company. It is owned by a tribe of the same name. I am the son of an ordinary Trades person who never earned more then $200 a week in his life. By virtue if being Indian i am landless and to some on this site perhaps country less. Despite all the racism post coup 1987 and 2000 i still made it through hard work intelligence and borrowing money and making it work for me. If someone like me who sold Roti parcels to pay school fees can make it why cant the resource owners do the same. Excuses are free and easy my friend. Work is hard and that is what is needed. I am color blind and race blind i would like to see all races do well particularly the i- taukei. For this to happen their has to be an acceptance that other races are here to stay and then perhaps look at learning all we can from each others strengths rather then looking at each races weakness all the time.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@ 1.46pm, unlike the iTaukei the Maori is free to manage his own life like every other citizen of NZ, while in Fiji, the villagers have their local government system hovering over them.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is fijis first true dictator. From that perspective there is no comparison between him and Rabuka.Rabuka was Not prepared to hold onto power at any cost. Bainimarama is. The man is prepared to lie and cheat and threaten others with violence and harm to hang onto power.To Rabukas credit he did make an attempt to embrace democracy after he educated himself,in part through his association and friendship with his former foe the opposition leader Jai Ram Reddy. Bainimarama has not embraced democracy at all. He is still the fascist he was when he took over with his guns. His commitment to democracy is a charade.

Anonymous said...

Who is AJYNK - Executive Chair of FSC Abdul Khan's renewable energy Company. Also provides consultancy and project management. AJYNK was involved in the initial Boiler project in 2004 where Tropikwood invested over $5mil and the boiler never operated, infact failed on day of commissioning. No one has been held accountable to date.

Surprisingly the new Boiler project in Tropikwood has been given to no other then AJYNK yet again!!! An Indian Company has been engaged to provide technical support and supply of the Boiler at a whopping USD$18 mil ($35mil Fijian).

Executive Chair for Tropikwood is Faiz Khan who awarded this contract to AJYNK. Why this compromise on contract award???What is the relationship????

FSC contract for sugar cartage awarded to a Feroz Khan transport. Feroz Khan Transport lost this contract to another cartage contractor in 2004. Feroz Khan tried to sell the stainless steel cartage bins to this contractor however this was not accepted. Feroz Khan Transport almost went bust!

Early in 2013, three months before the contract expired for the alternate contractor, Feroz Khan Transport ordered new bins for the same contract and was at Lautoka wharf! Why would Feroz Khan buy bins (1mill dollars worth) without a firm contract?????

What is the relationship between AJYNK and Feroz Khan Transport??? Nothing!!! Only a small fact that Feroz Khans son is no other than Faiz Khan, Executive Chair of Tropikwood!!!

A story of scratching backs !! No tenders called no competitive bidding, straight forward awards of contracts!!!! Oh apologies, tender called in the Fiji Sun and withdrawn the very next day!!! However contract was awarded!!!! To Feroz Khan Transport!!!

This is the state of affairs under this Administration; prove to us that there are no favoritism ASK and FB!!! Investigate these people and you will realize where your transparency and good governance really is!!!

Sad but true, abuse abuse abuse!!!!


Anonymous said...

Tu na Da

BC said...

Bainimarama is full of shit.
One big conman himself.
Just like his assistant conman Aiyazhole.
And Fijian soldiers are little conmen too.
And now they want to teach the Civil Servants how to behave.
What a bunch of farking losers.

The Fijian soldiers should first teach themselves to stop bending over and giving their arse to Bainimarama.

Kemuni na sotia ni Viti sa laurai tiko ga vei kemuni na levu ni lamu kei na levu ni veivutusona ni kitaka tiko.
Tukuna o Vutusona Boidada (VB) "Lade", ni lade sara tiko na sotia ulukau.
Tukuna o koya "Cu. Meu vutuki iko mada", Ni vakacucu sara tiko o kemuni na sotia.
Levu ga vosa kei na lamu.
Sotia lamulamu baleta ni vosa ga o Boci, ni vamuri koya tu.
Sa rauta ga mo ni sa kacivi tiko e na yacamuni vou na Mataivalunisolisona.
Sega ni dua e taleitaki kemuni.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6.26am and others, cut the crap we're tired of on-going gibberish swearing without saying anything of substance. Discuss the issues that are presented here on logging and corruptive practice by this regime. Ni yavu bavulu sese.

The plot thickens said...

guess the connection between Faiz Khan and Khaiyum??

Faiz is married to Khaiyum's sister!!!

Keep it all in the family. How about that...eh ..family loyalty.

BC said...

@Anonymous 9:19
Yes I was talking about logging and corruptive practice.
You obviously missed the point.
You must be another blind dickhead soldier.

Anonymous said...

An international electoral expert, Dr Andrew Ladley, says the new electoral system for Fiji favours organised political parties, both big and small.
The new constitution has done away with multiple constituencies in favour of one covering the whole country. Fifty MPs are to be elected via a multi-member open list system of proportional representation.
Dr Ladley says it is a radical departure from Fiji’s communal voting of the past and is convenient for Fiji’s comparatively small electorate.
He says it is new for the region and will be watched closely.
Dr Ladley is Adjunct Professor in the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington. He has worked with the United Nations internationally and in government and academic roles in New Zealand.
He told Radio New Zealand: “In many other parts of the Pacific the feeling is that political parties have been too weak to sustain a political party-based proportional list system and so this is an unusual development in the region and it will be interesting to see whether political representation and party strength is sufficient in Fiji for this to work.”
Dr Ladley says the new system will require a lot of voter education.
––– Radio New

Ki-Bau said...

In the new constitution voting is based on proportional system. Fiji's i-taukei population is 66.7%.That means SODELPA can get at least 60% of seats in parliament from only i-tauke voters. SODELPA doesn't need any coalition partners. It only needs iTaukei voters to be united and support SODELPA. My understanding is that SODELPA has strong support with Fijian voters. The itaukeis will only vote them and not any one else. Bainimara will go the prison.

Vutaki Meo said...

I agree with you Ki-Bau. I cant understand why SODELPA wants to boycott the election. It will easily win the election with the proportional voting system. The biggest losers will be Baini and his party, FLP and NFP. Fiji's population is predominantly native Fijians and 95.5% of them will vote for SODELPA. Baini doesnot have any chance under proportional voting system. Let us all itaukeis be all united, win the election and bring back GCC. We will than chase the indos back to india.

Apisai Tora said...

My fellow iTaukei brothers Ki-Bau and Vutaki Meo are 100% correct. If we are united and support SODELPA we will easily win the election. We lost in 1987 and 2000 because of division and disunity. Fiji belongs to native Fijians only. It is god given right for our children to enjoy our natural resources in Fiji. We don't want to end like Red Indians, Maoris and Aborigines. We are just asking for what belongs to us. As the resources in India belongs to Indians and resources in China belongs to Chinese. Let us all native Fijians be united and enjoy what rightfully belongs to us.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.56 and 11.25 when you look up the word dumb in the dictionary i am sure your faces appear beside the word. Please explain how your resources is being used by anyone else. You own everything and you are still poor and stupid. Have you ever tried to figure out why. I am glad the majority of the kaiviti don't see thinks the way you do. If other races had not come into Fiji this place would be a basket case like Congo or some other shit hole in the world. The very fact that you are able to use the internet to post your hate vomit is testimony to the effort of other people. By the way i think Bai will win a lands slide victory mark my words. I don't like him but he is changing public opinions particularly from the kaiviti.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12:14...Listen up
it doesn't matter what
kind of spin
you come up with,the
matter of the fact is
we the ITaukei are
telling you to faka-
0ff back to India?
there i said it, we don't
need you
and your frieken kind!
Please don't speak
for any Itaukei, we can
each speak for ourselves?
If anything you want
to concerns yourself
with is the repatration of
your own kind back home
to India?
You'd live well in a house
built of shit bricks,
shit floor and shit walls?

Anonymous said...

No one can dispute the fact that race will still be a key element in the coming election. thats how it has been and how it will be. We can see even in the coming election under this costitution, which ever race stay united, they will swing the election result their way.

The fact remains that his illegal regime are doing all they can cover their A!$& and mess they have put everyone in. Especially with this force line constitution they now wanting so badly to be approved by the people to save their face from Fraud, Lies, murdurer, dictator, etc..can speak sa matailelevu mai caka. totolo ga ni nomudou yali na kena vinaka !

Anonymous said...

More problems with Fiji Airways planes again. Hates it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.44 Typical idiotic behavior with swears and all. It is very difficult to expect anything else from a despondent retard like you. By the way their is a fact that hate mongers like your self need to accept. All other races who live in Fiji are here to stay. They are going no where and this is just a fact that you have to get used to. You and your hate mongering i-taukei nationalist are a dying breed. Look around you fool Fiji is changing. Inter marriage is becoming more and more common and our children are learning each others languages and many have become inseparable friends. In fact i speak fluant Bau dialect and one of my best mates is a i-taukei and their are many in my circle of friends.My daughters nanny and her husband are part of my family and they are both i-taukei. We love them as human beings not what they look like you racist pig.
This change has nothing to do with Bai it is a product of education and maturing as a people. You and the handful of dumb morons who continually post hate messages are just that a handful. You will take your wish of an Indian Free Fiji to your grave that i will guarantee you because its not going to happen as more and more i-taukei are not falling for your kinds dog manure anymore and you know it thus the anger and frustration.You better hope that Jesus is as forgiving as they say he is because people like you are a disgrace to this planet, this country and the very God you must worship every Sunday.Now take that to the Bank. I will expect more swears and name calling from you because you will have nothing constructive to argue about. Typical thug barbaric behavior. Thank God you guys are becoming endangered and soon to be extinct. Somebody call Greenpeace please.

Anonymous said...

Elite Muslims ripping fiji government boards and Ficac turning a blind eye.
Where is transparency and accountability.all just talk no action just to fill the pockets.
BKC will be forced on the people without referendum .1997 constitution was passed by GCC/elected parliament.
Fiji is run by thugs.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum con man mf go lecture the muslims not politician .who elected you -no body the army thugs.
publish your salaries and your assets chor .

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum mf who elected you -no one the army guns.
Stop teaching politics to elected mp.f you and your bkc.

rajend naidu said...

we learn from the truthabout article 'President Carter says America has no functioning democracy' (21/8/2013) that former US President Jimmy Carter said at an Atlantic Bridge meeting on July 16 that "America has no functioning democracy at this point in time. It has a police state in which the executive branch has placed itself above all laws and the constitution".
These words we learn "continue the trend of Carter's clarion-call lucidity on world affairs, especially when it comes to truth telling in and on America".
I wonder if Vijay Singh of Los Angeles (Fiji Times 26/8) will tell President Carter to "keep[his] mouth shut or leave the country" which is what Mr Singh wants all critics of the Bainimarama military dictatorship in Fiji to do.
Vijay Singh does not strike me as much of a thinking man and that's the kind who have thrown in their support for the regime in Fiji.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Anon@5:31pm...Not sure whether to
laugh out loud or feel sorry for you & your story?
Fortunately, you're one
of the so many Indo who have skipped the country during one of the last coups?
Hey, look i can't blame you for feeling unwanted,
feeling like an alien, a man without a country,
a person without a purposes? Sure,you're probably in
the USA working as a
janitor or washing cars in a parking lot and takes abusive attitudes from your white
employers, days in and days out?Hey, that's a lot of pressure to go
Yep, if I was in your shoes, certainly i'd probably cracked-up too?
Look bro, it doesn't matter where you're at,it's
up to the person attitude as to
how the others will perceive him as
a human being?
Most of us Indo-Fijians who have decided to stay put in here,
knows that Fijians are
truely the owners of these islands.
Not sure if you've ever been to India-those brothers
in Idia are not hesitant to tell
anyone that does not looks like them, that you're not Indians?
they're proud to say it & saying it out loud-too?
And here you are, saying that Nationalism is dead?-
I don't think so!Nationalism is well and alive at home in India!!
are you really serious about Bainimarama getting
elected in 2014 from the I-Taukei?
Well' to tell you the truth, i'm one Indo-Fijian, who
will cast my vote for
the SODELPA or NFP but
never vote for an illegal
Regime!Now, bro you take that to the banks!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.21. Just what the hell are you talking about. For one their is nothing in my post that suggests that i live abroad. I live in Fiji. Secondly its people like you who make me sick to the stomach when you eat shit and sleep in Fiji and constantly call India home. Well i am a 3rd generation Fiji Indian. I would not survive a day in India and have no intention of ever going to India. Frankly i don't really care what happens in India.I don't know anything else but Fiji.
This is my home and this is where i will raise my children live and die. And because i love Fiji i would like to make a good place to live for all in what ever way i can. It is unpatriotic people like you who give people like Anon 1.44 fuel for their hatred. You still consider India home why don't you go back. I will not vote for Bainimarama as well. The fact that i am blogging here means that i do not agree with Frank. However you and me can blog all we want but the fact remains that he is appealing to the masses particularly the long neglected i-taukei and i can bet a few goods pints of beer that he will win the election.If you read my posts you will note that i am simply standing against hate mongers based on race and in that i was standing up for you as well if you are and Indian as you say. By the way i employ 55 people and contribute a couple of million dollars to Fiji's economy by way of taxes etc what do you contribute.

Anonymous said...

Anon@7:04am...your I.P suggest you
are posting from the NA constinent
anywho your posting is first of all
very highly boastful and quite racist in tone?
Like i said above,
you're still going through a hard-time!
Hard to live abroad, especially in the Unite States, since racism is still rampants,especially in the south?
I can appreciate you're trying to
hide the truth about your janitorial job & the slavery treatment you're getting from your
white employers & there's nothing you can do about it?
So you're blaming all the Fijians for all your
current debacles & bad lucks?
Look bro,we know your situation,
you're not the first Indo-Fijian
to run out of the country at the sound of falling blooming coconut?
We know the treatments we get when
we get to our destination-we get
abused everyday-unlike Fiji!
So don't give us a cock&bull
story of
the money you contibute locally? Now mind you, don't use the
word patriotic either, cause if you
knew, you wouldn't be in the
place you're in? Just remember,
no matter where you are-India will
always be your Home? Just as Fijian
who lives in NZ or Australia calls
Fiji-their home!!
So you have 55 employees?Really-
careful about your nose?


@Keep your con thanks
Good points, but Speight was a puppet of someone who was power hungry. I would not speculate as I really do not have the facts nor will we know. No one has ever wanted to fight for the common good of the nation. It has always been about indigenous supremacy. Chaudary fell into this trap by being antagonistic but his reaction is understandable given the fueling and igniting of indigenous resentment against the "vulagi".
Now, who can we depend on to clean up the mess?That had never been worked out. The sudden turn of event in 2006 is to me a blessing in disguise. Could this be our only Saviour despite the inumerable inconsistensies and controvesies.What I am really talking about is the bigger picture,

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.31 You still don't make sense.
You obviously have not understood my post typical retard behavior. Debating with you is like talking to a dead fish all you get is a bad smell.Enough said.

Anonymous said...


What bigger picture are you talking about? Hypocrites and murderers like Baini have nothing to offer. The smaller picture has to be clean and clear before the bigger picture has hope for success. When you cannot produce auditor general's report since 2006, cannot allow audit for regimental funds, lying about Fiji Airways ownership, having salaried paid by private accounting firm, stopped investigation about brutal prisoner beatings, media censorship and so many more, then there is nothing to look forward to except doom. Are you advocating that despite all these injustices and corruption, we should just keep quiet and support this suppressive and illegal regime? Not me.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:16am...Finally it appears that somehow i've
manage to get through to you!
But i still can feel your stress? Look bro, no need
for you to be afraid to return
to Fiji.If you so choose to come back home to Fiji?
I can even guaranty you,
with my life, that no Fijians
will ever say BO!to you,nor
give you the finger,neither
slap you over your stupid
head,or kicked your fat
As an Indo-Fijian who was born,lived & brought up in a Fijian Village-i can
tell you,without any resolution
that Fijians are the most welcoming & possibly the
best human
being that ever walked this
planet earth?
My ancestors like most Indo-Fijians, originally came here
to Fiji, from
calculta,India by boat,
to work in the Rubber plantation!
My Great Grandfather, made friends with a Fijian Chief,who at
the end of his contract & on the behest of his Friend, and
without resources moved
to the home & island village of
his Fijian friend.
That bro, was my
family beginning in Fiji.
My Grand-father than struggled & later built
a small Village Store (Free)The entire Fijian Village,freely helped
in building my grandfather store,
Now my family owns one of Fiji Largest
business enterprises-but we've never forgotten
who gave us that Free-beginning?
We've never forgotten who is the real Owners of this true Paradise?
It kills me to see Indo-Fijians
who are quick to run out of the country any
time you hear the word-COUP!Or those
like yourself who choose to be boastful,mean,unreasonable,
prejudice,pretentious and a
prick- to say the least?
Now, take that & smoke it!!!


Anon 7.05pm..
I certainly agree with your sentiments, however there is a lot to achieve then focusing on spilt milk. The bigger picture is we have a constitution, and an election is in sight. I don't think is will be fruitful of we keep whining about the past.

Anonymous said...

What you are saying at 4.13 PM is what Bainimarama and cronies have done is water under the bridge . So you would like us to gloss over the past and focus on the future. What kind of future is that? The big picture is that everything this illegal regime has done is illegal. Their constitution has no legitimacy. They have no legitimacy. We must keep that in the very front of our minds as we the people of Fiji forge our future. And not one imposed on us by the rogue regime!


@ Anon 4.34pm

The past is not the present. One cannot undo the past but we can correct the consequences by forging a more sensible approach to the problem. Fiji would always be dogged by racial politics if no one stepped in. Bainimarama was a surprise, but his vision should be commended, though his arrival to the scene will always be treated as treason no matter what he does. However, let's look to the future which is more important and address the issues as we go along.


Bainimarama knows that no matter what he does there will always be resistance..The most appropriate thing for him to do is to ignore the charade and move on - and that he has achieved. Let's look at the positives. The negatives is history but they do haunt people forever.

Anonymous said...

@ Truthreigns

The problem with Baini is that he has no positives. All he is doing is attempting to camouflage all his crimes by all the give-outs he has been doing and the coverage by his mouthpiece the Fiji Sun. A man that has committed murder and treason and continues to spit out lies after lies cannot be trusted. He does not possess any quality of a leader. In case you forget, no one elected him to be our leader; he did that through the power of the gun. Only cowards do this as evidenced by the cassava patch dash.

Anonymous said...

I take my hats off to the few women n men that represent the majority within and outside of Fiji who are still against this Regime and it's doings. I hope the world will see the silent pain that every right minded citizen of Fiji suffers under this Regime physically,mentally and spiritually but most will not show it because of fear of intimidation by the security forces.

The Election will show it all if it ever happens!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What is happening with the sawmill ???
Has it been sold ??