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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where's the casino?

One Hundred Sand's Denarau site several weeks ago

What has happened to One Hundred Sands salvage campaign and media blitz trumpeting 'Fiji's First Casino Now Under Construction'?

Almost two months on, the Denarau site remains quiet with no obvious sign of construction crews milling the property or starting to build the multi-million dollar casino.

One Hundred Sands chairman, Larry Claunch, said in June it had found new investors and the casino was underway after the company missed two deadlines and the regime threatened to cut it off.


We quote: "The addition of European, Singaporean and New
Zealand financial investment to the already substantial investment from the United States in the One Hundred Sands project has demonstrated the confidence the world financial market has in the direction and future of Fiji."

The top photo, albeit it was taken several weeks ago, suggests nothing is happening.

What could also be loose talk is the announcement of the new Constitution being revealed next month. After missing its own self-imposed deadline, the regime announced it is finally ready under fanfare in Brisbane.

More solid seems to be talk of a strike by sugar mill workers over pay conditions after a ballot and 90 per cent of workers supporting industrial action.

It appears Fiji's sugar workers will not be short of support if push comes to shove.

The  Maritime Union of Australia and the British Trade Union Congress have both sent letters of support for the Fiji Sugar Workers and General Union, with the New Zealand Council of Trade Union also endorsing workers.

The sugar union has yet to decide its next step but the regime has been quick to say it will bring in the military if it has to and Frank Bainimarama visiting post haste the family of Samuela Sigatokacake, the worker who died from serious burns after an accident at the Lautoka Sugar Mill.

He was accompanied by the executive chairman of the Fiji Sugar Corporation, Abdul Khan, and the Permanent Secretary for Sugar, Lieutenant Colonel Manasa Vaniqi, all looking to make sweet.


  1. If 8 years after the bainimarama military mob's takeover to bring about "true democracy" the workers in Fiji are threaten with military action if they decide to go on strike then what kind of democracy have the Bainimarama "government" put in place ?

  2. The Chinese are presently building it in China to avoid the strict and more expensive building regulations regarding materials here and it will be shipped over in November.

  3. Election observers said the vote was "seriously compromised" citing a slew of flaws that called into question the claim to victory by the Mugabe mob."The elections is seriously compromised" Soloman Zwana, the chairman of Zimbabwe Election Support Network said. "Up to a million voters were disenfranchised' (SBS Breaking news 1/8 , 6.30PM)
    Now it's not hard to see why Mugabe said he would step down if he lost. He knew that wasn't going to happen because his men had worked that out for him.
    If after being in power for 33 years Zimbabwe can't have a controversy free election that must tell us a good deal about the kind of governance Zimbabwe has had under Mugabe.
    It is the kind common to dictatorships.

  4. Talking about Singaporean investors, Khaiyum has taken to raving about the great Singapore and how it is a role model for Fiji. Khaiyum has stolen all of his ideas for decrees from the so-called great Singapore. If he thinks it's so great he should go there and see how far he can get. He will find he is a no-school Bainimarama to give him carte blanche to the judiciary, police etc etc.

  5. They've taken so long with the Constitution everyone has lost interest.

  6. bainimarama magaitamamu luveni kawa ca

  7. Anon@5.45am...no need to be nasty to Bai.
    He's not doing too bad,don't
    pay too much attention
    to the spoken words?
    The Man is like a YAVATO he's still demonstrating lots
    of die hard Fijian Nationalism instincts.
    Fijians are
    still the majority members of his
    He knows where his power
    emanates from,that is his power grid.
    He plays the Indos for supports & benefits and the Man is
    nobodys dumb-ass,
    just remember that the richest billioneir in the world
    today, is also the same guy who created the Personal
    Commputer-PC (Bill Gate)was infact,
    also a High-School Drop-out?

  8. Casino why this company been given more time?
    I forgot the deal was done by khaiyum and aunty bano .conflict of interest and corruption thrives and Ficac cant investigate these dirty deals.why cant the media ask hard question like they did before to elected government.

  9. Cainso company should show the prove of funds and investors profile .What larry is hiding from people and government.

  10. Strike is only the option left for the poor mill workers. Abdul Khan was working in NZ and ripped his muslim friend in a butcher deal and ran away to fiji.

  11. Muslim are ruling fiji now with 6% population .where are the fijians now.time to take this kants down and out.they have destroyed the culture and church .

  12. @Anonymous 8:50 AM

    A pretty strong statement to make with no facts to back it up don't you think.

    How exactly have the Muslims ruined 'your' Church ?

    What do you consider 'your' Church ?

  13. @Anonymous 8:50 AM

    Do you know how many churches and different religions there are in Fiji ?

    Have they all been destroyed ?

    Come on and show us some substance to your accusations or is it that you are simply making dumb stupid comments in an effort to cowardly victimise others because you think it make you look big ?

  14. Our church leader been charged and produced in court for having meeting.
    Muslim doesnt need permit to hold meeting .why?khaiyum using fijians against fijians its shame our fijian police and army are khaiyums slaves.they have sold themselves for money like judas.
    I can only pray for our army and police to see the truth and light soon .

  15. Honorable AG and Minister for Everything
    Greetings from Zimbabwe where I have just once again won free and fair elections. I am happy to share a little bit of advise with the government of Fiji which is in the process of arranging its confirmation in power through free and fair election in 2014. Trust, me Honourable Khaiyum, I am an old battle horse and have already won elections when you were still in school. So my advise should count for something. Firstly, never never allow election observers from places such as the EU, USA or other so called democracies into your country. These pesky do-gooders will report to the world what they perceive as irregularities (vote rigging, intimidation etc). Use election observers that are sympathetic to your winning the elections, use election observers you can control and manipulate. Secondly, use busses! I believe that there are plenty of busses in Fiji and they can be extremely useful in winning free and fair elections. You fill them up with your supporters and cart them around the country to vote for you. Simple but extremely effective. Thirdly, don’t forget to bamboozle the opposition into believing that they have a chance winning! They may boycott the actual event and this somewhat undermines credibility. My opponent here was foolish and power hungry enough to dance to my tune and now he is whinging about fraud and electioneering. But it is too late. Fourthly, manipulate the electoral role. I know that you have understood the power of controlling the role, but do not hesitate to be decisive and innovative when you do so. Dead people, people residing outside the country and those not yet born provide excellent openings to enhance election results in your favour. Here is Zimbabwe, we are not yet as sophisticated as you are in Fiji, we had to manually rig the role which was quite a bit of work. I understand that you as electioneering minister have already acquired the capability to do this by the click of a mouse. Use this capability to the fullest, it will pay! Last but not least, use your disciplined forces to guide the electorate! Boots on the ground at the polling stations is by far the most effective way to convince voters who are hesitant or even hostile to your course. Kick their arses, you will reap the rewards.

    I am sure you will appreciate my advise, unsolicited as it may be. Let me extend my deepest regards to you and your family, especially to your aunty Nur. I wished I had such an innovative and visionary member of my family paying my salary because this would have allowed me to retire long ago. In the absence of such a wonderful aunty, I have to soldier on until I turn 100 and this is quite a challenge.

    Yours truly

    Robert Mugabe
    Live President

  16. Cud be a fly-by-nite $2 company not able now to get off the ground 'cos Fijian authorities will not give them money. For too long we've had to live with such crooks. Remember that white guy from Vatukoula during the Alliance days? Such con people connect with the politicians and senior civil servants and wham, bang, goes our hard-earned Fiji dollars to such crooks. We have had successive scams since and this period is no different from before, except this moment belongs to an illegal regime.


  17. Email this page
    Tevita Gonelevu has been appointed CEO of Fiji TV.

    Gonelevu is the current General Manager Investment and Company Secretary of Fijian Holdings Limited.

    Former Fiji TV CEO, Tarun Patel is now an adviser to the board and his new position is Chief Strategy Officer.

    Fareed has confirmed that the positions of all heads of departments will also be advertised as the board is setting a new organization structure.

  18. All these good deeds of Bai is being written up in the papers as though he were the real leader of the country. it's all a sham. Gumboots here and there but the country is rotting at the core.

  19. Fareed and Aziz wasted 5 million in bp oil deal with hindustani oil company and fijian holding.why wasnt this fareed sacked .i forgot all muslims.

  20. @Anonymous 10:25 AM

    ""Our church leader been charged and produced in court for having meeting.
    Muslim doesnt need permit to hold meeting .why""

    If your statement was true and factually correct some would have sympathy for you but it's not.

    Can you tell us where in the decree that you are referring to when it was in place it differentiated between different faiths, Churches and religions ?

  21. Church officials been charged for not having permit for weekly meeting.when muslims/others meet do they have permit.mullah yells in the microphone in the morning to disturb our sleep f hell.islam is f all bullshit religion .mohd was abusing 9 year old child shame.

  22. sorry anon 819am, bill gates had a brain and didn't need schooling. Bainimarama had none that's why he couldn't finish school. so please don't insult the genius. no school soldier boy.
    Bainimarama is not the brains behind all this...the muslim brotherhood. kranky is only hanging on to them so he doesn't go to jail...fair deal. he gives the kainidia what they want...equal rights to kaivitis in all things including the Fijian name...and the kaimuslim/india lets him stay out of jail.
    just u kaiindia hope that this can go on forever, cos the moment kranky dies or is removed, u curry munchers will be the subject of violence and abuse...if you think what these soldiers did to their own kind was barbaric, can u imagine what the kaiviti would do to the kaiindia??? head on a pole and marched through town.

  23. Thanks Anon @ 11.48am and Congratulations to Tevita Gonelevu!

  24. @Anonymous 12:24 PM

    You really need to learn to debate a subject with substance to back up your arguement. You are being too selective.

    You seem to be totally blinkered and biased with your victimisation because you now mention the Muslims and their early morning wake up disturbing you but totally neglect that this same practice is undertaken to a far greater degree by some Methodist groups.

  25. Maimuri@12.27pm shame on hate-mongers like you. You're out of touch with reality. If you were, you'd find that people are changing very fast and there is more appreciation for each other here in Fiji in our situation of helplessness, people, despite our differences hold on to each other for dear life.

  26. @Maimuri 12:27 PM

    What a better place the world would be without people like you.

    You are a disgrace to humanity and an embarrassment to both yourself and the ones that bought you into this world.

    I suggest you get some counselling.

  27. INDIAN HEADHUNTERAugust 2, 2013 at 1:20 PM


  28. @Indian Head Hunter 1:20 PM

    You need to understand Maimuri has problems and needs help.

    If you are going to stoop to the same level as him we have to assume you also need help OR just as much a danger to society.

    Which is it ?

  29. The 64 thousand dollar question is will the workers actually go on strike// They have an excellent situation to put across the issue of workers rights in Fiji.

  30. u very brave kai india head hunter with ur capitals and 1 billion shits in motherland. this is kaiviti land and we have the gun. we will whip ur asses one day again soon and wats u gonna do???

  31. Fijians, between 2006 and 2014, could have had up to 3 Governments of its choosing, instead, they remain oppressed and burdened by, a band of thugs and thieves.

  32. why do some stupid a'hoe compare bainimarama to bill gates? gates built his empire through sheer hardwork, bainimarama is a murderous coward using military to intimidate the populace.

  33. Bainimaramas illegal Regime amd the Military will never accept the truth because they came to being through deception and lies.That is why they get agitated and angry so fast and started threatening and swearing at people but lies never last

  34. INDIAN HEADHUNTERAugust 3, 2013 at 2:02 PM

    Maimuri...take your gun and go to Golan, were you will meet some Indian Headhunters in Blue beret ,also with guns, maybe you can wipe them out????


  35. Australia will hold elections on 7 September - in 5 weeks time.The elections will be free and fair. No rigging and no disenfranchisement of voters. The winning party will have the right to govern. It must govern within the country's constitution. when it fails to do that in any way in letter or spirit they will be held accountable. the public will have the right to question and criticise the government without being taken in for third degree treatment by the military and police. the media will be free to expose any shit that happens in government.
    That's what makes Australia a better country. Not perfect but heaps better than a banana republic !

  36. edtor,
    Tuvalu has been plunged into constitutional crisis following attempts by the President and the Prime Minister to sack each other!
    Tuvalu obviously does not have its house in order but that did not stop this mob from throwing in their two-pence support for the military regime in Fiji.
    Tuvalu should concentrate on tidying up its own backyard.

  37. Rajend there's nothing the Tuvaluans can do to improve their impoverished sinking island because it's a shit hole.

  38. Oi Oi Oi! @ anon 6.10pm.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, dazed Fijians zoned out from drinking kava, twiddle on... hoping for a miracle that wouldn't involve them lifting a finger.

    The regime's boringly tiresome hearts & minds propaganda trudges on... this time from Chief Justice Anthony Gates helpfully helping out as he richly asks in today's F/T edition: "What about the saying 'God helps those who help themselves'?"

    How insightful methinks.

    Hey, can the deluded borrow that line to rob the supermarket for baby milk to feed the screaming child at home who doesn't understand that his dad was terminated from his over-worked and under-paid job because he pissed off the top mobster's uncle's nephew's cousin's sister-in-law's son?

    Yup! 7 long years can easily make these embarrassing legal wigs (I'll refrain from using 'shysters' just this one time), believe its that 3-letter "sacred" G-word, and not the bloody "Gun" that's propping up these sons of a gun. O what a nuisance to have to preach the obvious to the people, isn't it? Why can't they just go and fend for themselves!

    Oh wait, can someone remind me again where our national debt stands currently? {cyber tears scrolling down now}

    Judge, if you're reading this, please pick your fallen pride off the floor and just leave! Stop deluding yourself for Fiji doesn't need you.

    Take a leaf from "The King's Loyal Servant But God's First" - Sir (and now Saint) Thomas More who said in his famous speech at Westminster Hall: "In good faith, Master Rich, I am sorrier for your perjury than for mine own peril...".

    My favourite line though was directed to his own family whom he had struggled to support after losing 'everything' that mattered to the world (money, career, status, prestige, friends): "You can't expect to go to heaven on a featherbed!"

    Forgive me Judge if I sounded too harsh for it's not my place to judge you, but there it is.

  39. WTF did Larry Claugh thinks he was
    going to get?
    Rob the FNPF to start off his Casino?
    Boy the frieken balls on this bastard,he
    really thinks he can outsmart any
    one in Fiji?
    Hopefully, someone in
    the illegal Government
    would just
    keyed this assoles ears and kicked his ass all the way
    back to the US
    for good?
    Time to tell these crooks
    that we know their
    games even before
    they open their mouth?

  40. Australia the land of young and free,happiness and opportunity .where people have their right to choose who ever they believe has the tools to properly govern their country not. Like Fiji where people are frighten and threatened to accept things or else they will be tortured,abused and even killed..lead by thugs and liers who think they are Pacific leaders far from it just making fool of themselves.

  41. Anon 9.38pm, well submitted my learned friend.
    No need to ask for forgiveness. His lordship the cj should be the one begging us to sit through his diatripe.
    Now what expertise has he got to speak on the subject. Oh, I forgot, personal experience counts for much.
    True to style, he is following the Nazat Shameem shysters (sorry couldn't help myself learned friend) of lecturing the public on public morals, ethics and everything legal or otherwise.
    Judges giving press conferences to the press gallery. They must be hardup for public recognitions and acknowledgement.
    oilei only in Fiji.

  42. You are talking out of context the issue is the purchasing of that Airbus aircraft by the illegal regime from the FNPF members money. That plane is again giving problem barely 3 months after its purchase, the life of travelling public is at risk and repayment of the FNPF loan is also at risk. Now you idiot soldier supporting the regime tell me what connection does that have to car ownership on every house hold in Fiji ? If 90% of the population does not have a car because they can,t afford it so what .does that justify the purchasing of that problem aircraft by the illegal regime.May be because you soldiers are getting more salaries and are able to buy cars .? Remember soldier boy your coup leader and all who benefit from what he did are answerable to the people because that money that you are enjoying are taxpayers money and only democratically elected people to parliment are authorised by law to utilise in the development, operation and administration of the government.. We are not talking too much, we know and fully understand what we are talking about. You do not know much .all you know is gun and acting like a scare crow. You better go home and earn your living through justifyable means you parasite.

  43. Please Coup 4.5 could you investigate as to who are the Directors and share holders of Waqavuka and Fiji Scareway companies and tell the world the stealintg that is going on in the Fiji government by Bainimarama,the Military and Kaiyum with the Muslim elite group.This will be the killer punch that will knock the illegal reguime out of contention in the comming election.

  44. Yalo Vinaka sa vakasisila nomu vakasama, qori na vakasama ni Sotia ulukau .mo Tukana Tiko na qalai kalouniwai kei Tikoitoga kena I rai rai ni o a sa tovolei rau oti ni o kilai rau vinaka . Kua ni vaka otia neimami gauna mo mai vaka oso osotaka tu ga na blog site e na vakasama macawa o kauta tiko mai qauri

  45. The problem with Bainimarama and Kubuabola is that they think they are better then any MSG Countries leaders and they thought that Fiji is still the head of the MSG and they can poke their nose into issues not relevant to Fiji which is this case they have interfeared into the PNG Affairs and has backlash on them. Bainimarama and nKubuabola you are heading nowhere because you are flying at a very high altitude you thinking too big of your ownself.Remember those leaders you are compeeting with are educated people and have vast knowledge and experience in politics and governance they will laugh at you.What a shame

  46. remember the old saying...EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE MOST SOUND?
    these two and their advisers kaiyum are living proof. Our tv and news media are dominated by these empties..just like the bottles and bottles of wine and whisky and beer they leave behind after every public function at the Sheraton and 5star hotels here and overseas.

  47. Obviously, the 100 Sands people took Bainimagana for a REAL joy ride at the big party to announce the Casino!!
    Bainimagana must be really, really swearing, as is normal with him in the slap on the face for him!! He must be obviously disapponted in the revenue the Casino was supposedly expected to bring to his coffers the greedy bastard!!
    Well at least he enjoyed the FREEBEES and the US Dollars given to him.

  48. Someone is degrading the methodist church that it does not have the depth of christianity in comparison to Muslim.Who evr you are can you clarify your point because if you look back to the history of Fiji its the Methodist church missionaries who civilised us. They started schools,health and they were instrumental in ensuruintg that lands were not taken away by traders/.Since then the Methodist has been the tower devine strength the the nation as a whole. Every otgher religions ie Muslim and Hindu and many others came toi our shores when peace was already established by the Mehtodist church. It was not easy as some of the missionaries had to sacrifice their lives so guys get your facts right

  49. @Anonymous 12:52 AM Aug 10th

    I'm not the one who has been degrading the Methodist Church but also consider that it could have been any church or religion that was involved in civilising you.

    The fact that they were first to attempt to do it in Fiji does not necessarily mean that other religions are not as good or better.

  50. Larry casino no sign all bs now div damodar working on it with lover khaiyum .

  51. Whats happening with Casino read fijilive now AG admit nothing happening only parked digger and sign boards .why dont they cancel larry licence .?opps cant aunty bano client.

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