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Friday, September 27, 2013

Aussie Fijians to burn regime Constitution

Chiefs: Threat to regime so they had to go
A taste of their own medicine.

Members of the Fiji democracy movement in Australia will be at the Canberra Fiji Embassy this morning to send a message to the Bainimarama government: we don't support your Constitution.

The movement has been given permission by Australian authorities to stage the burning of the recently promulgated Constitution as a protest against the way it was foisted on people after the regime ditched the one that was being prepared by a Commission led by Kenyan expert, Yash Ghai.

Bloggers will remember how in January the regime sent police to where
Ghai: Draft was a threat so was ditched.
the Constitution was being printed, confiscated copies and burnt some of them in front of Ghai.

The New South Wales president of FDFM, Usaia Waqatairewa, says today's demonstration will reinforce what many already know: the Constitution 'is a lie.'

"We are here today to burn into history this fraud of a Constitution which denies individuals their rights and does not guarantee the rights of Fiji land owners are protected."

There is particular concern with the dis-establishment of the Great Council of Chiefs, the repression of the Methodist Church and overhauling of the laws of communally owned land without consultation with traditional landowners.

Methodist Church: Threat so had to be shut down
"The Constitution is being unilaterally imposed on our people. it is tailored to perpetuate the illegal and dictatorial rule of the Bainimarama/Khaiyum consortium and to protect them from the law for their treasonous activities.

"They don't have a right to be putting together a Constituion because they illegal, they came to power at the barrel of a gun - they do not have any kind of mandate from the people." 

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom movement secured permission for the burning with the following letter:

To whom it may concern,

My name is Suliasi Daunitutu and I am writing this letter to you as an application to light a controlled fire on the 27th of this month. We the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement (FDFM) are staging a protest at the Fijian High Commission at 9 Beale Crescent, Deakin on the above mentioned date. 

I have spoken to the Federal Police about the intention of burning the new Fiji Constitution which is widely condemned as a document that wasn't produced with basic democratic principles such as consultation with the people of Fiji. In other words, this document is not accepted by Fijians at home and abroad.

In my conversation with the police (FP) they have mentioned that I get approval through NCA by an application which I am doing here. I have also mentioned to police that we intend to conduct the burning as a sign of our disgust, disapproval and condemnation of a document that was forced upon the Fijian people by only a few Regime lackies, the illegal AG and illegal PM.

We intend to burn this document having all the neccesary safety precautions in place like a drum, to place burned paper into and fire extinguishers in place and if necessary warn the Fire Department of our intentions. We want to give our message full exposure and maximum impact through this form of protest and we hope that it can be viewed likewise by your department.

I will also CC the FP officers this message to confirm that I aim to fulfil my intentions and duty to Fiji but remain within the Australian Law  to which I am bound as a resident.

Vinaka vakalevu (Thank you)

Suliasi Daunitutu.


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Alena Savu, Wanganui said...

Thank you very much to you all Fiji Democracy advocates in Australia. You speak on all our behalf Fijians all over the world and our people back home who are feeling the brunt of illegal governance.

Hope you will receive wide publicity for max exposure to all Australians and to the world

Anonymous said...

To Suliass Daucu,

Kua mada na viavia rogo tiko, na demu e tu qo i Viti, tamata dau via kucu buinigone mai Namoli o iko e na 87, caka na ID parade qai vakalekaleka taki iko mo kua ni laurai, tamata macawa sega na betemu i Viti.

Ratou sa bau kila tiko mai Aussie ni o iko e dua na dau kucu se sega, ke sega ia ni kua me ra kila kina.

Mo drau kila tiko o iko kei Waqatairewa, sa drau kodro tu ga vaka na koli ni kaidia, drau lako mada mai Viti me da mai sota vaka tamata, drau sona levu.

For FIJI said...

Dou vei cai na Fiji Democracy advocates in Australia, just like a lonely pussy crying alone for more DICK in the mouth, why leave FIJI if you want to be an ADVOCATE than come and burn the Constitution at Govt House, so all Fijian to witness, KOLI ga kai IDIA nomu dou i VAKARAU

Really for Fiji said...

Ahhh shaddup your face For FIJI and stop fouling this site with your filth. Fijians in Australia and New Zealand are keeping the resistance to this illegal alive - well done them. And if you have forgotten 14 Fiji women were detained several Fridays ago after a protest in Suva near Government House.

Anonymous said...

The two dick heads swearing above are brainless tossers who suck Bai's balls. Sa caliva mai na ceke nei Vuaka, sa rauta mada drau luveni maca wa.

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself Mr Daunitutu because you have not asked for my opinion.

You assume you have the right to speak for me but condemn the government for making the same assumptions, you are no different or better.

Have your fire, there are plenty more copies.

Forever Go Fiji Go! said...

Hahahahaa.... a taste of their own medicine indeed.

Bravo! @ THE FDFM advocates in Canberra. Take heart in the FACT that your actions in another country piss off the thieving coupsters and their shyster advisors here in Fiji. LOL.

Yep, the stakes are high indeed.. so much so that they still remain anonymous in cyberspace whilst taking pooey-poofshots at you advocates, so faraway in Aust. LOL!

ps. So much for touting a RACE-FREE Fiji, they still resort to calling you KOLI ni IDIA (Indian Dog). True junta colours showing, the divisive buggers!

Anonymous said...

to 10.40 & 10.44 drau lai kubuti kaiyum ga

Anonymous said...

Oilei, mosi dina vei au nomudou i tovo mai Canberra. Ahahahahahaha.....

Keep chipping away at the thieving junta, for TIME is NEVER on the side of DICTATORSHIPS.

tic toc...

Anonymous said...

524Good keep on fighting the illegal regime. We support you 100%.

Anonymous said...

1. Kivei kemuni na saqata tiko na veiliutaki e Viti,

Sa vakacava tu na nomuni i le, sa bau dua na ka e vakavotukana mai kina, ke dua ia keimammi sega ni mai vakila na tiko qo e Viti.

Dou vakaqoroqoro ira tu na marama yalowai ra mai vesu e na vica na macawa sa oti, o ratou e ratou i vakaraitaki sara ga ni nomudou i le, ni lewe lailai sega na suina kei na lewena, tataqiriqiri vaka kava ni bisikete lala, sega na betemuni e Viti qai macawadravu na ka ni via mai tukuna.

2. Kivei Suli kei kemuni kece na vei kubuti qala vata tiko,

Sa kua mada na na via vunautaka tiko e dua na ka o sega sera mada ni kila, tamata macawa o iko, wili vata kina o ira kece na nomu i tokani macawa e ra mai tokoni iko tiko e na blog qo.

Na "koli ni kaidia" e na koli ni kaidia tikoga, bau lako mada mai Viti me mai laurai i ke na ka levu ni gusumu qori, vaka ga vei au e vaka na ka levu ni nomu sala ni kakana.

Kua ni o via vakateratera tiko mai Ositerelia, na nomu sona e levu ka keimami kila vinaka tu yani qo e Viti, sonavuce.

Sa dri yani....

Anonymous said...

Qo na "OPPORTUNITY" levu ve ira na 'overstayers' kei ira na vaqara me tuki na permanent visa.Qo na qai kila na kai Aust. na veidabui e tu vei keda na i-taukei.O ira na criminals sa dro tu e Aust. chance ni matavinaka vei na matanitu oqo.vaqara permanent visa kei na citizenship oti qai vakalelewa tu mai.Na dinau e se tu oqo e dela ni yavu, sega ni saumi rawa.Na marama tina dou vabuketetaka biu tu mai dro i Aussie o wa malai.Vakaloloma na gone keimami sa mai musu tax tiko oqo me ra qaravi rawa e.g. Home of Home, Home of Compassion levu na gone era tu ekea e tu e vanuatani o Tamadra.A cava lei caka.Tamata vucesa, ligagogo o iko, sega ni tea rawa na kemu,keimami tu oqo e Viti kana e na veisiga vo tale, na vakaloloma cava ni vunauca tiko mai oqori.Ni qai nakoro ni sa tubua na sala.E levu vei kemuni e se biubiu mai na koro "ni se kabukabu ni mataka".Sega ni macala ona kila na sala i nakoro, se warai. Vakamakama tiko mai keri na kemudou tukuni sa kamaci yani e na yasana oqo.Dou yavu waca, kawa ni vucesa, butabutako, kucu kei na curu vanua vakadaubutako.Keimami oqo sa lesu mai Aust. vakavica.Na vakaloloma e tu mai kea.Vinaka cake o Viti.Ni vakalialiaicei tiko.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:40am and 12:02pm...

Au na sega ni kurabuitaka kevaka o iko Voreqe e vosa jiko mai qo qai Anon jiko mai baleta na tautau ni vosa ko cakava e vakaraitaka na nomui vakarau. Ia na veika ko vakarautaka ena vakarautaki vei iko.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.27pm
vinaka vinaka ,,,,sa yawa na masi volo, kana loto, butako tutu, masi dakai keina lasu ena FBC keina Fiji Sun,,,,,ra sona levu!!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo to all Democracy advocates!

Let us all keep fighting this evil regime so we can have a truly 'better Fiji' for all!

Its just a matter of time now for Khaiyum and Bai!

We will win the elections in 2014 and through well thought out strategy we will change the constitution...THEN WE SEE THE FUN!

Whoever is advising Khai and Bai is certainly blind and not doing his homework! Khai and Bai have fallen into the biggest mistake of their crooking lives!

Anonymous said...

isa sa dua na ka vakaloloma ni levu ra tokoni voreqe tiko ena blog qo sa ra vakalou tale tikoga vei ganesh kei hanuman,,,,,ena sa lau vutu tiko vei ganesh na elefadi kei hanuman na maqe. Kenai vakadinadina ni sa cuva o voreqe ni sa maka damudamu nei hanuman sa biu ena nona qavokavoka ka dara nai sala ni siki mai amritsar punjab state idia.
Io - sa toso tikoga na lauvutu vei hamunan!!! vinaaka vinaka na gugumatua.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.27pm - O ira na Home of Home kei na Home of Compassion era i soqosoqo qaravi ira ga vakataki ira ka sega ni dua na nomu tax lailai e vakau i na matanitu e bau gole vei ira!

Kevaka wale ga me kakua na butakoci tiko ni lavo ni matanitu (me vaka e rau sa saumi rau tiko o Vore kei Khai me sivia e $1Millioni dua na yabaki) era na kana kece na gone luveniyali i Viti kei ira na dravudravua taucoko ka vo tale nai lavo. Sa ka ni rarawa ni da sa mai liutaki tu ena veiliutaki ni veivakalolomataki duadua e se qai donuya na vanua oqo ko Viti!

Meda masu tikoga - kakua ni soro! Good will always triumph! Evil will be defeated!

Anonymous said...

Oi kemuni na vosa ca tiko i ke ko ni sa vakamatatataka sara tikoga na lala ni nomuni mona ka sa yavu mai na yamemuni na kubuta tiko na soresore nei Khaiyum! Ni bau vakasamataka tu na ka ko ni kaya yavu ulukau vuli vakavo!

Anonymous said...

Wananavu FDM, neimami veitokoni kei na vemasulaki e Viti esa na drodro yauyau yani. It'll be even better if someone shits on this constitution and have Aiyaz and Frank's photoes smeared with the shit and have a photo taken. That'll be ust what we need in Fiji.

E sa mai tara wavu vakalivaliva take neimami dui korokoro, ka keimami sa mai vakasaurarataki me keimami caka matanigasau se vosa vinaka ena vukuna. Me nanuma tiko o Voreqe Bainimarama, gauna ni veidigidigi keimami na sega ni guilecava rawa na mosi kei na leqa ko cakava vei kemami kei ira na wekaikemami voleka. E so era vakamatei, so era bala e valeniveivesu, levu era vakacegui mai nodra cakacaka, ka keimami sa sotava kece tu qo na dredre ni bula e Viti. Qai mai kena i samu yani na nomu sa kauta laivi na bibi ni rua na yavutu ni neimami bula, oya na lotu kei na vanua se na veivakaturagataki.



Anonymous said...

he he ,,,,WANANAVU,,,,DOU VAKAMA KA VEKACA NA BKC 2013,,,,,,

Roko mate said...

Suli kua ni tovolea mo butuki viti tale, ni tau na yavamu lilawaso oqori e na rara ni waqavuka mai Nadi, mo sa tekivu masu tiko,tusanaka rawa na nomu i valavalaca baleta o na sega ni kila na gauna e na tarai iko kina o Roko Mate kei na nona "Tutuvi Kuta"

Oisou said...

Keimami na kai Kubuna dina keimami veiliutaki tiko oqo,o kemuni na 'eso' keimami warai ni kilai kemuni.Ni wa bula ni sa oti na gauna ni veikanikani, ke sega, warai o iratou kece na vakamakama tiko oqo kei kemudou na yavu 'da uso' dou tokoni ira tiko dou na vavi kece.

Anonymous said...

Roko Mate - Keimami sa vakaturi iko taucoko nai taukei mo sa na vekaca na constitution qai kauta vei Vore kei Khai mo dou lai pun pun taka!

O veivakarerei tiko i vei - Boci!

E cava? tiko ga na dakai levu tiko na vosa? Lako i sili - Boci!

Anonymous said...

Kivei kemudou na yalowai/veilecayaki 12:37/1:00/1:25

1. Ka wale nomudou vosa muri kei na kakase, dou na tini walega e na vakatevoro, ka caiti kemudou mai na tevoro.

2. Keimami sa toso e liu e Viti, sa dabe e dua na Constitution ka ciqomi vei keimami na kai Viti keimami tiko e Viti, o ya o keimami kece na veimata tamata taucoko ka keimami lewena na vanua o Viti.

3. Ke o ni nanuma ni sega ni ciqomi na Constitution vou oqo, ia au kerea mo ni vosota, keimami sa ciqoma, ka a sega tale ga ni usuraki mai keimami. Na matanitu oqo e a mai kerea vei keimami na lewe ni vanua me keimami vakaitavi tale ga e na kena volai na lewe ni Constitution. Ka keimami sa mai raica ni sa vakvotukana na neimami vakatutu e na lewe ni Constitution. Ke o ni sega ni talei taka, ia ni vosota, e sega sara ni mai milamila vaka lailai kina na yalo i keimami.

4. Ni saga mada ga yani na nomuni dui bula e na veivanua ni sa tiko vakararavi tiko kina qori baleta o kemuni o ni sega ni lewe ni vanua e Viti. E vinaka cake me ra mai lewe ni vanua na kai vanua tani, baleta ni ra yalo dina e na kena tu taki na veivakatorocake taki ni vanua, o kemuni e sega na kemuni yaga e Viti.

Sa dri yani.....

Anonymous said...

Ruru Roko Mate, sa yacamunu tu madaga o Mate, karaik, dua la e MATE SARA VAKADUA ena mate ni uto ! Waisere.

go FDFM Australia, vinaka Suli kei kemuni na veitokoni. Sa qai laurai tikoga mai na dina !

Anonymous said...

@ annon September 27, 2013 at 2:54 PM

Me sautu tikoga ko Viti,

na nomu vosa ga na sa tukuni iko tiko ni o kana loto bula loto..

dikevi iko raica lesu nomu volavola qai toso tiko. e tu noda dodonu meda tukuna na lomada kei na noda nanuma. keo sega ni duavata kina, vosota, na kama ni copy ni constitution sa na caka ga baleta nio sega ni lewa kina e dua na ka. Qo o Aussie - democracy movement FDFM Australia exercising their right !!!!

Anonymous said...

anon Sept 27 2.54pm
Tamata sona levu cava o lasu taka tiko?
Na BKC 13 e bulia ga o Kaiyum kaisi tamamu!
Keimami a vakatutu ki vei Yash Ghai dou qai vaka kama.
Na BKC 13 e bulia o Kaiyum, Naz, gates kei Aziz. Kemuni nai kai viti sona levu ni sa vakaruru tiko vei ratou na vaka kalou tiko kina maqe.
Tamata lasulasu na BKC 13 dou cakava o kemudou dou vicai
Bokoci iko mai na vola ni kawa bula, volia iko yani ki idia vakai voreqe na biu e yadrena na maka damudamu ni maqe on hanuman

Unknown said...

There are indeed some posts on this blog so racist and maybe most people who has posted on this blog has got their personal benefit cut short from the new constitution. The new constitution is mandated,even if its been forced to be the supreme law of Fiji let it be. It will change Fiji once and for all. This will change generations, it will be a Modern Fiji. More educational benefits, social benefit,a Fiji that will move forward from being a 3rd world country. Burning and demonstrating your ego's in front of Fiji's High Commission will not change anything. Your just got to live with the fact, that Fiji is changing for Good by Gods Grace.

Radiolucas said...

Thank you FDFM.

The "new" Constifusion created by the Dictator was not needed, not asked for and not accepted by the people is purports to govern.

Much like the regime, they both have no mandate to rule and the only power they have is from their threats of violence.

Anonymous said...

Romald Karan - You are not a Fijian but an indian, and so this toilet paper of a constitution obviously benefits you and not we fijians who own this land! So shut your mouth cause you are amongst the align race who have ganged up with this tyranny and thief, Bai and Khai to loot the government treasury and remove fijian rights! Yes, Fijians in the true sense of the word!...and not the wannabe fijians as preached by these two arses!

The burning of this "smooth" toilet paper Bai/Khai 13 is what all we landowners support cause we care about our future generations and our beloved Fijian that has now been vandalised by "fly by nighters" and their supporters like you!

Think before you open your stink curry smelling mouth!

Tamata Qaqa said...

Kivei kemuni na vosa ca tiko mai, e vaka me sa kakana mai vakamalua na DINA jei vaka kia.

I na mino ni dua vei kemu i na wajituba. Mu na tobo kora mai me ka na na VORE. I a mu na qai sotava ga na i sau ni nomu dokadoka.

Ko keda na Kai Viji e da dau bu vei maroroi vei taqaomaki ia ko kemu na vosa vero tiko ka i mino ni macala mu je kai ya.

Anonymous said...

tum jao madachod kaiyum.
BKC 13 is forced on us and we will burn it.
Sala Jutia Pakala tu mar ghan sala!!!

Anonymous said...

Kivei kai Kubuna vakateratera tiko qori, o nomu Tai bagi vekaca yarayara na nodratou vei yalava na wewekani naita mai Rewa nona sasaga bula. Qai tu na kai Kubuna murimuri sonalevu taudua. Dua la na ka nomu sakitaki koya toka. Kerekere, lai carata rawa dena ni o kemudrau vata......

Anonymous said...

We want to burn it on Khaiyum/Franks face come on political leaders do it in Fiji.
Where is FLP Nasinu Mayor Rajeshwar Kumar do it boy like your burned KD Image.

Anonymous said...

no English speakers on this blog I assume. As for attacking Romald, why don't you mongrels talk about what he is saying instead of immediately slurring his name. Typical cowardly Fijian style I guess. No I am not indian... before you start picking on race. Open your minds, debate and talk. What do personal attacks achieve? Your narrow-mindedness makes you no better than frank and gang. I fully expect your low down insults... thats how you operate. Too hard to think I guess.

Fiji, Satan's base in the pacific said...

Some on this blog display obsessive ethnic prejudice; extreme racial hatred and religious chauvinism and vilification; ethnic bigotry of the vilest kind; truly evil and loathsome. Fiji is wannabe, showoff christian country - christian in name only. If you look beneath the bullshit, Fiji is satan's abode. It's full of hateful devils deviously using christianity as a front – satanic cunning at its best.

The lowest and vilest christian in the world is the one who uses Christianity as a mask and a tool to carry out the works and deeds of their true master, satan. Like satan, their hearts full of evil and hatred. They are the furthest from christ teaching you can imagine, yet will wear nice clothes and with bible in hand march proudly into church, but hearts still full of dirt. No amount of nice clothes can hide that.

On the surface they pray to Christ, in their hearts and minds they are loyal to their satanic ancestral gods. Fiji is not yet completely free from satanic influence, which is still very strong.

Anonymous said...

Why USA/UN/AUSS/NZ playing double standard?
They want action in Syria / dictator and arming the jihadist and rebel muslim to fight.
UN /others praising another Fiji Dictator .
Dictators need to go so people can enjoy freedom/democracy.
The bigger nation should stop playing politics with the lives of innocent people.
The rule should be the shame for all .no one above the law.

paula raqeukai said...

na dina ena dina tikoga....na lasu ena LASU tikoga...sa dua ga na I wali ni noda leqa na kaiviti oya meda vakamalumalumu-taki keda ka da veisorosorovi ena yalo vakarisito me rawa kina na tiko sautu kei na bula vinaka ni noda vanua lomani....sa levu sara na mavoa ena noda vanua....sa na gadrevi na true forgiveness kei na genuine reconciliation io me tekivu mai vei VB kei na nona I lawalawa....oti meda sa qai tekivu vou tale....truth commission is a possible solution BUT Jesus Christ teaching is the ultimate solution to Fiji's problem....

Anonymous said...

Why no action has been taken on former US President bush/UKPM blair for killing innocent people in Iraq War.Double standard.,
NO CMD was found all war was about Oil.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...






Fiji Little Africa said...

Fiji is not turning into 'Little India' as many falsely claimed. It is turning into Little Africa, with intra-ethnic tensions among natives, lack of growth, crime, unemployment and what not.

Indians are getting out. So are smart Fijians and others. Soon country will be in the hands of semi-literate, foul, bloodthirsty, satanic, racist bigots who will turn against their own kind. If these backward people have their way, Fiji will soon become a Rwanda or Solomons, or PNG.

In Rwanda it was Tutsi vs. Hutu. In Solomons Guadalcanal vs. Malaita. What will it be in Fiji when Indians are chased out? Lauans vs. kaicolo? This might be the fate of Fiji, becoming famous for its false christians, who are a minority. But just like muslim extremists and terrorists, they give entire Fijian race a bad name and put God's curse on all of us and the country for generations.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FDFM AUSTRALIA...we support your
burning of the Bai/Kai constitution
and we're doing the samething here in Carlifornia?
Navitalai Naisoro & Company are also doing the same constitution
burning in Horizona.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Suli and FDFM Australia. Great job showing the world that the illegal regime is doing all illegal activities in Fiji.They want to legtalise their existance through that illegal constitution without the mandate and the participation of the people of Fiji . How can it be the supreme law of Fiji ? 80% of Fijian reject the constitution only a yhand full including some soldiers not all. Do not worry about the threat they can do nothing you people are exercising your right. Keep up the awsome work .Cheers

Anonymous said...

Wales Britain, Io o kemami na Sotia
ena British Army keimami sa vakama
talega na illegal constitution nei
Bai kei Kai?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, we're burning this same
Bai/Kai constitution also in protest against the criminals duo
of Bai&Khai?We're burning this piece of shit in Britsh Columbia outside my house backyard? It's a useless document just like the duo
and we hope somebody will shoot these two bastadards?

Anonymous said...

Na constitution ni 2013 e sega ni maroroi keda na lewe ni vanua kei na keda qele, e maroroi ira ga na taura vakaukauwa na matanitu.

Me da saqata na constitution oqo, ka kakua ni vakayagataka. Na constitution ga e vakalawa sa i koya na constitution ni 1997.

Me da lesu ga i kea.

Anonymous said...

vei kemuni kece na vosa tiko mai viti qori,mo ni kila tiko ena yaco mai na gauna ena oti kece kina na kaukauwa o ni saki taka tiko mai qori..keimami na yaco ga yani viti ena nona gauna ga na Kalou bula..dina keimami sa mai tu e vanua tani..FIJI STILL IN OUR BLOOD..E na galu mai o sakaraia,E NA YATI MAI NA COLO kemuni..FOR FIJI EVER FIJI..KAIVITI 4LIFE DAWGSSS..

Tui Viti said...

Vei kemuni na tokoni Voreqe.........sa qai tu na da!!! A Commander of an Army is the leader of his men, often a veteran of battles and an icon of bravery. The same cannot be said about Voreqe. He ran like a coward he is when under fire,defecating himself in the process. When called upon by Lt.Col. Baleidrokadroka to lead & command the assault to retake QEB, he chose to under cowardice!!!
Ya na reputation ni mataivalu ni Viti. Ke sa va tu o ya na sonalevu ni nomuni commander, vaka cava li o kemuni na veituitui sobu mai?? Ni via lai soli vukivuki i Golan, na demu dou se boi toka qori nai tatakoso i Namadai. Kua so na ravarava, na dokadoka na qaciqacia. NI YAVU SONALELEVU UCI BOSO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fijian in all province should take BKC and burn it in protest.The Chiefs should lead them.
Lets do it bati.

Roko Mate said...

Oilei,e so oqo e se sega ni vuli, ko tukuna tiko ni mataivalu ni viti e ravarava,sega ni ka rawarawa,Ni tovolea mada,kua na vosa tiko ga vakalevu,lai kauta mai na nomu yaragi,to mai kei iratou mai Australia,tovolea mada.
E saga madaga na CRW, qai warai ni rawa.O ira era tereini taki me vaka na SAS io da kila kece na kenai tinitini,na veimoku vakaloloma qai vakayacori vei ira,na nodra talabusese na kena evo,na veicakitaki me vaka sara a cakava vei Jisu o Jiutasa era cakava na kena vo.O Viti e vanua lailai rawarawa na nomu vakasasai vaka vuaka ni veikau ni bera ni o moku.Moku ni bera ni tarai iko o Roko Mate kei na nona i 'Tutuvi Kuta'.ME kana voro mada na i 'Tutuvi Kuta' nei Roko Mate,mai dou yavu wa malai,mai me otioti ni rorogo mona rogoca ena vuravura oqo na domo ni noqu "Tutuvi Kuta".

Roko mate said...

Me na liutaki kemuni mai o Tui Viti mei na qai laurai eke ni sa na vei tuitui vua e vica na gasau ni viti, coba.vacava e mosi beka.

Tui Viti said...

@ Roko Mate......

Bera qori dou veituitui mada mo dau lai fatigue parade ni cara da!!! Ke sa tamata sonalevu, butabutako o nomudou boso, qai vakacava li o kemuni na kena vinati lalai, suwai ni cakacaka. Tolo, voleni mada, ni lai cara da...........ni yavu bavulu, veiliutaki tu vei kemuni dua na vekaveka ca!!!!

Mrs Deewan said...

Interesting how an appeal has been going for Fiji Sun photographer Rama - why hasn't the Fiji Sun come up with any money? Lomas and co pocketing heaps from regime advertising and political parties recently yet no money seen on list. By the way why are the organisers of this appeal publicising what everyone donates? Josephine Prasad seems to be pressuring journos to match those who can give big dollars by listing everyone's sede. Some poor journos might be only able to $20 not the hundred she trying to pressure everyone to give. Anyway, what is Matai giving, and the Minister Broadcasting giving. Saw FBC Ceo Riaz Khaiyum in publicity photos - how much he give Josephine?

Anonymous said...

@Roko Mate
u getin payed alot, judging by the crap u just posted.....r u also getin extra benefits? pay increments, free booze? o lasa tale tiko ga e tuba? kila tiko o watimu? ... wat do u knw abt the 2000 mutiny?... wea wer u ? levu ra cici na siga o ya ... o iko? o tu vei? CRW fought the whole RFMF ... cn u do that ? do u hav that kind of courage? sotia dina ya - bole mate... u bloody Rugby Player in Green Uniform! tell me nw .... sivia na TABETABE, LIUMURI, KAKASE kei na masu balabalavu rogorogo vinaka e sega na betena ....

Anonymous said...

@ Roko Mate.
Na yacamu madaga e sa yaca tu ni mate.
Au kerea mo veisau taka mada na yacamu me o Butobuto baleta na matanitu oqo e a yavutaki ena i valavala BUTOBUTO.

E vica nai taukei o dou sa labata.
E vica na i taukei e ra vakauwai ena nodra cakacaka
E vica na i taukei era vakacegui vakaca.
O cei e sa mai talaraka na yavu ni bula veilomani ni taukei
O cei e a yalayala qai lasu
O cei e na iliuliu e saumi tiko ena Dua poidi tolu na Milioni na dola
O cei e vakabeqaravutaka na Vanua o Viti.

O cei e kilakasitaki tiko ni involve talega na Drug taffic-O Voreqe kecega.

Roko Mate said...

Tui Viti you kais.. bak..la,o tui mai vei,dui cagi na toba, vaka me malumu na nomu vosa,sa qai kila na dina,a,a,io, mo kila tiko.Dou tovolea mada.dou na qai raica. Na coup ena 2000 na coup ni tamata kocokoco vakai iko.A cava me vaqaqai kina na nodra mate,ni ra wili tiko vaka terrorist.Raici Amerika,vesuki ira tu sega na veilewai.o ya gona terrorist.Ke o tagane lako mai ,kauta mai na nomu yaragi kei na 100 na nomu i tokani. Dou na qai soqovi vakaivalu.Levu ga na vosa,warai ni dua na meca e vala.Qarava vinaka madaga na nomu matavuvale me kua ni butako na nomu i solisoli,me ra vuli vinaka.Na toso oqo ena toso ga ,sega ni dua ena tarova rawa wili kina na matanitu lamulamu o Aust kei NZ.

Anonymous said...

Woeee Rokomate reca na da kabi tu nomu uniform. O cei vei rau na da levu ya nona diaper o qai veisautaka oti?? Iko talega mo vadiaper o iko? Sega sega ni yaga vei iko na diaper, yaga ga vei iko na vikini qai vesu na walai. ......tamani vikini rau.....se cava na veivarerei o via cakava, we know the truth n it's the truth that will set Fiji free.

Anonymous said...

@ Romald Karan... How can you be so sure that Fiji is changing for better?? To yo taste, u n Khaikum , yes absolutely...but m sry to say u won't get what u after.. Your filthy intention is no benefit to the indigenous... You can kip knocking that door.

Anonymous said...

Roko - Ceke se o cei ga na yacamu. Tukuna mada vei keimami na tu qo, e vica mada na $$$$ e vagalui iko tiko kina o rau na daubutako vasigalevu rau toka. O mai vunau tiko e loma qo na nomu tokoni rau tiko o cei me do ka.?Sa vadinadinataki vaka lawa ni vuaviri na 2006 e sega ni dodonu ..E CALA.. O ratou na CRW a soli vei ratou na order mai vei Bai meratou vukea na vuaviri ni 2000. Ka kila vamatata tu na bokala ni sa varau tobo, solia tale na ota ina 3 FIR me ratou vamatei, ni ratou kila tiko na dina. Kukuva matua toka na Kon- stitution nei Khaiyum ni rau kila tiko sa voleka na gauna ni kana raisi dhal wili kina o iko, constitution ni 1997 Bala kina I vale ni vei vesu o Speight baleta ni wili vaka Treason na nona vuaviri. E treason talega o la na bokala dau butako vasigalevu, kana buta vaka iko qoka, a qai mai nanuma tiko me valiliai keimami na nona lasu. Sa rauta mada, sa gauna ni soli cocovi qoka, sa levu saraga na nomudou lasu taki Viti kei na kena kawa tamata. O la na carawai ya, e na rairai male ka me tawa na taga me qai lili, ke sega mo dou sili rockete vata ..Sa Dri yani

Anonymous said...


O cei e bolei au, me qalova na ua ni Tokalau?

Anonymous said...

Vei kemuni kece na lewe ni matanitu o Viti, e na vakaevei na Balavu ni gauna mo ni na Galu tiko kina? Kemuni na veiliutaki na veitabana, e na vakaevei na kena dredre mo ni tut aka na dina?? Se sa Vinaka ga me Ra mai kana na lewe ni noda vuvale e na kakana ka voli ena I lavo butakoci..??e da sega Soti sara ni tamata vaka loloma me da mai rawa I tiko e na so na vosa mai vei so na tamata so midi sega na bête dra e na Vanua.E Rawa ni Ra valuti o ira na mataqali qoi, e na DUAVATA kei na cakacaka vata. O ira na vosa vaka viavialevu tiko qo, ni Laurai na Vanua Ra ca vutu mai kina, era tamata kaisi, oratou na mai sakitaka tiko na Kai kubuna e veiliutaki tiko Kara sega ni kila tale e dua, qoka era sara ga e curumi wai na nodra bula ka tiko vei ira na verevakabau. Ni a tekivu na ga na nodra turaga na nona talatala ki Bolatagane me Ra mai ravuti na kawa ni Qase mai na yasana o Ra, ni sa sega ni rawati ira, a'ra mani gole mai eso na Kai Bolatagne ka Ra ravuti ira na udolu vakaudolu na kawa ni Qase mai Ra na kena vayagataki na dakai. At gunpoint Ratu Cakobau took over the kawa ni Qase from Ra, dau yacana tu na verevakabau.History kips repeating itself til today baleta ni tiko dina ga na kawa ni Qase me veiliutaki. Me sa soli Lesu mada ga nai tutu vei I ratou na kawa ni Qase, me Rawa ni cegu kina na vuaviri. THERE WAS NOTHING AS TUI VITI, IT WAS ALL VEREVAKABAU....Shameee.....power hunger, wealth hunger, Vinaka ga na vadakai, me dau caka kina na verevakabau

Anonymous said...

The so called FDM can burn the constitution and also can burn themselves with it..no one gives a fuck...this country is moving forward and changes have to be made.Bravo Frank Bainimarama and the FMF.

Anonymous said...

Roko Mate:you seems to be saying alot in support of Bainimarama and his illegal Regime. I want to ask you a few questions If you dont mind. Why is Bainimarama still employing so many body guards if he think that he is doing the right thing and people are supporting him ? Previous Prime Ministers and AG do not have body guards. Are they frighten ? If so what are they frighten of ? Now those body guards are paid special salaries a lot more than ordinary soldiers.In there any justifications of the existing of those body guards and the salaries they are getting from tax payers ?Now the CEO Finance is asking other government departments to pull out some money from their allocated budgets to fund the preparation and lift of soldiers to the Golan Height. The Government has no money yet paying so many body guards to look after PM and AG and CJ why ? Now thre illegal regime is not creating any new jobs instead they are terminating people who do not suppoort them from their jobs and no invester is willing to invest their money in Fiji because of the coup and dictator that is currently rulling our country illegally,increasing their onwn salary to millions and hundreds of thousands while the grassroot people are suffering in silence. Roko Mate can you tell us if there is anything installed by Bainimaramas illegal regime for Fijis feature generations to survive on ? No sweet talk amd lies please because we are fedup with lies after lies after lies of the uillegal regime

Manu Drui said...

UN calls for 'transparent' Fiji polls
07:37 Sun Sep 29 2013

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has called on Fiji's strongman Frank Bainimarama to make sure elections promised next year are transparent and democratic.
Ban and the Fijian prime minister held talks after Bainimarama gave a speech to the UN General Assembly this week in which he slammed international sanctions that the Pacific nation faced over his military coup.
"The secretary general reiterated his hope that the forthcoming 2014 elections will take place in a transparent, participatory and democratic manner," said Ban's spokesman Martin Nesirky.
"He encouraged Fiji's efforts to restore a legitimate government and constitutional order as soon as possible."
Bainimarama has promised elections by September next year and Fiji, a key contributor to UN peacekeeping operations, is making a tentative return to international acceptance.
New Zealand eased some sanctions against the island this month and the Pacific Island Forum said Fiji could return to the group if the elections are held as promised.
Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop held talks with Fiji counterpart Ratu Inoke Kubuabola in New York this week to discuss efforts to normalise ties.
In his speech to the General Assembly on Wednesday, Bainimarama held up the new constitution that his military government has established and insisted that Fiji is heading for a "brighter future".
Bainimarama hit out at countries including Australia, the United States and Britain who imposed sanctions after his 2006 military coup.
"We sought their assistance and understanding, but they turned their backs on us," he said.
"They chose to support a form of democracy, governance and justice in Fiji that they would never have accepted for themselves."
Bainimarama this year threw out a draft constitution drawn up by constitutional expert Yash Ghai and drew up a new version, which rights groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have criticised.

Anonymous said...

ROKO MATE;----is one of Bai's main men...Can he say something about AG Khaium? Khayum keep saying in the media of a one day election, perfect election--and to when Bai registers his party???? Is Khayum giving the contract for ballot box to his friends from India to supply???

Anonymous said...

Posted at 05:45 on 23 September, 2013 UTC
Fiji’s prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has told Fiji media he will have a political party by April next year.
Commodore Bainimarama announced earlier this year he plans to stand for election in the polls and will probably win.
The Fiji Sun reports Commodore Bainimarama says everything is in place for forming his party and plans just need to be activated.
He says very good people have asked to join the party.
The paper reports the regime leader has welcomed women candidates in his party line-up but he says they must get there on merit.
The regime has again dismissed calls for a caretaker government in the run up to the polls, as proposed in the earlier draft constitution of the Constitution Commission which was subsequently dumped by the regime.
The government says elections will be held by September next year.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Elected Parliament can vote this BKC out.
Army can trash our 1970/1997 Constitution .
Why can elected MP do it by legal mean in parliament.
1990 Constitution was voted out in parliament and we had 1997 constitution.
So lets do it again guys and bring back 1997 constitution and charge this thugs for treason and lock them up.
We have set the record straight .no more coup culture. every time new constitution will stop .

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Daunitutu kei Waqatairewa!!
Vinaka vakalevu na domoi kemami tiko i vuravura.
Keimami sa oca mai na tagi lo tiko e na ka ratou cakava tiko o Bainimagana kei na nona i lala.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu KEMUDRAU [Pita]. Drau kua ni kawai taki ira na yavu ulukau ka ra voli rawarawa ka ra vosa tiko vaka lialia.
Sa da tekivu toso 'qo o keda na kauwaitaka tiko na veivakaloloma taki ka vakayacori tiko 'qo e ke.
Drau kalougat tiko.

Anonymous said...

GCC /Church/ Political leaders and supporters should burn the BKC in Albert Park.

Anonymous said...

@ Roko Matenaibaci

E sa matata la na gusumu! Ia na underwear e boidada tiko. Waraka na nona gauna na Kalou. Ko na qai tamusuka ga na ka koya ko a tea. Vosa tu bau vakasama lala na qavoka!

Vosavosa ga ni lala na ulu kei na vuli vakavo ko cakava tu tamata ravarava!

Anonymous said...

Manu Driu :- What other Pacific nations was slamed by the US,Britain and Australia and NZ because of Bainimaramas coup ?. You can not brand the whole Pacific Nations for Bainimaramas coup not even Fiji. It was Bainimaramas Illegal Regime alone that was slammed by oveaseas countries.No other Pacific Nation was slammed. Now you are saying that Bainimarama is Fijis strong. He is an ass hole and a coward. Why did he include the immunity provision in his illegal constitution if he is a strong man and why does he have so many body guards arround him day and night ? Is afraid of his frighten. Not now we will catch up with him later on .It will not rain always

Anonymous said...

Come election results time Bainimagana will be in for a HELL of a surprise!!
He, his ILLEGAL thugs and the Military Council must really, really think that we are so gullible.
Come on people, lets show them the road to Naboro Prison where they rightly belong the THUGS,

Anonymous said...

Na cava me lai caka kina na vakama constitution i Viti ni sega ni rawa ni na tabaki e na media. E Caka ga e Australia kei Neisiladi baleta me tabaki ka raici e vuravura . Kemudrau na vosa ca tiko ka veivakarerei tiko mai qori darfu vakaraitaka tiko ga na malumalumu ni nomudrau gavokavoka kei na nnomudrau sega ni namuma na vanua,lotu kei na matanitu galala,dodonu ka savasava me kune kina na vinaka e viti. Sa tawa tiko0 na nomuni taga na sotia kei na nomuni i liuliu e na gaunisala dukadukali,veivakalolomataki,kocokoco, sega ni vainanumi ka cala vaka lawa. Suli Daunitutu and Waqatairewa Well done. Fiji is our country at heart.Those two guys who are talking from their ass do not realise that we have been sending thousands of dollars back to Fiji since we came overseas for them what have they contributed to Fijis economy. "NOTHING" Shame talk too much

Anonymous said...

Thanks Suliasi standing up for our
people and demonstrating your commitment to democracy and the Fijian people?
Our people here in Texas USA are out there in my backyard burning that STUPID BAI/KAI Constitution.
Some of the pages has been used for toilet paper-thats how stupid we view these two no brain Bai/Kai are?

Anonymous said...

Ni bula na noda mai Australia,io
keitou lewe 10 na gone i Taukei keitou tiko a Detroit City.
We have
also applied to our municipality to
allow us to burn this piece of paper legally?
we got the approval yesterday so we are burning this piece of shit too in A FEW MINUTES
I hope these bastards dies a violent death & hopefully
from the hands of the Fijians?
I don't mind to be elected their hangman after the Fijian Jury finds
them guilty as charged?
Vinaka Suliasi keep up the pressure
and we're doing the same over here
We,re currently trying to get a
human right attorney to take up
our case against Bainimarama with
the UN Criminal Court of Justice in the Haig,Neitherland?
Let's fence these bastard in and put him
jail where he rightfully belongs?

Anonymous said...

Suliasi qarauni iko vinaka tiko.Mata walisoliso vaka beka lauviri vakaca na kesuna.Kete waca vaka kako ni basi.Kesu rabaraba vaka drau ni uto bota,sa tamata viavialevu,yava tiqe vaka na ose vucesa e kana voro tu ena yasani bulubulu.Maimuri cega vaka na maimuri ni SOFI.

Anonymous said...

"We are here today to burn into history this fraud of a Constitution which denies individuals their rights and does not guarantee the rights of Fiji land owners are protected."

There is particular concern with the dis-establishment of the Great Council of Chiefs, the repression of the Methodist Church and overhauling of the laws of communally owned land without consultation with traditional landowners."

I ask Suliasi Daunitutu....why is he so particular only on the GCC and Methodist Church...these are the two institution that ran rampage during the 1987 to 2000 coup..

Raica mada na kemudou i wiliwili. I vei o Ositerelia taucoko, Niusiladi taucoko, merika taucoko...the main reason is very obvious and that is gaining PR status..isa sa vakaloloma saraga na bula..tu tale e so na ka yaga mo ni cakava me vaka na tau apolo, meleni, grapes, etc...

mark manning said...

You can tell from the filthy language, the bullying tactics and the general disregard for the views of others, just who is afraid!
And afraid they should be, as opposition grows against Aiyaz and his demented RFMF leader, Frank Bainimarama.
Naboro is getting closer every day now and the people of Fiji are joining forces, putting their differences behind them and are no longer afraid.
In fact, they have become more afraid of what will happen, if they allow this Regime to continue to exist.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Suli. Sa leqa sarea ga na sotia koya vakalelewa tiko mai qo. Why cant you talk on the issue which in the illegal constitution of the illegal regime not the people of Fiji.Why are you attacking Sulis personal character when he is exercising he democratic right and what he believe in.Suli is not saying any about your personal character. You are totaly off corse soldier boy or is it beyond you comprehension.Secondly the other person is saying it would be batter to go a do fruit picking. Mind you we earn more than you. but the diffference is that we honestly earn from our sweat but you are earning from the sweat of others through threat at gun point and instilling fear into the mind of innocent people and stealing taxpayers money and feeding your children and family from poroceeds of stollen money. What a shame !

Anonymous said...

Sorry brother you are taking us back to 1987 ages ago.we are talking about the 2006 which is still on going now. The 2006 coup has negative impact on the social fabrick of the itaukeis traditions and culture and our religious belief and our land. To those of you who are against our chiefly system,Vanua and lotu I do not think you have the right to call youself a itaukei.Every person should be proud of what ever race he/she belogs to as every race has its own unique identification of culture and tradition. That is who you are otherwise you are nothing you do not exist. Thats why we indegenious Fijian who lives in overseas are pround of who we are and we still love our country from the bottom of our heart and are very concerned when things are not right at home like what Bainimarama and his regime are doing.

Anonymous said...

I do not see any nreason why the Illegal PM Bainimarama is pointing fingures at USA,Britain,Ausie and NZ saying that they turn their back on him when he took over the government in 2006. Did those country told him to take over the democratically elected government ?Did Bainimarama know that what he was doing was wrong and criminal ? Well those country believe in the rule of law but not Bainimarama, they believe in democracy not Bainimarma, they believe accountability and transparency but not Bainimarama.Bainimarama should count himself lucky that those country did not react aggresively to what he was doingor else he woiuld have been gone by now

Modern day i-taukei cannibals said...

Anonymous 4.00pm:

Sorry brother, who you to decide who is i-taukei and who is not? Where is evidence that 2006 coup has negative impact on i-taukei social fabric? Who said we against chiefly system, vanua and lotu?

What we against is corruption, exploitation, politicisation of chiefly system, vanua and lotu, but people like you cunningly twist the facts to attack anyone who challenge the evil system.

You are a threat to future generations of i-taukei by discouraging and intimidating us from asking questions. you expect us to be blind followers of a failed system.

A piece of valuable native land was first converted to crown than freehold under fijian govt, fijian chiefly system and fijian church. Where were you?

Fijian Holdings shares were creamed by fijian elite under the old corrupt system sheltering and hiding behind church and Fijian customs.

You trying to uphold this system, and you call us threat ti i-taukei? you and your kind who are part of this corrupt system are the real threat.

Just because we question system you hint we not proud of our race, identity and culture? you try to ostracise us when we raise important issues. You use itaukei identity and culture as smokescreen.

is corruption part of itaukei culture and identity? Are you saying being indigenous Fijian we should quietly accept injustice?

We love our country from the bottom of our heart. who you to tell us otherwise? wake up brother, things have not been right at home for a long time under what Qarase, Qoriniasi Bale, Jale Baba, Navitalai Naisoro, Sitiveni waleilakeba who were exploiting system under guise of lotu and culture. These people are modern day cannibals feasting on us kaisi bakola.

they fool you up blind man.

Anonymous said...

Na level ni ni da soli vakasama e biu tu qo kei na vosa lelevu e tau e sa i vakaraitaki ga ni vakatagedegede ni kila. E tu vei keda na tamata yadudua na dodonu me da vakaraitaka noda sega ni duavata kei na dua na vakasama me baleta na ka e vakayacori ena 2006. O Suli e tu vua na dodonu me vakaraitaka nona kudru kei na nona sega ni duavata kei na yavu ni vakavulewa vou. Na leqa e tu ni da sa liutaki na lewe i viti ena gaunisala ni veivakasaurarataki, ka yali kina na dodonu ni tabuyani na tamata ya dudua. Qo na vakanananu kece nei Voreqe ka sega ni vukei dua kina. E rawa vakacava me da vakadonuya ni yavuni vakavulewa koya sa vakadaberi e vakaitavi kina na lewe ni vanua ni sega na bose lawa me vakadonuya ke matataka na vei yasana, mataqali tokatoka ni tamata yadudua i viti wilikina o ira na vulagi se tawavanua.

Anonymous said...

You are out of the point and you are trying to paint a bad picture against Qarase but you have not proven any case of curruption against them. What as yor illegal regime first it is illegal and secondly is the most corrupted government,all evuil things going inside there,nepotisim,favouratism,bribery

rajend naidu said...

With the granting of a pay rise for permanent secretaries the new order in Fiji has maintained an affinity with an old way of conducting state business : giving to the rich so that the rich become richer.
The added income to the permanent secretaries will not doubt trickle down - to their children. That's how inter-generational poverty and affluence is sustained.
The last Fiji poverty report I read captured this phenomenon quite well.
The new poverty report is likely to show the trend has not changed.
Change in political leadership does not necessarily mean change in structured inequalities in society.
Fr Kevin Barr, the Fiji poverty expert, would be happy to confirm this I am sure.
rajend naidu

rajend naidu said...

In her polite letter to the Fiji Sun 28/9 to set the record straight Natalie Edwards tells us that a "petition objecting to chicken grower sheds being constructed in Uciwai"
went" without a response [from] the Attorney-General who is[also] Minister for Environment".
So much for this mob creating "true democracy" in Fiji when the voice of the people of a local community adversely impacted by a commercial development is ignored.
Is that how "true democracy" will work in the "new Fiji" being fashioned by the coup installed Attorney-General and his political master the coup leader cum self-appointed Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Modern day I taukei cannibals, lako mada ga lai kania dua nai koro Koro da..Kua mada na ve varerevaki tiko. Sa sivia na lasu lasu ni nomudou matanitu . Na toso ki liu cava dou kaya tiko, corruption cava o kaya tiko? Koya na ka lai valiliai kemuni tiko kina na bokala o Khaiyum. E cava iko talega o sa voli e na 30 na tiki ni siliva. Keimami sega ni mai gone lalai, sivia na yalayala lasu. O dou lai saga mai mo dou vavinakataki ,kemudou. Matanitu a cici tiko mai, Dinau ga e 2 na millioni, matanitu kaisi qoka sa yacova na 6 na millioni na Dinau e buiniga..Mo mai nanuma me keimami se baci kuitaki na lasu dou cakava voli? Sa rauta na veivakalolomataki. Ke keimami Galu na Kai Viti keimami bika Vanua tiko, era na vosa mai na vatu e na nodra valataka na dina. Vinaka Suli kei Peter, kei kemuni na luvei Viti mai Ositerelia..Kimami sa vaviavinakataka na NOMUNI nanuma na Vanua..O ira na vosa tiko Vavuku e cake qoka, era na Galu mai

Anonymous said...

Frank give his BKC to UN SG .What a joke UN playing double standard.
Why cant they tell Dictator Frank to get out.UN telling other dictators to go.

Anonymous said...

I took the Fiji democracy movement's actions in Canberra seriously until I saw Rajendra in the pictures with a microphone.

Are they serious? He is one of their spokesmen?

He is just as corrupt as the regime. What hypocrisy.

People like him are part of the problem not part of the solution. Wake up Fijian Aussies. If you want to help the cause find people with integrity not corrupted idiots.

Anonymous said...

We are talking abt legal rites here 29 9 13 8:14 pm...dnt jus look at Rajendra , look at the bigger picture..

We Aussie Fijians are already awake by the pros n cons of the illegal regime..What abt you?? Take of f. That mask and smell the coffee.

U are no better than the illegal regime

Anonymous said...

Fiji's interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, has used his address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York to defend the coup that gave his regime power.

Commodore Bainimarama led the military coup against the government of Laesenia Qarase in December 2006, and was appointed as interim prime minister in 2007.

He's told the UN prior to the coup, Fiji was struggling under 'elites' that sowed the seeds of division and undermined independent institutions.

He says the previous coups, in 1987 and 2000, were expressions of the dysfunction.

"Tens of thousands of Fijians suffered and many made the decision to leave their home forever, to leave Fiji," he said.

"This is one of the most shameful episodes of our history and I determined that this must never, never happen again.

"We must never allow a fellow citizen to be second class, to be less than an equal of his neighbour."

Commodore Bainimarama also used the address to recommit to elections next year.

He says with his country's new constitution, which came into law this month and replaces the charter scrapped by the military-backed regime in 2009, "our national compass has finally been reset".

"43 years and three constitutions later, we finally have a Constitution that is worthy of the Fijian people," he said.

"It is a Constitution that meets the test of a genuine democracy that upholds the legal and moral basis of a common and equal citizenry without denying anyone's individuality or culture."

Commodore Bainimarama also expressed disappointment that Fiji has lost some of its traditional partners in the wake of the coup.

He drew parallels between the coup in Fiji and the US civil war, the French Revolution and Australia's Eureka Stockade.

"Regrettably, and to our great disappointment, some of these oldest friends had no faith in us," he said.

"They abandoned us and sought to punish us with sanctions - we sought their assistance and understanding, but they turned their backs on us.

"They chose to support a form of democracy, governance and justice in Fiji that they would never have accepted for themselves."

Anonymous said...

How can you take the message seriously when your spokesman is a corrupt fool.

Are you serious?

If you allow corrupt and self serving assholes to speak for you don't expect anyone to take you seriously.

You are clearly no better than the regime if Rajen is your spokesman. I am anti-corruption you are clearly NOT.

Anonymous said...

@ Roko Mate
You intellectual ability does not eauate with the lvel of discourse happening in this forum.

Au sa kerei i ko saraga mo qai sara i na koro.
Simple this like to name a pig a pig you can not do that because you have been paid to name a pig a goat.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Lets try this constitution, because the country is chaotic anyway. At least we have one, so lets make use of it! We are going around in circles as if time will wait for us. Lets be real, people!

Bula bullshit said...

As i-taukei and Fiji citizen, I do not support Bainimarama and do not want to see him return to power and will not vote for him. But we all must admit GCC and Methodist Church were decaying from within. Their failure is reflective in damaged social fabric of itaukei - youth crime, prostitution, lack of academic achievement, jail inmates, drug pushing - itaukei top the figures hands.

If culture, lotu and vanua was strong as we boast, our future generation would not be topping jail and unemployment figures. As custodians of lotu, culture & vanua, Church, GCC, Fijian politicians we elected since 1970 failed, and should shoulder some blame. We paid them, but they did not deliver.

head of Itaukei family units also failed. We talk of culture and lotu all the time. Lets talk about real problems in i-taukei homes like alcoholism, all night kava drinking , not enough for food, no lunch to school, no support for study. I know because it happened in my house, and many other fijian houses I know of but we cover up real problems by boasting about our culture and lotu.

Until we stop pretending and start realising our community in trouble and start discussing real, everyday issues and problems, we will get nowhere like in the last 50 years. Sorry if this truth is too hard too swallow, but enough of of the bula bullshit. Time to bite the bullet. to put it bluntly, we as a community are are not 'bula' or 'vulavula', as we like to think.

Anonymous said...

@Bula Bullshit 10:08 PM

So true what you say.

You only have to look around Fiji today to see that the majority of I'Taukei youth are in the position they are not because of any government but because their parents, elders and church have let them down.

Even if there were to be jobs available unfortunately many of the youth are unemployable and will remain that way as a burden on the rest of society.

They have been cheated out of a future by their own kind who have been so selfish and irresponsible and of course now want to blame everyone else for their own failure.

The methodist cult has been the greatest oppressor of the people by conning the uneducated into believing that material things will come from a god rather than an honest days work. They have done and continue to do this in an attempt to survive.

The I'Taukei majority will only prosper when the church and elders changer their ways, earn respect or simply dissapear.

Anonymous said...

bula b shit
drau vicai mada kei baiya anon 10.38pm......
don't generalize ,,,,lots of successful kai viti out there....
kai viti sona levu o iko drau vicao kei kaiyum

Anonymous said...

Our culture, lotu and vanua is such that we react to criticism with vulgarity, including foul language and racist comments and blame game; we have no guts to look within and deal with truth, a typical example is Anon 10:50 PM. This is the kind of thinking in our community, that's why we have progressed so much. Not! I am not afraid to say it.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.31pm
define progress.....
its a capitalist society and some will not progress and some will.....
go figure dumbarse,,,,,,nothing peculiar about that

Anonymous said...

If u are anti corruption then show it coward. Rajendra is merely not our spokesperson dumbarse...

He is a supporter....go drown yo self looser

Anonymous said...

Io sa levu tikoga a drakadra ko Roko mate kei ira na nona I lawalawa, ni sa kune totolo sara tiko a nodra dai..A Ra vosa ca, Ra laki vasewasewana a bula ni dua na tamata ka Ra sega mada ni Raica tiko a ona vasewasewana tiko nodra bula ko bhai kei khai. Kua tale ni levu a vosa vamamaka , me da DUAVATA ga a I taukei, ke sega mada ga ni Rawa ni da valata da emac I na Vanua I ei, ia me da masu laka a Ida Vanua ko Viti ka Ra na qai yavala mai ko ira tale e so. E Rawa sara ni dina a dai..Me nanuma ko Bhai kei khai ni na Rawa na loma drau , e kani rarawa sara, ni sa veisau a matanicagi, drau varau takina ga a bilikani sa varau a kana raisi dhal..sa qai dredre ko Ghai....

Anonymous said...

Ok looks like u have some issues with Rajendra. For your kind information Rajendra, is not Aussie Fijian's spokesperson. Get yo facts rite. He is supporting the protest. And can you enlighten the group with the corruption you claiming about Rajendra. Please elaborate on that issue that he is corrupt able. And let's c who's an idiot here.

Just saying

Anonymous said...

Ok looks like u have some issues with Rajendra. For your kind information Rajendra, is not Aussie Fijian's spokesperson. Get yo facts rite. He is supporting the protest. And can you enlighten the group with the corruption you claiming about Rajendra. Please elaborate on that issue that he is corrupt able. And let's c who's an idiot here.

Just saying

Anonymous said...

Suli, kana loto ga o iko, na matavuvale e tu e viti, boci, drau veicai ga kei waqatairewa qai 69 kei ira kece e ra tokoni iko tiko i ke.

British Army, ulu lala, dou lako lai vakama constitution i buckingham palace me raici mai na ranadi,.......don't think so, o vakau mai viti, keimami na mai waraki iko e viti, sonalevu, cakacaka mada ga yani dou yavu sonalevu. Nomuni tera me yaco tiko ga mai heathrow, kua i nadi de tawa na nomudou i tarusese,

Fruit picker, dina buno ni yadremu, levu nomu i lavo, ia sega ni macala, working visa se visitors visa qai cakacaka illegal tiko, kua mada na via vakdonui iko tiko, na gusumu e vaka na septic tank na kena bona, cici levu.

mark manning, comment ga yani baleti ositerelia, assylum seekers, big problem there, shows how fu#@$%^& up your own country is faggot.

Kei kemuni na saqata tiko na neimami constitution na kai viti,
ni veicai ga ka vei kubuti vakalevu, because that's all you can do, you cannot change what has happened in fiji, e na drakusi wale na i voco kei na kena qara, lol......

Anonymous said...

We would like to clarify to the people of Fiji and the World that not all of us from the Fiji democracy movement in Australia support the burning of the Fiji's constitution. There are about 70% or more of us from Fiji democracy movement support Fiji's new constitution and the current Government. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Mr. Suliasi Daunitutu, make no mistake, burning Fiji's constitution is burning your house. There are over 500,000 voters registered and they support the constitution. You are the only one opposing. No use, it is just a waste of time. You are a RACIST! Go back to God, no place for people like you in this World. Give yourself to a hungry lion, you will then be blessed.

Anonymous said...

anon@4:35am...Hey Bai cut the craps
don't try to manipulate the general
public, we're all coming after
your ass and your brother Khaiyum? That's right,na nomudrau constitution mo drau lai
taqari taka mada i valenivo!
O keimami na
gone ni Viti, ka tiko ena British
Army ,we've burnt your Bai&Khai
constitution last night, and the same things happened at the sametime in Wales,Scotland & Ireland?
We think that you should
get out while you can, if you don't
we may have to come on over & take you out forcefully?

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Suli,O kemami na gone ni Viti ka tiko e Auckland keitou sa
Vakama talega na Constitution nei
Bai&Kai ena bogi.
Thats right, those of us Fijians
who want a better Fiji needs to
unite and first kicked-out these two bastards-Bai&Kai?
Hey, Rajesh
Singh, where were you buddy?
was supposed to sent you the invite
for Yaqona & Burning of this ass-wiper constitution? Sorry you
were a no show?
But keep your finger cross, cause were going to
do another burning next month?
Hopefully we can do it near Bai's
Daughter's house!
But it'll depend
on Municipal approval?

The Professional British Army Fijian said...

Anon @September 30, 2013 at 8:36 AM

To the British army Fijians, you have made the biggest mistake of your life. Burning the constitution is uncalled for for disciplinary force members. Making the comment on the blog has made us all a target.

Remember we need the Fiji government and don't ask me if we will now find it difficult to visit our relatives in Fiji.

You should not have used the British Army Fijians because you do not represent us.

You are short of being a professional.

I represent the The True Professional British Army Fijians but we don't burn our constitution.

Anonymous said...

@ 2.41 drau 69 duriduri mada ga kei kaiyum

the voice said...

1.We the Citizens of Fiji have shown our support for this Govt and its efforts by registering our names with the Elections Office.We may differ though in the Party we elect to represent us in Parliament but we support the return to Democracy.
2.The Aust. and NZ Govt. have eased sanctions on our nation.
3.The UN supports the Govts. effort to return to Democracy as the PM's Address in the UN Convention.
4.The PM is the Chairman of numerous developed nations.
5.When the Govt formed PIDF 90 % of Pacific Island leaders came to attend showing their support.
5.The Govt has made numerous developments in Fiji especially Roads on a scale that supercedes previous Govts.
6. Numerous Chiefs have declared their support for the Govt,its their in the newspapers for all to read.
7.With the inclusion of I-Taukei as shareholders of all Minerals present on our land in comparison to past Constitution where it all belongs to Govt. I am surprised that some i-Tsukei dont support this Constituion.
In view of the above 7 points, I firmly belive that those who dont support this constituion:

arent registered in the Vola-ni-Kawa Bula and they know that they would miss out on lease payments.

They were benefactors of corrupt practices of previous govts.

They have purchased shares with companies that mine the minerals since most of the companies doing mining and exploratory digs in Fiji are from Aust.

They are in foreign nations without Permanet Visas and thought that by burning the Constitution they would be provided one,little did they realise that under Aust Terrorist Act. they have become terrorists and from now on, are closely monitored by the Aust Govt.

They have debts in Fiji and opponents of the Govt in Fiji are willing to settle their debts if they burn the constition on their behalf.

They are burning the constution to keep them warm since they cant afford to have heaters installed in their rental flats.

Did we the Citizens of this Nation who registered our names give you the right to burn our Constitution.We want to return to Democracy and your actions could prolong this process.

We dont support your actions since we are voicing our choice on election day..Dont spoil it, we have come this far, 7 years - we have waited that long.

We have families to feed and bills to pay, we dont need your actions.You must be watching to many Middle East News to copycat their actions. so what is next flag burning.

We are in Fiji and the reality is we want to move on.We want to safeguard the interest of our future generation,SO STOP ACTING AS IF YOU REPRESENT THE SILENT MAJORITY.WE DONT NEED YOU.

orisi said...

I fully support the burning of the Bai Constitution.It is an illegal document made by an illegal government. No one can dispute that unless you have an illegal mind. Full stop.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brit soldier 8:36am,

That's right you're a Brit, not Fijian, your choosing to burn the Fiji Constitution is your choice but as your mate said, you're all targets now....This just goes to show the IQ level in your head, and your mate seems to have more of an intelligent mind than you....Lol

So Fijian soldiers are so much better than you because they've never burnt a constitution....You're a real badass retard...Lol...Ponder that tommy...

Anonymous said...


drau kubutia ga na qalai qarase kei tupeni baba, caiti bumu e dela ni taunamu, legality ni sona o tukuna tiko mai qori, me mai cavai, sa legal tu qo na veika kece, ke e se illegal tiko ke a sega ni ciqomi viti o iran vei matanitu, sona vuce, vakasama tiko, ulu lala

Anonymous said...

There's so much hate, so much swearing and name calling on this forum now. One should ask this simple question: If the 2006 was legal, why do they have to include the immunity clause in the new constitution? I rest my case!!!

orisi said...

At Anon 11.57. Your usage of vulgar words is indicative of your illegal mind. The government in Fiji is still an illegal one and is only being recognised by countries which condone military dictatorship and violation of human rights.

Anonymous said...

orisi...I suggest you read my comment again (11:57am). How in the world you came to that conclusion of my using vulgar words in that comment is beyond me...! The question that I raised was: If the 2006 coup was legal, why do they have to include the immunity clause in the new constitution? Now I think I have an idea of why some people on this forum are swearing and calling each other names! SMH....!!!

orisi said...

Sorry my comment was directed to anon 11.31. My apology. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

orisi.....apologies accepted!

Anonymous said...

To all Fijian and Hindus, stay close to each other for our political and economic weather is currently very much unpredictable and will affects our good social and religious relationship.

The international yardstick measurements upon our Constitution and Freedoms of Speech, Religion, Expression, Association etc. and Indigenous Lands and Resources ownership are very much threatened by the ruling government of the day. Those international governments that supported the Fiji Constitution are skin-deep only. They are pushing the PM and AG to keep committing and reconfirming themselves publicly of the election date is a must. AU and NZ are waiting and watching very closely when the PM and AG will apply the breaks because they feel that they will lose the election in September 2014 and going to Prison is inevitable. Deep down the opposing parties will win the election but that is the crux of the matter if the election will go ahead and will remain to be seen. The truth is there will be no election and the UN and other Nations will help the opposition to remove the illegal regime once and for all because of their lies.

Genuine investors seen the feature of their investments is at stake because the Constitution failed to protect nor recognized the Indigenous Rights of the indigenous Fijian as stipulated under the UN Charter on the Indigenous people of the world as a whole. It is evident that the indigenous people of the whole world are taking up arms removing their governments of the day for injustices, corruption and conspiracies and Fiji is not anexemption.

The fear of being removed by ballot papers in 12 months time in 2014 of the illegal government, they are hoping and looking forward for some destabilization to take place between Fijian and Hindus to warrant and legitimize the cancellation of the general election for another 10 years.

We must avoid at all cost any destabilization and protests. We need to go to the Poll in September 2014 and voted them out legally wit the power of the pen.

This is our peaceful plan to be taken immediately. We need to show our solidarity in huge numbers in 4 Saturdays to come in October by swarming the Towns and Cities like honeybees all over Fiji. We need to go out peacefully with our families and friends and enjoy shopping, marketing, eating, sporting, children’s parks, swimming etc. etc. from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Please do not drink beers in public places nor get drunk and causing trouble. We need numbers on the streets, parks, beaches etc. which will indicates our strength and our oneness in supporting the removal of the illegal government of the day and for the world to witness the reality of what is happening in Fiji. We need both major races, Fijian and Hindu Indian be seen together as ONE PEOPLE for our common goal and objectives.

Muslim are holding most key positions in our government of the day and sweepingly with speed are making profits for themselves in case any changes or replacements takes place that will bring our future in chaos.

Let us show to the world our solidarity with our numbers on these 4 Saturdays and we need no violence. Remember, we committed no crime nor sinful by doing these. Again I say this, “PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE ARMY AND POLICE. LEAVE THEM ALONE PEACEFULLY FOR THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING ALL OF US.” Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Io io io sa Levu Sara na Vosa vavereverea yaco tiko na blog qoka, ka sa I varaitaki ni Levu na ka e leqa tiko. We can not kip focusing on the prob, we have to focus on a solution now. Na constitution qoka e rau maroroi ga kina o rau na veiliutaki tiko qo, sega ni baleti keda na lewe ni vanua. Kemuni na tokoni rau tiko o ni tiko ga e na vanua vovodea, ni tovolea mo ni toso yani vakamalua vakatitobu mo ni qai kila na dina. Sa dua na ka na nodrau vakamatavulotaki rau tu e na Levu ni lasu e rau yala taka tiko kina vanua o Viti, ka Ra mai tu yani na vei liuliu ni veitabana ka Ra sa vosota ga me rawa ni Ra na vakania na nodra vuvale. O cei na lialia me mai vunau taka tiko na veivakasavasavataki, ka qai mai qito duka tiko right under our nose the people of Fiji? O Kean e vadinadinataki vaka lawa ni laba,macawa 2 ga e valeniveivesu, suka na kani yellow ribbon, sega wale ga ni suka me tiko I vale, e laki dabeca tale dua nai tutu ni veiliutaki e na matanitu veilecayaki qoka. Tabu vaka lawa ni dua na Tamata convict me suka ka laki job tale vamatanitu. Na vua Viri ni 2000, a sega ni tutu o Speight me vuaviri, na ota e solia yani na Tamata sa mai vakaveitalitaka tiko na noda vanua qori o Bai. Solia na ota kina CRW me ratou vukei Speight, sa kila ni na ratou dola gusu na CRW solia tale na ota vei ratou na 3FIR me ratou vakamatei na CRW. Sa dua na bula vakaloloma e na noda sa mai kuri taki tu na Levu ni lasu e vakayacori tiko. Na waqavuka lelevu qai voli ga, sa dua na ka na kena marautaki, era soqova, era cereva na lewei Viti, ni dua na ka e bau cavuti na yaca ni noda vanua. Sega tiko ni kilai ni rau saumi vakavo tu ena nodrai lavo ni FNPF na Nodra buno na lewe I Viti, ka lisitaki tale kina Waqavuka Finance ltd , na nodrau kabani o Bhai kei Khai qai register ga na vica na Vula sa oti, rau sauma kina e rua na Kai Valagi me vaka me nodrau, ia rau sa tukutuku talle na Kai Valagi e na veika rau vakayacora na lala qo, Bhai kei Khai. Sa dua na bula veivakalolomataki. Sa vaka me kani vei wekani na soli ni tutu e na taba na vakamatanitu. Do we still kol this cleaning up campaign ?? Sega ni dua na veivakasavasavataki e da raica e ke. Na nodrau constitution e rau maroroi ga kina o rau. E SA VAKADINADINATAKI OTI VAKALAWA NI CALA NA VUAVIRI NI 2006. A cava tale me da mai tokoni rau tiko kina. Me da nanuma na noda vanua kei na kena kawa Tamata. Sa tekivu voli taki China na noda qele, sa Levu na vanua sa kania na yava to...Waqa Sara usana na container qele , sa da na varaica tu ga me na yaco na loma drau?? E ratou mai kau kauwa wale tiko ga na gusu ni dakai. Me da Duavata nai tau kei me da valuta na Mataqali Tamata lawaki dredre vaka oqo. Era na vakaloloma na luvei Viti e na siga ni matata Kevaka me da sa wanonovi toka ga, ka vakalaiva me rau vakayaco loma drau e na lasu kei na veivakalaboci ni loma drau

Anonymous said...

11:31 am, tsk tsk ROGOCA o Iran mada ga e dua vei ira na matanitu era Rogo e na nodra veivakalolomataki vei ira na lewenivanua. Sa rauta me na ciqoma na veisiko yani Nei Bhai. SEGA NI DUA NA KA SE LEGAL I NA MATANITU KA CICI TIKO QOKA. Yalo vinaka vakayagataka na Vosa e matau me rawa ni keimami kila na lewei Viti ni tawa tiko na qavota.

Anonymous said...

4: 27 am This is either Bhai or Khais relative. FREE RIDE
Let c in due time if that 70% remains solidarity lol. We are basically standing for the people back home. If you are a true. Fijian with wisdom , you wouldn't be standing on the side line, unless you are getting extra bonus ,extreme advantage from the illegal govt of the day to keep standing where you are CONFUSED.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:23pm...Show respect for an illegal PM who ordered the killing of crw soldiers, prisoners, civilians and the brutality meted to civilians. Respect for ordering the release of his brother who was jailed for manslaughter and while in jail, continued to be paid and today holds a position in high office. Respect for continuing the very practises he has accused of the Government he couped like corruption, nepotism, abuse of office and power. Respect for personally threatening a number of civillians who were taken in for questioning dueing the military move to subjugate the people of Fiji. Respect when he himself has shown disrespect to his very own people and religious leaders which is culimunating into the society that the younger generation is living, disrespecing all that is valuable to the common itaukei and majority of the people of Fiji. Respect for putting fear in the hearts of his very own people and blinding people like yourself. After 7 years at the helm, the only thing Frank has proven that he is a thug, and a thug is manipulative and with manipulative skills, it is not hard to fool people like you. He is skilled at manipulation and thats the only credit anyone can give him but he does require phychiatric help to enable him to realise he is not well and needs to be treated. Did we ask him to represent us at the UN Assembly. No because he is unelected and does not represent the majority of Fiji. We are fortunate he can read because whatever speech he made was drafted for him to read to the assembly. Ask him to make off mark results and a psychologist will evaluate him without even meeting him. Please if you talk about respect, let us reflect on ourselves, and learn to first respect the fact that there is a law and people cannot take the law into their own hands. Frank has taken the law into his own hands by committing treason against his very own people. YOU CANNOT TRUST ONE WHO HAS BROKEN THE LAW BECAUSE TO DO SO, THEY HAVE LEARNT TO MASTER THE ART OF MANIPULATION AND YOU MY FRIEND, IN BELIEVING IN FRANK, I AM SORRY TO SAY HAVE BEEN MANIPULATED.

Anonymous said...

The recent actions by the Australian Democracy Movement burning the constitution has really stirred the supporters of the illegal PM and his Arse based on the response on this blog.

October 10 - Fiji Day is another day that Australia, NZ, USA and Fijians living all over the world should burn the constitution and Fijian Flag for what it represents today because the words of the Flag does not reflect the truth in the way the Fiji has been subjugated.

Some of our people in Fiji may have resigned themselves to Frank but they live in the hope that one day God Willing, Fiji will be released from this tyranny of oppression.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe is a coward who deserted his men under fire, defecating whilst at it. He is also a liar, stating that no military office will benefit and no individual will be a member of more then 2 boards. Ask Ajit Godagoda about that.

Are those the credentials we need from our leaders in Fiji. Cowards and liars, least of all un-educated???

Anonymous said...

2:41 iko vaka Sara ga o Vosa tu dua na Tamata kau kauwa sa rawati iko tu. O rau na Tamata o Lai tokoni rau tiko qori, sa Sinai tu na nodrau baqe e nai yau butakoci me Ra tiko vinaka kina. Ka kua ni vakalialiai iko e na nodrau lasu. Na veika keimami talaucaka tiko e baleti Viti na siga ni mataka kei na kena kawa Tamata.

Yadra mada, gunu kove valevu.

CRW cowards and traitors said...

Voreqe is not a coward – he and his men were target of surprise attack by cowardly, traitorous elements of FMF. Same elements murdered several of their own in cold blood, including one who was sleeping.

These are the same CRW the FMF forgave, and welcomed back into camp. But like snakes, they turned on their own.

These cowardly CRW were no different from Afghan soldiers who launch insider attacks on unarmed Australian and USP troops, known as green on blue attack. They brought FMF down with their unfijian and cowardly attacks on fellow Fijians - they are traitors of the worst kind. CRW attack on fellow Fijian soldiers had never been seen in history of FMF. it was disgraceful.

Voreqe would have been stupid to stand there and allow his enemies to gun him down. He did what any good soldier would against such odds: he retreated, and he came back with a vengeance to take control.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2.41, qori saraga,kaya kina vei ira me ra kilai ira kina.Sa oti e 7 na yabaki na kodro sega ni dua na ka e caka rawa.ha!ha!

Anonymous said...

I am glad some I-Taukei brothers realise that Hindus are not the Problem.

Roko Mate said...


Anonymous said...

Caita nomu tutuvi KUTA.
Ululala. Drau veicai kei Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:43pm...I concur the acts by CRW attacking the QBE Military barracks was a cowardly however, every action committed by the Military which includes th CRW was under the watch of Frank who was and still is the Commander of the Fiji Military Forces at the time of the coup and subsequent events of 2000.

Frank and the Commissioner of Police Savua were aware that a coup was to be carried out. Frank did nothing to prevent it. In fact being a iTaukei himself, he in a way supported the coup by standing back and allowings things to happen. He has been alleged to be the perpetrator behind it but I have my reservations about it.

What Frank failed to do was to act against those at that time who were involved in the coup to prevent it from happening and the subsequent events leading to today and his failure has resulted in more suffering meted to the people who today are still wondering what really happened and why it happened.

Can Frank explain how and why during the 2000 coup, food, arms and ammunition and were delivered by his soldiers to the Parliament House in Army trucks. Livestock were stolen by soldiers from Indian farmers and transported to the Parliament House. Rebel soldiers continued to be paid including CRW soldiers despite their involvement in the 2000 coup.

What is clear is that all these happened under Frank's watch and his knee jerk reaction was brutal, bloody and has resulted in a number of deaths including innocent civilians. Hundreds of people were taken into the camp and police stations and brutalized.

It was very important when Qarase was the PM that the military role is defined to ensure they understand their role within Government to prevent coups from happening given every coup that has transpired, was executed by or with the support of the Military.

Frank took this as a threat and executed the coup.

By the way, I was no supporter of the Qarase Government but anyone who realised the lack of action and participation in the coup by the Military would have realised that the Military needed to be brought under control.

Frank should have done the honourable decision following the 2000 Military Coup and his failure to prevent it from happening and prevent his soldiers from rebelling, by resigning. It would have been the dignified approach yet instead, he chose to react in the method notorious with any military dictator, with brute force and brutality.

In fact the brutality his soldiers meted out to people was far worse than those carried out in 1987 and 2000.

Frank cannot justify his murderous rampage and brutal assault on the people of Fiji because of the rebel soldiers and CRW soldiers actions because as he was their Commander and he failed the people of Fiji in his inactions in preventing the 2000 coup.

Now we the people of Fiji are fulfilling the prophesies of the bible when brother fights against brother, father against son.

Franks hand is bloodied by these events and anyone who has any conscious should realise this and I guess thats why he let Esala Teleni carry on with the New Methodist Church hoping that God will forgive him but we all will one day stand before our maker whether he be Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, Buddha or whatever personal beliefs we have to account for our actions.

Anonymous said...

Wananavu Roko Mate, e mosi beka vei ira na i lala qo na bulago mai noda, totoka vaka oti ka qai vakaciriloloma, keimami bau kerea na luvei Viti e Niusiladi me bau so tale mai baleta me ra rawa ni r vuli kina na yavu tamata macawa ra mai via vakama constitution tiko qo.....

Anonymous said...

@ Roko Mate...nanuma jiko niko duavata jiko kei na dua na tamata (Voreqe) ka vakavuna nodra mate ko ira na noda.

Kenai karua, e sa seburaka o koya nai yavu ni veiliutaki ni gone taukei. Qo e dua na ka ena vakaleqa na yalo vei dokai kei na yalo veirokovi eda dau kilai tani tu kina na kawa itaukei.

Kenai katolu...ko ira na noda era vala taki Viti jiko mai na vei vanua tani wili kina ko Australia, NZ kei USA, era tamata rarama kara sa kila na vinaka ni bula nida bula ena veiliutaki vaka matanitu, e solia vua na nona tamata na Democracy, mera digitaka e dua me veiliutaki. Era sa raica mai kina na vinaka ni bula kei na duidui ni veiliutaki na mataivalu.

Kenai ka Va...E dina ni sa yabaki 7nona taura vakaukau ko Frank na matanitu kei Viti ia, na veika kece e va gauna. Na gauna e nona lewa na Kalou. O keda meda dau ceburaka ga na veika e dina me kakua nida na ora kina ena gauna ni veitarogi. Nona siga o Frank esa vakarautaki tu. Kevaka ena sega ni yaco ena delani vuravura oqo, ena yaco na nona lewa na Turaga.

Vinaka sara vakalevu na nomuni yalo kaukauwa jiko mai ia, mo nanuma jiko na noda rai vakatamata me kua ga ni yacova na doko ni ucuda. Meda rai votu taka na veika ena yaco mai muri baleti ira na kawa tamata e bera nira bula.

Nai tuvatuva e tuvana tu qo ko Frank, se vinaka jiko vei iko baleta beka ni yaga beka vei iko ia, au na sega ni kurabui taka na nomu tavuki, niko sa rai rawa.

Sai koya Roko Mate...Na nomu gauna talega e sa vakarau taki mena yaco na kena lewa. Qai tei moce toka mada. Nuitaka niko na kunea jiko na vakacegu e dai.

Fijiana said...

Do 2 wrongs make one right?

The enemy within said...

Anon 4:33 PM, CRW reprehensible actions was instigated by Inoke Takiveikata. He is the real coward and traitor, pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Instead of teaching our young men to do good deeds, he instigated them to kill each other so he and his cronies could grab power. This is how some of our chiefs use us.

You have heard if crime against humanity. Takivaka committed a crime against Fijians. He will go down as one of the worst criminals in Fiji's history for instigated the first ever mutiny in FMF history. It is a capital crime.

What did PM Qarase and his cronies do? They tried to spring Takiveikata from jail. This is why I say our own kind are our worst enemy and responsible for many of the divisions in our community. Sombody who instigated the cold blooded murder of soldiers was getting a free get out jail ticket by Qarase government. How do you expect FMF commander to react...an FMF commander traumatised by the unprovoked attack and cold-blooded murder of his soldiers? And FMF commnder who blamed himself because he allowed the CRW traitors back into camp.

What do you expect FMF commander to do when the PM tries to free the man behind the murders? The coup is as much a fault of Qarase as anyone else. Qarase too brought this on the nation. He will go down as one of the worst PM and Fijian leader in Fiji's history. Problems is he was from banking background and half the time busy seeing how he could secure Fijian Holding shares for him and his cronies. His mind wasn't fully on the job.

Having said the, the CRW soldiers should not have died in the manner that they did. They should have been captured and brought to trail. That's what they do in civilised countries. Unfortunately Fiji is still uncivilised.

Anonymous said...

@Roko Matenaibaci

Ulu lala! Bau vakasama e liu ni bera ni o vosa. Sa yavu mai na yamemu na ceruma tiko na i soresore nei Khaiyum-Boci!

Anonymous said...

@ 5:04pm...It falls back on Frank who failed to prevent it from happening. It should not have happened from the start if he had the courage to step in when he was told of the plans to execute the coup in 2000. Frank and Savua's failure to prevent the coup allowed others to commit what they did. Now it has led to Frank committing the same Treasonous offence.

Anonymous said...

Qarase was a weak like Roko Tui Bau. Both dilly dallied and didnt arrest FB when FB was outnumbered by the Colonels who signed letter not supporting frank. In the process 6 Colonels were kicked out by Frank B and the rest is history.
As for CRW - that mutiny was wrong and they have paid price. The murder of innocent CRWs outside camp that day was also wrong but the murderers are now in the leadership circles of the nation but they cannot escape the murder charge which is inevitable.
All parties are in the wrong.
Roko Mate Na Soresore is therefore a dickhead blinded by treason.

orisi said...

Thank you anon 4.33 pm. That is the truth. It is the failure of the Military Commander to take corrective action to prevent the coup in 2000 despite the fact he was fully aware of the impending coup as he was fully briefed by the then Commander 3 FIR but instead he elected to travel overseas leaving his officers to sort things out by themselves.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.43pm you seem to know a lot about the events of 2000 and the mutiny including the behind the scenes stuff.Hmmmm!suspicious.!!!

Anonymous said...

Vei kemuni na tokona tiko na Lasu nei Bainimarama.

E sa vakaraitaki ni nomuni rere ni sa voleka tiko mai na veidigidigi.

Na nomuni i naki mo ni lasutaki ira na lewe ni vanua sa mai dreve me baleta na blog oqo. Thank you 4.5 baleta ni ra tou sa sogota kece na gaunisala ni vakau i tukutuku galala.

Ia o ni se mai sasaga ga moni mai lasu taki keimami kece.

E sa kilai tu vakamatanidavui na lasu ni matanitu oqo ia oni se mai saga ga moni vukici keimami me keimami vakabauta na lasu.

Ni vosota sara keimami sega ni tamata lolovira na kawa i taukei. O ira ga na tamata e sega na nodra yavu ena noda veivanua era mai matamata tiko ni lasu nei Bainimarama.

O Rabuka e ya taura talega vakaukauwa na matanitu ia e sega ni da raica votu na nodra cati koya na lewei Viti me vakataki Bainimarama.

Au kerei kemuni na wekaqu mo ni kakua ni kauta mai na lasu vei keimami.

European descendent said...


Kailoma said...

Orisi seems to know a lot of the behind the scenes stuff also.Why dont you guys write a book.It would make interesting reading since you guys know a lot about what happened and all those stuff.We the members of the public, up till now,still have no idea about the reason why etc the coup occurred, the events that took place later and we need to know,i believe we have the right to know.

Anonymous said...

dou talanoa taka madaga na vosa vakarerevaki jiko mai qori na nomudou sa veibilibili se o cei me liu cake ni sa sagai na assault mai na yasana ni engineer me sagai me vakamalumalumu taki o ratou na sa taura tiko na officers mess.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe wilika sara jiko na comments era volai jiko qo.E na sega na kemu na siga ni veidigidigi ya na ka mo sa kidava rawa jiko yani qo. Sa vuli na lewe ni vanua, era sa oca,era cumuwaqara na vaqara na bula ena veisiga,tauni kei ira mai delaniyavu,sega ni dua na veisau ni bula o kauta mai!!!!
Vosota na vanua sa na mai biuti iko tu kina na KOCOKOCO,DAULABA!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ European Descendant and Kailoma............................

To answer your questions you need to speak to another gentleman of European descent or Kailoma, and that is George Speight.

Why do you think George has been kept quite all this time. Interesting question isnt it.

Another gentleman who has chosen not to speak is Silatolu.

The people of Fiji need to know the truth behind the coup in 1987, 2000 and well 2006 is quite clear. We can see how the 2006 coup has benefitted Frank.

What FRANK and SAVUA cannot deny is that they were well aware of the 2000 coup, prior to its execution and failed in their duty to protect the Nation and prevent the coup from happening. This is the first offence committed by Frank and makes him an accessory to the Treasonous coup executed by Speight and Silatolu.

Things obviously was not going Franks way while Qarase was in power particularly when the role of the military was to be examined and defined given Rabuka allowed the military a lot of slack following the 1987 coup and in his 1997 constitution.

It did not help when the Hoteliers Association got involved apart from the Indian business men and had supported Frank and Kahiyum leading to his statement regarding the qoliqoli bill which made no sense at all like everything statement he makes.

So Mr descendant of a European and Mr Kailoma...speak to another of yours who is wallowing in jail today wondering why. Perhaps he can enlighten us with some truths because Frank needs to be brought to his knees and if Speight reveals...you will be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Roko mate se ko Rokovutukanamaqe, bau nanuma na nomu kawa. Ka kua ni mai sivia tiko I ke na vosavosa vaka vuku. E cava o vaqara number?? Sa qai so na Tamata vakaloloma. Ke o kila ni rawa ni cici vinaka na matanitu e cici tiko, Lako I liu mo Laurai, ka kua ni o mai Vosa waca tiko baleta ni o BOCI ga, sega na ka o rawata. Na vinaka cava sa dou bau cakava na matanitu qoka?? Na nodra laki kau mai na vulagi me Ra mai veiqaravi nomudou matanitu suguraki e vakaraitaki ni lala na qavota, Tamata Gogo, sega na betemudou, ka me bula kina na vanua, saumi tale kina na Tamata vulagi Ra mai cakacaka, nomudou dinau, dou binia ga veisaqata, O cei dou vakoisine?? Taura ga nomu tutu vi kuta , biuta na vanua sega ni dau cila kina na siga..Bai rai na matamu, sivia nomu vayagataki Balu rua, mata dua, iko vata kei 4:41 pm.....lol.

Rauta na nomudrau vakalialiai kemudrau. Matanitu cava toso I liu? Drau raica wale tu ga na do kana, na Logana sa karusa, sa na qai yaga kina nai tutu I kuta...kailaa

Bakola said...

For Qarase, ordinary soldiers killed by CRW were like bakola. He didn't care. he only cared about chief Takiveikata and tried to free him. It's true Takiveikata committed crime against Fijians. He instigated one Fijian to kill another. In my Fijian eyes, this makes him the worst Fijian criminal in history.

Do not forget CRW fired the first shots. They started the bloodletting. As special forces CRW thought and acted like they were somehow superior to fellow soldiers. The viavia levu attitude we Fijians hate so much. Their founder Rabuka treated them like favourite sons. They were quite arrogant, thinking they could take on entire FMF. Their mutiny attempt was amateurish and showed they not as good as they thought. Even than, they should not have been so brutally killed. Especially those ones who were not in camp. Their killing polarised Fijians further.

Frank not only culprit. Qarase, Takiveikata also big culprits. Rabuka shares some blame. And CRW mentor Ilisoni Ligairi, failed British SAS who came to Fiji and want to be big shot, and created stupid myths to fool and impress gullible Fijians – "Invisible Man" and "Mr White" my arse. This kind of bullshit has lot of currency in Africa, and among some in Fiji too.

Too much crap and glorying fiji military and violence, tribalism, racism, bullying, thieving, corruption primarily by Fiji leaders has fucked Fijians and Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Well Bakola, all these leaders should bear the responsibilities of the coup events of 87 and 2000 but was there any real need for the 2006 coup.

Was there a need to dig a deeper hole which has now resulted in over glorified Militarism. Tribalism, well its unfortunate but that is a part and parcel of a cultural way of life of the itaukei and progress is in conflict with its communal way of life however, it is a key component of maintaining respect within the family value, extending to the village and forward from there and it is important to keep these traditional values that make us unique in culture and tradition in its tribal sense.

Politics is racist, always will and always has been. It is the only way to control the masses. In our lack of knowledge and understanding of progress and its impact on our social behavious this has led to thieving, corruption and all sorts of political decay we are experiencing.

Leaders that do not have the vision and strength to take a country foward will basicly as you said f..k the people up. The same can be said in any country.

The key issue however is that the PEOPLE HAVE TO HAVE THE VOICE TO BE HEARD AND TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT IS NOT RIGHT and the sum of it all is unequal when you have a Military Government in place which bullies its people, that is corrupt, steals and does what they please because they are the watch dogs and unfortunately, they will not be able to contain themselves. It always happens, they will flex their muscles but one day, just as we age, things will change.

Anonymous said...

Rokomate nomu theory sa ucui iko ga.

Qoka nai tuvatuva sa tiko me na laki Laurai mada se cava sa o bau tau kena e na loma ni yabaki o tokoni tiko mai kina na matanitu veilecayaki qoka.

A E vica mada na property e nomu?
B na cava na nomu I tutu e vanua ni cakacaka?
C Bau vica toka na nomu underwear.
D E vica na I lavo e tu na nomu account?
E Sa vi ca na koroi sa soli vailoa vei iko e na loma ni yabaki 7 qoka, se o muri mavolo voli ga, qai boica jiko yani na muaimuri Nei ka liu jiko.

Waraka tiko na siga ni sa na yali yasamu nomuitutuvi kuta, ya na siga o na Lai assess taki kina

Anonymous said...

Dauniwalesi Rokomate o llaki dusi ira tiko na con man mai valagi, at least they standing up for their country. Vacavi rau na conman lelevu o sega ni kidavi rau tiko qori, sa voleka tale ni kania na I oti oti ni dedrau, se sega ga ni o kidavi rau. Sa levu nano drau liu muri taka nomu matanitu o se moce boko ga. Sogota mada na vale ni walesi qori sega na bête na de lakolako rau voli taki iko tale na con artist lelevu qori, wili kina o iko , KANA LOTO

Anonymous said...

Interesting debate starting from Anon 3.43. I have always maintained that Qarase and Chaudhary are just as responsible for the mass we are in as Frank. To start of with had Chaudhary been more humble during his reign as PM the itaukei would have accepted him slowly but surely. I have always believed that the itaukei race is the most accepting and accommodating in the world. The key to their acceptance is humbleness. This is one trait that Mr. Chaudhary does not have. He should have also used the guidance of the GCC more on land issues which he did not do. The problem with a thug like Chaudhary is that they always think they know it all just like Khaiyum. In so far as Qarase is concerned i think other bloggers have said all that needs to be said. Despite the weaknesses of these 2 morons had they learnt how to work together for the good of all citizens in this country we would have never had the coup. The greatest irony is seeing them working together now when the bird has left the nest so to speak. The lack of selfless leadership is the curse of all black run countries sadly. We can't seem to find the right leaders even after 40 years post independence. I think for this country too move forward all the past leaders of this country need to do some soul searching and publicly apologize to the people of this country for their wrongs. The good average hardworking people of this country of all races and faiths have just suffered to much because of the poor and spineless leadership displayed by our politicians in the last 20 to 25 years. We deserve better.

Mahen 'chorwa' chaudhry said...

Anon 9.48, we Indians call chaudhry chor meaning thief. Preach about honesty and transparency but practice none of it. Stole farmers' donations and fill FLP with friends and family. He is only there for himself. Much worse than Qarase. At least Qarase tried multi-party government. He gave good ministerial posts to FLP but not good enough for greedy maichod mahen. The man who fucked up multi-party and Fiji was chaudhry and he support 2006 coup in the beginning. Only when frank kick his arse, he turn against coup. Worst and most destructive leader in Fiji's history. Everything he touched turned into shit.

Yamata Vuni said...

Suli ko tutaka tiko na Democratic movement, ia ko tokona tiko na BLV ka sega ni Democratic na lewedra.Na lotu Wesele e sa sega ni lotu sa vaka na Party ni politiki.Sa vakaitavi vakarua na lotu Wesele ena rua na vuaviri,oya e vakaraitaka ni sega ni lotu,levu na lewena sa ra ribatani kina ,CMF,All Nations Church etc.Kalougata ni sa digitaki o Rev. Waqairatu me vakalesua na lotu ni na nona i tavi dina, e dodonu me qarava oya nai vavakoso lewenilotu,sega ni politiki.
Na leqa oqo: kemudou sega vakadua ni vakabauta na Wesele kei na BLV ni na coup taki na nomudou Party oya na SDL.Dou nanuma ni sa taucoko ka mau na nomudou kaukauwa ena vanua,lotu,kei na mataivalu ka ka ni rarawa ni dou mai vuaviritaki mai vua e dua na katolika.Kemudou dou a sega ni tauri History ena gauna ni vuli.Kila na i balebale ni vosa 'Dark Ages' ke sega io nomu homework oqori laki vakasaqara na kenai balebale e na dolava na matamu kei na nomu vakasama.Kakua ni dou beci ira na Katolika,e tu kina na i yau kei vuravura kei na kaukauwa talega - vaka politiki kei na lotu.Taro, sa bau dua se rua na Peresitedi se PM ni matanitu levu o USA se Aust se NZ se Canada e sikova na i liuliu ni Lotu Wesele me vaka na nodra sikova na Pope?.o kila vinaka na sau ni taro.Na i vali mai Ireland ko kila na vuna? Dua tale na nomu homework.Dou kua ni dau veibeci na Lotu Wesele kei na BLV de drau Deregister Taki.Sa rogoca?Drau muria na nomudrau i yatu de drau na sarava na kaukauwa e tiko vei keitou na katolika.O Merika,NZ,Great Britain wilikina na matanitu o tiko kina oqori Aust. e ra vakarorogo vei keitou.O ira na neitou ka tiko oqori e Aust. dou a katalau vata ga na mataka ena noa.Sega sara ni dua na ka dredre vei keitou, me keitou tarai iko.Qarauna na i tavi ko vakaicolacola taki iko kina oqori,tarogi iko tale se sa dodonu li se segai?

Anonymous said...

Bisinisi vou.
The one and only toilet paper that will govern your anal properly...bkc tp

Anonymous said...

YAMATA VUNI, iko karasi se dua tale na ka e caka jiko vei iko. O Suli e tu ga e yasana vei gauna taucoko o Col Baledrokadroka, ya dua na turaga ka cavutu mai na dua na vuvale lotu Katolika kaukauwa, cala tu madaga kina nomu claim......bothy

Anonymous said...

Vinaka na vosa tiko.Sa da matalau na vakarorogo keina wiliwili.Ni kalougata saka..

Anonymous said...

Ni bula vinaka na Sotia Professional mai na British Army,o
keimami na gone ni Viti ka tu oqo
e South-Africa-keitou lewe 10,keitou sa Vakama na constitution
ena bogi ena vale nei Timoci? Yes
we burnt this useless piece of Garbage? That's right,go on people
in Fiji...do it anywhere burn it
and do it like we've done? Tell Bai
to go fuck himself?

Anonymous said...

Yamata Vuni
Vaka na veiba ni kalasi 1 nomu vosa.
Ulukau ga na ulukau qai viavia veiliutaki, turaga, vuku.
Kena ca gona na butako tutu keina koco i lavo sa guilecavi na kai viti.
dou caita na BKC.
Toso tiko na vakama BKC ragone.

Anonymous said...

anon sept 30 9.48pm
god bless bro (though you hurled a few curses) - the most sensible blog and accurate i 've seen since 2006 coup.

Anonymous said...

@ anon Sept 30 9:48 PM

I agree also. MPC was a thief. Corruption is embedded in the Fiji mindset.

The Aussie democracy movement allowed Chor jnr. to speak for them and obliterated their credibility by doing so.

Where will Fiji find an honest leader?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Local people in Namosi say Newcrest Mining is destroying their home, identity and future and want all exploration activities stopped...




Anonymous said...

Kemuni na viavia kai Viti tu mai vanua tani,

Ke mani kamam vaka dua na bilioni na Constitution, at the end of the day it is the Constitution of Fiji now and forever will be, period.

Try and be more useful to your adopted countries instead of being useless.

Moce Jo....

orisi said...

@ anon 11.10 am. Do you know the amount of remittance received in Fiji annualy from Fijians living abroad, you will be amazed how productive they are.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:48pm...

What we the people of Fiji have failed to understand and reform is the impact of colonialism in Fiji with its divide and rule concept. This has led to a lack of understanding and appreciation of the various races and cultures who have accepted Fiji as their home. This became evident when Fiji gained independence with the races still divided and polarised even amongst Fiji Indians themselves which raised its ugly head when the NFP won the 1977 (I believe) elections. Sidiq Koya was the leader of the party and a muslim. This led to in house fighting with the Hindoos demanding they select a PM being the majority members of the party. The muslims were only 15% of the Indian population in Fiji at that time. This split the Indian NFP party resulting in the formation of the Labour party. The same with the Alliance Party. When Butadroka started the Nationalist Party, he split the Fijian vote resulting in the Alliance Party loss to the NFP Party as stated previously.

The on going saga of racial politics continued from there but there was no real appreciation of the history of Fiji created by the various races who have contributed immensely to the Fiji we have today.

The loss to the NFP party way back in the 70s created a flame of Nationalism within the iTaukei resulting in the 1987 coup which was widely accepted and applauded by 90% of iTaukei including Frank himself.

Chaudary did what he believed was right but he like Frank was fueled with a vendetta caused by the events of the 1987 coup. Many Fiji Indians today still harbour this feeling of anger and bitterness towards what happened in 1987 and the story of rape, abuse, thieving, murders and brutality is still spoken amongst them. The bitter pill has somewhat subsided when Frank committed the treasonous 2006 coup and they watched the same brutality meted to the iTaukei which for some of them feel is justifiable given what they endured in 1987. The 2000 coup whilst Chaudary was in power was another bitter pill however, iTaukei attached and brutalised/ killed each other and amongst the Indians they hoped the iTaukei would rid each other without the Indians being involved themselves.

Fiji needs to be reformed but not in the way Frank is going about it. The process has to be democratic involving the people of Fiji who has to have a say. A constitution is only a document and the document can only come to life when people understand the document and becaome a part of the Nation and the process of doing their part in making Fiji a better place to live.

We have all had Indian, Chinese, part European, Solomon Island and other races as neighbours and despite the difference in colour, language, hair, food, religion, customs and culture, we grew up with our neighbours with a sense of appreciation and understanding of each other.

to be cont..

Anonymous said...


The past leaders have failed the Nation by instilling a sense of appreciation for each other (races). Qarase wanted to bridge the huge difference in the business industry given the Fiji Indians hold 85% of businesses in Fiji but the process was faulty from the start. Having said that, any new idea will always have its faults and the idea is to improve them as you went along. The only problem was that many who jumped on the band wagon had no morals or integrity and for that, Qarase spent time in Jail which he like any true leader and gentleman, took the prison time without complaint and in fact, when he was released from jail, he acknowledged what he gained rather than what he lost which is reflective of a person of high calibre and I salute him for that.

Chaudary will always be Chaudary and the ideals of the Labour Party, works for the hard working citizen where the Union movements represent them especially for a country like Fiji which has been exploited since Independence and beyond.

Fiji needs to reunite and have an appreciation of each other, iTaukei for other races and vice versa. People should have a better understanding and appreciation of the tremendous contribution every race has made and Fiji has a lot more to offer.

This cannot be achieved with a Military Dictator. Though Frank has promised elections for 2014, it guarantees nothing because we have a military council who acts as a watch dog over whoever is elected into Government and therefore, will be influenced by the Military.

Anonymous said...

Was a bit chilly in NZ last night so I used my copy of the BKC as firestarter. Burnt well too....with all the yameyame contained within.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:07pm....

Rajend Chaudary is exercising his freedom of speech. The same cannot be said about Frank who is unelected and chooses to represent the country on his own accord.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! People complaining against the govt are scared to death their arses will be "fooked" in the next election when Bainimarama's party wins. You people are scared stiff that is why you winge so much on this blog. As for burning the constitution, those who are WRITING so boldly here have NO GUTS to burn even a single page here in my country!! Haha!! You people are scared of the govt so you go to another country and flex your muscle you cowards sonalevus...all of you complaining seem to have been raped at the barracks...hahaha!! Keep it coming in...as if your comments will make a shit of a difference to this government. The more you hate the stronger the govt's intent becomes. Happy whining, all of you niggas...lmao!! COWARDS!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:10am...A cava sara mada na betena nomu via butuka sobu kina na nodra rai eso era sa rarama cake mai vei iko. Kevaka ko sega ni kila vakataudonu na leqa e yacovi Viti tiko nikua ena vukuni veiliutaki vaka wauviri e cakava tiko ko Voreqe, kona sega ga ni taura rawa na vei leqa taucoko ena yacova noda vanua lomani mai muri. Ira na noda mai peretania era vakayacora tikoga na veika era vakabauta e sega ni dodonu. Kevaka ko sega ni duavata kina, esai koya. Ko sana kila na yasana cava ni gaunisala ko na rawa ni duri mai kina. Kevaka e sega ni tiko e dua mena dau veivakadodonutaki tiko, e vinaka cake meda tamata lialia nida na ciqoma na veika e tukuni mai vei keda, eda na sega ni wasea rawa. Vuli vakaukauwa mo rawa niko na rai vaka raraba ka rarama kina na nomu vakasama. Na coqa ena yaco ga.

Kalougata tiko nomuni bula kei na bula ni nomuni matavuvale.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:55pm...

Its not about hate, nor whinging. Its about educating people to understand the implications of such an important document to a country.

You mentioned the word FEAR and the events following 2006 should have given you an indication of how the current Military Government runs the country and have subjugated, where your freedom has been limited.

I ask you, do you want your children to be raised in such an environment. Do you firmly believe that the plans Frank has for Fiji is transparent, open, unbiased and free.

Why did he even bother bringing such an academic as Ghai to Fiji initially to draft a Constitution and disregard it totally treating Ghai in such a disrespectful manner.

The language you use in your blog itself is reflective of how you have adopted Frank's ways...

Fiji is a country built on foundation of humbleness with christian and other religious values that holds the people together and is fragmented by political chaos.

Though the numbers that protest appear small, the silent majority protesting in Fiji is large.

We are fortunate people have not reacted in a violent way towards the events of 2006 and thereafter and our religious values perhaps has a great part to play.

We however should pray that nothing extreme happens and people will try to get Frank to see the error of his ways and allow a Democratic Government to lead the country forward.

At the moment you may not realise it but your life is controlled by those who tell you what you can think and say and I am not surprised at your reaction on this blog. THINK

Anonymous said...

Wananavu Courts, finally these whinging people will realise, that no one cares about their burning the constitution anon 12:21, if its to warm your rear, so what, it only goes to show you're really bad in terms of living conditions and can't get enough heating at home thus you need to burn stuff to get warm, hahahahahaha, while we here in Fiji are enjoying the warmth of a great Fijian sunshine, too bad you so called overseas Fijians.

As someone already mentioned, burning a billion copies of the Constitution will not even tickle the government of Fiji because this Constitution is here to stay and all you whinging b@#t@#$ds can go to hell.

Na lusi wale na nomuni masese e na vakama Constitution, na matanitu o Viti kei na Vanua o Viti e sa na toso ga ki liu, me vaka ga na i vosavosa mai vei keitou mai na tebara, "NA QAI QO SA NA QAI GA, KE O VINAKATA SE WARAI, NA BASI QO E NA TERI WARAKI IKO GONEI".

Sa dri yani.....

Anonymous said...

@ 1:11pm....Isa gonei...me yaco sara ivei na qai qori ni teri matata se bau savasava nai tuvatuva ni veika ni matanitu ko Viti. Ko na qai ga vaka mataboko. Kevaka e kauti iko kina dua na bari savu ko Voreqe ka kaya vei iko mo lade, ko na lade.

Na saqa ena yaco ga me rawa moni vakavulici kina na lewei Viti ni yalo ciqociqo ia, ni mataboko taka na dina ni ca ni vei liutaka na sotia ka kenai cavuta vaka peretania na Dictatorship.

Na ka walega e vakaraitaki tiko yani ena kena laki vakamai na Constitution baleta na kenai tuvatuva mai na kena vakatokari me volai vou e dua na Constitution ena nona kau mai ko Ghai kei na nona laki cemuri, na kena sega ni rogoci vaka raraba na duidui vakasama ni lewe ni vanua kei na kena vakaukautaki na nodratou tabana na mataivalu ena kena vakaraici na matanitu ena sega ni solia vei keda na luvei Viti kei ira na noda kawa mai muri na galala (freedom).

Kevaka ko nanuma tiko niko tamata galala (Free), lai duri mada yani ena vuni ivi veibasai kei na ANZ Bank, ko vunauca na nomu nanuma ni vinaka na matanitu nei Voreqe.

E dau vinaka ni tiko na veisaqasaqa mena rawa ni yaco kina na veivakadodonu taki ka kua ga na yaco na nodra dui le eso, me vaka esa yaco tiko nonai le ko Voreqe.

Kevaka e sega vei ira na wekada mai peretania na loloma mera kua ni vosataka mai na cala, keda na tu qo e Viti eda na vaka dudu ulu tuga, donu se cala ia ni yaco na leqa mai muri, eda na qai vei beitaki. Rai vakararaba mo rawa ni vakila kina na dina kei na vinaka. E sega ni dua na veivakasaurarataki eratou vakayacora tiko eratou na wekada mai peretania era protest takina tiko e dua na ka era kila ni sega beka ni dodonu. Masulaka vua na kalou na tamada me solia mai vei keda na rarama kei na dina meda sereki mai na ca. Kevaka e sega, vodoka madaga yani na basi nei Voreqe ka o kana loto toka madaga kina ia, na neitou masu ena yacovi iko yani.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:10PM

This is Anon 12:55pm. And who gave you the right to become my lecturer? I use a few vulgar words and you start acting all holy, aye! Hey Nigga, lemme tall ya this..I don't even effin care who rules this country...there's been enuf shit flowing already and the minority is here...right HERE on this blog. I know how I want my children NOT to grow up...and that is the way the way you guys are complaining, running around with hate, smearing each other with poo (maybe licking some as well..hahaha). So get a life and do something practical , nigga. Stop wasting your time here because you can yell all you want, burn as many constitutions as you want....no one gives a penny's worth of hoot to you fellas...you get that? And once again, if you're not happy with this country, catch the next ride to Australia...don't even care who you are or what land you own...no one gives a "F" to that anyway. In so saying no one wants your land. You guys just listen to the crazy prophet of hate shouting from the hilltop and start barking like dogs...lol.
Niggas have a better life than most of your likes here on this forum...! Oh, and grinding your teeth will not hurt anyone BUT you! Get this in your head, pal...the constitution has been presented to the UN and whether it's good or bad will be decided when time unfolds. So happy living, fellas (oh, and don't stop barking just yet, ok? Carry on till the elections... :)

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:47pm.....lol...

Minority than you must be a kailoma or part european...I would not be surprises if you live in Lautoka and your surname ends with Smith....shall I say more...

By the way you should care who administers this country and how it is administered because it impacts on you.

Oh I must mention there was a couple of guys who wrote in earlier as Kai Colo or something like that. They write as you do like they have smoked some good s..t. Perhaps you should join them for a number or two...kudos

Anonymous said...

Lets burn the Constitution...It does not have the mandate of the people but only favor this illegal regime who is trying to cover up ways of being brought to justice.....Every dog has its day...your days are numbered. I feel sorry for all Fijian who are blinded by what they are trying to implement...but we can only be ruled by our freely given consent,not by force or by an illegal way of constructing the Law of the Land.
God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:10PM

Where were you when the country was brought to her knees in 1987 and 2000? Where were all the whinging people back then? So,let me correct this for you, you guys only get hyped up when your toe gets stepped on, aye! No one cared for thousands who suffered at the hands of Rabuka and Speight...so why care now? Losers you lot are... (facepalm coming up for you guys on Sep 11, 2014)

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:23pm...man oh man...where was I....probably baby sitting you...lol...now dont take that to heart...

Of course people cared but than again Frank is no different to Rabuka and Speight. He is also stepping on your toe but at the moment you dont mind.

If your saying Rabuka and Speight were treasonous and wrong, I agree with you and Rabuka should be sharing a cell next to Speight. Does this mean Frank's coup was good and what he did was for the benefit of the nation that the people of Fiji should be subjugated and our freedom limited or taken away.

We have come a very long way from 1970 (Independence) and our first coup in 1987.

We continue to fall back onto our swords of coup and racial discrimination and are allowing these coup mongers to dictate rather than throw our hands up in the air, say we have had enough and the will of the people should be heard.

Frank needs to go back to the barracks... There is a whole lot of healing to be done between the various races and people of Fiji but it does not help us continuing with this race politicis which Frank himself is also exploiting to benefit himself.

C'mon you dont really believe Frank is good for the country can you. As long as he keeps his soldiers happy and continues with his military propaganda some of which you have identified in your last comment, people will nod their heads and say yes, Franks coup was the right move but it has taken us back 50 years and the recovery time will impact our future. The extent of damage he has caused the country will be revealed once the country returns to Democracy and perhaps than you will slap him in the face.

If people are not allowed to voice their opinion about what they feel concerning Government policies and in particular such an important document the Constitution, you might as well slap yourself in the face when your realise its implications.

Fiji must be set free from its tyranny and oppression.

There are many challenges for Fiji however, these challenges can only be fought if we unite as a nation and this can only be achieved through a democratic process involving the various races.

We may be losers now but if we allow Frank and his offsider Khaiyum to continue with their explotation and dictatorial implementation of Government Policies and the Constitution, everyone will be losers and we will ask ourselves, why didnt we do anything about it.

You should be able to read the lines on the palm of your hands by this time.

Take Care my friend and I hope you and your family all the best. Look after your boys.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Suli, o keimami na gone ni Viti ka tiko e Hawaii keimami sa
vakama talega na Bai&Kai constitution.Absolutely, we've got
together on Saturday night and decided that the Bai&Kai toilet
paper constitution deserved to be
burnt. After we took the majority
vote of all Fijians,it was decided to put the works of these two block-heads into the fire?

Anonymous said...

Date set to burn constitution
10th October Fiji Day.

Let your voice be heard and send a photo of the burning of the constitution on this historic day for Fiji to show the Military Junta our protest.

Anonymous said...

Suliasi mai Aussie, dou bula na wekada mai keri? Vinaka vakalevu
na opposition to the Fiji dictator
and his group of thugs?
Yes, i'm
writting from Boston USA and i'm
happy to informed all Fijians that
we've Burnt that stupid constitution in Seru's backyard on
Saturday night?
Sa mai caka talega
e dua na kena Yaqona, ka sa talo e dua na bilo vei Rokola me lai samuta na polo nei Bai?
So keep an eye on Bai's hand, if its going low
a lots, than Rokola may have succeeded in striking that fatal

Anonymous said...

will this ever happen in Fiji???

OK Tedi Mining Ltd has been ordered by a provincial land court to pay compensation to the mine-pit landowners in the Star Mountains.

The decision by the Kiunga provincial land court effectively recognises the Kimka Sepiyan sub-tribe Land Group Incorporated (KSSLGI) as the principal landownersof the Special Mining Lease of the Ok Tedi mine.

They have been neglected of benefits in terms of services, equity, business developments grants and compensation to amounting “millions of kina”.

ni sa moce kaivitis...vote kaiyuma dn baini and this is what will happen

Anonymous said...

...will never happen...

Anonymous said...

anon 1:11
re your comments ", it only goes to show you're really bad in terms of living conditions and can't get enough heating at home thus you need to burn stuff to get warm, hahahahahaha, while we here in Fiji are enjoying the warmth of a great Fijian sunshine, too bad you so called overseas Fijians.

Waia.....drau bau gole mada i valagi me bau rai na matamu ka mo bau vulica e so na ka. There are such things as fireplaces ......drau kesu vaka ceke. Kua soti na via vakils tiko man. Lai taqari mada......vakayagataka na BKC o saki taka tiko mai qori. FARQUE

Anonymous said...

dou caita na BKC baleta sa kauta na kaukauwa me taqomaka noqu qele o ira noqu turaga na mata ni Bose Levu Vakaturaga kina Seneti.
Qo sa sega baleta sa kauta tani na matanitu sona levu qo.

rajend naidu said...

We learn from ABC Four Corners "Cover Up" that one of the key figures in the Reserve Bank of Australia corruption scandal was identified as " an allegedly corrupt Malaysian arms dealer" named Abdul Kayum Syed Ahmad.
Has any Fiji military regime wallahs had any dealings with this gentleman?
We know Fiji regime wallahs are very chummy with the Malaysian mob.
And Malaysia is well known for its corruption.

Anonymous said...

Me da raica ga na levu ni veilewai ni tauri i lavo vakatawadodonu e na oma ni matanitu e ra sa cakava na vakailesilesi vakamatanitu, mai na Immigration, Education, PWD, kei na so tale.

Sa dredre na bula sa levu na veivakaqumi, e na i lavo, na kaloko, na qita kei na so tale ka sega ni laurai.

Sa ra driva ga mai cake sa ra na mai driva talega e ra. A matanitu e drivati, sa ra na veidrivati talega na lewena.

Roko Mate said...


Anonymous said...

Wananavu Roko mate!,kaya kina,kaya vei ira.Rairai sa tiko beka na leqa i vale, ia, qai mai ceburaki tiko eke.
So tale na bulago mai nakoro ratu walesi,me so tale.

mahns said...


Anonymous said...

People should collect funds to hire a lawyer to take criminal frank/khaiyum and army bastards to ICC.

Voreqe Bainimarama said...

Roko Mate. Kauta nomu I tutuvi KUTA drau lai veivutusona kei Kaiyum.
Tamata ulukau.

Anonymous said...

Ira na sotia vakataki Roko Mate sa laurai tu ga vei ira na levu ni ulukau .
Sa sega ni vakayagataki na qavokavoka. Sa toso tu ga ena Ïo Saka"
Soli ga yani na order
Cu mada o iko. "Ïo saka"
Lai cu vei Kaiyum."Ïo saka".
Lai cu vei Davies. Io saka"
Sa sega na vakasama, se dodonu tu na order se cala.
Ira sa kitaka tu ga na cu vakaveitalia.
Ni yavu veivutusona na sotia, Mataivalu ni solisona.

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