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Friday, September 6, 2013

Fiji police try to stop Constitution protest

The Fiji spirit is still strong. 

The numbers were small but a worthy show of protest today outside government house in Suva.

The peaceful protest was led by the coalition for democracy, UFDF, which delivered its petition to the President's aide at Government House.

The regime's 2013 Constitution is due to be formally promulgated by Epeli Nailatikau today at 3.30pm. 

Fourteen protestors, including the chair of the Fiji Women's Rights Movement, Priscilla Singh, and a number of other pro-democracy supporters, have been detained by police at Toorak. 

All UFDF leaders are outside CID in Toorak, waiting for word from inside. The detainees have lawyers with them.

Update at 2.45pm: These lawyers negotiated the release of the protestors today and deserve to be mentioned:
Munro Leys' Richard Naidu, Patricia Naisara team, Siwatibau & Sloan's Mary Muir & Peter Katia; Ravi Singh & Ramen Singh. 


Lawyer Richard Naidu negotiating release

Photo after being released

The Fiji Women's Right's Movement released this statement after the protest:

Urgent Alert – Fiji citizens in police custody over silent protest
SUVA: At around 11.15 this morning six Fiji Women’s Rights Movement staff, including our Board Vice-President, staff from the Pacific Centre for Peace-building and approximately six other Fiji citizens were taken into custody by the police outside the President’s (Government) House.
They are currently at the Criminal Investigation Department in Toorak, Suva and as of 11.40am have been formally arrested and have had their phone seized – charge yet to be confirmed to the citizens in custody. 
They were part of a group of citizens silently protesting against the Constitution, which the Fiji President is due to sign this morning.
After refusing to put down protest banners, they were taken into custody and transported to Toorak.
We will keep updating as news comes to hand. 
In solidarity,
Fiji Women’s Rights Movement

Forecefully removing protestors and their banners
Checking bus

Checking posters
In the crowd


Anonymous said...

Bail set at $1000. In directly, they are actually funding the Government which they do not recognize and will follow the legal system they so dearly despise.

paula raqeukai said...

good show of peaceful protest against the BKC forceful and illegal constitution....that's the spirit of unity I for one will support the cause and the medium of peaceful protest....we need reconciliation, ask for forgiveness by the regime to the people of Fiji of its treason act in December 5 2006 and then establish a truth commission to start a new beginning for Fiji....

Fiji said...

The commissioner of police should be ashamed of what he allowed his offers to do.

But wait a minute, he did actually allowed the United front to gather didn't he, The United front should have done much better and get bus load of people from Rewa and around fiji to stage the protest.

Today could have set history and set us all free ... planning people . must be done with perfection against these devils.

tevita said...

Ladies and Gentlemen

lets all go to Suva city now .. just flood the city . then we will see how police will react...

they cant, they don't have the manpower:

I am going into city now .. come on people ...

totolo said...

they sent the tactical response unit with the normal police officers? that wasnt required. if the country is supposedly free from emergency rule, then why wasn't a peaceful demonstration of peoples opinions about the govt and the constitution allowed? if this is happening, no prizes for guessing how the "free and fair" elections are going to go next year?

Anonymous said...

These people have more balls than most contributors on this Forum!!!!

Anonymous said...

@anon 0102pm

Karrection(sic)my boy, pussy not balls!!!

Anonymous said...


missed it said...

I was in the city this morning at 10.m. and left the city at 11a.m after walking from the Suva City Library end all the way to MHCC. Am surprised by this as I didn't see anything unexpected at all but of course, I hadn't gone across the other way to the Govt House on Queen Elizabeth Drive or I would have seen the protesters.

I also didn't know anything about the protest and I'm a paying member of the Fiji Women's Rights Movement. They could have sent us info on email at least and I would hve been there to support.

Anonymous said...

when it was time to attack an indian prime-minsters Govt,thousands of devils gathered.remember 2000 coup.today only 14 ,where have the rest of the demons gone,into hiding knowing no tevoro coward acts will work....Fijians are cowards ,only good in bullying the Indians..14 ..hahaahha/..lamusonas

Anonymous said...

yes it forward fiji, sega tale na suka i muri toso viti,sa dravudravua ga mai na levu ni protest vaqo forward fiji

Anonymous said...


Ratu Sai said...

A show of courage and commitment for what they believe in by this group. Certainly shows up the hypocrisy of this regime and the hollow ring of their rhetoric of true democracy. The group was so small and insignificant it didn't deserve such a response from police. A couple of officers would have been adequate to warn and disperse them. Now the regime in their stupidity have played into their hands, drawing the attention of the media, the country and the international community to the show.

missed it said...

@ 1.28pm idiot

Calling our i-taukei 'devils, tevoro and demons' doesn't help the cause for freedom and democracy, does it? Or are you here from the goon squad on your usual 'divide and rule' mission.

Anonymous said...

mostly women ,and the faggot UFDF Faggot politicans .where have the so called warriors of fiji gone..bet George Speight must be wearing a grass skirt by now in prison getting humped by his new masters....reap what you sow...read your bible back to front...girmit is coming..apes will be put to hard labor this time

Anonymous said...

@totolo 12:49 PM

Have to disagree with you.

The lovely lady with the red beret is wearing a necklace and those beads may be wooden in addition there's a good chance that she also has a nail file concealed within that handbag !

missed it said...

Oh puhleese! What harm can some feather-weight wooden necklace do? They're not ball-berries to whack you with or poisoned candy to shove into your mouth.

Anonymous said...

@missed it 1:52 PM

You certainly did.

Obviously you do not recognise humour.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1226pm for. Its the cause not the cost that is worth fighting for

@paula raqeukai 1229pm. I agree with you bro, read Nelson Mandelas speech, trial 1964.

We cannot & must not turn a blind eye to whats happening around us. Out of cannibalism & tribal wars, we built a nation & enforced the rules that gave its meaning. And did so because we believe that the rights of individuals to live in peace and dignity depends on our leaders.

But if we really do want to turn away from taking action, then we must acknowledge the cost of doing nothing.

missed it said...


Neither do you.

Yes, I certainly did. :)

Anonymous said...

where have all the men gone!!!!!!!!!
Adi senikau?
women taking charge!!!
men only commenting on blog as anonymous, no balls.
men, kerei keitou na adi senikau!!
Au se tagane mada!!!!! Se sa da mai to vata ga?.......welei....sivia ga na nomuni via enter the dragon tiko kemuni na men......dou vuki mada me keitou sa tagane mada...levu ga na nomuni voso.......ni tagane dina mada!!!

Anonymous said...

sa laurai tiko ni ra sa sega ni teve na kaiviti, sa sega ni moku rawa o REN, Kai kei Bai. na ka kecega mera sa cakava ga na yalewa ena vukui Viti me da bula kina na kawa i Taukei.. bloody sh@#$%

Kai Bau said...

At least now we can see and feel that some people have balls to stand up and show peaceful protest as such...good on you and keep it up..big fire starts with just a spark and although the numbers seems to be small but i can tell that your hearts are bigger than those numbers...Vinaka keep it coming and a big encouragement for us all.

Undha said...

Great stuff Richard Naidu. At least here is someone (and others from Munro's) who dont mind sticking their necks out for others.

Anonymous said...

The job of freeing our country from the hands of these
thugs, definitely belong
to every peace
loving Fijians?
No matter whether
they be women,men,children,or old folks, we're in it together?
First protest since
Bainimarama screwed up our country
in 2006? Ok Bai& Khaiyum this is the beginning of the end for your
Now is the time to
take these bastards out by the bullets even before the ballets?
Can someone lend me a rifle please?
I need to do some shooting practise

Stand Up For Fiji said...

Hope for Fiji yet! Thank you Fiji wimmin and UFDF

missed it said...

No permit was given, so that explains it!

Bravo and a vinaka vakalevu to the brave protesters for the meaningful & effective show of solidarity against the siging of the junta's constitution by Fiji's puppet president, Epeli Nailatikau.

Police arrest protesters
Friday, September 06, 2013
Update: 1:18PM A GROUP of people who displayed placards outside the Government House today in a bid to protest against the Presidential assent of the 2013 Constitution have been arrested.

The group consisting mainly of youths who were protesting together with some of Fiji's major political party leaders, trade unionists and civil society organisations were arrested by police as they had no permit to do so.

Speaking to this newspaper police chief operations office ACP Rusiate Tudravu said the arrest was a normal process to try and advice that the group has to follow the rule of the law.

"We will interview them and should there be any breach of law, then we will have to follow the normal process," ACP Tudravu said.

He said under the amendment decree, any gathering should have a permit in a public place.

"If you do not do it we have to step in. It's just a proactive measure from our side.

"There were no permits, they (group) have been taken to CID headquarters," he said.

The general secretary of the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions Attar Singh said the protesters are opposing the assent process of the Constitution.

"We had a very good rally at the FTA hall yesterday and decided that we should now present a petition to the President to say that the position is incorrect and we are asking for a revised process for Constitution making and a way ahead towards elections," he said.

Mr Singh said the protest was a peaceful assembly and people had the right to tell the world of what was happening.

Police investigations are continuing.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of losers these protesters are. Get a life, go find a better cause to waste your time on. I'm sure the cops have better things to do than to round all you muppets up.

Anonymous said...

Girmit is coming,redy for long time forced labor.what happened to the tai-levu and naitasiri pussies,all chickened out .the curse of Mawniweni has returned.Nikil Singh and bunch of indian gandus with the indian chick potraying to be freedom fighter will get their pussies wipped.forget fiji save your ass,constitution is law now,like it or not.Barbarian days are over,canibals tamed

missed it said...

Agree Undha. That's what I love about Richard Naidu, he's so predictable, and has been at it for a long, long time and at a great personal expense. Many thanks Richie. :)

missed it said...

@ 3.03pm

Well obviously the cops didn't hve anything better to do - like catch the treasonous corrupt thieves at the helm of power who're helping themselves to the national treasury, at will..

Anonymous said...

Government lack professionalism, it’s very sad that people who voice on concerns have to go to jail, I recently did a survey in Airports Fiji Limited, Result: A/CEO Naushad Ali & his brother GEMI - Janaka kumara were involved in accepting commission from Labasa Runway Project, Terminal Modernization Project, recruited audit staff on special preference and breaching done in recruitment policy, increased salary of few staff without proper guidelines, favoritism and poor independent in decision making.
Naushad Ali a current corrupt government personal, advertise vacant position as Business Analysis, intake as Audit Executive, increased her pay and then promote her as Senior Audit Executive” and the initial advertisement was for Business Analysis but appointment done a senior Audit Executive: No equal opportunity given and breach of company recruitment policy.
Special pay rise to his chosen ones and only has 7% of support in Airports Fiji Limited, the rest passed vote of no confidence.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anon 3.22
dua ga e fire taka nomu back

Tevoro Moro

Anonymous said...

luv those indian gals with lots of guts than rajend and rajesh sheltering overseas the gandhus

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 2:23
If you want to see big balls , go and look under Kaiyum's sulu.
Ask the Fijian soldiers. They've been handling that polo for long time.
Fijian soldier masipolo to Kaiyum and Bai.
So if you want polo, go and masi that polo.

missed it said...

For certain regime bloggers who think that the open and peaceful protest this morning in Suva did not amount to anything significant since there was no disturbance of the public peace (the numbers of the protesters that turned up were just a 'drop in the ocean' - understandably so given that they couldn't mobilise more people given the circumstances) - then why did the police interfere with their right to peacefully express their views in public? Did they have nothing better to do?

No please. Save the 'no stupid permit' line on an event that has national significance & public interest implications. That'll be trotting down the shallow and self-serving path.. so utterly boring.

Similarly, comparing protesters numbers between Australia and Fiji without a word on their contextual realities.. is the difference between cheese and chalk. Yawn...

missed it said...

A clarification in case of a possible mischievous interpretation:

"Did they (POLICE) have nothing better to do?"

Yes We Can said...

Fiji still very afraid of the power of the people. If it wasn't there wouldn't be police at the protest and there wouldn't decrees - or soldiers and guns trained on citizens.

The protest and arrest is a victory for the democracy movement - if there is a shortcoming it is that there were not thousands alongside UFDF and the NGOs and 14 instead of 14 hundred were arrested.

Imagine if we had managed that.

Anonymous said...

Burn the BKC .Vinaka guys .police had no guts to touch the leaders -lamu.

Anonymous said...

Ulukau president have assented the BKC.
Political leader and freedom fighter can march now.no more decree..let the protest begin in huge nos.
lets test them fredeom of speech/press /media.

Anonymous said...


KoiNadiKo said...

Where were these politicians and their delusional supporters when my parents struggled to put food on the table? Waking up at 1am in the morning to go net fishing and selling the catch on the road just so that we could pay our school fees and bus fares? Suck it up people and just be content with the fact that no matter how much noise you make, your efforts will come to a nought.

ulai taoi said...

These placards and the racial cross section of people in these photos says a lot about the concerns and pertinent issues dear to them. It perhaps is a reflection of the thinking of the silent majority of fiji people.

It maybe important that the current regime takes cognizance of this as it prepares for 2014 election.

The validity of the so called fiji constitution would be one.

We must support a constitution that reflects the will of the people, not the preference of a few.

Anonymous said...

its pay back time......remember 1987 that was not the will of the people it was the will of the fail politician not the people, we your eyes wide open in 2000 that the peoples coalition was overthrown by fail politician ,,,,,its pay back time ,,,,,what you sow is what u reap,,,,,forward fiji ,,,,,its the supreme law of the land,,,,

Anonymous said...


Ra sona what is so special your parents? Everyone went through that experience including the politicians dumb as. Its their right to voice their concern just like you have the right to voice your opinion...as stupid as it is.

Anonymous said...

Auss /NZ Government support this BKC and regime that arrest its people to express their freedom of speech refer BKC.Wake up.

Anonymous said...

Enlisting the enemy

Posted by: Bernard Gaynor
Here’s another generalisation that should not be easily dismissed: the Islamic community supports the military efforts of Australia’s enemies. And, by doing so, it represents the first time in Australian history that a discrete and identifiable segment of society has provided recruits and aid to organisations that seek to overthrow our democratic government.

Despite this, our government is allowing large-scale Islamic immigration and now the Australian Defence Force is actively seeking Islamic recruits.

That’s right. Our military wants to enlist the enemy.

This situation is completely at odds with all reason. It is akin to opening the doors to Japanese migrants during World War Two, providing them with free health care, education and welfare benefits and turning a blind eye while funds and recruits are sent back to Japan for training, indoctrination and use in the Japanese war efforts against Australia. Oh yeah, and with all this going on, the government also deciding to actively recruit Japanese patriots into the Australian military.

The reason this did not happen in World War Two was because our nation had not lost its senses. It was not in the grip of PC BS. Unfortunately, this ideology defines Australia today.

If you think this is crazy, you are right. Pat yourself on the back.

If you think this is great for a multicultural society, then you have strayed far too past stupid to be of any use, on the wrong webpage and should probably not read further unless prepared for a shock.

These are the facts. The stone cold facts:

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Australia’s population now stands at just over 23 million. Based on even rates of population growth, there are now about 512,000 Muslims who call Australia home.
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But there are only 88 Muslims in the Australian Defence Force. It is a reality that the Islamic Community, on the whole, is much less patriotic than the rest of Australia. There is only one Muslim serving in uniform for every 5820 Muslims in this country. Muslims are 14 times less likely to enlist than other Australians.
Furthermore, there are 2530 Australians currently serving overseas on military operations. This means that our participation rate in conflict is rather low: one soldier is deployed for every 9,143 Australians.
However, the same cannot be said for the Islamic community. ASIO has repeatedly warned that hundreds of Australian Muslims are fighting in Syria, many with al Qaeda-linked groups. If we assume the best possible case that by ‘hundreds’ ASIO means the lowest possible multiple of hundred, then there are 200 Muslims involved in that conflict. This means that the Islamic community is sending its sons off to war at a much greater rate than the rest of Australia: Islamic militant groups are picking up an Australian recruit for every 2,561 Muslims living in this country.

And, generally speaking, if a soldier runs around a Western military barracks shouting Allah Akbar while gunning down his comrades, there will be a Muslim behind the trigger.

And, generally speaking, if a military installation in a Western nation is the target of a terrorist threat, a bunch of Muslims will be in on the planning.

With all that in mind, generally speaking, if you increase the number of Muslims in Western countries you will probably see more of these atrocities in the future. And if you are dumb enough to put these people into uniform, then there is also a fair chance the military will change as well. Not for the better, either.

Anonymous said...

President is useless and coup maker himself . .power hungry man.shame shame shame.

Anonymous said...

koi nadi ko
vutusona ,,,,na nomu bula ga qori ,,,,,qaravu iko vakataki iko,,,,me cava me dua e lai volia na kemu ??? tamata vucesa!

Anonymous said...

anon 4.55pm
sa baci vosa mai na sinai ni da e loma ni qavokavoka vaka niu

Anonymous said...

where's the Kulina-loving Virisila Buadromo? Show your face and make more claims for grants from overseas donors. what? Off on another trip? Hogging the per diems are we?

Anonymous said...

Rusiate Tudravu should first clear his case where he was charged for abuse of office using the agent fund amounting to $4000.00. Why was the charge withdrawn. Now what is more serious the protest today or charge withdrawn for abuse of office misusing government money.

Kai Viti Dina said...

The "Silent Minority" Have finally spoken. It is good to see that these Ladies have "Balls" to stand up and voice there opinion. Where have all men gone? Where are those bloggers, I presume under the mat hiding and having their kava. Men need to be ashamed for being gutless.

What this ladies have done paves the way for filing a case in World Court or ICJ at Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands. I think it is time for us to raise funds to file a case. We need to find the best Constitutional Lawyers and seek their advise. Professor Ghai may be the one that needs to be approached first. He is a Lawyer and well familiar with this case. We need to persuade him to accept the challenge.

The present Constitution is not the Will of the people. As such does not fairly represent the citizens wish nor does it speak for the people. We as citizens should demand the Ghai Constitution needs to be scrutinized by a Constitution Commission via public hearings and thus changes made and accepted. This is only the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

the silent majority are bunch of thieves and prostitute who care abot them,dou veicai

Kai Tailevu said...

The only problem here was then we were not told about the protest so we can all join. Sob o this is exactly what is needed for a massive protest of all of us. i would die any day for the preservance of my children in years to come in their land free of corruption and nepotism that Bainimarama has brought. Kemuni na vosavosa ca tiko qo, o kemuni ga nai lala kana loto vuli vakavo oni sa mai marautaka tiko nona veiliutaki o Voreqe baleta ni sa mai rawa kina na nomuni bula. Ena drodrova na nomuni kawa na veimataqali leqa kei na mate eso mei sau ni nomuni valavala. Sa tagi ko Viti. Ni qai waraka. Dua na siga qo ni sa kasova na cudru, oni na kunea. Eda na mate vata kece! Ni raica ka waraka ya. keimami kila nio ni sa kila tiko. Ke wini o Bainimarama ena veidigidigi ena yabaki mai qo ni ratou na rigtaka na elections....sa na yaco na vadave dra. Keimami sa vakarau tu. Biu na dakai da ia mada. Kua soti na lamu kei na vosa vakalialia. Emphty vessels make more sound. Set tiko qo..sa tekivu rawa!

Chaudhry criticises international backing said...

By ROSI DOVIVERATA, Fiji Sun, Sept 6, 2013
Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry said the international community was not taking a hard-line on the Bainimarama government.
“You’re being too soft. It’s time you realise that this softness will not work in Fiji’s case."
Mr Chaudhry said that in his one on one meetings with international representatives here, he tells them that Fiji is in no hurry to have elections.
He claimed this constitution is tailor made to keep the Bainimarama Government entrenched.
Mr Chaudhry said he expected more people to turn up for the meeting.
“But they are afraid… lest they be targeted,” he claimed.

Anonymous said...

Kemuni na Sotia nei Bainimarama.kemuni sega ni neimaimi Sotia na lewe i Viti. O ni sa sega ni vakayacora na I tavi o ni a bubului kina na neimami maroroi ka taqomaki na lewe I viti.o ni sa qai vakalolomataki keimami,o ni sa makamatea oti e so na lewe ni Vanua,o ni vakatotogana e lewe Levu Sara , Oqo o ni sa qai vakalaiva me sa na volitaki na Vanua o Viti vei ira na vulagi. Sa qai cava na kemuni yaga ki na Cana o Viti? O ni sa nanumi kemuni ga. O ni sa voli mai vei Kaiyum kei Bainimarama, E rau sa vakatubura na kemuni I sau mai na neimaimi Lavo na saumi vakacavacava. Mai muri e ra na vakalolomataki na nomu ni kawa. Sa Levu na nomu ni yalowai .So vei kemuni e nona cakacaka tiko na vosa ca,viavia levu ka dokadoka.Nanuma tiko o na sega ni Sotia tiko ga e a nomu bula taco ko.dua siga sa na luva kina na uniform ni dokadoka taka tiko qori. E da na qai mai vei rai tiko yani. Me kua ni na qai mai lasutaki ki keimami.Keimami sa kilai kemuni Vinaka tiko.o iko Sanaia Seru.Tamata liumuri. O lai chief Security vaka cava e na Airport.?No qualification. Qarauna iko na yagomu e na qai lai kune ga e veidovodovu e a back road.Levu tiko na dokadoka.E sega ni ura me damu ni kua,Malua mada e na qai sota a bici kei na kena I Ula.

Anonymous said...

I am sincerely great full to our courageous ladies and gantleman who took the street of Suva today to show the world that the illegal regime forcing its fake illegal constitution into the throats of the people of Fiji.Now it as started and I urge that more protest to be organised and more people to participate. We have to rock this boat until its sink.We have to sacrifice for our feauture generation. It now.Mick,Tupeni and UFDF more and thanks so much.

mark manning said...

Bravo bravo.
Why does it take a bunch of old and young females to take a stand against the demented Frank Bainimarama and his sidekick, the Moslem Indian twit Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
If I were a male Fijian, I'd be holding my head in absolute f**king shame.
So much for the "Warrior" race!

Anonymous said...

They are all hiding in Australia or are too afraid to come out onto the streets - especially the chiefs. They are not warrior race but a bunch of lamusonas who were only good at beating up Indo-Fijians

Mahen Chaudhry changes his political allegiances more often than his underwear said...

@Chaudhry criticises international backing:

is this not the same mahen chaudhry who defended the coup in the early days and was finance minister in the regime? What a chameleon! Supports a coup when it suits him, condemns it when it doesn't. Truly a man with no morals or principals. Chaudhry changes his political allegiances more often than his underwear!

Vutuki Bainimarama said...

Great people! you're all heroes in our eyes......hopefully more will join next protest.

Anonymous said...

Come on I Taukei let us get organised and protest in great number peacefully. The greatest power are the people's power and numbers. The battle has just started.We have t advance and no retreat .More preasure and the illegal regime will collapse. Ni sa Kerei noda taura ga kei na Manama bale ni vosa tiko ni kua ni galu.E ra na vala e na vuku muni na nomu ni tamata. Ni sa Kerei mo ni tucake, ni liu e ra muri yani na nomuni tamata.me sa vata aka na noda dodo nu e na noda Vanua me kaulaivi na Yavu ni vakavulewa vou,me rokovi ka muri na lawa e na noda Vanua,me dabe tale a Bose vakaturaga me qarava na kena digitaki na persisted Me vakadeitaki tale na NLTB me qarava na kena maroroi kei na kena vakayagataki na qele I taukei .Me vakatitiki na regime a ne dabe e dua a matanitu tu vakawawa me kauti keda yani ki na veidigidigi .me vakayagataki ga na 1997 constitution E a veidigidigi ka me na kua ni lawakitaki na macala ni veidigidigi.. Sa kena gauna meda tucake kina.

Anonymous said...

Police cant arrest people protesting from today for freedom of speech and expression as i BKC.
Time for huge protest and march/lets test the real freedom under BKC.

Anonymous said...

BKC is illegal like the regime.why didnt it went through referendum.
why people dont elected president.?
BKC dont give us full democracy as promised or talked much of pure democracy.all bs..

Anonymous said...

What do you mean when you say the ay back time for 1987?.We be innocent people of Fiji ,we do not want any
coup.Its time that we demobilise the military and perhaps take the military institution out ,Coup will continue if the military continue to exist in Fiji. Typical example 2006 coup. Everything was normal, law and order situatation was fine,economic situation fine,political situation as expected politicians have their ways of looking at things and they most f the time differ from one anther on issues.That does not mean that the military can cheap in, No. A Military commander of sound mind and knows his roles and functions should be aware that he has no role in politics and they are to support democratically elected government of the day.in other words the military upholds the voice if the people.when the people have spoken by electing the government ,the military's roe is to support that government. Look at all those successful and wealthy countries in the world.they have great military strength in terms of weapons and manpower compare to minute army. Those military are just paying their part and those countries are wealthy because the politicians are not interfered with.Look at Americas Bill Clinton extra marital affairs ,Nixon's water gate scandals Did their military interfered NO.. Racial discrimination,colour bar is present in all the countries in the world and it will not be eradicated as that is how we were created to what ever race we belong to Fiji is no exception. Can that be an excuse for the military to take over the country, NO..That is why we ace democracy for people to make their own choices,right of expression,media rights, and all sorts of right including indeginious right and the rules of law that stream and demarcate where the right end. There is no where in here says the the military can take over the government..from the comment of pay back of 1987 It seems that people with in the military are competing with each other in the coup at the expense of the very people they suppose to protect. What a shame and idiotic idea,Military should be abolished if we are to live peacefully in Fiji.g

Anonymous said...

We are tired of hearing the voices of people crying out rally...march.......Some of you people here reminded me of the dogs in my neighborhood....I don't need to explain that to you...Barking from the safety of your home...
Now that we are all equal....and you are all a bunch of qanibulus....for failing to stand up...
Now let us see what might be happening in the future...
No more scholarship based on races...good one...we are all Fijian
Your land...to be used by us hardworking farmers...
Blah...blah...blah....why should I even list down your downfall...because you are the cause of your own downfall...
You Fijians are just as weak as your language....
You stand and watch colonials treated you as uncivilised...but yousmiled at them...and gossip later...
but at the same time you worship there ways....
For six years..people cried bloodshed...in here...the only bloodshed...the only bloodshed was in your own shit...
Don't cry ...the future generation...will curse Bainimarama...No they will curse you....for not standing up for them...
O kemuni na kaibiti...are nothing...but losers...
Bloodshed...Bloodshed...and only a handful of women stood up...to show their disagreement....
SHAME!!!!,!,?.....WHAT A SHAME.....!,!,!!,!,"""

Anonymous said...

Kai Viti lamuamu, sona Levu,we foreigners are going to take over you country and we will make you swim as we take over you land with the leadership of Bainimarama nd the soldiers,, bye,bye kaibiti sharka with you chiefs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To show stupid you Fijians are...Bainimarama...paid a visit to a certain village....did a little development and you are all for himm....Remeber...this....We will all be called Fijians....You will no longer be special.....The government priorities will be for the citizen....The Fijians....do you know what that means....?
everyone....Talking about us being a lLiumuri....You are the biggest Liumuri....you show your supprt to your chief and waiver your support when a lolly was placed infron of you.....

Anonymous said...

Join the Revolution! Bad Government vanishes when Patriots are United & Organized.

Anonymous said...

Ficac should investigate latest dealing between Viti corp and Tebara Meats few years back . .Khaiyum muslim mate .
Tebara now sold the land to FNU Ganesh Chand mate commission.
Corruption at the highest level.
Fiji pine and FSC contract given to Feroz Khan Transport Rakiraki. father of Fiji Pine Chairman/CEO Faiz Khan.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the happenings over the last 8 years and analyzing the situation in depth one can only conclude that the majority of the people in this country seems to support Bai and his cronies at least for now. from the writing style displayed on this blog one can safely say that their are only a couple of hundred on this blog voicing their opinions against Bai and i am assuming that quite a few are living abroad. As much as i despise the government i think that they will have their way at least for the next 10 years or so until they either become so unbearable that people revolt violently or there is a credible untainted leader born out of the ashes who challenges them politically and wins. For now i think all this talk and crap is a waste of time. This is just my opinion and i could be wrong in fact i wish and pray i am wrong because another few years of Bai/ Kyaiyum will ruin this country beyond redemption.

Anonymous said...

You're quite right Anon @ 11.06am. But, there is hope with the rising unemployment amongst the youth and healthy retirees and tables could be turned - but in God's good time.

Anonymous said...

For a few months now, nasty incriminating comments against females especially have been absent from this blog and other sites. And it appears certain pussies have learnt their lessons. One of them, stole the intellectual property of the learned and courageous Susana Tuisawau pictured (here) amongst the protestors, and used it to secure consultancy with the UNDP. Toso tale yalewa au na qai ceburaki iko!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11.32am, she is back in her roost at Suva YWCA, spewing her bad breath everywhere, and giving a hard time to the new, fresh CEO of the national YWCA who thankfully is not from her old school spoilt by vipers like herself.

mark manning said...

Make no mistake folks, every RFMF Officer, every Soldier and every Fiji Police Officer who have supported this illegal Regime of Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, is determined to stop any opposition to the regime, for fear of going to jail themselves.
This include the Shameem sisters, Anthony Gates, the illegal President and many many others.
"YOU" have to overcome, "YOU" have to challenge them and only "YOU" can resolve Fiji's present dilemma it now finds itself in.
No one else will or can do it for "YOU"!

Anonymous said...

And what has this group achieved? NOTHING! And who are they? A bunch of wannabes in an NGO trying to justify their overseas funding! And who are they on a closer look? Some old ladies who have expired their used by dates and a group of girls and boys who are trying to make out their sexuality. A bunch of gays. So please dive into the sea behind you and drown. You don't deserve the attention you seeking you poor attention seekers.

Anonymous said...

They are Heroes

Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum will get a bullet each in their heads soon!!! The unit is already in position.3FIR will not match up to this special op's unit.I have seen them training and they are professionals.Frank should give up because he will end up in a body bag.

rajend naidu said...

We read that the self-appointed PM of Fiji Commodore Frank Bainimarama said after the illegal President's assent to the new constitution prepared by Fiji's military regime that "We now have a constitution that meets the test of a genuine democracy,that upholds the legal and moral basis of a common and equal citizenry without losing individuality or culture" He said "it took 43 years and three constitutions to get there".
He forget to say it also took 4 coups to get there.
And we can't be certain - as long as the military still has the centre stage role it has given itself in the political affairs of the country - that "finally it has happened", that - Fiji has now become a genuine democracy - as the coup leader cum Prime Minister claims.
That claim is premature and self-serving.
rajend naidu

rajend naidu said...

be editor,
Nishant Singh a regular third rate letter writer to the Fiji Times tries sarcasm - that lowest form of wit - by suggesting I should be "poking my nose" in the "much anticipated Australian elections [which]is just around the corner" (FT 7/9).
The Australian elections are held as scheduled.
It is the Fiji elections that is much anticipated actually because the people of Fiji have not had one and they are currently being governed without their consent.
The other important thing about the Australian elections is that no matter who wins the Australian people have no fear of intimidation and coercion at the hands of thugs in uniform.
In light of Fiji's four coup record in as many decades the people of Fiji have no such guarantee notwithstanding the production of its new (4th constitution) and its much anticipated 2014 elections.
rajend naidu

rajend naidu said...

We read in the Fiji Military regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun 7/9 that "A group of more than 40 people including prominent unionist were detained for questioning" by the police after they mounted a peaceful protest against the President giving his assent to the regime manufactured constitution.
The coup leader cum self appointed PM of Fiji Frank Bainimarama said after the Presidential assent that the constitution now made Fiji " a genuine democracy".
The rounding up of the protesters shows Fiji still is what it has been since the illegal takeover of the country in 2006 by Frank Bainimarama: A Police State!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that the vision of Ratu Bainnimarama and ratu Khaiyum Salaam Malekhum has been good and perfect to my expectations. I am a born and bred Fiji Indian and this constitution has changed me to become a natural fijian. I used to live in Vuci South and I have now become a natural kai Tailevu with great thanks to my fellow kai Tailevu Ratu Ipeli the President of our beloved Fiji. And one more important issue i would like to bring up is another big thank you to ratu Khaiyum for his vision over the equality given to all people and land issues to all natural fijians. which simply means i will be returning back to fiji to take back what my father has sweated for so many years, the cost of our house that was demolished at the expiry of our lease and the amount of rent that we had paid to the stupid landowners. I am now able to put my name into the landowning unit as my right as natural fijian. and this includes my uncle who also lost a large sum of money from the house, other properties he owned whilst being a canefarmer in Ba. we, the rightful and legal Fijians are returning home to have our share of land as stipulated in the new constitution. there are fijians who are little in mataqali numbers but have huge land area ownership. there are people living or sitting on land which are unaccountable, the government will need to take everything and scrap the native lease and native commission which include native fishing area. everyone and everything must fall into the government coffer to have equal share and rights to move on in harmony.
to commemorate this beautiful vision we must ratu ipeli's head in our new currency and Khaiyum's head on the new Fiji Flag eating a green banana..
I am sure I will be welcomed back into Fiji with open arms and huggs from my Tailevu natives. Kaivata...

Bula Fiji

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.07pm, your attempt to mislead the iTaukei is obvious like your garbage interpretation of a GREAT CONSTITUTION. Move on bro.. na qai oqo ena qai ga!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about these bunch of has-beens and gays. They already protected under the constitution however they need to prove to overseas donors of their NGO that they doing something which is really nothing. They could have got more media coverage if they hung themselves from the Baka trees along the sea wall in nasese or drowned themselves at sea. See the lamusona politicians at the back. Mickey Mouse trying to hide his big fat arse which is being pounded by Chaudry and Baba.

Anonymous said...

Political parties should contest the election and get elected in parliament and vote to amend the BKC and restore the 1997 Constitution .
Appoint external Home Guard and disband the Army thugs.Cant trust local army thugs.
Charge all this illegal leaders and let them face the court of law under legal 1997 constitution.
See what will happen another attempted coup by arm thugs. .

Anonymous said...

This bunch of protesters and politicians are stupid. They are giving FB a good reason not to hold the planned general election next year. So we will be just ruled by this dumb dictator forever.

Anonymous said...

I take my hats off to the few women n men that represent the majority within and outside of Fiji who are still against this Regime and it's doings. I hope the world will see the silent pain that every right minded citizen of Fiji suffers under this Regime physically,mentally and spiritually but most will not show it because of fear of intimidation by the security forces.

The Election will show it all if it ever happens!

Permal Reddy said...

Rajend Naidu, if you have a bone to pick with some letter writer in the papers, YOU WRITE TO THE PAPERS!! Not here! Be a man and say it to their face. Coward!

Take your pettiness where it belongs, not here.

And your condescending comment "a regular third rate letter writer" reminds me of another Naidu in Fiji,a third rate professor who once described the USPSA president's writing as "below Form II". His name is Vijay Naidu.

Are you two related?

mark manning said...

Looking at a couple of these pictures and seeing just how the females being manhandled react, shows me that they are not used to being treated with such contempt, especially by an Authority, sworn to protect them. You can see one young woman being manhandled and forcefully moved on, while another , from a distance, looks on at the disgusting way in which she is being treated by a Police Officer, a male!
If this happened in Australia, the Police Officer could be challenged in Court by the Citizen affected or by a group representing her interests and the Police Officer's superiors would need to give explanation for his assault on a member of the Public. His superiors might even have to hold an internal enquiry and report back to the Police Minister.
In Fiji, currently, you have an ineffective Military Officer, advocating bullying tactics, hiding behind his reputation as a "good bloke" while at the same time doing Frank's dirty work, he is still unable or unwilling to bring to Justice, his own Officers, both Police and Military, who went so far as to illegally torture, to the point of crippling one man, while in custody.
These photos prove that Fiji is a Police State! But more importantly, theses photos show that the women of this Great Nation, don't accept the Status Quo!
A line has been drawn in the sand and once again, it is the women who have bravely come out fighting for their rights and freedom, not the men.

Anonymous said...

@ Permal Reddy,

You, of course, realize very clearly, as well as Rajend Naidu, that his letter, of the type that he has written in criticism of this illegal regime and its illegal leaders will not be printed in Fiji's main media.

Perhaps Permal, you said your piece just to hoodwink us into thinking that the papers would just print anyone's opinions, pro-illegal regime or otherwise.

We are not fools as you might think.

Failed regime said...

Since 2006 what has been achieved by the illegal regime?

1. Fiji dollar is all time low.
2. cost of living has increased substantially.
3. Inflation and unemployment all time high.
4. Economic growth low.
5. Investment and export on decline.
6. Cost of business increased.
7. Professionals leaving the country in numbers.
8.National debt continues to increase.
9. Infrastructure is in pathetic condition.
10. Medical services is like band aid solution with qualified and specialist not available.
11. Tertiary education decline as USP and FNU compete to make money.

Anonymous said...

Error in the Fiji Constitution 2013:


Two class of people; WE and THE PEOPLE OF FIJI.

Compare with the USA Constitution:

We the People of United States,[sic]....

Inclusive of all people.

Anonymous said...

Failed Fiji regime @ 12:52 PM, tertiary education is truly in decline because of USP and FNU collaboration with the regime. Intellectualism is dead in Fiji and the VCs of USP Rajesh Chandra and FNU Ganesh Chand will be remembered for it.

Poor facilities and teaching at USP said...

Anon @ 2:51 PM on tertiary education, I am first year USP student. I see today's paper VC Rajesh Chandra praising chancellor King of Tonga.

Rajesh Chandra boast that USP have increase in highest number students, 27, 000 but USP can't cope with students, and facilities very poor and dirty, and some lecturers no good at all.

Too many students to one lecturer, teaching is very poor, and we being cheated. USP should upgrade facility before take more student and boast or its degree will be very poor quality.

USP need money to improve facility but Rajesh Chandra and team don't know hot to raise capital that we learn in economics class. Somebody should have to investigate USP as USP fooling people with too much bullshit PR. The quality of teaching and facilities very poor.

Anonymous said...

@Annon 5:28pm Sep 8 2013
Your notion that Tony Abbot is gonna support Fiji is quite far fetched matey!!..he`s gonna reduce Auatralia`s foreign budget by $4 Million. How dare you mention Australia`s Tony Abbot when he is a symbol of democracy while you kana da wavoki tiko ga mai viti.

Anonymous said...

Frank should tell us why he want to contest the election .He said in 2006 any one in interim govt will not be allowed to contest election.Liar.
He appointed his brother inlaw kean as PS -corruption.
Daughter litiana CEO FSC.-corruption.
Riaz appointed CEO FBCL- corruption.
Enough of promised transparency and good accountable govt.
I say moce Frank stop fooling us. we had enough of your and Khaiyum lies.


I think the police were calm and collected when handling these ladies. That is the spirit of democracy. Let's bury the past and look forward to a brighter future. I have nothing against protests because people should be allowed to voice their opinions.

Anonymous said...

Annon 6:28PM vakacava me Vutuki mada nomu sona o Tony Abott. Sa viavia lai Kai Australia kua tale niko via vosa mai Viti Luveni caiti tamamu.

Anonymous said...

Rajendra Prasad living in exile in NZ-mr tears in paradise-is ecstatic about the fiji constitution--he is dancing in Queen st--only person missing with him is Dick singh !!--the idiot should read Wadan Narsey's article with a dictionary beside him.--we are all equal now-all Fijians etc--what hogwash-what crap and bullshit!--come back ,mr tears--paradise awits you !!

Anonymous said...

failed regime

looks like you failed class 8.

Fiji will record highest economic growth rate since 2004.

debt level is lower than 2006

inflation is down to less than 3%

Fiji dollar appreciation or depreciation has nothing to do with the state of Fiji economy.

investments is all time high.

with respect to cronyism, pls first ask your uncle MPC appointing son and brother in law.

Anonymous said...

Rajen naidu,

you little prick..who are you to call others third grade writers. if you have the balls, come down to fiji. You the same tatti falla good for nothing writing from theh comfort of Sydney. we call people like you Kulina in Fiji

Anonymous said...

tatti falla aka rajen naidu

full of tatti. you stink from sydney.

Rajesh Singh and Peter Foster said...

If there was an award for top conman and bush lawyer in Fiji, Rajesh Singh will win hands down. He is Fiji's answer to Australia conman Peter Foster.

Anonymous said...

@Annon 7:52pm Sep 8 2013
Iunderstand you`re offended by the last few words in the i-Taukei venecular due to your poor comunication skills...what I meant was `you are in the regime `inner circle payroll`or eating off Bainimarama`s dirty hands.
I don`t really think much of your rantings cause you`re so cheap and predictable..so my freind take your time while feeding from your master`s table.
Kania vakamalua na kemu ka qori..`kua ni kana uvi katakata`[I wonder if you even underststand that i-Taukei idiom] Au tiko ga qoka i Viti ka tiko vei au na dodonu meu vosa ena vuku ni ka au vakabauta and I shall not be detered by a lunatic who swear and threat with words. You have to do better than that pea brain!!!

Anonymous said...

Annon 11:52 than why you want to sound Australian Luveni magabona. Drau veicai kei tamamu. Domica na boci nei Koyamaibole ka taba tu mai qori Ke sega cu yani vei Mick Beddoes.

Anonymous said...

Anon@1:59am...Bai no need to trash
the Fiji Women rights organization,
the gay&Lesbian community, or
Nick Beddoes and
the Former policians, whom
you illegally removed from
their legitimate elected parliamentarian
You really, should watch
your big mouth, like someone
had said earlier:
This is the beginning of
your demised!
Imagine what history
will say about you:"Bainimara Fiji's only dictator was
removed from power by
Fijians weakest link"-The gay&Lesbian community.

Anonymous said...

How many lines will you draw. You have been playing cross and knots all these years with all your lines. Dua mada ga na mata veitono icici. Go to Rajend Chodo to Chodo you.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.27
isa vakaloloma na vosa ni qavokavoka sinai tu kina na da
toso tiko na lasu, mateni, lasa i tuba keina butako,,,,toso toso toso

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bai for the new constitution re affirming i taukei lands will only be owned by taukei (ie 90% of Fiji).
I will this month kick out some kai dia squatters from my land as per the 2013 constitution - thanks kaiyum and bai!!!

I Taukei Land Owner, Tailevu South where Bai and President are from

Anonymous said...

Mr Bainimarama, please tell the people of Fiji that all landleases with mataqali members who are less than twenty must be forfeited by your government. And all land occupied by non mataqali members must be given priority for freehold conversion and purchased at a very low cost say 50 cents per square meter. Your call to scrap the GCC is great because there is no such thing as saying you are a indigenous person. Many Fijians claim that their forefathers come from Ethiopia, Africa, Egypt etc. that to me is just the same as me, an immigrant from another country just like the way you have modeled your new constitution. even the president who has legalized your supreme law is an immigrant like me. so, you want to win the Election 2014, then do the right thing. Act Now !!! Tell your soldiers to swear as much as they can. its useless to have a Padre in your fort now, looking at rate of vulgar languages your boys are saying in this blog. New brand of Army training that is. Recruit more young people is the key to your success. isn't it...
Long Live Daram Lingham

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama, Bula vinaka Naita. Sa rawa tu qo na lomamu ni vesuka na yaloimami na kawa i taukei. Solia talega na nomu tokona me keimami vakayagataka vakavinaka na qele keimami taukena. Au sa via teitei vakalevu vakabibi nai voli vinaka, sau kaukauwa ka kunei kina nai lavo vinaka me vaka na dovu, yaqona kei na marijuana.
Sa nomu tu qo na matanitu, sa rawa ni'o solia na bula galala ni vakawati vaka yaya vata. Sa rawa talega ni'o solia na galala ni tei karasi. Se vavei Naita.

Qo ga o Dinesh.

Anonymous said...

Looking at these pictures what I see are a group of responsible law abiding citizens doing no one any harm. Whether we agree with their reason for protest or not should not matter.

But what we also see is a police presence suggesting they have ample resources to deal with matters of this kind.

So why is it then that when we have drunken and drugged up youths brawling, intimidating old ladies, and making a nuisance of themselves on a daily basis within sight of the police southern headquarters do they turn a blind eye ?

Anonymous said...

ha ha dharama pakala jutia
in your dreams mate....
Bai is looking for taukei votes and will agree with taukei ie kick out indo squatters with no land suuch as pakala dharam

Vijay Singh said...

Dharam Son of a Slut Lingam, if you have any balls then stop being a coward to return to Fiji and make noises..I suspect that you will never return because it's just too much to bear what your mum did. And now that you are one cocksucking gay prick, why don't you just go back and suck cock.

Anonymous said...

How cum Vani and Sereima are also there when they were working for government.....some really good liumuri's in Fiji....and only the politicians are complaining, it seems they have no better way to look for money...the normal Fijians just continue looking to put food on the table...

Anonymous said...

BKC i must say is very appealing to me as a fijian....

simply because when fiji got its Independence october 10 1970.

Many of he the main clauses of the constitution then was adopted from the colonial government.

A lot of the clauses still wreaks of colonial economic dependency,
except that a lot of questions pertain to some grey rational on the land and state.... that needs clarification.

Given the reasons that i personally want to see happen is the fact should the military dominated government win....hypothetically... they could change all clauses of the present illlegal BKC for their own perpetuating motive.

The issue that B and K dont see is that however they want to see or bring change.... they are not the institute to do it....it is plain illegal.

any forward movement has to accept and deal with its past before moving on.... which unfortunately they will have to face one way or the other if left Covered as they are desperately trying to do.

This outfit reminds me of Cakobaus Government... he had Charles savage.

This Cakobau had two BK.... now if this is a repetition of history... and that's probably why they need to rewrite history to favor the original motive?.. i don't know..

I think the bottom line for me is using the process of colonialistic democracy to really mold a unique Fijian constitution void of hooks of foreign economic manipulation.

Radiolucas said...

BKC is no savior - He and Khaiyum's bleatings about "colonialism" is all just a smoke-screen for their treason, corruption and crimes.

Australia and NZ do not want to "rule" Fiji, any more than the Chinese - we are just a bunch of tiny islands with so-called leaders of even tinier brains.

The second re-write of the crimstitution just shows how worried Baini and Khaiyum are of what will happen when they let go of the reins - Khaiyum has noone and will flee overseas.

Baini will try to control things from the Barracks - while we all remember the millions they stole and untold damage their greed and stupidity has cost the nation - a decade of growth replaced by depression and stagnation.

Gilla Julab Dean said...

Methodist Church supports the constitution. Oilei Maria.

rajend naidu said...

Hartley Robinson (FT 9/9) tell us he is not in favour of "recycled political figures" featuring in the politics of the new Fiji. Can Hartley do an honest count and tell us how many such recycled politicians feature in the coup installed Bainimarama government?

rajend naidu said...

Paul Baskaran Nair too misses the point (FT 8/9). The point is do the sugar mill workers in Fiji have the right to go on strike?
If they have that right and they have democratically decided to exercise that right who is Paul Baskaran Nair to tell them they can't go on strike?
Is he the Dictator of Fiji?

The truthe said...

Moana Niu

This is an addendum to an earlier article: “SOPAC assists Fiji/Lockheed Martin in new deep seabed mining legislation.”

As President Epeli Nailatikau of Fiji prepares to give assent to a new Constitution, we have learned that protestors were arrested for their silent protests. Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have posted their concerns over the new Constitution’s failures to protect Human Rights.

This new “Bill of Rights” is a paternalistic assault on basic rights like Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Assembly, and Freedom of Association, with “rights” being asserted only upon the condition that laws may limit that freedom, and that lawmakers may authorize the limitation of those freedoms. These limitations include registering trade unions; collective bargaining; providing mechanisms for the resolution of employment disputes and grievances; regulating essential industries (which would include extractive industries like seabed mining). These new conditions are equivalent to saying that citizens have these rights, however, the government has the authority to take them away. This willy-nilly authority seeks to redefine the concept of constitutional rights in such a way that the Fijian legal system could become a comedy of jurisprudence.

Additionally, these amendments that qualify “freedoms” by imposing an authority of limitations seems to be derived from an Orwellian contradiction that expands the power of the government to limit these freedoms in the interests of “national security, public safety, public order, public morality, public health, the orderly conduct of elections” and “the overall interests of the Fijian economy.”

In regard to extractive industries (expanding upon the seabed mining article) here are three relevant amendments that would likely give Lockheed Martin the authority they seek to use Fiji’s license and begin exploration in the Clarion-Clipperton region.

Parliamentary authority over international agreements
48.––(1) An international agreement binds the State only after it has been approved by Parliament, unless it is an agreement referred to in subsection (2).
(2) An international agreement of a technical and administrative nature, entered into by Cabinet, may bind the State without approval by Parliament, but must be tabled in Parliament.

Regulations and similar laws
47.––(1) No person may make any regulation, or issue any other instrument having the force of law, except as expressly authorized by this Constitution or a written law.
(2) A person making any regulations or issuing any instrument having the force of law must, so far as practicable, provide reasonable opportunity for public participation in the development and review of the law before it is made.

Environmental rights
37.––(1) Every person has the right to a clean and healthy environment, which includes the right to have the natural world protected for the benefit of present and future generations through legislative and other measures.
(2) A law may limit, or may authorize the limitation of, the rights set out in this section.

Giving assent to this new constitution amounts to the Bainimarama regime proclaiming himself Supreme Ruler, and I imagine that history will not look kindly upon him selling out his country by asserting an illegitimate constitution.

Hawaii, too, suffered from a sinister constitutional debacle in 1887, when King Kalakaua was forced into signing what is now called the “Bayonet Constitution” which gave the sugar industry huge concessions to land, water rights and tariff reductions. Five years later when Queen Lili’uokalani tried to introduce a new restorative constitution limiting these concessions, the rich sugar-dominated oligarchy successfully launched a coup against the Kingdom.

Chilli powder said...

sad thing is Fiji was first colonised by white asses. Now colonised by black chilli asses. and the black chilli asses did worse than the white ones. at least the white ones respect the kaivitis ownership and governance...just look at the deed of cession. this black chilli asses constitution breaks everything that was written in that deed.

Anonymous said...

@Annon 6:27am Sep 9 2013
I said you are so predictable !!!
...easily rattled by sound,kena i vosavosataki mai Delainabua na `TAVASA`. Can`t read between the lines. can you ? Don`t have respect for Granma, Mummy,Ganenas...Granpa,Tata..kila?
Na anatomy se gacagaca iko a sucu mai kina.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me how I can join the Rajend Naidu fan club ?

Anonymous said...

@anon9.28pm...first you need to be a narcissitic self righteous moron to qualify. Then you can become a fully fledged member of the Rajend Moron Club. You must pretend to know it all, act like you know it all, and be an arsehole at every turn.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:59PM caititamamu. Sona levu. Qara levu. Veisugusugu ga I gusumu na boci. Kawa ni boci kora bona o iko.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:59PM iko vaka e ra dau vakacaiti watimu na ovisa.

Anonymous said...

Turaga kei na Marama.

na tamata e vosavosaca tiko qo ena Sept 9 11:49pm, Sept 10 2:56am , Sept 10 3:47am e sega ni sotia. vaka vei au e yadra bogi tiko mai taikadua ni vale ni manu2 e suva.
Gonei, nomu vosa ca taucoko e sega ni mosi vei keimami, ia me vaka ni suka lesu tale tiko vei iko, ya saraga na mosi ko na gadrevi kina mo vukei vakayalo. au vakabauta ni dua na leqa levu e tara tiko nomu bula. wasea mai me keimami veivuke yani.
drau kua ni dau nene vakalevu kemudrau.


The truth of the matter is that Bainimarama has brought about change. Rabuka and Speight did not. To those who may disagree, please do so with humility. Can anyone tell me if he or she is against equility if Fiji.


FIJI will soon see a new change taking place,albeit terrorists in the name of democracy will reign. Just visualise the terrorist thugs of 1987,2000 and you get the picture. The longer the sandbags remain in place, the better flood control we have, for as soon as democracy comes,so too will racist elements disguised as democrat come and the current psuedo peace will evaporate and blood will flow as the flood heightens. I JUST WISH COOL HEADS WILL PREVAIL and revenge is not the order of the day.

Anonymous said...


as per BKC you will need court order to remove squatter from your land. good luck with that. see you in a few years.

Anonymous said...

"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem
is that numbers of people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders
of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because
of this obedience. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world
in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our
problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves,
and all the while the grand thieves are running and robbing the country. That's
our problem." - Howard Zinn, from 'Failure to Quit'
'A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission
can alter the course of history.' - Mohandas K. Gandhi
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority
keen to set brush fires in people's minds." - Samuel Adams

Coup 4.5 said...

I missed the earlier bit but I caught the former Labour Government treasurer Wayne Swan saying in the news last night (9/9) that " we should be very disturbed by the process". I think he was referring to the electoral process which allowed billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer to throw money around to win in the elections.
I agree with Mr Swan that process is very important in ensuring proper democratic standards of transparency and accountability and public participation and public scrutiny.
I wonder if the former Foreign Minister Bob Carr was disturbed by the process that went into the making of the new constitution by the Fiji military regime?
Anyone aware of that?

Coup 4.5 said...

Dan Urai (FT 10/9) posits the naive notion that after everyone in Fiji learns the Fijian language there will be respect among the people and all that.
In China everyone speaks Chinese ( and its different dialects just like Fijians) but that does not stop the ordinary citizens from getting screwed by the Chinese State. . See the multiple award winning documentary film Ai Wei Wei : Never Sorry to see how the people get trampled upon by the Chinese authorities.
This whole business of common language as THE basis for respect and common identity is exaggerated if not myth making.
Pre-contact Fijians all spoke the Fijian language of various sorts but that did not stop them slaughtering one another, did it?
Respect and tolerance come from an abiding respect for human dignity and human rights of other people regardless of their race, language, religion, culture and politics.
That is the key thing to having a good socially cohesive multicultural society.
Not a common language.
A common language can at best be only complementary.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Ah Rajend Rajend Rajend...such a topic is debatable and referring to itaukei past Feudal system is not a good example. How about referencing your country of ethnic origin India and perhaps suggesting to the people of India that English being a common language should be the spoken language in India and modus of study in schools, college or India's University. If you did, you would be circumcised by Indians in India.

RESPECT also comes from acknowledging the itaukei, its cultures, tradition and values. NZ does that today and other countries are slowly moving towards this recognition. The one important thing they realise is the turmoil progress has caused within the lives of the indeginous people and the importance of preserving their traditions, values, cultures and language is a very imnportant part of it. Perhaps it will instill a sense of pride and ONENESS within the various races acknowledging the itaukei for being compassionate and giving and sharing a country (Fiji). Most people who leave Fiji and migrate overseas and in particular Indians and other races, once overseas they realise they would rather identify themselves as Fijians. Most Indians I know in Australia, NZ, Canada and USA when asked if they are Indians respond no Fijian. Same with other races. Why not than learn the Fijian language and speak the language which may perhaps bring you an ethnic Indian closer to the itaukei and have an appreciation of a unique culture and race.

Anonymous said...

Ah Rajend Rajend Rajend...such a topic is debatable and referring to itaukei past Feudal system is not a good example. How about referencing your country of ethnic origin India and perhaps suggesting to the people of India that English being a common language should be the spoken language in India and modus of study in schools, college or India's University. If you did, you would be circumcised by Indians in India.

RESPECT also comes from acknowledging the itaukei, its cultures, tradition and values. NZ does that today and other countries are slowly moving towards this recognition. The one important thing they realise is the turmoil progress has caused within the lives of the indeginous people and the importance of preserving their traditions, values, cultures and language is a very imnportant part of it. Perhaps it will instill a sense of pride and ONENESS within the various races acknowledging the itaukei for being compassionate and giving and sharing a country (Fiji). Most people who leave Fiji and migrate overseas and in particular Indians and other races, once overseas they realise they would rather identify themselves as Fijians. Most Indians I know in Australia, NZ, Canada and USA when asked if they are Indians respond no Fijian. Same with other races. Why not than learn the Fijian language and speak the language which may perhaps bring you an ethnic Indian closer to the itaukei and have an appreciation of a unique culture and race.

Anonymous said...

You dont need an army to protest. Just one man/ woman can make a difference.

Good on you protestors. We need more protests.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if Police can let the protesters protest. If Govt is after all secure in its convictions then it should not be afraid of these protesters, it should in fact respect their views by allowing them to finish, never mind any shit about permits. permits were hardly an issue before 2006 anyway.

Leqa gona ni Naivalurua is being advised and surrounded by ambitious lamusona sycophant police officers afraid to talk straight with him

God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Who the f..k is this TONGAN prick Nailatikau to give his consent to this ILLEGAL Constitution for us Kai Viti dina, the luvenisala!!

Anonymous said...

Dou vosoti yau saka na turaga....na kena kau mai na kaidia mera mai cakacaka na vei loga dovu kei na vei loga vauvau ena noda vanua lomani saka ko viti, era sa mate kece...o ira era bula tiko qo era sucu i viti. ni vosoka saka keu na vakayaga taka na vosa vosa oqo na Kaiviti, sega ni ni itaukei....e sega ni mai tukuni niu vei raurau kei na matanitu oqo io e dua na ka e kauta mai na matanitu oqo na duavata se na yalovata....ke a sega na kaidia, na matanitu lomani oqo kea vaka taki Solomoni se Papua New Guinea, se Vanuatu....da veilomani, da cakacaka vata baleta na veicati ena sega ni vakavuna na kena kau laivi yani na kaidia ni viti ena dua tale na vanua....o INDIA e sa oso....o viti e dua vei ira na matanitu tiko vinaka ena wasa pasifika.....da vakavinavinaka vei ira na noda vasu (o yau talega au dua vei ira) nira kauta mai na competition ena koronivuli kei na toso ni bula vakailavo ni noda vanua ka vakavuna saraga na nodra raici Viti i cake o ira na kena vo tale ni matanitu ena wasa pasifika kei na eso tale na matanitu ena vei yasai vuravura

David Lal

Anonymous said...

Dina vakaoti and taucoko Dave. Truth be told.

S.Seru said...

Lets not hate the Indians. They have suffered all their lives for Fiji. There is no difference between them and us, when it comes to developing Fiji. One God one People. At least they are hard working and are contributing in the development of Fiji in every way. They are Fijians and not Indians.

Love thy neighbour....


Anonymous said...

Really Seru! Really!What the fuck
is wrong with you man? You frieken right there are lots of diffenrences between them and us?
Remember how they started off their
live here? Yes,they came to the Koro and cries their eyes out for beign mistreated by their
Kaivalagi master, in the cane fields.
One asked my grandFather for a small lot to built a shed and plant
some food? Thats how they started out in our District. Yes, we started them out FREE of charge!!!
Do they ever acknowledged that begining- facts? NO! NEVER!
So Seru you can piss-off and maybe
you should invite some over to your
Bure me dou lai veivutusona?
For me it's now or never,

Anonymous said...