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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fiji soldiers dice with danger

Spotlight on Fiji soldiers today with news six who are serving in the British army are in Rikers Island prison, for allegedly attacking a New York Police officer.

ACCUSED: Felite Vunisarat 
Private Iliakini Raderua, 30, Corporal Thomas Shute, 34, Private Felite Vunisarati, 34, Private Mosese Kuruala, 27, and Private Joeli Raduva, 34 were on an army rugby tour of the United States when they got into a brawl with the officer.

All have been charged with third degree assault after allegedly punching the cop to the ground, beating him and cutting him with a knife.

The sixth, Lance Corporal Iosefo Yavala, 33, is further charged with second degree robbery. He's accused of taking the officer's mobile phone.

British newspaper reports say the brawl started at a nightspot in New York and carried on down the street, leaving splatters of blood along half a block.

The Fiji soldiers, who have appeared in a Manhattan court, say they lashed out when the policeman called one of them a ‘black b******’.

The six reportedly said ‘We don’t care. F*** the police’ when the off duty officer identified himself as a policeman and ordered them to back off.

The soldiers, whose regimental motto is No One Provokes Me With Impunity, were supposed to have played a team from the New York Police Department tomorrow, but have instead been shunted off to Rikers Island.

All six, who fronted for court in white tee shirts and shorts and trousers instead of their uniform, failed to come up with their $25,000 bail.

In the Golan Heights where Fiji soldiers might also be caught out in their shorts, the Fiji regime insists the 501- strong contingent 'will be safe if US forces launch an attack on Syria.'

RFMF Land Force Commander Lieutenant Colonel, Mosese
HOW SAFE?: Golan Heights troops.
Tikoitoga, says the soldiers will only be pulled out if the United Nations orders them home.

Tikoitoga says the safety of the Fijian soldiers would be the responsibility of the United Nations.

"There are a lot of UN staff," says Tikoitoga.

"Fiji is part of the United Nations community so if there is anything to do with their safety, the UN will look after them.

"There are procedures in place to make sure they are safe. If the UN thinks that they are required to be pulled out from the area, they will be pulled out accordingly. 

"It is a decision that has to be made by the UN."

Congress is due to vote next week on President Barack Obama's call for limited military strikes on Syria over the recent chemical attack on Damascus that killed more than 14-hundred people, many of them children.


Just Saying said...

Not sure Congress will give the nod but the Fiji soldiers will get their 15minsof fame - not for them but for their treasonous leader.

Eremasi Lovodua said...

Shameful behaviour....this is the problem with our half educated boys in the military high in their self worship and self importance caring less for the rule of law just like Bainimarama.

What's happening to them under judicial washing machine should also be Bainimarama's fate now.

Anonymous said...

Worked for so long and still no money or ability to get bail money.


Suppose blame the Indians for the present misery.

Ronin said...

Some kulinas crying for attention, where do Indians fit into this story? Focus on the issue at hand.

Anonymous said...

How crude in the C4.5 frame up.

They are British soldiers of Fiji extraction- Not soldiers of the Fiji Army.

peace said...

I wonder if the off-duty police officer was trying luck (NY style hehe)on one of our bush-bunny army boys and got rejected? Hence, the 'black b******'?

A good backslap on his bigot mouth would hve suffice if he couldn't let up. Just saying.

A "bully boys buturaki" session was totally uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 4.16pm

Nah, also didn't think those guys were part of the "treasonous thieves wielding guns and holding a country under siege with threats of violence".

Anonymous said...

Sobosobo tini ca tale na laki qito. Lauti koya na sui ni kena na ovisa ya ..Vaka tale na veibuturaki ni oti na danisi mai Suva se Nausori qori..New York Qori beka ga na veika era dau cakava tiko mai Lodoni, Sikoteladi se Jamani..Vinaka ratou sega ni mate..Au vakabauta me dua na i vakavuvuli ya..Sega ni macala se ra vaka vuvale se sega..Maroroi nai vakasala, maroroi na cakacaka kei na bula..Sa bau rawa tu na madrai kei na bata qori..God Bless The Fijians..V

Anonymous said...

peace@4.25p story says they in british army - british media syaing they fijian.

uncross your legs bro - you're about to poo.

peace said...

@ 2nd anonymous 4.44pm

Bro, first off - I'm "peace @ 4.23pm", there's no 4.25p. Pls uncross your poo eyes.

Secondly, bush bunny was in reference to all Fijian boys from da Fijian bush unerstan? Now shoo off back to your attention-seeking poo-poo boyz.

peace out love and harmony said...

@peace 5.12pm Bro I apologise - my comment was directed at Anonymous at 4.16pm.

Anyway again I say, to the chap who likes to post in BOLD so we don't miss it - go and poo on a regime site.

Anonymous said...

Hope the British Army dishonerably discharges these soldiers if they are found guilty.
Rikers Island is an appropriate venue for them. Then ship them back to Fiji at their own expense.

Sanaila said...

Shameful this British Army boys! Sa sivia ga na va-fancy tiko.....They should learn to be disciplined like our Fijian Army boys in Golan Heights

Anonymous said...

Hang the bastards by their balls.

Anonymous said...

farking big time cowards...6-1

thieves to

Rabuka's generation

Amerikans pissed with UK not supporting attack on Syria, so these boci's going to get it.

Anonymous said...

good job boys. mark manning and your neo nazis buggies, don't call our boys black bastard or you will get blue, black and bugged.

Anonymous said...

So 'British extraction' soldier better behaved that 'Fiji Army' soldier - similarities by the looks of it.

make peace not war said...

It's a shame that Whitehall couldn't make a stronger case to their British parliament for specific military strikes against Syria's monstrous Assad regime. Blame the PM who cried wolf?

Even so, who can look past the horrific, tragic images of the hundreds of children lying dead and covered in white, on the ground? It's doubtful that the Assad regime would be above ethnic cleansing at this stage of the long protracted civil war.

Well, let's see how the Whitehouse fares before their Congress although this time they should have more than some mushroom cloud tale.

make peace not war said...

While EVIL keeps everyone biting their nails and fearful of the consequences of a firm, decisive and much-needed intervention (IMHO) on humanitarian grounds, there's reportedly a Syrian refugee every 15secs - apart from the millions being displaced within the country and the hundreds being killed or maimed in the heat of the battle everyday, esp.the vulnerable - women and children. So so sad.

This Saturday (7 Sep), Pope Francis has invited christians and non-christians around the world to a day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria. It'll culminate with a vigil at 7pm to 12midnite (Sunday morning in Fiji) at St Peter's Square where people "will gather in prayer and in a spirit of penance, invoking God's great gift of peace upon the beloved nation of Syria and upon each situation of conflict and violence around the world."

May the souls of all those who died (esp. children) in the chemical weapon attack Rest In Peace and may our Lord's perpetual light shine upon them... Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison.

Enjoy Durufle's requiem piece so beautifully performed by the brilliant skilful choir boys of Cambridge - my all-time favourites after our very own Fiji Methodist choir :D


Anonymous said...

Good job, lads. Typical punkass NYPD pulling that rascist shit. Nah...we aint niggers, biatch, we Fijians. Kena! Dont start none, wont be none.

jussayin said...

well said ANON 11.30am and Anon 4.54pm kilai tukana mai na bulubulu koya na NYPD officer ya- stop that racist shit

Anonymous said...

sanaila ..vinaka o iratou face to face kei ira..o iratou noda sotia era mokulaki ira na yalewa kei na malumalumu.