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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NZ Parliament tackled about illegal SIS raids on Fiji citizens

Last year's raid by the SIS on several Fijian citizens living in New Zealand has resurfaced with an MP disclosing today it was carried out under the Terrorism Suppression Act at the request of the military dictatorship.
PETERS: Asking questions.
The New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters, has questioned the National-led government about the July raids that centered on a supposed assassination plot to kill Fiji's coup leader, Frank Bainimarama.

A short time ago, Peters asked the House if the SIS, which is overseen by the prime minister John Key, and Key himself, to explain why the intelligence service "claimed it had credible evidence of the plot when the New Zealand government later backed down when sued in the High Court for matters arising from the raid."

Peters also asked: "Why a week before Foreign Minister McCully visited Fiji, did his government engage in an illegal raid at the behest of the dictatorial regime in Fiji, if it wasn't an attempt to ingratiate itself with the Fiji military regime?"

The deputy leader, Bill English, was unable to answer Peters questions, claiming he couldn't discuss the operational matters undertaken by the SIS and that it was a matter for Key since he's the Minister responsible.

The speaker of the house, David Carter, also failed to shed
SINGH: Falsely accused.
satisfactory light on the illegal raids saying he accepted English's answer.

Peters, who is known for his dogged determination to get information, ended his questions with the comment that he can prove it was an illegal raid and challenging Carter about letting English get away without answering.

"... that cannot be the way democracy in this country has been conducted in the past and I hope it's not the way it's going to be done in the future."

The former SDL MP, Rajesh Singh, was one of several people visited by the SIS who asked about a supposed assassination plot hatched in Auckland during a visit by the former 3FIR commander, Roko Ului Mara.
When did Key become dictator's new bestie? see link below

Singh told C4.5 at the time the SIS took his cell phone and his daughter's laptop, both of which were later returned.

Both Singh Mara dismissed the SIS allegations with Singh later taking action to clear his name. He wrote to the Ombudsman and the director general of the SIS and had a reply from the former but not the latter.

He says the New Zealand government went quiet and John Key's so-called 'credible evidence' was lies.

Another individual implicated in the unproven plot took High Court action against the New Zealand Government, in particular the Minister of Internal Affairs, but has discontinued his proceedings and is now seeking costs.

The court judgement prohibits naming the claimant publicly, but C4.5 is aware of who he is.

C4.5 also questioned the SIS information and the sudden cosiness between Key and Bainimarama at the time of the raids, as did those who were singled out. See earlier stories below.







Anonymous said...

See Rajend Naidus letter Abuse of Power in SanFrancisco Chronicle 7 days ago on the subject of State abuse of power in Western democracies

John Keyless said...

F v Minister of Internal Affairs [2013] NZHC 2117 (20 August 2013)

Last Updated: 2 September 2013



CIV-2013-485-000240 [2013] NZHC 2117


the Judicature Amendment Act 1972


an application for judicial review of cancellation of passport under the Passports Act 1992


F Applicant




Judgment: 20 August 2013



[1] F has discontinued his proceeding against the Minister of Internal Affairs (the Minister). F now seeks costs on a scale 2B basis in respect of the steps he took to commence the proceeding, prepare for and appear at a case management conference, and prepare an affidavit.

[2] The proceeding sought judicial review of a decision of the Minister to cancel F’s New Zealand passport . Before the hearing, the Minister revoked his decision to cancel F’s passport , and the proceeding was discontinued.

[ F v THE MINISTER OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS [2013] NZHC 2117 [20 August 2013]

Background to the proceeding

[4] F was formerly a senior public servant in Fiji. He is now involved in the Fiji freedom and democracy movement. He is a New Zealand citizen living in Sydney and holds a New Zealand passport .

[5] On 16 July 2012, F was notified that the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs had ordered that his New Zealand passport be surrendered, following a report from the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. A Notice of Recall and cancellation of passport was signed by the Minister on 17 July 2012 pursuant to s 8A of the Passports Act 1992. This notice was issued because of concerns F posed to New Zealand’s national security. Although notified of his right to appeal within

28 days, F feared doing so would endanger his family in Fiji.

[6] On 13 February 2013, F commenced his proceeding in which he challenged the Minister’s decision. He claimed that the Minister misdirected himself on the threshold test which requires reasonable grounds for believing that the passport holder was a danger to the security of New Zealand.

[7] On 16 April 2013, after a case management conference, the Minister wrote to F explaining that he had revoked his decision to cancel F’s passport with immediate effect. The Minister’s decision was based on a determination by the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service that there were no longer national security concerns which required cancellation of F’s passport .

[ [20] Each party shall bear their own costs.

D B Collins J


Crown Law Office, Wellington for Respondent

Anonymous said...

This what I like about C4.5 - you get the story: thanks to John Keyless for posting the court info. Good deed!

Anonymous said...

Will Graham Davis write about the latest development wish such wide-eyed BS as he did last year - making out Suva was more surprised then anyone else about the raid?

Anonymous said...

This was a paint job all along by regime propagandist to gain sympathy for Bainimarama and to elevate his popularity.

The cynicism the regime doles out to Fiji citizens will come back to bite it.

As for Key an increasing number of Kiwis dislike him for his smarm and arrogance. Unfortunately, there's no Labour leader strong enough to take him on yet.

Anonymous said...

Peters will get fijian vote in next election 2014.JK history.

Anonymous said...

Justice served than you Mr Peters .
Why fijian been treated like criminal by NZ SISand govt.Why pm key supporting BKC and Immunity.fiji coup culture will never stop Mr PM if you support illegal BKC and Immunity.

Anonymous said...

Peters for PM.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is a Swinger and lets other men route his wife while he watches cuckold bastard. Him and that sharp shooter who represented Fiji in the Olympics...Can someone give us his name...His father Reverend PK Davis was a child molester in Lautoka.

Madam Butterfly said...

never mind the SIS in NZ, The new name for a well known former judge madam justice is "NIKHIL NAIDU". How vacant is this loser? She used to blog under the name of Kavita Sharma before but now uses the new name to defend her idiotic articles in CROZ WALSH BLOG.
Ironically Nikhil Naidu is her former brother in law married to Nikhat Shameem a while back.

Anonymous said...

Key bent over for Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

New Zealand bought into the propaganda instead of maintaining an opposition because it was too hard.

Anonymous said...

Adi Bebe @ 8.29pm - who the hell cares? Yalo ca!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7.32pm - another pathetic loser who cannot strand a sensible argument. Big doce!

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum must define what he wrote in the constitution when he said "We the people of Fiji "The people of Fiji did not participate in the formulation of this illegal constitution and we do not know who wrote this constitution.Now another lie When are they going to stop this lies. To the people of Fiji . Do not forget that there Bainimarama illegal government is based on lies and lies never last soon or later it will crumble and tumble do not ghet into their bus because it will crash.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6.13am, don't be so minor. Which Constitution has ever enjoyed the participation of the people anyway in Fiji? Not ever for even the over-glorified 1997 was not accepted by 12 of 14 provincial councils in Fiji which represented the indigenous and more than 50% of the population. And, this was within a supposedly democratic system???? At least AK, with all his and this regime's flaws had the courage to front up to the people to answer their questions. You're obviously not in touch with the real world. Another Wadan Narsey - people who live in glass houses. Go and dream some more.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Singh is a snake. And a clown.

rajend naidu said...

I agree with Amenatave Malani that credit should be given where it is due with regards to the constitution handed down by the Bainimarama regime (Fiji Times 3/9).
And what may I ask should we do with the criticism of the constitution?|
Ignore it as if it does not exist?
Is that the sensible way of moving the country forward?
Amenatave gives credit for the entrenched land rights provisions in the Bainimarama Khaiyum Constitution which would ensure these rights are not alienated ever. If my memory serves me correctly the 1970 Independence Constitution of Fiji also had iron clad provisions for the protection of Fijian land rights.That constitution of course got trashed by the first military general who grabbed power through a coup in Fiji in 1987.
So why should we give undue credit to the Bainimarama Khaiyum Constitution for including it?
They haven't re-invented the wheel, have they?

Just Saying said...

This is a major story but people will shy away from it cos of the thought of an 'assasination plot' - even unproven - is too much for them. Regime propagandist did their work on this one - they got New Zealand to raid the homes and work place of legitimate Fijian citizens/New Zealand residents without having to show any real evidence. New Zealanders are waking up, albeit slowly, to the dangers of the SIS, the Government Communications Security Bureau and rushed legislation by John Key to allow SIS and police to spy on citizens. Fiji should also wipe the sleep from its eyes over the unjustified influence this regime wields with regional governments, as it has done here with NZ and as it will probably try to do with the Tony Abbots and the Julie Bishops of Downunder.

Wake up Fiji said...

They also managed to shut down the democracy movement by singling out members of the Coalition in Auckland with their BS story to the SIS. Fijians who think the 2014 elections will be the leveller are dreaming. There will never be a level playing field with Bainimarama and Khaiyum at helm. There is a saying: all's fair in love and war...think on it Fiji!

Rajesh is a fucking liar said...

Rajesh Thieving Singh is indeed a snake. He lied and he will always be a liar. I wonder when he's going back to Fiji and answer a lot of questions.

I Love my Fiji said...

@anon 7.41...
INdeed the 12 of 14 Provincial Councils did not support the 1997 Constitution. Yet it went through as the supreme law of the land.

In the proposed 1997 Constitution the Provincial Councils who are actually government machinery of Fijian Affairs Ministry are suppose to be independent and apolitical, just like the Civil Servants.

So under the 1997 proposed constitution these Provincial Councils lost the right to interfere in matters of Lower House of Representative, giving all Fijians equal suffrage to have their own concious vote.

So Provincial Councils were not above equal suffrage and had no role to play in politics come 1997 that they were used to since 1987.

And that is why GCC removed themselves from SVT and as the supreme law became a decorated body and recognised their role in new Fiji as Chiefs for all the people of Fiji and not just for the native Fijians.

And therefore for first time Fijians voted independently without being influenced by Provincial Cou7ncils who they shopuld vote for that saw FAP, PANU and independents like Kaitani getting Fijian votes in free and fair elections.

Now this is called equal suffrage and long live Great Council Of Chiefs who gave RFMF to remain Final Bastian of Law.

But now Khaiyum and Frank have removed both GCC from their illegal constitution and so have they removed RFMF as no longer final bastian of law.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon @ 9.07am for this clarity! Much appreciated from Anon @ 7.41!