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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Regime clamps down on citizens criticising Constitution

SOMBER ALL ROUND: Not everyone celebrating.

Four days after it promulgated its Constitution the regime now wants to shut down any 'talk' about it.

Typically, the illegal attorney general is blaming 'old politicians' for hindering what he claims is the country's progress by continuing to object to the Constitution.

An example of the farcical comments coming out of the mouth of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum: “The Bainimarama government does not engage in this ‘he said this, I said that’ tatter-tale type of approach. We take a national approach to issues.”
CROCODILE SMILES: Nazhat Shameem and co.

And this one: "There needs to be some sort of a certain level of propriety. There needs to some certain level of decency. But more importantly there needs to be a certain level of honesty.”

Honesty and propriety? 

How about informing the people about changes to the so-called 'supreme law' of the country'. 

TACKY: Autographs for illegal Constitution.
Those who've been following particular issues closely like that of land, have noted the final version is different to the one released to the public on August 22. 

The earlier draft had just three points under Provision 29 - the amended version 6, all revolving around Parliament's power to decide the royalties in any use of native land.

Royalties for mineral extractions have been announced publicly, but rather obliquely. 

In another FBC story this week the i-Taukei Affairs
Celebrating: Regime supporter and Qorvis mole Graham Davis.
Permanent Secretary, Savenaca Kaunisela,  advises i-Taukei to understand the provisions under Section 30 to avoid any confusion about issues that concern them.

Kaunisela is quoted as saying it is vital i-Taukei is informed on the 'sharing of royalties or any other money paid to the state' for the extraction of minerals.

“The Constitution has already set the platform," says Kaunisela. 

"It is now a matter for all the stakeholders to start working towards it. How and when, it will materialise, it will come but it needs to be fully understood."

Criticism about the illegal Constitution will continue for a long time yet. 

The regime might kid itself but take a look at the some of the faces from the formal proceedings the other day. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.


Ravuama Semo said...

This illegal Govt thinks it can steam roll us with its dictatorial approach to having us accept whatever it wants us to accept such as its illegal constitution, decrees, illegal secretive unaccountable salaries and phenomenal salaries for PSs.

We are being ruled by a system of Government similar to those in muslim countries...not surprising with EyeArse making all the rules and shafting all opposition.


mark manning said...

Come on guys, time to make Frank and Aiyaz new arse-holes!

Anonymous said...

Similar to all dictatorial regimes, they force issues upon the people, they forced their way into power, they force their way around, and force will continue to be be their key approach.
Let's somehow force them out through peacefully demonstrating to the international community that we do not accept their constitution.
The whole regime is corrupt and forcefully intimidating its people.
Where did these thugs come from?

Anonymous said...

This corrupt regime, which its leader declared in 2006 that will not benefit from the coup is right into the thick of things.

The country was rebuilding steadily from years of coups, when the 2006 coup was instigated through the so called 'doctrine of necessity' being pulled from nowhere. The people were told that there was corruption, but until today, the SDL government has not had a single case in court about corruption even after the creation of the establishment of the corrupt FICAC body which has seen most of its officers ending in court.
What we have had were mass sacking, appointments based on nepotism, military personnel appointed to key positions without merit. A public service that appoints officers not on merit, sacks people on baseless allegations, does not fairly provide salary increase but selectively does so only to preferred departments and institutions. Look at the proposed salary increase of these officers, this only happens in corrupt regimes, and nowhere else.

What can PS PSC tell the nation about these salary hikes? - one word, CORRUPT !

Look at our hospitals and social services, one word, PATHETIC!!

Look at our justice system, one word, UNJUST!!

Look at our finance, the regime's cronies are looting it day and night.Look at the national debt, do they talk about it? No, no, no!!
Fiji deserves a better government and a better constitution.

give us a break said...

Another dishonest posting, in that these diplomats had just got a roasting from bainimarama over their opposition to his program. you would have been sombre too. all this manufactured indignation, you just can't bear the fact that this constitution is genuinely democratic and fiji is powering forward. pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Who elected Khaiyum and Frank?-Gun and Military.
What happen to the promise that he will uphold 1997 Constitution.-liar.
How can we have free/fair election under illegal BKC.
We cant trust BKC and i know election will likely be cancelled or rigged.
LFC Mosese said they will support the govt of the day.
What happen in 1987/2000/2006 govt of the day support..why didnt Army support the commander/rebel to seize the legal elected govt.
I dont have faith in our Army/Police any more.
Salaries been increased to buy loyalty.
Can Frank resigned now and form his political party.
We want all Auditor General Reports published from 2007-2012 asap.
Salaries of all ministers and payment made to consultants .
Tenders awarded name and amount of each tender and projects.
We read of constant speech of transparency and accountability from Khaiyum/Frank.-Prove it now.

Anonymous said...

How the hell you're going
to fund
these salary schedules and
where the hell you're going
to get the money from?
Is Bainimarama going to get
back into accepting(loaded) Government Grants, from
former allies?
How the hell,is he
going to fixed the Roads,
old pipes for Water,where's the
money to pay your debts to
China, India,Russia, Middle
East, etc,etc.
We're going to be like
undeveloped Cuba-
after Fidel Castro
won his revolution over
50 years ago?It has stood still
while the rest of the world moved
on!Why? Cause he took the Money from Russia& China?
Dictator Castro has not built
a new high rise,never bring in a
modern vehicles,etc?
Whatever that
were in Cuba, during the revolution
50 years ago,the same thing is still there today-no changes?
only foreing exchange that comes
into the country, are brought in
by Tourists from South-America,
Canada & Eu communities?is that
what we want???

BC said...

Kaunisela is a dickhead. How the hell are the villages going to be upto speed on sharing of mineral royalties when its actually the Parliament that decides how much they get? Kaunisela is an embarrasment to the Fijian people. This is another rape of the Fijian people by Kaium and Bainimarama and Kaunisela is helping them. Kaunisela is either a total idiot or just has no idea what is coming out of his mouth. Typical delusional regime mouthpiece. Sa qai tu so na kaiviti ulukau. Sa vakaraitaka tu ga qo na levu ni ulukau kei na kocokoco. Kaunisela is a typical regime parrot ie they got no brains, Can't think; Pay them enough money and they'll blabber garbage out of their mouth.

BC said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fiji up creek said...

Body language also speaks a thousand words.

paula raqeukai said...

the right thinking people of this nation regardless of ethnic groups MUST stand united in opposing peacefully the illegal regime's propaganda policies...no matter how smart it would try to correct the wrongs of "the 5/12 treason act"...everything done for the last 7 years are illegal....the highest court in the land ruled on 9/4/2009 that the treason act of 2006 was indeed illegal....I will continue to state openly and peacefully that this regime is illegal....God has allowed this act to occur BUT it does not meant that it has approve it....we shall continue to fast and pray for His gracelessly love in our beloved nation....as I said before and I will say it again Fiji needs a true reconciliation, forgiveness of all the people and most importantly establish a truth commission to start a new beginning for Fiji....only then the nation will be blessed again...

Truth Will Out said...

An illegal constitution assented by an illegal president and illegal government cannot be celebrated.

the madam said...

its so ironic that the madam shameem declared in her judgment when speight did his coup that no decree can override an Act of parliament. same to cj tony gates...selective memory or just pure corruption?

PCP/THC said...

I think the salaries are great..for the next government, so all you out there remember who not to vote for in the next elections. These salaries make me want to form a political party and go for gold...I will even resort to stuffing ballot boxes for this kind of salary structure.
VOTE FOR LEGALISE CANABIS PARTY in the next elections !!!
Remember LCP only ...not SODELPA or NFP or FLP....SIMPLY TICK LCP...LCP...LCP

Radiolucas said...

It is too late for Bai and Khaiyum.

But the Shameem traitors should be ashamed of their acts in this sorry saga of Fiji's history.

Another constitution, another failed attempt to woo support for a document of contradictions, lies and excuses.

Bai cannot rewrite history to suit his own agenda - we all know what he did and how he did it - no amount of rubbish about "colonialism" or "racism" can paint over his murderous, corrupt and inept government.

Anonymous said...

My friends, you and your kids, kids will grow old and grey, but Fiji's political situation will never wane. Talk and chat about this all you want, but actions speak louder than words. Frank will stand for election next year, and he will stand to win. In the meantime, all Muslims are taking high ranking posts across Fiji and Abroad, as their cousin, who stands to take Deputy PM's role next year has carefully crafted this, so that there are no challengers from Indian or Fijians. Muslims have an habit of kissing bums, and will even marry into the same family, let alone take advantage to any situation they are put into. Never trusted one, and don’t know of anyone who does.

Anonymous said...

This is building a worst Fiji not a better Fiji .Can Fiji afford to pay those salaries or Bainimarama is doing this to justify the million he is getting with Kaiyum per year in salary.I urge people to look at the alarming rate of the government debt. 6billion dollars and may be more.What are those debts for .? What is the payment like ? Who do we owe those debts to ?How long will it take to pay those debts off? Now Bainimarama is increasing the salaries of the heads of the discipline forces and some PS to a staggering high level in addition to the 6 billion dollars debt. Can Bainimarama or anybody in the illiberal regime tell us how the government will cater for the payment of debt and salaries.?This is corruption in the highest order buying support and loyality of departments head. But there are only a hand full of them , We the people of Fiji 800'000 population we reject the illegal 2013 constitution and we want Bainimarama and his regime to immediately step down and a civilian administration to replace them to take us to election under the 1997 constitution. We are fed up with the lies and corruptions on going in this illegal regime and we could foresee a disastrous economic situation looming up on the horizon for Fiji. We have to act now people.we have to stop this regime from taking all of us down to that bottomless pit. We have to peacefully stage protest march and show the world .we have to stand up now before its too late. No violence but peacefully please . I urge our chiefs to come forward and lead your people to free our country.enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

The Methodist church leader we want to know what is the church's stance on the regimes constitution ? If you have chosen to accept it then we the members disagree with you and expect influx d members drained out to other denomination. We want to hear from you church larders. If you leaders can't fight for justices and freedom as Jesus did for all of us than move aside get someone else who has strong faith and guts to lead us in our fight for justice freedom.

Anonymous said...

Human Rights Watch says Fiji's new draft Constitution includes considerable restrictions on rights and sections of it need to be redrafted.

The US-based organisation has attacked the Constitution's limits on the rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association and restrictions on workers rights.

Jessia Evans from Human Rights Watch in Washington told Pacific Beat that unless the draft Constitution is amended before being assented by the President on Friday, rights in Fiji will remain restricted.

"The broad limitations to these rights set out in the Constitution include in the interests of national security, public safety, public order, public morality, public health and the orderly conduct of elections," she said.

"This elections exemption is particularly chilling given that Fiji's military government has long stated it intends to hold national elections under the new Constitution before September 2014."

The draft Constitution is due to be given presidential assent, two weeks after it was released.

Human Rights Watch says the immunity provision for those involved in the 2006 military coup amounts to a whitewash of past rights abuses.

"There is no limit to this immunity and the draft Constitution states that the immunity provisions should never be revoked or altered, nor can any court review them," Ms Evans said.

"This kind of incredibly broad immunity provision violates international human reights standards and it prevents people from holding their military rulers or their forces to account for past human rights violations."

Ms Evans also says the new draft Constitution again imposes restrictions on workers rights.

"It would permit again limitations on the freedom of association and the right to collective bargain for the purposes of regulating the registration of trade unions and the collective bargaining process," she said.

"These provisions would undermine the ability of trade unions to defend the fundamental rights of workers on the job freely, further contributing to a climate of fear and impunity which continues to exist in Fiji."

Human Rights Watch says it is hopeful - but not confident - the Constitution will be altered prior to it receiving presidential assent tomorrow.

"At this stage it's looking very likely this will be the Constitution that Fiji ends up with," Ms Evans said.

"At the same time we're really encouraging foreign governments and international financial institutions engaged with Fiji to put pressure on the government to ensure that these basic provisions don't limit human rights and freedom."

"We're hopeful that there will be revisions even at this very last minute."

Ms Evans says the new draft Constitution continues the practice of Fiji's military government ignoring human rights.

"The Fiji government or military rulers have been turning their noses up at human rights for far too long and this Constitution currently drafted gives the military and the new government the ability to continue to limit human rights in Fiji," she said.

"This is of course incredibly problematic as a principle and for the people of Fiji going forward."

"In addition it creates a hurdle for the sustainable development of Fiji."

Anonymous said...

Is Jyoti Prathibha of Fiji Sun sleeping with one of government ministers or PS.Looking @ her bias comments and past history of journalists like Margaret Wise and Asha Lakan, I can say that she is definately being in bed wit either a minister. PS or military personnel.

John Jackson said...

Anonymous :September 11, 2013 at 2:26 PM

Please don't drag the name of the Church, to this conversation u BOCI leave the Church for the to its Role, What justices and freedom u talking about, that's the Role of Judiciary

Anonymous said...

Anon@2.26pm.The Methodist Church is to be commended for the way it is going now. It is now concentrating on family and salvation, leaving comment on the Constitution to individuals, to exercise their own right. You are so stupid, you have NO idea of people development. Levu ga na via vakils. Siosio - la'i tomana ga na tomi vuanikau deo Kaitani?

Anonymous said...

What are Jitoko CEO FRCA and champcha Himmat lodhia smiling for;Shame on these guys including Naz Shameem the goddess of Judiciary.......

Anonymous said...

@Annon 8:22am Set 11 2013
Vinaka vakalevu kemuni na raiyawa!!!
Me daru kera vua na Kalou me vakabalavutaka nodaru bula me daru vakadinadinataka na nomuni parofisai.
You couldn`t have more accurate in your vision, Bainimarama is dragging Fiji down the same road Castro did drag Cuba down.

Anonymous said...

Jackson your problem is you are thinking of your ownself selfish my church your church. All christian churches have the same principles and their roles in relation to the governance of any country to apart from the spritual upbringing of every soul is to watch and inform the government on polocies and development that have negative impact of the peoples lives. To you because you are supporting the illegal regime as you are also a parasite you will not accept the truth I am telling you. Well that is your right and I respect it.

Fiji Will Never Be The Same Again said...

Carry out another coup, abrogate bainimagana kaiyum constitution and execute baini and his cronies including all those homos in the illegal judiciary that drafted the illegal constitution. That's the only way to get rid of it.

Anonymous said...

anon@2:14am...I'm with you,actually
if we want to end all these bull-
shit,shoot& kill off that puffta-
Anthony Gate?
Get rid of that racist maca-faka,puffta and everything will
go back to normal?

Anonymous said...

anon comments of pratibha getting banged by regime boys,,,,,,,great analysis agent vinod

No future for regime said...

Poor kaivalagi diplomats know what a sham the Constitution is and being roped in as part of process but faces suggest they not comfortable with it. Reassuring in a way I guess.

Anonymous said...

sitting behind the diplomats is wannabe tui bua ratu filimoni ralogaivau the dickhead from the jo nawalowalo charter campaign days ,,,,he has passed away with his secretary kini rarubi while filimoni still sits around licking voreqeS & president arses.....
tamata macawa....
dua tale na kai viti macawa mera vesu ni oti na veidigidigi

Anonymous said...

bainimarama fixed our village hall and toilets so i will vote for him
down to earth guy too easy going when we drink kava,,,,
he is also helping our village rugby team

Anonymous said...

when you can't get loyalty through deeds you can use money when you know that they are an unprincipled mob. kinda people who will sell their mother, wife, children for money. shameless

Anonymous said...

Call Bainimarama whatever you like but you have to admit that he has balls (excuse the pun here) by taking it to these bigger countries.

So what if the faces in that picture are somber. who cares?

Anonymous said...

anon 12.17pm...it's funny but your comments could have also been equally applied to politicians before 2006, except it was not called vote-buying but instead campaigning.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:29pm...The difference is one is elected and the other is ruling by the gun and has subjugated you into believing what they are doing is correct. Would you prefer being forced into something rather than having a choice and freedom to make choices, express your opinions and enjoy the comforts of Fiji without being victimised by a dictator who continues to flex his muscle each time anyone says Frank is an idiot. Frank is one of the many who have tried including Rabuka and they all go down one way or another if the will of the people is made known. If this generation of people dont, the ones coming up will because the people of Fiji are now educated to realise and understand idiots like Frank do not have any place in todays democratic society.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:50 PM

So in six years all the people in Fiji have suddenly become educated ?


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:02PM...Your response is indicative you one tamani big ULU KAU...ULU LALA...EMPTY VESSEL...IF I WAS YOUR TEACHER I WOULD DONG YOUR HEAD WITH A DUSTER...ULU KOBO

Delilah said...

No doubt toady Davis is toasting the regime. Camera over the shoulder makes him look a low level Qorvis hack.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:42 PM

Lets hope that for the future of those needing educating and the future of Fiji you are not a teacher.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:48pm you must be an Indian...

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4:29 PM

A bit a pathetic post, there's more than one race in this world that can recognise an idiot.

Try broadening your view and you may find it changes the way others continually laugh at you.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:27pm...I hope you looked in the mirror and recognised one

Anonymous said...

Two CHINAMEN and one KAIDIA signing off the ULTIMATE demise of the KAIVITI!!

Anonymous said...

funny that hangers on are not ai viti ,,,
where is the kai viti these days??? never see any of them in corporate functions, cocktails etc etc ,,,,,
how many kai viti owned businesses exist today???

Anonymous said...

funny that hangers on are not ai viti ,,,
where is the kai viti these days??? never see any of them in corporate functions, cocktails etc etc ,,,,,
how many kai viti owned businesses exist today???

Anonymous said...

Really! wouldn't you say the Kaiviti signing-off the
KAI-IDIA demised?
has dwindled drastically
and they're
still running?
10% is the real target,when
we reach the target we'll stop
and return to democratic admin?

Anonymous said...

The looks on the faces of those five kaivalagi sums it all up:
01. What bullshit and hogwash are we going to hear now?
02. Do these people think that we are so gullible?
03.Oh no there they go again blowing their trumpets
04. OMG I would have been better off playin golf
05. How can they?
06. The elections will be rigged
etc etc

Anonymous said...

Hello, in the meantime Ralogoivalu is trying to look VIPrish, studious and learned the parasite he is!!

Anonymous said...

These white people can be termed as beachcombers, useless in their country and exploitative in third world countries. In their own country not even a mouse will listen to them. They would probably be on the dole and end up depressed in a nursing home.

Anonymous said...

Jioji Kotobalavu is making supportive statements for
the Bainimarama regime.
I wonder why?
Hey Jioji, we know how tough
it is
to marry a young woman at
your age?
Look pal, the girl is young enough to be your grand-daughter?
Yes at her age she would certainly drives
you up the wall.Hey,look old man,.she's got too much spungk and
certainly can't get the satisfaction she deserves from an
old dicks like you?
Yeah,sure why not? Manipulate Bainimarama to take
you back, cause you need the money,
the accolade,and protection of
young wife, from these
horny dogs?Sure why not,no one will respect you without money
and position of
Hey bai could use you to
established his new political
and may even put your name
in as his running mates?
Yup, viagra is
kinda too expensive to get
from your dwindling pension
funds either?