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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pay rise shocker for Fiji regime hierarchy days before new Constitution

Cash in pockets: a pay off for endorsing the illegal Constitution?

A huge pay rise for the regime's permanent secretaries, granted just a few days before it promulgated its 2013 Constitution, to replace the one it abrogated in 1997.

The timing suggests the pay increases, some of them at 192.5 per cent, are to keep them loyal to the illegal regime. 

As noted previously, the salaries the regime keeps giving itself are unjustified and lack transparency.

The pay rises were cited by the Fiji Trade Union Congress a few days ago, and a sourced to a Price Waterhouse Coopers salary assessment report.

C4.5 have since acquired a notice from the Public Service Commission to all permanent secretaries, dated August 29 that talks of temporary contracts and annual leave to be paid at their current base salary. (see attachment)

The new salaries and the annual leave was scheduled to start September 1.

The highest paid in the regime hierarchy at $221,894 are listed in the FTUC report as:

     (1) Commander RFMF - $221,894
     (2) Commissioner of Police - $221,894
     (3) Commissioner of Prisons - $221,894
     (4) Permanent Secretary, PM’s Office - $221,894
     (5) Permanent Secretary, Finance - $221,894
     (6) Permanent Secretary, Works - $221,894
     (7) Permanent Secretary, Health - $221,894
     (8) Permanent Secretary, Education - $221,894


BC said...

Nurses presently work 12hours a day and get paid 8 hours.
Why don't they get their "normal" pay restored.

Like we've said before, this Coup is not about, getting rid of corruption or racial equality or some other bullshit.
This Coup is all about one person and one person alone and that is Bainimarama.

All these pay rises is about one person alone ie to save Bainimarama's skin.

All these people are being bought.
The Fijian soldiers are useless because they have been bought too.
They've been paid to ignore the plight of their fellow-Fijians.
These are lowlifes.
These are the worst type of Fijians.
I hope they all die in the Golan Heights.

Fijians should stop pussy-footing around this arsehole and do the right thing ie throw him in jail.

Ratu Sai said...

Tu na da

Anonymous said...

The pay rise for permanent secretary's is to get the best qualified people to apply when the current term expires. You pay peanuts you get monkeys so increase pay so it is commensurate to like appointments in civilian life and you will get the right people.
It's not a reward for current holders but for future holders. Preparations for next government after elections I think. Bainimarama will win.

Anonymous said...

Hope Anon@ 3.01pm is correct. Hope though it will not be too hard to get the best qualified. I also hope that even if Bainimarama's party wins and by the looks of things it will, I just hope, they will even consider PSs that were unceremoniously removed - for there were some very good ones.

Anonymous said...

Jackson tell me who will fight for freedom ? Is it the justice ministry or judiciary. It's you yourself now talking about justice. How can our judiciary ensure that justice prevails when they are not independent. There is no separation of power in the current regime, I hope you understand what I am talking about you idiot and kulina. Now talking about the role of the church. Do you know that one if the fundamentals of the church's role is to stand up and defend its members from persecution,injustice and inhuman treatment ,the church is duty bound to check on the government or in otherword the watch dog of the government if it feels that qcertain policy of the government will have negative impact on the people lives it has the right to point it out to the government wheather the government likes it or not..for your information Marcos the dictator of the Philipeens was taken down by the church through peaceful protest. Supported by union and the people.I hope I have in a small way educate your mind to ensure that you check first before you jump in to the boiling pot.

Anonymous said...

Jackson tell me who will fight for freedom ? Is it the justice ministry or judiciary. It's you yourself now talking about justice. How can our judiciary ensure that justice prevails when they are not independent. There is no separation of power in the current regime, I hope you understand what I am talking about you idiot and kulina. Now talking about the role of the church. Do you know that one if the fundamentals of the church's role is to stand up and defend its members from persecution,injustice and inhuman treatment ,the church is duty bound to check on the government or in otherword the watch dog of the government if it feels that qcertain policy of the government will have negative impact on the people lives it has the right to point it out to the government wheather the government likes it or not..for your information Marcos the dictator of the Philipeens was taken down by the church through peaceful protest. Supported by union and the people.I hope I have in a small way educate your mind to ensure that you check first before you jump in to the boiling pot.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4:00 PM

""Now talking about the role of the church. Do you know that one if the fundamentals of the church's role is to stand up and defend its members from persecution,injustice and inhuman treatment ,the church is duty bound to check on the government or in otherword the watch dog of the government""

What a prat you are. What if your church is not my church and what if I do not agree with your church, and you mine?

Your church does not speak for me, get it.

Anonymous said...

Elite PS and Other milking govt pay and others small civil servant struggling to pay for food and education.
shame on the elite fijians/Indians PS.
Yes they doing good clean up of govt coffers.
baini is buying loyalty of PS/Others.

Ratu Sai said...

Simply put the increase is unreasonable when compared to the average salary of civil servants or all workers in Fiji. It would interesting to find out the salary level of Deputy PS, and other Assistant Secretaries. The question remains whether the government can afford such increases given the condition of our roads and hospitals.

Anonymous said...

Heaps of overrated PS .

Anonymous said...

PSC /Bano can you publish Ministers salaries now.

Anonymous said...

Oilei, the bridge between the rich and poor now becomes even wider. There is a small percentage of our population owning a bulk of the rich while the larger like you and I, own the itty bitty left. Anyway, better to face hardship here for my gold awaits me in Heaven when I am called.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Bainimarama's statement in 2006 'that no one in the military will benefit from the coup'.

Like all dictators, they always lie their way through, and it continues today at all levels and sectors.

The constitution is full of it. Take the section which says that this constitution cannot be abrogated. This regime said in 2007 as it was formulating the Charter that the 1997 constitution was the supreme law of the land, two years later, they abrogated it, now they say that this constitution cannot be abrogated, who is going to believe them?

Just a bunch of liers, crooks, thieves, who are hungry for having tasted power way back in 2000.

They deserve to be thrown in jail with their Chief Justice.

Anonymous said...

OK now, Labour has started telling us what they will do should they win the election. What about SODELPA? What do you promise??? I bet ur too busy blogging and drinking grog up there. Cakava mada e so na cakacaka me keimami vakabauti kemudou kina.

Anonymous said...

Am glad PS levels are being taken seriously. Much of our poverty is 'cos we have some stupid people up there including CEOs of statutory bodies who're like headless chooks! Worse still, there are still some corrupt ones in statutory bodies who've been there from the previous governments.

Anonymous said...

Some PS's deserve this pay rise, some just do not deserve them....

Anonymous said...

And do you think it would be any different with another government in place, I think not.

Anonymous said...

Another chance to milk the system and fill their pockets before the election. The richer gets richer the poorer gets poorer. Apart from the military the remainder of the frontline public sectors pay remains the same. What is the input of the military to the public services apart from paying taxes....surely nurses,police,firemen,doctors deserves more for keeping the country running.

Anonymous said...

What a whole bunch of thieves..I would rather die poor then be remembered as someone who took advantage of a situation in order to fill my pockets..Sa levu vei ira qo na lawakica kei na kocokoco..sa dina ga nai vola tabu..enai otioti ni gauna e na levu na qasodrosodro kei na lawaki ca..you will all die a sad and slow death the whole lot of you..bloody opportunists..

Anonymous said...

Let the dogs sit beside Lazarus and pick on the crumbs that fall from the rich men`s table where the heat is getting stronger by the day !!!!
One day soon, they will be begging Lazarus for a drop of water to quench their thirst...as the parrable from the black book goes.
Bless you all...Permanent Secretaries
Enjoy to the fullest while there is abundance.

ghekko said...

the various faces of nepotism, want to be, greed, corruption, yes man, selfishness, 'tabetabe kei na masia jiko na polo nei commodore bainimara. inadvertently, citizens of this nation should expect more of these similar surprises as we march towards election.

we all wonder why the commodore has not yet formed a political party or resigned from being commander of the army... he probably has to finalise a full proof contingency exit plan which would require the total co-operation of the army, police and prison bosses.

no wonder they're also in the pay list. food for thought!

Anonymous said...

Filimone Waqabaca mai yaso! Snake in the grass your incompetent fool.Cava o sa bau cakava na levu ni nomu masipolo vei Voreqe. Sa rauta mada you will go to Naboro when the new Government comes in.

Anonymous said...


Whiteman said...

This just goes to show that you still need the white man to rule your stupid asses. Look at Africa. With all it's resources and minerals. Give them their independence and what happens? Fucking chaos. Now look at us. 40 yrs of independence and we still cant get it right. Coup after coup after coup, different fuckhead in charge, same story. The rich (or in this case, whoever's holding the gun) get richer, while the poor keep getting fucked. Maybe, what you fuckwads need, is the return of your white masters to keep you natives in line. Fucking ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Vakaloloma o Viti..ni bau yadra na sotia.

Anonymous said...

If Filimoni Waqabaca is in charge of Government purse...God help the people of Fiji..allowing the fox to guard the hen house...this is the same idiot who left behind debts with the IMF when he left Washington DC four years ago....he could not even pay off his vehicle...hiding it from repossession by leaving it with Fijians in Washington DC....now he sends his wife to the same stint....he definitely had a hand in her going to the IMF when there were more qualified people within RBF. Bloody NOBODY!!...now he has had a taste of what its like to have some illegal power....QAURI!

Anonymous said...

Now that the Permanent Secretarries have been sorted out, their next move is to increase the Ministerial salaries! For how can Frank accept that his PS will be getting more then him in each of the individual Ministries that he holds!


Anonymous said...

You should do standup comedy.. coz that's the funniest thing I've every heard especially within the context 0f the article and our political situation. RFMF commander 192.55% payrise...hahahahaha....and you still remain hopeful he wins.Ulukau!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fijian army and police have sold themselves for money.Judas shame on you fijians taking instruction from Khaiyum and Bai to destroy your own fijian church,culture and chiefs. madua na kaiviti.
I though you would have learn from Rabuka coup.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum con man liar .BKC is another shit from you and regime.Fraud star khaiyum is supported by army and police and fijian elite PS shame on you guys.

Anonymous said...

vinaka vinaka
toso toso toso na butako ra gone,,,,sa voleka mai na election ,,,oti naboro etc etc ,,,,
constitution 2013 is man made and can be thrown out with immunity....
toso toso ragone butako keina lasu me toso ga'

Anonymous said...

No use bitching and whining about the ridiculous pay raises. It is what it is. Now...when there's no more money to pay these cocksuckers, then what? Hike up your sulus, bitches and bend over for your Sino/Russo pimps!

Anonymous said...

Felix anthony has questioned the increse and compared it with ordinary workers....can he tell the nation how much he gets, his vehcile and driver benefits and the most important his travel bennefits

Utopia lost said...

will we ever have a pm that will listen to the majority of the lawmakers or just to he elite few:
read on. this is Fiji the way the world should be:

Prime minister announces end of draft bill that would have allowed a Canadian company to mine in Rosia Montana

Adam Vaughan | The Guardian

Romania indicated it would reject plans by a Canadian mining firm to create Europe's largest opencast gold mine, following week-long protests by thousands of people across the country.

On Monday, prime minister Victor Ponta said a draft bill to allow Canadian company, Gabriel Resources, to mine gold and silver at the Carpathian town, Rosia Montana, would be rejected by the two chambers of the Romanian parliament because a "majority of lawmakers" opposed it.

"That will be the end of this bill. I, as prime minister, have to find other solutions for foreign investments and the creation of jobs," he said.

"As long as it is obvious that there is a majority opposed to the bill, it is useless to waste too much time on it."

Gabriel Resources said it would consider legal action against Romania. "Gabriel is urgently seeking confirmation of the actual statements made and clarification of the impact on the proposed permitting of the project. If the draft legislation is rejected then the company will assess all possible actions open to it, including the formal notification of its intentions to commence litigation for multiple breaches of international investment treaties," it said in a statement.

Thousands of people took to the streets of Bucharest and other cities last week to protest against the project, which has been in limbo for 15 years, and which the mining company has reportedly invested £358m ($583m Canadian dollars). Opponents of the mine said the quarries would use cyanide and destroy four mountain tops, as well as leading to several villages being removed. Campaigners called it "the symbolic fight of our generation".

Anonymous said...

We all know that ALL policticians are self centered and make some gains here and there.....but the question is who also does something for the nation....we all want the nation to progress....better roads, hospitals, broadband, investments etc etc.

Biggest question : Did Labour, NPF or SDL gave us that....answer is BIG NO....when they were given opportunity esp mahen all he did was took qarase to court and made money where possible? What did Felix do? made money from board fees, procurement , did strikes at FSC etc etc

Can i ask one question?

Do these policticians or so called aspiring pocliticans have any ETHCIS, guilty conscience or do they fear god.....

If they answer yes then only they should stand for next elections

fijileaks said...

CONSTITUTION FRAUD: President assented to different version on 6th September from the one Aiyaz Khaiyum circulated in August as the final version and which was translated into Fijian & Hindi. Is that why he says NO more talk on Constitution? Cover Up!
11/09/20132 Comments

AS THE documents below reveal, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum perpetrated the biggest constitutional fraud on the nation and the world in his messianic desire to impose a new Constitution on Fiji. On 22 August he had unveiled what he described as the "Final Version" of the 2013 Constitution.

On 6 September the President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, assented to the "Constitution" and thousands of copies were distributed, and are still being distributed, around Fiji and the world.

However, a close inspection of the two Constitutions reveal that the one unveiled in August, and the one assented to and distributed in September, are not the same.

Take, for example, Chapter Twelve of the "Final" August version which states as follows: "This Constitution shall come into force on a date or dates determined by the President by notice published in the Gazette".
The version assented by the President states that "The Constitution shall come into force on 7 September 2013".

The "August Version" that was released with much fanfare for the citizens to read and digest is now missing from the internet - for the link has been removed by the Government of Fiji and the Ministry of Information. The President signed the "September Version" on Friday 6 September 2013.

So, it is very clear that the public of Fiji read one version, and are now in possession of another version, especially on the issue of land where "rights" in the August Version have been substituted with "ownership".

And on 6 September Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, who is also the Minister for Justice, Anti-Corruption, Public Enterprises, Communications, Civil Aviation, Tourism, Industry and Trade and the Minister responsible for Elections, and is also the Acting Minister for Local Government, Urban Development, Housing and Environment, tweeted: "President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, gives his assent to the 2013 Constitution".

Yes, to WHICH ONE, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum?

When did the President issue "Notice in a Gazette" and when did you insert the words "7 September 2013"?

Epeli Gaunavouivuda said...

Laivi ira me ra macake sara ka lualua ena kana i lavo!! Dua sara me vekataka mai na i lavo qai cegu.

Anonymous said...

It's hard for these leading figures to appear principled after this latest piece of news, especially after their involvement in propping up this govt.

I hope they examine their conscience next time they preach about democracy, especially naivalurua who likes to endlessly lecture his officers about being principled...the hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6.03pm 11 Sep

You are so right on. The political parties should be putting out their manifestos as early as possible and no this does not include what they have been saying about this Govt (though it is a good start and they should continue with it right up until election day).

Repetition from as early as possible maybe boring but at least the people get the idea that the UFDF are serious about governing and not just scaremongering.

Anonymous said...

Filimoni Waqabaca SONALEVU!!..Masia vinaka na polo nei Voreqe baleta qori na qai nomu job number i Naboro. Ni vei vutu ga!

Anonymous said...

Parmesh Chand PSc did the pay increase. This is corruption and abuse of office.

All responsible must be charged.

Police report must be filed for investigation and new parliamentary enquiry set upi after election.

This is a scam.

Anonymous said...

Why has there been an increase in salary for Permanent Secretaries...Quite simply because of the gap in the huge salary Frank and Khaiyum are paying themselves to the Permanent Secretaries and they increased the versa to close the gap to a quarter of what they pay themselves. Now we the tax payers have to pay these imbeciles and 60% of people in Fiji do not pay tax. Government is creating a hole and deficit as big as Frank and Khaiyums arse and the people and our future generation will be paying for this and this is something supporters of Frank do not realise. Who is going to pay for all these. Our future, our young the unborn. In doing nothing, we are allowing Frank to create these problems to our country where the future will suffer and Fiji may well be reduced further into a fifth world country. Already people are struggling to put food on the table and there is an increase in cost of living, housing etc. This should not be allowed to happen.

Anonymous said...

he he vagagalu toka o ratou na boci ena ena media cell mai na keba,,,,
oso oso beka ena sara porn, gunu yaqona, mateni , lasa i tuba, veivutusona keina masi dakai,,,,,

Unelected and overpaid said...

Pretty much puts them on equal par with New Zealand and Australian government ministers but hardly think the illegally installed - an unlected - government of Bainimarama should be piad at such an excessive rate. MPs in New Zealand are paid at about $142,000 a year, and rises according to their level of responsibility.

Members of Parliament who chair a select committee are paid about $155,000 a year. Cabinet ministers are paid $260,000 a year.
The Prime Minister's salary is set at $410,000. Members of Parliament also get a yearly allowance of at least $16,100 to cover out-of-pocket expenses associated with their work, such as entertainment, meals and memberships.

Source: Parliamentary Services, 'Parliamentary Salaries and Allowances Determination 2011'.

Not sure what Australia's MPs ae paid bu back benchers gfet something like $250,000.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.06pm
its stupid to compares good apples with rotten apples moron

Anonymous said...

sa da vakaloloma na Fijians. Sa sega tikomadaga nai lavo me qai kau mai vei na kedrai sau o ira na tamata qo. Bainimarama ke o wilika tiko qo. Sa rauta mada kerekere bau nanumi viti kei keimami na sasaga vuli tiko yani me keimami bau cakacaka talega. Kau tiko ga mai o ira na kai veivanua tani me ra mai cakacaka wavoki mada I viti taucoko qai lai raici ira era graduate mai na vei koronivuli lelevu sara sega ni rawa tiko gona ni ra kune cakacaka ni tukuni tiko ga mai ni sa sega ni rawa due to financial constraints ia dou qai veitubutubi ga I cake na kemudou I sau.
KEREKERE SA RAUTA. qarauna nmu vale toka la I cake qo I Laucala. Deo na cabeti yani I cake qori.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:36pm...carubi sara...dua ga matani masese lailai...kei na karasini...se bera ni yadravi jiko na vale gauna qo...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous September 12, 2:40PM and 2:36PM gonei na ka qori sega ni dau tukuni. Tovolea me caka sara yani. Na kodro tiko va qo esega ni yaga. Drau cabe kemudrau. Me qai news ga mai ni sa caka. Qai macala mai kina ocei e cici sobu ni sa sa samuraki mai. Ka ga ni vosota drau tovolea yani. Sa yaga na vuli. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Drau vuli vakaukauwa me drau rawa ni PS. Na ka odrau kanaka tiko qori ena boidada ga kina na sona.

Just Saying said...

Signed off by Taita Waqa but can only have come from Messrs Khaiyum and Bainimarama. What a buy off guaranteed to carry them through to the 2014 elections.

Anonymous said...

What justification is given to these astronomical pay rises? Has oil been found in Fiji? Is there no more poverty in Fiji? Has the country gone completely bonkers???

We see rampant abuse of power and corruption yet life continues as if nothing has happened or is happening! Apathy? Malua fever? Fiji time? What ever it is, it is sickening!

Anonymous said...

Na sona ga e boi dada ...se boi pauta tu beka na nomudrau kei Bai.

Sonaila said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

to whiteman @ 6.20am, 12 september

the fact that these changes are happening right now in Fiji is called "self determination" you fuckhead!
If you fucking whitemen had not brought your bloody stupid concepts of induced self determination to our people,the indians wouldn't have arrived, the colonialists wouldn't have thrived, and Fiji wouldn't be in the turmoil it's in today...go fuck yourself with your now decried whitemen shit philosophies...such a fuckwad...cheers man, don't take offence, find me at the Nadi sports club for the only good thing you whitemen brought to us..FIJI BITTER...then and again, fucken bitter indeed...

Anonymous said...

Kemuni e rawa na cabe cake e sega ni rerevaki na tamata .ke o nanuma na Sotia ni keimami rerevaki kemuni e vala na nomuni nanuma.Na ka o no boletaka tiko na dakai e sega kina ni fare vei keimami na lewe ni Vanua .ke meda vaka sota I qaqalo ga Ia ni sa raica kina na ka o ni sa bera ni kunea e na nomuni bula taucoko. Ke sega ni vakau ka mai na nodra daki kei na I yaragi. Ovisa me soli vei keimami na lewe ni Vanua. Ke rawa ya sa na qai savasava kina na Quito e na qai laurai kina o vei e tagane dina veitalia ga ni o ni sa vulica na I valu kei na dakai we will take you people out. Kemuni na Sotia ni Viti ni Sotia lamuamu Levu ga nomuni vosa.O Esala Teleni vakamatei o tacina mai vei ira tou na hit man nei Bainimarama. Cava bau cakava .Sega lamu.e Levu na Sotia e ra vakalolomataki na wekamuni ni galu lamu tu ga. qori sa lawakitaki na Yavu ni vakavulewa me da sa vakalolomataki na I taukei. Na cava ni bau cakava na Sotia gone I taukei . Sega ga lamulamu bulabalavu.ke o ni sa lamu ni Solia ga mai vei keimami na dakai.ni qai saravi keimami me keimami vala taka na neimaimi kawa tamata ,Vanua,Turaga kei na vei ka keimami vakamareqeta.

Whiteman said...

@ Anon...4.38p (12/9/2013) There you go..blaming the white man for all your problems. If you could just cut back on your all-night binge drinking at the "Nadi Sports Club", you'd realise that you idiots are the cause of your own problems. All night drinking, alcohol and kava, teen-pregnancies, rape cases every week or so...etc..etc. No...you NEED the white man to keep your ass in line. Oh...by the way...when you get home from the "Nadi Sports Club", be sure and set your alarm. Dont want you to be late for work tomorrow. My morning tea better be ready at 9.00am, tea-boy. With banana cake, biatch!

BC said...

Serafina Silaitoga
Thursday, September 12, 2013

Speaking at the opening of a telecentre at Labasa Muslim College yesterday, Commodore Bainimarama said his government does not make empty promises.

"We deliver. We are genuinely here to serve. Its been a special pleasure on this visit to meet so many of our young people who, as we all know, are the future of our great country and who carry our hopes on their shoulders for even better days ahead," he said.

"We constantly look to the future, not the past, and imagine how much greater Fiji could be if we can give our young people a better start, better health, better education, better opportunities to get good jobs, satisfying jobs and not just menial work.



Well this speech shows for sure that you Bainimarama have an ËMPTY HEAD"

Telling young people he wants to give them better health, education blah blah blah and yet every indication shows that he has done the opposite.
More Poverty; More Malnutrition; More school-dropouts etc etc.
So what the fark is this this guy going on about?

This just shows that Bainimarama is a total numbskull who doesn't seem to understand the very meaning of the words he is speaking.
What a farkhead!

Anonymous said...

upu kai va'alevu mada na mutou sede
dua noqu sede le!

Anonymous said...

Hey White Man...The same and worse happens in your white land...alcohol abuse, paedophiles, lazy arses relying on Government handouts, people living under social welfare, drugs, teen pregnancies under 12, murder every 10 minutes, suicides and the list goes on. No thanks White Man...fly back to your white land and try and make yourself usefull because you are useless in our land. Do we need you...No you need us. By the way...you just got tracked...

Anonymous said...

no job evaluation exercise coopers price waterhouse was behind this payhike political move to form party n campaign get their loyalty cvl servnts's pay should get adjusted and move up the ladder now the DPS will get pissd off pay gap is wider than airyarses arse civil servnt should strike n crpplie govt Bainimagamamu u not gettng anyones vote next year u S@#$%^&*&*levu

Whiteman said...

@ anon 5.57p Amazing! The native does know how to read. YOU have come a long way. (Thanks to the white man's education of your kind). You just gave yourself away, sucker! Lmao....

Anonymous said...

hey hey white man, black man. green man, purple man who gives a fuck.
Wat we wanna see is transparency government needs to inform us on why the pay rise?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha sa yawa na vakadomobula tu vei keda na Kai Viti. Na wase qaqalo esega ni dua e jabs I rawa I vuravura. Na vuli ra gone me caka. Na vakadomobula kei na vosa e vakaraitaka ga ni se boci ga na tamata. Na ka e navuci me caka e sega ni dau mai volai, eda cakava ga. qo beka nai vakarau vou ni kaiviti na gauna oqo me kacivaka na nona wase qaqalo se via vakama vale. Na yaragi esega ni dau vakayagatakai ena wase qaqalo kei na vakamakama e vakayagatakai na masese kei nai qaqalo koya sa sinai vutuvutu tu kina na valeniveivesu. Tamata lauvutu nomu sona levu o iko Anonymous 4:46PM. au sa curuoti mai valeniveivesu ena cakacaka qori kau vuli talega e USP ena gauna oqo. Kua na vakadomobula tiko ra boci.

Anonymous said...

ATS ( Fiji ) Ltd ?. Any Pay rise !

Anonymous said...

Raboci ga o iko luveni sona.

Anonymous said...

@ white man the problem with you is u think u r better than ordinary Fijians in their own land...cala tale!!! If u don't know what cala tale means then au revoir fuckhead...let Fijians be Fijians because australians were aussies, Britons were Britons n yanks were yanks...if u still get ma drift than best be on ur way to ur loserville biatch

Majority's Tyranny said...

@ whitehead u know u can still find elected office in ur white homeland wherever ur from...assuming of course u r anybody in ur homeland understands wat the fuck u r not...enuf said

Anonymous said...

Ni vuli va kaukau...ke rawata e 300 nomu maka ..saga me 380 ...ya na vosa momona ni baini..na gone a sega ni pasi rawa..mai vei luvena o Ratu Meli Bainimarama

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11.19pm, that is the role of a leader, to MOTIVATE! Ke sega ni rawata na luvena tagane, e 3 na luvena yalewa eratou graduate kece with Bachelor degrees mai na USP. Vacava that?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11.32pm.......Tonoka mada nona sona o Voreqe..Drau ulu lala...me cava kina ke ratou va BA mai USP na luvena yalewa...everybody can get a Bachelors from USP...ratou macawa wavoki tu ga qori i Viti na luvena..all married to losers ..na nona biuta na immunity clause va na constitution e vakaraitaka saraga ya ni kila vinaka o koya ni cala na ka e cakava...ke Tagane dina kua ni biuta na immunity clause..e cava e rere....da nanuma ga ni vakaubauta o koya ni cakava na ka dodonu...laurai vinaka na Treason charge sa na waraki koya tiko mai...e na bale ga i Naboro...if not now ...later..but thats a promise!...you can't run from the long arm of the law.

Anonymous said...

That's unbelievable! I'm just shaking my head at the audacity of the regimes grab for whatever money it can get.Those recipients of the astronomical increase in wages and the attempts at secrecy surely must be embarrassed that it leaked out!

Anonymous said...

Vakacava me tonoka mada nomu sona edua na boci ni vore ni vikaikai anonymous 12:12AM???? Hahahahaiiiiii

Anonymous said...

boidada wale na veitalanoa qoi....ra ma yaco mai na koli nei kiyum

Anonymous said...

Kua na lasutaki keimami tiko. O ira na matanitu mai Vanua tank e ra acknowledge taka ga ni sa mai dua na Yavu ni vakavulewa vou E a sega ni tokona na matanitu nei Bainimarama .NZ se vakatabuya ga na nodra curuvanua yani na lewe ni mataivalu kei na lewe ni matanitu nei Bainimarama ,,,e vaka kina o Ositerelia.na qito ga sa dolavi.Sa rui Levu na lasulasu

Anonymous said...

Dont hate...if you want to get paid too, join the party. lol. Stupid fools!

Anonymous said...

Never seen a bunch of unprincipled people(ps's) in my life.

Ratu Sai said...

Five of the highest paid posts are held by military officers including Bai's murderous brother in law.

Anonymous said...

@ Whiteman...the native also screwed your wife and thats why your bitter...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:26
Dream on mate..Just look at your kinds changing colour and you should have an idea where the fair complexions has come from in the black bastards.BTW,all the luxury life and civilisation from leaves patched man eating suckers to fully clothed god fearing humans was our gift to you low lifes.Dont ever forget that. Withous us, your cheap stinking ass would have remained a pauper. You still are as without our financial support, you would resort to your pre-missionary days survial trend. hope you got the message accross loud and clear..Your real father-Mark Mannin

Anonymous said...

11:26 Nigger,

It was and surely is the other way round-we fucked the natives and indians wife's, daughters, mothers, sisters and continue to do so to this day.

Anonymous said...

@ Whiteman/ Nigger...what a laugh...your Democracy has seen the ruin of white men in your white democratic countries which is overun by immigrants from all over the world screwing your white women senseless because you white men have no idea what to do with your little white willies accept to wank and watch while your wife gests rooted....All over the world today Australia, NZ, England, USA and all other countries white people are being pushed out of their suburbian dream afraid of the impact of the immigrants, black yellow and middle eastern and what not. Now your fucked and dont like it. We will continue to enjoy white pinky pussy while you whiteman are only good to leave your money and wealth to the nigger women who will spit and shit on your grave after she has taken everything off you. Go to your bedroom and wank that little white pinky willy of yours and oh...jerk off on Frank or his wife if you like. Frank and his wife is a product of one of you white men and thats why his fucked in the head like you. Ciao

Rusi Varani said...

Given that the majority of the population in Fiji are either living below the poverty line, are struggling or barely surviving this exorbitant increase is a kick on the face and the head of ordinary Fiji citizens. The increases are so unreasonable that it questions the intellectual ability of these illegal regime not only to lead but to think clearly and rationally.

Anonymous said...

the current increase in the salaries of the top brass of government is so sad to see especially when we see that ordinary fijians are suffering finacially and physically.what is the logic of this move that the current regime has done. i am really saddened that this major increase will be met by we the tax payers when we ourselves are suffering.

where are bringing all the money from? well with china and russia involved i am not surprised that fiji is already being sold out.

let us stand up and remove this government through peoples power and run this government down and bring these culprits to power.

these are our relatives and families that we are talking about here. no one will take that away but what we must remember is the future of our childre.

i feel sorry for the children of fiji tomorrow as they will face the full brunt of the big loans that this illegal and unconstitutional government have made in terms of repayment.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Black Bastard @ 01:44 Everything that you call fijian is introduced including your daughters who would go to any extent to be part of the so called white mans world. You dont shy away from licking our feet at every opportunity. Open your eyes and go visit the hotels where your daughters comne selling themselves and your sons bending for the shits that we throw their way. The Indians and Fijians deserve each other as both are low lifes with slutty history. No wonder my ancestors threw both of you together so that we can have more choices in the range of sluts to choose from while we are enjoying our prestige high times..Deal with it, go and look around your pathetic of a country and count the number of things that you can truly call Fijian. Most are either Indian, Chinese or a mixture of all. You lost your on Pay rise shocker for Fiji regime hierarchy days before new Constitution

Anonymous said...

Tukutuku levu na pay rise nodra na boso. Era na marautaka ya. Toso cak nodra vakadinadina na radinis ni tawa nodra baosi. Vacava o keimami na buli madrai kei na cakacaka ena buli toilet paper. vacava o ira nai tokani cakacaka mai kinoya se waila, tabana ni wai kei na da. ena tubu talega na keimami i sau.
ke warai, au na lai vakama edua na vale ni Boso. rawa ni dua na veitokoni eke. vacava e kemudou na boys mai delainabua, dua e galala tiko mai keri. smuggle taka mada mai eso na sicini ni 303 me lai tavu mada na rokete vei boso.

sa unfair saraga nai sau vovou qo vei ira na boso man!!!

Anonymous said...

Stop drooling over the money and go and get some real work done. The payment comes with the hard work, stress, no family time etc etc. for the good of ALL Fijians. At least the monitoring now is better than before. Better the devil you know than the one you don't.

PC Fiji said...

Nahhh none of these civil servants are worth $221,000.

And this is why they are being made to go to courses run by the soldiers, so they can have the same vision as the military government.

Anyway, who says we have to deal with devils. Give us democracy

The Bull said...

you so right there..bro sis
Fiji thrives on liumuri, dishonesty, illegality, nepotism, greed and all things but godliness. the catholics are praising this illegality, and soon the Methodists will come that way for some forty pieces of silver. your country is farked.
its led by academics who have intellectual dishonesty, kaiyum, gates, shameem. frank and the army got no brains so they just all help themselves to the loot with their grubby little hands justifying the daylight theft as for the good of the people.

Anonymous said...

Me ratou veicai ga!!
E rawa vakacava me saumi o Naivalurua e na $221,894 -00 qai saumi o nona PS e na $160,000-00. Only in f.....n Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

My goodness....all the hostility and vulgarity and anger in here. Can we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

E sa kena gauna qo mo ni yadra na Carrer Civil Servants!!
O kemuni e na gauna qo o ni sa vakarau tu ga ni ka, vaka na pepa ni valenivo!!
Ni kusa, keimami sa lomani kemuni na lewe ni vanua!!

Anonymous said...

My goodness na sona!! People are starving and yet these thieves reward themseves with HEFTY pay packets!!

Anonymous said...

How can I as a pensioner not get angry after my well earned pension was REDUCED DRASTICALLY by these bastards?
I am now BELOW the poverty line!!
May the good Lord punish them and their families !!!!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, curses do MATERIALISE!!
May the Lord indeed punish them AND their bloodlines!! Yavu KAISI!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:47 PM

Perhaps if some of them stopped spending their money on beer, grog and drugs they could buy some food and share it with the genuinely hungry.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7.47p. Sona..maybe if you got off your lazy-ass and start farming the unused land around you, you could feed the hungry AND pay yourself a "hefty" paycheck. My goodness...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:54 PM

If you had educated both yourself and those you put in positions of trust based upon intellect instead of race, church and cultural status you would not have been conned.

You had the best pension scheme in the entire world, you should have known it could not last.

Blame the ones that conned you !

Why expect the young to support your generations mistakes, take responsibility.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

To Anon Sep 13,9:16pm:
You obviously have no depth whatsoever. You are now talking from hindsight. How were we to know of what was to be?
We do not for one moment expect the support from arseholes like you!! How can we 'take responsibility' when things were not driven by us.

Anonymous said...

Filimoni Waqabaca Qauri Qase!..Tamata butabutako....Mata ni ta kunea.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:32 PM

But things were driven by you. It was called democracy and the majority decided what government was in place when these decisions were made.

Anonymous said...

Filimone Waqabace........ you are the best of them all.

To all PS, you certainly deserve this pay rise as Fiji has advanced in leaps and bounds during your watch.

To all losers in this blogg..... please stop those dog barks.

To Rev Dr Waqairatu, you are God's appointed and anointed, vinaka vakalevu na tu dododnu.

To Bainimarama and Government, God chose you to lead Fiji out of the dooldrums of past politicians.

Fiji has the best Constitution in the world......


Anonymous said...

@anon 11.18am....Vakacava mo vutuki Waqabaca qauri mada me tagane kina...sa rui levu nona masi polo wavoki na sonalevu...sega ni kilai kau tu mai vei,...big bloody insignificant nobody before...qo sa nona cakacaka na vei vakasakei wavoki ....tonoka nona cici...You must be an uneducated loser like all of them...era na bala kece i Naboro.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.19

He is the man for the moment while you are a NOBODY. e vakacava me caka ga vei iko na ka o kaya tiko mai qori you boci vaka takai tamamu. Kila o iko na luve ni sala, o tamata kaisi, ka sa vakaraitaki iko tu ga mai qori ni vakatagedegede ni nomu bula ena ka ko vola tu mai.

Macawa you nothing.

Anonymous said...

At white man and black man , y dnt u both gt a room plizzzzzz.... this is not Martin L . King shiiit or Abraham Lincoln shiiiit or Mandela shiiiiit .... this is Fiji shiiit ... n we're all tryin to find a way out of it .... u dig ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

roughly 20% of fiji's population live in squatters i.e. 178011 people this has increased by 5% last yr 2012. Approx 30,000 live in squatters in Nasinu alone, suva has 50 squatter settlements, 80,000 in the Western Div .... these numbers still grow (gradually) ... becoming a lifestyle ?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6.48pm...Vakacava mo vacucu vei man of the moment...luveni kawa ca!...When you break the law you will end up in prison so it doesnt matter how much you want to sugar coat the performance of this illegal regime...one day its all gonna go down and I hope when the time comes they will stand ready to face the full brunt of the law ...dou yavu suguraki.. wannabe leaders....kemami sega ni mai lialia na tamata..they will lose the elections...ke dina na ka ratou cakava cava e biu tiko kina na Immmunity clause.... e cava e ratou rere...ke o sa via Tagane mo tagane sara...bolea na curu..Lau vutu!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what can i say,21 Fijians,5 Indo-Fijians & 2 Kaivalagi,
hey not a bad call?
Why worry about the money, i'm
the ministry of finance have figured it all out?
However, the Fijian
ceo with rastafari hair-do, i wonder, if he needs that much
to look after his hair-do?
Maybe he
does and thats good enough for me
as well?

Anonymous said...

To The Pay Rise Club House.

Members Only.No Complain.

No Declaration.

Anonymous said...

60% of Fiji's population live in squatter settlements and squatter conditions below poverty line. It is thus criminal for Government if they have, to pay themselves unjustifiable increases. If this is the case, they have to confirm this. We must remind them that it is us the taxpayers who are paying them and the money comes from our hard earned sweat.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis the son of a Reverend PK Davis known paedophile and child molester was using the anon name White Man in other blogs....Typical Graham the swinger who likes to watch his wife get some black meat...you have become like Frank and it is now getting to your head. Grow some spine and denounce the treasonous activities, subjugation, nepotism, corruption and violence Frank has been doing. If you think Qarase was racist and corrupt, you must be blinded by your swinging activity not to realise a fool like Frank is a ticking time bomb.

Anonymous said...

Taito Waradi reported to be sucking up to PM and trying to get a position in the Government. He was kicked out and now NGO and conned USD$100,000 using his village as the scheme on El Nino effect to get the money. Some suckers never learn. When in Government they useless and now out of Government they still useless and leeches

Anonymous said...

Anon September 16, 2013 at 5:34 AM

Na tagane e taura vaka kaukauwa na Matanitu ni raica ni sa rui levu na duka. Na tagane ga e ra cic vaka tu na matanitu ka sa qai levu duadua na kena development.Ni kua e sa yacova tu na noda matanitu nai tutu eda se bera ni bau yacova e liu. Ko ya gona na vinaka ni veiliutaki ni mataivalu. Keimami sa marau na lewe ni vanua ena veiliutaki nei Ratu Voreqe kei na nona matanitu.Eratou na qaqa ena veidigidigi ni 2014.Fiji is in good hands under this government.

Kua ni vosavosa ca tiko; luve ni tamata macawa.

Vakaloloma Dina said...

This is done to justify the salary of PM, AG and Ministers.

Vakaloloma Dina

Anonymous said...

Now that the truth has been revealed, it is time to go into the villages and tell the ordinary people that Frank and his boys are earning $4000 a week. Then let them decide for themselves who is corrupted.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5.34am........Luveni qavokavokalala...sonalevu!!...O sa tukuna sara tu ga mai qori nomu vuli vakavo....mata vaka qaranivalenivo....mo vakadonua tu vakacava me basuki na lawa...soresore levu vaka meleni..e na qai sauma o Voreqe ni na bale e Naboro...waraka tiko ..vinaka mo tagane mo vakaraitaki iko sara mai baleta mo bolea me drau curu vata mo lai masia tiki nona polo.Luveni Qauri...cicilevu! Dou yavu ulukau..kauta ga mai na vakamadua ni dou vakaraitaka nomu tau sega ni vuli ulu lala...na vakatorocake e cake tu qori baleta ni sega ni mai nomudoou nai lavo...o Viti sa voleka ni $5 na bilioni na dinau e cakava tu o Voreqe drau yavu ulu pepa.

Anonymous said...

anon September 26, 2013 at 8:22 AM

Luveni tamata macawa vakataki tamamu kei tukamu. qavokavokalala ...sonalevu!!...O sa tukuna iko tu ga mai oqori. O iko na tamata vuli vakavo. Era vuli vinaka sara mai vei iko na sotia era sa cicvaka vaka vinaka tu oqo na noda Viti lomani.

Vola mai na yacamu kevaka ko tagane dina,

September 26, 2013 at 8:22 AM

Anonymous said...

Voreqe au sa kerei kemuni mo ni tosoya cake mada na kedra i sau na civil servant kerekere!!!
Kerekere me toso rawa yani qo nai sau,sa dredre na bula Voreqe!

Anonymous said...

It's in the DNA of these guys to think short term. My grandfather told me how he profited from knowing this. He bought stock in bulk and the sold it by reps king into daily usage portion.

carolina bruce said...


peterpan said...

I would like to give a comment for this post.. as all eyes can see that the current situation in fiji is that the 'government' has decreased the wages and caused reducing hours of work for employees.. companies are not giving overtime to their employees because of the government rules.. this is the result of poverty towards the people of fiji.. not only that the price of food has increased.. and government have to say we have to do this to increase tax so the country can be in recovery mode.. haaaaaa i would like to sit back laugh and piss my pants.. the point is these people who are legal advising and running government are playing games on how to run the country.. why? So the nature is like if you want to go to australia or new zealand other countries made aircrafts and boats while we will still be rowing on our way there with the famous fijian bilibili not forgetting the dass as well .. the civil servants are getting what 10 percent pay rise why? because they work for government and the government makes the law.. so i think that is why soldiers and police support the goverment because of money but this will be unfair to the non civil servants.. i strongly believe in the bible and what it says is always right..one thing is that they do not know what they are doing or perhaps i can say they simply not doing righteous thing to bring this country back in shape.. that is why pm have to consult the economist,accountant,scientist asking them to solve this problem.. another problem is that the SCIENTISTS( legal advisors, etc, etc) are also taking it in their directions as well making things far worst for the people of fiji and back stabbing the poor empty headed prime minister .. my conclusion is - just one message to the pm of fiji- no election in 2014 , fire and layoff aiyaz sahid kaihum you dont need him, put all these economic,accountant, scientist advisors in the garbage bag zip of and export them to the incenerator you dont need them also.. make each and every life sustaining being in fiji... JUSt ...to pay TAX every week wether little wages or huge wage pay TAX to gov... problem solved.

Anonymous said...

@peterpan... and also fire the illegal PM and let him join the rest at the incenerator

Anonymous said...

C4.5 can please delete the latest comment from another scammer and possible fraudster..THanks.

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isa sa vakaloloma dina o viti

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Daniel Silva said...
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