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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Texts show Tikoitoga crowing about illegal SIS raid

Phone texts between Fiji's land force commander, Mosese Tikoitoga, and former SDL minister, Rajesh Singh, show the regime had prior knowledge the SIS was going to raid his Auckland business.

The texts were released in Parliament today by the New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters.

Peters yesterday disclosed details about the High Court action taken by a former Fiji civil servant accused of plotting to 'assasinate' coup leader Frank Bainimarama.

The civil servant, who has not been named in the court papers, denied the so-called plot at the time and has won his case against the New Zealand government and discontinued proceedings but is seeking costs.

Peters today called on prime minister John Key to explain to the New Zealand Parliament why he allowed the Security Intelligence Service to help Fiji’s military dictator target a pro-Fiji democracy group in Auckland.

He repeated what he said yesterday: the SIS had no search warrant when it carried out the raids and instead used the Terrorism Suppression Act to circumnavigate the legalities.

Below, the Mosese Tikoitoga text messages to Rajesh Singh as released today by Winston Peters. Note: Singh has previously told C4.5 he is in contact with the regime, especially Bainimarama, but says that does not mean he supports it - to the contrary. Note also that we suggested at the time of the raids that in helping the regime, the New Zealand government had re-positioned itself on Fiji. The former 3FIR commander, Roko Ului, who was also accused over the unproven plot, was supposed to have given the Key government important information after he escaped to Tonga but he, too, was hung out to dry.

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4. Fiji-NZ Talks-Foreign Affairs Minister Rātū Inoke Kubuabola has met in suva with his New Zealand counterpart Murray McCully to discuss rebuilding diplomatic relations between the countries. NZ, Fiji hold positive talks- Fiji and New Zealand have held talks to rebuild diplomatic relations.
TIKOITOGA: Knews about raids
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  11. it has come to light that Mr Winston Peter's was hoodwinked by wannabe Rajesh Singh.


  12. Hey people, lets just remember
    once we kicked out these
    assoles, we should be ready
    to put in
    place a program to immediately weed out
    the Military,police,
    prison officers.
    We need
    review& renew all
    these institution ASAP?
    Maybe we could bring back Rajesh
    Singh from NZ to be the
    Minister of review?


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