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Friday, October 18, 2013

Cold water poured on Fiji regime's 'meteoric' rise in the Pacific

It keeps reaching for the moon but critics say parts of the country don't even have safe drinking water.

FBC News has revealed this morning that Fiji will be the data collection hub for India's $127 million Mars orbiter mission, due to be launched at the end of this month.

18 top scientist and engineers from India's International Space Research Organisation are reported to be in the country to identify specified destination points from which two ships will monitor the mission.

But much of the shine over Fiji being the Pacific hub for the mission, has been dulled by the cold reality of its reputation as a pariah state because of the military dictatorship, with its famed water today being criticised as having no place among the elite category, such as Evian.

In an article in the New Zealand Herald titled Does Fiji Water
Ongoing problems: Fiji Airways. pic Truth for Fiji
Leave A Bad Taste?, Shelley Bridgeman writes Fiji Water is coveted by the rich and famous but she has 'always found it strange that while visitors are well advised to not even brush their teeth with the tap water in Fiji they can guzzle the bottled Fiji water without a care.'

She goes on to say that while celebrities like Paris Hilton and world leaders like Barack Obama drink it and Fiji Water waxes lyric about the process used to collect the liquid nectar, World Nomads reports: "There are two types of Fiji water; ... the ubiquitous bottled goodness and ... the stuff that comes out of the nation's taps, sometimes with shells, frogs and invisible typhoid and gastroenteritis bacteria ... many Fijians have to make do with cracked, broken and contaminated water pipes and a supply which is often polluted after heavy rains."

And again: "But unlike other nations that export their water, Fiji is a developing country and the reality of life there isn't consistent with all that pristine imagery."

Bridgeman refers to an article by the American magazine, Mother Jones, which says: "Nowhere in Fiji Water's glossy marketing materials will you find reference to the typhoid outbreaks that plague Fijians because of the island's faulty water supplies." It also paints a picture of corporate greed (noting the "entities that Fiji water ... set up in tax havens like the Cayman Islands and Luxembourg") and hypocrisy (as evidenced by "the fact that its signature bottle is made from Chinese plastic in a diesel-fueled plant and hauled thousands of miles to its ecoconscious consumers").

Again: "Fiji Water: So cool, so fresh, so bad for the environment? took up the theme. While the company's US-based owners sell "Fiji's best, cleanest water at a huge profit" to well-heeled customers overseas "the people of Fiji suffer under terrible water conditions that have led to outbreaks of typhoid and parasitic infections".

"It was reported in Fiji Water accused of environmentally misleading claims: "Fiji Water enjoys zero tax and when the government tried to impose one ... it [the company] threatened to shut down its factories and move them abroad." It's surely the final insult to discover this company pays no tax in a nation which lacks the infrastructure to supply its own people with safe drinking water.

"Bottled water has long been frowned upon. Symbolic of all that is wasteful and shallow in our consumer-driven culture, it's unnecessary, expensive - and its packaging is bad for the environment. Yet it's convenient too if you're out and about or on the road. But the question remains: is some bottled water worse than others? Is Fiji water so tainted with moral, political and economic issues that it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of whoever drinks it?"

Bridgeman ends the article with the poser: What's your view on Fiji water? Is it exploiting a fragile nation? Or is it providing jobs and a boost to the local economy?"

Debate is underway on 'Fiji Water, the epitome of cool' despite it being imported from a military dictatorship, but one commentator has already zeroed in with this: "Fiji water is just another example in a country where the difference between the have's and have not's is extreme."

The renewed debate and the Mars mission is a very good example of where it's at for Fiji: the regime glories in what it considers opportunities and achievements and raised international profile but it can't get away from the fact it is a military dictatorship and lacks credibility in the eyes of many quarters.

Hence the decision by the European Union to funnel 4 million dollars of training funds for the Fiji sugar industry through the Australian Government’s Australia-Pacific Technical College  instead of Fiji as preferred by the regime.

International quarters have supported the country where it can, but it must continue to be cautious about the Frank Bainimarama dictatorship, which only recently, among other things, awarded itself a massive pay rise, and promulgated a Constitution unsanctioned by the people of Fiji, many of whom struggle to live on wages of just $2 an hour while the regime fancies itself as the leader of the Pacific but can't solve the ongoing problems at the national airline.


mark manning said...

Sounds like the realities of a Dictatorship are beginning to hit home and that people are starting to wake up, at last.
I say vote with your feet, don't fly Fiji air and don't drink Fiji Water and while your at it, encourage your relatives in the Military, to think of their nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters, uncle and aunties, mums and dads and cousins and neighbours and abandoned the Military altogether, either that or begin their plot to arrest frank, aiyaz and their supporters.
The Soldiers still have a chance to regain the people's confidence and respect once again...

Anonymous said...

The soldiers are hopeless, Mark.
Let them die!
Useless stupid farkheads!

Narain said...

Totally agree with the article above.

What I say below is related to Suva water supply.

I live on the bank of the creek flowing from Coloisuva to Waimanu River, into which Crest Chicken factory discharges its factory effluent.

The river is so polluted with chicken feathers, offals, blood and general rubbish that health of all residents on both sides of the receiving creek suffer greatly. The water is putrid, stinky and disgusting. It discharges into the Waimanu Creek just upstream, only a few meters from the Waila Water Pump intake for water supply to Suva. Pump water intake and discharge from the polluted creek are on the same side of Waimanu River.

Residents along the creek banks suffer greatly from serious skin diseases, stomack upsets and breathing problems. We have no more fish in the creek but our women still wash clothes in the creek.

Many attempts by the landowners and members of the public to persuade the NZ owned chicken factory to clean up its act and resolve the pollution discharges have been to no avail. Complaints to the Health and Environment Departments have been like complaining to a block of stones.

This is a glaring example of what the Govt dishes out to our people while EyeArse and Bhai are receiving $1mill salaries ..... they are more interested in hoisting efforts to raise international profile for Fiji.

People of the capital city, the biggest population concentration in the country are drinking tap water polluted with factory sewerage from Crest Chicken effluent.

Anonymous said...

The truth, the realities in Fiji under the Bainimarama dictatorship cannot be kept hidden under the propaganda of the regime, its Ministry of Propaganda, the mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun, and by the glossy tourism and big business image of the country. Truth has a way of coming out. This article and the contribution by Narain do that very succinctly.

Anonymous said...


No more surprises in Fiji. all we see and hear is self patting and praising.
This unaccountable thugs walk around paying themselves huge amount of salaries because they have not worked hard for. In fact putting it bluntly...they stole it.

This illegal regime has taught young siblings the art of lying and art of stealing. A gross mistake.

Come 2014.....there will be no surprises too.......goal post will move again. The cats are scared to loose the elections.....Naboro waiting.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Sun's super slut, Jyoti Pratiba is back to her ways again trying to suck up to the regime goons by discrediting other political parties. Only such organisations like fiji sun and sluts like jyoti prathiba are progressing currently in fiji. We all know why you going places jyoti..how many military fellas has bonked ur ugly black arse so far?

Anonymous said...

The President and his brother Tuakitau has a lot to answer to the landowners of the property from which Fiji Water extracts water.

They receive a handsome sum from their acquiring the property for Fiji Water and stepping on the landowners.

Sloppy Seconds said...

@Narain. Has anyone reported on Chicken Crest???

KOIYATA said...

Mark Manning...are u fijian or had migrated out of Fiji, Why criticize Fiji Water when its a Fiji product we fijian are proud of our Identity and Product which we showcase to the World,NZ is envy about the success of Fiji H20 not even any TV show we could see Evian bottle water,

Guys if u have left Fiji and migrated please dont waste your time and energy criticizing our situation, because you have left why bother now...

Sloppy Seconds said...

@Narain. Have re-read your comment and see that complaints have been made but fallen on deaf ears!

According to Fiji Sun in August last year the $6.5 million poultry farm is part of Toa Fiji Limited and there was promise of 200 to250 jobs - does anyone know if that happened?

Crest Chicken apparently started first in the western Division before it moved to Suva - does anyone know if this is what happened?

Anonymous said...

Evian water????never heard of it.But I have seen Fiji Water in movies.On TV I saw it beside US President Obama.Jackie Chan luvs it and so does numerous celebrities.The report by the NZder does not hold wait nor is it credible.Is she a celebrity,never heard of her,mate!!I havent seen Evian Water in Fiji either,Evian sounds like Evil to me.

Anonymous said...

Oilei.$4million, the band of old farts at the EU are at it again.Remember them dangling the $1 Billion Carrot over the Govt to return to Democracy. 7 years down the line and we are still progressing, no economic shutdown as predicted,no foreign invasion as thought,no operation jericho by anonymous warriors,what a laugh...!!look at the US the King of Democracy- facing Economic Meltdown.EU ,Aust and NZ are really desperate to oust the current Govt. yet they have huge trash behind their backyards yet to be cleared.Our shift to Asia and the East has left them uneasy.They thought that we could be bought like those failed African State Democracies e.g Sudan,Somalia,Liberia to name a few and we rub salt in their wound when members of the
Security Force are employed as peacekeepers there under the UN. This is good for our economy.Too bad the Gen Sec is Korean and he has a high regard of Fiji.First the EU dangled a carrot now 7 years later they give a single peanut to Aust. What a laugh..!!So the question is what next?Lets wait and see,because you know what? We have all the time we need, hey we could even defer the Elections to 2015,its our country,our right ,our choice... we dont need to listen to some old farts who cant mend their own problems.Cherio.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Water part is written by Shelley Bridgeman so it must be taken note of.

Ratu Tu'uakitau Cokaunauto bakewa said...

Anon 1.30pm, you are right, the President and his brother Rt. Tuakitau have lot to answer to landowners of Fiji Water property. Ratu Tuakitau, especially, is a lazy shit who sits on his fat arse and collects royalties. He has never done a hard day's work in his life. A bloody crooked chief and a parasite who exploits his own people and profits their resources. That's we Fijians fucked by our own chiefs. We should rise up against his coup supporter Ratu Tuki and demand recover our royalties by force.

Anonymous said...



Fiji Times:

Low police turnout, Tudravu calls off parade

Friday, October 18, 2013

Update: 10:26AM CHIEF operations officer Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu today called off the Commissioner of Polices third quarterly parade.

The parade was scheduled for 6am but was called off because of the unsatisfactory turnout.

"As the head of operations, this is my parade to show the acting Commissioner of Police our officers and capabilities but because of the low turnout, I have made this decision," ACP Tudravu said in a statement.

At least more than 700 officers from the Central, Southern, Eastern and headquarters were expected at the parade.

Anonymous said...

Hey even the Police HQ in
Suva could not setup a police parade, which the Illegal
Prime Minister
was to have attended?
Gues what? No
one showed-up, Tudravunisona had to
to do some real quick dancing, and
called off the parade to save faces?
Qori dou lai veidre soresore
sara na yavu sotia vutulaki e Nabua!
Fijians are begining to demo
and are sending a dangerous messages to the Regime, that they
are not happy.
Bai unless you change your course
i'm afraid someone just may have
the gumshun to come looking for you?

Anonymous said...

Anon 01:17, you so try kaz. When Losalini was there, there was no mudslinging. As soon as this slut comes back, she starts the same old norm of commenting against other parties to make Baini/Aiarse look gud. Definately this gurl is getting some military thumping.

Anonymous said...

Shelley? Who the fuck is Shelley?

Anonymous said...

@ KOIYATA - please stay in 'YATA', Fijians who have migrated or are working overseas will always have Fiji at heart, they bring in millions of foreign dollar injection into the economy which helps keep Fiji afloat..... Emigration and giving opinions is normal for human beings (since day dot) and will always be part of our lives....

Anonymous said...

Losalini Rasoqosoqo is cute.I dig her looks man.She is preety,funny,intelligent I wish she was my...Hmmm..She has all a man needs.and.. wow!!... nice figure to.URO LORA!Mosi veiu au o iko.Ouch!!Anon at 3.46 you bloody wanker!!!Go brush your teeth!!

Narain said...

Two posters above asked whether any complainants against the Coloisuva Chicken factory had reported the issue to authorities. I have personally reported the high level of pollutionby Crest Factory to Nausori Health office.

A thorough on site environmental investigation was done for the land owners by an environmental consultant when the landowners (from Vuniniudrovu) wanted an expert opinion on the pollution as basis of their submission.

They did this when the company wanted to renew their expired lease few years ago....renewal was conditional on company cleaning up the pollute creek and stop dumping raw effluent into the receiving creek.

NLTB, Health and Dept of the Env have all the reports. For some reason pollution discharges continue.

Anonymous said...

Losalini Rasoqosoqo is so sweet. I love her full speed. I want to kamasutra with losalini and make babies with her!

Anonymous said...

Do you know why the pollution discharges by the big poultry company into the river continues - even after the lodging of official complaints and investigations by the relevant government authorities?
It's because the company has greased the right palms. This case is a further confirmation and evidence that Bainimarma Khaiyum and their merry men did not grab power to benefit the ordinary people of Fiji. They stole the government to save their skin and to benefit themselves - which they are doing very well!

Narain said...

@Anon 4.56pm....indeed their is some big time corruption going on. This same illegal GOVT who SPONSORED tortureS, MURDERS, nepotism appointments, arson of private homes, fraudulent use of public funds for astronomical salaries continue to rule at gun point and trampling down on any real or imagined opposition.

They now have the temerity to want us to vote into power BHAI AND HIS MATES IN NEXT YEARS ELECTION TO CONTINUE SUPRESSING US.


Anonymous said...

@ October 18, 2013 at 5:15 PM---ok can you (or anybody) elaborate who ordered the killing of CRW? in the future, can a different Government investigate and prosecute the person who gave the order? It is enlightening to us less-educating grass root people to read some good writings from you smart people.

Anonymous said...

Who said that Jyoti Pratibha has an ugly black ass, man you aint seen nothing yet,she has cute lovely big booties!!.you know what I mean,she has lovely ass that dances when she walks,oh. my gosh!!anyone knows her mobile number?????

Anonymous said...

Hey kamasutra!!!dont jump the qeue on LORA,get in line and wait for your turn.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Media is regime wife.

Anonymous said...

Parmesh Chand another regime ass licker

Anonymous said...

Who else do you think gave the order for the killing of those CRW soldiers ? Only one person who really hate the CRW is Bainimarama himself because they try to eliminate him and he had to sprint down the slope and run up the mountain to safety.It is a common klnowledge that soldiers work of orders and the person who gives the order is the most senior in rank officer.JB was there likewise Seruvakula but the most senior in rank was Bainimarama himself.I hope that this would answer your question.

USP - academic institution or regime apparatus said...

Do not forget USP taken run by regime cronies like VC Rajesh Chandra, DCV Esther Williams and Dr Ashwin Raj. They are front for Bainimarama and Aiyaz who make all major decisions. USP is run really run by government and the military. It is a sorry excuse for academic institution. Donors should be aware of this.

Anonymous said...

Narain : It is each individuals choice and prerogative to determine who they wanted to vote for in the so called comming election of 2014.However,to help you in formulating you decision you need to know the truth and background of the person or persons you intend to vote for.I do support Narains comnments, well said and good observation bro.

Sua niu said...

I have not seen losalini but she sounds very nice and I want to sua niu with her.

Anonymous said...

All true, yet solution and problem is separated by a thin line so thin that its like national borders that that fades depending on proximity to amenity. There is only one solution, voluntary resignation of Banana Frank and Assy Kaimu.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Water is now owned by those that set up Waqavuka services, part of it by Fiji times, a conglomerate of scrooge business that see the exploitation of a nation as legitimate business ideal.

Al Shabbab Warrior said...

Allah Akbar!!!Forget the Military,you British Army anti-Govt,wankers.They are our last line of defence you have to deal with us first.The Al Shabbab Fiji Warriors.Allah Akbar!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous USP @
October 18, 2013 at 6:58 PM

Ashwin Raj is Mr Ashwin Raj, not DR. please note he failed in his PhD candidature and was kicked out of Australia. On top (pardon the pun), he's an openly-professed homosexual. That's a fact!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha--Aruna Prasad Nagin-the corrupt dumb ex magistrate attends BSP Diwali party in her reddish sari.She has her photo taken standing beside Aminiasi K-another dumb corrupt ex magistrate.Poor Hari Punja is completely out of place there.Have a look at today's(18-10-13) Sun.I wonder where Hamend Nagin was hiding-maybe washing dishes at home or cleaning Aruna's shoe closets!It is rumoured Aruna Nagin has 290947 pair of shoes-some cleaning for poor Hamend.Maybe he can get some help from the gardener or the milk man !!

Anonymous said...

Is this Aruna Prasad Nagin the same person who did BA or some thing in Delhi?--ex Indian High school teacher ?---boy !--she was my teacher-really hot those days--1967-68 I am talking about.She was a day dreamer in class--just flirted with the old principal Jai Narayan and kept him happy--invited him home for crab dishes !--mrs Narayan was too busy fighting with Koya.

Anonymous said...

More cold water rains down on dictator's parade... taxfunds a waste down the drain with iAG's junket to Brussels.

EPA is no more for Pacific
By Online Editor
1:54 pm GMT+12, 17/10/2013, Belgium

In a surprise move this week, the European Union (EU) has decided to suspend negotiations for a new economic partnership agreement (EPA) with the islands of the Pacific, ISLANDS BUSINESS has been told.

Officials of the Pacific governments which are members of the Pacific bloc of the ACP states were informed of the EU's decision at a meeting in Brussels on Monday.

Reports received from Brussels where the European Commission is headquartered say EC officials are blaming the suspension of the EPA negotiations on Papua New Guinea.

They say PNG has indicated it won't join the rest of its Pacific neighbours in the move to negotiate for a comprehensive EPA with the EU.

Port Moresby would rather stick by the interim EPA it had negotiated with the EU in 2009. ISLANDS BUSINESS was told that PNG’s decision not to participate in the comprehensive EPA is the fear the EU could restrict global sourcing in the interim EPA (iEPA).

Fiji was the other Pacific member of the ACP that had secured an interim EPA, and it appears that unlike PNG, Suva is refusing to abandon regional solidarity to save its interim agreement.

Queries sent to Fiji's Trade Minister, Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum who is also in Brussels have not been responded to.


Anonymous said...

It's totally understandable that the EU would like to see that the aid will benefit the farmers and those connected to the sugar cane industry directly.

This brings FNU's integrity as an academic institution directly into the question. Grow some spine guys!


FNU was ineligible to get EU aid
Publish date/time: 18/10/2013 [17:11]

The European Union has today confirmed that as a Governmental institution, the Fiji National University was not eligible to be a direct partner of the EU for the implementation of the program that has just been given to the Australia Pacific Technical College.

EU Ambassador Andrew Jacobs said this is due to the provisions of Article 37 of the EU’s Development Cooperation Instrument Regulation, which has applied to Fiji since 2007.

Article 37 relates to suspension of aid assistance to a country.

The European Union has made this comment after Fijivillage questioned the EU whether Europeaid considered FNU for the training of the sugar cane farmers.

4 million Euros of aid will be channelled through the Australia Pacific Technical College to train the sugar cane farmers.

Serious concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of this program through the Australia Pacific Technical College by the Fijian government.

Jacobs said the EU is keen to explore how the FNU could best be involved in the programme.

He said the APTC was chosen in view of their consolidated presence in the field and long lasting experience in providing vocational training in Fiji and their presence in the sugar belt, with a very high success rate in terms of jobs offered to trainees, the consistency of the training they provide with the requirements of the Fijian Higher Education Commission and their specific experience in the sugar sector.

When we asked the EU whether it would reconsider it’s decision as requested by the Fijian government, the EU says it intends to continue to rely on APTC for the provision of vocational training, as this has been recognised as the best available option.

It said the vocational training will be planned and implemented in the closest collaboration with the Fijian sugar stakeholders to ensure that it responds fully to the needs of the sugar industry.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

Here we go... no surprises at all, its all self-explanatory - the need for donor countries to engage with TYRANTS at arms-length whilst reaching out to the PEOPLE SUFFERING! Articles 37 and 3 of the EU's financing instrument for development cooperation - (REGULATION (EC) No 1905/2006).

"Article 37
Suspension of assistance

Without prejudice to the provisions on suspension of aid in
partnership and cooperation agreements with partner countries
and regions, where a partner country fails to observe the principles
referred to in Article 3(1), and where consultations with the
partner country do not lead to a solution acceptable to both
parties, or if consultations are refused or in cases of special
urgency, the Council, acting by a qualified majority on a
proposal from the Commission, may take appropriate measures
in respect of any assistance granted to the partner country
under this Regulation. Such measures may include full or partial
suspension of assistance."

And here's Article 3 (1)...

"Article 3

General principles

1. The Community is founded on the values of democracy,
the rule of law, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms
and seeks to develop and consolidate commitment to
these values in partner countries and regions through dialogue
and cooperation."


Anonymous said...

Disagree.Ravi can only talk but can not do the job no experience. Reflect back to Scot murder. The whole case was spoilt by Ravi Narayan and Isikia Savua.He should be sent home over 55yrs make way for energetic young officers to take over.

Anonymous said...

If you know the Scot Case Murder in detail, you will never blame the two gentlemen, if you only base your judgement on the media reports and stories around the grog bowl you can blame everyone, at the end of the day the accused was arrested and sentenced to jail … if ever worked with Mr Ravi and Mr Savua you will understand my points otherwise you will continue to throw muds on them….

Anonymous said...

Ravi is one of those officers who do not know how to lead and he has been gaining promnotion through sweet talk and scaling senior officers.People who work under him do not like him because he is mr right.Academically he is not qualified to the post of Commissioner of Police. Biu Matavou is a suitable candidate as he is a lawyer.Ravi should go home

Anonymous said...

But Ravi brought back Henry Brown, before he had scaled Henry Brown skin up and down as a thorn to Bai and AG Government...

Anonymous said...

it's high time c4.5 stopped spreading all the bullshit articles followed by more bullshit comments by a handful of people.The country has progressed and is so evident.All other countries have accepted this fact and are now working with our current Prime Minister.
So those of you bitching about anything and everything can goon with your bitching because that's all most of you on here can do.

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Long Live FMF
Long Live the 2013 constitution

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

I dont trust the police and army anymore .they are bunch of coward and private officers of the regime.
police are working under the army rule .
we need expat army/police boss.

Anonymous said...

Fiji regime not publishing the AG reports and Salaries of ministers .
Fiji is in huge debt 6 billion .Fiji is f up under regime.

Anonymous said...

Charan Jeet Singh another khaiyum fathers boss milking regime banks to do his project.
Did charan paid his loan to FDB/NBF for Vanua Air plane.?
Charan and Khaiyum dad need to be investigated by FICAC,
Bobby Khan of Nippon cars in NZ ran away owing millions in tax in NZ.
Bobby investing in Nadi.

Anonymous said...

These Mother fucker Fijian just want Fijian to hols top post but have garbage in head.Ravi is the Right person for the post. Fuck off you shit Fijian..Maichods people.

Anonymous said...

anon 1010am....u rite ....fijians are lamusona pple....always jump on other races...onli grog eat n sleep....want free mani....fuck all

rajend naidu said...

We read in the article 'No show' in the Fiji Times (19/10) that " The Commissioner of Police's third quarterly parade was called off yesterday morning because of unsatisfactory turnout by officers".
Could that have happened during the colonial era?
Could that have happened during the period before the 2006 Bainimarama coup when the expatriate Andrew Hughes was the Com Pol?
In his letter to editor in the same paper Lawrence Wara wonders why Fiji is developing so slowly 43 years after Independence?
While the answer is simple : If you go forward and then go backward, if you take a step forward and a step back you can't be making too rapid a progress, can you?
And that's precisely the predicament of Fiji as a nation.
The coups in Fiji have stunted progress and seriously damaged professionalism.
The police story provides an example in point.
The same applies to virtually every other institution of state - the military, the civil service, the judiciary.
Professionalism has been compromised all around as a result of political manipulation by the ruling mob.
Rajend Naidu

rajend naidu said...

And of course the same is true for the universities in Fiji and for the same reason.

Bananas Pyjamas said...

In relation to Fiji Water, they are now paying their way. They are now forced to pay a royalty per bottle that must remain in Fiji. In the past 100% of profit left Fiji's shores.

Don't get me wrong. This government is filled with self serving tyrants. But in regards to foreign owned entities resident in Fiji, they are now forced to put money in the government coffers. This deal was only recently struck. This article is either out of date or poorly researched.

The deal with Fiji Water and other like entities will be the ONLY thing to applaud when these tyrants are placed in prison. They have opened up revenue streams that did not otherwise exist.

If democracy can be restored and the current leaders brought to justice (to allow for healing and an end to the coup culture) Fiji will shine brightly and will become one of the richest nations in the Pacific. Providing the theft of Frank and Aiyaz is halted as soon as possible.

Underkava said...

Just look at the bowl as half full. Use it for mixing grog. That should get rid of all the micro-organisms and tadpoles floating in your bowl. Ughhh......

Anonymous said...


rajend naidu said...

We read in the regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun (19/10) that former editor of the Fiji Times Nemani Delaibatiki is returning to work for the Fiji Sun as its trainer for young journalist. We read and we know it is true that Nemani was a respected newspaper man who won awards for his investigative journalism. But we must remember that was when Fiji was not a military dictatorship and the newspapers were truly free and independent.
That is not the case now . The newspapers in Fiji and the Fiji Sun especially is seriously compromised and its editorial integrity has evaporated.
Good luck to Nemani if he can train young journalist in Fiji to do their work with the professional honesty and integrity it demands.
I doubt that is possible under a dictatorship that considers free and independent media to be an anathema.
I am sure Nemani will enjoy his return to his home country and he will not have to worry about being subjected to political persecution - seeing as he will be with the Fiji Sun : the regime mouthpiece newspaper.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

1.Fiji Water is the most expensive water sold in US.
2. The creek at Waila has been polluted ever since the poultry farm was built there.
3. Every time Fiji Sun puts up an item about the Govt the reporter is criticized no matter who the reporter is.
4. The police officers not turning up for parade is a show of no confidence to the current Commissioner. They still need a Commissioner who will keep them on their toes all the time. Ravi Narayan should do the honorable thing to retire. The Police force will now go to an all time low level in marital affairs, indiscipline, non performance, a lot of sick leave etc.
5. Rajend Naidu and Mark Manning should be allowed to continue their crap on this crap site coz they will never show their faces in Fiji alive..never.
6. All military haters are sons of the DEVIL..everything that they put in this shithole comes from LUCIFER...all haters.

Anonymous said...

Just remember Fiji does NOT belong to the present illegal holders of power.
Today they are powerful and hold sway. That will not be the case always. Rabuka can confirm that!
Many who were persecuted by the Rabuka mob and were forced to flee are back in the country today. Take you cue from there...

Sobalaune said...

To @ Anonymous Oct 19 2013 4.01PM....what are you on about pussy cat????...cannot make out your drift.

Drug test will assist in your diagnosis.

rajend naidu said...

To Anon 3.26PM
Death is the lot of ALL men - even dictators die!
What is important is to live with human dignity, self-respect and moral courage.
And that often means being prepared to speak out against the injustice,the brutality and the oppression of the powerful over the voiceless and the weak.
It is of course easier to side with the powerful and save yourself all the trouble and even get some crumbs thrown your way. I choose not to proceed in life THAT way.

The Heckler said...

You've heard of Evian Water? Well, it seems that the Fijian version is Avian Water. So, don't be surprised to pluck a feather from your bottle.

Probably explains why we have chickens like our cowardly Bainimarama and coo-coos like America's newest nutcase Dharam Lingam.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 2:43 PM is almost as funny as The Heckler. Seven years later and "we're still progressing"? Progress, REALLY?! Our economy has gone nowhere, mate. Our institutions are in the toilet. Our government remains in the hand of traitors. Our liberties are gone. We're captives to a pack of no-school thugs.

"We could even defer the Elections to 2015, its our country, our right ,our choice... " Who's "WE", Kemosabe? We don't have any choice in the matter. Bainimarama will hold elections whenever he wants, which means not until he knows he can win. That explains why we've had no elections to date.

It's our right to elect our own government. That right is denied us by the traitors in power, and those, like you, operating in our midst. May you hang with them.


Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam, a coo-coo? I don't think so. Sounds more like the name of a duck.

Quack, quack!

Anonymous said...

C4.5 is not publishing any evidence about Ravi Narayan and police - why are you guys protecting Ravi Narayan.

Anonymous said...

Tonga signs new police development agreement

Posted at 18:14 on 18 October, 2013 UTC

Tonga has signed a new three-year memorandum of agreement with New Zealand and Australia to continue the development of the country’s police force.

Both aid providers first became involved in 2008 following concerns about the quality of policing raised by the riots in 2006.

That original five-year arrangement, the Tonga Police Development Program, expires at the end of this month.

It focuses on developing leadership and building an efficient and effective police service that has the trust and confidence of the community.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Ravi Narain is a Illegal regime man.He is the guy who is stabbing senior officers in the police force at their back to clear his path way to the top. He is Kaiyums informer and one wonders why he is still in the police force when others are told to go once they reach 55yrs.What is so special about him? He is just one of those suckers.

Anonymous said...

To rajen naidu
you criticism everything the government and even are criticizing Nemani for joining the Fiji Sun,why the hell are you than living in a country where the natives are considered and treated as the lowest class.You should move out of there.
At least in Fiji everybody is treated equally now...literally

Long Live Saviour Bainimarama
Long Live FMF

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Nah Dharam Lingam is not a coo coo or a quack quack. he is a gooli - a regime gooli.

Anonymous said...

This regime has got everything wrong.
The bottom line is that they are just buying votes to secure their places in power.

They fail to understand Fiji politics. it may look simple but it is indeed very very complex.

Wait and see Bai, you are already in and up, the next move in down and out.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Tabuya has been in and out with G Davis--at night time in the small beach next to marine study--got and told by the fisherman from Gau

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nah nah Dharam Lingam is not a gooli. he is a gaand. an idiotic sycophantic gaand of dictator bainimarama

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks miracles will happen at the Fiji Sun because retiring newspaper man Nemani Delaibatiki has joined that regime newsletter is delusional.

Anonymous said...

Parmess Chand has received the PM's Award for Excellence. His excellence has been at sucking up to the self-appointmentPM !
What an award!

Anonymous said...

Miscommunications was the reason for the poor turnout by officers at the police parade. how did the police manage to have miscommunication?
that is giving proof of how pathetic the Fiji police force has become in the coup country run by a coup government.

rajend naidu said...

I am sure Dharam Lingam is right in saying in Fiji everyone is treated equally. He only forgot to mention Animal Farm style!
Can Dharam lingam identify atleast two persons in Fiji who are treated extra "equally"!
Let me give him a clue. He prays before the altar of one of them!

rajend naidu said...

Dewan Chand writes in the regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun complaining that "The EU has unilaterally imposed its will and confirmed its decision that the sugar protocol will end in 2017"(FS 20/10).
Has he noticed anything else that has been 'unilaterally imposed" on the people of Fiji - like the 2013 Constitution and the Military Government?
And, singing the cliched song of the coup regime Amenatave Malani (FS 20/10)tells us the politics of the past in Fiji "has been an affair of the privileged,rich and opportunist politicians".
In the future the politicians in Fiji will all come from the welfare poor class!
Professor Warden Narsey gives us a fair idea how much things have changed in Fiji since the "clean up" takeover. He writes (FS 20/10) that"the toilets in the arrivals" at Nadi International Airport " are dark, wet,and usually filthy". Now that is "not acceptable" to quote the new chairman of the Media Industry Development Authority Prof.Ashwin Raj.
Finally the excellent letter'Good sportsmanship' by Zikar Ali is not from my old friend the legendary Fiji soccer striker Zikar Ali, is it?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

One Kalavo mentioned Graham Davis has a weird sexual fetish...he always has a strap on with him and asks the kalavo to rut him with it....lol oso...solia tale o boy

Anonymous said...

yes true one wonders why no information on police is not being published by c4.5.

someone is protecting someone or simply no information ... police force is in a mess !

What a shame

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Icky Pickee said...

No information on police being published on C4.5?

Maybe your information not good enough.

Anyways everyone knows police force a dirty mess - give us something new.

Masirewa said...

TO SUCCEED IT is so important for you @ ANONYMOUS Oct 21 2013 8.28 am above to actively talk with friends aquaintances and especially your villagers about the absolute importance of NOT VOTING FOR BAINIMARAMA and his mates in election.


Fiji deserves better said...

Ex Pacific Scoop:

Fiji police investigate new viral Facebook beating video
13:10 October 16, 2013 0 comments

Six months after a video of officers beating an escaped prisoner, a new disturbing Facebook video in Fiji has gone viral. Image: adage.com

Pacific Scoop:
Report – By Pacific Media Watch

Police in Fiji are seeking information from members of the public to identify the victims of a video that has gone viral on Facebook.

The video was of a man and woman being beaten up by two people.

Police information officer Ana Naisoro confirmed the police were aware of the video.

“We are asking people to come forward and help us identify the people in the video,” Naisoro told the Fiji Times.

The 4.36 minute video was posted late last month. It showed a man and a woman entering a house and beating up another man and woman.

A stick was also used to beat the victims.

No report has been lodged with police on the matter.

Video removed?
According to the anti-regime website Coupfourpointfive, the video has likely been removed “in recent weeks”.

Pacific Media Watch has been unable to track down the video online.

The website, run by anonymous activists opposed to the Fiji regime, tied the police investigation of the recent video to another video published earlier this year that showed what was believed to be “corrections officers, police and security forces” beating an escaped prisoner and stripping him of his clothes.

“We don’t condone the violence but are intrigued the Fiji police is keen to find the people involved in a video showing a man and his girlfriend being beaten, considering its failure to follow up on the thrashing and torture of escaped prisoner, Iowane Benedito, and another man in March this year,” the website wrote.

Coupfourpointfive alleged the police had a reason to view the recent video differently.

“They [the police] seem to have one rule for themselves and regime hierarchy and another for ordinary folk of Fiji.”

Pacific Scoop’s sister publication Pacific Media Watch reported extensively on the Facebook video that went viral earlier this year showing the beating of escaped prisoner Iowane Benedito, and the subsequent debate in media throughout the region.

Does C4.5 have the video?

rajend naidu said...

We read in the regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun (20/10) that Commodore Frank Bainimarama -the self-appointed PM - said at the PSC Excellence Awards that "he was proud of what his government had accomplished".
I suspect if I was in his place - as the Dictator of Fiji - I would be saying that as well.
All dictators are full of praise for what they accomplish.
One thing the Commodore certainly accomplished was the illegal takeover of the Government of Fiji.
Let us not forget that accomplishment of his and "his government".
Those who want us to forget that are invariably beneficiaries of the coup installed government of the Commodore.
Lest we forget.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu...you should shut up and fucken not to poke your nose in affairs of Fiji. You are not contributing any penny to Fiji Govt. Fucken shit..shut your mouth and stay there. You are just a pak pak person..you cant do anything to the Govt..and just giving your bullshit comment.Back off.

Veka Maika said...

None so blind than those in the pokcet of military dictatorship.

Managing Editor/News

Mobile: (679) 9990732
Email: maikab@fijisun.com.fj

We join in saluting our Public Service for their much improved service to the people.
As Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has stressed, we rely on the public service not just to keep the country running. They also help the national leadership anticipate needs and chart the future. In the past there were serious questions about some aspects of the public service. But things have changed since the leadership changed in December 2006.
There has been a strong and constant emphasis on building capacity and accountability. And especially on helping the Government ensure service delivery. It comes with the reforms that will help the nation achieve sustainable economic development, in particular true democracy with good and just governance.
It comes together with the changes for the better as it will bring improvements to the service delivered by government to the citizens of Fiji. We must also acknowledge the role of officers of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces who have moved to the Public Service to help.
They have been a significant influence for the better. We now have a much more professional public service. A public service that instills integrity, honesty, absolute refusal to tolerate corruption or dishonesty in any form and at any level, and the adoption of high standards of personal behaviour.
We must thank all involved for the dedication and their commitment to making sure that they are working to fulfill their purposes.
On Friday there was the Service Excellence Awards night to recognize the good work of our public servants. The Prime Minister gave out awards to the winners. He reminded them to look at the values and qualities that lie behind those victories. These are the values and personal qualities that will drive us continually to better governance and a more accomplished people.
He said: “Strong positive values, innate good qualities that are personally driven, and simple good character are essential qualities for a public servant.”
To all our public servants keep up with your good work and at all times open the doors of your places to all Fijians. Keep building on the good work to be good servants of the Government and the people.

Anonymous said...

So was the water supply any better under the previous governments? All I can say is that finally I can go home resting assured that there will be water on tap - it was a dream pre-2006.

Puhleeze! said...

Anybody know what the gift was that Bai gave Antonius Tanan at
Service Excellence Award at the Novotel Suva Lami Bay on Friday night???

Looked like a big ugly cushion Mary had made.

Fiji Reeks said...

Everything needs to be cleaned in Fiji from water stinkied out by Chicken Crest to government stink bombed out by Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

would it be reasonable to assume foul-mouth anon 10.49 am is either a military thug or a state functionary or even a Fiji Sun man or some other skunk journalist?
Truth is a bitter pill to swallow, right?

Anonymous said...

who is Antonius Tanan?
I thought all the Romans are long dead!

Anonymous said...

@ Veka Maika
thank you for drawing our attention to Fiji Sun man Maika Bolataki's opinion piece "We join in saluting our Public Service..." That is a very good example of the "independent" journalism that has come to characterise the Fiji Sun. It's all pro- regime propaganda. How about saluting the Dictator, Maika?

Khaiyum said...

Anon@10.49 is foul-mouthed because he just popped out of Baimagaitinamu's ass for a breather before he resumes licking his ass.

Anonymous said...


Tight security at India 'treasure hunt' site

Bbc News
Monday, October 21, 2013

POLICE in northern India have secured the site of an archaeological dig after hundreds of people gathered there amid reports it held buried treasure.

The crowds gathered as media reports say that a Hindu seer dreamt 1,000 tonnes of gold was buried under the ruins of a 19th Century fort.

Shobhan Sarkar said the gold belonged to King Rao Ram Baksh Singh.

Archaeology officials say the dig is not linked to the dream, but a routine attempt to look for cultural artefacts.

Government archaeologists began excavating the remains of an old fort in Daundia Khera Village in Uttar Pradesh state on Friday morning.

The police have been deployed in strength to keep away curious villagers and barricades have been set up to prevent onlookers from entering the excavation site.

Geologists who have surveyed the site say there is a possibility that the site contains some metal.

Mr Sarkar said the king appeared in his dream and told him to take care of the gold found under the ruins of his fort.

Reports say the sage was not taken seriously at first, but this changed after the seer relayed his dream to an Indian Government minister who visited him last month.

Bati said...

The Govt gave $500,000.00 to the Fiji Bati and they have fared well in their preparations.Their success would be attributed to the current Govt.Good investment, since they are directly advertising Fiji on the Global Sports Scene.Go Bati!!

Anonymous said...

Jyoti P,uro!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about the Fiji regime's 'meteoric' rise in the Pacific.
what I do know after reading Savenaca vakaliwaliwa's letter in the Fiji Sun (21/10)is that Nadi airport toilets have good days and bad days in the "new Fiji" of Bainimarama and co.
Better not find yourself needing to use the Nadi Airport toilet after drinking warm Fiji beer on its bad day!

GL said...

I didnt see any cleaner when I was at the airport.I used a toilet and got a shock that it was covered with some greasy stuff i belive to be urine.Some idiot peeed but didnt lift the toilet seat up.it was dark and the smell stuck with me.I had to board another plane in less than an hour so didnt have time to wash.I was swearing inside the male toilet because who knows,that person could be sick with something.A female was seated next to me on my next flight, luckily the flight attended gave me some items to freshen up and reduce the smell.A few splash of after shave on the right spots did the trick.I urge you airpot workers to do your job well.What if it was a tourist.My relatives were surprised when I instantly went for a wash on my arrival.Well as I once said some people are lucky and some are vhutulucky.I dont see any reason to blame the PM and the Govt. though.I blame the Airport Management,someone was wanking inside the toilet and didnt clean up.Fuck sake!

kini said...

Sir James: Why I back PM
October 21, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

If Sir James Ah Koy decides to stand for 2014 elections he would stand and follow a “Man of Destiny (MOD)” rather than a “Walter Mitty”.
Whoever that ‘Walter Mitty’ may be, the veteran politician and experienced businessman told the Fiji Sun that if he had a go next year, it would obviously be his swan song at 78 years of age.
Sir James said there were so many obvious ‘Walter Mittys’ around already parading their preens and posturing for the next election in September 2014 he would rather go on the side of a ‘Man of Destiny’ or as a independent.
But most likely as an independent candidate.
Sir James said that even as an independent, he will always vote for any Bainimarama government on things that are Judeo Christian and for the people.
“However on things that are anti-Christian, I will strongly oppose them. That’s why I feel that if I stood I should stand as an independent for that purpose and to make room for a younger man,” Sir James said.

An observer
From the outset, Sir James made it clear that: “I’m not a sage, I’m not a prophet, I’m not a soothsayer – I’m just a simple observant ex-politician and an observant businessman who studies the trends of the economy and politics of Fiji relative to what’s happening around the world.
“My observation of the political and economic scene in Fiji today has led me to believe that the Prime Minister is God’s appointed man for this hour in Fiji’s history.
“He is therefore in my humble view ‘A Man of Destiny’, a MOD.
“And I say this, not because I have a special liking for Frank, because everybody has a different feeling and view point of Frank – I say this because we are all able to observe and study what he has actually done for this country since he came on to power these past eight years. He has made one hell of a difference.
Sir James claims that he is the second oldest man that is still alive – who was an elected member of independent Fiji Parliament. The oldest is 81-year-old veteran Militoni Leweniqila.
“Perhaps the grand lady Taufa Vakatale is older than I am. We all did a stint as Cabinet Ministers of the Rabuka Government.”

Political assessment
“Frank’s got it right. And by sheer hard work, and determination he and his party will romp in my view, in the next general election. Look at what he has achieved and done for the masses and Fiji.
“New roads in villages and urban areas, new schools and updates, water supply and water tanks in villages, opening the interiors of Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Kadavu and other maritime provinces so that economic activities can happen.
“He abolished the BLV unopposed, he allowed the distribution of lease money to every member whose birthright entitled them to that lease money.
“He created a land bank so unused native lands can be invested to earn lease money. There is so much more that he has done that no other PM has done since independence. I suggest voters look at the fruit of Frank’s hands, symbolic of what he has done, when it comes to poll day.”
Sir James said if Commodore Bainimarama was given another four years and he remains true to his word, more investments would come Fiji’s way.
“By 2014 when we have a democratically elected government in place and people will be free and not afraid to invest more,” he said.
“Although investment is coming now – there is still a slight reluctance and this obviously impedes confidence and untrammelled growth. Greatest of all is the fact that when we have an elected parliament, people will be free to criticise government – which is a good sign.”

So does Bainimarama
have the support?
“Undoubtedly he has the support. No two ways about it – he will win hands down.
“If I’m in the house as an independent or a party member, I will support this guy,” Sir James said.


Kini said...

But will it happen?
“Politics make strange bed fellows and that’s true.
“That can happen – when they’ve got a common enemy, Frank’s party, they will coalesce to defeat the common enemy.”

Fiji’s political history has shown voters supporting the government of the day in word, but not at the polls. Is that bound to happen again next year?
“I’m optimistic because Frank is God’s man for this time.
“The ‘kalougata’ curse is going from Fiji and Frank is the man that God has put in there, whether he acknowledges it or not, and I believe that in my heart and that is why I’m talking.
“Whether it is going to be a great majority or not, I don’t know – but he is going to be the next Prime Minister based on the Kalouvinaka. Promise”.
The word kalouvinaka replaces the word kalougata and is now used in Sir James’ New Fijian Translation Bibles.
Since November 20, 2010 Sir James and his team began distributing Bibles around the country for free which no longer contain the word ‘kalougata’.
He attributed Fiji’s past failures to the frequent use of the word.
He said the word ‘Kalougata’ actually invoked a curse on the recipient who mouths it and he believes that this has been the case since 1836 when the word was inadvertently slipped into our Fijian language and first Bibles.
“After that we saw a gradual flow of ‘kalouvinaka’ blessings coming into Fiji. For example, never before has Fiji chaired so many international gatherings, and been invited to many new friendly countries who have signed joint communiqu├ęs with Fiji at the United Nations.
“These things just don’t happen but is God ordained! God ordained!
“For this hour, whether you like it or not, Frank is going to sit on that seat.”

PM’s proposed party
“In the next elections, Frank may not get 75 per cent of the votes.”
Sir James said this outcome means that changes to the new Constitution would be very difficult and Bainimarama will need help from sympathetic elected members of the House of Representatives to make changes to the constitution.
“It is my prayer that he will rule with fairness, that he will always look to God for guidance – that is all I wish. That he doesn’t think that he’s become invincible.”

So is the Bainimarama government doing a better job compared to when you were Minister of Finance?
“Now listen, although I had a surplus. I was running the country from a business standpoint and not a deficit.
“I was looking at it as a businessman instead of a politician. But as a government minister you should look at development – but I was looking for a good balance sheet.
“I made that mistake. If I had another run at it, I would spend my money as Frank is doing, using earned and borrowed money, using my surpluses on building and refurbishing aged infrastructure so economic growth can happen.
“When you open up lands that are not open and move people into it – all kinds of economic activities are going to happen.”
Sir James said we have a sense of responsibility to our fellow people and to God that we develop this land that he has given us.

Anonymous said...

Annoy @2.59pm...Fuck you and fuck ur mother...Kaiviti..mgai chinana.

Anonymous said...

Annoy @2.42pm....Fuck you and fuck your mother and sister..Give your sister to Bai and he will fuck her..Becos he is fucken doing right thing in fucking the lazy fijians like you..u should lick his ash..

Anonymous said...

@ GL....and you moron sat on his cum...something wrong with you...Thats why you should always take your tin of paint with water...lol...might have been the ghandu you picked up in Suva or Lautoka that left that smell with you and you could not wash it off

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:38...lick his ash...hahaha...ash is the residue left on your tongue from licking Franks hairy ash....or arse I would say...

Boy the filth coming from your mouth...Your mother would be ashamed to say you came out of her vagina and your sisters would bend over to Frank just so you their brother can get some milestone in your life......

Now you've taken a breather to express your filth, stick your head back into Frank's arse and get stuck into it...he just said the middle part is itchy....go on now scratchy....thats what we will call you scratchy....lmao

Anonymous said...

@ Kini...Jim Ah Koy thinks like a businessman and should remain as a businessman. He realises that when he was in politics, he made one big mistake, not utilising the tax payers money where it should have been utilised in development and he the only thing he tried to do, was make himself look good with figures that he obviously doctored.

How can such a man such as Jim who proclaims to be a messenger from God believe that Frank is on the right path when the path Frank took from the start was wrong. Frank has deprived the people of Fiji from their liberty and removed their basic rights. His hands are tainted with the blood of the people of Fiji and he has created more division amongst the races than unity.

Jim needs to examine his morals and integrity and stand strong for what is trully right.

Fiji has gone through so much turmoil since 1987 with the Military taking a role which is misguided and even though Military men like Rabuka and Frank continue to blame the Chiefs, Religious Leaders and past Politicians for being instrumental in their committing the coup, the bottom line is that they the Military is in a position where they can dictate terms unopposed.

We need to rid Fiji of this cowardly reign and return to an effective democratic mode of Governance that is meant for the people and created by the people.

Jim - when you are asked in Heaven why you turned a blind eye to those who were killed and brutalised in the 2006 coup and why you supported a tyrant, I hope you wont say because I was meant to believe that the coup was KALOUGATA.

You should speak with Paul Gerahty about such an issue before you decided to change the word.

rajend naidu said...

'Sir James : Why I back PM?' (Fiji Sun 21/10).
He doesn't have to tell us. We know. It's an old habit of his to back PMs who have a good hold on power.First Ratu Mara then Rabuka and now Bainimarama.
His backing is based on a clear understanding of which side his bread is likely to get more butter.
Siding with the politically powerful and influential means he can still cut deals for himself and his business.
That's been his style all along.
Nothing has changed about Sir James.The 'Sir' before his name fools no-one who knows him and his politics well.
Rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Jim is a coup maker and greedy man who will lick every pm ass.

Kini Tubi. said...

Jim was the Minister in Mara government, Rabuka government and Qarase government. He is the right person to judge who was/is the best person to lead Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Jim is the ultimate flip flop man who bends with the breeze.

He claims to be God's man. He is Frank's man. Does that make Frank God or is Jim a deluded ass kisser.

He WILL be a part of Frank's team. That much we know.

Time for talented expats to come home. Now is your time to join a party to defeat the Bai/Kai/FLP coalition.

Anonymous said...

Jim should take Khaiyum and Bai with him to China.F ass who have made million through all fijian government with his companies and cronies .Chor.

Anonymous said...

@ Kini Tubi...Jim the right person to judge...Are you a part of Jim's flock?

Something you did not know about Jim.....Jim exploited the Indians in 1987 who sold their properties following the 1987 coup at prices that were half or below half their real value. That is how he started to make his money. He was also involved with Edmund March who was involved in the Chinese Migration scam netting them millions of dollars from chinese fleeing China through Fiji and obtaining false passports and driving license.

Oh of course, Jim made every attempt to amend his ways through the church and the 7th day Adventist Church he built on the hill in Tamavua, close by to his million dollar home but hey, the seeds of corruption was sown and his actions during his Ministerial Days reflected this.

Who is Jim to JUDGE - better still he should spend the rest of his God given days reflecting and perhaps follow the parable of the rich man who approached Jesus and said, Lord I have done all you have taught, what else must I do to attain the kingdom of heaven to which Jesus replied, give everything away to the poor and follow me.

Jim may have his millions but whether he chooses to give, he has no option when he departs from this world, his millions remain.

Perhaps you want some of that millions Jim has Kini....

citizen said...

Did you hear that police finally conducted their parade today with only 300 officers. they were targeting 700 and some senior officers didnt even turn up.

what a joke with police .. the biggest criminals of all times ..

Anonymous said...

dr Nil Sharma wants doctors to engage in research.what hogwash--no bandages in hospitals-no linen,no proper chow,no toilet paper,no pen, no paper,no needles,no anesthesia,no oxygen,no plasters,no nothing--fix all this you idiot,mad minister.stop telling doctors what to do.

Anonymous said...

Nil Sharma should be made to clean all the nadi airport toilets on bended knees with all the taxi drivers lined up behind him !---one by one .--the taxi drivers can do some research up his arse !!--

Uncle Jim said...

Rajend naidu you are right about Sir James. What you say is common knowledge. What you don't say, or see, is that Jim was also corrupt in Ratu Mara/Rabuka govts, but it was ok for a lot of people. Some pointing accusing fingers at Jim now were silent back than. Not only that, they actually lionised Jim as a hero. Why??.

Answer is simple: Jim was part of nationalist governments and he used to disparage Indians, and support anti-indian racists like speight. when he did that he was a hero.

In this country, as far as one section of the population is concerned, you can do anything and get away with it as long as you are against Indians. You can be corrupt and they will turn a blind eye and forgive you, and some how blame indians, such is their deep hatred for Indians.

The point is, Jim was as corrupt when he was part of Rabuka/Mara govts as he is now. How come no one aside from indians, complained? Why all the aguish and hooha now? Why not before?
Simply because of racism, which in Fiji is vile, trumps everything else. Rajen should be aware of before becoming the cheerleader for nationalists and racists turned overnight democrats because once we have our lovely 'democracy' you can bet your bottom $ they will turn on you; they will not differentiate whether you supported coup or not. For them, only good Indian is a dead one! I am sure you have read it on this blog.

Of course we must have democracy, but be ready for the consequences. read a bit about Egypt, and Syria and other so-called Arab Spring countries, and think. Think what was happening during Qarase govt, and be prepared for worse.

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Jim
And what about Indian scoundrels screwing Indians in Fiji? Corrupt people,corrupt politicians don't have any qualms about screwing their own ethnic communities. They are predatory, opportunistic animals. And they will take as prey whoever they can. Yes, in Fiji after the first coup it was easy to prey on the Indians. Sir James did then what his species do.He preyed on the Indians. But the man will do anyone to get ahead. That is his species specific trait.

Indian scoundrels lining pockets, endangering Fiji Indian community said...

All are, or were, coup supporters at one time:

AG Saiyad Khaiym,
Hon. mahen Chaudhry,
Ms Asha Lakhan,
VC Rajesh Chandra,
Pro Saten Nandan
Mayor Chandu Umaria,
Ambassador Robin Nair,
Dr Ashwin Raj,
Prof mahen reddy,
VC Danesh Chand,
Prof Saten Nandan,
Pundit Dewan Chand
Sanjay Patel,
Vijendra Prakash.
Nur Bano Ali,
Kamlesh Arya

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is voter registration team in NZ?
No advise to the people ,where to go for registration.

Just thinking said...

FLP Leader Mahendra Chaudhry

Is it really a claim if its true????

The Fiji Labour Party is claiming that rising poverty levels, unemployment and high living costs are forcing the people of Labasa to relocate to Viti Levu in search of better life.

Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry said there is little economic activity in Labasa to induce people to stay.

Chaudhry added the sugar industry is down by almost 50% with the crop size reduced from 770,000 tonnes in 2006 to 530,000 tonnes in 2012.

He added small businesses in Labasa and Savusavu complain of too many stringent requirements and many of them have closed or downsized because of over regulation.

However, Commissioner Northern, Alipate Bolalevu has refuted these claims by Chaudhry.

Bolalevu said the sugar industry has a bright future in the North and they are expecting an increase in sugar production in the coming years.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Solomon Islands will continue to support Fiji in its efforts either in development, regional cooperation or international relations the nation's Governor-General Sir Frank Kabui said (Fiji Sun 21/10).
And in developmental terms the Solomon Islands is where Fiji was in the 1950s!
And until recently they had the Australians to come over to police them because they couldn't properly police themselves.
They had a coup where they slaughtered their own kind.
What a farce!
No matter what wrong Fiji does Fijians are still brothers - that's the Pacific way, that's the Melanesian Way. It's a bullshit way which glosses over wrong doing and continues business as usual.
If my own brother - not pretend wantok brother - did wrong I would say that is not on and he must face the consequences of his wrong doing.
Not so with the Melanesian brotherhood.
That's why they are in such a shit state!


Hahaha!, Mahen 'Chor'dhry Fiji ke robin hood is at it again, pretending to champion the poor. Poverty levels may be up in Fiji, but not in the chaudhry khandan (household). The chaudhry's are very wealthy, thanks to $2.5 million raised in name of poor, but diverted to mahen's personal account. Unemployment and high living costs maybe forcing Labasans to relocate to Viti Levu in search of better life.But mahenwa can afford to keep unemployable beta (son) rajen in sydney and finance his lavish lifestyle – $2.5 million goes a long way. Mahenwa is also able to afford a nice, cosy little place for his rakhel (concubine) Asha Lakhan. sugar industry may be down, but mahen's bank balance is up, along with his prick every time he sees Asha Lakhan. mahenwa supported the coup, and now talking about little economic activity? Is that not a bit rich? Salts away millions of dollars and complains about poverty? Is he not a hypocritical bastard? The maichod (muthafucker) continues to use the name of the poor and exploit them for his pecuniary benefit.

Anonymous said...

Annoy @5.38pm...Give me your sister,wife..your daugther..i will fuck..U fuck and sick fijian will not be able to do anything to the Govt, Bai will win the election and will fuck ur ash..happy life..time to eat animals for you. haahaaa..

Anonymous said...

@ Uncle Jim 9:40pm & 11:34pm.....

by lmao....

And you believe that propoganda crap your uncle Frank fed you.....
You need to have a peace pipe.....better still reinvent yourself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anon 9.03am
Dumbo - where the Indian farmer gonna get land? He owns zero land and will squat.
90% land owned by kai viti and even kai dia dairy farmers are encroaching on kai viti lands....
Bai does not own any land either.
You all fucked for supoorting Bai the landless dickhead cause the chiefs own the land.

Anonymous said...

Annoy@10.46..Fuck you..Chiefs owns the land..u motherfucker...all land belongs to Govt...u go and sleep...Keep on watching..its time for Fijian like you to eat dogs now..free riders..Back off..M F

Samu said...

What you two above are showing are some of the attitudes and prejudices that do cause hatred and put breaks on Fiji's progress.

Fijians must understand that Fiji has benefited from inter racial existence we've inherited and for the benefit of our future we must learn to love each other and respect each other,

If an Indian wants land to live and farm we as Fijian land owners must be prepared to share the land we do not currently use on fair rent, everybody will benefit. Indians must respect Fijians as indigenous people of the country.

Am sure only the minority few who cause the discord. Fiji can be a prosperous peaceful beautiful country if we live happily together.

Anonymous said...

lmao says....it is obvious the Military continues to spill their propoganda into blog sites by maintaining a racial divide...every now and than they will spew vile offense against Indians supposedly written by an anti Bai supporter and vice versa against Fijians.

These vile offensive comments are to be ignored. The same military propoganda was spewed in 2000 and 1987. I believe by now the people of Fiji have moved ahead of all this racial issues.

The main issue at hand is putting bread on the table and a stable elected Government chosen by the people with a constitution that has the interests of the people at heart, without fear of oppression and subjugation by the Military.

rajend naidu said...

Joe Smith of Pacific Harbour tells us in his letter 'Constitution' in the regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun (21/10) that " The biggest threat to stability in Fiji shall emerge from those misguided people still proclaiming King Cakobau had ceded Fiji to UK attaching Christianity as a condition".
I don't know if the "biggest threat to stability in Fiji " shall emerge from the source identified by Mr Smith. Perhaps political sociologist like Pro. Steven Ratuva can enlighten us.
What I do know is where the biggest threat to Fiji's stability and progress has come from thus far in its short post Independent life.
It has come from its MILITARY.
If the Fiji military force and every other institution of state had diligently conducted themselves in the manner prescribed in their constitutional role Fiji would have been on a solid democratic foundation by now - 43 years after the end of colonial rule. And misguided people still proclaiming King Cakobau ceded Fiji to UK on the condition that Christianity be preserved as part of the Fijian state would have been sidelined to the fringe of Fijian political life.
The same would be true for other misguided anti-democratic forces in society.
But we failed to uphold the Constitution and we failed to uphold the values and principles of democratic governance.
Now we resort to making all kinds of excuses for our failure.
Some have even become prophets and cult leaders predicting the shape of a future Fiji!
Let's confine ourselves to the ground realities in present day Fiji.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

lmao says...

Part of a letter to the editor by

Tukai Loganilakeba

I write to express my utter disgust and disbelief to a letter written by a senior church elder and former school principal, Kolinio Meo.
He had scathingly attacked a dear Australian tourist couple visiting Fiji, Mr and Mrs Wallace, who had expressed their support and views of our country’s Constitution with no insult meant as compared to the Australian and New Zealand one’s that does not separate religion from the state or for that matter a secular state in his letters to the editor on October 19.
Can Mr Kolinio enlighten the readers, Fijians and the world as to how many iTaukeis were insulted as a result of Mr and Mrs Wallace’s letter?
Can he specify who, and I dare you, to have their full names, address, signatures and mobile numbers all jotted down in paper as I can ask the relevant government authorities concerned to visit them individually at their homes to address the issue so that they are not misinformed or misled for that matter?

This is what Fiji has been reduced too...threats against one another to be visited by relevant government authorities or the MILITARY or Fijis Defence Services if you like.

Is this the way we will be resolving our problems....threatening to take matters up with the Military.....

Anonymous said...

lmao says....

For the record Fiji's oral history has never identified any one particular person and or clan being the King of the land.

Ratu Seru Cakobau was made the King of Fiji by the beachcombers and Klu Klux clan who feared Fiji being ceded to Great Britain and these unruly Europeans of distasteful qualities had actually created a Government with Ratu Cakobau being the head.

A unceremonious King making ceremony was also proclaimed with reports the crown was fashioned from timber and cardboard with sparkling brooches making up the jewellery. When the crown was set on his head, his large afro hair pushed the crown off his head causing laughter amongst the High Chiefs of Fiji who were ordered to attend the ceremony.

Tui Namosi was noted to have said when told to attend the King Making ceremony, What King of What Country?

Christianity was shoved down the throats of the tribal Fijians in a Feudal era. It was an antitode for a brutal existence and was seen to be acceptable as such.

Again this was part of the European propoganda to justify their murder of indeginous people all over the world including itaukei.

Europeans intentions were to kill all the heathens and create half kasi with the remainder.

They succeded in Australia, NZ and most other countries populated by indeginous people.

They almost succeded in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

stop spreading lies you kaisi bokola lasulasu
the brits worked with the kai viti and result today is 90% land is owned by the kai viti,,,,,,
anon 11.54am - u must be some long lost kai india not to know the fact that 90% of land is native ie KAI VITI land......JUTIA PAKALA MADACHOD


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:07pm from lmao....

Ignore this fool...he is part of the Military spreading his racial propoganda to upset Indians and Fijians alike...

Woia..drau gole mada yani ki Nauluvatu

Anonymous said...

"Give me your sister, wife..your daugther..Bai will win the election and will fuck ur ash.."

I think the poster at October 22, 2013 at 10:28 AM has just summed up Frank's entire campaign platform!

USP corruption said...

Lot of complain coming from USP about poor management, corruption and nepotism with jai kumar appointment maybe FICAC and media have to investigate. Rajesh chandra behaving just like dictator bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Anon@11:20am...WTF man what are you
talking about?
Coloisuva creeks & Rivers does not flows toward the Waimanu River!
Savura river which is the main source of Water for Suva,start in
ColoiSuva, I think and it
flows toward Tacirua,Tamavua into
Wailoku & Suva?
I can't recollect
seing any creeks or river from
ColoiSuva that flows toward the
Waimanu River?
Can someone from ColoiSuva please confirm this facts or clarify it?

rajend naidu said...

Allan Loosley (FS 26/10) tells us in his witty letter 'Dud projects' that " we are continually hearing 'positives' from Government on various things being instituted ...often these are exaggerated ... we are being assured that dairy production is on the up, sugar production is on the up, potato production has gone from shutdown to restart, coconut growing is on the up, etc... Everything is on the up, including stuff ups!".
The "positives" we are continually hearing from the military government and its mouthpiece news paper the Fiji Sun is called PROPAGANDA!
Military regimes are notorious for that.
But you won't hear about the stuff ups.
The propaganda takes care of that as well!
And projects an image that all is well under THIS government.
But you can't pull wool over everybody's eyes, can you?
Allan Loosley's eyes are obviously wide open. There are no doubt many more but not everyone bothers to put in a letter to editor.
Thank you Allan for doing that.
rajend naidu

rajend naidu said...

forgot to mention in my Allan loosley letter that all the stuff ups Allan points out and many others are highlighted in the alternative media like C4.5, Fiji today etc.If it wasn't for these blogsites the stuff ups would never see be known to the public. We are kept well informed courtesy of these blogsites and the new chair of MIDA tells us these blog sites are "not acceptable".
It's not hard to see why he got appointed!

rajend naidu said...

Responding to Professor Warden Narsey's concern and no doubt the concern of many others in Fiji regarding the loss of skilled and experienced workers as a result of the military government's forced retirement policy at age 55, the regime lackey Parmesh Chand the PS for the PSC says "the PSC would like to clarify that compulsory retirement at 55 years of age for civil servants is a matter of law".
(Fiji Sun 26/10).
What the regime lackey fails to say is that that law - as most other laws decreed by the regime is subject to political manipulation by the unlawful mob in power.
The media law provides a good example of this manipulation.
Mr Chand tells us further that the regime's retirement law will not change.
I did not know that all the laws decreed by the unlawful regime is written in stone!
I thought a future democratically elected government - a lawful government - would have the legitimate powers to review laws in Parliament.
That is what democratic governments are empowered to do in a parliamentary/constitutional democracy.
I wonder where Parmesh Chand will be when that government comes into being in Fiji?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

why is rajend naidu publishing his letter in response to psc secretary pramesh chand's letter 'retirement policy'(FS 26/10) here on C4.5? I am sure if he submitted it to the Fiji Sun they would be happy to publish it.They are after all a fiercely independent newspaper. Graham Davis can vouch for that!

rajend naidu said...

We read in the Fiji Times of today (28/10) that "concern has been raised on safety of 17 families at Koronubu in Ba who are drinking water from a nearby river". A local resident Sanmogan Pillay told the FT that " water supply was one of the major drawbacks in the area... residents did not have proper drinking water supply for the past four years... we are concerned with the safety of our children who are also using the river to drink and bath".
We read animals too drink from the river.
Ba advisory councillor Salochana Sharma said "the water issue could spread water borne diseases among residents". [wow! of course it could!]
And, the District Officer,Ba said he was aware of the water issue. Being aware is of course good but it's not good enough for the resident). The DO said "water carting would be made until a permanent solution was determined"
Who has been running the government for the past four years when the residents have been encountering this water supply problem?
Why hasn't a "permanent solution" been determined in this extended period of time?
What priority has been attached to this problem?
Shouldn't it have received priority consideration in building "a better Fiji"?
Amenatave Malani writing in the regime mouthpiece newspaper recently said the Bainimarama government has done miracles.
The residents of this Koronubu local community would be justified in asking what miracles?
The coup installed Bainimarama regime is into grand projects for the self-aggrandizement of the dictator and his right hand man the attorney-general.
Ordinary people don't matter. Only lip service is paid to them for vote buying in preparation for the elections when the mob in power unlawfully hope to return to power lawfully.
The con job continues 8 years after the " clean-up" coup to create " a better Fiji".
Rajend Naidu

rajend naidu said...

We read in the regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun 26/10 that a representative of the Fiji military dictatorship, the illegal President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, has told donor countries at a State dinner hosted by the ruling elite in Vanuatu don't dictate terms and conditions of the use of aid given.
But it's quite alright for them to dictate to the people of Fiji who should govern them and how.
They are themselves governing without the consent of the people and without any genuine democratic collaboration and participation by the people in the decisions being taken on their lives and future.
So what the illegal President is essentially advocating is that donor countries should just give the money and not bother about getting them to account for it.
Well that is quite consistent with dictatorial rule - rule with NO ACCOUNTABILITY !The kind the mob in power in Fiji have been enjoying for 8 years now. The illegal President is himself a beneficiary of that rule.
In fact the third world democracies in the Melanesian countries do not have a particularly high standard or regard for democratic accountability either.
It's no wonder they are not too concerned about Fiji being a dictatorship currently.
They are happy to continue business as usual.
And we all know what that means.It means let's not bother too much with the democratic norms of governance. Let's do it our way: The No Accountability Way!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

So a State dinner was hosted by the political leaders in Vanuatu in Ratu Epeli Nailatikau's honour.
What honour?
The man is a parasite taking a free ride on the backs of the people of Fiji.
It's a disgrace to honour such a man.
But that kind of bullshit honouring has always been a shameful part of international politics.
Honouring dictators and tyrants...

Conman Ratu Tu'uakitau Cokaunauto said...

Anon 4:27 PM, you are absolutely right about the Nailatikaus. Ratu Tu'uakitau Cakaunauto is another conman and parasite. Land and resource owners should be really careful about this so-called chief. He is nothing but a low-down crook who will claim all the royalties. Ratu Tuakitau is a bakewa who has lived off his chiefly title all this time. he has no skills. he can't survive on his own hard work. So he cons ordinary Fijians. it's about time we kicked his sorry, lazy arse.

Anonymous said...

And parasite like Ratu Tu'uakitau Cokaunauto get appointed to high positions to claim special privileges and good paisa. He had some such appointment at the Nadave training centre if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6.01pm, Yes, parasite Ratu Tu'uakitau was appointed at the Nadave training centre but did no work. Just full of ideas. we pretended to listen to his shit talk. None of it ever materialised into anything because he is all talk no action. If you scrutinise his record, you will find zero achievements despite all the advantages and opportunities that he had had.

rajend naidu said...

Some time back I wrote a letter in which I said something about Fiji being third world and someone took offence at this and wrote a letter criticizing me and even asking me whether I loved Fiji!
That someone and other like minded people in Fiji ( who claim they love Fiji more because they don't point out any wrongs in the country) should read the letter by Sadhana Imran of Laucala Beach Estate in today's Fiji Sun (02/11)
Sadhana tells us she and her husband got into a car accident a week ago and she was injured. She says she is appalled at the quality of health services she received. The Xray machine was faulty and the medical professionals weren't particularly professional.
If what Sadhana tells us is not evidence of Fiji being third world then I can't think what else can convince someone.
But I am aware there is a certain variety of people in Fiji - the mob who have thrown in their support behind the Bainimarama military regime - who pretend everything in Fiji has got better since the Bainimarama takeover.
Sadhana's letter shows that is bullshit!
Rajend Naidu

rajend naidu said...

Another day and another letter writer draws our attention to the appalling state of health service in Fiji.
Yesterday it was Sadhana Imran of Laucala Beach Estae. Today it is Rehnuma Naaz Ali of Sigatoka (Fiji Times 03/11).
And yet the regime lackeys claim everything's got better since the Bainimarama takeover.
That's a lie just as the claim that the coup was a "clean-up" campaign was a lie.
Lies are lies.
And the regime has been lying since day one of the takeover.
Rajend Naidu

rajend naidu said...

We read in the Fiji Times' article 'A mother's plea'(FT 5/11) that a single mother Gheeta Wati and her son had only leftover rice from the previous night on Diwali day. She said " we struggle everyday for our lives".
Why is that?
What kind of assistance is Gheeta getting from Social Welfare - which I gather has gone digital and internet and all that?
If things have got better in Fiji since the Bainimarama takeover as propaganda would have us believe, why is life still such a struggle against poverty for people like Gheeta and her son?
How many others in Fiji face such grinding poverty?
Who are the beneficiaries of the Prosperity generated by the Bainimarama-Khaiyum vision of development?
Rajend Naidu