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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fiji police jump on Facebook video but ignore Benedito brutalising

We don't condone the violence but are intrigued the Fiji police is keen to find the people involved in a video showing a man and his girlfriend being beaten, considering it's failure to follow up on the thrashing and torture of escaped prisoner, Iowane Benedito, and another man in March this year.

The video has been circulated on Facebook in recent weeks but appears to have been taken down since police caught whiff of it.

The Benedito video was taken by someone among the Corrections officers, police  and security forces used by Frank Bainimarama who meted out the brutal beating, so police had plenty of leads to identify the abusers.

Most of the perpetrators were also identified by C4.5 and named on this blog soon after the underground video surfaced, along with their police badge numbers and the positions they held as security force members.

This video of an Indian man and his Fiji girlfriend being beaten up by girl's mother after they were caught in her house is as disturbing as the violence that was regime sanctioned against Benedito and a second escapee.

But while widespread publicity and condemnation have failed to get the Fiji police to act on the violence on Benedito, the comments of police spokesperson Ana Naisoro suggests their will be action if they find the source of this home video.

Readers will remember that the crew who beat Benedito, set a dog on his friend and sexually brutalised Benedito.

We will follow with interest how the Fiji police handle this video, which was brought to C4.5's attention more than a week ago, since they seem to have one rule for themselves and regime hierarchy and another for the ordinary folk of Fiji.


  1. Regime will not investigate anything refer Benedito.
    Alivereti Baleloa was bashed by prison officers in 2009 and dead . no investigation until today.
    We cant expect any good from police/army now days in fiji.
    They are personal body guard/police for khaiyum/bai.

  2. Fiji has shown no willingness to act on human rights breaches Fiji's domestic crime is escalating.How can the current regime be expected to take crime seriously when they themselves expect immunity for their treasonous acts.

    Fiji the land of Hypocrisy with no Democracy.

  3. The Attorney General was pleased to announce this years winner of the "ASS KISSER OF THE YEAR"AWARD.

    The AG said:

    It was a top quality field this year. The quality was raised by some washed up political hasbeens throwing their tongues in my ring.

    I am pleased to announce the winner:

    Sir James Ah Koy. Hooray..

    Sir James was able to put his tongue up my arse and Frank's arse at the same time. His grovelling is first class. He is a truly brilliant ass licker who was born to follow. He will automatically win a position in our new political party as part of his prize, together with a year supply of Listerine.

  4. Who cares what happend to the couple. Live in mums house respect her rules. Simple.

  5. It is embarrassing to state that the Fiji Military is the most currupted institution in Fiji. Their hunger for power and wealth have reach a stage where they have fogotten who they are.The have filled their front,side and back pocket from money comming from on top and under the table.Because of that they are against their chief and their own race.To our soldiers we the poor and honest Fijian who are struggling to make end meet we will stand up against you people with our bare hand and we are prepared to die for the sake of our land,chief and race.I guess that is what your soldiers want to kill your own people.

  6. LOL at Sir James. He should crawl back under the rock he has been hiding under since 2006.

    He deserved the award.

  7. Irt high time that we clear certain issues like Muslims and Indian. Muslim is a religion not a race. The fact is Kaiyum,Aziz,Nazhat,Aslam and many others are Indians. They are not Arabs. so when you say that the cxoup is carrieds out by Fijian Military ,it is true but supported by Indian

  8. Neil Sharma-the idiot minister--should be made to clean all the toilets in govt hospitals starting from cwm and then navua--going round the island in that manner.and he should be paid $2.50 /hour as decreed by the mahend (g)reedy--another arse licker.

  9. Thank you for gdegrading the kaiviti.Remember it through the generosity and kindness of the kaiviti which allows the Indian to remain in Fiji.Kaiviti had never and will never chase and Indian away from Fiji but the Indian chased English people from India. Indian are going out from Fiji on their own free will not chased.You have been trying to paint a nasty picture of the kaiviti with our church or faith but to tell you the truth kaiviti were canibals but,cheating,stealing,scaling ,bribing,selfishness and back stabbing was not part of our lives. these werebrought to us by the indians and that is what is Bainimarama is doing, deception and lie after lies as taught by Nazhat and Kaiyum the Indian muslims in thre meantime they are looting the gomernments coffer stealing and cheating the kaiviti with fraud constitution with intention of grabbing our land and destroying our culture and tradition by abolishing the BLV and our chiefly system.I hope you will agree with me as kaiviti are very generous people but have been influenced a lot by Indians.

  10. Anon 10.34pm, Indians are degraded all the time, called overgrown weeds, cunning, greedy, untrustworthy, manumanu (animal) threatened with killing burning, etc, etc. Sometimes we have to say something in our defence, so do not take it personally.

  11. Zero-tolerance for violenceOctober 8, 2013 at 1:29 AM

    Glad that C4.5 posted this thread as I was just reading with interest the comments about this terrible video on matavuvaledotcom.

    Interestingly though not surprisingly, it is the women who had their moral compass pointed in the right direction, i.e. in the final analysis when all is said and done, there is NO EXCUSE whatsoever in the world for the violence that was meted out against the couple making out in the comfort, privacy and safety of the girl's home.

    At first, it surprised me that some of us Fijians were more "concerned" (read: angry) with the girl's relative who uploaded that video on FB, indicating that it is still considered a VERY SHAMEFUL thing to expose family violence, than it is about focusing on what truly mattered in that video - the unlawful violence being inflicted on two lovers having a good time in the privacy and comfort of their home - a place where they should feel the safest!

    Instead they were violated, attacked and tormented, and suffered broken noses, teeth, bloodied mouths and other injury at the hands of their own family - FOR WHAT? For being happily in love?

    So I say a big VINAKA VAKALEVU to the male relative who recorded the sorry and shameful incident and uploaded the video online for he has unwittingly EXPOSED what is probably the "usual" way of dealing with contentious family issues that does not sit right with that gorilla-greyback violent mother of Maya... and in doing so, has allowed the law to take its course by stepping into the privacy of their home to deal with the two abusers. Yes, this is a sad story that needed to be told, and needed to be exposed - for there should be ZERO TOLERANCE to violence. End of story.

    As I was saying earlier... that at first I was surprised that Fijians were more concerned about the exposure of the family violence online because cynical me didn't think for one sec, that Fijian guys were genuinely concerned about Maya's modesty, but rather were horrified about the exposure of violence in a Fijian family. Aren't we hypocrites of the highest order? That goes to Indo-Fijian families too.

    But then the implications dawned on me... hello! :) :) Welcome peeps to the "new normal" since your lovely i-gadgets are your shields, sweethearts, to expose the violence that are meted against you or to those around you, in private.

    Keep your "i-shields" close, charged and ready - if only to expose (to the law) and protect the defenceless from being further abused by their own loved ones.

  12. Dear anonymous @ 10.34pm,

    This statement of yours to another blogger is so hilarious:

    "...You have been trying to paint a nasty picture of the kaiviti with our church or faith but to tell you the truth kaiviti were canibals but,cheating,stealing,scaling ,bribing,selfishness and back stabbing was not part of our lives. these were brought to us by the indians..."

    My dear child, I am also proud kaiviti but weren't you taught that all that "cheating,stealing,scaling ,bribing,selfishness and back stabbing" were very much a part of our kaiviti, human lives?

    Tribal warfare was the norm during our dark, heathen days... our cannibal ancestors were very territorial, they loved to conspire, strategise, liumuri, backstab, tell lies, gossip and engage in other human vices, mostly to conquer other tribes, gain new ground or increase their influence through Fiji. They also coveted "shiny new things" they had never seen that belonged to the white traders and missionaries, did they not?

  13. Fijian anger and brutalityOctober 8, 2013 at 2:37 AM

    I totally agree with zero tolerance. The video was so sad i cried. Human beings should never treated that way. Are we that heartless? As consenting adults couple have right to do do what they were about to do, even if it was the wrong place as alleged. Where is love and forgiveness? I am ashamed how the Fijian mother treated her daughter, and how her brother treated her and the boyfriend. How they were terrorised and assaulted was purely evil.

    Not even animals should be ever be treated as such. It's about time we did away with this bullshit about friendliest people in the world - it seems we only friendly to white tourists and their dollars but abuse our own kind and racist towards non-whites. There is anger brutality among us that is truly terrifying and evil, as the killing if the CRW soldiers, which was really traumatising for us all. Why blame indians when we fijians doing the worst things to each other?

    Fiji the way the world should be, christian state, in name only. Too much talk about culture, chiefs but hide from real issues, such as violence in our homes. Truth is, we are neither happy, nor friendly, nor good christians, so let's cut out the bullshit. As a starting point, let's be honest. than we can start solving our major social and cultural problems.

    Whoever put the video online is a hero. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart. only when we see such things exposed we will come to our senses and makes changes.

  14. In our DNA: Sorry brother may be your four fathers only DNA not ours. They were canibala all right, they do fight in tribal war but they do nto cheat in every day lives,.they do not bribe and scale the boss like what is happening in Fiji where some indians go to the extent of giving their wives for favour,i.e. promotion.that what is hapopening to Bainimarama and his soldiers they have been bought by wealthy Indian businessman to do what they have done destroying Fiji and the itaukei race and indians are saying that Fiji good now why because that is what they want.why is this sort of haterate happening because the people are suffering mentally, physically and physicologically and traumatised by the Military coup, they can not talk to express their views ,threat and victimised by the military and if the military will continue to dictate things there will be uprising and blood bath in our country.Thing are getting abnormal people beatten to death,by military and police to show their strength and frighten the people now the members of the publics are doing the same thing so you can now draw up your conclusion of where are we heading to.

  15. Jim Ah Koy should be charged for 2000 coup.he was master mind and had meeting in his office .go ask ligairi /rabuka/mark halabe /others .

  16. Wah haha ha ha.....so frank what are you fucken saying about that....that you stand by the army and police morons but seek out the civilian thugs.....wtf... Vosa me macala!

  17. Fiji police/army are our down fall.they are to uphold the law but they break the law and are personal guards now for bai/khaiyum.cant be trusted at all.
    police/army need a big clean up.

  18. Oct 10th Fiji day .fiji would be better under british rule than this army regime.
    We need better leaders than this army dictators and taliban muslim elite khaiyum ruling us.

  19. Observer Returns say: One set of rules for those in this illegal Bainimarama Government including Military, Police, Prisons, Navy and all Muslims and another set for rest of Fiji, is true in today's Fiji. The can do anything they like including those that have been raised already in this forum;

    (1) Saneem kicking out Kaivitis/I Taukei from the Ministry of Justice and replacing them with Muslims including his relatives, (2) that bitch inexperienced lawyer at Registrar of Titles Office under Khaiyum's Ministry treating Kaivitis there like slaves, (3) Chief Registrar still continuing the victimization of Kaivitis at the Judicial, (4) Saneem still refusing Kaivitis to mention JEHOVAH and LORD JESUS CHRIST when they pray in the office, and worse still a good many very top executive and senior management officials in this Government are taking bribes, deeply corrupted with a queer moral compass.

    A good example is Major Nemani Vuniwaqa the Director of Immigration who was seen by eyes who know him at Sports City entering the Massage place and meeting a Chinese man Monday afternoon 7/10/13. HE WAS OBSERVED TO LEAVE THE PREMISES WITH A BULKY POCKET...You can guess what's in there...remember this indicates more Chinese getting easy access into Fiji.


  20. We are complaining but our gcc/church/political/union leaders are not standing up to lead us in protest .oct 10 we should burn the BKC at Albert Park.lets do it people to saw we reject BKC.

  21. You know yourself C4.5 the regime will not investigate because it is not in its interest to put the microscope on its own actions, you said as much at the time the Benedito video was revealed - as was the case during the Naboro escapees when the media ignored the horrific beating. Only thing we can do is dance on these people's graves when they are gone.

  22. @ anonymous 5.32am

    I agree with you that we currently live in "unnecessarily difficult times" given the combined negative effects felt by 99% of our population of our drastically changed situation (political, social and economic) imposed by the regime and their advisors - who are hell-bent on creating a 'new Fiji' BUT where the new rules they've created do not apply to them, (refer Chapt 10, 2013 Constitution re the continuing immunity..)

    But instead of pointing a finger at ethnic Indians as the sole cause of your misery which you well know is a "poor cop-out" for any proud i-taukei, you will simply have to do better than that. Try stepping out of your comfort zone, digging a little more deeper to find "it" ... that special "something" that'll help to give you a better insight and a broader, hopeful and more enlightened perspective - on all that's occurring now; that's occurred in the past (including our dark days of endless tribal wars, bribing tribes with gifts(that included giving women) to bolster their dwindling armies during warfares, eating the conquered instead of returning their bodies for burial by their own people, keeping 50 wives and strangling them all or burying them alive when the rambo dies, etc etc); and will keep you steady on your feet.. for whatever life might spring upon you in the future. That special "encounter" I shall pray for you, dear child.

    Just last Sunday, I switched on the TV to listen to the gospel singing from the World Harvest Church in Valelevu while I could before certain family members got home to switch the channels for whatever reason that I pity them for (Didn't Jesus say as aptly recorded in the Holy Gospels that whoever speaks for Him, cannot be against Him?) Sigh... such is the state of the fallen world that we now live in.

    What I wanted to highlight during that that brief time I was tuned in to their church service was their very pleasant Talatala, I didn't get his name but he mentioned that he had lived (served) in PNG for a while I think. Anyway, I really liked the analogy he drew between facing seemingly-insurmountable challenges in life and conquering mountains. In so many words (and I apologise here if I improvised on his idea), the very engaging Talatala said that the mountains only loomed larger than life when you're standing at sea-level in front of them. But when they're viewed from a lofty height.. say from the small window of an aeroplane, the mountains all look flat as the rest of the earth that surround it! :)

    Hmmmmm... wise words indeed that had me chewing on them for the rest of my late breakfast...

  23. In our DNA dina >>> LOVE can move mountains... so sings Celine Dion, it just takes a little faith :) :) :)


  24. Check for: fijian fuck on porn hub. wow the internet.valoloma,some people.

  25. OKAY Gang, 10 October is upon us... Eat a Lovo and Shit on the Flag!!!!!

  26. And send the bundle to Ms Sharon Smith Johns at the Ministry of Information as meritorius recognition of her shitting on Fiji's flag for the last six years.

  27. I would go so far as to say that the coup was implemented by Indians, using the demented bipolar one, Frank Bainimarama to their advantage.
    Wake up, you stupid mindless, brainless Soldiers of the RFMF.

  28. And mail any left-overs of the flag bundle of lovo shit to Mark Manning as meritorious recognition for his never ending attempt to pit Fijians against Indians.

  29. Mark 'motherfucker' manningOctober 8, 2013 at 5:57 PM

    what else do you expect when a hospital orderly in australia tries to comment on politics in Fiji. Remember, manning's people tricked, lied to, conned, murdered, tried to exterminate aborigines. His people robbed and dispossessed aborigines on a grand scale, a theft or enormous proportions. abos are still treated like shit. and this bastard manning has the gall to tell us how to run our affairs.

  30. mate, the problem in Fiji is the kaivitis...cant stand up for themselves unless with a gun or loaded with alcohol...stop blaming the vulangis for your ineptitude.

  31. Once again Manning reveals all his stirring racist shite

  32. Ashwin Raj--a regime lackey-arse licker of ASK-coup supporter/apologist now heads the media development authority--says it is an independant body--ha ha ha !!Ashwin Raj is a known crawler.--an idiot of an "academic".--will be a mini Dr Goebbels--.he can recruit Dr Sri Yukt satendar pratap None -Done also .

  33. Manning you da man! Yes, you are
    absolutely right!It's the Indians
    who caused all these problem in
    Go home, and all will be well
    the Bi-polar one, will get better and return to barracks & all the
    military will go back to cleanup
    their guns&boots?
    Every military guys will seat back in the barrack. and Talo that tasty Yaqona?
    Yes, too bad the
    British colonial master didn't listen to my GrandFather, when he
    ask them not to bring in these Kawa

    1. "DONU VINAKA SARAGA"built another indentured labour bilibili boat to send cem back 2 india(so na tamata sa sega ni macala

  34. The real culprit that causing divisions amongst India and Fijian in Fiji is the FREEMASONS or SECRET SOCIETY. Ask the hoteliers like Seeto Hafiz Khan. Fiji's Laws, Regulations, Policies were drafted by Freemasons including our new Constitution of Fiji. Indian and Fijian stop fighting each other... turn around and burn these bastards blood drinking secret society. They are running the government of the day.

  35. Fiji day celebration mean nothing now.
    we live under dictatorship now.
    Queen been sidelined by evil regime bai/khaiyum from our money but we still fly union jack in our flag .That shows how dumb khaiyum and bai is.

  36. Sotia from Dublin-Ireland...
    Fijian British Army members in dublin Ireland are in full support
    of a democratic Fiji! Certainly,we're here to defend the
    democratic rights of citizens of
    the people of this country.We want
    the same for all our people back
    at home!We are keeping our eyes &
    option open for now? We're in full
    support of every Fijians effected
    by the dictatorial adminstration of

  37. Today's President Fiji Independence Military parade was shameful indeed, The parade ground and and all roads around Albert Park were empty. The President saw fir not announce his public message until Monday because there were no people to address. Please people of Fiji do not do this to our High Chief of Bau and President of our wonderful beloved nation of Fiji. Our soldiers and navy have put on a wonderful parade this morning for all of us and you were not there. I am ashamed of you people just full of talk.

  38. anon 2.04pm
    FBC doing all it can to put a lovo in the arse,,,what a fucking waste!!!
    Who wants to waste time on this stupid parade by thieves and wankers?
    Go bang your chief nailatikau !!!

  39. Mark Manning is correct, the Indians are the cause of coups in Fiji. They should be put on a boat and send back to where they came from. Period.

  40. @ anon2.04pm
    Your chief, lausamu o eveli should have carried on with his verbal diarheoa and he would surely have been pissing into the wind.
    Tu na da. Qai tamani velavela.
    Me rau lai veitauri dagger sara kei bai.
    O ira li na parade vakalialia tu qori,ni masu ga yani vaka musolomani, ka ni vakayagataka nomuni bayonet vei koya e toka e liu vei iko. E sa matau tu li veikemuni na sotia. Ni veicai. Sa voleka mai na gauna ni tatamusuki. Watraka, namaka. Na muamuri me kua ni 50 cent, 20 cent tiko. Me na qai macala sara mada na vanua e na tini kina nai lakolako qo.

  41. Mark Manning you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. On certain days when have taken your anti madness drugs you do talk a bit of sense but generally what you say sounds exactly like the non Fijian you are demented and dumb. Fiji's current problems and past problems have nothing to do with race or religion. It is the same every where in the world. The powerful and rich control the week and poor. As long as this scenario exists the status quo remain. It is important to maintain this by all means and in 3rd world countries coups have become a weapon of choice to do this. In Fiji's cases a series of fuck ups and opportunities lost since independence has lead to the current situation and race has nothing do do with it. Go to any settlement in Fiji and you will see Indo-Fijians and the i-taukei play eat and live together in peace and harmony. I am a 3rd generation Indian. One of my best friends is named Tevita which if you know anything about Fiji is a i-taukei name. Fiji is less racist then Australia will ever be. As far as i can remember no one has been killed because of race in Fiji unlike Australia.
    Fiji's problem has always been the asshole politicians and the few rich bastards and their chums. I guess this is a problem even in developed nations. I strongly suggest that you keep your big mouth shut on topics you have no freakin clue on. I guess for you this is just another avenue to vent your frustrations on Indians just like the redneck scum you are. You certainly have come to the right place as you have a lot of like minded scum on this site.

  42. Editor,
    We know why the "independent" expatriate journalist Graham Davis is forever mouthing praise for the Bainimarama military government. He is a paid propagandist of the regime. And, with all the goodies that have come his way by virtue of that role he has even become, in his words, a "true believer" of the regime! At least that bit is transparent enough. We know where Davis is coming from.
    What is less clear is why Amenatave Malani is also doing what the paid propagandists of the regime are doing? He even goes further and tells us the regime "has done miracles"! (Fiji Times 8/10). Malani tries to convince us that " They [the regime mob]are tied to no one, no class, no sectional interest, no theories, ideologies or beliefs. But the one thing they are possessed with is to deliver for everyone". According to Malani "It would indeed be a great misfortune to the country if they are not given the chance to continue and complete their objectives and programs".
    Malani conveniently forgets that THEY the military mob in power did not need the people of Fiji to give them a "chance" in the first place. They grabbed power through the barrel of the gun and have been ruling over the people - without their consent - for nearly 8 years now.
    And, they have during that extended period of time turned themselves from an "interim government" to the "Government of Fiji" without any legal foundation.
    And what's more they have been using all the resources of the State for vote buying for the coming elections to hang onto power and gain for itself the international legitimacy and respectability it lacks currently.
    Can someone please enlighten us on where Malani is coming from?

  43. @ Rajend Naidu

    Malani is coming from somewhere deep in Frank's colon or small intestine maybe.

  44. Malani was sacked from FIT by Mr Meo for non performance some years ago.
    He was decent guy nad very critical of the govt but has suddenly changed his tune....My up to some thing ...or just like his friend Savenaca Vaka from Lomai. The two dangerous combination from Ra and Lomai ....lailai na TRUTH...


    1. PAISA




  46. Malani is coming from where most are coming. That is, increasing number of Fijians are joining Bainimarama because never in Fiji's history has a leader been so strong, decisive and responsive. I say this with conviction because I live here. Am not blogging from overseas.

  47. Fiji may have made some connection to overseas counterparts but in terms of moving on mothing has move foward, We have moved backward in every espect of life,poverty,unemployment,government debt increasing from 1.8 billion in 2006 to 8 billuion currently.sugar poroduction decreasing despite the wanna be PM is the chairman of the G77 on sugar travelling arround the wolrd for meetinng yet our sugar industry is nose diving waste of tax payers money.

  48. Anon asshole@12.08am. It's about time you wriggle out of Baimagasona's intestine n pop out through his anus because all that shit in your eyes, ears, mouth and nose are clouding your judgement. You stupid cocksucker.

  49. O keimami e wailoku keimami sa duavata me kua ni dua me lako yani
    ki Albert Park to watch them buffta
    As a matter of fact we
    instead are VAKAMA tiko na nomudrau
    constitution kei nomu i cai o khaiyum.
    Come on people, come out and burn that fucked-up constitution?

  50. The Illegal regime should by now realise wheather it has the support of the people. As their constitution srttated " we the people of Fiji "So where are the people those people they are saying. When the people of Fiji were not in anyway involved or participate making of that fraud constitution. Now the people are showing that they do not support the illegal regime. Indicator_- handful of people turn up to the Fiji Day celebaration.Finally the people of of Fiji have showed that they know the truth and they do not believe in all those lies from Bainimarama and his illegal regime. Propaganda does not work as the truth is slowly and surely prevailing.Bainimarama that constitution will not in any way help you because the biggest power which is the peoples power have rejected it.Your military and their guns will be silent and you will have to front up by youself to face the people who will judge you for all you have done.

  51. The video is a reality of what is really going on infiji..Fijians still call Indians..kai India..and will bash any indians at any time..haha..And what does bainimarama think ..he thinks he is God to change the mindset of fijians..very sorry..Bai and Kaiyum..your propaganda is so very fake and what you portray fiji as a perfect model of democracy will never eventuate..it is a big lie and so very fake..and by the way..look at the standard of living in the video and yet he says that his leadership has brought about change..Levu ga ni lasu kei na vesumona..

  52. can anyone atleast post the link to this famous video

  53. General Election in Fiji will only evantuate when the Bainimaramas regime is certain that they will win. They know that their constitution can not save them from the long arm of the law and the only thing that will save them is to continue hanging on to the power.They could not take the risk of allowing the apponiment of a care taker government. Bainimarama want to continue leading the country untill the first sitting of the new parliment why ? Because if they loose the election he will not release the leadership which means another coup.Open Immunity for that coup is already been granted in their 2013 constitution.Reflect back to previous statements by certain individuals i.e Rabuka in his speach at Canterbvury university NZ stated that there will be no 2014 election, The Land Force Commander Tikoitoga stated in the Fiji Sun that there will be no election and Aiyarse Saiyard Kaiyum stated that the election will be done when they are ready.the question is when are they going to be ready.That is the same execuse Bainimarama made when asked why the 2009 election which he promised the world was not done. He said Fiji was not ready 3 years after he took over the government illegally.Now they have written a new constitution and are playing up with it as a different copy was distributed to the people and another different copy was approved by the illegal president the content of which has been altered by the regime but those alteration has been hidden and not disclosed to the people.Now majority of the people of Fiji especially the i tauikei reject the constitution and their rejection could boils down to uprising and that would be a good execuse for the regime to defer the elections further.Even now political parties utterances are mnonitored and restricted by the regimem media release still restricted no wonder political parties are holding back because there is a cloud of uncertainity is still hanging in the air as to wheather the 2014 election will evantuate.

  54. Who ever you are and your dream for Binimarama to win the suppose to be comming election the fact is 95% of people who are eligible to vote do not support Bainimarama.Now you have mentioned chinese who have recently come to Fiji will vote for Bainimarama. How on earth can they vote when they just arrived into the country. To the blogers of this blog site now you can see where the illegal regime are going to manipulate the numbers of voters. One thing that need to be seen now is the voters registers the register where all voters have been registered that should be a public document and all party are entitle to have access to.

  55. HUNG LIKE A HORSE!October 16, 2013 at 7:05 AM

    NZ and Australia Supporting constitution and Fiji's road map to democracy!!BOOOOM!! There you go people, give it a rest will yah! Now your campaign to destroying the Bainimarama GOVERNMENT is an utter joke and a waste of time. It's an absolute shambles and childish. It's all down the drain now people. Watch Bainimarama proceed further to become the people's prime minister of The Republic of the Fiji Islands. Watch him go further to become president of Fiji and you losers will not be able to do anything about it. Get back to your little corners get your eyes peeled to witness Fiji thrive to become the greatest it has ever been. To those of you living on benefits, if life is tougher, come back to Fiji and the Government will receive you back in harmony and KICK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU and fuck you off back to where you come from....YOU FUCKING LOSERS,,, WASTE OF SPACE.... individuals!!!!!


    Very hard and straight, very true in did...hmmmm!! I like you.If you stand up for election every princess will definitely support you. HHmmmmmm!!!

  57. @ Hung like a maqa ni hose
    when you know truth is on your side it matters not what others - like you - say.
    you are the type of scoundrel who sides with the powerful not because they are right but because they are powerful and you know the only way to butter your bread is to suck up to them.

  58. Hung Like A Horse's mother fucked a horseOctober 16, 2013 at 8:57 PM

    Hung like a horse, a horse fucked your mother but you don't have to use that event as your name. Pathetic piece of horse cock.

  59. Anon..Sotia from Dublin-Ireland and
    Anon..October 10, 2013 at 3:48 PM...

    To all British Army soldiers and families, please look after the welfare of your loved ones and work hard. Don,t get involved with politics where your soul can be bought.

    And to the people of Wailoku..do something useful like planting food for the future. Don't get brainwashed like your ancestors that came to work in the cotton plantation..what about going back to your homeland that is currently being raped by Australia and NZ..laivi keimami na KAiviti me keimami walia na neimami leqa..ke o vulagi eke qai lesu i nomu vanua..you get my drift..

  60. People who are against the govt are lazy..ashhole people who has their own benefit...this land fucken is not yours...Shut up and listen what the Govt has to say..Overall you will not be able to do anything to the Govt..just keep on barking like a mad dog,

  61. The problem is that Bainimarama and Kaiyum and their households have developed a luxury life system from the hafety pay packets of Million dollars plus which they they have paid themselves with and now they have increace PS salaries by almost 200% but we are kept in the dark on ministers salaries.Now compare that $2.30 minimum wages an hour which is about $20.00 a day and $100.00 a week, $400.00 a month and $4,800.00 a year. How can they survive ? Out of that $4,800 they pay vat.Tyhe suggestion to exempt certain food items from vat will never be approved by by Kai and Bain because that is the main source if income of whuich they will sustain their salaries otherwise they can not maintain their salary.This is pure selfishness of the Military and the Regime.They do not care about the people. They only care about themselves filling their pockets and inventing new taxes to be paid by the poor people as sorce of income to the government to sustauin their hafety salaries.How can you compare $4,800 a year to $1.3million a year or the PS salaries of $280 thousand a year. To close the gap at least the minumum waqes should be $15.00 an hour.

  62. Beggars do not choose :- Good one.In addition to that EU is diverting the fund to Australia because they do not trust. Bainimarama and his regime.From 2007 till now the Auditor Generals report has not been released .Why ? Because it will show how much have been stolen and misused by the illegal regime and they introduces new taxes thinking that it will cover their track. Sorry Bai and Kai we will uncover you tracks when everything is back to normal.You can run but you cant hide.

  63. @Anonymous 7:44 PM

    "" To close the gap at least the minumum waqes should be $15.00 an hour ""

    Obviously you are neither an employer or someone who lives and works in Fiji or have a clue what you are talking about.

  64. Im sorry You missed the point.I understand very well that $15.00 an hour will not and never happen in Fiji.However for comparison with the what the PM,AG ,PS and Military are getting, Is there any justification of the $2.30 to the millions and hundreds of thousands those guys are getting and the rise in the living cost.I work in Fiji and I know how hard we are trying to make ends meet daily.

  65. Hey !It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the simple point I am driving at.It is the selfish and careless atitude.Realistically people are suffering. Now the regime is trying to show the world that Fiji is thriving economnically by increasing PS Salaries,PM and AG already got million dollars salaries.Now look at the people and what they are actually getting couple with the high cost of living.How can you justify the gap between those high salary and the $2.30 minimum salary proposal.What is the rationale ?You seems to be wise and intelligent but not realistic in your explanation on this issue.

  66. Vei kemuni kece na British Army oni via involve tiko mai na Politics i Viti, kerea moni vagagalu tu mada, lai caka mada na tomitomi benu eh!. Sivia ga na vaka fancy na vakilakila tiko mai, o kemuni lai buno tiko ena ruku ni liku nei ranadi... Baleta ya na veika e a cakava o ira na vei matanitu makawa e viti. Ya dua na ka moni liaca matua.....Sagai tiko me vakatoroi cake taki na bula me kua na lai vakararavi me vaka oni cakava tu qori. Na vanua qo o viti oni na mai kilai tale kina.... mai keri, iko dua wale tu ga number and no one gives a flying fuck about you!! Sasaga vakaukauwa mai keri, vakatoroi cake taka nomu bula, lesu mai meda mai veitauriliga taka nai tavi ni kena vakavinaka taki na noda vanua. NA BULA VINAKA TU QO I VITI, VAKAYAGATAKA VINAKA NA OPPORTUNITY MAI KERI,, qai kauta lesu mai!!! Kena levu..

  67. I* fail to understand why some illegal regimds supportes are trying to divert our attention to the affairs of other countries like USA,Ausie, New Zealand and the EU.trying to point fingures at them.Why ? The shit we are facing in our country was created by none other then our own military and it dickhead commander.It is up to those country if they want to help us or not. We can jump up and down,go east or go in all directions it doe not worry them at all. It is fiji that will face a lot of problems if they turn their back on us.It is the people that should decide the destiny of our country not the illegal regime The regime should step aside to allow a civilian administration to run the country as care taker government and to determine the election. The regime has nothing to do with the election.

  68. Vei kemuni na liga ni wau kei viti o ni sa lai vakai tavi tu e na mataivalu ni Peretania. Vinaka vakalevu na qaravi i tavi. Au vakavinavinaka tale ge e na nomuni nanuma tiko mai na noda vanua.Ni vosa mai ni kua ni rerevaka na lasu e caka tiko oqo e viti. O kemuni o ni sa lai curuma na mataivalu qaqa ni Peritania o ni sa professional.O ira na tu qo e Viti e vinaka cake na vakasisila. E ra vuli vaka vo, kocokoco,qiqo na rai levu ga na va fancy.Sa bau vosa beci taki na Ranadi o koya e kilai tu kina e na gauna qo o Viti. O koya e vosa tiko mai o ya e leqa tiko.Oqori na nomuni dodonu o Viti o ni na lewena tu ga. E segas ni rawa ni dua e vakuwai kemuni e viti. O ira na sotia e ra tu qo e Viti e ra nanuma ni nodra ga o viti sega e noda kece na i taukei kei na vulagi e da sa sucu ka susugi e Viti. Kemuni na sotia veilecayaki ni tu qo e viti kua mada ni levu tiko na via vakarerevaki ni yavu boci.

  69. What progress has the country made ?The fact that there has been no progress what so ever been made by the illegal regime since day one of their coup.Things have gone from bad to worse. Constitution change from bad to worse, Government Debt increases from bad to worse,cost of living increases from bad to worse,unemployment rises from bad to worse,poverty rising from bad to worse,rise in crime from bad to worse,Corruption at all forms from bad to worse. so who ever you are can you tell us what progress are you referring to that this illegal regime has made.

  70. Thank you for swearing at native Fijian and criticizing us.The problem is Ravi has no academic qualification to qualify him for the position and he is over the age of 55 which the compulsory retiring age set by the regime and there is nothing to do with race.You are just showing us that you are a racist and you are an Indian not a Fijian.Native Fijian are very generous and clean at heart. that is why other races are able to enjoy living with us but a few people like you are pushing it too far and do not appreciate that you have been living in a country call Fiji which belongs to a human race called Fijian of which you also want to be called. Remember our forefathers did not ask you people to come to Fiji nor they were consulted before you were brought in so if hate us please just go and live us alone. The fact is that its the Indian that hate Fijian. Fijian do not hate anybody.We may be poor but we are enjoying our lives. When we want to compete in business Indian gang up against us to ensure that we fail and that has been the story all along. Now you have influenced our military to further degrade us and they are doing it because the Indian business people are supporting them and bribing them.we have been victimized in our own land for a long time.Thanks brother for swearing at us.God bless you.

  71. NO to Bai and Kaiyum
    Yes to SODELPA/Labour/UFDF. Native Fijian we have to vote for SODELPA to safe guard our identity.because Bainimarama does not care of our identity and the feauture of children. All he want is to fill his pocket.

  72. Vijay Narayan. Remember the 1997 constitution is still alive. 2013 constitution is illegal. The illegal regime has no right to abolish or abrogate the 1997 constitution and no authority to make another constitution..The people of Fiji recoganised the 1997 constitution and reject the 2013 constitution.

  73. Yash Ghai is 100% CORRECT IN what he said that Bainimarama did not read the draft he made and even the one made by Kaiyum.Secondly even if he reads those two draft constitutions he will not understand what he reads. He Bauinimarama merely re- iterate the critics made by Kaiyum on Yash Ghais draft and praise Kaiyums draft What ever Kaiyum said Bainimarama also said. Folks is this the kind of leader we need who can not make up his own mind and draw his own conclusion on important issues like this.?If he wins the election he will be the laughing stock of Kaiyum.

  74. Ni vosota au sega ni taura rawa na caca o ni via tukuna tiko ? O ni tekivu mai na volai e nai vola ni kawa bula e warai ni dua na ka. O ni sa qau tukuna ni sa vakalolomataki tu mai na i taukei mai cvei ira na turaga e na dua na gauna balavu. O ni sa qai tukuna ni na curumaki mai na 8i yaragi mai vei ira e ra tu mai vanua tani ni cuuruma tu nodra dar na human right me na yaco o viti me vakataki Lybia,Afganstan kei Iraki. Na ka au nvia tukuna vei kemuni ni gauna vinaka duadua ni veiliutaki e sa sotakaya o Viti na nodra gauna ni veiliutaki noda turaga . E malumu ka laurai raraba na lewe ni vanua taucoko. Me trekivu ga mai na gauna e veiliutaki kina na tawa vanua sa yavavala tu ga na bula ni noda vanua me yacova mai ni kua. E na levu era na kaya e so na ka me vakacacani ga kina na gauna vinaka ni nodra veiliutaki noda turaga. Me vaka taki Bainimarama.Na cava vinaka sa bau cakava oti o koya kina vanua o Viti. E ra liutaka tu ga mai na noda turaga na vanua o viti. E dina ni na tu e so na malumalumu ia e levu sara na ka vinaka e ra sa cakava tu mai na noda turaga ka maroroi keda tu mai na i taukei kei viti ka vaka kina o ira na vulagi. Me kua ne sika vakaveitalia na weli e dau kalawaci ga na kau.

    ua o viti

  75. Vei kemuni na sotia nei Bainimarama. Ni kila tiko ni mataivalu o ni cibitaka tiko oqori e a nodra mataivalu noda turaga.E levi tale ga na noda turaga bale era a veiliutakui e na mataivalyu ka yaco me ra lewe ni palimedi ka ra veiliutaki e na noda vanua.O ni sa qai mai talaraka na veika e ra tara ka me maroroi kina na noda vanua ka taraka vaka kina na matabose vakaturaga o kemuni sara ga mo ni a maroroya.O ni sa dolava na katuba me ra tatara vakaveitalia kina na vulagi ki na vei ka e dodonu me baleti keda ga na i taukei kei ira na noda kawa bula e na veigauna muri mai.Sa mai kabasu toka na bai e ra a viria tu mai noda turaga bale e ra basuraka ga na noda sotia ka sa basika mai e dua na vunilagi veilecayayaki ka tawamacala me baleti ira noda kawa ni mataka.

  76. editor,
    When the police in Fiji fail to act on complaints by ordinary citizens against regime hoodlums we say that is not right;that the police have failed in their professional duty of public care.
    But the Fiji Police are not unique in this regard. And we are aware in the case of the Fiji police that its professionalism has been compromised by the military dictatorship.
    But in Kenya the police got a bunch of men who had brutally gang raped a 16 year old girl walking home from attending her grandfather's funeral to mow the lawn around the police station then set them free!
    The girl who was raped and thrown down a toilet pit is now in a wheelchair.
    Now this is police inaction of the worst kind.
    The police who set the rapist men free should be locked up for a long time so that they can reflect on what they FAILED TO DO FOR THE VICTIM.
    The same goes for the police in Fiji when they fail in the same way.
    rajend naidu

  77. I totaly agree with you that TRreason is a capital offence and if Qarase can be sent to prisom for a minor civil matter I can not see any reason why Bainimarama and his conspirators are given immunity.They commit the capital Criminal Offence.Bainimmarama and his conspirators are criminals so currently Fiji is run by a bunch thugs and criminals. No wonder Peter Foster wants to come and join them.

  78. editor,
    If you read the article 'Pussy Riot convict transferred to Siberia'(Yahoo!7 news 6/11) you will understand why it is often said President Putin has taken Russia back to the bad old days of the Stalin totalitarian state.
    We read that for essentially protesting through a letter that abuses and slave labour was rampant in the prison colony in Russia she was being transferred 4,500 kilometres(2,800 miles) from central Russia to the heart of Siberia.
    We also read that Russian prison service takes days if not weeks to transfer prisoners usually by trains and it is standard practice NOT to inform the convicts' families of the process.
    And Russia is now a democracy with even a "rights ombudsman"!!
    How can Dictator Bainimarama not be an admirer of President Putin!
    Rajend Naidu


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