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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Narsey: Reddy's minimum wage deal 'far worse'

The Old Minimum Wages are dead: long live the New Minimum Wage.
Professor Wadan Narsey
3 October 2013

Dr Mahendra Reddy has announced his recommendation for a New Minimum Wage of $2.30 per hour for all of Fiji, following his survey of wages in Fiji.

Of course, Fiji's workers earning below $2.30 per hour (or
Machinists: deserving of more than minimum wage.
$92 per week) will be  rejoicing in the expectation that their wages will now go up to that level.

Not only the Bainimarama Government but the Employers Federation have come out in support (and that should set off some alarm bells with smart workers).

For the sad reality is that Dr Reddy's New Minimum Wage
recommendation is far worse than the Wages Councils system that had been in operation before it was suspended by the Bainimarama Government.

Dr Reddy strangely informs me that his Report is confidential to the Ministry of Labour, so the public and the workers affected cannot examine the basis of his recommendation.

Nevertheless, I suggest that Dr Reddy's single Minimum Wage recommendation of $2.30 an hour is seriously deficient for three objective reasons.

First, Dr Reddy chose not to examine and explain why the
Reddy: playing into employers hands
previous minimum wages system - the Wages Regulation Orders (WROs) issued by the Wages Councils under the chairmanship of Father Kevin Barr, were inappropriate, nor why the Ministry of Labour failed to enforce them.  

Dr Reddy boldly decided to reinvent a New Minimum Wages "wheel" without examining or explaining why the previous wheel did not work - extremely "strange" for a senior academic.

Second, Dr Reddy's recommendation of $2.30 per hour takes no account of the harsh  reality that there are certain industries in Fiji whose employers simply do not have the capacity to sustain even $2.30 per hour.  These employers will either not pay this minimum wage or go out of business if the attempt is made to force them.

Third, there are industries and employers in Fiji (such as in tourism) who are doing extremely well, and for whom the $2.30 per hour is far too low a minimum wage.

These employers will therefore very conveniently use Dr Reddy's recommendation of $2.30 an hour to refuse to increase the wages in their sector, even though they can well afford to do so, while remaining profitable and sustainable enterprises.

This new Minimum Wage is therefore just another game that the employers are happy to play along with, in order to delay increasing the wages as long as they can, and by as little as they can get away with.

The public also needs to understand why Father Kevin Barr, who as the Chairman of the Wages Councils was a victim of the employers' previous games, is strangely supporting Reddy's new minimum wages.

Conveniently ignoring the previous study?

Dr Reddy himself, (as Head of Economics at USP) helped to launch the previous study (funded by ECREA and done by me) into the minimum wages system operating as the Wages Councils, Just Wages in Fiji:  http://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/just-wages-for-fiji-lifting-workers-out-of-poverty-ecrea-and-vanuavou-publications-2006/

That study had examined the actual operations of the Wages Councils since 1970, analysed all its failures (largely delaying tactics by employers), and had come up with recommendations which tried to safeguard the interests the employees by implementing annual increases, but also the interests of employers who could not afford to pay the stipulated increases.

Fiji's economy is characterised by different industries and labour markets, with totally different capacities to pay higher wages: hence the Wages Councils were empowered to set differential rates depending on the "capacity to pay" of employers and industries (some of which are already in decline).

The Wages Councils were also empowered to set differential rates within industries depending on the size of the employers, with small employers being allowed lower minimum wages.

All that any employer genuinely not able to pay the wage increase stipulated by the WROs had to do was to show their audited accounts to the Independent Chairman of the Wages Councils, who was sworn to secrecy not to reveal such accounts to the public or even other members of the Wages Councils.

That ECREA study was accepted and implemented by the Ministry of Labour during the Qarase Government, and also initially accepted by the Bainimarama Regime when it took over in 2006, until certain employers put pressure on an inexperienced Regime.

Why did the Wages Councils "fail"?
The Wages Councils "failed" for two reasons documented by Father Barr: first, not a single employer who claimed "inability to pay" ever showed their accounts to the Chairman of the Wages Councils or even the Minister of Labour; and, second, the inexperienced Bainimarama Government quickly gave in to the pressure from employers, whose goodwill Bainimarama needed.

The employers merely asserted that "times were hard", bypassed the Chairman of the Wages Council, and appealed directly to Khaiyum and Bainimarama.  So year after year, Bainimarama postponed the minimum wages stipulated by the WROs, while workers' real wages declined, eroded by the continuing high inflation.

In my 2009 Reverend Paula Niukula Lecture I had pointed out why Kevin Barr's efforts as Chairman of the Wages Council, were destined to fail, as a natural outcome of the damaging impact of the 2006 military coup on investment, economic growth, and employers' strategic reactions to constrained profits.  And so it happened.

Bainimarama's current Minister for Labour (Mr Jone Usamate) who was also present at my Rev. Niukula lecture, conveniently makes no statement about any faults in the Wages Councils system, or  Father Barr's implementation  of it as Chairman.

Nor has Usamate made any statement about the underhand tactics and pressure by certain  employers on Father Barr and on the Bainimarama government.

Father Barr eventually resigned as Chairman of the Wages Councils, after three years of frustration, accusing the Bainimarama Government of practising "crony capitalism".

Following Barr's resignation, the Regime approved just under a half the percentage increases which had been recommended by the WROs, a tactic the employers had used over and over, for thirty years before.

So why is Father Kevin Barr now supportive of Dr Reddy's recommendation of one minimum wage of $2.30 per hour for all Fiji, even though it is a far inferior mechanism to the ten Wages Council mechanisms available before, under his chairmanship?

Father Barr is unfortunately a foreigner who knows that his previous public criticisms of the Bainimarama Regime's suspension of the Wages Councils led to him not only hearing some intemperate language (not expected by a cleric) but also a close encounter with expulsion from Fiji.  Father Barr desperately wants to live and work in Fiji.

Will the New Minimum Wages work?
Of course, something is better than nothing.

Of course, there will be some employers who will be forced to increase the wages of some workers to $2.30 an hour, and this will be trumpeted in the media with great fanfare.

But the Employers' Federation have already happily said that most of their employers already pay above $2.30 per hour.  They shrewdly and strategically understand that Dr Reddy's recommendation of a low $2.30 an hour, will enable many very profitable employers in some industries, such as tourism, to withstand any calls by unions for increases in their wages.

But, there are also many employers who will simply not be able to pay even the $2.30 per hour that Dr Reddy is recommending. If any attempt is made to force them to pay under threat of fines or imprisonment, they will simply sack their workers or even close their business.

The bottle collection business and bottle boys are a prime example, but many some small businesses such as restaurants, small garment manufacturers, and hundreds of  others, will come under this category.

There will,  of course, always be some employers who can afford to pay the stipulated minimum wages, but will, as before, put pressure on Bainimarama to delay its application "until the economy recovers" (it has been a long wait from 2006).

The Ministry of Labour officials will be powerless to enforce even this $2.30 an hour, just as they were when Bainimarama suspended the Wages Councils mechanisms.

So why reinvent wheels?
Some cynics might accuse Dr Mahendra Reddy of egotistic opportunism, in claiming to invent a New Minimum Wages "wheel" when there already existed a more appropriate wheel in the form of 10 differentiated Wages Councils and all that was needed was enforcement by the Ministry of Labour.

Some cynics might also accuse the current Minister of Labour of  political opportunism (another candidate for the 2014 elections) when he touts the new Minimum Wages as evidence of his concern for the poorest workers, when he also made no attempt as Minister of Labour to enforce the previous WROs under the Wages Councils.

But there are also other "first in Fiji" games going on currently, such as a new people's constitutions, true democracy, new political leaders, racial equality for the first time, a Revolutionary New Fiji, etc.

Unfortunately, the New Minimum Wages game, ominously supported by the Employers Federation, is being played out with the livelihoods of Fiji's poorest non-unionised workers, who have sunk deeper into poverty in the last seven years, and who surely deserve better.

The Old Minimum Wage is dead. Long live the New Minimum Wage. 


Anonymous said...

Reddy is another ball sucker of the illegal regime. He dances to their tune like a whore does t the sign of money. The one-eyed demon is a curse to all the workers and is a womaniser. commerce commission and fnu women are everyday prey to his lusty one eye

Mahen Reddy Khaiyum's boy said...

What kind of dunce professor is mahen reddy? he has been totally fooled and outwitted by the employer's federation. mahen reddy is one of he those academics out of touch with real life. His new minimum wages deal is a total disaster and disservice to the poor. This is what happens when you put dimwits with analytical capacity in positions of responsibility. This proves once and for all that mahen reddy is Khaiyum's boy.

Anonymous said...

Reddy is another regime sucker.
F you how much you and ganesh chand milking from FNU?

Anonymous said...

Why the workers cant form a union and go on general strike.
rich getting richer .poor workers suffering.
Govt is useless and controlled by the rich business people.
people following blindly .why cant they follow god given right?

Anonymous said...

Why the workers cant form a union and go on general strike.
rich getting richer .poor workers suffering.
Govt is useless and controlled by the rich business people.
people following blindly .why cant they follow god given right?

Anonymous said...

Everyone stop talking . Let's join hands together n bring this illegal regime down. ITS NOW OR NEVER..

Minimum Wage Earner said...

Gee...thanks, but can I get a 110.94% pay increase like you guys?

Anonymous said...

Concern for the abolishing of the BLV and the repression of the methodist church with the overhauling of the law on communally owned land.:- Who ever you are be informed that 90% of ethenic Fijian are concerned and we salute and are with Suli and Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement world wide.Muainaweni incident has got nothing to do with our concern because that incident was part of the 2000 coup which Bainimara and Savua knew very well and it was the militarys participation that enable that coup to evantuate.soi Suli and majority of the i taukei are concern of the three above mention issues because those are the heart of the ethenic Fijian race`s existance.Our culture and tradition,our land and our faithIt does not mean that we hate other races that have been co-existing with us. It is our identity. We do not want to be like the Abroginies in Australia,the red indians in America and Maori in New Zealand.Ke dua me veivutuni o kemudou na lewe ni mataivalu ga baltea ni o kemudou ga dou vakaleqa tiko na vanua o viti. e sega ni o ira na kai idia se kai viti se kai jaina o kemudou ga na mataivalu. Kua na viavia vosa vaka vuku tiko mo nbi vakadonui kemuni tiko baleta e cala tiko na nomuni taura vakaukauwa na matanitu e ra digitaka na lewe ni vanua. na nomuni i tavi ga mo ni tokona ka taqomaka na matanitu e ra sa digitaka na lewe ni vanua baleta e ra saumi kemuni tiko na lewenivanua mai nodra buno.Qo o ni sa qaikauta laivi na nodra matanitu na lewenivanua, o ni sa qai vakatotogani ira tale na lewe ni vanua,o ni sa qai sogota me kua ni rogo na domodra na lewe ni vanua,o ni sa qaivakalevutaka na kemuni i sau, o ni sa qai veisautaka na yavu ni vakavulewa e na nomuni lewa ga vakataki kemuni ka ra sega ni rogoci kina na lewe ni vanua ko ni sega ni muria kina na lewa sa vakatauca na mataveilewai ni cala na coup e na 2006 kei na yavu ni vakavulewa ni 1997 e sega ni bokoci rawa ka se bula tu ga. Na cava mo ni saqata kina na lotu wesele,kei na mata bose vakaturaga ni rau vakayacora tu ga vakadodonu nodrau i tavi kei na cava o ni veisautaka kina na lawa ni qele maroroi ni taukei ni sega ni tu vei kemuni na dodonu vakalawa mo ni veisautaka kina.E sega mada ni dodonu na nomuni cicivakatiko na matanitu ni o ni taura tu vakaukauwa ka cala tu vaka lawa.No yalo vinaka ni o ni via vosa tiko vakasamataka se o dabe donu tiko se sega. Na lotu e sega vakadua ni tukuna mo ni lai moku kaidia na nomunui lialia ga o ni lai vakayacora tu kina oti mo ni sa qai bilitaka na lotu. Na matabose vakaturtaga e sega ni dua na ka e ca kina. na leqa ga ni so na turaga lailai vakataki Rt.Eppeli Nailatikau, Rt Epeli Ganilau kei Ratu Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama e ratou mataivalu kece e ra lomacataki ira na turaga kei na marama bale dina kei viti qai tokoni ira mai o Kaiyum e na nona thesis me talaraki laivi na vei ka e da vakamareqera na i taukei me na qai vinaka o viti. Sa yaco tu oqo ia sa na leqa kina o viti.Kemuni na noda gone i taukei ni tu qori e na mataivalu ni vakasamatiko, ni rai vakayalomatua ,ni nanumi ira na noda kawa bula ni mataka mera kua ni volitaki wale tu ga e 30 na tiki ni siliva o ni sa taura tiko.

e you trying to push the blame on us?

Anonymous said...

Vinaka kemudou na gone ni viti sotia mai Sikoteladi. Au sega nia kila se cava e cudruvi kemnuni taki yani kina o la na ulukau a vosavosa tiko yani e na blog qo. You have the right to speak out your mind and share your views.You have burnt copy of the illegal regimes illegal constitution? well done we salute you people. We cant allow evil,lawlessness and lies to rule over us.Stand up guys and continue the good fight.



A- ARSE said...

Quite Franky, we don’t care what happens after the elections. I have made soooo much money I dont know what to do with it.

According to my accountant @ $2.30 per hour, since 2006 I have made what it would take the average Fijian 500 years to earn.

Do the maths. It aint farkin rocket science. I could buy immunity if I want to.

Eat shit you peasants.

One-eyed assassin mahen reddy said...

Mahen reddy one eyed assassin not fit to be called academic. wadan narsey really expose what an idiot mahen is. mahen reddy is in league with the regime. very low grade academic. usp and fnu is full of low grade academics.

Anonymous said...

This just takes the cake, could we pay them (THEM) 10xan hour and get away with it Naeeeeee yayaaaaaaaar we have 2 even pay them for there futting hours. God bless your soul Mr. reddy if u still have 1 acccha annna. You are a disgrace to the Grimityas cause you directing the present generation back to it. Do a favour go hang yourself anything below $5 is majboory. Ask your inside MF.

mark manning said...

Better to die fighting for your rights than live as a slave!

Anonymous said...

yes Mr Mannings slavery is how whites got all the riches and now we are doing it to our own people. Don't forget generations of slave keepers have been cursed. The colonizers are been colonized lol literally cause majority cant reproduce. Only difference between god-blessed and poor is $220 000-00 per year for a few whilst god testing human beings get offered $2.50 an hour. Please make sure you guys elect Bi n Kai-yum god bless them. But I think my maths is fucked up will check with commerce commission boss whose mum used to sleep with the slave keepers called maharajahs to make sure he could do his doctorate.

Anonymous said...

Where are the gcc/church/political/union leaders?
They should be leading the protest and strike.
Felix/dan/Rajeshwar/Agni/Attar./Parmond/koroi/other.come on guys do something now for the workers rights.
Rich getting richer .poor getting poorer .
United we stand divided we fall

mark manning said...

@ anon 7:57 a.m.
It's more a case of criminals ruling the roost while the innocent sit idly by.
Not all rich people are evil, but most in the regime or benefiting from it, are.

Anonymous said...

If a business cannot pay the minimum wage then I suggest their business is not viable. How much are the employers making in profits?

To say you will put us out of business if we are forced to pay our workers $2.50 an hour is outright bullshit from greedy employers.

If they don't pay the minimum they should be fined and/ or prosecuted.

Hospitality staff should be paid a minimum of AT LEAST $3 an hour if not more.

Resorts are booming. The staff are being robbed.

Mahen Reddy naga naach said...

As they would say in Hindi, Wadan Narsey ne Mahen Reddy ko nanga kar dia! (narsey expose reddy in all his naked glory)

Anonymous said...

Hey forget about the basic wage,
plan to take out the regime first
that's why we in the British Army in Wales tonight,
in support of Suliasi Democratic Group in Australia.
We're out here in the public park tonight
demonstrating against
the Fiji Regime of Bainimarama.
We do this by burning his Bulshit constitution, and with it
his picture as well!Hey maybe the
time is calling for few true SONS
of Fiji to send down a mission
to remove these cancerous cell?

Anonymous said...

Ni bula mai Viti kei Australia o
kemami na gone ni Viti ka tu oqo
e Vancouver,Canada. keimami sa
vakama talega, ena Bogi ni kua, na
Constitution bullcrap nei Vutulaki
O Bainimarama kei Khaiyum.
Vinaka Suliasi, na tokoni ira tiko na noda mai nakoro?
We support your protest
to the whole world,and we hope
that someone else in the Military
could come to his sense and take
these bastards out?

Anonymous said...

FBI agents in Australia are investigating that some of those Pakistanis granted asylum by Kayam last month ( and never appeared on local media)came thru Australia first. In Fiji they are mastermind on fund raising for Pakistan Taliban...Some worship in Tooral Mosque and Samabula Mosque---one is roving daily around in Suva with turban clothing speaking perfect English.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? $2.50 is simply a third world pay rate. No wonder there is so much poverty in Fiji. I'd say you stupid Fiji citizens suffer in silence because you have no guts to take out these greedy fuckfaces ruining the country.

mahen reddy ke payjama utaro said...

@mahen reddy naga naach, another way to put it is wadan narsey mahen ke payjama utar dis. in english means narsey has pulled down mahen's trousers and exposed it.

Anonymous said...

One-eyed assassin mahen reddy @ October 5, 2013 at 11:10 said...

"usp and fnu is full of low grade academics"

And where did you think Wadan Narsey has worked pretty much all his life?

he didn't fall from the heavens either, you ignorant!

Anonymous said...

anan 2.46pm

Mahen Reddy is a disgraceful and grossly self-overrated bullshit economist compared to the more credible ones like Wadan. Look at all the f'kin stupid decisions of the Commerce Commission. This guy is a fake and a con.

One-eyed madar chor. Magaitinamu

Anonymous said...

Mr Mannings please we dont need your input as you are the guys who got us in this position. The whites slavery and no pay to the black like us is been done on our own people. You taught your language, your fuck all culture, every1 for money greediness and you called it civilization. Its staring you in your face in Europe no more kids to continue with your heritage. You guys are Kawa Ca na. Mannings remember no I'taukei came to England and no Indian to ask you guys to come to Fiji. You are descendents of the disgraced so keep away MF. No wounder the Taliban is rooting the white ass every where.

Shit USP academics said...

Anon 2.46pm, there are exceptions everywhere, and wadan narsey is one of few at USP, which is otherwise full of shit academics under shit vc rajesh chandra and lying dvc esther williams, two people who epitomise mediocrity at its worst .

Typical of USP to ride on wadan narsey's back after sacking him!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:23 PM

"" Its staring you in your face in Europe no more kids to continue with your heritage ""

So that's why you breed like rabbits producing more kids than you can afford to feed and educate and live in poverty.

It's to assist your heritage and culture so that everyone else has something to look down at.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Canada, Biu mai na ui taba ni vakamakama . Me kikla o Bainimasrama ni d4e sega ni ciqoma na kai viti na nona matranitu kei na nona yavu ni vakavulewa. keep up the good fight. Kewmuni na noda e viti en na i ka 10 ni okotova me da vakama kina na constitution nei Bai kei Kai.

Anonymous said...

Losalini Rasoqosoqo,

I love you full speed no break lewa. Au domini iko..I wanna make you mine baby and wanna make you the mother of all my children..

Anonymous said...

Wardan is a honest trust worthy and moderate person very neutral and speaks the truth and justly pointed out the problem in the current poilitical situation in our country. He has the xfactor of a good leader. Look at things fairely irrespective of race,religion or political stance.Reddey is a scholar but gutless to stand his grounds and give his independent analysis and recomendation base on evidence,facts and knowledge. That is the sign of corrupt and weak person, We must salute Wardan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much to our Fijian B ritish Army boys in Wales.We need to speak out so that Bainimarama can realise that Fijian I.e Taukei are not with him and we have to stand together to push him with hand full of loyal soldiers and and hand full of supporters.We i taukei and other races who are not in support of the illegal regime need to stand up now ans speak out with actions before they drained out all our money and resources.

Anonymous said...

whoever this losalini is, pliz give anon 08:47pm what he is after and save us from his daily love stricken proposals. this man wants to get laid losalini. he is a true lover. pliz accept him and give us peace

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:19 PM

Talk, talk, talk. Seven years and you are still talking................

You really do not sound too convincing do you.

Professor Satendra Nandan ki jai said...

For those who do not know, there are four PhDs in the Nandan family! You never get to the hear the end of it from family patriarch Prof Satendra 'smooth operator' Nandan. Saiyad Khaiyum apparently hero worships Nandan and vice-versa. They colluded on the constitution. Nandan was the regime spy who dobbed Yash Ghai.

chatter box said...

Even if its 27years we will keep on talking...and its call resistance...you idiot...how can you show the wolrd that you dont agree with something you nut...

Anonymous said...

Another attention seeking gimmick

Anonymous said...

Kai Viti Macawa ni Ba :-Try to do something better because those British army boys in Scotland and Wales are earning their money.They are exercising their right and freedom to show the world and show you and Bainimarama that they with majority of the itaukei in Fiji reject your illegal regime and illegal constitution.You can go and wait at the airport for them if you dislike what they did and prepare to run because they will beat the hell out of you sucker.

Anonymous said...

Yes we will keep on talking because your illegal regime is illegally existing and everything you are doing is illegal.You are not going to exist for ever .soon or later the truth and justice will prevail to wipe the millions of lies the illegal regime has been propergating in the last 7 years.then the talking will stop.

Anonymous said...

FNPF should publish financial report in local media refer all it investment in Momibay /Natadola resort ,GPH Hotel and Air Pacific.
I want to know what is the cost of each project as i want to know how mine and others fnpf members funds been invested.
I read they have spend over 289 million on Natadola but the value is 85 million ?

Sanaila said...

Never trust an Indian.

Anonymous said...

Sanaila who did the coup?
Fijian army not Indians you f fool.Fijian armies are body guards for Bai/Kahiyum and elite muslims.
If no indians you will start eating each other like in the old days.

Anonymous said...

Frank have lied to us that he was doing clean up but its seems he had hidden agenda according to letters /meeting with President/VP/Graham /Minister/others..
If he wanted to be PM .why didnt he contest the 2006 election free/fair?
It seems he used army and people for his personal agendas.it also saved frank from prison.
2014 election people shouldnt vote this lairs and coup leaders dictators.

Anonymous said...

PS get a massive pay rise.....massive, then the regime talks about a minimum wage, this is the spoonful of sugar for the PEOPLE the ragime loves you so much.

There will 50 seats in the house. say 30 are in government, at least 16 going to be in cabinet to out vote the back benchers and ensure no revolt.

Now the wages of the PS has set the benchmark, Ministers will have to eran more than them, so senior Ministers will get at least $300k and Junior Ministers $250k, you can determine this by looking at which PS earns more than the other.
Now consider that there are more ministeries then cabinet, even at the 16 number we can see there is still potential of double up by the PM and his inner circle. So the PM and his side kick will be able to, after WINNING elections, still earn close to the million mark. Now it will be still feasibile to do this because PS salaries are so high that combined with ministers will cost $400k, but if ministers holds 2 or 3 portfolios then he will be justified by saving PS salary for that ministery.
Consider that single electorate system will absolutely build, empower,enhance, encourage Pacific Big Man syndrome (dictator)leader of party, then we can see what is the motivations behind what has is happening and going to happen to us.

The elite going to fark us good and proper like they always have and always will never what side they are on...they all the same, and we know it, so just be happy and wait for Jesus when he going to come back and wave his magic wand and all the bad guys going to where bad guys go. meanwhile, taki, and watch the action jackson.

King Frank, Queen Antonia, Lord Aiyaz and Madame Shameem said...

I have no intention of ever relinquishing power. I will still control whoever wins the election.

Aiyaz, Gates and Shameem have been very helpful in me achieving this.

We are all very rich now. We want to keep it that way.

The Indo-Fijians had their chance. The Itaukei have had their chance. The Muslims deserved a chance too and they are doing a great job.

We rely on the laziness of the Itaukei to do nothing. We rely on the pacifism of the Hindi's to shut up and take it.

WE ARE IMMUNE. There is nothing you can do to us now or in the future. You can cry all you like. We are not listening.

Even if you stand up to us we will still keep our money. You will never find it. If worse comes to worse we have our escape plan. We have nations ready to receive us. Our money is safe in their banks. Aiyaz knows that his son will never be safe in Fiji.

We will do what Marcos did in the Phillipines. We will take the money and run. I already have a container at home just for Mere's shoes.

We have already won. The money we have put aside is staggering. Enough to live like kings anywhere for generations to come.

SO as far as the elections go, we are already the winners. Why? Cos you lazy pacifists allowed us to.

You morons can blog all you like about constitutions and police commissioners. You care more about it than we do.

We have the money. We have the guns. We have an escape plan. GAME OVER. HA HA HA

mark manning said...

@ anon 3:23 p.m.
What a childish, ill informed and non constructive outburst!
You sound like Graham Davis.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has gone from frying pan into fire.
Get ready for a bloated, corrupt government.
Frank/Khaiyum become adept at lining pockets.
Nobody believes in bullshit clean up campaign.
They just cleaning out national coffers,.

Anonymous said...

SETISETI DOU MAI VIA QACIQACIA TIKO IVEI. Hope you will tell your love ones the truth that you getting paid by your illegal government to shit in the computer 24/7 and make stupid comments. ThAT IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO CONFESS!!!

Anonymous said...

muslims are openly supporting terrorism from fiji with help from kaiyum, razim and muslim league. there was ad in paper over the weekend by muslim league for money to be sent to terrorists countries.these mfuckers will spoil fiji name

Anonymous said...

@October 7, 2013 at 11:14 AM

What good are all your money and guns and your boast to live richly when
Luke 12:20-21 (ESV)
" 20 But God said to him, ‘Fool! This night your soul is required of you, and the things you have prepared, whose will they be?’
21 So is the one who lays up treasure for himself and is not rich toward God.”

Sanaila said...

Anonyshit@9.49. Yes you're absolutely right, but why did the Fijians staged the coup? It's because of the Indians you fucking fool.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:39 PM

Some have moved on in life and do not model their lives on just one fairytale storybook.

King Frank and the Gang said...

@ Annon at 3:39 PM

Didn't you read the article in the times. Aiyaz and I are buying Luke. The deal is we get Matthew, Mark and John thrown in for free.

We don't care for the Church, be it the Methodists or that Annoying Father Barr. You can quote the Bible all you like.

Look at my gang, a Judge who likes young men and money, a Muslim AG who loves money and girls, a washed up academic lawyer who loves herself and money. We are the antithesis of Christ and his teachings.

Throw in my spin doctors too. Shazzer and GD love only their wine and pagan festivals.

Your God has abandoned. So should you.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:39 PM

Just think what a great place Fiji could have been if as much effort was put into learning subjects that would have promoted development rather than concentrating on being able to quote one story book.

Wake up Fiji said...

Talking about Mark Luke and John information has been coming and going about corrupt behaviour of regime but they still here. Eg regime interference in Fiji media (FijiTV this week again in news for apologising for stepping on Khaiyum's toes), sham projects like the Larry Claunch casino deal - huh they now going to be fined $100,000 for not getting underway hahahaha,and regime overpaying itself and not opening books. How long we going to wander the Sukuna desert aimlessly and lost like the Israelites?

Anonymous said...

Minimum wage another nail in the coffin for Fiji's poor and mahen reddy is the hammer.

Anonymous said...

FJD 2.50/hr salary is freakin peanuts! They say we have record number of tourists and investment is flourishing in coupland and all they can afford is $2.50?

rajend naidu said...

We read in the Fiji Times (7/10) that " Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel said they would honour players and officials who dedicated their lives to the parent body during the week with the platinum medals".
On what objective criteria has the Acting commissioner of police Ravi Narayan been given the first platinum medal?
I never heard his name associated with Fiji soccer until I now!
Was there an ulterior motive in giving the award to him in his capacity as the person billed to be the next police commissioner?
Is this a case of playing patronage politics?
Your editorial in the same day's paper calling on Fiji soccer officials to make " a firm commitment to chart a pathway" to progress Fiji soccer was excellent. But I suspect it is a case of casting pearls before the swines.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Just that the chiefs of Nadroga rejected the BKC last week and govt boci officials were told by Rt Sakiusa to sit and listen to Niko Nawaikula,,,
Vinaka Rt Sakiusa you the man!

rajend naidu said...

We know from their work even under adverse personal circumstances what women like Sharon-Bhagwan Rolls (FT 4/10) Shamima Ali and Edwina K do . Can we please be enlightened on what Madam Nazhat Shameem has been doing - in that particular role - since her political appointment as the Goodwill Ambassador of Women by the Fiji military regime?
Rajend Naidu

rajend naidu said...

Another UN General Assembly session and another dictator - this time from Fiji - stands before it and broadcasts his commitment to democratic reform and guess what the UN wallahs accept it in the usual way - without any critical examination.
The UN has clearly not learned anything from its experience with past dictators and is again poised to be taken on a ride- this time by a mere tinboat dictator!
Rajend Naidu

USP's cowardly C Rajesh Chandra said...

This is very good analysis by wadan narsey.
No wonder regime doesn't like him.
It's clear USP sacked wadan for telling the truth.
USP should be bastion of academic freedom.
It seems that under cowardly VC rajesh chandra and lying DVC esther Williams, USP has become an instrument of the regime.
Rajesh will go in history as a disgrace.
He will be known for being a regime lackey.
The worst ever vc in usp's history.
A pathetic, snivelling coward who did nothing to uphold academic freedom.
He was aided by an equally pathetic dvc esther williams, who should have stuck to looking after the library.

Anonymous said...

@King Frank and the gang,

Nazhat Shameem likes to root Aslam pig farker using strap-on dildo. Aslam is such a passive homo closet that he gets rooted up the rear by Frank while Nazhat gets rooted up the rear too by some big muscular soldier.

Anonymous said...

rajend @ 5.50pm...about ravi Narayan getting a fiji football award. Intriguing indeed but only an Indian like yourself can answer that. cunning, devious stuff only an Indian could conjure up. In your own devious Indian mind, try and work out the scenario and of what benefit FFA hopes to get out of this. we see this in Fiji politics all the time. Indian cunning and deception for personal benefit. aage piche ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

The Attorney General was pleased to announce this years winner of the "ASS KISSER OF THE YEAR"AWARD.

The AG said:

It was a top quality field this year. The quality was raised by some washed up political hasbeens throwing their tongues in my ring.

I am pleased to announce the winner:

Sir James Ah Koy. Hooray..

Sir James was able to put his tongue up my arse and Frank's arse at the same time. His grovelling is first class. He is a truly brilliant ass licker who was born to follow. He will automatically win a position in our new political party as part of his prize, together with a year supply of Listerine.

Anonymous said...

King Frank : Your comment is intended to create or encourage comotiom and uprising against the illegal regime.You know I taukei are just waiting for their chiefs to talk and they will act accordingly.Now one of the high chief the Turaga na Ka Levu Ratu Sakiusa Makutu have spoken and he has rejected the illegal regimes constitution.So the chiefs and the people of Nakuruvakarua have taken their stand. What about other chiefs in Fiji can you speak up and support the Ka levu and the Marama Roko Tuidreketi for the sake of the kawatamata i taukei and stand up gecause the people are just waiting for you

Anonymous said...

Turaga na Ka Levu Ratu Sakiusa Makutu you are a real leader and chief.We salute you and need you to lead us to save our indeginious Fijian races culture,tradition and land foir our feauture generations. You the man.Vinaa du

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.12pm, the biggest cunning is some (not all) kaiviti who have cleverly managed to hide their deviousness, envy and hatred behind their religion; they give you a big toothy bula smile, the minute you turn around, they rob or rape you.

Fijian leaders so greedy they have been busy fighting each other for power since independence; stabbing each other in the back. Even today Fijians hold all ministerial posts, all the top civil service jobs, all diplomatic posts, yet they manage to make out as if indians have power – how cunning is that?

No one can make beat the Fijian in making themselves look like victims while they still own everything. Owning everyhting is not enough - they want more. yet they are nit greedy, they are binle loving christians. Only indians greedy.

No one can beat Fijians when it comes to finding excuses and scapegoats. they have perfected the art.

Fijians have army, police, all natural resources, land, forests, minerals, since independence, Fijian Holdings, Yasana Holdings, and so many othetr schemes funded by taxpayers. Fijians very smart at extracting tax monies from State; they have taken more than any other race, yet they so smart, they somehow make it look like they want nothing, they receive nothing, they have nothing.

Fijians are greedy like any human being but they so smart at hiding it...always talking about how giving they are while trying to drive out other races t the sea. They even use the church in their propaganda. we see this in Fiji politics all the time, Fijian cunning and deception for personal benefit. liu muri ring a bell?..."

Indo Warrior said...

@ anon 7:50 PM

You are a racist fool. There are good and bad, generous and greedy in every race and culture.

Keep your Xenophobia to yourself.

I am Indo-Fijian and I am NO pacifist. I will stand beside my Fijian brothers. I will stand beside Ratu Sakiusa Makutu

As for you run and hide your racist arse.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.52pm, take your sermon to anon 7.12pm, who has labelled all Indians greedy, cunning evil and what not. If we go by his stupid logic, than all Fijians are thieves and rapists. I was trying to make this point to him, and that Fijians are not angels, but humans like rest of us, and in their own way, quite greedy and cunning and scheming and manipulative. Bu some have adopted holier than though, superior attitude.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of all minimum wages. Let the market operate freely. Eliminating the minimum wage is a full employment policy. Those employers who don't pay a living wage will need to compete with those who do. Those workers with no jobs will find jobs, and even if they find those jobs don't pay very much, they'll gain in workplace experience and skills and can move on to better-paying jobs. Minimum wage polocies are arbitrary, unfair, inflationary, and keep the poor from gaining the skills and experience they need to be upwardly mobile.

Get it right said...

Wadan likes to criticise without a solution. Father Barr has simply been unsuccessful with the minimum wage issue because of the big fat cats in the Fiji Employers Federation. They always went behind the wages councils back to the Minister who would overturn the decision of the Council. It took a good minister like Jone Usamate who has a proven good record of leadership and expertise not to allow the AG especially to interfere. Because Usamate is able to stand firm and tell the AG to go and jump in as far as labour issues are concerned! In this instance, the fat cats at FEF can no longer interfere. Wadan you are POISON! I say this because you know of the truth but out of mischief for self glorification, you paint a different picture making all these fools believe what you write.

Just Saying said...

If Usamate is a good Minister why can he not get the minimum wage set at $5 or even $3? It is tragic that he and other ministers and Bainimarama and Khaiyum are being paid outrageous amounts of money but the bulk of the people are earning pittance. Shameful all round.

Rajesh Lingam said...

Fiji is a poor country, that's why $2.50 is considered the minimum wage. Unless the assholes running the country are exterminated like pests that they are, people will continue to live in poverty.

Anonymous said...

@Rajesh Lingam 1:36 PM

And like we all know in every other country in the world as soon as the governments change everyone becomes better off and poverty reduces ....

The rot at USP said...

@shit USP VC, as former longtime USP employee unfairly retrenched some years ago, let me tell you Rajesh Chandra enjoys none of the mana or respect of the former VC, the late Siwatibau.

Rajesh had been at USP longer but Siwatibau was chosen ahead of him because he was considered more of a visionary while Rajesh appeared very wooden, nervous and unnatural at the interview. He seemed lack the confidence to be at the helm of a regional organisation like USP.

It was the same with Professor Tarr, who completely outshone Rajesh Chandra at the interview, and got the job. Tarr's problem was he was too free with the budget, but he was still a mover and go getter, and in the long run, he would have been better for USP than Rajesh, seen a plodder by compatriots.

Every time Rajesh didn't get the VC's job, he went around crying 'racism' but in truth he never impressed anyone at the interview. He was seen as acceptable for the DVC position but not the role of VC. Many people are now realising how unfit he is given how he has been slowly running USP to the ground. Beneath the shiny veneer, there is a deep rot setting. Selling out to the regime is just half the story. One only has to dig a bit deeper to find out.

Anonymous said...

anon 7.50
u stupid pakala .....who you refering to? we all fijians now!! sala jutia

Anonymous said...

Yes, keep the basic wage low @ 3:00
per hour,than at the sametime keep
the price of goods at an acceptable
Remember, Fiji is a very small economy.
We've gotta be able to sell our wares to the world, maybe we can review the basic wage
rate within a year or two?For now
we need to sell,sell,sell!!!
We need
to established markets for our goods, be it Yaqona,Kawai,Tavioka,
Once we
open up these markets than we'll
review the basic wage thing? Just my 2 pennies?
As for Mahen Reddy
he's just an assoles like Bai&Khai
he needs to be assisinated?

Anonymous said...

Anon@06:16pm, Whichj world you living in mate. Tarr got the job only coz he was screwing teimumu kepa at the time. I was a student at usp when tarr was vc and saw kepa leaving tarr's residence multiple times. Once, the late Sailosi Kepa came and had a big argument with kepa in front of tarr's residence and we heard later that he had heart attach and died. Seems like he couldnt take his wife screwing around any more. Siwatibau was good as a human being but a bad manager as his narrow thinking and short sightness led usp in deep financial trouble.

mark manning said...

Fiji $ 0.5715 to Australian $ 1.7497.

If you take into account that the Fiji $ is half as much as the Australian $, then you could conclude that the Minimum Wage being proposed for Fijians, is actually equivalent to $1.15 Australian.
Fiji's $ is only worth 50% of it's true value.
One would have to wonder, where is Frank and aiyaz Regime getting all the money from, because they can't be collecting too much in taxes from such lowly paid workers in the 1st. place!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? How much does $2.30 get. A decent meal costs over $5 in a food court or take out place. A burger costs around $5. To get one of these meals or a burger, the employee has to work at least two hours for himself and eight to ten hours to feed a family of 4. And that is only one meal for the family. What about the other expense..No wonder obesity is so high in Fiji. It is because most people cannot afford balanced meals. Hence they eat foods loaded with fat and carbs. The irony about all this is that the Ministry of Health spends thousands advertising and promoting healthy living yet simply ignores or are too blind to see the real reason for obesity in this country. And don't tell me that businesses are not making money. They are expanding all of the country. Where is the social responsibility towards its employees. When will the Government do something about this issue......all these talk is a joke if nothing is being done.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:39 AM

"" A decent meal costs over $5 in a food court or take out place. A burger costs around $5. ""

Did you know that for less than $5 in Fiji you can buy a good quality and sized piece of Scotch Fillet steak for one, some potatoes and green veg for well under $5. You can go much cheaper and buy some good pork chops or chicken.

Obesity is caused by being lazy, sitting around and doing nothing and stuffing yourself with junk rubbish. There is a choice.

hungry Raju said...

@anon11.06am...do you even know what scotch fillet is? Don't you mean cow cheeks? the toughest meat in the animal. At $5, surely you mean cow cheeks. Tell me where I can get that CROTCH fillet meal for $5. Dream land you are in.

Anonymous said...

@hungry raju 2:45 PM

Obviously not one gifted with much intelligence.

If you have a friend with half a brain take him along with you into Superfresh, he can then read the labeling at the meat counter for you and teach you something.

hungry raju wants beef said...

anon at 2.45pm...so Superfresh sells $5 meals now does it? Which counter do you go to for a $5 meal of scotch fillet, potato and veg? Apart from from lying, you are stupid. And you assume you have intelligence? Haha. Go suck on your jungli murgi curry, dopey.Do you even eat beef? Jumgli murgi is not beef. Pork is not beef. Potatoes are not beef. But soon you might be the new beef. yum yum barachod. We need to fatten your skinny ass first. skinny beef.

hungry raju wants beef said...

Sorry below comment meant for anon at 5.00pm...so Superfresh sells $5 meals now does it? Which counter do you go to for a $5 meal of scotch fillet, potato and veg? Apart from from lying, you are stupid. And you assume you have intelligence? Haha. Go suck on your jungli murgi curry, dopey.Do you even eat beef? Jumgli murgi is not beef. Pork is not beef. Potatoes are not beef. But soon you might be the new beef. yum yum barachod. We need to fatten your skinny ass first. skinny beef.

Anonymous said...

Come on man,You talk like an elderly man who forgets things quickly.Why are you bringing in Qarase,Rabuka and Chaudrys name? They were democratically elected leaders, elected by the people.During their reign everything were running smoothly and as usual politician will always differ on cvertain issues and that is normal.The fact is nthere is no perfect poilicy and no one is perfect except the almighty god.That is why democracy and election is a game of number. Majority have it or wins the election. The current racist issue began when Bainimarama himself said in one of his media release that if we want to know why he took over the government we should ask the indians. That was the match stick that ignite the issue itaukei started hating the indian and vise versa Who ingite it ? Bainimarama.Then it goes on the the church and religion. again started by Bainimarama. Before the coup in one of his speach to the soldiers during one of their parade he told them that they should change their church and after he took over the government he startyed condamning the church ie.Methodist church from there muslim fatith,Hindu faith comments were all blown out of propotion then it goes on the codamnation of th Fijian chiefly system Bainimarama said that our chiefs should go and drink homebrew under a mangoe tree from there the BLV was totaly abolished by the regime from its functions. So who ever you are ,trying to scale Bainimarama do your research before you point a fingure at someone remember your biggest fingure your thumb is pointing back at you.

Anonymous said...

One big difference like them or hate them, Chaudrey, Qarase and Rabuka are intelligent men. Frank is as dumb as dog shit. Gullible and stupid. His cunning little friends have destroyed the Bainimarama name for all eternity.

If I was betting on a house plant and Frank in an IQ quiz, my money would be on the house plant.

Dr Esther Wiiliams and USP pay scandal said...

Anon 10.96am, I m former USP employee, and I can vouch Professor Tarr gave himself and cronies big pay rise. At the time USP's dumb deputy VC esther williams wrote a press release denying they received illegitimate pay increases.

That's how stupid esther williams is - she not only tells a verifiable lie, she put it down in black and white, signs it, and sends it to all the media in Fiji, haha! Librarian Esther williams is both immoral and dumb. With this kind of stupid academic as deputy VC, it is any wonder USP so screwed up till today?

USP's part in success of 2006 coup said...

USP under coup collaborator VC Rajesh Chandra is playing an important role in continuation of 2006 coup. As an important institution, USP's support for illegal Bainimarama regime is very important. As VC, Rajesh Chandra should be personally singled out helping legitimise the junta. Rajesh has purged from USP regime critics like Wadan Narsey and Dr Marc Edge for telling the truth.

As for Esther Williams, it has long been known at USP that she has no morals or values. She will support anyone who is in power. That's how a talentless person like her gets ahead. To put it another way, Esther is not exactly renowned or respected for her intellectualism, like, say, Wadan Narsey. But not underestimate Esther's guile, cunning and talent for underhand dealings.That's she and Rajesh Chandra, who is as cunning and as unethical, make a good team.

USP VC core regime collaborator said...

@USP's part in success of 2006 coup, it seems from the responses to this Wadan Narsey article that Rajesh Chandra owes his job to the regime. It sounds like he is the Bainimarama regime's political appointee; a soft, pliable VC who would do the regime's bidding. that's why he was appointed in the first place. By purging from USP regime critics like Wadan Narsey and Dr Marc Edge, Rajesh Chandra is merely looking after the junta's interests. Agreed he is a core regime collaborator.


Under VC Rajesh Chandra and DVC Esther Williams' leadership, USP is strengthening its ties with the illegal Bainimarama regime. The latest is that a senior USP academic Dr Ashwin Raj is appointed head of the media industry development unit. On the one hand USP is driving out regime critics like wadan narsey and on the the other hand it is helping bolster regime's apparatuses through its staff members. It is shameful USP has stooped this law under two weak and unethical leaders like Rajesh and Esther.


@USP SUPPORTS ILLEGAL COUP, thanks for highlighting USP's link to the 2006 coup, especially given USP's important position in the region. USP VC Rakesh Chandra's role is quite significant. Outside of government, Rajesh, given his expertise, would surely rank as one of the most crucial supporters of the illegal regime, in my guess only slightly less important than Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

In life you gain something and at the same time you can lose something else.
USP vc Rajesh Chandra and deputy vc Esther Williams demonstrate this principle in a very practical way. They have with their support for the coup regime gained their personal status and standing with the regime but they have lost their self-respect and reputation in the wider community and I suspect even the wider university community because they have failed to uphold academic freedom and intellectual integrity of the university.
They have allowed that to be undermined for their personal gain.
It is a great shame to them and to the university.

Anonymous said...

Well said and I totally agree that all races in Fiji should unite and put aside our political differances focus on the feuture of our country and our feauture generations and stand up against the illegal regime peacefully and firmly that we will not tollerate unlawful government. We want lawful and a democratically elected government by the people for the people base on a legal constitution.


To Anon 12.23pm, USP VC RAJESH CHANDRA has so far been able to hide his collaboration with the regime but he is quite clearly an important cog in the illegal government machinery. On behalf of the regime, he has stifled academic freedom at USP. No he has sent one if his staff, Dr Ashwin Raj, to stifle media freedom as head of government controlled media body. So Rajesh Chandra is crucial player in the regime, even if he is a less known one.

Anonymous said...

Proposed minimum wage of $2.30 is too low to sustain decent standard of living with cost of things already so high. However, there other ways general public could be assisted, not just workers. How about reducing vat to bring down prices, Or Making more basic food items vat exempt.

Anonymous said...

Would be interesting to know what percentage of the workforce are actually earning less than $2.30 an hour now?

Anonymous said...

So you think that the itaukei can not do anything to this illegal regime ?OK you are entitle to what you think but when it happens you will have to fly or swim. you can not run because we will catch you.We will take down this illegal regime time will tell.

Minimum wage stupidity said...

Hahaha, 2.30/hr minimum wage is a joke. A sick joke on Fiji's poor. As wadan correctly wrote, poor are in a worse off situation with a minimum wage than they were without it, hahaha! Only a stupid economist would agree to something like it. That stupid economist is mahen reddy, hahahaha.


Can mahen reddy's doctorate be withdrawn for crimes against Fiji's poor, and for incompetence, naivety and stupidity unbefitting a PhD, and selling out/collaborating with regime to secure position of commerce commission chair?


Anon @ 12:05 PM, hiring and firing decision making at USP rests with bainimarama and khaiyum, not VC rajesh chandra or DVC esther williams who are regime puppets and collaborators.

rajend naidu said...

Floyd Robinson tells us in his letter 'Biased reporting' (Fiji Sun 28/10) that " there is a need for sports reporters and radio announcers to ensure objective reporting ... in all fairness" I agree.
But why only sports commentators?
What about political journalists and commentators including editorial commentators? Shouldn't they also be ensuring objective reporting to reflect the true nature of political happenings in the country?
Right now it is common knowledge that a lot of political reporting is cockeyed to cast the military regime in a good light. The mainstream media claim it is focusing on the "positive". But they fool no-one. Some have been cowered by the regime and others have conveniently become regime mouthpiece. The Fiji Sun is identified as one of the latter.
Floyd hopes "constructive criticism" will led to " improved reporting come 2014".
I hope improved reporting happens right now.
The media owe that to the people of Fiji .
Good honest journalism without fear or favour.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

why does this mahend reddy remind me of the pirates in Pirates of the Carrebian???

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.68pm mahend reddy is pirates in Pirates of the Carrebian one-eyed assassin!