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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Qase lialia's, Daydreamers and Men of Destiny gun it out for Fiji votes

Any Walter Mitty's among this lot? pic FBC. 
The lifting of the curtain today on a number of sub plots in Cuckoo Land, thanks to stage managing by regime cohorts.

Geriatric businessman Jim Ah Khoi has been rolled out by the Fiji Sun, in a curious story which has him declaring support for the coup leader and turning to a fictitious American literary character, Walter Mitty, to rubbish the Opposition.

Ah Khoi tells the Sun he's not the sort to follow the Mitty's of the world: Mitty is explained in a footnote as a well-loved but meek figure who fantasized of grand adventures that made him a hero.

Bloggers have already pulled the curtain on Ah Khoi's shabby record as a government minister and businessman but what of the Fiji Sun's political stories: are they really being penned by its journalists (the Ah Khoi piece was bylined Rosi Doviverata) or ghost written by spin doctors, such as Graham Davis?
Ah Khoy admits he's no soothsayer. pic Discombobulated Bubu.

In a reference that is surely over the head of many Fiji people, 78 year old Ah Khoi uses 'Mitty' to hail the treasonous coup leader Frank Bainimarama as a modern day hero and to dismiss the country's political leaders as no-hopers.

He says: “My observation of the political and economic scene has led me to believe that the Prime Minister is God’s appointed man for this hour in Fiji’s history. He is therefore in my humble view ‘A Man of Destiny’, a MOD."

Ah Khoi says “Frank’s got it right" and "by sheer hard work, and determination he and his party will romp in the next general election."

"There is so much more that he has done that no other PM has done since independence. I suggest voters look at the fruit of Frank’s hands, symbolic of what he has done, when it comes to poll day.”

No specific date has been confirmed for next year's election but the acting permanent secretary for the elections, Mohammed Saneem, arrived in Auckland on Sunday and a team from the election office is ready to register offshore voters at a number of venues in Auckland and Wellington from October 23rd to the 31st.

On the home front, the provisional rolls are not being made available to the political parties let alone the more than 550,000 people the regime says it has enrolled.

Bainimarama insists his new Constitution will introduce 'overdue democratic principles'.

Saneem: NZ enrolment.
But doubts remain about the Constitution, with two of the country's most powerful chiefs, Ro Teimumu Kepa and Naiqama Lalabalavu, renewing calls for the international community to wake up to the shenanigans.

"This constitution, in all objectivity, is designed to keep the perpetrators of the 2006 coup and their advisers from accounting for their unlawful actions in removing a democratically elected government." (see C4.5 Facebook for the Chief's full statement and debate.)

There's more drama in the police force with the acting police commissioner, Ravi Narayan, investigating why so few officers turned out for the third quarterly parade last week, forcing it to be called off. Leaks to C4.5 show there is ongoing distrust of the hierarchy even with Iowane Naivalurua gone.

Still, $42,000 has been spent on six new radar speed guns  to allow officers to get 'tough with drivers' during the Christmas period 'to avoid fatalities'.

All six of the radar guns are already in use: now tell us who are the real wannabe heroes.


Anonymous said...

Whewww....for a minute there, I thought the boys from Delainabua gave the cops back their guns. Mannnn....dont be holding that shit like that. Fuck around and get shot....biatchhhh..........

Anonymous said...

Ah!Khoi fits the profile of an old fart. he is an expired politician who still wants a seat in the grandstand of Fiji politics. So he is curry favouring the dictator to achieve his objective - knowing by hook or by crook the dictator is likely to hang onto power after the elections.
Ah Khoi is a slime ball.

Sobalaune said...

Jim Ah Koi is unbelievable.

After his much publicised revision of the bible in Fijian in which the word KALOUGATA was changed to eliminate the joining of words for snake and God...I began to wonder what sort of dude is this Koi...name reminds me of the invasive Koi carp an invasive fish pest in NZ waters as in many other countries.

To sing praises extolling Bhai so demonstrably is simply unbelievable for a declared devout 7th Day Adventist. Koi's painting of Bhai as a man of Destiny has some ring of spiritual tag about it.
A man of destiny badge Koi bestows on the Dictator who since 2006 has persistently suppressed Fijians, continues to dispossessed indigenous Fijians of their culture, identity, land, who has sponsored against citizens murders, brutal tortures, arsons of opponents' private homes, paid himself fraudulently unaccounted $millions, forced down our throats a self serving constitution, practises nepotism unashamedly, a brutal arrogant foul mouthed dictator swore nastily to a Catholic Priest)....for Koi to sing praises for such a scumbag highlights what type of person he is.

Koi has gone on his opportunistic journeys over the years to gain political and business advantages...hardly a man we can trust.

He has sided with all parties and individuals who espouse unfettered brutal nationalism, frauds, etc including those fighting for democratic governance
and all sorts...... without blinking an eye.

His driving force now as he brags support for Bhai is to ensure his participation in future illegality if Bhai wins the next election. His target prize is personal business gains.



Anonymous said...

Fiji Suns super slut, Jyoti Prathibha has confirmed today that she is getting bonked by Aiarse. In her cunt wireless, she claims that Aiarse informed her about hotel development. Wonder what was the costs of information-whole night big black arse fucking by the muslim pig.

Anonymous said...

Got as far as 'God’s appointed man' and gave up reading any further.

Anonymous said...

Army officers beat car salesman .
why police talking time to investigate. Army idiots think they f own fiji and above the law like the bosses Bai/kahiyum

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum what happening with your mate larry and casino project .f up .

Anonymous said...

Ra bitch, Nanise Nagusuca is all set to join the former Sona Didi Levu (SDL) Party alongside bastard George. These lowlifes will help bring down the satanic SODELPA down in next election. SODELPA wont be able to survive the Bainimarama/Kaiyum combopack lol

Anonymous said...

Fijians wake up your land and culture all will be destroyed by taliban khaiyum mf with fijian armies help.

Police HQ said...


The new radar guns real value is 2500.00 and safeway ( muslim) sold to police for 7200 each.

Ravi narayan and SSP mishra were paid 3000.00 each as a gift for this.

Can Prime ministers office and FICAC investigate this asap.

Anonymous said...

Jim who bought the knighthood is broke as he was depending on the B mobile from PNG money to come in and now has to act fast to pay his debts in fact he has fired his son Tony from property buss and is eating heads of office staff

Anonymous said...

News that HOME FINANCE is getting Bred Bank deputy CEO who was fired by BSP and fired by his friend Nands and fired by Bred to join them. When will he learn to be straight and not butako

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum and elite muslims rule fiji with dumbo armies supporting them .he told us in the mosque he will destroy fijians culture and gcc with puppet baini and dumbo armies.

Anonymous said...

@ Sobalaune
You are exactly 100% correct about Sir James Ah Koi.
And this bloke projects himself as a man of God.
what a hypocrite!

Anonymous said...


Mohammed Saneem said...

Jim Ass Koy you fucking old useless bitch. You're just like this anon cocksucking bitch @3.24pm. Perhaps you two are sucking each other's nuts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Soti and Ovisa are sucking Khaiyum and bai balls .
get f out from this site mf .no respect for old lady like your mum.Fijian sotia should be ashame for supporting bai/khaiyum and selling yourselves for money .

Anonymous said...

Bring on kahiyum/bai vs Baba /Qarase /MPC political debate
what will happen to bai/khaiyum will be fooled like a scary cat.they will learn from the master of politics.
Why they lamu to call election under legal 1997 constitution.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum /Frank will not contest election .they plan to rule for 20 years via coup .They lamu to end in jail and they ripping fijian dollars.

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam where are you? Come and say something stupid and your trade mark "Long live Bainimarama".

Anonymous said...

Franky Army thugs are out of controlled like the boss.
8 army officer beat 1 man.
What Army commander do sack them and let police charge them or he will stand by his army thugs like in bendito case.
He wont sack them bec the army thugs are his personal guards to keep him and khaiyum in power .

Anonymous said...

Are we talking about Ajay Singh from Bred Bank who was fired few weeks ago by Satish from Bred bank ,he was fired by BSP by Pramesh and given a job by his friend NANDS and he screwed up the business and was screwing his staff too while Nand was having fun with JAZ ...more to come KAISE BAAT BARKA

Anonymous said...

Are we talking about Ajay Singh from Bred Bank who was fired few weeks ago by Satish from Bred bank ,he was fired by BSP by Pramesh and given a job by his friend NANDS and he screwed up the business and was screwing his staff too while Nand was having fun with JAZ ...more to come KAISE BAAT BARKA

khaiyum the taliban muslim bacon fucker said...

jim Ah Khoi is a low down dog, an opportunist who would sell his own mother to make money.

He made a mockery of the knighthood by bribing PNG officials to nominate him for the title.

Anonymous said...

Jim ah koy is a has been and is now looking at feathering his nest.
he has raped Fiji for his own monetary gain. Is that what a man of God does? Shame on him and 'shit' be his name. I have known him for years and despite his wealth that he has gained thru very devious means, he is evil, conniving and self-fish. he does not give a damn about anyone except himself. that is why when he was not given a knighthood as he had demanded, he went to PNG to get what he wanted. Jim ah koy, 'Sir" means shit in Fiji. so go dream some more. You are a low down 'crook'. Go pay your dues, if you say you are a Christian. you will not get my vote.

BC said...

Kemuni na sotia ni sa murimuri ni tamata e Viti.
Vekaci kemuni o Bainimarama ni kaya tiko "Ïo saka. Io saka".
O Bainimarama sa vekaci koya tiko o Kaiyum.
Raica ga sa biuti ira nona kawa me ra veiliutaki ena ka vaka bisinisi kei na matanitu. Na Fiji sugar; Fiji Judiciary; Fijian Holding; Fiji Hardwood; etc etc. sa ra biu kina o ira na musulomani.

Ya ni sega ni raica rawa tiko o kemuni na sotia ni veivutusona tiko qori i Delainabua.

Sa rauta baleta sa sinai tu ga ena ulumuni na da.
Sa qai so na sotia ululala.
Sa ra bau lai lialia tale ga o ira na luvemuni.
Ni kitaka tiko ga na veivutusona.
Bau dolava mada na matamuni me rai. Ni veicai.

Anonymous said...

BC Luveni mimi bona nei tinamu. O tukuna tiko ni ra sa musulamani kece na vakalutu tutu lelevu. O bau taroga mada na cava esega kina na itaukei era taura nai tutu oya. Luveni caititamamu me nara nona yakani sona. Na vuna ni sega ni dua nai itaukei e via cakava na cakacaka oya, ko ira era vakoroi era via lako ga I valagi ka sega vei ira na via cakacaka ena matanitu. Caiti bumu ni veka toka vakavo. Sona levu qai tauvi tona vaka na maga e buraki iko mai vuravura. Luveni kawa ca.

Viliame Gonelevu said...

SODELPA wants to run the country despite having disunity among themselves. SODELPA members cannot decide who the rightful Tui Bau (Vunivalu is.) Let the army rule Fiji for the next 100 years.

Anonymous said...

Premila Kumar is an idiot.She does not want meat ads during Diwali season.What utter rubbish!-is this one of her functions?-she should be disciplined --for deficiency in her service.She likes the limelight-TV etc.Her mouth and her fingers on her computer run much faster than her peanut brain.she is a rude boorish woman--obese and obsolete !! no meat ad my arse !!she sucks up to Kai and Bai.

Sobalaune said...

@Viliame Gonelevu 22.2013 AT 9.03PM
Viliame G.... how come you tink SODELPA is entitled to decide who the Vunivalu of Bau should be?? Are you OK??.....do they also have the right to decide who the Tui Cakau should be?? Or the Tui Dreketi???

Come on Gonelevu!!!

Anonymous said...

Please do not associate that con artist Ah Koy with the SDA church..he is such a corrupt individual..just last week he was chief guest at a SDA school..one wonders if he accepted to attend as chief guest to drum up support for the illegal thugs or some political party he about to start..remember the 2000 coup and George Speight..well he was the one that drummed up support for that one..

Anonymous said...

Man sa qara busi vac na vanua e basika mai kina o BC. Bawahahahahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

lmao says....we definitely have either Frank, his relatives or the Military Propoganda machine spewing venom at anyone dishing Frank on this blog...very funny...They definetly dont like anything bad mentioned about Frank...

BC once the soldiers realise the truth....heaven save us..........

Jim Ah Koy is a non issue...his knocking on deaths door and has nothing more to contribute to Fiji other than his fanatical view on the interpretation of the Fijian language albeit the bible........

Stay focussed you all....let the truth be told and they will crumble eventually...............

Anonymous said...

Premilla Kumar look at her fingers. It is like devils fingers.
Her look is like witch.

Do not ask about the makeup!

Her husband was fired from government job for helping develop Premilla's brother business in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Premilla likes to collude with people to discreet others.

She got her job with the help of her husband's cousin Maharaj from Lautoka who was the chairman of Consumer Council.

She has achieved nothing but likes to be in limelight.

Anyway she was a school teacher and comes from a family that sells grog and smuggles grog to Sydney in container from Bureta Road.

The brother never pays tax, FNPF etc to poor ladies who stay at Bureta settlement.

Anonymous said...

Premilla made lot of noise about PBS but no one got a refund.

She thinks that she knows about everything in this world.

She was only an English teacher.

Anonymous said...

Premilla if you really represent the consumers then criticize the government for the high cost of living.

All basic food items are at it's highest level in the history of Fiji.

250,000 people now live below the poverty level.

What has Premilla achieved with high interest rates by bank, high purchase etc.

She makes money by hiring so called consultants and gets kickback.

You have been in your position for too long with no achievement.

Did your husbands cousin Maharaj give you a F and you ended up with your job as your husband is a P----

USP Brown-noser Jai Karan and Geat Leader Rajesh Chandra said...

Jai Karan Premila's husband is butt of joke at USP.
The director of marketing & development does not know his job.
He got post sucking up to VC Rajesh Chandra.
Weak and spineless VC Rajesh surrounds himself with yes men to massage his fragile ego.
Jai keeps job by filling USP Beat and website with Great Leader Rajesh Chandra's photos.
It's the talk of USP.
Rajesh's nickname here at USP is Kim Il Sung after the North Korean Dictator.
Jai Karan build personality cult around useless VC.
Word is Jai will get a gold medal for brown nosing.
This is the type of people we have to tolerate at USP folks. This is what USP has come to.

Coup 4.5 said...

The electronic voter registration centres have been announced as:

WEDNESDAY(23/10) 9.00am – 5.30pm Hunters Plaza, Papatoetoe – South Auckland
9.00am – 9.00pm Lotus Plaza and Supermarket: Stoddart Road, Mt Roskil – Central Auckland
THURSDAY(24/10) 9.00am – 9.00pm Hunters Plaza, Papatoetoe – South Auckland
9.00am – 9.00pm Lotus Plaza and Supermarket: Stoddart Road, Mt Roskil – Central Auckland
FRIDAY(25/10) 9.00am – 5.30pm Hunters Plaza, Papatoetoe – South Auckland
9.00am – 9.00pm Lotus Plaza and Supermarket: Stoddart Road, Mt Roskil – Central Auckland
8.00am – 7.00pm Arkh Foods -West Auckland
8.00am – 7.30pm Food for Less (New Lynn)
SATURDAY(26/10) 9.00am – 5.30pm Hunters Plaza, Papatoetoe – South Auckland
9.00am – 9.00pm Lotus Plaza and Supermarket: Stoddart Road, Mt Roskil – Central Auckland
8.00am – 7.00pm Arkh Foods -West Auckland
8.00am – 7.30pm Food for Less – New Lynn
12.00pm – 6.00pm Papatoetoe Diwali (we will promote here)
SUNDAY(27/10) 10.00am – 4.30pm Hunters Plaza, Papatoetoe – South Auckland
9.00am – 9.00pm Lotus Plaza and Supermarket: Stoddart Road, Mt Roskil – Central Auckland
8.00am – 7.30pm Food For Less (Hamilton)
MONDAY(28/10) 9.00am – 5.30pm Hunters Plaza, Papatoetoe – South Auckland
9.00am – 9.00pm Lotus Plaza and Supermarket: Stoddart Road, Mt Roskil – Central Auckland
12.00pm – 9.00pm Manukau Diwali – Manukau
TUESDAY(29/10) 9.00am – 5.30pm Hunters Plaza, Papatoetoe – South Auckland
9.00am – 9.00pm Lotus Plaza and Supermarket: Stoddart Road, Mt Roskil – Central Auckland
WEDNESDAY(30/10) 9.00am – 5.30pm Hunters Plaza, Papatoetoe – South Auckland
9.00am – 9.00pm Lotus Plaza and Supermarket: Stoddart Road, Mt Roskil – Central Auckland
8.00am – 7.30pm Food For Less – Otahuhu
THURSDAY(31/10) 9.00am – 9.00pm Hunters Plaza, Papatoetoe – South Auckland
8.00am – 7.30pm Food For Less – Otahuhu
8.00am – 7.00pm Arkh Foods – West Auckland
8.00am – 7.30pm Food for Less (New Lynn)
Wednesday (23/10) 10.00am – 7.00pm Fiji High Commission. 31 Pipitea Street, Thorndon
Thursday (24/10) 10.00am – 7.00pm Fiji High Commission. 31 Pipitea Street, Thorndon
Friday (25/10) 10.00am – 7.00pm Fiji High Commission. 31 Pipitea Street, Thorndon
Saturday (26/10) 10.00am – 7.00pm Fiji High Commission. 31 Pipitea Street, Thorndon
Sunday (27/10) 10.00am – 7.00pm Fiji High Commission. 31 Pipitea Street, Thorndon
Monday (28/10) 10.00am – 7.00pm Fiji High Commission. 31 Pipitea Street, Thorndon
Tuesday (29/10) 10.00am – 7.00pm Fiji High Commission. 31 Pipitea Street, Thorndon
Wednesday (30/10) 10.00am – 7.00pm Fiji High Commission. 31 Pipitea Street, Thorndon
Thursday (31/10) 10.00am – 7.00pm Fiji High Commission. 31 Pipitea Street, Thorndon

Anonymous said...

Except for Fiji High Comm in Wellington and Hunters Plaza most of the venues are at Indian businesses.

No mention of Radio Tarana though.

Anonymous said...

Government has to be seen to be organising and holding fair elections but who knows what might go wrong and prompt it to take control as it did with Constitution.

SODELPLA and any Coalition have to work hard for votes but I see no sign of them impressing.

rajend naidu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
rajend naidu said...

Should we accept what Sir James Ah Koy says as gospel?
The former finance minister says "No one is good enough to unseat Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama in the 2014 elections" because of "the good work he has done" (Fiji Sun 2/10).
One of the good work he he done according to Sir James is to carry out his promised clean up campaign which "has resulted in the unearthing of many under the table deals made by past government"
Sir James should know about that.
He was part of virtually every past government in Fiji!
Nobody should be fooled.

Kamlesh Kumari said...

Heard this fella Mohammed Saneem on radio this morning...he sounded exactly like a monkey. He can't even speak proper English, he mumbles and that's exactly how a monkey communicates.

Anonymous said...



Mahen chaudhry states in media he is worried about free and fair elections. arre maichod; where was your worry when you supported the coup and became finance minister in the regime?

Does FLP have free and fair elections? Was you in-law, sachida 'toilet cleaner' nand's appointment to senate free and fair? Or did you manipulate it? Did you not in defiance of the committee's choice submit you family sachida's name?

You run the FLP like a dictator, and you want free and fair elections? you hypocrritical and crook.

Anonymous said...

Government is Jim Ah Koy's biggest and most profitable tenant. Government has just taken over the former American Embassy building owned by Jim Ah Koy at the rental of hundreds of thousand dollars. How can you expect Jim to talk against the government. Let the fun begin when there is a change in Government Ah Koy!

Anonymous said...

Quiz....How many times has Jim Ah Koy been married?

How many children legitimate and illegimate does Jim Ah Koy have?

You will be surprised...


Mahen is not robin hood. He is leader of 40 thieves, as in ali baba 40 thieves. The 40 thieves include in-law sachida, son rajen, mistress and rakhel asha lakhan, who control FLP, party of stupid monkeys. Modern day version of ali baba 40 chalis chor works by FLP brand used to raise funds in name of poor. Funds then diverted to secret cave, which is mahenwa's offshore bank account. mahen has password to cave/account - open sesame, or khul ja sim sim! what is intolerable is this cunning and devious maichod (muthafucker) still poses as champion of poor!


Gali gali me shor hai mahen chaudjhry bardqa chor hai...aur madarchod bhi hai (everyone knows mahen is a thief and a muthafucking thief at that)

Anonymous said...

anon 02:55pm
Looks like Mahen fucked one of your family member. Dont tell me you r Asha Lakhans husband. Or r u someone who wanted Mahen to fuck you but he didnt. Chill bro, there is other fish in the pond. Try qarase or pramod rae for a change

Khaiyum said...

anon@11.27AM. Do you count monkeys as his kids?

Anonymous said...

Ah Khoy is not a soothsayer. He is a "chuth"sayer that is a person who speaks from his arse!

Anonymous said...

this Saneem fala was he a court clerk before?


To Anon 3.13pm, Mahen did not fuck my family member. He fucked the poor; used them and fucked them, that's my gripe. I am not Asha 'the adulteress" Lakhan's husband. The biggest fish in the pond is your father mahen chor'dhry. So there will be no chilling out. the hypocrite will named and shamed.

Anonymous said...

ui Cakau refuses to speak after statement
Publish date/time: 23/10/2013 [15:10]

Print this page
Email this page The Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu has refused to say anything to Fijivillage after we contacted him on a statement released by Ratu Naiqama and Marama Na Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa.

Fijivillage was alerted about the signed statement released by Ratu Naiqama and Ro Teimumu only to the antigovernment blog sites.

We asked Ratu Naiqama if we can question him on the issues raised in the statement.

He said he will not take any questions and will not make any comments.
We also asked him why they are only releasing statements on the antigovernment blog sites but he said he will not say anything.

We contacted Ro Teimumu Kepa and when we introduced ourselves, she said that she could not hear us.

We have called her several times but there is no answer.

In the statement, the two chiefs said the international community should not recognize the 2013 Constitution.

They said the original and properly consulted version is the Yash Ghai Draft.

They also said that they have maintained all along that the perpetrators of the 2006 coup will do well to go before the chiefs and the people of Fiji for remorse rather than to rely on the provisions of the new constitution.

In the signed statement, the two chiefs said that they will continue to do all they can, within the bounds of what they can do within the laws of the country to campaign for the recognition of the group rights.

They also want the restoration of the Great Council of Chiefs, raised concern on the removal of the name Fijian for indigenous Fijians by Decree and the nationalization of companies established under matanitu iTaukei including all provincial companies and Fijian Holdings Limited.

They said their rights are breached when the reference to indigenous Fijians as Fijians was replaced by the label iTaukei and application of the label Fijian to all citizens of Fiji.

Ro Teimumu Kepa and Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu said those individuals that disagree with native group rights should simply declare their choice, cut off their connection with their native groups and delete their names from their Vola Ni Kawa Bula.

Meanwhile, in an earlier statement, Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama had made it clear during the disestablishment of the Great Council of Chiefs that we should all look at ourselves as citizens of one nation.

He explained why the GCC had to be disestablished.

Anonymous said...

Bai sona levu what's the GCC got to do with other citizens? ULUKAU
Why should the chiefs speak to spineless Fiji media?

Anonymous said...


tribal warrior said...

of course all citizens but that does not mean all indigenous who have rights protected under international law...that's got nothing to do with race...just being the original inhabitants and owners of the lands...first come first served..

Anonymous said...

naiqama "Child Abuser" lalabalavu and teimumu "tarr cocksucker" kepa are shits

Anonymous said...

SANEEM IS BS---he has to be careful. There is a new hit-killers out there in Nort Ayckland---a 7 virgins can get him dead---and that applys to Kayassu too, than hit Bai last right in Fiji soil--to revenge for all the blood bai had murdered in the Fijian soil...blood in the soil of Fiji is crying every day for justice...

Anonymous said...

However dictator Bai does not understand "ORIGINAL INHABITANTS" is absolutely differ from " EMMIGRATIING evil assholes"

Anonymous said...

SODELPA says the name Fijian is only for indigenous Fijians
Publish date/time: 23/10/2013 [17:07]

Print this page
Email this page
The Social Democratic and Liberal Party has backed the statement by Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu and Ro Teimumu Kepa, saying the party still believes that the name Fijian is only for indigenous Fijians.

Senior SODELPA official, Doctor Tupeni Baba maintained that the party does not recognize the 2013 constitution and does not recognize Fijian as the common name for all the citizens of the country.

Doctor Baba said SODELPA and others who stand by this should not be termed as racists because they are just asking for the protection of their group rights and name.

He said there was no referendum on the common name to be Fijian.

Meanwhile, Doctor Baba maintains that the Great Council of Chiefs should be reinstated.

Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has maintained all along that the common name for all the citizens will be Fijian and this was also a non negotiable for the 2013 constitution.

The official name for the indigenous Fijians is itaukei.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

And of course the significance and solution to this is what's going to determine how Fiji moves forward in the world and food gets put on the table for all.

Anonymous said...

How fucken dumb are the SODELPA idiots?

If you are a citizen of Australia you are Australian.

If you are a citizen of Canada you are Canadian.

If you are a citizen of Fiji you ARE FIJIAN.

It is not a term of art. It does not rely on any legal document it is a straight up FACT.

The FLP are a bunch of Chor sucking assholes. SODELPA are a bunch of out of date has beens.

Who are we to vote for? It can't be Bai/Kai. It cant be the ChorLP it can be the SODUMHELPUS. Who is left? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Khaiyum said...

You Indians who are saying bad things about Fijians and the chiefs, watch your cock sucking mouths because a cassava will end up navigating your mouths.

This Saneem monkey fella is one dumb shit, he can't speak English, he sound like a monkey and he does look like a monkeys ass.

Viti Boy said...

Fact Number !. The GCC was created by our past colonial masters. It was done to keep the peace and mobilise the masses. They only needed to provide bribes to the GCC and the Colonials had the nation under its control.

Prior to that Viti was a group of different tribes and regions. There was no one group in control.

Over time the GCC became dictators in their own right. Since 2006 we have had another kind of dictator.

We want our own village and region to have a voice. As individuals we want to have our own voice.

We need our traditional lands and culture protected by law. We don't need the GCC to tell us what to do. We don't want the IG to tell us what is best for us. WE WANT DEMOCRACY. WE WANT BASIC LAND RIGHTS.

We don't want greedy chiefs and greedy politicians stealing what is collectively owned by individuals and groups.

This response above is to allow the GCC to dictate once more. We want rights to our ancestral land. We don't need the GCC.

rajend naidu said...

What Fiji Labour Party leader and former prime minister Mahendra Chaudhry says in the article 'Little to celebrate, says FLP' (Fiji Sun 11/10) is indeed a matter for serious reflection. He says "At Independence we were a parliamentary democracy with a Constitution that guaranteed our people their basic human rights and freedoms and fully protected the interests of the indigenous as well as other communities that make up our society". We did indeed have the hallmarks of a good multiracial democracy at Independence in 1970.
But instead of building on that foundation today - 43 years later - Fiji has "regressed as a nation".
Chaudhry says "The reason for this can be squarely placed on the four coups since 1987 staged with the assistance of the army, by misguided ultra nationalists, opportunists and the greed of failed politicians and unscrupulous business interests".
This is true. What is also true is that as a successful politician Chaudhry too undermined democratic good governance when he became Prime Minister. He too needs to reflect on how he contributed to our country going to the dogs. And, I am sure he will.
But I don't think the bulk of the people will. It is more convenient to engage in navel gazing and going with the flow. And the flow is to pretend we have done very well as a nation despite all the setbacks. Hence all the hype about Fiji Day Celebrations.
Critical reflection to make a critical appraisal on where our country really is today from where it was in 1970 is spoiling the mood of the celebrations.
The masses don't like that. For them it's about bread and circus not democracy!

Anonymous said...

Constitutional expert Yash Ghai says he doubts if Fiji PM Frank Bainimarama has read constitution. Radio Australia

An expert whose draft for Fiji's Constitution was scrapped by the interim government says he doubts interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has read his government's replacement version.

In January, the Fijian government scrapped the draft constitution drawn up by an independent commission led by Professor Yash Ghai.

A replacement version was signed into law in September.

Professor Ghai has told Australia Network's Newsline program Commodore Bainimarama's comparisons between the commission's draft and the final product have been flawed.

"I think most dictators have a great capacity for self deception and he may be suffering from that," he said.

"I doubt if he has read the Constitution - he just repeats what his Attorney General tells him to say, and those are his words."

"He has made various statements about our Constitution which are inaccurate in his criticism [and] he has said many things in praise of their Constitution which are inaccurate."

The new document will replace the 1997 constitution that was set aside by the military regime four years ago.

Anonymous said...

It includes reforms to the electoral system, a clause on free speech and a Bill of Rights.

Professor Ghai says while parts of the final version borrow from his work, they are undermined by other alterations or omissions.

"For example, they have taken a fair bit from our Bill of Rights, but they have an over-arching sort of provision whereby it'd be very easy for Parliament to disregard a human right, whereas in our case there was an article dealing with limitations," he said.

"The whole scheme of a Bill of Rights can come to nought if they declare an emergency [and] there are no safeguards that we had built into the scheme for declaring an emergency.

"So now they have a carte blanche basically to, to de-supply or set aside the whole Bill of Rights."
Electoral system

Professor Ghai says he's also disappointed with the changes to the electoral system from the draft version.

Under the new system, individual regional constituencies have been abolished in favour of one national constituency - a change which the government says will force politicians to adopt a national focus.

Professor Ghai says the changes favour larger parties because they have to secure five per cent of the vote.

He says the use of an 'Open List' system - where the number of candidates elected for each party is based on the party's overall vote - also adds to the complexity.

"In an Open System...you can cross out the ordering of the party and change the order - which is a good thing, it gives people, the voters the power not to have to stick to the list drawn by the party," he said.

"Then they can add other names too - they can put somebody down there who is not even on the list.

"It means that the ballot paper could be very long, huge - I know that people in Fiji are used to quite complex electoral systems but this one is going to be very hard to cope with for most people."

Rights groups have raised concerns about the constitution's inclusion of a clause giving immunity to those behind the 2006 coup.

Professor Ghai says clauses on immunity were included in his draft because of pressure from the attorney-general and the prime minister.

He says the original version would have forced those seeking immunity to apologise.

"The immunity we gave, requires a prior oath by the people who seek its benefit to apologise for what they did, to say they would never, ever again do things like this, only then does the immunity come.

"Many, many people told us that: 'If they apologise, if they show that they are sorry and acknowledge that they have broken somebody's sacred rules, we will of course give them immunity'.

"But they wanted some recognition on the part of these people that they did something wrong and they would never, ever again do something like that."

Professor Ghai says there are also concerns with the difficulty in changing the constitution, and that several Decrees by the current government will remain in force after the elections.

He says he remains hopeful that Fiji may still be forced by pressure from the international community to adopt his version of the constitution.

No room for thugs in Fiji said...

Police investigating beating of man by eight soldiers!

Over extra marital affair!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha Fiji Village story funny.

"We contacted Ro Teimumu Kepa and when we introduced ourselves, she said that she could not hear us.

We have called her several times but there is no answer."

Anonymous said...

anon 9:04pm, teimumu couldnt hear as she had a loat of tarr's white shit clogging her eardrum. remember when late sailosi kepa caught teimumu sneaking out of tarr's residence midday. she was definately there to enjoy some english lunch. it seems like effect is still around hahaha....

Anonymous said...

Premila Kumar and Nil Sharma should be locked up together in one room.Nil will talk about doctors doing research.Premila will talk about the deficiency of service of doctors."deficiency" is Premila's favourite lingo--must have learnt from Jai Karan --the grog seller's son from Tavua.

Anonymous said...

i hear harold former ftib staff retired after taking chinese bribes.

Anonymous said...

Dr Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap None-Done should hang his rotten head in shame after what Proff Ghai is saying now.The Idiot SP nandan supports the Bai-Kai constitution.What was the idiot doing going around the country with Ghai ?--SP None-Done-you are the laughing stock of academics here ,in NZ ,Aust and even Canada.--writer,author--my arse !!

FLP dictator Mahen Chaudhry said...

Bainimarama is dictator of Fiji.
mahen chaudhry is dictator of FLP.
not much difference.
but mahen lecture bainimarama.
there is a saying in hindi.
"pahle appan ghar safa karo, fir dusre ke ghar jhako. Loosely translated it means clean your arse first before peeking and sniffing at others' arse to see if they clean.

maichod mahen is very good at preaching about transparency, accotntability, democeacy etc, but practices none of it.

Anonymous said...

Eight soldiers attacking one man for extra marital affairs. What a shame. That is the problem too much boasting can not satisfy the wife. wife find someone else outside to give her satisfaction .Sa dina ga mataivalu ni soli sona.Vebuturaki yavu poofter.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Village,Why are you hunting for Ro Teimumu. She has said her views. But you can not publish anything negative about Bainimarama despite of the facts that they are illegally runnning the Fiji government and ndouing so many thuings illegally all media outlets are frighten to publish them Why.Its time you people front up and nbe balance in your reporting fro the truth to prevail.

Anonymous said...

Premilla's husband Jai Kumar has no qualification but holds director marketing position at USP.

It is sad people like him are at USP.

Jai Kumar was removed by this government for corrupt practice and helping his wife's family - Karan's export based at Bureta Road when he was employed by govcernment.

I am shocked how he has ended up at USP!

Anonymous said...

Jai Kumar corruptly earned per diem when he was employed by government.

Premilla pretender has achieved nothing but puts make up and shows her self on T.V.

Doesn't she look like a prostitute!

Maharaj former chairman was rubing her when she became the CEO for consumer council.

Grog sellers daughter anyway!

Anonymous said...

They are very highly qualified and experienced people in Fiji who should have got the post of director marketing at USP.

Not Jai Kumar!

Premilla should investigate this and tell on T.V.the criteria Rajesh v.c.used to give her husband director at USP.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know wats all this about Premila n jai.....who r doing their work honestly !!!! R u guys jealous!!!! A pity cause u can learn a lot from them.....Premila will make a good pm.....n hope she will kick butts like u......stop being bitter....not good for the soul!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jai Kumar started off in USP on a 1 month contract which got extended until he got a longer contract. This was on direct orders of Rajesh the VC.
No advertisements etc ,,,,breach of procedures and all illegal.
Yep - the new Fiji and USP ,,,,,corruption and cronysm but covered up by self glorifications in FBC and a useless moronic Fiji media led by the usp dick head and matai

Anonymous said...

Premilla and Jai are con artist.

Indeed I was surprised how could Jai get a job at USP!

Can someone tell what qualification he has!

I know he was terminated from government job.

What has Premilla contributed to the people.

Cost of living is all time very high in the history of Fiji.

Why can't she be talking about all this basic things for people!

Anonymous said...

Media and journalist in Fiji have no ethics and cannot publish and write fair views of everyone.

Group of cowards!

Only person who can speak is Mahen and Professor Wadan Narsey.

Anonymous said...

what about jyoti pratibha and graham davis? aren't they presenting fair views?

Anonymous said...

My God I was shocked to see the fingers of Premilla Kumar on T.V.

Even man's fingers are not like hers.

Just have a look!

Anonymous said...

Ah Koy has ALWAYS and will be always a big time BIG time con man.
He is an opportunist and has no ethics and personal moral values.Remember the time he was Chinese Ambassador and the big talk about tavioka as a potential for ethanol?

Anonymous said...

Come on why are you pocking your nose on personal issues of the marama Rokotiu Dreketi. Ok Filipes father is not a chief and not from rewa but his mother is now the paramount chief of Rewa.We Fijian we have two villages where you can count youself in either you fathers village or you mothers village. its not necessary that you only a member of your fathers clan you can also be counted in your mothers clan. so stop that nonsence you do not know whta you are saying. There is no confusion what so ever cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

Ask Jim the con Man AhKoy a chinese but in the VKB as a Fijian. How ? that would probably answer the frustration and confusion you have Filipe Kepa is a genuine Fijian.

Komai said...

Jim AhKoy is a professional political prostitute. Just look at his history. First he joins Alliance Party,than he moves to SVT, Than he becomes a good boy to Qarase, finally he sucks up to present regime. No wonder in early 60's when he played soccer for Suva was chased and watermelon was thrown at him in Nadi. Suva team was escorted out of Nadi by police for their safety.

Anonymous said...

Komai, If Jima ah Koy is a professional political prostitute, I wonder what Tupeni Baba will be. Professional Global Slut. His daughter is really walking this talk. Being married to a 90 year old rag in Timoci Tuivaga, she constantly visits tropic towers with this white gentleman from one of the road construction companies. I'll say that slutiness run in the Baba family..

Implications at the core of forced name change said...

"Sodelpa says term Fijian not universally accepted.

Posted at 05:22 on 24 October, 2013 UTC

A member of Fiji’s Sodelpa Party, Dr Tupeni Baba, says the decision to use the name Fijian for all citizens raises questions about land ownership and rights for indigenous Fijians.

Three years ago, the government decreed that iTaukei replace the word Fijian or indigenous or indigenous Fijian in all written documents.

The regime has also decided that all citizens be called Fijian.
But Dr Baba says many do not want the name Fijian because it implies they are taking over from indigenous people.

“’Various changes in the constitution about ownership of land, about group rights, all these things would have to take place to ensure that this name doesn’t interfere with the ownership of land with the institutions and other things that relates specifically to indigenous peoples.’”

Dr Tupeni Baba says the name Fijian has been imposed on everybody without consultation and it’s impossible to assume everyone agrees."

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Komai said...

Anon @ 2:41 PM---- In That case maybe Jim Ah Koi and Tupeni Baba should both go to Sukuna Park and find a new profession.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sir James M Ah Koy ,KBE ,Founder & Governing Director,Kelton Group Of Companies ,always borrows moneys from ordinary people on the street for parking meter ,he says I don't have loose change. Any comments from any victims

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:31 AM Maybe that is how Ah Koy made his millions.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be surprised if Graham Davis did ghost pen Ah Koy's remarks. He needs the extra cash. Davis is also fond of using arcane literary illusions that date him for the old geezer he is.

An endorsement by Ah Koy would be a kiss of death in a normal society. The man is a greedy, selfish, bigoted traitor. He should be hanged for treason and his ill-begotten land and other assets distributed to the indigent and needy.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis? Presenting fair views? Hahahahahaha! Hohohohohoho!

Anonymous said...

To that list of political prostitute Inoke Kubuabola's name should not miss out. As a matter of fact he could be the head and march on to Sukuna Park and lead the other two.

Anonymous said...

I really hate this man and hope jesus takes him sooner rather than later to relieve ourselves of this chinaman,

Anonymous said...

Every coup traitor in Fiji's history has tried to blame their treason on God. Frank is the only one so far who has even tried to avoid that mistake. And he was doing OK until Mr Ah Koy decided to let loose with this howler. Ah Koy needs to go back and read his Bible and see how God interacts with unrepentant sinners before trying to make silly statements like this, again.

Anonymous said...

Jim Ah Koy's "Man of Destiny" - the man with the gun who took over the country illegally - will resign as Commander of the Fiji Military to contest in elections ( as reported in the media). But before he resigns he will plant his man as Commander and his henchmen in the military hierrachy to ensure business can continue as usual.Mark my word on this.