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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The statement from Rewa and Cakaudrove Chiefs that has Fiji media running in circles

"We advise therefore that rather than removing the entrenched provision from the constitution, terminating the GCC and passing other laws and policies to terminate or compromise our group rights and to thereby nationalize our companies and institutions, those individuals that disagree with native Fijian group rights should simply declare their choice, cut off their connection with their native groups and delete their names from their VKB."

Chief of Rewa: Ro Teimumu Kepa

1. Introduction
We issue this statement in response to the Constitution that is
Caukdrove chief (middle) Naiqama Lalabalavu
now passed by the Interim Military Government (IMG). We do so with the mandate we have, as the customary heads of Fiji’s Tribal Confederacies or the Vanua, whose population constitute over 57% of this country and whose members continue to live and organize themselves under their customary institutions within their tribes, their Vanua, Yavusa, Villages, Mataqalis, Tokatokas and Family Units.

We select this day 10th October 2013 to release this statement in response to the Constitution of the IMG because this day is significant. Today is Fiji Day. It is the 10th of October.

It was on this very same day in 1874 that our ancestors and our Chiefs signed the Deed of Cession, to cede this country to the British Crown in exchange for the Crowns promise, contained under clause 4 and clause 7 of that Deed, to protect their land rights and their way of life under their customary Institutions and Chiefly system.

The essence of clause 4 and clause 7, in addition to being transmitted to the domestic laws of this country, initially under the Native Affairs Ordinance of 1876 which is currently maintained under the Fijian Affairs Act, the Native Lands Ordinance of 1882 which is currently maintained under the Native Lands Act of 1905 and the Native Lands Trust Act of 1940, have been entrenched in every previous Constitution of this country until removed by the IMG in its Constitution of 6th September 2013.

It was always so as the Crown and successive government after that were obliged, because of Clause 4 and Clause 7, to respect our land rights, our custom, our tradition and our chiefly institutions in exchange for our chiefs giving up the sovereign authority of this land.

And now it is apparent the IMG has seen it fit to deny us that respect by removing those entrenched provisions from its Constitution. It is a wanton act and the highest form of disrespect and it did so with a very clear motive and intent.

2. The IMG Constitution
We have examined this IMG Constitution for what it is and what it intends to achieve. It confirms all that we have anticipated and feared and therefore it must be objectively described for what it is.

We say to the public and to the international community that this constitution does not carry the mandate of the will of the people of Fiji, as a constitution should. The original and properly consulted version, known as the Yash Gai Draft, was burnt and its content edited in isolation before being taken about to the public.

Like the “Peoples Charter” that has gone before it, this edited version was taken around the public under a well orchestrated and controlled media to create the impression to the international community that the Public has been widely consulted and has consented to it , when in truth it has not done so.

This constitution, in all objectivity, is designed to keep the perpetrators of the 2006 coup and their advisers from accounting for their unlawful actions in removing a democratically elected government. We caution that, however hard they may try and whatever way they may wish to do so, even using the provision of a constitution such as this, the will of the people and the Court of Appeal decision in Qarase v Bainimarama of 2009 will still have their final say on them. It is because they carry the essence of mandate and judicial authority. For those are caveats which we cannot avoid or bypass.

It is the reason also why we have maintained all along that the perpetrators of the 2006 coup will do well to go before the chiefs and the people of Fiji for remorse rather than to rely on the provisions of this constitution to exonerate them. They choose a different path and history will judge them.

The essence of a Democracy is representative government, clear separation of power, independent constitutional positions, accountability, transparency and the protection of the rights of citizens. These are the necessary elements that a constitution must have, and those factors must be properly set about, to ensure the outcome of a true Democracy. We say that this constitution is plainly lacking in these factors. There are experts who have already given their views, and continue to do so, on those short comings but we limit our comments here on its failure to protect the group rights of indigenous Fijians.

3. Group Rights
The essence of Group Rights is identity, manifested in the uniqueness of the way of life of a group; in our case the indigenous people or native inhabitants of this country, Fiji. It refers to our language, our custom, and our tradition, our customary institutions, our traditional knowledge or the totality of our culture and our cultural way of living entrenched in the customary ownership of land that give it meaning. It refers to the need to safe guard and protect them to maintain our identity as a group. These measures are now recognized and protected under the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention 169 that Fiji ratified in 1998 and the 2007 UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights.

We know as a fact that from as early as 2006, when the IMG took power by force, it had moved about purposely to remove all semblance of our group rights and dismantle institutions that manifest them. The IMG argued that it was a necessary measure to bring about equality or “equal citizenry” as the IMG calls it. Its purpose was all too clear in its policy announcements, laws passed and even in its submission to the 81st session of UN committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) in August 2012 where it argued that customary institutions like the GCC, are a source of discrimination, that must be dismantled.

Needless to say the CERD warned the IMG that it was wrong to do so and that it may be committing an act of discrimination by doing so. The CERD also cautioned the IMG that, contrary to what it is doing, it must recognize indigenous rights for native Fijians in the same way that it recognize individual rights and the group rights of others and the challenge is for IMG to make sure that none topples the other.

The CERD even went further to conclude that the IMG, by its action, maybe in breach breach of ILO C169 and the permanent and inalienable rights of native Fijians.

The contents of this constitution confirms beyond doubt that the IMGs program to remove indigenous rights and dismantle customary institution that began in earnest in 2006 is now consolidated and perpetuated further by this document.

In case it is not clear to anyone, we outline again the details of policies and laws passed by the IMG since 2006 to either remove, dismantle, or compromise our group rights and to nationalize and take control of customary institutions that belong to us. We do this because at various times either at village level, or Tikina level or provincial level or when confronted by the Vanua on these questions the reply by the IMG has been either a denial or silence or reference to the Bill of Rights which address individual rights and not Group Rights.

4. Policies Implemented By The IMG In Breach Of Our Group Rights.
The following are some policies that have been implemented by the IMG since 2006 that are in breach of our group rights that are recognized under ILO C169 and the 2007 UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights directly or because they are made either to dismantle our customary institutions, to compromise the independence of native institutions or made without obtaining our prior and informed consent:

1. The announcement in 2007 that the Great Council of Chiefs is to be suspended indefinitely.

2. The continuing effort by the IMG to remove and replace individuals and chiefs, who oppose its policies, from the customary institutions established by law including, Provincial Councils, Fijian(iTaukei) Affairs Board, Native(iTaukei) Land Trust Board and Fijian (iTaukei) Trust Fund.

3. The Nationalisation and assumption of control over native Fijians semi autonomous native government ( Matanitu Taukei ) administered under the Fijian (iTaukei) Affairs Act.

4. The Nationalisation, and assumption of control over all companies established under Fiji's Semi autonomous Native Government (matanitu iTaukei) including all provincial companies and Fijian Holdings Limited.

5. The appointment of government sympathisers to man the semi autonomous native government (matanitu iTaukei) and Native Land Trust Board, the Government agency that administers native land to maintain control.

5. Laws passed by the IMG In Breach Of Our Group Rights
The following are some of the laws that have been passed by the IMG since 2006 that are in breach of our group rights recognized under ILO C169 and the 2007 UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights directly or because they are made either to dismantle our customary institutions, to compromise the independence of native institutions or made without obtaining our prior and informed consent:

1. Fijian Trust Fund (Amendment) (No. 2) Decree 2009 to remove the authority of the chiefs from appointing members to the Fijian Trust Board and substituting it with the government.

2. Native Land Trust Act (Amendment)(No. 31) Decree 2009 to amend Section three(3) of that Act to remove the appointing authority of the chiefs to the Native Land Trust Board and its replacement by the government.

3. Fijian Affairs (Amendment) (No. 31) Decree 2010 to terminate reference to indigenous Fijian’s as Fijian’s, to be replaced by the label iTaukei and application of the label Fijian to all citizens of Fiji.

4. Native land Trust (Amendment) (No. 32) Decree 2010 to amend Section 3 of that Act to vest control of that institution on the minister replacing the President as representative of the chiefs and customary landowners and removing chiefly representation to the board replacing if with the IMG as sole appointing authority.

5. iTaukei Affairs (Amendment)(No. 22) Decree 2012 to amend part 2 of that Act to remove and terminate the existence of the Great Council of Chiefs.

6. iTaukei Land Trust (Amendment) (No. 20) Decree 2012 to amend S19 A of that Act to remove the Great Council of Chiefs as authority to determine customary ownership and its replacement with IMG.

7. iTaukei Lands(Amendment)(No. 21) Decree 2012 to amend S19 of that act to remove the Great Council of Chiefs as authority to determine customary ownership and its replacement IMG.

8. iTaukei Trust Fund (Amendment)(No. 23) Decree 2012 to amend the long title of the Act to remove any reference to the Great Council of Chiefs and need to provide for its financial autonomy.

9. September 6th Constitution. The previous constitutions of Fiji including in 1997 constitution and the 1970 constitution all contained within it entrenched provision to protect Native Fijian Land Right And Right of Limited Autonomy with the Great Council of Chiefs as its head. Those entrenched provisions are now removed in the IMG’s 6th September constitution.

6. Need To Protect Our Group Rights
The entrenched provisions of previous constitutions, on our land rights and customary institutions including recognition of the Great council of Chiefs were put there to manifest the government’s treaty obligation to our ancestors and to our chiefs in exchange for our ancestors and chiefs surrendering the sovereign authority of these lands. We humbly request and call upon the IMG to respect and restore this as the UN Special Rappatuer on indigenous people, Professor Anaya, has called upon countries to respect their treaty obligations to their indigenous peoples.

We request, as we call upon the IMG to respect our group rights by restoration of the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC) as well as policies and laws that have been passed since 2006 that are in breach of the rights recognized for us under the ILO C169 that Fiji Ratified in 1998 and under the 2007 UN Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples.

The Group Rights of Indigenous Fijians is not the concern only of the indigenous population of Fiji. It is the concern of all right thinking Fiji citizens who proudly share in the ownership of its unique identity.

We say here with unreserved authority that we will continue to do all we can, within the bounds of what we can do within the laws of this county to campaign for the recognition of our group rights notwithstanding the removal of the entrenched provision from this Constitution, nor the termination of the GCC by Decree, nor the removal of our name by Decree, nor the many laws and policies that have been passed to terminate and compromise those rights and nationalize our native companies and institutions.

It is because we are sincere in our belief that our group rights are real, objective, legal and inalienable.

It is the reason also why we want to demand those who do not agree with them to leave us and our rights alone. Our mentor the late Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna had reminded us many times over that we acquire them by descent and practice. But we have the choice always to opt to leave them simply by cutting off connections with your native group, by moving elsewhere and deleting your names from your respective VKB (register) of Mataqalis, Yavusas and tribes.

We advise therefore that rather than removing the entrenched provision from the constitution, terminating the GCC and passing other laws and policies to terminate or compromise our group rights and to thereby nationalize our companies and institutions, those individuals that disagree with native Fijian group rights should simply declare their choice, cut off their connection with their native groups and delete their names from their VKB.


Dated this 10th Day of October 2013



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Wakue up dumb Bainimarama said...

Region has always known it to be Fijian for native Fijian and Indo Fijian Indians of Fiji.

Trying to make it Fijian for everyone doesn't solve problems of the country, it just exarcebates them.

Anonymous said...

Finally,the two Fijian supreme Chiefs has now issued their statements, for the world to
hear us through them,
and understand where we
Thank you Ro-Teimumu and the Tui Cakau, for coming out and revealing
to all Fijians of where you both stand?
Yes Huston we really have a
problem? Both Supreme Chiefs
right in demanding the protection of our Indigenous rights?
O keimami
na gone i Taukei ka tu ena British
Army keimami tokona nai le ka
rau navuca na Noda Tui e cake!
Fijians first, and we've always prepared & ready to return home
whenever our services is needed by
our Supreme Chiefs?
we're not happy about the
Constitution, and as you've probably read on this democratic
blog site, that we've burnt the
constitution in Ireland,Wales,Scotland & England?
Like i said, were waiting for the call?

Anonymous said...

What a load of racist (oh sorry 'group rights")garbage
The so called democracy crusaders exercise their "god given" authority over their people.
This is barbarous ideology that may have been relevant in the old cannibalistic times.
the idea that a native iTaukei should renounce their VKB rights just because we hold a different opinion to our "god installed" chiefs is total nonsence
Who gave us the name Fijians, this was given by the kaivalangi, this was given to represent the people of Fiji. Our indian brothers had not arrived in Fiji at that time. Fijian is not a native term.
I hope someone at this one sided blog site has the courage to also publish opposing views such as this one

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck gave teimumu and lalabalavu the right to decide who can be in vola ni kawa bula and who cannot? Who gave them right define fijianess? I came to this born born a fijian so who the fuck are these two tryng to take away my birthright? you are not my chief anyway. This is chiefly arrogance of the highest order. Two chiefs thinking they are god. Why should I listen to two adulteress people? Why don't they remove their names from vola ni kawa bula for un-chiefly like behaviour? Lalabalavu for seducing a younger girl and making her pregnant and temumu for seducing a younger married man. This is shameful and unchiefly and unchristian behaviour. so you two remove your names now from vola ni kawa bula. you are a disgrace. I do not recognise you because of you unchiefly behaviour. that does not mean I am not fijian. you can't take that away from me. i was born that way. get it?

Sobalaune said...

Ratu Naiqama and Ro Teimumu speak for all of us Fijians registered in the VKB Register.

Thank you to the two high Chiefs.

You have vocalised our demands and we will not agree to anything less. We stand ready to fight for our rights.

Special thanks to you Anon 24 Oct at 11.14 AM, the British Army soldier for your loyal support to our chiefs and people in adding to our demand to maintain our race, identity, culture, traditions and land.

Our demands do not mean we are against other races in Fiji having rights in Fiji as citizens. No, because without the other races with us together Fiji would not have achieved all that we had enjoyed before 2006.

Future Fiji is for all of us to live in, enjoy, call home and be free to pursue your dreams.

Our problems lie in the racial divisions that exist which had been exploited by some scrupulous people for personal gains.

We should learn to live together harmoniously, based on respect, love and accepting each other as fellow Fiji citizens, brothers and sisters with citizenship rights.

But Fijians as anywhere else in the world have a special place in Fiji and it is our challenge to resolve any conflicts that communal rights may throw up..if there is a problem there must be an acceptable solution found by listening to each other, by give and take and respect for each other.

Anonymous said...

@anonynous 11.55 am

As far some of us taukei Fijians are concerned, they represent what the majority of Fijians are simmering about behind the scenes for fear of victimisation by this corrupt and indictive dictatorship of the IMG. Despite some of us trying to get on with our lives or earning our honest keep to survive, we have suffered too much one way or another and that is through our families, friends and relatives, and not the least we are all suffering the economic pain. Extreme as the views of Naiqama and Teimumu maybe, we subscribe to them because IMG has created this general feeling amongst us. The analougy is simple. We can't call a person of Indian origin living in China a chinese nor vice-versa. They'd kill for it. These countries like ours have had their indigenous habitants take on the adopted names of their countries as the apt and common description of their ethnicity. Only anglo-dominated colonial countries took on their countries' adopted names as the common description of their citizens. Rt Naiqama and Teimumu are neither my chiefs, but i salute them and i will defend their right to speak their views on what they think hurts the "real Fijian" conscience more.


This two chiefs should stay away from politicing this issue and stay in their villages, learn to work hard and teach the younger generation the value of accepting and loving people from all nations, kindred, tongue and people.

A citizen of Fiji, indigenous or otherwise should be known as a Fijian..it is a no-brainer
A Fijian is one that protects the nation rather than his/her own interests..these two Chiefs failed big-time
They should pluck out the plank of racism from their eyes..Fijians have had enough!

[_]3 said...

It is comical to read these statements about these 2 chiefs commenting about democratic rights, which fit definition of an Oxymoron.

S. Buta said...

You fucking Indians should shut the fuck up. You will never be Fijians, you will always be known as Indians. Go back to India assholes.

Voreqe Bainimarama, PM of Fiji said...

You Indians are delusional, you will never be Fijians because you will always be known as Indians. Get the fuck out of Fiji you assholes.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.32
U are the extra moron!!!
Go the chiefs and fck BKC and the 2013 Constitution,,,,
Time will be up soon!!!

BC said...

Ira na sotia ulukau mai Delainabua e sa sogo tu na gusudra.
E sa sogo tu ena i lavo kei na boci nei Bainimarama era sa kubuta tu.

O Bainimarama sa kubuta tu na boci nei Kaiyum.

O kaiyum sa liutaki kemuni kece tu vakadua.
O Kaiyum e vola na Constitution ka sa fikataka tu ekea o koya me luluqa mai nai qaqalo ni kaiviti mai na nona qele.

O iko "änonymous 11:55" na yacamu e sa na tu ga e na VKB ia sa na sega na kemu qele baleta na lawa vou ni Constitution is the government has the right to take any land by force and will keep it for as long as it likes.

Ya ni sega ni raica rawa tiko o kemuni na sotia ni veivutusona tiko qori i Delainabua.

Ni kubu tiko ga vakauakauwa na qalai Bainimarama kei Kaiyum, baleta sa yaco tu ga e kea na kaukauwa ni nomuni vakasama.
Ni yavu sotia ulukau.

Anonymous said...

While I respect these two chiefs for who they are in their provinces; they are no less puppets for so-called advisers. They are being used in the same way Frank is to Aiyarse.

Fuck all in the big city!!

Anonymous said...

anon@11:34am & anon@11:55am...BAI
who you're trying to kid?
Damn man
your footsteps is all over the place?
Look Bai, you're a dumb-ass
so what the fuck are you trying to do?
You came up with all this bullshit, in your attempt to entrapped these two high-Chiefs, so
you can charged them in the New
electoral decrees and thus unable
them to stand & run for the election?
Your trick in
sending reporters from the Fiji
Village news, to interview them was
a clear ruse, in your blockhead plan
to have them say something to the
reporters, which you can used to
press charges against them?
But look here blockhead, they're too
frieken smart for you?
They actually beat and out played you,
at your own game, by refusing
to make any statement to your
news medias?
You are nothing but
an ambarrasement to every living Fijian Men and women of this century?
'Ok so Dr Baba has now made
the ultimate scrafice ,so you go ahead and charge him in your new
Khaiyum electoral decree?
Please make him a martyr, why don't you?
Don't you know how the Indians
kicked-out the British from India
because they didn't want the British to call themselves Indians?
The British had lived in India for
over 500 years before the Indians
booted them out???So howcome the
Indian don't classified themselves
a racist than,but point the racist
fingure at Fijian who hasn't kicked out anyone yet,and or just doesn't want
to be classified, with anyone else?

Mata vai paisa said...

I don't trust over horny chiefs who can't control the thing in their pants and betray their partners. As someone said, it is unchristian. These two looking after their own interests and try to grad us all in. Both of these chiefs have tried this before. It is called exploiting their people to regain the lost power and the paisa!

Anonymous said...

a rose by any other name is still a rose, so why do Indians want to hide from their true ethnic identity. It seems to be a hangup with them to be identified with their forefathers in India. Like Ah Koi who is trying to hide from his Chinese father. Perhaps it is the reflection of the gods they serve.

Anonymous said...

Really Anon 05:16pm...Does that apply to all Indians that are Christians as well? No wonder Fiji is so screwed with. Its because the majority have been serving the wrong god. Join Islam my brother. You will find all your answers

Anonymous said...

Anon 05:16, thats exactly what Bainimarama is saying. All citizens of Fiji are Fijians and the natives and owners of resources are to be called an "I-Taukei". If you rav your blocked mind abit bit, you will feel proud that you have got the deserved identity of being called a race in your own language. Or r u so pleased with the English that you want to be referred to by an English terminlogy. Go figure. Put some coconut oil in your brain to remove the grease clogging it

Anonymous said...

Na noda vola i ena vola ni kawa bula se warai e warai ni dua e mai lewa. Eda sa vakalolomataki tu mada mai nai taukei ena dua na gauna balavu ena nodra veiliutaki tu Turaga kei na Marama Bale ni noda vanua. Kei veisau na yaca mai na Fijian ki nai Taukei e warai saraga ni dua na ka e kauta mai, ena kauta ga mai na rusa,nai valu kei na vakaloloma ena noda vanua lomani. Meu na vakaraitaka vakadodonu sara nikua ena yaco na ka qo me levu sara, ena yaco me ra na vakaitavi mai na vanua lelevu ena soli ni yaragi, tauyavutaki na rebel groups (sa tauvutaki oti tu ena 2000), qo ena vakabibi tiko vei ira era tiko i valagi ka sa curuma tu na nodra dra na Human Rights. Na kena i balebale o Viti ena lesu tale ena veikanikani, era na mate na noda era vakatawa vanua tiko kara qai mai veidredrevaki yani na sa mai tiko e valagi. O Viti ena tautauvata kei ira na veivanua vakataki Lybia, Iraki, Afghanistan, Liberia etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Guys, keep the hatred up and no Indo Fijian will want to live in Fiji anyway. A strategy Rabuka and Qarase used very effectively. Opposition to the military government was never about democracy. Its all about bringing back nationalists and racists back in power. Even though Bainimara was wrong with the coup, he will win the election because the alternative is supporting nationalists. No progressive Fijian will support them.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.49pm
Kua so na veivakarerei ulukau. Leqa tiko ni o iko sa via turaga bale usuraki mai.
Dou vakagalala laivi me rawa na ti galala mei keimami na kai viti.

Anonymous said...

its amazing that one Filipe Kepa is a SODELPA official and referred to as Ro Filipe Kepa in todays Fiji Sun.
How is this possible when this persons' father is not a kai rewa???
this is confusing to the i taukei and SODELPA should refrain from sowing confusion

Anonymous said...

I believe ordinary Indians won't really care whether they are called Indians, Indo Fijians, Fiji Islanders etc, What they may be worried about more is equal rights for every citizen regardless of race. This name game is just a political gimmick.

mark manning said...

So if I come to live in Fiji and become a Citizen, will I be also be called a Fijian?

Anonymous said...

Sorry but we still call Indians kai India,,simple..cause they are not fijians but Indians..full stop..10 pr 100 years after they will still be called kai India because they were brought here as Indentured labourers and after Bainimarama dies we will all kick them out..thank you..

Anonymous said...

Have Fijian men gone mad or are they all just naturally weird? Too much talk, talk and more talk that could fill an entire book but no real, meaningful and tangible action that would impress the watching world... So boring.

Yikes, seems that Mark Manning has caught the same dreadful bug even before becoming a Fijian citizen! Must be something in the Pacific ocean after all.

Anonymous said...

BC comment:Well said and I totally agree with you.There is no problem with Indian and Fijian race.The problem is in fact the military and they are making a lot of propaganda to create a lot of divisions amongst Fiji and Indians and bring in haterats on the issue of equalities, land ownership, and so many thing to make their illegal take over look genuine and juastifiable However the coup has no justification what so ever it uis illegal and rthere was no reason for it what so ever.

Anonymous said...

Yes kick out all Indians who came here during Indentured labor term.

Anonymous said...

Moku na kai dia

Anonymous said...

e vakaloloma nai tosotoso sa vakanamata kina na kawa i taukei...eda wilika eso na comment sa da kila ni ko keda eda sa tawase dina...ISA KO VITI SA NA VAKAEVEI

Anonymous said...

To the people Lau Do not believe in what Col Rika is telling you, He is trying to buy your vote. The fact is there is no money for the development this illegal regime is talking about.The head of the Tovata Confedracy is against the illegal regime we should follow suit and vote SODLEPA. Doi bnot be afarad people stand up and be counted.

Anonymous said...

Listen up Kai Viti - it is known all along and now confirmed by Prof Ghai.....NATIVE LAND IS NOT PROTECTED IN 2013 BK Constitution as in 1997 Constitution which had entrenched legislation such as Native Lands Act which can only be changed if 9 GCC Senators approve it,,,,,NOW THERE IS NO SENATE AND NO GCC AND NO ENTRENCHED LEGISLATION.

Anonymous said...

What a sad day for Fiji when traditional leaders speak of democracy and "harpoon" its very foundation by stating, "those individuals that disagree with native Fijian group rights should simply declare their choice, cut off their connection with their native groups and delete their names from their VKB" with the same breathe. I am from Burebasaga and whilst I have my obligation to respect the Roko Tui Dreketi under traditional mechanism; that's where it ends. She certainly does not have my support when it comes to political choice nor have I given her the mandate to speak on my behalf politically. One of the reasons why political instability has dogged our beloved country is the fact that chiefs utilise their traditional status for political gain. Politicking should be kept separate from traditional systems and its practises. If chiefs opt to partake in the political arena then they should be treated just like any other politician and should not use their traditional status as a launching pad to sway their subjects (especially those that are politically naive).

shadowman said...

its funny that in trying to speak our minds, harsh and detrimental words have been used to describe our feelings. au kila ni dau tukuna ni ra vosa na Turaga Bale kei na Marama Bale ni noda vanua, dau mana... au kerea ga me da qarauna noda vosavosa baleta ni na sauti keda tale ... bera ni da leuta na duka mai na matadra .. da dui raici keda madaga me da vinaka .. me vinaka noda vuvale .. kei na noda bula vakaveiwekani. keda nai taukei eda bula mai ena dela ni veisusu ni lotu, veilawaitaki kei na loloma. au sega ni duavata kei na ka sa mai yaco tiko qo ena noda Viti Lomani, ia da masu ga vakalevu me qai sosomi ga ko Jiova ...

Anonymous said...

Io ke ra mai labati keda na sotia , da masu tiko ga.
Kua ni da lai veilewai taki ira.

Ke sa caka na veidigidigi da kua ni lai vei digidigi, da masu tiko ga.
Ke sa lako mai na waluvu da masu tiko ga.
Na Kalou e na qai perform some miracle and send angels to come and rescue you.

Ke sa kama na vale kakua ni ciciva na vokete wai. Dabe tikoga e na nomu loma ni vale ka masu tiko ga vakaukauwa. Na Kalou e na bokoca na buka waqa.



Anonymous said...

Ro Kepa is obviously a threat to the regime because they keep trying to smear her name with all of their filthy stories.

Typical a woman getting attacked when Auckland mayor Len Brown has dipped his wick in waters outside of his marriage and some people think it's okay he doesn't have to stand down.

Regime soldiers and their superiors sleeping around too and very little said .

Anonymous said...

If the smearing is thought to be done by the regime, why is not being censored by this particular website?

Anonymous said...

This website doesn't censor comments just because they're adverse. It supports freedom of expression.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's paramount chiefs speak true.

Of course, the dictator's lackeys and symps will criticize the chiefs as undemocratic. This is true, but although the chiefs belong to an undemocratic institution, they're standing up for democratic principles such as self-determination and rule of law. Representative democracies are replete with undemocratic institutions that serve useful roles as checks against transient popular opinion, such as supreme courts and upper legislative chambers. The least democratic institution of all is the military, so why are these same critics not railing against the fact that Fiji is being ruled undemocratically by a military dictatorship?

Also, no surprise that the critics resort to ad hominem attacks against the moral character of the chiefs. What else do you do when you're unable to defend against someone's arguments, except assail their character? As if the unelected regime they defend is so moral! Hearty har-har!

These critics, understand, are mostly over-the-hill, carpetbagging faux-journalists who are now prostituting themselves or traitorous RFMF psyops types paid to stir up racial antagonism in order to justify the illegal regime's continued rule.

Bainimarama's opposition to the chiefs doesn't rest on any philosophical or ideological basis. It stems from the knowledge that th chiefs are best positioned to challenge his unlawful power, full stop.

The time for amnesty for Bainimarama and other traitors passed in September 2012. Time now for the chiefs to declare the terms of the Deed of Cession to have been breached by this illegal government and to exercise their right, therefore, to take back Fiji, for the purpose of reestablishing a lawful and representative government.

The chiefs have spoken true. Now it is time for them to march and for all of us to join them.

We don't need a massive gathering filling Albert Park. Start somewhere else, with a lightning protest at one end of town. Then quickly disperse and reform in another location, maybe in another town. Do this every few days, following no set pattern. It is time the chiefs led such actions in order to set the stage, not for revolution, but for restoration.

Anonymous said...

Can these Chiefs accept the fact that they are history now- they will be remembered in history classes in primary school.
The chiefs have done nothing for the ordinary ituakies- if anything they kept on getting richer whilst the commoners cried.

Anonymous said...

It is a insult to call an indian a Fijian. The word Fijian refers to those who lost everything to Britain, are not intelligent and suck up to chiefs who are uneducated, backwards, and cruel to ordinary Fijian.
I am an indian and proud to be so. We have a civilisation of over 5000 years, unlike Fijians which only came in only 50 years ago, and that too with Indians teaching them this.

I do not want to be called a Fijian. It is insulting.

Anonymous said...

Naiqama paedophile fuckwit who made 15 year old pregnant. Your father was a NFP senator when chiefs from Lau, Rewa and Bau did not consider your family equal.

You will be always a moron who should have stayed a Methodist. You bring shame to Catholic church and your honourable ancestors.

Anonymous said...

don't need a chief who is a child molester.


We've lost hope in all Chiefs..the little unkonwn ones and the big lazy ones! There are so many of them that it is difficult to decide who is genuine. They should just be treated as ordinary citizens, because they are more useful that way!

Anonymous said...

Anti-disestablishmentarianism! Defer indefinitely all illegal actions, such as dissolution of the GCC, until constitutional government is restored.

Time for the true chiefs to reveal themselves and prove their worth by kicking out the traitors and usurpers in Suva.

Don't be fooled. Not all, but many of the race-baiting comments on this website are posted by regime operatives for the purpose of incitement, in order to justify Frank's continued reign.

Kai idia should be at the forefront of any march to restore constitutional government and the rule of law, as these are the best guarantors of minority rights.

Anonymous said...

Anon 0152

Enemy of chiefs does not make you a friend of the regime. Time for chiefs and the present regime to go, together with its lowlife no brain supporters.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Truth Reign:- You are talking shit.I do not think you are a native Fijian but if you are a Fijian then you must be a soldier.because the non native Fijian and soldiers are the people who are talking against our Native Fijian Chiefs.To non nati9ve please do not poke your nose into our tradition and culture. If you do not like it this is Fiji the Native Fijian country could you simply get lost or go back to where you originate from if you want to remain then keep your mouth shut on matters pertaining to native Fijians culture and tradition. and land ownership.To Bainimaramas soldiers not Fiji solduiers.You have dragged us to a point where tyhe native Fijian people have no confidence and trust on you and to tell you the facts we the native Fijian reallty hate soldiers and who knows what can happen or is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:47
Man you are a true Indian and I am proud of you. Unlike these other frauds who try and call themselves Fijian, Indo-fijian, etc, etc.

As someone said, "Be what you are, cos if you ain't what you are, you are what you ain't".

God bless you man for not being ashamed of what God made you and honoring His truth.

Anonymous said...

To all the chiefs of Fiji:- Please stand up in support of your two chefly collegue Ro Teimumu and Ratu Naiqama. They are voicing your concern but we need to see you speak out and stand up for the native Fijian race who are your people. The people are waiting to support you do not be frifhten we are here for you. If all our chiefs stand up and united than we will gain victory if you devide than we will fall and gone for ever.

Anonymous said...

Anon@7:47pm...Ok Boci,how do you figure that Fijian just came into being 50 years ago?
Indians have been in Fiji for over 200 years,the
Europeans maybe over 1000years and
Fijian just swam into the beach 50
year ago?
OMG we've got some real
weirdo in here...Huston!
Fijian has
been the name of our country since
it's discovery by the white sailors
in the 16th century?
We really don't mind calling you Fiji Islander,Vitian,Indo Fijian,Fiji
Indian,.We just don't like to be
a victim in our own land?
Like the
North American Natives who are now
called the North-American Indians?
If you live in the US you're known as an East-Indian American,Same in
NZ,Australia,Canada,UK and whatever
please you wish to migrate to?So
just forget it-cause you aint going
to get it in here either? If you want to be call who you're really
are-easy, go home to Culcutta???

Anonymous said...

Time for two Fiji, one for fucked brain nationalist and their chiefs and one for those who want to move with time and progress.

Enough of nationalists, the lazy thieving bastards. Go do hard days work instead of going to church on Sunday and preaching hatred every day of the week.

You gave Fiji away to Britain you dick heads, you have no land now, fuck off to Africa and see who will tolerate you.

You talk like Tarzan, but got your, shit hole open when it comes to army. You all nationalists are cowards.

Kubuna not with 2 chiefs said...

October 26, 2013 | Fiji Sun |

The Kubuna Confederacy is not part of the statement by the Tui Cakau, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, and Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa, posted on an anti-government blog. The two chiefs are considered as the traditional heads of the Tovata Confederacy and the Burebasaga Confederacy respectively.
Speaking to the Fiji Sun the Turaga Tunitoga and spokesperson for the Cakobau family, Ratu Veiwili Komaitai, said the two chiefs had no right to speak on behalf of the people of Kubuna.
“If anyone speaks for the Kubuna confederacy, it will be the Turaga na Vunivalu from the chiefly island of Bau,” Ratu Veiwili said. “The whole nation knows that the chiefly position of the Turaga na Vunivalu is still vacant.”
The two contenders of the Vunivalu title are Ratu Joji Cakobau and Ratu Epenisa Cakobau.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who is Fiji citizen is called Fijian by default. You like it or not.

There is no White Australian or I-Taukei Australians. Same for USA or NZ where you passport confirms that.

You may call one Fijian Indian or Fijian I-Taukei but all Fiji citizens are Fijians.

I am a 75% white and want to be called English but accept being classified as Fijian same as my house girl and garden boy, because I am citizen of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anon 0405

Bring me one passport from the countries you have named which says you are an I-Taukei Australian or I-Taukei American or I-Taukei Kiwi.

If you are citizen of Australia you will be Australian despite what ethnical group you from.

Same for US and about 99% of the countries.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how racism shows its ugly head, instigated by chiefs and some very narrow minded nationalists.

I am in Australian army and a part European from Fiji. 90% of I-Taukei here are against the regime and say things that are anti Indo Fijians.

80% of Australian I-Taukei are not doing too well or are hiding as illegals. It is funny when they need help, it is Indo-Fijians who are there for them. Their fellow I-Tuakei are either too busy struggling or back stabbing each other. The white Australians don't want to know them.

I suggest some of you bloggers grow up and face reality instead of blindly following your chiefs and wasting your time writing rubbish out of hatred.

Anonymous said...

Anon 0405

Bit weak upstairs I think. If so called Calcutta Indians wanted your land they would have taken it 150 years ago when you were still eating each other or were vulnerable.

45 years ago they would have asked for your land during independence talk but they did not.

Today Indo Fijians own less then 1.5% total land, so what you complaining about?

Be grateful to Calcutta Indo Fijians because they saved your land and arse from whites.

Now run to Indo Fijian shop and kere kere some sugar and grog.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in America for 40 years and have never heard of an "East Indian-American."

Where do you people come up with this shit?

Adulteress and fornicators said...

I am from Kubuna but do not support Naiqama and Ro Temumu. Both are serial adulteress and fornicators. There is a certain dignity associated with chiefs. Old man Naiqama is a pedophile who impregnates a 15 yr old while Ro Temumu sleeps with another's husband – bloody shameful If they not faithful to their partners and to their church, they will never be faithful to their vanua. Both leader are there only for themselves.

Anonymous said...


Well spoken, both army and chiefs need to go.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the racist in this blog to send all the indians who came here under British rule to be sent back.

Only problem you may have to go upstairs looking for them.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Sun@4:11pm... re-Veiwili Komaitai comments?
Question= Was Veiwili drunk,
when he made the statements?
Did the Military
Regime gave him a few bucks for
his beers before the comments?
Since he was forced by
the coup maker to retire, did they
sent a limosine over to the island
to drive him to Suva- for the interview?

Anonymous said...

Anon@6:57pm...listen-up assole 150
years ago your ancestors were still
a slave in the CSR canefields-so you couldn't have a chance to take
anything but the FOREMENS'WHIP?
45 years ago you said that you saved our Fijian land in the London
constitutional conference?
bullshit! Originally,You were not invited, the invitation was only
to the indegenous descendants of
Chiefs,who were the signatory of
the "DEED OF
CESSION" to Queesn Victoria in 1874
at the time, when you were all still
living in your "SHIT_HOUSES"in indo Calcutta?
It was Ratu Mara political idea
to invite the Kaivalagi,Kailoma
And then you-the
Devil, to come along for the ride, as he was certain the original out-
come wouldn't have been in his favour but the Tui Viti-Ratu George
By dragging you along-he knew that
it would be in his favour
to playing Indo- politics. liu-muri throughout the conference?
The Indo Reps-Patel& Koya -new better
then to discussed about the land
or demand more, then they were entitled to?
The deals were between
the Fijian Chiefs & The British
Crown? Don't forget you don't have
anything in Fiji...We gave them all to you? Now be a good bi-yah
go and clean-up my pool? Taki na
yagona vakaturaga, please?

Anonymous said...


nice to wind you up, each time you open your mouth your shit comes out.

You lie as you go along.

Reference to Tui Viti, why not call him King Fiji? Because Fiji is a foreign word right.

You right 150 years ago Indians were slave to CSR. What does that make you, a useless fit for nothing in your own so called land, because you gave it all away so you don't have to do days hard work in your own land, that is low.

Indians might bring some credibility to the brand Fijian. As it stands brand Fijian in male context stand for wife beaters, child rapists, lazy unfit thieves, bullshit artist, arse hole is bigger than mouth, someone who holds bible in one hand and rob with the other hand, even happy for wife to sleep with a white to make few bucks.

You see tavale there is not much to be proud of if you are an I-Taukei male.

Anonymous said...


That hour of the morning you should be holding your lady and not twisting facts as you go along.

But you said some Indo-Fijian is cleaning your pool and I hope your lady is enjoying it.

It seems to me people talk about apple and you talk about banana. You are one very confused idiot.

Anonymous said...

Here comes the minar Birds!!!
Hey,BIG Chief can we please, come
for a swim in your Chiefly pool?

paula raqeukai said...

@5.02; 10.59 & 11.14

please talk on issues and not downgrading each other...we all live here in our beloved Fiji through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, native fijians arriving earlier than the Europeans, Indians and the backbirds from the pacific..... it is not by chances that others came to Fiji, it is through the will of God....we should learn to respect & accept one another as God's creation, be tolerant, be a hard worker, united together to TELL the truth, help each other at all times, protect the indigenous rights of the native fijians,freedom of religion to all, Fijians MUST learn & understand that our Indo-Fijians brothers & sisters are part of us through the grace of the Lord Jesus and lets try to live in unity & harmony together and to rebuild our nation....

Anonymous said...

@5.02; 10.59 & 11.14 ARE PERFECT ARSE HOLES!

Why do you talk about nothing but shits????

Use your brains and talk sense!!

Anonymous said...


One of very few sensible comment ever made on this site, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Peter Foster is an international Fraudster. He is comming to Fiji to give more hint to Bai and Kai on how they can swindle the mind of the people to believe in them.Foster also knew that Bai and Kai are deeping their hand into the government treasure box and he can also have a share from the loot if he team up with Bai and Kai

Anonymous said...

Hello, am I missing something here?
I cannot, for the life of me recollect that Rt Naiqama and Ro Teimumu SPECIFICALLY mentioned that they were speaking also for Tailevu/Bau.
Who is Veiwili by the way?

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning your ancestors came to Australia and you are now called Australian. The original Australians are the Abos. Through birth right and citizenry you are nationalized as per country of birth or permanent stay. This is such a no brainier that i am sure you have not taken your stupidity pills this morning just like half the dumb shit in the brain nationalistic racist morons on this site who just hide behind democracy and spew a bi-gone era ideology which few people in Fiji care about. Hate or like Frank most people in Fiji don't see each other as the problem regardless of color or creed its the Military the Chiefs and the fuck face politicians who ruin this country not the people. I know because i live here and will continue to live and invest in this country. I don't take cheap shots sitting abroad.

Anonymous said...

Qase Kusima,o iko na Qio,ke vukicala e matamu na marama levu oqori ena 'boka dina a batina',sabusabu,me tovolea mada o koya na doko ni vudi nei ralai.ma!!!boy!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:02pm...and 200 years ago you were bending over to other native Fijians fighting in feudal wars running around painted black and killing each other. If Europeans did not arrive with Tongans, Fiji would have been called Tonga...you lamu sona and your ancestors...today you still lamu sona...80% of Fijians today are part something including Kai Dia. All your Chiefs are part tonga or english....Look at their complexion. Even Cakobau Family your Viti King....They look more like Tongans. Even the Turaga from Naitasiri and Ratu Naiqama...all half caste. Tell me sara mada, maybe your half caste too but dont realise yet.

Burntheconstitution said...

I salute my Tau the Roko TUi Dreketi and Tui Cakau for standing up for Fijian.

Who will do it if it was not for them???

Thank you Ratu Naiqama & Ro Teimumu

Anonymous said...

to Ratu Naiqama & Ro Teimumu...vinaka saka na taura dei tu nai nuinui vei ira noda kawa mai muri...e na dua na gauna mai muri e taba vica na kawa tamata ..e ra na taroga lesu tale kina o ira nodra kawa ko vosavosa tiko vaka lialia qori...na cava a volitaka noda vanua o voreqe kei ira na nona sotia ..o ira mera dodonu me ra taqo maki keda...era na vaka isa isa ..ia sa bera..sa da wili sara tu vaka taki ira na kai papua mai irian jaya..dina ni ra kai vanua ya...ia ra lewai tu mai indonesia...bula2 vinaka tu o Ro Teimumu no gade wavoki i aoeteroa..au mai kalougata ni sotava na marama qaqa oqo...me taqomaki kemuni na nona kaukauwa na kalou levu ka dou vei maroroi o Jehovah...vinaka saka..

Anonymous said...

Taar mara taar maara, taar na laga, teimumu ge gaand mara, daag na chutha..wah wah wah wah

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure,that no
matter what community you rep-
resent we all have the samething
in common?

The Fijian Poet...Tevita Tui, had
once said: "If we had no Hurricane,
&floods our sunny days, would not be so pleasant"..."If we did not
sometime taste adversity,propriety
would not be so welcome"

Anonymous said...

I without any shame supported Fiji against Ireland.

Was I wrong in doing that after how my family were treated after 1987 coup and had to seek asylum in Australia?

I don't know the answer but I know you may take Indians out of Fiji but you will not be able to take Fiji out of us.

At least we did not rob and burn Suva in 1987 and 2000.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why the NZ Govt excludes Fiji Indians from their Pacific Islanders category and refers to them as Asians?

Anonymous said...

anon@1:29PM...Really,cause as far
as I know it's the same situation
in Australia as well? In the USA
It's Fiji Indian even in your passport it shows American Citizen
and it clear identify the holder as
Fiji Born.Same as in Canada,England

Voreqe Bainimarama, PM of Fiji said...

Anon@1.29PM. Asshole, India is not in the Pacific. Indians are originally from India, and they will never be classed as Pacific Islanders. In fact, they should all be sent back to the slums in Calcutta.

Anonymous said...

Anon 03:43, Can you pliz tell me which garbage bin did i-taukei eventuate from..thought so. similar to how you dont know who your father (s) are, you have no idea which shitland were you originally chased away from. NZ Maoris are believed to have originated from Taiwan. According to history, taiwanese sluts and their offspring were put in a boat and left to drift. Some ended up in NZ, Samoa, Tonga etc Wont be surprised if some sluts and their sins ended up in fiji..no wonder most of you don't have fathers name written on birth certificates. how can you when you are products of a lot of mixed kura juice. Paul Gregory-USP Academic

Anonymous said...


I remember that while I was working for AFL as their recruitment officer in 2010, a lot of i-taukei left the fathers name question blank while filling the recruitment and fnpf forms.Some even wrote unknown and anonymous. One wrote Toge village..lol

Anonymous said...

anon 4.09 & 4.24
Dickheads Madarachods........
Great thing Ratu Sukuna did ,,,protected 90% of land for kai Viti so that greedy conniving bastards like you 2 stay on 10% of land and remain squatters

Anonymous said...

Anon 04:09, Lutunasobosobo originated from Taiwan but since almost half the population had some mix of tongan blood, i believe they will be of the same background as the tongans. check this site: www:http:\\tonganseimenproducts20%fijiannatives20%wholesalewhores.sonalevu.com

My indian fathers name said...

anon 424pm, the reasons Fijians and others didn't have to put their fathers name was they were not required by law to do that...only the Indians were required to do that because they were deceitful and impersonate others so the English made that law when you Indians got here.
so don't be so racist and smug about your post. it just shows your ignorance...pote.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul 4:09pm and 4:24pm ... which crab filled venereal diseased syphilis clamadia cunt did you crawl out from. Damn crawl back in that diseased ridden hole and hide from the world. lol and by the way...are you sure you know who your real father is...because his talking to you right now..damn

Anonymous said...

@AnonymousOctober 27, 2013 at 3:52 PM


Anonymous said...

Voreqe Bainimarama@3:43pm...Welcome
home Voreqe ,damn, i knew it's only a matter of time before you'd come
back home to Mama???
Yes, time to packed this sardines
into a boat full of holes and push
it off, toward their homeland in
I'm sure our people are ready to vote you back- in as our PM,&
Chairman of the GCC,
but make sure to use the noose
and don't forget to
string-up that blockhead AG of
accidently shoot AZIZ, in Nabua as
their usefulness are finally over?

Anonymous said...


You forgot to include a very important request to Bainimararma. Here it goes- "please also ensure that once the sardindes are cleared from Fiji, awareness and educational workshops are conducted for the vultures to better inform them that humans are not meant to be eaten by other humans nor are boots meant to be turned into soup for consumption. Please ensure that Kai Ra doesnt kill and consume Kai Suva and make them extint as well etc.. Finally, I would appreciate if you could ensure that there are enough blood available for us to suck on and that a decree is passed that all our shortcomings are to be blamed on Lauans/Rotumans as they dont have pure Taiwanese blood any more.Your humble cocksucker, Laisenia Kulina Qarase

Voreqe Bainimarama, PM of Fiji said...

You assholes Indians, the slums of Calcutta await you.

Anonymous said...

Sonalevu@10:28am...OMG, i'm really
sorry Bro, didn't realised that you
were listening & paying close attention?
I don't blame you one bit for going crazy over Bainimarama returning home to Mama!Personally
i think this man is not to be trusted,he's a very bad game changers. He's always switching
sides,and he likes to be on the
winning side everytime there is
a tie?He'd switched team at the speed of sound and that's bro, is
what we're seing at the moment?
If this happen,we're going to give
everyone a chance to plead your
case and whatever happen(s)we're
going to make sure...like Buta had
said! "you Bro will be the last
sardine to be packed-in to that
Please Talo mada na Yaqona!!!

Frank Bainimarama, PM of Fiji said...

Asshole@10.28am. I'll bang your wife and sister before they board the rusty leaky boat out of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Sonalevu@10:28am...This really stink
bro,Bai seems to be claiming that
he was tricked to go to the otherside by Khai&company?
He's even
threaten to bang your wife & sister
before dispensing the Sonalevu via
the leaky boat?
I'm telling you,this is not a good thing, as
he's out for revenge?
there won't be no smelly Sonalevu
hangin on to bother him no more?

Anonymous said...

Latest Shift:-I am wondering if your comment is base from your imagination or has it got substance and elements that need some serious scrutiny and brain storming. The hard fact are (1) that Bainimarama will have to resign to contest the election(2)A new Military Commander will be appointed(3)Bainimarama will form his own party (4)The 2014 election will have to be conducted as Bainimarama has promised the world and the nation is gearing up to it.Assumption could be true as Bainimarama has not resigned yet and his party is yet to be formed.One thing to be rembered is that he has made the commitment for the election and he can not change that wheather he recieve any vote or not is another matter. Election has to be done , a new civilian government will be formed and the 2013 constitution will be changed by the court as legal challange wiil be made and the 1997 constitution will be brought back and the legal process will be undertaken for the law to take its course against the perpatrators of the 2006 coup. Constitution is made and change by men. Te illegal regime had done it so wahy cant the legalgovernment do it when they have the peoples mandate.

Anonymous said...

Professor Wadan,You are doing an awesome job.People who are lack of knowledge and shallow minded are trying to criticize you because they know deep inside them that what you are saying is true, however they are opposing because they are surviving on the handout from the illegal regime. The proceed of crime i.e treason.Mr Wadan be informed that you have more supporters the against. Continue the good work.

NO lease money said...

Au Kaya
you know nothing about the land leases...so don't poke your nose in it....the trustees are still stealing from the people...as much greed now as ever...tltb employees are the most corrupt kaivitis now next to these mataqali trustees and their lawyers....money still never gets to the grass roots mate. so stfu and stop giving credit to the pigs when they are the ones responsible for the kaivitis mess now and future.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Gate the poofter. Gates ass has been rooted so many times .He is not intrested in woman. He always like man. Before policeman were rooting his ass now soldiers are doing it .Now he is the vice president of Fiji.We do not want poofters to run our country.

Anonymous said...

Anon@7:56pm...Holly Molly! we've
gone over & over all your scenario
maybe 10 times? Naivalurua will be
the next Military commander and he'd be under the President Eveli?
So the main power would actually
still remain in their hands?BHAI
actually will remain PM till a new
Government is officially invited by the Pressy Eveli to become the
Government? Lots of scenerio, could take place if BHAI lost,such
as the Pressy Eveli could declare
the election null & void due to
variety of imaginary circumstances
and re-appoint BHAI as PM? So don't count your chiken before they hatch?
As a native Fijian,just thinking out loud, we
just might be further ahead, if we
vote BHAI in to be a legal PM?

Anonymous said...

You dont earn respect by your status, you earn them by your deeds. atleast thats wht i was taught. Bainimarama and Khaiyum may clearly be on the wrong. but if it takes making wrong moves to correct the wrong, then why bother fighting against it. This bold move is FOR the people. Tell me, where was the government when people living in rural areas continuously asked for electricity and water? all these years. Rt Mara was in leadership for over twenty years. It only took Bainimarama less then ten years to accomplish what should have been done!! That is bold. This is respect. this is love. you show it. Comments like "you indians should just fuck off.." well, honestly if it werent for them, Fiji would not be where they are today. You can even see that in the so called puppetry IMG. They're very clever people. And i for one am lucky to be in a multiracial nation, in a nation where hardwork is honored. itaukei are generally lazy people. and they're only a handful of people that are willing to do the deed. people like bainimarama. If itaukei had sole ownership over fiji, politically and in whatever aspect, we would be just like Tonga, or samoa, one way streets and old wooden shops.

Anonymous said...

o cei o rau na veicai qo...macawa nomudrau vakamacala...sega madaga ni dua na ka drau bau cajava I Viti e na qauna n nomurau veiliuaki...sivia ga nomudrau lasa I tuba

Anonymous said...

na bula va koloni me sa tini mada.

colonial school e na tu ga ira na kena graduate.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs are no longer wanted, they are a waste of time and money!

Anonymous said...

I hope the GCC never comes back. It breeds hypocrisy and oppression! Right now, I'm a very happy itaukei without it.

Anonymous said...

Like any other "democratic" government everybody is entitled to their own opinion for it is their right. We are all in MY OPINION falling to the trap of propoganda or divide and conquer to put it in a subtle way.

I was born a FIJIAN and I will die a FIJIAN irrespective of my religion, heritage, or colour. Reading these comments in my view is rather upsetting and not FIJIAN like. We are too busy blaming each other about certain entitlements yet we can't even effectively try and influence with good intentions the current FIJI we live in.

Theses two paramount chiefs have the right to voice their opinions openly as they have done so. I commend them for having the courage to openly speak their view openly while we all play "keyboard warriors" and hide behind our anonymity on this blog.

We live in the 21st century yet we are too busy blaming each other as to who is a Fijian and who is not. The fact of the matter is that we are ALL FIJIANS. What separates the Taukei from the rest is their God given right to their Native land rights enshrined in the NLTB via the Vola ni kawa bula (VKB).

So lets all respect each others rights as free men and women to openly voice opinions on such forums as this. If we are so pationate about DEMOCRACY why not openly state it as these two chiefs? If we are so pationate about what LABEL we should respond to than why not VOICE it openly like these two chiefs?

Lets face it our country needs our help and by the sounds of the budget for 2014 it sounds promising but my concern is where are we getting the money from? Where are our goverment audits like the yester years like when Rabuka, Mahen, and Qarase's years as well as those before? Why is our media censored daily? Where is the FIJI of old where by we had transparency at least in some aspects. Certain people are taking advantage of our resources and yet we don't talk about it. Our country gets robbed and we accept it. People come and go as consultants and our country suffers. When are we going to wake up and see the bigger picture instead of walking around with "eyes wide shut?"

Also, we should not speak about what people do in their private lives. That in MY OPINION is a sign of weakness as you are too busy playing CID to even have a look at your own self first. Hey we are humans, we all make mistakes. I myself am not perfect and openly admit it. So before we talk about someone's life choices ask yourself how would you feel if someone accused you of certain things? In MY OPINION we should not judge others but our own actions first.

However, the biggest irony about these two chiefs speaking up publicly is that we FIJIANS have forgotten about our right to practice free speech in our own country. We are now so used to the norm and too busy fighting our own brothers and sisters that we have forgotten our basic rights.

I hope for a better tomorrow for my children and grandchildren in a Fiji not torn by race, creed, colour or label. But in a Fiji where everything is transparent, without motives, for the betterment of our country and our people.

Anonymous said...

Nice speech @ anonymous 2.43am.

It calls for some real soul-searching amongst the i-taukei.

Plus a comprehensive and thorough AUDIT of all public monies 'managed' by the regime since 2006.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Bula Mark Manning October 24, 2013 at 9:49 PM).

I suppose you could call yourself whatever you may wish to if you decide to move to Fiji except of course as an "i-taukei" since you'll never be able to get the right tan. hehe.

Anyhow, I was just wondering if you had managed to get a copy of that book (autobiography) I had recommended about a fortnight ago entitled "Race with the Devil - My Journey from Racial Hatred to Rational Love", by Joseph Pearce...? HOPE so...

Well, here's another fascinating read that I'm sure you'll love, it's also a biography, and coincidentally(is there such a thing as "coincidence" anymore?),biography is also of a "Joseph".

It's entitled "Son of Hamas", by Mosab Hassan Yousef ("Joseph"), a story of a young man who experienced so much and so early on in his life, as the loaded title of the book would indicates.. and then transformed himself (as only one who's been touched by God's grace could) from a radical jihadist as a "Son of Hamas" to embracing Christianity - in the fullness and completeness of our beautiful faith and her compelling message of LOVE - the essence of all other commandments from the OT and NT combined.

This young man grasped the TIMELESS TRUTHS as that only could be taught and shown by Jesus, as our Messiah who is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

How I am so moved each time I read His teachings in the Holy Gospels in the Sacred Scriptures just as "Joseph" did - describing Jesus' teachings as of "a very high standard" - one that cuts across all boundaries, transcending all barriers that societies and cultures would routinely put up.

This exceptional young man, Mosab Hassan Yousef (Joseph) life's story is as breathtaking as it is moving. He is a kindred spirit. And brought to my mind this beautiful, profound quote:

"The measure of love is to love without measure" ~ St. Francis de Sales.



Anonymous said...

Oops, pls excuse the obvious typo errors above.

Still on the inspiring transformation (God works in mysterious ways indeed!) of Mosab Hassan Yousef ("Joseph") - a name that I shall remember for a very long time, drew to mind two very beautiful scheduled old biblical readings of this week (if one had attended our Holy Mass on Tues 12th and Thurs 14th), they're from the Book of Wisdom (OT) which I happily share with y'all here:

"For within her is a spirit intelligent, holy, unique, manifold, subtle, mobile, incisive, unsullied, lucid, invulnerable, benevolent, shrewd,
irresistible, beneficent, friendly to human beings, steadfast, dependable, unperturbed, almighty, all-surveying, penetrating all intelligent, pure and most subtle spirits.

For Wisdom is quicker to move than any motion; she is so pure, she pervades and permeates all things.

She is a breath of the power of God, pure emanation of the glory of the Almighty; so nothing impure can find its way into her.

For she is a reflection of the eternal light, untarnished mirror of God's active power, and image of his goodness.

Although she is alone, she can do everything; herself unchanging, she renews the world, and, generation after generation, passing into holy souls, she makes them into God's friends and prophets; for God loves only those who dwell with Wisdom.

She is indeed more splendid than the sun, she outshines all the constellations; compared with light, she takes first place, for light must yield to night, but against Wisdom evil cannot prevail.

Strongly she reaches from one end of the world to the other and she governs the whole world for its good." ~ Wisdom 7:22-20, 8:1


"For God created human beings to be immortal, he made them as an image of his own nature;

Death came into the world only through the Devil's envy, as those who belong to him find to their cost.

But the souls of the upright are in the hands of God, and no torment can touch them.

To the unenlightened, they appeared to die, their departure was regarded as disaster,
their leaving us like annihilation; but they are at peace.

If, as it seemed to us, they suffered punishment, their hope was rich with immortality;
slight was their correction, great will their blessings be.

God was putting them to the test and has proved them worthy to be with him; he has tested them like gold in a furnace, and accepted them as a perfect burnt offering.

At their time of visitation, they will shine out; as sparks run through the stubble, so will they.

They will judge nations, rule over peoples, and the Lord will be their king for ever.

Those who trust in him will understand the truth, those who are faithful will live with him in love; for grace and mercy await his holy ones, and he intervenes on behalf of his chosen."
~ Wisdom 2:22-24, 3:1-9

May God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

What will happen to Pravin Bala and Raben Bhan Singh?

Anonymous said...

pravin bala and raben bum singh will dabe tucake together!

Anonymous said...

Pravin Bala and Raben Bum tried to get assistance from PM, AG, and ACP to get Pravin out of cell. Some other sweet NGO's are involved together with some businessman doctors and ...............

Anonymous said...

Keimami na kai Kubuna sega ni kai RBurebasaga se Tovata, o cei o kemudrau mo drau vosa..drau veivutusona!

Anonymous said...

Voreqeq kei Eveli - rua na kai Kubuna boci sa kauti keda na kai viti ki nai bulubulu......dou vicai kei anon 11.12am