FOSTER: Claims to be already in Fiji drinking kava. [pic Fairfax Australia]

Conman Peter Foster has turned to Fiji again for help claiming he is seeking
BACK IN FIJI: Foster says he is.
asylum here and will this week meet the country's unelected prime minister Frank Bainimarama.

Foster is on the run from Australian authorities after failing to appear in a Brisbane court last week over charges relating to irregularities with a diet company.

He's now claiming he's been sheltered by Fiji, the country where he has a tainted history and where he's wanted for using a false document to secure a working visa.

The military dictatorship denies it's ready to embrace Foster or has already done so.

‘‘Foster is wanted in Fiji for charges relating to obtaining a work permit using false documentation in 2006,’’ says a MINFO statement.

 ‘‘If he is in the country, he will be apprehended and these charges will be reactivated. If found guilty, Peter Foster faces [a] potential jail sentence.’’

The statement shows the regime is not even sure if the King of Con is already in the country. 

SORRY END: Foster in his last foray in Fiji.
It says border authorities are on alert for Foster with the permanent secretary for Bainimarama's office, Pio Tkoduadua, telling the Fiji Times: "I have serious doubt about his statement. I don't think that is the case.

Foster, who mysteriously escaped to Port Vila the last time he was here with the help of soldiers, after helping Bainimarama with a sting against the Laisenia Qarase SDL government, has posted a picture of himself 'reading' the Sunday Times.

He has sent a picture of himself with Fiji papers telling Fairfax in Australia: "Hope this photo is of [sic] some use to you. It is me reading the Fiji Sunday Times yesterday drinking kava.’’ 

Foster is a known lying mongrel and it's possible he could've slipped into the country quietly since he has mates here but he could also be trying to pull another fast one, this time using the regime since he coughed up for them over the so-called 2006 election irregularities.