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Monday, November 25, 2013

Driti faces music while others dance free

Royal waves and smiles - what a circus.

Hong Kong counsel Audrey Campbell-Moffat and fellow prosecution lawyer Jose D'Almadas Remedios outside the High Court in Suva yesterday during the Pita Driti trial.

Campbell-Moffat's playing to the gallery is a sample of the charade being played out in court during the four-day trial.

The presiding judge is Paul Madigan but the director of public prosecutions, Christopher Pryde, has not been far and there has been the obvious meeting of eyes, nods and knowing smiles and sarcasm between the pair and the prosecuting team.

It has been said before and will be repeated many more times: there is no rule of law in Fiji so there is no guarantee of a fair trial for Driti or any 'enemy of the state', unless it suits the regime hierarchy to do otherwise.

Information making its way to C4.5 suggests the illegal leader has taken particular interest in Driti's case and word has it the dictator has told bodyguards 'just let the case go on so everyone can see that anyone can go to court.' 

The summing up is currently underway and Madigan is due to give his verdict tomorrow but we note the regime has no hard evidence such as recordings or footage of meetings or such like.

It has only the testimonies of four witnesses who have backsides and careers to save, including Jone Kalouniwai, the former head of RFMF intelligence and the man who succeeded Roko Ului Mara as commander of the 3FIR unit, Lt Colonel Manasa Tagicakibau, and Driti's own caution interview.

Colonel Mohammed Aziz was shuffled out of the country so has not had to give evidence.

AZIZ: Spared by Bainimarama.
Centre stage, though, has been the much hated illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, and the claim the plot was against both him and Bainimarama.

Many were not surprised to hear in court the mention of Khaiyum's corrupt dealings and how the concerns were waved away by Bainimarama. 

Khaiyum is gunning for Driti to be convicted and sent to jail but is widely reviled so it's not surprising more whistleblowers have since contacted C4.5 with information about his outside-the-law ventures.

We've been told that while while he was acting prime minister, Khaiyum approved an exemption of tax and duty for a friend, a taxi operator, allowing the businessman to escape fees on vehicles brought into the country from Europe, which are five years or older, saving him thousands of dollars. 

A former investigator for FICAC, the anti-corruption unit set up by Frank Bainimarama, is also now exposing the in-house hypocrisy and corruption.

KHAIYUM: Most corrupt.
Simione Cagilaba has turned to the illegal president (just as Driti and co apparently planned to do), to seek redress, urging him to investigate FICAC.

Cagilaba says he was sacked unfairly and says FICAC has blocked him getting other work since May after failing to pin false charges on him, following a secret investigation.

In a letter to Epeli Nailatikau the disenchanted investigator says he was the victim of a smear campaign and while he was cleared of any crime in the Nasinu court, his pay was cut from $28,000 to $18,000 and he eventually lost his job, while other investigating officers, guilty of real crime, continue to go unpunished.

In the letter seen by C4.5, Cagilaba writes:

"...  It now make’s me raise the question as why Registry Officer Isimeli Rabuku can get away with his extra marital affairs and abuse of office case whilst setting up the Lautoka office, Mr James Sinclair for his soliciting for money in return for a particular complaint to be dealt with, Ms Siteri Rabici stealing from a Private dwelling house being searched through the execution of a Search Warrant, other officer(s) using FICAC SW’s to obtain private information for their private use, other officers for demanding and receiving benefit from the owner of the T.F Jan Company in Ba, making false declarations to PSC, aiding a wanted person to enter and exit Fiji, abuse of FICAC vehicles by drivers, etc etc..."

In the same letter he says: "... this clearly highlights the lack of transparency and know how in running such a dignified and professional body like FICAC where conforming to government’s standard procedure of internal investigation etc was simply shoved aside and whereby the two man panel consisting of Mj Narawa and Mr Ralulu simply took part in almost all the processes which does not give a single benefit to me to defend myself even for once or for themselves to remain independent and to make deliberations once formal interviews are completed by the investigators."

In the letter, Cagilaba tells Nailatikau that unfortunately for him he was not with 'RFMF or the Fiji Police to have any guardian within FICAC and as a civilian' had been isolated and put on a leash from the time he joined in 2008.


Anonymous said...

"" It now make’s me raise the question as why Registry Officer Isimeli Rabuku can get away with his extra marital affairs ""

Very simply because it's no one else's business.

You have to question anyone's credibility and motive when they use such examples within a cause.

Anonymous said...

All about conduct, to the law and otherwise. Good on him. Let there be more Fijians with guts or gripes to speak out.

Anonymous said...

Ficac and judicial system is a mockery in fiji.
Driti charged and others been jailed for treason . Frank .Minister ,army/police committed treason against elected govt are free.?.why.
No one should be above the law including the president and ministers.all should be charged for treason.
Time people wake up and defend 1997 constitution and burn BKC.
Look at USA/AUSS/NZ all have constitution that is old and upheld .
Fiji constitution is trashed up like rubbish by army thugs.
Fiji people should have pride in upholding and defending its leagl 1997 constitution.
god bless

Anonymous said...

Fiji has but one kind of justice : the dictator's justice. there is no rule of law, only a charade.
if you good with the dictator then you can do bad and not worry about the law.but if you get on the wrong side of the dictator and his sidekicks then you will be screwed.
you will be up against the "full force of the law" . the dictator's law with all in the justice system doing the dictator's bidding.

Ratu Sai said...

Driti's case is one of irony. He was in the inner circle of the team that executed the coup, the very act is now being accused of masterminding against his Commanding officer. But he is only being prosecuted in one...so the implication is that one is legal while the other illegal.

Justice is a bitch

Anonymous said...

Eda sa vakaloloma ena ka sa yaco tu oqo....na tamatamani corruptions sa caka tu oqo...!!!!!...Isa sa yali vakadua na Viti eda dau cibitaka tu....vinaka me sa book laivi na FICAC..sega na kedratou yaga!!!!...levu na veivakamatavulotaki e caka tiko kina...

Anonymous said...

Where's Aziz? Which country?......we wana know now!!

paula raqeukai said...

Exodus 23:6-8: "Do not deny justice to a poor person when he appears in court. Do not make false accusations, and do not put an innocent person to death, for I will condemn anyone who does such an evil thing. Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe makes people blind to what is right and ruins the cause of those who are innocent"....there is no two ways about our current comprised justice system in Fiji...we MUST always tell the TRUTH...the TRUTH will always PREVAIL and set Fiji FREE....

RFMF said...

Aziz is currently in China, we went out with minister of defence

Anonymous said...

Sad Sad Sad...If Driti was suspicious of Aiarse activities...what does it tells us about the intension of the I.PM.

Sheik Sabir said...

For my friends, mercy. For my enemies, the law.

Anonymous said...

Its very questionable why Aziz is out of the country at this point in time when the case is proceeding and he is a co-conspirator in the plot. One begs the question is there some back stage deals or intervention by the high ranks because on all accounts Aziz should be in the dock as well. There should be more transparency as it is much lacking in this case.

Anonymous said...

the Royal waves and the smiles are understandable. the legal sharks who are part of the circus know they are in for good easy money. why shouldn't they be all smiles and waves and all that when they are having a good innings?

Dad gets 16 years for daughter's rape said...

A 50-year-old father who raped his daughter numerous times between 3 August 2008 and 17 Jan 2010 in various places including their family home has been sentenced to 16 years in jail by the Suva High Court. Pauliasi Mataunitoga is not eligible for parole after he has served 15 years. In handing down his ruling, Judge Justice Salesi Temo said Mataunitoga abused his daughter's trust and acted in a way that was unaccepteable. He described Mataunitoga as a typical coward. "Through your offending, you have not only ruined the complainant's life, you have also ruined your family's life. Your family doesn't deserve the treatment you have meted out to them," Justice Temo said. The court heard that it began on 3 August 2008 at Vatukalo village in Levuka when the father was 46 years of age and the girl, 19. He removed his clothes and exposed himself to her before forcing her to masturbate him. The next day on 4 August 2008, he took her to the family farm where he had sex with her without her consent. On 22 September 2008, he woke the girl to masturbate him. On 29 October 2008 and 26 November 2008 in the family home, her father threatened her with a cane knife before raping her. In the months of December 2008, on 30 January 2009, 28 March 2009 and 16 June 2009, Mataunitoga forced his daughter to mastubate him. On 26 December 2009 and 17 January 2010 he raped his daughter in the family home while repeatedly threatening to kill her if she told anyone. The matter was reported to police on 18 January 2010. Mataunitoga admitted the offence and was charged with rape and indecent assault. He had been remanded in custody since 15 March 2012. Justice Judge Temo also ordered the victim's name is suppressed.

Copyright 2013 © Fijilive.com

Anonymous said...

Why was Aziz not a witness. The Prosecution have a duty to produce all witnesses/evidence available. The defence can also require a witness to attend. I thought Aziz would have been available for cross examination, if not as a prosecution witness then perhaps as a hostile defence witness.
A key "witness" is overseas? Fair trial?

If Mad dog Maddigan finds in Driti's favour then he would have to have found most/all of the witnesses to be unbelievable or untruthful. He should address the credibility and believability of each witness in his judgment.

Maddigan is damned either way. He will simply do as Gates instructs.

Anonymous said...

It is my hope and prayer that Driti will be put away in jail for a very, very long time!! Remember how he and Qiliho ordered and personally supervised the tortures and killings? remember the old saying Driti, 'You do the crime, you do the time'?
You are going to do 'the time' big time Driti. I hope and also pray that the relatives of those you abused and killed, who are already inside the prison will sort you out you sadist!!

Anonymous said...

Taura vakatagane na nomu i totogi ni sa na tau vei iko nimataka Driti.Keitou na wekana e dua o a vakamatea, keitou lolo taka tiko qo mo curu vakadede e Naboro. Na wekai keitou o a labata e a solisoli ni Kalou.O a qai mai tamasuka o iko kaisi o iko, luveni manumanu.

PMO said...

AG gave tax exemption to his Muslim friend Tauz Khan of Safeway electronics for London taxis - AG is not even the Minister of finance- how can he give that approval.

Muslims are corrupt, power hunger Taibans!

Sunia Lalabete said...

More evidence of Bainimarama receiving underhand cash in brown bags. The corruption is unbelievable

From a friend:

“Bro, Frank was also given a brown paper bag full of money at Namadi by the boss of a prominent company during the last Cyclone Appeal. This handover was done in a backroom at the company premises last year.

Frank, at first, mentioned that this should have been covered by the media. The boss of the company then said, "I work on the principle that what the left hand gives, the right shouldn't know." "What you do with it is your concern, not mine."

“Frank smiled knowingly. That contribution never made it into the Cyclone Appeal fund.

“Also, the PM's household as well as the President’s is regular recipients of shopping hampers from this company. “This has never happened in any other Prime Minister in Fiji's history.

“What a legacy of corruption he's leaving behind in his wake eh? Such that Fiji has never seen in its magnitude and its blatant, in your face attitude. What a bunch of pathetic losers

Abdullah said...

The defence should have called Aziz as a witness for prosecution. Muslims all over are not nice people. They like to divide and rule. Dr Ahmed Ali used this tactic with Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. Now Ayiaz is doing the same.

BC said...

They are all a bunch of ILLEGAL.
The Court is ILLEGAL.
The Magistrates & Judges are ILLEGAL.
The Attorney General is ILLEGAL
The Prosecution is ILLEGAL
The Government is ILLEGAL

So all Driti has to do is to stand up in Court and tell them that they have no right to bring a charge against him because they are all a bunch of ILLEGALS.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean illegal? When Driti goes to jail tomorrow for a few years, that'll shut you all up. If Roko Ului ever shows his face in Fiji again, he'll be suffering the same fate. Then there's Mere Samisoni and Mahen Chaudhry to come. The old Fiji is going to jail. The new Fiji has never looked better.

BC said...

@Anonymous 7:37pm
Boso. Stealing is ILLEGAL.
Whether you steal money from your neighbour or steal from the shop or STEAL THE GOVERNMENT from the people. It is ILLEGAL

You must be so morally corrupt to have missed this point.

Even a small Kindargaten child will tell you that stealing is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I is agree with BC. He making good point. stealing government is against law and stealing from government also .

Anonymous said...

@ Sunia Lalabete
should anyone be surprised by your revelations about unprecedented corruption in the country?
I don't think so.
We just have to remember that the country is after all under thug rule.

Anonymous said...

Remember the beatings you handed down in the past, mutherf*****, well...prepare to receive the same. Man...it is so hilarious to see these so-called military officers back-stabbing each other. Squirm...bitches...they're coming for each and every one of you. Best punishment for him, is to put him in the middle of a circular formation firing squad. Let them kill each other off. No harm, no foul.

Anonymous said...

The divisions in the military are exposed at long last, and in open court at that!

Better to have elections than another bloody mutiny!

Countryman, vote for anybody other than the current regime come 2014. Otherwise, another bloody mutiny is on the way.

Anonymous said...

The current regime has been doing a lot of dirty dealing under the table,back hand and corrupt practices,. One wonders who shall we report the matter to as they are controlling all investigative bodies and the the judiciary.I guess we have to go with the flow and we can not go against the grain because truth is not recoganised and people are victimised because of the truth and in the new Fiji under the illegal regime true is false and false is true.The government was clean before the clean up camnpaign now the dirt in the government will take ages and generations to clean it up.People do nnot vote for the Bainimarama and his party.They have to be cleaned up and taken care of in Prison foir all the wrong things they have done Treason,Abuse of Powers,Corruptions, murder etc etc.

Anonymous said...

I do not think foreign governments have the right to support or object to the constitution of any country. They can acknowledge it only. Becasue it does not affect them at all In the Fiji Sun the Turky Ambasdor said that the government of Turkey supports Fijis Constitutioin. Who are they to say that. Is it because of the musluims influence in the write of thaty fake constitution ?Fiji got nothing to do with Turkey nand Turkey should not poke its nose in the affairs of Fiji

Anonymous said...

You are all churning the same stuff that is being churned 24/7 in waste recycling plant at KINOYA..NOTHING BUT STUPID IDEAS, FILTHY THOUGHTS and wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...


Students to share their textbooks

Nasik Swami
Monday, November 25, 2013

FREE textbooks will be provided to students next year, however the Education Ministry has warned that because of financial constraints, students will have to share them.

This was revealed in an Information Ministry statement released yesterday

Anonymous said...

Well issues that have been raised are definitely those that matters within FICAC and are normally investigated...I guess otherwise no one will want to waste their time mentioning it at all.

Anonymous said...

There is more to be exposed in this Driti saga! surely his driver Sergent Josefa Draunidalo knew about this plot as it was discussed at his home in stage four Cunningham. He should be taken to task with all close colleagues of Driti

Anonymous said...

Driti and Tevita Mara are the ones to be questioned about the torture and killings. Their guilt finally caught up with them which was the reason they decided to quit. Oh and the other thing that they weren't guilty about was their infidelities. Driti you had upset a lot of guys by screwing their wives. You had screwed Lina Robanakadavu, Annie Roggers, Sainiana Waqanabete your own Suva Grammar ex scholars secretary and so on, who were all married. Tevita Mara you were married and screwing the big time kalavo Lieutenant Akosita Waqairawai whom you have fathered two kids from. Driti you were the Land Force Commander and Tevita Mara you were the Chief of Staff so you ran the operations for Driti and better still you had the troops under you in 3FIR. Tell the people from Tonga that you were the torture king and murderer. You even sent your own troops to arrest your very own aunty, Teimumu Kepa. So did all that guilt catch up with you Driti And Mara that you attempted something so people could see you as heroes??? Common Mara tell the people that you even had people who had dreadlock hairstyle or anybody who looked scruffy tortured because you thought they all smoked marijuana. You have taken cover for too long Mara. Let everyone know what you really did. Driti has to confess what he did and stop trying to save his sorry arse by blaming Brigadier Azziz. You Driti and Mara had the manpower under your command and were doing all that dirty stuff without informing Bainimarama. Tell them what you two did and stop blaming the others.

Anonymous said...

Ele au nanuma ga tamata dau veicai o Sitiveni Rabuka. Sa qai dua na tamata dau vidulu o Drit. Sa vinaka saraga me lai sogo yani de mai caiti keda kece. Au kila sa dro o Ratu Tevita Mara ni sa vutuki koya talega o Driti. Sa rau dau moku kalavo dina o rau na rua qo. Sa qai so yalewa kalavo dina..... Wahahaeeeeeiiiiiiaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Driti and Mara in the dock, even if it's a kangaroo court. That's what they get for helping to put these monsters in power. But the idea that they weren't informing Bainimarama when they committed their abuses is a pile of absolute rubbish. Bainimarama was with them when they tortured pregnant women and other prisoners at QEB.

Every soldier will be called to account for aiding and abetting treason, and Bainimarama will hang for it.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11.30

Give the people of Fiji some credit. we all know what a shitty govt this is without being lambasted by a self-censoring media and equally shitty opinion like yours.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to screwing around, the grandaddy of coups, Sitiveni Rabuka, leaves everyone for dead. Mara and Driti don't even come close. It's one of the perks of staging a coup. Rambo was a true legend who bedded countless women. No one was safe, when rambo came calling, it was time to lock up wives and sisters. Daily Post editor mesake koroi claimed Rabuka even invented some new kamasutra moves, although in the sex department, Mesake Koroi is a legend in his own right according to stories at the union club.

Rusi Varani said...

I posted a similar article on Solivakasama.org last week. The one and only reason I did that, although prematurely, was because of my desire to make my feelings known about the current illegal regime with regards to the allegations against Driti. I would like to say, on what I have read so far as reported here, that it was indeed so unfortunate that the plot was not executed as purportedly planned. Given the enormity of the destruction that Khaiyum and Bainimarama has done to the country, especially to the sacred fabrics of Fijian society, I for one, among the majority of Fijians, would be happily celebrating the removal of the persons who are toying around with everything in Fiji as if its their own private properties. I tend to think that someone else will rise to the occasion and finish this unfinished business.

Anonymous said...

Plotting to overthrow this treasonous and illegal government is one of the most lawful and moral actions Driti and Mara have ever taken. Instead of being punished for it, they should be rewarded . . . with reduced prison sentences for their participation in Bainimarama's 2006 coup.

Anonymous said...

People keep looking to Nailatikau for help because he supposedly is the head of state and presides over the Constitution. But he was lost to Fiji a long time ago and had in 2011 decommissioned Driti and Mara because of the aborted coup against Frank. Nailatikau will be one of the last to give in to democracy.

Just Saying said...

Solivaksama@2.51am. There is a lot of unfinished business in Fiji and we're all waiting for it to be done properly.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

State prosecutors were unable to convict Ben Padarath for lack of evidence. Same case same outcome?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rajesh, idiot don't minimise Driti and Mara's evil doings when they were in power. As most people inthis blog say, they had it coming. U disgust me by suggesting Driti and Mara to be hereos. Nice Christian you are championing torturers like Mara and Driti. Yes, every other coup makers will get their time soon. but at the moment Driti will reflec on the horrible things he did when in power. God does not bless evil.

Anonymous said...

Ironic isn't. Representing a client that has done exactly the same thing she is trying to put someone else in Jail for.......

In her submissions, Mrs Campbell-Moffat quoted a famous saying that "absolute power corrupts".

She submitted that even attempting to overthrow the government was a serious offence.

"In this case, even attempting is a serious offence. You don't have to succeed. Just attempting is a serious offence on its own," Mrs Campbell-Moffat said.

.....The new Justice in Fiji...

rajend naidu said...

Can someone help me understand if as the Honk Kong based lawyer for the prosecution states in her closing submission of the Pita Driti Trial,"even attempting to overthrow the government was a serious offence" what kind of offence is the actual overthrow of a government?
The one thing I have learned from the four coups in Fiji is that when you have power and as long as you hold onto power you have no need to worry about the law - regardless of whether you use it well or unwell.
rajend naidu

Ramasi said...

@Anonymous 9.25AM

Quoting " Mrs Campbell-Moffat "absolute power corrupts".

....that even attempting to overthrow the government was a serious offence.

In this case, even attempting is a serious offence....."

Surely you are referring to the illegal Govt and if I closed my eyes in court your words would sound like you were prosecuting the self imposed coup perpetrator Bainimarama and colleagues they committed much more serious treasonous crimes.

Anonymous said...

ssessors retire to deliberate
Publish date/time: 26/11/2013 [10:08]

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The three assessors have retired behind closed doors to deliberate in former Land Force Commander Pita Driti’s trial.

High Court judge Justice Paul Madigan summed up the case this morning reminding the assessors that he is the judge of the law and the assessors are the judges of the facts.

Justice Paul Madigan told the three assessors that they should take into account all the evidence presented in court and the court has no room for sympathy or prejudice.

He said that the assessors’ political views should not cloud their judgement.

Justice Madigan also said it should not matter how they feel about the Prime Minister or the Attorney General.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Get it right said...

aNON@9.15AM Let your warped 'heroes' Frank Kahiyum and co also reflect on their evil sins, which are far, far worse than anything anyone else in Fiji has committed in the last 10 years.

Anonymous said...

If only we have plummeled all those arse that supported Rabuka during the 1987 coup, we wouldnt have come to this day. Rabuka opened a can of worm in 87 and that work will stick with Fiji as long as the military is there in Fiji..

Anonymous said...

Cry, you haters.....lol. Your wailing will not change one single thing...your champ Driti, is now in "Hotel Rwanda". LMAO! When Driti was in Army, this very blog was against him...opportunists lurking on this site...! This page starts off attacking people then when these people turn against govt, suddenly they're the heroes of this blog. What type of losers are you people? Even prostitutes have a higher level of self respect than those of you who are continuously whinging at everything, yet benefit from the same govt. The same "gays" complaining against govt will send their kids to school WITHOUT PAYING FEES (get what I mean? lol). They'll also be quick to collect bus vouchers for their children...I wouldn't even waste my spit on the whingers around here. The fact is nothing you write here will matter an ounce. Get a life, will you?

Anonymous said...

Dismantle the Military

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:15 says he wouldn't waste spit on us, so why is he going to the trouble of posting his comments on this site? He complains that we're all whinging, but what is he doing himself, if not whinging?

Also, I haven't seen many comments here extolling Driti as a hero, have you? He deserves some credit for belatedly moving toward doing his duty by planning to restore constitutional government, but that's only after he overthrew our constitutional government in the first place, and, with Bainimarama, did some cowardly and dastardly things thereafter.

Anonymous said...

This court case just shows how farking stupid and farked up this whole facade continues to be. Makes it worse when you have this sa-called legal counsels making stupid statements in court that are directly implicating the regime in many ways. This white trash stupid cunt of a lawyer should go get banged (front and rear) in the barracks or Naboro Maximum Gaol.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha segai Mesake Koroi na kubu kei na cu wavoki qori. Kamasutra ni tagane kei na tagane e tiko vei Mess kei Jese Sikivou na dau ivola vou ni SODELPA. O Jese kei Mesake erau lesbian tiko...... Wahahahawaikuuuuuu.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.35 PM
no need to single out the white woman lawyer for degrading abuse. she came because she saw an opportunity to come make good money without much sweat and legal brilliance. if she didn't come someone else would have come. remember that nutty Naidu fala who came from the US after the Speight coup!! Our criticism should be focused on the manipulated judicial system in Fiji.
But the real tragedy is that the international community has largely come to accept the justice system and the status quo in Fiji

Professor of Kamasutra Dr Mahendra Kumar said...

Sorry for interrupting the discussion but anon 2.46am claim that Rabuka, Driti and Mesake Koroi kings of kamasutra cannot go unchallenged. There is one, and only one, Professor of Kamasutra. That is that is Dr Mahendra Kumar, son-in-law of regime sycophant Davedra Pathik. No false contenders for Dr Mahend Kumar's title please. As reported earlier, Dr Kumar was unfortunately sacked as VC of UniFiji when caught performing oral sex on a girl in his office.

Anonymous said...

Anon 05:48pm Balebale o tamamu kei tinamu rau lesbian talega. Nomu vosa qori laurai ga ni tiko na da i cake kei na lamusona i ra.

Anonymous said...

Ni raica tiko na ka sa yaco tiko ni vakasama tiko na mataivalu.qo e rua rau a dau totaki Voreqe tiko vakataki kemudou na veisa vosa tiko mai qo ri e cake.ratou sa baci vuke yani qori o Kalouniwai,Tagicakibau kei kemuni kece na vakamumuri tiko qo baleta na levu ni veika sa sosoga tiko o Voreqe ena nomuni taga.O Voreqe e vaqara tiko qori na nona dro bula tani mai valeniveivesu.Sai koya ya na vuna e kabiti Kaium tiko kina ka sega ni laivi koya rawa baleta ni kila tiko o koya nio Kaium ga e rawa ni na kauti rau tani mai na ka kece oqo vakalawa.Sagai ena consitution me rau bula kina, rau lomalomaruataka tale, rau sa saga qo me rau na winitaka na veidigidigi e na gaunisala cava ga e rau rawata.Sa dave oti na dra sa ra mate na tamata ena saumi vei kemuni na kenai sau sega ni na cala koya. dua sa vakarau curu qo i Naboro, dua sa laki rai tu ya mai Toga.keimami wele tiko qo dou sa mai veikaburaki tale vakai kemudou.Sa na vakaloloma sara qo ke sa mani vesu o Driti, mai na Brigadia sega madaga ni Private sa ki vei sara ya? Ni yalovinaka ni nanumi ira na nomuni kawa era muri tiko mai, kakua na nanumi koya ga vakai koya.

Anonymous said...

nov 26 9.49pm
dickhead - so whats the big deal? at least prof kumar showed he is a real man and not gay like Gates and Madigan

Anonymous said...

Someone had to be the fall guy. In this case it is Driti. Aziz cannot be the fall guy for the simple reason that like Arse he is a Muslim and a Taliban!!

Anonymous said...

E sa qai kati Driti 'qo na ivakarau vakaloloma ka va'kaisi e a vayacora o koya vei tamana!E kila vinaka o na watina kei keimami na wekai tamana na ka lolovuira ka a vakayacora okoya!
E sega ni rawa vakadua me cala na vosa ni i Vola Tabu!!

Anonymous said...

E sa qai kati Driti 'qo na ivakarau vakaloloma ka va'kaisi e a vayacora o koya vei tamana!E kila vinaka o na watina kei keimami na wekai tamana na ka lolovuira ka a vakayacora okoya!
E sega ni rawa vakadua me cala na vosa ni i Vola Tabu!!

Anonymous said...

E sa noqu masu me rau laki cell vata e Naboro o Driti kei George Speight.
Qai macala mada na viavia vakateratera e dau tiko vei Driti na kawa ni daulaba!

Anonymous said...

nai tovo cava beka e acakava o Driti vei tamana,keo rawa ni talanoataka mada me keimami kila me vaka nio tukuna tiko ni sa saumi qo vua.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Aiyarse is a Taliban, alright, but he's also got 'scapegoat' written all over him. Frank will throw him under the bus the moment it becomes necessary. No single move would be more popular with Fiji's electorate . . .which is why Aiyarse doesn't really want Frank to allow elections.

Anonymous said...

No not all the Kaiviti are luneni sala only Bainimarama the son of Kaur Battan Singh and all the kaidia the sons of Boci and Kora bona. Look at Bainimarama standing with Pushp Chand Dass who fondled the breast of a teenage girl.

Anonymous said...

Mandela is a father of a nation,a global beacon of intergrity,rectitude and reconceliation.He believe in multiracial and democracy and freedom. He is a symbol of freedom forgiveness and hope to the world.He forgave those who put him in jail for 27 years.He said that he is not a saint but a sinner who kept on trying.May his soul rest and peace.

l for 27years