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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Assessors find Driti 'not guilty' but Madigan reverses decision

If it was a test of strength it looks like the illegal attorney general has more pull than the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama.

It's been noted for some time that Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is the one driving the country although Bainimarama continues to wield the stick at QEB barracks.

Those following the fortunes of Fiji and the Pita Driti trial may well be nodding their heads right now saying "well, it shows AG overrules the PM in the judiciary."

Is that really the case - or is Bainimarama more complicit than they think?

In a few short hours, Paul Madigan overturned the 'not guilty' verdict of three assessors who this week heard the case against Driti.

Supporters thought Driti would get off the charge of sedition and inciting mutiny and revelled in hope after the initial verdict.

But Madigan, who is known to be Khaiyum's man, quickly overturned the verdict saying he believed Manasa Tagicakiba's story Driti had tried to 'seduce him from his duty and allegiance to the country' and support the plot to remove Bainimarama and kill Khaiyum.

There was no hard evidence for the aborted plot but Madigan reckons Tagicakiba was convincing and Driti not.

Insiders say Driti was supposed to get off but there was a call to Madigan shortly before he delivered his judgement.

Other stories are swirling, too, the big one being this: Bainimarama was looking out for Driti and he had a shot at being Police Commissioner if he'd been acquitted.

The cold truth is this: Bainimarama and Khaiyum are partners in crime and Bainimarama is happy for Khaiyum to cop the shit while he plays the i-taukei and the RFMF so they'll vote for him next year.

Sadly, Driti's last word to supporters (as told to Coupfourpointfive), reflects the ongoing naivety:

"Be strong and always question the wrong.  I hope Commander realizes one day my service to him and the country and how we put him where he is today. God is my witness and my jury and I firmly believe that he will not fail anyone of us and to my fellow brothers in the army, I forgive you and urge you to stay strong and committed to the nation."

judgement on Pita Driti


Sairusi Serekali said...

Halleluha. Thank you jurors, you have shown independence of mind..truth will prevail.

Am happy not because of any liking for Driti as he is responsible for yet to answere charges for murder, tortures and coup related crimes...but am happy that the jurors have made decision independent of the illegal Govt wishes.

The Heckler said...

But Driti IS guilty of uttering seditious comments and inciting mutiny!

Problem is, that was against the Qarase government! Oops!

Ratu Sai said...

Pretty straight forward because there was hardly any evidence, apart from the words of a few beneficiaries who were promoted as the result of the allegation.

Anonymous said...

Now the assessors will be found guilty by Bai and co of not delivering the right verdict. Well done assessors and LC Vosarogo and what a waste of tax payers money for hiring a prosecutor from Hong Kong to prosecute in the case. Big Pote to Bai and all his lame duck informers. Now the truth is out what else will the culprits do

Anonymous said...

Does this finally prove once & for all that the jury in Fiji is impartial

Sairusi Serekali said...

Now it is the Judge's turn to be honest and courageous by following the Assessors judgement and declare Driti NOT GUILTY.

Halleluha, God will punish the wicked and sinners.

The illegal Govt has been exposed naked publicly.

Anonymous said...

Hope the compromised judge does not overturn assessors' verdict.

So how much did the prosecution of this case by Hong Kong lawyers cost this country?

Anonymous said...

the Helleluja is premature .wait for the hired judge's verdict.

Dharam Lingam said...

And the fucking judge has overturned the verdict and find Driti guilty. What a fucking joke!!!

Anonymous said...

funny how the bitch said that even attempting to overthrow the government is wrong! WTF what a dumb farken prosecutor ... send her back to the whole where she came from.

Anonymous said...


Judge overturns assessors verdict, Driti in custody
12:43 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Shanal Sivan

Suva High Court judge, Justice Paul Madigan has overturned the unanimous not guilty verdict from the assessors in the case of former Land Force Commander Pita Driti.
It took Justice Madigan about one and a half hours to deliver his decision after the assessors returned a not guilty verdict on Driti who faces a charge of inciting mutiny and another charge of committing a seditious act.
Driti has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced on December 10.

Anonymous said...

My hope was in vain (earlier post 12.06pm). True to form, the compromised-to-his-ears-judge ruled as instructed by his masters, the equally treasonous ASK & FB!

Hong Kong lawyers remain winners all around...

rajend naidu said...

Lord Acton's dictum on power - that the learned Honk Kong lawyer for the prosecution used to prosecute the case - was not his own original idea.
An earlier version is contained in a speech made to the UK House of Lords by the British politician William Pitt who was British PM from 1776 to 1778 :
"Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it".
In Fiji we all know who possesses it.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Reminds one of his brother judge iCJ Gates who declared after a glass or two at a cocktail circuit: "I'm gonna put him away."

And their pathetic charade goes on...

Anonymous said...

Assessors find Driti "not guilty".
Judge finds Driti "guilty".
Justice in Fiji is in hands of the Judge's political masters.
the judges do what their masters want them to do.
they are good obedient dogs.

mark manning said...

This could be a turning point for Fiji! The writing is on the wall for the Regime.
Hi Ho!, Hi ho!, hi ho hi ho it's off to Naboro we go, hi ho!!!

totolo said...

This is interesting because a lot was said about the independence of the judiciary. Finding Driti innocent of the charges puts this game into a quandary. If the judiciary is, as alleged here, compromised, this ruling would have certainly gone against Driti and he would have had his "face blackened and sent out of the town on a donkey" so to speak and be made an example of traitorous deeds consequences.

What happens next?

mark manning said...


Anonymous said...

Don't understand you @ totolo 1.34pm.

Isn't that what basically happened this morning to Driti? An impartial set of assessors on the one hand and a compromised judiciary on the other - as the public perceives it.

Some pigs are more equal than others?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the judge knew that the assessors had been got at?

Anonymous said...

Right, Totolo's logic is wrong.

How is it that Driti had tried to 'seduce him from his duty and allegiance to the country'? If Driti was seeking the overthrow of an illegal government -- and he was, a government found illegal by the High Court -- then what duty and obligation does anyone owe to it? When the government is illegal, then our duty and allegiance to the country dictate that we try to overthrow it. And yes, in this instance that would probably mean removing Bainimarama and killing Khaiyum, or killing both.

Anonymous said...

@ 2.02pm

Or perhaps the assessors are simply not in a compromised position that the judge is in, i.e. they don't have a personal stake in the outcome of the case since their livelihood is not dependent on the regime directly.

But let's for a brief second go with what you claim: "that the judge knew the assessors has been got at".

What does that tell you about the independence of the judiciary?

Why didn't the judge take appropriate steps if he knew the the assessors had been got at?


Anonymous said...

I've just read the hopelessly brief judgment of Pita Driti.

The judge said that "the strength of the prosecution case is found in the evidence of Major Tagicakibau's evidence" whom the judge found "to be an honest and convincing witness."

Mmmm...strange that three Fijian assessors who offer a better representation of Fijian society didn't think so!

Then the judge goes on to describe Pita Driti as "evasive, divertive, pertulent, and ungracious".

A man's freedom is at stake and in the most dubious of circumstances and this judge expects him to be gracious? Did he imagine he was presiding over some tea party?

Anonymous said...

hope that all can see the real Fiji and who is in charge,its love of your country not money, hope some body can up with a change and renewed mindset to lead our beloved island nation,
governments!! its time to throw in the towel and let educated human being take over,give them 3yrs..

all of you need to go on long vocation.. one way ticket ...

Anonymous said...

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty"
~ Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...

"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt."
~ John Adams

Seems the regime has 'gifted' the Fijians with both.

Anonymous said...

judge Madigan has just given further prove that Fiji has an "independent" judiciary - the kind of "independent" judiciary you have in a dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Driti must be regretting the day he joined with VB in overthrowing the Qarase Government! What goes around comes around I say.

Ratu Sai said...

Welcome to Animal Farm where the Pig reigns and some animals are more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

@ 2.05pm

You're a classic example of why I will not lift a finger to actively resist Fiji's oppressive regime because of the possible hijacking by "spoilers".

I will not ever endorse what you're proposing - violence and killings.... particularly when we're all fully aware that that will NOT ever solve Fiji's problems but only bring about more chaos, more suffering and more hurt.

I'm curious though as to why you'd want someone killed for a crime that is bound to remove their freedom inanycase once they're convicted. What do you base your proposition "to kill someone" on?

Mahesh Singh said...

Those of us still in doubt about the integrity, lawlessness and the depth of criminality in Fiji this Driti case closes our curtain of doubts...INDEED THIS COUNTRY UNDER THE ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT IS TRUELLY BOGGED IN DICTATORSHIP, LAWLESSNESS, CORRUPTION, AND EVERYTHING ROTTEN.


Anonymous said...

@ 2.56pm

Yes, as they say "One day mafatu!"
I still remember those early days after the coup, I was really terrified of Driti esp. when he was issuing press warnings left right and centre to the public not to protest or else! He looked so menacing.

Now I feel just a little sorry for him caught in their own military web of deceit.

Rajesh Singh said...

Good job.

Anonymous said...

I agree fully with anon 3.11 PM.
Driti was strutting about and menacing the ordinary citizens because at that time as a key player in the Bainimarama military coup he was a man displaying the arrogance of unfettered power.
now Driti is no longer a man of arrogance because he is no longer a man with unfettered power.
but there are others who continue to display the arrogance of absolute power.
wonder how long power will keep them going in that manner?
power has a way of shifting to other hands... that is what history tells us.

Totolo said...

My apologies.

I misread the entire article. Having just downloaded the entire judgement, Madigan has deliberately overruled the entire panel of assessors without any concrete grounds.

While it is not unusual for a presiding judge to do this when occasion demands it, the crux of the matter is that this occasion certainly did not demand it.

During the last ten years, the judge had ‘overruled’ the majority of assessors in only 21 out of 154 Supreme Court trials and they were noteworthy cases where the judge felt the decision of the jury was not entirely acceptable.

Until recently, the legislation did not qualify in any way the judge’s power to dispense with the advice of the assessors. The 1875 Ordinance stated: ‘ . . . the opinion of each assessor shall be given orally . . . but the decision shall be vested exclusively
in the judge’.

Similarly, the relevant provision in the 1945 Laws of Fiji stated even more clearly: ‘The judge . . . shall not be bound to conform to the opinions of the assessors’.

Nevertheless, it became established through a series of cases in the 1950s and 1960s that the judge must give reasons for any decision that effectively overrules the opinions of the assessors. In Ram Lal, the Fijian Appeal Court stated that the judge must have ‘very good reasons’ for differing from the assessors. In Shiu Prasad, the Appeal Court repeated that the judge must have ‘cogent reasons’ for differing from the assessors.

Anonymous said...

can you have an Hon. Judge in a dictatorship?

Anonymous said...

In a dictatorship the judge is under no obligation to give good reasons to the public for overturning the assessors finding. his duty is to the diktats of the dictator. the judge has done his duty with due diligence!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Voreqe Bainimarama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon@3.52PM. Asshole Rajesh, we all know it's you posting anonymously hahahaha. Wanker.

Totolo said...

mods should filter extreme profanity because it doesn't add value or take the conversation in a productive direction.

Voreqe Bainimarama said...

Rajesh Motherfucker, don't use capitals because that's a sign of a lack of intelligence. Cunt.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:03, the answer is to deter others from going down the same path of treason.

Treason deserves to be a capital offense, and tyrants seldom go quietly.

Anonymous said...


Police said...

Th call came from AG not PM !

Rusi Varani said...

I was totally flabbergasted and astounded at the hypocritical nature with which Hong Kong based attorney, Mrs Audrey Campbell-Moffat, made her closing submission yesterday. Firstly, she mentioned that 'when you have power use it well'. I don't really know in who's direction was she looking when she uttered those words. I really hope she only had her eyes on the judge with Khaiyum and Bainimarama at the back of her mind, knowing that only they have the powers to sway him.

Then she misquoted saying that 'absolute power corrupts'. The correct quotation should have been 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. Again, I wonder who she was referring to when she minced those words. As a land force commander, Driti was answerable to the commander, Bainimarama. He did not have absolute power over the military. The only 2 people who, we all know to have absolute powers over Fiji are Khaiyum and Bainimarama. No wonder the state of affairs in Fiji is in a mess because all our troubles are doubled as they take us down the route to double destruction.

Audrey Campbell even went as far as to say that 'even attempting to overthrow the government was a serious offence'. To muster the courage to say what she said is beyond comprehension. I can see Paul Madigan acting like he was sitting on hot furnace and was getting ready to run. In his mind he was probably pleading with Audrey to 'stop it please'. He was as he should be, consumed with guilt as Audrey uttered those words, not at Driti's direction but the judges and the two shadowy figures behind him.

In a way, I am happy that Audrey said what she said. It was so loud and clear that I am sure it is will be vibrating in Madigan's, Khaiyum's and Bainimarama's head for ever. If, in Audrey's words, 'even attempting to overthrow the government is a serious offence', then Khaiyum, Bainimarama and their illegal regime, including of course Madigan, should bow their heads in shame for going the extra yard

Common Man said...

So driti is off to prison, whether he tried to do mutiny remains a mystery and all we heard was hearsay!

We have coward political leaders in Fiji with existing parties who cant even speak up to thsi government, orgianize a march or demostrtaion and have no planning:

Afraid of soldiers, the PM is in London, commissioner of Police is in Vanuatu, 1500 soldiers in missions, WHAT ARE YOU GUYS AFRAID OFF?

The 18 year youths who demonstrated outside FRICA are more courageous, and given additional support of say another 200 people, can test the real strength of this soldiers .. but NO, we sit at c4.5 day in and day out and just talk.

The real quest we must ourselves in Fiji, if we hate this government, why not demonstrate and make this know to everyone.

Franks and AG strength comes from our cowardliness !! lets all use c4.5 e-mails are start linking to build something:


Anonymous said...

Last Week:

Gates: So Paul, if the Assessors find in Driti's favour, the AG wants you to simply find this bastard guilty in any event.

Madigan: That is precisely what I intend to do. Tell AG this man is not getting away from me.

Gates: Shall do. Good show Paul.

Justice Fiji style.

Anonymous said...

See all the Fijian commenting are lamu sona. Can anyone stand up and kill both of them and do good for the country. Driti if in urself you are right its better to kill them and go to jail. Find a way to kill them..Game over..

Anonymous said...

No worries @ Totolo 3.25pm.

Thanks for your helpful post on the law - my earlier point precisely on the "hopelessly brief judgment". One knows which side of the bread is buttered.

I've only seen Driti once in person and that was in the High Court room where he was in the witness box giving character evidence on behalf of Francis Kean (dictator's brother-in-law) who had just been convicted of manslaughter in late 2007.

Driti was a top military man then and naturally had a strong imposing presence in Court.

But more than that, he had a particularly hostile, piercing look in his eyes that when he glanced over at the public gallery where I was seated, I quickly averted my eyes so the "big bully" which we all well knew him to be then, wouldn't catch me glaring at him with all my might.

But what particularly struck me on that day was the way Driti gave his glowing character evidence of Kean all the while looking directly at him (Kean - while Kean seated in dock, head bowed appropriately). It was almost like a favourite uncle fussing over naughty nephew, nevermind that nephew had just killed someone - a father, a husband, an uncle, a son, a cousin. So sad how these military guys deem life to be so cheap.

Back to the present case. Yes, it's not too hard to imagine the convicting Judge disbelieving Driti and his typical hostile "if looks could kill" glares pointed in the judge's direction. What a sad circus that Fiji's judiciary has become.

No cogent reason indeed, just a strong hunch that Driti is lying over the "one witness" who solely represented the interests of those who have more to lose with their ongoing corruption > ASK and FB.

The assessors also happened to live under Fiji's dictatorship, YET were unanimous in their finding of Not Guilty. (Hey people, what does that say about "United We Stand, Divided We Fall).

Their verdict of NG was also reasonable and plausible in the circumstances that was presented to them. Matters of credibility are for the assessors to decide upon.

My blog verdict: Benefit of the doubt should be Pita Driti's.

Anonymous said...

I understand where you're coming from @ 4.01p.m. but taking a life is not our right or call. We're creatures of the law and are not at war where even so, the right to protect one's life is still absolute.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh is sad his best friend, the murderous, torturous, Driti is found guilty. Rajesh swears and claims to be a gods-willed Christian. Why would god bless Driti? Just ask the family of Rabaka?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5.02 PM good comment.
Driti was the embodiment of the macho military culture. all puffed up with their own importance, intoxicated by power and riding roughshod over ordinary citizens. The respect for such military macho men is reserved for power , not the rule of law. They think they have the power - the guns - so they can do whatever they like. the law for them is just a nuisance that has to be tolerated and manipulated and used to serve their special interest.
Driti today must be thinking it would have been so nice to have an independent judiciary and the rule of law in Fiji rather then a military dictatorship.

Totolo said...

Taking a life solves nothing. We're not living in a time where Shylock shows up and demands his pound of flesh. While Fiji may not share this view, the global "village" is actually a little more civilized and objectives are not achieved through bloodbaths.

Taking up arms, pitchforks and carrying out mass lynchings/murders will not work - history has (frequently) shown this rule to hold true.

Totolo said...

Actually, when you look at both evils, one has to ask: Would we rather have Frank or Driti at the helm of this country?

Driti's arrogance and constant desire for blood puts him in the following category and the last two points definitely apply to him:

Serial Killers:

Visionary (E.g., Adolf Hitler.)

Psychotic, listens to voices in their heads, or voices “from God” instructing to eliminate a certain group (race, culture) of people.

Believes it is their duty to destroy certain groups (races, cultures) of people.

Hedonistic. (Craves pleasure.)

Kills for thrill, or sheer pleasure of killing.

Power or control oriented.

When you look at the situation in this context, Fiji is still mildly better placed in Frank's hands then in his former colleague's.

When are you losers gonna wake up? said...

Mark Manning, you really are an idiot. Do you realise how stupid you sound? The base line is that Driti, Mara and whoever wanted Frank gone and replaced by the GCC and the Methodist Church. Can you imagine what would have happened then? The idea that ASK runs Fiji is ridiculous. Frank runs Fiji. And while he has confidence in the ASK, he will continue with their joint program to reform the country. What Manning and the rest of you have to realise is that Fiji is not going back. You have lost. The proof of that is that if you live in Fiji, you know life is better. Our kids are going to school for free next year. When did you bastards ever do this? Just bugger off and stay in Aussie or NZ. We don't want you back.

Anonymous said...

What would have happened is that the will of the people will always prevail NOT DICTATORSHIP.

Wake up guy this is Fiji NOT China or Iran.

Anonymous said...

ah that slogan again "reform the country".
how is the country being reformed?
with an imposed constitution that grants immunity to coup makers?
with the militarization of the civil service and other institutions of state?
with a judiciary that does the bidding of the power holders?
with a media that has forgotten its watch dog role for the public good?
with blatant vote buying?
with the bullying of the citizens to keep quiet and not criticize or question the power holders?
with no transparency in governance?
with nepotism and favouritism in appointments of regime lackeys?
with no accountability in governance(no auditor general reports)?
Fiji is not being reformed it is being screwed by the people who grabbed power at the point of a gun.

mark manning said...

Sorry to rain on your parade, but I don't now, never have, never will and just don't want ever, to live in Fiji!
As for the Regime having won, time will tell.
I'm looking forward to seeing the reaction once Frank and Aiyaz try to sell off the Countries' assets to pay for their financial mismanagement!
Free Education! Nothing is ever free, it always comes at a cost eventually.

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning

You are right in that nothing is free but fortunately those in Fiji realise that the taxpayer has to support the education.

At least they know it's fair across the board and a benefit for all.

Rajesh Singh- Mission Bay Auckland said...

When will Khaiyum leave the cabinet post? He has done rawnikau on Bainimarama. That's why Bainimarama is not listening to anyone but Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

sad sad day for fiji people

why have jury system when judge makes overiding decision

this is good example of judge shopping by state

fiji people need to wake up to fact of life that martial law exists and you have no say it is all window dressing- you are in worse situation than rabuka or qarase unfortunately

i can only hope that cool heads prevail and that an apeal has the judge and assessors replaced and new case heard by others

the cj and president should be very concerned abt stste of affairs now of govt and preceived comprimised judicary

not good for fiji

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I hope Commander realizes one day my service to him and [disservice to] the country and how we put him where he is today.

"God is my witness and my jury and I firmly believe that He will not fail anyone of us."

Convicted by his own speech.

Sheik Sabir said...

Actually, what John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton really said was: "Power TENDS to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Envoy Robin Nair welcomes Fiji sevens team said...

Fiji Times
Tuesday, November 26, 2013: THE Digicel Fiji sevens team was welcomed by Fiji's Resident Envoy to the United Arab Emirates, Ambassador Robin Nair and the Embassy delegation upon their arrival in Dubai on Sunday.

Embassy official Kelepi Abariga told the Fiji Rugby Union website that the Ben Ryan-coached side presented its i sevusevu to Ambassador Nair at the Embassy in Etihad Towers.

He said Nair challenged the boys to give in their very best as the tournament was important in the efforts of the government in establishing its footprints in the region.

"My work in promoting Fiji over the next two years will be made even more possible in just two days, and a win for Fiji will certainly propel the image of our country further by making my work and that of the Embassy an easy one," Ambassador Nair said.

Anonymous said...

No one should be under any illusion that ASK made this decision by himself. Does anyone really think for one moment that Fiji's dictator and top military commander might not know what his partner in crime is telling the judge in a case charging the No. 2 man in the military with seditious comments and incitement to mutiny?

Also, the fact that Bainimarama is overseas at the moment is his standard modus operandi, isn't it? He thinks this will give him some plausible deniability when the time comes that he's in the dock and trying to pin everything on ASK. Or when our military finally comes to its senses and comes after Bainimarama, he hopes he can toss them ASK as a scapegoat and ask forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

"Vengeance is the Lord's and He will repay"...Driti's facing the consequences of his aggressive behaviour towards those he punished and tortured in the past.
Frank and Khaiyum's turn are not too far away..
Paul Madigan should be sacked and Manasa Tagicakibau is not to be trusted he's a traitor!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Naive Robin 'Naive Nair' living life of diplomat. This confused sycophant has done very well for himself. First he supported the regime, than regreted it and now he is in the loop again. Not bad for a low level civil servant in Australia!

Anonymous said...

Warning to the soldiers. It does not matter now wheather you support Bainimarama and Kaiyum or against them. You might be claiming that you put them there as claimed by Driti any slight mistake your neck is on the line. Beware of traitors like Tagicakibau.He is a real asshole.Fiji court can not be trusted if you are against the regime by merely talking against them you will be sent behind bars even when there is no real evidence to substantiate the charge.

Voreqe Bainimarama said...

Madigan you are a very good slave of mine.
You are a loser just like my soldiers in Delainabua.
"Not allowed to use your brain. Just do as I say . OK loser?"
"If I say Find him guilty then you find him guilty. OK loser!"
I dont give a fark about any evidence or witness or police report or whatever.
If I say lock him up , then you lock him up.
OK Madigan loser! You understand what I'm saying to you?
If I say stand, you stand. If I say shit you shit.
If I say throw him in jail then throw him in jail"
Fuck the Court.
That bitch from Hong Kong is just for show.
What I say goes.

Anonymous said...

Well well well.

The really good thing about all this is that all those gullible souls that supported this thing in 2006 are now 'getting it'.

No sympathy for Driti. He is a thug of the highest order and the rest that are still there better start looking over their shoulders..

Anonymous said...

What decision would Madigan give if Bainimarama were to be tried at his court?

And what concluding statement would the Hong Kong lawyer share in court if Bainimarama, Leweni, Teleni, Khaiyum etc. were to be also tried in the same court?

What decision would Madigan give if Judge Gates and manipulator Shameem were to be tried at the same court?, and what concluding statement would the same Hong Kong lawyer let us hear?
They all would be all guilty of treason in the highest order.
Which is the proven act that has led us for the last seven years.

Totolo said...

Since his objectives for the next 2 years will be achieved in 2 days, his salary should only be paid for the 2 days and the balance of 728 days should not be paid out to him as he would not be doing anything for Fiji.

Wake Up Fiji said...

Anon@12.50am Totally typical of the illegal dictator - out of the country while the shit flies and already has scapegoats lined up.

Anonymous said...

What we learn from this sorry saga is that Driti and co knew Bainimarama was turning into power hungry mungrel who wasn't going to let go of the Crown. In that sense, Driti is indeed the 'good guy' (if there's one in this sorry mess), no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Bible says "You reap what you sow" No good ever comes out of evil deeds. The gullibility in this Country [Reason why corruption is at an all time high] is just as predominant as "luimuri". When the shit hits the fan you will see them trample each other and stab each other in the back. Crime does not pay.

Anonymous said...

Aziz has backstabbed Driti and RUM big time. Kaiyum is silently doing the same to Baini. Replacing I-Taukei's with muslim pigs in his ministry and propogating his satanic islam beliefs. Time is not far when the muslim pigs will start calling for a muslim state or using sharia laws in Fiji. Here in Australia, they come in numbers as asylum seekers, produce tons of children, feed themselves through dole and are a daily problem for the lawman to handle. Fiji should watch out as I could see that there is a massive increase in fundamentalists muslims. A far cry from previous period. All this as we see a marked rise in prophets from terror driven countries like India, Pakistan, Iran taking up preaching roles in Fiji. Any guess who is the minister responsible for giving these people permits to come to Fiji. Traitor Aiarse and his ball sucher ceo nemani....

Anonymous said...

Aziz has backstabbed Driti and RUM big time. Kaiyum is silently doing the same to Baini. Replacing I-Taukei's with muslim pigs in his ministry and propogating his satanic islam beliefs. Time is not far when the muslim pigs will start calling for a muslim state or using sharia laws in Fiji. Here in Australia, they come in numbers as asylum seekers, produce tons of children, feed themselves through dole and are a daily problem for the lawman to handle. Fiji should watch out as I could see that there is a massive increase in fundamentalists muslims. A far cry from previous period. All this as we see a marked rise in prophets from terror driven countries like India, Pakistan, Iran taking up preaching roles in Fiji. Any guess who is the minister responsible for giving these people permits to come to Fiji. Traitor Aiarse and his ball sucher ceo nemani....

Anonymous said...

Now we know the truth and the corruption with PM and AG
maybe its time now to eliminate AG..
so the court can find the eliminator not guilty ..

Anonymous said...

By the way. Fijian Holdings shares is now open to all who wish to purchase shares.

Anonymous said...

One must give credit to Khaiyum and in fact muslim community. Like the rest of the world they fear none and get what they want. Look at Fiji situation: Khaiyum became the Attorney General, he got rid of MPC, Parmesh Chand, Ului Mara, Driti and has got the Prime Minister and the entire military by their balls. He has shoved his middle finger into the international community. He is the real Prime Minister. He gives all Government consultancy contract to his Aunty Nur Bano. No one can open their mouth. He has destroyed the Fijian race yet Fijians (military) bow to him. Hail to Khaiyum and Muslim community!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.47 Dont forget Ratu Epeli Ganilau - who made Voreqe the commander. Besides Nur he gvies all film shooting contract to Lailun Khan. No one can touch that contract.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are backstabbing, deceitful, filthy pigs.Lets start the eradication process by getting rid of them starting with Aziz, Kaiyums, Nur Bano, Nazhat Shameen and Saneem.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 09:57. Driti was a sitting duck and aziz played him. now aziz is leading the army, kaiyum the government and nur bano the finances. muslim parade all along..great plan executed with perfection.

Anonymous said...

anon 1.59 AM thank you for reminding us about diplomat par excellent Robin Nair. Almost forgot about him tucked away in splendid isolation and no doubt splendid comfort in Dubai or where ever he has been posted for his loyal support to the Fijian dictatorship.
Yes a time of crisis is indeed a time of opportunity.
Robin Nair provides a live example of that.
But the other thing to note is you gain something and you lose something else. In Robin Nair's case he has gained a diplomatic post for his support of a human rights abusing dictatorship but he has lost his self-respect.
And that I would contend is more weighty... the loss.

Anonymous said...

Alrighhtt... name-calling aside pls and let's try to think more about dealing with our nation's problems as fairly and humanely as we possibly can... and YES, WE CAN!

In the meantime it's time for our long kofina break! so enjoy your lunch even if it's only a cabin cracker biscuit, cheese and draunimoli tea, and sing along with hot favourites Bee Gees...


Anonymous said...

If Driti had a gun he would have shot his way out of court. Take the gun away and he is just like you and me except he will be in singsing for a very very long time. O how the mighty (so-called) have fallen!!

Anonymous said...

@ 1.35pm

Oh but then he will surely go to hell trying to save his former pathetic life and what's left of that reputation. The bible tells us so.

Yes, singsing is definitely better.

Anonymous said...

Davenesh Sharma--the lawyer--ho ho ho ho hoooooooooooo.--the ex president who was more into body building than guts to stand up for lawyers==ho ho hoooo !!!!

Fiji Down Drain said...

Like any country that has been taken over by despots and rogues Fiji is now riddled with corruption and bottom feeders cashing in on the lawlessness. The Dritis of Fiji will keep getting sent to jail while the real rotters keep filling their pockets and riding around the country in four wheel drivers with an army to protect their crooked asses.

Totolo said...

This topic no longer has any value adding comments because it's moved from sensible grounds to mindless religious bashing and despotic desires for a bloodbath.

mods: could we have another juicy and salacious article to discuss/dissect please?

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Sairusi at its an indication to thi Bainimarama n Khaiyum that slowly the momentum for way forward to democracy is unveiling by people of Fiji
To you Bai n Kai you have very limited time to step down or it will be too late and be sorry for yourself

Anonymous said...

when you suck up to a dictator you go places as Robin Nair has done. But when the dictator goes you find you too have nowhere to go.
Robin Nair needs to remember that.

Anonymous said...

Robin(Ravindra) Nair--son of Raman Nair-brother in law of Shiu Nair--ran off to Aust.No job--so he sucks up to the regime and goes places.the guy has no substance--only good at meow meow--was sodomised at Auck uni in july 1968 !!--ask Som Prakash

Anonymous said...

No one sodomised Robin Nair--it was love making-Who is this Som Prakash--the English lecturer from USP?--great friend of Biman Prasad --great drinking and eating mates !--oh--the good old days.!! Where are you Som ??---we miss your Bihari songs !!-Why are you rotting in Aussie ??--

Anonymous said...

the real reason why driti wanted to remove aiyaz must be known..it has nothing to do with dritis allegations about ags illegal properties..it had to do with aiyaz sacking with orders from the boss of Rodgers the woman heading the then ftib who was having an affair with driti...because of her affair with driti she thought she was all powerful...drank all week sacked half her staff abused the funds...this was reported to the boss who gave the directive to the minister (guess who) to have her sacked...she cried to driti...and the rest is history

Anonymous said...

the real reason why driti wanted to remove aiyaz must be known..it has nothing to do with dritis allegations about ags illegal properties..it had to do with aiyaz sacking with orders from the boss of Rodgers the woman heading the then ftib who was having an affair with driti...because of her affair with driti she thought she was all powerful...drank all week sacked half her staff abused the funds...this was reported to the boss who gave the directive to the minister (guess who) to have her sacked...she cried to driti...and the rest is history

Anonymous said...

Good old days of USP Indian Mafia--Black label and goat curry chaser--VC Rajesh Chandra is the Don--mein hu Don. But Rajesh is no Amitabh--he is a badfalla who sold out USP staff and students--Rajesh Chandra spineless coward beware--you are on coup collaborators' watch list--your day will come.

Anonymous said...

what do USP vice chancellor and president rajesh chandra and diplomat robin nair have in common?
both of them are man without self-respect.
some would even say they are without any real substance.
they are where they are for one reason and one reason only : they have done a good job sucking up to the dictator.

Anonymous said...

Robin Nair--mid-level Australian civil servant turned high commissioner. Arse licking can get you places, eh Robin?? Very strategic--very well played good friend.

Anonymous said...

This Madigan verdict reminds me of Montesquieu's statement: "There is no greater tyranny than that perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice."

Fear of violence or the unknown is a craven and poor excuse for not doing our duties. "Any appeasement of tyranny is treason to this republic and the democratic ideal."

You people know nothing of liberty if you think the tyrant will hand it back to us . . .

"God grants liberty only to those who love it and are always ready to guard and defend it."

. . . or that we can wrest it back from him without cost.

"The Tree of Liberty needs to be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

mark manning said...

One should perhaps put things into context!
Why would an illegal Regime, not even elected, off free education, when most in it, are under educated themselves?
Maybe an illegal election in 2014 is the reason behind this offer, to buy votes!
It makes no difference to me, but I'll point out the obvious for those who are blinded by this Regime's buying of votes.

cagi ni tokalau said...

as commodore bainimarama prepares to stand down as commander of the army, he sends a warning shot to senior officers who maybe contemplating a coup. to coup FB:AK will see you in prison, like driti.
in the meantime, Aziz will make himself avail to be commander of fiji army. driti's case will have intimidated and cowed senior army officers when Aziz takes over.
ni yavu sonalevu.

rajend naidu said...

In the just ended live interview at Lowy Institute (broadcasted by ABC )the iconic pro-democracy leader Aung Suu Kyi said she was not a saint of any kind. she said there is such a thing as an honest politician and that is what I aspire to be. She has confirmed she will run for Myanmar's presidency in 2015. I hope with the people of Myanmar that she wins because the country is in dire need of of the kind of honest political leadership she plans to provide after so many years of military misrule.
She says the rule of law will be a central plank in her party's platform because everything else - political, economic, social, inter-ethnic relations - depend on it.
Every pro-democracy campaigner in Fiji will agree with her that the primacy of the rule of law is an indispensable pillar in the shaping of a good society.
But the rule of law is only effective and meaningful when it is not under the sway of the power holders.
It must be independent and must be seen to be independent.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Manning: Can you tell me how it matters to the common man if the current regime is elected or not, educated or not, vote buyers or not? What matters most is that what previous governments were only fooling the people with, this so-called illegal regime has actually delivered...and lots more. People like you are fast to criticize but fail to acknowledge the benefits that will trickle down to the poor and needy...and please don't even bother asking where the money for this is going to come from. Who gives a rat's ass anyway!!!! If you do, start contributing rather than criticizing...maybe you will make a difference in someone's life...unlike now.

BC said...

@Anonymous 11:53
What is your definition of "delivering".
You said "this regime has actually delivered"
You farking arsehole!
Now patients at CWM and Wainibokasi Hospitals have to bring their own bedsheets and utensils...
Is that your stupid farking definition of "delivery"?
You farking dickhead looser!

That never happened with past governments but is now happening under Bainisona, you farking blind idiot.

Drau veicai kei Boinimarama. Ni yavu sotia sonalevu.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11.53 AM
"... the benefits that will trickle down to the poor and needy"
when will that happen?
we should ask the increasing population of beggars that are lining up the streets of Suva according to a letter writer in today's Fiji Times.
Or, perhaps we should ask the poor who were spotted picking up thrown away vegetables etc at the rubbish dump in Lautoka.

Rajend said...

Cunt@11.53am. You must be one fuckface who was conceived somewhere in Walu Bay. Did you ask your prostitute mother who your father is?

rajend naidu said...

When I was growing up as a kid in the early 1960s in Suva I got into an accident and broke most of the 206 bones in my body (according to my mother).I was admitted to the CWM Hospital for several months. Everything in the hospital then was spick and span. The hospital was always well stocked with all its needs and the nurses, doctors and staff were always dressed immaculately and thoroughly professional.
That was during colonial rule.
I now gather patients at CWM and Wainibokasi Hospitals have to bring their own bedsheets and utensils etc.
Perhaps Fiji needs to return to another round of colonial - white men's - rule to learn how to do things properly.
Four coups in 4 decades of Independence can only mean we did not learn the lessons of good governance adequately the first time round.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:09 PM

Fortunately there are many that now realise the only way to get to grips with some of the poverty situation is to teach people that they have a responsibility to get out of poverty themselves.

I'm all for helping where it's really needed but I'm sick and tired of supporting the fat, lazy child producing illiterates who think everyone else owes them a living.

Many of the beggars you see could be supported by their families and communities or find work but it's easier to sit on your ass with your hand out.

Open you eyes and look around at the planting you see being done everywhere now and ask yourself why was this never seen before.

The lazy are finally getting the message !

Strange how in a country that reportedly has so much poverty there's no shortage of money when it comes to all the churches popping up here and there.

Anonymous said...

@Rajend Naidu 12:57 PM

But times change.

These days everyone wants power, water, TV reception, phone reception, roads to their village, government support for their farming or small business.

The money has to be divided up more.

BC said...

@anonymous 12:59 I dont know where you are blogging from.
The poor are not sitting on their arses.
There's only about 20 people begging in the streets of Suva.
The others are foragging for food in the rubbish dump etc.
And they definitely are not sitting on their asses.

How could you be so blind?

Is forraging in a rubbish dump for something to eat, is that classified as "sitting on your arse"?

They are increasing in numbers too.
The population of Fiji is 800,000.
And 60% (ie 480,000)live below the poverty line.

Do you see 480,000 people begging?
Of course not.
These people are working hard and can hardly make ends meet.

You obviously jumped straight in and started criticising the 480,000 people without much thought.
Only morons do that.

Anonymous said...

the view that the poor are poor because they are lazy ("sitting on their arse") has no validity in the sociological research findings.
only ignorant idiots continue to put forward that view.
but don't try to educate them.
Idiots have the right answer to everything!

Anonymous said...

perhaps the problem is not how to divide the money viv-a-vis the increasing range of contemporary needs.
I let you figure out what might be the problem in Fiji.
factor in the following :
what is Fiji's population?
what is Fiji's land area, sea resources and mineral resources?
what kind of money that could have been utilised for the public good went down the tube in the NBF saga?
how far have the coups - including the present one - set us back?
what kind of resources go to the military in Fiji vis-a-vis health, education and social services?
Are the gang in green lacking in their gun supply?

Anonymous said...

@BC 1:32 PM

Unfortunately you are blinded by what you read. A letter is posted in a daily paper mentioning the comment of a child to a parent who is searching a rubbish tip and all of a sudden this is the reality of Fiji to you, idiot.

I'll tell you about the so called poor, these are the ones who beg for money for school fees but have plenty for beer and partying. These are the same ones that if you offer them casual unskilled work ask for $10 an hour. These are the same ones that move from their villages to the outskirts of the towns looking for easy pickings but are unemployable, not due to skills but attitude to life. These are the ones that breed like rabbits knowing they can not feed their children but who cares, someone else should help them.

Yes I do criticise many of these so called poor because I watch the way they live expecting their problem to belong to others.

Open your eyes and look around you.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 2.02

It's sad to note that some of those 'poor' whose circumstances were "self-inflicted" due to selfish decisions taken one of which was breeding without taking responsibility and thereby creating a vicious cycle for their own children), were some of the very first supporters of the Dec06 coup bandwagon.

These gullible unfortunates had fully supported propaganda that BhaiKhai's coup was carried out to benefit them, the poor.

Now they're seeing the LIES with eyes wide open.

Anonymous said...

The poor and lazy join the RFMF, where they become the fat and lazy. They're total parasites on our society. They don't protect us from anyone. In fact, they've become our worst enemy. Traitors, the lot of them, except those noble few secretly working behind the scenes to restore constitutional government.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:31 PM

The reality is that whatever government Fiji has the poverty situation can not be changed. You can not borrow endlessly to improve your living standard because there comes a time when you can not afford to pay it back.

Countries such as Greece and Italy have found this out the hard way.

Fiji's problem has been, even well before this government a culture that breeds selfishness and in so making it difficult for advancement.

There have been and still are the land problems. The church has controlled peoples lives taking their money and productive time away and aid is always expected from outside sources.

The productivity of the country does not allow for the expectations of living standard the majority think they can have.

Anonymous said...

Ra Sotia
Sa lewai kemuni tu na Muslim. O Voreqe sa voli tu.
Sa rauta mada na dabe keina lialia - NI TEKIVU VANAVANA qai neimami yani na loma ni tauni keina veisaqata qo.....NI TEKIVU GA MAI LOMA....

ke sega - ni veivutusona tiko ga sa KACABOTE NA VANUA

World cup chances said...

I HOPE Fiji's sporting teams can take heed from the world's best teams to boost their chances in world cup games in the future.

1. Japan, NZ and Australia have adopted and given Kiwi and island players permanent residency/citizenship to play for the Japan rugby team.

2. Australia has done the same for Fijian players such as Jarryd Haynes, Akuila Uate and Petero Civoniceva so they can play for Australia and Fiji too.

3. NZ soccer did the same for some players. The NZ All Whites reached the 2010 Soccer World Cup undefeated and again, in 2013, played Mexico for world 2014 play-off.

4. The Minister of Youth and Sport should put up a Cabinet paper on this with the Fiji Sports Commission's approval to lure the best sports talents home and give them PR/citizenship so they can represent Fiji.

5. Fiji needs to employ the world's best coaches to run a sports academy and produce elite players in eight years.

Sports players are big time earners.

6. Fiji will need to expose its players to play for the best clubs overseas.

7. I feel the FNRL/FRU /FFA and Netball Fiji have to work as a brainstorming group to assist one another and each put up a team in the NZ/ Australian competitions.

An example is NZ's Warriors playing in NRL club competition, Wellington Phoenix playing in the A League in Australia and the NZ netball team playing in the Trans-Tasman Competition.

Business houses need to sponsor these teams with millions of tax rebate dollars that is to be given by government.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

tell me something paleez. how come the military gang have no shortage in the supply of the tools of their trade to look after the people of Fiji ? I presume here that is what they are doing or meant to be doing - LOOKING AFTER THE PEOPLE OF FIJI.
and how come the doctors and nurses do not have an adequate supply of the tools of their trade to do what they are meant to do, which is - TO PROVIDE PROPER HEALTH CARE TO THE PEOPLE OF FIJI?

Anonymous said...

rajesh world cup chances
take your ideas and shove it up peter mazey poofter arse and your arse.....
fuck off to the sports forum madachod

Anonymous said...

anon nov 28 4.46pm
thats what u call an academic question any fool can ans ,,,so stp wasting space moron!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous November 28, 2013 at 4:43 PM-Kerekere e sa sega tale ni dua na ka vinaka e rawa ni o vakasamataka.

Tamata bula loto ....Gavui. O iko o sega ni Taukei.

E da vinaka kata kece me vanua vinaka o Viti ia sa mai vakacacacana toka oqo o Bai kei Kaimumu.
E doodonu meda coqa kece na culture ni Coup.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:22 makes some valid points. I don't agree, however, that, whatever government, the poverty situation cannot be changed.

Fiji's coup culture has had, and continues to have, a disastrous effect on the national economy. No businessman in his right mind will invest in an economy controlled by thugs clumsily wielding power according to the arbitrary whims of a no-school dictator and his narrow-minded puppetmaster.

The restoration of constitutional government on the basis of Dakuwaqa's ten-point programme or other thoughtful proposal would, I believe, lead to an immediate, if still somewhat tentative, boost to the economy from both domestic and foreign investment. I say 'tentative' because investors will need time to digest such actions as Fiji's repudiation of the illegal regime's debts, and they'll also want to see how genuine and far-reaching the reforms go.

Fiji's land needs to be put to more productive use. The current system simply isn't working. Only a constitutional government can deal with this issue, and it should only attempt to do so with the complete buy-in of all stakeholders.

I am a committed born-again Christian. Church is important, but there are many ways to worship God that are more effective, and those are usually in the home and the workplace. We glorify and serve God when we serve our fellow man. Work is ennobling. Pray AND work. Look to your own work for sustenance but share what you can with those less fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I come back here to see rajen is still the centre of discussions. It's beyond a joke. The rajen lynch mob just do not know when to let go. we have bigger issues to discuss!!

rajend naidu said...

In 'A Conversation with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi' (Lowy Institute International Policy 28/11)the Institute's executive director Dr Michael Fulilove asked her view on cronyism under the military regime in Myanmar. He said during his recent visit to Rangoon he spotted many big fancy houses dotting the landscape. His taxi driver pointed out to him this or that house belonged to this or that regime crony.
The Nobel Peace Prize laureate was charitable in her response saying all those who did well and were connected with the military regime were not cronies.
But we know from our own post coup experience dating back to 1987 what part patronage politics plays in propelling some to success and wealth.
Mediocre people were appointed to high positions because of their loyalty and sycophantic support for the coup regimes.
And the well connected were often able to get deals, buy property etc without due process.
Has all that changed since the Bainimarama takeover?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

The golden question I ask is this: "Why did Legal Counsel Vosarogo omit to put Aziz in the dock for questioning and request the Court for Roko Ului to be questioned via Skype?" After all, both were repeatedly mentioned by Tagicakibau when giving evidence!!
But then I guess, this is all part of the good Lord's larger plan to PUNISH Driti for the tortures, threats and deaths that Driti personally authorized and more importantly carried out and supervised!!
Thank you Lord Jesus!!
I pray that you will also PUNISH those who have innocent blood on their hands! May you grant them a similar fate, or, even worse.

Rajesh Chandra the Bainimarama of USP said...

Too right about regime cronies profiting from coups Rajen. One such 'mediocre' person is USP VC and President, Rajesh Chandra, who owes his high position to his loyalty and sycophantic support for Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Other heads of USP were content with the title vice-chancellor but arrogant prick Rajesh wants to be called both vice chancellor and president, and he throws a hissy fit if people don't, just like his boss bainimarama wanted to be called prime minister, not interim prime minister. rajesh is really the Bainimarama of USP.

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!! The prayers of the families whose dear ones were murdered and tortured have been answered!! The prayers and the fasting have not been in vain! What a living testimony to a living. loving, caring and TRUE God!Thank you Jesus.
The prayers and fasting will now go into Phase 2!! Any guesses??
The Lord, the giver of life will soon again deliver his judgement on those tortures and murderers who took innocent, and helpless lives !!
In the meantime Driti, I for see a jail sentence for you of at LEAST 10-15 years!!
May you rot in jail you murderer!!

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Chandra is easily the region's top VC and academic, and USP is by far the best run academic institution in the pacific; it is a rare success story in regionalism, thanks to Rajesh Chandra and Esther Williams great leadership and sacrifice. Esther and Rajesh are unsung heroes who should be given national awards and medals. They should hold their heads high and those conspiring against them should hand their heads in shame.

Anonymous said...

Va cava Land Force Commander laucaqe/kai vesu?? Sa qai set 'qo!
Na nomu dau vakaloloma taki keimami na sotia sa qai saumi vinaka sara qo vei iko.
Sa dua na ka na nomu dau vaka teratera tiko sona levu!!

Anonymous said...

E sa tekevu 'qo vei savasavataki. Sa liu qo o Driti.
Ni vakarau na vo ni soti. Ke o a Satini, Kovula, se mani Private sara ka a vakaitavi e na LABA kei na veivakaloloma taki, na yacamuni kece e sa volai tu e na dra ni a vakadaveya!
Kemuni na ARMY, ni taura vaka tagane ni sa tau na lewa mai cake, ni yavu tamata kawa ni dau laba.

Anonymous said...

E dua na gauna balavu, au dau taroga lo tiko na taro se cava sara mada na vuna e ra dau daramaka kina na sotia [dau vei vakaloloma taki] na kote damudamu e ra daramaka ni ra dau voleni kina.
E sa qai matata vei au ni o ya na i vakaraitaki ni nodra dra o ira ka ra a labata! Yavu lala ni kawa ni laba!!

Anonymous said...

Premila Kumar's dear dear hubby was in the papers yesterday receiving some award !!---does he deserve it ??--can the consumer council pls investigate.--there is "deficiency of service"(to use PK"s words) here.Premila should investigate and come on TV-havent seen her for some time.-how come ??---I am missing her.


Aiyaz Khaiyum we know what all about the teaching of koran and Islam which is teaching you to steal,hate,terrorist, killing,treason etc,etc, that what happening in all the Muslim country's they killing other, hungry for power.. That's what you are doing to Fiji. because its the teaching of your Koran and Islam for every Muslin to build a mosque in any country,,and kill Christians , Jews,or anyone who oppose Muslims,,kill them then you should rule that country and make it a Islamic state,no matter what it cost murder, lairs,torture..etc..etc..it.. Wake up Fiji?? Islam is most false religion in the world its teachers hate, killing, terrorist torture etc.etc. the list goes on all about hate and greed.That is what Khaiyum and his followers are doing to Fiji. Power hungry.. you might not know this, but its the truth.. If you want to know more about Muslims and their fulse teaching to youtube and click on name Daniel Shayesteh he is former Muslim cleric who trained young girls and boys to become terrorist and how to torture etc.etc Listen to his talk. what Muslims must do.. there are many ex Muslim like him who became Christian and found out that Islam is fules,, all the fasting, praying 7 time every day for 30 years is all a of waste time..untill one day he found Jesus..Go to you tube and find out for yourself what I'm sayin.. that is what Khaiyum and his followers are doing to Fiji..

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Chandra and Esther Williams should be given the same national awards and medals this regime gave to Driti. And don't forget to give them the rest of the treatment as well.

BC said...

@anonymous 2:02
Again true to your nature, you're jumping to conclusions again. You think I came to this conclusion about people forraging for food in the rubbish dump by reading the paper.

Let me just say that I haven't read the paper today.

In 2009 on an international flight, I was sitting next to an Australian missionary who worked with these rubbish-dump forragers.
I was shocked that there were people like that in Fiji.
He said he had been working with them since 2007 and they were increasing in numbers.
He asked me whether I knew anyone at Koroipita, because that was where he stayed.
I told him I have never heard of that village before but obviously I do now and I have seen these poor people.

So for to you to assume that I got my information from newspapers just confirms that YOU REALLY ARE A STUPID MORON.

Amazing that people can take the high ground and be so pompous yet be devoid of all logic.
That is what you are my friend.

Mushrooms like you shouldn't come out from your sheltered environment.

Anonymous said...

Pita taura nomu i mocemoce ka gole i naboro, vacoba mavolo rawa tiko mai loma, ratou na muri yani o bainimagana, kaiyum kei asis.

Sa va gauna na ka kecega. Dua na gauna o na laione ia ni yali na dakai o na vuki mo vusi. Ya mo ni nanuma tiko nai lawalawa vuli vakavo o ni tonoki bainimagana tiko.

Anonymous said...

@BC 12:57 AM

Your naiveness really does show if you only realised in 2009 that Fiji had people that scoured rubbish dumps.

People have scavenged rubbish dumps for years, there's good money to be made if you are prepared to do the work.

Of course this is distasteful to your PC and religious brigade do-gooders whose lives are supported by others but they they will omit to give the full story.

The mushrooms are the ones that do not look at the entire picture.

BC said...

@anonymous 8:27
Yes my friend, "the entire picture" is Bainimarama is well and truly farked up this country.
He has farked up the Health system. No bedsheets for patients.Nurses working 12hrs and getting paid only for 8hrs.No medication. I have seen with my own eyes patients with open wounds at the CWM Hospital wallowing for days on a bare FILTHY mattress. Talk about Infection Control.

He has farked up the Judiciary - Just look at dickhead Madigan with his recent ruling. Why do people bother coming to court. Why bother having a jury.

He has farked up the media and independance of TV & Newspapers etc etc.

He has totally farked up the Police Force.

He has farked up Land Management.
And now the fijians who had put their land in the Land Bank are wanting it back. WTF!

He has farked up FNPF.
Millions of dollars down the drain. Air Pathetic and Waqavuka investments and the farking aeroplanes cannot carry the freight that 747 used to carry.
How farking stupid are these people.

And what about the huge debt that this farking idiot, Bainisona has accumulated due to his recklessness.
That is the quickest way to add more to your numbers of poverty stricken people.

Yes the entire picture is that Bainimarama has well and truly farked the fijians and has well and truly farked up this country.

The solution is to immediately put a stop to this arsehole.

rajend naidu said...

The newspaper reporter whose stories exposed child sex abuse in the Catholic Church prompting a royal commission has won Australia's highest journalism honour. Read the full article in 'Walkley Awards: Joanne Mc Carthy wins gold, Caroline Jones among ABC journalists honoured'ABC news 29/11).
Now this is an authentic award given to a person for her excellence in journalism.
It is not the kind of award given left right and centre to pro-Establishment journalists and others who specialize in massaging the ego and flattering power holders in government and other institutions of society.
This is a journalist who has done her job keeping the public interest and the public good foremost in mind.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

BC@9:48pm...Man i think you're
right, what would you suggest we
do? Could you please kindly come
home and lead us? I'm ready to
kick some ass Bhai& Khai which ever one come first, i'm kicking
that frieken ass? But we need a good leader, one that doesn't get
caught like these two Bavulu-Driti
and RUM? You sound like a smart guy,look i know where the rest of
the 2000 dakai's were kept. If you
promise to come back home to lead,
i'll make sure all these dakai are
handed over wisely to be used for
the freedom of our country? We'll
even make you our first General?

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu, Graham Davis is a past recipient of the Walkley Award.

Any comment?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rajend Naidu,

When you broke 206 bones in the accident you mentioned, I'm sure you also broke your limp hanging friend as well, no? And doctors had a hard time pulling it out of your broken misaligned arse?

How about you take a deep breath and tell the public of your experience when you were sexually molested at Naililili VIllage during the past coup by 7 men? If I'm not wrong, there were 4 adults and 3 juveniles!!! There is strong and credible evidence of you being forced to engage with all 7 in "oral practice" and having "agreed" to anal to save yourself the pain of torture.

What kind of man trades a bit of torture for accepting to be sodomised by other men? I did not wish to bring this out in the open however I cannot sit back and let you continue to ridicule other writers for what they believe is right. In the same way as you are entitled to post your comments, so are others....but maybe letting the public know of what you really went through might help them understand why you are so frustrated and angry. I pray and hope that one day the people who caused you so much humility and pain are brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous mentioning BCs claims

You are right in that here we have two very different stories so the question is just who do you believe.

Here's a clue.

BC writes that nurses are doing 12 hours work and only getting paid for 8.

BC does not tell the truth so he loses all credibility so whatever he sais can not be trusted.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.26 AM
you have heard the expression so and so going to seed,no?
Graham Davis has gone to seed since his Walkley Award days.
He has given ample evidence of that himself.
And another thing just because someone has won this or that award or has become a "Sir" ( as in Jim Ah Koy's case) it does not mean everything that comes out of his mouth is gospel.
Does it?

BC said...

@anonymous 11:36
You must be Madigan's relative.
You just go by hearsay.
Ï FEEL that he is guilty so he must be guilty".
I FEEL that Driti is not honest so I must believe him rather than Tagicakibau.
What a farkhead.

Too bad for you dickhead I actually know the nurses who are working 12 hours & getting paid 8hrs.

We can tell a Bainimarama arselicker from a mile off.
They might be WHITE but they are still arselickers.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like BC needs to go back to school and learn some maths or perhaps it's the nurses that are giving him the wrong info.

Or is it simply that he assumes everyone else that does not believe his rubbish is gullible, and of course, a regime supporter?

Anonymous said...


Please, a moratorium on anti-Rajend Naidu comments, if he also will stop his arrogant comments.

Anonymous said...

11:59, true enough. Just because one is His Excellency the Prime Minister doesn't make him excellent. Being called The Honourable Attorney General doesn't make him honourable.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:18
Go on, lick Bai's arse some more.
We know what Civil servants get paid.

Benny Marama said...

I'm with Anonymous 2:21 PM. I've had my differences with Rajend Naidu, but let's not lose sight of our common humanity here. If Rajend really did go through such an ordeal, let's not compound the victim's private agony by morbidly and publically dissecting such a despicable incident on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Very decent of you, Benny Marama. Contrast that with Rajend's latest posting, of course anonymous, where he says you're scum.

Anonymous said...

E dua ka se liutaka tiko ga qo na vakateratera e na Yasasavara o Satini Koroi mai na Tikina o Bau!! O koya e dau very selective na tamata e dau vakaloloma taka. E dau digi taka ga na tamata e lailai mai vua. Digitaka e dua o drau size vata me tawa na nomu tarausese green!! Sa dus na ka na nona viavia 'Unarmed Combat' tiko sona levu o iko!! Qarauna Koroi, na Kalou bula e rai tiko.

Anonymous said...

Tu na da Koroi, vutulaki!
Dua tale na gone ni Tikina o Bau, o Qalibau ka a CSM e na keba e Lautoka e sa paralase tu qo!!
Isa ko Bau, ka keimami a dau raicake kina i mada.
Dou sa vaka boicaca taka o kemudou na kai Bau na i rogorogo kei Bau i mada!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.04pm 29 November 2013 au kila a rairai vutuka beka nomu sona o Qalibau kei Satini Koroi mai na tikina o Bau. Waikau!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Driti is not to be looked at as if he was some kind of Hero,No!No!
He is as guilty as Bainimarama,Khaiyum,Gates,
Nur Bano, Rum,Qalaiho etc,etc
and every frieken bastards
that help
in overthrowing the Fijian
Elected Parliament.
Yes, they all deserved
to be hanged and i have no problem
in pulling the rope?
Driti does not deserve any immunity,sympathy , pity and or
feel sorry for his ass?
I don't even
give a fuck, if they hanged the
bastard tomorrow?
So just cut the craps an
let them hanged their brother in
This is only the begining
and the longer they remain in power, the more inventory they'll
become? Well Driti you're not as
invisible as you think you were?
The same goes with RUM as well?
So stop the bullshit and don't act
like you're the victim, cause you're not?

Anonymous said...

if driti is guilty they are ALL guilty. But why is only driti in the dock?
it's because the Police and the Judiciary are now reduced to doing "simon says". they can only haul before a court who the military dictator says can be hauled before the court. and they have no choice but to make a finding of guilty if the dictator wants them to make that finding. that is how "the rule of law" is functioning in post coup Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Before : The Hon. Justice Paul Madigan.
Honourable : deserving respect and admiration. showing high moral standards.
How can a judge who has compromised the integrity of the judicial system in the country be deserving of respect and admiration?

Anonymous said...

I am ALWAYS amazed when the MOI via Sharon whats her name NEVER EVER has the COURAGE and gumption to CORRECT THE ABSOLUTE abuse and use of the 'HONORABLE" title that is being used on these illegal thugs!!
I n the meantime, the ILLEGAL thug is taking it all in. Obviously he thriving in being addressed as 'Honorable"[NOT!!]

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of fools!!
How can you , for the life of me entertain, abbett, encourage and think you are "Honorable" Come on Frank, do not fool yourself you, you idiot!!

Anonymous said...

"HONORABLE" is only and only bestowed on people who are DEMOCRATICALLY elected!!
I guess when you are into survival mode, anything goes!
How can you be so naive Voceke?

Anonymous said...

Even accepting "The State vs. Pita Driti" for a hearing is a treasonable offense, as it implies that Bainimarama's illegal regime is "The State," which it emphatically is not.

Anonymous said...

That's a point that will need to be addressed by the defence in Madigan's own trial. What goes around, comes around.