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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fiji justice of the peace accused of fondling girl's breasts

DISGRACED: Chand and his 'lost brother'.
A regime supporter who was appointed a Justice of Peace by the illegal Attorney General has been charged with indecently assaulting a 15 year old girl. 

Pushp Chand Dass was also eyed by the regime as a candidate for Frank Bainimarama’s political party. 

Dass is alleged to have fondled the breast of the teenage girl last month. 

He has been charged and has already appeared in the Rakiraki Magistrates Court. 

He was also employed by the Sugar Cane Growers Council and since his court appearance, has been sent on indefinite leave.

SENT ON LEAVE: Chand shows off his connections.
Dass was earlier this year appointed as a Justice of Peace by the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. 

He boasted about his links with the military dictatorship posting a picture of himself on Facebook with the illegal Permanent Secretary for Justice, Mohammed Saneem. 

Dass has also recently been talking up how he will be joining and working for Bainimarama’s political party. 

On his Facebook he has several photos of himself with the country's illegal leader.

In one of them he writes “mera khoya ua bhai. mela me kho gaya (My lost brother who I had lost in a festival) and continues in English “its one time in life I wud not 4get. In the company of the PM, a nice n humble person.."

Under the Fiji’s current laws, the punishment for indecently assaulting a minor is a jail term. 

But talk on the streets in Rakiraki is that Dass is trying to reconcile with the girl's family. 

Under the current Fiji regime, anything is possible.

So just as Praveen Bala hasn’t lost his job for killing a pedestrian, Pushp Chand Dass may also walk free.


mark manning said...

Frank isn't lost, he's just demented!

Anonymous said...

under Ali Baba rule slimy characters thrive, get titles, awards .
only criteria for joining the Ali Baba gang is one should be prepared to suck up to Ali baba.
this Puss Puss fala has given enough proof that he was amply qualified to be a part if the Ali Baba gang.

Anonymous said...

A rubbish leader will gather rubbish people around him.

Anonymous said...

a tatti leader will attract tatti people to team up with him.
Push Chand Dass is one such tatti fala. there are many more.

Anonymous said...

the Bainimarama regime is in fact full of them.

Anonymous said...

Magaitchinana..the bloody qase yalo bula..karaik..these are the kind of people that should be locked up for life and not left to wander freely in society..bloody PAEDOPHILE..

Anonymous said...

frank drau vicai keu nomu baraca qori.....kauti sara yani ki kiuva dou lai veivutusona sara

Anonymous said...

Mahendra Chodory killed a pedestrian as well but was never sent to jail. Rajend Chodory drau lai veicai sara kei Maehendra Chodory me yacova ni dra na nomudrau sona.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this Chand is just another regime laand

RFMF said...

we the soldiers of RFMF wish to thank the Commander for listening to advise of AG and the results he has got:

All his support pillars in army, Driti, Mara, Teleni, Aziz have been alienated and we are just keeping our mouth shut and enjoying the salaries in silence.

Bravo sir !!!

Radiolucas said...

If murderers like Francis Kean get promoted in the Navy, perhaps thugs and perverts get to join the Army?

Anonymous said...

Just another dirty old man, they all get caught in the end.

Anonymous said...

Paul Madigan another khaiyum/gates /peter mazey gay partners .
F conman liars cheaters and will suck every army balls.
Fiji judicilal sysem is f up like the regime.

Anonymous said...

AZIZ, FB AND ASK - ALL MARKED MAN AND DEAD MAN WALKING ....DAYS ARE NUMBERED ESPECIALLY AZIZ THE SET UP MAN,,,,,great work by media revealing the muslim snakes controlling frank....
about hundred others involved...where are they he he he

We were monitoring the AG-Driti
Publish date/time: 21/11/2013 [10:10]

Print this page
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Former Land Force Commander, Pita Driti said in his police caution interview that he was not disappointed with the government in 2010 but he was only disappointed with Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

This has been read out in Driti's trial by Sergeant Mereoni Tabaki who was part of the police team that interviewed Driti from the 19th of February, 2011.

Driti said in the police interview that he was told that he was sent on leave at the time because there was an allegation against him, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara and Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz that they were planning to remove the government.

Driti said he knew that Aziz was still at work while he and Mara were sent on leave.

Driti said in the police interview that there were some options discussed by him, Ratu Tevita Mara and Aziz that the economy was getting affected and something needed to be done.

He said that the allegation against them started when Mara visited his house to talk about the options.

However Driti said that the three later decided not to go ahead with anything.

He said Aziz had also told them that a lot of legal considerations were needed.

Driti says legal matters were discussed with Aziz as he is a lawyer.

Driti categorically denied that he had any knowledge of the printing of a Decree 37 of 2010 to remove the Prime Minister and his cabinet. This decree was found in a FICAC raid at Driti's nephew, Ben Padarath's home.

Driti said that whatever they were discussing were just options, not a coup plot.

He also denied in the police interview that there were plans to eliminate the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum by Christmas 2010.

Driti said that there was no plan to remove the government when the Prime Minister goes to Sudan in late 2010, no plan to cancel Commodore Bainimarama's passport and exile him to another country, no plan to send the Bainimarama family to another country and no plan to appoint the SDL as the interim administration with members of the Great Council of Chiefs and the Methodist Church.

However Driti confirmed that he had told Lt Colonel Manasa Tagicakabau to monitor Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum due to his alleged outside dealings.

He said the removal of the Attorney General was one of the options due to the portfolios he was holding which included Industry, Trade, Commerce and at the same time he was the Minister responsible for Anti Corruption.

Driti said they decided that this was not right and they had to set up an independent team rather than FICAC to investigate the Attorney General's outside deals.

He said they were planning to prepare a brief for the Prime Minister about the ailing economy in 2010 and give him options.

When questioned by the police on whether Driti knew Kaminieli Vosavere and other members of the former CRW unit, Driti said he had no contact with them.

Driti also said that there was no question about the RFMF's allegiance to the Commander and he said due to that only another military force could be used to carry out any plans.

He also said that only a few weapons were not returned after the 2000 coup.

Driti said the only influence came from Ratu Tevita Mara and Aziz.

He claimed to the police that the instigator was Brigadier General Aziz and Ratu Tevita Mara was the messenger.

Driti said that it was a set up by Aziz when Aziz later went to Commodore Bainimarama and informed him about the plans.

Driti said he then sent a text message to Aziz saying "you set me up and you are going to pay for it".

However he said that Aziz did not reply.

Former RFMF Land Force Commander, Pita Driti is charged with uttering seditious comments and inciting to mutiny.

The trial continues today.

Anonymous said...

Pushp looks like a maarapaad
- a dead fart!

Levani Biu, Lautoka said...

The plot gets thicker.

I am glad with what Driti has revealed in that it looks like many Army higher echelon officers are reflecting, mulling over and making alternative options on the activities and directions the illegal PM and illegal AG are taking Fiji by force towards...only for their personal gains and selfish objectives such as huge salaries and bribes coming their way.

There must be many many many like minded senior officers remaining and suffering conscience guilt with the sins and wreckage the illegal junta and Military are screwing Fiji with.

I urge the Army senior officers to take faith in their desire to be honest and courageous to right the wrongs being imposed on their people and country.

You have thousands of foot soldiers in villages settlements and squatter settlements who will rise at your call and sacrifice life to fight with you to topple the illegal regime and relieve your country and people from the dictatorial regime.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

it's good that you bring this matter to the public's attention. this regime came with a pledge to "clean up" remember? instead it has gathered within its rank real scumbags who are doing the dirty on the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:27 PM

What you say is so true.

Fiji is full of self serving, hypocritical, pathetic, selfish, dumb ignorant people who all think they are so unique and perfect.

Anonymous said...

Agree @ 12.36pm with that list of "sins" common to humankind and GUARANTEED to be the downfall, each time, every time esp. for those who think they're invincible and can get away with murder of sorts after every coup.

Fiji's situation calls for some deep and honest soul-searching that must start with I-TAUKEI, from leadership down their socially-constructed hierarchy. Do it for your future generation.

Get to the root of your problems staring at their individual faces like that log in your own eye - instead of clinging on to selfish, vested interests as we've seen thus far, coup after coup.

Our traditional leaders have now seen that in compromising their positions they have lost critical support and respect at a time when it is most needed... There's a price to be paid when you're placed by "accident of birth" in the top tier of society. If you can't hack it, renounce it and leave. But you can't have it both ways...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:16 PM

Unfortunately the socially constructed hierarchy only exists in name.

The ones that see them as something important are the uneducated and insignificant who will blindly follow anything because they can not think for themselves.

If these so called chiefs and others in this so called social hierarchy with their assumed respect existed, why have they so very little to demonstrate the system is effective.

Why are we seeing so many youth in trouble, wasting their lives standing on street corners in groups, drunk, abusive and intimidating?

The chiefs have let it happen as all they want is an easy life and let someone else deal with the social problems they have caused.

Your system has been your downfall.

Anonymous said...

Comments by anon 12:27 has been deleted.I thought that this blog was against censorship. Some cant take the truth. Just another farce by the stinking farts.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:27,

It similar to one black person calling another person as black. If some do it, it holy while if other do it, its a sin. That the holier than thou principle.

Vusi I va said...

An example of the pathetic rot in the Ministry of Health Services is seen in this posting on a Naitasiri Social webpage in Naitasiri dialect about an unnecessary death due to pathetic level of service:

Ra vakaraitake na kauai ni tikina o Nabobuco na mata ni tikina vakaturaga o Nabobuco ena bose ni yasana mai Veitalacagi, Vunidawa ena vuku ni kena mai reva e rua na bula yaga ni lewe ni vanua ena vuku ni vakawelewele ni veiqaravi ni tabana ni bula e Vunidawa.
Bau na nasi va raice na mavoa, sa mani nanume me qiriti o vuniwai e vunidawa me baleta na bibi ni mavoa ka gasive kea me cici ya na Ambulance me va vikau mai.
Ratou wawa tu, me yacove sara no ni sa va kacivi na nona bula na turaga qoi.
Tarogi na vuniwai ena gauna ni bose ni yasana se cava na vuni nodratou warai bau ya, qai vakaraitake ni siga ai e tau bi na uca, e dua tikoga nodratou draiva, sa levu talega na damage va na nodratou Ambulance ka ratou rivariva bi take da qai surcharge taki vi ratou na tabana ni bula mai Vunidawa.
Ulubale lokiloki……………macawa………cava nomuni nanume?

Anonymous said...

anon 1.41pm
why you blame the chiefs all the time? they just figureheads and are not responsible for your farkin day to day life or drinking or marijuana.
Your arsegiver kaiyum has fucked up the GCC so why shud the chiefs give a shit.
Anyway, kaiyung issued a decree to open nightclubs to 5am which was really meant to make more taukei youths drink and addicted.
Dickhead Madarachod!!

Anonymous said...

Vusi I Va
Dou vakarau tiko na ravuravu sobu mai ,,,,,sa voleka sara na kena gauna.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:04 PM

Well done, glad you agree the chiefs are just figureheads and a waste of space.

Anonymous said...

Kajaal Kumar Executive Director Aspire Network,Comment on balance presentation by aspiring politician leading up to the 2014 election.unfortunately the Fiji Sun is the most biased newspaper as the all publicity and articles coming from that paper are In favour of the illegal regime.so Kajaal what are talking about.there are million and one negative things done by the regime but the Sun choose not to publish instead published all positives and lies from the regime..How can the people know the truth if reporting is not balance by the Beria especially the Fiji Sun.

Anonymous said...

Kajaal Kumar Executive Director Aspire Network,Comment on balance presentation by aspiring politician leading up to the 2014 election.unfortunately the Fiji Sun is the most biased newspaper as the all publicity and articles coming from that paper are In favour of the illegal regime.so Kajaal what are talking about.there are million and one negative things done by the regime but the Sun choose not to publish instead published all positives and lies from the regime..How can the people know the truth if reporting is not balance by the media
especially the Fiji Sun.

Vusi i Va said...

@ November 21, 2013 at 3:17 PM

Dina sara keimami sa dau mai lasutaki na tu e loma ni vanua.

Vaka na nona mai tutucake tu vakasausa o EyeArse e delai keimami kei ira na neimami vei turaga cecere e Naitasiri e na nona mai lasulasu vakasausa tu baleta na Constitution lasulasu ka qai mai kaburaka e Viti ni oya sa consultation vata kei keimami...koisi bokala na luveni yali.

Keimami sa fed up na Koi Naitasiri na lasutaki mai vei Bainimarama.

Ra kau sara mai Jaina me ra mai taya na gaunisala mai Naqali-Vunidawa, keimami tu na udolu na nojob na kai Naitasiri,


Sogota na neimami turaga na Qaranivalu I vale ni veivesu me keimami qai digitaki koya vakacava... na koisi dau laba, veivakaloloma taki, butabutako, lasulasu, ka tabaki keda sobu tiko na I Taukei kei Viti I ra me da qeyavu.

Anonymous said...

If you think chief are just figurehead and waste of space then you might as well go to a country they do not have chief in their culture and tradition because Fiji is for Native Fijian which has a culture and tradition in which chiefly system is an integral part. The are the role model and leaders in our native fijian society and community and not just a figure head and waste of space as you said. It s the people like you who are creating and inciting racial animosity and friction which could lead to racial violence. and blood bath..so I urge you to refrain from making racial comment because when talk against our chief you are talking against our native Fijian race.

Anonymous said...

Probably, C4.5 can also give full details of a 44 yr old Lauan man who raped his six year old step daughter. Current news on Dass was probably the work of George Shiu Raj- the biggest abuser of girls in the Ra province..

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:11 PM

Obviously you are one of the products of the fine unique culture you believe you have.

No doubt you believe your cult religion is part of your race as well.

You are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Go Azis go, and go and support Bai..and Kaium...Fiji is rulled by you guys...Lov yuo forever

Dr Mahen Kumar Professor in Kamasutra said...

Still no word on Professor in Kamasutra, Dr Mahend Kumar, ex UniFiji VC, son-in-law of coup collaborator, Davendra Pathik. Mahend was caught performing cunnilingus on a woman other than wife, of all places in the VC's office! Fiji horniest VC ever was sacked. Even Pathik, who nepotistically got him appointed in the first place, could not save him. Any sightings of mahen please report to c4.5.

Anonymous said...

what is cunnilingus?

Anonymous said...

anon 9.09pm, @ what is cunnilingus? Take it as a form of first aid. Dr mahen kumar was performing first aid on a woman in his office.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:28pm,

check your bedroom as he may be screwing your wife while you are grog doped. why you so concerned whom he was rooting. was it your wife or daughter? looks like they expecting and you searching for daddy

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1.41pm

Thanks for your reply. Fiji has a whole range of issues to sort out for the short, medium and long-term. For the i-taukei and their chiefly system, it is unfortunate that the current situation makes it impossible for them to address their issues.

Even if the regime allowed it, it is simply unacceptable that they would hold their guns pointed in the direction of certain chiefs while their favoured others enjoy a free rein.

We'll all just have to wait it out... and use the time for some serious reflection.

Anonymous said...

Rajendra Chodory wasn't taken to court for fondling Daniel Urai's balls. Why the fuss.....

Anonymous said...

a plan to overthrow FB,Kaiyum taken to court,just a plan. overthrowing a real government not taken to court. we see here that FB & Kaiyum looks after themselves only and do not give a ... about anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Driti lawyer should ask for mistrial.
1.Why frank/Khaiyum/ army not charged for treason.?
2 Court cant hear or readress treason case of bai/army for coup against elected govt?
3.Court system and law has become a mockery in fiji.

rajend naidu said...

We read in The Freepress Journal (22/11) that Goa police are investigating allegations of sexual misconduct leveled by a journalist against the editor-in-chief of Tehelka news weekly.
Tarun Tejpal who has not denied the charges has stepped down as editor in chief calling it "atonement" for his actions.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Police officer appear in court
Publish date/time: 21/11/2013 [13:04]

A senior police officer who allegedly swore at a junior officer earlier this year appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court today.

Biu Matavou is charged with antagonism and the alleged incident occurred on 24th August in Suva.

Matavou's lawyer, Aca Raiyawa informed Magistrate Sufia Hamza that they have received the full disclosures.

The case has been adjourned to 27th of this month where a hearing date is expected to be set.

Story by: Praneeta Prakash

Anonymous said...

Just because Biu is a Fijian and the alleged victim is an Indian that is why he s charged ?what about the treasonist s and the murderers when are they going to b charged.the biggest racist people are the Indans.they are the cause of all those racial frictions and differences in Fiji.they do not even live harmoniously amongst theselves as they always hate and jealous of one another.now native fijian will be the scape goat as that is Aiyaz Kaiyums intention to Take out everything from the native Fijians grips and live them with nothing and destroy the native fijian race in their own country.Driti raise the issue in his interview by the police. Now the military are you going to wait and see that the native fijian are destroyed and wiped out or deprived with what they are entitle to in their country? If that is the case I'm sorry to say that I have never seen a bunch of asshole corrupted soldiers in my life fit for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Just because Biu is a Fijian and the alleged victim is an Indian that is why he s charged ?what about the treasonist s and the murderers when are they going to b charged.the biggest racist people are the Indans.they are the cause of all those racial frictions and differences in Fiji.they do not even live harmoniously amongst theselves as they always hate and jealous of one another.now native fijian will be the scape goat as that is Aiyaz Kaiyums intention to Take out everything from the native Fijians grips and live them with nothing and destroy the native fijian race in their own country.Driti raise the issue in his interview by the police. Now the military are you going to wait and see that the native fijian are destroyed and wiped out or deprived with what they are entitle to in their country? If that is the case I'm sorry to say that I have never seen a bunch of asshole corrupted soldiers in my life fit for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Well said agree fully with you.Binimarama and His conspirators should be charged for treason not Driti and Roko Ului.that asshole Aziz liumuri stabbed Driti and Roko Ului at their back. Typical Indian style snake.he need a bullet at point blank on his forehead.

Anonymous said...

@sob anon 02:58
Only advise that I have for raw nutters like you is that if you throw shits upward, it is definitely going to land on your face eventually.Grow up arsehole. If you are following the case properly, you will realize that it is just a load of power grabbing greedy sob's like you who are trying to create racial disharmony. The native fijian were already divided with jealousy way before Indo-Fijians set foot. They were killing and eating each other.Ever wonder why they were doing that? Even in native fijian structure, people of different provinces despise each other. Jealousy runs in your blood as much as it does in any other races otherwise Fiji wouldnt have had the coup culture.Leave your holier than thou attitude and devote some portion of your brain in sensible thinking. Or are you still a parrot who repeats and does things by what you thief (i meant chief) ordered. Get a live SOB. Use your life purposefully and grow out of the hate clogged into your brain. You might get nervous breakdown with all that stress and might end up getting an Indo-Fijians blood pumped into your body. You wouldnt want that now, isnt it.

V for Vendetta said...

Driti only wanted to offer the Commander options.

That's all I want to do, too.

So, Commander, here are your options -- we stretch your neck on a rope or you poison yourself first.

Anonymous said...

Here we go. The blame game has started. Starts with blaming race, then blows to religion insults and completes the circle with degrading the women. And these same people will eventually proclaim to be good Christians, Hindus, Muslims etc. Learn to become a human first. The first principle of being called human is to be humble and show humility.We have forgotten these a very long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:10,
If Indians are snakes, I-Taukei's are definitely anacondas. Forget about eating other races, they don't even back away from consuming their own as well at every available opportunity. Driti case is a very good reminder of that.

Anonymous said...

The people worship you, PM. Let us prove that to you in a free and fair election.

As if!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 3:28, if you want to eat an anaconda, you can begin with mine.

Anonymous said...

You must be one of those idiot soldiers whose ass have been fucked properly by Kaiyum.thats why you are happy that Driti and Roko Ului have been taken out bt the military. You are a traitor magai tinamu sona Levu, macawa nomu Bula, kawa ca. O iko mo vakamatei vata kei tamamu,tinamu ,ganequ ,tacimu kei ira kece na wekamu,me kua tale ni dua e vo.me keimami tiko Vinaka a vlomani na I taukei kei Viti .ni sa yali na awa nei isikarioti.

The Heckler said...

It's hard for me to believe that a Justice of the Peace appointed by the regime really fondled a young girl's breasts.

I'm shocked, I tell you -- shocked! -- that something like this could happen in the New Fiji.

I thought these regime guys were only interested in sodomizing male prisoners!

Anonymous said...

@anon 03:36, I might just probably take that offer.Will start with you wife, daughter, sister, sisters daughter, daughters daughter, another daughter, her duaghter, son's wife, her sister etc etc... My life will be so full on with eating just one anaconda family. How will I manage the other 600,000. Probably will start by letting the anacondas eat each other first and then feast on the remaining. Sounds like a plan. So theres the deal breaker. I will start will your daughter tonight. Keep her ready to rumble.

Voreqe Bainimarama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Voreqe Bainimarama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 3:49, start with your own daughter.

But then, you probably already have.

Anonymous said...

anon 04:27,

Snakes don't but I'm definitely sure that anacondas do shag anything that come their way. I content to start with your daughter. Do the prep. Son in law is arriving tonite. What a good mixture it will be. A snake an an anaconda. Isn't it how you changed from cannibals to humans. By mixing around...

Dear Mr Qarase said...

Dear Mr Qarase
I have never spoken to you although I voted for your candidate in the 2001 elections. I believed then that you were the key to stability and respectability. I was wrong. First, you jumped into an unholy alliance with the CAMV, a party created to further the objectives of the 2000 coup. Its reason for existence was racism, and the marginalization of the minority groups in Fiji.
Second, you jumped into an unholy alliance with corrupt businessmen who abused the system to get government contracts at unfair prices. Third, you took no steps to stop your Cabinet ministers and senators from making racist hate speeches in and out of parliament. Fourth, you pretended to follow the law in 2001 after the Court of Appeal made its decision, but in reality you thumbed your nose at it. Fifth, you refused to appoint a multi-party Cabinet, and went to court instead, relying on your supporter Chief Justice Fatiaki to delay the hearings for so long that when the decision came out, it was time for the next elections! Sixth, you used tax-payers’ money in the Agriculture Department to buy votes from the indigenous Fijians. Seventh, you pretended to respect court decisions in the cases in which your supporters were charged with 2000 treason indictments, but you released the convicts on extra-mural orders within weeks of their incarceration. Eight, you ordered the drafting of the Reconciliation Bill, the Qoliqoli Bill and the Indigenous Tribunals Bill, legislation guaranteed to free the guilty, create uncertainty in the tourism industry, and kill freehold title. Nine, your main advisers Naisoro, Bale and Baba seem to have been complicit in the over printing by 2,000,000 of ballot papers in the 2006 elections. Ten, you grossly miscalculated the real threat of a military coup in 2006, and continued to employ confrontational politics with the Commander when conciliation was the wiser course of action. Eleven, in a last desperate attempt to preserve power, you, in an act of treason, invited the Australian and New Zealand armed forces to invade Fiji without the knowledge of the President.

BC said...

@dear mr qarase 5:39
Hey Dickhead, where have you been sleeping all this time?
Get with the programme.

All your bullshit has been through the Courts in Fiji under Bainimarama and Aiyarse anD they cant even convict Qarase.


Take your bullshit and go shove it somewhere else. We are not stupid here at C4.5

Anonymous said...

another crook ion Jese Sikivou has just joined the SODELPA hierarchy of crooks. As if tupeni baba,george shiu raj, naisoro,jale baba,salamat ali, qarase, bale and kepa was not enough in the crooks bandwagon. well, only crooks will fit inwith another crook so all such arsefucks are welcome. Go SODELPA, the party of sonalevu fuckheads

Anonymous said...


Rajesh 'I will serve free of charge' Singh said...

anon 6.41pm Rajesh Singh, enough of your bullshit. From your safe perch in Auckland, you consistently spread religious hatred, hoping to gain from it. You are a lowlife, with no intelligence or ethics. YOu are a shot fellow or tatti admi. Given half the chance, you will quickly join the bainimarama regime. you are a sellout...I will 'serve free of charge' if elected. Lying, greedy bastard, we can see right through you.

Anonymous said...

To Anon who wrote:"another crook ion Jese Sikivou has just joined the SODELPA hierarchy..."

Instead swearing at our Party members, can go and swear at your mother, swear at your wife and daughter and your father if you have one....we can see how dirty your mind and your attitude. May be that is the way you were brought up by your stepdad..
Can you understand that we have the total freedom to choose any person to represent us in our Party? You sound like sitting under the fence---don't know which party you can belong to...WE ARE BUILDING OUR NATION...AND WE WILL DO IT WITHOUT YOUR STUPID MF.

Anonymous said...

Today's news of SODELPA going to advertise in the papers for a leader has to be the best joke of the year so far.

That's really clutching at straws.

Anonymous said...

Regime Crumbling...
Hooray,...Latest news is that Regime is crumbling. Kai has fled the country. 3FIR soldiers now manning exit ports...Bala turned away from Nadi Airport. Gates seen at the check-in counter for Air NZ. Its all happening now folks...Be Aert

Anonymous said...

all you said was done within the law, and you can take it to court if you like then, there was democracy in place and they were done for the betterment of the nation. it is widely known that those are the very reasons and axcuses you make to justify your coup, because we all know the hidden and shamefull side of it. can anybody take you to court for that now ? NO. is there any democracy in place now ? NO. was what you did for the betterment of the nation now ? NO.

Anonymous said...

Filipe Bole said on Fiji TV news that Vocational Education in Secondary schools started about two to three years ago.
Sadly the aged Minister does not recall that Vocational Education in Secondary schools had been with us since 1970. Where has he been? He got lost on the way!
Poor Bole should go home, he has outlived his time. Let someone else do the job, he is not doing justice to himself and to that office,...oh sorry everybody in the same regime is not either.

USP excels in fashion with striking 'bula' outfits said...

Uni mixes Bula Friday wear with nature: Nov 23, 2013

THE USP Finance Department team won this week's edition of the Bula Friday competition after impressing the judges with their catchy bula wear and effort in their Bula Friday photo.

Competition judge and Sunday Times editor Ruby Taylor-Newton said she chose the USP Finance team photo because of the bula wear and the background shown in their photo.

"Their bula wear was very striking and they made an effort as well with the background they chose so we felt that they should win the first prize for their efforts," she said.

Advertising features editor Verenaisi Raicola also complimented the team on their choice of background.

"We like the fact that they went out into their gardens and used them actively in the photo to give a sense of the vibrancy of the bula spirit," she said.

USP beat out strong entries from Douglas Pharmaceuticals and Airports Fiji Limited as well as Cathedral Secondary School staff members for the first prize.

Anonymous said...

that's part of the new excellence at the USP . well paid people turning out in fancy bula outfits for a bula friday competition!
at least we get hear something about USP that way. otherwise it's all quiet on the USP front - unless of course it's about someone getting recruited by the VC without procedural fairness in selection.

Anonymous said...

if there is a bula swim wear competition I am sure the USP vice chancellor rajesh chandra will win first prize hands down in the man's division and deputy esther williams will takeout the first prize in the woman's division

Anonymous said...

@USP fashion, the win shows USP has its priorities right, it is excelling in critical areas, and it is on the right track under the able leadership of USP VC and "President" Rajesh Chanda and DVC Esther Williams. It also shows marketing and development manager Jai Karan is doing an excellent job promoting USP. This is proof that all those critics were wrong!

Anonymous said...

@ dear mr qarase 5:39
Your totally anti-indigenous views and bullet point hatred tells me that you are a regime lackey,and a "DICKHEAD"!Get your head out of cranky's aiyarse hole! YOU KULINA!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:58 PM

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black !

Sounds like you are the one with the problems.

Anonymous said...

Haha, USP fashion show win prooves the school has got its priorities right. Never mind social justice, academic freedom, the pursuit of truth and knowledge, the moulding of character, a reputation for integrity . . . What really matters is who looks better in a sulu.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Sikivou is a good man loyal to Fiji. Glad he's standing with SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 5.58pm, you are too blinded by racism to analyse anything rationally. Your head is so up Qarase's arse that any facts exposed about Qarase are seen as 'anti-indigenous'. Qarase and SDL are spewing racist anti-Indian rhetoric to keep you happy and hide their crimes. Fijian land is precious, so why don't you ask qarase why and how he converted native land to crown land, then freehold, and sold it to tourism operators, dispossessing simple Fijian villagers? Is this not anti-indigenous? Or is Fijian-on-Fijian exploitation ok with you? Qarase is the first person in history of Fiji to have achieved the feat of selling native land. Your racism is making it very easy for your own kind to exploit and cheat you. All they have to do is use the Indian bogey as a cover to rob you blind. the sooner you get your head out of qarase's arse the better. And fuck Aiyaz and Bainimarama, they in the same boat as Qarase, Chaudhry, Qoriniasi Bale, Jale Baba, Siti Waleilakeba, Keni Dakuideketi - sharks and parasites who take advantage of their positions and use their education prey on their own people. Fill their own pockets instead of helping the people. They instigate communal discord to hide their activities. They can fool you, not me. Fiji is fucked because of poor leadership and because some fools tolerate poor leadership.

Anonymous said...

if there is a nude show competition USP vc and president rajesh chandra will win because of his unique appearance . his face and and his arse look the same.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.20 PM you are too right in identifying the main cause of Fiji's political troubles - poor leadership.
and anybody who thinks that problem has now been addressed with the self proclaimed leadership of Frank Bainimarama is a fool.
but some are clearly singing praise of Bainimarama's leadership because their own special interests is being served well by his leadership.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.07pm..you spoke my mind..Fiji is certainly fucked because of poor leadership. Isn't it evident that each so called leader will always want to help an ostracized section of the community instead of creating a better society.

Anonymous said...

We cannot put all the blame on the leaders. The people of Fiji too need to take a good hard look at themselves. Rabuka-Reddy stood for multi-racialism. It destroyed their political careers because we chose to listen to those who peddle racism. In some ways the people are the biggest culprit because they are closed minded and small-minded and elected only those leaders who are racists.

Anonymous said...

@ USP VC and president rajesh chandra's face and and arse look the same, that's because half the time he talks from his arse, not to be believed.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 7.20pm, how do you know USP vc rajesh chandra face and and arse look the same. have you seen his arse? what were you doing sniffing around his arse??

Anonymous said...

It ain't over until it's over?How
do we know the current military
executives are happy with the
current illegal Regime? How do we
know that the plan to eliminate
Khaiyum & Bai has been nicked in
the bud? Boy i wouldn't want to be
in these two assoles shoes? I'd
take my cut and disappear some-
where, where no one knows who i
was? Hey Bai&Khai-money is the roots of all evil!!!You certainly
cannot enjoy the money if you're
6 feet under? Mara&Driti may have
screwed things up, but that was
all the others needed to complete
the process of taking you OUT!!!
So, mark my words! It will happen,
it's only a matter of time???It's
just unfortunate, that someone's
brain may have to be shattered,in
the process to right this wrong???

just try it said...

Driti and Mara cant do it since they have no support,98% of the Military supports the PM,60% of the Police supports PM.They know that they will be fucked hard when they try even if supported by Aziz.We dont fear Driti and Mara,we were waiting for them to try,just try then we will show them where our support lies.We dont support motherfuckers who go around impregnanting other mens wives,e.g Mara and Mrs Serevi or Drug Dealers like Driti.They dont have our support.We only support PM not Aiyaz or any other asshole.Got the picture?

Anonymous said...

Im glad fiji got belted by australia. After all the shit this current illegal givt has been putting the poeple through fiji does not deserve anything good to happen for it. We know if that if Fiji did put a decent show in the game then the illegal govt would have come out to claim credit as it does most times without warrant.

Building shoddy roads one day, removing human rights the next. We can only winder what would have happened, the joy that could have been if any one of the "options" were utilised back then.

Anonymous said...

Love to see you walk into a village and tell their chief that....I'll actually pay to watch that

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:44 AM

Better make sure it's a woman then.

"" MORE than half of the women in Fiji have been abused and violated once in their life.

This was revealed by Fiji Women's Crisis Centre co-ordinator Shamima Ali during the 16th days of activism against violence against women in Nadi yesterday.

She reiterated the alarming increase in violence against women was a concern.

"We have just completed a national survey that will be launched on December 9 and shows a high number of cases of the abuse of women," said Ms Ali.

"A total of 61 per cent of women in Fiji have been abused once, violated once in their life — this by very intimate partners, husbands, boyfriends, de facto partners and so on.""

Anonymous said...

why is the "lost bro" beginning to look like a boto?
TOO MUCH of the good life of a dictator with unlimited access to State funds!

Anonymous said...

"the USP vc and president rajesh chandra should be charged for bringing the university into disrepute by getting his staff into a bula wearing competition.what a joke! is that what this higher institution of learning is suppose to expand its energy on?..."

Obviously written by someone that could have used an education bit didn't.

No doubt they have also never done anything for fun either but are jealous of those that are able to.

Anonymous said...

@USP bula dress contest is part of feeble attempts by USP dictator Rajesh Chandra, lying DCV Esher Williams and nepotisticaly appointed marketing and development manager Jai Karan to give USP a softer face and mask the fact that this institution has become handmaiden of the regime. In the truest sense, USP is no longer a regional organisation. Rajesh Chandra has gradually steered USP away from its regional roots and brought it under the control of the Fiji regime. Bainimarama and Aiyaz Khaiyum dictate who should be hired and fired. Wadan Narsey and Marc Edge were fired for doing their jobs and questioning regime. USP came down on these academics like a ton of bricks. If anyone should be fired from USP, it is Rajesh and his two cronies Esther and Jai Karan.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:29 PM

Perhaps they should close USP down for participating in the Bula dress event. It has caused such severe embarrassment to the educational institutions and more importantly Fiji.

Get yourself a life idiot.

And by the way your hero Edge was fired because of his small man syndrome, the same as Rajend Naidu suffers. Very simply, their one aim in life is to promote themselves.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:44, then why isn't Banimarama fired? A small man who only wants to promote himself.

Anonymous said...

Let USP have fun. Let its students protest and kick off the Hibiscus Revolution. Chasing Bainimarama through the dalo would be good sport.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 429 PM
you couldn't have been more concise in your analysis of the prevailing regime arse licking ethos at the USP under the sheepish leadership of rajesh chandra and esther williams

Anonymous said...

Just Try It, how do you know how many of us in the security services support Frank? Did you survey me? Did you think I would give you my real opinion, under the circumstances?

Mara is an asshole. Driti is an even bigger asshole. But Frank is the biggest asshole of all. I'd support Mara or even Driti before I'd support Frank..

Do 98% of us really support Frank? Then put me in the 2% category. Just remember that 98% of the Egyptian army also supported Anwar Sadat. A good case lesson, I'd say.

Ganesh said...

Fiji is indeed fucked due to poor leadership and a population with little understanding of, or commitment to, democracy. Qarase is not in the same category as Bainimarama, though. Not even close. Yeah, he helped to convert native land, but through a series of deals designed to please everyone, including the native sellers. And he didn't do it to enrich himself. He also didn't commit murder, treason, torture, mayhem, arson, and plunder, unlike Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@ 4:44 PM, no need to close USP, just replace mediocre VC Rajesh Chandra with someone more ethical, honest and fair minded. It's not bula dress event that has caused such severe embarrassment to USP, it's poor leadership that is destroying USP gradually. Whoever replaces Rajesh and Esther has a big cleanup waiting. Do not put too much on Bula dress contest, although it is symptomatic of USP trying to put a gloss on deep seated problems at the institution that VC and president Rajesh Chandra and his loyal deputy Esther have failed to address.

Anonymous said...

with the spot light on USP this is a good time for USP to have a mufti day show so that its VC and President Rajesh Chandra can turn out in his Emperor's golden garment!

Anonymous said...

Anon @USP 4.29pm you are right, USP has lost its regional essence even more under VC Rajesh Chandra's Fiji-centric style of leadership.

Anonymous said...

@Benny Marama

Whatever anyone thinks of Rajend Naidus postings it is totally unfair not to allow him space to air his topics.

If we were to lose him the daily excitement of reading his posts to see if he is ever going to write anything original would be lost.

Life just would not be the same for many.

Anonymous said...

Anon@6.27pm USP is Fiji-centric, are you stupid or what? USP's largest campus is located in Suva, Fiji; most USP students are from Fiji; moreover, Fiji government is the largest financial contributor to USP. So yes, USP is naturally Fiji-centric; has always been, will always be; why blame Rajesh Chandra you moron?

Anonymous said...

why blame rajesh chandra?
that's simple. he is the one who has caused the USP to lose its independence and become subservient to the diktats of the Fiji regime.

Worst VC in USP's history Rajesh Chandra said...

No VC in USP's history has done more to erode staff and student benefits and entitlements than Rajesh Chandra. His stingy, low-cost approach denies students adequate resources and quality teaching. Rajesh chandra has single handedly dumbed down standards at USP. he has undone the good work of his predecessors. he is the worst VC USP staff and students could have possibly wished for. Rajesh chandra wins worst VC of USP title hands down.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.01 PM
yours is the most original and brilliant posting I have seen on this blog. I know this is the first time you have come on this site. You must come more often with your original postings to raise the standard of discourse. I am sure you can manage that.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again Rajend.

None of those you have listed give a toss about you.

Do you assume you are some sort of threat?

Anonymous said...

how can rajend be a threat to anybody?
he is not the man with the gun, is he?
he is just a man speaking his mind and a fucker like you don't like him to that for reasons well known to many who come on this blog.
of course the mob on that list give a toss about what he posts. they find it unpalatable. that's why the Rajend Naidu Watch Special Unit and all that rubbish to abuse him and to get him to stop posting.
Your wish will not be fulfilled.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9.30 PM
you are a liar
you are on that list alright
that's why you are ashamed
and trying pathetically to ambush rajend from your place of resident in the toilet.

Anonymous said...

We sick of the personal vendetta being waged against Rajend Naidu by an abusive mob of trolls. We have had our fill. If you do not like rajen's posts, do not read them. but you cant tell him not to post. C4.5 does not belong to your father.

Anonymous said...

The picture of the two long lost
brothers paint a very scary thought...
A Justice of the Peace-Dass? Was
this his first demeanor? Was Dass
really related to Bhai? The facial
structure is very prominent?Now
whose your Daddy? Yes, very strange to see a Uluwai Kid-like
Bhai from Toilevu, Kiuva? Ok whose
been steppin out & whose been
lettin the dog out????

Anonymous said...

Hush...it's late now. Surely even the 'Rajen Naidu lynch mob' need their sleep! Rajen's hounding smacks of obsessive–compulsive disorder. Sufferers often can't tell. It takes others to recognise the abnormal, maniacal behaviour. If Rajen is keeping you wake, see a psychiatrist, or take a valium. You will be doing us all a favour. We too need a break from you nut heads please.

Anonymous said...

Just try it@6:39pm...Bhai you're
not only a bi-polar but Greedy and
stupid as well! We know it's you're posting above, But
"Don't count your Chiken before
they are hatched", personally i
think your math-which you have none-is way off the mark? I'm one
of the Soldier that don't support you,
never has,never will and never
would be! So sliced that off your
stupid list? Your insane idea to
put the Fijian Soldiers & Police in
Arms way, by paying the UN to allow
us to conduct Free Peace Keeping duties
in the Golan height & Syria? This
was, but a human Travesty which we,the
Fijian Soldiers&Police members has
come to realised, your sick trick to get rid of us; the untrusted?
It borders on Human genocide by
creating a legit killing battle
ground for the direct exterminations of Fijian soldiers
members, whom you suspect to be a threat, to your leadership?
always known, that you would come
up with stupidity, such as this
Bumping-off the threats?
We know whose doing the math on this -your AG for sure? Definitely, you'll both have to
pay the piper for your discretion!
If I was you, i'd be very,very afraid?

Anonymous said...

Rajend, go to sleep. Dream of yourself, as usual.

Anonymous said...


Narayan R said...

The Driti Trial: Bainimarama refused to sack Khaiyum and told Driti to leave his residence - turned blind eye to alleged "dirty-dealings" of A-G

There were revelations that former Head of RFMF Intelligence, Lieutenant Colonel Jone Kalouniwai and former Land Force Commander, Pita Driti had a meeting with Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama about the Attorney General in 2010.

Prosecution witness and current 3FIR Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Kalouniwai told the High Court in the Pita Driti trial today that he and Driti met Commodore Bainimarama at his residence in September 2010.

Kalouniwai said they briefed Commodore Bainimarama concerning reports on the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and his alleged dealings.

He said Commodore Bainimarama told them that they need to come back with documents to prove the allegations against the Attorney General.

When questioned by defence lawyer Filimoni Vosarogo, Kalouniwai revealed that they did not have any documents and did not have any intelligence on the Attorney General’s alleged dealings.

Kalouniwai said that the Prime Minister made it clear to them that he will not do anything unless he gets the information relating to the allegations.

He also said that Driti had told him to conduct the investigation about the Attorney General.

Kalouniwai then instructed him team to gather information about Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

He said the meeting ended abruptly with Commodore Bainimarama as they only had information from various blog sites.

While testifying in court today Driti also confirmed that they had met with Commodore Bainimarama in September 2010.

Driti said he briefed Commodore Bainimarama and asked for the removal of the Attorney General due to the alleged dealings.

He said Commodore Bainimarama told Driti and Kalouniwai and I quote “No, walk out” end of quote.

Driti said he was called back to Commodore Bainimarama’s residence on the following day.

Commodore Bainimarama, Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua, Force Chaplain Major Tikinatabua and Ratu Tevita Mara were present in the meeting.

Bainimarama told Driti that he had received some information on the plan to overthrow him and the President when Bainimarama takes the trip to Sudan.

Commodore Bainimarama then told Driti to speak to Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz and take his overdue leave and remain at the quarters.

Bainimarama asked Driti to resign as Land Force Commander and as a commissioned officer after his leave comes to an end.Source: Fijivillage

Nimilote Vara said...

Aquestion just posted at a Naitasiri Blog, asking whether the rumour that EyeArse has has left Fiji in Exile?? Any truth in this????

"kwa dina beka nai tuku2(rumours) mamu mai roga tiko ei? Rogovaki tiko ni sa ma take off(exile) o kaiyum."

Like · · Share · 44 minutes ago ·

Anonymous said...

Rajend, we know it's you defending yourself at 2:28 in the morning. Nobody else would. You're so macawa.

Anonymous said...

I posted at 2.28am in solidarity with Rajen against cyber bullying. Not that he needs my support, as he is not one to be bullied at all. I respect Rajen's right to post, whether I agree with his views or not. Besides, he posts news snippets and opinions which I sometimes find useful and interesting. Perhaps others also find them useful. An here we have a bunch of arseholes who think they can decide for us all, and try to bully people into not posting. Fuck all you guys. If you do not like rajen's posts, ignore them. Period.

Anonymous said...

why is usp vc also calling himself usp president?
when will this egomaniac stop elevating and promoting his mediocre self and the stupid bitch esther???
have u noticed how many Indians now in VC office?
and how many Indians in FNU offices.....
just typical Indians ie bunch of racists recruiting their own

rajend naidu said...

@Anon 2.48 PM
whoever you are please accept my grateful thanks for you solidarity.
what I post is my opinion and my take on things. people have every right to disagree with my opinion.
but what I am getting from my lynching mob is not rational disagreement but character assassination. the latest one is to cast aspersion on me by making out I am on the payroll of C4.5.
I suppose some people can't help judge others by their own standard and yardstick. I know some people will not lift a finger to do anything for others until and unless they get the right kind of money for it.
they can't imagine how someone can be contributing so much without getting paid for it!
That's not in their frame.
But they still judge others through their constricted frame.
that's why they can't get the right measure of a man and his commitment to a higher older value.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 02:52, Off course you are very non-racists madarchod.You are a typical example of one black hearted person calling another person as black. Atleast, your so called Indians @ USP are highly learnede professionals compared to the dump and dummer crop in government, FIRCA,FNPF, LTA to name a few. They are so dumb that they dont know how to differentiate between a arse and the mouth. They consider both to be the same. Take your holier than thou attitude and shav it up your racists arse. BTW-arse is where you dispose the shit from. Mouth is where you speak a lot of shit from.

Anonymous said...

Editor, Can you do us the honor of sharing the uncensored details of the holy act committed by Pauliasi Mataunitoga on his daughter and his political affliation. Vinaka for being truly neutral

Benny Marama said...

If that's the case, Rajend, then how do you explain the comment, in the aftermath of its article titled "Dog-Stealing Fiji Ambassador Hides Behind Diplomatic Immunity", where, on 3 May, at 9:44 AM, Coup Fourpointfive itself wrote: "@Kamlesh - Rajend syndicates his letters to a number of blogs including C4.5"?

"Syndicate", in this context, is a verb meaning "to sell (a comic strip or column, for example) through a syndicate for simultaneous publication in newspapers or periodicals." How are we to read that to mean anything other than that C4.5 has actually paid for some of your blog comments?

How do you explain that, Rajend? Are you saying Coup Fourpointfive was lying? Or are you the liar?

Indulge me. After all, I'm trying, through my "constricted frame", to get "the right measure of a man" who claims "commitment to a higher, older value", but who mainly seems to value only himself and his own opinions, so much so that he continually sacrifices truth and fairness in an effort to promote himself.

It's not that I don't want you to post at all; I sometimes agree with you, especially when you're criticising the excesses of this monstrous and criminal regime in Suva. But that doesn't mean that I need to sit still for your lies, your abusiveness, your ramblings about non-germane topics, and your shameless self-promotion, at the expense of this blogsite and the larger cause of Fijian democracy.

So, whether you sign yourself as Rajend or as "Anonymous", don't try to shut me up, because you can't, unless you're not only on the C4.5 payroll but on its staff as well.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4.26 PM Benny Marama or Nuni Turaga
I feel sorry for you man. you really do need help of the kind suggested by anon 2.28 AM .

rajend naidu said...

@Benny Marama anon 4.26 PM
when C4.5 makes it clear Rajend Naidu is not on its payroll what does idiot Benny Marama do?
instead of having the grace to admit he got it wrong, that what he was trying to present as truth was in fact a falsehood, he goes even further to insist Rajend Naidu is on C4.5's staff!!
Benny Marama confirms the saying that in an argument with an idiot the idiot will always win.
Now go an celebrate your victory Idiot!

Anonymous said...

Rajend, Bonny Marama wasn't the first to raise the issue of your possibily being on C4.5's payroll. This issue has come up a few times since C4.5 wrote several months ago that you syndicated your writings to it.

C4.5 chose to simply ignore the issue spawned by its loose terminology. You chose to simply ridicule and bait the posters as "idiots", etc. Either of you could have put the questions to rest immediately by simply explaining the facts, but you foolishly chose not to.

Benny Marama's questions were legitimate. I was wondering about it, too. Look at it this way, if Dharam Lingam were getting paid to post his nonsense, wouldn't you want to ask why?

Benny Marama is clearly a fellow oppositionist. He even says its leaders should hang for treason. Yet, you tried to paint him as a regime member or symp. Did you have the grace to admit your error in that?

I'm glad to learn you're not paid by C4.5. I support your right to post. I often agree with your point of view. But I also have to say that Benny had every right to ask about your "syndication" with C4.5. And if you had any maturity, you would have simply answered the question and put the matter to rest.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.52PM
so the onus was on Rajend Naidu to prove his innocence! wow! first the fuckers post a false claim that he is being paid by C4.5 and extrapolate from that that he is not a credible character and then require him to prove he is not on the C.5 payroll. what warped logic?
Nobody has ANY right to make a false accusation . Now you get that in your fucking head!

Anonymous said...

yeah right it must be rajend naidu's fault one way or another. it can't simply be anyone else's.
never mind that it was he who was being falsely accused, he is to blame.
the idiots are getting more idiotic by the day.

Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk, Rajend. The first "fucker" to post a "false accusation" that you were being paid by C4.5 was C4.5 itself. For C4.5 to state that you were syndicating your postings to it meant in ordinary terms that you were selling them to it. That's what is commonly meant in jounalism by the term "syndication".

The previous poster was quite right. If you had any maturity, you would have simply answered the question in the first place and put the matter to rest. As you like to say: "Go an celebrate your victory idiot"! But you haven't any maturity, as you demonstrate so amply in your posting of 9:52 AM.

Moreover, you crave publicity, whether positive or negative. Looking back over your career, I'd say it's increasingly the latter. And the fault is mostly your own.

Your 9:52 posting shows why. It's crude, vulgar, arrogant, and deceitful. We all know it's you, Rajend, even though you sent it anonymously.

In fact, it's always you, isn't it? By you, from you, about you, and for you. It makes me wonder, which is the fairer statement -- that you have the Bainimarama temperament or that Bainimarama has the Naidu temperament?

rajend naidu said...

anon 10.45 AM
just who the fuck are you to require me to "simply answer the question" - the false accusation you mean?
I have no obligation whatsoever to answer anybody's false accusation or attribution.
why should I pander to the whims of an idiot like you?
Don't talk about mental maturity you intellectual imbecile.

Anonymous said...

Rajend was never accused. Rajend was asked to explain his relationship with Coup fourpointfive. After all, Coup fourpointfive had stated months ago that Rajend was "syndicating" his postings. Questions about whether this meant that Rajend was getting paid for his postings were raised by Coup fourpointfive readers on numerous occasions, and neither Coup fourpointfive nor Rajend ever made any attempt to clarify the matter, although they had several opportunities. This was a legitimate line of inquiry, in my opinion, and I'm grateful to Benny Marama and Coup fourpointfive for clarifying it.

Anonymous said...

can you explain why YOU attach such a disproportionate amount of importance to THIS issue of whether Rajend Naidu was being paid by C4.5 - which is really a non issue - in the broader scheme of things in the C4.5 project?
In short why are you so obsessed with Rajend Naidu?
Why focus on this bullshit line of inquiry when there are so many more demanding inquiries to pursue?

Anonymous said...

Rajend, what do you mean you and Coup 4.5 have no obligation to answer our questions about what appeared to be a contractual relationship? What about your much-vaunted and oft-repeated concern for transparency in journalism? Should that apply only to others, but not you?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11.49 AM
...what appeared to be a contractual relationship...appeared to who?
You? And you convinced yourself that a contractual relationship existed and started paddling that as a fact.
Is that what you do in your brand of "journalism"?

rajend naidu said...

@ Anon 11.49 AM
I don't know about C4.5 it can answer for itself. But as far as I am concerned I have NO OBLIGATION to respond to anybody's spurious claims. That's why I have not deliberately bothered to answer. And no amount of jumping up and down and throwing an infantile tantrum will get me to change my mind. It won't happen. So go have a cucumber and cool down!

Anonymous said...

Rajend, learn to practice what you preach.

Anonymous said...

Following your logic, dear Raj, then what obligation do the regime or the Fiji Sun have to answer what they regard as YOUR spurious claims?

You're no different in your attitude than they are.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice any logic in anon 2.33 Pm's comment?
sounds to me like the incoherent utterance of a nutcase!

Anonymous said...

Actually, @2:33 raises a good point. Rather than attack him as a nutcase, idiot, etc. as you usually do, why not try to counter his argument, if you can?

Anonymous said...

what argument?
I can't see any rational argument, only a false analogy.
and that is to be expected from a nutcase fixed on drawing comparison where none exists - actually!

Anonymous said...

A wanker they call You-Know-Who
Ran an Indian self-petting zoo,
When asked who would play
With himself in this way
His answer was "Raj an I do".

Anonymous said...

Funny limerick! Just hilarious!

Keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.00 AM and anon 8.48 AM
small minds on display.
getting titillated by crappy stuff.
but that is the very nature of their existence : thriving on rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Rajend, I'm busy now. Can I ignore you some other time?

Anonymous said...

Raj an I do.

Vinaka vakalevu. I'll never see the name again without thinking of this little ditty.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.00 AM and anon 8.48AM
two of a kind. sotavata. the meeting of two small minds.one cracks a lousy third rate "joke" and the other finds it " just hilarious"!!
what imbeciles!

Anonymous said...

and the grand prize for stupidity goes to the joint winners anon 12.00 AM and anon 8.48 AM.

EX NATABUA 1979 said...

when did this guy become Dass? He comes from a very ,very poor but bright family of 4 boys who attended Natabua High school in the 70's, there was Dhurup,Pusp and Anup to name 3 ...don't know the other but they were a bit weird back then. kind of looked like sexually abused kids.....but indeed very bright in school...

Anonymous said...

anon 12.00 Am's limerick was so "funny" intelligent folks forgot to laugh!
but idiot anon 8.48 AM found it so "hilarious" he almost had an orgasm!!
he was last spotted at 5.00 PM still holding his equipment and laughing to himself!!

Anonymous said...

where's the limerick man?
still petting himself!

Anonymous said...

Ok. Just remember, Raj, you did ask for it!

An Indian blogger I knew,
Superior to both me and you,
When asked who knew more
An arse or a bore?
Nodded "That's right, Raj an I do."

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

we see the limerick man is back from his "busy" scheduled of pelting himself.
limerick man limerick man
please translate your limerick in sanskrit-urdi if you can.
more of your fans will love it then.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Gotta admit, his limericks are pretty funny.

If you act like an ass, Rajend, don't get insulted if people ride you.

Anonymous said...

just like an idiot fan of yours said:
"Keep em coming"
I am sure with all your personal attacks on Rajend Naidu
you are helping the cause of democracy in Fiji.
You should specialize in producing your limericks on rajend. that is your level of intellectual engagement.
Keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous", aka Rajend Naidu. I do this because we (yes, we) have appealed to you repeatedly to get over yourself, and to write about Fiji instead of trying to promote yourself. Your insufferable arrogance, abuse, hypocrisy, and narcissism aren't helping the cause of democracy in Fiji. Stop being so arrogant, abusive, hypocritical, and self-centred, and I'll stop picking on you and might even begin supporting you.

But I don't expect you to do that, because what you lack in humility, you more than make up for in stupidity.

For example, again you asked to "keep em coming", so here's yet another installment, at your request:

A blogger named Rajend wanked such
That his penis was held by a crutch
I asked why he couldn't
Stop doing what he shouldn't
Said he "'Cuz I love me so much!"

Anonymous said...

limerick man limerick man
you so full of humility that it just spills out in your limericks and other anonymous verbal tricks.
but no one is fooled by your verbal gymnastics.
you are the one who is making an arse of himself by preoccupying yourself with attacking Rajend Naidu as if that is the most important thing that needs to be done here on C4.5.
if you insist on making an arse of yourself than it is not in rajend's power to stop. you go ahead and do that. go frame some more limericks. that is a good indicator of what you are about.

Anonymous said...

It's not in Rajend's power to stop himself, it seems, from promoting himself, and then defending himself in anonymous comments such as those above. That wouldn't be so annoying if it weren't for the fact that then Rajend criticises as "cowardly" and "anonymouse" anyone who writes anonymously in disagreement.

Just as inconsistent and hypocritical is that way that, posting anonymously, Rajend goads the limerick guy into writing more limericks about him and then criticises him for doing it when he does!

Pretty dumb, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Anon @11:42. Raj reminds me of no one now so much as old Semi Meo, with his constant baiting, self-promotion and insipid comments. If Raj would preoccupy himself with a subject other than himself, maybe others would as well. The blog would be better for it, too.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.42 AM let me ask you what you think of Rajend's piece on Aung Sung Suu Kyi?

Anonymous said...

I liked Rajend's piece. I'm always glad to see his energies channeled toward trying to influence people's views about governance in Fiji. I don't mind if he goes somewhat far afield to make comparisons or to draw lessons, as long as there's a nexus to the situation in Fiji.

On a less positive note, Rajend sometimes ends up making himself look a bit unhinged. His occasional nongermane statements and incessant and immature tit-for-tat trading of insults with his critics don't serve him well, imho. Thankfully, we saw none of that in evidence in his Aung San Suu Kyi comment.

What did you think?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.43 PM
when Rajend is attacked does he have the right to defend himself, the right of reply?
can you please answer this with a simple yes or no without your own subjective opinion?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:10, shouldn't you answer my question first? I do hope you're interested in dialogue, and not the way 'dialogue' has come to be defined by the illegal regime. I would hope you're not cut from the same cloth as Bainimarama, whether you support his treason or not.

Yes, Rajend Naidu has the right to defend himself. He has the right of reply. We all do, even if the blog administrator is sometimes a bit arbitrary in deciding which comments to remove. But then, this is his blog.

Rajend also has the right to answer his critics instead of merely mocking them, to hold himself to the same standards he demands of others, to show maturity and humility.

The Good Book says a soft reply turns away wrath. In my opinion, Rajend should try engaging his critics instead of insulting them. For every lump he tries to hand out, he ends up with two. Haven't we repeatedly read where his critics will write something like "while I often agree with Rajend on issues pertaining to Fiji. . ."? So these are people who would normally be his friends and supporters, and yet they're turned off by Rajend's approach. Why?

The reasons cited are almost always the same. I won't belabour them. I will simply hope that Rajend stops belittling his critics and starts engaging them instead. With his current approach, Rajend is only making himself look smaller in the process. I'm hoping he's bigger than that.

Anonymous said...

why should rajend try engaging his critics when the critics are hell-bent on denigrating him?

Anonymous said...

Why should I answer your questions when you don't answer mine?

Are Rajend's critics hell-bent on denigrating him? Perhaps some are, but it's also clear to me that others are merely responding in kind -- or worse -- to Rajend's foolish taunts, which are so often unnecessary and, frankly, childish.

Rajend should be a bigger man. He doesn't win respect by racing to the bottom.

Anonymous said...

what came first the egg or the chicken? are rajend's critics responding in kind or is rajend responding in kind to his critics!
you might want to reflect on that.

Anonymous said...

I note you still have not answered my questions, but I'll indulge you further.

Does it really matter which came first, the chicken or the egg? That's a scholastic argument, like asking how many angels can dance on a pin. The practical reality is this, that Rajend's approach is foolish -- it's making him look like a chicken with egg on its face.

I said that Rajend's critics are responding in kind, or WORSE. This acknowledges that they sometimes escalate the abusiveness, does it not?

Their criticisms are usually anonymous, which is their right. Rajend responds as Rajend sometimes and Anonymous other times, which is his right also. But when Rajend signs off as Rajend, he must expect to be held accountable for his remarks. And when he insults others as cowardly for signing anonymously and then does the same himself, he shouldn't marvel if others consider his hypocrisy fair game for criticism.

Are we cowards for maintaining our anonymity, you and I? Are you an "anonymouse", as Rajend puts it? Does Rajend merit special dispensation, exempting him from the same standards he demands from others?

It's said that to knock a thing down, especially if it is cocked at an arrogant angle, is a deep delight of the blood. Rajend's substantive and straightforward comments are seldom knocked. Even his occasionally fatuous arguments engender only moderate criticism. The outpourings of critcisms come only after his displays of arrogance and/or hypocrisy, and they're leveled at the same.

Rajend and his critics should argue his ideas on their merits without immediately resorting to ad hominem, such as calling others "idiot". Arrogance is a kingdom without a crown. If Rajend really wants to positively influence opinion, he'll do well to learn a little humility and to temper his emotionalism. His critics should respond in kind, or better.

Anonymous said...

you waste a lot of time and energy lecturing the wrong guy. rajend's contribution is out there in the public domain . I would like to see anyone of his "many" critics raise a rational argument against any of the points he has raised in any of his letters.
let's have that and not the broad crappy criticism that has been leveled at him.
just one rational argument to begin with...

Anonymous said...

I can't see anything wrong in describing some people as an "idiot".
we have idiots don't we?
and some of them appear on C4,5 pretending to intellectualize.

Anonymous said...

Pravin Bala sure pulled a quick one over the Lautoka cops! Confirmed reports has it that he, in order to not spend the night in the cell, hoodwinked them that he is a "known heart patient"!!
S..o, what did the stupid cops do, take him to Lautoka Hospital to spend the night. Hello, you always see him and Cawaki in the regime propaganda paper at cocktails and with glasses of liquor in his hand!!
Typicall Kai Idia stunt, I must say!!

Anonymous said...

Praveen Bala, do the honourable thing and resign! Come on man, you have been charged for KILLING another innocent human being!! Just like your Masters!!
How can you walk the streets of Lautoka I just do not know!
Obviously, the arrogance has rubbed off on you!!Ma ke choddo!!

Anonymous said...

the way some people have been going on and on and on about rajend naidu being arrogant and narcistic without humility etc etc etc you'd think he was the dictator of Fiji and public enemy number one who has to be removed!!
what kind of idiots are these?
and what's more they claim they are pro-democracy advocates !

Anonymous said...

limerick man limerick man
what happened to your pathetic attack rajend plan
you must keep em coming
if not I am going
bye bye

Anonymous said...

So, here you are again, back to baiting the limerick man and calling your critics "idiots".

Yes, your critics, Raj. We all know it's you, trying to defend yourself anonymously. The turrets syndrome gives you away every time.

It's clear here who was seeking a rational dialogue, and who is only interested in a rationalising monologue.

Funny how when other posters plead for you to focus on Fiji instead of yourself, you call them idiots and tell them to fuck off. Now your only defence is to ask your critics to focus on Fiji instead of yourself!

Would you like some cheese and crackers to go with that whine?

Anonymous said...

no cheese and crackers with the wine for rajend just the limericks will do
keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:46, if we promise to miss you, will you promise to stay away?

Anonymous said...

Hehe, let him go. He's depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.03 PM
who gave you permission to call Rajend Naidu "Raj"?
and why you doing that?
You think you can diminish his character by doing that?
It's not likely to happen.
But keep it going if it makes you feel good.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:46, I only just realised you were attempting a limerick of your own.

How cute, baby's first steps!

Anonymous said...

why do you want a fellow pro-democracy campaigner to stay away? what kind of solidarity is that?
it seems to me that you are more concerned about keeping this fellow pro-democracy campaigner quiet then to keep your focus on the campaign.
what's your problem?
haven't you got better things to occupy yourself?
perhaps even petting yourself which seems to be the limerick man's speciality!

Anonymous said...

Raj, boy, I don't think we can diminish your character any better than you're doing it yourself.

But thanks for the invitation to keep it going. I will. As long as you want to play house together, you be the door, and I'll keep slamming you.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if this "fellow pro-democracy campaigner" is the same hypocritical and arrogant wanker who poses as an anonymous supporter of himself?

Raj an I do.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Rajend gets carried away with his own self-importance. The trouble is, not far enough.

Anonymous said...

I'm not lending a hand to help you this time, Rajend. You did it to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:13, that's because, like all wankers, Rajend quite enjoys doing it to himself.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:36, actually it's sadly true that Rajend is as arrogant and narcissistic as the dictator of Fiji. He also seems to have the same sort of thin skin and fascist mindset.

It's Rajend who says his critics should be removed. In fact, the blog administrator has already removed some anti-Rajend comments for no apparent reason other than that they criticise Rajend, and Rajend has vigorously supported this.

Some pro-democracy activist he turned out to be!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Rajend Is not his usual self today.

I noticed the improvement immediately.

Anonymous said...

Chands great grandfather impregnated Vocekes great grandmother, after the Kiuva people took in the the survivors from the indentured boat SYRIA after it ran aground at Nasilai. That is the blood connection. That is why Voceke, having kai Idia blood has dismantaled everything dear to us VKB Fijians.

Anonymous said...

Voceke drau tadomi la kei koya tu qori yasamu.