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Friday, November 1, 2013

Narsey: what goes around comes around

Maligning the "old politicians"
Professor Wadan Narsey
November  2013

Since 2006, it has become a popular pastime for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to malign the "bad old politicians" of Fiji, and this trend will no doubt become a frenzy as “new politicians” offer themselves.

Many who write thus to the media are perhaps too young or ignorant to know what the “old politicians” did or did not do, compared to the new politicians.

But one does not expect the same song from Sir James Ah Koy, himself an “old politician” who personally benefited from the political largesse of several "old politicians" and Prime Ministers of Fiji (and received a knighthood from PNG “old politicians”).

Of course, such a message about “bad old politicians” is useful propaganda for a government which strangely contains a couple of “old politicians” (like Bole and Kubuabola), yet still claims it is the “first” government to do anything worthwhile for Fiji.

Nevertheless, it is the solemn responsibility of the older generation to set the record straight about what the old politicians did or did not do, compared to what the new politicians are doing.

It is also useful for future voters  to examine the political record of “old politicians” like Ah Koy, who was once a Minister of Finance in Rabuka’s Government, and who is offering himself up again as a “new” politician.

Ah Koy as “new politician”?
Some political historians might scratch their heads at how Ah Koy once entered Parliament as a Chinese “General” voter, then later managed to get elected as an indigenous “Fijian” MP for Kadavu, then rediscovered his Chinese roots to become Ambassador to China, and is now offering himself as a “born-again” new politician, ready to serve in Commodore Bainimarama’s Party-to-be.

Economic historians with nothing better to do, may scratch their heads as to how and why Ah Koy was appointed in the first place as Minister of Finance in Rabuka’s SVT Government, replacing a performing Mr Vunibobo.

But all economic historians (and future voters) must examine Ah Koy’s performance as Minister of Finance, and especially his disastrous decision to create the ATH telecommunication super monopoly, in order to sell Government’s shares to Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) at the inflated price of $253 million, thereby “coincidentally” covering the cost of the National Bank of Fiji (NBF) disaster.

Ah Koy also convinced many members of the public to buy ATH shares whose values were destined to fall in the long term because of inevitable competition in the telecommunications industry (and they have fallen significantly to the dismay of their holders).

Another still ongoing negative effect is that FNPF, to recoup its massive investment, has had to exploit ATH’s monopoly power through higher telecommunication prices, thereby hurting not just ordinary consumers, but also holding back the telecommunications based industries for more than a decade, and stifling economic growth.

The same Ah Koy is today trumpeting that the current batch of unelected leaders are the "best politicians" this country has ever had, even though some of them, as Mr Ah Koy well knows, had their fingers in all the coups of 1987, 2000, 2006 and 2009.

But what do the facts say about the actual performance of the “old” politicians as opposed to that of the “new”?

What old politicians did
Of course, there were “bad old politicians” who were responsible for the military coups, or the NBF disaster or the several vote-buying agricultural scams we have had over the years under virtually every Prime Minister (except Bavadra).

But there also have been dozens of "old politicians" who have provided good leadership either as part of Government, or as the Opposition whose keen scrutiny helped keep governments in line.

Unlike the current “new politicians”, these old politicians were elected to Parliament  or they were nominated to Senate by the elected Governments and Oppositions, to look after the interests of “their” electorates, whether communal or national,  as lawfully defined by the existing constitution and electoral system.

We have had prominent names like Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, AD Patel, Ratu Penaia Ganilau, Ratu George Cakobau,  Sidiq Koya, Karam Ramrakha, the Toganivalu brothers, Jai Ram Reddy, Doug Brown, Josefata Kamikamica, Mosese Qionibaravi, Charles Walker, Jone Naisara, John Falvey, Tom Vakatora, Irene Jai Narayan, Vincent Lobendhan, and even a Khaiyum, once my colleague in Parliament.

[Disclaimer: While I served in the Fiji Parliament from 1996 to 1999, I have been told by my legal adviser that I am not an "old politician", being neither old nor a politician].

Many old politicians served their electorates, with great energy and dedication. Most made no personal fortunes themselves, when many could have made more money or had easier lives by ignoring politics altogether.

These old politicians helped Fiji to build roads, hydroelectric dams, ports, water and sewerage systems, schools, and health centers.

They presided over a healthy sugar industry with twice the current sugar output, grew a buoyant tourism industry, started massive mahogany  plantations, fostered many other industries such as gold and fisheries, began the Fiji National Provident Fund, and built a Fiji economy which was the envy of all other Pacific Islands.

In partnership with private education authorities, their governments helped build an excellent education system, which staffed a good civil service for three decades, and even facilitated tens of thousands to emigrate and obtain excellent jobs and incomes abroad.

There were good “old politicians”, both in Government and Opposition, who guided our country through turbulent periods such as the military coups and financial disasters like the NBF collapse.

Many of our “good old politicians” (like Jai Ram Reddy) patiently guided the revision of the racist 1990 Constitution through peaceful democratic parliamentary processes, cooperation and the power of ideas and goodwill (not by brute military force, as being done currently).

Some old politicians, like Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, provided astute regional political leadership to the South Pacific countries (including a giant like PNG), while playing leading roles in international agreements such as the Law of the Sea and Lome.

Many old politicians, in the service of their people and Fiji, often neglected their families, who today cannot must feel deep dismay and pain that the “old politicians” are all being tarred with the same brush, and maligned so unfairly and ignorantly, by today’s politicians and brash political aspirants.

Facts on the “new” politicians?
This maligning of the old politicians is even more astonishing given the facts on the new politicians.

Under the “new politicians”, the Fiji economy stagnated between 2006 and 2011, with the sugar industry in ruins, formal sector employment declining, real incomes falling by more than thirty percent, and poverty correspondingly increased. The economy has grown since 2011, but it is barely making up for five years of stagnation.

The parts of the economy that have kept Fiji afloat (such as tourism and large foreign remittances which are twice the sugar industry earnings) owe nothing whatsoever to the “new politicians”, who daily give themselves salusalus and media attention, whenever the private sector or donors launch their successful projects, or tax-payers money is being prominently thrown around (of course, not as vote-buying scams?).

Yes, there are new roads being built currently, but they were also built before, except that no one today knows the current unit construction costs with tax-payers’ money flowing freely through the welcoming hands of the Road Transport Authority, while the public debt is increased astronomically.

The facts also show that none of the “old politicians" ever prevented Auditor General's Reports from being published for six years, and none received unknown ministerial salaries paid through a private accounting company (even today).

None signed commercial agreements for large loans and other projects, whose details have been completely hidden from the public.

None secretly approved investor projects totally undermining the strict marine environment protection laws that exist today.

None ever trashed a Draft Constitution they had themselves commissioned, in order to design and approve another constitution granting themselves immunity for unknown criminal actions, stretching from 2000 till 2014, while simultaneously jailing a former Prime Minister over minor charges.

We can wait for Regime supporters like to list the positives emanating from the new politicians, apart from the dubious pleasure some seem to have of calling themselves “Fijians” and the farcical illusion of being “equal” to everyone else because of the new electoral system.

Loss of historical memory
Fiji, sadly, suffers from a severe loss of institutional and historical memory that allows unfair generalizations about the “old politicians” to be made with impunity and without public challenge.

This is partly because of the massive emigration of our intelligentsia and partly because of the intimidation of those remaining.

Partly also, the media (television, radio and print) has been forced by draconian application of the media decrees, to become instruments of government propaganda, which by any objective criteria of space and time devoted, is completely out of proportion to the few opposing views that are allowed to trickle through.

Nevertheless, it is the solemn civic duty of the older generation to defend, through whatever media is available to them, the reputation of the many "good old politicians" who they once elected to parliament, and who served them and Fiji, in an open, transparent and accountable way, whatever their faults.

Any society which does not defend its own former good leaders is guilty of selfish ingratitude.

They are also failing in their civic responsibility to remind the younger generations that the foundations of the quality of life they enjoy today were built by the older generations, led by the “old politicians” who are being gratuitously maligned today in an indiscriminate fashion.

Some day, the “new politicians” will find that “what goes around, will come around”. 


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Anonymous said...

to every old politician who served with sincerity, integrity and honesty to better the lives of their constituents and helped to make a better Fiji I salute you - both the living and the dead.
to Jim Ah Koy I scratch my arse!
And like wise to other opportunistic unscrupulous old politicians some of who have wormed their way into the Bainimarama "government".
Credit must be given where credit is due and some old politicians deserve credit for what they have done for the country and its people. It is bullshit Bainimarama regime propaganda to make out all old politicians are/were rotten. Some rotten ones are in his government! But he and his sycophantic supporters have not noticed that!
They see things very selectively to suit their agenda and propaganda.
But we see through them and their mischief making and Machiavellian scheme to hang onto power.
That is what these "new politicians" - the UN-ELECTED gang in the Bainimarama govt are about. Power Paisa and Privilege.

Ratu Sai said...

I only hope that Amenatave Malani dude reads this post. What he done for Fiji compared to some old politicians named above.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The idea of new and young politician was mooted by none other than Bainimarama himself. The reason being that he will have no chance against old experience politicians who have gone through the mill.That is why he want new young politicians so he can bully them or easkily convince them to agree to he want.Bainimareama sould not be in the politic because he cant take the heat and secondly be will be a burden to other politicians. He need someone to guide him all the time and prepare his speach and his report as he dont know how to do it.He is saying that he want hard working people who are good to be in his cabinet. Its good to be hard working but importantly they should know what to do as expected by the people who voted them in. there is no place for learning its a place to work.


Vinaka Professor Narsey for exposing jim Ah Koy. Your articles always very good. I can't believe USP sacked you for telling the truth. There is no justice at USP under VC Rajesh Chandra, the regime sycophant and sucker.

Anonymous said...

Wadan you hit the nail on the head!

The last elected Government of Qarase had some good all rounded genuine politicians also. Kaliopate Tavola, Krishna Datt, Chaitania Latchman, Ro Temumu, Ratu Jone Yavala Kubuabola, Qarase, and a few more.

There also is a constant blame on Qarase of the situation in Fiji. Qarase was a pro Fijian but not an anti Indian! His best friends were Indians (who conveniently turned there back on him after 2006). He introduced policies to ensure indigenous rights are sustainably maintained. He also had a bunch of businessman in his think tank (including the aunty of ASK and now the pay mistress of the Government), Motibhai, Dixon , etc and only Radhike Qereqeretabua as the Fijian.

Qarase's failure in the initial term was SDL's marriage to CAMV party that consisted of extreme Fijian fundamentalists! SDL was forced to agree on introducing extreme racially sensitive policies , qoliqoli bill, RATU bill, etc. The failure to introduce Labor party in the multiparty cabinet was also through ill advise of Joji Kotobalavu and Qoroniasi Bale.

In the 2006 elections Qarase came with passion to work on a truly multiracial basis through the multiparty cabinet. The Agriculture scam was the work of the bureaucrats, no doubt some politicians took advantage but definitely this was not the SDL party's intention!

Well at least not for most of the party members. We are conveniently forgetting that Mahn Pal Chaudhary was offered the role of Minister for Finance and Deputy Prime Minister role in the Qarase Government by Qarase, MPC rejected the offer and was poisoning Franks mind about SDL.

Vulnerable Frank (CRW soldier case hanging deep on his head) was taken advantage of. MPC together with Aiyaz, Nazhat, Aziz and Sahu Khan meddled Franks mind sufficiently to execute the coup, something Frank regrets to today it is knowledge amongst his confidantes!!!

Aiyaz - hats off to you, you are the single most important person in this country. In fact the I'taukei worships the road you walk. They hate Frank and envy you. Simply because you have manipulated the army, the idiotic Frank and used Nazhat and Aziz, Driti and Rokolui and got them conveniently dumped (exception of Nazhat). Aziz hangs around as a Muslim brotherhood!!!

Frank you will be dumped and watching helplessly from the side (similar to Rabuka) if you continously blindly trust this psychopath!!

Jim Ahkoy you must be reading this you old tatti!!! Confirm how much tax you evaded when you were running Kelton, Datec and your other subsidiaries!! You never paid tax !! You gained over a million dollars personally by devaluing Fiji dollar by transferring money a day before to Australia! You were chased by Ratu Mara who called you a traitor when you smelt power in Rabuka and you dumped your allegiance to Mara!!! You have roped everyone in your way for personal gain!

The fact of all this is that we will have no elections next year, Frank is not stupid to resign as Commander as the soldiers (if they are not dumbos ) will not resign because whoever he appoints will smell the PM's chair and definitely conduct the next coup.

This is a rather sad day for the indigenous of this country, you are being stripped of your identity by two alens, Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum and Frank Battan Singh Bainimarama!!

Consolidate and address yourselves as the longer you take th bigger and deeper the hole you will need to climb out of!!

Ted Young - Australia

Anonymous said...

Professor Wadan Narsey is the only academic in Fiji who has respect and principles.

He writes with facts.

Others are cowards and opportunist.

Everyone knows your capability and knowledge.

The way you were removed from USP is noted and we will take some to tasks when the time is right.

I look forward your articles.

Please keep writing.

May God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Jim Ah Koy's all companies must be audited as he has evaded tax for very long.

Anonymous said...

It's important to differentiate between pro-Fijians on the one hand, and anti-Indians on the other. Qarase and Rabuka were pro-fijian but not necessarily anti-indian as they dod not spew hate. Respect them for that. George Speight was anti-Indian. So was asenaca caucau. And Mere Samisoni. nazism in paradise!

Anonymous said...

Two sacked and dumb(esp Aruna Prasad) magistrates" photos are in the Fiji Times today(1-11-13)--Dumb Aruna prasad and Aminiasi.What the hell is Hari Punja doing with Aruna Press-hard ?--where is Hamen Nagin hiding-maybe cleaning Aruna's 47 pair of shoes kept in 29 boxes in 9 cupboards !!

Anonymous said...

Really Narsey-the old politician-
if you're so smart & Honest howcome
that you were conveniently double dipping, during your parliamentary
days, without any concern for our
country small economy? That's just for starter, oh yeah, theres more
where this one came from? Also,your
disclaimer is a ruse,you're an old polician and a dishonest politician
to say the least?
You're definately the worst type
of old politicians, cause you constantly try to defend the indefensible by perching
at the rooftop, to crow-out your bull-crap to the whole world?You're
the worst kind Narsey!!!

Anonymous said...

Wadan, glad to see you make the worms squirm again.

We know that all of the regime propaganda against "old politicians" is designed to portray Frank as the antidote and to keep him in power.

I'd rather be led by an elected "old politician" anytime, instead of by the current crop of selfish traitors!

Anonymous said...

Transparency and accountability sounds nice to hear and said but to praactice is another thing. One wonders if Bai and Kai understand what those two woirds means.They made decrees for political parties to be registered with all the things they demand to be met by those political if tghey are to be qualified to be registered an accepted to cobntest the so called 2014 election.Kaiyum said that Bainimarama has to resign to bne able to contest the ellection. Bainimkarama said that he will form his own political party and the criteria of people he want to be in his party.The question is when is Bainimarama going to resign? When is he going to form and register his political party.Is he going to declare his business and who is funding his political party with all his assets ? From 2006 untill now the people of Fiji are asking for the auditor Generals report and they seems to be evading that question Why.Where is the transparency and accounbtability ? If Bai and Kai thinks that we are fools sorry the people of Fiji knows the truth that is why they are keeping quiet. but remember they will speak when the time is right.Even majority of the people of namosi hate the illegal regime but just for curtesy purpose they were there to listern to the illigal PM.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. Narsey. The people of Fiji got to learn to stand up for the truth and just. We can not compromise truth and justice. Without truth and justice we or Fiji can not move foward.with out truth and justice the coup culture can not be eliminated. It is the truth and justice that will release us from the bondage of the evil regime that is holding our country at ransom .Every one will be paid according to their deed wheather good or bad.

Anonymous said...

Happy Dewali:-You are talking from your ass.When did that 100 Sands Hotel deal came to the forefront.They surfaced during this illegal regime a con company surfaced during the con government/. Now talking about Natadola and Momi Bay project. Those project were smoothly progressing when the coup happended and the illegal regime interfear into those project resulting in the withdrawl of the developers causing loss to the FNPF which was funding those projects.How can you blame the SDL when you yourself do not know what you are talking about. Talking about corruption and nepotism. What about Bainimarama appointing his own daughter to be CEO Sports council and Kaiyum appointing his own brother at CEO FBC and they are paying themselves to the tune of Millions od dollars in salaries isnt that corruption at the highest level and nepotism You are saying that TGhis illegal regime saved us from Bankruptcy. The governmenr debt befoire the coup was between 1 to 2 billion dollars now the government debt has gone up to about 7 billion dollars. now we are on the verge of bancruptcy and fiji is already down that path. I hope that you understand what a crime is.Do you know that the biggest crime was comnmitted by Bainimarama and the militarry.Treason superceed all criminal offences tghat is whay it is called the capital offence. As you said commit crime do the time. Why is Bainimarama trying to avoid doing his time when he has committed the biggest crime. He will do his time for life imprisonment. That 2013 constitution will be thrown out after the election and all those who conspired and participated with Bainimarama will face the music.Think before you lips idiot.

Anonymous said...

"What goes around, comes around"
a. Jai Ram Reddy betrayed his party leader in 1977. The Indian voters betrayed him in 1999 election.

b. Rabuka overthrew a democratically elected government of Bavadra in 1987. It was democracy in 1999 that removed Rabuka from power.

c. If what Rabuka says is true. That Mara was the main person behind 1987 coup, than even Mara removed from the post of President through a coup on 29/05/1999.

"God works in mysterious ways"

Anonymous said...

Frank is enjoying tax payers dollars/Fame .
we fijian are not standing up against his regime.
Look at Middle east people are protesting and fighting on the street for its country and democracy.
where are Tora /Bole/Kububola all joined Franks regime .hahaha
Money talk bs works.

rajend naidu said...

In her angry letter - the trait of the intolerant'Real'/'True' Hindu - Minakshi Maharaj tries to debunk my use of the term "Diwali mythology" claiming it has "echoes[of the] 200 year old Eurocentric bigotry"(Fiji Times 02/11).
"How ludicrous" she asks" to suggest that Hindus with 10,000 years of unbroken history and the ancient world's finest civilization behind them, be guided by somebody who wrote a book after a 10 year stay in India?".
How about a book by a distinguished Indian historian from the University of Delhi? And for his pain staking work to research his book The Myth of the Holy Cow Professor DN Jha received death threats from Hindu fanatics.
I only received some hot air from Minakshi Maharaj.
Indian history is not as neat as Minakshi wants us to believe. It is a contested history as a most ohers.
For a quick appreciation of an alternative interpretation of Indian History I suggest Minakshi Maharaj read Pankaj Mishra's review of Prof. Jha's book in The Guardian 13 July 2002. He is also the author of Romantics (picador). Another good read. A further good read is the article 'The Myth of India's Sacred Cow and reverent exploitation' (examiner.com Jan4,2010).
I could recommend many more quality reading material for Minakshi Maharaj but I don't think that would have any impact on someone with a closed mind - the hallmark of a religious fundamentalist.
Rajend Naidu

Namela said...

VINAKA VAKALEVU Prof Warden Narsey.

We always respect your opinions for they are balanced, forthright, incisive, factual and exude your love and dedication to your country.



Anonymous said...

I wonder if Frank/Khaiyum can face political leaders in public debate forum with ans on salaries/AG Reports /others.
Happy diwali to you all in fiji.
god bless you all

Anonymous said...

Know it all shithole Rajen Naidu,

Shut ur stinking shithole you motherfucker son of a bitch. Go suck Premila some more and leave some more of your filth in Fiji. Thats what you are good at. Seems like you are one of those arseholes that likes virgin marys. keep ur dirty sona into your mothers mouth and ram the ugly cunt that popped a bastard like you

Anonymous said...

Thank you,rajend naidu.Minakshi Maharaj is the wife of Swani Maharaj who is the cousin of Jai Karan who is the hubby of Premila Kumar of Consumer Council.She drives personalised plate MKM=maha kon man.Premila's job does not involve delving into religious matters.Swani has a permanent red tikka on his dumb forehead-he goes to bed with it despite protests from Minakshi !!--but these days it does not matter where the tikka is--can be transferred to the balls--but swani got no balls.

Enerike Fateaki said...

Interesting... He.. he... During my visit to Serua, Namosi and the Highlands of Naitasiri and Ra on a Work Visit,I ask the natives on their views about the BaiKai Govt... All they said was, we are just welcoming them because of Development, But he is anti- Fijian, so we will not vote for him, our chiefs had already talked to us during our Village Meetings including other educated people in our villages... The Villages respect their chiefs more in the highlands i noticed then the Govt. The chiefs are contacting each other and talking about this... It makes me sit and wonder and saying "Oiyawe!! this like the resurrection of the Cannibalism period". On top of that they said that they are bottling up their anger.. ... Isa something will surely happend in Fiji very soon...

Be prepared!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:57, How do you know that Swami Maharaj has no balls. Did he fuck your stinking arse and your mothers slutty cunt. Keep us informed of what else he got after recieving your next dose of Swami Maharaj.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Singh and Rajen Naidu are two conmans who can beat Peter Foster hands down. One conned people of money and is hiding in NZ and the other conned fijians into believing that he is some kind of educated saviour. Rajen naidu is a skunk in a sheeps armour. Beware of the devils that are freeloading on hardearned taxpayer dollars in the disgusie of asylum. The virgins that popped you out must be wondering if the right cock went in or not.

Anonymous said...

Professor DN Jha the distinguished historian at University of Delhi got death threats for expressing his views. Professor Warden Narsey an economist of considerable note got kicked out of the University of the South Pacific.
Academics who are true to their profession and speak their minds freely get persecuted.
Academics who suck up get honoured and promoted!!
what a shame!


Professor Narsey and Dr Mark Edge were sacked from USP on Khaiyum's orders by the regime stooge, USP VC Rajesh Chandra, and his henchman, DVC Esther Williams. Wadan Narsey and Mark Edge were putting the heat on the regime. They were asking legitimate questions. For that they were sacked by USP. Now a culture of silence prevails at USP, thanks to VC Rajesh Chandra and DVC Esther Williams who persecute staff who want to speak out. USP is no longer a regional academic institution in the true sense. It has been reduced to an apparatus of a corrupt and repressive Fiji regime.

BC said...

The USP has lost its reputation of INTEGRITY. It's now run by self-serving individuals and the place is now rife with nepotism and corruption. From the Cleaner right upto VC.
USP has lost its good name.
I feel sorry for the students.
The students are now being fed rubbish and have basically wasted years of their life in a second rate institution.
How did we ever come to this place?

BC said...





You Bainimarama are going to lose hands down!

Fiji Times:

PM to quit the military

Torika Tokalau
Friday, November 01, 2013

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama at the opening of the Serua Provincial Council meeting in Navua yesterday.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama at the opening of the Serua Provincial Council meeting in Navua yesterday. Picture: JONE LUVENITOGA

PRIME Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has confirmed he will resign as military commander before he forms a new political party to contest the 2014 General Election.

Speaking in the iTaukei language to the members of the Serua Provincial Council in Navua yesterday, Commodore Bainimarama said age was catching up and resigning from the military's top post was being considered.

He said the commander's role would be given to someone else who would carry on the work of leading the military.

He added he would then be free to focus on the set-up of his own political party for the next election scheduled for September.

Commodore Bainimarama indicated he would lead the new party, saying he was looking for people from different ethnic backgrounds who were hardworking, broad and vision-minded.

He said he was yet to identify anyone to join his party.

However, he added that a lot of people had shown interest.

He said he wanted to choose the right people who would sit in Cabinet.

Commodore Bainimarama said that meant he did not want people to just make up the numbers.

He said at present, his government was focused on development projects at provincial levels.

He said he wanted to see those projects completed.

After this, he said he would then sit down with those who had shown interest in joining his party and map out his party's plans.

Anonymous said...

Professor Wadan Narsey really does deserve a medal for being someone that can produce endless words about nothing.

Unknown said...

Imagine what it would be like if we had People of Waden's calibre leading Fiji instead of apes with guns.

Anonymous said...

The comment by USP Apparatus of Corrupt Regime captures succinctly the current status of USP.
It is a shameful status for a regional university.
No moral fibre in the VC and his Deputy.
BC is right. They are self-serving scoundrels.

ABC said...

BC, this is just another lie

Viliame Meo said...

Professor Wadan Narsey you failed to
mention the whole worlds economy suffered because of Global Financial Crisis. No wonder you were never appointed as Head of Economics at USP. A major younger Biman Chand was appointed when you were there.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

To all my iTaukei brothers and sisters,and to everyone in Fiji. Happy Diwali. Enjoy Diwali.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Singh..you are quick to judge. Don't forget Wadan is referring to old/new corrupt politicians like you. Dairy business slow today? Or everyday? Stop chatting up the year 7 girls from the nearby school who come into your shop to buy snacks. they can't understand your Sigatoka accent.
You made a promise to hand over all your pay if elected in the elections but reneged. If that is not DISHONEST, then what is? Nutcase with class 5 English grammer, go cheat someone.


@USP IS AN APPARATUS OF CORRUPT FIJI REGIME is absolutely correct. DVC Esther Williams is spineless VC Rajesh Chandra's henchman. She is the one who deals with USP staff fighting for their rights. She makes veiled threats and tries to intimidate them in a subtly menacing way. As someone wrote earlier, VC Rajesh Chandra spits, pisses and shits on USP regulations when he pleases. His team rules through fear and intimidation of staff who are denied their rights in breach of USP's own regulations. Rajesh Chandra thinks because he has the regime behind him, he can do anything. He acts with impunity. Look beneath the facade and you will find that standards are declining across the board. Take this from a USP insider based at Laucala Campus.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama afraid of old politicians cos they will throw his ass in prison

Anonymous said...

Swani Maharaj was booted from sanatan nagar in ltk and booted from Tilak High Sch--he was corrupt.his balls were lost when his mango juice factory collapsed in saweni.his father had a heart attack and never recovered.

Happy New Year said...

ROSHIKA DEO – the hate speech author wingers about ‘Hate Speech’.

Poor dear Roshika Deo,
Having attacked other women for past 6 years on blogs and forums and crackled at the scurrilous shazzer grubby attacks on Sharon Smith Jones and having fed the anti women, anti Muslim and anti Indo Fijian hate speeches on the blogs, now finds herself a victim of blogs/forum criticism.
Suddenly it’s not ‘freedom of expression, it’s a hate speech?
Please Roshika don’t try the poor victim line with us. We have seen your true color and thank GOD we saw it before the election.

Anonymous said...

Warden Nazi, the economy stagnated from 2006-2010 due to the corrupt activities of the SDL Govt. It took years to rectify this.The current Govt.wrote and implemented prudent financial policies that made the aboutturn.From 2011 as you also verified,the economy grew and has grown more.You once predicted that the nation would face financial crisis after 2006,based on your knowledge as 'economic proffesor' but this didnt eventuate and you are proven wrong.Now you allege and accuse certain members of the current Govt. of involvement in treason since 1987.That is quite a statement to make again based on your identity as 'economic proffesor',hmmmm.The sugar industry suffered because of the Labour Party,they were politicising the Sugar Cane Industry and as result many landowners refused to renew land leases this thus triggered the crisis that followed.The current Govt had to step in and now has managed to stemmed the flow effects.The new politicians removed MONOPOLIES' favoured by you and old politicians and have managed to open the market and share the wealth,so to speak e.g.Mobile Phone Industy,Television Industry.You have many contradictions in your blog statement and again have shot yourself in the foot.But beware you have made accusations against the current govt. alleging that they were involved in all coups since 1987..hmm your blog doesnt have any financial and economical predictions this time,what happened? The current Govt proved you wrong the last time?he!he!You must have bought your Degree from USP [like many others] and your official opinion is irrelevant to our economy and society.Happy diwali, warden nazi.

Anonymous said...

It is rather unfortunate that people are assuming things and started saying things from their imaginations no facts and no evidance to substantiate their point and to justify the mistake and wrong that has happend.Because Bainimarama was instrumental in the remomal of the late president Rt. Sir Kamisese Mara in 2000 now someone in saying that Rabuaka had said that Ratu Mara was behind the 1987 coup. Rabuka never ever said that and RFt Mara was not in anyway involved in the 1987 coup. To prove tbhis try to get the disc if his interview which was conducted by Richard Broadbridge in Lakeba after he was told to step aside. The fact is that the actual coup in 2000 was done by Bainimarama as he remove the executive authority illegally instead of maintaining its security the very reason of the militarys existance.to support and ensure the security of its commander in chief and the executive authority of Fiji as a state.Bainimarama should also be charged for the 2000 coup likewise the 2006 coup.What ever wrong Bainimarama had done can not be justified and justice has to be seen to be done. He cvan not hide behind the immunity in the constitution which he and Kaiyum had made and approved by their co-suspect Rt. Epeli Nailatikau.That constitution is not binding as the people of Fiji did not partiicipate it its formulation as such the 1997 constitution is still inforce following the rulling of the court of appeal in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Roshika Deo !!!????---who the hell is she !!??--another upstart who has all the solutions !! What does she want from me ???--What hate speeches !!---get out of the kitchen if it's too hot for you !!

Anonymous said...

I for one must congratulate Professor Wadan for being brave to stand up and voice the truth on the evil and weaknesses of the current regime and the feature problems looming from horizon our country will face. There is too much propergation by the illegal regime and its supporters. all imaginations and dreams nothing real sounds too good to be true. The realty is the offence of Treason has been committed by Bainimarama and his cohoots and the solution in that they have to face the court of law for justice to be determined and further investigation into the ammount of government money they have misused and looted whilst illegally assuming the leadership role of our country since December 2006.Those are the facts and reality that can not be dispputed.

Anonymous said...

The 2013 constitution would be binding when: i] the people go and register to vote,ii] political parties register to take part in the elections,iii]voters vote on election day.iv]when a party is elected to form govt,v]when a govt is formed.vi]when cabinet chosen.vii] when foreign nations recognise the elected Govt.These make the 2013 Const. binding in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Hqappy Dewali : Your comment mme laugh because you are trying your best shift the blame af all the illegal activities of Bainimarama from 2000 coup, mutiny and 2006 coup to other people but you arguement is not good enough even you went to start blaming the SDL for the economic downfall from 2006 to 2010.How can that be Bainimarama was running the country fro 4 years yet you still blaming SDL what a joke,Than you say that Bainimarama was following the advicse of Rabuka ,Savua and Rt Epelis to ask Rt Mara to step aside. Cant Bainimaramas use his own commonsence and wisdom as commander of the military to make his own decision rather then relaying on others to think for him as that is what is goingt on now .It is Kaiyum that is doing the thinking and making the decision and Bainuimarama is merely there as mouthpiece no brain.

Spreading lies about USP said...

Some people are spreading lies about USP. The true reasons for wadan narsey's sacking was that he was using USP name for his own political purposes to make a name for himself with Australia and NZ govt to secure consultancies. It's an old game Wadan has been playing for a long time. USP did right to stop wadan using it for his propaganda. Also Wadan wasn't very productive as a professor. He was paid a professor's salary but he was not producing research expected and required of a professor.He was writing essays and newspaper columns. Any gradate student can do that. wadan was more trouble than he was worth, so USP cut him lose. As for Mark Edge, he was a disaster. He did not have the experience to be head of anything, he bullied students, and his work was tardy. Marc was generating controversy deliberately to get material for his forthcoming tell all book. These under performing academics were exploiting USP and the situation for Fiji their own interests and conveniently busing democracy as handy tool to appeal to the international community. Two very smart and cunning individuals but rajesh chandra outsmarted them.

Anonymous said...

Can Rajesh v.c. tell the public how Jai Kumar ( Premilla's husband - Consumer Council)was given a job at USP without an advertisement.

Jai kumar was sacked by the regime for only helping Premilla's brothers to export.

They exported and never brought the money into Fiji.

Group of thugs.

Can FIRCA find out how many containers were exported and how much money was brought back to Fiji.

Can Premilla also investigate this and tell the public of Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Anybody who has spoken against regime will not be appointed to usp.
Jai and Rajesh spies everywhere including appointments committee.
Rajesh has already stopped appointments even if recommended by Appointments Committee.
Rajesh madachod Jai!!!

Anonymous said...

Bro it is not a weak arguement it is the truth which yoiu and you idiot boss Frank are trying to evade and supress but mind you that truth will haunt you for the rest of your life and it will prevail in the final analysis no matter how deep you burry it. UIt will catch up with you one day.

Anonymous said...

@ Spreading lies about USP.
Don't bullshit us Man! We know very well who have been spreading lies. It's you gang to justify your decision to kick Warden Narsey and Marc Edge out of USP after getting the orders from your political masters. We know who have been the real DISASTER for USP. It's the spineless gutless sycophantic VC Rajesh Chandra and his Deputy Esther Williams. If any graduate student can produce the kind of newspaper column etc that Prof narsey has been producing why haven't we heard anything from any USP graduate student?
Fact is USP is now producing shitty graduates who like their VC and his cronies don't have the courage to stand up against a military dictatorship.
You lot are a disgrace to a university which is suppose to be a bastion of free speech and human rights and democracy.

Anonymous said...

USP Insider can you tell us why Deputy VC Kelly was fired from USP?

Anonymous said...

Spreadng Lies About USP is aptly named, because that is just what he is doing. USP rid itself of Narsey and Edge because of pressure from the regime, including the threatened suspension of funding. The PIF should have promised to make up any shortfall, but academic freedom isn't valued mch in the Pacific, it seems. USP has gone from a second-rate school to third-rate at best. A USP diploma is pretty meaningless, unless you want a position in this treasonous regime and want to prove how spineless you are.

Anonymous said...

The 2013 "Constitution" has no legitimacy and will not survive the first bullet to Bainimarama's brain.

Anonymous said...

"Warden Nazi", you call him, but your arguments are so ludicrous as to be laughable. If what you're saying is true, then why not allow freely contested elections, to be covered by an unfettered press, to educate the people on the records of the SDL, the FLP and the regime? It's because most Fijians understand that the 2006 coup was disastrous for the economy, that the regime understands nothing about proper governance, and that every infrastructure improvement we're seeing was purchased from mostly Chinese at inflated prices on illegally borrowed money.

Fiji will be paying for Bainimarama's sins for another generation at least.

PER said...

It is wonderful to see the PM's party coming to life. The only concern I have is that he announced to resign from his roles when he becomes our number one candidate. Why would he do this and risk that the corrupt old parties snipe at him and his truly democratic movement?

Anonymous said...

Gee, Frank, dare not allow for the possibility of criticism when you run for election to be the leader of Fiji! Someone might say something that could hurt your fragile feelings, poor thing!

Anonymous said...

This "truly democratic movement" is a one-man show. And that one man is an unelected tyrannical dictator who became despot through treason and betrayal. And his "party" has missed all of the deadlines and fulfilled none of the registration requirements arbitrarily demanded by this regime of all real parties.

VC Rakesh Chandra Bainimarama of USP said...

Someone asked USP Insider why Prof Susan Kelly was fired from USP. She was suspended for alleged insubordination. She is a hardworking and talented woman and what has been done to her is unjust.

At USP if you question any of VC Rajesh's decisions, its insubordination. It's either Rajesh's way or the highway. That's how tyrannical this paranoid and think-skinned VC is. A rubbish leader. Unable to inspire. No one in his team respects him. He talks like he is the only one doing any work at USP. As if he alone is holding the place together. In truth he can't even hold his management team together. Most of his management team resigned, or their contracts were not renewed because of a tiff with the prima donna VC Rajesh Chandra. USP is run chaotically, almost on a day-to day basis. Rajesh Chandra has alienated many staff by practising nepotism, showing favouritism to his cronies, interfering excessively in appointments and other matters he has no business in, and manoeuvring other decisions from the background. At USP here Rajesh Chandra is the junior Bainimarama, or the Bainimarama of USP.

Anonymous said...

Again someone has raised the issue I spoke about,Warden Nazi buying his Degree,I havent seen any book written about finance and economy of this nation or the south pacific like other Professors past and present at USP.e.g Professor Ron Crocombe-he wrote and co-wrote well researched books about the nation and the South Pacific but Nazi he was only writing articles for the news media.ha!ha! what a laugh,this blog site saw it fit to print his views? to top it off he ended his blog article with the saying 'what goes around...comes around'its like a movie without a plot or a book with no ending.and coming from a 'professor' it raises questions about his credentials,I believe other Professors would have written a more well researched article than this.There wasnt much stats to back his claims.Very poor,on a scale from 1 to 10 I grade this blog article 0.5.ha!ha!Have an unsafe Diwali!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:22 AM

The more I read from Wadan Narsey I put him in the same category as Mark Edge and Rajend Naidu.

The main purpose of what they produce seems to be to get them noticed.

Anonymous said...

Why was Narsi attacking Ah Koy,was it because Ah Koy made factual statements about the Govt.Ah Koy is a seasoned politician and succesful businessman.His comments carry a lot of weight and could influence voters siiting on the fence.I believe that is why he is the target,even Ted Young one of those behind the failed mutiny shot a boomerang at Ah Koy.The Fiji Sun should print part 2 of Ah Koys views.Everyone knows him,I could recall attending a rally for the Alliance Party in Suva when I was in primary school and Ah Koy delivered a speech that ensured most people vote for the alliance.They won the elections that year.So we are expecting the FJ Sun to publicise Jim Ah Koy PArt 2 soon.

Anonymous said...

The Walter Mitty's are Ted Young,Wadan Narsey and their group.

Dead wood USP professors with no publications said...

Hahaha some people can't take the truth about third-rate professor wadan narsey and why USP sacked him. All wadan narsey did was make a lot of noise like empty drum. USP has no place for professor with no publications. Well done VC Rajesh Chand and DVC Esther Williams. you have to make some tough decisions. we are behind you. please get rid of the dead wood.


What is evident is that the regime is determined to rid of politicians who use race as a means of gaining power
The people know who they are. But situation in Fiji is very complex...
People vote politicians for various reasons
- blood ties
- racial lines
- business benefits
- friends
- provincial lines
- church affiliations
and the list is endless, so getting rid of "bad politicians" could be a challenge.
Dr Narsey though I am fan of him, is short sighted in that he assumes that the regime only sees "old politicians" in a "one size fits all" scenario. I think we should be honest and give credit to where it is due. I agree though that the regime should look at it's own line up before ridding of "old politicians" some of whom are right under their skirts.

Anonymous said...

To Dead wood USP professors with no publications tell us mada what earth shaking publications have VC Rajesh Chandra and DVC Esther Williams made?
In the world of academia they are intellectual Lilliputians!
They are in their positions not because of their intellectual prowess but because they are lackeys of the Bainimarma dictatorship.
Warden Narsey is not at USP because he did not suck up to the dictator and his crony A-G.He spoke out against the regime and was
purged by the regime running dog Rajesh Chandra.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you preference maybe, the results of past democracies have yielded a lot of dissatisfaction judging by the range of parties in the country.

Distrust in the past has been huge due to high corruption rate(although only some), illegal enrichment of public and elected officials(well documented officials), unqualified or failed politicians who fail to keep promises to render accounts(some not all).

Mind you most voters associate democratic politics with welfare, employment, health, education, and equal opportunities amongst other things. The past has drastically failed them in these regard especially in the rural and maritime Fiji.

Instead of preventing a person or faction from monopolizing power as expected in the ideal pluralist view of democracy, some old politicians, corporations, and factions have acted according to their own interest reducing the merit of past democracies(to the detriment of hard working ones like Narsey...ooops!)

The widening gap between trust in democracy and the satisfaction from its results has been a contributing factor to a lot of tension in the past hence the conclusion that past politics has painted a bad picture of democracy(although only a few in the oil). You simply cant deny that fact. That seems to be popular opinion now.

I leave it to readers to make their own comparative system and appropriate criticism and thereafter discern for themselves how the real interest and welfare of this country may be best looked after.

By long hours of debates ending with nothing or little compared by visionary leadership that produces results and relief

USP Deadwoods said...

The biggest deadwood at USP is Rajesh Chandra, followed by Esther Williams.

Anonymous said...

Jim Ah Koy is a THE local replica of CONMAN Peter Foster.
Jim after all was just an ordinary and insignificant salesman who conned everybody big time.
He conned Rt Mara, Rabuka, Chaoudhary to name a few.
The man has no moral character and ethics. He has and will sell his soul just to be in the limelight.
Sa vakacava na tei tavioka Jim for ethanol ?
You f.....n KAI JAIANA.

Anonymous said...

tell us mada anyone ever heard Rajesh Chandra stick his neck out for anything? Some USP people got taken in and was given the third degree by the military thugs after the first coup of 1987. Not Rajesh Chandra. Rajesh Chandra is the pro-Establishemt type who sucks up to the men in power to feather his own nest.
He keeps his neck tucked in and his backside covered.He would shit in his pants if he was called upon to challenge the State authorities on anything. He is the type who would push others to even fight his fight as happened when he did not get the VC's job the first time round.
He was beaten by a man who was head and shoulders above him.A man who was prepared to defend academic freedom and the integrity of the university and to speak his mind freely. Rajesh Chandra is is polar opposite. He is a shit VC.


Allegations of nepotism in forumSec reject Jai Karan's appointment as USP marketing and development manager have seriously tarnished VC Rajesh Chandra's reputation. It has damaged USP's image and integrity. Allegations that Jai Karan does not have the qualifications for the job cannot be taken lightly. It is a serious matter given the requirements of the job, and the huge salary associated with it. In fairness to indigenous Pacific Island applicants and others, it is only proper that the position is re-advertised. If Jai Karan is qualified, he has nothing to fear. If Jai Karan's appointment was proper, VC Rajesh Chandra has nothing to worry about. As it is now, it looks like improper appointments are rife at USP. A 'jobs for the boys' prevails and VC Rajesh is abusing his powers. Only way clear the air is to re-advertise the position.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh chandra's reputation was already seriously tarnished because he had become a regime goli. Now with this irregular appointment of Marketing whatever the reputation of the university is seriously phucked.
So Rajesh Chandra should be phucked off from his position before he damages the USP's reputation anymore.

Anonymous said...

The HR Workforce Manager appointment was stopped by VC USP becos the person recommended was a chief who had spoken against the military regime.
Jai Kumar also handpicks his staff and those more qualified are sidelined.
A lot of people working at USP support level came through as temps as the Deans and Heads had powers to make appointments without advertisement. Practice is to bring them in on pretext that person is urgently needed or that post is only for a month, then they keep on extending and end up advertising after 1 yr or two,,,,by then the friend already has an advantage ,,,,,
Yeah is a corrupt system breeding corruption,,,,,,
anyway Jai and VC - frank is a dead man and so are you!!

Anonymous said...

The HR Workforce Manager appointment was stopped by VC USP becos the person recommended was a chief who had spoken against the military regime.
Jai Kumar also handpicks his staff and those more qualified are sidelined.
A lot of people working at USP support level came through as temps as the Deans and Heads had powers to make appointments without advertisement. Practice is to bring them in on pretext that person is urgently needed or that post is only for a month, then they keep on extending and end up advertising after 1 yr or two,,,,by then the friend already has an advantage ,,,,,
Yeah is a corrupt system breeding corruption,,,,,,
anyway Jai and VC - frank is a dead man and so are you!!

Anonymous said...

Truth Reign : What is itching with the regime to try and get rid of old poilitician.Dont they know that it is their right to enter into politics.Secondly the old politicians knows what to do and how to do it with in the law not like what the illegal regime is currently doing forcing the people to adhare to what they want even outside the limitation of the law that is how they formulate the 2013 constuitution. Theyu know that they can not make many law due to the illegality of their existance and ruled by the court Qarase VS Bauinimarama, yet they d=isregard the court ruling obrogate the 1997 constitution and rule the country by decree against the will of the people.Kaiyun and Nazhat Shameem should know that the president have no authority to abrogate the 1997 constitution like wise Bainimarama yet through their illegal and unlawfull advice the late president Rt Iloilo was indirectly forced by Bainimaramka to abrogate the 1997 constitution but the law says that the 1997 constitution is still alive so Bainimarama should not interfear with the old politician. He sould worry about his own desire to form a party and the quality of people he will take.If they do mnot know what to do then first they will loose the election and that spells doom for Bainimarama and his conspirator of the 2006 coup as the prison gate will be open nto swallow them.


@Deadwood USP Professors, Wadan Narsey has produced far more work than VC Rajesh Chandra, DVC Esther Williams, and the two local deans, Angela Jokhan and Akanisi Kedrayate, combined. This is a fact. USP's academic structure is very weak because the heads of the faculties have very poor research record. Their only qualification is that they so whatever Rajesh and Esther say. It all set up to mke rajesh chandra look like the main boy. Rajesh and esther preside over a declining and decaying USP.

Anonymous said...

The health service is in a mess-lot of bullshit talk only from the idiot minister NIL Sharma.He is useless--like Rajesh Chandra of USP.He should be whipped.Ask any doctor about him.We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg--wait until we have an election-the pandora box will open.The ministry will be sued its arse off.--so many cases of gross negligence at the hospitals--and the minister hiding this from victims and their families.--the arsehole.

Anonymous said...

Nil Sharma was exactly that--NIL.He was never a good doctor--used to ring up other doctors and even pharmacists to ask what he should prescribe.was known as an available abortionist.Was sued for negligence--case was settled because he was guilty.never reads=does not keep up to date.Is rude crude.-is a dirty old man--eyes all the young nurses.-

Anonymous said...

Can Dr Neil Sharma ,mahend reddy and premila kumar explain why Dr Taoi in Ltk is charging exhorbitant fees to so called private patients-thousands of dollars--and using ltk hospital facilities paid for by taxpayers.Why are taxpayers money being used to enrich Dr Taoi.--and in fact,what services can Taio provide which is not already available at the hospital-even better.Shame on Nil Sharma.Shame on Taoi the crook !!

Anonymous said...

lot of sexual activity in the hospitals at night.ask the security and they will tell you stories that you couldnt belive.they are all humans of course someone has to poke their pussies now and again.

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey please read history. No country has ever prospered after a coup. The rot in Fiji began in 1977 (Reddy's coup on Koya). Rabuka's coup was just sped up the process.
Look at Pakistan, Fiji is just following its trend.

Anonymous said...

Wadan can you tell your business people friends to stop embezzling money out of Fiji. These are the same people who show they are patriotic towards Fiji but have PR's. By the way are you loyal to Fiji, Wadan? Or do you have PR of Australia?
There are two things you die for.
1. for your family.
2, for your country.

Which country are you willing to die for, Wadan?

Waiting for your reply,Wadan?

Anonymous said...

Is Graham Davis loyal to Fiji? We're not talking PR here, but Aussie citizenship! Does that mean he's not loyal to Fiji? When we line Bainimarama, Khaiyum, and Gates against the wall, do you think Davis will still be in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

What is this illegal regime, if not "a movie without a plot or a book with no ending"?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Wadan Narsey is a second-rate academician. But he's the best Fiji has.

And if Rajesh Chandra can be VC, Graham Davis can teach media ethics, Sayed Khaiyum can be chief law enforcent officer, and Frank Bainimarama can be PM, then Narsey should be the bloody chancellor of Oxford!

Anonymous said...

Fijian Leader and GCC/Church only can help us out of this misery of Bai/Khaiyum to tell its members not to vote for bai party in 2014 election .
Army /Police have to withdraw support for regime leaders,

Anonymous said...

This is the latest shift. Because Bai can not find good people to represent his dream Political Party, and because he has to resign from Military Commander, he has indicated to one of his close friend that he eventually will not start a Party. If he releases Military Commander to Asiz, some Fijian Generals will topple Asiz. If he runs his Party, the Fijian people will not vote for him, he said to his friend that even the Hindu people will not vote for him, only the Taliban people will vote for him. He said to his friend that he is scared that he will end up in jail....THEREFORE HE BE MILITARY COMMANDER TO MONITOR THE ELECTION;HE WILL NOT RUN A PARTY, HE BE THE PM TO OVERSEE THE ELECTION...TO MAKE SURE THAT HE CANCEL THE ELECTION RESULT, AND WE BACK TO SQUARE ONE.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1.08 AM
when you ask Wadan Narsey if he is "loyal to Fiji?" you imply he is not and you are. Ok,let's have your name so that we can judge independently your claim to loyalty and also see what contribution you have made to the country and its people?

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, it's clear people undermining USP and VC Rajesh Chandra are the same racist group who took the same discredited allegations to the USP Council. The USP Council threw the unfounded allegations in the rubbish and reappointed Rajesh Chandra for four more years because he has done an excellent job getting rid of useless and noisy academics like wadan, so you people can eat your hearts out.

rajend naidu said...

Shobna Mani Seth tells us in her letter to the Fiji Sun (3/11) that at a seminar in Suva there was talk heard of "two prominent individuals" standing in the coming elections. She says "new faces in election would be pleasing". It certainly would be for the Bainimarama military dictatorship which has claimed it wants Fiji to be rid of bad old politicians - although it has a few in its own ranks! And of course the Fiji Sun as the regime mouthpiece newspaper dutifully propagates that notion.
But let's hope the "new faces" bring to the political arena more than just their "new faces". I recall in our old parliamentary democracy one politician claiming publicly that he was the most handsome chap in parliament. We never heard anything else from him! He was also a very prominent individual - from Ba. Well connected to the politically powerful and a landed aristocrat.
Let's hope Sir James Ah Koy is not one of the "new faces"!
That would be taking the joke of Fiji politics too far!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

So sick of this BS line that anyone who opposes this sycophantic academic and our tyrannical dictator is somehow racist. What ludicrous nonsense for the VC to pose as a champion of academic freedom and the coup leader to pose as the Great Unifier of Fiji!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10.54 AM No is undermining USP more than the VC Rajesh Chandra who has undermined his own reputation and credibility an academic and as an administrator of the once highly regarded regional university. The University Council did not reappoint Rajesh Chandra because he has done "an excellent job" in anything. He was reappointed by the UC because the gang in the council often don't know their arse from their elbow. They do the simon says thing like what used to happen in the Great Council of Chiefs. Everybody accepts sycophantically what the most dominant player says. In the Rajesh Chandra case the most dominant player is the Fiji military regime. The political leadership in the region have started to suck up to the dictator. Their representatives in the University Council also do the dictator's bidding. And the dictator wanted Rajesh reappointed because Rajesh does what the dictator and his cronies want him to do. And yes you are right. Rajesh did get rid of Warden Narsey because he was making noisy against the regime and the regime wanted him gone. Just like it wanted Marc Edge gone - for the same reason.
Rajesh did the regime's bidding.
Now it's clear why Rajesh Chandra is the reappointed VC.
Not your bullshit!

Bagasau homie said...

yes Wadan has Aussie PR. Keep seeing his ugly bug-eyed wife in Toombul, Brisbane walking around the shopping mall trying to guise her Fiji friends. Yes, Joan I keep seeing you enjoying the nice Aussie lifestyle while your famous hubbie rubbishes life in Fiji.
Long way from Raisara Rd in Raiwai, eh Joan?
tell your hubbie, there are crooked politicians everywhere including Australia.

Anonymous said...

So, there are crooked politicians in Australia, so what? Wadan is a citizen of Fiji and born and raised here, what's your point? Because his wife shops in Brisbane, he's not allowed to speak in defence of constitutional government? What sense does that make? Is that the most you've got? Meanwhile, it's okay for the illegal regime to have a pommy serve as Fiji's acting president?

Anonymous said...

USP is a CROP agency. The head of CROP is the Secretary General of the PIF, Neroni Slade. As a matter of priority, Slade should establish a working group for the purpose of reviewing USP policies with special attention to ensuring that USP recovers the independence and the integrity it presently lacks in order to allow the proper exercise of academic freedom.

CROP needs to fulfill its functions as a coordination mechanism between the heads of the regional organisations in the Pacific, and a high-level advisory body, to provide policy advice and assist in facilitating policy formulation regarding the administration of USP. CROP's working group needs broad and credible participation and clear terms of reference authorising it to review USP's progress (or lack thereof) toward academic excellence, factoring in such matters as academic freedom, hiring standards, funding levels, etc.

Anonymous said...

USP is a CROP agency. The head of CROP is the Secretary General of the PIF, Neroni Slade. As a matter of priority, Slade should establish a working group for the purpose of reviewing USP policies with special attention to ensuring that USP recovers the independence and the integrity it presently lacks in order to allow the proper exercise of academic freedom.

CROP needs to fulfill its functions as a coordination mechanism between the heads of the regional organisations in the Pacific, and a high-level advisory body, to provide policy advice and assist in facilitating policy formulation regarding the administration of USP. CROP's working group needs broad and credible participation and clear terms of reference authorising it to review USP's progress (or lack thereof) toward academic excellence, factoring in such matters as academic freedom, hiring standards, funding levels, etc.

Anonymous said...

@anon3.57...you say its no big deal there are crooked politicians in Australia, so then its no big deal there are crooked politicians in Fiji? Isn't Wadan trying to muckrake about crooked pollies in Fiji only? wadan is the great nitpicker, completely focusing on the bad in Fiji. Why doesn't he focus on the most corrupt of countries, his ancestral home India where they have a "democracy". Wow. Hundreds of his relatives live there in Gujerat. Save them from the corruption of Indian pollies. So what if Fiji has a pommie as acting president? Isn't he entitled to that as a naturalised fiji citizen?

Anonymous said...


USP Deputy Vice Chancellor resigns
Publish date/time: 04/11/2013 [12:04]

Print this page
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The University of the South Pacific announced that Professor Susan Kelly, the University's Deputy Vice Chancellor Learning, Teaching and Student Services has resigned.

USP said her employment officially ended last Friday.

Professor Susan Kelly stated that she remains deeply committed to USP's mission, its dedicated staff working at every level and particularly the future of its students and alumni.

Anonymous said...

I don't know USP is a CROP organisation. I know it PROPS the Fiji Dictatorship and from the sound of things happening at the university under VC Rajesh Chandra USP has become a corrupt institution.


I am a USP academic directed to C4.5 by fellow staff. I have just finished reading all the posts on USP. C4.5 revelations about USP is talk of Laucala Campus, and so is Susan Kelly's resignation.

The reaction at USP is, 'What? Another SMT member has resigned? We all wondering what is going on. There seems to be no stability or direction at USP. Most of my colleagues agree with the sentiments expressed on this blog about the decline at USP.

We are disillusioned with VC Rajesh Chandra's leadership. There is no transparency or accountability. There are a lot of dirty deals going on between Rajesh Chandra and his cronies. I won't be surprised if Susan Kelly is a victim of one such backhand deal. Susan kelly was outspoken. Rajesh Chandra does not like outspokenness.

Under Rajesh's leadership, USP victimises and discriminates some staff, and favours and protects others. Bullying and intimidation are rife, especially against the more junior staff.

Rajesh Chandra overturns decisions of senior staff at whim, and micromanages everything, as if we are imbeciles. He has done nothing for USP staff and students. USP is hopelessly undercapitalised but he doesn't understand such matters. Besides, he is too scared to ask member countries for more money. As someone mentioned, he is scared shit when it comes to going against the establishment. he preferes to curry favour.

Facilities are in decline at USP yet USP continues to over enrol students. This is cheating and taking advantage of island students who tend not to cpmplain. This VC is very poor at forward planning. He can't think long term, say 10-15 years from now, especially in terms of infrastructure. So after 10 or so years of Rajesh as VC, USP won't have made any great progress. It will be in the same position as it was when Rajesh was appointed, or it regress further. In other words, Rajesh was a waste of a VC.

This is because he is a cowardly VC too scared to ask member countries for the kind of money that is needed to really build USP into a world-class university. This VC finds it easier to increase fees, and squeeze his staff and students by denying them just salaries and building decent infrastructure.

At the end of his term Rajesh will not leave behind any legacy. Not in research or infrastructure development. He turned out to be very poor choice for VC, a position for which you need a dynamic go getter and visionary, not a weakling too scared to stand up to regional governments on behalf of staff and students; and who can't see beyond the stupid strategic plans 3-4 year cycles.

rajend naidu said...

Can someone tell me why Fiji Sun west editor Jyoti Pratibha keeps pretending some of the stuff she publishes in her Coconut Wireless column comes from "word on the street" when every Tom,Dick and Narsey know her "scoop" comes directly from the Ministry of Propaganda or from one of the "new" politicians in the regime she hero worships?
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Thank You. You have articulated the troubles at USP very illuminatingly.
You have correctly identified the main source of USP's troubles : it is it's shitty VC Rajesh Chandra who has failed to provide the leadership the university and the university community demand.
This country boy who has been catapulted into this exalted position is out of his depth to meet the demands and challenges of the position.
He should be phucked off immediately to save the USP from further decline and decay.

Anonymous said...

I do not know much about USP.But I have noted that not a single comment has been made on this site in support of VC Rajesh Chandra.That alone speaks volumes about the man.He should disappear--looks like the whole world wants to see the back of him--not literally though--he may not have much of a back !!

NADERA BOI said...

The regime controlled Fijian Holdings Limited has been told it will soon be forced to sell a majority of its Fiji TV shares in Papua New Guinea.The PNG wantoks hate Fiji Indians ,they saw the true colour of the regime and preferred to keep away from the roti curry stuff.According to the regime appointed FHL CEO, Nouzab Fareed, the Papua New Guinea Government will soon adopt a new media ownership law. Fareed claims the company is a cash cow right now, so FHL stands to lose money when it’s forced to sell 51% of its shares to meet the new ownership rules. It’s just like the situation News Limited faced when they were forced by the Khaiyum media decree to sell the Fiji Times. It’s a taste of the regime’s own medicine and probably a response to the Kubuabola speech in Brisbane talking about PNG leaders they’re puppets of Australia. Well done Inoke or whatever other genius thought it was a smart idea to poke PNG in the eye..WHAT a sad life for bainimarama family, khaiyum family, nazhat shameem family…bodyguard following all day to and from work ,then can’t travel overseas….isa rot in paradise and enjoy yur ill gotten wealth ,shopping at Tappoos…..hahaha gujis win all the time, they must be laughing themselves silly when the above named folks go shopping for therapy...

Anonymous said...

Professor Wadan Narsey is doing an awesome job while USP VC professor rajesh chandra and DVC Dr Esther Williams are doing a lousy job.

BEH QAEDA said...


Anonymous said...

Suirely no one can displace the Almighty God.But the current illegal regime is going to be displace by the Almighty God.

Anonymous said...

Now the MSG seems to be disintergrated as PNG is breakuing away and now siding with Australia. It realisation time.PNGs main economic partner is Australia and PNG has lots of resources and rich in mineral deposits.The unprofessional handling of delicate issues by the inexperience Fijis illegal regime have turn their ritch close allied away.The truth is slowly and surely revealing itself.

Anonymous said...

Regime-controlled FHL must now sell its shares because PNG has adopted new media ownership rules? It's just as Wadan says, what goes around, comes around.

rajend naidu said...

We read in Shobna Mani Seth's letter in the Fiji Times (5/11) that Madam Nazhat Shameem is one of the two "prominent individuals" planning to contest in the coming elections.
It would be interesting to see what the outcome is if Professor wadan Narsey stood against her. If the election is free and fair,
my bet is Wadan will give her a sounding electoral beating.
Most people in Fiji would know why.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

This one takes the cake. Abhay Nand (Pharmacy Operator) got a medal from President. What contribution did he make to the nation to deserve this award? Well he got awarded for making friends with all political parties, winning their trust and collecting information and passing it on to the Government! Be careful political parties!

Anonymous said...

Not surprising that Anonymous @ 4:33 missed the point. I'm sure everyone else understood. I didn't say it's no big deal there are crooked politicians in Australia. I asked, so what? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? In other words -- since he probably doesn't understand what that means, either -- why should that mean that Wadan Narsey shoudn't expose the lies, corruption and despotism in his own country?

It isn't "nitpicking". These aren't "nits" afflicting Fiji, they're bloody black widow spiders!

Why should Wadan focus on India, when his country is Fiji? LOL, aren't the poster and his fellow travelers the same guys accusing all critics of the regime as racist? What is THIS GUY then? Would he agree that he should be writing about the jungles of Africa, since that's where his ancestors came from?

The regime can have a pommie as acting president, but Wadan's wife can't shop in a Brisbane mall without Wadan's loyalty to Fiji called into question? WTF?!

And IS Gates a naturalised fiji citizen? Does anyone know that for a fact? And, if he is, has he given up his British and Australian passports? I know that he has not.

This dummy sounds like his hero, Bainimarama, in that apparently neither has ever read the Constitution they're trying to cram down our throats. Because if they had, they'd know that it says that the President of Fiji can be a citizen of Fiji only, and not have citizenship in another country.

Anonymous said...

In fact, the Fiji Sun gets much of its material directly from the regime, without attribution or simple fact-checking, much less a view to balance.

Aiyaz is known to have contributed tourism columns under someone else's byline -- a violation of the Media Law he forced on the country. Stinking hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:01 PM

Quote "" I do not know much about USP. ButI have noted that not a single comment has been made on this site in support of VC Rajesh Chandra.

That alone speaks volumes about the man."" Unquote

Now that's one sure clever way to come to an opinion about someone !

Are you really that dumb?

Anonymous said...

@ 11.29am

LOL... Good one @ that dumb hypocrite Toombul Mall stalker.

Christian said...


Anonymous said...

You bet! @ Rajend Naidu 9.43a.m

Would be interesting for the public to learn how much the regime consultant was paid from the public coffers for 'work' that govt officers have been paid to do.

Duplicity and duplicitous are the hallmarks of the regime.

And to think they have a chance at a free, fair and impartial national election... look no further than your oppressive draconian decrees. Just can't build a house on shifting sands, eh.

Anonymous said...

@ the so-called christian 12.24pm

Little knowledge is very dangerous esp. in the hands of treasonous thieves slyly looking for justification to prolong their dictatorship.

Please understand that whether you shout at us in big caps - you are still grasping at loose straws.

In other words - u're wasting your time.

You don't steal from "your neighbour" then pray like mad asking God to guard your ill-gotten wealth and hide your trail.


Christianity does not work that way, not by a long shot.

Either you've been badly taught or you're simply a conniving, sly and common thief that needs to be brought to account.

I happen to think you're both. You poor slave, look at you. Now look within. Choose wisdom, not continuous gratification at public expense.

God demands transparency and accountability - nothing more and nothing less.

rajend naidu said...

Responding to Jalesi Nakarawa of Hamilton NZ Amenatave Malani makes a bombastic blanket criticism of "past democracies" in Fiji in his letter 'Shades of democracy' in the regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun (5/11).
His cliched criticism is in line with the Bainimarama military regime's propaganda against past politics and old politicians.
They make out it was all bad in the past and they - the Bainimarama mob - have now made everything good for the future.Wow!
That of course serves their agenda very conveniently.But it is clearly a partial truth purporting to be the whole truth. As such it is a lie. The truth is the past politics had a mixture of both the good and the bad as is often the case even in the more advanced and mature democracies.
For a young third world democracy we weren't doing all that badly.Any independent political analyst would confirm that.
Infact the Pope on a visit to Fiji in 1986 was so impressed with our multiracial democracy that he reckoned the rest of the world should be like Fiji!
Amenatave Malani ends his slanted letter by asking Nakarawa and by implication the rest of us to figure out "how the real interest and welfare of this country may be best looked after?"
It's very simple : Play by the established rules of democratic governance.
We have failed to do that. We have failed the system. And now very conveniently blame the system for failing us!
It is a dishonest appraisal of Fiji's political predicament.
Let us approach out politics with more honesty and integrity- something we continue to lack even after Bainimarama's "clean up" takeover.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...


Equal shares for all members of mataqali
Publish date/time: 05/11/2013 [13:01]

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The Itaukei Land Trust Board is expected to fully commence the equal distribution of lease money from the beginning of next year.

While opening the ITaukei Land Trust Board Strategic Corporation Planning Workshop at the Warwick Fiji Resort today, Prime Minister and TLTB chairman Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said TLTB is currently upgrading its IT system.

Commodore Bainimarama said individual members of registered landowning units receive equal distribution of shares of all income generated from ITaukei land.

He said all mataqali members must have equal access and benefit from the mataqali land lease.

He also highlighted any ITaukei land used by the state for a particular reason or public purpose cannot be sold as freehold land.

He also highlighted the owners of customary land and customary fishing grounds are entitled to receive a fair share of the royalty with respect to any minerals extracted from their customary land and fishing ground.

91% of the land in the country is owned by the ITaukei.

Story by: Watisoni Butabua

Anonymous said...

Regime Arse Licker AMENATAVE MALANI was sacked from FNU for attempted rape of a student intern....
chk the files there.
yes the regime attracts all kinds of losers and crims

Anonymous said...

Rajesh V.C. should tell the public if Jai Kumar's position was advertised.

Jai Kumar like his wife Premilla -CEO - Consumer Council always got job not on merit.

Someone should tell Rajesh - V.C. that USP is a regional organisation.

Jai Kumar does not have the qualification like his wife to hold their respective position.

Anonymous said...

To the shouter at 12:24, brother, you're deeply in error. I pray you be filled by the Holy Spirit and find proper spiritual instruction.

I refer back to a thoughtful posting a few months back by "Bound for Jericho" to someone not only confused but anti-Christian as well:

"Koi Yasayasa, you call Bainimarama 'devine [sic] intervention. This is an interesting argument from a non-theologian.

"Did God in His sovereign power allow Bainimarama to become Fiji's ruler? Apparently, in much the same way that God allowed the Assyrians to punish Israel. But now, I ask you, Koi Yasayasa, is God pro-Assyria or pro-Israel?

"I don't know why God allowed Bainimarama to inflict himself on Fiji, but God sometimes uses even the devil to accomplish His handiwork.

"I believe God loves Fiji. I believe Operation Jericho could help to free Fiji from her present bondage and give glory to God.

"Another non-theologian named Thomas Jefferson once said: 'Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God'. How are we to reconcile his statement with your belief that obedience to the present tyranny is obedience to God?

"You claim that 'the Christians' carried out the coups, but many Christians did not support the coups. You also ignore Bainimarama's central role in the Coup of 2000.

"You believe what you want -- it's a free country, ha! As for me, I've prayed Dakuwaqa's prayer. Next I will step out in obedience to God by preparing to resist tyranny, peacefully and expectantly, even if you won't.

"'Resist the devil, and he will flee from you', the Bible says."

Don't sanctify evil, but recognise it for what it is, and resist it in truth and in love.

The Prophet said...


Sukuna said...

The new land lease distribution deal is good for all landowners.In this way money wouldnt be abused by Members of Trust Groups who were formed to 'look after the money' but 'cannibalised it after looking at it'.Now all members are entitled to the money.

Anonymous said...

Why has Susan Kelly resigned from USP!

Was the position of director marketing (Jai Kumar's position )ever advertised?

I hope credibility is with USP'S qualification as a regional educational institution.

Au kaya said...

Dina,Bro esp when the lease and good will payments are in the millions,so na member ni trust sa waqavuka tu ga man!sa guilecavi na waqa.i ratai!.mai cava so.o ira na saqata oya saraga oira na kana tiko.sega na veinanumi ni da veiwekani tu ga.sota vaqo,bula bro,bula sis,bula nei,momo,tutua,bubu ia na tamani yavato e tiko i ketena e 'bula smile' tiko.gonei sa vakaevei mai, man?

Monsoon said...

The Dictator speaking at Novotel last night.
Carries the bad smell of obvious political campaigning, He is pontificating on his vision of future soie 2014 onwards to entice people to vote for him to carry out.

My fellow Fiji Citizens lets not be fooled by this megalomaniac brutal Dictator. His plans impose on us humongous debts around our necks NO WE WILL ALL reject Bainimarama AT THE POLLS NEXT YEAR

“I’ll be speaking a lot more in the coming days about my government’s vision for Fiji, a vision that we can only built with your assistance, it’s a vision of a fairer country, a more equal country, a clever country taking its proper place in the region and of course the world and we can all be part of it.”

The Fiji National Provident Fund and the Fiji Revenue Customs Authority were overall winners of the two weeks tournament taking out the Bainimarama shield.

Anonymous said...

@ Prophet 2:26 PM

You really need to get some help but first, stop believing everything you read.

Overstayer said...

@anon 11.29am....your comment.."Would he agree that he should be writing about the jungles of Africa, since that's where his ancestors came from?" Pretty racist statement my friend. How do you know the poster is Fijian? You are assuming he or she is because they criticise Wadan? Should I assume you are Wadan himself or perhaps Wadan's son commenting anonymously here? You criticise the poster for making assumptions about Gates citizenship. Do you know for a fact he has or not become a naturalised citizen or are you simply assuming or guessing. No, I am no coup/ bai/ army etc supporter but dickheads like you who are quick to judge and wank your ego with self righteous comments are what make Fiji a messed place.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahahaha........ Oh my gosh @ the dumbo overstayer cum Toombul mall stalker, you just don't get it do you?. Idiot.

hahahahaha...oilei, sa mosi na kete ni dredre! Thanks for the laugh, tubelight..

@ Anon 11.29am, I think you'll have to write in finglish to the Toombul Mall stalker.

Seer said...

@Anon 3.45pm; you dont read and believe in the bible? no?,because it is a two edged sword,it cuts deep within our heart and soul.no,its the other way around you seriously need a lot of help,stop believing what you read and write.we dont need to debate on this.Merry X-Mas anyway to you and your family.

favourtism and Irregularities in appointments at USP said...

I am academic from Faculty of Science and Technology. VC Rajesh Chandra engineered promotion of Angela Jokhan even though she did not qualify. We all knew she would get promoted because by now we know all VC's friends get preferential treatment. That is how system works here. It is very predictable. Angela is in VC's inner circle.

Other academics with more publications can't get promoted. VC team will fight tooth and nail, and object to every little thing to deny promotion. But if VC friend, its plain sailing. There is no fairness at USP. That's why we lose faith in Rajesh Chandra and the system.

Positions to be re-advertised because of irregularities is Marketing and development manager which VC appoint his friend Jai Karan without advertising and promotion of associate professor Angela Jokhan as she is not qualified.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahahaha @ 'seer' 4.31pm.

Well, I'll leave it to Anon 3.45pm to respond to you in full but here's my comment to you first: SA LAILAI NA DINA!

Debate is anathema to dictators and their hanger-ons ... since we all know they're ruled by their economic interests i.e. ill-gotten wealth. Vesu ovisa!

Anonymous said...

Funny how these slow-witted regime supporters convict and/or contradict themselves on this blog with their own words.

The mall stalker smarts at the racism inherent in the statement about Africa without understanding that it's simply the reverse equivalent of how he treats Wadan Narsey.

And the Bible thumper who uses verse out of context to sanctify Bainimarama's evil rule -- even comparing him to the Lord Christ, our Saviour! -- should re-examine the test suggested to the other members of the Sanhedrin. If Bainimarama is not of God, then his followers will walk away from him when he is gone. We don't need prophetic powers to know that once Bainimarama is gone, his followers won't only be walking away from him, but will be RUNNING away from them as fast as they can!

If you want a Biblical parallel to Bainimarama, I suggest Herod, the usurper, tool of the Romans, murderer of the Innocents and John the Baptist, persecutor of Christ -- allowed by God and used by God, but not OF God.

Anonymous said...

Whether Gates is or isn't a naturalised citizen isn't the issue, now, is it? The issue is whether somone who holds British and Australian passports is qualified to serve as Fiji's Acting President. By the rules of the regime's own phony constitution, he clearly is not.

In the end, though, does it really matter? This regime will just keep on doing whatever it damn well pleases, regardless of how inconsistent it might be with its phony constitution, the lawful constitution, the bogus People's Charter, its past pronouncements, etc. That's the nature of dictatorships -- they're arbitrary and pay nothing more than lip service to the rule of law.

When the rule of law is finally restored to Fiji, let's stop mollycoddling these traitors. Treason is a capital crime and should be punishable by death. In my view, Bainimarama is a traitor. He should hang, and his key supporters should hang with him. Lesser supporters should be severely punished. They should have a full opportunity to mount a defence, and a competent court should decide the matter, but that's my view. No amnesty for treason. Never!

Lasulasu Prophet said...

OMG the false prophet...you should shit at everyone else..typical kaivitis bullshit bible basher....and now blasphemous!!!
how dare you elevate bainisona to jesus level??? did jesus give orders to kill anyone??? did jesus swear at his disciples or anyone else for that matter?? did jesus steal the peoples' taxes?? did jesus get so drunk he slept under the coconut tree??? did jesus befriend evil men ???
anon 508pm u r so right...I think franky is a judas...he will hang himself very soon out of shame when he realises that he has sold his mothers and fathers for a few pieces of silver and curry chicken.....LOL

Al Shabbab Warrior said...

Relax,friends.the truth will set you free.elecltions around the corner.one question though,why didnt you guys oppose Rabuka,Speight like youre doing now.Ill tell you why most of those in the SDL Govt have banking and finance background they approved your loans so you could invest in schemes pre-planned for youall,purchase properties and the likes but now the hens that lay the golden egg have been removed or stolen? by Jack.so the anger and frustrations set in,to top it off,you and we all were told that it is all for the I-Taukei but later came to realise that it is all for a few I-Taukei only.Thats the Democracy you guys want ,a caste system democracy,the rich get richer by conniving schemes and the ordinary men struggle.Well alls well ends well? It is time for a f!@#$ change now.It is a revolution now,go f!@#$$ your democracies and you know what you guys are weak because you are led by adulterous chiefs and leaders who cant lead and manage their own families.E tekivu mai Jerusalemi na veiliutaki,e sega na veithai wavoki tuga mo qai mai liutaka edua na i lakolako,ni yavu boci.Ni sega ni rawa ni solia na dina ena dua na ka lailai me qai rawa vaka cava na ka lelevu.Long live Communism!!Long live Socialism!!and you cant give and sacrifice your life for your course, that is what makes us different and stronger than and from you,we are ready to die for our cause,we dont fear death,Long live the revolution by Rt Bainimarama!!

Anonymous said...

There are Brits and Aussies locked up in various countries around the world. Foreign Governments do not like to get involved in the criminal matters of another nation.

Watch for Gates retirement soon. When they start talking about his replacement you know that prison is coming soon for the traitors.

The rats are always first to leave the sinking ship. At least Queen Antonia and Princess Madigan have somewhere to go.

As for the others. Naboro awaits. It is quite simply a matter of time. It won't just be Frank and Aiyaz behind bars. Their families may be joining then as well. Noone will be unscathed. Aiyaz and fam, Saneem and his family, Shameem and her family. If they shared in the spoils they just might be seen as accessories before and after and guilty of concealment.

Wait and see. Other family members will have to change their birth names. The shame will last for generations. The money will have to be paid back. Interpol will be only too happy to assist.

Just wait for Gates to announce his retirement. Then you will know it will be time to strike the serpent.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6:36

I agree. That should be the trigger of the revolution. When Gates announces his retirement it will be time to act.

Whiteman Fear said...

whats so special about the poofter?? he is a no body...just a seat warmer for asshole and nazicunt..you give it so much credit cos he is white...u Fijians are still suffering the white man fear. always needing white ass to lead you...your saviour has just arrived...PETER FOSTER...go get him...

Kaiviti Warrior said...

Hey, Allasshole Shitall Wanker,
the only revolution is the hanging of your hero and his muslim pigs...iTaukei will kick your asses again...u smart enof to run and hide in usa so enjoy now cos soon you will never be coming back to enjoy Fiji cos the kaiviti gonna take it all back..and you will be too scared to set foot in kaivitis land again.

Anonymous said...

My reading of Anthony Gates appointment as Acting President of FIJI is that it is the Dictator's way of further rewarding this legal scavenger for all the legal assistance he has rendered to the Bainimarama coup and his regime.

Fijiwala said...

That sad time has come for NFP to start writing the obituary. We had good hopes and were under the impression that after 19 years we were going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But the recent announcement has made us realize that Hon. A. D. Patel’s dream is coming to an end.
We all should be thankful to Raman Singh, Attar Singh, Biman Prasad and Pramod Rae. They have together successfully made this day possible. I am sure that poor Hon Patel must be turning in his grave. I fail to understand how many times it will take to get kicked in the ass by Mahendra Chaudhry before the above mentioned individuals will wake up. Looking at the history of Chaudhry, a seasoned politician would stay as far away as possible from him. It is only a novice that would want to go to bed with FLP and not someone with knowledge and knowhow in politics.
Last year some names were being floated and which gave us some hopes and inspiration to go out on a limb and give that final push to revive the party. Two particular names were mentioned. One of the names was that of a son of a co-founder of Federation Party and the other of a well-seasoned politician. Sadly I do not hear any more about them. That ray of hope is quickly diminishing away.
Raman Singh, Attar Singh, Biman Prasad and Pramod Rae, you have left us no choice so I want thank you for pushing us to go out and vote for Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

The Christians and Hindus should be be very careful NOT to vote for Bainimarama as this party will be controlled by the Taliban.

Get the Talibans out otherwise they will destroy our beautiful country.

They are just fooling Baini and filling their pockets. This is evident everywhere.

God Bless Fiji.

where r the betes? said...

you kaivitis through sdl created this problem so why don't u go and fix it instead of preaching and making false prophets and analogies...u cowards. stop blaiming the kaiindia and everyone else and hoping them to fix your own shits

Brave coconuts wea r u said...

forget the voting that is not going to happen...just go and march in the masses like the brave Egyptians and not like lamusona coconuts

Anonymous said...

bigman @5.08pm...not rajend Chor-dowri by any chance? toombul stalker may not be right on all counts but I reckon his argument has some merits. Just me 20 cents worth. Now, now big boy no need to attack me. i'm not interested.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Betes:-Who started this polotical uncertainity in 2006 was it SDL ? Stop talking nonsens.SDL was smoothly running the government when Indians headed by Chaudry and nthe muslim elite group poisoned Bainimaramas empty head to take over the country as Chaudry and party lost the 2006 elections. Now he has done but its too late so are you stoill maintaining that Kaiviti create this mess no the Indians,Hindu and Muslims.Kaiiviti are very patient and we do not want to rack our own country.If something goes wrong kai Idia and other races will leave and run away but Kaiviti will stay because Fiji is our only country and we have no where else to go.Kai Idia are very smart using our own people Kaiviti Muilitary to destroy the Kaiviti.that will never happen.

Dumbing down standards at USP said...

As a former USP student, I am very disturbed by the revelations about USP, which we taxpayers are funding. Sounds like USP is firmly in the regime's camp, and VC Rajesh Chandra is untouchable. Rajesh Chandra is dumbing down standards if he really is appointing and promoting under-qualified people like Jai Karan and Angela Jokhan. Rajesh Chandra is enjoying the regime's protection but he should be sacked at first opportunity before he does further to USP.

Narain Reddy said...


Anonymous said...

Can Rajesh - V.C.USP or someone from USP tell the people of Fiji if the post of director was advertised?

Perhaps Premilla is good at sending people in disguise to business houses may be she can do the same and tell if the husband , Jai Kumar's post was advertised at USP?

Well everyone she got the job at Consumer Council by Jai's cousin - Mah Con Man - Sawni MAHARAJ.

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey is just a bitter old man getting revenge for his sacking from USP which was totally justified since he was not earning his professorial salary. Now he is attacking government at every opportunity. Wadan, just get over it and move on with your life. USP is doing fine and Fiji is doing fine with elections in 2014. Enough of your negativity and bitterness.

Anonymous said...

Brave Coconut :-I suspect that you know that there will be no election in 2014. To support my suspicionthe news that came out from Nasau Koro Lomaiviti. That some letters being passed arround for the i taukei to sign objecting the election. The letter was given to the chief Tuinasau. This is evidence that Bainimarama does not want the election as he wants to hang on to power and fill his pocket.

Anonymous said...

Wadan you are the only respected academic in Fiji.

Other academic likes of Ganesh, Mahenand others are opportunist.

Keep writing Wadan.

Fiji needs more academics like Wadan who writes facts.

Anonymous said...

When can the people of Fiji see Premilla the CEO for consumer council on T.V.

Premilla show your fingers this time!

Looks like the fingers of a witch!

Never seen such fingers in my life.

The Heckler said...

The tyrant doesn't want an election.

He wants an erection.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the time to write the NFP's obit. If Bainimarama runs as an NFP candidate, THEN it will be time write it. But don't worry, he's not running, because there won't be an election. He'll claim that the people don't want one.

Anonymous said...

Peter foster,Wadarn and rajesh shud drami eachother in the name of fairnesd

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is looking for an excuse to cancell the 2014 election. To the I taukei(native Fijian and chiefs) remember Bainimarama is trying to destroy our race,He has abolish the GCC and their functions to the nation,He is changing the laws that preserve our land, He has taken out our name Fijian to the name of every Tom ,Dick and Harry in our country, He does not recpoganise our culture and tradition which is our identity. Now he comming to the chief and the native Fijian to ask them to reject the election because he knows that he can not win the election and most importantly he does not want to go to prison.He has betrayed the native Fijian and our chiefs.Ni yalovinaka na i taukei kei viti ni kakua sara coqoma na nona gagadre Sa vakalolomataka na noda kawa tamata, vosa cataki ira noda turaga vakamatea sara e so vei keda, kauta laivi na nodra i tavi na Mata bose vakaturaga Ia qo sa vinakata na noda veitikoni na i taukei me kua ni caka na veidigidigi baleta ni sa via taura tiko ga na veiliutaki me vakatawana tiko kina nona taga kei na nona sa rerevaka na lawa kei na vale ni veivesu.O keda meda sa dua vata me caka na veidigidigi me cici e dua na matanitu galala me veisautaki tale na yavu ni vakavuklewa macawa ni 2013.me kau laivi na immunity me ra lewai na a vakaitavi e na vuaviri ni 2006.

Anonymous said...

Hackler :- If Bainimarama want erection than you go to him and make his erect.

Anonymous said...

Like the times said about his confession ...getting old etc etc... But his deed hasn't aged a second... His refusal to agree with the reconciliation and forgiveness bill still awaits his presence and days in court and eventually by Speights cell.
His accounts and properties frozen,passport taken,no pension or whatsoever be given to him...not even any military support. And including all kyum azziz Naivalurua Kean Ratu Tevita uluilakeba Driti all who took part and didn't stand to stand up for the country.

Anonymous said...

NO Election will happen under regime dictators and AG.
They are milking money .why will they want to give power back and lose all the perks and commissions.
Time fijians wake up and take the street and protest and kick them out .
No Dictators gave powers easily until they were kicked out by peoples power.
No Guts No Glory..

OOPS! said...

@ No Guts No Glory,that has been the scenario for the last 6-7 years,you are one of the gandus of the OPS-'Operation Jericho'. So much talk and bravado ,as they say talk is cheap.Last I heard their meeting ended in a swingers orgy.Mai cu mada meu 'ops' taki iko.ha!ha!

Kai Loma Boy said...

No Elections,if that is the case then the money would be better utilised elsewhere,e.g. renovate the childrens ward at CWMH,improve piped water supply in rural areas and improve road conditions.Those stupid i-taukei who want the election should be ashamed of themselves.what would they tell their descendents?that they opposed the govt. that freed them from slavery and bondage.Thank you PM for setting us captives free.

Anonymous said...

OMG-WTF...and the blockhead BHAI is
talking about the Indegenous
people, to give out their land
to be used for development? First
lets complete the election process, then well let our member
of parliament decides, if we want to
give these macafakas our land, and
for how long?
I'for one think,
that the 30 years lease for our
native land, is way too long, so i'd vote to reduce this to 20years
or 15 years? Take it or piss right
If you can't make money in that period of time-too
frieken bad?Move somewhere else &
try your frieken luck there?
Take Bhai&Khai along with you? Listening to Blockhead BHAI just
really infuriates me, heres the Man
with no land but the Deni Mana,he
wanted all the largest Fijian Landlords, to give away their land and make themselves landless like
him & his Paki's brothers?
Dou Lai
veivutusona sara ena vei borete

Anonymous said...

CEO Fiji Sports Council was advertised - whats up? any news with Bais daughter who was CEO or is this just another bull shit ad like the usp ones where rajesh / jai arse lickers people are already acting!!!

Anonymous said...

Jai Kumar couldn't find a job and had to to do something as was doing his PhD at USP when somehow with nil uni admin experience he got appointed by VC Rajesh directly without advertisement.
Same thing with Jone Dakuvula Registrar of FNU - suffering from Parkinsons disease and nil uni admin experience but still appointment by Ganesh despite more qualified candidates......jone is a political mate of ganesh and coup sapota.

RatuNaca said...

One can never put a Good Man down...good one Doc. They may have won the battle but they will never win the war!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, PM, for setting us captives free. It was always such a nuisance before having to elect our own leaders. You saved us from that. Having to learn the issues and make an informed decision -- now, thanks to you and the Fiji Sun, we no longer have to do that. I hope we never have elections again, because I would just hate to have to take any responsibility for my own future or Fiji's.

Anonymous said...

Butusona @ 09:52am,

One doesnt need experience to do any job. You were not born with all that you know today werent you? Life is a learning curve and one learns its trade on the job. If Jai is doing his PHD, it is definately a sign that he is one of the best brains in the field. Not every tom, dick and harry qualify to undertake a PHD unless you are a Mere Samisoni.

Your comments regarding Dakuvula and his illness shows your pathetic upbringing.What kind of a human being judges peoples abiliy based on sickness. You deefinately dont belong to the human race..Get over it and use the time spent on writing all this filth into getting a decent education and values.

Anonymous said...

@ Anony mouse 10.55 PM
If "USP is doing fine and Fiji is doing fine" why the phuck are you hiding behind Anonymous?
What are you afraid of?
Are you ashamed to use your real name like Wadan Narsey is doing openly?
Even if you don't give us your real name we know who you are. You are a goli of the USP VC or a regime ball bearing!

Land not safe said...

bhainimarama can just get his pet muslim pig to decree that any unused kaivitis land will be leased out...that's permitted by his constitution and just wait and see it happen...like prof ghai said...its a sleight of hand the socalled protection of indigenous peoples land under bhainimaramas constitution.


What USP needs badly is change and a breadth of fresh air at the top. VC Rajesh Chandra and Esther Williams have been in the system for too long, and are part of the problem. What we are seeing at USP is formation of cliques, empire-building and other damaging behaviour that normally arises when people and systems in an institution become entrenched.

Rajesh Chandra and Esther Williams should have been retired a long time ago. They should have been the first to take redundancy packages USP was offering some years ago. USP needed a fresh start and should have never rehired Rajesh in the first place. Rajesh was compliant and mediocre deputy VC. He only started opening his mouth and callously criticising Siwatibau after he became VC, but did nothing when he was deputy VC. That is the measure of the man.

USP needs a major airing out, starting from the top.

Anonymous said...

editor, we read in today's Fiji Times that one Rajend Naidu is still whinnying about his visa,

"" I now realise in retrospect in light of the shooting there that it was probably a good thing the mob at the US Embassy in Sydney denied me a visa to transit through Los Angeles Airport en route to Calgary, Canada.
Rajend Naidu, Sydney ""

Perhaps we should all be pleased at the decision made by the US Embassy otherwise there could have been the remotest chance that we could have lost our daily laugh.

Anonymous said...

What USP needs is an anonymous suggestion/grievance box that is opened by the council as part of its item every time it meets. Actions need to be taken of issues raised again and again.Not a cosmetic review like what it has had so far that is just a puppet show of the vc and staff association puppet president.

rajend naidu said...

the news that USP is operating like a clique reminds me of the Fiji Football Association.
it was common to hear that said of Fiji FA and for good reason.

Anonymous said...

Rajen Dickhead Naidu,

The two organisations that you so dearly condemn are the most sucessful. USP has the history of breeding leaders in the region and FijiFA has been one of the best managed sporting organisations in Fiji. If one needs to attain sucess, there will be hard actions that will disappoint some. If not, then they will end up like FRU who are always in the red and hitting taxpayers coffers at will. For all whingers, Rajesh and Esther are the best that we can offer in the regin. Unless you want to recruit someone who holds on to his job by screwing around with a high chief in broad daylight and leading the husband to heart attack

Anonymous said...

Given his lack of residency in Fiji and his apparent lack of attachment to Australia, I can't say I blame the Americans for refusing Rajend Naidu a visa. Or should I say "the American", because the decision is made by a single consular officer, not a "mob". If it makes Rajend feel any better, Bainimarama, Gates and Khaiyum can't get visas, either, except to go to the UN. And they're just as bitter about it.

rajend naidu said...

@ Anonymous 12.02 PM
You miss the point brother. I am not whinnying about the denial of my visa to transit through America. A wrong was done, an unfair and arbitrary decision was made by some shit official at the US Embassy in Sydney.I am keeping the focus on that wrong that was done when ever an opportunity presents itself. That is my right. Too bad if you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Siwatabu is responsible for the current mess at USP. During his tenure, USP drove itself into red of approx 40million. Then came Tarr and he spinoned off the little bit that was available through his white mongoose plan with the assistance of bitch kepa. If it wasnt for Rajesh and Esther, USP would have become another NBF/FNPF..Millions down the drain with no chance of recovery..

Anonymous said...

USP is a failed institution led by failed academics in a failed state. It's latest record is one of injustice and unremitting spinelessness.

Anonymous said...

Rajend, the United States is a sovereign country. It gets to decide who it will or won't allow into the country. That's its right. Too bad if you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Childmolester Rajen,

On behalf of the USA embassy, I wish to inform you that your transit visa to the USA was rejected as we came to know of your fetish for underage girls while you were a resident of Fiji. The USA takes the security of its citizens very seriously and it cannot allow pedophiles like you to enter our country and leave your filth in the form of offsprings behind when you run off to seek asylum in Australia. We also re-iterate that USA is much better-off without your daily douse of whinging and psychotic beliefs. Rest in peace in Sydney.Do not apply for USA or Fijian Visa again until your death as it will be a guaranteed rejection.

Barrak Obama

Anonymous said...

@Rajend Naidu 12:24 PM

Perhaps the 'official'also used the rights afforded to him by the position he held to decide which 'shit applicants'would not get a visa?

Obviously his rights are as significant as yours.

The ROT AT USP said...

@Siwatabu is responsible for driving USP into red. Even if true, you are also implicating Rajesh Chandra. After all Rajesh was second in commend. What was he doing? Why did he not speak up than? After all he was paid a fat salary.

Rajesh is and was part of the system. That's why he should not have rehired, but retired, to give USP chance at a fresh start. Rajesh's part in USP's recovery is exaggerated. Typical Rajesh Chandra style - selfishly take all the credit, but none of the blame. For many years Rajesh was part of USP problem as spineless deputy VC. Now he is the VC! USP's slide continues, even if in different form. Take out both rajesh and esther and bring in fresh blood.

rajend naidu said...

@ Anon 12.33 PM
The United states is a sovereign country. The United States is also a democratic country. Decisions it takes or is taken by it's representatives are open to democratic scrutiny. Now in my case my sister's daughter is married to an American. She has had her first child. I can't visit her because some arsehole, semi-literate American state official has arbitrarily decided I am not to be given a visa.
If this was your case would you be happy about that kind of decision?
If you would be then I have grave fears about your mental health. That's probably why you hide behind anonymous.

Anonymous said...

A wrong was done to rajend naidu but some people have come out in support of the wrong doing party - the US visa processing officials. That is the same story as those coming out in support of the wrong doing by the Fiji military regime. These are people with no sense of fairness and justice. They are arseholes.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.57 PM So an official of the US has the right to do wrong with impunity according to your reasoning.
that's shit reasoning!

Anonymous said...

@ The Rot at USP and likeminds,

Can you please enlighten us with names of freshminds that you all have been harping on and on about as replacements for Rajesh and Esther. Would love to know who are better suited academic managers in Fiji than this two. Shooting in the dark that fresh minds should take over is like identifying a problem with another problem. Lets hear of possible alternatives for Rajesh and Esther..

Anonymous said...

@ Rajen Naidu 1:07

Calling USA government official semi-illiterate and arsehole goes to show that you didn't deserve the visa. You are not worth being counted amongst the human kingdom.Who the hell you think you are? Some semi-illiterate low grade teacher who is freeloading on Australian taxpayers. Shame on you..

franky and evelis toilet paper constipation said...

fuck the usp..that's the least of our problems.
face the reality about frankys constitution and the army curse:...read this from a legal expert:

"...Well, I think all future governments would be cognitive of the fact that the military will be looking over their shoulder, so they will be careful in what they do, lest we have another coup. I mean that's the continuing problem and the more coups we have, and the less stable the Constitutions, and the shorter the periods of the Constitutions endure, the more difficult it is to have a functioning Constitution.

.... I mean it's all about political context. I mean in 1936, in the midst of the Great Terror, the Soviet Union proclaimed a new Constitution, which was hailed as the model of rights and freedom, but the political context was a one party dictatorship and anyone seeking to avail themselves of the Constitution's theoretical protections would have ended up in the gulag or dead. Now, the people of Fiji may not have that to fear, but they will know and their elected representative in it will know that this new Constitution will not protect them from the military. And in light of that, well we'll have to see whether the document proves to be worth more than the paper it will be written of. But for that to happen, the military will have to completely disengage from the political process..."

rajend naidu said...

@ Anonymouse 12.57 PM
No official has "the rights afforded to him by the position" to do wrong,to act unfairly, unreasonably and arbitrarily. When ANY official does that no matter what the position it is called ABUSE OF OFFICE or ABUSE OF POWER. Do you get that?
Now that is precisely what happened in my case and I am protesting that abuse in whatever way I can. And, I don't give a flying fuck what some imbecile like you think.

usp pakalas said...

so you usp academics use what little brains u got and solve the country's problems instead of squabbling like little chickens about your petty self centered issues...pakalas...like they say small brains will occupy with petty events instead of real issues

Anonymous said...

anon 1:28pm,

ahh..we have aisake taito, naisa tuinaceva, jale baba, mohammed salamat ali, navitalai naisoro, rajesh singh, rajen naidu, qoroniasi bale, laisenia qarase, maan singh, raman pratap singh, mahen chodhary, lekh ram veshnoi and recent addition in peter foster. have your pick

rajend naidu said...

@ Anon 1.34 PM
make no mistake about it, bro there are USA government officials who are semi-literate arseholes just as there are semi-literate arsehole government officials in Fiji and Australia and Papua New Guinea and virtually every other country. People in these countries would be the first to confirm this to you.
If you are the type who puts all officials on a pedestal and worships them as demi-gods then that is your perverse choice.
I don't subscribe to that stupidity.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Rajen Naidu,

You are a stupid of a different kind..That is called an hypocrat. You claim not to give a fuck about others commenting about you and abusing their powers. Why the fuck then you respond to those comments and isnt it an abuse of power when you tirelessly take a dig at other government in blogsites. Get over it bro. USA doesnt want your sorry arse in their land. Take your load of shit to your grave or move on. You are a non-issue when compared to everyday problems that other face. Calling others imbecile doesnt make you any better than them. So suck up and stop the whingging..

Anonymous said...

yes, fuck USP, which is an apparatus of the regime under rajesh chandra; a support system that needs to be exposed and knocked down by removing the VC to weaken the regime.

Just advertise the VC and DVC positions and you will see plenty of fresh blood applying. need to get rid of people who have become part of the furniture at USP.

Komai said...

Rajend Naidu Normally I would sympathize with people that are denied visas to USA. Looking at your attitude and ongoing childish behavior, I tend to agree with the decision. We in USA do need to baby sit likes of you. Your assumption that some illiterate made a decision not to issue you a visa is biased and a case of sour grapes. USA by far is not an illiterate country. Maybe you are thinking about Madras, where all the Mad Race hail from.

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