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Monday, November 11, 2013

Police moles: Matavou to be charged for abusing junior Indian officer

The assistant police commissioner who called a junior officer 'a fucken Indian' is to be formally charged according to inside sources.

It's unclear what Biu Matavou is being charged with only that he's being formally sanctioned.

Sources say he was charged and bailed last week, and will be officially presented in court next Monday for full disclosures.

The police chief of staff is accused of abusing a junior officer after he was overtaken on the road, while he was driving with his wife.

Matavou is said to have abused the officer who overtook him in a police vehicle, after catching up with him.

The officer laid a complaint with the Central Police Station but it was ignored until a C4.5 story on September 18.

Matavou was suspended soon after pending an investigation. 

Police moles say Matavou is being charged despite efforts by acting police chief, Ravi Narayan, to protect him.

Critics have also singled the case out as an example of the failure of Frank Bainimarama's so-called New Fiji where all citizens are supposedly equal.


  1. Matavou is a worthless person anyway. Another regime suppota being ditched by his own people. That should teach all regime suppotas a good lesson that this regime will dump the people as soon as they become useless to their cause. Matavou will now realize how wrong he was to support this crook regime.

  2. I don't know Matavou so I don't know if he is a racist. He could be just one of those police officers, military officers, state officials who don't know how to handle power sensibly. Power has gone to their heads and when power gets into ones head the head gets fucked.
    Ba people will remember that nutty magistrate Z K Dean in this context. He used to drive around at 20 mph all over the place and no-one was suppose to overtake him!!

  3. OK to investigate a publicised verbal incident involving a Policeman against a policeman.

    What about the global virally publicised inhuman physical torture of two escaped prisoners by a group of police and military thugs??? Where is that investigation up to now??

  4. Road Rage happens everywhere and in every country.
    Criminals do road rage.
    Police do road rage.
    Doctors do road rage.
    etc etc.
    To be "suspended" for Road Rage shows the lack of policies and procedures in the Police Force.
    He did not hit anybody. He did not kill anybody. He did not pull out his baton or gun or whatever blah blah blah.

    So this just shows the level of incompetance in the Police Force.
    This should have been dealt with quietly , in the office, inhouse, and no one, including us needed to have heard about it.

    It's petty as far as I'm concerned and really we no business in it.

    What is more important is for them to apprehend those who committed the crime of bashing and amputating those prison escapees.
    That is definitely more important than this road-rage incident.

  5. Remember we must never deal with abuse QUIETLY!
    That prisoner abuse must be dealt with openly and this abuse must be dealt with openly.
    when public officials abuse their power they must be dealt with openly . Not quietly in house.
    That way there is a tendency to sweep things under the carpet.

  6. Forget being Equal even God destroy Barbel for the same reason human trying to be eqaul and work together.

  7. I dont think Matavou was flying into a rage everytime another vehicle passed him.
    He did not get angry if another bus passed him or taxi passed him or a policeman sitting in the bus passed him.etc etc.

    He was enraged because this man cut him off on the road.
    It has nothing to do with my being a superior officer and how dare a "private constable" pass me on the road.

    Matavou was angry for being cut-off then all hell broke loose after that.
    So it is very simple.
    Find out what the crime is and punish the crime
    And let the punishment fit the crime.

    There is no need for public hanging.

    And by the way I'm not related to Mr Matavou. I dont know him from a bar of soap.
    I just think,incidences should be investigated properly and dealt with appropriately.

  8. Mentality of a high ranking police officer reflects the mentality of leadership in all Government departments from the top (PM) down. Ulu lala ga na ulu lala.

  9. Aiyaz is beginning to put his stamp on all things Fijian now.
    As for Citizens being equal, some are more equal than others.

  10. Latest Fijivillage newsfeed "Police investigate one of their own officers" shows the low level that our police officers have reached. Stealing from victims of crime. Well, this is the reflection of the bad leadership culture in the country..Daily, we hear of police and military officers running havoc in the country without any punishment. Fiji is in the hands of dogs and as another blogger said, in the hands of the "talibaan pigs". Moce Viti..Prepare for judgement day

  11. Wrong channel, the Rajend Naidu show is still on.

  12. @Headmaster stop being 'rajen ke ghar ke bhoot'. you come across like a deranged stalker; get a hold of yourself!!


  13. Cost of Fiji Army and deployment at Golan Heights to Fiji taxpayers in 2014 Budget.

    The costs of Army and Golan Hgt deployment to Fiji taxpayers are absolutely too astronomical. UNO should be paying all costs to Fiji for Golan Hgt.

    Peace Keeping budget for Peace Keeping in Middle East of $39.9 in 2014 budget suggests that our soldiers are paid more than normal UN pay, While the $94.2million to keep the army is money down the drain to keep Fiji enslaved under dictatorship........Fiji Times reports:-

    Army share 'OK'
    Nasik Swami
    Monday, November 11, 2013

    SOLDIERS of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces in the country and those on peacekeeping missions abroad will be taken good care of.

    This has been signalled by Defence Minister Joketani Cokanasiga following government's allocation of $94.2million to the RFMF and an additional $39.9m to fulfil peacekeeping responsibilities in the 2014 National Budget.

    We must abolish the Fiji Army foever.


  14. or get a hold of rajend's uncircumcised one!

  15. you too right anon@1.54 PM
    high officials with low mentality has become something of a norm in Fiji. this is not confined to government departments only.

  16. Itaukei Land Trust Boad boss says "Now, we are in a better position to know our weaknesses and strengths." as if they have been sleeping all the days gone by, not knowing what their capabilities are.

    He reported
    "THE iTaukei Land Trust Board collected $48million in leased money by September this year.

    This is in contrast to the $51m collected last year.

    "Financially we are doing very well since 2009," he said.

    "For us, it's also all about improving processes and meeting the expectations of landowners and government. Now, we are in a better position to know our weaknesses and strengths."

  17. This is Ravi Narayans work. He is being pushed hard by his best friend another police officer Nasir Ali. These guys are now workig together to eliminate all well educated Fijians from the police higher echelons. Watch for more victimization of Fijiand police officers...by the way that Indian officer deserved what he got..na kaidia ena kaidia tikoga..qarauna vinaka na kari toa era dau solia vei iko..e kana vinaka ia se gaga tikoga...ira qo ena qai vinaka ga ni ra sa kama ena nodra vale ni vakamakama.....

  18. @ Anon 3:17pm....and that includes Rajen Gandhu Naidu too.

  19. Biu Matavou is the most qualified Police Officer in the police force right now...Indian clique working hard to push out fijian officers...

  20. Anonymous @ November 11, 2013 at 3:17 PM

    You sound racist...Fiji cannot progress as it should be if we allow racism to control our attitudes.

    I hope we Fijians/Taukei lead in getting rid of racist attitudes. I know what you might say, but if this divisive feelings persist the cancer in our communities will worsen.

    Our common enemies include the dictatorship of the present Govt we have, crimes, including corruption and lack of tolerance.

    We have bad Indians, Fijians, Chinese, Europeans etc....but as Christians we should try to respect and love each other.

  21. I would like to nominate USP VC Rajesh Chandra as VC of the year for upholding USP's academic integrity and freedom under the most difficult conditions.

    I would also like to nominate Jau Kumar as the marketing and development manager of the year for the excellent work done at USP.

  22. If you charge Matavou than also charge that Indian cuntstable for wreck less driving and kick him out of the police force.

  23. Same as the 2 police officers booking drivers driving around 60 on the Suva Nausori road yet when they get into their car EY3xx Nissan they drive @ 70 to 80 on the same road... so looks like the law does not apply to them when they drive... only civilian drivers..

  24. Can Fiji Police explain why Ba/Lautoka Administrator Praveen Bala who caused death by dangerous driving has not been charged yet?


  26. AG will not comment on Cloud 9 closure
    Publish date/time: 11/11/2013 [17:09]


    Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said he will not make any comments at this stage on the issue relating to the closure of the recreational floating platform Cloud 9.

    Cloud 9 has come out with a statement saying that all the necessary permits to operate the pontoon as a day time overwater appreciation facility, providing a food menu, beverages and day time water sports facilities was fully approved by government.

    Director of Cloud 9 Tony Philp Junior said they have 11 permits and licenses that approved the running of Cloud 9.

    He said among them is the mooring permit, business license and company registration.

    Cloud 9 also denied any allegation it is polluting the environment as it said the business it was running depended on the pristine environment.

    The statement also highlighted that there might have been some misinformation regarding their business, as it said before investing the large sum of money, Cloud 9 paid its due diligence which included ensuring every legal avenue has been pursued and approved by every Government Department.

    It said they are still trying to meet with Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

  27. MATAVOU---if this incident involved a Fijian officer, no charge; however it involved an Indian one, charge....but nocharge on torturing video? AND NO CHARGE car executive was taken to the bush and beat by military guys?? THE POLICE APPEARS HERE NO TO FOLLOW THE Bai/Kayum 2013 FIJI CONSTITUTION...my support to you Matavou and your family...

  28. "Can Fiji Police explain why Ba/Lautoka Administrator Praveen Bala who caused death by dangerous driving has not been charged yet?..."

  29. We still waiting to know from Premilla in her capacity as CEO consumer council to tell if Jai Kumar's post was advertised at USP.

    Premilla is good at sending people to business houses to investigate.

    Now do the same and advise the of people how your husband got the post!

    Now this is nepotism and corruption at USP!

  30. "I knew it the moment i saw it that that kind of sick stuff can only come from military scums"

    Only those military scums' daughters are dropping and picking around Robertson Roads every night and morning.

  31. We are all equal and no racial discrimination--ask Rajendra Prasad of NZ-Mr.Tears in Pussydise.Even Satendra Pratap None-Done can confirm this--also Dick Singh and Nardeo Mishra-not forgetting Thakur Runjeet Sing from NZ.Also Dewan Chand of Suva.

  32. Where are the following booted magistrates and what are they presently up to :
    1) Aruna Prasad (very shallow-brain wise)-could be deep otherwise!
    3)Nakora-dumb,rude and crude
    4)Sunil Sharma-grog swiping dumbo
    5)Makareta-great pretender
    6)Ajmal Khan-the womaniser
    7)Mukhtar Shah-the most corrupt buffoon


  33. Here is a valuable lesson to learn that one cannot legislate human values. One can only facilitate it. Human values come from a broad range of synergies, molding as a result of home upbringing to respect others space, role modeling by parents, religious values of right over wrong for justice, upbringing, education, training, sports development to compete based on a level playing field, interest, friends and so on. If this Military Junta Regime (MJR) thinks it can control human values like they think they can control Fiji with their latest vote buying 2014 budget speech by the MJR PM, they have just opened a Pandora’s box.

    Getting on with people has to come from within when people use their moral sensor (not forced by the gun) to ensure they do the right thing of wrong so natural justice flows into roles, networks and performance. This way, which comes from free choice and liberal constitutional democracy, belongs to the people and is a much better way to develop multiculturalism and diversity than gun power might of VB/ASK.

  34. Did not know Fiji Police is employing officers from India.

  35. Can Judge Kamal Kumar deliver his judgment quikly on the Labasa students saga !---Dont sit on it Judge KK.

  36. all in regards to Bala lets see wat the law of the country does. If there is one which the Ag says . If a child drowns his mum is charged for neglience also if aniother driver hits a person and he dies he is charged too n in some inatences has been jailed , wat will hapen to the masipolo Bala,s case as he is a big time masipolo and another one who has sold the indians this time.
    He acted like a good father of Lautoka fucked up arun in Ba took over tavua and rakiraki too . god is not blind dats y wat has happned. Also this Bala has got sick acting the bastard n is in hospital or wud hve been in custody over the weekend.
    Come on wake up the law n put him behind bars Mr bala wat goes around comes around . also all th LCC must be hapi except his girl in rates aniother affair plus wat happened to the one in Punjas ex LCC staff trainee who was nearly caught sucking him in his offce .
    Pm weas ur justice now n AG

  37. Matavou cannot be racist.Rajendra Prasad(T IN P) has already confirmed to the world that we are all equal and there is no racial discrimination in this beloved land.

  38. Rajen Naidu - you obviously have been away from Fiji for a long time you narcissistic know it all. In Fiji no one can stand a know it all you irrelevant fool

  39. $200.00 departure tax is a poison that will kill the intrest of tourist from cmming to Fiji why should threy pay $200.00 again for departure when they have already spent their money in hotels,dutyfree shops and restaurants in the country. This is rediclous compare to NZ and Australia.

  40. E vinaka cake sara na vei liutaki va koloni mai na veiliutaki vaka dictator

  41. Was planning on coming back to Fiji for a holiday with my family of 5 next year but with the new departure tax at $200, you can have your fiji all to yourselves. What a rip off. Hello Aitutaki.

  42. That officer who overtook Matavou was responding to the car fire down the road from the warick. We were there when that cruel man uttered those words. It wasent"you fukin indian" he said "you stupid indian cunt" very sad. Even after the officer explained they were called to an emergency....still wasent good enough reason to overtake. Very sad indeed.

  43. Mr Bala---untouchable. He is like to Bano....AG gang well protected even the law can touch them...and FijiVillage is silent about Bala...

  44. Bala is another crook like Umaria/bano/khaiyum/bai.
    all ptotecting each others back.
    police and army are f idiots and suckers of the regime thugs .
    No law /order.we need neutral police and army from overseas to clean fiji regime.

  45. Police are pussy cats in front of army thugs .
    army running the country like frank said he get instruction from his army and boss khaiyum .
    fijian people are happy with budget but they forgot they have to pay for it via tax/vat/duty/others .
    govt collect revnue from people and give all this service and but more burden on future tax payers.
    robbing from people via tax/duty and giving them back via free education/others .

  46. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  47. So called Brigadier Mohammed Aziz looks like Heinrich Himmler in page 2 of the FS today.Sieg Heil !! Heil Hitler !!

  48. Australia, which has become a breeding ground for extremists muslims has had a suspected first suicide bomber. The muslims, mostly from pakistan and fiji are seen supporting extreme elements in Lakemba and Blackdown suburbs. With Kaiyum and Azizs help, such extreme elements are penetrating Fiji as well with their illintentions and will soon become a breeding ground for a Pacific taliban. Fiji will soon be know as alqaida country if it is not already. mission accomplished for alqaida by kaiyum and aziz by turning Fiji into a alqaida breeding ground.

  49. Fiji Police Force has always been a haven of corrupt and unworthy ragbags. Matavou is just a cruel reminder of everything that is wrong with the recruitment procedures of police officers. He should be thrown out of the force

  50. editor,
    I hope Kiniviliame Keteca's penetrating letter 'Prizewinner' (Fiji Times 12/11) wins a prize for best letter.
    It's what I call a shithot letter.
    The letter reads :
    I congratulate the Office of the Auditor-General for being a winner in the Fiji Business Excellence Prize category. In celebrating your win can the Office of the Auditor-General release the latest audit report of government accountsplease? For that you'd deserve another prize!
    Now this is w thinking man writing
    not like someone called Judy Kumar who writes in the same paper " I believe we should not hold any elections until 2030".
    What gives her the right to speak for the rest of the country?
    She should only speak for herself. When election comes around she will have only one vote. She will not be voting on behalf of the country!
    What a sycophant of the Bainimarama regime!
    Rajend Naidu


  52. Hotler's government lasted than this. Do you think God supported Hitler?

    Instead of preaching to us, better you seek spiritual guidance from well-educated ministers, because you are being duped by the devil.

  53. just spotted anon 12.24 AM's shitty comment.
    what you saying is bullshit. I know the real reason why the mob in power in Fiji and its sycophantic supporters cannot stand me. It's because they can't stand any criticism of and opposition to the way they are running the country - dictatorially. That's why they can't stand me. All else is plain bullshit. They want to project the image through propaganda that everything's got better since the Bainimarama takeover.
    Why do you think the T-shirt wearing protesters got arrested?
    It's not hard to see why you don't reveal your identity. Everyone would know you are a regime thug or a regime lackey.

  54. Maybe Judy Kumar has a point. If Bainimarama holds an election, he will steal the election and then be recognised by foreign governments anxious to normalise relations. But if he postpones the election, foreign governments will be in a mood to punish the regime, and maybe Fijians will just decide we've had enough and finally take action against our captors.

  55. @ The Profart 11.45am

    If God was for the DICTATORIAL REGIME, would they be needing guns and thugs to oppress a nation for the last 7 years?

    Nah, the nation doesn't think so.

    You can never escape the truth if if you listen carefully and honestly to your heart.

  56. Rajend, not everyone who is sick of you is a regime supporter. I hate the regime and have personally done a lot to try to end it. But I also despise your insufferable arrogance and abusiveness.

    You've gone ftom someone who often contributed incisive comments and occasionaly an inane one, to someone who now often posts inane comments and an occasional incisive one. Very negative, your influence now.

    Please, less quanity and more quality. Stop making everything about you, because we're really not that into you. Put Fiji at the centre of your focus if you want to affect opinion in a positive way.

  57. Is Judy Kumar of Navosa a male or female??? Bai and ASK are attracting perverts (ie male netballers) and crims (Chinese mafia).

  58. anon 12.23 PM
    who are you to judge rajend naidu and his contributions here on C4.5?

  59. Judy Kumar is a dictator lover. She should go and live under a better dictatorship. the North Korean dictator has just got some people shot dead for watching TV!(Yahoo!7 news 12/11)

  60. RATU FRANK BAINIMAGANA LEVUNovember 12, 2013 at 12:57 PM

    to the dumb moronic Prophet who said...

    what a load of bullshit!!

    The arab states lived under a brutal dictatorship for over 30 years - then the people stood up and said enough is enough and killed the Libyan dictator Ghadafi and ousted other dictators and are attacking Syria's dictator

    ITs Fiji's turn next - now you think about this - you bunch of ass-sucking idiots!

    God is waiting for the people of Fiji to get off their lazy ass and do it themselves - God is teaching them to fend for themselves and not just sit on their fat ass drinking grog and wait for someone else to do it for them.

    God gave the Fijians a beautiful country and the majority are wonderful people -- except for the few idiots farting when they speak and bashing other citizens, etc.

    Unfortunately, when the time comes when the people will stand up and say enough is enough then there will be blood and all those who support the criminal dictator will be judged by the people - for their blind support and actions agaisnt the people

  61. can I please know who has fallen sick because of me so that I can compensate him ?
    I thought people only fall sick from the abuse and violence they suffer at the hands of a tyrant and his henchmen or common thugs and hoodlums.
    I can't for the life of me understand why ANYONE should fall sick on account of me!

  62. I am not Rajend Naidu's judge, but I am a witness. And I don't like much of what I see of him anymore.

  63. Is it possible for anyone to get so far up their own arse as Rajend Naidu?

    He writes,

    "" I know the real reason why the mob in power in Fiji and its sycophantic supporters cannot stand me. It's because they can't stand any criticism of and opposition to the way they are running the country ""

    Reality check boy,

    The real reason is that what you flood the media with is not constructive criticism but childish schoolgirl sarcastic bitching that is more about you than the reality here at home.

    You have become a total joke, it's nothing to do with others being supporters or not, it's to do with others recognising a self deluded bore.

  64. More puerile nonsense from Rajend, about Rajend. Write about Fiji, Rajend, not Rajend.

  65. Why so much vitriol on this blog against people?????.

    The frenzied attacks are like flies on dead carcasses ..levels are crudely low and disgusting....i.e. against Premilar, Rajen Naidu, etc...if the subjects deserve the wrath, please be civil about your criticism because we from Fiji are of a better class, acceptablely educated and in general are civilised.

    Please people temper your comments!!!!!

  66. Ok its for real this time. I want to sincerely apologise and beg forgiveness for my stupidity, shallowness and narcissistic egotistical manner. I am sorry for any abuse i showered upon anyone and apologise for my arrogance. i am a completely lying, hypocritical buffoon prone to abusing myself as you will shortly see in consecutive messages as I deny this was me. I promise to focus on Fiji and its army and not myself, my failed US visa attempt and my stupid haircut which my wife is responsible for. Son, are you still coming over for the goat curry?

  67. some idiot who claims he has "personally done a lot to end" the Bainimarama military dictatorship has now convinced himself that the best way to do that is to attack rajend naidu?
    what a strategy!

  68. it's said one should not suffer fools. But I am suffering them in lumpsum here on C4.5.
    Sylvester Joseph are you hearing me in Canada
    in LUMPSUM!

  69. when rajend naidu writes to say kiniviliame's satirical anti-regime letter should get the best letter prize he is only talking about himself! that's the kind of person he is only about himself!

  70. who cares if Tony Philp Jnr spent a million on Cloud 9. If it contravenes the Surf decree and puts the environment at risk of pollution then it is ilegal. Good time for the DPP to bring up Tony's old case from the 1990s when he killed a Kiwi who was crossing the road in Lami and on the way coincidentally, to see Tony Senior. Junior was drunk but lami Police were paid off and it was that. Who says corruption in Fiji is only a recent thing?

  71. OK anon@1.17 PM so you want to play verbal gymnastics! you are not a judge but a witness? do you know what bearing false witness means? you should because your are a living example of it!

  72. We're all witnesses to your hissy fits, Rajend. Get over yourself. Grow up.

  73. who's "we"?
    who all are memebers of the mob specializing on rajend naidu attack?
    cowards the whole bank lot of you!

  74. Corruption is not a recent thing but it has blown out of proportion as if it has become an accepted norm in the current illegal regime and no one as the courage to speak out for fear of being victimised by the current regime. There are many forms of corruption which includes nepotism,power, bribery,ignorance or pretending to be unaware when you know it's happening,use of threat and installing fear to the people. As a matter if fact the current illegal regime is thriving on corruptive practices as they dictate everything to the people . Typical example is the formulation of the 2013 constitution and the publishing of the so many draconian law by way of decrees..

  75. Special Unit- Rajend Stupidity WatchNovember 12, 2013 at 3:38 PM

    raj boy, why are "we" cowards? Because we all agree we will NOT tolerate your stupidity and arrogance and that makes us cowards? You keep talking up how smart you are and if anyone disagrees, they are imbeciles? What do you expect?


  76. I was planning to take my family and group of friends to Fiji next winter but 15 of us cannot afford the high proposed Departure tax in the Fiji 2014 Budget.

    Local alternative will be a more affordable option.

    Fiji will be barring many many many families from visiting Fiji by this incredulously excessively high airport tax..bye bye Fiji.

    Is this the meaning of slogan "Fiji Me" ???? i.e. "Shaft Me".

  77. All of you contributors to this site whether you are in Fiji or overseas need to realize something very very fast. The elections and the country will go ahead with or without your "views". Why don't you all do something constructive with the time you are wasting bashing your tired and worn out keyboards.

  78. so anon3.25pm..what Tony Jnr engaged in was corruption by your definition i assume. Bribing a civil servant. Tony Jnr had just become a world champion windsurfer, decided to booze it up at Traps and drove home drunk. Killed someone but got off scot-free. Daddy paid up and even the newspaper did NOT refer to Jnr by name when reporting this case. Corruption? Me thinks


  79. We have gone this far since 2006 and Frank is still in total control. NZ and Aust are no longer vocal. Where is peoples' power??? History had taught the Jews that not only Hitler was to blame for the holocaust but to the bystanders.
    Einstein in one of his famous quote" the world is a dangerous place to live in not because of the people who do evil but for those who sit and let it happen". is something the Fijians should learn from. Are you going to let Frank continue ransacking the nation and let his team and family steal your wealth . Solution to the leadership problem rests in your hand. Be an upstander! Ni kila ni sa warai na veivuke mai tuba..O keda na kai Viti e da na vukei keda ga vaka i keda. Do it!

  80. Anonymous 3:44, were you writing the same thing in 2008, that the elections will go ahead? You and your lot try to tell us that this illegal dictatorship is somehow modernising Fiji. The reality is that you've set us back many years.

  81. whos' we?
    you cowards have failed to answer a very simple question?
    that's why you are on a stupidity watch. to watch YOUR stupidity!
    I do NOT mind people disagreeing
    with me. my mother too often disagree with me!
    I mind people who are engaged in stupidity - big time.
    And you cowards on that Special Unit clearly belong in that category!

  82. @ Keseva T ...you sound like a hypocrite. How can you say that our common enemy is the dictatorship of the current govt and yet you say we as Christians should love another??? If you profess to be a chritian then you should love and respect everybody including the current dictatorship...no matter what becoz you and I know God will be the final judge. I say better be a racist then being a hypocrite...se cava Keseva????

  83. Rajend, I'm guessing 'we' includes nearly half of us posters, considering the other 50 percent of postings, signed and anonymous, come from you.

  84. Special Unit- Rajend Stupidity WatchNovember 12, 2013 at 4:00 PM

    so Rajend we should include your momma in the "we" then?

  85. @Anonymous 3:49 PM

    Quote "We have gone this far since 2006 and Frank is still in total control. NZ and Aust are no longer vocal. Where is peoples' power???"

    Fiji's 'People Power' are the likes of Rajend Naidu have you not noticed?

    We have.

  86. anon4.01pm and what has Rajend achieved apart from glorifying himself since? More like rajend power.....

  87. Who are you to say that people who are against the current Fiji illegal regime are stupid.? How can you say that the illegal regime is doing a good job ? First the current regime is living on the earning from crime.they commit capital offence of treason to assume the leadership role of the government illegally forcing the people's government out.Now they are trying to use the people as in their constitution it says we the people .how can they say that? They were not elected by the people's he and secondly the people did not in any way participate in the formulation of that fraud constitution.,the current regime is not doing anything good for Fiji as a whole. They are only doing minor pocket development to a small group of people to try and buy their support. There is a lot if things hidden under the table by this regime and they are covering it with lies .Auditor Generals report since 2007 not published for public consumption ,ministers salaries including PM and AGs not known. Bainimarama and Kaiyums business ventures not disclosed, why Noorbanos chartered accountant company is used to work out the salaries of Government ministers when we have the ministry of Finance whose functions and role to wrk out salaries of all civil and public servant .Are they diverting the government money out through Noorbanos. Time will tell so are they doing a good job ? Do not think so,


  88. @Anonymous 3.57PM
    You hissed and puffed:

    "If you profess to be a chritian then you should love and respect everybody including the current dictatorship...no matter what becoz you and I know God will be the final judge. I say better be a racist then being a hypocrite...se cava Keseva????"

    Obviously you have deficiencies in the logic and intellect to differentiate the differences between "racism" and "the evils this illegal Govt is imposing on Fiji citizens.

    Your stand is similar to proposing that we love our neighbours and Satan. Our object of love must be chosen based on Bible teachings...Love your neighbours but hate Satan....the illegal, torturing, corrupt and treasonous illegal Govt is symptomanic and a personification of your friend Satan.

  89. Special Unit? Speaking the language of a functionary of the Police State, are we?
    when will we get another of the "this one is real" posting under my name, cowards?

  90. Special Unit shit
    you are not guessing - that can be an intellectual undertaking. what you are doing is gassing because that is what you are full of gas!

  91. raj boy watch - very special unitNovember 12, 2013 at 4:31 PM

    so your momma must be the only intelligent one in the Naidu family? raj boy?

  92. you are right my mother is the only intelligent one in the family. The rest of us are inbred and confused.

  93. what has Rajend achieved you ask
    anon 4.04 PM. why should that be important?
    Rajend is but one contributor to the campaign to expose the regime for what it really is - a military dictatorship masquerading as a civilian government.
    But it must feel good to you to be able to put the blame on rajend for the failure of the campaign to dislodge the dictatorship.
    wow! how profoundly objective and intelligent is that!
    you stupid idiot!

  94. Veivueti General Secretary, Ilisoni Navila said the government only assisted them with getting the land for their taxi base and the rest was their own effort.

    The new Cooperative has 48 taxis with more than 50 taxi drivers and four operators.

    While delivering his address, Commodore Bainimarama said he is proud and happy that people in rural areas have realised the importance of helping themselves before the government assists them.

    Commodore Bainimarama told the taxi drivers at Veivueti that the new initiative of free education next year does not mean for parents to rely more on government but to look for other alternatives in personal development.

    He added that the government has spent a lot of money on roads that will benefit everyone.

    Meanwhile, the board and members of Veivueti Taxi have told Commodore Bainimarama that he will have their support if he forms a political party for the 2014 general elections.

    Story by: Rusiate Baleielvuka

  95. A day in the life of raj naidu. Wake up, eat 3 puri, 10 minutes breathing exercise. Stroke the dog, wipe himself, stroke the dog. Check emails and c4.5blog, wipe tears after reading abuse to self, answer emails and comments.Slap the wife in anger, kick the dog. Cup of masala tea, check blog, answer. Kick the dog in anger, hit the wife, yell at the postman, Answer blog comments. Mid day dump. Use viti roll. Re-heat last nights curry puffs. Answer comments. Scratch the arse, sniff to enough daily intake of tinned fish is sufficient. Answer blog comments. Slap the wife in frustration, blame her for dirty t-shirt. Answer blog, have dinner. Tinned fish curry again. Go for jog, change clothes, no bath. Answer blog comments. Stroke the wife and is quickly rebuffed. Sleep in the sitting room with one eye on the computer screen. Sleep fitfullyly. Repeat next day.

  96. the cheap, intellectually deficient comments by anon 3.19 PM, 2.12 PM, and 4.31 PM prove they come from underdeveloped minds.

  97. include comment by anon 5.09PM in the underdeveloped mind category. he might even be in the senile category!!

  98. Funny that the Fiji Police Force didn't tell the world how stupid and dump they are especially Director CID and their inexperience bunch of legal advisors. And yes, Matavou is seen as a threat to the FPF since he is the most qualified I-taukei police officer right now in Fiji.

  99. editor,
    I am very surprised to read in the Fiji Sun (12/11)the complaint by Raymond Naidu that his survey in the Samabula North area ( used to a famous kite flying area that!) revealed that the Samabula Police are not serving the public properly.
    I thought everything in Fiji had got better since the Bainimarama takeover with the civil service reforms and the military training of professionals and what have you.
    Apparently that's not true.
    Raymond does not strike me as a liar. I think he is a concerned citizen drawing attention to a serious public service issue affecting his local area.
    Citizens like that contribute to change for the better. Not sycophants who flatter the regime and pretend it's all good under its leadership.
    Rajend Naidu

  100. The three amigos - Thakur Ranjit Singh, Prof Nandan & Rajen PrasadNovember 12, 2013 at 7:37 PM

    According to the Nepali Thakur Ranjit Singh, the poet Professor Saten Nandan and author Rajendra Kumar, everything is hunky dory under benevolent dictator Frank Bainimarama. No crime, no discrimination against Indians, reduction in poverty, and what not.From their overseas abodes, these analysts have been telling the world that Fiji is more or less a utopia nowadays. Fiji Indians especially have never had it this good. This is the verdict of the three amigos. who are we to question them. They are overseas, so they must know better than those of us who live here.

  101. Love thy neighbour as thy lve thyself. Wow, how the good Christian Rajend Naidu must love his neighbour!

  102. Tony Philips Jnr should be jailed if he really killed that tourist. No one is above the law.

  103. At least Rajend Naidu has the guts to put his name to his posts--no one else has the guts--not even me who supports him fully,.

  104. Rajendra Prasad(T in PEE),Sri Yukt Satendra None-Done(mango chutney),Thakur Ruunjit Singh(top journalist,media expert,dux of DAV,Ba)have decreed we are all equal in Fiji,no discrimination agnst Indians-Bai is the best Fiji has had--god's gift to Fiji.Kai is allah's gift to Fiji. Jai Ho.

  105. anon 9.34 PM
    you too right. nothing so tragic as the sighted who can't see and the educated who remain dopey! the 3 overseas Fiji Indians you mention are not the only ones who fall into this category, there are others in Canada,America,Australia, NZ and India who also act the arse despite their good education and their good eye sight. They are a shameful lot.

  106. Rajendra Chodory son of Mahendra Chodoring going on his Facebook page about Special administrator hitting someone on the road and killing him. He is calling for Bala to be jailed. DOES THIS IDIOT RAJEND REALISE THAT HIA ARSEHOLE FATHER DID THE SAME AND WASN'T SENT TO JAIL??

  107. rajend naidu are you surprised at raymond naidu's complaint that police are not serving the public properly or are you surprised that his letter of compliant should be published in the regime news rag the Fiji Sun?
    Raymond's compliant can't be surprising because it is a well know fact that the police are no longer there to serve the public. they are there to serve the regime. see how efficient and speedy they become when they get an order from their political bosses to go after someone!

  108. Rajendra Prasad, Thakur Ranjit Singh and Satendra None-Done have written some of the most one-sided analysis I have ever come across, totally Indo-centric. I don't None-Done got his professorship, but I hear he is a smooth taker and greaser extraordinaire.

  109. USP brown noser Jai Karan vs. regime greaser Prof Satendra NandanNovember 12, 2013 at 11:49 PM

    There seems to be two front runners for greaser/brown noser of the year award: Prof Satendra Nandan and USP's marketing and development manager Jai Kumar. From all indications, it is a very tight race.

  110. Sometimes Rajend Naidu signs his name, and sometimes he doesn't. That's because he wants to publicise himself, and he sometimes feels the need to pretend to be a supporter of himself. I give credit to Rajend Naidu for signing his name, when he does. Similar credit goes to Semi Meo, Rajesh Singh, Dharam Lingam and Graham Davis, when they do.

    I don't mind Rajend sharing his views, some of which I agree with. But I do mind the hypocritical way he insults others for posting anonymously. I do mind his arrogant, superior, know-it-all attitude. I do mind his gratuitous abusiveness. I do mind his constantly injecting extraneous issues into our discussion. And I do mind the egotistical way he tries to keep the focus on himself, imstead of on helping Fiji.

  111. The rabid anti-Rajend Naidu pack of dogs are still at it. They can't get any sleep. Someone said they eat, drink, sleep Rajend. It's true! ANON 1PM is proof, poor soul. Get help!


  112. Yes, you are. Haha.

  113. Matavou is nothing compared to the five i-taukei's shifted out of government ITC- Yalamachini...someone should chek that out.


  114. This Blog seems to have become a stage for public slaughtering of Indians in Fiji.

    Suspect, based on tone, nature of name calling and abuses inflicted that the fracas involves mainly Indians against Indians.

    We should be discussing Fiji here Bhaiah.

  115. @anon 1.00 AM
    same old same old rajend naidu this and rajend naidu that and you have the audacity to tell rajend naidu to focus on Fiji!
    Go fuck yourself!

  116. Anonymous 9:14 is Rajend Naidu, yet again. Just waking up after a long night, Raj?

  117. anon 10.42 AM wow! how very intelligent of you to have to guessed anon 9.14 AM is me!

  118. Mark Manning, do yourself and this great blog a favour. Restrict the output of rajend to one or two posts a day and you will imediately raise the standard and value of this blog. And make sure his posts are about the topic not about himself and how smart he is.

  119. Rajend, I understand you are a Christian.
    I have a message for you....May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you. — 1 Thessalonians 3:12

    Well, regardless of whether you are a Christian or not, the message is for you. have a good day!

  120. Rajend, that's sort of the point, isn't it? We don't need to be very smart to recognise one of your postings, even when it's anonymous.

  121. The posting was anonymous. It was abusive. It was irrelevant. It was about defending Rajend Naidu. What other clues do we need to lnow it was posted by Rajend, 'Anonymouse' himself??

  122. Anon 12.06 PM That's the point. You stating the obvious! Shows what an idiot you are.
    Mark Manning or whoever owns this blog site don't allow any space for Ropate Niu because he has nothing valuable to say.
    Anon 11.58 AM you understand nothing about me. Go spread your love amongst people who need it.I don't need your love in ANY form!

  123. Anon 12.34 PM
    who is we?
    that posting was spot on!
    it was absolutely relevant even if I say so myself and I do!

  124. So they've caught some poor mule
    at the airport? That was a British
    Army tactical deception to bring-in the real things? Well guess
    what, the fun is about to begin?
    They seek him here, they seek him there?
    Those regime dumb-ass police men, seek him everywhere???

  125. anon 12.34 PM how come you only noticed the posting by rajend naidu to be "abusive", "irrelevant" etc?
    Are you cock-eyed?
    Get this in your head rajend naidu has every right to defend himself against the human herd waging a personal vendetta against him in whatever way he sees fit.
    It's none of your business how he defends himself. as rajend naidu or anonymous or whatever. you go play ping pong or something.

  126. The Budget has been hailed a success by Professor Kayaraman proffesor of Economics at FNU.This is his field and he knows best.The Constitution has also been declared a good one by Lawyer and Queens Counsel Mr. Tikaram.These are views and comments made by two well respected men knowledgeable in their fields of study.So as I predicted Fiji is on move up from now onwards,progressing to a better future,better life,economy,etc.PSALMS:41:4-2.
    "BLESSED IS HE WHO CONSIDERS THE POOR,THE LORD WILL DELIVER HIM IN TIMES OF TROUBLE...PRESERVE HIM AND KEEP HIM ALIVE..BE BLESSED ON EARTH...THE LORD WILL NOT DELIVER HIM TO THE WILL OF HIS ENEMIES" Many poor families dont send their children to school because of unpaid school fees, this stopped a possible Lawyer,PM,Doctor,Pilot,Police or Prisons Comissioner,Scientist from achieving his dreams and this is the Democracy that you people wanted.The democracy of financial caste division,where the poor suffers. We dont want to see children begging in the streets during school days,the PM has now given all beggars and poor villagers the chance of a lifetime - to send their children to school for free.I am willing to have my salary taxed to have these poor children send to school.I can afford to pay my own and am willing to be taxed,I dont mind and my children dont either.Its my contribution to building a better Fiji,if we want less criminals,rapists,drugs users etc then education is the key,once they learn about the affects of their action they will shy away.dont you think.PM you have three vote from my family.

  127. raj boy, why you still breathing? Oh thats right, you just farted and wanted to enjoy the aroma. Don't get it do you? Your arrogance really precedes you and even when you post as anonymouse, it shows through. Clear mental case. You should ask your wife to ask the uni she bludges off to use you as a case study for the psychiatric classes. Do it for free and as a service to humanity. Blockhead raj boy. You seem to spend the whole day here defending your stupidity then bragging about how silly you are.

  128. Sa vaka mo ni sa galu mai,sa vosa tikoga o nomuni gusunivosa o Rajesh Singh, e cava cat/pussy got your tounge,he!he!he!Se sa galu ni sa free na curucuru ni vuli,sa free tu mada na bus fare qai free tale nai curucuru sa rauta me cudru o Chaudary kei LQ orau erau vianakata ga na wekadrau kei na friends only ena bula torocake,sega ni o Viti taucoko.O PM e vala taki Viti taucoko.O kemuni na saqa tiko oqo, e warai saraga na vosa meu kanaka,Oya na Democracy ni SODELPA 'wealth for a selected few only' sega ni 'wealth for all'baleta me tawa talega na nodratou taga,sa bau lai tawa talega na nodratou tarausese,ragone!Oya na vadi ni SDL tauyavu e dua na project 1/3 kina nodratou tarausese,kenavo me qai cavari kina na cakacaka,sega ni dede,kune na da,ca na gaunisala,ramusu na vaivo ni wai,boko na livaliva,a cava tale meu kaya. Mai dadigitaki PM me liutaki keda.Toso Viti!!

  129. sad angry man rajend is, how does your wife stand you? Slapping her won't make her like you any more raj boy.

  130. Rajend Naidu, you're not the subject of this blog. The subject is Fiji. You just can't seem to grasp that basic point.

    Stop writing anonymously to pretend you're somebody else writing in your support. It's very unseemly for you to be the leader of your own fan club. And it's extremely hypocritical to then turn around to criticise other anonymous posters.

    Unless your comment is about Fiji, then I really don't care to read it. The best way to be relevant and to win respect is to stop defending your overblown ego and to start defending Fiji.

  131. @ Keseva T 4:16 PM

    You still sound like a hypocrite and now a bible basher. Your hate the current dictatorship and want to compare me with Satan?? You cannot preach and at the same time hate people. I know its not you but the satan in you that makes you hate others. Now you are the one who have biblical deficiencies logic and intellect.

    Oh!!...and I can see you smiling that you don't have worry sending your children (if you have any) to school ni sa free..se cava Keseva??

  132. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  133. Are any of you fuckers the boss of me?
    I have been commenting on the rape of democracy in Fiji from the time of the first coup of 1987 - including going before the various commissions that were set up to return the country to constitutional democratic rule. And, I have continued to contribute towards the campaign for the restoration of democracy in Fiji - often by exposing the true character of the regime currently in power unlawfully.
    Now if any of you fuckers attacking me can show me that you have done much more in the fight for democracy in Fiji I promise you I will stop commenting altogether IMMEDIATELY.

  134. rajend if you can show exactly what you have achieved all these years barking in the wilderness then we will stop trying to expose the fraud that you are.

  135. all you mongrels attacking rajend naidu and demanding restrictions be imposed on him on C4.5 please fuck off from this blog because this blog is not about restrictions and censorship!
    you are in the wrong place!

  136. We watched Fiji Today die a slow death due to the prominence of just a couple of individuals who still cling on in sad desperation and now the same happens with C4.5

    This present government is and will remain the greatest fan of Rajend Naidu.

    He has single-handedly shown his loyalty and undying admiration for us by diverting the heat away and making himself the 'subject'.

    Well done boy, your monthly cheque is in the post.

    Please continue with your sterling efforts, the job awaits as promised after September next year.

  137. Anonymous 2:33, doesn't it cause you any concern that this illegal regime won't allow the Methodist Church to hold its annual general meeting?

  138. anon 3.03 PM you are a fuck who has clearly done sweet fuck all for the fight for democracy in Fiji.
    You got nothing to show. That's why you not answering a simple straightforward question. Show me what you have done in the fight for democracy in Fiji?

  139. and raju show us what you have achieved? Answer the question fool.

  140. rajend anon 3.04pm (yeah the first one at 3.04pm)... still anon? Hahahaha. What a fool!

  141. anon 3.04 PM you talking shit. but you don't know you doing that because you are too stupid.
    are you even able to read in English properly to understandable the criticism I have been making of the regime on the very same blog C4.5 you say is going to seed on account of me.
    what utter rubbish!elordee 71

  142. To the person asking rajend to show what he has achieved all these years, why don't you tell us first what have you done and achieved? what has anyone achieved against the regime ? Your view is shit – what next, you will accuse c4.5 of barking in the wilderness? you give rajen too much credit and attention - it has become an obsession of yours! and you accuse rajen of being obsessed!! you are no better.

    By expressing his views and exercising his rights, Rajen does not have to achieve or prove anything. of course there are intangible gains in sharing ideas, but that is beyond your understanding. stop being rajen's ghar ke bhoot and get a life you loser.

  143. haha I quote the fool rajend..."are you even able to read in English properly to understandable the criticism". raj boy, the English grammer boy is fantesticle.
    The fool proves it again, he is just a fool.
    Note how raj boy is quoting the account id of elordee 71 as a subtle threat. Ego so big you need to know exactly who despises you? We all do.

  144. Did Dr Bavadra achieve the restoration of democracy?
    what did Dr Bavadra achieve?
    He too did not achieve anything if we use your perverse yardstick.
    But people who know what Dr Bavadra did after he was removed in the first military coup know he achieved one hell of a lot in the Fight for Democracy.
    But this is like throwing pearls before the swine. You don't expect imbeciles to understand that.
    What these imbeciles have ACHIEVED is to show that they are intellectually underdeveloped.
    Now go do something commensurate with your intelligence!

  145. Anonymous 3:04, aka Rajend Naidu, you say this blog isn't about restrictions and censorship, but just two days ago you were pleased when C4.5 expunged my Urdu-Sanskrit comment but printed your rebuttal to it. You said C4.5 shouldn't "waste space" on my comment. Now, isn't that being a bit hypocritical? What ever happened to "I don't agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it"?

  146. rajend you are hardly in Dr Bavadra's league. Self flattery is very poor form indeed.

  147. ok so you intellectually deficient fuckers despise me. so what? am I suppose to care? I don't give toss!

  148. but you care enough to abuse us, raju? Go toss the wife.

  149. Rajend, I've done more for the cause than you, but I'm not going to recount my deeds because that would give away my identity and that would be a tactical mistake. Also, I'm not interested in glorifying myself, only in freedom for Fiji.

  150. Rajend Naidu compares himself to Dr. Bavadra, Julius Assange, Angela Merkel, Mahatma Gandhi, and Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

    What are mere mortals like the rest of us to do but sit at the feet of this staggering intellect!

  151. anon 3.30 PM of course Dr Bavadra is in a different league as is Dr Martin Luther King. That's why pro-democracy and civil rights people aspire to follow in their footsteps.
    But you are not interested in that.
    You are only interested in what someone has ACHIEVED.
    so tell me what did Dr Bavadra ACHIEVE?
    Do you understand the question?

  152. can you please put the question in Sanskrit-Urdi for me!

  153. anon 3.48 PM
    no need for sitting at anybody's feet.dictators love that sort of thing. getting people to sit at their feet. what you need to do is get a bit of ventilation in your head. it's too clogged up with crap!

  154. notice a short lull here... rajend off for lunch break. Lunch as usual is Ocean tinned fish curry now canned in the Solomons. His favourite brand. Gives him strength and courage to face his detractors. watch him come back rejuvenated and all fired up.

  155. notice no improvement in the quality of attack against rajend naidu. old tin ocean fish nonsense and all that. but what to expect from brainless bums!

  156. @we know who

    But we also notice how you just can't ignore it.

  157. Finally Pravin Bala has been charged and released on bail.The charges should have also been murder as he has killed a innocent person a bread earner for a family.
    Also Bala has been supported fully during his stay in paying ward Lautoka Hospital by the same people who were behind the sacking and termination of Mr Joe Vucago. Me Raben Bhan Singh of singhs has fully been behind Bala and all his other stuffs. this is the same Raben Bhan Singh who has been doing illegal developoments around Lautoka and one such is his boundary to boundary structure in lautoka City. This is the same Raben Bhan Singh who is now riding high with his extra bits that he gives Bala and has been gvining Joe before his suspension and termination. Come PM and AG wahat next will u guys say now go investigate Bala check who has signed his gurantee and his bond to the court. Why has Bala not been charged for murder when it was broad daylight accident that immediately killed a innocient person. Well as for Bala he should immedaitely resign. Also he complained of chest pains can the doctors confirm that he was sick or jast was taking a break in paying ward as he ddint want to spend time in the police cell until the case was ready and manipulated so he could not be cahrged . As the daughter of the deceased said on TV yestreday lets see what the PM and AG does.
    Bala if you are man enough step down cos u are a murderer and u will suffer now ur days begins as u have reali made pple suffer .
    Go try and buy tyour way out u black ass fucken madraji who was sold the indians once again to the present regime and hve back bited NFP and the indians

  158. can someone please provide some information on what this "indispensable" local government administrator's educational background is?

  159. as a matter of fact Pravin bala is merely educated. He has worked his way up sucking upon pple lol and masipolo them. if you talk to him in english wit fleshy words he wil freak out the bastard n say can u explain cos he doesnt understand english well. also his mates like raben n others are all uneduated. Ids his cus bro in law back fron NZ to back him up yet the well known Pac guy from NZ . Wat about his back up Gecko boss Automart Boss Vinod patel his guru of politics
    Well if things will be unfolded it wil be a lot to write about
    Bala Murderere wanker sucker m all

  160. raj boy, are we to assume quality in your abuse in calling everyone imbeciles? Wow. Yeah I know, you love the abuse and attentionc. Like you, we are here to stay, fellow squatter.

  161. Nadi Magistrate has been acquitting clear cut cases of Causing Death By Dangerous Driving.Can this be investigated by the powers that be.One guy killed 2 people in Nadi Back road-aquitted.Another killed a person travelling in a van coming from Suva-went on the wrong side--aquitted.Are the prosecutors dumb?Is the magistrate Dumb/corrupt?What is going on?Is the DPP sleeping--too busy attending cocktails ? It' a shame ! Where is justice for the deceased's families ??

  162. Bobby Khan fellow is "investing" his millions in Fiji ! -gives suck up ads in the Sun with HFC.--the arsehole should be investigated by IRD in NZ.Where is his millions coming from--trees in NZ dont grow money--even the Pohutukawa tree !!

  163. MAte Bobby Khan aka Shabaaz Khan history a tyre boy turned millionaire exactly a con who has defrauded a few finance companies and now the IRD has a big claim on him also . he has conned a lot of pple the bastard and surely is related to the AG dats y he is given loan by HFC dats the real fact . Now IRD is selling his 2 houses or he has been given the ultimnateum to pay up so his 2 houses are up for sale n his car yard another fraud who fiji has given a welcome

  164. Fiji is a haven for fraudsters like Foster and Bobby Khan--the car salesman from NZ. Nz IRD is after him--he flees to Fiji--FICAC --where are you ??.I am sick of hearing about his millions !!--no body makes that kind of money selling cars and hiring cars in NZ--

  165. his millions but wat about his conning hey anyone n every one knows bobby well for new zealnaders n pple in nz he is a tyre boy salesman n con

  166. Raben Bhan Singh-Singh's Rental-has made a mess of Mana St and Valetia St in Ltk.The corner house has been turned into a garage--oil spills,exhaust fumes,petrol--all over.What is Ltk city council doing about it--apart from having big chows in Singh's restaurant !

  167. Hi all, this is the bobby Khan who conned so many poor people back about 20 years ago, to arrange visa going overseas.
    He took thousands of dollars from poor people and in return he gave nothing. After making big money he moved to NZ. Now back to Fiji again. Now lately one poor lady recognised him in Nadi and she asked him for her money, then Bobby denied. When she said that she will go and tell Bainimarama then Bobby gave her $2000 and said pliz dont tell anyone.

  168. @anon 7.09 PM
    another of my new favourite is Sanskrit-Urdu ullu and Raj boy tumaar boor!

  169. rajend's favorite karuaNovember 13, 2013 at 10:43 PM

    my favorite is rajend's wife. She brings back good memories of good times and good feelings. In good old Labasa.

  170. Anon 10.43 PM I concede that in the abuse hurling department you are a clear winner. I cannot match you in that low-life speciality.

  171. so glad you know that. So shut your mouth, boy.

  172. Rajend, lowlife @10.23pm and 11.29pm is what we call a madarchod. period.

  173. Whose 'we' now, Rajend?

    Why don't you just stop being an a-hole and stick to writing about Fiji instead of trying to make everything about you?

  174. Matavou calls a junior officer a "fucken indian" and gets suspended?
    We're all "funken" in one way or another. What is wrong with that?

  175. @ Maroroi Viti..
    Dua ga na ka meu kanaka, na "free"
    bus fare kei nai curcuru ni vuli e sega ni kenai balebale ni "free"
    na waiwai, na tara ni basi, na tara ni koronivuli kei na kena taba nai vola ni vuli. Na ka kece qo era voli mai enai lavo e dinau taki, ka ra mai sasa ga kina o ira na saumi nakacavacava. Na leqa ni sa rui levu na tamata vucesa, ka ra vinakata tu ga me free tu ga na bula. O Bainimarama e tui ni "free", o sa guilecava ni "freeride" mai o koya me mai veiliutaki?

  176. Bainimarama forms his own party at his own time! He is a real DIC -TATOR and a real DIC-khead

  177. "Fucken Indian" is a more serious crime than the "torture of a prisoner".
    That makes a " fucken Indian" a "pussy"

  178. thats funny rajend@12.18am..in the throes of ecstasy, your wife use to call out "madarchod, madarchod". Still throwing abuse are we?

  179. Io he might be a dickhead but sinai walega nona pockets na money. That's why all you bastards jealous. If the roles were reversed you be doing the fuken same thing dou veicai. So, just continue to live your fuked up lives, dabeca na nomudou middle finger, boica, and shut the fuk up.

  180. Military are paid by UN if the Fiji Regime is saying differently
    like they are footing the bill?That is untrue,all member states
    of the UN contributes today peace
    keepers pay & weapons etc,etc,.
    Not every member states of the UN, can contributes their soldiers to any small international fighting?
    So their
    roles becomes the monetary donor
    to contry, that can provides the
    physical presences of solidiers?

  181. ASK Plan Carried Out by Puppet Bainimarama & Puppet Kai Viti Soldiers (- all part of a pre planned Master Plan by a select group including Kaiyum, Gates , Naz etc plus kai viti wanting to short cut their way to wealth and leadership)

    1. Coup (DONE)
    2. Purge civil service and disciplined forces (DONE)
    2. Implement ASK Plan ie sunset clause on indigenous structures and institutions; (IN PROCESS)
    3. Adapt constitution and laws accordingly (ie take away GCC vetoe power on native land laws)(DONE);
    4. Make Deed of Cessions claims illegal (DONE) & eliminate memory of Ratu Sukuna (DONE);
    5. Make anything pushing for indigenous racist and illegal (DONE);
    6. Control media to dumb down the population (MOSTLY DONE);
    7. No public debate on issues (DONE)& flood media with good stories and superficial analysis, festivals, parties etc etc to distract population - DONE)
    8. Use public funds to bribe and brainwash people (IN PROCESS);
    9. Weaken indigenous structures and chiefs & DIVIDE & RULE (DONE);
    10. weaken methodist church (DONE);
    11. distribute state land and foreshores to friends and cronies (IN PROCESS);
    11. control minerals with friends (IN PROCESS);
    12. control all native lands (IN PROCESS - legal framework done);
    13. eradicate any indigenous controls and advancement (DONE);
    14. eliminate all indigenous scholarships (DONE);
    15. Total control of subjugation of kai viti (indigenous) and control of their resources (IN PROCESS);
    16. Enrich the coup makers in process (DONE);
    17. A Fiji where indigenous are in name only ie nameless and worthless - totally dominated by the immigrant cultures, wealth and business connections (80% COMPLETE).


  182. @ Anon1.24pm...Bainimarama committed treason, that cannot be denied. He said it was a clean up campaign but he cleaned up the coffers. No one is jealous of him because he did not earn his position outright, he stole it from the elected PM

  183. Hold on Biu, don't let some of the comments on this blog post let you down...God will provide for you. rejoice instead that you get to spend more time with your family

  184. Biu i think that you've done the
    right thing by calling that indo assole out?
    Don't let the bugger raced by you
    without acknowledging you, as his
    Boss,yes yeah gotta show these
    assoles whose the boss in here,
    and slow down & salute before passing?
    I'm a fellow Fijian Officer & if
    that was me, i'd get the bastard
    into my car, drive the assole to
    Suva point,load him into a boat drive toward the middle of sea between makuluva & Suva point,
    pushed the bastard overboard and get him to swim for his life
    to Makuluva Island or back to
    Suva point?

  185. listen to 1.25 pm put your name and debate this shit

    who is this biu?? talking about crap

    is fiji going to get better?

  186. editor,
    in one episode of the British television series Hetty Wainthropp Investigates (I forget now which one)featuring the lovable actress of the Keeping Up Appearances fame as chief private detective, the young Australian apprentice detective Geoffrey is compelled to confront his girlfriend's next door neighbour who is bullying and harassing her. when Geoffrey knocks on his door and tells him what he is doing is not right the big bloke who is a body builder trainer and all that arrogantly ask so what you going to do because I have all the power he boasts showing his muscle. Geoffrey the much smaller man tells him real power does not reside there but here pointing to his head. And that power tells me the law does not allow you to do what you been doing and if you don't stop immediately I will report you to the police and you will get the full taste of the power of the law.
    The bully retreats quietly into his apartment and there is no more bullying by him.
    I am pretty sure there is a message in there for some of our own - bullies.
    Rajend Naidu

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